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Oh No, Ross and Carrie

By Ross and Carrie

Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.


Ross and Carrie Host Late Night with the Devil: Movie Review Edition!

Ross and Carrie unpack a barrel of references to cold reading, hypnosis, stage magic, age regression therapy, satanism, possession, and even spoon bending baked into the horror film “Late Night with the Devil”. Will it turn out to be, like Scooby Doo, a story in which the villain was the janitor all along? Or will our James Randi-inspired curmudgeon Carmichael Haig meet his doom at the hands of the supernatural?We have social media: X! Facebook!
05/07/241h 42m

Ross and Carrie Have Autistic Traits: AQ Test Edition

Ross and Carrie explore the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test, a “metric for counting autistic traits” created by Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, aka Cousin Borat. They explore the gender implications of the screener, the debate around self-diagnosis, and the recent absorption of Aspergers into the Autism spectrum. Plus, what happens when Ross and Carrie tell each other their scores at the same moment? Get a glass of water and find out.We have social media: X! Facebook!
24/06/241h 45m

Ross and Carrie Get their Vibe On: Dr. Steven Schwartz Edition

Ross and Carrie learn all about their bodies from Steven Schwartz, aka “Dr. Vibe” – a former chiropractor turned bed salesman who can explain basic physics in a way you’ve never heard before. Did you know that your Living Connective Tissue Matrix must be cleansed in order not to contaminate your body with all of your past experiences? Or that such a cleanse is best completed by Doctor Vibe’s patented tech? Hear more about this visionary thinker before your mind ejects you from this sentence. And as Albert Einstein may have said, stay for the didgeridoo.We have social media: X! Facebook!
17/06/241h 36m

Ross and Carrie Gaze at Stars: Party Time Edition

Ross tells Carrie about his trip to a star party at which TV star and paranormal investigator Ben Hansen, along with MUFON analyst-with-an-astronomy-degree Marc D’Antonio, ponders objects in the sky live with an audience of dozens of UFO enthusiasts. Ross is surprisingly pleased with their earthly explanations, until he and Carrie begin to track inconsistencies across platforms and audiences. If consistency is a bellwether for honesty, ring it. (New saying.)We have social media: X! Facebook! See Ross’s talk on YouTube.
03/06/241h 29m

Ross and Carrie Make Disgusting Babies: Catsup and Brownies Edition

Ross and Carrie live-eat disgusting and delightsome combinations of foods, many suggested by LISTENERS! This week’s themes are pickles, Mountain Dew, and alcohol. Plus, Carrie is still trying to chase down the soda (root beer?) that makes Lemon Oreos taste like marijuana. She fails, but Ross ends up high for the first time ever. It’s Flavor Babies. [Slurp sounds]We have social media: X! Facebook! See Ross’s talk on YouTube.
27/05/241h 18m

Ross and Carrie are Quantum Computers: Tracey Dolan Edition

 In episode 411, Carrie gives Ross INFORMATION about Tracey Garbutt Dolan, a professionally trained remote viewer and E.T. researcher.  Carrie attends Tracey’s talk on developing remote viewing skills by reducing your REM (and, subsequently, your health). Then she tells Ross all about Tracey’s training, scientific experiments, and unusual cognitive experiences.We have social media: X! Facebook!See Ross’s talk on YouTube.
20/05/241h 50m

Ross and Carrie View Remotely: UFO Panel Edition

Ross and Carrie discuss the remote viewing panel at Contact in the Desert, a UFO conference in the socal desert. With Alan Steinfeld at the helm, this group of non-naval gazers discuss the history of the Stargate Project and their own methods for internally “viewing” a remote location or object. Then, Alan and Ross run their own tests, with impressively unimpressive results. Plus, an ESP app so bad, two out of three people yelled at it.We have social media: X! Facebook! See Ross’s talk on YouTube.
07/05/242h 27m

Ross and Carrie Test the Perimeter Fences: Responses to Criticism Edition

Ross shares a talk he gave at SkeptiCamp LA 2024 looking at how practitioners of non-science wall themselves off from criticism. With examples from our prior investigations, Ross examines why an individual or organization might ignore its critics, fight back, vaguebook, flood the zone, cut ties, wall off itself and its members, or elect to positively engage. Plus, some very important and salient information about the communal behaviors of naked mole rats.We have social media: X! Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.See Ross’s talk on YouTube.
21/04/2448m 49s

Ross and Carrie Hear Out Corey Goode: Devastating Deposition Edition

Ross and Carrie examine the claims of Corey Goode, who rose through the ranks of UFO speakers and alleged abductees, ultimately landing himself a recurring gig on Gaia TV before being quietly ejected. Enter Jason Rice, a new Gaia talking head on the very same show, who claims that he – like Corey – was a member of the Secret Space Program, and is in contact with the Blue Avians (™) that Corey either met or (some might say) created. With Corey suing Gaia and others over his “intellectual property,” does that mean it’s… not real?We have social media: X! Facebook!
15/04/241h 22m

Ross and Carrie Download Caroline Cory: Extraterrestrial Telepathy Edition

Carrie tells Ross about a presentation she attended at Contact in the Desert 2023, a Palm Springs UFO conference. Speaker Caroline Cory has, for twenty years, been bringing “as much science as possible” to the study of paranormal topics like extraterrestrial contact, telepathy, information downloads, and mental health. Ross and Carrie analyze this claim. Plus, roving reporter Drew Spears attends a UFO videography class taught by the mysterious Mr. M.We have social media: X! Facebook!
08/04/241h 13m

Ross and Carrie Close MaxFunDrive 2024: Religious Goofball Edition

As MaxFunDrive 2024 comes to a close, join Ross and Carrie as they announce a new show goal, a live show happening TONIGHT, and preview a segment from Jordan, Jessie, Go! in which Carrie and Blaire Erskine flex their skills as religious goofballs. Support us at maximumfun.org/joinWe have social media: X! Facebook!
29/03/2427m 17s

Ross and Carrie Litigate Disclosure: Daniel Sheehan Edition

Ross tells Carrie about “The People’s Advocate,” Daniel Sheehan, a DC-based attorney who specializes in Constitutional law and UFO disclosure. Featured at Contact in the Desert, this Jesuit-turned-disclosure-evangelist reviews UFO history in America since 1945, government programs, and his role in bringing extraterrestrial contact out of the shadows. PLUS, updates about MaxFunDrive, all recorded live at Drew Spears Productions!We have social media: X! Facebook!
28/03/241h 59m

Ross and Carrie Don’t Mutilate Cattle: Strange Harvest Edition

Ross and Carrie announce an exciting upcoming live event, then review Linda Moulton Howe’s “Strange Harvest”, a (local) EMMY WINNING documentary that put everyone’s favorite ufologist / investigative journalist on the map. As Linda walks through a field of literal bullshit, she describes twelve mutilation reports from ranchers and law enforcement, all suggesting that someone is out there, mutilating ranch animals. But who? Ross and Carrie have some ideas, but Linda sees too many strange contradictions.We have social media: X! Facebook! 
20/03/241h 40m

Go Fact Yourself #MaxFunDrive Kick-off Spectacular featuring Teresa McElroy, Ross Blocher, Ella Hubber, Tom Lum, and Jordan Morris

We’re kicking off the most exciting time of the year for the MaxFun Network with a trivia game show featuring hosts from tons of great podcasts.J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong from “Go Fact Yourself” are joined by:Teresa McElroy - “Shmanners” Ross Blocher - “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” Ella Hubber & Tom Lum - “Let’s Learn Everything!” Jordan Morris - “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” and "Free With Ads"If you’d like to hear more hosts competing for trivia supremacy, visit Maximumfun.org for the full version of this show.
18/03/2419m 22s

Linda Moulton Howe Brings Down Carrie: Jimmy Church Disclosure Lunch Edition

HOWE does she do it?! Carrie attends radio DJ Jimmy Church’s absurdly chummy “Disclosure Lunch,” where Jimmy lets you know JUST HOW GOOD OF FRIENDS he is with Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, Danny Sheehan, and other UFO-whistleblower luminaries. While Carrie identifies the cheap pasta sauce, Jimmy obliquely hits on one speaker who claims she is an alien, then shakes each speaker down for a secret. Plus, somehow, Linda manages to bring Carrie to her knees with a single, passing question. Suddenly, Carrie is the one disclosing at the Disclosure Lunch. Pull up some Ragu and hear Ross hear this whole story for the first time.We have social media: X! Facebook!
11/03/241h 24m

Ross and Carrie Commune with Communion: Book and Movie Tie-in Package Edition

Ross and Carrie read the 1987 UFO memoir Communion, by alleged abductee Whitley Strieber. What happened on the night of October 10, 1985? What could possibly explain the blue light that fills the family cabin in the middle of the night? Why did Whitley wake up suddenly, filled with dread? Why did his personality change from this moment on? And why didn’t he connect any of this to aliens until three months later? Our intrepid author will answer you in only 299 pages. PLUS, something surprising: Carrie and Ross don’t agree on a movie.We have social media: X! Facebook!
04/03/241h 22m

Ross and Carrie Commune with Whitley Strieber: New World Edition

Ross and Carrie ponder new revelations in Whitley Strieber’s recent presentation, “Them,” which he calls “a deep dive into the nature of individual communication with ‘The Visitors.’” These alien beings come to Whitley (and others) from distant stars, to harvest our sperm and trade metals. Whitley compares his own experiences with those detailed in 36 years of fan mail.We have social media: X! Facebook!
26/02/241h 35m

Ross and Carrie See Medium Thomas John: Kind of Like a Tragedy Edition

Ross and Carrie show up for a “live” chat with the dead, featuring none other than Thomas John, the Seatbelt Psychic medium made infamous by Operation Onion Ring. He tells everyone to lower their standards, then barely grazes the details of a few of their dearly departed. Then, he shares the details of the “thoughts, feelings and impressions” given to him by the spirits, and how they differ from sights and sounds. We have social media: X! Facebook!
19/02/241h 24m

Ross and Carrie Get Read: 2024 Psychic Readings Edition

Ross and Carrie visit a psychic each, for predictions about their lives. Carrie’s psychic accurately nails Carrie as a no-kids person, while Ross’ psychic inaccurately nails Ross as a no-wife person. Meanwhile, Ross MAY have a heart attack; Carrie’s cats will NEVER get along; and both Drews (Blocher and Spears) have great news coming this year. Cast your own predictions now!We have social media: X! Facebook!
30/01/241h 32m

Ross, Carrie and Psychics Predict 2024: Cancer Cures and Election Edition

Ross and Carrie catalog 77 predictions made by psychics, mediums, and other prognosticators for 2024. ONRAC luminaries like Teal Swan, Kathryn Krick, Lori Spagna, Isaac Mars and others make predictions about this Year of the Dragon. A new pope, a woman in the White House, cures for cancers, the death of celeb culture, and either the shocking rise or fall of Harry and Meghan. Plus, Ross and Carrie both bet that people they admire will die, Ross is worried about the remaining Friends cast members, and Carrie will not give up on Dick van Dyke.We have social media: X! Facebook!
27/01/241h 30m

Ross and Carrie Evaluate 2023: Psychic Predictions Postdiction Edition

Ross and Carrie return to dozens of 2023 predictions made by psychics across the world; as well as two co-hosts, one husband, and a robot. Will Nostradamus finally strike gold with Pope Francis news? Is Madonna doing OK? What did one daytime talk show psychic predict about Britney Spears? Did Ross, Carrie, or Drew win this year’s prediction challenge? Did Ross stop playing the ponies? And finally, will completely-obsessed psychic John Cohan at last make an accurate prediction about Grease 2’s Connie Stevens? These and more rhetorical questions in our 2023 year-end psychic roundup! Plus, introducing Georgie M. Poppy!We have social media: X! Facebook!
08/01/241h 35m

Ross Meets Kenny Biddle: Road House Rules Edition

Ross meets up at CSICon 2023 with Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Chief Investigator Kenny Biddle to talk ghost hunting equipment, photographic manipulation, psychic “detectives”, spooky uses for an Xbox Kinect, responding to paranormal videos on TikTok, and important life lessons from Patrick Swayze. Plus! Hear all about a recent paranormal challenge of a cloud buster in Las Vegas.Articles and links mentioned in this episode:Michigan Nanny Cam ‘Ghost’Missing Oklahoma Teen Not Found by PsychicGhost Hand of 1900The Xbox Kinect and Paranormal InvestigationKennyBiddleCSI on TikTokThe UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You To SeeWe have social media: X! Facebook! 
01/01/241h 40m

Ross and Carrie Approach Apostle Kathryn Krick (Part 3): Merry Christmas Faith Healing Edition

Ho ho ho! We brought you a special surprise: a dour little episode about faith healing! Snuggle up with the children and toast your mug of cocoa as we tell you thirteen tiny tales of woe. Listen as Apostle Kathryn Krick “heals” her worldwide flock of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, cancer, diabetes, endometriosis, Lyme, Lupus, autism, and more. Unwrap each tale with more horror than the last! Merry Christmas to all!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
26/12/231h 32m

Ross and Carrie Approach Apostle Kathryn Krick (Part 2): Broken Toe Edition

Ross and Carrie hobble up to 5F Church for Sunday service with Apostle Kathryn Krick. After worship and some heavy financial guilt tripping, the anointed shepherd calls her flock to the dais for direct healing. Will Carrie’s broken toe fuse itself together, or will it refuse to re-fuse? Plus, they watch a reality TV dating show in which a young Kathryn Krick receives her first kiss!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
18/12/231h 47m

Ross and Carrie Approach Apostle Kathryn Krick (Part 1): Viral Faith Healer Edition

Ross and Carrie introduce you to the faith healer taking off on social media, live from her L.A. church. The bright-eyed apostle once came to Hollywood as a would-be actress and EDM singer. Then one day, a prophet of God stopped her dreams in their tracks with these words: “You are an apostle of Jesus Christ, and you're called to reach the nations. I see you ministering to the masses, and God doing shocking miracles through you.” That’s when she began to cast out demons and “heal” the sick, but not without controversy. Ross and Carrie uncover some of the online turf war, and Carrie wonders if this is her in a parallel life. Meet Kathryn Krick!We have social media: Twitter ! Facebook !
11/12/231h 7m

Ross and Carrie and The Great Disappearance: Harpazo Edition

Are you ready for the Harpazo? That’s what all the cool kids are calling the Rapture these days. Ross and Carrie share takeaways from Dr. David Jeremiah’s chart-topping new book The Great Disappearance, including 31 ways to be Rapture-ready, even though that’s really just the number of chapters. Is Jesus finally returning for the faithful? What’s been keeping him so long? These questions are deftly avoided in this new volume. Plus, a look at Jeremiah’s connection to other failed predictions, and The Invasion of Other Gods!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
04/12/231h 57m

Carrie Runs out of Panic Juice: Snake Phobia Edition

Carrie tells Ross about her journey to overcome a snake phobia, on her own, through the psychological principle of exposure. They discuss the nature of “specific phobia”, and the different ways one can manage or overcome fears. Follow along as Carrie works her way from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi to the LA Zoo, to holding a boa constrictor. Plus, did you ever think about how stressful a waiver is? Apparently Carrie has.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
20/11/231h 1m

Ross and Carrie Learn from Travis McHenry (Part 2): Paranormal Adventurer Edition

Ross and Carrie explore more from the wonderfully enterprising Travis McHenry. A tarot card designer, Bigfoot hunter, demon summoner, angel contactee, priest, historian, actor, screenwriter, song composer, director, veteran, and micronationalist. Ross reads his adventures in paranormal investigation, while Carrie explores his work in print and on screen.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
13/11/231h 31m

Ross and Carrie Learn from Travis McHenry (Part 1): Demon Summoning Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a talk by Travis McHenry, a self-described atheist, ritual magician, tarot card creator, and Priest of Anubis. He tells the entire history of the occult, then teaches the attendees to contact angels (or demons, if preferred). Plus lessons on astrology, sigils, and the most popular occult book in the world. (Place your bets now.)We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
30/10/231h 15m

Ross and Carrie Unbox: Holy Spirit Board Edition

Ross and Carrie learn the mysterious ways of the Holy Spirit Board, a tongue-in-cheek method to contact Jesus Christ in the same manner as an Ouija board. Then, they make Golly (a cat) wear a tinfoil hat of unknown origin. Will Golly stop liking boxes? Is there a heaven? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? Find out this and more. And long live Ella Poppy.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
24/10/231h 1m

Ross and Carrie Are Attacked by Aliens: Linda Moulton Howe Edition

Ross and Carrie attend yet another strange presentation by investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Howe announces some of her most astonishing and explosive research to date, including new government whistleblowers, an updated map of alien civilizations and human origins, insectoid aliens poised for attack, and the world-changing events we can expect in… April 2023?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
16/10/2357m 18s

Ross and Carrie Investigate Nessie: Loch Ness Monster Edition

Ross and Carrie share tales of the legendary lake monster, examining sightings from 565 A.D. to present. In the process, they check in with the Loch Ness webcam, the History Channel, Ted Danson, and Scottish tour guides - including a live boat tour of the loch. Does Ross discover an ancient plesiosaur trapped in the highlands? Or maybe just a giant eel? Or does he completely fail to see the Loch Ness Monster? Plus, Carrie needs to get over that submarine incident.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
09/10/231h 56m

Ross and Carrie Revisit Orion: Deborah King Edition

Carrie tells Ross about Deborah King's presentation "Embrace Your Cosmic Origin." After an Akashic Record visit or three, they learn more about Deborah’s training, legal history, cancer diagnosis, and history as a member of an alien civilization. Plus, a possible explanation for the sounds and sensations Deborah experiences. With updates on Sound of Freedom, Drew’s kidney stone, and the rock Ella Poppy (a dog) swallowed.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
26/09/232h 11m

Ross and Carrie Make the Sound of Freedom: Film Review Edition

Do you hear that? No, it’s not a bald eagle (you don’t want to hear that); it’s the Sound of Freedom. Ross and Carrie watch this controversial biopic, which claims to represent the true story of Tim Ballard and his paramilitary, anti-sex-trafficking charity, Operation Underground Railroad. Critics say the film is QAnon propaganda; fans say it’s the most important film of our time. Ross and Carrie discuss this not-available-on-streaming, deeply average movie.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
18/09/231h 29m

Ross and Dan Phelps and the Genesis of The Ark Encounter

Let’s head back to The Ark Encounter! Ross talks with Dan Phelps, president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society and persistent thorn in the side of creationist Ken Ham. Learn why Answers in Genesis didn’t get its desired location for the Creation Museum, why they only paid $1 for 98 acres of land, how their parking lot pays for the corporate jet, and why their online responses are so Ham-fisted.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
11/09/231h 21m

Ross and Brian Dunning and the UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You to See

Ross talks with Brian Dunning of Skeptoid about his new film The UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You To See. What are the chances of intelligent alien life existing elsewhere in the universe, and what is the likelihood of us striking up a conversation? How do you assemble a dream team to investigate UFO claims? Does Jimmy Carter still believe he saw a UFO, or has the FO been I? Plus, Brian shares some of his own sightings and their fascinating solutions.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
28/08/231h 28m

Gail Thackray Heals Carrie’s Past (Part 2): Regression Edition

Healer Gail Thackray demonstrates her incredible reincarnation-monitoring abilities on a fawning crowd. Then she leads Carrie and the others in a memory regression session to explore the past-life origins of their body memories. Finally, Gail “attunes” Carrie’s “psychic opening,” thus preparing Carrie to give past life healings to scads of friends and listeners. Listen in awe as a blind woman is not healed, a lot of people learn they were once Native American, and a lady with no brother is told she kinda has a brother when you think about it.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
21/08/231h 30m

