Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay


This Vanderpump Rules star is getting into some shenanigans as she brings the party to you. From conversations with celebrity and industry guests, juicy stories from her time on the show, and her life in Vegas; it's a party only Scheana could throw. It's downright shenanigans!


Selling Sunset with Christine Quinn

Scheana and co-host Jamie Lynne sit down with Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn who spills the tea on Season 3. We find out who she’s not friends with anymore, BTS on her wedding and how her and Jamie have a mutual frenemy! Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA. Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup
07/08/2053m 23s

Q&A with Scheana Shay

This week Scheana is joined by two of her besties, Jamie Lynne and Brett Kenyon. This episode is dedicated to all things Scheana Shay with a fun Q&A from the fans. She shares some of her beauty secrets, experiences with sex toys, and more. To wrap the episode, Scheana shares a shocking story that even her BFFs never knew. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA. Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup
31/07/2056m 53s

Hump Island with Charli Burnett

It’s about time, we’ve been waiting for this moment! Charli has finally made it to the Scheananigans studio to talk all things Charli. The two start off with a fun game of “Hump Island” and then get deeper into Charli’s upbringing and what it’s like trying to fit in with the Vanderpump Rules “clique”. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA. Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup
24/07/2057m 40s

Real Goode Talk with Jasmine

This week Scheana and co-host Jamie Lynne are joined in studio by Jasmine Goode to talk all things Bachelor Nation. The girls also discuss the BLM movement and Jasmine shares what it was like growing up in her home town. Then Jamie's secret crush is finally revealed on air. Question... what's the next season of the Bachelorette going to be like during Covid times?! Tune in now to find out. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup
17/07/201h 0m


Scheana along with co-host Jamie Lynne flashback with Scheana's two high school best friends, Adri and Michelle, to what she was like in high school and go as far back as childhood in the 80s and 90s... Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup
10/07/201h 8m

Drinking and Podcasting with Jamie Lynne

Last week’s episode of the podcast was hands down the most difficult for Scheana. Thank you to everyone who listened, reached out, and showed support. Scheananigans is back with another fun episode of drinking and podcasting with co-host and best friend, Jamie Lynne. The girls chat about Jamie tapping into her Psychic abilities and how she was able to connect with someone from Scheana’s past who she’s never been able to forgive… until now. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA Follow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans@actionparkmediagroup Details for the Psychic referenced in this week’s episode below:Eden Sustin – Physical
03/07/2052m 41s

It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Life has its ups and downs. This week, Scheana opens up about something very personal in a raw and unfiltered episode. She is then joined by Brock and they wrap up with a Q&A from their listeners.Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIAFollow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans @actionparkmediagroup Details for the Psychic referenced in this week’s episode below:GraceStella Maris
26/06/2039m 59s

Birthday Boy Brock is Back!

This week on Scheananigans, Brock joins Scheana in her new studio for the very first time! They talk about their super fun weekend in Alpine where they celebrated Brock’s Dirty 30th birthday, shows they’ve been binging, some exciting upcoming business ventures, and wrap up the episode with burning questions from an Instagram Q&A.Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIAFollow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans @actionparkmediagroup
19/06/2046m 10s

F**k, Marry, Kill with Nema Vand

Scheana is back in studio joined by her sister Courtney and Shahs of Sunset star, Nema Vand. This week, they discuss the current climate in Los Angeles, Nema answers some burning questions from fans, and they wrap up the episode with a fun game that reveals how they really feel about their Bravo castmates. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIAFollow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans @actionparkmediagroup
11/06/2052m 8s

Drinking and Podcasting with Brett K

Scheana and her bestie Brett Kenyon are drinking, quarantining and podcasting from Palm Springs this week while touching on some very important topics. Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIAFollow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans @actionparkmediagroup
05/06/2047m 40s

I’m Now in Kevin Connolly’s Entourage

Big announcement this week! Scheananigans has found a new home at ACTIONPARK MEDIA and Scheana is joined by none other than the founder and CEO himself, Kevin Connolly. They discuss what Hollywood nightlife used to be like, Scheana’s experience on Entourage, haters on social media, and much more! Welcome to the APM team Scheana! Scheananigans with Scheana Shay is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIAFollow us on Instagram:@scheana@scheananigans @actionparkmediagroup
28/05/201h 7m

My Birthday Surprise with Brock, Tom, and Ariana

It's Scheana's B-Day!! And she's celebrating with some VERY special quests. Brock had to come up with a special surprise since quarantine kinda changed things, but Tom and Ariana are here to help celebrate with lots of love.
08/05/2049m 5s

Quarantine Q&A with My Sister Cortney

Scheana's sister Cortney is joining her for a Q&A episode, catching you up on their quarantine, Scheana's virtual VPR reunion, and, that's right, YOUR questions! And an annoying interruption by everyone's quarantine eavesdropper...ALEXA!Thanks to Pretty Litter for supporting this episode! Get 20% off your order at using promo cod e SCHEANA.
01/05/2044m 9s

