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POLITICO's top reporters dive into the political landscape, the latest numbers that matter, and detail what's really happening behind closed doors. They're people who spend Friday nights poring over poll numbers or the latest Federal Election Commission reports — so if you want to understand how the modern politics game is played, this is the podcast for you. New episodes every Friday, hosted by Scott Bland.


The politics of a pandemic

Guest host Eugene Daniels talks with national political correspondent David Siders about how, three months in, the coronavirus crisis is simultaneously upending and reaffirming political allegiances. Eugene Daniels **** is a political reporter for POLITICO. David Siders is a national political correspondent for POLITICO. Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO Audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
29/05/2023m 9s

The presidential race Florida is *really* talking about

White House reporter and guest host Nancy Cook chats with  Florida bureau chief Matt Dixon about  the 2024 - yes, 2024- political aspirations of some Florida politicians, and what all their history tells us about the Republican party in one of the most important swing states in the country. Nancy Cook is a White House reporter for POLITICO.  Matt Dixon is Florida bureau chief for POLITICO.  Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
22/05/2027m 9s

Hello? Hello? The Supreme Court calls in

Congress reporter Kyle Cheney talks with White House reporter Nancy Cook about cases heard at the Supreme Court on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday: justices heard a case that pits the House’s demand for President Trump’s financial documents against his attorneys’ claim that it intrudes on the constitutional powers of the presidency. And Wednesday: whether faithless presidential electors should be forced to abide by their promises. Nancy Cook is a White House reporter for POLITICO.  Kyle Cheney is a Congress reporter for POLITICO.  Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
15/05/2024m 39s

The Biden paradox

POLITICO reporters Eugene Daniels and Holly Otterbein tackle the political ramifications of the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden: accusations of Democratic hypocrisy, how this affects Biden's veepstakes and "lesser evil" voting in 2020. Eugene Daniels **** is a political reporter for POLITICO. Holly Otterbein is a political reporter for POLITICO. Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO Audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
08/05/2034m 36s

China vs U.S. fight turns into Thunderdome

Chief economic correspondent Ben White sits in the host chair this week to talk to foreign affairs correspondent Nahal Toosi about the increasingly sour relationship between the US and China — and how their political problems are affecting everything else. Ben White is chief economic correspondent for POLITICO. Nahal Toosi **** is a foreign affairs correspondent for POLITICO.  Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
01/05/2026m 7s

Nothing is enough: Governing during coronavirus

What's coming? We haven't seen an economic crisis like this since before WWII or a health crisis like this in a century. And an unsettling reality is setting in: We’re not doing enough to ease the pain on either front so far. Chief economic correspondent Ben White talks to Scott about the economy, coronavirus testing and more, and tries not to give him too much anxiety. Scott Bland is host of Nerdcast and a politics editor at POLITICO. Ben White is chief economic correspondent for POLITICO. Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO Audio.  Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio. Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
24/04/2019m 29s

Is this thing on? How Trump wants to restart the economy

President Donald Trump is talking about reopening the economy -- and slinging around old movie references. But mid-pandemic, what does "reopening" the economy even mean? White House reporter Nancy Cook talks to host Scott Bland about Trump's desire for a booming economy even amid warnings from his health advisers, and why this is so complicated.
17/04/2019m 55s

The primary's over. The veepstakes have begun.

Bernie Sanders bows out — POLITICO reporter Holly Otterbein gives us the inside scoop and whether Joe Biden can entice Bernie's supporters to his camp. Then, chief political correspondent Tim Alberta fills Scott in on Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan governor who is dealing with coronavirus, an angry president and the real possibility she might be Biden’s choice for running mate — all intertwined at the same time.
10/04/2028m 38s

Mute ye, mute ye: What Congress might look like on videoconference

Zoom videoconferencing goes to Washington. Since 9/11, disaster planners have been trying to warn Washington of the risks of a government based on stuffing all of America’s most important legislators into one place. Covid-19 is reviving the conversation in real time. Senior tech reporter Nancy Scola joins host Scott Bland to talk through the pitfalls of a Congress that could legislate remotely.
03/04/2022m 34s

The two trillion dollar question

Ten days and $2 trillion -- that's right, with a "tr." How did the Senate get to 96-0? Reporter Marianne LeVine joins host Scott Bland to talk through the past few days of negotiations on Capitol Hill. Plus, Michael Kruse on how the coronavirus task force briefings have become episodes of President Donald Trump's reality TV show.
27/03/2029m 23s

The political system vs. COVID-19

COVID-19 has upended daily life in the United States. On this week's Nerdcast, we're talking about how the virus is altering politics: from chaotic or canceled 2020 primaries to its reverberations in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Host Scott Bland is joined by reporters Zach Montellaro, Nancy Cook and editor Ben Weyl.
20/03/2025m 45s

COVID-19 and the campaign trail

There's one news story that's eaten all the others: COVID-19. Although the coronavirus has been a public health crisis and major news story for weeks now, this week it became the only story. Scott talks to editorial director Blake Hounshell about President Donald Trump's address to the nation and how the coronavirus is affecting the 2020 presidential race. Then, political reporter Eugene Daniels joins to discuss Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden's strengths and weaknesses.
13/03/2018m 26s

Mini Tuesday, Biden's not-so-mini wins

Scott Bland talks to reporter Christopher Cadelago about Joe Biden's key wins in the "Mini Tuesday" primaries and how the door is closing on Bernie Sanders.
11/03/207m 53s

What we learned in a whirlwind 2020 week

POLITICO health care reporter Dan Diamond talks us through the Trump administration's coronavirus response and the many questions being raised about preparedness. Later, campaign reporter Elena Schneider joins Scott to break down Super Tuesday — and the whirlwind week in politics that has the Democratic primary down to just two major candidates: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.
06/03/2023m 0s

Super Tuesday: Biden & Bernie blast off

POLITICO reporters and editors race to get Super Tuesday results up as Joe Biden makes a surprise surge in the delegate count. Plus, Scott Bland and Laura Barrón-López on where things stand after the biggest night of the primary.
04/03/206m 21s

South Carolina: Biden his time all along

POLITICO's Ryan Lizza joins Scott to talk through Joe Biden's decisive victory in the South Carolina primary -- and whether or not it threatens Bernie Sanders' momentum ahead of Super Tuesday. Plus, we pour one out for Tom Steyer, who taught us that many millions can't fix everything.
01/03/2014m 11s

Mega! Primary! Preview!

POLITICO reporter Eugene Daniels talks Scott Bland through his recent reporting trip to South Carolina, where he caught up with his nana Ruby Brown and dove into the state’s all-important black vote. Plus, he and Scott talk all things Super Tuesday — just days away. Later, POLITICO reporters James Arkin and Ally Mutnick join to highlight the most interesting Senate and House primaries on Super Tuesday.
28/02/2028m 59s

Debate extra: When in doubt, shout!

POLITICO's Elena Schneider and host Scott Bland break down a key moment in Tuesday night's Democratic Presidential debate: when Bernie Sanders admitted his mistake in voting for immunity for gun manufacturers.
26/02/2011m 40s

Bernie hits the jackpot in Nevada

POLITICO reporter Holly Otterbein joins host Scott Bland to break down Bernie Sanders' big win in Nevada -- and what it means with South Carolina and Super Tuesday fast approaching.
23/02/2013m 40s

The art of the troll

Zach Montellaro and Scott talk about the Nevada caucuses and whether to expect Iowa 2.0 on Saturday. Plus, Gabby Orr clues us in about the Trump administration's rally strategy: trolling.
21/02/2022m 49s

Debate extra: They (really) don't like Mike

Scott and POLITICO reporter Chris Cadelago break down the spiciest debate yet: Elizabeth Warren's big night of burns, Mike Bloomberg's struggles and how Bernie Sanders did as the frontrunner.
20/02/2011m 22s

Justice Dept. drama? Roger that.

Josh Gerstein brings Scott up to speed on the two court cases with nine lives: Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. Plus, meet Alice, a 78-year-old volunteer for Amy Klobuchar who had the night of her life on Tuesday. Political reporter Stephanie Murray talks with Scott about Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg — and their prospects after top-three finishes in New Hampshire.
14/02/2025m 3s

New Hampshire feels the Bern

The New Hampshire primary had ups, downs...and, oh yeah, decisive results! POLITICO reporters Holly Otterbein, Alex Thompson, Elena Schneider, Marc Caputo, Stephanie Murray and Eugene Daniels join us from the New Hampshire election night parties and editor Steven Shepard analyzes the results with host Scott Bland.
12/02/2013m 55s

Debate extra: How Pete took the pressure

In this debate night special, Scott Bland and political reporter Elena Schneider break down a fundamental disagreement between Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden and how Buttigieg handled the body blows as he rises in the New Hampshire polls. Subscribe and rate the Nerdcast on Apple Podcasts.
08/02/2010m 52s

Breakfast at Bernie's

Nerdcast is in New Hampshire this week ahead of Tuesday's primary. We run into Bernie Sanders in a diner and talk to political reporter Holly Otterbein about the fallout of the messy Iowa caucus numbers and the New Hampshire polls showing Sanders up front and Buttigieg rising.
07/02/2014m 48s

Trump on trial: Acquitted

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. In the final episode: senior reporter Darren Samuelsohn on the vote to acquit President Donald Trump — and Mitt Romney's vote to convict him on one article of impeachment. Plus, White House reporter Nancy Cook takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
06/02/209m 12s

Iowa: We're in this for the long haul

It's the 2020 Iowa caucuses and basically nothing went according to plan. Scott Bland talks with POLITICO reporters Eugene Daniels, Charlie Mahtesian, Laura Barrón-López and Elena Schneider about Iowa's role in the political process and what on earth happened on caucus night.
04/02/2012m 4s

Trump on trial: End times

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: editorial director Blake Hounshell on the trial creeping toward the end. Plus, White House reporter Nancy Cook takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
01/02/207m 33s

5 things to watch before the Iowa caucuses

This week, Scott and national political reporter Natasha Korecki discuss the five big things to watch ahead of the Iowa caucuses, including the latest movement in the polls and where the candidates are spending the last moments before voting.
31/01/2022m 34s

Trump on trial: Is the end near?

