Women's Work

Women's Work

By Tsh Oxenreider | Wondery

More than a business show, this is a story show... Let's listen to some of the women who make our world a better place and contribute to the greater good. Author and podcaster Tsh Oxenreider asks women—from all walks of life, who do all sorts of work—why they love what they do.


Attorney (+ a Podcast Announcement!) | 30

Lacey Beam is a small-town attorney, primarily doing indigent defense work. Where she lives and works isn’t large enough for a public defender’s office, so this means she works for a small firm, but the majority of her caseload is court-appointed work. She says it allows her to have her heart broken on a regular basis, but she’s grateful she gets to serve her community with this type of legal work. Plus, a big announcement about some BIG changes around here! Stay to the end. Notes: Lacey on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Feel Free, by Zadie Smith Join us in Patreon Get the email 5 Quick Things Subscribe to Simple, and you'll get next week's Women's Work episode!
09/08/1829m 23s

Conversational English Teacher | 29

Sallie Miura and her family have lived in Brazil for quite awhile, for her husband’s work, actually, but she’s taken it upon herself to create her own career as a conversational English teacher. She takes in students and uses the power of conversation to help them learn English without the hassle of a classroom. Notes: Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones Join us in Patreon Get the email 5 Quick Things
02/08/1831m 38s

Podcast Pioneer | 28

Liz Dolan has been a podcaster since before podcasting was even a well-known thing, which is why many in the industry consider her truly a podcasting pioneer. Her show, Satellite Sisters, has won more Gracie Allen awards for excellence in women's media than any other radio show/podcast ever. And before this? She was a badass in the business world, working for brands you might have heard of: Nike, Oprah, and National Geographic, just to name a few. Notes: Satellite Sisters Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Where the Peacocks Sing, by Alison Singh Gee Join us in Patreon Get the email 5 Quick Things
26/07/1833m 27s

Biophysicst | 27

Lauren Porter is a scientist who does research at basically a think tank — you can hear it in her voice how excited she gets about the tiny little things most of us don’t even know about, much less pay attention to. But her work is so important, and it both depends on the work of others and contributes to what future scientists like herself can discover and learn for the betterment of our entire world. These scientists are truly unsung heroes, because they contribute so much to our society’s well-being. Notes: Janelia Research Campus Janelia on Twitter Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Composing a Life andComposing a Further Life, by Mary Catherine Bateson Join us in Patreon Get the email 5 Quick Things
19/07/1833m 32s

Hospice Mom | 26

Cori Salchert is a hospice mom. What's that? Basically, she says she’s ready and willing to receive babies into her home with her family who have a life-limiting prognosis or terminal diagnosis. Her job? Is to love them just like a mama for whatever time they have before they pass away. She has 8 biological children and have fostered or adopted 7 more children. Cori says she and her family aren’t professionals; they’re just here, telling their story so others are aware of the needs of these babies, and how much other people could change things, too, by being brave and being willing to come alongside a child who needs love and care for a brief season. Notes: Safe Haven for Babies Cori's book, I Will Love You Forever Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Of Stillness and Storm, by Michelle Phoenix I Can Only Imagine, by Bart Millard When Is It Right to Die?, by Joni Eareckson Tada Yawning at Tigers, by Drew Dyck Support a child with Compassion (and get a signed copy of my book!) Join us in Patreon Get the email 5 Quick Things
12/07/1833m 17s

Civil Engineer | 25

Amy Anderson's title is civil engineer, but really, she’s a water resources engineer — which is really cool, you’ll hear more about what that means in our chat. Amy’s part of the Partnership for River Restoration and Science in the Upper Midwest (pronounced "prism"); basically, she’s one of the many engineers who make our world function without most of us non-engineers even realizing it. Interviewing smart women like Amy has given me a newfound appreciation for engineers. Notes: PRRSUM in Minnesota Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter The Read-Aloud Family, by Sarah Mackenzie What Works for Women at Work, by Joan C. Williams & Rachel Dempsey Join us in Patreon! Get the email 5 Quick Things!
05/07/1830m 44s

