SE3 EP53: Eve Sleep Grew 10X in 2-Years w/ Co-Founder Jas Bagniewski

SE3 EP53: Eve Sleep Grew 10X in 2-Years w/ Co-Founder Jas Bagniewski

By Kunle Campbell

Eve Sleep (formally Eve Mattress), is currently the UK’s #1 direct-to-consumer mattress and bedroom product brand. It was founded in October 2014 by Jas Bagniewski along with 4 other co-founders, James Fryer, Kuba Wieczorek, Felix Lobkowicz, Abid Ismail. Over Jas’ tenure as CEO, Eve Sleep 10X'd sales between 2015 to 2017 their revenue growing from £2.8M to £28M (US$3.8-$38).  This episode aims to flesh out exactly how they managed to grow a physical product brand so rapidly.    4 KEY FACTORS OF GROWTH   1: Strong brand and marketing in the UK - digital first, AdWords, Facebook, Retargeting and then offline display ads and eventually TV. 2: Internationalisation. We rolled out to a bunch of new markets in 2017, and we're in 15 markets now 3: New product development and non-mattress sales, which grew a lot - sleep-related products such as pillows and sheets and Bagniewski said 12% of sales now come from repeat customers. 4: Offline Retail distribution deals   Revenue growth: 2015 - £2.8M  2016 - £12M 2017 - £28M  



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