Ellie and Anna Have Issues

Ellie and Anna Have Issues

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Hosted by Ellie Taylor and Anna Whitehouse, in this podcast EVERYTHING is up for discussion from dating, sex, family matters, fashion disasters to those little things you notice and need to tell someone. Whether you're commuting, tackling a Herculean pile of 'adulting', or just trying to drone out the sound of your colleague/boyfriend/husband/kids, Ellie and Anna have got your back!


Jack Grealish appreciation pod

Hey babes, we've got some books out! Ellie's book 'My Child and Other Mistakes: How to ruin your life in the best way possible' is out on the 22nd July and Anna's book 'Underbelly' is out on the 5th August. Do give them a lil read OR if you miss us too much you can download the audio book.
15/07/213m 15s

What’s your issue: Swamp crotch

This week’s ep covers it all - Bitcoin, our new girl band ‘Swamp Crotch’ and (in yet another example of us giving the people what they want) Anna imparts some utterly horrific medical advice RE mouth ulcers. YOU’RE WELCOME.
28/06/2116m 41s

The Bennifer 69

Periods. Most women have them but why are we still embarrassed to talk about them? We’re joined by broadcaster Emma Barnett to chat about her book ‘Period. It’s About Bloody Time’ which is out in paperback TODAY! Plus why is the childcare system in the UK so broken? We discuss the need for an urgent review into the system that currently means some women spend over 60% of their salary on nursery fees. And most importantly of all, after seeing the pap snaps of Bennifer smooching at a fancy restaurant in LA, we talk PDAs and Ellie’s aggressive snogging technique.
24/06/2137m 20s

What’s your issue: A rampant bush

We’re answering some very heated issues this week. What counts as a staycation? Should we be investing in bitcoin? Plus Anna reckons she only has to shave her legs once a month. I think we can call bullshit.
21/06/2113m 26s

Anna’s battle against the thins

This week we’re tackling the big stuff: Anna’s hatred for thin snacks. Plus we chat about Ellie’s dad parring her off for some train fans on Father’s Day and Chrissy Teigen apologising for being a troll. We also speak to the fabulous Lorraine Candy, former editor in chief of Elle UK, to chat about the challenges of raising teenage daughters and the menopause. Lorraine’s book 'Mum, What's Wrong with You?': 101 Things Only Mothers of Teenage Girls Know is out now.
17/06/2140m 33s

What’s your issue: Yoghurt, the cure for heartbreak

We are tackling the BIG issues this week on the pod. Is it weird to call your parents mummy and daddy as an adult? Is it hypocritical for you to get pissed off that your 18-year-old just wants to drink White Lightning in the park?
14/06/2120m 33s

Guggy the vagina

This week we’re chatting to Laura Dockrill, about her book ‘What Have I Done?’ - her incredible account of experiencing post-partum psychosis after the birth of her son. Also, don’t miss Ellie telling one of the most scintillating baked bean related stories you’ll ever hear plus the girls discuss a survey which shows that a terrifying 40% of Brits officially don’t know where the clitoris is.
10/06/2139m 37s

What's your issue: Thigh buffer

This week we discuss lack of hooks in women’s toilets and Ellie reveals her patented ‘clench your handbag in your gob like a golden retriever with a frisbee’ method. The girls also get competitive about how many teeth they have (we’ve all been there) and we finish with some absolutely cracking ‘building waste and the correct sized skip’ content from Anna. You can’t say it’s not varied.
07/06/2115m 5s

The sacrificial selfie seat

This week the ladz discuss the Friends reunion (can you imagine the budget involved to get Biebs in the spud outfit), sending undies pics to personal trainers, plus we chat to author Daisy Buchanan about the importance of female pleasureeeee in novels and her book ‘Insatiable’.
03/06/2130m 23s

What’s your issue: If in doubt, pee

Can kids TV presenters get mash up? Is it ok to label a nap as a ‘meeting’? Why did Anna back herself into a metaphorical corner with non-metaphorical nachos? All these huge questions and many more as the girls once again attempt to solve listeners’ issues.
31/05/2112m 27s

