Case 31: The Killer Couple

Case 31: The Killer Couple

By Casefile Presents

Saturday, 27 August

Over a five-week period in 1986, four young women went missing from around Perth in Western Australia. 22-year-old Mary Neilson, 15-year-old Susannah Candy, 31-year-old Noelene Patterson and 21-year-old Denise Brown all disappeared without a trace, but police were sceptical that some were runaways and no links were drawn between the missing women.
That was until November 10 1986, when a man standing outside a vacuum cleaner store was suddenly approached by a hysterical, barefoot young woman.
Narration – Anonymous Host
Research – Victoria Dieffenbacher
Writing - Victoria Dieffenbacher & the Anonymous Host
Production and music – Mike Migas

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