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Featured as one of the Top 10 podcasts by Harpers Bazaar and a must listen by Stylist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Vogue Italy, Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest, straight talking beauty and wellbeing podcast that uses beauty as a way to start powerful conversations. It's hosted by beauty columnist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn.

As well as great product recommendations and tips expect conversations with an array of experts, specialists and inspiring humans that cover everything from the joy of lipstick, skincare and supplements to debates around ageism, diversity, self pleasure and challenging the status quo.

This is a podcast for anyone who finds joy in beauty, who wants to feel great about themselves in a way that is so much more than just skin deep and who wants the confidence to find beauty in who they are rather than what society expects of them. Prepare to be challenged, informed and inspired!


Bryony and Nicola - Dates Gone Wrong, Skeletor and Our Beauty Edit

Bryony and I laughed a lot during the making of this episode.We have a lot to catch up on including surprising occurences on dates, why Bryony might go on Only Fans, our morning at the House of Commons and the man who annoyed us so much that we've christened him skeletor, plus much much more.Of course there's a whole load of fabulous beauty recommendations in there too.We also announce our new Agony Aunt Service. DM us with your problems and we'll try and answer them on the pod!Enjoy Outspoken Beauties and don't listen to this in front of the kids :0)
28/03/23·53m 37s

Gloria John - A Beauty-Filled Hollywood Story

In this episode I meet the charming actress Gloria John.Gloria tells her incredible story of escaping an abusive father and leaving Korea aged 14. From there she trained to become a dentist and eventually pursued her dream of acting. She is now starring in the Amazon Prime dark comedy The Consultant.During the episode Gloria tells her story from leaving home at a young age to conquering Hollywood.(I love her honesty and authenticity).Later we chat about what beauty menas to her and go into her love of Korean skincare, false lashes and explore some of the things that she does for her health and wellbeing.Gloria was so wonderful to interview and her episode is as fascinating as it is inspiring.
25/03/23·46m 0s

Minipod - My Red Lipstick Edit and The Importance of Fragrance

In this episode I start with an honest chat about how hard it is when relatives become ill and how when you are in your 40's you suddenly find that your responsibilities can increase in quite a challenging way.This then leads to a chat about the joy of red lipstick and how I found myself reaching for one today to give me a bit of strength and joy at a hard time. I then chat through some of my favourite red lippies of the moment.Finally, in celebration of National Fragrance Week I have a brief chat about why fragrance is so important on so many levels.Do get in touch if you'd like to continue any of the conversations that I start on the podcast. You can always DM me on Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola.
23/03/23·12m 5s

Dr Meg Arroll - Tiny Traumas

In this episode I chat to psychologist, author and scientist Dr Meg Arroll.Meg and I use her new book "Tiny Traumas" as a starting point for a fascinating and enlightening chat about the things that we face in our everday lives that can affect us and leave us with a certain amount of trauma that we often just push aside.Meg tells us how we can deal with this trauma and talks about the importance of taking the time to understand how things affect us and how we can work to make our lives easier by dealing with the little things that build up.Whilst this episode is not directly beauty related, I am as ever a strong believer that beauty is about so much more about what is on the outside. We need to deal with what's on the inside in all it's guises whether that's mental or physical health.I hope you get lots out of this episode xx
21/03/23·40m 29s

Rani Ghosh - Will Olaplex Make My Hair Fall Out and Other Beauty Questions

In this episode I welcome back the brilliant toxicologist Rani Ghosh. Rani and I chat about the recent issues that people have allegedly been having with Olaplex and what exactly is going on from her point of view.We also delve into fragrance in skincare and best before dates on our beauty products.Rani is such a font of knowledge and I love picking her brains and putting all of our minds at ease when it comes to our beauty products.Make sure you give her a follow on Instagram @rani_ert.
18/03/23·35m 19s

Minipod - Brilliant Bronzing, Clothes that Actually Fit and Some Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

In this week's Minipod I talk about the clothes shop that has finally delivered the jeans of my dreams (clue: it's high street and they were less than £50).I also mention a bronzing water that I can't get enough of, an iconic lip balm that is way out performing the rest and go through a few last minute ideas for Mother's Day. (I realise that this is a day that not everyone celebrates but if you are looking to celebrate an important friend, mentor, relative or indeed your mum then I've got you covered).
16/03/23·11m 51s

Bryony and Nicola - Magic Mike, The Power of Lube and Some Beauty Favourites!

In this episode we talk about my experience at "Forbidden Nights - A Sexy Circus" (a very interesting night that took place at my sister's local theatre. Bryony has been to the far classier Magic Mike and has her own stories to tell.Later on we chat lube (a very imporant topic I'll have you know) and Amsterdam. Then it's down to business and as ever we have our beauty picks of the fortnight for you.xx
14/03/23·44m 36s

Holly Tucker MBE - Do What You Love! (An IWD Special With Avon)

*This episode is in partnership with Avon*When Avon came to me with the idea for this International Women's Day Special I was so excited. The episode is all about following your career dreams and making them a reality.My first guest is Holly Tucker MBE, the founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co. Holly is the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses and she believes that following your passion and building a business doing what you love is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.During the episode Holly gives loads of inspiration and guidance and I just know that if you do have an idea for your own business that you are desperate to start, Holly's words of wisdom might just be the push that you need.Later on I speak to the equally inspiring Amie Darlow. Amie's entire life changed when she became an Avon Rep. She has built up an incredible business and has never felt happier. Her story is both emotional and so very uplifting. I just know that you'll get a lot out of this episode and I can't wait to hear if it inspires you to follow your own personal dreams.
11/03/23·39m 53s

Minipod - Clothes That Don't Fit, A Great Barrier Protector and the Green Eyeshadow of Dreams.

In this week's Minipod I'm talking about the fact that none of my clothes fit me and how I can't find anything in the shops because it turns out my current size doesn't actually exist.In other news, I've found a GREAT SPF from Beauty Pie, the barrier protector of dreams from Paula's Choice and I'm talking green eyeshadow and Child's Farm which is one of my favourite ever brands.Enjoy xx
09/03/23·11m 25s

Lauren O'Connell - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I chat to Lauren O'Connell, the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East.Lauren chats about the incredible way that she landed her dream job and what life in Dubai is like. We then go on to chat about Lauren's Beauty Habits which are incredibly informative as this is one editor who knows a LOT about skin.I think you're going to really enjoy this fun and educational episode :0)
07/03/23·53m 12s

Sarah Ann Masse - Her Harvey Weinstein Story

In this episode I get to know Hollywood actress and Harvey Weinstein survivor Sarah Ann Masse.Sarah tells us about her experience of being interviewed by Harvey (it's not easy listening) and how once she came out about what had happened to her, she found herself being blacklisted by many of the major players in Hollywood.Not one to give up easily, Sarah created an organisation called Hire Survivors Hollywood that helps other women who have been in a similar situation to her and that helped her to land one of the main parts in the massive movie "She Said".This is a powerful episode and shows that you should never give up, even when you feel like everything around you is falling apart.You can find Sarah on Instagram @sarahannmasse.
04/03/23·49m 18s

Minipod - Fresh Fringes, Azelaic Acid and Tight Underwear

In this week's Minipod I have a recommendation for what I think might be one of the sexiest fragrances I've ever smelt. I also chat about why I'm using an intense azelaic acid product, how I'm keeping my fringe looking fresh and non-greasy and I talk about denim dilemmas and the horrors of "hold you in" underwear. Finally I give you a simple tip that's really helped me overcome certain areas of my anxiety.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx
02/03/23·11m 42s

Bryony and Nicola- Family Gatherings, Short Men and Our Beauty Favourites

In this episode Bryony and I have a debate about short men and the patriachy (don't ask), I talk about my experience at a recent family gathering where a few people thought I might be pregnant and Bryony also plays a trick on me involving a hat.We of course do get round to talking about our beauty and wellbeing tips which this week include a fabulous magazine, a stretching course, a cheap but really effective hand and nail cream and a wax hair spray.
28/02/23·48m 47s

Anabel Kingsley - Healthy Hair and Dealing With Hair Loss

In this episode I welcome incredible trichologist Anabel Kingsley onto the podcast.Anabel is just my kind of woman...BS free, honest and incredibly knowledgeable.During the episode we chat about how we can all keep our hair as healthy as possible and then we focus in on the two main types of female hair loss and the steps we can take to sort things out if that's what we choose to do.I'm aware that seeing a trichologist is expensive and Anabel gives great tips for those of us who need solutions without being able to see a specialist.This is such an informative episode and I hope it helps lots of you!
25/02/23·45m 19s

Minipod - Barrier Repair, Luscious Lipstick and The Power of Khaki

In this week's Minipod I talk a bit about my amazing consultation with Dr Anita Sturnham. I also chat about how my skin has gone a bit crazy since a recent Chinese takeaway and glass or two of prosecco.Later I tell you about a fabulous new lipstick, a great product if your skin barrier is compromised and why I'm loving my new khaki liquid liner.Remember you can join the Outspoken Beauty community of Facebook by searching for The Outspoken Beauty Club.
23/02/23·10m 32s

Nurse Jamie - The Hollywood Skincare Expert

In this episode I speak to aesthetician to the stars (we're talking Kim K, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba amongst others), Nurse Jamie.Jamie talks about her journey to becoming one of the most renowned Hollywood skin experts and shares her views on the benefits of facial massage and laser amongst many other things.It was really interesting hearing Jamie's views on skin health and getting to know about Jamie's journey to success.
21/02/23·34m 46s

Anita Bhagwandas - Ugly (Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standards)

In this episode I have the honour of interviewing beauty editor and now author extraordinaire, the absolutely brilliant Anita Bhagwandas.Anita has written one of the best and I think most important books that I have read in a long long time. It is called Ugly - Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standards and during the book not only does Anita explore how society's beauty standards came about but also tells her own personal and at times very emotional experience of feeling ugly and how it has shaped her own life.During the episode we talk about Anita's career in beauty and why she was drawn to the industry. We also chat about her dream role at Stylist and how she used her voice to change attitudes towards beauty via the articles that she wrote.We then look at Anita's experience of "Ugly" and how it shaped her incredible book.This is an episode not to be missed and please please buy this book not only for yourself but for any woman who has any doubted her worth. (It's available on Amazon and at Waterstones).
18/02/23·43m 35s

Minipod - Brows, Glitter Lips and Sakura

In this week's Minipod I have some lovely beauty recommendations for you including the most beautiful Spring scent, the perfect brow filler, some amazing Laura Mercier products and I chat about my experience of glitter lips.
16/02/23·9m 39s

Bryony and Nicola - Ducks, Fringes and An Exciting New Beauty Release

In this episode Bryony and I have a good old catch up. Bryony has been working on Britain's Got Talent and we have a debate about a man can undress whilst on a Unicycle. I also teach Bryony some surprising facts about ducks, we discuss my new fringe and of course have some beauty recommendations for you, including a brand new and very exciting release from IT Cosmetics.There's lots more. Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx
14/02/23·38m 27s

Poppy Delbridge - The Queen of Tapping

In this episode I get to know "Tapping Queen" and author of "Tapping In - Manifest The Life You Really Want", Poppy Delbridge. Poppy has been helping people fight anxiety, re-centre themselves and manifest happiness with the power of rapid tapping for many years and is adored by the likes of Fearne Cotton who features her on her Happy Place app.During the episode Poppy tells me what led her to choose tapping as her career. (She is really honest about the things that were going on in her own life at that time). She also explains how rapid tapping works and even does a little session with me on the podcast.I really like Poppy and having used tapping recently to good effect, I believe in what she is doing.I think you're going to be very inspired by Poppy not only because of her amazing tapping technique but becuse of how she has built her career so brilliantly.
11/02/23·42m 31s

Minipod - Ugly, The Scent of Paris and The Lipbalm of Dreams

In this week's Minipod I question whether I'm the only person in the world who likes those little ice-cream mochi balls. I also talk about a sublime fragrance that is meant to represent Paris, the very best concealer, a cheap and cheerful lip-balm that has totally sorted my poor dry lips, the power of a fringe and I also have some TV recommendations for you.Finally I tell you why I recommend that you pre-order the amazing book Ugly written by one of my favourite beauty editors of all time Anita Bhagwandas. Enjoy xx
09/02/23·10m 32s

Rani Ghosh - The Beauty-BS-Busting Toxicologist

How excited am I about this episode!I'm welcoming the incredible Rani Ghosh who is not only a total skincare and beauty lover but just so happens to be a dermal toxicologist which means that she's one of the women who makes sure that our skincare is absolutely and undoubtedly safe.In a world of beauty green-washing, clean-washing and fear-mongering, Rani is a welcome voice of calm and reason and she REALLY knows her stuff.I feel honoured and excited to have someone who works in toxicology on the podcast especially when they're as eloquent and fabulous as Rani.You should leave the episode feeling far more confident in the products you buy and the beauty industry at large. You can find Rani on Instagram @rani_ert
07/02/23·48m 44s

Danielle Edmond - Making Glitter Lips A Phenomenon

In this episode I speak to the throughly inspiring Danielle Edmonds.Born and raised in Jamaica by her Mum and Grandma, Danielle was signed by a modelling agency as well as being the co-captain of Jamaica's Basketball team.Later, Danielle moved to New York where amongst doing many incredible things, she launched her business Stay Golden Cosmetics which is an incredibly empowering beauty brand. During the episode you'll hear Danielle's amazing story, how she perfected the glitter lip, what beauty means to her and also we'll explore some of her own gorgeous beauty habits.I can't wait for you to get to know Danielle and I guarantee that by the end of the episode that you'll be wanting to rock glittery lips!!
05/02/23·40m 41s

Minipod - Some fab beauty bits

In this week's Minipod I tell you about my very "classy" meal last night, why I'm freaking out about Sunday and then I go on to chat about some lovely makeup bits, fragrance, a great body oil and lots more xx
03/02/23·11m 5s

Bryony and Nicola - Auditions Gone Wrong, Fear of Flying and Our Beauty Picks

Makeup artist extraordinaire and all round lovely lady Bryony Blake is back and this week we're talking fear of flying courses (I'm trying to face my biggest fear of all), Britain's Got Talent and why Bryony will never be auditioning for it, my disastrous X Factor audition and lots more.We do of course get round to beauty with all sorts of recommendations including some stand out products for hair, a beautiful fragrance and some incredible makeup bits.
31/01/23·46m 18s

Why The Right Lipstick Matte-rs!

This Episode is In Partnership With AvonIn this episode I'm exploring the most amazing new lipstick launch from Avon with some of my favourite people. Hydramatic Matte is a worldwide first. It's a matte with an incredible hydrating core that makes it feel as smooth as silk. It also has great staying power and the most beautiful range of pigments.The episode starts with me and Bryony Blake chatting all things lipstick...what it means to us, our first memories of it, why it can be the ultimate confidence boost and even make a political statement. Then we go on to chat about some of the challenges of wearing regular matte lipsticks and why hydramatic matte can really help.After my lovely chat with Bryony I catch up with the amazing Holly Roberts from Avon. She knows all there is to know about makeup and we have an incredible chat about the science of the lipstick and the inspiration behind it.Finally I catch up with some of the brilliant Outspoken Beauty Panellists who have been trialling Hydramatic Matte and give their honest opinions of their experiences.I hope you really enjoy this episode and getting to know all about one of the best lippies I've tried in a long time. You can find them here.
28/01/23·45m 21s

Minipod - Fragrances That Make A Statement

In this week's minipod I'm talking about some of my favourite statement fragrances. From the overtly sexy to the ones that make me feel like a superhero to the pretty scent with a naughty edge, these perfumes are full of character and all make me feel truly amazing in different ways.Here's what I mention during the episode:Kilian Good Girl Gone BadGuerlain MitsoukoJovoy Fire at WillRovert Piguet FracasChanel Le LionThe Perfumers Story Sequoia WoodSana Jardin Berber BlondeSerge Lutens Fleur D'OrangerMatiere Premiere Radical Rose
26/01/23·13m 23s

The Return of Paula Begoun

The amazing Paula Begoun (founder of Paula's Choice) is back and she has loads of brilliant skincare advice for us. Paula has an extensive knowledfge of what really works when it comes to skin and I really respect her no nonsense and outspoken opinions on the world of beauty.I hope you enjoy learning from this incredible woman.
24/01/23·32m 30s

Cigdem Kemal Yilmaz - The Ultimate Skincare Educator

I have a feeling you're going to absolutely love this episode!I'm chatting to chemical engineer, skincare formulator and educator Cigdem Kemal Yilmaz. Cigdem has the most amazing knowledge of skincare formulation and what to look for when choosing our skincare.During the episode Cigdem shares her five top rules that we can all apply when deciding whether a product is worth buying or not. She also chats through some of her very favourite ingredients and spends time talking through some of the brands that really stand out to her.I felt like I learnt a great deal from Cigdem and loved the way that she shares her extensive knowledge of skincare.If you'd like to learn even more the I recommend that you give her a follow on Instagram @skinmasterclass.
21/01/23·58m 38s

Minipod - An Exciting New Retinol, Builder Gel and Lovely Jewellery For Sensitive Ears

This week's Minipod is brimming with lovely beauty products. From the brand new Dermalogica Retinol Serum to a perfume that smells like a warm hug to a wonderfully intense do it all moisturiser to fabulous eye pencils, there are lots of great recommendations.I also chat about a lovely jewellery brand that is both affordable and perfect if you're after hypoallergenic earrings and tell you about my experience of builder gel. Enjoy Outspoken Beauties x
19/01/23·10m 49s

Bryony and Nicola - Baby Sharks, Sassy Alexa and Beauty That We're Loving

Bryony is back from Thailand (yay) and has got loads to tell us about her holiday. Meanwhile I've been having a few issues with Alexa which become quite apparent during the episode and we both have a chat about our mutual love of bidets (and in Bryony's case toilet hoses!!)We also have some really great beauty recommendations and Bryony tells us about a must - read book and her must haves for long haul flights.It's so lovely to have Bryony back on the pod. xx
17/01/23·39m 54s

Rhian Stephenson - Taking Control of Our Cycles

In this episode I chat to top nutritionist, naturopathic doctor and founder of @artahhealth, Rhian Stephenson.Rhian, who was also the CEO of Psycle has a special interest in and incredible amount of knowledge about womens' health, specifically when it comes to how our hormones affect us. During this episode we have an in depth discussion about each week of our monthly cycle and how the fluctuations in hormones can have a huge effect on how we feel both physically and mentally.This episode is so empowering because it equips us with knowledge that helps us get to know our bodies better and how to treat them so that we can feel as good as possible by getting in tune with our cycles. I have learnt so much from Rhian and she has already made a difference to my life. I really hope she does the same for you xx
14/01/23·57m 31s

Minipod - Ears, Lucky Scents and Sheet Masks With A Difference

In this week's Minipod I tell you about my current ear piercing frenzy and also have exciting news about my new working environment.After that it's all about beauty with biodegradable sheet masks, exciting new fragrances, a great solution if your nails aren't quite as you want them and a truly excellent aromatherapy brand.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx
12/01/23·11m 34s

Maddie Moate - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by a personal hero of mine. (and my kids)..BAFTA winning presenter, author and YouTuber Maddie Moate.If you have children you're bound to have come across Maddie. She's the woman behind cult show "Do You Know" on CBeebies and during lockdown she literally saved us when alongside her partner Greg, she created a daily educational show on her YouTube channel called Let's Go Live. Every day at 11am Poppy and Louis would sit mesmerised as Maddie and Greg used their creative genius and amazing knowledge to make us all laugh and learn. They really did make lockdown more manageable for us all.As well as being a talented author, broadcaster and so much more, Maddie has a real passion for beauty and during this episode we chat about what it means to her and she goes through some of the products that she adores. We also talk about what led her to her fascinating career, panto life and so much more.Whether you've come across Maddie or not, I have a feeling that you're going to really love getting to know her. You can find Maddie on Instagram @maddiemoate where her linktree will lead you to all her brilliant projects and shows.
10/01/23·59m 22s

The Power of Probiotic Skincare With Dr Roshini Raj and Delving Into What We Want With Charlotte Fox Weber

The first part of this episode is in partnership with Tula SkincareI start this episode with a brilliant chat with gastroenterologist and founder of Tula Skincare Dr Roshini Raj. Having met Dr Raj when she was in London, I was so impressed by the way that she has combined years of medicine and a true passion for probiotics and has gone on to found a skincare brand that brings together her extensive experience and knowledge. I think you'll find Dr Raj's attitude to caring for skin really refreshing and I love the fact that Tula really does put barrier and skin health first.In the second past of the podcast I chat to psychotherapist and author Charlotte Fox Weber. Charlotte, who has written a book exploring 12 desires that she believes are universal, is absolutely fascinating and gives such a good insight into the world of psychotherapy, what it can do for us and also delves into the psychology behind beauty and what makes us feel good. I absolutely loved getting to know Charlotte and really recommend her book "What We Want - A Journey Through 12 of Our Deepest Desires".I hope this episode enlightens you as much as it did me xx
07/01/23·1h 8m

Minipod -Hypnotic Fragrance, Clever Storage and Chips

In this week's Minipod I talk about a very special fragrance that I treated me and Chris to for Christmas, the most amazing, affordable glass cabinet that now homes my perfume collection and why I'm definitely eating all the delicious chips even though it's January. Oh and I also mention my very best concealer of the moment.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties x
05/01/23·8m 11s

Bryony and Nicola - Time For Some New Year Cheer!

It's a new year and Bryony and I are here to cheer you up with our first episode of 2023.Expect all the usual fun including why I'm absolutely MORTIFIED that someone spotted me in my local Tesco, talk of the Chritsmas that went wrong and great excitement at some of our top beauty buys of 2022 plus much much more.We hope this episode brings a smile to your face if you're feeling a bit Januaryish xx
03/01/23·44m 8s

What I've Learnt In 2022

In this episode I look back at some of the things that I've learnt in 2022 and there are quite a few of them let me tell you!I also thank you for being a part of the Outspoken Beauty community. It means so much to me!Happy New Year Outspoken Beauties and hope this episode helps/inspires you xx
29/12/22·11m 29s

The Outspoken Beauty Awards -Top Nail and Hand Products of 2022

In this week's Outspoken Beauty Awards I'm focusing in on the hand and nail products that have stood out to me the most this year.I'll be telling you about great hand moisturisers, fabulous nail polishes and oils and the best products for strong and healthy nails.All of these brands and products are great and never let me down.
22/12/22·9m 57s

All I Want For Christmas Is.....Cher Webb!

Ladies and Gentlemen she's officially back. It's my annual festive catch up with the one and only Cher Webb and we had SO much to chat about.During the episode we talk about making changes for the better, giant Elf duvets, lighting up our houses and Cher gets sentimental about Christmas trees. We also talk about signature fragrances, laser hair removal, budgie catching and have an unexpected chat about our bottoms.There are beauty recommendations too and so much more....this really is a lovely episode that we hope will get you giggling and feeling full of festive cheer.
20/12/22·1h 0m

Loving Tan and Surprising Spa Experiences With Dr Sam Bunting

I start this episode with a sponsored review of Loving Tan. As you'll hear I have been incredibly impressed with their products and in particular love their facial tan which is easy to apply and gives you a beautiful and really quick glow. Following this I welcome my lovely friend, the amazing dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting back on the podcast for a catch up about all things skin and wellbeing. Sam chats about the things that she does that make her feel great, including the bath salts that she swears by, her favourite spa experience (that involves being smacked with branches of birch) and how she gets herself in flow.It was so lovely to chat to Sam and I hope you love this episode and find it inspiring xx
17/12/22·47m 13s

The Outspoken Beauty Awards - Top Skincare Products of 2022

In this week's Outspoken Beauty Awards I'm listing my top skincare products of the year.From cleansers to serums to exfoliants to masks to moisturisers, it's all here.There are so many wonderful skincare brands out there but these are the products and brands that have really stood out to me.Here are the brands I mention:Dr Sam BuntingCliniqueThe Body ShopSuperdrugCeraveExuvianceSkin Better ScienceWillowberryMV SkintherapyLumeneDermalogicaClinisoothe PlusAvonPam Marshall - Mortar and MilkAltruistLa Roche PosayGarnier
15/12/22·12m 11s

Laura Capon's Beauty News

The amazing LC is back for her final Beauty News ever (sob) although she's promised to come back on the pod as a guest next year (yay).This week we're talking Harry and Meghan, beauty boxes, The Ordinary and so much more. Get ready for opinions galore.
14/12/22·34m 38s

Suzy Nightingale - Festive Beauty and Fun

In this episode fragrance journalist and expert extraordinaire and my great friend and co-host of The On The Scent podcast, Suzy Nightingale joins me for a festive chat. From the outfit, lipstick and fragrance that Suzy will wear on Christmas Day to the ex-boyfriend who ruined her wreath making to the mistletoe hat that failed me, this chat is full of laughter and our shared passion for beauty and scent. Oh and we also have a slightly naughty chat about The Princess of Wales.....I really really hope she doesn't listen to this podcast!Anyway....we hope this episode brings a smile to your face.
10/12/22·43m 4s

The Outspoken Beauty Awards - Top Makeup Products of 2022

The Outspoken Beauty Awards 2022 are here.Listen to today's podcast and you'll hear my top beauty products of the year all of which I think are absolutely incredible. Here are the amazing brands that I mention:Daniel SandlerMonika BlunderNudestixBlink Brow Bar LondonBenefitClarinsChantecailleChanelRose IncLottie LondonLancomeScuplted by AimeeLisa EldridgeBare MineralsDr Sam BuntingPam MarshallTypologyJones RoadNarsLaura MercierIT CosmeticsGiorgio ArmaniEsseTrish McEvoyEyeco
09/12/22·13m 27s

Bryony and Nicola - Fashion Faux Pas, When Hibernation Goes Wrong and Our Gift Guide

The gorgeous Bryony Blake is back and we're talking about escaping boobs, defrosting pets, brilliant board games and the best show Bryony's ever seen.After that we've got lots of gift ideas for you including an utterly random but brilliant vegetable related one from Bryony and an affordable fragrant gift that keeps on giving xx
06/12/22·43m 15s

Nathalie Issa - The Swimmer

In this episode I interview Nathalie Issa, the star of the Netflix film The Swimmers.Nathalie plays the part of Yusra Mardini who is training to be an Olympian swimmer in Syria when she has to flee the coutry with her sister and cousin. What follows (in this true story) is their journey as refugees which includes swimming a sinking boat of fellow refugees to safety in the sea.The film is exceptional in the way that it humanises refugees and Nathalie's performance is breathtaking.During the episode we chat about how Nathalie had to face one of her biggest fears to take on the role, filming with her sister, how she conveyed Yusra so authentically and we chat about Nathalie's own story which involves leaving Lebanon for a life in France.Later we chat about Nathalie's views on beauty and what it means to her. I adored getting to know Nathalie. She is so incredibly honest and authentic and I think you'll her find her story and views on beauty fascinating.
03/12/22·41m 43s

Minipod - Reindeer Buns, Makeup Brushes and a New Use For Salycilic Acid

This week's Minipod is quite an eclectic one. I have a great film recommendation for you, talk about Hannah Martin's incredible makeup brush set that she's launched with Ciate and I have a brilliant solution for keeping BO at bay. There's also a few great gift ideas and I tell you why I Marks and Spencer very nearly gave me the shock of my life.
01/12/22·11m 15s

Kelli-Leigh - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm speaking to Grammy award winning singer Kelli-Leigh.Kelli tells us about the ups and downs of her career as a session singer, what it was like being a backing singer for Adele and why she has now started her own independent label. We also chat about her Christmas release "Unwrap My Heart" and why it would be her absolute dream to get a Christmas number one.Later we chat through Kelli's beauty habits from her favourite makeup, to her ultimate beauty hack to her perfect bath and why Beauty Pie really works for her.This is a lovely episode and I'm rooting for Kelli-Leigh and her Christmas Single (which you'll hear a bit of at the end of the episode).If you fancy supporting Kelli-Leigh make sure you give Unwrap My Heart a download on Spotify or Apple xx
29/11/22·42m 8s

Kelly Crump - A Lesson in Positivity

In this episode I chat to the amazing Kelly Crump. Kelly was diagnosed with incurable cancer but has made it her mission not only to raise awareness but also to have fun.Her attitude to life is incredibly inspiring and as you'll hear, she makes the decision each day to make the best of everything that she can.Whilst cancer is sometimes a really hard topic to discuss, I think it is an important one and it's amazing to hear how Kelly is dealing with it.
26/11/22·1h 1m