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: senate reporter Marianne LeVine gives Scott the low-down from today's Q&A session on the Hill. Plus, White House reporter Nancy Cook takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
31/01/207m 43s

Trump on trial: It's question time

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: Senior reporter Darren Samuelsohn gives Scott the low-down from on today's Q&A session on the hill. Plus, Congress editor Ben Weyl takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
30/01/207m 18s

Trump on trial: the defense rests

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: founding editor John Harris gives Scott a high-altitude view of the impeachment trial: surprises, quirks, and memories of his reporting during President Clinton's Senate impeachment trial. Plus, White House reporter Nancy Cook takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
29/01/207m 52s

Trump on trial: Bolton's room where it happened

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: editorial director Blake Hounshell on the reported allegations in John Bolton's upcoming memoir and what they mean for the Senate impeachment trial. Plus, Nancy Cook takes the 30-second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
28/01/208m 55s

Trump on trial: TiVo and tweetin'

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: Nancy Cook on the White House's mood, strategy, and what to expect from President Trump's legal defense team on Saturday. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
25/01/208m 5s

A 'slap fight' and a court fight

This week, Scott talks to healthcare reporter Susannah Luthi about the Supreme Court punting consideration of a high-stakes legal challenge to Obamacare. Plus, politics editor Charlie Mahtesian talks to Scott about Bernie, Biden, and their long-simmering slap fight on Social Security.
24/01/2022m 55s

Trump on trial: Un-Schiff-ting strategy

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters and editors. Today: Ben Weyl talks Adam Schiff's background and strategy. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
24/01/206m 29s

Trump on trial: Senate factions

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters. Today: Burgess Everett guides Scott through the Senate factions and Nancy Cook takes the 30 second challenge. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes.
23/01/207m 18s

Trump on trial: Mitch McConnell

The Nerdcast goes daily with short episodes providing the most crucial Senate impeachment trial updates with a stable of POLITICO reporters. Today: Darren Samuelsohn guides Scott through day one. Join us for a daily look at impeachment in under 10 minutes
22/01/205m 54s

How to run an impeachment trial

This week, Scott talks to polling expert Steven Shepard and House campaign reporter Ally Mutnick about the latest 2020 election developments. Plus, senior reporter Darren Samuelsohn joins us to walk through exactly what to expect as the impeachment trial begins in the Senate.
17/01/2034m 52s

Sanders, Warren and the great debate over how to win

In this debate night special, Scott and senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian break down a disagreement between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on trade -- and how that explains the two progressives' different visions of how to win and how to govern.
15/01/209m 32s

Iran conflict shakes Washington

This week, Scott talks to foreign affairs correspondent Nahal Toosi and deputy defense editor Dave Brown about the last week's worth of news of the Iran conflict, where things stand now and the Pentagon's inconsistent response. Plus, political reporters Zach Montellaro and Holly Otterbein talk to Scott about the small number of polls out in the field, who has currently qualified for Tuesday's debate and what they're looking for on the debate stage.
10/01/2034m 43s

Four decades in politics - what's next?

In this New Years special, Scott and senior White House reporter Darren Samuelsohn look back at the defining political moments of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s and then give their magic 8-ball a shake and talk about what might happen in the 2020s.
03/01/2028m 59s

Back next week!

We'll be back with a new episode next Friday, January 3rd.

Klobuchar strikes Buttigieg in fight for center

Scott and senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian break down a key moment in a battle of the moderates between Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. Plus, White House reporter Nancy Cook and deputy Congress editor David Kihara talk the impeachment vote and what's coming next.
20/12/1929m 32s

Debate week day 4: Moderating

Go inside the making of the December Democratic presidential debate with POLITICO on this special edition of the Nerdcast. POLITICO debate moderator Tim Alberta fills us in and chief Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza and political reporter Laura Barrón-López talk about the lack of diversity among the front-runners on the debate stage.
19/12/1914m 15s

Debate week day 3: Playbook in LA

Go inside the making of the December Democratic presidential debate with POLITICO on this special edition of the Nerdcast. POLITICO Playbook co-author Anna Palmer talks to Scott from Los Angeles about impeachment, which Democratic presidential candidates have the most friends in Washington, and fundraising as a litmus test in the Democratic presidential primary.
18/12/1911m 34s

Debate week day 2: The making of

Go inside the making of the December Democratic presidential debate with Politico on this special edition of the Nerdcast. POLITICO's editor Carrie Budoff Brown and PBS NewsHour's Executive Producer Sara Just take us behind the scenes and explain all the decisions that go into hosting a debate -- some large, some very small. Plus, we chat with carpenter Bobby Rizzo as he builds the set for Thursday.
17/12/197m 25s

Debate week day 1: You didn't answer my question

Go inside the making of the December Democratic presidential debate with Politico on this special edition of the Nerdcast. Scott talks to the 2020 campaign reporters covering the candidates on stage about what each candidate's biggest challenge is heading into Thursday -- and the question each one would most like to answer.
16/12/1919m 31s

A nightmare December and a 2020 tiff

The Nerdcast talks to POLITICO White House reporter Nancy Cook and congress editor Ben Weyl about the chock-full December ahead: USMCA, prescription drug pricing, a spending bill to avert a government shutdown and, oh yeah, impeachment. Plus, national political reporters Alex Thompson and Elena Schneider talk to Scott about the tension between Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren and why things are heating up in the Democratic presidential primary.
13/12/1929m 3s

Digging into Kamala's downfall and the demographics of 2020

The Nerdcast talks to POLITICO national political reporter Christopher Cadelago about what went wrong in Kamala Harris' bid for president. Plus, national political reporter Laura Barrón-López and reporting fellow Maya King talk to Scott about the demographics on the campaign trail -- why Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have struggled to make inroads with black voters, Pete Buttigieg's failure to connect with Latino and black voters and what the path to victory through South Carolina and Nevada looks like.
06/12/1931m 29s

Prospective 'first gentlemen' on the campaign trail

The Nerdcast talks to POLITICO national political reporter Elena Schneider about the 2020 husbands on the campaign trail. The Democratic primary field is historic, with four women and a gay man running for president - but they're running in a country where only three percent of governors, the highest statewide executive office, have been women. That can make things complicated for how to introduce a male spouse on the campaign trail.
27/11/1916m 45s

What we learned in the impeachment hearings

The Nerdcast talks to POLITICO national security correspondent Natasha Bertrand as she breaks down four major takeaways from this week's slew of impeachment hearings. Plus, politics reporter Daniel Strauss talks to Scott about Saturday's governor race in Louisiana, where the Democratic incumbent narrowly kept his seat.
22/11/1928m 30s

A can't-we-all-get-along debate

The Nerdcast breaks down an emblematic moment from Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate -- a question about President Trump highlighting a primary field determined, for the moment, to focus on next year's general election instead of fighting among each other. Guest hosted by Charlie Mahtesian with Massachusetts Playbook author Stephanie Murray.
21/11/197m 9s

The 2020 party crashers

The Nerdcast talks to POLITICO’s Nahal Toosi and Ben Weyl as the first public impeachment hearing pulls the spotlight away from the campaign trail and Democrats try to engage the public in the push to remove President Donald Trump from office. Plus, political reporter Stephanie Murray joins from Boston to discuss the oddly expanding Democratic primary field, with Michael Bloomberg dipping his toes in the water and Deval Patrick going for a full cannonball into New Hampshire.
15/11/1926m 45s

Remember remember the fifth of November: breaking down Tuesday's election results

The Nerdcast talks to reporters Steven Shepard and Ally Mutnick about the election day results out of Kentucky and Virginia, what those results could mean for 2020 and how congressional maps are - or aren't - changing. Plus, campaign reporter Alex Thompson and healthcare reporter Alice Ollstein delve into Elizabeth Warren's new whitepaper on her payment plan for 'Medicare For All.'
08/11/1930m 26s

Ironman Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

The Nerdcast talks to ace congressional reporter Burgess Everett as he introduces us to the independently minded Democratic senator irritating the left and delighting the GOP: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.
01/11/1919m 5s

Political nightmares and peering into the future

The Nerdcast gets into the Halloween spirit with White House reporters Darren Samuelsohn and Gabby Orr, who entertain some future speculations and sketch out political nightmare scenarios. What are the worst-case fears for Democrats and Republicans heading into 2020? Plus, senior legal affairs contributor Josh Gerstein joins Scott to talk about Rudy Giuliani who continues to place himself at the center of the Ukraine story.
25/10/1929m 32s

Money in the bank and the latest on impeachment

The Nerdcast nerds out with Maggie Severns and Zach Montellaro over the campaigns releasing their Q3 fundraising numbers. Which candidates are on top as they head into the most expensive part of the race so far and whose coffers are in the danger zone? Plus, Ben Weyl and Nahal Toosi join Scott to chat about what's new in impeachment and who's who in the cast of characters testifying on the Hill behind closed doors this week.
18/10/1930m 53s

Warren gets the front-runner treatment

We unpack a key moment of the latest Democratic presidential debate -- when the differences between former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren came into focus. POLITICO's Elena Schneider joins guest host Charlie Mahtesian to break down what happened.
16/10/1911m 26s

Senator, is your refrigerator running? Sen. Graham's hoax calls with Russians

The Nerdcast has a stacked show this week as we get Natasha Bertrand to take us inside two prank calls to Sen. Lindsey Graham that fly in the face of his recent comments on Turkey, the Kurds and Syria. Plus, Nancy Cook, Holly Otterbein and Daniel Strauss join guest host Charlie Mahtesian to chat about what's new in impeachment and why next week's Democratic debate might actually be kind of fun. Please note this episode contains an explicit word.
11/10/1941m 34s

Impeachment and Iowa

The Nerdcast sits down with Politico's Nancy Cook and Ben Weyl to go inside Trump's impeachment bunker and Pelosi's war room. Plus, get up to speed on what's going on in 2020 land: Iowa. Elena Schneider, Natasha Korecki and Charlie Mahtesian join Scott to chat about the importance of Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and a local steak fry.
04/10/1930m 40s

The moment that impeachment got real

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) helped kick off the latest phase of the House Democrats' impeachment debate when she and six other moderate members of Congress said that Donald Trump's contact with Ukraine could constitute an impeachable offense. She reflected on the weight of what that means in a raw and emotional interview with POLITICO's Michael Kruse, and Michael joins the show to share his observations. Plus: how'd we get here? POLITICO's Natasha Bertrand takes us through the timeline.
27/09/1929m 5s

