The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet

The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet

Join John Suchet for the best recordings of orchestras, choirs and soloists from across the UK and around the world this evening.
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Friday, 25 September

In tonight's concert, John shines the spotlight on composers who were supported and commissioned by royalty.
2h 0m7 days left

Thursday, 24 September

Tonight John presents a very special evening in honour of the English composer John Rutter, celebrating his 75th birthday.
2h 0m6 days left

Wednesday, 23 September

Tonight, John presents a programme full of musical comedy, including music that has been used, and arguably abused, by comedians, cartoons, and parodists over the years.
2h 0m5 days left

Tuesday, 22 September

As we reach the September equinox, and the first day of astronomical autumn, John presents a programme full of music to mark the change in the seasons, perfect for any weather!
2h 0m4 days left

Monday, 21 September

Tonight, John features music inspired by the written word.
2h 0m3 days left
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