Minipod - Gorgeous Gift Ideas

In this week's Minipod I briefly chat about my experience of breathing physiotherapy which is great for those of us who suffer with anxiety and perhaps don't breathe in the right way.Then I chat through some beautiful beauty gift ideas including the brand new candle from Neom and an affordable aromatherapy brand that I adore.
24/11/22·10m 52s

Bryony and Nicola - Singing In Your Face, Cinema Capers and A Fab Beauty Edit

I think that this might be one of my favourite ever episodes with Bryony Blake. We had such fun recording it with much snorting with laughter.During our chat we cover embarrassing moments both singing and being sung at, when everyone at the party can dance except you, Christmas promises, cinema visits gone wrong and why Bryony gets a whole load of song lyrics wrong.We also do a great beauty edit this week and cover affordable (and amazing) makeup, supersonic hairdryers, the ultimate skincare product and the most amazing spa experience.Enjoy xx
22/11/22·50m 3s

Laura Capon - This Week's Beauty News

It's time for your weekly beauty news update with LC. This week we're talking beauty innovation at Dyson, amazing pro-ageing messaging from Julia Fox, the future of showers and loads more. (We also discuss why I ate way too much of a pudding that I was meant to be sharing with Laura and why she finds raisins extremely offensive.I love this girl and her news updates are brilliant.
21/11/22·26m 27s

Gifting To Give Back With L'Occitane

*This episode is in partnership with L'Occitane*If you're starting to think about the festive season and have decided that this is the year that you want to give gifts that are truly meaningful then this episode is definitely for you.I'm talking to the lovely Valentina Cavallaro and Millie Lloyd, both of whom have worked for L'Occitane for many years and as you'll hear are totally passionate about the brand and everything that it stands for.During the episode we discuss why gifting feels different this year and how we want to give gifts that are meaningful and do good whilst making the recipients truly happy. We then chat through all the amazing things that L'Occitane are doing for their producers, the environment, women and so much more and why they are the perfect choice for gifts this year.It is so good to get a real insight into a brand and this is a great opportunity to get to the heart of L'Occitane and to learn why it is so much more than a great collection of products.This is a brand that I have loved for as long as I can remember and this episode truly makes me love them even more. Enjoy it Outspoken Beauties xx
19/11/22·41m 6s

Minipod - Your Beauty Questions Answered

In this week's Minipod I'm answering the questions all.of the questions you've been sending me on Instagram.There's quite a lot here from festive makeup to products to make you glow to Christmas present ideas to hair products and lots more. Oh and I also go through some Black Friday beauty deals.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties 💋
17/11/22·14m 28s

Siobhan Daniels - The Retirement Rebel

I can't wait for you to hear this incredibly life-affirming and inspiring episode with broadcaster and author Siobhan Daniels."Approaching retirement and frustrated with her job, Siobhan Daniels made a BIG decision: to start living life on her own terms. Rather than hiding from life’s challenges, she bought a motorhome and drove off to find them."In this episode Siobhan and I chat about what led to her decision and how she is now living her absolute best life. Siobhan's story is proof that anything is possible and that with an incredible amount of bravery and a large dose of determination you truly can live your best life!You can find Siobhan at shuvonshuvoff.co.uk and her book is called The Retirement Rebel.
16/11/22·37m 26s

Laura Capon - This Week's Beauty News

LC is back with the news and this week there's all sorts of beauty industry gossip. What's going on with the founder of Revolution? Is it the end for Revlon? Are the robots coming? And is it right that we might all have the opportunity to smell a bit like Whitney Houston?Listen to find out.........
14/11/22·27m 1s

Letting My Hair Down With Michael Douglas

In this episode I meet the utterly lovely Michael Douglas and we have a thoroughly good chinwag.Our conversation takes us on a brilliant journey through Michael's happy childhood, his love of motorbikes, his near death experience and the good looking guy in his town who inspired his entire career.Michael also talks about his relationship with Davina McCall, life as a celebrity hairdresser, his mission to help us with our hair dilemmas and why he has now become an entrepreneur.I loved getting to know Michael - he's great and can't wait to share this episode with you.
12/11/22·52m 12s

Minipod - My Budget Skincare Edit

In this week's Minipod I talk you through my budget skincare edit. These products perform really well and are proof that you don't need to spend lots to get good results from your skincare.Here's what I mention:Garnier anti dark spots and anti pollution super UV50 plusAltruist face fluid spf50 Altruist cleansing foam 2% salicylic acidCerave hydrating cleanserSuperdrug b melting balm Body shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butterInkey list oat cleansing balm The ordinary granactive retinoid 2% in squalane The ordinary retinol in squalane 0.2%Avon anew renewal protinol power serumVictoria health garden of wisdom vitamin C 23% plus ferulic acid The Ordinary Multipeptide plus HA SerumWeleda Skin FoodThe Ordinary natural moisturising factors Cerave moisturising creamInkey list:Water creamPeptide moisturiser Inkey List caffeine eye cream Clinisoothe Plus
10/11/22·12m 22s

Bryony and Nicola - Bad Behaviour in Liberty, Rude French Names and Our Beauty Edit

It's Bryony Blake's fortnightly episode and this week we're talking about why Bryony would be brilliant on I'm A Celebrity, being naughty in Liberty, when makeup goes wrong and a fabulous Christmas event that I went to.We do of course also chat through our beauty picks of the fortnight.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties! xx
08/11/22·46m 49s

Laura Capon's Beauty News

LC is back with your weekly beauty news update.This week we get quite heated talking about fair working hours, copy cat brands, crying makeup, original ideas and where beauty is headed. In fact this isn't only news...it's a full on beauty debate.Enjoy xx
07/11/22·33m 19s

Anna Lahey - The Queen of Ingestible Beauty

* This episode is in partnership with Vida Glow*In this episode I meet the amazing Anna Lahey who is the founder of Vida Glow, one of the world's leading ingestible beauty brands.Anna shares the story of how an encounter with marine collagen during a trip to Japan changed her life forever and inspired her to start her own brand. Anna tells me why she believes that ingestible beauty really can make a huge difference and how it is a sector of the beauty industry that she predicts will grow and grow. We also talk about the importance of independent clinical trials, why we the consumer need to be able to trust brands and also Anna opens up about some of her own personal struggles along the way.Anna is so refreshing....she's honest and open about her brand and story and is so obviously passionate about what she does. I felt truly inspired by her and that anything is possible if you really put your heart and soul into it. If you'd like to try Vida Glow products then you can find them at uk.vidaglow.com. Their new Clear range which targets acne will be available from Harrods on 21st November and online from 5th December.
05/11/22·44m 50s

Minipod - What's In My Makeup Bag?

In this week's Minipod I'm going through the contents of my makeup bag. There are some old favourites as well as some great new bits that I'm loving.These are my everyday staples and as promised I'm listing them here for you:BareMinerals - Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel CreamSculpted By Aimee Beauty Base in Golden GlowBBB London Ultra Slim Brow Definer in CloveLaura Mercier Secret CamouflageMonika Blunder Lipstick in FlorenceTypology Tinted Balm in Coral OrangeNARS Radiant Creamy ConcealerCharlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Duo in Green Lights Metallic Lancome Idole Mascara in Glossy BlackLottie London Super Fake MascaraHourglass Unlocked MascaraChantecaille Radiance Gel BronzerLisa Eldridge Lipstick in Strawberry ShockDr Paw Paw balm in pinkDr Sam Bunting Tinted Lip BalmChanel Le Rouge Duo in Darling PinkMAC Extra Dimension Blush in Cheeky BitsLisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex in EmilyOxygenetix Oxygenating FoundationNARS Tinted Moisturiser
03/11/22·10m 32s

Louise Boyce - Beauty Budget Hacks, Little Plastic Hands and Model Life

In this episode I welcome the brilliant Louise Boyce aka Mama Still Got It.Louise, who is known (amongst many other things) for her hilarious depictions of toddler life on Instagram and TikTok (she's the one who uses the plastic doll hands), is also a model, author and blogger.During the podcast we chat about the ups and downs of Louise's life as a model, how the random gift of a pair of plastic hands inspired her in a big way and Louise also has lots of brilliant hacks for saving money when it comes to our beauty purchases. (Louise has been working with Avon who have done a massive research project regarding the amount of stuff we buy but never use).Louise's ideas are brilliant as is the entire episode. She's a great guest and I love her honesty, humour and great tips and know you will too!
01/11/22·39m 49s

Laura Capon - Not The Week's Beauty News

Laura's back and we're both recovering from half term as well as the fact that the only beauty news around is about a hairy snail. Therefore this week is a bit more of a totally random chat that encompasses everything from Disney Princesses to bottom wipes to the lipstick effect to why you should never let Father Christmas phone your child.Beauty News is back next week...in the meantime hope this makes you giggle xx
31/10/22·31m 57s

Dawn O'Porter - Cat Ladies, Kaftans and The Meaning Of Beauty

In this episode I get to know the brilliant Dawn O'Porter.Dawn has written the most incredible book called Cat Lady (I devoured it in 3 hours) and we have a great chat about the main character and how her life falls apart in the book plus what we can learn from how she mends it.We also talk about our relationships with various pets and our husbands, there's a shocking story about marmite, Dawn explains her love of kaftans and tells me why she'll never change her hairstyle.Dawn also talks about what beauty means to her and discusses some of the most meaningful beauty products in her life.I only had half an hour to chat with Dawn but I honestly could have recorded for an entire day without getting antsy. She's intelligent, funny, creative and totally happy with who she is. (I left the interview feeling that there's lots to learn from her attitude to life). I know that you'll love this episode.
29/10/22·29m 50s

Minipod - Fabulous Fragrances, Perimenopause Tests and Keeping Your Skin in Check

In this week's Minipod I talk about the two skincare products that are keeping my hormonal skin in check. I also tell you about an interesting perimenopause test that I'm about to take, explain why I'm recording from an American diner and tell you about some incredible Chanel and Dior fragrances. Enjoy xx
27/10/22·8m 45s

Bryony and Nicola - Salt and Vinegar Discos, Universal Studios and Beauty Galore

The delightful Bryony Blake is back and this week it's all about our joint love of strong salt and vinegar crisps, why Bryony has been hanging out in haunted houses and how olive oil really can be the answer to everything. We've also got a gorgeous advent calendar recommendation, a fragrance that I can't get enough of and lots more fabulous beauty ideas for you.
25/10/22·40m 7s

The Week's Beauty News With Laura Capon

It's the perfect start to your week! Beauty journalist extraordinaire Laura Capon is back with your beauty news update and this week we're talking meeting at the Sephora event, Makeup by Mario, research into a vaccine for acne, Jared Leto, cults, Halloween, sustainability and what Jeremy Clarkson has to do with the beauty industry.Prepare yourself...... :0)
24/10/22·36m 27s

Roxie Nafousi - The Queen of Manifestation

In this episode I'm chatting to Roxie Nafousi. Roxie, who is known to many as the Queen of Manisfestation, is a self-development coach and manifesting expert and recently wrote The Sunday Times Bestseller "Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life".During the episode we chat about the ups and downs of Roxie's life and what led her to manifestation. Roxie also gives tips on how we can improve our lives and get what we truly want.Roxie isn't my first guest to wax lyrical about manifestation and even though in the past I might have been a little bit cynical, I do wonder if I'm coming round a tiny bit. Have a listen and let me know what you think!
22/10/22·40m 35s

Minipod - Sephora, Cat Lady and Lovely Lippies

In this week's Minipod I chat about Wednesday night's big and very glamorous Sephora event, making my own perfume, the massage oil that I can't be without and the matte lipgloss that has impressed me.I also give two very different but equally brilliant book recommendations.
20/10/22·9m 49s

Bryony and Nicola - Fragrant Fun, Terrible Wedding Speeches and Our Beauty Edit

The fabulous Bryony Blake is back and in this episode we're talking about our amazing experience making candles at Jo Loves, whether it's wrong to dip a chocolate bar in your tea, when wedding speeches go terribly wrong and about an embarrassing body issue that has hit me now I'm 42.After our chat we go into this week's beauty edit and we share our favourite 6 products of the moment.
18/10/22·42m 59s

The Week's Beauty News With Laura Capon

It's that time of the week again when Laura Capon is here to keep us abreast of all the latest beauty news.This week we're talking Elon Musk's repugnant sounding scent, robotic manicures, the world of menopausal skincare and we even get a little bit political.Enjoy :0)
17/10/22·28m 1s

Marcia Kilgore - The Industry Disruptor

In this episode I get to know the incredibly successful and creative entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore.Marcia is the woman who came up with Bliss Spas, Soap and Glory, Fit Flop, Soaper Duper and most recently Beauty Pie, a company that disrupts the beauty industry by allowing us access to products almost at cost price.During the episode we talk about how Marcia came up with the concept for Beauty Pie and why she always puts the consumer at the heart of what she does. Marcia gives us a great insight into how the beauty industry works and why we often pay way above the odds. We also get to know what makes this brilliant entrepreneur tick, her relationship with clothes and why she dislikes shopping.I loved interviewing this industry icon and can't wait for you to hear her story and opinions.
15/10/22·45m 33s

Minipod - Affordable Fragrance, Glowy Bodies and The Wrong Trousers

In this week's Minipod I'm talking bad clothing purchases, two products that make your body glow but in very different ways, affordable perfume and an interesting way to eat your daily greens. Enjoy x
13/10/22·10m 30s

Melanie Lawson - What You Eat Really Can Transform Your Mental Health

*This Episode Is In Partnership With Bare Biology*I am so excited about this episode. It's with Melanie Lawson who in my opinion is one of the most trustworthy, kind and exceptional brand founders in the wellbeing space.Melanie tells me why her anxiety, pre and post natal depression led her to change her life completely and launch an omega 3 brand that for me is truly one of the best in the world.Melanie is so honest and upfront about her mental health and also really helps us to understand how omega 3's can help us.After a brilliant chat with Melanie we hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have partaken in a two month trial of the Bare Biology Life and Soul mini-capsules. The results have been breath-taking and I can't wait for you to hear them.If you fancy finding out more about Melanie and her products then head to barebiology.com.
11/10/22·1h 2m

This Week's Beauty News With Laura Capon

Laura Capon aka LC is back with her incredible beauty news to start the week. This week she's talking scary beauty launches, Sephora, Ozzy Osbourne, beauty advent calendars and explaining why all hasn't been well in the world of Revolution Beauty. You're going to love it!!
10/10/22·30m 57s

Sharon McGlinchey - The Skincare Rebel With A Cause

*This episode is in partnership with MV Skintherapy*In this episode I get to know the truly brilliant Sharon McGlinchey. Sharon is a celebrated celebrity facialist and founder of the fantastic skincare brand MV Skintherapy.During the episode Sharon and I talk about her journey in skincare and why she has always been passionate about healing and caring for the skin whilst being one of the true rebels in the industry. We then explore how she started MV and why her strong moral compass and quest for perfection has led her to source the very best ingredients and create products that are not only beautiful but are highly effective.After a great chat with Sharon we hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have been testing MV Skintherapy products for the last couple of months. They give their honest reviews.This is a great episode with a truly inspiring woman. If you fancy finding out more about Sharon and the MV Skintherapy range then check out mvskintherapy.co.uk.
08/10/22·56m 58s

Minipod - Beauty Pie, The Product I'm Never Without and The Deodorant Situation

In this week's Minipod I talk a bit about Beauty Pie and their cleanser that I can't get enough of. I also remind you about the benefits of using Clinisoothe Plus and delve back into the world of deodorants (I'm still trying to find one that ticks all the boxes).Remember to join our brilliant private Facebook Group The Outspoken Beauty Club and DM me @outspokenbeautynicola if you fancy joining the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel.
06/10/22·10m 1s

Laura Capon - This Week's Beauty News

She's back and hopefully she's here to stay. Beauty editor and all round amazing lady Laura Capon aka LC joins me for her first beauty news update. (Prepare for news of new launches, beauty trends and interesting points of view all with a dash of humour).We're hoping to make this a regular part of the podcast and would LOVE your feedback. Also if you have any questions for Laura then ask away. She is a fountain of knowledge.Enjoy this new addition to the podcast Outspoken Beauties.
04/10/22·23m 27s

Julian Sass - The King of Sunscreen

Nadine Baggott loves him and for very good reason! In this episode I'm chatting to the one and only Julian Sass aka @Skamander14.Julian is a scientist and product developer but is perhaps best known for his definitive guide to sunscreen (his SPF Database) which you can find via his brilliant Instagram Page (see above).During the episode we talk great sunscreen, laugh about some of the trials that he has done and we have a really honest eye opener of a conversation about the skincare industry in general and just how different things are in the US compared to the UK.Julian is funny, sassy and incredibly well informed and I just know that if you are interested in skincare you will get so much out of this episode.
01/10/22·58m 30s

Minipod - Candle Making, Thought Diaries and The Best Balm Blush

In this week's Minipod I'm talking about candle making at Jo Loves (the most amazing experience), an app to help you reframe negative and anxious thoughts, the most perfect, glowey cheek balm and another candle that captures the smell of a lush, green garden to perfection. I also have exciting news about a new regular item on the podcast.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx
29/09/22·10m 47s

Bryony and Nicola - Belly Buttons, Stalking Louis Theroux and Beauty Favs

Bryony is back and this time we're talking belly buttons (it turns out Bryony is slightly scared of them), vegan cheese (I had an experience of it recently and was slightly disturbed) and creepy men.I also tell Bryony about my slightly stalkerish moment with Louis Theroux and Bryony explains why a turkey might be the ultimate pet.We of course end up chatting through our beauty picks of the week which include a product that I like to call my "weighty matey", an eye cream that does it all and a royal fragrance that uses technology that will blow your mind.Enjoy xx
27/09/22·43m 4s

Sensitive Skin Without the Compromise - Outspoken Beauty X Avon

*This episode is in partnership with Avon*In this episode I'm exploring the frustration that so many of of us with sensitive skin face when choosing our skincare. So often we long for the actives that will give us luminous, healthy skin but have to steer clear in case they worsen our sensitivity.Avon have come out with the most amazing new product that can not only help soothe sensitivity but can also give us many of the benefits of some of the most sought after actives (think retinoids) but without the pain. In short, here's a product that will work hard for us without any compromise.During the episode I speak to the brilliant Zoe Hyde who is Avon UK's skincare category manager. We have a great chat about sensitive skin and why it's so important that we should all have access to great ingredients. I also chat to Anthony Gonzalez. He's been innovating and developing products at Avon for over 20 years and we get into the nitty gritty of their Anew Sensitive Plus Dual Collagen Cream and what makes it such a game changer for sensitive skin.Later on I have a brilliant talk with Karen who is an Avon rep and Helen, her customer and friend. They both suffer with sensitivity and talk candidly about their skin and their own experience with the cream. And finally it's the turn of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists, 100 of whom have trialled Anew Sensitive Plus. We hear their no holds barred reviews.This is such a good episode with a brand that I respect for many reasons. (They support women, are innovative and often leaders in the skincare field and are accessible to us all). I loved talking through the science and innovation behind their skincare and also exploring the frustrations that so many of us with sensitive skin face.
24/09/22·44m 42s

Minipod - Lisa Eldridge Newness, The Best Budget Cleanser and My Hero Skincare Product

In this week's Minipod I talk you through some of the excellent products that I've discovered this week.From a new Lisa Eldridge shade of eyeshadow that is an absolute game-changer to one of the best cream cleansers I've ever used that retails for around £6 to my hero skincare product of the moment to an affordable and irresistible fragrance, it's all here. (Oh and I also think I may have the answer to constipation ;0)Enjoy Outspoken Beauties xx
22/09/22·11m 43s

Dr Anita Sturnham - Your Skincare Questions Answered

In this episode I speak to the brilliant Dr Anita Sturnham. Anita trained as a Dr specialising in plastic surgery and skin cancer and it was during her many years of analysing people's skin that she fell in love with dermatology which eventually led her to open her aesthetic and wellbeing clinic, The Nuriss Clinic and to create her own skincare range called Decree.During the episode Dr Anita gives so much incredible advice about how to look after our skin, the big dos and don'ts, the ingredients and products that really work and she also answers the skincare questions that you asked on Instagram.This episode is for all skincare nerds and lovers and is bound to provide you with a new and incredibly educated approach to your skin.You can find Anita on Instagram @drajsturnham
20/09/22·51m 40s

Natalie Anderson - Chanel, Sentimental Beauty and Taking The Lead In Your Life

In this episode I get to know the brilliant actress, presenter, businesswoman and fellow podcaster Natalie Anderson.Natalie and I have the best chat about why we love podcasting, Natalie's career and the part that anxiety has played in her life and we also explore Natalie's love for beauty. Natalie has a real passion for Chanel and explains why and she also talks about her loyalty to brands and products that she has used since she was a teenager. We also chat about why good skincare is so important to her.You're going to love getting to know Natalie and her passion for beauty and wellbeing. You can find her podcast The Capsule In Conversation in all the usual places.
17/09/22·51m 38s

Minipod - Highlights of The Week

In this week's minipod I talk about my products of the week including some amazing products for sensitive skin, an incredible highlighter, one of my favourite eyeliners of all time and a ginger tea that is really helping me with certain issues.I also chat about day time naps, washing disasters and a recent Press Event that made me feel old.Enjoy xxProducts mentioned:@mvskintherapy Multibalm and Gentle Cream Cleanser@superfacialist Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser@esse foundation F5@wild deodorant@biossance exfoliator@danielsandler waterproof eyeliner (green velvet), Invisible Blotting Powder, liquid blush@nudestix Ice Ice Baby
15/09/22·11m 34s

Bryony and Nicola - Loo Issues, TV Secrets and Our Beauty Picks

In this week's episode I discuss the ins and outs of my toilet issues which leads to an unexpected chat about adult nappies, Bryony reveals some of the secrets of her life as a TV makeup artist.There are also of course our usual beauty recommendations and talk of one of the strangest beauty products I've ever received.
13/09/22·39m 57s

Laura Capon - Life at Cosmo, Shunning Fashion and Makeup Passion

In this episode I get to know beauty journalist extraordinaire and ex Cosmo girl Laura Capon.Laura tells us about her journey from working in insurance (a job that was totally wrong for her) to doing everything that she could to get a job at Cosmopolitan. This is definitely a story of luck, sheer determination and hard work paying off.After telling us about her journey to becoming a beauty journalist, Laura goes into why makeup is so important to her, why she feels let down by the fashion industry and we chat through the products that she loves.I absolutely loved getting to know Laura and know you will too xx
11/09/22·59m 9s

Minipod - Great Skin Tips and Products of The Week

In this week's Minipod I'm fresh from a treatment with Queen of Skin and my lovely friend Pam Marshall. During my appointment Pam reminded me of some great tips and tricks to keep our skin behaving itself and I of course pass them on to you.Following the skin advice I reflect on some of my products of the week and also tell you about a very personal health issue that I got checked today.Enjoy xx
08/09/22·10m 37s

Alex Steinherr - My Beauty Habits Reloaded

This week I'm returning to my first ever episode of My Beauty Habits. It's with the brilliant Alex Steinherr and is one of my most popular episodes.Alex and I talk through her daily habits from the way that she wakes up to her daily beauty rituals to the supplements that she swears by.Alex not only talks candidly about her beauty habits but is really open about lots of aspects of her life.Products that Alex Mentions:Tanluxe sleep oilTanluxe MousseKiehls Creme de CorpsJohnsons Baby OilL’Occitane Shea Butter Rich Body CreamWeleda Skin FoodSisley Body Repair CreamCurel foaming facial washDr Barbara Stern Face WashColossal Eau de LaitAdvanced Night RepairAdvanced Night Repair ConcentrateAdvanced Night Repair Eye CreamCreme de La MerOmorovizka Rescue CreamAllies of Skin Vitamin CHeliocare spfAlumier sunscreenAllies of Skin RetinolMedic8 R RetinoateBakuchoilwellbeing:Apple cider vinegar in waterHibiscus and rosehip teagut health: symprovebone broth- blonde chickenMarie Reynolds supplementsFragrance:Chanel CoromandelJo Malone X Zara Fleur D’OrangerTom Ford Plum JaponaisJil Sander SunCandles (Diptique)PamonderBenjoinPopopanax
06/09/22·33m 46s

Jenny Packham - Dresses, Princess Kate and Industry Shockers

In this episode I get to meet one of my favourite fashion designers, the exceptionally talented Jenny Packham.Jenny is not only one of Kate Middleton's favourite dress designers but has made dresses for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Adele.During our chat we delve into the good, bad and ugly world of fashion. Jenny has written a fantastic book/memoir called "How To Make A Dress" and one of my favourite bits (which we cover in the podcast) is when she retrospectively tells former editor in chief of Vogue Alex Shulman off for being incredibly rude after one of Jenny's fashion shows.Jenny and I also talk about what fashion and beauty mean to her and how even when you are one of the most successful fashion designers in the world it is still possible to have self doubt.I can't wait for you to get to know this brilliant woman and can't recommend her book enough.
03/09/22·43m 9s

Minipod - The Big Beauty Tech Edit

In this week's Minipod I chat through some of the beauty tech that I really love and also question a couple of purchases that perhaps have been a little less useful.From a fabulous hairdryer to an at home laser hair removal devices to the ultimate hair waver, some of these products have truly revolutionised things for me. However, there is definitely some tech that you need to properly research and question before you commit to spending, as you'll hear.
01/09/22·8m 57s

Bryony and Nicola - Vending Machines, Beach Bums and Beauty Edits

In this episode, I tell a very surprised Bryony about the unexpected items you can buy from French vending machines.We go on to talk about digging holes to Australia (and showing off more than I bargained for) as well as what happened when Bryony and her family went boating together.Later on we focus in on our top 7 products of the fortnight including two sensational fragrances, a calming serum and the perfect affordable lip crayon,
30/08/22·43m 31s

Minipod - My Current Beauty Icons

In this, the last of my summer holiday Minipods I talk about my current beauty icons. In my opinion, if these products were restaurants they would have Michelin stars. They are products that stand out, are well made and are worth every penny.I hope you have enjoyed my holiday minipods. Things will get back to normal on Wednesday when Bryony is back for another fabulous episode.In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your favourite beauty products. DM me via Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola.
27/08/22·10m 50s

Minipod - Makeup I've Packed For My Holiday

I'm still in France and wanted to do a minipod covering everything that is in my holiday makeup bag. (Tbh it's not that different to usual).During the podcast I have a good old delve and talk you through my choices. There's lots to go through including three bases that all do very different jobs, the best lipstick ever and two mascaras that are perfection but at very different price points.By the way, podcast business will resume as usual when from next week when I'm back from France xx
24/08/22·10m 38s

French Pharmacy Minipod

I've recorded this podcast from sunny France where I've been spending time perusing the French Pharmacies and being tempted by all sorts of goodies.During the episode I tell you about the products that I swear by, have bought and explain why they're so good. I also tell you about a retinoid product that French women swear by and that is only available behind the counter.Here's what I mention:Klorane Dry ShampooHomeoplasmineNuxe Reve de Miel Lip BalmNuxe body oils/new floral perfume/Delicious Fragrant Water (Sun) and Prodigieux Shower OilBioderma shower oilBioderma Miscellar WaterLa Roche Posay Cicaplast BaumeA313 0.12% retinol estersCaudelie Beauty Elixir
20/08/22·9m 18s

Bryony and Nicola - Ice in Unexpected Places, The Polite Flick and Our Beauty Edit

In this episode Bryony and I talk about the places where you really shouldn't put ice, we discuss my Aunty's massage technique and what she does when things go too far and we chat through our very best products of the fortnight including the perfect powder substitute that makes your skin look utterly fabulous.
16/08/22·43m 10s

Minipod - My Top Hair Products

As it's holiday time I'm putting out another Minipod today. This time I chat you through some of my very best hair products from cheap, cheerful and brilliant shampoo to an awesome hairspray that will keep your style in place all day to the do it all product that could save you lots of money.Enjoy xx
13/08/22·9m 50s

Minipod - My Holiday Picks

In this week's Minipod I talk you through some of the beauty products that I'll be taking with me to France this year.From amazing spfs to a gorgeous gradual tan to products to keep the oil and blemishes at bay, it's all here.Hope this comes.in handy whatever your summer plans are.
11/08/22·10m 7s