Trump's Turnberry resort and a zombie impeachment memo

The Nerdcast sits down with Politico's Natasha Bertrand and Ben Shreckinger to find out what's going on at Turnberry, President Trump's luxury golf resort in Scotland where the U.S. Air Force has lodged its crews. Plus, Darren Samuelsohn tells the story of a "zombie" congressional impeachment memo: one that Hillary Clinton helped craft in 1974, was used 20 years later as a blueprint in impeachment proceedings against President Clinton and today has new life breathed into it during impeachment discussions.
20/09/1932m 9s

Breaking down Castro vs Biden

The Nerdcast team breaks down a key moment from Thursday's democratic presidential debate -- when former HUD Secretary Julian Castro took a swipe at Joe Biden's memory. Plus, a look at how Elizabeth Warren became Elizabeth Warren, and how she made so many enemies in the Obama Administration in the process.
13/09/1937m 48s

Not the debate that climate activists wanted

On this episode of the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: In a marathon forum on climate change, Democratic contenders began to seek separation from one another on the key issue. POLITICO energy reporter Kelsey Tamborrino and national political reporter David Siders explain the first signs of candidates weaponizing climate change in the primary campaign. Plus, POLITICO national political reporter Chris Cadelago explains how Kamala Harris won over the prominent voice of rapper 2 Live Crew.
06/09/1926m 15s

Nerdcast bonus: The presidential race enters a new phase

On this episode of the Nerdcast with guest host John Harris: The presidential campaign may feel like it’s been going on forever, but it’s about to enter a new phase. POLITICO founding editor John Harris joined reporters Holly Otterbein, Natasha Korecki and David Siders to talk about why authenticity is so elusive, whether the left is ascendant in the Democratic party, and why candidate selfies are all the rage.
02/09/1929m 15s

Dem campaigns get desperate after debate shutout

This week on the Nerdcast with Scott Bland: More than half of the Democratic presidential field got bounced from the party’s debate circuit Wednesday night, but they’re not meekly exiting stage left. POLITICO campaign reporter Elena Schneider explains what actions they might take against the DNC’s debate rules. Also, voters across the country — from California to Pennsylvania to Massachusetts — grilled House Democrats on the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump at a series of events this month. POLITICO reporter Sarah Ferris describes what she observed on the ground at town halls.
30/08/1923m 0s

Trump team braces donors for potential recession

This week on the Nerdcast with Scott Bland: White House reporter Nancy Cook explains how the Trump administration may be putting on a happy face in public, but in private, they’re worrying about a global economic slowdown triggering a U.S. recession. Also, White House reporter Daniel Lippman looks inside the president's feud with Tom Barrack, on of his closest friends.
23/08/1922m 16s

Trump finally tries the patience of Evangelicals

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: Evangelicals chafe at Trump’s blasphemy— POLITICO White House reporter Gabby Orr explains why. Also, POLITICO's senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian joins national politics reporters Chris Cadelago and Natasha Korecki to break down what's happening on the ground in Iowa.
16/08/1925m 3s

Is Joe Biden’s brother the next Billy Carter?

This week on the Nerdcast with guest-host Blake Hounshell: Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career. We have POLITICO's Ben Schreckinger on to discuss his investigation on former Vice President Joe Biden's family finances.
09/08/1927m 57s

The post-debate state of the race

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: POLITICO national political reporter Elena Schneider and senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian break down who came out on top in this week's democratic debates. Also: A divided Federal Reserve is cutting interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. What’s that mean and why does it matter? POLITICO financial services reporter Victoria Guida explains.
02/08/1919m 28s

Dissecting a moment: Booker piles on Biden

Cory Booker, in search of his first bona fide “moment” as he tries to work his way up in the presidential race, came ready to lunge into his critique of Joe Biden’s new criminal justice proposal as too little, too late to fix the problem of mass incarceration, after Biden’s authorship of punitive crime legislation in the ‘90s. POLITICO national political reporter Chris Cadelago joins host Scott Bland to analyze an important moment from round two of the second Democratic debate on Tuesday night.
01/08/198m 45s

'You're wrong' vs. 'I'm right': Sanders and Warren spar with moderates

"You're wrong" for criticizing “Medicare for All,” Sen. Bernie Sanders told former Rep. John Delaney in the first answer of the night — setting up an evening of conflict between the left and the center. POLITICO health care reporter Dan Diamond joins host Scott Bland to analyze an important moment from round one of the second Democratic debate on Tuesday night.
31/07/199m 18s

2020 Dems prepare to come out swinging in this week's debates

On this special episode of the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland, POLITICO White House reporter Chris Cadelago on the things he'll be watching for during this week's debates.
29/07/1912m 31s

Democrats plot a post-Mueller strategy

This week's Congressional appearance by Robert S. Mueller III landed with a thud, so what's next for Democrats itching to impeach the president? Sarah Ferris from POLITICO's Congressional team joins the show to explain why Nancy Pelosi's team is maintaining a united front in public, even if they're arguing behind closed doors. Plus, POLITICO's Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White breaks down how the president's advisers are trying to safeguard the long-running economic boom, even if it means walking away from their opposition to deficit spending. We take a look inside the "do no harm" caucus.
26/07/1923m 27s

Is the Democratic field about to shrink?

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland, POLITICO White House reporter Gabby Orr and Congressional reporter Heather Caygle explain the fallout of President Trump's racist tweets. Also: POLITICO national political reporter David Siders on why a big shrink to the democratic primary field might be coming soon.
19/07/1925m 20s

AMERICAN CARNAGE: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump

Today on a special edition of Nerdcast with Scott Bland: Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent for POLITICO Magazine, talks about his forthcoming book AMERICAN CARNAGE: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump.
15/07/1910m 53s

Does conventional wisdom have it wrong on Sanders and Warren?

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: We examine some of the front-runners who have begun to emerge for Democrats, particularly on the left of the party. POLITICO's National political reporters Holly Otterbein and Alex Thompson check on the 2020 race. Also: What would you ask Robert Mueller, if you got the chance? POLITICO's national security correspondent Natasha Bertrand and POLITICO's legal affairs analyst Josh Gerstein discuss what might happen on Capitol HIll for Robert Mueller.
12/07/1926m 8s

Two Supreme Court decisions, explained

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: The Supreme Court had a busy week, ruling on two cases that have big political implications. First, immigration reporter Ted Hesson joins to explain how a road block has been put in the path of implementing a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Then, Scott and Charlie talk about the ruling on partisan gerrymandering. In the second segment, national political reporter Natasha Korecki explains where the democratic presidential candidates stand in the first week post-debate.
03/07/1930m 32s

How Harris made her moment against Biden

The California senator came prepared to prosecute a case against the front-runner. We analyze an important moment from Thursday night's Democratic debate.
28/06/198m 3s

Dissecting a moment: Elizabeth Warren on Medicare for All

Sen. Warren seemed to make her fullest embrace of Bernie Sanders’s healthcare plan, but did she leave herself room to change her mind. We analyze an important moment from Wednesday’s night Democratic debate.
27/06/199m 25s

Bonus: The new politics of trade

Check out an episode of POLITICO's latest podcast: Global Translations. The show looks at big global problems that are vexing politicians and policymakers, and this episode examines how Donald Trump has scrambled the usual politics of trade. Check it out, and subscribe for free wherever you get your shows. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
24/06/1934m 48s

Centrist Dems are warming up to Warren. That's a big change.

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: It’s debate night in America! Well, it will be next week, and we’re giving you a preview! Two Politico reporters who are debate experts at this point join the show. Then, centrists who used to fear Warren was the end of the party are starting to levitate towards her. We've got two reporters who just attended an event aimed at centrists coming on to break down how Warren has become a palatable candidate for a group that once eviscerated her in an op-ed.
21/06/1928m 21s

Will FDR comparisons connect Bernie with older voters?

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: The president isn't so sure that he would call the FBI if he was approached with information about his competitors from foreign actors. Or maybe he would. A White House reporter explains the president's bizarre statement. Then, a 2020 reporter breaks down why Senator Sanders is doubling down on socialism. Plus, Mitch McConnell may have benefited from his wife Elaine Chao's position as the secretary of transportation. And he's proud of it! The reporters who broke the story join the Nerdcast.
14/06/1933m 21s

Trick or Trade and the 2020 Electoral Map

This week on the Nerdcast with guest-host Charlie Mahtesian: the minds of POLITICO's White House and trade team to help you understand what’s happening with a looming trade war with Mexico. Also: The president scored surprising wins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016. He’s shooting for New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada in 2020.
07/06/1927m 51s

New Dem debate criteria has candidates miffed

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: A deep dive into Elizabeth Warren’s campaign strategy with a politico reporter who was on the trail with her and the new qualifying rules for the second set of democratic debates are out. And the candidates hate them! We've got some of POLITICO's campaigns reporters coming in to explain what's going on.
31/05/1931m 34s

How the 2020 Democratic candidates are preparing for the primaries

This week on the Nerdcast with host Scott Bland: a surprising figure has come forward in the impeach trump movement…and no one seems happy about it! Correspondant Tim Alberta joins Scott to talk about it. Plus Scott sits down with some of POLITICO’s national political reporters to talk about 2020 campaign strategies. They’re all over the place. They explain the thinking behind the candidates' decisions.
24/05/1925m 10s

Democrats want a progressive in the White House. They also want someone who is going to get things done.