Social Work Professor | 24

Both of Luci Ramos Hoppe’s parents grew up in poverty, but then she grew up with some wealth—and she’s the daughter of an immigrant and a woman of color. This all ties closely to her calling to social work education and social justice. In her work as a professor of social work, Luci’s focus includes diversity, ethical faith integration in social work practice, work with children and families, curriculum development and undergrad student experiences. And? She was the first person in her family to attend college. Notes: Baylor University's School of Social Work Luci on Twitter Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Leaving Church, by Barbara Brown Taylor Join us in Patreon!
28/06/1839m 3s

Dinner Gathering Host | 23

Kate Edwards hosts quarterly gatherings where 16 creatively-driven women, most of whom have never met before, come together and share a meal, conversation, and experience. Every attendee brings something both literally and figuratively to the table, and the night's success, from the tablescape to the food to the entertainment, relies upon the group's collective efforts. Kate started all this, and the idea has completely taken off. Notes: Create Dinners Create Dinners on Instagram Kate on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur Heart Talk, by Cleo Wade Join us in Patreon!
21/06/1833m 17s

Project Manager | 22

Toni McEwan is a project manager, which sounds pretty broad, right? I mean, what is that, even? Well, she’s worked for her company, Dow Agro Sciences, for awhile now, but specifically, she simply leads teams of people. Her work is all about the people who do the work, making sure they have what they need to do their job well.  She helps leads projects, from start to finish, and encourages people to do their best work so everyone can work well together — and if you’ve had any experience in the corporate world, you know that can sometimes be hard to find, yet is so essential.  Notes: Toni on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Be Our Guest, by the Disney Institute The Muse, by Jessie Burton Support Compassion, and they’ll also send you a signed copy of my latest book, At Home in the World!  Support the podcast by becoming a patron!
14/06/1832m 12s

Literary Agent | 21

Jenni Burke a fairly unassuming literary agent, because she’s one of the nicest people in the world to talk to, but the woman can get things DONE when it comes to contracts, business negotiations, and representing her authors well. I love her approach and philosophy of slow publishing, authors living well so they don’t burn out, and writing from a genuine place of having something to say instead of writing just to publish something. (And yep… she’s actually my own literary agent, and as both an author and a friend, I couldn’t love her more.) Notes: DC Jacobson & Associates Jenni on Instagram #TuscanyWritersRetreat on Instagram! Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter A Circle of Quiet, by Madeline L’Engle The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Don Riso & Russ Hudson Rhythms of Rest, by Shelley Miller Join us in Patreon!
07/06/1846m 43s

Non-Profit Crafting School Founder | 20

Jo Ellis started a nonprofit crafting school in her town called Make Do, where she and others in the community use the unassuming power of different crafting skills like sewing, quilting, felting, and painting to make a difference in their community. Jo first saw overseas how teaching something like sewing could change the attitude, perspective, and even future of young women, so when she returned home, she wanted to impart that same simple power in her small town. She’s learning a lot about what it’s like to blend the running of a non-profit with holding on to her original love of crafting, and making time to wear her many hats well. Notes: MakeDo MakeDo on Facebook & Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engle Join us on Patreon!
31/05/1833m 2s

Artist & Author | 19

Amber Rae began her work in marketing, but then took a giant leap of faith and moved into work as an artist, which for her, also took a major move across the country for a clean do-over. She ended up doing some pretty cool installations across New York City, and eventually, took her experience and encouraging voice and put it to use encouraging others to take risks with their own work and art. The title of her book says it all about her approach. Notes: Amber on Twitter & Instagram Amber's website & book, Choose Wonder Over Worry Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter Sign up for Hope*Writers! Join us on Patreon!
24/05/1831m 54s

