The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet

The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet

Join John Suchet for the best recordings of orchestras, choirs and soloists from across the UK and around the world this evening.
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Thursday, 4 March

John celebrates World Book Day with a programme of music inspired by great works of literature.
2h 0m16 days left

Wednesday, 3 March

This evening's concert features a suite of music from Bizet's opera Carmen, which premiered on this day in 1875 to a famously disastrous reception.
2h 0m15 days left

Tuesday, 2 March

To mark Bed?ich Smetana's birthday, John presents an evening of Czech-inspired music.
2h 0m14 days left

Monday, 1 March

John marks St David's Day with an evening of specially-selected music.
2h 0m13 days left

Friday, 26 February

John presents the final evening of a weeklong survey of music not currently in the Classic FM Hall of Fame.
2h 0m10 days left
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