It's time for a new episode of the Nerdcast, with host Scott Bland. This week on the show: Joe Biden has been touting a new plan on the trail this week that pundits have absolutely trashed. But voters might actually love it… we’ll talk about the what the plan is and the why people are loving it (and hating it) with POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo. Plus, Scott sits down with some of POLITICO’s health care reporters to talk about the major anti-abortion bills that are passing in state legislatures around the country right now.
17/05/1926m 27s

'It's definitely causing stress': New DNC debate requirements put the pressure on democratic candidates

On the show this week, a packed democratic presidential field makes getting a spot on the debate stage a challenge for candidates, so some of them have completely changed their campaign strategies in hopes of securing a spot. POLITICO national political reporter Elena Schneider joins the show to talk about the requirements for getting onto the stage, and how democratic candidates have reacted. Then, national political reporter Chris Cadelago joins the show to talk about Kamala Harris, who had a new message in the midwest this past weekend. Then, Jesus Rodriguez joins the Nerdcast to talk about a story he wrote for POLITICO magazine, about the takeover of the Venezuelan embassy in DC, and how that ties into the situation in Venezuela proper.
10/05/1933m 24s

How Trump warmed up to AG Barr

On the show this week, a roundup from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with White House reporters Nancy Cook and Andrew Restuccia. Plus, a look into the relationship between evangelical voters and Trump's inner circle. Then, congressional campaigns reporter James Arkin joins the Nerdcast to talk about a problem for democrats: finding people willing to run for senate.
03/05/1927m 21s

With 20 candidates 'you're going to have a lot of wreckage when it's done'

First, Scott and POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo talk all things Joe Biden. The former vice president finally announced that he's running for president, becoming the 20th democrat to enter the race. Does Biden stand a chance? Maybe. He could even be a front-runner. Then, Anita Kumar and Sarah Ferris join Scott to talk about a fight between the White House and 12 House committees. Basically, the White House is refusing to give up documents requested by these House committees. It seems like a big deal in the Beltway, but back home things don't reflect that: topics like medicare concern constituents more. Will these committees get anywhere? The gang attempts to break down what‘s really happening.
26/04/1929m 13s

The Mueller report lands. Now it's Congress's turn

It's an all Mueller edition of the Nerdcast show, with host Scott Bland and reporters Kyle Cheney and Melanie Zanona. The crew unpacks some of the fundamental questions from Thursday’s release of the redacted Mueller report and figures out what’s next -- how will Congress act on this report?
19/04/1915m 24s

Will the purge at DHS scare people into acting?

Immigration hard-liners are ascendant at the White House. What does it mean for people trying to enter the U.S., and for the president politically? Plus, POLITICO Playbook authors Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman join the Nerdcast to talk about their new book about congress in the Trump era, "The Hill To Die On."
12/04/1931m 55s

Where do you draw the line between friendly grandpa and creepy uncle?

What might have been seen as normal behavior in the past is not welcome in the present. How will Biden handle the change? Plus, how much money do you really need to raise to become president? We discuss.
05/04/1922m 23s

'It felt really different at the White House this week'

How have things changed at the White House since the report came out? We go behind the scenes at the White House and on the Hill post-Mueller report. Plus, only three days remain until the end of the weekend, the end of the month, and the end of the first quarter. It matters because that’s when candidates for president have to report to the federal government just how much money they’ve raised so far this year.
29/03/1921m 48s

Does the 'candidate next door' stand a chance?

Beto O'Rourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his presidential candidacy. That's a huge number. It indicates how the Democrats running for president have already built big national followings before campaign season has really even fully started. We break it down. Plus, 17 House Committees are currently attempting to investigate the Trump White House. Are they going to get anywhere? We talk about why the White House is largely ignoring the requests from those committees.
22/03/1923m 12s

Beto is in. Now what?

No one has successfully gone from U.S. representative to president since James Garfield. Beto O'Rourke thinks he can. Plus, the mishandling of a sexual harassment case that is haunting Kirsten Gillibrand.
15/03/1927m 20s

For the time being, Bernie's got his groove back

White House reporter Nancy Cook and congressional reporter Burgess Everett join the Nerdcast to discuss the tension between President Trump.... and some republicans. Plus, campaign reporter Holly Otterbein joins to explain what's different for presidential hopeful Senator Sanders this time around, and why some former Clinton campaign staffers just can't stand the guy.
08/03/1927m 23s

Cohen testimony renews impeachment speculation

President Trump's former fixer spent hours fixating the American public. Did his testimony reveal anything new? Plus, Iowa proves to be twice as nice.
01/03/1928m 24s

Bernie is back — and backed — bigly

Guess who's back (back back)!? back again (again again)!? Bernie's back (back back) AND..... he's already gotten a ton of donations and is pretty popular so you probably don't need to tell a friend because they probably already know.... We're breaking down Bernie 2020 and a similar candidate from a state very close to Vermont... who will get the progressive vote? Plus, Trump 2020 is looking pretty corporate! A POLITICO national political reporter joins to talk about Rosslyn's hottest campaign headquarters.
22/02/1922m 40s

These are the 2020 Democrats who Trump is worried about

With the field of Democrats running for president growing more crowded each week, the Trump re-election effort has started to zero in on three of them. But Joe Biden -- who's yet to decide whether he'll join the field -- is thought to be the candidate the campaign is most worried about in a general election contest. Plus, the unfolding drama over the budget, the president's plan for a wall on the border with Mexico, and a looming shutdown gives us plenty of clues about what to expect in the era of divided government.
15/02/1929m 49s

Even more democrats are diving into the 2020 pool

The three top Democrats in Virginia are facing scandals, and it's a story that just keeps getting worse. Campaigns reporter Zach Montellaro joins the Nerdcast to explain. Plus, We've got another two presidential announcements coming up this weekend. Elizabeth Warren will presumably announce that her exploratory committee has ended and she will officially become a presidential candidate, and Amy Klobuchar, the democratic senator from Minnesota will likely announce her run at an event scheduled in Minneapolis on Sunday. Campaigns reporter Elena Schneider and national political reporter Nolan McCaskill join the Nerdcast.
08/02/1924m 4s

Will 2020 be the battle of the billionaires?

Trump might not be the only billionaire running for president in 2020. Looks like there’s two other ultra-rich contenders considering a campaign. Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks and Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, have indicated interest in running. It begs the question: Has Donald Trump set the standard rather than the exception as a wealthy presidential candidate? Plus,
01/02/1924m 19s

As the shutdown drags on it is 'unclear what will get us out of this'

The White House hasn't been able to strike a deal with Congress to end the shutdown. It may come down to Mitch McConnell getting involved.
25/01/1928m 54s

Looks like the shutdown could stretch into February

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump should reschedule the speech if the government is still shut down come January 29. White House reporter Nancy Cook, congressional reporter Sarah Ferris and senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian join to explain how the move might be less about security concerns and more of a sign of acrimony between president Trump and the democrats. Plus national political reporter Natasha Korecki, who spent some time following Elizabeth Warren around Iowa, joins the Nerdcast to explain what's going on the ground in Iowa and with democratic voters as the 2020 race gears up.
18/01/1926m 9s

Three ways President Trump could get his wall

There's ways the president could get his wall without congressional approval. But it won't be pretty. POLITICO White House reporter Nancy Cook joins the podcast to give an update on what's happening in the White House during the shut down as federal employees miss their first paychecks. Last week she told us not much was going on, but this week everything has gone into hyper drive. Then POLITICO reporters Elena Schneider and David Siders join to talk about the democrats with big donation possibilities. Plus, editor Charlie Mahtesian talks about the importance of candidates having viral moments as they gear up for 2020.
11/01/1929m 2s

Possibility of a shutdown deal is at a 'total impasse'

The president and democrats haven't been able to come to an agreement, and with the new congress sworn in it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier. White House reporter Nancy Cook joins the Nerdcast to discuss if there is an end in sight for the government shutdown. Plus, senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian breaks down Warren's potential presidential run and politics reporter Alex Isenstadt explains what's going on with Mitt Romney, who, as you may remember, he went on a hike with before.
04/01/1928m 0s

Unpacking the government shutdown

The government is shutdown…and everyone seems pretty mellow about it. Why aren’t more people freaking out? We’ll dive into what’s going on now **** that the new Congress is about to take over with POLITICO congress reporters Rachael Bade and Burgess Everett. Dan Diamond guest hosts.
28/12/1817m 45s

Examining Trump's grip on GOP leaders

The president has been able to get once resistant GOP party leaders to fall in line — but how? Plus, how southern democrats manage to exist in a party moving further left with each passing day.
20/12/1828m 15s

Republicans are in a shutdown pickle

Hope for avoiding shutdown is evaporating; it might be a long few weeks in Washington, with less than happy holidays approaching. We breakdown the republican mood with the shutdown deadline approaching. Then, hear from two White House reporters on the chief of staff search. Nobody wants the job that used to be one of the most sought after in Washington.
14/12/1828m 30s

The invisible primary becomes visible

With Avenatti and Patrick taking a pass on running in 2020, the field is narrowing before the chaos of a long election season even begins. Hear how things that used to happen in private have taken on a new, very public forum. Then, a House race in North Carolina is still undecided, and could lead to a whole special election. Elena joins to explain what's going on in her home state. Plus, Charlie breaks down the last time something like this happened.
07/12/1825m 31s

Connecting the dots of the Mueller investigation

This week, as Nancy Pelosi takes a big step toward reclaiming the gavel as Speaker of the House, how did she manage to turn back so many vocal critics in this round of the speakership fight? The Mueller investigation seems to be heating up. The president’s one-time lawyer was back in court, this time admitting he lied to Congress about Donald Trump’s business dealings in Russia.
30/11/1826m 29s

How pardons hang over the Mueller investigation

Even though the Founding Fathers were anti-king, there was one king-ly power they really liked: the pardon. Thus the presidential pardon was born. Traditionally, presidents have waited patiently for their lame duck period to pardon controversial people. But president Trump isn't waiting. He's been pardoning the controversial from the beginning. In this episode of the Nerdcast, Scott is joined by presidential historian Jeffrey Engel and Politico senior reporter Darren Samuelsohn in an attempt to understand how the president's pardons hang over the Mueller investigation.
21/11/1830m 17s

The precarious power of the progressive left

Everything seemed fine in the White House during midterms, but now there's the churn and burn. Big staff turnover is expected, and no one is sure who will make the cut. Plus, what's going on with the midterm election races that have yet to be called and how Sinema flipped a long-held Arizona senate seat blue.
16/11/1824m 46s

Trump comes to grips with divided government

It’s time for a new episode of Nerdcast, POLITICO’s podcast on the White House and politics. Tune in each week to geek out with us as we dive deep into the political landscape and the latest numbers that matter.
09/11/1824m 43s

How to make sense of the midterm results

POLITICO's senior politics editor, Charlie Mahtesian, and campaign reporters Elena Schneider and Steve Shepard explain how Democrats won so much in the House but lost so much in the Senate. Tune in each week to geek out with us as we dive deep into the political landscape and the latest numbers that matter.
07/11/1820m 25s

What we're watching for on election night

'Twas the week before midterms and all through the House everyone was stirring and totally freaking out!! This is the week before midterms edition of the Nerdcast. Find out what's happening in congressional districts all across the country as things get down to the wire, who might come out in top in gubernatorial races and if the blue wave is really coming. Plus: Which candidate for U.S. Senate "exudes New Jersey."
02/11/1829m 29s

We watched every campaign ad so you don't have to

POLITICO senior politics editor Charlie Mahtesian and White House reporters Nancy Cook and Chris Cadelago discuss President Donald Trump's phantom tax plan. Plus, POLITICO campaign reporter Zach Montellaro has been watching hundreds of political ads — and lived to tell the tale.
26/10/1829m 31s

All election edition: Live at Politicon

It’s time for a new episode of Nerdcast, POLITICO’s podcast on the White House and politics. This week, we're live from POLITICON in Los Angeles. Tune in each week to geek out with us as we dive deep into the political landscape and the latest numbers that matter. Subscribe and rate the Nerdcast on Apple Podcasts.
21/10/1836m 29s

Inside Donald Trump's safe space

This week is all about the money money money mooooney! First, POLITICO's Elena Schneider explains the bananas amount of money that Democratic candidates have raised compared to Republican incumbents. It's bonkers. Then, White House reporter Andrew Restuccia talks about Donald Trump, insult comic, who is living in a safe space of his own creation.
19/10/1836m 44s

Whose Kavanaugh vote is going to hurt them the most?

