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Episode 5: The Double Elimination!

Episode 5: The Double Elimination!

By Dishy Media

Welcome to episode five of #BakeOffUndressed with Topless Baker - aka Matt Adlard! We’re recapping last nights #GBBO bakes and dramas and this week was Spice Week and it was HOT IN THE TENT. We had cardamon, we had cinnamon, we had ginger(mon) and we had Paul Hollywood shakes a plenty. Seriously, what is the value of a Hollywood handshake these days?

Our guest this week is Scott Bryan, Buzzfeed TV editor, unofficial / official Bake Off correspondent and the most knowledgeable Great British Bake Off fan we’ve ever met. Once he finished making memes we talked techniques, recreating showstoppers in your own kitchen, everyone’s favourite baker Rahul and had a Buzzfeed inspired quick fire round - Bae or Bay?

A double elimination left us rattled, a sad end as we said goodbye to a couple of favourites. But onwards and upwards to pastry week!

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