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Episode 3: With Benji from GBBO Season 7

Episode 3: With Benji from GBBO Season 7

By Dishy Media

Welcome to episode 3 of #BakeOffUndressed with Topless Baker - aka Matt Adlard! We’re recapping last nights #GBBO bakes and dramas. This week was bread week, which was put the bakers in all sorts of knots. Terry declared bread was his thing - and then he forgot the filling for his bun and the entire country let out a collective sigh - ohhhhhhh TERRY. But then he won the Naan challenge! Naan! GO TERRY! Dan got a handshake - Paul is handing those out like free breadsticks. And we don’t know what surprised Rahul more - that he can bake, or the pheasants he spotted. Two male pheasants? TWO?

We got to discuss all this and so much more with our lovely guest Benji Ebuehi - 2016 Bake Off quarter finalist, food stylist, blogger, supper club host and all around amazing baker. She gave us some amazing insights into what it’s like to apply for the show, what it’s like in the tent, the pressure, the practice (the outfits) and the advice she has for aspiring bakers (hint - start a blog NOW!).

Also, let us know YOUR Soggy Bottom moment, who would you SPOON, FORK, KNIFE and did you think Rahul deserved star baker? Again?? Use #BakeOffUndressed to join the conversation!

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