This week on Nerdcast: The future of senators Murkowski and Collins after they cast controversial Kavanaugh votes, and a Race Ratings and midterm check-in.
12/10/1834m 55s

The White House's nickname for President Trump

White House staffers have been using an.... interesting nickname for President Trump. Maybe a reference to his love for skyscrapers? Who can say? White House reporter Nancy Cook spills. Then reporter Rachael Bade shares some behind the scenes tape that shows the different sides of vulnerable House republicans. Who they are depends on who is listening.
10/10/1828m 52s

What are the political consequences of Kavanaugh's testimony?

The partisan display at Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing is likely to change the way future nominees are vetted -- and whether people are willing to submit themselves to such scrutiny. Plus, are the coming midterms just one big national election? We parse the map.
10/10/1831m 51s

Behind the scenes as Kavanaugh's nomination hit the rocks

Brett Kavanaugh's hearing was on track.... then off..... then on.... and now maybe off track again? We break down what's happening between Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexual assault in the 80s. TLDR: It's a mess for everybody. Then, in our second segment we talk about the midterm races shaping up to be real nail biters. Will Texas go blue for Beto? Charlie's all "nah." Can Steve change his mind?
21/09/1834m 50s

The politics of hurricanes explained

On this week’s Nerdcast, POLITICO’s podcast on the White House and politics: As Hurricane Florence arrives, Donald Trump can’t resist firing his feud with Puerto Rico back up over how the administration handled Hurricane Maria there last year. Plus, find out what people who want to run for president in 2020 learned from the primaries in 2018. Tune in each week to geek out with us as we dive deep into the political landscape and the latest numbers that matter.
14/09/1835m 0s

Is the left building its own Tea Party or something else entirely?

The defeat of an incumbent congressman in Massachusetts and the contentious Supreme Court nomination hearings for Brett Kavanaugh show how Democrats seem to be after style as much as substance in 2018. Plus, a lodestar joke as we check on the mood at the White House after a roller coaster week.
07/09/1832m 54s

Trump's pre-Magna Carta mindset

A primary Tuesday means a primary Friday on Nerdcast — a primary analysis, that is. We break down what happened in the last big multi-state primary before the midterms and talk about the White House, Trump's promises and what happens when he doesn't keep them and the exit of McGahn.
07/09/1830m 52s

Inside Trump's split screen reality

A guilty verdict, a guilty plea, and an indictment. What a week in national politics. POLITICO reporting referenced in this segment:Inside the Trump bubble, 'Sympathy for the Devil' but no talk of Cohen By Lorraine WoellertTrump paints his own reality amid legal fallout By Andrew Restuccia and Nancy Cook ‘A new cherry put on top of the story of corruption’: Trump scandal fallout hangs over midterms By Natasha Korecki and James ArkinTrump’s new rallying cry: Mollie Tibbetts By Natasha KoreckiHunter indictment could jeopardize GOP seat By John Bresnahan and Rachael BadeFrom Fallujah to FBI investigation: The undoing of Duncan Hunter By Rachael Bade and John Bresnahan ‘People are afraid of retribution’: Hunter clan fights for survival By Rachael Bade
07/09/1833m 52s

BONUS: Did a presidential pardon just become more likely?

President Trump loves a controversial pardon. Following his disgraced former campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty, it's looking like we might be entering a fall filled with the will-he-or-won't-he energy of a president faced with the power to pardon and a loyal former campaign chair caught in a, shall we say, legal snafu. Plus, we talk about the implications of Michael Cohen's, uh, implication.
07/09/1813m 35s

High primary turnout creates more centrist Dems

What do democratic voters want? A candidate that will win! How will they try to get it? By moving more to the center, probably! High voter turnout in the primaries among Democrats is showing that there is promise in backing centrist candidates at the top of the ballot. We break down what happened during the primaries on Tuesday night, and what we're expecting to see in the midterms and beyond. Plus: The heartland's version of Costco and just a lil bit of Omarosa to top it off.
07/09/1827m 43s

Bernie-backed underdogs underperform

Primaries, nerds! *cue emoji clapping hands and confetti* We're in our happy place. First, we're talking campaigns, what Bernie Sanders might be getting at when he backs underdog candidates and what we can expect in the midterm elections. Then, we get into the scandal of the week: Rep. Chris Collins and alleged insider trading.
07/09/1834m 29s

Trump gets into the midterms. Big league.

Ahhh Midterm season is (still) in the air. With president Trump back on the road, we've been hearing him drop some midterm hopefuls' names on the rally trail. When he's not dropping names out front, his 2020 re-election campaign is behind the scenes dropping dolla dolla bills, ya'll. We talk about who Trump wants to come out on top and what that's going to take. Then, we break down how ch-ch-changes to the electoral map will impact the outcome of 2020. PLUS: a mini-Mahtesian on mic!
07/09/1832m 36s

The decrease in White House transparency continues

The White House has decreased press briefings and announced that they'll no longer be sharing summaries of Trump's call's with foreign heads of state. Plus, they pentagon is not talking to reporters, leaving them in the dark when it comes to military issues. We also talk about the trade war's impact on farmers and how the White House is handling it.
07/09/1827m 52s

Trump's Russia comments: deeply damaging or just bizarre?

As Trump walks back his remarks on Russian meddling, the question of whether he's compromised by a foreign power moves from the fever swamps to the mainstream. Plus, POLITICO'S Rachael Bade says GOP women running for office are in a pickle.
07/09/1834m 18s

The Trump Pence split-screen

While President Trump is ruffling feathers of world leaders in Europe, Mike Pence is on his own press tour a little closer to home: he's in the Midwest. We get into what he's doing there, and why his message sounds a little different from the president's.... or does it? Then, we talk about the Supreme Court some more. Three weeks in a row isn't too much, in our opinion, but it's a very narrow ruling.
07/09/1834m 29s

How Supreme Court nominations are like political campaigns

Scott's on vacation, but we're not! Charles Mahtesian, Esq. sits in the host seat this week. Name a better time to go full Supreme Court..... we'll wait. We have two White House reporters bringing us up to speed on what Trump is thinking with his self-imposed announcement deadline rapidly approaching. Then, Josh Gerstein returns to tells us about the 38 cases the Supreme Court has agreed to hear next year.
07/09/1829m 38s

Kennedy retirement reunites fractured Republicans

In a news week that seemed like it would never end, there were two big upsets for the Democrats: First, in New York's 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated Joe Crowley, an incumbent no one expected to be defeated. Then, Justice Anthony Kennedy, considered a swing vote on the bench, announced that he would retire, opening up an opportunity for Trump and republicans to alter the Supreme Court as we know it.
07/09/1835m 56s

The turmoil at the border is just beginning

This week we're talking about the border from two perspectives: The White House and the Hill. Then, we'll explain why democratic congresspeople and democratic candidates have been turning their backs on Nancy Pelosi, and why it seems like she might be okay with it.
07/09/1834m 25s

For Republicans, Trump holds the cards

The primary outcomes have us wondering: What's the state of the GOP? Politico's Elena Schneider and Alex Isenstadt join us this week to fill us in on what's going on with the republicans. Then, Rachael Bade joins us from the Hill fresh from a presser with Paul Ryan to talk about DACA and immigration.
07/09/1830m 14s

BONUS: Decoding Trump, Post Summit

While we were sleeping, President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. They signed a "very comprehensive document," but what was in it? And what does it all mean in the long run? Emily Stephenson hosts, joined by foreign affairs correspondent Halley Toosi and Michael Crowley, national security editor to break down what happened and what the future could hold.
07/09/1810m 28s

A sigh of relief from Democrats

With a giant primary day in the rearview mirror, the Nerdcast team sizes up the race for the House this fall, and we explain what to expect from the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. Plus: A heartfelt apology to our many listeners in South Dakota.
07/09/1834m 41s

Super Tuesday: primary elections edition

Just when you thought primary election season couldn't get any better, we get 8 primaries on a single Tuesday! We're calling it a Super Tuesday. Hear about California's top-two primary system (it's wonky!) and then what the White House has up its sleeve for the 2018 Midterms.
07/09/1834m 0s

Can Democrats win in the South, and Paul Ryan’s pickle

You already know what time it is: Primary discussion time! *Insert airhorn sound effect* Daniel Strauss and Steve Shepard are back to talk about the primaries that happened this week. Then, Paul Ryan is a lame duck, and he's gotten himself into a pickle. What happens when your own party doesn't wanna work with you? Rachael Bade breaks it down for us.
07/09/1833m 41s

Inside Mueller’s team, and a look at the Dems

If you ain't talking primaries, we don't wanna talk (we'll call you back). Talking primaries again, we know you love it! Hear what democrats are facing, and how women are faring in primary elections this year. Then, get a look inside the Mueller investigation with POLITICO reporter Josh Gerstein.
07/09/1831m 18s

