089 - Connections - James Burke

089 - Connections - James Burke

By You Are Not So Smart

Legendary science historian James Burke returns to explain his newest project, a Connections app that will allow anyone to "think connectively" about the webs of knowledge available on Wikipedia.

Burke predicted back in 1978 that we’d one day need better tools than just search alone if we were to avoid the pitfalls of siloed information and confirmation bias, and this month he launched a Kickstarter campaign to help create just such a tool - an app that searches connectivity and produces something Google and social media often don’t - surprises, anomalies, unexpected results, and connections, in the same style as his documentary series, books, and other projects.

In the interview, Burke shares his latest insights on change, technology, the future, social media, models of reality, and more.

To support the Kickstarter campaign for the Connections app, here are some links:

• http://jbconnectionsapp.com
• http://knowledgediscoveries.com
• http://kck.st/2eIg21R

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