Shelter in Place at the Summer House with Paige Desorbo

Summer House's Paige Desorbo is back! She and Scheana are talking about this season of the show, drama with Carl, the difficulty of dating friends, and she answers fan questions!
24/04/2048m 16s

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss, Everything You Didn't Know About Them

Fellow VPR friends James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss are virtually joining Scheana and Brock to talk about the show, their budding romance, how they're handling quarantine, new music, and James' successful sobriety!
17/04/2045m 31s

He's Making You Crazy with Kristen Doute

Kristen Doute is here (safely...over the computer) to talk about VPR, people who can take "joking" too far, living up to our mistakes, her relationship status, and her new book, "He's Making You Crazy!"
10/04/2053m 42s

Quarantine Ax Throwing with Tom and Ariana

How are Tom and Ariana doing while staying at home? Well, Tom wants to build an ax throwing target so there's that! They're taking your questions, talking cocktails, and what's keeping them sane.Special thanks to Pretty Litter for sponsoring this episode. Go to and use code SCHEANA for 20% off.
01/04/2057m 39s

Social Distancing with the Men of Shahs of Sunset

It's a super star studded Shahs of Sunset celebration as Scheana and Brock talk with Reza, Mike, Nema, and Shervin about the infamous Pool Party Massacre, what's up with the friend group after some difficult drama, and a mysterious recording that could be pitting them against each other!Shout out to for spo nsoring this week! Start your free trial today.
25/03/201h 45m

Dating and Podcasting with Diana Madison

YouTuber, actress, producer, and fellow podcast host of the “Dream Big Podcast,” Diana Madison is here to talk relationships! Sometimes when it’s meant to be, it’s just meant to be. She’s helping us understand it isn’t about all the rules and the things we think we’re supposed to do, when it works it just works. Special thanks to today's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial today at Litter - Get 20% off your first order at using code SCHEAN A.
17/03/2055m 22s

I Don't Get It with Ashley Iaconetti and Naz Perez

Scheana is hanging out with Bachelor nation star Ashley Iaconetti and her podcast producer Naz Perez to talk about their podcast, “I Don’t Get It,” Ashley and Jared’s wedding, Scheana freezing her eggs for the third time, and what the future of the Bachelor could be!Special thanks to hulu! Start your free trial today at .
11/03/2055m 37s

Berning Down the Summer House with Hannah Berner

Scheana’s catching you up on her London travels but isn’t doing it alone so Hannah Berner is back to help Scheana with her recent Summer House binge! Plus, Hannah’s time in New York, her stand up career, some Lala updates, and growth of the YouTube channel!Shout out to today's sponsors!Hulu - Start your fre trial at !Pretty Litter - Go to and use promo code Scheana for 20% off!
05/03/201h 7m

Just Touched Down in London Town with Erika Costell

Scheana, Cortney, and Erika are coming to you from jolly ol' London town this week! Hear about Erik and Cortney's work/travels and plans for new content, plus Scheana plans her travel around concerts and updates on the YouTube channel! Also, how good are those new White Claw flavors tho??Special thanks to:Hulu - Start your free trial today at .
27/02/2051m 13s

Conspiring B*tches with Kat Dunn

Scheananigans is shaking it up and bringing you something new! Catch up with what’s happening in Scheana’s life from the VPR Aftershow to her new upcoming YouTube channel. Then she chats with Big Brother’s Kat Dunn about where she’s at now, what it’s like to adjust to the real world after the house, and her love of conspiracy theories. Plus, we’re taking fan questions every week! Shout out to this episode's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial today at !
18/02/2056m 15s

Smoking and Podcasting

Boyfriend Brock and buddy Brett Kenyon are smoking/drinking and podcasting talking about Reality reboots, Oscar parties, their time in New York, and upcoming bdays and events!Specal thanks to today's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial at .Katy Keene - Catch Katy Keene Thursdays at 8/7 central only on the CW and the CW app.Pretty Litter - Go to and use promo code SCHEANA for 20% off your first order!
12/02/2046m 45s

Spilling the Soup with Jade Catta-Preta

The new host of E!’s The Soup, Jade Catta-Preta is getting into some Scheananigans talking about how she landed the show, her stand up career, what Housewives and Bravo shows she loves, love for Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, and getting the torch passed from Joel McHale.
04/02/2058m 0s

Chippendale Challengers with Joss and Rogan

Joss Mooney makes his Scheananigans return alongside Rogan O’Connor to talk about their recent Chippendale’s performances, both of them being single at the same time, some potential crushes and romances, and their LA life plans now that they’re out on the West Coast!
30/01/2056m 38s

RHONJ's Dolores Catania

The one, the only Dolores is getting into Scheananigans with Scheana talking about the show, her relationships, her upbringing and lessons learned through work, and the current status with Frank. Plus, bf Brock makes his podcast debut as co-host!
24/01/2056m 39s

Scheananigans 100th Episode Celebration with Ariana Madix

Scheananigans very first guest Ariana Madix is back to celebrate the shows 100th episode! She and Scheana recap the new start of VPR, relationships, refuting bad kisser claims, upcoming projects, and a cocktail book! To help with relief for Australia, check it out and help support HERE .Shout to to Hulu for sponsoring this episode. Start your trial today at
15/01/201h 18m

Berning in Hell with Hannah Berner

Bravo’s Summer House star Hannah Berner is getting into Scheananigans with Scheana and Jamie talking about the show, her podcast Berning in Hell, how dating changes after success, her standup career, and some blackout brunches.
07/01/201h 6m

RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin

RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin is here to talk about how she became a housewife, raising her kids right, style and fashion, a special love f or Chanel, and dealing with social media haters.Shout out to Hulu for sponsoring this episode. Start your free trial now at .
31/12/191h 15m

Bonus: Midnight Kiss with Chester Lockhart Out Now on Hulu!