A lovely bit of 90s misogyny

We're joined by Bella Younger whose alter-ego Deliciously Stella became a viral hit overnight. Bella tells Ellie and Anna about her strategy for Instagram stardom, her online run-in with Ashton Kutcher and her new book ‘The Accidental Influencer: How My Need to Get Likes Nearly Ruined My Life.’ Plus we discuss the devastating impact of a chocolate flake shortage, how best to ease back into hugging (HINT: no cupping).
27/05/2132m 14s

What’s your issue: Sausage skirting board

We’re back tackling some more of your beef this week including key questions like ‘Is allocating some of the wedding fund to pay for botox an acceptable ‘joint’ expense?’, ‘Why are Waitrose shoppers so blaaady smug?’ and the crucial ‘Was maths invented or discovered?’ Ok maybe not the last one, but you get the drift...
24/05/2115m 13s

Cheugy driveway

Skincare guru Caroline Hirons joins us this week to tell us how she’s fighting for the rights of UK beauticians, what she makes of collagen supplements and why she thinks Gwyneth should stick to acting. We also learn the new Gen Z term for ‘basic bitch’, why Ellie needs to burn her denim jacket and Anna reveals how a throwaway comment about covering some maternity leave garnered a flood of messages from sidelined women. Oh and we find out just how handsome Ellie truly is (spoiler - EXTREMELY).
20/05/2130m 35s

What's your issue: A skinny ballsack with ears

This week we’re helping you with what to do when you’re broody at 22, how to tell your mum she chews too loudly, plus what’s a non-criminal way to get back at your neighbour? We also hear from a fabulous listener who we helped last week.
17/05/2116m 56s

Cutting edge podcastery

This week we chat about Anna’s social media addiction, keeping off Instagram for 38 days and why she’ll never download the app again. We’re also joined by the amazing psychotherapist, author and mother of three Anna Mathur to discuss her new book Know Your Worth and how we can all stop being people pleasers. Plus we chat about the judgement about c-sections and whether we’d ever go on Naked Attraction.
13/05/2141m 43s

What's your issue: Are we starting a coup?

Well, hello. We’re here on a Monday - what on earth is going on? We have decided to start an EXTRA episode for you each week. But instead of yabbing on about our issues, we’re going to yab about your issues. This week we're chatting about whether someone should get a hairless cat and why someone in a 15-month-on-off relationship won't let their partner round their house, plus a few more. Message us on Instagram if you’ve got a burning issue you need us to help with.
10/05/2117m 55s

Emotional purgatory

Are you languishing? This week we chat about the buzzword everyone’s talking about that best defines the stagnation we’re feeling. Plus as Anna turns 40, we discuss the pressures of hitting that milestone and we talk about debt and financial literacy with Clare Seal from My Frugal Year, who has just paid off her debts of £27k.
06/05/2132m 43s

Writing erotica for Mills & Boon

Do we need to completely rethink how we work and live? Elizabeth Uviebinene, author of The Reset, joins us to chat about how the world of work needs to change. Plus we discuss people pleasing after David Tennant revealed he used to pretend to be his own PA, named Melissa von Stressel, to turn down events he didn’t want to attend. And we chat about the fertility myth: is it time to reassess our obsession with how the age of 35 has been treated as a fertility cliff?
29/04/2138m 31s

A star chart for blowies?

This week our dreams have come true and the fabulous Joeli Brearley from Pregnant Then Screwed joins us to chat about maternity discrimination and dealing with Daily Mail trolls. Plus we discuss photoshopping selfies after Khloe Kardashian came under fire for trying to get an unedited photo of her removed online and why people can be so judgemental about baby names.
22/04/2142m 28s

Dancing naked for Duran Duran

Warning: this episode discusses a very uncomfortable topic for many women. Low-rise jeans are back in fashion. Yes, you read that right. It’s outrageous and we discuss our worse nightmare coming to life. Plus, why are we scared of self-promotion? We chat to Stefanie Sword-Williams, founder and author of F*ck Being Humble who gives us all her best tips. Plus find out why Ellie danced naked for Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon... with a cello.
15/04/2129m 12s