Presentation Creator | 18

What’s a presentation creator, right? Well, Sandra Johnson has been in this industry a long time now, enough to where she used to call herself a power point creator, but now she works in all sorts of mediums. Basically, she helps presenters make good presentations. Anyone who needs help giving a compelling talk, she’s your gal. And because she’s been doing this for awhile, she knows what makes a presentation that WORKS. She loves what she does, and she has a lot to say about how we sell our ideas, our work, and even ourselves to the world. This is a useful skill in any line of work, so what she does applies to so many of us. Notes: Sandra on Twitter Presentation Wiz The Presentation Podcast Presentation Guild Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Artemis, by Andy Weir Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
17/05/1833m 27s

Florist | 17

Callie Salmon has been in the wedding industry for a few years now, but she just started her business less than a year ago at the time of our conversation. So this one’s a fun, slightly different episode because I’m talking with her about the early stuff she’s learning as a wedding florist — how to run her business as a young solopreneur, the lessons she’s learning about finance, marketing, time management, and learning her trade. It’s a good reminder on what it’s like to start something new, when you love your idea and what you’re starting to do, but when it’s just so much work at the beginning to make it happen. Her hard work is admirable. Notes: Callie Salmon on Instagram The Sacred Search, by Gary Thomas Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
10/05/1843m 9s

Science Jewelry Designer | 16

Maile Urbancic saw a gap in both the jewelry and STEM fields, and wanted to intersect the two. So, she founded Boutique Academia when she was pregnant with her third child (she actually did her business taxes during labor!). She loves both science and art, so creating this somewhat unorthodox jewelry has given her a creative outlet for giving women like her a way to express their love for things like anatomy, engineering, astronomy, tech, and more. She’s learning a lot about being her own boss and growing a business while working from home. Notes: Boutique Academia Boutique Academia on Instagram and Twitter Fighting Stereotype Threat With Jewelry, Maile's piece on Medium Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
03/05/1833m 42s

PR Firm President | 15

Heather Whaling started the PR company she’s currently president of, called Geben Communication, a PR firm where she oversees a small team of people that handles multiple clients. She’s currently passionate about helping other small businesses roll out comprehensive paid parental leave programs similar to the one she started at her company, which is called Geben Loves Families. Her workplace program offers 10 weeks of 100% paid leave to new moms and dads whether they give birth or adopt, in addition to a two-week transition period once they return to work — and she believes other small businesses can and should do the same. Notes: Geben Communication Heather's blog Rewrite the Rules Heather on Instagram and Twitter What I Know For Sure, by Oprah Winfrey Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
26/04/1827m 8s

Chef | 14

Tanorria Askew is a personal chef and runs a business called Tanorria’s Table, where people can hire her for both everyday meals and special occasions. Her cooking roots originate from the south, and Tanorria’s had fun putting a modern spin on American Comfort Food — she recently placed 4th on Master Chef! She’s passionate about good food, gathering people around the table to have good conversations, and enjoying life through it all. Her can-do attitude is contagious. Notes: Tanorria's Table Treats By Tanorria Tanorria on Instagram and Twitter Masterchef Season 7 Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram Of Mess and Moxie, by Jen Hatmaker Disunity in Christ, by Christena Cleveland
19/04/1834m 46s

Landscape Architect | 13

Bethany Rydmark is an eighth-generation Oregonian and a small business owner, raising her young kids and helping shape the places people live with their families. She's passionate about care for the natural environment and leaning into its natural cycles of cycles of growth, beauty, respite, and renewal. She’s also the founder of something called the PDX Food Swap, a pretty fantastic idea! Notes Bethany's business website Her blog Bethany on Instagram and Twitter PDX Food Swap Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram The Invention of Nature, by Andrea Wulf How to Survive a Shipwreck, by Jonathan Martin
12/04/1845m 51s