Happy Holidays from Scheananigans! As a special bonus, we're celebrating the release of Chester's episode of Into the Dark...Midnight Kiss! Celebrate the New Year in scary style. Watch now on Hulu!
27/12/1910m 37s

Drinking and Podcasting (On a Train!) with Mikey P.

We're podcasting...on a train! Scheana and Mikey P. are getting into some railway Scheananigans on their way to San Diego. Good thing there's alcohol on the train, 'cause we gotta talk about breakups, but more music!Thanks to today's sponsors!Rakuten - Sign up today at .
19/12/1936m 29s

A Midnight Kiss from Chester Lockhart

Chester Lockhart makes his return to Scheaningans to catch up with Scheana on everything relationships, holidays, TV, and his new film, Blumhouse's "Into the Dark: Midnight Kiss" coming to Hulu December 27th.Thanks to this episode's sponsors.Hulu - Start your free trial at Rakuten - Sign up today at .Best Fiends Stars - Download for free on the apple app store or google play.
12/12/1949m 9s

Let's Talk About It with Taylor Nolan

Bachelor in Paradise star and fellow podcaster Taylor Nolan hangs out with Scheana talking about her time on the shows, how she landed the gig, the importance of mental wellness and being sex positive, and her relationship status!
06/12/1957m 33s

A Scheananigans Friendsgiving

It's a regular cornucopia of friends and family gathered round the mics to celebrate Thanksgiving with a and podcasting? Let's talk food, traditions, and fun. But most importantly, let's play a little game with Brock to help us learn Australian slang!Special thanks to this episode's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial at Rakuten - Sign up today at Best Fiends - Download Best Fiends Stars for free on the apple app store or google play.
29/11/1948m 50s

On the Best Coast with Chanel West Coast

The one and only Chanel West Coast is in studio along with special co-host James Kennedy to talk about her music, TV career, moving on up to buying a house, and a full circle career moment.Thanks to today's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial today at Rakuten - Sign up today at
19/11/1949m 13s

Drinking and Podcasting: Janet's Back!

It's the return of the Mack, Janet's back and she's joined by Jamie Lynne to talk with Scheana about her Australia travels, a very gross encounter with a koala, their dating lives, and some pretty long lists of requirements for the men in Janet and Jamie's lives.Thanks to this week's sponsors!Hulu - Start your free trial at Revaux - Get 15% off your first purcahse with code SCHEANA15 at checkout.Rakuten - Sign up and start saving today at be sure to subscribe to the Sibling Revelry podcast with Kate and Oliver Hudson! Click here to listen: Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson
13/11/191h 10m

Gown and Out with Pol and Patrik

Husbands and stars of Gown and Out, Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson are getting into some Scheananigans talking about Pol's love for design, working with celebs, what it's like to film the show, and a terrifying encounter with a dangerous man.
05/11/1947m 18s

Dave Meltzer Melts Your Mind!

Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur Dave Meltzer joins Scheana and special co-host Jamie to talk about the importance of meditation, studying our sleep and getting enough, and how to maximize our time. Special thanks to this episode's sponsors!Prive Revaux - Get 15% off your first pair at and use code SCHEANA 15.Hulu - Start your free trial at
29/10/1957m 46s

Girls Night In, Drinking and Podcasting

It's a girls night in with some wine and tequila as Scheana hangs with friends Jamie Lynne, Brooke Bryant, and Danielle DeHardt. She's giving insight into her current dating life, some recent music festival fun, traveling and most importantly taking YOUR questions!
22/10/191h 7m

LMAO with Julie and Brandy & Their Dumb Politics

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard from the "Dumb, Gay Politics" podcast join Scheana and special co-host mama Erika to talk about their show, their love/hate relationship with reality TV, awkward high experiences, and relationships.Shout to to Prive Revaux where you can get 15% off your first purchase by going to and using code SCHEANA15.
15/10/1958m 4s

Big Brother Winner and Runner Up Jackson and Holly

Big Brother Winner and Runner Up Jackson Michie and Holly Allen join Scheana and Courtney to talk about their experience on the show, being new to reality shows, their game winning strategy, and keeping each other off the chopping block.Remember to get 15% off your first order and free shipping at and use promo code SCHEANA15.
08/10/191h 10m