Pamela Marshall - The No BS Skin Genius Returns

I am so happy to have the amazing Pamela Marshall back on the podcast.During the episode we bust a few skincare myths, Pam gives her second to none skincare advice and we discuss the merits of keeping things simple.We also get all excited about her genius PHA Serum which she has recently launched and which has been the hugest labour of love.It's SO good to have Pam back on the pod and for those of you who have been missing our weekly lives, we're planning on bringing them back so watch this space xx
09/08/22·44m 36s

Andrea Mclean - This Girl Is On Fire

In this episode I welcome TV presenter and journalist Andrea McLean. Andrea opens up about why she decided to give up a successful TV career and start her own business which has seen her launch an app called This Girl Is On Fire.We chat about the app and why she wants to help women stop feeling stuck and start feeling excited about life again.Andrea and I also chat all things beauty and she gives a fabulous recommendation for a light and glowy serum/base that I bought instantly after recording the episode. I hope you enjoy getting to know Andrea and that her story inspires you if you're also looking to make a change in your life.
06/08/22·46m 8s

Minipod - Perfect Summer Fragrances and Skincare Routine Reminders

In this week's minipod I go through my list of perfect summer scents. These are the ones that smell of sunscreen, beaches and hot skin. Also, I've had a lot of questions about skincare routines recently so I go through my recommendations and the order of products that I think we should use.Here are the fragrances I mention:Nivea SunFugazzi In Love With The CocosTo The Fairest CecileEstee Lauder Bronze Goddess FraicheSana Jardin Berber BlondeCreed Virgin Island Water
04/08/22·11m 55s

Bryony and Nicola - Animal Impressions, Vulva Interviews and Our Beauty Edit

Bryony Blake is back and this week she's talking about some of the weird and wonderful people that she has had in her makeup chair. I on the other hand talk about one of the strangest and most unexpected interviews that I ever did (it involved interviewing a woman who was playing her best friend's vulva at the theatre).We have some brilliant beauty recommendations for you including an utterly uplifting summer fragrance, fantastic makeup and the most exciting new skincare product in town (according to Nicola).Enjoy xx
02/08/22·41m 26s

Annabelle Knight - Dating and Mating

We're taking a little break from beauty this week to talk all things relationships, sex and pleasure with one of the UK's top experts in the field, the brilliant Annabelle Knight.From dating tips after divorce to how to increase our confidence and ask for exactly what we want to how to express our sexual indentity, this is the episode for you whether you're looking for love/need to spice things up or just want to hear an honest and open conversation about owning our sexuality.This was such fun to record and I hope you love it as much as I do x
30/07/22·41m 30s

Outspoken Mental Health - When Beauty and Mental Health Come Together

*Outspoken Mental Health is supported and sponsored by Dermalogica*In this the final episode of this mini-series of Outspoken Mental Health I'm joined by hair mogul Lee Stafford and Dermalogica's Education Manager Candice Gardner to talk about how the beauty service industry can help with our mental health.We talk about the scientifically proven power of touch, the positive role that hairdressers/beauticians and aestheticians can play in our lives and why sometimes we need to just have a moment with someone who is outside our family and friend circle.Recording this episode reminded me that treating ourselves to beauty treatments is about so much more than how we look. Taking time to ourselves with another human treating us like this can genuinely be beneficial to our mental health and so much more.Lee and Candice have so much experience when it comes to this topic and I can't wait for you to hear their views during the episode.
28/07/22·24m 33s

Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed - Fragrance With Heart

In this episode I get to know Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, the incredible founder of the first socially conscious luxury fragrance brand, Sana Jardin.Amy and I chat about how she made her dream a reality and how the stars aligned to enable her to create a brand that not only supports the women who harvest her ingredients, but has become one of the best and most respected fragrance brands on the market.Amy's story is enchanting, as is she and is once again an example of how it's possible to have a dream and make it a reality. I hope you leave this episode feeling that anything is possible. Oh and if you've never smelt Berber Blonde you need to...it's incredible!
26/07/22·40m 6s

Lily Earle - Life's Not Always Pretty

In this episode I get to know Lily Earle, the daughter of Liz Earle MBE.Lily and I talk about how Liz built up her business and what it was like being a child amongst all the excitement and hard work as the Liz Earle brand was built up.Lily and I also talk about what it's like living with chronic migraine and how it has impacted her life and career. We talk about the things that help her and how it feels going from feeling in peak health to having an invisible disability.I love Lily's honesty and also her spirit that has seen her build a brand new business in the midst of her condition. She is a true inspiration.
23/07/22·33m 19s

Minipod - Products That Really Make A Difference

In this week's minipod I go through some of the products that I am super impressed with at the moment.There's a beautifully glowy serum/foundation/illuminator hybrid, a very special fragrance from D.S. and Durga and a foot cream that does so much more than soften your feet. I also chat through my updated skincare routine. Enjoy xx
21/07/22·10m 11s

Nicola and Bryony - Feeling Hot, Unexpected Nipples and The Ultimate Glow

Bryony Blake is back for another episode and this week we're talking about the heatwave and why Bryony has decided to embrace it. I talk about an unexpected encounter with my friend's nipple and we also chat about our favourite beauty products of the fortnight, including the lipstick love child of a strawberry and a raspberry and a face product that is guaranteed to make you glow like you've never glowed before.
19/07/22·37m 46s

Dr Natalia Spierings - The Opinionated Dermatologist

In this episode I chat to consultant dermatologist Dr Natalia Spierings. Natalia, who is the author of "Skintelligent - What You Really Need To Know To Get Great Skin", has many opinions about what we should and shouldn't be using on our skin. She is also a believer that we don't need half of the products that we purchase and that we have been somewhat misled by the beauty industry.Natalia's views are quite extreme but are also well researched and fascinating and I think you'll find this a really interesting episode that might change the way that you treat your skin forever.
16/07/22·35m 23s

Outspoken Mental Health - Gok Wan's Story

*Outspoken Mental Health is sponsored and supported by Dermalogica*In this, the penultimate episode of Outspoken Mental Health, I have the most incredible, open and honest conversation with Gok Wan, who opens up about his mental health, the struggles he's faced in his life and how he's worked towards facing and overcoming things.Gok has experienced so much and I was so grateful for how he opened up to me during this conversation. He is also doing work with Dermalogica around skin confidence and it was great to explore that side of things too.This is one of those episodes that I think will not only touch you but that could genuinely help you. Gok is so relatable and kind and I just know that you'll get a lot out of hearing his story.
14/07/22·46m 11s

Minipod - General Catch Up

This isn't my usual Wednesday podcast but I thought it would be nice to have a catch up with you as I feel like I haven't done it for ages.During the episode I talk about everything from Covid to Emma Thompson to the book that will change the way you think about your skincare routine. I also mention a couple of heatwave related products.I hope you enjoy this little catch up episode xx
12/07/22·10m 4s

Zareefa Arije - From Loss Comes Beauty

In this brilliant episode I get to know the amazing entrepreneur and founder of Ammu Beuaty, Zareefa Arije.Zareefa and I chat about the journey that she has been on from losing her beloved mother to creating the most beautiful beauty brand in her memory.We chat about grief, family, the power of beauty through the generations, YouTube stardom and so much more.This episode is moving, searingly honest and fascinating in equal measures.
09/07/22·39m 43s

Minipod - Spectacular Serum, The Scrub of Dreams and Fabulous Fashion

In this week's minipod I talk about an £18 serum that makes a huge difference to your skin, my favourite body scrub of the moment, a clothing brand to bring a smile to your face and one of my favourite makeup brands of the moment. Please excuse my croaky, covidy voice during the episode! Enjoy xx
07/07/22·9m 20s

Bryony and Nicola - Monks, Menopausal Breath and Our Beauty Edit

In this episode Nicola and Bryony talk about Bryony's amazing trip to Greece that saw her discovering a brand where all the ingredients are picked by Monks. Nicola talks about a rather unfortunate incident that saw her pour sauce all over a very important woman's couture jacket and a terrible haircut experience. Oh and Bryony tells us all about an amazing DJ called Dave!We of course get to beauty and this week we have makeup, candles and skincare for you.Enjoy xx
05/07/22·40m 22s

Enitan Agidee - The Hair Coach

In this episode I chat to trichologist and founder of The Healthy Hair Studio, Enitan Agidee.Enitan chats to me about her obsession with healthy hair and with educating people with textured hair about how they can grow it long and healthy without having to rely on extensions or wigs.Enitan and I talk about how there has been a lack of education and great products for afro hair and how with people like Enitan leading the conversation, things are changing.We also chat about life, juggling and how we like to start our days.This was a great episode with a woman who is helping change the hair industry for the better.You can find Enitan and her amazing products and guidance at https://www.healthyhairstudio.co.uk
03/07/22·30m 59s

Outspoken Mental Health - Dr Aziza Sesay Guides Us

*This series is sponsored and supported by Dermalogica*In this episode of Outspoken Mental Health I'm joined by the amazing GP Dr Aziza Sesay @talkswithdrsesay.Aziza is renowned for her openness and the medical knowledge that she shares on her social platforms and during the episode we have an amazing conversation about the various aspects of mental health and the best ways we can go about seeking help if and when we need it.Aziza agrees with me that we are in a mental health crisis following Covid and she gives solid and reassuring advice as to how we can best deal with it.Whether you are anxious, depressed, stressed or just don't feel quite right, there is so much to take from Dr Aziza's words and I have no doubt that this episode will help you.
30/06/22·41m 6s

Angela Caglia - The Hollywood Facialist

In this episode we get to know Angela Caglia who is one of Hollywood's most renowned facialists and who can count Barbara Streisand amongst her clientele.During the episode we chat healthy skin, great ingredients, the power of LED, starting a skincare brand and Angela has fabulous stories from her illustrious career.Enjoy xx
28/06/22·33m 43s

Adele Parks MBE - One Last Secret and A Love For Beauty

In this episode I welcome best-selling author Adele Parks MBE. Adele is such a character and is a little ray of sunshine. We talk about her new book One Last Secret, her writing process, how yoga and the community it provides has become her absolute must-have, why beauty is so important to her and how she can tell a lot about a person by looking at their "bubbles".Adele is a wonderful person with so much to tell and I can't wait for you to hear this.
25/06/22·49m 2s

Outspoken Mental Health - The Things That Are Helping Me

*Outspoken Mental Health is sponsored and supported by Dermalogica*In this the second episode of this brand new mini-series, I talk you through some of the tools/rituals/actions that have been helping me with my mental health. Some of them I have learnt from therapists, some are plain common sense and others are things that I have discovered along the way.There is no one size fits all when it comes to mental health but I truly believe that some of the things I talk you through during the episode have helped make a difference for me and that they might just do the same for you.Please keep this conversation going and know that I'm always there to talk about anything that comes up in this series. DM me anytime @Outspokenbeautynicola.Thanks again to Dermalogica for helping me to get this conversation out there.
23/06/22·12m 44s

Bryony and Nicola - Relationship Cards, Fragrant Fun and Fabulous Beauty

The delightful Bryony Blake is back and we're talking about a special card game that can improve your relationship, Mums having fun, wizard's sleeves (don't ask!) and of course we have some thoroughly brilliant beauty recommendations for you. Enjoy xx
21/06/22·35m 45s

Royal Scents, Scandalous Portraits & Sports Car Club With Penhaligons

This episode is in partnership with @PenhaligonsIn this quintessentially British adventure the amazing Suzy Nightingale and I explore Penhaligon's royal connections, scandalous Portraits and Sports Car Club launch. Prepare for scented snippets throughout history, the Bridgerton like characters who make up the dazzling Portrait collection and rev your engine for the most sublime (limited edition) fragrance and its regal launch at Blenheim Palace.As we explore these fragrances with tantalising stories, we'll be accompanied by a thoroughly regal and atmospheric soundtrack. So prepare to dive into a collection of fragrances whose historic influences never detract from their thrilling modernity.Here's what we mention:Blenheim BouquetHammam BouquetBluebellElizabethan RoseThe FavouriteThe Coveted Duchess RoseThe Tragedy of Lord GeorgeRevenge of Lady BlancheMuch Ado About the DukeSports Car Club
19/06/22·1h 5m

Outspoken Mental Health - My Story, With Special Guest Interviewer Victoria Woodhall

*Outspoken Mental Health is sponsored and supported by Dermalogica*I'm so excited to finally be able to share Outspoken Mental Health with you. This five part mini series is here to open the conversation around mental health, give great tips and advice, educate and is a space for sharing real life experiences.Over the coming weeks we'll be hearing from an incredible GP, Gok Wan will tell his story, I'll be sharing tips and hints from my own experience and we'll look into how the beauty industry can support our mental health.I am so grateful to Dermalogica for helping to make this series a reality. It is so important to me that we normalise discussing mental health and I want this to be a safe space that helps you realise that whether you're suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, chronic stress or the wealth of other conditions people experience everyday, you are not alone and there is help out there.In this episode editor of Get The Gloss, journalist and yoga teacher extraordinaire Victoria Woodhall talks to me about what's been happening with my own mental health, particularly over the past 6 months.I hope you get something out of this and would so value your feedback. Message me any time @Outspokenbeautynicola.
16/06/22·47m 46s

Donna Ida - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I speak to queen of denim Donna Ida.Donna fist came to my attention when I interviewed Trish McEvoy who not only waxed lyrical about her amazing denim jumpsuit but the woman herself. The more people i spoke to the more I heard her name and eventually the brilliant Jo Elvin connected us and the rest as they say is history.Donna tells the story of how she built her business and how anything is possible if you truly believe in your idea. We also chat about escaping to the countryside, the power of massage and then we delve into Donna's beauty habits.Donna is a inspiring, vivacious woman and i just know that she'll lift your spirits.
14/06/22·58m 14s

Michelle Freyre - The Global President of Clinique

In this episode I have the pleasure of getting to know Michelle Freyre, the Global President of Clinique.Michelle tells me how her passion for beauty started and how this led to a career that has taken her from strength to strength. We chat about where beauty is now and where it's heading and how Michelle is changing things (for the better) from the ground up.This was a great opportunity to speak to a passionate and fascinating woman who is leading the way in the beauty industry and making some truly brilliant changes.
11/06/22·49m 21s

Minipod - Sunscreen Special

In this week's minipod I talk you through my favourite SPF brands. From the cool, cult ones to the high quality but brilliantly affordable one, this is a comprehensive guide to what I think are some of the very best sunscreens on the market.
09/06/22·9m 38s

Bryony and Nicola - Magic Mike, Hungry Shorts and Beauty Products of The Week

It's time for another episode with the glorious Bryony Blake. This week we're talking about the importance of communication, "fanny chomping shorts" (don't ask) and how to overcome them, when sex education goes wrong, special moments with Magic Mike and Bryony takes us on a virtual trip to the theatre.We do of course chat through our usual 6 incredible beauty products of the fortnight and Bryony gives her honest thoughts about the new Charlotte Tilbury bronzer.Enjoy :0)
07/06/22·45m 38s

Lucia Ferrari - Hormones, Fragrance and Tinted Moisturisers

It's an absolute pleasure to welcome back beauty journalist extraordinaire (Harpers, Evening Standard) Lucia Ferrari.In this episode we're talking hormones and how messed up they can make us feel when they get unbalanced. Then Lucia chats through some of her recent fragrance discoveries (make sure you join her on Insta @Luciaferraribeauty for her fragrance series Let Us Spray) as well as listing some of the very best tinted moisturisers to come out this season.Here's some of what she mentions:Chanel Paris Eaux ParisGuerlain Musc OutreBlancD and G Light Blue Italian LoveBecca Dewing TintOskia Nutri BronzeYves Saint Laurent Nu Glow In BalmCode 8 Beauty BalmChanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint
04/06/22·38m 2s

Minipod - Hydrating Serum, Omega 3's and Intense Rose

in this week's Minipod I'm talking about a serum that is both affordable and beautifully hydrating. I also talk about the importance of taking charge of our health and asking for blood tests, why Omega 3's are brimming with benefits and I chat about a rose and patchouli perfume that is utterly addictive.
02/06/22·9m 52s

Cosmopolitan's Beauty Director Victoria Jowett - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm speaking to Cosmo's Beauty Director, the lovely Victoria Jowett.We chat about how the magazine has changed since we were both young, why she adores working as part of a beauty team and of course chat about the many beauty products and rituals that she adores.
31/05/22·38m 30s

Trinny Woodall - Words of Wisdom and Sensational Skincare

In this episode I welcome back the fabulous Trinny Woodall. In this episode we're talking about what we do when we feel a bit below par and how we try and bounce back. Trinny also chats about the importance of lifting other women and then we have a great old natter about skincare and her new collection of products.It's always such a pleasure to have Trinny on the podcast. Enjoy!
28/05/22·55m 36s

Minipod - The Scent of Paris, Shower Gel of Dreams and My HRT Patch

In this week's minipod I talk about a great meditation tip that I've picked up from my new yoga class. It's then time to delve into this week's products which include a fragrance that totally captures the spirit of Paris, a sexy citrus perfume, the ultimate body SPF and a small brand called Messiah and Eve that has taken my breath away.Finally, I chat about the fact that I'm going to be going on HRT and why.....Enjoy Outspoken Beauties :0)
26/05/22·8m 56s

Bryony and Nicola - When Spanx Go Wrong, The Fluorescent Suit and Beauty Recommendations

Bryony Blake is back and in this episode we're talking about Bryony's unfortunate Spanx related incident in a train loo, Nicola's similar experience in a car and we have a good old giggle about Bryony's outfit choice for the Jasmine Awards which saw her standing out just a little bit too much.We do of course get to chatting about beauty and as ever have 6 fabulous recommendations for you.
24/05/22·34m 24s

Lorraine Dallmeier - How To Formulate Your Own Beauty Products and Start Your Own Brand

In this episode I chat to Lorraine Dallmeier , Biologist, Chartered Environmentalist and the CEO of Formula Botanica, the award-winning online organic cosmetic science school. Lorraine turned the business around and it now attracts thousands of students from around the world.During the episode Lorraine and I talk about the history of formulation and how some of the biggest brands were started by people who were mixing up products in their own kitchens.Lorraine also explains how anyone can be a formulator and start a beauty brand as long as they have the passion and drive. She also tells me about some of the huge success stories to come out of Formula Botanica.If you're looking for a career change and beauty is beckoning then this episode may be just what you need to hear.
21/05/22·37m 48s

Minipod - The Perfect Spring Lipstick, A Fabulous Hat and Hormonal Skincare

In this week's minipod I briefly chat about the annoyance of having to get one's body "summer ready".Next I chat through an amazing lipstick that I discovered in MAC, a stunning shower oil and my favourite new hat.Then it's time to welcome back Sam Freedman from Curate Beauty. She's here to tell us about her Indy brand of the week. Enjoy!Products mentioned:Karen Mabon Leopards Can't Change Their Spots SunhatMAC Powder Kiss Lipstick In Sheer OutrageBloom and Blossom Shower OilFewe Skincare
19/05/22·10m 57s

Torrey DeVitto - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I start with my first impressions of Sali Hughes' Revolution Skincare range. After that it's time to welcome my guest, American actress, musician and activist Torrey DeVitto.Torrey and I have a great chat about her career, her love of animals (and how that influences her beauty and fashion choices), the products that she swears by (including a very special Le Labo Fragrance) and her brilliant views on ageing.I had a great time getting to know Torrey and I can't wait for you to hear this episode.
17/05/22·41m 19s

Let's Get Lippy!

*This episode is in support of the amazing Eve Appeal, a charity whose mission it is to raise money for research about, raise awareness of and support people with the five different types of gynaecological cancer.*In this episode I'm joined by comedian extraordinaire Karen Hobbs and the brilliant GP Dr Aziza Sesay who are both ambassadors for one of my favourite charities, The Eve Appeal. Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 and has since gone on to help launch The Eve Appeal's nurse run helpline "Ask Eve" and incorporated her experience of cancer into her stand-up work.Dr Sesay is on a mission to help educate us about our health and in particular raises awareness of the 5 different types of gynaecological cancer.During the episode Karen shares her story, we chat about gynaecological cancer and how to recognise if something isn't right and we generally have a good chin wag about female health and how to seek help when we need it. It is our hope that this episode will entertain you, empower you and might even save someone's life.Thanks so much to The Eve Appeal for providing these two incredible guests and for all the brilliant work that you do.You can support The Eve Appeal by taking part in Get Lippy Month and buying products from the beauty brands who are supporting them by giving a percentage of takings straight to the charity. (You can find all the details and other ways to support them at https://eveappeal.org.uk. )If you have any concerns about your gynaecological health you can call Ask Eve on 08088020019 - the nurses are AMAZING.Oh and remember that the 5 different types of gynaecological cancer are womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.
14/05/22·46m 20s

Minipod - Crystals, The Smell of Summer and Sensual Candles

In this week's Minipod I discuss my new, utterly delicious daily breakfast and how I make it.I also chat about the most uplifting room spray, a sensual candle, an affordable fragrance that perfectly captures the spirit of summer and I turn to my Indy brand expert Sam Freedman who this week recommends a stunning crystal skincare brand.Here's what I mention:Nutribullet 600 Series Starter KitAntonia Burrell And Breathe SprayFloral Street Midnight Tulip CandleEstee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau FraicheSam's Indy brand of the week : Palm of Feronia
12/05/22·10m 41s

Bryony and Nicola - White Dresses, The Annoying Itch and Our Beauty Edits

Bryony is back and she's going to a big awards ceremony. This leads to discussions about what she should and most definitely shouldn't wear. We also talk dog-sitting, my home medal ceremony, annoying itches, when lube goes wrong and of course we chat all things beauty with some excellent recommendations in store for you.
10/05/22·42m 4s

Victoria Woodhall - Editor Life, The Incredible Benefits of Yoga and Tongue Scraping

It is such a pleasure to finally get Victoria Woodhall on Outspoken Beauty. Victoria is a journalist and editor extraordinaire (she is the editor of Get The Gloss), an incredible yoga teacher (she teaches Trinny Woodall amongst many others) and one of the loveliest people in the industry.During the episode we talk about Victoria's career, the benefits of yoga and how it has changed her life and the beauty and wellbeing products that she swears by including a £4 Ayuverdic tongue scraper amongst lots of other things.This is a great episode with a woman who I both respect and adore. Enjoy :0)
07/05/22·58m 6s

Minipod - The Affordable Mascara of Dreams, Powerful Skincare and Hairy Moments

In this week's Minipod I tell you all about my favourite mascara of the moment (it's got me very excited because the quality and price are so incredible), powerful personalised skincare, yummy perfume and I even delve into a couple of the books that I'm enjoying at the moment. Oh and I reveal all about my out of control moustache. Enjoy xx
05/05/22·12m 12s

Dr Sophie Shotter - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits (which you are going to LOVE), I'm joined by aesthetic doctor extraordinaire Sophie Shotter. Sophie has been my guest before but this time she's here to tell us all about her beauty habits.Sophie chats about her skincare routine (which is jam-packed with excellent products), the makeup she loves, why a good sleep routine is incredibly important to her and we also touch upon fragrance and the things that make her feel amazing.Here are some of the products that Sophie mentions during the episode:Why we sleep bookOlverum or Votary pillow mistSensateMuseOto and Apothem CBDNeostrata Restore cleanser, Skinceuticals simply clean cleanser, Delo Rx cleanserBioderma Sensibio Micellar WaterNS Tri Therapy Lifting SerumSBS AlphaRet & EyeMaxMeder Circa Night CreamSBS Alto Defense SerumRevision Vitamin C LotionSBS Interfuse Eye CreamHeliocare Water GelRevision Nectifirm AdvancedSBS TechNO Neck Perfecting CreamOxygenetix FoundationHourglass Voyeur Liquid LinerNatasha Denona Glam PaletteChantecaille Longest Lash MascaraChantecaille Lip Chic
03/05/22·41m 3s

Dr Shirin Lakhani - From Aesthetics to Hormones to Incontinence

In this episode I welcome the brilliant and multi-talented Dr and aesthetic practitioner Dr Shirin Lakhani. Dr Shirin, who can is the founder of Elite Aesthetics, has a special interest in urology and hormones, stemming from her days as a medical dr. She brings this to her aesthetic patients, meaning that when you see her she can guide you in many ways and give you a true 360.During the episode we chat about the effect that social media filters can have on us, why incontinence should never be a taboo and we should never be scared to come forward and seek the help we deserve. We also chat about the importance of being aware of hormonal changes and again knowing when to ask for help.I hope you enjoy this episode and feel empowered to demand the very best for you and your health.
30/04/22·27m 24s

Minipod - This Week's Beauty Highlights

In this week's minipod I chat about Cat Deeley's perfume oil E11even and give my honest opinion. I also tell you about an amazing new haircare brand, a cheap and cheerful body spray that you can layer with other scents, the ultimate body cream and the makeup remover of dreams.
28/04/22·7m 55s

Bryony and Nicola - Homemade Burglar Alarms, The Missing Fridge and Beauty By The Bagful

Bryony's in Manchester and there are all sorts of strange things going on in her hotel....why won't they give her a fridge? How will she stop someone coming through the adjoining door? What can she do to feel cosy all those miles away from home?After a chat about hotel and makeup artist life, we of course give you our top beauty recommendations of the fortnight as well as going a little of piste with talk of the perfect T- Shirt and Bryony's medical related wonder product that we can all use. Enjoy xx
26/04/22·36m 53s

Alison Cork - My Body My Choice!