A tight chassis

In this episode we’re chatting about the etiquette of the rule of six and Ellie’s major faux pas of inviting only two of her friends and their partners in a group chat of four. Plus, do most women prefer ‘dad bods’ to ripped muscles? We also discuss the Paloma Faith documentary and how she navigates going on tour with her baby.
08/04/2128m 50s

How to perfect your muff chignon

Is it weird to buy your mum a sex toy? We talk to Natalie Lee from Style Me Sunday who bought vibrators for her mum and sister for Christmas. Plus we chat about Anna’s secret pastime of bobsleighing and why Ellie has no hobbies.
01/04/2126m 54s

Swinging tits

This week we’re discussing Orlando Bloom’s ridiculous daily routine (which includes a 20 minute chant and brain octane oil), whether nighties are making a comeback and what happens when you accidentally send a graphic description of your Brazilian wax to your husband’s colleague. Plus, a trigger warning, we discuss the documentary on Caroline Flack’s life and death.
25/03/2129m 44s

Wikifeet meets Cameo

In this week’s episode we chat about what it’s like when you spot a Banjo brother by the seesaw, Jon Snow becoming a father again in his seventies and the ‘entitlement gap’ - social conditioning which reportedly makes women in the work force feel less deserving than their male counterparts. We also discuss - a trigger warning - whether the tragic death of Sarah Everard will finally start a national conversation about violence against women.
18/03/2129m 43s

Anna’s husband’s tiny pickle

In this ep we discuss THE celeb interview of the century. No, not Mrs Merton grilling Debbie McGee, but when Meghan met Oprah. We chat to journalist and author Natalie Morris about the implications of the Sussex’s revelations and how they may shape discussions of racism and mental health in the future. Plus we debate whether multivitamins or salted caramel bellends are acceptable Mother’s Day presents and how matching coat hangers are the key to a happy existence.
11/03/2139m 12s

Ball licking in the time of Covid

This week the girls chat about the ‘hate’ follow — following people online that that make us jealous/angry/lustful for an OBE. We also discuss the power of the mute button and learn how many of Anna’s friends have used it on her (SPOILER all of them). Plus we cover lessons learnt from lockdown, Ellie’s new welly based purchase and what happens when your kid wants to curl one out in front of WH Smiths.
04/03/2133m 43s

The time Anna was on page 3

Anne Hathaway revealed she was the ninth choice for her role in The Devil Wears Prada - we discuss whether we should change our perception of success and whether we’ve ever lost out on a big job. Plus, as it’s announced Kim and Kanye are getting divorced, we discuss celebrity breakups.
25/02/2127m 13s

The Masked Singer on acid

Is it hypocritical of Meghan Markle to want privacy while giving an interview to Oprah? We’re discussing reclaiming your own narrative, plus we chat about toxic positivity and we reminisce about clubbing days.
18/02/2132m 43s

Ellie vs Gen Z

Why do Gen-Zers judge us for wearing skinny jeans, side partings and loving Harry Potter? This week we’re chatting about what Gen-Zers think of Millennials. Plus we discuss about the basic things we have no clue how to do (including having to google who gives way on a roundabout).
11/02/2132m 45s

Miniature boner for a tight cranny

After the Zoella and female masturbation row, we discuss what is the right age for women to start talking about female pleasure? Plus we chat about dealing with grief during coronavirus and how we’re craving the need for gossip.
04/02/2130m 45s

Douching activism

What is the most random purchase you’ve made in lockdown 3.0? Anna is very close to buying a Japanese toilet and a friend of hers drunkenly bought a micro pig. Plus we pitch our alternative questions to the British citizenship test and discuss why there seems to be a fine line between self-care and chores.
28/01/2129m 4s

How to become a £40k pa slipper tester

This week we’re chatting about how to successfully complain, the selfishness of neighbours who have morning sex and the joys of napping.
21/01/2127m 40s