Scheananigans Special at Camp No Counselor with Kailah and Friends

Scheana and Kailah are living it up at Camp No Counselor, where adults can be kids and there's also no actual kids to bug the adults! Forget about adult supervision, it's time to have some fun at camp. (But be sure to wait two hours after eating before going back in the pool!)
04/10/1924m 23s

From Justin to Tanya with Justin Sylvester and Tanya Rad

Friends and sometimes red carpet co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Tanya Rad are getting into some Scheananigans to talk podcasts, people's choice, pop culture, and pretty much everything in between!Special thanks to:Prive Revaux - Get 15% off your first order by going to and using code SCHEANA15.
01/10/191h 2m

Hayes and Confused with Robby Hayes

Robby Hayes returns to Scheananigans, one of the rare repeat guests! He's talking about getting back to the gym, whether or not he's ready for a relationship, and why the press is asking Scheana about them? Also, why doesn't he have any tattoos??Thanks to today's sponsors!Haverdash - SIgn up today at Prive Revaux - Get 15% off your first order with code SCHEANA15 at Car - When you're ready to sell or trade in, visit True Car today!
26/09/191h 5m

We Got a Maximillian Dollars!

None other than Tom Tom GM Max Boyens joins Scheana and Courtney to take the White Claw flavor challenge, talk about his work at the bar, working with Lisa, and holding down the single life! (For now.)Big ups to today's sponsors:Prive Revaux - Get 15% off your first pair by going to and using promocode SHEANANIGANS15.True Car - When you're ready to sell or trade in, visit True Car y'all!
17/09/1954m 22s

The Hollywood Filter with Jess and Mel

Fellow PodcastOne hosts Jessica Hall and Mel Lamprey are hanging with Scheana and Janet talking about their new podcast, being open and honest about the "Hollywood" life, their careers, and how the media tries to get people to see through their filter.Word to this week's sponsors.Manscaped - Get 20% at using promo code SCHEANA.Prive Revaux - Get 15% off your first purchase at using promo code SCHEANANIGANS15.Haverdash - Sign up today at Car - Visit True Car when you're ready to trade in or sell you car.
10/09/191h 2m

A Tale of Two Toms with Sandoval and Schwartz

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz from Tom Tom are hanging with Scheana and Janet talking about running the restaurant, the joy of mingling with guests, and the fun of interacting with fans.
03/09/191h 11m

Don't Worry, Erika Costell is in the Building

Erika Costell returns to Scheananigans with Cortney to talk all things influencing, her daily routine, new music, the VMAs, and if there might be any special someones in her life!
28/08/191h 5m

Give Them Lala

None other than Lala Kent is getting into some Scheananigans talking about dealing with haters, bullies, her makeup line, her and Randall's relationship, the exes who just aren't worth it, and celebrating almost a year sober!
21/08/191h 12m

Undercover Big Brother with Derrick Levasseur

Big Brother 16 winner and TV host Derrick Levasseur joins Scheananigans to talk about his law enforcement career, his time on Big Brother, his show “Breaking Homicide”, and his time as an undercover officer.
15/08/191h 4m

No Such Thing as Bad Publyssity with Alyssa Amoroso

Former publicist and host of the Publyssity Podcast, Alyssa Amoroso is in studio with Scheana and Janet to talk about her show and her love for reality TV. Plus, Scheana’s upcoming music video and Janet’s invented game, “Pizza box!” Shout out to our sponsors!Manscaping - Get 20% off your order and free shipping at and use code SCHEANA.Hello Body - Use promo code SCHEANA30 for 30% off the entire site at - Get your first month of birth control for just $5 at Car - Get a true cash offer in minutes, just visit true car today!
09/08/1953m 25s

Sibling Showdown: Millenials vs. Gen-Z!

Scheana and Janet are joined by their younger siblings, Cortney and Ben. They're testing their millennial knowledge to prove they don't deserve to be called Gen-Z (which, based on science, they are). Who will come out on top!?
31/07/191h 0m

Kickin' it with Kailah

Kailah Casillas is back to shoot the sh*t with Scheana and Janet about a HORRIBLE BIRD COLLISION(!!!), the euphoria that is Euphoria, and Scheana's upcoming surgery. Plus, 2019's most burning question, is an eggplant a fruit?
23/07/1944m 49s

Janet's Back and Zack Attacks!

Janet is back from her vacay, and neighbor/friend of Scheananigans, Zack Wickham joins in to talk about getting rid of boys who DON'T matter, updates on dating lives, hook ups etiquette and...what's a PLATINUM gay??
17/07/1949m 59s

Kentucky Bourbon and Kristen Doute

Scheana is back from Kentucky and drinking and podcasting with Kristen Doute! They're trying to lose their accents, sharing deets from the wedding, talking about dancing with Lance Bass(!!!), and the trouble with boys.
09/07/1958m 49s

Keeping it Real with Rachel O'Brien

Rachel is hanging out with Scheana and Janet talking about her comedy career, VPR, the difficulties of how other people view your dating relationships, and dealing with their exes. Plus, everyone’s excitement for Brittany and Jax’ wedding!
02/07/1953m 38s