Ross and Carrie Identify Anomalous Phenomena: Congressional UFO Hearing Edition

Ross and Carrie analyze the recent Congressional hearing in which self-identified government whistleblowers declare that the U.S. has long conspired to cover up ongoing contact (and conflict) with extraterrestrials. Does the government have flying saucer fragments in their possession? Have they experimented on alien bodies? How many whistleblowers exactly do these three guys represent? We’d tell you, but it would have to be in private.
14/08/231h 55m

Gail Thackray Heals Carrie’s Past: Trauma Faith Healing Edition

Carrie receives a group healing session from Gail Thackray, a spiritual healer, medium, and Reiki master who instantly treats “body trauma,” the alleged corporeal residue of negative personal experiences. Listener, do you have lower back pain? News flash: you’ve got daddy issues. And Gail can heal them in seconds. Plus, Ross discovers an internal inconsistency between the typical reincarnation myth and its tellers.We have social media: Twitter! X? Facebook!
01/08/231h 32m

Ross and Carrie Break Drew’s Kidney Stone: Roller Coaster Edition

When Carrie’s husband Drew is diagnosed with a large kidney stone, he and Carrie go to the local rickety roller coaster in the name of citizen science. Then they tell Ross all about their scientific findings. Will Drew’s kidney stone break into tiny pieces, thanks to Santa Monica’s 30-year-old West Coaster? Or is a “large” kidney stone TOO large for even a chartreuse caboose to shake it loose?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
24/07/2348m 31s

Ross and Carrie Transmit Bashar (Part 2): Follow Your Excitement Edition

Ross and Carrie witness Bashar, a purported extraterrestrial entity, inhabiting a 71-year-old escape room operator. They marvel as he dispels wisdom to a room of fans eager to be roasted by their favorite alien. Topics include parenting advice, interstellar contact, theories of comedy, and a BIG announcement for what might happen in the future! Plus, Ross and Carrie talk about Darryl Anka’s low budget films and inexplicable use of poor Irish accents. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
09/07/231h 26m

Ross and Carrie Transmit Bashar (Part 1): Very Telling Edition

Ross and Carrie return to see Bashar, an alien channeled by a 71-year-old former visual effects artist. To a live, nearly sold-out crowd, Darryl Anka demonstrates his ability to connect with this multidimensional being and share wisdom from the future. Bashar takes questions from an eager crowd, and teaches about UFOs, open contact, and his special formula for purpose and lasting happiness.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
26/06/231h 14m

Ross Reviews Lori Spagna: Micro Machines Man Edition

Ross tells Carrie about attending ONRAC veteran Lori Spagna’s standing-room-only talk at Conscious Life Expo 2023 on calling down divine guidance to up-level your vibration, navigating the Multi~Dimensional Reality, “activating” your DNA, connecting with starseed ancestors and peers, and (you know it, ladies) finding your purpose. Ross analyzes Lori’s unconventional views on biology, physics, and astronomy, and then asks her if she has any friends.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
19/06/231h 23m

Ross and Carrie Talk to Cats: Ascension Guides Edition

Carrie tells Ross about attending a maximum-capacity talk by Sylvie Sterling, a “a cat whisperer, author, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and ascension guide” who serves as “a bridge between cats and [their] people.” After assuring her audience that she doesn’t use any science to make her determinations, she helps the group psychically evaluate the unique role that each person’s cat plays in the universe. Will Carrie’s cat Golly be a lover, supporter, joybringer, protector, soul mate, mirror, muse, teacher, healer, or energy worker? And why is Evening Blocher so testy?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
12/06/231h 31m

Carrie Meets Swaha Ron: Immortality Edition

Carrie goes to a basement meeting for folks who want to learn about immortality from a licensed therapist. Swaha Ron Holman, the creator of Anu Alchemy Ormus (a purportedly magical elixir) delivers secret knowledge about the “immortal siddhas that come and go with a physical body, materializing and de-materializing their physical form.” Ya really had to be there.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
29/05/231h 34m

Ross Bends a Spoon: Hands-On Edition

Ross tells Carrie what she missed during LightNet’s Spoon Bending Party at Conscious Life Expo 2023. Armed with weak flatware and a prayer, Ross learns about rice experiments, pendulums, quantum physics, mung beans, and the power of belief. Then he uses his potent mental powers to convince a spoon to bend. Carrie follows along at home with her least favorite spoon.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
22/05/231h 28m

Ross and Carrie Interview Ella and Evening: Pet Communicator Edition

Ross and Carrie pay pet communicator Monica Diedrich to speak with their dog and cat. Carrie asks some heartfelt questions of her 16-year-old dog Ella, while Ross tackles feline issues with Evening. “Dr. Monica” then makes a spiritual connection with each animal and reveals their innermost thoughts and feelings. Ella reveals a confusing health detail, Evening is very much a cat, and Dr. Monica gives a wild answer to the source of her doctorate. Plus, what does a cat look like when she’s being channeled?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
14/05/231h 28m

Ross and Carrie Risk Demonic Possession: “The Pope’s Exorcist” Movie Review!

Bob-Larson-certified exorcists Ross and Carrie flout their mentor’s wisdom – and risk becoming possessed – by watching a bad Russel Crowe film. The Pope’s Exorcist (Sony) is loosely based on the life of Gabriele Amorth, a priest who regularly performed exorcisms by direction of the Vatican. Chomping at the beaverneck, protestant exorcist Bob Larson went to see the film on opening weekend (not that he wanted to), so he could warn all of us NOT TO SEE IT. So Ross and Carrie saw it. Hear these two CERTIFIED EXORCISTS review the film AND some original Amorth exorcism footage!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
01/05/2353m 5s

Ross and Carrie Meet TwinRay (Part 4): What is Love? Edition

Ross reviews another talk by mystic duo TwinRay, and Carrie attends a second online class. They learn about 5D ascended relationships, the true path of divine love (it’s not what you think), and the sometimes-irritated relationship between BoyRay and GirlRay. Plus, more insight into their various businesses and Ashland mansion. LOOK INTO OUR EYES and enjoy!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
24/04/231h 48m

Ross and Carrie Meet TwinRay (Part 3): Prophetic Edition

Carrie tells Ross about “Unify Golden Age Prophecy,” the class she has just taken at TwinRay’s School of Divinity. She learns about the average struggles of a TwinRay follower, BoyRay’s heritage, the dragon lines that converge onto the couple’s wedding spot, and the ways they receive information from the divine. Plus, some fascinating insight into how “Miananda Maitreya Shekinah” presented herself 6 years ago. Have you had an encounter with TwinRay? Tell us about it!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
17/04/231h 47m

Ross and Carrie Meet Twin Ray (Part 2): Living Heaven on Earth Edition

Ross and Carrie analyze what they know about BoyRay, the dominant voice of TwinRay, the rising It Couple of the New Age circuit. Together, they analyze the Ashland-based duo’s lecture at Conscious Life Expo 2023. Learn about the grids that make up Earth, and the steps you can take to connect energetically to these nodes and beam humanity into the next age. Plus, Atlantis theories and flood mythology! And, they ask you to become MaxFun members and support this work.It’s MaxFunDrive! Support us at https://maximumfun.org/join/We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
01/04/231h 42m

Ross and Carrie Meet Twin Ray (Part 1): Golden Age Edition

In honor of MaxFunDrive 2023, Ross and Carrie introduce you to TwinRay, the Ashland, Oregon couple who claim to offer healing and usher you into permanent spiritual bliss. He says he’s an enlightened being; she says she’s a walk-in from another plane. But Ross and Carrie say he’s an Australian dude with a knack for pseudo-profundity, and she’s a B-movie actress from Miami who probably got rich suing an airline. Say hello to TwinRay!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
24/03/231h 19m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 12): American Campfire Revival Edition

In the final lark of the Ark arc, Ross tells Carrie about the wild, final hours of the homeschooling conference. Time to pull out the American flags and light the fires! 80s heartthrob Kirk Cameron arrives to tell us all about puritan statuary and kick off a movement that will spread the gospel, but also teach Constitutional literacy and firearm handling. Plus, a fiery speech from John (Amanchukwu) on the evils of Planned Parenthood and the wicked left, and Carrie and Ross review Lifemark, an anti-abortion film that premiered at the Ark Encounter.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
20/03/231h 45m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 11): Home School Bonanza Edition

Ross tells Carrie about the homeschool-teaching instruction he received at the Building Strong Foundations Conference, including important pedagogical questions like: What is science? How does a dictionary work? What questions can science not answer? Did you know your hair holds the key to your divinity? Turns out, the more your hair is like a primate’s… the more evolution is disproven? Time to pull out some microscopes and confirm Genesis 1. Also, Ken Ham is back, and he’s still pissy.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
13/03/232h 6m

Carrie Talks Trauma, Pseudoscience, and Social Media: Trauma Trap Edition

Carrie shares a talk she gave focusing on the trauma-informed community and its various expressions in therapy and on the internet. Learn how tricky it can be to define trauma, who the major contributors in this space are, and how to navigate the perilous predominance of pseudoscience and avoid the trauma trap. Ready to talk cult studies, retrospective bias, gaslighting, and DARVO? All that sexy stuff is here, and more.Find Carrie’s slides and sources here.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
06/03/231h 34m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 10): Flood Myths Edition

Ross rounds out his final analysis of the Ark itself, including educational displays about the Tower of Babel, ancient man, and the real reason we all are here: the Gospel of Jesus Christ (whose Dad is God). Plus, flood myths from other cultures, a possibly disingenuous, bean-based argument, and a very telling analogy involving Plato. The arc of our Ark story is slowly nearing its end. (OR IS IT?)We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
27/02/231h 32m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 9): Catastrophism Edition

We’ve reached the top deck of Noah’s Ark, so it’s time to send out the doves and see if they find land! We crack the language code, visit our [8] ancestors in their private rooms, learn about Ken Ham’s backstory, and then hop to the other side of the barge for lessons in flood geology and the [1] ice age that occurred 4,000 years ago. Is climate change even happening? Plus, why is Bill Nye the Science Guy on the Ark Encounter?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
13/02/231h 12m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 8): Baraminology Edition

Ross tells Carrie about the fine science of kinds, cleaning up poop, the question of suffering, and why cartoon depictions of Noah’s Ark are sent by Satan. We also get to ask some questions of Noah himself. Plus, did you ever think about how a door can be a metaphor? (Makes you think.) We’re back at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
06/02/232h 11m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 7): Scoffers Gonna Scoff Edition

Ross tells Carrie about some of the educational themed environments throughout the Ark Encounter, a Christian roadside attraction in Kentucky. They watch two oddly similar Noah biopics; discuss pooping on the Ark; and learn about the evils of violence, polygamy, music, metalworking, and giants. Plus, Carrie has some concerns about Noah being a shipbuilder by trade, and Ross isn’t sure any of this actually happened.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
30/01/231h 36m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 6): Small Animals in Cages Edition

After a brief disembarkation, Ross and Carrie re-board the Ark Encounter as Ross leads Carrie through a tour of the Kentucky creationist landmark. They walk past animal topiaries and carved monuments to begin a thorough inspection of the first deck in this “historical” vessel. Exhibits are discussed in detail, from animal storage to the one thing everyone wants to know: ARE THERE DINOSAURS ON THE ARK? The answer may shock you. (It also might not. There are only two options.)We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
16/01/231h 46m

Ross and Carrie Foresee 2023: Psychic Predictions Edition

Ross and Carrie review 2023 predictions from all manner of psychic sources around the globe, and add their own. Plus, they announce two winners of Best Predictor 2022! Is Ross or Carrie more psychic? And who had a greater prediction hit rate this year: Baba Vanga, Rose Smith, Athina Bailey, Gemma Lonsdale, John Cohan, Nicolas Aujula, Nostradamus, Lori Spagna, Linda Moulton Howe, or Teal Swan?We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
09/01/231h 28m

Ross and Carrie Meet Sylvia Browne’s Son: 2107 Edition

Ross and Carrie receive phone consultations from psychic Chris Dufresne, son of famed psychic Sylvia Browne. One of them has rare psychic abilities and a psychic guide named Aaron, and the other is a healer who will bond with a cockatoo. They each discover what is in store for them in 2023, what happens when you die, and when and how the world is going to end. (It’s soon and it’s cinematic!)We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
02/01/231h 43m

Ross and Carrie Remember James Randi: Semi-Santa Christmas Edition

Ho ho ho! Here is a holiday special that forgets it’s a holiday special within minutes! It’s about a magician named James Randi, who dedicated his life to exposing dishonesty among psychics, faith healers, and other paranormal purveyors. Carrie remembers the six months she worked with Randi, and Ross explains the related paranormal testing operation with which he volunteers.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
19/12/221h 30m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 5): Teaching Critical Thinking

It’s another trip to the Ark Experience in Kentucky! This time, Ross learns the miraculous properties of water and how to responsibly light his friends on fire. Next, Carrie and Ross look critically at a homeschooling class on Teaching Critical Thinking. Does the Bible simply offer good advice, or is knowing the Bible itself critical thinking, which flows directly from the Godhead? The answer may not surprise you. Also, Ross takes what might be the most uniquely American photo.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
12/12/222h 4m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 4): Bible In Motion Edition

Ross is back at the Ark Experience in Kentucky, where he joins a bunch of homeschooling mothers in the kitchen for the busy mom’s guide to romance, sees the full Armor of God in the flesh, and finally memorizes all the key events of the Old Testament using hand motions. Carrie is equally fascinated by chief busy mom Heidi St. John, but can she stay awake through the Bible lesson? It’s an adventure that is positively Ze-rubbable!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
05/12/222h 14m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 3): Secrets of the Ark Edition

Ross checks out the gift shop before heading to his favorite event of his entire Ark Encounter: a tour led by Tim Chaffey, content manager for Answers in Genesis’s attractions division. As Ross passes through musically themed halls with a group of headphone-wearing homeschoolers, Tim details the math, analytics, and something you might call science that went into building the Ark Encounter.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
21/11/221h 51m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 2): Virtual Reality Edition

Ross begins his journey around the Ark Encounter theme park, stopping first to board the Truth Traveler time machine that will take him all the way back to antediluvian times. But first (and this is gonna make you laugh), he must sign a waiver. Plus, a serious breakdown of gopher wood, cubits, pitch and Noah’s wife’s name. Meanwhile, Carrie is in paradise.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
13/11/221h 18m

Ross Boards the Ark (Part 1): NOT A BOAT Edition

While Carrie floats away on her pro-evolution Galapagos honeymoon, Ross boards a “life-size Noah’s Ark,” shipwrecked in rural Kentucky, to attend a homeschooling conference for frightened Christian parents. Right off the bat, he learns key doctrinal issues including: which 11 chapters of the Bible have all the answers; what separates a boat from a ship; and when and why you should marry your sister.We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
07/11/221h 59m

Ross and Carrie Blow FoodMarble: Hydrogen Breath Testing Edition

Ross and Carrie experiment with FoodMarble, a “digestive breath testing device” that purports to use hydrogen levels to interpret fermentation and gut health. Plus, they drink entire glasses of isolated carbs to see which ones make them miserable. Fun!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
24/10/221h 6m

Carrie Takes Ivermectin: COVID Patient Zero Edition

Carrie, the first person to ever have COVID, tells Ross about her intractable symptoms, and get-well-fast scheme: a little-known medicine called Ivermectin (not the horse version). While some people (read: scientists) might consider it a parasite treatment with unproven efficacy for COVID, Carrie can’t resist something that might make her poop her pants. Will she?! Plus, they discuss public health policy, tolerating grey areas, and how we approach science at the edges. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
17/10/2257m 55s

Ross Meets Sanal Edamaruku: Indian Superstition Edition

Ross talks from across the globe with Sanal Edamaruku, Indian-born author, rationalist and free speech activist, about his investigations into tantric curses, weeping Jesus statues, moving Mary statues, spontaneous combustion, yogic flying, reincarnated millionaires, and much more. We also revisit previous ONRAC investigations such as Amma the hugging saint and the Self-Realization Fellowship for additional insights. And Carrie reminds everyone not to get COVID!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
10/10/222h 18m

Ross and Carrie DIY Their Butts: Coffee Enema Edition

Ross and Carrie rectify their rectums by hand pumping old, weak coffee into their butts. The Implant-O-Rama is the new thing in colonic irrigation for the DIY type, and Ross and Carrie are nothing if not DIT. Will their gut flora improve? Will their toxins deplete? Does their productivity improve? Will Carrie’s IBS disappear? Will Ross hate coffee more in his mouth or up his butt? Plus, tips for hiding your coffee enema habit from your spouse. All this and more, in this painfully gross episode!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook! 
03/10/221h 21m

Ross and Carrie are Bulletproof: Hot Drinks Edition

Ross and Carrie spend a couple of weeks forgoing their normal morning routines in favor of Bulletproof Coffee, “the original keto coffee,” which promises to improve their energy, focus, fat-burning, productivity, and emotional stability. Keeping careful logs (you know they will), they chart their experience with this butter-and-oil-laden coffee and compare it to their usual output. Are they bulletproof now? Were they bulletproof before? Does this phrase have a meaning? Find out!We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
19/09/221h 25m

Ross and Carrie Meet Alice Greczyn: Wayward Edition

Ross and Carrie welcome Alice Greczyn, an actress and author of the  memoir Wayward: Spiritual Warfare and Sexual Purity. In this funny and painful retelling, a tide of evangelical Christianity sweeps over Alice’s working class family, convincing her parents that God has called them to a life of voluntary poverty. Now, years later in Los Angeles, she sits down with Ross and Carrie to talk about purity culture, revival “miracles,” and the psychological burdens of writing a memoir. We have social media: Twitter! Facebook!
12/09/222h 16m

Carrie Investigates Herschel Walker: Non-diagnostic Edition

Ross and Carrie listen to a talk by one Carrie Poppy, who examines Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker's debated mental health diagnosis. Then they discuss the thorny controversy around Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly Multiple Personality Disorder. Plus, a listener had a prediction for exactly today!For Carrie’s slides, follow us on Facebook!
05/09/221h 21m

Ross and Carrie Focus Calmly: Magic Mind Edition

Ross and Carrie imbibe Magic Mind, a special morning blend of nootropics and adaptogens (read: brain stuff and calm stuff) that will make them super-workers with tremendous output. For the low low price of way too much, they enjoy a beverage Carrie calls “better than pee” and measure their amazing* results. (*Depends how easily you are amazed.)See Carrie’s reaction video to Elvis’s “If I Can Dream” on YouTube.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
22/08/221h 26m

Ross and Carrie Scan for Satan: Mark of the Beast Edition

Carrie’s brand new husband got her a very good gift: a 1994 VHS about UPC bar codes ushering in the end of the world. She and Ross ponder Reverend John Shepherd’s stern warning that the end is coming any day now, and ask if 10,000 days is enough yet. Plus, one of their favorite movies is finally available for download, and Alex Jones is available for takedown.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
15/08/221h 9m

Rossing Over with John Edward (Part 3): VIP Edition

Back at John Edward’s psychic medium event, Ross and a third of the other attendees pay extra for highly specific, personal messages from the great beyond, plus an inexplicably-redundant Q and A session. Plus, Ross and Carrie wrap up their thoughts on psychic mediums by reflecting on the theft of one’s final experiences with a loved one.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
08/08/221h 48m

Ross and Carrie Meet Sarah Jickling: Mental Health Edutainment Edition

Ross and Carrie meet the nonsensically outstanding Sarah Jickling, a wonderful musician, mental health advocate, and ONRAC superfan (she even has the tattoo). Using her musical talent, personal experience with a bipolar spectrum disorder, and evidence-based teaching plan, she taught young students how to spot early and late symptoms of psychosis, sleep paralysis, and other psychological anomalies. Plus, she shares some of the particular struggles of bipolar artists who resist diagnosis and treatment. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
25/07/221h 23m