Feeling unhinged

It’s the first episode of 2021 and we’re chatting about Ellie’s mild existential crisis, juggling a full time job and homeschooling, plus the awkwardness of neighbour WhatsApp groups.
14/01/2124m 30s

Festive botox

In our final episode of the year, we discuss festive botox & placenta facials.
11/12/206m 54s

Anna's Ribena-soaked poota

This week we discuss the value in constructive criticism and why people can approach feminism any way they want, Ellie discusses her hatred of being called ‘mum’ by adults and we analyse Kate Middleton’s most used emojis. Plus, find out why Anna hired a choreographer to teach her the dance to Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’.
03/12/2023m 45s

Fruity business

What do men do when they lock themselves in the bathroom for an hour? A survey revealed 62% of British men admitted they try and hide from their families over the festive period. And as it's announced three households can mix over Christmas, how do you choose who to include in your festive bubble? Plus, as promised, we review the erotic novel the Haunted Vagina.
26/11/2026m 50s

Premature treejaculation

Is mid-November too early to put up your Christmas tree? Or after the year we’ve had, does everyone need some early festive cheer? Plus we chat about the worst inspirational quotes, the rise in divorce rates and why so many people got their knickers in a twist over Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue.
19/11/2027m 48s

The rocky road pyramid scheme

Nearly half of Brits have never used a sex toy, according to new research. We speak to sex and relationship expert Kate Moyle to chat about why so many Brits are reluctant to try one and where you can start if you’ve been thinking about it. Plus we discuss the the pressure of date night and the grief you feel when your family moves abroad.
12/11/2032m 19s

The clit bang

After people slammed David Beckham online for kissing his daughter on the lips, we talk about why people are so uncomfortable with it. Plus we discuss judging accents and why clothing labels are bollocks.
05/11/2025m 3s

Discovering Ellie’s wikifeet rating

After the pictures of Lily James and Dominic West emerged, this week we talk about why people always seem to shame and judge the women in an affair, instead of the married man. Plus we discuss why people are so uncomfortable with a same-sex couple dancing on Strictly and we say goodbye to Ellie’s beloved red dressing gown — an item which has provided us with so much content over the years.
29/10/2026m 28s

Escape the boner

Inspired by actor Tom Hollander’s daily routine of insomnia and afternoon wanks, Ellie gives you a glimpse into her everyday schedule. Plus we discuss electronic male chastity belts, what the boundaries are between constructive criticism online and trolling and the return of the hit TV show Changing Rooms.
22/10/2036m 8s

Sharing some viral erotica

One of our lovely listeners (thanks Elizabeth) recommended the book ‘Kissing the Coronavirus’, about a woman who falls in love with the personified Covid-19, it’s pretty steamy so Ellie shares her favourites bits. We’ll also be chatting about the reaction to Chrissy Teigen’s instagram post about losing her baby.
15/10/2027m 50s

Ellie's application to be Wayne Lineker's girlfriend

Ellie officially submits her application to be Wayne Lineker’s girlfriend, plus we chat about the terrifying impact of social media after watching The Social Dilemma and how it's estimated parents could earn £83k a year if they were paid for all the parenting work they do.
07/10/2032m 36s

Talkin' role play (with Barbie)

This week we’re discussing why doll play is just as important to our kids’ learning as puzzles and building blocks, after some fascinating new research from Barbie and Cardiff University’s and we’ll chat to the world-renowned parenting expert Dr Michele Borba. Plus find out why Anna has a newspaper cutting of her police photo with her dressed as a chicken. This episode is sponsored by Barbie.
01/10/2026m 5s


This week we’re discussing hangxiety and whether it gets worse with age, if celebrities should have to label images which have been digitally altered to change how they look and why the restrictions on partners being allowed in early labour and birth are still in place.
17/09/2032m 39s

Too tired to cheat

This week we’re discussing having affairs during lockdown, getting ready for Christmas and how we’ve redefined success after living through a pandemic. Plus Anna talks about the realities of postnatal depression.
03/09/2031m 40s

