For Biden So Loved America, He Gave His Only Son to Be Convicted

For Biden So Loved America, He Gave His Only Son to Be Convicted

By God

🎙️ Episode Highlights:

Crime Myths Debunked: Discover the real data behind Trump’s false claims about rising crime rates under Biden.

Hunter Biden’s Conviction: Explore how Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict fits into the broader narrative of justice and political manipulation.

Supreme Court Corruption: Unveil the shocking statements from Justice Samuel Alito about pushing the country towards 'godliness.'

Father’s Day Special: God and Jesus share their thoughts on Father’s Day, with heartfelt and humorous reflections.

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💬 Engaging Question: What’s your take on the recent crime data? Do you think the public perception is being manipulated? And how do you celebrate Father's Day? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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