Rossing Over with John Edward (Part 2): Colder Readings Edition

Ross and Carrie return to John Edward as Ross slows down a few readings to dissect the medium’s old-school reading methods and idiosyncratic style. Plus, Edward has a global message to everyone who has ever lost a loved one: every single one of them is FINE. Please stop asking!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
17/07/221h 44m

Rossing Over with John Edward (Part 1): Colder Readings Edition

Ross tells Carrie about attending a live event with psychic medium John Edward, host of the Crossing Over television psychic franchise. Now, decades into his career, Edward appears to still be using original cold reading techniques, and largely avoiding the higher-risk hot-reading stunts. But what he misses in high tech solutions, he gains in an uncanny ability to forcefully change direction. PLUS, it’s the film segment nobody wanted: Ross and Carrie Review Little Buddha! And a surprise paranormal mail segment from… Disney Animation?
10/07/221h 54m

Ross and Carrie Watch Buddha Maitreya: Reincarnated Jesus Edition

Carrie tells Ross what she learned from watching and studying Buddha Maitreya, a peculiar fellow in Northern California who uses his small online platform to share his divine views on sacred geometry, the problem of evil, the unexpected structure of human personality, and the greatest of all sins: sex. And why should you listen to him? Because he is the resurrection of Buddha and the Christ. And he’s got the forgotten 1993 Keanu Reeves movie to prove it.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
27/06/221h 20m

Ross and Carrie Reveal Jennings: Deep End Edition

Ross and Carrie welcome back friend of the pod(cast) Jennings Brown, who has been pretty busy since we last healed his body and mind (PERMANENTLY) at a faith healing ministry in Boston.  Jennings recently released a six-episode podcast series about a hedonistic doomsday group in Northern California. Jennings also served as development executive producer on the streaming series The Deep End (about spiritual leader Teal Swan), which was just released this month.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
20/06/221h 30m

Carrie Spots Bad Experts: MaxFunCon Edition

In this special live episode from MaxFunCon 2022, Carrie teaches a class on spotting “bad experts.” Learn to fact-check claims, confirm a university degree, look up a license, find a business filing, and access court documents. Note that these tips are centered around American experts; international methods will differ.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
13/06/221h 39m

Ross and Carrie Have 100 Chakras: Raven Shamballa and Billy Carson Edition

Carrie tells Ross about Raven Shamballa, a psychic and former-therapist who awoke from surgery and immediately discovered she was in contact with divine creatures. Then Ross returns to Billy Carson, the (sorta) MIT and Harvard trained ufologist with unusual insights into the history of humanity… and beyond.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
06/06/221h 44m

Ross and Carrie Collide with Billy Carson: Ancient Cosmology Edition

While Carrie listens and tries to make sense of things, Ross recounts a paid talk by ufologist and “expert host” Billy Carson, who has the REAL story of how the Milky Way got here, what causes climate change, who created humans, and why we are here. Spoiler: it’s bleak! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
30/05/221h 22m

Ross and Carrie and the Feast of Booths: Topsy Turvy Edition

Ross and Carrie review a wonderful MaxFunDrive, share some developments, and recall some of their best times at the Conscious Life Expo this year, going from booth to booth and seeing what new wonders await. Ross sweats out toxins, Carrie becomes penpals with a guy selling vibration jewelry, and together they review supplements, books, pendants, charms, apps, pyramids, psychics, and shrooms. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
20/05/221h 35m

Ross and Carrie Consult Bashar: Multi-Dimensional Channeler Edition

Ross and Carrie return to the Conscious Life Expo to catch the final talk of the event: a question and answer session with Bashar, the multi-dimensional and extra-terrestrial being who floats in a craft thousands of miles above Sedona, Arizona… but comes to us via channeler Darryl Anka. Did Bashar predict COVID’s behavior? Can he provide wisdom for our dimension? Find out here.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
06/05/221h 49m

Ross and Carrie Load Up on Pills: Blood Analysis Edition

Ross drives to Costa Mesa for a personal blood analysis by Dr. Nick Delgado, and quickly racks up a bill for more than $1,000 in diagnostic tests and supplements. Will Ross ever achieve a runner’s high? Is he doomed to eat from nacho bars? Can he convince Dr. Nick to share the ultimate sex secrets promised at the Conscious Life Expo? (Yes, he can. The sex secrets are here!)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
30/04/221h 57m

Ross and Carrie Tell the Best Kept Secret: Palm Leaf Reading Edition

Back at the only good conference on Earth, Ross and three dozen other people learn the BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE UNITED STATES! They’re just giving it out to whoever wants to know! And it’s about aliens that two children saw in the 1940s and then tried to remember as old men! Then, Carrie, lured by the allure of questionable doctors around the world, attends a talk by one “Dr. Q,” who has an ancient manuscript bearing YOUR future. There’s only one catch: it’s on a palm leaf in India.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
11/04/221h 26m

Ross and Carrie Call Collins In: Call-in Colin Show Edition

Welcome back to The Collin Show, the show where Colins call in. On this week’s episode, Ross and Carrie discuss with their calling Colins what it is like to face a world that confuses you with a colon. Plus, psychic power animal readings, one in-studio Collin, a very effective exorcism, and Carrie calls out a non-Colin who calls in. What could possibly have confused them?! After all, we’ve been making this show, which is called The Colin Show, for eleven years.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/04/221h 15m

Ross and Carrie Count Alien Fingers: Linda Moulton Howe 2022 Edition

Ross and Carrie discuss their favorite government whistleblower, Linda Moulton Howe, an independent journalist who claims to have inside connections to alien abductees, CIA defectors, and more. Carrie reviews Linda’s lecture about a “strange UFO abduction,” then Ross recounts a UFO panel on which Linda is a reigning expert. Plus, an update on Carrie and Linda’s penpalship.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
28/03/222h 3m

Ross and Carrie Fight the Power: Kelly Brown’s COVID Conspiracy Edition

Naturopath Kelly Brown changes the whole tone of the Conscious Life Expo when he blows the whistle on COVID’s actual origin story. While most speakers at the conference claim that COVID is overblown, or even nonexistent, Brown believes it is a government-sponsored bioweapon aimed at killing average people and making “the elite” immortal. Carrie tells Ross about Brown’s decidedly fearful talk, and about the various belief sets that seem to be influencing and underpinning his theories.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
21/03/221h 16m

Calling All Collins: Call In!

Announcing our live Psychic Collin Call-in Show on Saturday, March 19th at 1 PM Pacific (to be specific)! Join us on our YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/OhNoLive, and call in at 323-622-6546.
18/03/224m 26s

Ross and Carrie Find Power in the Blood: Dr. Nick Delgado Edition

Hi, everybody! Dr. Nick Delgado is here to improve every aspect of your life, and he can do it just by looking at your blood… and signing you up for his 7 Pillars Coaching. Ross recounts Dr. Nick’s talk at the Conscious Life Expo and shares his unique thoughts on Covid, germs, bodybuilding, longevity, sexual pleasure, diet, and a host of related topics.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/03/221h 42m

Ross and Carrie Meet the Risen Christ: Divine Genome Edition

“Divine midwife” and “quantum mechanic” Cher Jolyne teaches Ross to use the “highly sophisticated technology” of “fierce prayer” to “access” his “divine genome” and “open” him “to infinite possibility and the miraculous.” Meanwhile, Carrie meets the Buddha Maitreya, the risen Christ, also known as Ronald Lloyd Spencer.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
07/03/221h 51m

Ross and Carrie Are Not Sticks: Power Animals and Sacred Geometry Edition

Carrie attends an interactive lecture with Bernadette King, an expert in deciphering your very own power animal (which is definitely NOT your spirit animal or totem animal). Meanwhile, Ross learns about sacred geometry from Samuel Kiwasz, a retired science and math teacher who has found meaning in the beauty of the mathematical universe. Then, this carnivorous insect and her pi-memorizing friend reunite to exchange notes.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
28/02/221h 44m

Ross and Carrie Don’t Die: Kimberly Meredith Returns Edition

With Conscious Life Expo 2022 back and in person, Ross and Carrie attend two events featuring “medical medium” Kimberly Meredith, who claims to x-ray and help heal people’s bodies with only her eyes. She was last featured in 2020, when Carrie interviewed her. Now, Ross finally gets to see Meredith in action for himself, with dramatic and dispiriting results; then Carrie attends a panel on Near Death Experiences, featuring Kimberly and moderator Dannion Brinkley, who has exactly one –and only one– thing to say to you.  For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
21/02/222h 5m

Ross Meets Cory Doctorow: Bringing Back Luddites Edition

Ross speaks with Cory Doctorow, technology activist and author of How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, about 5G and fiber, the real conspiracies that the anti-5G crowd is missing, and a host of effects that telecom practice and legislation has on our daily lives. Plus, learn how you can be a technology-wielding Luddite!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/02/222h 9m

Ross and Carrie Radiate (Part 2): A Gust of 5G Microwaves

Ross and Carrie go to local hippy hang Inn of the Seventh Ray for an in-person, anti-5G meeting. Questionably-proclaimed 5G expert Larry Gust gives a highly-powerpointed talk about his concerns about 5G’s effects on kids, adults, and the environment with recommendations for fields and shields. Plus, the inside scoop on Inn of the Seventh Ray’s kooky owners.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
06/02/221h 37m

Ross and Carrie Radiate (Part 1): 5G-Free Edition

Ross, Carrie, and Friend of the Pod® Matthew go to a 5G Free California meeting, where activists meet to oppose the worldwide rollout of enhanced broadband cell networks. They learn about the legal strategies, personal grudges, and strange illnesses claimed by this fascinating group. Plus, Ross teaches Carrie the basics of the technology, which she is pretty sure sounds fine.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
31/01/221h 29m

Ross and Carrie Expand their Awareness: Chromasonic Edition

Ross and Carrie enter the Chromasonic, an “immersive sound and light experience” in which pulsing light and sound disconnect them from their usual sense of time and space, while they lie staring at the inside of an oversized egg. Thus, for $35, they close the loop between the immateriality of the environment and the immateriality of themselves. Like ya do.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
24/01/221h 18m

Ross and Carrie Foresee 2022: Psychic Predictions Edition

Hello, 2022! Ross and Carrie enlist the help of various future-seers, from psychics to astrologers to dead people to Cosmopolitan Magazine… to see how 2022 will pan out for them and for the world. Then, they make their own predictions about nanotechnologies, U.S. politics, electric vehicles, and Bob Newhart. PLUS, an Etsy psychic tells Carrie what Ross REALLY thinks of her, and it’s kind of alarming.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
17/01/222h 1m

Ross and Carrie Review 2021: Psychic Postdictions Edition

Ta ta, 2021. In this fun wrapup, Ross and Carrie review forecasts given twelve months ago, and see if this calendar year lived up to the predictions of various psychics, prophets, and other prognosticators. Plus, who is more psychic this year: Ross, Carrie, or lightworker Lori Spagna?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
10/01/221h 30m

How the Ross Stole Christmas: Jesus’ Birth Narrative Edition

Hark! For today a podcast has been born, and unto us an episode is given. We two hosts of Occident are bringing you gifts, including a deep-dive look at the birth narrative of Jesus as seen in the gospels, just in time for Christmas conversations with your family. Join your heavenly hosts Ross and Carrie for fun facts about stars, Magi, mangers, angels and comparative genealogies. Perfect listening for watching your flocks by night!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!

Ross Hunts Cryptids: Cryptozoology Diploma Edition

Ross has become certified at the Centre of Excellence, and shares with Carrie the newfound information from his Cryptozoology Diploma. In addition to favorites such as Bigfoot and Nessie, learn all about the Yeti, the Kraken, el Chupacabra, Mothman, thunderbirds, and giant anacondas! When were they first discovered? Where did their names come from? Are they real or legend? You’ll feel properly certified after hearing this episode.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
12/12/211h 46m

Carrie Cures Ross: Crystal Healing Edition

Newly minted crystal diplomat Carrie Poppy sees her first client, one “Ross” in her office, where she assesses his aura and adjusts his chakras, then delivers highly specialized advice for his urgent medical and spiritual conditions. Then, she tells her friend Ross – same name, just a coincidence – about her recent graduation from the Center of Excellence, with a Crystal Healing Diploma, and what the course entails.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
06/12/2147m 17s

Ross and Carrie Meet Carol Tavris: Anger Edition

Ross and Carrie follow up their rage room experience with a discussion on anger featuring social psychologist Dr. Carol Tavris, author of Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion. Is anger meant to be released, best to keep bottled up, or is the truth far more subtle and situation-dependent than what can fit on a bumper sticker? Dr. Tavris shares the research, along with relevant examples.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
22/11/211h 28m

Ross and Carrie Are So Mad: Rage Room Edition

Ross and Carrie head to downtown Los Angeles, seize their weapons, and give vent to their colossal RAGE. Their targets: about a dozen votive candle holders, a crate of leftover glass bottles, and an old car. Will their towering fury finally abate as they wail on an Impala at a rage room? Or will they discover they’d rather read a book and take a walk?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/11/211h 20m

Ross and Carrie and the Cult Leader Talk: How to Start Your Own Cult Edition

Looking for a shortcut to fame, wealth, sex and - most importantly - influence? Ross shares all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own cult, including how to claim divine authority, a connection to source, lots of important-sounding catch phrases, a trove of testimonials, and a dash of miracles… in this talk delivered at SkeptiCal 2021.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
08/11/211h 10m

Ross and Carrie Detect Lies: Nuance Meter Edition

Inspired by some all-too-serious videos on Tik Tok, Ross and Carrie buy a popular lie-detecting toy and put each other in the hot seat. Will either of them suffer the genuine, battery-powered electric shock reserved for only the most hardened liars? Will they learn who among them is a Truth Teller and who bears false witness? Or will they discover that this $16 toy is, in fact, a toy? It’s hard to say. OR IS IT? For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/11/211h 9m

Ross and Carrie Recackle: Laughter Yoga Reboot Edition

In honor of Maximum Fun’s Block Party, Ross and Carrie welcome new listeners with a return to one of their favorite investigations: laughter yoga! In 2014, they attended a handful of events put on by organizers of the movement to laugh for no reason. Now, they invite listeners new and old to time travel with them as they revisit this enduring, classic investigation. Plus, they make plans to laugh with you in 2021! Listen to the end!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
21/10/211h 8m

Carrie and Marsh Talk About Tactics: Reporting on Anti-vaxxers Edition

NEW EPISODE! Carrie speaks with UK journalist, organizer, host, and long-time friend of the show, Michael Marshall.  “Marsh” recently wrote a three-part series of articles in which he revealed the results of his systematic lurking within one online anti-vaccine group. The White Rose Movement has been stickering lampposts around the world with their mysterious, “The media is the virus” message, among others. What Marsh discovered was an underworld of fear and paranoia; and a gateway to something even more dire. Plus, compare strategies for tough conversations, and speak about Marsh’s Be Reasonable podcast, in which he directly engages with fringe believers.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
18/10/211h 8m

Ross Stings Susan and Mark: Operation Onion Ring Edition

Ross meets up with former guests Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward to get the juicy details on their latest sting operation centered on the “Seatbelt Psychic” Thomas John. Can they stop him from holding a workshop aimed at children ages 5-12? Will they have to pretend to be kids themselves? How does one join a Zoom call without anyone noticing? It’s an investigation full of twists and turns, but right turns only.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
04/10/211h 39m

Ross and Carrie Get A Shakti The System: Acupressure Mat Edition

Ross and Carrie try the Shakti Mat, a foam pad studded with ABS plastic discs wielding thousands of sharp, stabby points. Will this modern spin on the classic bed of nails improve sleep, relax muscles, ease recovery from headaches, and increase circulation? And just how long can [Americans!] Ross and Carrie stand on the mat in their bare feet?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
27/09/211h 25m

Ross and Carrie Channel Pyramid Power (Part 3): Megan Bell Interview Edition

Ross and Carrie connect with Pyradyne proprietor Megan Bell. Megan is the daughter of the late Fred Bell, inventor of the famous “pyradome” and other creations. In this refreshing conversation, Megan honors her father’s memory, while facing head-on Ross and Carrie’s concerns about the Pyradyne product line, their marketing materials, and Fred Bell’s extraordinary biography. Plus, she surprises them with a very generous offer.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
20/09/211h 32m

Ross and Carrie Channel Pyramid Power (Part 2): Fred Bell, Inventor Edition

Ross and Carrie have spent a few weeks now, trying out their Pyradyne pyramid hats, to stave off headaches, fatigues, and yucky blood. Now, they turn their attention to Pyradyne’s founder and discoverer, Fred Bell. According to Pyradyne materials, Bell was an inventor, alien contactee, former NASA rocket scientist, Air Force veteran, and PhD. Ross tells Carrie about Bell’s book, The Promise (co-authored with Brad Steiger), which tells how Bell discovered secret, ancient technology, escaped Nazi attackers, and embarked on an epic tale worthy of Tolkien (but, according to Carrie, less boring). Then, Carrie shares her findings regarding Bell’s bona fides, including his alleged direct descendence from Alexander Graham Bell. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
13/09/211h 39m

Ross and Carrie Channel Pyramid Power (Part 1): Pyradyne Pyradome Edition

Ross and Carrie spend a few weeks wearing metal pyramid hats on their heads in order to “gently detoxify” their bodies by “creating a field of negative ions” around their craniums. Choosing different models, Ross aims to cleanse his blood, stimulate his adrenal glands, and give himself an “extreme energy boost,” while Carrie’s promises blood pressure stabilization, relaxation, headache reduction, and tranquility. Plus, can a pyramid hat keep your produce fresh? Only one man can say.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
06/09/211h 2m

Ross and Carrie Test Their ESP: Kreskin Edition

Have you ever wondered who is more psychic, Ross or Carrie? Well, thanks to The Amazing Kreskin’s mid-century board game, “Kreskin’s ESP,” the two have now been formally tested using completely unimpeachable scientific methods. Together, in under two hours’ time, they put to bed the age-old question of whether telepathy, clairvoyance and divination are real (they are) and which of them is three times as psychic as the other (which is still not very psychic).For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
30/08/211h 36m

Ross and Carrie React to Foods: Thyme-Sensitive Edition

Ross and Carrie prick their fingers, bleed onto some card stock, and send it off to Everlywell, to be evaluated for various food “sensitivities.” Will Carrie’s documented food reactions show up in her blood? Will Ross confirm that he’s sensitive only to that one thing he ordered for lunch one time? And will the results be the same if the same blood is sent off twice? Plus: is Carrie a supervillain who drains her loved ones of vital life fluids? Find out!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
23/08/211h 32m

Ross and Carrie Read their Past Lives: Friends Forever Edition

Ross and Carrie visit a local psychic who is able to read their past lives simply by glancing at their birth dates and then having them hold a crystal. Which very obvious points in history will they be placed in? How did Ross once gruesomely die? To whom was Carrie once a servant? How do past life readers preserve their energy? And have Ross and Carrie been friends for many lives?! (Yes.)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
15/08/211h 46m

Ross and Carrie Are Down in the Mouth (Part 2): Waking in Tongues Edition

Carrie, recovering from her recent tonsil removal, tells Ross how she treated her pain and “enhanced” her “wellness” with homeopathy and Peggy Huddleston’s pre-surgical autohypnosis tapes. Plus she explains the bizarre and somewhat rare experience she had, waking up from anesthesia and not speaking her native language! This is gonna go good, and is a great idea.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/08/211h 10m

Ross and Carrie Are Down in the Mouth (Part 1): Wisdom Teeth and Tonsils Edition

Ross, recovering from his recent wisdom tooth removal, tells Carrie how he treated his pain and “enhanced” his “wellness” with homeopathy and Peggy Huddleston’s pre-surgical autohypnosis tapes. Then he helps Carrie prepare for her tonsillectomy, using same. This is gonna go great, and is a good idea. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
26/07/2151m 40s