A Family Affair with David and Christina Arquette

The Arquettes are getting into some Scheananigans with Scheana and Janet talking about meeting at the Sundance film festival, their love of VPR, how they met, Christina’s career and favorite interviewees, David’s wrestling career, and their kids.
27/06/191h 7m

Drinking and Podcasting with RVO aka Dad

Scheana's Dad Ron Van Olphen, (RVO!!!) joins her, Janet, Courtney, and Mom for a father's day drinking and podcasting celebration. He talks about his love for the ladies in his life, his excitement to go to Kentucky, and he even reads a few booze commercials!
18/06/1939m 49s

Bonus - Sneak Peek of 22 Hours: An American Nightmare

It’s a case nightmares are made of. We’ve got your sneak peek into the new true-crime series, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. It's the frightening story of a D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered inside their burning D.C. mansion. You won’t believe what happened during those last 22 hours alive, and the shocking trail of evidence that led police to the killer! Did he have help? Hear from key witnesses who reveal never-before heard details. Will this investigation lead to the release of newly-discovered and confidential audio recordings so the public can hear the trial for the first time ever? Listen to the first episode now: New episodes will be available every Monday on and Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review!
14/06/1911m 15s

Cyber Bullies can SUCK IT! ft. guest Demario Jackson

Scheana, Janet, and Demario talk about the dangers of cyberbullying and the importance of supporting and leading with love over trying to hurt people back. You never know the impact someone's words might have. Plus, updates on Scheana's egg freezing round two and plans for father's day!If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, the suicide prevention hotline is available to you 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.
12/06/191h 1m

Not Skinny but Not Fat with Amanda Hirsch Pt. 2

The convo and Scheananigans continues with Amanda Hirsch, host of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast including a game of FMK, not wanting boyfriends, some lessons learned from freezing your eggs, and more VPR!
04/06/1950m 15s

Not Skinny But Not Fat with Amanda Hirsch

Amanda Hirsch, host of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast, joins Scheana and Janet to talk about her show, reality TV, and complicated relationships! Look out for part 2 up next week!
30/05/1952m 6s

SUR Shockers with Peter, SUR Manager

Scheana welcomes SUR Manager Peter to the studio and they chat about their group slumber party, shares some stories from SUR, a rousing game of FMK, and whether or not he’s on the dating apps! (He might be a tindr…er.) Plus…why won’t the Podcast Machine work!?
23/05/1953m 56s

Tres Drinking and Podcasting!

Scheana and Janet recap her birthday and talk about her new Palm Springs house! Plus, what are Scheana’s summer plans? Maybe it’s time to get on a dating app!? Also, who’s digging this new season of the Bachelorette? We are!
14/05/1927m 38s

What the Chung? with Jamie Chung

Actress Jamie Chung hangs out with Scheana on her birthday to talk about their long friendship, her acting career, time on the Real World, her relationship with her husband, and her own process of freezing her eggs.
07/05/1952m 30s

Diana Espir Hits the Spott

Journalist and fellow podcast host Diana Espir joins Scheana and Janet to chat about her career and show, air out a little relationship frustration with a few certain fellas, difficulty and drama dating in LA, and the difficulty of dating apps.
02/05/191h 2m

A Threesome with Carl Radke and Janet Elizabeth

Summer House's Carl Radke joins Scheana post WWHL to talk about some "certain activities" and how he came to be part of the show! Then, Scheana and Janet talk about her upcoming birthday and some shade thrown by an ex.
25/04/1941m 54s

Drinking and Podcasting...Part Deux!

Scheana and Janet are having some drinks and chatting about their Vegas weekend, hectic flights home, social media photo backlash, and spending some spooky time with the Hollywood Medium.
16/04/1934m 2s

Paging Paige DeSorbo!

Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo hangs out with Scheana and Janet to talk about the show! They play a fun round of, “Red Flags” to find out what type of guy she would or wouldn’t date. Plus, her work in fashion and her dating life!
09/04/191h 7m

Blissful Dissatisfaction with Mega Motivator Ed Mylett

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Ed Mylett talks with Scheana about finding happiness, our wants vs our needs, blissful dissatisfaction, and takes questions! Let him help you learn to live your best life.
02/04/191h 16m

Daniel Franzese Can Sit with Us, We're Not Mean Girls

Actor and Comedian Daniel Franzese joins Scheana and Janet to talk about his career, comedy, and of course..."Mean Girls!" Plus, how his coming out helped so many kids around the world embrace and be confident with their inner Damien. Also! How will you do on our Mean Girls quiz!?
26/03/1959m 12s

Drinking and Podcasting

Scheana and Janet sit down with a few drinks to address the recent rumors surrounding Brandi and Lisa. Plus, a few absolute DO NOT's if you're a guy.
22/03/1945m 0s

The Champagne Fountain of Youth with Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow herself joins Scheana to talk about her prior time on RHOC, podcasting, working with her husband, mommy duties, travel tips, skincare, and so much more!
19/03/1956m 40s

O-MG! it's Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town

Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town joins Scheana and Janet to talk about their new single, the rigors and joys of performing, the songwriting process, and they're joined by a VERY special guest caller!
12/03/1957m 51s