In this episode I chat to presenter and interiors specialist Alison Cork. Post-menopausal and in her late 50's, Alison decided to transform her body, losing 4 stone and getting to a place where she felt confident and raring to go.However, she found that once she had lost weight she was met with a surprising reaction from the public and encountered trolling and negativity.During the episode we explore why Alison decided to make the changes that she did and how it made her feel when other people judged her. We also look into how it feels to be post menopausal and why women "of a certain age" should never just slip into the shadows.Later on I have a brief chat with aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter who talks about the part that she played in Alison's journey. This is a really interesting and honest episode with two brilliant women. Enjoy!
23/04/22·44m 10s

Minipod - Radical Rose, The Makeup Brush of Dreams and A Skin Superhero

In this minipod I chat about a makeup brush that I couldn't be without, delve into the world of a rose fragrance that will make you the envy of all who sniff you, explore an SPF for sensitive skin that is prone to redness and re-visit one of my favourite exfoliators (but one that shouldn't be used too frequently). I also discuss an amazing eyeliner and my new lip addiction.Here are the products I mention:Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner in Deep AubergineVotary Tinted Lip GlossMatiere Premiere Radical Rose Eau de ParfumIndeed Labs Vitamin C24Kate Somerville ExfolikateRosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle FormulaIt Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection no 7
21/04/22·10m 0s

Minipod - Monika Blunder, Orange Blossom Galore and A Fabulous Balmy Brand

In this my final Easter holiday Minipod (business resumes as usual from Friday), I talk about some more standout products.From the brilliant small independent brand Hedgewild Beauty who specialise in beautiful, sustainable balms to Monika Blunder's exceptional new moisturiser that works perfectly under makeup to the most beautifully fragrant orange blossom soap to Andrew Fitzsimmon's conditioning spray which performs better than some counterparts that are 5 times the price.I hope you enjoy hearing about these great products from sensational brands.
19/04/22·12m 13s

Easter Minipod - Products That Make Me Feel Brand New

In this short Easter special I go through the products that really have the power to transform me and make me feel like brand new which I think is what this time of year is all about.From my dream perfume to the very best body moisturiser to a face mask that seriously transforms your skin to the lip product that will enhance any lipstick, these products really do tick all the boxes for me.For more info on products I love do join me on Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola
16/04/22·8m 45s

Minipod: Tilbury, Dare and The Sophisticated Scent Of Summer

In this week's Minipod I talk about a beautiful double shaded green eyeliner, the most perfect summer scent, the ultimate hair texturiser (that smells divine) and the best app that I have ever come across if you suffer with anxiety. If you fancy joining the private Outspoken Beauty Podcast Facebook Community search for The Outspoken Beauty Club.
14/04/22·9m 27s

Bryony and Nicola - Paris, Grey Pubes and Ravishing Recommendations

In this episode Bryony and I discuss that moment when you discover your first grey pubic hair and what this means going forward. There's also chat of strange window displays in Paris, anti social dancing and of course lots of really amazing beauty recommendations including a mascara for huge lashes, the best fake tan for the face and a gorgeous soap. Enjoy!
12/04/22·47m 28s

Dr Rangan Chatterjee - Happy Mind, Happy Life

I'm so happy to be able to say that I finally have the brilliant Dr Rangan Chatterjee on the podcast.Dr Rangan who is a GP, author, TV presenter and podcaster has helped millions of people to reevaluate their health and lifestyle and to feel and live better.During the episode we discuss many of the pillars in his new book "Happy Mind, Happy Life". We explore the science of happiness and the simple things we can do/choices we can make that are scientifically proven to bring more joy, calm and confidence to our lives.I loved chatting to Rangan and think that both this episode and his book could prove to be life-changing for many people.
09/04/22·51m 49s

Minipod - Healthy Hair, Plush Lips and The Perfect Shade of Rosebud

In this week's Minipod I talk you through my products of the week and I've got some truly brilliant ones in store.There's the perfect rose lipstick, a cheap but incredible hand cream, a lip product for the plushest of lips and a cream that is guaranteed to help you with dry, unhappy hair. Oh and I also talk about one of my very favourite artists who happens to also design makeup bags, clothes and gorgeous silk eye masks.If you'd like to join the private Facebook Group check out The Outspoken Beauty Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477
07/04/22·8m 34s

Dr Maryam Zamani - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I welcome back the brilliant aesthetic doctor Maryam Zamani.Maryam and I have a great chat about her favourite skincare and makeup products, the pleasure that she gets from candles, her very favourite fragrance and all the things that she does to make her feel good. We also discuss juggling busy lives and Dr Maryam gives her view on the ageing process.I loved hearing about Maryam's beauty and wellbeing habits. Enjoy!
05/04/22·39m 34s

Andrew Fitzsimons - Adele, The Kardashians and A Real Life Hairytale

In this episode I speak to the man who is perhaps best known for being hairstylist to the Kardashians, the thoroughly lovely Andrew Fitzsimons.Andrew and I chat about why he left school at the age of 13 and the amazing advice that his mum gave him that his stood him in good stead to this day.We also talk about the incredibly brave decisions that he has taken and how they've paid off, the power of living alone, why kindness is always the answer and why hair gives him such pleasure.Andrew's story is incredible and I found it so incredibly inspiring. Enjoy getting to know this fabulous man.
02/04/22·47m 45s

Minipod - Brilliant Brows, Artful Lashes and Super Soft Hands

In this week's Minipod I talk you through some of the brilliant products that I've been testing recently. From the most amazing brow pencil to an artfully made mascara wand to a simple but brilliantly effective hand-cream, these products are all really well thought out and made. I also chat weighted blankets and arm-pit scrubs (who knew that these existed?)Enjoy x
31/03/22·9m 57s

Sophie Louise Hughes - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by model, entrepreneur and all round amazing woman Sophie Louise Hughes.Sophie's life changed when she donated part of her liver to her nephew and saved his life. Her entire outlook and career shifted and it led her to be an amazing advocate for body positivity as well as to launch her beauty brand Glowb.During the episode we talk about the challenges, the highs and the lows and how they have all made her the person she is today. Sophie talks honestly about her body, leaving a long term relationship and life in Australia behind her, starting a beauty brand and we of course focus in on her very favourite beauty products and wellbeing habits.I loved getting to know Sophie and found her attitude to life incredibly inspiring. Enjoy!
29/03/22·45m 41s

Jo Elvin - Make A Change!

In this episode I welcome back the incredible Jo Elvin. Jo was the editor-in-chief of Glamour Magazine for 17 years and most recently the editor of YOU Magazine. She is truly one of the magazine industry greats.However, recently Jo made the decision to leave the security and prestige that comes with her role as editor, to go freelance and completely reinvent her career at the age of 52.During the episode we talk about making difficult changes, walking away from comfort and refusing to slip into the shadows as we get older. This is an episode about empowering ourselves to be the women we want to be rather than who we are expected to be. (Jo and I also have an honest conversation about the menopause and talk about the amazing power of having fabulous nails).I hope that my chat with Jo inspires you and makes you realise that sometimes feeling safe in your career isn't enough. We need to fight to feel truly fulfilled!
26/03/22·37m 26s

Minipod - Beauty Picks Of The Week

In this week's minipod I talk about a couple of new products on the block including a super hydrating serum and a shampoo that makes your hair glow. I also remind you of one of my favourite products of all time and why I think it's so brilliant and have a cheap and cheerful perfume that will make you instantly happy. Enjoy!
24/03/22·8m 43s

Bryony and Nicola - The Wrong Tights, Riding The Donkey and Beauty Galore!

In this episode makeup artist extraordinaire and all round lovely lady Bryony Blake is back and we're chatting about botox, riding donkeys (and sisters...don't ask!), tights gone wrong and of course there's lots of beauty chat too.As ever we have three fabulous beauty products each to tell you about including a super glowy serum. Enjoy :0)
22/03/22·46m 24s

Sam Farmer - Cut The Beauty BS!

In this episode I welcome back one of the beauty industry's most informed and opinionated members - the brilliant brand founder and Vice President of The Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Sam Farmer.If I ever have a question relating to a certain brand or formulation, Sam is the man that I go to. I have honestly never known anyone with his knowledge and in this episode we put the beauty world to rights and delve into topics such as clean beauty, natural beauty, synthetics and how brands should be talking to and educating their customers.This is a really valuable episode for anyone who wants to cut through the BS and know what we should really be looking for when we purchase our products.
19/03/22·32m 39s

Calming Our Vegus Nerve With Sensate

*The episode is in partnership with Sensate*One of the things that has really been helping me to relax recently is a genius bit of tech called a Sensate. I first came across it when it was recommended by my brilliant nutritionist Charlotte Faure Green (I'll be getting her on the podcast soon), who specialises in stress and anxiety relief and told me that with daily use, the Sensate should help to relieve my anxiety. I have found the Sensate to be so amazing that I needed to find out more and got in touch with the company who invented it. The rest as they say is history and they have joined forces with me on the podcast so that we can get a really good insight into how this bit of tech came about and what makes it so effective at reducing stress.During the episode I get to know Michelle Laven who has been with Sensate since the start and we have a great chat about the current stress explosion that so many of us are experiencing, I learn more about the vegas nerve and also about how the Sensate works its magic.If you'd like £20 off a Sensate then head to getsensate.com and use code OUTSPOKEN.
17/03/22·21m 56s

Bryony and Nicola - Resetting With Our Mums and Aromatherapy Associates

*This episode is in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates*In this episode Bryony Blake and I are joined by our gorgeous mums Francesca and Louise for a very special chat about how we reset ourselves. Aromatherapy Associates are doing a lot around resetting and how their amazing oils can help change your mood/state of mind for the better and the four of us take this theme and explore how we have reset ourselves at major times in our lives as well as the little things we do that help us.Later on we go through our very favourite Aromatherapy Associates products and how they help us to reset. All four of us have been fans of the brand for many years and we have some great tips for you.After our chat I catch up with Christina who is the head of education at Aromatherapy Associates. She tells me the fascinating history of the brand and what makes their oils so incredibly special. If you'd like 25% off Aromatherapy Associates site wide from 16th-27th March use code OUTSPOKEN25
15/03/22·57m 52s

An Intimate Chat With The Speakmans

In this episode I meet Nic and Eva Speakman aka The Speakmans. Nic and Eva have been therapists for over 20 years and have changed many lives.During the episode they generously share many of their tips and techniques for overcoming anxiety and we have a conversation that reveals a lot about my own past and current struggles with anxiety.Nic and Eva are incredible and I really hope that this episode helps you if you are facing any challenges at the moment.You can find them on Instagram @thespeakmans and I highly recommend their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DAjKLGdUJqDn5c-cJf1OQ.
12/03/22·55m 54s

Minipod - What's In My Beauty Bag?

In this week's Minipod I delve into my beauty bag of wonders and pick out 5 products that I've been trying, testing and loving.From an amazing pre-biotic shampoo to a fragrance that smells of holidays to the most beautiful silk fake lashes, these products are all really fantastic. I also tell you about a special hormone test that I'm planning on doing.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties!
10/03/22·9m 52s

Jasmina Vico - The Holistic, Instinctive Skin Guru

In this episode I'm joined once again by the brilliant skin health specialist Jasmina Vico. Jasmina is the woman behind the skin of the likes of Jodie Comer, Sienna Miller and Phoebe Dynevor and is renowned for her "Jasmina Vico Glow".During the episode I catch up with Jasmina and we explore her beliefs that good skin goes so much deeper than what's on the surface. Jasmina talks through the techniques and innovations that she believes will not only help our skin but overall health too and she stresses how important it is for her to explore all aspects of a client's health rather than just focussing on the skin.I love Jasmina's passion and the way that she is always learning and seeking new information. I also adore how strong and opinionated she is. Here is a woman who isn't scared to stand apart from many others in the industry and who has the self confidence (mainly thanks to her extensive research and constant quest for knowledge) to do things HER way.
08/03/22·39m 10s

Dija Ayodele - Skin Education For Everyone

In this episode I welcome back the brilliant aesthetician and author Dija Ayodele.Since our last episode, Dija has written one of my favourite ever skincare books "Black Skin: The Definitive Skincare Guide". The book is brimming with information, advice and also explores the concept of Blackness and identity in the beauty industry. (I couldn't put it down).During the episode we chat about the book and also focus in on Dija's skin rules. She has so many great pieces of advice, whatever the colour of your skin.This is a great episode! Enjoy xx
05/03/22·39m 36s

Tried and Thoroughly Tested With Becki Murray - Retinols

In this episode of Tried and Thoroughly Tested, phenomenal beauty science journalist Becki Murray talks us through the two mild retinols that have performed the best during the most thorough of trials.Both of the retinols mentioned are mild enough to use on most sensitive skins, increase hydration and with long term use will have the beneficial effects that you would expect to see from stronger and more intense vitamin A derivatives.I love hearing Becki's thorough and informed product reviews and can't wait for you to find out more about two phenomenal products.Do follow Becki @beckimurray_ for lots of excellent information and great beauty content.
03/03/22·24m 57s

Bryony and Nicola - Bad Snogs, The Adonis That Never Was and Brilliant Beauty

In this episode Bryony and I chat about everything from Bryony'd fear of mice and rats to camel hooves to my worst ever kiss (with the most beautiful ever man) to the time that Bryony's friend majorly let her down when she was being chatted up by a total adonis.We do of course get down to talking about beauty too and we have a great selection of recommendations in store for you this week.Enjoy xx
01/03/22·37m 27s

Sarah Chapman Returns

In this episode the amazing skincare expert Sarah Chapman returns to the podcast. (She was first my guest way back at the start).During the episode we talk about how skincare has changed since we last chatted, the trends that Sarah approves of, supplements, skin non-negotiables, LED Masks and even delve into Sarah's own routine. Sarah is such a brilliant guest and I always learn so much from her. It's an absolute pleasure to have her back on the podcast.---------------If you'd like to trial beauty products and become part of a great community of beauty lovers, why not join the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel. Email nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk for a form.
26/02/22·52m 54s

Aurelia - The Power of Probiotic Skincare

*This episode is in partnership with Aurelia Skincare*In this episode I take a deep dive into the gorgeous skincare brand Aurelia and find out what makes it stand out from many others on the market.I chat to Antonia Knox who has been with Aurelia pretty much since the start and she explains why the brand is so special, what inspired their founder to start it and how their specific use of probiotics can help our skin in a number of incredible ways.Following my chat with Antonia it's time to hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists who have been trying a variety of Aurelia products including their hero Probiotic Concentrate. They give their honest, non-biased reviews.Do check out the Aurelia website if you'd like to delve into the brand further. They offer a service that helps you find the right skincare for your specific concerns.If you'd like to join the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel and test products then email me nicola@outspokenbeauyty.co.uk.
24/02/22·28m 33s

Vogue Williams - My Beauty Habits

In this episode I chat to the brilliant Vogue Williams (I've been wanting to get her on the podcast for so long).Vogue and I chat all things podcasts, pregnancy and the gross things that our kids bring home (namely nits and worms...yuck!). Then we get onto some of the beauty products that Vogue can't live without, her tanning range, what she does to chill out and why she has a real penchant for retro fragrances for men. Vogue was an absolute pleasure to interview and I hope you love this episode as much as I do.
22/02/22·43m 33s

Marina Mansour - The Democratisation of Beauty

In this episode I get to know the amazing Marina Mansour. Marina is head of beauty at Kyra, a company that specialises in understanding and working with Generation Z.During the episode we chat about how this generation is a force to be reckoned with and the way that members are harnessing the power of social media to make big changes in the world of beauty.This is a conversation about fighting the status quo, self expression and how when enough voices come together they can make changes in an industry that up until very recently has made all the rules.Marina and I also have a great chat about her own personal beauty preferences and habits.I hope you enjoy this episode and that it inspires you to make some of your own beauty rules.
19/02/22·46m 1s

Minipod - A Feisty Book, The Bader Debate and A Wonder Mask

In this week's Minipod I recommend a brilliant book by a very feisty woman indeed. I also tell you about a sublime perfume oil, I look at both sides of the Augustinus Bader debate (can it ever be worth THAT amount of money?) and I chat through a brand new face mask that will do wonders for skin that is sensitive/compromised or just needs a good old dose of hydration.Enjoy Outspoken Beauties!
17/02/22·10m 40s

Bryony and Nicola - Naughty Dogs, Posing for the Postman and our Beauty Edit

Bryony is back and in this episode we're talking about see through leggings, naughty dogs, posing for the postman and why sometimes you just need to take a bit of time out.Later we talk about an affordable and brilliant cleansing balm, a candle like no other, a buildable foundation that will give you a guaranteed glow, an iconic blusher plus much more.Enjoy!
15/02/22·37m 20s

Minipod - New Beauty Launches

We're having a week off Tried and Tested (it will be back next Friday) so today it's another episode of the Minipod with little old me.This week I'm giving initial impressions of some new beauty launches including Trinny London skincare, an amazing Avon Mascara and a PHA Exfoliator that stands out in so many ways. I also chat about the most beautiful addition to your shower that will turn your daily routine into a sensory delight.Enjoy!
10/02/22·10m 46s

Shannon Peter - My Beauty Habits

Bryony is having a much needed week off and will be back next week but do not fear, I have an amazing guest in store for you!My guest this week is the brilliant Shannon Peter. She's the Beauty Director at Stylist and when I first met her a few months ago I was struck by how natural, kind and intelligent she was.In this episode we hear her brilliant career story and then get into the nitty gritty of her beauty habits and the products that she swears by. Bearing in mind her Beauty Director status, these are (as I predicted) really fantastic recommendations and are totally from the heart.Enjoy this one Outspoken Beauties!You can find Shannon @Shannonrpeter and of course can read her brilliant work at Stylist Magazine.
08/02/22·47m 1s

Sali Hughes - A Fragrance For Everything

I am SO excited to share this episode with you. Sali Hughes is back and this time she joins me and Suzy Nightingale for an episode of On The Scent.If you heard the first episode I did with Sali many moons ago, you'll know that fragrance is one of her biggest passions. In this episode Suzy and I delve deep into the fragrances Sali uses in her emotionally-supportive toolkit and we find out so much about her through this joyful (and often revealing) discussion.Here are the scents that she talks about:Fragrances that formed part of Sali’s childhood:@yardleylondonuk English Lavender@officialbiba perfume (1970s)@diorbeauty Miss Dior (the original)The scents Sali uses now as…Signature scents:@chanelofficial No5@yslbeauty Rive Gauche@fredericmalle L’Eau D’HiverConfidence-boosters:@chanelofficial Coco@ormondejayne Ormonde Woman@guerlain MitsoukoVa-va-voom sexy (for herself):@celine NightclubbingImmediately calming:@johnsonsbabyuk Baby Lotion@nivea_uk Creme@fredericmalle Cologne IndélébileWild card:@heeleyofficial L'Amandiere ExtraitsFind out more about @thebeautybanks & how you can help: https://www.beautybanks.org.ukRead Sali’s books:Pretty Honest https://tinyurl.com/PrettyHonestPretty Iconic https://tinyurl.com/PrettyIconic
05/02/22·58m 32s

Minipod - 5 Really Fabulous Products

In this week's minipod I talk about some of my favourite products at the moment from the most amazing serum that does it all to a perfume that is perfect for Spring to a review of Dr Sam Bunting's new eye serum.I hope you enjoy hearing about this week's picks.If you'd like to join the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk and I'll send over a form.Products Mentioned:Issey Miyake A Drop D'IsseyMedik8 R-Retinote Day and NightAromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy OilCinema Secrets Makeup Brush CleanerDr Sam Bunting Eye Serum
03/02/22·10m 52s

Estee Lalonde - My Beauty (and bathing) Habits

In this episode I'm joined once again by the fabulous Estee Lalonde.This time we're delving into her beauty rituals with a big focus on her love of baths and why they play such an important part in her life. Estee also updates me on the beauty products that she is loving at the moment and we have a really good chat about anxiety and depression, both of which Estee suffers with and is really open about (I love her for this).Finally we focus in on Estee the entrepreneur. She's built a gorgeous beauty brand called Mirror Water from scratch and it's great to hear how it all came about.This is a lovely episode and it was such a pleasure to have Estee back on the podcast.
01/02/22·43m 16s

We Should All Be Able To Access The Experts! - OSB x GetHarley

*This episode is in partnership with GetHarley*In this episode I introduce you to an amazing platform that makes some of the best skin experts in the UK accessible to us for a really good price. GetHarley, which was founded by the brilliant Charmaine Chow enables us to book online appointments with experts who would usually charge hundreds, for as little as £40. Charmaine is not only trying to democratise access to leading skin experts, but she's doing it in a seamless and really effortless way as you'll hear in the episode.During the podcast I meet three of the women who are available to us on GetHarley including Dr Fiona Mccarthy who is not only a skin expert but an oncologist, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed (who is also known as the Psychoderm as she has a degree in psychology that she applies to her skincare) and finally the amazing Dr Lauren Hamilton who is a GP and founder of cosmetic and wellness clinic Victor and Garth. These women are all incredible and chat through some of their beliefs about skin, give great tips and share some of the skincare that they love.I also have a great chat with founder Charmaine who tells us what inspired her to launch the platform.Having experienced GetHarley myself I can tell you that I am SO impressed. It's a great service and I have a feeling that a lot of you will be helped by it. If you'd like to find out more you can check them out at getharley.com.
29/01/22·49m 23s

Minipod - Tried and Thoroughly Tested With Becki Murray

Science journalist and beauty tester Becki Murray joins me for another episode of "Tried and Thoroughly Tested."In this episode Becki has been putting hair oils through their paces and she's here to reveal which two stand out as being the very best options particularly for textured/curly hair.I love doing this episode with Becki and introducing you to the products that are proven to work in thorough, independent trials.
27/01/22·13m 38s

Nicola and Bryony - Strange Cab Journeys, David Walliams and Recommendations Galore

In this episode Bryony Blake is back and we're talking about her life as a makeup artist and her current work with the brilliant David Walliams on Britain's Got Talent. I also reminisce about a rather eventful interview I once did with Jason Donovan, David Walliams and Matt Lucas where I got into a bit of trouble. This leads us to chat about strange cab journeys, over-working and of course we tell you about some of our current beauty loves with a beautiful lipstick, fab face-mask, an update on home laser hair removal and the perfect cream for winter ravage skin. Enjoy!
25/01/22·44m 46s

Faye Speedie - Doing Right By Yourself!

In this episode I get to know the truly inspiring Faye Speedie. Faye was forced to take a step back from her high powered role in the beauty industry due to health issues and the fact that she was finding it hard to conceive. During the episode we chat about issues that apply to so many of us. From health to the pain of not being able to conceive, to having the strength to step away from your career to starting an incredible and successful company on your own...it's all here. Faye and I also have a great chat about the beauty industry and she also gives some of her own excellent recommendations.Faye's company Beauty Bulb helps beauty, personal care and wellbeing brands in a number of ways including with sales and business growth. You can find her and her brilliant team at beautybulb.co.uk.
22/01/22·58m 9s

Minipod - Anxiety, Algae and Leggings of Joy

In this week's minipod I talk a bit about the high levels of anxiety that I have been experiencing and what I'm doing to try and get them under control. (If you're also struggling I'm always here for a chat. Just DM me @outspokenbeautynicola).I also talk about another body cream that has had the Becki Murray stamp of approval (she'll be back for another episode next of Tried and Thoroughly Tested next week) and is a really good budget option. Finally I chat about a serum that has landed on my desk and that I'm finding very interesting, the best leggings I've ever bought (which just so happen to be on sale right now) and a beautiful new brand made for babies but that is also really great for us.Here's what I mention:Bam leggingsAveeno moisturiserEveredenAlgenist Blue Algae Vitamin CAnxiety Josh
20/01/22·9m 14s

Suzy Nightingale - My Beauty Habits

In this week's episode of My Beauty Habits my guest is the amazing fragrance journalist and expert and my great friend and co-host of The On The Scent Podcast, Suzy Nightingale.Suzy and I have had so many incredible conversations about scent but I've never really asked her about the other aspects of beauty that she love. I'm so happy that I now have because I absolutely ADORE her beauty habits and rituals. During the episode Suzy chats about why she is drawn to glamorous makeup and looks from different eras, her humongous lipstick collection, how she tames her fly-aways and why her skincare routine is so important to her. There are obviously a couple of fragrances in there and we also chat through how Suzy looks after her wellbeing.I can't tell you how much I loved recording this episode. Suzy is a breath of fresh air and I adore her passion for beauty and how much it empowers her.Here's what she mentions:Skincare:Nighttime routine:ELEMIS Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil,ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm OR Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing BalmPaula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid ExfoliantMedik8 Intelligent Retinol 6TRMedik8 Intelligent Retinol for EyesHada Labo Super Hydrator (hyaluronic acid)Curél Deep Noisture SprayELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Cream (light in Summer) OR Modern Botany Recovery Cream for more intense comfort boost. OR La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. OR De Mamiel Skin Recovery Balm (smells amazing, works overnight even on scars).Day:Cleansing balm (as above)Ren Ready Steady Glow AHA TonicMedik8 C-TetraLa Roche-Posay SerozincMedik8 C-Tetra EyeClinique Moisture Surge EyeErborian CC Dull Correct SPF 25Body:Dry body brushingAromatherapy Associates Deep RelaxHair:Hershesons Almost Everything CreamSam McKnight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo / Easy Up-Do / Modern HairsprayMakeup:Lipsticks -Lisa Eldridge (nearly everything) faves: Velvet Ribbon & Velvet Myth (wild mulberry)Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment Light my FireLisa Eldridge Velvet Fawn & Gloss Embrace in Velvet MuseEyeliners:Black felt liners - Haus Labs (lady gaga) &Maybelline Hyper Precise All Day Eye LinerMascara:Marc Jacobs At Lash’dPerfume:Skin Alchemists Equilibrium pulse point remedyOrmonde Jayne Woman
18/01/22·58m 5s

Dr Julie Smith - Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to psychologist Dr Julie Smith.Julie has made it her mission to spread her knowledge of mental health to the masses and her incredibly popular TikTok account (which now has over 3 million followers) has become a hub for useful nuggets of wisdom that are helping so many people.During the episode we talk about Dr Julie's views on mental health and focus in on her new book "Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?" Throughout her book Julie provides brilliant support and tips to help us overcome a number of issues including grief, fear, relationships, depression and so much more. During the episode we chat through some of the challenges that so many of us experience and Julie gives sensible and achievable advice whilst talking honestly about some of her own personal issues.Dr Julie is doing great things in the mental health sphere and I hope that you enjoy getting to know her. Her book is available on Amazon and is a brilliant and relatable read.
15/01/22·39m 0s

Minipod - Tried and Thoroughly Tested With Becki Murray

In this week's minipod I'm joined by the brilliant beauty science journalist Becki Murray. As part of her job, Becki works in a lab and tests beauty products to the nth degree to ensure that they are doing what they claim that they do.I feel incredibly honoured that Becki has joined me to share some of her findings and to tell us about some of the products that have out-performed themselves...the products that we can REALLY trust to do what they say they do and that we can spend our hard earned cash on with confidence.In this episode Becki tells us about two of the highest performing body moisturisers that she has been testing, These brilliant products are guaranteed to leave your skin healthy and hydrated and will continue to perform long after application.I hope you enjoy learning about Becki's findings and that they help you with your purchase decisions.Products mentioned:Malin and Goetz Vitamin B5 Body LotionNeom Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter
13/01/22·13m 6s

Bryony and Nicola - The Speakmans Help Bryony, Swearing To Impress and Bountiful Beauty

The delectable Bryony Blake is back from Thailand and joins me for another of our episodes. This week we're talking Covid testing Thailand style, overcoming Bryony's fear of heights, why Bryony is cooler than me and why she'll will soon be touching David Walliam's face.We also have our usual six beauty recommendations with this week's picks covering everything from a beauty balm with guaranteed glow, an addictive body moisturiser and an almond shower oil that cocoons your skin in the most delightful way.
11/01/22·43m 0s

Matilda Velevitch - The People Behind The Numbers

In this episode I get to know playwright and artist Matilda Velevitch. Matilda works with the charity Care4Calais and helps many refugees and in this episode we talk about what she has learnt and about the reality of their situation.We focus in on what it means to be a female refugee, lose your dignity and experience challenges that many of us couldn't even dream of. Matilda also reveals some truly shocking details about some of the things that are happening to refugees under our very noses in this country. Amongst the extreme challenges that these people are facing is also a story of humanity and laughter and a coming together of women plus how you might be able to help.I realise that this isn't a beauty related episode but after getting to know Matilda and hearing the story of some of the refugees that she's worked with, it's one that I had to publish. I always say that beauty starts important conversations and this really is a conversation that needs having.If you'd like to help Care4Calais here's the link to their website: https://care4calais.org/
08/01/22·44m 25s

Minipod - Multi-tasking Skincare, The Ultimate Frizz Tamer and The Jumpsuit of Dreams

In this week's Minipod I chat through some of the things that I've been loving this week, from an excellent multi-functioning retinoid/vitamin C to the vase of dreams to a truly brilliant frizz tamer, these are the products that I really rate.I also make an exciting announcement about a brand new series that's coming to the podcast which will see me being joined by science journalist extraordinaire, Becki Murray and recommending products that have been trialled and tested to the nth degree.If you'd like to join the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel, DM me on Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola and make sure that you join our private Facebook community The Outspoken Beauty Club.
06/01/22·10m 13s

Alice Du Parcq - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I chat to the wonderful fragrance writer and presenter Alice Du Parcq.Alice has been a beauty journalist and editor since 2001 and has the most amazing talent for bringing fragrances to life. She also hosts the brilliant series "Desert Island Spritz" on her Instagram @aliceduparcq where she interviews the likes of Caroline Hirons, Sallie Hughes and Lisa Potter Dixon about their favourite scents. (I highly recommend it)In this episode we chat about Alice's fascinating career and then go on to explore the beauty products that she adores. Alice has got a truly luxurious and very sensorial skincare routine that will have your mouth watering. She also chats through beloved makeup items and of course a few of the important fragrances in her life.Alice is a joyful human being and this episode is utterly fabulous, just like her!
04/01/22·50m 48s

Minipod: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year Outspoken Beauties!In this mini episode I chat through my New Year's Resolutions and why I've chosen them.From shunning fad diets to working on my mental health and relationships to a few promises regarding the podcast, I really hope you enjoy my first episode of 2022.
01/01/22·7m 58s

Top Home Fragrance Products of 2021

In this the final episode of my Best of 2021 mini-series I talk about the home fragrance products and brands that have really stood out to me this year and tell you why.Here's what I mention:The Perfumer's Story Black Moss CandleThe Constant Candle CoNeom HappinessAromatherapy Associates Oil DiffuserDiptique Baie CandleHolistic London Candles and Home SpraysAntonia Burrell "And Breathe" Air Cleansing Room SprayEmma Hardie Moringa Balm CandleFloral Street Midnight Tulip CandleSkandinavisk Festive Candles
30/12/21·5m 15s

Top Fragrances of 2021

It's the penultimate episode of my top products of 2021 series and today I'm focussing on fragrance.This has been a tough to whittle down as I've adored and discovered so many beautiful scents this year, but these have really stood out to me:Frederic Malle Portrait of A LadyLe Labo The Matcha 26Penhaligons ConstancePenhaligons Duchess RoseSerge Lutens Fleur D'OrangerNivea Sun
30/12/21·5m 1s

Top Beauty Products of 2021 - Other Categories

In this end of 2021 mini-series, I'm chatting about my favourite products of the year.In this episode I cover quite a few categories including hands, bath, body, hair and wellbeing.Here's what I talk about:Nursem hand-creamAromatherapy Shower OilsL'Occitane Bain de LaitL'Occitane Almond Shower OilDr Sam Bunting Flawless Body TherapyBabyliss Deep WavesFable and Mane ShampooRen Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil
28/12/21·4m 38s

Top Skincare of 2021

In the 2nd instalment of my products of the year I talk about the skincare products and brands that have really stood out to me in 2021.Skincare is obviously very personal but I feel that a lot of these products would work well for most skin types, ages and shades.Here's what I mention:Exuviance Vitamin C Capsules, Bionic Tonic and Night Renewal HydragelHeliocare SPFEmma Hardie Moringa BalmCerave Hydrating CleanserSkin and Me prescription skincareMedik8 Crystal RetinalSkingredients (numerous products mentioned)Dermalogica MicrofoliantAvon Anew Renewal Power Serum
25/12/21·10m 21s

Christmas Eve Special - Top Makeup of 2021

In this, the first of my top beauty product round ups of 2021, I'm focusing in on makeup and talking about the products that have really stood out to me this year including old classics and new favourites. Hope you enjoy the round up and do let me know what you've loved in 2021 by getting in touch via Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola.
23/12/21·8m 25s

Bryony and Nicola - Gingerbread Competitions, Feral Kids and Beauty Galore!