Ross and Carrie Meet Lucien: Satanic Companion Edition

Ross and Carrie chat with Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic religious group which uses the character of Satan as a symbol of rebellion and critical thought. Lucien tells us about the organization’s early days, its work  fighting pseudoscience, and how exactly one comes to found a religion.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
12/07/211h 50m

Ross Meets Mick West: Down the Rabbit Hole Edition

Ross talks with Mick West, creator of Metabunk.org and author of Escaping the Rabbit Hole. We break down some of the popular UFO/UAP footage that’s been making the news, and then share tips on how to effectively and respectfully communicate with friends and family who have fallen down rabbit holes of 9/11 Truth, Chemtrails, Flat Earth, and other conspiracy theories.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
05/07/211h 40m

Ross and Carrie Follow Up With Claire: Vaccination Completion Edition

Ross and Carrie follow up with Claire Knowlton to see how her first-ever vaccination went, which shot she got, how her family reacted, and whether her arm is now magnetized (with a special shout-out to a former Flat Earth guest). Plus, how does Claire remember the story of Carrie’s haunted house and how they finally lifted the curse of the Psychic Eye?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
28/06/211h 22m

Ross and Carrie Are Down to Earth (Part 4): Final Oberview Edition

We’ve reached the climax of Ross and Carrie’s conversation with Clint Ober, one of the leading proponents of Earthing. As the room heats up, so do the questions. Clint is beginning to doubt his ability to tell if his devices are on, Carrie’s hand is swelling up, and Ross is collecting data based on one maverick penny’s whims. How will Clint do on his test? What recently killed one of Earthing’s biggest devotees? And why do the studies in Clint’s book have inconsistent scales? The other shoe drops (and then is removed, so as to connect to the earth properly) in this final episode of our Earthing investigation. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/06/211h 47m

Ross and Carrie Are Down to Earth (Part 3): Clint Oberview Edition

Ross and Carrie drive into the 100+ degree desert to interview Clint Ober, the founder and discoverer of Earthing. Surrounded by wires and a rapidly heating room, Ross devises a basic experiment to test Clint’s claims, and Carrie gets hooked up to a surefire anti-inflammation device that is definitely gonna work. Plus, they ask some awkward questions, get some startling answers, take a tour of the warehouse, and voluntarily injure at least one of them.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
07/06/211h 17m

Ross and Carrie Are Down to Earth (Part 2): Diagnostic Edition

Ross and Carrie further test an Earthing mat and body band by assessing the voltage in their bodies before and after grounding, and checking whether the process lowers their blood pressure. Plus, Ross examines the confidently titled, “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!” (Formerly titled “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?”)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
31/05/211h 52m

Ross and Carrie Are Down to Earth (Part 1): Grounding Edition

Ross and Carrie explore “the most important health discovery ever,” Earthing. Earthing (also known as Grounding) is an alternative-medicine process in which the participant makes direct contact with the Earth in their bare feet, thus connecting themselves to Mother Earth’s healing electrons. Don’t have time to go outside in your bare feet? No problem. Ross and Carrie try out patented Earthing mats and body bands that plug into the wall. Plus Carrie reviews the official Earthing documentary. Begin counteracting “the most destructive invention that man has ever made” today! (It’s SHOES!)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
24/05/211h 30m

Carrie Tells Ross About Carrie: Autobiographical Edition

Carrie tells Ross about her faith journey, from latchkey kid who finds Jesus at camp to unbeliever who hides in her friend’s trunk to get a glimpse of a mega-pastor. Featuring tragic death, a terrifying exorcism, and how realizing you don’t believe in God is like being on shrooms.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
13/05/211h 39m

Ross Tells Carrie About Ross: Autobiographical Edition

Ross tells Carrie about his faith journey, from Bible study leader who thinks evolution is bunk, to nonreligious churchgoer who sleeps with a haunted doll by his head. Featuring talking in tongues, the JFK assassination, and ripping up phone books for Jesus.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
07/05/211h 58m

Ross and Carrie Find Their True Colors: The Color Code Edition

Ross and Carrie take the official Hartman Institute Color Code Personality Science assessment, which divides all of humanity into four personality “colors”: red, blue, yellow, and white. These color types are based on each person’s “driving core motive.” And as we know, every single person is driven by power, peace, intimacy, or fun. Once they know their colors, they examine the science and origins behind this $40 groundbreaking analysis.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
03/05/211h 52m

Ross and Carrie Test Their Psychic Powers: Clair Edition

Ross and Carrie each pay strangers to tell them whether they are psychic, based on very little information, then try to make sense of the reports they receive as a result. Who will have more psychic abilities: Ross or Carrie? Can Ross smell the future? Will Carrie finally be able to communicate with dads?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
26/04/211h 20m

Ross and Carrie Help Vaccinate Claire: COVID-19 Immunity Edition

As countries around the world roll out COVID-19 vaccines to ever-widening populations, Ross and Carrie talk to Claire Knowlton, who at age 38 will be receiving the first vaccine of her life. Immunity expert Dr. Paul Offit joins them to answer Claire’s remaining questions, and offer some comfort as she struggles with the unfamiliar process. Plus, the internationally renowned expert shares insight into the myths surrounding Spider-Man. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
18/04/211h 34m

Ross and Carrie Go to the Drive-In: Mystery of the Kingdom of God Edition

In this joyful review, Ross and Carrie discuss the mystery of Mystery of the Kingdom of God, a Christian movie of unknown provenance that appeared across the United States for two weekends, then suddenly disappeared. This animated feature boasts a unique theology, scathing commentary on the FRAUD that is charitable giving, talking in tongues, real-life demon battles, and exactly one voice actor for dozens of roles. You can’t miss this movie! Just kidding; you already missed this movie!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
12/04/211h 46m

Ross and Carrie Make Disgusting Babies: Strawberries and Ranch Edition

Welcome back to Flavor Babies, the show where we eat two things that don’t (or do?) go together and see how gross they are. This week, they try hash browns and icing, lemon Oreos and Diet Coke, mustard and yogurt, and more. How will they taste? Really gross? Just kinda gross? Surprisingly good? Only your two favorite chefs, Ross and Carrie, know the answer. After all, they’ve been making this show, which is called Flavor Babies, for ten years. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/04/2154m 17s

Ross and Carrie Meet Dr. Elizabeth Loftus: Bad Memory Edition

Ross and Carrie meet the great psychologist and memory expert, Elizabeth Loftus. Loftus, never one to shy away from the most difficult topics, tells us how bad our memories are at doing what they’re supposed to do; why we can’t simply “believe” one person’s version of events; and why we should approach concepts like repression with skepticism.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
28/03/211h 5m

Ross and Carrie Meet Dr. Jenny Rice: Faulty Interventions Edition

In a touching and at times wrenching interview, Carrie and Ross talk to Dr. Jenny Rice, an archivist and rhetoric professor who studies the intersection of evidence and persuasion… and who happens to be a former patient of Dr. Jerry Mungadze. She shares how his methods impacted her mental health, what a questionable diagnosis did to her and others, and how her journey out brought her to the important work she does now.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
22/03/211h 41m

Ross and Carrie Are Ten! Anniversary Edition

Ross and Carrie grew up in a society with a Base-10 number system, so they stop to reflect on the last TEN YEARS of investigations, interviews, and friendship! They quiz one another on their own show, take a few audience questions and think about how far they’ve come since episode one dropped on March 11, 2011. Happy rossiverscarrie, everyone!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/03/211h 54m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 11): How to Perform an Exorcism

Ten years on, and more than $2,000 spent, Ross and Carrie complete their exorcism training with Bob Larson. After learning all about angels, they are now prepared for the exact steps to de-demonize their clients. They pass their final tests and become certified exorcists under Bob Larson’s tutelage, the final step in -- Oh, what’s that? There’s a new advanced level? Oh.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/03/212h 8m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 10): Bob Larson Isn’t a Therapist

Ross and Carrie grit their teeth as they round the bend on the last few classes in Bob Larson’s exorcist school. In this episode, they learn how to act like a therapist without being one, and how to protect yourself from lawsuits should anyone hold you to account. Plus, they study Bob’s distinctions between possession, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline, and dissociation. (Spoiler: it’s not very clear!)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
22/02/211h 26m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 9): The Meaning of Missing Memories

Ross and Carrie are now seniors at Bob Larson’s International School of Exorcism, where they begin level three, the “Exorcist Level.” They learn the difference between a soul and a spirit, learn to perform inner healing, and examine Bob’s theories about demonization, repressed memory, and dissociative identity disorder. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
08/02/211h 45m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 8): Carrie’s Satanic Book Report

Clap clap clap clap. Very good, Johnny. Now it’s time for Carrie to read the class her book report on Bob Larson’s “Satanism: The Seduction of America’s Youth.” Learn which animal’s blood is tastiest to Satanists, why murderers love reporting themselves to Bob, and the unexpected Satanic use of helicopters. Plus, one of Bob’s former employees goes on the record about her bizarre and difficult period working for Bob’s ministry.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
01/02/211h 39m

Ross and Carrie Tell the Future: Foresight is 2021 Edition

Ross and Carrie turn to several different psychics for their visions of 2021. Will Ross and his wife expect a baby? Will Carrie get married as planned? Should they get the COVID-19 vaccine? Will Donald Trump go to prison? Who knows? (These people!) Plus, updates from former ONRAC subjects Teal Swan and Lori Spagna.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
25/01/211h 56m

Ross and Carrie Meet Joe Ondrak: Unmasking Q Edition

We welcome to the show Joe Ondrak, an investigator whose team recently unmasked a major QAnon figure. Joe is a senior researcher at Logically, a company of data scientists, fact checkers, and AI developers who are combating fake news.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
18/01/211h 49m

Ross and Carrie’s Hindsight is 2020: Psychic Review Edition

Welcome to 2021! We’re back. Did we miss anything? Before 2021 really gets rolling, we look back at some psychic readings from January 2020. Did Ross become a widower? Did a peacock make national news? Who was the psychic favorite to win the U.S. election? And was there anything INCREDIBLY MAJOR about 2020 that absolutely no one mentioned?For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
11/01/211h 25m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 7): Demon Proofing Prayers

Gather round, class. Mr. Ross Blocher will be sharing what he learned from Dr. Bob Larson’s book, Demon Proofing Prayers. He tells us how to spot evil in our own lives, join the battle against Satan, put on the armor of God, knock down Goliath, topple the walls of Jericho, and use special prayers to break curses and claim victory in Jesus. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
21/12/201h 45m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 6): Curses Be Gone!

Ross and Carrie finish up the Warrior Level at the International School of Exorcism. They learn Satan’s primary features, explore the differences between legal rights and strongholds (it’s a demon thing), and finally learn how to break a curse that  could be thousands of years old. The process may surprise you.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
14/12/201h 22m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 5): We are Warriors

Ross and Carrie have been studying hard, and make their way to the Warrior Level at the International School of Exorcism. They complete the first five units of this level, and learn what Lucifer was like before he was evicted from Heaven, how the Catholic church has kept exorcism alive, why good people suffer, where the overlap exists between mental illness and possession, and which is the most-accurate movie about exorcism.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
07/12/201h 28m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 4): Readings on Rock, Sex, and the New Age

Ross and Carrie read three entire books by exorcist Bob Larson. They learn about the dangers of rock music, lust, and experimenting with basically any spirituality other than fundamentalist Christianity. Plus, Carrie and Bob collaborate on a song about the Satanic underpinnings of country music. (Bob doesn’t know about this collaboration.)For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
23/11/202h 15m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 3): Exorcism History Edition

Ross and Carrie take their first level of classes at Bob Larson’s exorcism school. In just ten short (read: long) modules, they will finally learn whether exorcism existed before, or if Bob is just making this all up.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
16/11/201h 22m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 2): Enrollment Edition

Ross and Carrie time travel to 2013, when they first heard word of the School of Exorcism and turned to their paltry 2013 budget for one tuition. They recall how Carrie entered the student body, too; the steep cost of this “higher” education; and what registration looks like. Then, they take their first class! Plus, they give a brief bio for Bob Larson, the world’s favorite camera-ready-non-Catholic-exorcist. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
09/11/201h 20m

Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 1): Dallas Edition

Welcome to the first entry in our longest investigation to date: a journey that has taken us over eight years and counting. Under the careful tutelage of world-renowned, protestant exorcist Bob Larson, Ross and Carrie take classes, attend seminars, and take challenging tests, all to become certified exorcists. In this first episode, they tell a live audience in Dallas, Texas, about their uniquely bizarre experience at the International School of Exorcism’s 2019 conference.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
02/11/201h 35m

Ross and Carrie Take the Red Pill (Part 2): Fake Germs Edition

Ross and Carrie return to the Red Pill Expo to hear the TRUTH about COVID-19, the gender revolution, socialism, and more. Learn what COVID actually is (or at least what it isn’t), hear why the powers-that-be are pushing masks and disregarding the gender binary, and finally -- FINALLY! -- find out who “they” are. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
26/10/202h 8m

Ross and Carrie Take the Red Pill (Part 1): Masks Off Edition

Ross and Carrie tune in safely from their computers while a group of self-proclaimed patriots meet on Jekyll Island, Georgia, to discuss what they see as the greatest coverup of our time: a contrived pandemic used to destroy American liberties, like carrying guns into Starbucks and breathing in the spittle of the person next to you. It’s the Red Pill Expo 2020, and it is here to blow your mind.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!
19/10/201h 41m

Ross and Carrie Make America Acceptable Again: Election Inspection 2020 Edition

Ross and Carrie Election Special 2020 begins now! With apologies (and you’re-welcomes)  to their international listeners, Ross and Carrie give their unique points of view on the upcoming U.S. election. Reviewing the ways ONE of the major party candidates has flouted science, evidence, and truth, they make the case for the other guy. You’ll never guess how this turns out. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
12/10/201h 47m

Ross and Carrie Oura Wake: Sleep-Tracking Oura Ring Edition

Ross and Carrie try out the Oura ring, a wearable fitness and health tracker that purports to notice changes in your physiology before you would. Could it be the key to spotting COVID infection early? Is there a reason Ross needs so little sleep and Carrie is probably asleep right now? Find out when zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzFor pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
05/10/201h 30m

Ross and Carrie Are in their Cups: Tea Leaf Reading Edition

Ross and Carrie pay some online psychics to channel their energy as the psychics drink tea and then read the patterns they find in the remaining leaves at the bottom of the cup. It’s the age-old fortune telling strategy known as tea leaf reading, and it has finally hit the internet! Plus, they learn how to do their own readings, thanks to the Salem Witch Museum.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
28/09/201h 24m

Ross and Carrie Meet Amy and Amanda: Leaving Shakuntali Edition

Ross and Carrie sit down for a gripping and emotional conversation with two former followers of spiritual leader Shakuntali Siberia. Amanda Atkinson and Amy Speck were devout followers of the Russian “shaman” until just eight months ago, when they began to suspect that something was deeply wrong within their spiritual community. Hear them describe the emotional, financial, and spiritual manipulation that they believe is at the heart of Shakuntali’s movement… and how they got out.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
21/09/202h 9m

Ross and Carrie Avoid COVID: At-Home Treatments and Tests Edition

Ross and Carrie review some treatments and tests they’ve been using to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic; some FDA-approved and reasonably reliable, and some FDA-ignored and unreasonably unreliable. Carrie takes the entire course of homeopathic COVID-19 preventative and orders three at-home test kits, while Ross tries out Los Angeles’ testing system. Plus, they both get antibody evaluations from surprisingly magical places. Also, they forget what they are talking about REGULARLY.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
07/09/201h 17m

Ross and Carrie Are Baseball Magnets (Ormus Edition)

Ross and Carrie spend their hard-earned money on three potions from a local alchemist named Swaha Ron. They test two potent “serums,” and Anu Alchemy’s flagship product, Ormus. Will they energetically create a Faraday cage and block EMF radiation? Will the “Do No-Thing” Serum do nothing? Will their skin tighten, and their parrots become surprisingly fertile? Most importantly, will they become a magnet for baseballs?! Only Ross and Carrie have the misplaced enthusiasm to test these claims. And they know just the 90 degree day to do it.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
31/08/201h 17m

Ross and Carrie Define a Girl (Part 2): Caboose Edition

Rounding out the end of their Girl Defined investigation, Carrie tells Ross about the second day of the online “Fearless Femininity” conference, and reviews the sisters’ book. Among other things, they learn how hard modeling is, what to do when a boy asks you for sexy photos, how to control crazy girl emotions, and what exactly a map is.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
24/08/201h 39m

Ross and Carrie Define a Girl (Part 1): Fearless Femininity Edition

Carrie takes off on her own (the way a woman should NOT) to attend Girl Defined, a conference for Christian women who want to better honor God’s plan for their lives. Carrie tells Ross all she learned about femininity, and the god-given command to reject the feminist LIE that has tempted women to make independent decisions and have careers outside the home. Blech! PLUS, some Bible verses that don’t apply to women in any specific way!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
16/08/201h 27m

Ross and Carrie Cool Off With Wim Hof (Part 4): Monozygotic Edition

Ross and Carrie revel in a universe that has presented them with their dearest wish: an identical twin for Wim Hof. They review the studies that this absolute angel of a brother took part in, to see if Wim is special because of his habits, or his genetics… And then review the app version of this whole Wim Hof Method deal. Plus, it’s Ross’ birthday and the last day of MaxFunDrive 2020!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
08/08/201h 31m

Ross and Carrie Cool Off With Wim Hof (Part 3): Ice Bath Edition

Ross and Carrie finally do what they came here to do: breathe poorly until they’re lightheaded, and then spend two minutes submerged in ice cold water. As the Wim Hof Method seminar draws to a close, they also learn more about the benefits of cold therapy, and master a breathing technique that they will then quickly abandon so they can jump into a birthing tub full of ice while one of them shouts obscenities. That’s called living, y’all.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
03/08/201h 24m

Ross and Carrie Cool Off With Wim Hof (Part 2): Inflamed Edition

Ross and Carrie listen up for some rapid-fire science of the human body. They learn some of Wim Hof’s most amazing accomplishments, get a quick overview of the autonomic nervous system, and find out exactly what percentage of human disease “is inflammation.” (Hint: the answer doesn’t make much sense.) Plus, they each show off their lung capacity by holding their breath exactly as long as Wim Hof, give or take five minutes.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
27/07/201h 13m

Ross and Carrie Cool Off With Wim Hof (Part 1): Iceman Edition

Ross and Carrie dip their toes into the murky waters of the Wim Hof Method, a strategy for decreasing inflammation, increasing cellular oxygen, and -- of course -- “boosting the immune system,” through extreme cold exposure.  After reviewing the official Wim Hof life story, they attend an event geared to teach this special method for cold resistance, including a breathing technique, prolonged ice baths, and shoeless snow-walking. Great idea! Can’t go wrong!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.