Sizing up the primaries and unpacking two nuclear relationships

We talk about what unfolded in Tuesday night's primary elections, and then breakdown the next round of primaries we're gearing up for. Then, it's on to Iran and North Korea and all the ways they're intertwined — yet completely different. Plus, in a win for Charlie, he's asked to talk about his favorite place in the world: The Keystone State.
07/09/1831m 52s

BONUS: The woman who connected Castro with the White House

History forgot Lisa Howard, but we still see the implications of her work today. The story of how one pioneering female journalist used grit, determination and some intimate diplomacy to establish a secret backchannel between the U.S. government and Fidel Castro, altering the course of the Cold War. Read the full Politico Magazine story at politico.com/magazine.
07/09/1839m 4s

Nobody wants to be Trump's lawyer

President Trump's new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, shared some revealing news about the president during an interview with Sean Hannity regarding the alleged arrangement his former lawyer made with the adult film star Stormy Daniels. Following suit, we reveal a secret about Charlie. We also break down the upcoming primary elections, including the four happening next Tuesday.
07/09/1835m 47s

Dr. Ronny Jackson drops out, Missouri midterms heat up

It seems like we are destined to have at least one confirmation battle pending before the senate until the end of time. This week, we can thank Dr. Ronny Jackson, who has withdrawn his nomination to lead the VA. White House reporter Eliana Johnson breaks down all the drama surrounding his nomination. Then, reporter Daniel Strauss breaks down what is shaping up to be an interesting midterm election in Missouri.
07/09/1830m 12s

Abe visits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Nikki Haley and Election 2018

It's been a very foreign-policy focused week for the White House. We bring you a breakdown of the big events that made headlines. Then we’ll talk about how the diplomatic world and corporate America have adapted to the way the president changes his mind. Plus, Scott Bland's favorite topic: CAMPAIGNS! We talk about Sun City, Arizona, the next stop in a special-election-season that keeps on giving.
07/09/1830m 37s

Nine months is a long time to be a lame duck

Paul Ryan announced that he'd be retiring after three years as Speaker of the House. Where does that leave republicans, and what about all that fundraising money Ryan rakes in? We get into both. Then, Nancy Cook catches us up on another whirlwind week at the White House. It was, in a word: bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
07/09/1832m 49s

Scott Pruitt did 'the swampiest thing imaginable'

Scott Bland is back! This week, our host has returned, and somehow, no one left the White House. We're talking about the controversies surrounding EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, then shifting gears to take on the big economic stories from this week: Tariffs from China and why President Trump really doesn't like Amazon. Plus, in a tale of three Scotts, a Nerdcast mega-fan lends a hand.
07/09/1831m 37s

Inside How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico

In this episode, going in-depth on a POLITICO investigation that found disparities in how the federal government handled the responses to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. Plus, it was a quiet week at the White House (only one firing), so what else is going on? Stick around to the end for a special surprise to celebrate 100 episodes of the Nerdcast.
07/09/1832m 50s

Democrats Unfriend Facebook

On the show this week, it's Facebook's future in Washington, a Senate race in West Virginia and questions asked by Politico readers. Plus, Charlie gets some "Deer Hunter" closure.
07/09/1831m 4s

Post Tillerson Stress Disorder

On the show this week, we’re talking Rexit and the oh-so-close race for a Congressional seat in the Western Pennsylvania — what does it mean for republicans in the midterms?
07/09/1829m 3s

Another week, another White House departure

This week, we’re talking tariffs, trade and why the stock market seems pretty much unfazed by Donald Trump despite all the uncertainty he brings. Plus, what we learned (and what we didn’t) from this week’s primary voting in Texas.
07/09/1834m 51s

Is Hope Hicks gone for good?

POLITICO reporters discuss White House communications director Hope Hicks' resignation, Jared Kushner's security clearance downgrade and the latest in the Paul Manafort indictment saga.
07/09/1831m 59s

BONUS: Why 2018 Is do-or-die for Democrats

Washington insider and former Clinton political director Doug Sosnik joins the Nerdcast to walk listeners through his latest analysis of the 2018 map. Doug explains why Donald Trump’s unpopularity and significant demographic shifts in once-solid Republican suburbs has given Democrats an opportunity—more perishable than many observers realize—to reverse a "lost decade" after their disastrous performance in 2010 elections.
07/09/1821m 54s

Parkland students push for gun reform

POLITICO reporters discuss the gun control debate that has taken hold of the country following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week and how the students' energy could impact policy in Washington. Plus, the panel tackles the scandal and subversion surrounding Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, the last cabinet holdover from the Obama administration.
07/09/1832m 5s

Porter scandal rocks Kelly's credibility

POLITICO reporters discuss the Rob Porter abuse allegations that have shaken the White House and why chief of staff John Kelly is in the middle of this scandal. The panel also breaks down the Trump polling bump we saw in the latest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll and what it means for the Republican Party in 2018.
07/09/1831m 45s

Dow falls but the parade must go on

POLITICO reporters discuss the recent fluctuations in the stock market and what the repricing means for the country's economy and politics, President Trump's request for a military parade akin to the 2017 French Bastille Day parade, and what recent House GOP fundraising numbers tells us about the upcoming midterm races.
07/09/1833m 26s

BONUS: Mike Pence on the midterm elections

POLITICO Playbook producer Zach Montellaro joins Charlie to discuss and share highlights of Wednesday night's Mike Pence interview with Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman at the annual GOP winter retreat in West Virginia.
07/09/1810m 56s

Deadlines loom over Congress

POLITICO reporters discuss the looming shutdown and DACA deadline, the surprisingly high number of Republican committee chairs have decided to leave office at the end of this Congress, and the explosive POLITICO story that led to CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald's resignation this week.
07/09/1838m 15s

Will Trump stick to SOTU script?

POLITICO reporters discuss the DACA deal battle between Republicans, Democrats and President Trump, and the potential of a second shutdown in the beginning of February. The panel also discusses how to keep the characters in the Russia probes straight and what to expect from Trump's State of the Union Tuesday.
07/09/1838m 34s

Shutdown blame game

POLITICO reporters discuss the latest shutdown struggle on Capitol Hill, how President Trump's tweets and roving policy stances are complicating things and who would shoulder the shutdown blame. The group also dives into the "shithole" controversy that continues to reverberate in Washington and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.
07/09/1836m 39s

Washington struggles to strike DACA deal

POLITICO reporters discuss President Trump's televised immigration meeting, lawmakers' struggle to strike a deal on DACA, Senator Ben Cardin's 200-page report on Putin's meddling in global democracies, and what the Oprah 2020 hype says about the Democratic party.
07/09/1839m 12s

Trump blasts Bannon

POLITICO reporters discuss the frayed relationship between President Trump and Steve Bannon, and what Senator Hatch's retirement means for Mitt Romney. The group also discusses the White House's Iran strategy and what to make of the president's scathing North Korea tweets.
07/09/1843m 20s

Defining moments of 2017

POLITICO reporters break down the top moments of 2017. From Senator McCain's "no" vote on the Obamacare repeal to Donald Trump's personnel shakeups to special elections across the country, the group unpacks why these moments mattered and what's to come in 2018.
07/09/1831m 34s

Tax day

POLITICO reporters discuss the tax bill the Republican-led Congress passed this week and what it will mean for taxpayers in the coming months. The group also ponders the next big policy push and if this will be Speaker Paul Ryan's last year in Congress.
07/09/1832m 12s

Jones takes Alabama

POLITICO reporters discuss Democrat Doug Jones' victory in Alabama and what that win means for 2018 congressional races to come, President Trump's tweet blasting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and the deal struck by House and Senate Republicans seeking to combine their tax bills and put legislation before the president next week.
07/09/1843m 42s

Bonus: Playbook interview with NRCC's John Rogers & DCCC's Dan Sena

Playbook Audio Briefing hosts Jake and Anna talk with NRCC Executive Director John Rogers and DCCC Executive Director Dan Sena at a live podcast taping at Sixth and I Synagogue on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, they don’t agree on very much – from how popular Nancy Pelosi is to how many seats are up for grabs.
07/09/1822m 25s

Alabama Senate Preview

POLITICO reporters discuss the upcoming Alabama Senate race following President Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore, the sexual misconduct allegations on Capitol Hill that have so far led to two resignations and a special guest joins host Scott Bland to predict the big names to watch in 2018.
07/09/1842m 13s

Harassment dominoes on Capitol Hill

POLITICO reporters discuss the sexual misconduct allegations plaguing congressional Democrats, President Trump's Twitter fingers and why the social media statements matter, and the Republican tax plan speeding through the Senate. Plus, the group breaks down Nancy Pelosi's fumbling response to the John Conyers' accusations.
07/09/1840m 7s

Boehner unchained

In a special Thanksgiving edition of the Nerdcast, POLITICO Magazine reporter Tim Alberta joins Scott Bland to discuss his profile on former House Speaker John Boehner. Tim delves into his golfing outing in Ohio, how this piece came to be, and what Boehner regrets as he looks back on his lengthy career in Washington. Read Tim Alberta's piece here: http://politi.co/2zPclO1
07/09/1821m 4s

Moore allegations rock Alabama

POLITICO reporters discuss the number of women who have come forward accusing Roy Moore of inappropriate behavior, Attorney General Jeff Sessions' testimony, and takeaways from President Trump's trip overseas.
07/09/1841m 44s

Election Day recap

POLITICO reporters break down Democrat Ralph Northam win in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, including the White House's reaction, polling errors and the downfalls of gerrymandering. The group also discusses what's in the House Republican's tax bill and what's still on the chopping block.
07/09/1842m 37s

It's Mueller time

POLITICO reporters discuss Robert Mueller’s indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, President Trump's upcoming trip to Asia, and California Senator Dianne Feinstein's challenger.
07/09/1835m 24s

Flake bows out

POLITICO reporters discuss Senator Flake pulling the plug on his reelection campaign in a dramatic Senate floor speech and what's to come in the second open Senate race in Arizona since 1994. The panel also discusses the 2016 Facebook ads that were placed by a Russian company last year. They’re now the subject of multiple investigations, but there’s an also an effort to close some regulatory loopholes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
07/09/1842m 4s

2017 election preview

POLITICO reporters discuss President Trump’s comments about fallen troops this week, the competitive Virginia governor’s race with Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie pitted against one another, and Steve Bannon’s anointed outsider Republican Senate candidates.
07/09/1847m 39s

POLITICO Money: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on taxes, Trump's tweets and Hamilton

POLITICO's new podcast POLITICO Money takes over the Nerdcast feed. In the first episode, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin opens up about his relationship with President Trump and how he became treasury secretary, what's on his bookshelf, the Lakers, and D.C. versus L.A. Plus, the treasury secretary tells Ben White a tax overhaul is guaranteed by the end of the year.
07/09/1830m 11s

Trump's hiring spree

POLITICO reporters discuss three major White House personnel picks in the works, the spat between President Trump and Senator Bob Corker, and major megadonors that are supporting Republican candidates across the country that are piling into races against Democratic senators.
07/09/1838m 35s

Will Congress act on guns?