Magaluf memories

This week we’re reminiscing about our clubbing holidays as Magaluf is completely deserted due to coronavirus and discussing why the government is essentially advising us to all do doggy.
20/08/2024m 6s

Vacuous pageantry

This week we’re discussing shame attacks, the challenge accepted hashtag on instagram and why we’re not the parents we thought we’d be. Plus, our best memories of the Argos catalogue after it was announced the catalogue will go online-only.
06/08/2034m 28s

A bronze medal is still a medal

Why hello and welcome to this award winning podcast (thank you judges at the British Podcast Awards). This week we’re discussing whether we would do a paid ad for a toilet that flushes your undercarriage or cream for slightly uneven labia, Kanye West’s ill-mental health and having to deal with it when you have a public platform and whether diet TV shows to help us ditch the “quarantine 15” — the 15 pounds everyone has supposedly put on through lockdown — are outdated and unnecessary during a pandemic. Plus, find what out what activity led Anna to end up in A&E for a pierced cornea.
23/07/2029m 25s

Frank the orangutan

This week we’re discussing why allowing pubs to reopen and not beauty salons is sexist and the perils of parenting while on air.
07/07/2026m 35s

"Get your skanky, manky titties off instagram"

This week we’re discussing why people have a problem with women posting pictures breastfeeding on social media and dealing with burnout during a pandemic. Plus find out how Anna feels about being completely off Instagram for the month.
30/06/2031m 56s

Going feral

We’re back! We’ve had a lil break and we’re ready to fill your lugholes with some first class content. This week we discuss embracing the grey during lockdown and Trump getting trolled by K-pop fans. Don’t say we don’t treat ya.
23/06/2030m 53s

Porn and pelvic floors

In this episode we talk about why people seem to be so uncomfortable about the idea of older people having sex and which Ikea items you need to improve your sex life. Plus we speak to Erika Lust, an adult film maker, about making porn with a 70-year-old couple and her top sex toy recommendations (May is the month of masturbation, didn’t you know?). TENA’s new #Ageless campaign talks sex to challenge perceptions of sex and incontinence. TENA aims to celebrate the confidence of women who refuse to be ashamed of their bodies or defined by society’s perceptions of ageing. The brand wants to help women find the confidence to talk openly about incontinence and feel empowered and confident to seek guidance. Watch the video here: https://bit.ly/TENAPodcast
28/05/2032m 57s

The enema within

This week we’re discussing the most irritating Facebook challenges, whether a joint enema with a friend is an acceptable birthday present and why people still call parenting from a father’s perspective “daddy daycare”.
26/05/2031m 41s

Snail orgies

This week we discuss whether the coronavirus pandemic is pushing women back into the role of 1950s housewives, Anna joining the Clit Club and what led Ellie to believe she’s Joe Exotic for snails.
12/05/2029m 44s

Quiche sluts

In this episode we discuss the Malaysian government’s tips on how wives should behave during the coronavirus lockdown, the words and phrases we’ve been saying wrong and find out how much Ellie spent on a personalised birthday message from Bobby Norris.
05/05/2028m 14s

EP 83: The Inner Twat

This week we chat about Zoom fatigue, completely unnecessary purchases we’ve made during lockdown and analysing our first instagram posts and those ridiculous hashtags we used.
21/04/2030m 3s

EP 82: Playboy Easter Bunny

Ellie and Anna share tip number 289 on how to keep your sex life alive during lockdown: get your partner to shave their hair and beards so it feels like you’re sleeping with someone else and Anna revisits what she learnt from a course on ‘how not to hate your partner’. Plus, should over 30s be on TikTok and has Carole Baskin ruined leopard print?
14/04/2029m 28s

EP 81: Your Corona Confessions

Have you all got into the swing of homeschooling yet? Are no-one else’s husbands homeschooling their children while accidentally flashing one bollock out of their boxers or catching their kids watching the poker channel while they’re on a conference call? Also this week, Ellie and Anna reveal your (entirely confidential) corona confessions.
07/04/2030m 1s