Ross and Carrie Need Answers Now: Emergency Psychics Edition

Ross and Carrie delve into the world of “emergency psychics.” With quarantine orders keeping most of us inside, it can be hard to get a time-sensitive reading from your go-to storefront psychic. But don’t worry; these enterprising clairvoyants will, for a fee, send you thorough, online readings on a quick deadline. Carrie must URGENTLY find out what surprise item Ross is going to bring her, and how old Ella (her dog) will live to be. Meanwhile, Ross has pressing questions about the November election and his potential future children. These urgent readings CANNOT WAIT! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
13/07/201h 33m

Ross Meets Roger Nygard: The Truth About Marriage

Ross sits down with one of our first ONRAC guests, filmmaker Roger Nygard, to talk about his latest film and book: The Truth About Marriage. Find out how evolution and ancient society conspired to give us the institution of marriage, why so many marriages fail, and evidence-backed ways create a life shared with that special someone (or multiple someones, or a string of someones: you do you). Plus, find out why Carrie’s so desirable, and who wears the pants in Ross’s relationship.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
06/07/202h 3m

Ross and Carrie Listen to You: Listener Stories Edition

In this time of many trials, Ross and Carrie invited listeners to send in their personal stories of hope, joy, critical thinking, the power of truth, and overcoming difficulty. Hear from people who escaped high-control groups, survived mental health emergencies, used kindness and patience to reach out to loved ones with harmful beliefs, and those who just plain find comfort in re-listening to the pee episodes. Be aware: there’s some heavy stuff in here, but ultimately, there is tons of hope. We’re honored to share these stories.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
29/06/2023m 27s

Ross and Carrie Find Their Soul Mates: Psychic Artist Edition

Ross and Carrie pay an artist to do what artists do: use psychic powers to determine exactly who their soul mates are, and intuitively draw them like police sketches. For less than the cost of an EXTREMELY expensive cup of coffee, the two learn the faces and personalities of those they are destined to love forever. And they’re both in for some real surprises.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
22/06/201h 19m

Ross and Carrie are Falsifiable: Corrections and Updates Edition

Ross and Carrie go through their own back catalogue and offer some updates on the investigations of yore. How’s Melissa Scott doing these days? Does Ross need new eczema treatment suggestions? What BREAKING NEWS from the urine therapy movement were Ross and Carrie offered as an EXCLUSIVE? Where the frick is that frickin’ SD card? Has Harold Klemp visited Carrie in her sleep yet? Has Kimberly Meredith sent along that nursing license yet? How is Nathan, owner of the haunted house, doing? Plus, some stuff they got wrong! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!You can add our RSS feed here.
08/06/201h 56m

Carrie Meets Lori Spagna: DNA Activation Edition

Carrie socially distances with guest Lori Spagna, a DNA activator, spiritual teacher, author, speaker, ascension guide, multi-dimensional channel, intuitive, pet psychic, energy healer, Lightworker, visionary and luminary. Lori explains how she got to where she is today, channeling beings in other realms, adjusting people’s DNA, and challenging the traditional definition of “truth.” Plus, the author of “The Secret Energy of Money” explains how she developed her own attitude of abundance. We’ll let you guess.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here. 
31/05/201h 12m

Ross and Carrie Stand Tall: Posture Correction Edition

Ross and Carrie finally take the advice of stern aunts everywhere, and sit up straight. Armed with two posture devices -- one electronic, one very very manual -- they trade off using these gadgets that aim to correct slouches, improve health, and boost self-esteem. Plus, they see how much science there is behind the bold claims of the upright.For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
23/05/201h 9m

Ross and Carrie Cure Covid…. Symptoms (Part 2): Corpse Reviver Edition

Ross and Carrie return for day two of the online class for treating COVID-19 (symptoms) with homeopathy. They learn that germ theory has been debunked, the cure for COVID has been revealed to a guru through his dreams, and that there are two natural remedies for the phenomenon known as “death.” Then they spend money on a COVID-19 homeopathic treatment kit! Who knows why!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
18/05/201h 21m

Ross and Carrie Cure Covid…. Symptoms (Part 1): Energy Body Edition

Ross and Carrie take an online class that will teach them “how to manage COVID-19 related symptoms at home with homeopathy.” Led by certified homeopath Rena Sassi, the group learns about the surprising way disease penetrates the subtle energy body, a situation best attended to by highly diluted concoctions, often of poisons. Soon, they’ll be able to use these “remedies” at home to treat COVID-19……….. symptoms!For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook!You can add our RSS feed here.
10/05/201h 27m

Carrie Meets Shakuntali Siberia: Unfalsifiability Edition

After several botched attempts, Carrie sits down with “enlightened woman,” “Siberian shaman priestess,” and “doctor of psychology” Shakuntali Siberia to discuss her philosophy of empowering women, working with scientists, and healing disease, including COVID-19. Using Shakuntali’s own materials and videos, Carrie draws together multiple threads in the guru’s origin story, questions her recent in-person “health and protection” circles, challenges some of her central claims, and asks her followers to consider the source. PLUS, find out who Carrie’s ancestors are! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter! You can add our RSS feed here.
02/05/201h 13m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 7): Republican Goddess Edition

Ross and Carrie finish up their wild journey through the Conscious Life Expo, a new age event that draws thousands of people to the LAX Hilton every year to engage with aliens and angels, healing and harmonics, tinctures and trances, prophets and peddlers. They wax nostalgic about their trips down the halls of the various sellers, and then become deeply sidetracked by the world’s worst dating website.  For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
20/04/202h 6m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 6): Subconscious Backmasking Edition

Ross and Carrie learn about the hidden insights contained within voice recordings as they explore Reverse Speech, an unusual psychological philosophy created by David John Oates. Simply play your voice backward, and you can learn your own subconscious thoughts, feelings, and impulses. You can even use this offbeat technique to find out what Joe Biden, Neil Armstrong, Hillary Clinton, Joan Rivers, and your own children REALLY think. Or just find out if Paul is really dead. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
13/04/202h 23m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 5): The Great Linda Moulton Howe Sting

Carrie regales Ross with a tale of her own deceptions gone awry, when she attempts a sting operation to test UFOlogist and journalist Linda Moulton Howe’s fact-checking system. Armed with a note from a “former CIA agent,” Carrie attends Linda’s incredible talk about the alien-bred society that lies beneath Antarctica. Which insect runs the universe? Will Carrie accidentally spark a new theory about aliens, dogs, and the CIA? How quick does a conspiracy theory take hold? And what do you do when a lie gets away from you? For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
06/04/201h 38m

Carrie Meets Kimberly Meredith: Single-Blind Edition

Carrie follows up with Conscious Life Expo presenter Kimberly Meredith, a self-taught medical intuitive and trance channeler. After an accident and near-death experiences, Meredith claims that with channeled energy and eye blinks she can diagnose conditions with the accuracy of an X-ray and even cure cancer and Coronavirus. Carrie asks Meredith directly about her claims of scientific confirmation, double-blinded testing, and nursing credentials. All of this and more in a challenging and sometimes tense interview, full of twists and turns. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
28/03/201h 1m

Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition

While Ross and Carrie take all the recommended safety precautions during this major Coronavirus outbreak, they circle back to some of their favorite investigations, to see what folks like Bob Larson, Teal Swan, Mary Baker Eddy, Sylvia Browne, Dylan Louis Monroe and others are saying about the very deadly virus. Plus, they encounter some new public figures with their own unique ideas about what COVID-19 is… and isn’t. It’s a super-mega-huge episode to keep you company in this time when it’s important to stick together by staying apart. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
22/03/202h 43m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 4): Fifth Dimensional Starseed Edition

Join Ross and Carrie in a golden orb of light as we journey back to the Conscious Life Expo. With the help of Deborah King, determine whether you are a starseed, access the Akashic Records, travel to the fifth dimension, and activate your cosmic DNA. Plus, Tatyana Mickushina shares messages from the Ascended Masters of Sirius. You’ll learn all kinds of things you didn’t know before. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
16/03/201h 49m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 3): Dirty Electricity Motor Edition

Ross and Carrie are still walking through the living fever dream that is the Conscious Life Expo. They find out how to make EMFs harmless, which new adhesive patch can improve movement disorders and sports performance, who speaks for George Harrison these days, which is the proper device to harmonize field space (finally!), and how many strands of DNA we actually have (hint: it's not two!). It just keeps getting weirder.   For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
09/03/201h 34m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 2): Q Edition

Ross and Carrie continue their adventures at the Conscious Life Expo 2020, meeting Nikola Tesla's intellectual heir, trying out Superhero Lotion, learning all about pyramids you play songs into, and meeting the coolest, hippest young person to ever.... talk to aliens who endorse Q-Anon? Things continue to get weird, in part two of our long weekend at LA's most conscious convention. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
02/03/201h 15m

Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 1): Conscious Life Expo-sition Edition

Ross and Carrie attend the Conscious Life Expo, an annual event that features the best and brightest in the world of new age and mystical claims. Ross introduces himself to a rep from event sponsor Gaia and meets up with his very best friend, ufologist Jimmy Church. Meanwhile, Carrie has her chakras checked via a very high-tech software system that the user definitely knows how to operate. Plus, patches that heal your skin (and anything else), free samples of holy water, strange hats, and more. So much more. TOO much more. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
24/02/201h 19m

Ross and Carrie Meet Isis: Age of Aquarius Edition

Ross and Carrie sit down with original Source Family member Isis Aquarian to talk about the fringe religious group that attracted more than one hundred flower children into the fold in the 60s and 70s. They discuss the late enigmatic leader Father Yod, the central beliefs of the elusive Source philosophy, and former-member accusations never before heard in full. Was The Source Family a utopian ideal, a damaging cult, or something in between? For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
10/02/201h 37m

Ross and Carrie Fall Into the Mystery Spot: Sketchfest 2020 Edition

Ross and Carrie travel from the great state of Los Angeles to the far northern heights of San Francisco for SketchFest 2020! In this live episode, they share their experience at the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, a legendary tourist attraction where gravity has no power over (wo)man, water runs uphill, and forces too great to fathom make people shrink, grow, and tilt before your very eyes. There can be no explanation for it. It is certainly NOT just a tilted house built on the side of a steep hill. PLUS, very cool celebrity Rebecca Watson joins Ross and Carrie on stage and selects audience volunteers for an experiment in chromotherapy! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
03/02/201h 24m

Ross and Carrie Meet Nick Little: Homeopathic Lawsuit Edition

Ross and Carrie sit down with Nick Little, Vice President and General Counsel for the Center for Inquiry, to talk about the organization's legal maneuvers and strategic campaigns, including their recent lawsuit against retail giants CVS and Walmart for selling homeopathy as medicine. Nick tells us why stores should care more about separating medicine from unproven treatments, and gives us a peek into the process of fighting for a more informed public. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
27/01/201h 11m

Ross and Carrie Find the Source Family: Café Gratitude Edition

Ross and Carrie cough up too much money to attend a one-night dinner inspired by the famous Source Family, a hippie-spiritual commune headed by Jim Baker, who owned one of the first health food restaurants in the country, on LA's Sunset Strip. The group functionally dissolved after the death of Baker (AKA Father Yod) in 1975, but a 2012 documentary brought its memory back to life. Now, local vegan restaurant Café Gratitude, which claims inspiration from The Source Family, hosts its own event, honoring Father Yod and his followers... some of whom attend. Plus, we learn all about Café Gratitude's unofficial connection to the "personal growth" corporation Landmark International, and find out who Father Yod wouldn't vote for in 2020. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
20/01/201h 17m

Ross and Carrie and The Gentleman Psychic: 2020 Visions Edition

Ross and Carrie continue their newfound tradition of going to a psychic to get personalized predictions for the upcoming year. After being wowed by the very dapper and mysterious Richard-Lael Lillard, also known as "The Gentleman Psychic," they make an evening appointment to visit his Victorian estate for readings and hot tea. The extremely elegant and singularly entertaining Lillard breaks out his tarot deck and offers his prognostications on everything from the upcoming presidential election, to Carrie's love life and friendships, to some dicey news for the Blocher family.  For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
13/01/201h 50m

Ross and Carrie and Sister Rocky: Failed Predictions Edition

At the very beginning of 2019, Ross and Carrie visited a store-front psychic to get her predictions for their lives in 2019. Carrie would get cancer and take a step toward marriage, while Ross would be accused of sexual misconduct but ultimately have a good year. We look back at all her predictions and check them against the facts. And then... Carrie gives Sister Rocky a call. Plus, some updates on our love frequency and Vital Tones episodes! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
23/12/191h 14m

Ross and Carrie Hug Amma (Part 2): Satisfactory Embrace Edition

Several hours after they arrived on the scene, Ross and Carrie finally hear Amma's lengthy sermon, then down holy water and enter the line for Darshan, the ceremonial meeting in which Amma will give them the hugs for which she has become world-famous. With items to bless and instructions on receiving their lifelong mantras, the two excitedly join the seemingly endless row of devotees waiting to have their lives changed in the blink of an eye. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
16/12/191h 44m

Ross and Carrie Hug Amma (Part 1): Miraculous Edition

After years of anticipation, Ross and Carrie finally go to meet The Hugging Saint, also known as Mātā Amritānandamayī Devī, or Amma. The guru from India is said to have embraced as many as 38 million people, and she's two hugs richer. The tired pair line up at a Hollywood hotel swarming with people waiting to see the enigmatic spiritual leader. Free token in hand, they begin their long day's journey into night, awaiting their life-changing hugs. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
08/12/191h 28m

Ross and Carrie Meet Terry and Jannicke: Orbital Edition

Ross and Carrie meet at the University of Southern California to interview someone who knows the TRUTH behind NASA's LIES. Just kidding; he confirms the Earth is round. And he should know, since he's orbited our oblate spheroid more than 3,000 times. Terry Virts, a former commander of the International Space System, is joined by director and cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen, who is using cutting edge technology to document Terry and crew's record-breaking, forty-seven hour trip around the world in their new film, "One More Orbit."
02/12/1959m 36s

Ross and Carrie Listen to Love: 528 Hertz Edition

Ross and Carrie score one of the last remaining "Frequency of Love Healing Sets" before they are going, going, gone! For just pennies a day, they walk home with a tuning fork set to the eternal, holy frequency of love. Which, as we all know, is 528 hertz. Armed with the fork -- blessed by monks -- and a small rubber mallet, they are ready to face the world, and their partners, who are definitely not deeply annoyed with them by now. AN EIGHT TRILLION DOLLAR VALUE!
25/11/191h 6m

Ross Meets Nathan H. Lents: Human Errors Edition

Ross sits down at CSICon 2019 with scientist, professor and author Nathan H. Lents to talk about his latest book Human Errors. Find out why we no longer make our own Vitamin C, can't absorb our own B12, and what's up with sinuses, childbirth and junk DNA.
18/11/191h 13m

Ross and Carrie Meet Jimmy Stewart: Celebrity Medium Edition

Ross and Carrie traipse on down to the Dearly Departed Museum in Los Angeles for a séance with "resident psychic" Jill Marie Morris, a "comedium" whose specialty is talking to the famous and deceased. What will Sal Mineo say about his mysterious death? What happened to Natalie Wood? Who's going to disrupt Carrie and Drew's wedding? And most importantly, what is Lon Chaney's nickname? All these questions asked, if not answered, in this spooooooky Extended Halloween episode!
11/11/191h 46m

Ross Meets David Mikkelson: Snopes Edition

Ross sits down at CSICon 2019 with David Mikkelson, the creator of Snopes.com, to talk about fact checking, Disney urban legends, waging internet debates and finding reliable information in the post-truth age of fake news and alternative facts.
28/10/1947m 47s

Ross and Carrie Tune Their Brains: Vital Tones Edition

Ross and Carrie try out a family of apps that claim to treat dozens of physical and psychological complaints, using nothing but a pair of earphones and a specially selected sound. They attempt to decrease their respective maladies and increase their IQs with "the universal frequencies" that make up these "brain wave therapies." 
20/10/191h 22m

Ross and Carrie Detox their Soles (Part 2): Foot Pads Edition

Ross and Carrie get ready for bed by slipping into something more comfortable... like adhesive foot pads. Luxuriating in the "detoxifying" remedy, they sleep away their toxins and collect their germy juices in a disgusting stew on the soles of their feet. Then, they examine the ingredients, review the studies, peruse the patent, and look into the history of these mysterious devices. Plus, can they find someone who actually works for one of these obscure companies?
13/10/1956m 21s

Ross and Carrie Detox their Soles (Part 1): Ionic Foot Bath Edition

Ross and Carrie use the only website that ever existed, Groupon, to obtain a miraculous cure heretofore unknown to science: the detoxification of the entire body through the soles of the feet! Has the world been spending billions of dollars every year on research and health care, only to be eclipsed by a $20 spa treatment? Probably. Plus, Carrie's getting married, but whatever. For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
06/10/1950m 4s

Ross and Carrie Read Susan and Mark: Psychic Blues Edition

Ross and Carrie are joined by activists Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward, who share a long history of staging demonstrations, educational events, and sting operations to expose fake psychics and the methods they use to deceive. They discuss their deep concerns about mediums, their rigorous methods for spotting hot readings, and the moral questions they must face in their work.    For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
30/09/191h 27m

Ross and Carrie and the Evidential Medium (Part 2): "Can't Change It" Edition

Armed with psychic medium bingo cards, the top 75 American names, and a very special surprise guest, Ross and Carrie revisit Cindy Kaza, the evidential medium, at another stop on her national tour. Will she use many of the same names and details to prove to this Ontario Improv audience that she is talking to their dead loved ones? Does Ross' dad's distant relative have anything to say? Find out! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
23/09/191h 42m

Ross and Carrie and the Evidential Medium (Part One): "Hi" Edition

Have you ever seen a psychic medium on stage or on TV, and wondered what the deal was with all the vague messages, statements that could apply to anyone, and ghosts who won't tell the psychic anything except that their name starts with R? If so, Cindy Kaza is the medium for you. This upcoming Travel Channel star prides herself on giving her audience actual evidence that she is talking to their dead relatives. No cold reading, no hot reading, no vague generalities. Just direct contact with the spirits. Can Cindy convince Ross and Carrie that she is, in fact, in communication with the great beyond? For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
16/09/191h 38m

Ross and Carrie Meet Britt Hermes: Former Naturopath Edition

Ross and Carrie connect with Britt Hermes about her journey from practicing naturopath, to naturopathy critic. With blunt honesty, Britt shares her journey from believer to critic, and the slings and arrows she's endured since she walked away.   For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
02/09/1950m 3s

Ross and Carrie Read the Greats: Ladies Night Edition

It's story time, again. Pull up a chair in the nearest potato patch, as Ross and Carrie share passages from some of their favorite female writers from the world of spirituality. You'll hear from Teal Swan, Mary Baker Eddy (founder and discoverer of Christian Science), Ellen White, and more! Plus, Carrie is uncannily bad at voices! For pics and videos, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
26/08/191h 9m

Ross and Carrie and Lessons From the World of Belief: Cherry Picking Edition

In this presentation given at Atheists United, Ross extols the benefits of intellectually consistent cherry picking and details some of the helpful lessons learned from the world of belief, including Scientology, Mormonism, Laughter Yoga and Eckankar.
18/08/1947m 41s

Ross and Carrie Have Problems: Migraine and Eczema Edition

Ross and Carrie review some of the many treatments that listeners, spiritualists, alternative medicine practitioners, and doctors have advised they take for migraines and eczema. Plus, they try two new homeopathic treatments, with SHOCKING results.
12/08/1953m 31s

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 10): Untold Misfortunes Edition

Our Eck adventure comes to an end as we recall our last day at the group's annual spring seminar, and share some gems from the THOUSAND PAGES OF ECKANKAR READING we did so you wouldn't have to. Find out which foods are evil, who is the greatest person of all time, and why women are so destructive and power-hungry (am I right, fellas?). Plus, Ross gets a personal letter from Eckankar. Will he and Carrie be visited by untold misfortunes? For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook!
04/08/191h 35m

Ross and Carrie Color Their Minds: Right Brain Therapy Edition

A delightful and delighted Austin audience joins Ross and Carrie as they recount their unparalleled experience having a therapist analyze their brain maps to look for signs of repressed memory, trauma, homosexuality, and demons. You won't believe how this neuroimaging is collected and analyzed, not to mention what's special about the analyst. Like Ross' brain map, this episode is full of surprises, including an update on a lawsuit from Rythmia . For pics, vids, and kicks, >follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
29/07/191h 44m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 9): David Lane Interview Edition

