Why Man City's legal action won't save them from 115 charges

Why Man City's legal action won't save them from 115 charges

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As Manchester City go to war with Premier League over its financial rules - how crucial is next week's hearing to the Champions beating their 115 charges once and for all?

Sheridan's Sports lawyer Daniel Geey, explains the nuanced differences between the two cases involving Associated Party Transaction Rules, how 'fair market-value' is actually determined and why Man City will have more support from rival Premier League teams than you might think.

Then, as the mother of all transfer sagas ended with Kylian Mbappe's 'free' transfer to Real Madrid, former footballer and coach, turned football agent, Paul Dalglish, joins Gabby & Mark to reflect on the evolving landscape for agents, address some of the stereotypes and explain what it's really like to put these multi-million pound deals together.

Running Order:

Man City v Premier League (04:14)

The evolution of football agents (25:00)

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