Bryony is back and joins me as I hide from the kids in the spare room. (Listen and you'll find out why).During the episode we talk Covid (Chris currently has it), gingerbread house competitions (Bryony's family gets seriously competitive at this time of year), entertainers and loads more. We then give you some fabulous beauty recommendations including the ultimate glittery eyeshadow.Enjoy :0)
21/12/21·37m 29s

Dr Hedieh Asadi - Return of The Outspoken Vulva

In this episode gynaecologist and co-founder of Deodoc Dr Hedieh Asadi is back on the podcast (do have a listen to our last episode with her sister Hasti - it was brilliant!) and she's here to answer more of our intimate health questions. If there's something about your vulva or intimate health that you want to know then hopefully you'll get some answers here!This is your podcast and if there's anything or anyone that you'd like to hear, DM me on Instagram @OutspokenBeautyNicola.
18/12/21·32m 56s

Minipod - There's Covid In The House

In this Minipod I tell you about the current set up at home (Chris is in the loft conversion with Covid and the kids and I are going stir crazy).I also chat through some of the things I'm doing to try and stay as healthy as possible in my bid to steer clear of it (whether I do is yet to be seen).If you are also experiencing Covid at the moment I hope you're OK xx
16/12/21·5m 37s

Karen Cummings-Palmer - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I chat to the amazing integrative health, nutrition coach and skincare founder Karen Cummings-Palmer.Karen and I chat about her incredibly sensible and balanced approach to health and wellbeing and she gives lots of really accessible and achievable advice. We also chat through her views on how we can achieve healthy, glowing skin at any age and why wrinkles really don't matter if you and your skin are vibrant.Karen is also the founder of a beautiful skincare brand called 79 Lux and we chat about her reasons for launching it and what makes it so special.Finally we focus in on some of Karen's own beauty habits.Enjoy getting to know Karen. If you're anything like me, she'll inspire you to make a few small changes in your life that i know will make a big difference.
14/12/21·48m 42s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 12

It's the final day of the Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar. Thanks so much to every brand who has been involved and raised money for the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 12??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
12/12/21·13m 5s

Cher Webb Festive Special

It's the episode you've all been asking for! Cher is back for a festive episode and we have A LOT to catch up on.From Spotify playlists to crazy wedding plans to mermaids to strange nicknames, expect lots of laughter and a conversation that goes in all sorts of directions.There are also beauty recommendations galore. Cher has so many amazing things to tell us about and I literally want to buy them all.Enjoy this episode...it's so nice to hear Cher's lovely voice again and this will definitely get you in the festive mood.
11/12/21·52m 38s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 11

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 11??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
11/12/21·4m 37s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 10

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 10??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
10/12/21·5m 36s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 9

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 9??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
09/12/21·4m 21s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 8

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 8??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
08/12/21·7m 39s

Bryony and Nicola - Weddings, Mouth Guards and Pocket Penises

Bryony Blake is back and in this episode we talk about my Mum's wedding, a ridiculously long walk, why mouth guards + snoring + sleep farting do not a very sexy combo make and we also chat about why dick pics are never OK.We then get onto beauty and go through our fab list of products that we're loving. From amazing candles to a fabulous setting spray to an glittertastic festive eyeshadow there are lots of excellent recommendations in store. Enjoy!
07/12/21·37m 29s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 7

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 7??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
07/12/21·11m 24s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 6

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 6??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
06/12/21·5m 22s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 5

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 5??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
05/12/21·10m 10s

Gerry Anyanwu and Charlotte Williams - How To Be Truly Diverse

This episode is fascinating and important in equal measures. I'm joined by Gerry Anyanwu and Charlotte Williams who are fighting for true diversity in the beauty industry and beyond and are here to tell us what's going wrong and how we can make our businesses and brands truly diverse.Gerry is the founder of the Uncommon Collective, an organisation that helps young people and "supports different faces to thrive in different places via grass roots and engagement and direct representation". Through her work she is empowering kids from all backgrounds to know their worth and their potential...she gives them the power to believe in themselves. Charlotte is an entrepreneur, influencer and founder of influencer agency Seven Six where she represents a diverse roster of talent. Her aim is to get brands working with all people of all colours, abilities and body shapes. Together Charlotte and Gerry talk about how it feels to be the only black person in the room, how brands need to stop paying lip service to diversity and work from the ground up and how in order to truly understand each other we need to diversify our teams. There's so much more to the conversation..it's funny shocking and in places challenging. I hope you get as much out of this episode as I did from talking to these two amazing women.
04/12/21·55m 59s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 4

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 4??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
04/12/21·6m 48s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 3

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 3??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
03/12/21·4m 39s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar - Day 2

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is finally here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 2??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
02/12/21·10m 55s

Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar Day 1

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar is finally here. Every brand involved is donating money to the brilliant charity Beauty Backed. Who's behind door number 1??----------------------------------------------------------------------------To win a festive prize from every brand taking part in the advent calendar leave a comment on today's Instagram Post @outspokenbeautynicola.
01/12/21·8m 14s

Charli Howard - My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know model, writer and founder of Squish Beauty, Charli Howard.Charli starts by telling me about her modelling career and how after being told to lose weight by numerous agencies and brands she eventually decided to take a stand and speak openly on her Facebook Page about what was happening...... enough was enough!From that moment things started to change and today Charli is an ambassador for body diversity as well as being a model on her own terms and a really successful business woman.As well as chatting about Charli's fascinating career we also delve into the beauty and wellbeing products that she loves the most with a long list of incredible recommendations including the product that has helped her lashes to reach her eyebrows!!You can find Charli on Instagram @charlihoward.
30/11/21·46m 25s

Caroline Hirons Introduces The Outspoken Beauty Charity Advent Calendar

It's finally time to tell you about the Outspoken Beauty Podcast Charity Advent Calendar. For the first 12 days of Christmas there will be a very special audio advent calendar here on the podcast. Each day we'll open the door to reveal a brilliant gift idea from one of my favourite beauty brands and every brand taking part is donating money to the amazing charity Beauty Backed.In this little introduction I tell you all about how the advent calendar will work and also have a chat with Queen of beauty Caroline Hirons who came up with the idea of Beauty Backed and is going to tell us all about it,Make sure you check out my Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola from 1st-12th December. Leave a comment under any of the advent calendar posts and you'll be in with a chance to win a box containing a gorgeous gift from each of the brands taking part in the advent calendar.
30/11/21·6m 40s

Dr Alexis Granite - Exploring The World of Non-Invasive Tweakments

*This episode is in collaboration with Merz Aesthetics*In this episode the incredible Consultant Dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite introduces us to the world of tweakments. As one of the best in the business she has some amazing opinions on best practise, what to look for in the person that is treating you and also the things that really work. (As well as treatments we also focus in on skincare and the bits that she swears by).We chat about two of the treatments that Merz offer. One is a non-invasive deep ultrasound called Ultherapy and the other a next generation hyaluronic injectable called Belotero Revive. Alexis gives us an honest insight into what the treatments can (and can't) achieve and why she offers them in her clinic. This was a fascinating and really enlightening conversation for me. I am not someone who knows a lot about this world but I enjoyed having a really honest chat about how those of us who are interested in tweakments can do so in a safe way that will give the results that we are after.
27/11/21·44m 24s

Minipod - Lip Balm, Eyeshadow and Incredible Aromatherapy

In this week's minipod I do a round up of some bits and bobs that I think you'll really love. From the ultimate eyeshadow palette to a damn good lip balm to an utter treat from Aromatherapy Associates to the perfect SPF for this time of year, it's all in there. Enjoy :0)
26/11/21·10m 6s

Bryony and Nicola - Covid, Rabbit Tails and Some Awesome Beauty Gifts

In this episode Bryony is a total hero and does the podcast even though she has Covid.We talk about keeping sane in isolation with a chat about the TV programmes and books we've been loving. I also say why I'm not a fan of Amazon wish lists and why Bryony is obsessed with perfect bows on gift-wrapping. We also chat about pets and establish that we have very different opinions about the joy of guinea pigs and rabbits.Following that we get into beauty with some amazing Christmas gift ideas for you. Enjoy :0)
23/11/21·39m 14s

Hannah Martin - The Journey To Makeup Success

I can't tell you how excited I am about this episode. Hannah Martin has been on my list of coveted guests for so long and she did not disappoint. This is the story of ambition, hard graft and what it feels like to be one of the most successful makeup artists in the world.Hannah who has made up some of the most famous faces around, including doing Kate Middleton's wedding makeup, is one of the most lovely, fun and down to earth women who has also worked her socks off to get where she is today.We talk about her career journey from a love of the stage to where she is today. We also chat about the thrill (and intensity) of working backstage at Fashion Week, the multi-faceted and often supportive role of a makeup artist and we have a great time chatting about the products that Hannah loves. We also talk about Hannah's success on social media and how it compares to life as a makeup artist. Enjoy getting to know Hannah. She's an utter ray of sunshine and a true inspiration.
20/11/21·50m 37s

Minipod - Alternative Fragrance, A Life-Changing Book and The Moringa Candle

In this week's minipod I'm talking about Jane Wurwand's incredible book Skin In The Game, a brilliant alternative to Francis Kurkdijan's cult fragrance Baccarat Rouge 540, the candle for Moringa Balm lovers, good breathing and my favourite multivitamin.Enjoy :0)
18/11/21·10m 49s

Hannah Moore - My Beauty Habits

In this episode I welcome back the brilliant Hannah Moore to the podcast. Hannah is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and the founder of LA Pacific toothpaste. We had such a great time last time that I couldn't wait to get her back on for a second round.During the episode Hannah and I talk about what beauty means to her, the products she can't live without and the things that she does to feel good on every level.We also talk about Hannah's views on energy and working at a cellular level. Prepare to be enlightened!
16/11/21·38m 32s

Nicola de Burlet - The Power of Grey Hair

In this episode I chat to Beauty PR, writer and pro-age model Nicola de Burlet.Nicola started going grey aged 23 and went on (like so many of us do) to hide it for years until one day she decided to just go for it. She cut her hair short and embraced her natural grey hair in a big way. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, becoming a successful model and inspiration for many women.Nicola and I chat about the politics of grey hair, pro-ageing, Chanel, uncomfortable moments in lifts , grey haired role models and much more.I really hope that Nicola inspires you if you've been considering embracing your greys and that you enjoy hearing her brilliant story.
13/11/21·36m 47s

Minipod - Budget Skincare Favourites

In this week's Minipod I remind myself and you, my lovely listeners, of some of the best budget skincare buys that do the job brilliantly and won't break the bank. Remember that if there's a minipod that you'd like to hear then you can DM me anytime via Instagram @OutspokenBeautyNicola or email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk. These are also the best places to enquire about joining the Outspoken Beauty Trialling `Panel.Brands mentioned:CeraveGarden of WisdomAveenoNeutrogenaThe Inkey ListIndeed Labs
11/11/21·11m 11s

Bryony and Nicola - Green Faces, Breastfeeding Shocker and Brilliant Beauty Bits

Bryony Blake is back for her fortnightly episode and this week we're talking adult breastfeeding, when (green) makeup doesn't budge, must see movies and of course we have more brilliant beauty recommendations for you. We so love doing this episode and hope that we give you a good old giggle xx
09/11/21·42m 17s

Dr Sophie Shotter - Aesthetics, Hormones and The Holistic Approach

In this episode I chat to aesthetician extraordinaire Dr Sophie Shotter.Sophie, who is a trained NHS Dr and anaesthetist is the founder of award-winning skin clinics Illuminate.During the episode we talk about Sophie's approach to skin, the tweakments that she loves most, the skincare that she swears by and why the way she treats skin goes a lot further than skin deep. (Sophie has a special interest in bio-identical hormones and treating her clients holistically.)It's clear to see why Sophie is so loved by the beauty industry and I know you'll get a lot out of listening to her.Here are some of the products that Sophie mentions:Delo Rx cleanser Neostrata Tri Therapy lifting serum Revision Nectifirm Advanced SkinBetter Science AlphaRet overnight cream and Interfuse Eye Cream Meder Beauty Myofix
06/11/21·47m 52s

Minipod: Lisa Eldridge, Boujee Candles and The Power of Dance

In this minipod I talk about five things that I've been loving this week including random dancing, Lisa Eldridge's pop-up, the most phenomenal candles, a Chanel lippie and an orgasmic fragrance. Enjoy :0)
04/11/21·9m 48s

Dr Sandra Lee: So Much More Than A Pimple Popper!

In this episode I get to know the fabulous Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper. I know this is usually My Beauty Habits but we ended up talking about such a variety of things that I decided to go with a different title.Sandra and I have such a great chat covering everything from her ethos for happiness to how she puts patients at ease to what she finds interesting about dermatology. We also chat about beauty ideals, self-image, her skincare range and she answers some of your excellent questions.It was a real pleasure to get to know Dr Pimple Popper and I was struck by her warmth and how much she genuinely cares for the people that she treats. I have a feeling you're going to enjoy this one xx
02/11/21·36m 38s

Tanya Burr: Intuition, Cycles and Meaningful Makeup

In this episode I speak to actress, content creator and entrepreneur Tanya Burr.Tanya and I have a brilliant chat and cover all sorts of topics including how our monthly cycles influence our lives, mental health, intuition, self awareness, making things happen and of course beauty.Tanya has created a wonderful makeup brand called Authored and we chat about the impact she hopes to make through her brand's messaging, packaging and the products themselves.I've been wanting to interview Tanya for years and it was well worth the wait.
30/10/21·41m 18s

Bryony and Nicola - Dodgy Car Parks , Spiritual Hand Massages and le Point G

Bryony Blake is back. There are so many highlights I don't even know where to start. They include Bryony recording the episode in a dodgy car-park, a new ad that she's starring in that led to general hilarity about an unexpected feature on a website, a spiritual hand massage and a perfume with a surprising name. Plus the usual beauty bits and bobs.
26/10/21·40m 6s

The Sleep Geek: Sleep Advice Without the BS

In this episode I chat to the brilliant James Wilson aka The Sleep Geek. James is a Sleep Behaviour and Environment Expert. As someone who himself suffered from insomnia, James is on a mission to demystify sleep issues and get to the bottom of why we struggle to sleep and what can REALLY help us.James is not one for airy fairy advice and magical remedies, but works with cold, hard facts about why sleep can be hard and the importance of understanding what kind of sleepers we are to work out what we need as individuals.James is so refreshing. I love his down to earth advice and the pressure he takes off those of us who worry about lack of sleep.During the episode he mentions:Unikbed Mattresses and their Aero pillowAlpaca fleece duvets from PenroseAllBamboo bedding (great for eczema and allergies)Lavitex pillows.
23/10/21·47m 14s

Michelle Feeney - The Joy of Scent-Scaping

*This episode is in collaboration with Floral Street*In this episode I chat to the brilliant Michelle Feeney. Michelle, who is the woman behind one of my favourite fragrance brands, Floral Street, tells us how scent-scaping our homes can have an amazing effect on our moods, how people feel when they visit us, how it can be used to punctuate different times in the day and even affect our relationships.I have been trying it myself and have thoroughly enjoyed the effect of using different scents in different parts of my home and at different times of day (as you'll hear during the episode).Floral Street have the most INCREDIBLE range of home fragrances. My absolute favourites are Grapefruit Bloom and Midnight Tulip which is my evening scent. I hope that Michelle inspires you as much as she has me and that you have fun going on your own scent-scaping journey.
21/10/21·23m 10s

Norma Kamali: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know iconic fashion designer and wellbeing guru Norma Kamali.Norma started designing in the 60's and is the woman behind hot-pants and the sleeping bag coat. Her designs have always stayed not only current but forward thinking and she has dressed everyone from Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga to Beyonce.Norma is also the author of empowering wellbeing book I Am Invincible.During the episode we talk about Norma's fascinating career plus her brilliant beauty and wellbeing habits and tips.Enjoy!
19/10/21·49m 55s

Alesha Dixon - Beauty On Every Level

In this episode I chat to singer, dancer, TV star and entrepreneur Alesha Dixon.Alesha and I chat about mum life, beauty in all its guises and why it is about so much more than just what we put on our faces. We lead on to talk about ageing, spirituality, balance and why she was inspired to launch her supplement range Nobleblu.This is a fantastic episode and I can't wait for you to get to know the real Alesha.
16/10/21·43m 29s

Minipod: The Menopause Episode

Ahead of World Menopause Day next week I wanted to put out a slightly different Minipod this week where I refer back to some of the amazing things that I've learnt from Dr Louise Newson who really is the Queen of Menopause education. I also chat a bit about targeted menopause skincare and my thoughts on it.If you need help with your own perimenopause or menopause then I recommend:The Balance AppPreparing For The Perimenopause and Menopause by Dr Louise NewsonMymenopausedoctor.co.ukMegsmenopause.com (Check out the 34 symptoms of the menopause - https://megsmenopause.com/34-symptoms/)
14/10/21·8m 46s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake - Episode 10

*The first part of this episode is in collaboration with Parfumado*This episode starts with me and fragrance journalist extraordinaire Suzy Nightingale reviewing the brilliant fragrance service Parfumado (@uk.parfumado.com). Parfumado have a library of over 450 scents and you can pick a new one to try each month for £12.95. From niche to luxury to classic to fragrances that even Suzy hasn't heard of, they really do have a great collection. If you fancy subscribing, head to uk.parfumado.com and receive a 50% discount on your first month with discount code OUTSPOKEN50.Next it's time for the delectable Bryony Blake to join me for our fortnightly dose of gossip, giggles and a big celebration of the beauty products that we're rating. Bryony gives some great makeup tips too.Enjoy :0)
12/10/21·46m 36s

Brilliant Beauty Entrepreneurs - (Getting To Know Dcypher and The Invisibobble Story)

*Part of this episode is in collaboration with Dcypher Cosmetics*In this episode I start by getting to know Claire and Adam, the incredible entrepreneurs and founders of Dcypher Cosmetics. They have launched the most amazing service that enables you to order a foundation that exactly matches your skin's tones and undertones. Some of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists have been trying the foundation and putting it to the test. They give their honest reviews of the process and we find out if they recommend it.(If you would like 15% off a Dcypher foundation then head to https://dcypher.me and use code OUTSPOKEN15.)Next it's time to hear from inventor and entrepreneur extraordinaire Sophie Trelles-Tvede. Sophie came up with the idea for Invisibobble when she was at university and has turned it into a hugely successful hair brand. This is a story of ambition, making things happen and believing in yourself. I hope that Sophie, Claire and Adam leave you feeling that anything is possible!
09/10/21·50m 10s

Minipod: My Top Eyeliners

In this week's Minipod I chat through my top eyeliners. I've sported a feline flick since the age of 18 and feel naked without it and I've tested a lot of eyeliners from the ridiculously expensive ones that have let me down to the budget buys that have surprised me. In this episode I list the ones that I think really stand out. Let me know your favourites by DMing me @OutspokenBeautyNicola :0)
07/10/21·7m 28s

An Introduction To SKIN App and My Beauty Habits with Seema Jaswal

*The first part of this episode is in partnership with SKIN App*I start this episode with a chat with the fabulous Flinty Bane, co-founder of a brand new and brilliant app called SKIN. As you'll hear, the app not only connects beauty lovers and allows us to share our passion but it also helps us find the very best prices for the products that we love. It's a total gamechanger and I can't recommend it highly enough.Next it's time for My Beauty Habits with sports presenter extraordinaire Seema Jaswal. We chat about her career, her love of makeup and of course the beauty products that she swears by.Enjoy :0)
05/10/21·42m 22s

Candice Brathwaite: Self Expression, Life Changing Books and The Beauty of Being Bold

In this episode I get to know the utterly fabulous author, TV presenter and Grazia Contributing Editor Candice Brathwaite. After reading her book "I'm Not Your Baby Mother" I knew I needed to get Candice on the podcast and I was so excited when she said yes.Candice and I talk about her books and the powerful effect that they have had on people, privilege, motherhood and her bold sense of fashion. We also have a great chat about the beauty products that Candice swears by. (She has great taste!)This really is the most brilliant episode and I truly can't wait for you to hear it.
02/10/21·54m 58s

Minipod: 6 Highlights of The Week

In this week's Minipod I focus in on 6 things that I've loved this week. From an incredible Xmas decoration to my dream PJ's to a new found love for my Exuviance Vitamin C Capsules, this episode is eclectic and covers lots of bases.Here's what I mention:Liberty Christmas DecorationsHush PjsChanel Le LionExuviance Vitamin C Serum CapsulesWetlandsEnjoy :0)
30/09/21·9m 38s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake - Episode 9

I start this episode with a paid for review of the brilliant skincare brand Peace Out. As you'll hear, I'm not only impressed with their products but I love their ethos and attitude to skin.After the review it's time for a bit of Bryony Blake shaped fun. After a chat that covers hotel stays and posh influencer events plus life working at Strictly, we go beauty mad and recommend the very best products that we've been trying recently. You're going to love it :)
28/09/21·50m 34s

Scented Adventures With Penhaligon's

In this episode the fabulous Suzy Nightingale joins me for a truly fragrant episode of On The Scent where we partner with Penhaligon's and set sail on a scented adventure.Together, we’ll be taking you to exotic locations, exploring the history of the precious perfume ingredients and contemporary ways they’re still used. The fragrances we’re focussing on are all about travelling via your nose – traversing the world in search of fragrant inspiration and travelling through time itself. The best thing is, there’s no queues or passports, Covid-tests or quarantine to worry about. And you’re all invited, so let’s jump aboard…Fragrances mentioned:Starting our journey at London’s docks - EMPRESSA.Turkey - HALFETI / HALFETI LEATHER / HALFETI CEDARAncient Mesopotamia - BABYLONEgypt - CAIROIstanbul - CONSTANTINOPLEDisembarking back in London - You can remember your adventures with a beautiful silk scarf by incredible designer to the stars, Fee Greening - there are two beautiful designs to choose from and you will get one free with a purchase of £90 and over, using the code TRADEROUTESTREAT at checkout. For more info and to see the scarves just follow this link: https://www.penhaligons.com/uk/en/trade-routes-scarves
25/09/21·48m 17s

Minipod: Random Things I Rate

In this week's Minipod I talk about some of the things that I've loved and used for ages and that I'm enjoying at the moment. From nose hair trimmers to an excellent book to the easiest hair styling tool ever, this is a random edit of things that enhance my everyday life.Here's what I talk about:Babyliss Deep WaveTweezerman TweezersRemington Nose Hair TrimmerSara Pascoe Sex, Power MoneyPrudence (iloh.co.uk)
23/09/21·9m 4s

Newby Hands - My Beauty Habits

In this episode I get to know a hugely knowledgable and influential woman who has been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. Newby Hands has an incredibly impressive CV including being Style and Beauty Editor at the Daily Mail, Beauty Director at large at Harper's Bazaar, editorial director at Feelunique.com and her current role, Beauty Director at Net-A-Porter.As I interviewed Newby I got really excited. I just found her insights, views and recommendations so spot on and I was blown away by her knowledge of beauty but also of what we, real women want and need. This episode is for anyone who is obsessed with the beauty industry and where it's heading and is also brimming with great advice and product recommendations from a woman who really knows her stuff.
21/09/21·47m 6s

Sahara Lotti and Dita Von Teese: Outspoken Beauty X Lashify

*This episode is in partnership with Lashify*I have been brimming with excitement about this episode. It was a first for me in that I recorded it in my car when I was on holiday in France and I could not believe that the tech actually worked!During the podcast I get to know Sahara Lotti who is an actress, film script writer and the founder of Lashify which is in my opinion one of the most innovative lash companies on the market. (More on that in a moment). Sahara chats about her life as an entrepreneur, striving for perfection, why she chose not to have children and also gives a lot of life wisdom that I have really taken away with me.I then go on to chat to Dita Von Teese who has gone from huge fan of Lashify to being an ambassador because she loves them so much. We talk lashes, what beauty means to her, why her image is important and she also shares some brilliant beauty tips.These two women are so feisty and strong and yet not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. I hope that you get as much out of this episode as I have.As for Lashify, as you'll hear, Sahara wanted to give women who are tired of lash extensions another lash health friendly and more affordable option. These lashes are beautiful, the application method is totally original and best of all, if applied correctly, they really do last. (It takes a few goes to master the application but they give you a free education session and there are loads of lessons online. Once you master it, you won't look back). I'll give more info on the podcast and if you do decide you'd like to purchase them then I have a code for Outspoken Beauty Panellists. DM me if you'd like to join the club xx
18/09/21·47m 47s

Minipod: Personalised Beauty That I Love

In this week's Minipod I focus in on personalised, tailor made beauty which is becoming increasingly popular and in the case of skincare, I think much needed. From makeup to fragrance to skincare, if you're looking for something one off and targeted to your needs, then look no further.Here's what I talk about:Dcypher FoundationsThe Experimental Perfume ClubCodex LipstickSkin and Me
16/09/21·7m 58s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake - Episode 8

Yay Bryony and I are back and we recorded this episode after meeting for the first time which makes it extra special.During the episode we talk first kisses, the joy of meeting IRL, The Crown and then we go beauty bonkers with a whole host of products to tantalise your taste buds.Enjoy!
14/09/21·38m 17s

Dr Vicky Dondos - The Positive Ageing Plan

In this episode I get to know the Dr who is renowned within the beauty industry for giving the most subtle and natural looking tweakments. Dr Vicky Dondos is not only a fully qualified medical Dr but has been in aesthetics for more than a decadeDuring the episode we chat about Vicky's book The Positive Ageing Plan, in which she writes about how we can age positively and healthily whilst still wanting to look our best.Vicky also talks through her favourite ways to get great skin including topical treatments, supplements, tweakments and general health and lifestyle.Vicky is so knowledgeable and if ageing positively but glowingly is your thing then this is the episode for you.
11/09/21·41m 36s

Hairloss and Thinning With Natucain

In this special episode in partnership with Natucain, I learn about the science behind a hair spray that has been proven to both enhance hair growth and reduce hair loss. Natucain was formulated by the brilliant scientist Stefanie Seyda who wanted to make something that could truly help with hairloss but that was natural and without side effects.After learning about the story of the spray and how it came about, we speak to some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have been using it for 8 weeks. They give their honest review and tell us about the changes that they have seen in their hair.If you would like to try Natucain then they are offering Outspoken Beauty Listeners 50% off your first purchase using code NICOLA50 here's the link (https://natucain.co.uk/discount/NICOLA50) or you can head to natucain.co.uk. There is a 90 day money back guarantee as well.I hope you enjoy getting to learn about this innovative product and hearing how it has benefitted some of the panellists.
10/09/21·22m 59s