Ross and Carrie visit Professor David Lane, who wrote what is still the most thorough exposé on Eckankar and its origins... back when he was an undergrad student! They discuss his personal interest in Eckankar, the secrets he says he uncovered, and the official Eckankar response to his claims. Plus, hear what Lane is up to now, and how his Eck-zamination all those years ago have informed his work today. You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate! For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
13/07/191h 31m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 8): Sri Harold Edition

Ross and Carrie finally get to be in the same room with the the Mahanta himself, Sri Harold Klemp. Surrounded by hundreds of Eck devotees, the duo watches with bated breath as the Living Eck Master appears in the physical realm to bestow the greatest wisdom the world has ever known. For example, did you know you can get a coupon for free dog food with one simple trick? This and more revelations as the Dream Master unravels the secrets of the universe. You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate! For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook!
05/07/191h 12m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 7): Wonderful Life Edition

Ross and Carrie return to Eckankar's Spring Seminar to improve their writing and music skills, ask their toughest questions, figure out how to lead a wonderful life, HU some more, and of course hear more inspiring anecdotes, none of which are about birds. Will Ross and Carrie meet Sri Harold in the dream state as they prepare to see him in the physical realm? You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate! For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
29/06/191h 27m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 6): I Dream of Mahanta Edition

Ross and Carrie learn how the next generation of Eckists is preparing, as Arahatas, to share the sound and light of Sugmad with the world. Also, there's an entire evening of Eck speakers sharing Eck stories. Does Carrie see Sri Harold in her dreams? Does Ross join the conga line at the Eck dance? Did we find the worst illustration in a published book? This and more in Eckankar part 6. You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate! For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook! You can add our RSS feed here.
21/06/191h 5m

Ross and Carrie Take Homeopathic Vaccines: Los Angeles Live Show Edition

Ross and Carrie are joined by a bevy of funny, smart Angelenos in taking a homeopathic version of the MMR vaccine, live on stage at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. After being warned about the side effects, they "overdose" on the questionable treatment, alongside special guests including Adam Conover, Natalie Palamides, J. Keith Van Straaten, and Drew Spears. Plus, the Candy Crushers live-crush some Junior Mints, Ross and Carrie use  Unspoil Me, a hypnotherapy service, to try to forget Beauty and the Beast, and Adele Nazeem pays a visit.   You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
17/06/191h 12m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 5): HU-mor and Storytelling Edition

Ross and Carrie finally learn the secrets of humor and stories, when they attend some special discussions at the Eckankar Spring Seminar. Carrie attends a roundtable discussion on the importance of comedy in our lives, and Ross gets some tips and tricks from Eck's master storytellers. Will Ross and Carrie finally know how to tell an anecdote? Is humor good for us or bad? Find out!   You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
09/06/1959m 2s

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 4): Minneapolis Arrival Edition

Ross and Carrie fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to take part in the 2019 Eck Springtime Seminar, one of two major annual meetings for Eckists and their loved ones. Surrounded by hundreds of fellow chelas (students of Eckankar), they dive head first into workshops, classes, round tables, and of course, the hu-biquitous singing of the Hu.    You can support this very expensive investigation by going to ">www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
20/05/191h 11m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 3): Sound of Soul Edition

Ross and Carrie cross town on a weeknight to join their fellow Eckists in singing "the sacred sound that can help you meet life's challenges." After a lengthy HU, they chat with longtime chelas (students of Eck) and continue their studies of the inspired writings by and about the Living Eck Masters. PLUS, what's up with that missing mahanta?   You can support this very expensive investigation by going to >www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
12/05/191h 2m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 2): God is Love Edition

Ross and Carrie stop by their local Eckankar Center to participate in an informal conversation about two key principles from the ECK Essentials. They talk about the nature of love, the nature of God, and the nature of bees. Plus, Carrie teaches Ross the Easy Way technique, a way to connect with God and the Mahanta (spirit of the Living Eck Master) every night! Hu gotta listen.   You can support this very expensive investigation by going to >www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
06/05/191h 10m

Ross and Carrie Join Eckankar (Part 1): Chris Stedman and the Temple of Eck Edition

Ross and Carrie visit the spiritual center of the universe, thanks to a recommendation from their good friend (and live show guest) Chris Stedman. Thanks to a couple of welcoming tour guides, they take two personalized tours, learn where we really go when we dream, and discover why spiritual leaders are usually men. PLUS, the trio uses an old Bible trick to see if they can find tailored advice in any book.   You can support this very expensive investigation by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
29/04/191h 47m

Ross and Carrie Invest in the Mental Bank (Part 2): Free Will Edition

Ross and Carrie continue their deposit at the Mental Bank (a subsidiary of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute), where they'll learn to do some very fuzzy math to fool their brains into SUCCESS! Find out how suggestible each of them is, which multilevel marketing companies we all should mimic, and whether success is or is not the mental bank an concept accident! You can support this investigation AND the exciting investigation we're on RIGHT NOW by going to www.maximumfun.org/donate!   For pics, vids, and kicks, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
19/04/191h 33m

Ross and Carrie Invest in the Mental Bank (Part 1): Income Doubling Edition

Ross and Carrie return to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, more than seven years after their first trip, to attend a self-improvement class. With the help of the proprietary Mental Bank program, the duo will learn to get better at relationships, work, health... anything, really... using fake money, a ledger, and the power of the subconscious mind. The important thing is: you should read Factfulness.   Follow us on Facebook at >facebook.com/onrac!
14/04/191h 11m

Ross and Carrie's April Fools' Prank and Update Bonanza: MaxFunDrive 2019 Edition

Thank you times one million (well, times approximately 3,153) to all our new and upgrading ONRAC listeners, not to mention the champions who have sustained us for years! We offer an update on our successful drive, a recap of how our eventful April Fools episode came to be, a check-in on our recent faith healing results, and more. Plus, Ella Poppy eats some kibble.  Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/onrac!
03/04/1933m 21s

Ross and Carrie and Beth Explore Judeo-Fitness: Low BMI Edition

Ross and Carrie invite Beth Appel to share the secrets of Judeo-Fitness, her spiritual fitness program based on the ancient teachings of the Torah, and the divine inspiration granted to her through holy fasting and rigorous exercise. After a few months in Beth's program, Ross and Carrie have transformed their bodies, minds, and attitudes. Join us for an episode that surprised us as much as it will surprise you!   And see the pics by liking us on Facebook at >facebook.com/onrac!
01/04/1946m 54s

Ross and Carrie and Jennings Visit Healing Rooms Ministries: Boston Live Show Sexpert Edition

Ross and Carrie visit the Healing Rooms Ministries of Boston on a quest to heal eczema, migraines, allergies, and myopia, and then share the tale with a live Boston public radio audience... and also all the people walking by who overhear their buttfisting references. The great Jennings Brown (Gizmodo, The Gateway) also shares his recent exposé of a fake sex expert, and comes along to the healing rooms to cure his thanatophobist malady. Plus, Carrie tests her new allergy cure in front of a horrified crowd, and Ross shares his dad photos (mostly graves). It's the greatest MaxFunDrive episode of the century! Buttfisting.   See the pics by liking us on Facebook at >facebook.com/onrac!
29/03/191h 51m

Ross and Carrie Get In Shape (House): Sweat Sleeve Edition

Ross and Carrie pack their bones and flesh into the world's hottest sleeping bag and sweat their toxins, fat, and stress away, thanks to Shape House, "the first and only urban sweat lodge." Along with their friend Allan Amato, they strap themselves into individual  infrared sauna beds, raise the temperature to mega-sweat levels, and bake out all the grody stuff built up in their disgusting, Los Angeles-infested bodies.   Plus, MaxFunDrive has begun! Help us reach our membership goals, and earn one of the most ridiculous MaxFunDrive rewards ever! See the pics by liking us on Facebook at target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-="">facebook.com/onrac!
21/03/191h 34m

Ross and Carrie Haunt Haunted Seattle: Epigenetics Edition

Live with a wonderful audience at PodCon in Seattle, Ross and Carrie share their local tour of spooky spots with Haunted Seattle. They learn the hidden history of the area, including who died where and why they won't leave. They test the electromagnetic field of a local bar, listen to recordings that are definitely ghosts coughing, and learn s how reincarnation works! See the pics by liking us on Facebook here.
16/03/191h 6m

Ross and Carrie Practice The Art of Living: Subtly Snoring Edition

On a tip from a listener, Ross and Carrie attend an introductory session at the Art of Living, a self-improvement organization that claims to use special breathing techniques and meditation practices to make people happier. They find themselves inside one of the most beautiful (and overheated) buildings in Los Angeles, for an introduction to some basic techniques, and an invitation to their PROPRIETARY Happiness Program. Are Ross and Carrie happier now? That information is proprietary. See pics, videos, and links by liking us on Facebook.
10/03/1951m 25s

Ross and Carrie Get (Haunted) Dolled Up: Portland Live Show Edition

Live from the Mission Theater in Portland, Oregon, Ross and Carrie describe the last several days being "haunted" by possessed dolls from eBay. They discuss the tender art of picking your own cursed toys, and perform a few ersatz experiments with the crowd. Plus, audience members take part in an impromptu poetry slam, and Carrie springs a musical duet on Ross. 
02/03/191h 27m

Ross and Carrie Become Naturopaths: Centre of Excellence Edition

Ross and Carrie get certified as naturopathic healthcare providers in the most reputable way: using a website. Thanks to their old friend Groupon, they take a lengthy class at the Centre of Excellence Online, and come out ready to treat all that ails you, without ever having to do pesky stuff like interact with actual humans, or learn basic anatomy. How long will it take two eager learners to pass the final exam and become official naturopaths?
23/02/191h 44m

Ross and Carrie Give Feldenkrais a Felden-try: SF Sketchfest Edition

Live from Sketchfest, Ross and Drew tell Carrie and a bunch of wet San Franciscans about their date to get the Feldenkrais Method, an exercise therapy that proposes using gentle movement to increase awareness and benefit people with physical disabilities. (Plus, Ross and Drew touch each other a lot?) Then, they are joined by long-time friend Lawrence Carter-Long, an expert in disability issues who has tried the method himself.
16/02/191h 30m

Ross and Carrie Analyze their Auras: Written Report Edition

After visiting an aura reader in Brooklyn, Ross and Carrie head home to their loved ones... and to about thirty pages of insight into their emotions, sex lives, and other things you probably shouldn't be able to tell from a machine you put your hand on for less than a minute. Here, they review Carrie's report, and Ross' TWO reports. A reports report, if you will. (And you will.) Read our aura reports here
08/02/191h 15m

Ross and Carrie and the Aura Appointment: Brooklyn Live Show Edition

Ross and Carrie tell a packed Brooklyn crowd about their stop at a local holistic center to have their auras read. Plus, the hilarious Dan and Stuart from MaxFun's own The Flop House join in to review Carrie's favorite Christian movie, "The Appointment."
31/01/191h 48m

Ross and Carrie Read the Greats: Dramatic Performance Edition

Sit down and eat some cookies as Ross and Carrie pull literature from their odd collections and share passages from the investigations you all know and love. Hear from Rael, Tony Alamo, Bob Larson, and LRH in this dramatic reading edition.
12/01/1943m 31s

Ross and Carrie and Psychic Sister Rocky: Clairdoyant Edition

Can Hollywood storefront psychic Sister Rocky predict the events of 2019, yes or no? Find out what false accusation will be leveled at Ross, where Carrie will develop cancer, and the secret ingredient for any spiritual healing.
07/01/191h 41m

Ross and Carrie Meet Trevor: Rogues' Gallery Edition

Former Scientology staffer Trevor Heasley quit his job and his church after listening to our Scientology investigation. He joins us to share his momentous story, and bravely disclose what he says he witnessed during his short, but intense, time there.
29/12/181h 2m

Ross and Carrie Have A Moment of Séance: Tummi Returns Edition

Ross and Carrie visit a local séance, where Carrie gets in touch with her dead dog (of course), and Ross reaches out to an old friend. Hey, what's that rush of cold air? Is it the specter of a being who haunts these Hollywood halls? Or is it the A/C?
21/12/181h 30m

Ross and Carrie Meet Jennings Brown: Teal Swan Edition

You've heard our coverage of Teal Swan's synchronicity workshop. NOW hear Ross and Carrie's discussion with The Gateway's creator and host Jennings Brown. What got cut? What is Teal's real appeal? What would someone who truly loved themselves do?
15/12/181h 7m

Ross and Carrie Offend Prince: Minneapolis Live Show Edition

Ross and Carrie sell out the IceHouse Minneapolis for a the first stop on their live show tour! Featuring goofy experiments with the audience, plus a little help from special guests Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist) and Drew Spears (not an author).
07/12/181h 24m

Ross and Carrie Take a Sound Bath: Crystal Singing Bowl Edition

Ross and Carrie stop by the local Philosophical Research Society for a quick group (sound) bath, and an introductory lecture on sound as medicine going back to the days of Atlantis. Take three deep breaths, and have a listen!
30/11/181h 25m

Ross and Carrie and Carrie Get Salty: Himalayan Salt Cave Edition

Ross and Carrie journey attend a healing session at "the largest salt cave in North America."  Carrie's migraines are toast FOR SURE, and Ross' fire-walking-enduced eczema is definitely going to be cured by rubbing them in "hydrating" piles of rock salt.
16/11/181h 4m

Ross and Carrie and Carrie's Australian Talk: Hypocrisy Edition

Carrie takes a hard look at hypocrisy: how we handily recognize it in others but overlook it in ourselves, and some charitable ways to consider and respond to the hypocrisies we encounter. It's an online-exclusive sharing of Carrie's talk at the Australian Skeptics convention on October 13th. Plus, Ross and Carrie share the winners of the owl art contest and announce some upcoming live shows!

Ross and Carrie Visit Hale House: Spooky Halloween Edition

Ross and Carrie investigate the haunting of Hale House, a historical, Victorian style home in the hills of Los Angeles. Armed with an EMF meter and their inner sense of eeriness, they tour the grounds and participate in a heebie-jeebies survey.
31/10/181h 6m

Ross and Carrie Synchronize With Teal Swan (Part 2): Two Steps Ahead Edition

Ross and Carrie return to Teal Swan's Synchronization Workshop for more analysis of their memories, hangups, and fears. They'll learn the emotional cause of cystic acne, how Teal decided to go into her line of work, and how to deal with fear of intimacy. 
28/10/181h 26m

Ross and Carrie Synchronize With Teal Swan (Part 1): Shadow Work Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a Synchronization Workshop offered by the mysterious Teal Swan, a beautiful "spiritual luminary," who claims to use her extrasensory abilities to see into your soul and offer the exact advice you need... whether you know it or not.
21/10/181h 33m

Ross and Carrie Meet Brother Sage

Ross and Carrie talk with Brother Sage, a Urine Therapy practitioner and author of the book Healing Water From Within. He explains his calling from Shiva, why he will never die, his own urine habits, and whether or not you should spray urine on bus seats.
13/10/1848m 14s

Ross and Carrie, Urine Trouble (Part 2): Pee-Swap Edition

Can Ross and Carrie find a way to one-up drinking your own pee? Find out as they review Ross' experience drinking his urine, and soaking his foot in days-old urine to cure his eczema. Then, they find a way to make the situation worse for no good reason.
06/10/181h 20m

Ross and Carrie, Urine Trouble: Urine Therapy Edition

You really did it.  By getting us past 4,000 new and upgrading "Oh No, Ross and Carrie" supporters in the most recent MaxFunDrive, you earned our most disgusting investigation yet. Join us as we treat Ross' eczema and Carrie's headaches, as well as improve our general health with nature's perfect medicine: our own urine. Fair warning: this episode contains disgusting decisions, disgusting descriptions, disgusting sounds, and lots of pee. And we hold nothing back... literally. (Well, almost literally. Not literally literally.)
28/09/181h 42m

Ross and Carrie Contour their Cellulite: Ionithermie Edition

While on vacation on a Love Boat themed cruise, Carrie can't pass up the latest fad taking cruisers by storm: Ionithermie cellulite contouring. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ross seeks out the same treatment - branded as BodyMelt - at a pricy local spot in Los Angeles. Will a combination of electrical currents, special oils, and dehydrated clay rid Ross and Carrie of their love handles? (Probably.)
22/09/181h 9m

Ross and Carrie Clear Things Up: E-meter Edition

An incredible listener sends Ross and Carrie a vintage Scientology E-Meter, and after screaming with glee, the duo turns it on to do some basic auditing. Then, they compare it to a later model Electropsychometer that a friend has on hand. Will Ross be electrocuted by old wiring? Can Carrie achieve a floating needle? Is the only way out, through?
13/09/181h 19m

Ross and Carrie Meet the Aliens: Extra Terrestrial Meditation Edition

Ross and Carrie attend a guided meditation so they can have a close encounter with "positively aligned extra terrestrial races." For only $11, they will meet a breed of cat gods, learn about secret space programs, and find out why aliens love casinos.
07/09/1849m 59s

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 8): Serenissimus Edition

In the final class of the CDP, Ross and Carrie learn secrets from the IAC, including the existence of a serenissimus (you've never even heard of one) and the nonexistence of God. Also, we don't leave the room, but we do get outside our bodies!
01/09/181h 37m

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 7): Get With The Existential Program

We've reached the final module! Or have we? In CDP4 we learn about the nature of the afterlife and how our existential program should focus on polykarma, not just group or egokarma. Join us for more adventures outside the body.
24/08/181h 9m

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 6): I Love Lucid Edition

Ross and Carrie are back at the International Academy of Consciousness for two and a half hours covering five slides. Thankfully those slides are full of information about cosmoethical holomaturity: we wrestle with trolley problems and learn to take everything until the last holokarmic consequence. There's a whole lot to learn in out of body part 6.
16/08/181h 16m

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 5): Psychosoma vs Mentalsoma Edition

Ross and Carrie hop back out of their bodies to rehearse for the third desoma, which is another way of saying death. They also learn about a second cord (the golden cord) and all the ways that the psychosoma differs from the mentalsoma. Sorry, is that too much conscientese? Join us for another helping of out of body instruction!
10/08/1857m 29s

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 8): A Better Experiment?

