Women Behaving Boldly #3: Joi on Betty Davis' "They Say I'm Different" (1974)

Women Behaving Boldly #3: Joi on Betty Davis' "They Say I'm Different" (1974)

By MaximumFun.org

The album: Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different (1974)

As part of our "Women Behaving Boldly" series, we decided to re-air the episode that launched Heat Rocks: our interview with future soul trailblazer and architect Joi Gilliam.

This was one the pilot episodes we recorded in the spring of 2017 and when we left the taping, we turned to one another and knew this show had potential.

The pairing of artist and album came from Morgan and it was inspired: the undersung Betty Davis, one of the most original and fascinating figures of the 1970s, being feted by future soul artist and Dungeon Family-affiliate Joi, an artist very much cut from Betty's cloth but a generation later. We had a fantastic conversation about the importance and uniqueness of Betty and what she's meant, especially, to waves of Black women artists who've followed in her path in the 40+ years since.

On a personal note, this also meant a lot to Oliver because he's written three sets of liner notes on Betty Davis albums (including They Say I'm Different) and interviewed her extensively as part of that. He forever holds a torch for her.

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Tracklisting (all songs from They Say I'm Different unless indicated otherwise):

They Say I'm Different Joi: Sunshine & The Rain Bone Crusher: Never Scared Joi: Fatal Lovesick Journey Don't Call Her No Tramp Shoo-B-Doop and Cop Him Ice Cube: Once Upon a Time in the Projects They Say I'm Different 70's Blues Special People Joi: If I'm in Luck I Just Might Get Picked Up Shoo B Doop and Cop Him He Was a Big Freak

Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find on there

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