Amanda Harrington: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know tanning queen, artist and entrepreneur Amanda Harrington.Amanda shares the fascinating story about how her background as an artist inspired her to start a tanning brand like no other.We then talk about Amanda's beauty habits which include magical concoctions that she drinks and pretty hard core French Pharmacy products.Amanda was so much fun and I adored hearing about her daily beauty rituals. You're going to love this episode!
07/09/21·38m 28s

Avon - Surprising Science and Innovative Ingredients

*This Episode Is In Partnership With Avon*In this episode I get to know Avon like I never have before. For most of my life I have thought of them as a company that give women amazing opportunities and are renowned for their makeup, but little did I know that they have been at the forefront of some of the biggest skincare innovations in the beauty industry.During the episode I get to know Autumn Duckworth, Avon's Head of Category, who gives an amazing insight into all the work that they have done to support and empower women as well as chatting about some of the mind-blowing work that they have done in the skincare arena.I then interview Anthony Gonzalez who is their Head of Skincare Product Development. He tells me about the incredible focus on science that they have and then goes into depth about their brand new (and truly excellent) product Anew Renewal Power Serum which contains patented ingredient Protinol. After a brilliantly nerdy chat about the science behind the product, we hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who give their honest reviews of the product. (We sent it out to 100 panellists and 95% absolutely love it).I have so enjoyed delving into the world of Avon. It has been a real education for me and my perception has definitely shifted to seeing them as a serious and truly innovative skincare brand.
04/09/21·43m 25s

Dr Sam Bunting: Acne 101

In this special episode in partnership with Dr Sam Bunting we discuss acne and the best ways to deal with it. Sam as ever shares brilliant, no nonsense advice (and has me giggling because I made her record the podcast under a blanket....listen to find out why ;0)Later in the episode we talk about Sam's brand new skincare hero which is called Flawless Neutralising Gel. It's a product that directly targets acne and blemishes and Sam chats about the work that has gone into it and why it's one of her favourite products in her range.Finally, we hear from two Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists, both of whom suffer from acne and have been trialling not only the new Neutralising Gel but the entire Dr Sam Skincare System for 6 weeks. We hear their honest reviews and find out how their acne is doing. If you'd like to join the panel email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk and I'll send a form over.Sam's Neutralising Gel is available for £28 at drsambunting.com.
02/09/21·37m 41s

Minipod: 5 Excellent Books

Things are still a bit topsy turvy after my holiday so normal podcasts resume next week. In the meantime, here's another minipod as requested by you - some of the books that I'm reading at the moment and loving.Here's what I chat about during the episode:Under Belly - Anna WhitehouseThe Panic Years - Nell FrizzellI Am Not Your Baby Mother - Candice BrathwaiteDare - Barry McDonaghLongevity Book - Cameron Diaz
31/08/21·6m 48s

Attracta Courtney: The Pro-Ageing Warrior

In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing former nurse and now makeup artist and founder of the Attracta Beauty Awards, Attracta Courtney.Attracta has been in the beauty industry for a long time and has been having the anti anti-ageing conversation for years. She believes that the reason that she is so passionate about this is that when she was a nurse people would give anything to be well enough to grow old and it just didn't sit right that the beauty industry was undermining ageing with their messaging.Attracta and I chat about the changes that are happening and the things that need improving. She also talks about her brilliant career, the beauty awards that she has created and some of the beauty products that she loves.Attracta is a brilliant guest and is one of the women who are changing the beauty industry for the better. You can find her on insta @attractabeauty and check out the results of her latest awards @theattractabeautyawards.
28/08/21·40m 52s

Minipod: Fashion Inspiration

I'm going slightly off piste with this one and doing a one off fashion based Minipod, but this is again due to popular demand! (You can always suggest minipod ideas by DMing me @outspokenbeautynicola.)I don't claim to be a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination and tend to gravitate towards clothes that are comfy, flattering, in bright colours and fab prints.( Although I also swear by all black for effortless chic). I love nothing better than a fab fitting jumpsuit, jeans that make my bum look great and don't cut into my tummy and vivid maxi-dresses. Anyway, here are a few brands that I think make brilliant clothes, cater to all shapes and sizes and make clothes that definitely aim to boost confidence and empower us.
24/08/21·7m 48s

Danny Gray: Men, Makeup and Mental Health

In this episode I get to meet the man who is making a stand and encouraging men to fight the status quo and wear makeup if that's what they want to do.Danny Gray has opened the world's first men's makeup store on London's Carnaby Street and his message is clear...makeup has the power to empower men and give them confidence much like it does women. All we need to do is change our way of thinking.During the episode Danny opens up about how being bullied for his appearance as a child affected him and inspired his brand. We chat about his experience of Dragon's Den, his career journey and why Warpaint is about so much more about makeup.Danny is an absolute force of nature and I love what he's doing with Warpaint and his message. I have a feeling that this episode is going to really inspire you.
21/08/21·33m 22s

Minipod: Summer Holiday Beauty Picks continued

In this special summer holiday minipod I talk about some of the other bits and pieces that I love to take along with me to France, including fragrance, a delectable body cream and some fabulous makeup bits. The podcast will get back to usual from the beginning of September but in the meantime hope you enjoy this little sunny edit.
17/08/21·6m 47s

Indeed Labs: Passion, Great Science and Respecting The Skin

In this special episode in partnership with Indeed Labs I welcome their amazing CEO Dimitra Davidson back on the podcast. Dimitra and I talk about the power of having a great in-house team of scientists and how innovation and great formulating are key to the brand.We also chat about why Dimitra places so much importance on healthy skin barrier and why up until now she has never produced an acid exfoliant. This leads nicely to learning about their brand new (and amazing) PHA Toner. It is called Gluconolactone 10% and after Dimitra and I talk about it we hear from the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have been trying it for 6 weeks and give their honest, no holds barred reviews.I am a huge fan of Dimitra and her passion for skin and her brand and also love the fact that Indeed produce such good quality formulations that are priced so fairly. I can't wait for you to hear her story and to find out about their new product.
14/08/21·43m 14s

Minipod: My Summer Holiday Skincare

In this week's minipod I talk about the skincare that I'll be taking away with me to France. As you'll hear, I tend to leave the actives at home and focus on products that will keep my skin strong, happy and healthy whilst protecting it from the sun and keeping blemishes at bay.Here are some of the products I mention:Dr Sam Bunting: Cleanser/ Cerave: Hydrating CleanserMicrofibre cloths (Skingredients)Skinceuticals Silymarin CFWhind Jelly CleanserSkingredients PreProbiotic CleanserExuviance Protect and CorrectExuviance Night Renewal HydragelClinisootheHeliocare Peace Out Acne DotsDermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum
12/08/21·7m 49s

Valerie Monroe: My Beauty Habits

In this episode I get to know Val Monroe. Val was the Beauty Director at O, The Oprah Magazine for 14 years and has since started a newsletter called How Not To F*CK Up Your Face where she encourages women to learn how to be kind to and love their faces.Val and I were really aligned on many of our views, particularly around pro-ageing. I also loved Val's insight into how she and Oprah wanted to do a different, more positive sort of beauty coverage in the magazine.Valerie and I also have a good old chat about the products she adores. Enjoy xx
10/08/21·39m 10s

Emma Ellice Flint: Listen To Your Gut

In this episode I'm joined by clinical nutritionist Emma Ellice Flint. I first came across Emma when she was talking about gut health at an event and I knew at that moment that I needed to get her on the podcast. She was so knowledgable, passionate and spoke so much sense and having listened to her for 20 minutes I felt inspired to research her further and make some instant changes to my own diet.During the episode we chat about why more and more research is showing just how vital the health of our gut is to the wellbeing of the rest of our body. Emma gives amazing tips and insights into how we can simply improve the way our gut functions and also gives some other really useful nutritional advice. There is also some great supplement guidance in there.Emma's speciality is Peri/Menopause nutrition and her book The Happy Hormone Cookbook is I think a must read for any woman over 40. You can also connect with her on Insta @Emmas_nutrition and if you'd like to see her in person, she works alongside Dr Louise Newson at the Newson Health, Menopause and Wellbeing Centre.I hope that you get a lot out of this episode whatever stage of life you're in.
07/08/21·57m 18s

Minipod: The Amazing World Of Personalised Skincare

In this week's Minipod I chat about 4 of my favourite online destinations for really excellent, personalised skincare and guidance. From Skin and Me where you have your own treatment made in-house, to Get Harley where you have the opportunity to have a consultation with a top skin consultant for a fraction of the IRL price, to Lionne and The Skin Nerd Network where the most amazing holistic approach is taken, there's something for everyone and every budget and best of all...you'll be getting advice and recommendations that are tailor made to you and your skin.I hope you enjoy learning more about these amazing offerings and as ever any questions, DM me @outspokenbeautynicola.
05/08/21·8m 1s

Old Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake: Episode 7

In this episode of Old, Borrowed and New Bryony and I talk about motorway driving, doorstep ice cream vans, the wonder of Grease 2 and of course go through our beauty picks of the week. Bryony has an AMAZING candle recommendation plus a shower gel that she can't get enough of and we also talk about the pros and cons of one of the most expensive face creams ever. I also talk about a perfume that starts off sweet and innocent but then becomes naughty and illicit.
03/08/21·37m 22s

Tackling Pigmentation with Sophie Habboo and Eucerin

In this special episode in partnership with Eucerin, I'm talking to Sophie Habboo about her experience of pigmentation, how it has affected her both physically and mentally and the things that have helped her to deal with it plus those which she has found less useful.Sophie has been working with Eucerin to promote their extensive Anti-Pigment range which has been game-changing for her and we discuss the products that she loves and how she incorporates them into her routine.Later in the episode I interview Eucerin's in-house expert Dylan Griffiths who tells me a bit about the science behind the range and why it works so well.I loved chatting to Sophie about her experience and am also so impressed with Eucerin and the huge amount of work that has gone into a range that is super affordable and accessible. I truly believe that good skincare should be available to all and that's exactly what Eucerin are doing.
31/07/21·44m 44s

Minipod: 5 Highlights Of The Week

In this week's minipod I talk about 5 things that I've loved this week, including a brilliant book, something that has totally turned my weak nails around, a fresh and lovely fragrance and my perfect glowy base. Enjoy :0)
30/07/21·7m 28s

Ronke Adeyemi: My Beauty Habits

In this episode I get to know Ronke Adeyemi, the brilliant founder of and brains behind Brown Beauty Talk ( a beauty website that connects black and Asian women with brands that cater to them. )Brown Beauty Talk had been on my radar for a while as the content they produce is really brilliant and it was such a pleasure to get to know the woman behind it.During the episode we chat about Ronke's inspiration for the website, we get all nostalgic about The Body Shop and we of course chat through the beauty bits and pieces that Ronke loves and recommends. (Much to my delight she's really into fragrance too!)Ronke is great and I can't wait for you to get to know her. I also thoroughly recommend brownbeautytalk.com for really great beauty content.
27/07/21·30m 43s

Joshua Fletcher: Untangle Your Anxiety

In this episode I speak to psychotherapist Joshua Fletcher aka @anxietyjosh. As well as being a therapist who specialises in anxiety and panic, Josh has written three best-selling books on the topic, with his most recent being the hugely popular Untangle Your Anxiety.As a long term anxiety sufferer myself, I was really keen to explore Joshua's views on the topic and hopefully get some great tips on how to manage something that I have put up with for a very long time.What makes Josh so interesting to me is his authenticity. He himself suffered from crippling anxiety and after a lot of hard work managed to overcome it which led him to author his books and to qualify as a psychotherapist.During our conversation we talk about various aspects of life with anxiety and Josh gives really down to earth, BS free and at times strict advice on how to overcome them.I hope that you get as much out of this episode as I did. The topic of mental health is so important to me, as is being open about my own. I'm on a mission to overcome my anxiety and as part of my podcast would like to take you on the journey with me from time to time. If you want to ask any questions or connect with me about anxiety and mental health then please do DM me via Instagram @outspokenbeautynicola. You can find Josh @anxietyjosh.
24/07/21·36m 2s

Minipod: Bronzer, Breathing and Makeup for Movement

In this week's Minipod I'm talking about a few of my favourite things this week. I chat about a new liquid bronzer that blends beautifully, a great guide to breathing, power showers, a fabulous makeup brand that have you covered when you exercise and a box created just for female pleasure. I also tell you about an offer from the brilliant skincare brand Pestle and Mortar just for Outspoken Beauties.Products mentioned:Skin In Motion Mascara and tinted moisturiserWim Hof 11 minute Guided Breathing for Beginners (YouTube)Glossier Solar PaintShe Spot Intimate Pleasure BoxPestle and Mortar: Use code outspoken at checkout for a free 30ml Balance Spray and Pure Hylauronic Serum Ampoule with every order over £40.
22/07/21·9m 38s

Old Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake: Episode 6

In this episode Bryony and I talk foot warts, the "foolproof" way to find lost items, Naked Attraction, our favourite body parts and designer vaginas. We then go onto the main event and talk beauty. Our recommendations include Bryony's favourite ever blusher, an amazing spf/primer hybrid and an eyebrow product that never fails us. We loved recording this episode and hope you have fun listening xx
20/07/21·33m 26s

Jemma Sawyer: Reclaiming Female Pleasure

In this episode I'm entering a new and forward thinking world of female pleasure where everything for women is designed by women....I'm meeting Jemma Sawyer, the amazing entrepreneur and founder of the truly empowering female health and pleasure platform Iloh. Jemma who has spent years exploring FemTech and the innovation in the female pleasure space, decided to provide a platform that is without shame or guilt and describes ILOH as a community for women to explore their sexual health, confidence and pleasure.Jemma and I chat about her journey and inspiration and why she thinks that it is so important for women to lead the way in this arena. I also talk about some of the products featured on Iloh and why they're so fabulous. This is the episode for you if you're looking to explore opportunities for your own pleasure or just want inspiration from a woman who had a great business idea and made it happen. Enjoy :0)
17/07/21·33m 0s

Minipod: 6 Really Great Moisturisers

I did a poll on Instagram and for this week's Minipod you voted for moisturisers. Even though they're not sexy, a great moisturiser can make all the difference to our skin by protecting the barrier, supporting skin health and in some cases treating certain issues. During the episode I cover off skin loving moisturisers, a fab treatment one for acne, the perfect moisturiser for mature skin and an exciting new moisturiser/spf hybrid. I also have a great recommendation for one that sits well under makeup.Products mentioned:La Roche Posay Tolerian Sensitive FluidDr Sam Bunting Flawless MoisturiserMurad Intense recovery creamVotary Super Seed Nutrient CreamExuviance Night Renewal HydragelExuviance Total Correct HydrateMedik 8 Advanced Day Ultimate ProtectEmbryolisse Lait-Creme ConcentrePlus I totally forgot to include Skingredients Skin Good Fats which I adore!
15/07/21·9m 16s

Dr Sam Bunting: My Wellbeing Habits

In this episode I welcome back the brilliant Dr Sam Bunting for a chat that I found incredibly enlightening. Sam and I focus in on the wellbeing habits that keep her feeling great and she shares how they have helped with both her physical and mental health, including a form of meditation that is having a profound effect on her.I love Sam's openness in this episode and the detail that she goes into and think that some of her habits and experiences might really inspire you (as they have me!).
13/07/21·37m 18s

A Brilliant Skincare Story: Pestle and Mortar

In this special episode in partnership with Pestle and Mortar Cosmetics I have the pleasure of getting to know entrepreneur and co-founder Sonia Deasy. Sonia, who is a mother of five and total perfectionist (in the best sense of the word) talks me through her journey to launching (alongside her other half) a skincare brand that is loved by so many people and that for me ticks so many boxes. We talk about juggling work and family, creating skincare that really works and what her inspiration is. I love getting to know women like Sonia who prove that it is possible to make big things happen if you have the drive and passion.Later we hear from four Outspoken Beauty Panel members who have been thoroughly trialling the Pestle and Mortar Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum. As ever they give their honest, no holds barred views of the product and brand.I hope you enjoy discovering the woman behind Pestle and Mortar and if you don't know the brand then I hope this sparks your interest as it really is fabulous.
10/07/21·48m 20s

Minipod: 5 Little Wellbeing Tips

I have to preface this by saying that when it comes to wellbeing I am a work in progress. (ie I really don't have much of an idea at all). However, I am making a concerted effort to learn about how I can make myself healthier both mentally and physically and slowly slowly I'm hoping to incorporate more and more good habits into my life.In this episode I cover off 5 of these habits. They are all small steps that anyone can take.Products mentioned:Therapie Energy DropsThe Cultured Collective Fennel, Apple and Dill SaurkrautForage Botanicals Premenstrual Peace Drops
08/07/21·7m 33s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake: Episode 5

Makeup artist and all round fabulous person Bryony Blake returns for our fortnightly catch up (yay) and this week we have a good old chat about everything from sex faces to a horrendous stage name incident to why we like it when people are nice to us (and get really sad when they're not). We do of course get on to beauty and in this episode we're talking dreamy baths, teeth, prescription skincare and a multi-purpose balm.
06/07/21·44m 49s

Caroline Moss: Glitter Tits, White Eyeshadow and Great Beauty Buys

I'm so excited about this episode. A few weeks ago I did a pod-swap with the brilliant Caroline Moss who is an author extraordinaire and host of the brilliant Gee Thanks Just Bought It Podcast where guests come on and talk about one thing that they've bought that has made a huge difference to their life. (I went on and discussed my ceramic dildo :0)Now it's time for you to hear my interview with Caroline. She is one of the funniest women I've ever had the pleasure to talk to and I spent most of our two virtual hours together snorting with laughter.Prepare for talk of "glitter tits", questionable makeup habits from our youth, views on life and for some great tips from Caroline as she discusses the beauty products that she absolutely adores.I thoroughly recommend Caroline's podcast....here's the link:https://www.geethanksjustboughtit.com/Enjoy this brilliant and hilarious woman!
03/07/21·38m 55s

Minipod: 5 Highlights From The Week

In this week's Minipod I'm being a bit more eclectic than usual with a mixture of 5 things that have enhanced the past week or so for me.I mention a great book, a must have supplement, a fab tip from a nutritionist, the ultimate summer fragrance and also focus in on a skincare trial that I'm doing. Enjoy :0)
01/07/21·8m 0s

Lucia Ferrari Returns: My Beauty Habits

She's back (said in a very excited voice). Beauty journalist extraordinaire Lucia Ferrari always goes down an absolute treat when she comes on the podcast...she just gives the BEST recommendations and is without a doubt one of the nicest and funniest people in the industry.In this episode we talk about retinoids, skin barrier repairing products, menopausal skin and somehow get onto nipple hair. It's a great episode with a great woman. Enjoy!PS If you having a one to one consultation with Lucia then make sure you check out her new beauty consultation service here: http://www.lucia-ferrari.com/consultation-services
29/06/21·50m 48s

My IPL Journey With Braun and Feeling Great With Gabriela Peacock

In this episode I start with a little chat in partnership with @braun_global. As you may know, I have been testing their Silk-Expert Pro 5 home IPL device and have seen some really amazing results with permanent hair removal that I've been able to do at home, which has been so handy! I've decided to partner with them to get you as much information about the device as possible so that if you do decide to buy one, you are equipped with all the knowledge you need. For that info, I chat to GP Dr Anita Sturnham who specialises in skin health and tells us everything we need to know about why IPL and why the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 is so effective (and safe). Later in the episode I have a fabulous chat with Nutritional Therapist Gabriela Peacock who has written the most amazing book called 2 Weeks To Feeling Great. Gabriela talks me through how little changes to our diet and lifestyle can make all the difference to our general health and wellbeing. This is no nonsense, intelligent and empowering advice that I truly believe can help us. (No fad diets welcome!!)
27/06/21·46m 47s

Minipod: Some of My Favourite Hair Products

In this week's Minipod I focus in on five products that I love and that I feel make a real difference to the health and appearance of my hair.I have very straight hair that can get a bit greasy and also lacks volume. I hope that most of these products will work for all hair types.Here are the products I mention:The Aquis hair wrapBabyliss Deep Wave StylerHair Hero Turbo DryAveda Wooden Paddle BrushElnett Styling Spray Heat Protection Spray
24/06/21·6m 33s

Old Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake: Episode 4

In this episode of Old, Borrowed and New, Bryony and I cover everything from periods to active wear and camel toes (don'task!), before getting into beauty bits and bobs that we're loving. This episode includes amazing cream blushers, a hard to find but incredible fragrance and some probiotics that are guarenteed to get your tummy back on track. Enjoy :0)
22/06/21·37m 37s

Jenni Retourne: Age Without Apology

In this episode I chat to the incredible founder of Willowberry Skincare, Jenni Retourne.Jenni, whose brand is loved by many makeup artists is on a mission to change the conversation around ageing in the beauty industry and recently launched her Age Without Apology Pledge where consumers and the members of the industry can come together, make a pledge and help change the anti-ageing narrative. (I'm really proud to be a part of the Founder Member Collective).During the episode we chat about why we are so passionate about changing the way that products are marketed to with the use of fear and how we want to see the beauty industry help us embrace who we are rather than make us doubt ourselves. Jenni has lots of advice for brands and consumers alike and is utterly inspiring.I love what Jenni is doing. It's something that I'm so passionate about and it's a total honour to have her as my guest on this really important episode.
19/06/21·42m 35s

Minipod: My Favourite Home Fragrances

In this week's Minipod I talk through my five all time favourite home scents. They all serve different purposes and create very different moods and atmospheres in my house.During the episode I discuss how I use each scent and the products I mention are:Neom Happiness CandleAzzi Glasser The Perfumer's Story Black Moss CandleReplica Lazy Sunday Morning CandleAntonia Burrell "And Breathe" Air Cleansing Room SprayAromatherapy Associates Revive Oil and their new Atomiser.
17/06/21·7m 57s

Cheryl Hole: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by drag artist extraordinaire Cheryl Hole. Cheryl was one of the first contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race UK and during the episode we talk about what drag means to her and how it's developed as an art form in recent years.Cheryl has the most vivacious, warm personality and as I get to know her more, we delve into her beauty habits. Over the years she has mastered the art of makeup and she has a lot of AMAZING recommendations. We also chat skincare, our love for Fenty Beauty and Cheryl shares some beauty secrets that are serious game changers.I loved getting to know Cheryl and this episode is guaranteed to boost your mood and makeup skills.
15/06/21·48m 16s

Cherry Healey: Two Outspoken Ladies

I don't know how to sum this episode up apart from to say that Cherry and I had so much fun recording it and we covered all sorts of topics from vulvas to manifestation to past relationships. It really was just the most brilliant catch up and I feel like we put the world to rights and I left feeling all empowered and excited.Cherry is an ambassador for the brilliant charity The Eve Appeal and I just wanted to say that the work they do is incredible. They raise awareness of and research the 5 types of gynaecological cancer. They also offer 24/7 support with specialist nurses on their phoneline. If you do nothing else, please go to their website and read their guide to the Cancers....I have learnt so much from them and have had medical checks that I never would have known that I needed if it wasn't for the education that they offer.https://eveappeal.org.uk/gynaecological-cancers/
12/06/21·42m 41s

Minipod: My favourite Instant Tanning Drops

In this week's Minipod I focus in on four products that give you an instant tan and beautiful glow. Most of them also have skincare benefits and can be used in a number of ways.Products mentioned: Tanluxe Super Gloss SPF30, Indeed labs Bronzing Drops, Pai The Impossible Glow and Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer.
10/06/21·7m 47s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake: Episode 3

In this week's episode of Old, Borrowed and New, Bryony and I chat about everything from how hamsters running in balls must feel to how we'd deal with being a comedian to why Bryony will do anything to escape being told off. As ever the conversation goes in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions but comes back to the main event...old, borrowed and new beauty products that we adore. This week we cover a mascara that doesn't budge, the perfect summer fragrance, a cheap and cheerful shampoo and a blusher that's guaranteed to give your cheeks some va va voom.
08/06/21·41m 43s

The Joy of Warm Science: Outspoken Beauty X Whind

In this special episode in partnership with Whind Skincare I meet the incredible entrepreneur and brand founder Hind Sebti.Hind, who has worked for many of the largest brands in beauty, decided to take everything that she had learnt about skincare and combine it with her belief that it should not only be efficacious but that it should also bring joy. She coined the phrase "warm science", where the best ingredients and formulations meet a wonderful and sensorial experience and built her brand Whind which totally encapsulated this sentiment.Hind is a really special woman whose beliefs about what beauty should mean and how it should make us feel sit so right with me and I love the fact that she has created something that is so authentic to her and that I hope will inspire many of us to find more joy in our daily rituals.
05/06/21·49m 48s

Minipod: My Top Oil Cleansers

In this week's Minipod I talk about my favourite oil cleansers. Although not for everyone, an oil cleanser is very good at getting stubborn makeup off, attracts oil and a good one will leave your skin feeling comfortable and hydrated without any residue. I've given a variety or recommendations so whatever your skin type you should be covered.Here are the products I mention:DHC Deep Cleansing OilDermalogica PreCleanse OilAvene XeraCalm A.D. Cleansing Oil Camomile Silky Cleansing OilAntonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil
04/06/21·6m 39s

Caroline Barnes: My Beauty Habits

In this episode I get to know the wonderful makeup artist Caroline Barnes. Caroline is hugely successful and loved by so many in the industry and chatting to her made me realise why. She is natural, incredibly down to earth and really excellent at what she does. She also genuinely cares about other people.During the episode we chat about Caroline's career, a huge initiative that she started during the first lockdown that helped boost the morale of hundreds of NHS workers and of course her beauty habits. Caroline absolutely adores fragrance and likes to wear them according to mood and the seasons....she shares her favourites and when she wears them. We also talk through the makeup bits that she always carries in her personal makeup bag.This is such a great episode and Caroline is 100% up there with my favourite interviewees!
01/06/21·53m 37s

On The Scent Special With Penhaligons

In this special episode in partnership with Penhaligons, perfume expert extraordinaire Suzy Nightingale and I go on a sensorial journey through their iconic British Tales Collection.After talking a bit about the perfume house's amazing history, we begin to chat through our reactions to the scents in the collection. Every single one is so different and yet so special and we had so much fun describing how each perfume makes us feel.We really hope that we take you on this journey with us and that we help you to get a feel for a perfume collection that is worlds apart.
29/05/21·1h 5m

Minipod: My 4 Favourite Vitamin C Skincare Products

In this week's Minipod I talk about the benefits of including a Vitamin C in your skincare routine and why I love it so much as an ingredient.I then chat through 4 of my favourite Vitamin C products including Exuviance Vitamin C Capsules, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Silymarin CF and finally the brilliant Vitamin C Serum 23% from Garden of Wisdom.If you'd like me to cover something specific in a future Minipod then feel free to message me via Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola :)
27/05/21·9m 10s

Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake

In this our second episode of the brand new series Old, Borrowed and New, makeup artist extraordinaire Bryony Blake and I start with a bit of a chinwag and after somehow getting onto the topics of swinging and what we call our vaginas you'll be glad to know that we bring it back to beauty. We chat about the products that we're loving from the icons that have been a part of our lives forever to the most exciting newness and of course something beauty related that we have borrowed from someone else. (That's why we've called it Old, Borrowed and New after all!)Enjoy!
25/05/21·39m 10s

Aimee Connolly and A Trip To Bali With Crabtree and Evelyn

This episode begins with a fabulous trip to Bali in partnership with Crabtree and Evelyn. As soon as I tried their Bali collection I knew that I wanted to bring it to life on the podcast, so I've created an audio mini break where you and I are flown to the island by private jet (my 4 year old is the pilot), we go to a top spa (my bathroom) and experience the products together. I had such fun creating this and really hope you enjoy it. After the holiday comes the second part of the episode where I get to know makeup artist and creator of Sculpted By Aimee, the brilliant Aimee Connolly. We chat career choices, the ups and downs of entrepreneur life and formulating great products. Aimee also talks about some of her beauty habits.If you're tempted to try anything in the Bali Collection then Crabtree and Evelyn are giving us 15% off our first orders. Just use code OUTSPOKEN15. The code is available in the UK and US and is valid from 23rd May until 31st December 2021.
22/05/21·46m 23s

Minipod: My Top 5 Budget Skincare Buys

In this week's Minipod I focus in on 5 great skincare products that cost less than a tenner each. I really love these products and they're proof that you don't always need to spend lots of money to get good quality formulations that really work.The products I mention are Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, The Inkey List PHA Toner, Ambre SolaireSensitive Face Fluid SPF50+ , Garden of wisdom Vitamin C 23% and Ferulic Acid and Avon Anew Revival Serum Lipstick. I hope you're enjoying these Minipods and if there's anything you'd like me to cover you can email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk
20/05/21·7m 28s

Rose Gallagher: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by one of the loveliest women I've ever interviewed, the fabulous makeup artist and fellow podcast host Rose Gallagher.Rose shares her beauty story and how a weekend job when she was at university led to a career as a makeup artist. We chat about so much more and there are of course a whole lot of great beauty recommendations in there too.You can find Rose on instagram @rosegallagher and I highly recommend her lovely podcast From The Heart.
18/05/21·55m 20s

Millie Kendall MBE: A Life In Beauty

I'm so excited to tell you about this episode. I'm joined by true beauty industry royalty...the amazing and inspiring Mille Kendall MBE.Millie is the woman behind the launch of many of the biggest beauty brands in the world and was also one half of Ruby and Millie Makeup which I know was a brand that so many of us adored and still miss today. Today she is CEO of the British Beauty Council and is a huge force for good, helping to champion and shape the beauty industry for the better.During the episode Millie talks about her incredible journey to where she is today and her relationship with beauty and the industry. She is funny, down to earth and a real inspiration. I know you'll enjoy getting to know this amazing woman.
15/05/21·44m 39s

Minipod: My Top Concealers

In this week's Minipod I delve into my favourite concealers. I like the idea of being able to wear a nice sheer base and then letting my concealer do all the hard work whilst still looking natural. The products I chat about in this episode all manage to achieve that and then some!Here's what I mention:IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, Trish Macevoy Instant Eye Lift, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer.
13/05/21·8m 13s

Old, Borrowed and New with Bryony Blake

Introducing a brand new series with makeup artist extraordinaire and all round fabulous person Bryony Blake.Old, Borrowed and New sees me and Bryony chat about a product we've loved forever, a tip or product that we've borrowed/stolen from someone and something new that we are testing and loving at the moment. This is all really an excuse to have a fabulous catch up with lots of laughs.Can't wait to hear what you think of this. Bryony is an absolute star!
11/05/21·41m 7s

Dr Sam Bunting: What Not To Do!