A NEW Rose for Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bachelorette and Bachelor star Kaitlyn Bristowe joins Scheana to talk her time on the show(s), healing after a difficult break up, and finding new love!
05/03/191h 4m

"Lindsay Lohan Locked Me in a Shower" with Kailah Casillas

Kailah Casillas gets into some Scheananigans in Vegas with Scheana as they talk about their plans there, her time on The Challenge, as well as Lohan Beach House. And...why did Lindsay Lohan lock her in the shower!?
26/02/1959m 56s

Teddi Made Me Do It! with Teddi Mellencamp

RHABH star Teddi Mellencamp and Scheana go over what’s going down this season, her relationship with her co-stars, and her new accountability program, “ALL IN.” Why are fad diets so bad for us and what’s the best way to become the best version of yourself? And, YOUR questions!
20/02/1949m 33s

How Many Rose's to Get to the Center of Nema Vand?

Shahs of Sunset star Nema Vand brings a bottle to the party!! (And forgets the bottle open.) He's talking about how he became part of the show, protecting his sister from dudes, humble bragging, and taking questions! (Even questions from Shervin!)
12/02/1958m 0s

Sundance, Superbowl, and Everything in Between with the Cameo Guys

Cameo’s Co-Founder Martin Blencowe and Strategic Partnerships’ Raul Ernesto Henriquez join Scheana and Janet to talk about starting the company, some weird cameo requests they might receive, and the keys to holding down a lasting relationship. Plus, Scheana and Raul talk about their, apparently, budding romantic relationship despite actually only being friends.
07/02/191h 3m

All that Juicy T&A with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix get into some Scheananigans together with a round of Never Have I Ever! Plus, all the deets on their relationship, a home together, the success (and expansion?) of Tom Tom, some Lala drama, and Ariana's skincare safety!
29/01/191h 13m

Dear Doctor Ghadir, The Fertility FAQ

Scheana sits down with her fertility doctor, Dr. Shain Ghadir and friends Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley to share their experience with him and their pregnancy. Learn some of the ups and downs of the process and why it’s become such an important part of many women’s lives. Plus, a VERY funny fertility moment for Gretchen and Slade in a public bathroom!
22/01/191h 7m

Celeb Gossip Godfather Perez Hilton

The Godfather of celebrity Gossip, Perez Hilton joins in on some Scheananigans for a lightning round of celeb word association, the evolution of his love/hate coverage of Scheana, starting a successful blog before social media made it simple, and how it and fatherhood changed his life.
15/01/191h 15m

Scheananigans Special with The Bachelor Colton Underwood

The Bachelor himself, Colton Underwood, joins Scheana for a very special episode of Scheananigans to talk football, his time on the Bachelorette, becoming the current Bachelor, and what this season might have in store!
11/01/1937m 42s

Sports in the Spottlight with Adam Spott and Lindsay McCormick

Sports broadcaster and actor Lindsay McCormick joins Scheana and co-host Adam Spott about her move from Texas to LA, her broadcast history, the love of sports, and facing uncomfortable questions as a woman in Sportscasting.
08/01/191h 11m

Telling Victoria's Secrets with Erika Costell

Scheana and guest Erika Costell get into some Scheananigans with a round of never have have I ever. Then, Erika gives all the details on her life, exercise and diet regimen, her social media, and her relationships.
31/12/181h 1m

On the Naughty List with Danny Pellegrino

Comedian, writer, and fellow podcaster Danny Pellegrino gets into some Christmas Eve Scheananigans to catch up about meeting Scheana when he was drunk, comparing Sur and Tom Tom, the new season of VPR, dream crossovers with other shows, and favorite Bravo-lebrity music.
24/12/181h 3m

Single Girls Guide to the Holidays

Scheana talks with single friends Hayley and Jessica about how best to handle your single-dom during the Holiday season. What kind of gifts are best? How do you handle theme parks? Learns the tips and tricks of how to be happily single for the holidays. It's Single Bell Rock! Plus, Scheana shares a very important life update!
18/12/1854m 34s

Swervin' with Shervin Roohvarpar

Shervin Roohvarpar from Shahs of Sunset sits down with Scheana to talk about his time on the show, the friendships he has with his castmates when not filming, people assuming a date means a relationship, and some of his most rewarding ventures.
11/12/1850m 16s

An Engaging Convo with Brittany Cartwright

VPR’s Brittany Cartwright joins Scheana to talk about her exciting engagement to Jax, how their relationship has evolved, working to keep each other happy, and answers twitter questions! Plus, a fun round of “Would You Rather?” between her and Scheana.
04/12/1856m 41s

Getting Deep with the Chicks in the Office

Ria and Fran, the Chicks from the Office on Barstool Sports, join the Scheananigans to talk about how their podcast got started with videos on instagram, beginning as interns, and their exciting time at the People's Choice Awards!
27/11/181h 5m

Spilling the Tea with Michael Yo

Comedian and Emmy nominated host Michael Yo joins Scheana to talk reality TV, his binge watching habits, and having a long career in comedy. Plus! His upcoming comedy special, “Blasian!”
20/11/181h 0m