EP 80: How to avoid daytime sex

Are you all having more sex or are your partners driving you absolutely nuts after spending so much time together? Plus would you ever spend two and a half grand on getting your hair and makeup done before you give brith?
31/03/2024m 35s

EP 79: Social Distancing With Piña Coladas

As schools and nurseries close across the country, a lot of us are wondering how on earth we will cope. Anna talks through her top tips for working from home, especially with kids, and still manage to retain an ounce of your sanity.
24/03/2027m 11s

EP 78: Caught Double Capping

This week Ellie and Anna discuss why people still consider maternity leave ‘a nice time off’, whether all parents have a favourite child and is it possible to fall in love with someone in three days?
17/03/2028m 35s

EP 77: Sleep divorce

Ellie and Anna discuss whether they’d ever consider a sleep divorce as half of Brits have either thought about or gone ahead with sleeping in a different room to their partner. They’re joined by James Wilson, known as The Sleep Geek, to find out how to sleep better. Plus, is it acceptable for Anna’s husband to stockpile 52 cans of cream of mushroom soup?
10/03/2029m 0s

EP 76: The Cripper

This week Ellie and Anna talk about things they wear that their husbands hate (ever heard of a cripper?) and whether wanting to Marie Kondo their wardrobes clash with their feminist credentials. Plus, the discovery of a new star sign and apparently Mars is in retrograde right now so we essentially all get a free pass to act a bit mad for the next month.
03/03/2027m 12s

EP 75: The fear of grey pubes

This week Ellie and Anna reminisce about those weird things we did at school, does anyone remember getting a picture with a random owl on your shoulder or carrying around your PE kit in a Jane Norman bag? Plus, Ellie and Anna talk about going grey and mum guilt.
25/02/2023m 9s

Ep 74: Postpartum poo

As you know, this podcast tackles all the big issues. This week Ellie & Anna discuss the bride who gambled on a fart and got a shart, plus the quest begins to find out who shat on the toilet floor at Anna’s sister's wedding. If you’re not comfortable with toilet humour, this episode probably isn’t for you.
18/02/2025m 21s

Ep 73: The Fairy Liquid Technique

We set out to talk about Valentine’s Day and all the raunchy stuff we could get up to but ended up talking about whether it’s ever okay to eat food out of the bin? Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
10/02/2030m 51s

Ep 72: The Penis Turtle Tattoo

We’re back! In this episode Ellie & Anna chat about Gwyneth Paltrow’s The Goop Lab documentary on Netflix after it sent fans wild after filming real female orgasms. Plus, find out why Anna direct messaged 5,000 people on Instagram a picture of a penis turtle tattoo and her top tips from a hand job workshop. Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
04/02/2032m 31s

Ep 71: Welcome to the festive gooch

We're nearing the end of 2019 so Ellie and Anna look back at their favourite moments of the decade: think Wagatha Christie, the heated debate over 'the dress' and hot priests. Plus Anna describes seeing her titties of dreams in a rib-eye polo neck. Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/. Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/. Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
06/01/2031m 30s

Ep 70: The one with the two metre long sausage

It's divided the nation, even more than Brexit, are Brussels sprouts the highlight of a Christmas dinner? With Christmas just around the corner Ellie and Anna talk you through how you survive the big day, with a little help from Jilly Cooper. Plus Ellie explains why no dirty weekend can be complete without protective eyewear. Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/. Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/. Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
24/12/1934m 51s

EP 69: Excuse me, where are the period pants?

With Christmas party season upon us, Ellie and Anna chat about the most embarrassing tales from office Christmas dos. And how do you style out your boob flopping out of your dress while country dancing? They discuss nightmare wardrobe malfunctions plus all the extra podcast juiciness including Ellie's period pants and Anna's traumatic experience with a plastic bag. Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am “Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/. Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/.” Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
17/12/1930m 58s