In this episode I welcome back the amazing dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting to talk through the things we should be steering clear of when it comes to our skin. Sam is a great believer in keeping things simple but effective and has a list of skincare ingredients that she feels that we can all benefit from. There are also those products and habits that may be nice but probably aren't doing much for the health of our skin (or our pockets) and Sam talks us through the good, the bad and the ugly.As ever it was an absolute pleasure chatting to Sam. She's always reassuringly bossy and eager to share her extensive knowledge of skin.
08/05/21·31m 50s

Minipod: My Top Tinted Moisturisers

In this week's Minipod I chat about my top tinted moisturisers. They all give a gorgeous dewy finish, most offer SPF protection and also cater to a range of skintones. I also love the way these products sit under makeup.Products mentioned: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint and Trinny London BFF Cream.
06/05/21·8m 29s

Melanie Daly: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the brilliant makeup artist and Outspoken Beauty Panellist Melanie Daly. Melanie specialises in make-up for the over 50's and also gives makeup classes to cancer patients. She is so incredibly knowledgable about both products and techniques that work for all ages.If you like your beauty recommendations then be prepared to get a notepad...Melanie has so many incredible products to tell us about from makeup to skincare to fragrance. You can find Melanie on Instagram @melaniedalymakeup and her website is melaniedalymakeup.co.uk.
04/05/21·51m 54s

Joti Gata-Aura: Accepting My Vitiligo

In this episode I chat to the incredible Joti Gata-Aura who talks to me about her vitiligo and the journey she has gone on from feeling ashamed and wanting to hide when she was first diagnosed, to deciding that it was time to embrace life and her skin condition which led to her walking down a catwalk during London Fashion Week and appearing in a BBC3 Documentary called "Mis-FITS Like Us" which saw her sharing her story to a huge audience.Joti now makes it her mission to educate others and promote acceptance of the disease and has started an organisation called Positively Diverse where her purpose is to champion better representation in the media for those with visible differences and disabilities.I loved hearing Joti's story and a journey that has taken her from embarrassment and shame to acceptance and a desire to empower others.You can find out more about Joti's work at positivelydiverse.co.uk.
01/05/21·27m 47s

Minipod: My Top Red Lipsticks That Suit Everyone

In this week's Minipod I talk about four fabulous and very different red lipsticks that suit every shade of skin and why I think each one is special.Products mentioned:Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and pencilMac Prep and PrimeMaybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick: Ruby For MeGlossier Generation G in ZipFenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored
29/04/21·6m 30s

Trish McEvoy: My Beauty Habits (and thoughts on life)

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I welcome back the icon that is Trish McEvoy.Trish and I cover so much during our chat from beauty to fragrance to our experiences of therapy to learning to be happy in your own company. I love the fact that Trish really opened up to me during our conversation, sharing her own personal experiences and take on life in a way that I think will benefit all of us.Trish is not only the woman behind one of the best makeup brands on the market but is a true inspiration and I hope that you get loads out of hearing this episode.
27/04/21·43m 13s

On The Scent With Suzy Nightingale: Episode 3

I get so excited about recording On The Scent with Suzy and discovering so many new fragrances. In this our third episode, Suzy and I discuss the fragrances that we've been wearing and loving, the very best niche shops to discover the right fragrance for you, we focus in on Suzy's fragrance of the month and also give you your fragrance prescriptions which you can ask us for via Instagram (@OutspokenBeautyNicola and @Fragrantmaven).Here's the list of scents and shops that we chat about during the episode:What Suzy’s been wearing:@lancomeofficial Lancôme Rose Peonia @januaryscents January Scents Vaporocindro @27_87 27 87 Wandervogel What Nicola's been Wearing:Miller Harris Scherzo hair mistFuggazzi In Love With The CocosPerfume Prescriptions:@vilhelm_parfumerie Vilhelm Peony Couture@lelabofragrances Le Labo Tonka 25 @millerharris Miller Harris @floralstreet_ Floral Street @jovoymayfair Jovoy @lessenteurs Les Senteurs @bloomperfumery Bloom@lartisanparfumeur L’Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extreme @millerharris Miller Harris Lost in the City@trishmcevoy Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk @ateliercologne Atelier Cologne @ruthmastenbroekperfume Ruth Mastenbroek Dagian @czechandspeake Czech & Speake Villa AusoniaFragrant Focus:@diorparfums Dior Diorling
24/04/21·48m 1s

Minipod: My Top Sunscreens for All Skin Tones

In this week's Minipod I focus in on four exceptional and multi-purpose sunscreens that look great on all skin tones because they don't leave a white or ashy cast. All of the products are fairly priced, well formulated and contain extra ingredients that make them really good for our skin. They also sit well with makeup.Products mentioned:Altruist - Face FluidSuper Goop - Unseen SunscreenLa Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Spray SPF50Heliocare - Water GelEnjoy xx
22/04/21·8m 25s

Donna Francis: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I welcome back the wonderful beauty editor Donna Francis.Donna is best known for fighting for inclusivity in her beauty shoots at a time when most models were white carbon copies of each another and is also one of the loveliest women in the industry.During the episode Donna gives SO many wonderful recommendations from face oils to body creams to the glowiest ever SPF to a fragrance that will transport you to sunnier climes....it's all here. (I warn you in advance, I ended up spending £50 on her recommendations within moments of finishing this recording).I hope you enjoy my chat with Donna and hearing all about the products that she loves.
20/04/21·41m 40s

Molly Forbes: How To Be Body Happy

In this episode I get to know author, body positivity and confidence champion Molly Forbes.Molly talks candidly about how she managed to shift her own unhealthy relationship with her body and how over the years she has learnt how to reframe the way she sees herself.We chat about how we can learn to embrace our own bodies, the language we should and shouldn't use around diet culture and also how we can encourage the young people in our lives to feel good about themselves plus loads more.Molly has written an incredible book called Body Happy Kids which is out now and also has a fantastic podcast called Body Cons. You can find her on Insta @mollyjforbes.
17/04/21·38m 38s

Minipod: My Four Favourite Retinoids

In this Minipod I chat through four of my favourite retinoids and why I recommend them. They all have different but clever formulations, most of them are suitable for sensitive skin (for those that aren't I recommend the best way to use them) and I hope that there is something in my list for everyone. Remember that some skins don't tolerate retinoids (retinol in particular) that well and it's always important to build up slowly.Products mentioned:Skingredients Skin ProteinMedik8 Crystal RetinalThe Ordinary Retinol with Squalane and Granactive Retinoid Dr Sam Bunting's Flawless Nightly Serum.For a more in depth chat about retinoids make sure you check out The Retinol 101 with Medik 8's Dan Isaacs.
15/04/21·9m 30s

Ruby Barker: My Beauty Habits

Having been totally hooked on Bridgerton I was really excited to get the chance to chat to Ruby Barker who played Marina Thompson.During this episode of My Beauty Habits Ruby and I explore confidence, positive body image when you're in the public eye, Ruby's journey from CBBC to Bridgerton and the beauty products that Ruby loves including some beautiful hair products and a really affordable cleanser that she swears by.Enjoy!
13/04/21·21m 49s

Nicola Elliott: Neom, Horse Supplements and The Bore-ometer

In this episode I have a long overdue catch up with one of my absolute favs - Nicola Elliott.Nicola, who is the founder of Neom Organics, returns to the podcast for the kind of chat that made me forget that we were recording (those are my very favourites).During the episode we talk swearing, lockdown horses (and their supplements), Nicola's inbuilt bore-ometer which leads her to be an utter perfectionist, middle age and the hangovers that come with it, hormones and also catch up on all things Neom.I had so much fun recording this and remain in awe of Nicola for everything she has achieved. Make sure you listen to this with a glass of wine and perhaps pretend you're in a bar with us having a good old gossip :0) xx
10/04/21·42m 1s

Minipod: My 3 Favourite Skin Barrier Repairing Products

In this week's minipod I talk about three of my top rated barrier repairing products. These moisturisers/treatments all help to reduce inflammation and redness and comfort the skin when you've overdone it on the actives or are feeling in need of a bit of TLC.We often place so much importance on active ingredients that work at a deeper level that we forget about the importance of maintaining the health of our outer layer of skin, but for me, there's no point in spending money on other products if your epidermis is compromised. These products will get everything back on track and keep your skin happy and healthy.
08/04/21·6m 48s

Erim Kaur: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the amazing Erim Kaur. Erim, who has over 200K Instagram followers, is the CEO of By Erim hair oil which she founded at the age of 25 and which has been hugely successful.During our chat I get to know how losing her Mum at a young age was part of the inspiration for her business. We chat about life with boys, the influence her grandma had on her and the huge importance that hair oil plays both in her life and culture.Erim also chats through her favourite beauty products and we find a mutual love for fragrances that gets us both very excited!I loved Erim's story, energy and drive and really enjoyed discovering the products that she loves.
06/04/21·45m 41s

Dr Sohere Roked: WTF Is Going on With My Hormones?

I'm going to level with you, my PMT is out of control and I've decided enough is enough...I'm done with being a slave to my hormones and never knowing what they're going to throw at me next and so I've called in the expert to help me and everyone else who wants to take control of theirs....introducing the amazing Dr Sohere Roked.Dr Sohere is a GP and one of the UK's leading experts in bio identical and body identical hormone therapy. She believes that when our hormones are unbalanced it can affect many aspects of our health and her understanding of how to get them back in check is potentially life changing for so many of us.This is a must listen whether you're sick of PMT, pregnant, menopausal or anything in between. In fact, it's a wake up call that we don't have to put up with feeling below par due to our hormones....there are ways we can take back control.During the episode I also reminisce about fish pedicures...do you remember those? And chat about Nursem skincare who have just done brilliantly on Dragon's Den.Enjoy my lovelies xxYou can find Dr Sohere @miss_soh on Insta and at drsohereroked.co.uk
03/04/21·40m 57s

Minipod: My 3 Favourite PHAS

Welcome to 7 minutes of pure beauty chat. In my first minipod I chat about why everyone should be using PHAs and talk through where they should go in your routine. I also recommend 3 of my favourites. If you have any beauty questions DM me @OutspokenBeautyNicola and if I can't answer I'll ask someone who can!
02/04/21·7m 2s

Joy Adenuga: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the fabulous makeup artist Joy Adenuga.Joy tells me how with the support of her husband and combining evening classes with her day job she finally set out on the career path that she was always meant to follow....makeup artistry.We talk about the challenges she has faced in her career and why she gets so much out of bridal makeup. She also tells me about her business and how launching a makeup brush range during the pandemic has kept her going.Finally we focus in on some of the products that she swears by including an incredibly glowy face balm that I've ordered already :0)Joy really does live up to her name and I found her energy, vibrancy and tenacity incredibly inspiring.
30/03/21·56m 11s

Michelle Elman: The Joy Of Being Selfish

In this episode I talk to author ("Am I Ugly" and "The Joy of Being Selfish"), body positivity campaigner, five-board accredited Life Coach and fellow podcaster (In All Honesty) Michelle Elman. Michelle is perhaps best known for her campaign Scarred Not Scared and the moment when she wore a bikini and showed the world her many scars, making the statement that your scars don't have to define you. She also delivered a hugely popular Ted X talk called "Have You Hated Your Body Enough Today?"During the episode we talk about the moment that Michelle decided that enough was enough and that it was time to stand up for herself and put some boundaries in place in her relationships. We chat about the importance of boundaries and expecting to be treated well by other people and what to do when we're not treated as we should be. We also chat about body positivity, confidence and so much more.Michelle is an incredibly empowering woman who teaches us that we need to expect more in our lives and should never just sit back and accept the status quo. She shows us that it is possible to find the strength to change how we perceive ourselves and how others treat us.
27/03/21·49m 27s

On The Scent with Suzy Nightingale: Episode 2

As it was National Fragrance Day on Sunday I’ve decided to swap My Beauty Habits for Episode 2 of On the Scent with Suzy Nightingale. (MBH will be back next week).If you haven’t heard episode one then you’re in for a real treat. Suzy is a fragrance expert who describes scent like no one I’ve ever met. During the episode we chat about some of the most exciting and incredible fragrances on the market and Suzy also does a fragrance prescription service, answering all of the fragrance dilemmas that you’ve been sending us via Instagram (@outspokenbeautynicola / @fragrantmaven).As promised, here are all the fragrances that we discuss during the episode:To the Fairest, Cécile @tothefairestlondonSarah Jessica Parker, Lovely @sarahjessicaparkerNarcisso Rodriguez, For Her (pink bottle, original) @narcisso_rodriguezContradictions in ILK, Devious @ilkperfumeMiller Harris, L’air de Rien (possibly discontinued) @millerharrisJovoy, Rose Millisime @jovoymayfairStella McCartney, Stella @stellamccartneyPaul Smith, Rose @paulsmithdesignRuth Mastenbroek, Fire Dance @ruthmastenbroekperfumeMoschino, Toy Boy @moschinoCacharel, Noa @cacharelparfumsBeauFort London, Tonnerre @beaufortlondonDSquared2, Green Wood @dsquared2SJP, Stash @sarahjessicaparkerJuliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume @juliettehasagunClean Reserve, Skin @cleanbeauty_collectiveKayali, Musk 12 @kayaliEtat Libre D’Orange Secretions Magnifique @etatlibredorangeVines House Parfum, Signature Story @vineshouseparfumBedeaux, Chienoir @bedeauxx
23/03/21·52m 50s

Jenn Rock: The Skin Nerd Returns

Back by popular demand is skin guru and all round wonder woman Jennifer Rock.Jenn who is the founder of The Skin Nerd Network and one of my fav brands Skingredients is here to answer all of your skin related questions.I love Jenn for her experience, knowledge and no BS advice and I guarantee you'll leave the episode equipped with some great information and skincare inspiration.
20/03/21·51m 15s

Nichola Joss: The Inner Facialist

In this episode I get to know the incredible celebrity "inner" facialist, Nichola Joss.Nichola is loved by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow and is renowned for her inner facial which sees her massaging and sculpting from the inside of your mouth. She is also seen by many as something of a health and wellbeing guru and if you follow her on Instagram you'll see that she is about so much more than skin.During the episode Nichola shares so much of the wisdom that she is renowned and loved for. She is also beautifully outspoken and unafraid to express her opinions which I am as you know a huge fan of!
16/03/21·47m 23s

Dr Louise Newson: Don't Fear The Menopause

This is such an important episode whether like me you're aware that perimenopause could strike at any time or you're experiencing the menopause right now. Actually, I also think this is important even if you're in your twenties as knowledge is power and when it comes to the menopause many of us are anything but empowered.In the episode I'm joined by Dr Louise Newson who is a GP and Menopause Specialist. Louise is on a mission to educate us about what is available to us once we are peri menopausal/menopausal and also how to get the right treatment from our Drs.Many women go to their GPs feeling depressed or anxious due to fluctuating hormones and Dr Louise explains how many of us are prescribed anti-depressants which is anything but helpful. We also chat about HRT and how more of us can take it than we realise (we just need to be prescribed the right one), supplements and keeping strong and vital as we age. Dr Louise's website is an absolute fountain of knowledge and is well worth checking out after the episode. You can find her at menopausedoctor.co.uk.As well as my interview with Louise I also have a list of lovely recommendations for you at the end of the episode 2 fabulous perfumes, a great hair product for texture and some gorgeous makeup bits. Enjoy! xx
13/03/21·36m 15s

Sandra Sallin: My Beauty Habits

In this episode I chat to the fabulous Sandra Sallin. Sandra, who describes herself as an "80 year old blogger with too many lipsticks" is utterly passionate about beauty and makeup as well as being a fantastic artist and author of the blog apartfrommyart.com. Sandra's blog makes for addictive and compelling reading. She's been on so many adventures in her life including meeting Picasso but that's another story for another time.During our chat Sandra reveals how she became fascinated by online makeup tutorials and how much she could learn from them. Every time that the likes of Hannah Martin, Lisa Potter Dixon and Pixiwoo did tutorials for mature skin, Sandra would take note and slowly but surely mastered the art of applying makeup that made her feel fabulous.As well as talking about her makeup edication, we chat about older women and beauty, how no one should feel bad about wrinkles and why the beauty industry needs to speak to women above 50 because they have money to spend and don't want to be cast aside.Sandra also gives a huge amount of brilliant product recommendations.It was an utter joy to get to know Sandra and I hope she makes you feel as good as she did me xx
09/03/21·50m 6s

Empowering Women Through Beauty: The L'Occitane Story

*This is a special episode to celebrate International Women's Day in partnership with L'Occitane *In this episode I learn the story behind a brand that is really very special to me. When I was 20 and living in Paris, my Mum and I discovered L'Occitane and were hooked. It was the beginning of a twenty odd year relationship that has seen us gifting each other countless products and whooping with excitement when it finally came over to the UK.What Mum and I have never known is the story behind L'Occitane and how right from its fledgling days, it was a brand that truly cared about both the environment and empowering women.During the episode I get to know the amazing Alia Hawa who is the MD for L'Occitane UK and Ireland. She tells me about her journey with L'Occitane and the incredible and inspirational story of its founder Olivier Baussan.Later in the episode we hear from some of The Outspoken Panellists who have been trialling the cult L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. As ever they give their no holes barred, honest reviews of the product.Finally, Mummy Bonn joins me to chat briefly about our memories of L'Occitane.This is a lovely episode that celebrates women and the good that the beauty industry can do. If you'd like 10% off at L'Occitane then you can use the code OUTSPOKEN10 until the end of March 2021 xx
06/03/21·45m 25s

Becki Murray: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I chat to the fabulous Becki Murray who is the Beauty Editor at Harpers Bazaar and Town and Country Magazine.Becki is fascinated by cosmetic science to the point where she is actually studying it and this love is reflected in the beauty products and brands that she recommends during the episode. As well as recommendations, Becki chats about the power of makeup, how rosacea affects her beauty choices and her journey to becoming a beauty editor.I love Becki for her constant quest for knowledge and the extensive research she puts into products before she recommends them. There's a feeling that she really has the consumer's back. She's a true force for good in the beauty industry and I loved recording this episode with her.You can find Becki on Instagram @beckimurray_ where she does a great IGTV series called #Beautyful Chemistry and gives fabulous product recommendations. Definitely worth a follow!
02/03/21·45m 10s

Nikki Makeup: Makeup Artist To The Stars

In this episode I get to chat to the amazing Nikki Wolff aka Nikki Makeup.Nikki is one of the world's most successful makeup artists whose art has adorned the faces of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Dua Lipa to Rosie Huntington-Whitelely.During the episode we chat about how her passion for makeup artistry began at the age of six and that as she got older she 100% knew it was the career for her. Nikki tells me why she shunned the traditional route of being a makeup assistant and how she forged a career path that has seen her become one of the world's best loved makeup artists.We also have a good old natter about how it has felt for her giving birth during the pandemic and Nikki also shares some of her very best beauty products with makeup recommendations galore.Nikki is a strong, down to earth and fabulous woman who shows that when you really want something you can make it happen. I loved every minute of our chat.
27/02/21·46m 46s

The Utterly Fabulous Mother's Day Beauty Guide: Curate Beauty X OSB

*This episode is part of my ongoing partnership with Curate Beauty. Together we're working hard to help you discover the very best small indie beauty brands*If you feel like you always buy your Mum the same sort of thing for Mother's Day and you want to get her something truly special and original with the added bonus that you will be supporting a small, independent brand then this is the episode for you.The amazing Sam Freedman, co-founder of Curate Beauty has done what she does best and curated a list of stunning gift ideas for us. From candles to skincare to scented oils and silk pillow cases to haircare she has all bases covered and this is a really great opportunity to discover some fabulous new beauty brands that you and your Mum can cherish together.As promised, I'm adding some promo codes for you and I so hope you enjoy getting to know these brands.Nereus London: Use code CURATE20 for 20% off (https://nereus.uk/)Laid: Use code OUTSPOKEN20 for 20% off (https://www.thelaidclub.com/shop)The Muses: Code OUTSPOKEN20 for 20% off (https://www.themuseslondon.co.uk/)BAO: Code Outspoken for 15% off (https://www.baoskincare.co.uk/)Other brands mentioned:Clockface Beauty (https://clockfacebeauty.com/)Connock London (https://www.connocklondon.co.uk/)Centred (https://www.wearecentred.com/)
23/02/21·38m 30s

Great Skin Zero Waste: Ren Clean Skincare X Outspoken Beauty

*This episode is in partnership with Ren Clean Skincare*In this thought provoking episode I get to know the amazing David Delport who is the Global Ambassador for Ren Clean Skincare. David has worked with a number of beauty brands, but as you'll hear, when he found Ren it was the start of a love affair that has lasted for 13 years and counting. David, who is passionate about the environment and sustainability found a kindred spirit in Ren and during the episode he not only tells us about the incredible and pioneering work that REN are doing in this field (they are going to be zero waste by the end of 2021) but also gives us tips about the little things that we can do to help our planet.David and I share a real passion for REN and as well as chatting through how the brand is leading the way in sustainability, we chat through some of our favourite products and how they make us feel.This episode is for a me a really important one. As consumers we're becoming more and more aware of the effect our actions are having on the planet and how crucial it is that we act now. Brands like Ren are showing that it it is possible to enjoy luxury beauty product whilst helping the environment and not only are they paving the way for other beauty brands, but for the likes of me and you as well. Enjoy xx
20/02/21·41m 18s

Jennifer Niven: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know New York Times and International best-selling author Jennifer Nivens. Jen is perhaps best known for her book "All The Bright Places" which was turned into a movie for Netflix and during the podcast we chat about that as well as her newest (and equally brilliant). novel Breathless.Jen also gives us an insight into her relationship and how her books mirror many aspects of her personal life. She also chats about her glamorous mother and we delve into what beauty means to her and the part that it plays in her life. If that wasn't enough, we somehow get onto the subject of losing our virginity and vibrators. Perhaps one to save for when the kids are tucked up in bed ;0)Jen is incredibly funny and honest and I felt like I'd known her for years even though this was our first time chatting. I thoroughly recommend Jen's books and Instagram page @Jenniferniven.
16/02/21·35m 21s

On The Scent with Suzy Nightingale

Get ready fragrance lovers! This episode is going to blow your sense of smell.Suzy Nightingale is one of the UK's leading fragrance journalists and experts and she joins me for a true journey of scent discovery.Whether you want to find a perfume to give you confidence/uplift you/make you feel cosy or sensual, there's something for you in this episode and the way that Suzy describes fragrance is pure poetry.Welcome to the first episode of "On The Scent "- it's simply scensational! xxPerfumes mentioned:Carine Roitfeld Kar-waiJeroboam UNUEJuliette Has a Gun Lipstick Fever4711 Cologne Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Ruth Mastenbroek DagianLe Lion de ChanelFrederic Malle Portrait of a LadyPaul Schutze Tears of ErosTom Daxon Iridium 71%Le Couvent Maison de Parfum Cologne of the Missions Chopard CasmirSarah Baker Bascule
13/02/21·56m 53s

Lisa Snowdon: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I catch up with lovely Lisa Snowdon. Lisa and I used to work for the same radio company and bonded over our early starts and mutual love of beauty! (I remember constantly being in awe of how effortlessly glamorous she was at 6am.)These days we've both put our radio days behind us and Lisa is busy doing all sorts of brilliant projects including a regular fashion slot on This Morning and producing excellent beauty and wellbeing content via her own channels.During the episode Lisa shares so many of her tips, tricks, rituals and habits. We cover everything from skincare to showers to the daily routines that keep Lisa feeling happy and grounded. What I love about Lisa is that she's has always had a real passion for sharing beauty and wellbeing tips and she talks about them with an energy that is catching. If you're feeling a bit lacklustre at the moment you're going to love this. Lisa will put a spring in your step :0)
09/02/21·53m 43s

Barbara Daly: The First Super-Star Makeup Artist

In this episode I have the honour of getting to know the iconic makeup artist Barbara Daly.Barbara was the first makeup artist to become a star in her own right and her story is one of tenacity and never taking no for an answer.Barbara takes us with her on her journey from dreaming of doing Hollywood movie makeup to working with the BBC, creating the makeup for Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" and how it felt to do Princess Diana's wedding makeup.Barbara's story had me gripped and I loved every second of this interview. Get ready to meet one of the greats!
06/02/21·43m 7s

Dr Jenna Macciochi: Let's Protect Our Immune Systems!

