S2, Ep4 How to Fail: Otegha Uwagba

S2, Ep4 How to Fail: Otegha Uwagba

By Elizabeth Day

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Wednesday, 24 October

This week my guest is writer, podcaster and all-round megawatt woman, Otegha Uwagba. Otegha joins me to talk about her failures at getting a job, dealing with sexism at work, living with depression and why she just can't seem to help being petty on Twitter (her words). We also discuss racism and how she handles daily micro-aggressions: 'I’m so conscious to be overly polite if I encounter a sort of older white person lest they then leave with a bad impression of black people generally,' Otegha says. 'I’m constantly having to code switch.' Along the way, we cover myriad other subjects including her briliant best-selling career guide for creative women, Little Black Book and why she resolutely refuses to wear florals.


How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is hosted by Elizabeth Day, produced by Chris Sharp and sponsored by 4th Estate Books


Otegha's brilliant podcast for working women In Good Company  features practical advice, fresh ideas and inspirational interviews.

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba is out now published by 4th Estate Books


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