Let's Talk About Sex Baby! with Sex Therapist Emily Morse

Sex expert Emily Morse joins Scheana and returning co-host Janet Elizabeth to talk ALL things sex! Nothing is off the table as they cover all the questions everyone is likely dying to ask a sex expert. Keep your taboos to yourself, on Scheananigans anything goes!
13/11/181h 6m

A Novul Musician

Musician Novul joins Scheana and friend/co-host Janet Elizabeth to talk about her new music, the fun of shooting music videos, where Scheana and her met, and what the future holds. PLUS! She unveils a few new poems that could become new songs!
06/11/1851m 50s

From The Hair Shop to Hip Hop with Travis Mills

Musician and actor Travis Mills joins Scheana and co-host sister Cortney to talk about his love life, how he got into music, his acting career, and his surprise background in cosmetology! Be sure to check out 15% off, plus 3 free DVDs, and a special gift from Adam and Eve by going to
30/10/181h 5m

Flip Out with Nastia Liukin

Gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin joins Scheana to talk about her incredible career, her love for the sport, having Olympian parents, the Nastia Liukin Cup, and, of course, her time on Dancing with the Stars!
23/10/181h 8m

Sex Tips with Jai Rodriguez

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star and co-star with Scheana in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man…Jai Rodriguez joins in on the Scheananigans! He’s talking about his time on Queer Eye, how his career began almost by accident, his one man show, portraying himself authentically and not just who people tell him, and his radio show!
16/10/181h 2m

Getting Naked with Sean2 Miles

Music producer Sean2 Miles joins Scheana to talk about the new songs she's been working on with him, including playing some exclusive clips! Plus, who has he worked with and who is his favorite?
09/10/1835m 42s

Frankie Delgado

The Hills alumn Frankie Delgado joins Scheana to look back on his time on the show, his relationship with his wife and kids, upcoming movie roles, still running the night life, and his long friendship with Scheana.
02/10/181h 5m

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone

Bachelor in Paradise’s Krystal and Chris join the Scheananigans for a few cocktails, some presents, and talk about where the nickname “Goose” came from, taking ownership of your decisions and relationships, how they ended up on the show, their love of fitness, and their unique relationship. PLUS, Scheana samples one of her new songs!And be sure to visit to save $5 on the BEST all natural deodorant!
25/09/181h 6m

Jill Wintersteen and Billie Lee

The Spirit Daughter’s Jill Wintersteen joins Scheana and co-host Billie Lee to talk about the intricacies and importance of consciousness, the power of your sign, what to look for when dating, the guidance of her workbooks, and how to find your center.
18/09/1859m 4s

Todd Garner

Film producer and host of “The Producer’s Guide” podcast Todd Garner joins Scheana for a round of film themed would-you-rathers, how to inspire young film hopefuls, what it takes to persevere, and the importance of constantly creating and practicing whatever craft you hope for.
11/09/1857m 47s

Mercedes "MJ" Javid

Mercedes “MJ” Javis from Shahs of Sunset gets into some Scheananigans talking about married life, sarcasm leading to arguments on the show, trying to be real with her fellow cast mates, and what lies in store this season.
04/09/1853m 22s

Lance Bass

The one and only Lance Bass joins Scheana for a fun game of “Would You Rather?” before diving in to the joys of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, NSYNC going out on top of their game, the details on that Brady Bunch house, how things have changed for artists and their sexuality, and his greatest joys and successes.
28/08/1854m 29s

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi of Shahs of Sunset joins Scheana to talk about her time on the show and where the concept came from, the ups and downs with her fellow cast, highlights from their current seventh season, and how many kids she's thinking of having.
23/08/1845m 54s

Wills Reid

Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star Wills Reid joins in on the Scheananigans for a round of heads up before diving into details about his time on the shows, only speaking his feelings if they’re true, his acting background, and what the future holds.
15/08/1855m 46s

Savannah Outen and Colin Dieden

Musicians Savannah Outen and Colin Dieden join Scheana to talk about their new singles, their music careers, love for the bachelor and the Kardashians, and Colin lays down an acoustic performance!
07/08/181h 3m

The Family Who Reality TV's Together Stays Together

Momma Erica, sister Cortney, and family friend & reality TV junkie Jim Broutman test their RTV knowledge with trivia from Scheana and talk about their favorite shows and personalities!
31/07/1845m 11s

Fitness in LA

Scheana holds court with three different LA trainers, Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach, Jenna Willis, and Seth Browning about how they approach their work, exercise and diet tips and recommendations, and even a few PERSONAL questions.
24/07/1857m 40s

Josh Murray

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise’s Josh Murray and Scheana talk about the mentions in Andi Dorfman’s book, doing the show to find love and start a family, playing minor league baseball, his time on Famously Single, and having difficulty with dating.
17/07/181h 3m