POLITICO reporters discuss the impact of the Las Vegas shooting on gun control legislation in Congress, how much room Senate Republicans have made in their budget for tax reform and reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a "moron."
07/09/1847m 38s

Puerto Rico's long road back

POLITICO reporters discuss the recovery and rebuilding efforts Puerto Rico is facing since Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory a week ago, Alabama Republican Roy Moore's primary election victory and what it means for the anti-establishment wing of the Republican Party, and President Trump's latest cultural war, this time with NFL players and owners.
07/09/1842m 7s

The GOP's final health care push

POLITICO reporters tackle the Graham-Cassidy health care bill in the works in the Senate, the Alabama special election and how much money the super PAC aligned with Mitch McConnell has spent so far, and President Donald Trump’s latest approval rating according to Real Clear Politics.
07/09/1844m 55s

Single payer politics

POLITICO reporters discuss Bernie Sanders’ new single-payer health care legislation, the number of House Republicans from potential battleground districts have retired in the last week and the number of nations meeting at next week’s United Nations General Assembly — the first one for Trump and his newly established foreign policy team.
07/09/1844m 22s

Republicans reel from debt ceiling deal

POLITICO reporters discuss President Trump's deal with Democrat leadership to raise the debt ceiling, fund the government for 3 months and provide Hurricane Harvey aid. The panel also delves into former President Obama's response to DACA and what it says about his post-presidency agenda. Plus, a look at the White House's tax reform plan.
07/09/1847m 21s

Hurricane Harvey aftermath

POLITICO's top reporters discuss Hurricane Harvey, President Trump's visit to the state and disaster optics, and what to expect from Congress as they return from August recess to a packed schedule.
07/09/1840m 5s

No retreat, no surrender

POLITICO reporters discuss President Trump's decision to go off script in Phoenix, Arizona this week and his aversion to be managed by staff. The panel also unpacks the president's primetime Afghanistan address and how his foreign policy views has evolved since taking office.
07/09/1837m 15s

The aftermath of Charlottesville

POLITICO reporters discuss the political upset over Trump's statements on Charlottesville, the results of Alabama's special Senate race and the shifting map of power in the West Wing.
07/09/1834m 12s

Fire and fury

POLITICO reporters discuss tensions over North Korea's nuclear weapons, Trump's shrinking support among registered voters and how John Kelly's first two weeks as White House chief of staff are going.
07/09/1838m 59s

It’s Trump’s party now

POLITICO reporters discuss Trump's new immigration proposal, the reelection implications for Arizona Senator Jeff Flake after his criticism of President Trump and the upcoming Alabama Senate special election.
07/09/1844m 8s

BONUS EPISODE: Live from Politicon

Live from Politicon in Pasadena, California, POLITICO reporters discuss Trump's constantly rotating staff in the West Wing, the recent failure of the Senate healthcare bill and major winners and losers from Trump's presidency.
07/09/1850m 19s

What 'loyalty' means to Trump

POLITICO reporters discuss Trump's bullying of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the transgender military policy he announced via Twitter Wednesday morning.
07/09/1832m 36s

Republicans reset on health care again

POLITICO reporters discuss the Republican party's health care strategy, how the Trump administration could accomplish broad sweeping tax reform and the number of exclusive interviews President Trump has conducted with the supposedly hated New York Times since he was elected.
07/09/1843m 32s

Emails again

POLITICO reporters dive into Donald Trump Jr.'s emails and the legal implications, how Republicans are balancing the varying health care demands within the party, and the number of states that have declined Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s voluminous request for voter data as part of his role on Trump’s election integrity commission.
07/09/1840m 27s

The 2018 Senate lookahead

POLITICO reporters discuss the number of Republican Senate candidates that have decided not to actually run for Senate in 2018 and the tariff President Donald Trump is reportedly considering on major steel producing countries — one of several big issues on the table this week at the G-20 meetings in Europe, alongside Trump’s first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
07/09/1826m 55s

Health care whiplash

POLITICO reporters discuss the Senate GOP health care plan negotiations, the number of public laws enacted this year by the Republican-controlled Congress and President Trump and opinions the U.S. Supreme Court decided during the term that ended this week.
07/09/1842m 31s

The Georgia season finale

POLITICO reporters discuss Republican Congresswoman-elect Karen Handel's victory in Georgia, calls for Nancy Pelosi to step down after Republicans successfully deployed her as a bogeyman in that Georgia race, and what's in the newly unveiled Republican health care bill.
07/09/1843m 46s

Is a White House policy reboot possible?

POLITICO reporters cover the shooting in Virginia that wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others at a practice for the Republican congressional baseball team, megadonors gathering with President Donald Trump’s legislative director in the White House last week to rally support for the Trump agenda, and Republican Ed Gillespie’s tight margin of victory in the Virginia gubernatorial primaries Tuesday night. Show link: http://www.politico.com/podcasts/nerdcast
07/09/1844m 11s

The Comey hearing aid

POLITICO reporters discuss the Comey Senate Intelligence Committee testimony, the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia and the special election runoff in Georgia. Show link: http://www.politico.com/podcasts/nerdcast
07/09/1841m 56s

We’ll never have Paris

POLITICO reporters discuss the Paris climate agreement, the FBI turning their focus on Jared Kushner's Russian dealings and what's to come for Congress as the August recess quickly approaches. Show link: http://www.politico.com/podcasts/nerdcast
07/09/1839m 48s

Special election smackdown

POLITICO reporters tackle President Trump's first foreign trip, the $4.1 trillion dollar budget and the Montana special election results.
07/09/1839m 16s

Special counsels and special elections

POLITICO reporters break down the 3 huge, separate-yet-linked stories: Trump’s meeting with top Russian officials last week, former FBI Director James Comey's memo indicating that President Trump asked him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn and the special counsel named to head up the investigation into ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia. Then, the group discusses how Congress is attempting to circumvent the media firestorm to tackle legislative items. Plus, the latest in the Montana special election featuring folk singer Rob Quist.
07/09/1843m 55s

The James Comey episode

POLITICO reporters do a deep dive into President Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey - examining the implications for the bureau, why the president chose this moment and how Democrats are reacting. Then the group discusses the number of troops Trump’s military advisers are recommending he send to Afghanistan in a surge to help stabilize the country.
07/09/1841m 45s

Decision day

POLITICO reporters tackle the House's Obamacare repeal bill, Sen. Jim DeMint's sudden exit from the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and rising number of congressional members calling it quits.
07/09/1847m 14s

The health of the party

POLITICO reporters discuss the White House's latest health care push, strategies for the administration's impending tax cut effort and the future of the Democratic party.
07/09/1843m 18s

Big money, small dollars

POLITICO reporters discuss Democrat Jon Ossoff's performance in Georgia’s special House primary, the amount of money President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee raised and what Bill O'Reilly's exit from Fox News means for the network.
07/09/1842m 26s

Voters are voting

On this week’s show, POLITICO reporters discuss more special elections happening across the country, President Donald Trump’s ideological flexibility — which was on especially strong display this week — and what things look like for his administration as its first 100 days come to a close soon.
07/09/1841m 0s

Special election season

POLITICO reporters discuss Democrat Jon Ossoff's fundraising in the Georgia special election, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon's departure from the National Security Council and GOP lawmakers' priorities for the rest of 2017.
07/09/1844m 11s

Is the Senate headed for the 'nuclear option'?

POLITICO reporters discuss the House Freedom Caucus's strategy going forward, the latest on Devin Nunes and his intelligence reports, and the impending Senate clash over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing.
07/09/1836m 22s

The House of pain

POLITICO reporters discuss the Republican divide over Obamacare repeal in the House, Intel chair Devin Nunes' wiretap claims, and how global populism is taking shape in France.
07/09/1847m 22s

The bully pulpit

The POLITICO nerds discuss Donald Trump's approval rating according to a new Fox News' poll, the number of Senate Democrats that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch needs to avoid getting stuck in a filibuster and the number of National Security Council staffers who have been removed since the start of the Trump administration.
07/09/1842m 16s

Health scare politics

POLITICO reporters discuss the Republicans' strategy for passing a health care bill through the House, how the Trump White House is handling allegations of Russian ties, and how the new president is faring 50 days into the administration.
07/09/1846m 2s

The Russia merry-go-round

POLITICO reporters talk President Trump's joint sessions address, the Republicans' Obamacare repeal and replace strategy, and the future of the Democratic party following Tom Perez's DNC chair win.
07/09/1843m 25s

Trump's big speech

POLITICO reporters tackle President Trump's first address to Congress next week, the history of CPAC and the current role it serves in the Republican party, and the number of special elections on tap in the first half of 2017, mostly to fill seats left vacant by Trump Cabinet appointees.
07/09/1848m 20s

A week of chaos

POLITICO reporters dive into National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's resignation after only 25 days, President Trump's 77-minute press conference and who's in the lead in the race to become DNC chair.
07/09/1849m 21s

Live from D.C., it’s Saturday Night

POLITICO reporters discuss Saturday Night Live's satirization of the Trump administration, cabinet secretaries' controversial confirmations and Elizabeth Warren's quashed floor speech.
07/09/1846m 50s

Trump's Supreme week

POLITICO reporters discuss Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, the immigration executive order and the protests that followed, and the GOP’s margin for error on the Betsy DeVos confirmation.
07/09/1847m 34s

Trump off and running

POLITICO reporters discuss Donald Trump's first week as president, including his upcoming Supreme Court pick, illegal voting claims and how Democrats are planning on fighting back.
07/09/1851m 35s