Mental Health Therapist | 12

Kirstin Yates is a therapist working at a local community clinic, doing work that’s so valuable and necessary to our communities, but largely goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I’ve personally benefited so much from the therapists in my life, so I’m grateful for the work Kirstin does in her local space, and I’m honored to share her story so we can all benefit. There’s many, many people like her all around us — they deserve our many thanks. Notes Kirstin's blog Kirstin on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, by Dana K. White Decluttering at the Speed of Life, by Dana K. White
05/04/1838m 21s

Book Cover Designer | 11

Connie Gabbert is a book cover designer, and you may have heard me talk about her before—this is because she’s not only a personal friend of mine, but she also designed the covers of my last two books, At Home in the World and Notes From a Blue Bike (and I’m so impressed with her work that if I have it my way, I’m going to ask for her to design all my book covers for the rest of my career). Connie is supremely talented, her portfolio keeps growing with new and brilliant takes on book cover design, and she never ceases to surprise me. Notes Connie's amazing portfolio Connie on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram My books (the latest two of which Connie designed) Sign up for my personal monthly letter!
29/03/1835m 12s

Storytelling Strategist | 10

Valerie Gordon admits this sounds like a strange job, but it's a needed one—she helps women better tell their stories as they navigate career transition. So yeah, she's a career coach, but one that uses the elements of story to lead women into their next stage of work. In her 20+ year career as a TV storyteller, she now believes in the unlikely beauty of burnout at work, and why it’s good to change the term "mid-life crisis" to "mid-life transformation." Talking with her feels like coffee with a really smart, strategic friend — lucky for all of us. Notes Commander-In-She Commander-In-She on Twitter Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give, by Ada Calhoun
22/03/1837m 49s

Priest | 09

Tish Harrison Warren is a priest with the Anglican Church of North America. She’s a woman who maneuvered a lot of hurdles and went through a LONG process of discernment, study, training, and overcoming stereotypes to do work she never thought she’d end up doing: being an ordained priest. Her story is fascinating, and I could have talked to her for hours. (Plus, it’s not everyday I get to talk to an honest-to-goodness fellow Tish, especially one with deep roots in Austin, Texas.) This was a fun chat! Notes: Tish on Twitter Tish's blog Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Anglican Church of North America Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton The Anglican Understanding of the Church, by Paul Avis Letters to a Diminished Church, by Dorothy Sayers The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien Narnia series, by C.S. Lewis Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery
15/03/1846m 54s

Journalist | 08

Sarah Pulliam Bailey is a journalist with the Washington Post, working at their religion desk. Within just a few years, she’s really cut her teeth on some of the most newsworthy events in our current climate. I met her a few years back, in Israel, and I was immediately taken with her. I love her work, her story, and how she makes our world a better place. Notes Sarah's articles on the Washington Post Sarah on Twitter & Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
08/03/1835m 43s

Felony Prosecutor | 07

Sherwin Safir is a felony prosecutor who does the tough work of making where we live a safer, more just place. She works tirelessly to make sure justice is served in her community, along with so many other felony prosecutors with heart like her. She specifically works to protect our most vulnerable from abuse — children, women, and animals, to be specific. She shares her story of how she became a lawyer, and that she knew what she wanted to do from a pretty young age, what advice she’d give to someone else wanting to do what she does, and how she keeps grounded as she works in some pretty emotional situations. Notes Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
01/03/1832m 26s

Non-Profit Orphan Care Founder | 06

Katie Davis Majors is the founder of an organization called Amazima in Uganda. But you might have heard of her because of something else: she’s a 29-year-old mother of 14 kids, who left her comfortable life when she was still a teenager to devote her life to something she never expected. Little did she know her heart would burst into a million pieces when she met her yet-to-be daughters and ultimately start an organization that helps hundreds and hundreds of kids stay with their families and have what they need for school and medical care, instead of being sent to orphanages. Notes: Amazima Amazima on Twitter & Instagram Katie on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
22/02/1834m 8s

