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Episode 4: WHERE’S TERRY?!

Episode 4: WHERE’S TERRY?!

By Dishy Media

Welcome to episode four of #BakeOffUndressed with Topless Baker - aka Matt Adlard! We’re recapping last nights #GBBO bakes and dramas. It was Dessert Week, and also the worst week to try and spell any of the bakes (Roulard? Rouland? Blaumonge? Blamang? Who knows…). In a shocking development, Terry had a week off ‘sick’. Really? More like he booked non-refundable Ryanair holiday and didn’t realise he’d make it this far in the show!

This week we hosted Mark Ferris, who was a total delight even if he prefers savoury to sweet. Mark has a super successful YouTube channel where he uploads daily vlogs (for an explanation listen to the podcast!) and he wants to be best friends Kim-Joy.

We got really stressed watching this week as the tasks were extremely challenging - the blancmanges were melting, the chocolate balls were cracking and everyone was just trying to recreate what they’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest in a desperate attempt to get a Hollywood Handshake.

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