Single in LA

Fellow SUR singles Jesse Montana and Eric James go head to head in a round of “Never Have I Ever”, the difference of dating in LA versus your hometown, dealing with exes, how not to catch feelings, how your career affects your dating decisions, and keeping your independence while dating.
10/07/181h 6m


Actress and Rapper Ta’Rhonda Jones and Scheana go over the things they would take to a desert island, the importance of being single to learn who you are, working with Terrance Howard, her love of pranking people, her music career, and some embarrassing Hollywood moments.
03/07/1854m 49s

Jonathan Lipnicki

Actor Jonathan Lipnicki and Scheana talk about how they met and how he got into acting, getting career advice from Tom Cruise, being bullied by kids in middle school, dating in LA, his career now, and what work he’s most proud of today.
26/06/1858m 32s

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley get into some Scheananigans with “Never Have I Ever” that leads to the fact that Slade likes to paint in the nude. They talk about the process of freezing your eggs, planning for the future, and life on TV.
19/06/1856m 44s

DeMario Jackson

Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson has done pretty much everything as he and Scheana play “Never Have I Ever.” Then he talks about and whether or not he’ll return to Paradise, the struggles of being in the limelight, and of pursuing a career in entertainment.
12/06/181h 4m

Stacie Hall

The Hills’ star Stacie Hall joins Scheana to talk about her time on the show, married and mom life, living in Switzerland, what it’s like to travel and go out with them, and what the future holds for her career.
05/06/1838m 6s

Kailah Casillas

Kailah Casillas gets into Scheananigans talking about how she got on the Real World, her and Scheana being twins, the fun of doing the Challenge shows, meeting her boyfriend Mikey P, and the significance of her tattoos.
29/05/1844m 58s

Bryce Vine

Rapper and musician Bryce Vine gets into some Scheananigans as he talks with Scheana about how they met, his new song “Drew Barrymore”, touring and live performances, and getting swindled by the Eiffel Tower.
22/05/1855m 33s

Mother's Day Scheananigans

Scheana’s Mom Erika joins her in studio for a special Mother’s Day edition of Scheananigans! Scheana has made the move back to LA from Vegas and they’re tackling trouble with people on social media, dealing with drama on the show, having daughters like her and Cortney, and what Scheana was like growing up.
15/05/1851m 22s

Jasmine Goode

Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Jasmine Goode joins Scheana to talk about her time on the show and answer a few burning questions we have for her. Plus, details about her time on "Ex on the Beach".
09/05/1849m 44s

Corinne Olympios

Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Corinne Olympios joins Scheana and younger sis Cortney, opening the show with some Rosé and a round of “Would You Rather?” Then she chats about her upcoming book and answers some questions to give the dish about her time on the show.
01/05/1853m 33s

Shep Rose

Star of Southern Charm and RelationSHEP, Shep Rose, warms up with a game of heads up before talking about his time on both shows, baiting twitter trolls, and still looking for love.
24/04/1852m 4s

Billie Lee and Adam Spott

Brand new Vanderpump Rules stars Billie Lee sits down with Scheana and beautiful specimen Adam Spott joins for a game of SURperlatives. They rundown a list of favorites and best and worst at the restaurant. Then Billie talks about the difficulties she faced growing up trans and coming into a new loving and accepting life in LA.
17/04/1843m 22s

Eric Bigger

Bachelorette and The Bachelor Winter Games star Eric Bigger joins Scheana in studio to talk about his podcast, “Bigger Talks”, Scheana’s astrological breakdown, the importance on a woman’s perspective for men to succeed in relationships, men admitting when they don’t have an answer, and an introspective game of Would You Rather?
10/04/1857m 20s

Chester Lockhart

Legendary, Iconic, Skinny, Unforgettable…legend…Chester Lockhart joins Scheana to talk about their play in Vegas, “Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man”! Find out how nervous he was when his Dad came to see the show, the real life lessons learned from the show, and they give listeners their guide to Vegas.
03/04/1852m 46s

James Maslow

Actor and Musician James Maslow plays a round of “Would You Rather” before he and Scheana talk about his new single “Falling”, transitioning from Big Time Rush to going solo, his new movie “Bachelor Lions”, being on Celebrity Big Brother, the dynamics of the game play, and getting a break from social media for a month.
27/03/1847m 6s

Joss Mooney

The very sexy (and also British) Joss Mooney from MTV’s The Challenge gets into some Scheananigans with cocktails and a round of Never Have I Ever. Then they talk about the fact that they actually just met in person, doing the MTV show with his ex, potentially not taking the game too seriously, and hanging out with Robby Hayes.
20/03/1831m 12s

Robby Hayes

The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise’s Robby Hayes comes to partake in some Scheananigans and plays Heads Up to break the ice. Plus, they take fan questions, Robby talks his life since the shows, his super sweet pad, and...he's single!
13/03/1843m 50s

Ariana Madix

Scheananigans welcomes fellow Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix to the studio! They break the ice with a round of “Would You Rather?”, talk about Scheana’s Vegas show, their current lives since filming wrapped, Ariana’s new face masks, pursuing her acting career, and looking back a season 6 of the show. Plus, they take Q&A's from fans!
06/03/1854m 58s

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