STEM Girls' Advocate | 05

Saki Milton is the founder of a group called GEMS Camp—she turned her passion for math into a STEM-focused camp for girls, particularly girls living in urban neighborhoods. Her vision is to instill confidence in urban teen girls in five core areas–academics, career, creativity, leadership, and service– so that they’ll be successful in STEM studies and future careers. Saki's got a great story, because even though her program began and continues to flourish in the Dallas, Texas area, she now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf, where she hopes to take what she started on a global scale and bring STEM camps for girls in the Middle East. She does fascinating, life-changing work to encourage young teen girls—especially vulnerable ones in urban environments—and encourages them in the joy, necessity, and know-how of STEM fields. Saki loves what she does. Notes   The GEMS Camp Saki on Twitter Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram Go Girls, the travel agency she used What is Emotion, by Steven Furtick
15/02/1831m 50s

Researcher & Writer | 04

Gretchen Rubin is a researcher and writer who’s become one of the most influential observers of happiness and human nature in our culture. She’s written many books, including her bestseller, The Happiness Project, and came up with a nifty, spot-on rubric for helping us understand how we uniquely approach the art of setting habits, which she then wrote about in a book called, The Four Tendencies. In this episode, Gretchen shares how she got into the work of research, because it wasn’t an obvious path. She started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she actually wanted to be a writer. She loves what she does, and she has tons of ideas for her work that’ll keep her going for a long time. Notes Gretchen's website Gretchen on Twitter & Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
08/02/1830m 35s

Social Entrepreneur | 03

Jessica Honegger the founder of Noonday Collection, a fashion company that designs and sells jewelry and accessories made by artisans across the globe. In this chat, Jessica shares why she started Noonday—because she never actually meant to create a business. She also talks about what it was like to found an ethical retail business when she never had any actual business or retail experience, and yet why she thinks Noonday has taken off like it has. It has a unique model that both empowers women artisans in developing countries and women with an entrepreneurial heart who’d love to partner with them. Notes Noonday Collection Jessica on Instagram Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Twitter & Instagram
01/02/1827m 15s

Bookshop Owner | 02

Annie B. Jones basically has my own dream job (besides being a writer): she owns an indie bookstore called The Bookshelf, in beautiful Thomasville, Georgia, not too far from Tallahassee, Florida. Annie shares what it was like to start off as a bookshop owner with zero business background, and the things she had to learn on the sales floor about managing a team, deciding what her community liked — and didn’t like — to read, and at the end of the day, how to keep the lights on doing something that she confesses is more work than she ever imagined, but wouldn’t trade for the world. Notes: Annie on Twitter The Bookshelf The Bookshelf on Instagram Annie's podcast, From the Front Porch Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women’s Work on Instagram Myers-Briggs Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner Wildwood, by Colin Meloy A Wrinkle in Time and Austin Family Chronicles, by Madeleine L'Engel The Ensemble, by Aja Gabel Yes, Please, by Amy Poehler In the spirit of this episode—if you'd like to order one of her book recommendations, reach out to The Bookshelf! Thanks to sponsor Hello Fresh—get $30 your first week with promo code womenswork30!
25/01/1833m 20s

City Commissioner | 01

You might know Sarah Stewart Holland as one half of the podcast Pantsuit Politics, but she's also a city commissioner of her small Kentucky town, Paducah, where she spends a lot of her workday making decisions that make where she lives a better place. She shares about the ins and outs of what it means to be a city commissioner in a small community. And she’s open and honest about the hurdles she jumped to become a young woman and mom who spins a lot of plates to use her passion for politics to serve her town. Sarah on Twitter & Instagram Pantsuit Politics & The Nuanced Life Emerge America Tsh on Twitter & Instagram Women's Work on Instagram Raising Ms. President Less Than Angels, by Barbara Pym What She Ate, by Laura Shapiro The Vegetarian, by Han Kang A Man Called Ove, Fredrik Backman A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles Thanks to sponsor Hello Fresh—get $30 your first week with promo code womenswork30!
25/01/1834m 51s

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