In our last episode, we spoke with flat earther Jeran Campanella about what, in his view, was wrong with the Salton Sea earth-shape test, and how it could be better performed in the future. A week later, Ross, two friends, and seven flat earthers return to the Salton Sea to attempt a second test, hoping to eliminate some of the perceived problems with the first. Everyone goes home happy, having honestly confronted the gaps in their knowledge and challenges of investigative work; and Earth's shape is confirmed to everyone's satisfaction. (Just kidding!
03/08/181h 15m

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 7): The Jeran Campanella Interview

Ross and Carrie take a break from their out of body adventures to bring you this interview with prominent Flat Earth proponent Jeran Campanella. He takes a different tack than much of that community and sparks a distinct conversation from our interview with Mark Sargent. Join us in an exploration of religion, the nature of science, rice experiments, intercontinental flights, and the Salton Sea test
20/07/181h 34m

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 4): Intruders and Tricksters Edition

Ross and Carrie make small moves out of their bodies as they continue their investigation of astral travel. A new lesson includes theological implications for the afterlife, and we are introduced to some astral figures who can help... and harm.
13/07/1849m 29s

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 3): Paranormal Phenomena Edition

Ross and Carrie make their way back to the IAC and enroll in CDP2. This first day's class is all about the paranormal. Will our vehicles remain in coincidence? Will we see ectoplasm? Are psychic surgeries, bilocation, remote viewing and telekenesis all real phenomena? Plus, we try our first OOBE technique: psychophysiological self-relaxation. Don't knock it till you try it 15 times! See all the pics and vids, by >liking us on Facebook.
06/07/181h 28m

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 2): Imponderability Edition

Ross and Carrie return to the International Academy of Consciousness for another day of class with two new instructors. They learn the finer points of ectoplasm, how to host meetups in the astral realm, ways to navigate the paratroposphere, and good tips for getting into an out of body state. All that, an exercise that requires staring at the instructor in the dark!
28/06/1833m 55s

Ross and Carrie Go Out Of Body (Part 1): International Academy of Consciousness

In order to astral travel out of their bodies, Ross and Carrie must first physically visit the International Academy of Consciousness to learn the concepts of Conscientiology: psychosoma, energosoma, phytoenergy and morphothosenes, oh my!
24/06/181h 5m

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 6): The Salton Sea Test

While Carrie is out of town, Ross and his cohorts at the Independent Investigations Group set up a fair and simple test of earth's shape at the unusually flat Salton Sea. And they invite Mark Sargent, and a cadre of flat earthers to join them.
16/06/181h 29m

Ross and Carrie In Spiritual Ecstasy: Crystal Skull Edition

Ross, Carrie and Drew head to the Hollywood Fringe Festival for Spiritual Ecstasy, a two-woman show featuring a crystal skull named Skully, another skull named Jesus, life advice for anyone's problems, and lots of musical instruments to put Carrie's migraine at ease.   See all the pics and vids, by liking us on Facebook.
02/06/181h 24m

Ross and Carrie Haunt Chris Shelton: Electromagnetic Field of Dreams Edition

Ross and Carrie meet up with Chris Shelton to talk about their Arizona ghost hunting investigation. They share how Zachary's doing lately, and chat about faith, fear, and friendship. It's a friends-sit-and-chat show: something podcasting needs more of.
25/05/1858m 11s

Ross and Carrie and Claire Get Straightened Out (Part 2): "What Was God Thinking?"

We return to Living Stones Ministries, a Christian group that believes God can "heal" homosexuality. Claire attends a talk about transgender issues, and Carrie and Claire attend a closing talk and Q&A, wherein they learn to surrender their wombs to God.
11/05/181h 26m

Ross and Carrie and Claire Get Straightened Out (Part 1): Ex-Gay Therapy Edition

When Ross is out of town during an ex-gay ministry event, Carrie convinces her best friend Claire to spend her own birthday being tortured by confusing and distressing talks about "the freedom to grow into heterosexuality." Warning: this one is tough.
04/05/181h 20m

Ross and Carrie Hunt for Ghosts: Arizona Haunted House Edition

Ross and Carrie pack up their ghost hunting gear (and a carbon monoxide detector) and head to Arizona, with their friend Chris, to visited a haunted house. What's haunting Zachary... a spirit, a gas leak, or an old relationship?
27/04/181h 26m

Ross and Carrie Meet The Owl Guy: The Mike Clelland Interview

Mike Clelland, "The Owl Guy" from our UFO investigation, joins us to chat about his information-gathering strategy, the interplay of science and personal experience, and, of course... owls. This episode brought to you by new/upgrading 2018 ONRAC donors!
20/04/181h 16m

Ross and Carrie Visit the Underworld: Hellevator Edition

We pull off a fun and silly experiment at MaxFun HQ, where we use an elevator to attempt to shoot straight to Hell. Will MaxFun staffers Kira and Danny get stuck in the underworld? Will Ross find the secret extra floor? Will Carrie have a heart attack?
13/04/1841m 48s

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 13): Last Shoe Edition

We bring you our final thoughts on Rythmia. What happened after we got home? What does Gerry's book contain? And how did Rythmia attempt to stifle this series? Plus, a very sad story illuminates how promises of a "miracle" can come at a high cost.
13/04/181h 8m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 12): Transformational Breathwork Edition

Carrie attends Paola's final talk, and Ross joins her for a breathwork session that is NOT AT ALL like holotropic breathwork, except in the ways that it is. Plus, Gerry sums up the week with a closing talk, and one attendee has a dramatic owl encounter.
11/04/181h 9m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 11): The Dr. Jeff Interview

Ross and Carrie interview Rythmia's Dr. Jeff McNairy, to get his take on what happened to Ross, his perspective on "miracles," and what services exactly you can get at the Rythmia ICU.
07/04/181h 14m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 10): The Gerry Powell Interview

Here it is: the much-awaited "lost audio" recording of our interview with Rythmia's Gerry Powell. Plus, find out [beat] what. Happened. To. The. SD. Card.
04/04/1854m 13s

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 9): Ross in Peace Edition

Ross participates in his fourth and final ayahuasca ceremony, with frightening and dangerous results. Will Rythmia live up to its reputation as a "really safe environment" that is "very attentive to whatever it is you might need medically"? Find out.
03/04/181h 28m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 8): Bob Nu-Heart Edition

The Rythmia guests wake up early to attend Gerry's "Nu-heart" talk, wherein he reveals what color our auras will soon be, explains what questions to ask of Mother Ayahuasca tonight, and tells everyone to ignore any suspicions that they're overdosing.
30/03/181h 1m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 7): Ladies' Night Edition

Ross returns for his third ayahuasca ceremony at Rythmia. A group of female shamans and assistants sends him off on a quest to hang out with insects, meet a cartoon rodent, see inside his own brain, and dance with a poisonous animal. Suffer the illusion!
24/03/181h 7m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 6): Amorous Yogurt Edition

It's Wednesday morning at Rythmia, and Ross and Carrie head off to find out what question they are the answer to, and to improve their relationships through love gardening. Plus, they ride bikes to the ocean and MEET DOGS!
16/03/181h 12m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 5): Dancing With Orion Edition

Ross takes three cups of ayahuasca, the potent hallucinogen. After suffering the depths of disgust, solitude and confusion, he dances with the stars, meets an alien/human hybrid, and passes out in front of the bathroom. This and more in Rythmia part 5!
08/03/1859m 53s

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 4): HemaLucent Edition

Ross and Carrie recover from their EQUALLY TAXING ayahuasca trips with good talks and great food. Ross gets his own butt cleanse, and attends a lecture about a very questionable medical procedure. Plus, Carrie learns which evil dictator invented fluoride.
02/03/181h 27m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 2): Shit the Moon Said Edition

Ross and Carrie attend the MANDATORY introductory talk by founder Gerry Powell. They learn that the moon is female, can talk, and has a crucial message for everyone. Plus, Carrie does the most disgusting thing she's ever endured for this show.
18/02/181h 29m

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 1): Plant Medicine Edition

Ross and Carrie accept an invitation to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, where they will spend a week healing their hearts, reuniting with their souls, and learning what the moon yearns to teach humanity, all through the power of Ayahuasca.
08/02/1856m 52s

Ross and Carrie Are Suppressive: Mike Rinder Interview Edition

Ross and Carrie invite ex-Scientology exec Mike Rinder on the show to discuss the history and future of the church, his personal experiences with L. Ron Hubbard, and the most pressing question on everyone's minds: Are Ross and Carrie suppressive or WHAT?
01/02/181h 6m

Ross and Carrie Do It Over (Part 2): Solved Mysteries Edition

Ross and Carrie share more memories and updates on their investigations over the years. They find out just how tainted Carrie’s Purium was, hear from Mad Mike Hughes about his rocket launch, and bring you up to speed on the Flex Belt, OTO, and more.
28/01/1845m 53s

Ross and Carrie Do It Over (Part 1): Burnt Foot Edition

After almost seven years of the show, Ross and Carrie take a step back and look at tthe Mormons, Scientology, Tony Alamo, Laughter Yoga, firewalking, and more. Plus, they make amends with the late B.F. Skinner. Join us for a rare update episode!
20/01/1850m 47s

Ross and Carrie Get Rich Slow(ly): Michael Schaffer Interview Edition

Podcaster and experienced real estate flipper Michael Schaffer discusses with us the ins and outs of ethical house flipping and examines what the Real Estate Wealth Expo presenters might be doing behind closed doors... er, internet tabs... er, you get it.
13/01/1859m 17s

Ross and Carrie Get Rich Quick (Part 3): Sound of Love Edition

Ross and Carrie clap, shout, and massage their way into the next hour of Tony Robbins' motivational talk. They attempt to make the sound of falling in love, get to know their customers better than they know themselves, and try their luck at Heart Math.
05/01/181h 12m

Ross and Carrie Get Rich Quick (Part 2): Fake Clapping Edition

Ross and Carrie return to the Real Estate Wealth Expo. They learn that the best way to keep your wealth is to not-lose-money. Then, the moment we've all been waiting for: Tony Robbins appears in a blast of fire, and begins to change our lives.
22/12/171h 10m

Ross and Carrie Get Rich Quick (Part 1): Magic Tax Liens Edition

Ross and Carrie follow a slew of billboards to the Real Estate Wealth Expo, where they will hear, "hundreds of ways to make money!" They learn the art of buying tax liens, get wealth management lessons from Magic Johnson, and get ready to flip houses.
16/12/1759m 25s

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 10): All Are Welcome

Ross and Carrie return to Scientology to watch a play authored by L. Ron Hubbard, and check out the largest Scientology church in North America: the less than a year old Church of Scientology of the Valley. Are Ross and Carrie SPs? Will there be quiche?!
08/12/1749m 4s

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 5): The Mark Sargent Interview

Ross and Carrie are delighted to have Flat Earth theorist Mark Sargent on for a lively conversation about everything under the dome, including NASA's lies, how the firmament's projection system works, and some of his other "favorite" conspiracy theories.
30/11/171h 35m

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 4): Ahead of the Curve

We're back at the Flat Earth International Conference. Ross and Carrie learn that the sun is just a projection, The Truman Show is basically a true story, the Chicago skyline proves the earth is flat, and Islam is wrong. But this isn't a religious thing.
28/11/171h 12m

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 3): Flat Earth International Conference 2017

Ross and Carrie tune in for the first Flat Earth conference in 500 years and get served a huge helping of mashed potatoes from speakers D. Marble and Jeranism. Hear disclaimers that this is not a religious thing, alternated with religious proclamations.
20/11/1747m 54s

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 2): Nasholes Edition

Back at the Flat Earth meetup, Ross and Carrie learn how the powers-that-be brainwash us into believing that the Earth is round, consider how tough it would be to make a train run around a globe, and hear about mind control at Disneyland.
11/11/1752m 36s

Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 1): Pizza-Shaped Earth Edition

Ross and Carrie join their local flat earth meetup group and learn why NASA has been lying all this time, which quick tests prove our "planet" is flat, and where Antarctica REALLY is.
07/11/171h 5m

Ross and Carrie High-perventilate (Part 2): Holotropic Breathwork Edition

This time it's Ross's turn to breath deeply and quickly until his mind, depleted of carbon dioxide, produces vivid visions of Carl Sagan, dead rabbits, a dancing saguaro cactus, and a trip around the solar system.
31/10/1752m 3s

Ross and Carrie High-perventilate: Holotropic Breathwork Edition

Ross and Carrie learn a breathing technique that provokes spiritual visions (or mild hallucinations) within minutes. Hear what happens to Carrie when she "goes under," what Ross fears will happen during his session, and what death looks like.

Ross and Carrie Ring in the Apocalypse: Forerunner Ministries International Edition

Ross and Carrie are invited to a church that believes a major apocalypse event is coming September 23rd. They show up on September 22nd, sing and dance their hearts out, watch some very bad faith healing, and hear very little about the coming apocalypse.
16/10/171h 19m

Ross and Carrie Electrocute John Hodgman: Thync Edition

We electrocute John Hodgman with the Thync device, a transdermal electrical neurosignaling device that (supposedly) makes you really, really PUMPED or really, really zonked, depending on what settings you apply. This episode was recorded live in Chicago.
10/10/1754m 44s

Ross and Carrie's Purium Transformation (Part 2): Before and After Edition

Ross and Carrie continue their Purium diets, losing confidence more quickly than pounds. Meanwhile, the staff nutritionist explains why everything going wrong is our fault. Plus, Carrie reads the founder's book, and we have a sample tested for lead.
30/09/1757m 7s

Ross and Carrie's Purium Transformation (Part 1): Shakes and Pills Edition

Ross and Carrie try to lose a few surplus pounds with the help of a multi-level marketing company called Purium. Armed with shakes made of sea garbage, they go on a ten-day diet to purify their bodies and get rich quick.
22/09/1759m 11s

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 7): Reptilian Edition

Carrie and Ross examine an alien skeleton, hear an inexplicable story about Shirley MacLaine, and try to stump a professor (or maybe accidentally hit on him). Plus, crop circle expert Patty Greer finally shows up and BOY HOWDY does she make an impression.
17/09/171h 23m

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 6): Alien Implants Edition

After hearing contactee stories of honey, hangers and Christ power, Ross listens to Senator Mike Gravel talk about everything except aliens while Carrie investigates Area 51, cold fusion, and alien implants. Plus, scammers sell us cell phone protectors!
10/09/171h 15m

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 5): FAKE Edition

Carrie attends a talk called "Everything is Fake," about the falsity of GMOs, money, and more. Then your hosts head off to psychically connect with aliens and watch in horror and glee as the world's biggest bug crawls across the world's quietest singer.

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 4): Ancient Aliens Edition

Join Ross and Carrie on their spacecraft to the interplanetary federation, where aliens experiment on 7th Day Adventists. What? Yes. Also, a panel of experts explains ancient aliens (the best aliens), and Giorgio Tsoukalos takes your questions.
26/08/1759m 26s

Ross and Carrie Remember Sri Mrinalini Mata: SRF Memorial Edition

After two years away, Ross and Carrie return to the Self-Realization Fellowship for the memorial of late president Sri Mrinalini Mata. They have just one burning question... well, really just nine questions... they'd like answered.
19/08/1757m 22s

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 3): Disclosing Steven Greer

Ross attends a two-hour lecture by former physician, ufologist, and super buff guy Steven Greer. Greer explains scalar energy, MKUltra Babies, the government's adoption of alien technology, and why everyone at this conference is wrong except for him.
10/08/1735m 55s

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 2): Smoking That Wilcock Joint

On the 2nd day of Contact in the Desert, we hear about the Catholics' E.T. conversion plan, cattle mutilation, and more. Then, David Wilcock defends Pizzagate, explains what the "Cabal" really is, and teaches us how to be beamed to Heaven in 13 years.
04/08/171h 5m

Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 1): Blue Dwarves Edition

We attend Contact in the Desert, a massive UFO and metaphysical festival with a classic California hippy vibe. We hear about the Navy's Secret Space Program, meet one of the most famous abductees in the world, and learn the secrets of the pyramids.
27/07/171h 5m

Ross and Carrie Meet David Steward: Seventh Day Adventist Edition

A very special interview with Amazing Facts instructor David Steward, the most mild-mannered guy who ever warned you about the Antichrist. We discuss his seminars, Seventh Day Adventist theology, vegetarianism, and our approach to investigating religions.
20/07/171h 2m

Ross and Carrie March Against Vaccines (Part 2): The Sickest Generation

Ross and Carrie bake in the sun for three hours while listening to feminine mommas and masculine papas teach us that this generation is the sickest ever, pregnant women should get their silver fillings removed, and vaccines are full of aborted fetuses.
14/07/1753m 5s

Ross and Carrie March Against Vaccines (Part 1): Parents Call the Shots!

Ross and Carrie attend the Children's March for Humanity, an anti-vaccine rally. Plus, what event would be complete without a chair that beams EMF radiation into your blood, an anti-vegetarianism table, and a very expensive juice cleanse?
06/07/1753m 6s

Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 5): Fire In The Sky

On our final day of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference we hear from famous abductee Travis Walton and ask some of our own questions of the speakers. We also learn about the Battle of 1996 and how we're all 200 years older than we think we are.
29/06/1742m 59s

Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 4): Betty Hill and the Great Dick Drawing

Retired nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman lends extra scientific credibility to the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference. Then, presenter Grant Cameron tells us about Trump, dimensional portals, and disclosure. Plus, Ross goes searching for aliens (or owls).
23/06/1745m 18s

Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 3): OWL OWL OWL OWL

UFO Conference speaker Mike Clelland says owls are sometimes alien visitors in disguise. Then, David Marler speaks on the Battle of L.A., in which air raid wardens fired on what may have been a flying saucer... or a lost weather balloon.
15/06/1754m 51s

Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 2): Downloaded From Aliens

Hear about Linda Moulton Howe, who believes we all live in computer simulation; Grant Cameron, who says all your favorite art was made by angels or aliens; and Debra Kauble, who says she was abducted onto a flying saucer thirty-four years ago.
09/06/1754m 33s

Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 1): Arkansas Edition

We attend the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, listen to a talk from a scientific investigator who analyzes strange sightings, and another from the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first alleged UFO abductees. Plus, a stop at the vendors for goodies.
01/06/1756m 13s

Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 5): The End Is Here

Our faithful teachers finally admit they're here to convert us to Seventh Day Adventism. Cringe along as Carrie, Ross, and their friend Jim awkwardly decline to join, then learn to stop wearing jewelry, eating meat, and watching Disney movies.
04/05/172h 7m

Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 4): Mark of the Beast Edition

Join us as we round our fiftieth hour at Amazing Facts, learn about 19th-century prophetess Ellen White, get highly annoyed by a man in a gold suit, and finally, FINALLY find out what the Mark of the Beast is. Plus, Ross is moved to convert... his diet.
05/04/171h 48m

Ross and Carrie and the 2017 Stretch Goals

You guys blew us past our initial goal! With four days left in the 2017 MaxFunDrive, we announce four outstanding stretch goals for 3000, 3500, 4000, or even 5000 new and upgrading members. Plus, a bizarre promise from Carrie if a million people sign up.
27/03/177m 9s

Ross and Carrie and Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie

Ross and Carrie talk to Louis Theroux, filmmaker and journalist extraordinaire, about his new film: "My Scientology Movie." Learn about the Church's response, Louis' relationship with Marty Rathbun, and more in a dialog between Louis and his biggest fans.
12/03/1728m 14s

Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 2): Saturday Edition

The end of the world is still coming, and it's never been so tedious. Join us as we attend several more talks from Amazing Facts
05/03/171h 36m

Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 1): Amazing Facts Edition

Sick of alternative facts? Good news! In this episode, Ross and Carrie respond to a junk-mail ad for an end times prophecy seminar, and show up to learn from the Bible, via a semi-mysterious group called Amazing Facts. Find out who the antichrist is!
03/02/171h 42m

Ross and Carrie Cure Cancer: Tijuana Edition

Ross and Carrie board a bus to Tijuana with cancer patients and their families to tour "alternative" cancer treatments that Mexico offers but the U.S. currently bans. Are they cures or cons? Find out in this bummer-but-important episode.
02/01/172h 1m

Ross and Carrie Audit Chris Shelton: It's Actually Xemu

Ross and Carrie talk with 17-year Sea Org veteran Chris Shelton about his time within Scientology, including over 3 years in the punishing Rehabilitation Project Force. Learn about upper OT levels and how we've been getting the name Xenu wrong all along.
16/12/161h 32m

Ross and Carrie Gaze at Braco: Say It's Not So!

