Debut of Deadly Manners

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Debut of Deadly Manners

In the opening chapter of Deadly Manners we are introduced to the Billings family and the esteemed guests of their annual dinner gala. Everything is going swimmingly... until the power goes out.

Created by Ali Garfinkel (Writer) and Alex Aldea (Producer).

Cast List:

Narrator - LeVar Burton

Veronica Billings - Kristen Bell

William Billings - Denis O'Hare

Olivia Billings - Alisha Boe

Esther Feinstein - Michelle Visage

Joseph Feinstein - Jason Sklar

George the Butler - Mark Berry

Beatrice the Maid - Elizabeth McLaughlin

Roger Clark - Timothy Simons

Nancy Clark - Anna Chlumsky

Written by Ali Garfinkel

Directed by Alex Aldea

Music composition (except for Jazz Piano Parts) by Alex Aldea.

Jazz Piano Parts written and performed by Mark Rodriguez.

Foley and Sound Design: Victor Figueroa and Alex Aldea.

Editing by Victor Figueroa, James Kim, and Alex Aldea. 

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Here is a link to the script.

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