Trump takes the oath

POLITICO reporters discuss expected themes of Donald Trump's inaugural address, the lack of under-secretaries named at the Defense and State departments, how Congressional Republicans are grappling with healthcare reform, and Trump's favorability numbers.
07/09/1846m 36s

The Russia files

POLITICO reporters discuss BuzzFeed's decision to publish the Trump dossier, the biggest news to come out of Donald Trump's Wednesday press conference and Rex Tillerson's rocky hearing on the Hill.
07/09/1848m 13s

Trump’s Cabinet heads to Capitol Hill

POLITICO reporters discuss the confirmation hearings hitting the Hill, PEOTUS's upcoming press conference and which Democrats voted against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.
07/09/1842m 20s

Trump goes off the record

POLITICO reporters discuss Hillary Clinton's final vote count, Donald Trump's private security contracting, transition team vetting and the president-elect's unexpected off the record gathering in Mar-A-Lago.
07/09/1836m 42s

No honeymoon for Trump

POLITICO reporters discuss the Electoral College confusion, how Donald Trump's favorability numbers will affect his presidency and the latest cabinet appointments - including Rex Tillerson.
07/09/1847m 29s

Trump's nontraditional transition

POLITICO reporters discuss Ivanka Trump's interest in environmental issues, the percentage of voters who had a more favorable view of Trump after the Carrier deal and how Democrats can begin to rebuild the party's leadership.
07/09/1834m 28s

Trump's conservative dream team

POLITICO reporters discuss Donald Trump's cabinet picks thus far, the ratio of the president-elect's at-the-mic statements to tweets, hints of 2018 and what to expect from Congress.
07/09/1842m 0s

Your 2016 questions answered

POLITICO’s Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland and Katie Glueck answer listeners' questions about the 2016 election.
07/09/1841m 19s

The 2016 postmortem

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Hadas Gold discuss what the pollsters got wrong and how the media should course correct.
07/09/1852m 48s

Trump defies the odds

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian and Scott Bland react to the news that Donald Trump won the 2016 election, and dive into how the pollsters and media got it so wrong.
07/09/1821m 48s

Who will win?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian and Scott Bland discuss the key counties to watch on Election Day, Donald Trump's path to 270, exit polls and Congressional race predictions.
07/09/1833m 40s

Is it really a nailbiter?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland, Ken Vogel and Josh Gerstein discuss the latest FBI Clinton email probe, the impact of October surprises, Trump's path to victory and what we've learned from this divisive campaign cycle.
07/09/181h 0m

Donald Trump's detour from reality

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland, Ken Vogel and Eli Stokols discuss early voting, the Trump campaign's fundraising strategy as Election Day approaches and the down-ballot effect.
07/09/1849m 55s

Trump's last chance

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland and Katie Glueck discuss Donald Trump's assertion that he may not honor the election results, the percentage of Republicans Trump is winning and what early voting results tell us.
07/09/1843m 2s

Donald Trump in freefall

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland, Ken Vogel and Eli Stokols discuss the Trump tape fallout, how Trump's unconventional campaign is affecting down-ballot races and what John Podesta's emails in the latest Wikileaks dump reveal.
07/09/1855m 51s

It’s hers to lose on Sunday

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Hadas Gold, Scott Bland and Ken Vogel discuss Donald Trump's taxes, the VP debate and what Governor Pence's strong performance means for the Trump campaign, the latest polling in Ohio and what impact Gary Johnson is having. Plus, Charlie takes a call from a listener about predictions for 2020.
07/09/1844m 38s

Donald Trump loses the post-game

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Hadas Gold, Scott Bland and Eli Stokols discuss Donald Trump's performance in the first debate, the Trump campaign's first big paid media blitz and what to expect from the VP debate in Virginia. Plus, Charlie takes a call from a listener on why the media doesn't focus more coverage on policy.
07/09/1844m 43s

Are you ready for debate night?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Ken Vogel, Hadas Gold, Scott Bland and Katie Glueck discuss what can we expect from the first debate, the religious right’s conversion to Donald Trump, Trump as “strongman” and more.
07/09/1850m 23s

Trump can win.

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland, Shane Goldmacher and Hadas Gold analyze recent battleground polls showing Trump and Clinton neck and neck and delve into which campaign ads are most effective and why. The group also compares the coverage of Clinton's '08 campaign shake-ups to Trump's current record of campaign unrest. Also on the docket - is Bill Clinton still the coveted closer he once was?
07/09/1833m 28s

Is Trump’s bounce-back legit?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols, Scott Bland and Charlie Mahtesian analyze the latest CNN/ORC poll showing Donald Trump leading by 2 points and debate which battleground states are still within reach for Trump. Also on the docket; how Republicans' August freak-out paid off in donations and what to expect from Sheldon Adelson.
07/09/1846m 33s

Is immigration a win for Trump?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols, Scott Bland and Charlie Mahtesian discuss Donald Trump's visit to Mexico, his immigration messaging and the current estimated electoral college count - is the map already cooked? Also on the docket, how Hillary Clinton's August fundraising haul highlights her reliance on big donors.
07/09/1837m 16s

The rise of the 'alt-right'

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols, Scott Bland and Hadas Gold discuss Hillary Clinton's run-out-the-clock strategy and how the next email dump could affect that plan, Donald Trump's digital campaign spending and polling in swing states - can we trust the numbers?
07/09/1849m 15s

Do the third-party candidates stand a chance?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts and Scott Bland interview Evan McMullin on the third-party candidate's chances of getting on the ballot, let alone winning the presidency. Roberts and Bland are joined by Annie Karni and Hadas Gold to discuss the Trump campaign shakeup, Clinton debate prep and coasting, media buys and media ventures.
07/09/1848m 49s

Can Trump rebound?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Eli Stokols, Scott Bland and Hadas Gold discuss the latest polling in swing states and if the Trump campaign's increase in events in these key areas can knock Hillary Clinton's numbers down. Also discussed are the challenges the media is facing in covering Donald Trump's unconvential campaign-are reporters spouting off on Twitter going too far? Plus, VP reporter Burgess Everett stops by to talk what life's like on the trail with Tim Kaine.
07/09/1849m 2s

Will Trump drop out?

POLITICO’s Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols, Hadas Gold and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House. The group discusses how Donald Trump's week of gaffes is burying bad news for Hillary Clinton and they examine Trump's fundraising efforts and why it's so hard for him to ask for money. Also discussed are the Paul Ryan and John McCain snubs and the delicate dance many Republican lawmakers are doing to win votes their home districts.
07/09/1844m 54s

What if Clinton v. Trump ends in a tie?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel and Hadas Gold geek out over the race to the White House in Philadelphia with segments on the unlikely but not impossible scenario that the election ends in a tie, the Russians hacking DNC emails and Donald Trump's response, and President Obama's address to the convention.
07/09/1834m 27s

Trump claims the title

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel and Eli Stokols geek out over the race to the White House in Cleveland with segments on the youth vote, Donald Trump's children playing a starring role at the convention, Ivanka's influence on Trump and Super PAC fundraising.
07/09/1831m 59s

Live from the RNC with Sarah Huckabee and David Pepper

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts and Charlie Mahtesian sit down with senior Trump advisor Sarah Huckabee and Ohio Democratic Party chairman David Pepper in Cleveland to discuss how to win battleground states, what it's like inside the Trump campaign, the future of the Republican Party and Rob Portman's race in Ohio.
07/09/1829m 55s

Why Trump is gaining on Clinton

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Scott Bland and Hadas Gold geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's tie in a recent New York Times/CBS poll, Clinton's unfavorability numbers, the Trump VP stakes and why Trump is suing former aide Sam Nunberg.
07/09/1841m 10s

Trump fumbles Clinton's bad week

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Eli Stokols and Hadas Gold geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Hillary Clinton's email investigation, Donald Trump's June fundraising, the possibility of delegates unbinding at the RNC and Trump's VP contenders - including Ivanka?
07/09/1841m 15s

Trump's trade war on the GOP establishment

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Donald Trump's fundraising catch-up, Nate Silver's campaign math and Pennsylvania's politics.
07/09/1850m 58s

Was firing Lewandowski the start of Trump's turnaround?

POLITICO’s Susan Glasser, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Cory Lewandowski's sudden exit from Donald Trump's team and the role Trump's children are playing in the campaign. Plus, the group analyzes the fundraising gap between the Trump and Clinton campaigns and discusses how Trump's money disadvantage could affect him in the crucial months to come.
07/09/1838m 56s

Did Trump blow it on Orlando?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Donald Trump's reaction to the Orlando shooting and if his off-the-cuff style will translate to national election success. Plus, the group looks at where Hillary Clinton is spending her ad money and if it's helping her favorability numbers.
07/09/1837m 53s

Donald Trump’s big-money blues

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Donald Trump's money woes, Paul Manafort's influence on the Trump campaign and whether or not Elizabeth Warren is campaigning to be Hillary Clinton's VP.
07/09/1840m 12s

Trump's Libertarian nightmare

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on the Libertarian's threat to Donald Trump, why Hillary Clinton's winning the war for superdelegates and the unique role Twitter is playing in this race.
07/09/1838m 23s

What is Bernie Sanders up to?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Hadas Gold and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Rick Wiley, Donald Trump's national campaign director, leaving the job after only six weeks, Trump's complicated relationship with the RNC, and a potential debate between Bernie Sanders and Trump. Plus, how Sanders' momentum is affecting upcoming congressional races, namely Debbie Wasserman Schultz's contest in Florida.
07/09/1833m 59s

How badly is Sanders hurting Clinton?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Hadas Gold and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on the Democratic crackup and Bernie Sander's long game, Facebook's optics problem with conservatives and the gender gap driving 2016.
07/09/1833m 7s

Is Trump really making nice with the GOP?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out over the race to the White House with segments on Hillary Clinton's dismal showing in West Virginia, Donald Trump meeting with the RNC, primary polling versus general election, and more.
07/09/1832m 45s

Does Donald Trump have a prayer?

POLITICO’s Kristin Roberts, Charlie Mahtesian, Ken Vogel, Eli Stokols and Scott Bland geek out on the race to the White House on the inaugural episode of the 2016 Nerdcast
07/09/1833m 17s

Welcome to the 2016 Nerdcast

Welcome to the 2016 Nerdcast by POLITICO
07/09/183m 9s
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