Ross and Carrie go international to check out Braco, a Croatian man who heals his followers by "gazing" at them. Plus, hear the dark side of Braco's story: his bizarre theology, end-times prophecies, and the mysterious death of his beloved mentor.
01/12/161h 33m

Ross and Carrie and Pastor Melissa Scott (Part 2): Junk in the Trunk

Ross and Carrie continue their investigation of Pastor Melissa Scott and her late husband Gene by poring through hours of "Doc's" old sermons. Then they shove Carrie in Ross's trunk and go on a wild adventure. Plus, the devil keeps them out of church!
02/11/161h 31m

Ross And Carrie And Pastor Melissa Scott (Part 1): Enigmatic Evangelical Edition

Ross and Carrie go to a church run by the mysterious Pastor Melissa Scott: questionable Bible scholar, secretive profiteer, and former porn star. Learn how she inherited the ministry from her late husband, and what Ross and Carrie found when they arrived.
02/10/161h 15m

Ross and Carrie Vape Essential Oils: MONQ Edition

Essential oils may smell nice and cure clubfoot… but what if you atomize the oils and run them through your nasal passages? Ross and Carrie team up with Jesse and Jordan to see if vaping the MONQ makes them healthy, vibrant, happy, sleepy, and bashful.
01/09/161h 5m

Ross and Carrie Are Information: Dream Reality Cinema Edition

Ross and Carrie try "dream therapy," a treatment where they sit in a recliner in Beverly Hills and are put into a half-sleep state for an hour, while a guy (or gal) says vaguely scientific things in their ears. What's it supposed to do? Heck if we know.
03/08/161h 11m

Ross and Carrie Become Limitless: Nootropics Edition

Ross and Carrie try to enhance their brain power through nootropics. They down Neuro drinks, take Alpha Brain pills, and swallow L-Theanine, resulting in some very interesting findings. Will their IQs and memories improve?
03/07/1659m 51s

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 9): Getting the Boot

Scientology leader David Miscavige and his team gently kick Ross out of a church rally, Carrie tries to go back to attend an anti-psychiatry event at the church, and one of them accidentally gets invited to L. Ron Hubbard's birthday party (and goes).
02/06/161h 52m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 8): The Purification Rundown Rundown

Ross prepares for Scientology's hardcore detox program, in which he'll sweat out his toxins in a sauna and chug niacin until he's free of the harmful effects of... peas? Plus, when they're found out, will Ross and Carrie be kicked out of Scientology?
21/05/161h 38m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 7): The Way to Happiness

Ross and Carrie review "The Way to Happiness," a 70-page booklet that is IN NO WAY affiliated with Scientology, other than being written by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Hear about their visit to the group that distributes this life-changing tome.
03/05/161h 13m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 6): The Celebrity Center

We can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than to enjoy brunch at the Scientology Celebrity Center. Just try to avoid the breaking-into-the-industry course down the hall. Learn how Tom Hanks made it, and learn how to maximize your confront!
17/04/161h 10m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 5): L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition

Ross and Carrie visit the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition. Let your eyes widen as you hear the various questionable biographical details of the founder's life, from being the youngest-ever Eagle Scout to performing microbiological studies... by himself.
03/04/161h 17m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 4): Dianetics and Volcanoes

The "fun" continues as Ross and Carrie get certified in Dianetics. The pair spend 22 hours at the Church over one weekend, learning how experiences are encoded in our cells, what an "engram" is, and how to audit your friends for neither fun, nor profit.
22/03/162h 18m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 3): Create-Create-Create

Ross tells the story of being the only student in Scientology's "advanced" personal efficiency course.
09/03/161h 28m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 2): We Stand Tall

Ross continues taking his Personal Efficiency course, and Carrie visits the semi-exclusive Scientology New Year's party. Who's accidentally sent into a Sea Org meeting? Who gets a free Church membership? What's an "upset"? And who the heck is Ross Blocker?
21/02/161h 25m

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 1): Going Preclear

Ross and Carrie walk over to “Big Blue”, Scientology’s L.A. Ideal Org. They come for the free personality test, but stay for two additional tests and a sales pitch. Do they sign up for classes? Is this the investigation we’ve all been waiting for?
01/02/161h 14m

Ross and Carrie Inventory Their Personalities: Myers-Briggs Edition

Ross and Carrie take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to find out what makes them tick. Is personality testing an unscientific fad, or are there really 16 kinds of people? Is Carrie secretly introverted? Does Ross have commitment problems? Let's see!
02/01/161h 13m

Ross and Carrie and the Ouija Board: Cate Planchette Edition

Ross and Carrie unwrap a brand new Hasbro edition of the Ouija Board and invite their loved ones to consult with the local spirits. Do they make contact? Does the planchette even move? Does Drew have dandruff? Will Cara finally have that baby?
03/12/1555m 47s

Ross and Carrie Get Gorgeouspil: Immortal Alex Chiu Edition

Ross and Carrie, sick of being moderately gorgeous, take Alex Chiu's reverse-aging products: Gorgeouspil, Immortality Foot Clamps, and Immortality Rings.
01/11/1554m 59s

Justin and Sydnee Enter the Mystery Hole: Great Switcheroo Edition

Sydnee and Justin, the hosts of "Sawbones," take over our show for this rad episode as part of MaxFun's Great Switcheroo! What is the Mystery Hole? Why does water roll uphill there? Will Sydnee lose her lunch? How much will Justin spend at the gift shop?
13/10/1545m 1s

Ross and Carrie and the Self-Realization Fellowship (Part 2): Overpaying For Silence

After months of anticipation, Ross and Carrie attend the Self Realization Fellowship Convocation, where they learn to meditate better, chant for hours at a time, try to get surly strangers to smile, and fight with oranges.

Ross and Carrie and the Self-Realization Fellowship (Part 1): Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

Ross and Carrie immerse themselves in the Self Realization Fellowship, an eastern-inspired religion that urges little eating, little sleeping, and lots of meditation. Can Carrie and Ross survive in a group where "restlessness of mind" is a cardinal sin?
01/09/1559m 40s

Ross and Carrie Cure Clubfoot: Essential Oils Edition

By popular request, we delve into the smelly enterprise of essential oils. Listen as we use stinky goo to treat Carrie's headaches and broken arm, Ross's acne and sore shoulder, and elite special guest star and comedian Drew Spears's his cerebral palsy.
01/08/151h 4m

Ross and Carrie Freeze: Cryotherapy Edition

By popular demand: Ross and Carrie try out cryotherapy, the cold front that's taking the world by storm. Find out whether standing, naked and alone, in a -240 degree Fahrenheit room cures Ross's shoulder pain and Carrie's insomnia. Or kills them.
01/07/1554m 23s

Ross and Carrie Subsist on Soylent: It's Not People Edition

Ross and Carrie drink the latest innovation in meal replacement technology: Soylent. And no, it's not people. And no, it's also not soy. Find out what's in there, what it tastes like, and just how much it can make you fart.
03/06/1548m 57s

Ross and Carrie Visit Praagh: Non-European Edition

It's our first live episode, ever! Hear about our psychic kids workshop with famous medium James Van Praagh, who guides us in relaying messages from the dead and using our poop chutes. Special guest star: Ross's son, Andrew Blocher!
01/05/151h 4m

Ross and Carrie Get Ripped: Flex Belt Edition

Ross and Carrie try out the "Flex Belt," an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device, also known as a belt that shocks your ab muscles into flexing, thereby making you ripped, or so the theory goes. Will Ross and Carrie be the new American Gladiators?
02/04/151h 2m

Ross and Carrie Get Sick: Christian Science Part 2

Ross and Carrie get sick, turn to Christian Science for help, and learn more about the religion, like how Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, kinda sorta maybe a little stole the whole thing. And MAXFUNWEEK pandemonium!
17/03/1556m 25s

Ross and Carrie Study Christian Science: The Germ Delusion

Ross and Carrie visit a local Christian Science church, learn disease is all in your head, disability is an illusion, germs don't exist, and peeing on the floor is gross. Plus, hear about the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy!
01/03/151h 22m

Ross and Carrie Pick Up Strangers: Synthetic Pheromones Edition

Ross and Carrie douse themselves in artificial sex pheromones, head to the bars, and wait for strangers to approach them. Will sex juice make these nerds hot? Is bringing a 400-page book into a bar a good way to meet people? Find out!
01/02/1555m 54s

Ross and Carrie Float: Isolation Tanks Edition

Ross and Carrie get enclosed in salt-water filled, pitch black pods and float for an hour, in an attempt to "find themselves." Learn how sensory deprivation tanks allegedly replace sleep, speed healing, remove toxins, and basically make you Mozart.
01/01/1550m 57s

Ross and Carrie See Theresa Caputo: Greatest Living American Edition

Ross and Carrie attend the Long Island Medium's sold-out show, The Experience, where the famed psychic medium claims to channel ghosts and deliver messages to their surviving loved ones. And what they see leaves more questions than answers.
01/12/141h 6m

Ross and Carrie Bust a Gut: Laughter Yoga Edition

Ross and Carrie giggle for three days straight when they join the delightfully odd world of laughter yoga. Join them for a gibberish party, a laughter yoga phone meeting, and a laughter yoga concert. Extra points to anyone who doesn't giggle.
01/11/1456m 45s

Ross and Carrie Meet Jon Ronson: Butt Edition

Carrie has a chat with bestselling author Jon Ronson. And by a chat, we mean they devise horribly accusatory questions and make each other take lie detector tests. It's all fun and games until Jon's butt gets brought up. Plus, Ross listens along with you!
21/10/1449m 35s

Ross and Carrie Take the Voice Polygraph: Lying for Satan Edition

Has Ross lied on the podcast? Does he eat his boogers? Find out in our voice polygraph episode! Carrie asks Ross some very personal (and a few silly) questions, and an expert analyzes his voice to see if he's a truth-teller or a stinkin' liar.
07/10/1451m 28s

Ross and Carrie Hunt Ghosts on the Queen Mary: EVP Mystery Edition

The Queen Mary might be the most haunted place in Southern California. Ross and Carrie join a seasoned paranormal investigator and a ragtag team of recruits on a five hour adventure, exploring the retired ship's secrets. EVP and EMF included!
09/09/141h 3m

Ross and Carrie Meet Paul and Oscar

Ross and Carrie sit down with Paul and Oscar, members of the Aetherius Society, for an insightful conversation about George King, rocks of attainment, and this show’s investigation methods. Find out what happens when four people all want to talk at once!
16/08/141h 30m

Ross and Carrie and The Aetherius Society (Part 2): Give Peace Some Chants

Ross and Carrie finish up their 5 months undercover in the alien-centered religion, The Aetherius Society. Join them as they climb a holy mountain and attempt to chant away climate change and war. Plus, an update on what the Aetherians thought of part 1!

Ross and Carrie and The Aetherius Society (Part 1): Batteries Included

Ross and Carrie spend five months undercover in a mysterious and delightful religious sect, where Jesus is an alien and global warming can be fixed by praying into a battery. It's all here in this episode about the UFO religion, the Atherius Society.
01/07/1458m 20s

Ross and Carrie Try Oil Pulling: Swish and Spit Edition

Curious about the latest oral hygiene fad based on ancient Ayurvedic practice? The one predating tooth brushes and floss? By popular demand, Ross and Carrie spend a month swishing oil and looking for somewhere to spit. Find out if they still have teeth!
01/06/1449m 5s

Ross and Carrie and the PIHOP Prayer Prophecy: Pizza Edition

Ross and Carrie enter the world of Christian prophecy, where lay ministers say they receive messages directly from God, and He has a message for YOU. Join us as we find out which of us makes God think of pizza, and who makes Him single "Jingle Bells."
01/05/1459m 56s

Ross and Carrie Creep People Out: Reiki Test Edition

While the charming Lindsay Pavlas rattles off her ailments, Ross and Carrie each give her a reiki treatment, then make her guess which of them secretly got certified as a reiki healer. Can she tell the difference? Is the healing energy real? Who shot JR?
01/04/1457m 5s

Ross and Carrie Remember Tony Alamo (Part Two): Unnecessary Walking and Talking Edition

In part 2 of this undercover investigation of Tony Alamo Ministries, Carrie and Ross roam the secret grounds of the church's California compound, learn more about the case that sent the pastor to prison, and ask to be baptized. Plus, fund drive fun!
18/03/141h 5m

Ross and Carrie Remember Tony Alamo (Part One): No Skirts Allowed

Ross and Carrie visit Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, a cult led by an imprisoned child sex offender and one-time denim jacket maker. They board a creepy van, learn why environmentalism is Satanic, and are told you can never get saved too many times!
02/03/1459m 21s

Ross and Carrie Book It: Speed Reading Edition

Ross and Carrie take a speed reading class, where they learn to stop subvocalizing, and groupwordstogethersoyoureadthematthesametime. But will they actually comprehend what they read? 
01/02/1459m 49s

Ross and Carrie Meet Fire Lyte!

We talk to our favorite pagan, Fire Lyte, about pendulums, prognostication and paganism. Plus, he sets us straight on some things we got wrong and shows us his downright insane mask collection. No one gets kidnapped.
17/01/1438m 21s

Ross and Carrie Strike Water: Dowsing and Pendulum Edition

We join Los Angeles' biggest dowsing group, a coterie of colorful characters who believe that rods and pendulums can help tap into our inner wisdom to locate any item or substance, fix our solar plexuses, and most importantly help find... running water?
01/01/141h 8m

Ross and Carrie and the Christmas Miracle

Ho ho ho! Our Christmas present to you is an update episode, with exciting news from the Raelians, the Kabbalah Center, Carrie's documentary, and a very very exciting announcement about our new podasting family! It's all here, in the last episode of 2013!
28/12/1325m 24s

Ross and Carrie Purify their Soles: Reflexology Edition

Reflexologists say the foot is a map of the body, and that pressing on certain points can have a dramatic impact on our health and wellness. But some scientists say it's just a glorified foot massage. Ross and Carrie try it out in this soleful episode!
02/12/131h 1m

Ross and Carrie Meet Taylor!

Ross and Carrie have received Mormon baptism and partaken in the OTO Gnostic Mass, but here’s someone who’s lived it! Meet Taylor, a practiced Thelemite raised in the LDS Church, and learn some surprising similarities between the two philosophies.
28/11/1331m 44s

Ross and Carrie Go OTO (Part 2): You're Always Unwelcome Here

Carrie and Ross sit through a long meeting on the finer points of Thelema, learn that "Do What Thou Wilt" does not extend to reporting on the proceedings of the OTO, then are unceremoniously excommunicated from the order without so much as a hot drink.
01/11/1358m 9s

Ross and Carrie Play Truther Dare: 9/11 Conspiracy Edition

Ross and Carrie covertly join LA's most prominent 9/11 “Truther” group, full of diverse characters who believe the September 11th attacks were planned by the US government. Plus, we steal a painting, witness anti-Semitism, and get yelled at about AIDS.

Ross and Carrie Get Drunk: Blowfish for Hangovers Edition

Ross and Carrie drink way too much rum, stumble through some listener questions and third grade math problems, and wake up with jackhammers in their skulls, all to test a new hangover remedy. Which of them will puke first, and who knows long division?
03/09/131h 9m

Ross and Carrie Go OTO (Part 1): Nudity and Dark Rituals Edition

Carrie and Ross join the dark fraternity of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Masonic offshoot with a penchant toward mysterious rituals, naked priestesses, sperm-eating, and the spirit of independence. It's all in our latest episode.
01/08/131h 4m

Ross and Carrie On the Juice: Cleansing Toxins

We all like juice, right? Then what’s so bad about drinking nothing else for three days? Find out how bad Ross has to pee and how much Carrie’s head hurts when they try to rid themselves of toxins by chugging squeezed cucumber, kale, beet and celery.
01/07/1355m 20s

Ross and Carrie Take A Sound Bath: The Integratron Experience

We know what you're thinking. Is that Robert Downey Jr. And Drew Barrymore at the alien-designed sound bath in the middle of the California desert? No, it's Ross and Carrie, healing themselves with sound. Miss this, and you'll lose a ton of negative ions.
01/06/1356m 50s

Ross and Carrie At The Oxygen Bar: Paying to Breathe Air

Ross and Carrie travel to LA's finest (read: only?) oxygen bar to suck double the normal amount of oxygen into their noses. Or is it 4% more? No one seems to know. In any case, Ross inhales Sex on the Beach and Carrie asks what a toxin is... again!
01/05/1339m 12s

Ross and Carrie Meet Meghan!

After our DNA tests said Carrie was Native American and Ross has Secret Restless Legs (TM), we thought we better see an expert. Meghan Gillespie, a geneticist, politely tells us all we got wrong, and why genotyping can be great... and also infuriating.
29/04/1337m 17s

Ross and Carrie Genotype Their DNA: The Neanderthal Connection

Ross and Carrie swap spit with the fine folks at 23andMe and find out all kinds of interesting information about the diseases they will and won’t die from, as well as which celebrities and famous hominids they can call family.
01/04/1344m 24s

Ross and Carrie and the Palmistry Mystery

Ross and Carrie travel to the heart of Los Angeles' psychic district to have their palms read. Is Carrie going to Hell? Is Ross a loving husband or a passionless bore? Plus, in a battle of charm, one of our psychics wins HANDILY over the other.
01/03/1351m 34s

Ross and Carrie Get Saged: Reiking in the Dough Edition?

Carrie and Ross pay $240 to talk to a hot older woman about how great they are, have her vaguely wave her hands over them, and send them on their way. Just a hot date? Nope, it's actually the Reiki practitioner's solution to migraines and back pain!
01/02/1357m 27s

Ross and Carrie Break Up: The Sedona and Bigfoot Edition

Carrie travels to Sedona, AZ, to see if it really contains four special energy 'vortexes' to send her into a euphoric tizzy and bring her in contact with her masculinity. Plus, join Ross at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum as he tries to spot the Sasquatch.
01/01/131h 6m

Ross and Carrie Get Some Exorcise: Teenage Exorcist Edition

Feeling rejected? Depressed? Been the victim of abuse? Well, you just may have a demon. Join Ross and Carrie as they meet Bob Larson and his team of teenage exorcists. They will shout, hit you with their Bibles and fix all your problems.
01/12/1259m 43s

Ross and Carrie Touch Themselves: Breast and Penis Enlargement Edition

EXTEND YOUR PODCAST ENJOYMENT GUARANTEED! Try this episode RISK-FREE and see the results YOU desire in minutes. Feel confident! Meet the new you! Join Ross and Carrie as they attempt to enlarge their naughty bits with creams, stretchers, pumps and more!
01/11/1255m 14s

Ross and Carrie Make Babies: The Pro-Life Pregnancy Clinic Investigation

Carrie and Ross pop into an anti-abortion counseling clinic, pretend Carrie is knocked up, ask questions about fetal pain, and cry. Plus, Carrie is forced to read the Sinner's Prayer.
02/10/1257m 21s

Ross and Carrie Engage in Cupping: Our Skin Runneth Over

You know those days when you want to get all your back fat sucked into several small cups with FIRE, and then leave the cups there to bruise? In this episode, Ross and Carrie use the ancient art of cupping to try to ease their neck pain.
01/09/1246m 55s

Ross and Carrie Ask Astrologers: What's Your Sign?

This month, Leo and Cancer align to investigate the ancient practice of astrology and learn the function of a conjunction. With their star charts decoded, Carrie visits an astrologer to the stars while Ross looks for love in all the wrong places.

Ross and Carrie Colon-ize: Colon Cleansing and Hydrotherapy Edition

In this episode, Carrie endures the Master Cleanse lemonade/laxative fast and almost ends up in the hospital, and Ross lets a nice young woman insert a tube in his rectum, pump him full of water, and watch him poop into a tube. Now that's entertainment!
01/07/1254m 25s

Ross and Carrie Meet Spencer!

It's been 2.5 months since our Raelian baptism, and the dust is still settling. Join us as we we meet fellow Raelian investigator Spencer Marks, a four-year veteran of the alien movement. Plus, learn why the Raelians want us to stfu.
15/06/1244m 40s

Ross and Carrie Go Raelian (Part 2): Keepin' It Rael

We attended their meetings, learned about our alien creators, and asked probing questions. Now join us as we transmit our DNA to extra terrestrials in this one-of-a-kind Raelian baptism episode! Plus, what happens when the Raelians listen to the show?
02/06/1255m 2s
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