Jack Skipper

Jack Skipper

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"This is like being on Parkinson." - Jack Skipper, 2024

Brace yourselves for the jokes as Paul Chowdhry welcomes a proper geezer - Jack Skipper to the PudCast!

Although Jack's name sounds like he owns a Fish & Chip Shop, he's a comedian and social media sensation who used to roll out carpets for a living.

Now he's rolling out the punchlines, and taking his debut show 'Skint' to The Edinburgh Fringe.

In this episode, Jack discusses his carpet-fitting days, his tattoo regrets, his rise onto the comedy scene and what it's like being a comedian in the digital age.

Expect more "hahahhahhahahah’s" than you can count. He's a legend.

Instagram: @paulchowdhry + @mrjackskipper

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