*I know that this would usually be an episode of "My Beauty Habits" but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible as I think it's really relevant at the moment.*In this episode I get to know Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi. Jenna has been studying the immune system for over 20 years and specialises in understanding how lifestyle and nutrition interact with the immune system in health and disease. She has made it her mission to demystify the science behind our health and share her knowledge of how we can maintain good health.During the episode we chat about Jenna's views on supplements and what we should and shouldn't be taking. Jenna also has loads of advice about the types of things we should be eating, our microbiomes, things we can do on an every day basis to protect our immune systems and also tips for how we can help ourselves if we get ill. We also chat about the role that exercise can play and the effect of stress on our health and how to deal with it plus so much more!Dr Jenna really inspired me to take more care of my everyday health both in the short and long term and I can't wait for you to hear her words of wisdom. If you find this episode of interest and you want to explore Dr Jenna's research further then I recommend her brilliant book Immunity: The Science Of Staying Well (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Immunity-Science-Dr-Jenna-Macciochi-ebook/dp/B07XZ7W8FK). You can find more tips from Dr Jenna on her Instagram Page @dr_jenna_macciochi.
02/02/21·36m 56s

Ingeborg Van Lotringen: Beauty Industry Secrets

In this episode I get to know the award-winning beauty, health and lifestyle journalist Ingeborg Van Lotringen. Ingeborg, who was Cosmpolitan UK's Beauty Director for 14 years, is loved for her no BS journalism. She's an inquisitive writer who isn't afraid to ask difficult questions and tell things as they are. No-where is this more obvious than in her brilliant book ‘Great skin – Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You’ which was recommended to me by Sherna Malone. The minute I read it, I knew I had to interview Ingeborg. She was a woman after my own heart.In this episode we talk about the good and bad things about the beauty industry, brands and products that Ingeborg loves, why PHAs are great for our skin and why brands need to be more transparent about products. We also discuss natural and synthetic beauty and why both can go hand in hand.I loved chatting to Ingeborg...she's a well informed journalist with unquestionable integrity and she's not afraid to ask hard questions to fight the consumer's cause.
30/01/21·42m 34s

Maureen Lipman: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the amazing Dame Maureen Lipman.We chat about so much including how she is getting through lockdown, how she feels about her appearance, what ageing means to her, the things that she does on a daily basis that make her feel good and why she prides herself on being really low maintenance.Maureen and I also have a great catch up about her performance of Michael Sherman's "Rose" which is being released on SKY Arts on 27th January to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day. Maureen chats about what it was like to do this one woman production in the midst of a pandemic and how much it has meant to her.It was an honour and such a pleasure to chat to Dame Maureen and I can't wait for you to hear this intimate and honest chat.
26/01/21·32m 23s

Joy Isaacs: The Power of Silver in Skincare (Outspoken Beauty X Curate)

* This episode is in partnership with Curate Beauty. Together we're aiming to help put small, independent brands on the map*In this episode I meet entrepreneur and mother of 4 Joy Isaacs. Joy has been fascinated by the power of colloidal silver since she was a child and after suffering with an infected wound that was treated with the help of dressings containing silver, she decided it was time to create a skincare brand that harnessed its power. (It not only has great healing properties but is also antimicrobial so can be very helpful in the treatment of acne.)After a great deal of work and research Joy founded Argentum, a luxury skincare brand that is unlike any I have ever come across. It's part really great science, part unexpected quirkiness (which I love) and part pure luxury.During the episode we hear Joy's fascinating story and get to know what it takes to build a luxury skincare brand that stands out from the rest. We also hear from the Outspoken Beauty Panellists who have been trying the Argentum Potion Infinie for more than a month. They give their honest thoughts on the product and brand itself. (To be a part of the panel please DM me on Insta @Outspokenbeautynicola).I hope you enjoy getting to know Joy and Argentum as much as I have xx
23/01/21·43m 1s

Madeleine Shaw: My Beauty Habits

In this episode I chat to Nutritional Therapist, author and all round inspiring lady Madeleine Shaw. Madeleine doesn't only share her beauty habits but also her wellbeing, feelgood and health habits. Her advice has definitely helped me since doing the interview and I hope it does the same for you.From slotting in time for yoga and movement to great food and drink habits to supplements to her favourite beauty products, Madeleine's approach to life is a real inspiration. She also has some great words of wisdom regarding taking care of our mental wellbeing as well as physical.So if you're feeling a bit fed up at the moment and you need some down to earth and totally achievable ideas to get you out of your funk, I have a feeling that this episode is going to really help you.Madeleine also has a podcast which is brimming with great expert advice particularly for mums. Here's the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/get-your-glow-back/id1450163491
19/01/21·42m 31s

Getting To Know Funmi Fetto

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting to a true industry icon. Funmi Fetto is a Contributing Editor at British Vogue, The Beauty Director at The Observer Magazine and the author of the fabulous book Palette.During the episode Funmi shares her career story, the details of her complicated relationship with the beauty industry and why a lack of inclusivity in certain beauty brands can be described in no other way but racist. We also celebrate what we love about beauty and the industry and Funmi shares some great product recommendations too.Funmi is a strong, talented woman and I loved getting to know her. I also thoroughly recommend her own beauty podcast which is called The On Reflection Beauty Podcast and can be found here: https://orbpodcast.com/.
16/01/21·53m 47s

Mona Kattan: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits, entrepreneur Mona Kattan joins me from her Dubai home for a good old chin-wag about the important role that fragrance plays in her life, how she has handled pandemic life and the wellbeing tips that help her feel balanced and happy. Mona is the fragrance guru at Huda Beauty (which she co-founded and where she is Global President) and her long-held passion and knowledge of all things scent led her to launch luxury fragrance brand Kayali with sister Huda in 2018.Mona talks about the power of fragrance to change the way we feel, how she wears her own fragrances and the importance of having the confidence to layer scents.I loved interviewing Mona and really enjoyed her honesty and openness. She has also inpired me to play around with my fragrances a lot more.
12/01/21·32m 18s

OSB X LA Pacific: Tooth Whitening The Healthy Way

In this episode in partnership with toothpaste brand LA Pacific I get to meet a woman who is making it her mission to revolutionise the toothcare industry. Entrepreneur and all round superwoman Hannah Moore found out the hard way how bad tooth whitening kits and products can be. After using them in her teens she was left with sensitive teeth and compromised enamel.Years later and after an illness that led her to completely re-evaluate her health, she joined forces with a dental scientist and they created LA Pacific, an incredible toothpaste range that uses natural enzymes to whiten teeth and is not only great if your teeth are sensitive, but is really good for general oral health.During the episode we chat about Hannah's "aha" moment, why she is so passionate about the health of our teeth and a bit about the science behind her brand. After that, two of the Outspoken Panellists, Michelle and Kirsty, give their honest views on the toothpaste and what it is doing for their teeth.I loved getting to know Hannah and her brand. She is an example of a truly passionate and authentic small business owner who is making a change in a huge and somewhat overwhelming industry.
11/01/21·29m 4s

Dr Sam Bunting: Rock Your Body!

So happy to have Dr Sam Bunting back on the podcast. This time we're taking the focus off our faces and onto our bodies. Sam has loads of tips for body skin health and the simple steps we can take to keep our skin barriers healthy, happy and hydrated.From the type of products we should be using in the shower to Sam's own shower ritual (which cracks me up), to the very best moisturisers (including Sam's own Flawless Body Therapy which is incredible), Sam has some fantastic tips and hints for us.I also chat through my favourite perfume of the moment and my absolute favourite hand cream.This is a lovely episode with one of my favourite guests. Enjoy! xx
09/01/21·29m 28s

Katie Brindle: A Different Approach To Wellbeing

As I write this we're back in lockdown and I thought that the perfect guest to uplift us and offer a bit of guidance would be Katie Brindle.Katie's last episode about the benefits of the Chinese approach to medicine and Gua Sha was incredibly popular and in this episode she delves further into small steps that we can take to really improve our wellbeing and energy at a time when we definitely need it.Join Katie as she talks about the power of laughter, her daily wellness routine and why the secrets to living a healthy life don't need to be as taxing as you'd think.If you fancy joining Katy for her daily Chi-Gong Class, make sure you give her a follow on Instagram @katie_brindle.
05/01/21·35m 2s

New Year Happiness with Francesca Geens

Happy New Year Outspoken Beauties. In this the first episode of the year, I'm joined by the brilliant Francesca Geens who is here to teach us how to increase our levels of happiness in simple and attainable ways. Francesca, who is the creator of The Happy Self Journal, has studied the science of happiness extensively. You'll be surprised by how simple and doable her tips are and how little changes can make a big difference in our lives.So let's forget the fad diets that we'll give up in two weeks and make it our New Year's resolution to work on our happiness. :0)
02/01/21·29m 21s

Christmas Cheer With Cher Webb

She's back! Yayyyy! In this episode the gorgeous Cher Webb joins me for a Christmas special. Amongst the chat about Santa, Elves, Quality Street and cute puppies, there are also beauty recommendations galore from Cher, who goes through some of her top products from the past year.I hope this episode brings a bit of Christmas joy and that you enjoy our festive ramblings xx
19/12/20·49m 21s

Kimberly Wyatt At Christmas

In this episode I have a festive catch up with Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. Having interviewed Kimberly 8 years ago it was lovely to see much how things have changed for her. Kimberly is now a mother of 3 and was about to do a Pussycat Dolls Tour when Covid arrived.We talk about what Kimberly has been up to during this crazy year, how she's planning on making this Christmas really special for her family and why sustainability is so important to her. Kimberly also talks through what she does for her wellbeing and why dancing is brilliant for everyone!It was lovely to have a Christmassy chat with Kimberly. Enjoy it xxx
15/12/20·22m 11s

My Top Products of 2020 and Getting To Know La Montana Candles

In this episode I look back at the products and brands that have really stood out to me this year and tell you why. I've got a great mixture of skincare, makeup, body products and there's even some intimate health brands in there too. There have been many more things that I've absolutely loved and I'm sure I've forgotten loads but these are the ones that I use time and time again and that I think are worth every penny.In the list is my favourite candle brand, La Montana. I interview Cassandra who is their co-founder to hear the beautiful story behind the brand and then get #TheOutspokenPanel involved who have been trialling the La Montana fragrances and who give their honest unfiltered reviews.Cassandra and Jonathan are very kindly giving us 20% off all La Montana products until 18th December (2020). Just go to lamontana.co.uk and use code outspoken.
14/12/20·29m 28s

The Outspoken Vulva x Nessa Organics: Making Your Vagina Victorious

In this episode I get to know the wonderful Fiona Toomey who is the founder of Nessa Organics who are the makers of my beloved Vagina Victory Oil.After talking about why Fiona launched Nessa, we have a really great chat about everything from pregnancy to menopause to intimate health to whether we should make our husbands get the snip or not!! (There is lots of laughter)Fiona is a wonderfully open and warm person and no conversation is off limits with her. I am passionate about her brand, the love that has gone into it and the positive messages that she spreads.If you fancy exploring Fiona's brand (I recommend the nipple balm, scar ointment and victory oil), then just head to nessaorganics.com and use code outspokenbeautynicola for 15% off.Enjoy :0)
12/12/20·41m 24s

The Indie Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

In this episode in partnership with my partners in crime Curate Beauty, founder Sam and I get together to do the ultimate small, independent beauty brand Christmas gift countdown. (Try saying that with a mouthful of mince pie). I’ve chatted to so many people who have said that they want to support small businesses this year and each and every one of the brands mentioned is truly as special as it is small.As promised, I’m adding all the promo codes here in the notes so that if you are tempted, you can also get a bit of money off.For 15% off the Curate beauty X Urban Retreat store use code OUTSPOKEN15 https://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/curate/exclusive-to-urban-retreatOTOSelection of OTO products available at Urban Retreat, which can be bought at a 15% discount with OUTSPOKEN15 discount code. MONPURESet and individual products available at Urban Retreat which can be bought at a 15% discount with OUTSPOKEN15 discount code. SOFIA LATIF 15% discount code available on sofialatif.com only.Code: OUTSPOKEN15 - Valid on everything on their website until 31st DecemberSKIN SAPIENS All Skin Sapiens products are also available at Urban Retreat, which can be bought at a 15% discount with OUTSPOKEN15 discount code.VIRGINIA STONEhttps://virginiastone.com/£50.00 off all orders with code VSXCURATE SAINT FRAGRANCELate Night Fig Candle, £40 https://www.saintfragrance.com/shop3 for 2 discount - Buy 3 full price candles and receive one of the candles for free. Code: OUTSPOKEN3FOR2 - Valid until 31st December BY JOY ADENUGAwww.byjoyadenuga.comDiscount 25% off valid until 23rd DecemberCode: Outspoken FYG Wellbeing Pod, £75.00https://fyghome.com/product/fyg-wellbeing-pod/20% discount valid until 23rd December Code: curatebeauty20 NailKind All nail polishes, £9.50 https://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/curate/shop-by-brand/nailkindAll NailKind products are also available at Urban Retreat, which can be bought at a 15% discount with OUTSPOKEN15 discount code.The Hair Oil https://thehairoil.co.uk/ £23.50 (reduced from £55.00) Five Dot BotanicsGift Wrapped Serum Set https://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/curate/p/five-dot-botanics-gift-wrapped-serum-set£56.00All Five Dot Botanics individual products and gift sets are available at Urban Retreat, which can be bought at a 15% discount with OUTSPOKEN15 discount code.
08/12/20·39m 43s

The Outspoken Ep 11: The Floral Street Experience

In this special episode in partnership with Floral Street Fragrances, I get to know brilliant founder Michelle Feeney. Michelle tells me her incredible story and how she went from holding some of the top jobs in the beauty industry to setting up on her own to create a sustainable fragrance brand that would be luxurious but affordable. Michelle is definitely one of those women who shows you that anything is possible at any age.After getting to know Michelle I welcome members of The Outspoken Panel to give their honest reviews of the recently launched Floral Street Scent School experience and the fragrances themselves. (My favs are Black Lotus, Chypre Sublime, Ylang Ylang Espresso and Arizona Bloom)If you fancy experiencing/gifting the Scent School or one of the fragrances then use code OB1020 for 10% off at https://floralstreet.com/
07/12/20·34m 35s

Azzi Glasser: The Perfume Designer

In this episode I get to know one of Britain's top perfumers, the gorgeous Azzi Glasser.Azzi is the woman behind so many of the scents that you know and love including the Bella Freud collection and the award winning Agent Provocateur perfume. She is also renowned for making personalised scents and has created bespoke fragrances for Jude Law, Kylie Minogue, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter to name but a few.During the episode Azzi talks about fragrance and what it means to her and gives great advice about how we should go about picking our own scents. She also introduces me to her own perfume collection, The Perfumer's Story, where she makes scents to match different characteristics and believes that with the right perfume we can be whoever we want to be.
05/12/20·26m 21s

Bryony Blake: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by little ray of sunshine/makeup artist extraordinaire/ This Morning beauty buff Bryony Blake.Bryony talks about her unconventional (but totally amazing) education, her love of people, her personal approach to makeup artistry and of course the products and rituals that mean the most to her. She also talks about the things that make her feel good.Bryony is an energetic, warm and bloody talented makeup artist and I loved every minute of getting to know her!
01/12/20·48m 38s

The Outspoken Panel Review: Curate Beauty

I am SO excited to publish my first episode featuring the voices of the Outspoken Panel for this special episode in partnership with the amazing Curate Beauty.The panellists have been busy trying luscious body and face oils from a brand called Booming Bob and a multi functional beauty balm from Ouli's Ointment and during the episode they give their honest views on how the products perform. During the episode I also review and chat about my experience of Organicup and a blemish product from a fascinating brand called Lue.All of these brands are small, independent and truly brilliant and have been introduced to me by Sam and Margot from Curate Beauty. This is your chance to get to know them and hopefully make some really meaningful additions to your beauty and wellbeing collection.During the podcast you'll also be given some promo codes just in case you're tempted. I'll write them here with links also:For 25% off Ouli's Ointment use code OUTSPOKEN here: https://oulis-ointment.com/For 20% off Booming Bob products use code outspoken20 here: https://boomingbob.co.uk/ (valid until the end of Jan 2021)For £10 off your first order of Lue products use code OUTSPOKEN
30/11/20·34m 33s

Dr David Jack: The Lowdown on Collagen

In this episode I chat to the brilliant aesthetican Dr David Jack who specialises in and has an exrensive knowledge of skin health and pro-ageing. He gives some brilliant tips including a total demystification of collagen, what we can do to improve our own levels and whether collagen supplements can help our skin or not.Later I catch up with founder of Merumaya, the lovely Maleka Dattu. Maleka tells me about how she is hoping to raise loads of money for Beauty Banks and Beauty Backed and how we can get involved from 1st December. If you'd like to join the podcast community then follow this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477 to our brilliant, private Facebook Page for all things beauty and much more xx
28/11/20·32m 1s

Mica Paris: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the brilliant singer, actress and presenter Mica Paris. Mica and I chat about how she embraced her health and wellbeing aged 48 and never looked back. She discusses her exercise routine, the home made concoction that she's been drinking for years and that she swears keeps her healthy and she also shares her skincare routine and the makeup that makes her feel fabulous.Mica also chats about her beautiful new album Gospel which sees her going back go her musical roots and we get to hear some of her amazing song Mamma Said.I loved Mica's energy, positivity and hints and tips and can't wait for you to get to know her.
24/11/20·34m 17s

Dr Karina Patel: Let's Improve Our Sleep

If sleep is a bit of a struggle at the moment then Dr Karina Patel is just the person to give you lots of the tools you need to improve the situation. Karina is the lead clinician of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of London which forms part of the London Sleep Centre and in this really enlightening episode she tells me her tips and tricks for getting good quality sleep.From nasal breathing to what we should be doing in the hours leading up to bedtime to diet to whether we should read before we sleep, Karina has lots to teach us and I hope you find her advice as helpful as I have._____________________If you'd like to join the Outspoken Trialling Panel and trial products for free in return for honest reviews, DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola and I'll send you a form. Another great way of joining the Outspoken Beauty Community is via our private Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477
21/11/20·33m 46s

Lynn Ruth Miller: My Beauty Habits

In this week's episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by the total inspiration that is Lynn Ruth Miller. 87 year old Lynn Ruth is an award winning comedian, burlesque dancer and author who not only has embraced her journey into older age but has made it her mission to grab every opportunity that she's been given or created.During this uplifting episode she talks about her life, her beauty influences and how even at 87, you can still put on some makeup, wear a fabulous dress and go after the man of your dreams.This episode is one of my favourites and I just know that it will make you smile during these crazy times.If you fancy reading Lynn's brilliant book, Getting The Last Laugh: The Inspirational True Story of The World's Oldest Comedienne (which I wholeheartedly recommend) then here's the link for you: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Getting-Last-Laugh-Inspirational-Performing/dp/1527262677/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
17/11/20·42m 51s

The Outspoken Ep 10: Let's Talk About Bladder Weakness

The Outspoken Podcast is YOUR podcast and is the place where you can voice your opinions, thoughts and get your voice heard. I choose the topics based on what you tell me you'd like to hear and this week, due to popular demand we're talking about bladder weakess.During the episode I hear from Ferne McCann who is on a mission to open the bladder weakness conversation and show us how many of us suffer from it. She talks openly about her own bladder issues and how she is dealing with them.Then I hear from Annie who has suffered with bladder weakness all her life and recently had surgery to help. She voices the embarrassment she used to feel and how she hid it from even her family.If there's one thing I have taken from this episode it's how many of us suffer from this and that we should never be ashamed to open up and also seek help. It's so normal!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you'd like to be a part the conversation make sure you join me on Instagram @OutspokenBeautyNicola and our private Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477/Also why not become a part of #TheOutspokenPanel and trial products for free in exchange for honest no-holes barred reviews. DM me or email nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk.
16/11/20·18m 11s

The Outspoken Vulva: Vulva 101 With Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence and Femfresh

* This episode is in partnership with Femfresh*I recently had a catch up with the team at Femfresh that made me very happy indeed. They are a huge brand that many women turn to and they're now putting a major focus on busting the taboos around feminine intimate health which by the very nature of their reach, will influence so many of us in a really positive way. As well as formulating products that are the right PH for our vulvas (4.5) Femfresh are making it their responsibility to educate us, empower us and get us talking openly about things that we are often too embarrassed or ashamed to even address with our best friends.In this episode I'm joined by the brilliant, straight-talking NHS Doctor Dr Frankie Jackson Spence who is also an ambassador for Femfresh. Frankie answers every question you can imagine about our vulvas from the way they look to when to get them checked to how they should smell. She also gives us her view on washing them and how if we choose to use a product we need to use one that respects the area.I learnt so much from Dr Frankie and know that you will too and I hope that you leave this episode feeling confident, empowered and far more knowledgable about your own intimate health.
14/11/20·40m 12s

Felicity Hayward: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by one of the UK's first ever plus size models, the fabulous Felicity Hayward.Felicity and I talk about her career, the body positivity message that she has been leading for years and how we can truly love ourselves. We then talk about the beauty products that mean the most to her and her obsession with crystals (I think she has me hooked now as well).If you want to join the Outspoken Panel and try products for free in return for honest reviews then please DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola. Everyone's skin is different and we all deserve to be represented by the beauty industry so please get in touch whatever your age, ethnicity or skin type.
10/11/20·43m 59s

Amelia Freer: No Nonsense Nutrition

In this episode of Outspoken Beauty I'm joined by the one of the UK's top Nutritional Therapists, the lovely Amelia Freer.What I love about Amelia (who is the author of the excellent book Simply Good For You) is that she doesn't give hard to follow, fad driven advice but is just really sensible and encourages a balanced approach to eating that is realistic and helpful for someone like me who is never going to stick to eating nut cheese and slurping on celery juice. (I do not judge you if this is you, but I have the self control of a guinea pig....I have learnt that guinea pigs are totally led by their stomachs since getting two pet ones!)Anyway, this episode is a great reminder that healthy eating can be easy and more attainable than most of us might believe. Enjoy :0)
07/11/20·38m 23s

Mimi Missfit: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know presenter and blogger Mimi Missfit. Mimi is the host of a BBC series called Mimi on A Mission where she explores everything from sex to relationships to tech overload. I love her sense of humour and her willingness to chat openly about everything (she's a true Outspoken Beauty).After a catch up about how she got her job (it's a great story) and her new series, we get down to the nitty gritty of her favourite beauty products and habits.Mimi is fun, fabulous and full of personality...just the tonic in these strange times xx
03/11/20·30m 14s

#TheOutspoken Ep 9: Some Light Relief With Esther Coren

With another lockdown around the corner lots of you have been in touch to say you need cheering up so I got in touch with Esther Coren as she always makes me laugh and somehow makes things feel a bit better.Don't ask me exactly what we talked about but I know that it made my husband giggle while he edited it and that we definitely cover books, quiet time, being "more cat"and other ways to keep as happy as possible in our crazy world.Enjoy Outspokenbeauties xx
02/11/20·27m 10s

Skin Tips With Dr Emma Craythorne

With the news that the UK is going into another lockdown I start this episode by telling you about "The 16 Week Plan" that my husband and I have invented to help get us through the Winter. (It's not as amazing as it sounds but it may help a little).Then I welcome this episode's guest, dermatologist and star of docu-series The Bad Skin Clinic, Dr Emma Craythorne.Dr Emma and I chat about her show and then get onto my favourite topic...skin. Emma shares her beliefs about how we can achieve the healthiest skin and tells me all about the products she swears by.You can watch The Bad Skin Clinic on Quest Red and dPlay.
31/10/20·33m 33s

Sarah Creal - CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by Sarah Creal. Sarah is behind the launches of some of the most well known and respected beauty brands in the world and when she met Victoria Beckham during her partnership with Estee Lauder, the two of them hit it off so much that they decided to partner up and create Victoria Beckham Beauty.During the episode Sarah chats about her relationship with Victoria, what the two of them are trying to achieve with their brand, how lockdown is treating her and we chat of course about the beauty products that she adores including a niche perfume brand that she has fallen in love with.If you'd like to join the private Facebook Group click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477/ and to become a member of The Outspoken Panel and try beauty products for free in return for honest feedback DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola xx
27/10/20·35m 54s

The Outspoken Vulva: Sexual Empowerment with Dominatrix Morrigan Hel

Welcome to The Outspoken Vulva. I like to think of this new series as a Women Only Members Club where anything goes and no conversation is off limits. In coming episodes we'll be talking about everything from orgasms to hormones to pregnancy but in this, Episode One, we're exploring female sexual empowerment with Dominatrix, sex expert and entrepreneur spectaculaire, Morrigan Hel.Morrigan and I talk about the importance of getting to know our bodies and what turns us on, how to demand pleasure in the bedroom and why we all deserve to have our sexual needs met. Morrigan also gives us into an insight into why some people choose to spend time with a Dominatrix and how her own career took shape.If there is anything you want to ask after the episode please feel free to DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola. Morrigan can be found via the following links:https://morriganhel.comInsta: @Morriganhelhttps://murdermile.comxx
24/10/20·28m 12s

Amy Jackson: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of #MyBeautyHabits I get to know Bollywood superstar Amy Jackson (the self proclaimed only Scouser in Bollywood).Amy was chosen to star in a Bollywood Movie when a director spotted her in London and the rest is history, with Amy starring in a huge number of movies.In this episode I get to know Amy and find out that she is funny, down to earth and also has some really beautiful beauty habits, many of which are inspired by her time in India.We talk about the importance of meditation, her love for Ayurvedic beauty rituals and why cruelty free beauty products are so important to her. Amy also gives some great recommendations and will definitely give you food for thought if you're looking to explore a more holistic approach to beauty.
20/10/20·42m 1s

#The Outspoken Ep 8: Fertility with Cat Strawbridge

Many of you have been in touch about the fertility struggles you have faced or are facing and so often you tell me that you wish that this was a topic that was spoken about more openly.Before lockdown, I interviewed Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears) about her fertility journey. It took Cat 7 years and 4 rounds of IVF to fall pregnant. Sadly her journey also included pregnancy loss.Cat now talks openly about her experience and is on a mission to help support others who are going through something similar. Whether you are struggling or you need advice because someone close to you is, I hope that this episode helps you.Cat has built a great support network and community and is well worth following on Instagram @tryingyears and via her website https://catstrawbridge.com
19/10/20·37m 56s

Outspoken Beauty X Curate Beauty: Organic Savanna and Organicup

It's time for my second episode in partnership with Curate Beauty and boy have founders Sam, Margot and I got a good one in store for you. In this episode I get to know the stories of two extraordinary brands that not only make truly great products but that are making hugely positive changes in the world.My guests today are Luke Kinkaid, founder of Organic Savanna, a brand that puts all of its profits back into supporting the very Kenyan community that makes every one of its beautiful products. His story is breathtaking. I also get to know Sara Nesten from Organicup, another brand that is helping to educate and change the lives of women around the world, as well as changing our own periods for the better. By the way, they have offered us a promo code to go alongside the podcast. Just head to https://www.organicup.com/ and type in the code "curatebeauty20".Going on this journey with Curate is showing me more than ever that there is a whole world of beauty out there that is waiting to be discovered...brands with small budgets making a huge difference to the world. Sharing them with you is the biggest pleasure and I hope you make some new beauty relationships over the course of this series xx
17/10/20·47m 31s

Clarissa Ward: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of #MyBeautyHabits I get to know a woman who has reported from some of the most dangerous places in the world. My guest is CNN's Chief International Correspondent, the multi-award winning journalist Clarissa Ward.During our chat we delve into the world of a woman who has spent much of her career reporting from the front line of war zones. We talk about what inspired Clarissa to pursue this career and how important it is to her to tell the stories that really matter and show the rest of the world the real people behind the headlines.Clarissa also chats about the challenges of Covid and how it has affected so many women, what it's like being a mother and war correspondent and gives us some insight into the pressure to look a certain way even when you're reporting in the very harshest conditions.Later on Clarissa tells me about her beauty habits and how she winds down. She also shares the most beautiful story about how a moisturiser provided a wonderful bonding moment with a group of women in Syria.Clarissa has written the most INCREDIBLE book called On All Fronts. It is an absolute must read and delves into what it takes to become and be a frontline war reporter and how it can affect the other aspects of your life. It is not only honest, emotional, important and downright funny in places. Here's a link:https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V651MQ5/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1__________During this episode I also do a paid for review of the Spotlight Water Flosser. If you're tempted to buy one then here's a link for youhttps://uk.spotlightoralcare.com/products/water-flosser
13/10/20·43m 53s

Jennifer Rock: The Skin Nerd

If skincare is your thing then this episode is 100% for you. I'm joined by award-winning skin lecturer, multi-award winning dermal facialist/aesthetician, founder of online skin consultancy/community The Skin Nerd and creator of skincare brand Skingredients (wow she's achieved a lot) Jennifer Rock.Jenn shares her incredible career story, talks and guides us through her skin ethos and then answers a load of your questions covering everything from hormonal acne to rosacea to retinol.Jennifer is up there with the very best skin experts (her knowledge and education is mind blowing) and has also got the most wonderful, positive personality. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from her and to get to know her.On a personal level, I'm a huge fan of her Skingredients range and also recommend that you connect with Skin Nerds if you need guidance on your own skin journey.Enjoy this episode. It's a good one :0)
10/10/20·41m 1s

British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham: My Beauty Habits

In this episode of #MyBeautyHabits I get to know the brilliant Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger.Jane launched British Beauty Blogger in order to talk about beauty products in a way that wasn't possible as a journalist. She is renowned for her honest, no BS approach and has a huge and very loyal following. Jane is also fiercely pro-ageing and only ever works with brands that she is passionate about. She is my kind of woman in so many ways!In this episode we talk about Jane's views on the beauty industry, her approach to her work, what it takes to be a successful beauty writer and we get to know about the products and rituals that she loves.If you've never read britishbeautyblogger.com then please do check it out. Jane's a brilliant writer and her honesty is just so refreshing.
06/10/20·46m 17s