Ellie and Anna Recommend...Don't Tell Your Mum

Thank you so much for listening to Ellie and Anna Have Issues. As you like this podcast, Ellie and Anna would like to recommend another show that you will absolutely love, Don't Tell Your Mum. Hosted by Heart's JK and Founder of the Dadsnet, Al Ferguson host a weekly podcast for Dads about parenting issues, family life, reconnecting with being a man. Listen and subscribe to Don't Tell Your Mum on Global Player or wherever you get your podcast and Ellie and Anna will be back with you on Tuesday.
13/12/193m 12s

Ep 68: Lubey lips and sore nips

What's more important: sex or sleep? Nearly a third of couples are in a sexless relationship - Ellie and Anna delve into why the nation are bonking less. Why do Brits have the weirdest Christmas traditions? Who decided we should set fire to a pudding? Why do we sit in paper hats for 6 hours? Plus, can you still be a feminist and get excited about cleaning products? Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world.    Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/.   Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/. Rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you so drop us a message on the details below   Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka   Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
10/12/1925m 16s

Ep 67: Bungee-chord ball sacks

We've all heard of FOMO but now there's FOBO - fear of better options. Ellie & Anna discuss the new anxiety that accompanies choice overload. Plus, as Rihanna publishes a visual biography, essentially a 500-page book filled purely with photos of herself, we chat about the selfie culture. And find out why Anna saw a 75-year-old scrotum. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
03/12/1932m 22s

Ep 66 : What is Scrilf and do I have it?

Would having sex in front of a gerbil turn you off? Can granny-style pants ever be sexy? Is that spit in the corner of someone's mouth possibly the most off-putting thing ever? This week Ellie & Anna discuss their biggest turn offs. If on a first date a guy gets drunk and pukes on you, do you give them another shot? This week Ellie & Anna are chatting about disastrous dates with First Dates waitress Laura Tott. Plus all the extra podcast juiciness including Anna's mum's chode. Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/. Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor
26/11/1931m 23s

Ep 65: Anna’s Mum’s Chode

If on a first date a guy gets drunk and pukes on you, do you give them another shot? This week Ellie & Anna are chatting about disastrous dates with First Dates waitress Laura Tott. Plus all the extra podcast juiciness including Anna's mum's chode. Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/. Or check out the Family Link App here - https://families.google.com/intl/en_uk/familylink/. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
19/11/1932m 33s

Ep 64: Muff Busting with Florence Schechter From The Vagina Museum

Does your vagina get saggy after child birth? Ellie and Anna dive into sex ed discussing why putting condoms on bananas isn't the only option for kids at school, and bust some myths -or should we say MUFFs with Florence Schechter, director of the world's first museum dedciated to the vagina. Plus, is it ever okay to use strawberry lube as jam on your morning toast? Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
12/11/1928m 24s

Ep 63: Polishing Testicles with Sali Hughes

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of beauty? Placenta facial? Vampire face-lift? Did the suffragettes really fight for us to have the right to laser off our pubes? Plus, Ellie and Anna discuss whether it's ever a good idea to get back with your ex. And find out what led to Ellie peeing in the bath on a weekend away with her husband. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
05/11/1931m 16s

Ep 62: What’s It Like Having A Husband And A Girlfriend?

As 65-year-old Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid announces his engagement to his 26-year-old girlfriend [insert Ellie's vomiting sound], Ellie and Anna discuss age gap relationships, the weird and wonderful things people have done in the name of love, plus Anna discovered another word she can't say (spoiler alert: it's bread based). And a BONUS, Ellie and Anna speak to Cathy Keen, who's in a consensual non-monogamous relationship with her husband and female partner. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
29/10/1944m 14s

Ep 61: The One With The Financial Dominatrix

Ever heard of findomming? Nope, us neither. We talk to Elysia Nicole about her life as a financial dominatrix - a new trend where men pay women to insult them and then drain their bank accounts. Plus, Chef Heston Blumenthal has caused quite a stir this week after he claimed female chefs aren't reaching the same levels as men in the industry due to "evolution" and women not being able to lift pots and pans. FYI, Heston, a standard iron skillet weights on average 3.5kg, while a toddler on average weighs 12kg. Ellie and Anna talk about their own experiences of workplace sexism. Also, can dried weetabix in a bowl end a relationship? We delve into couples' pet peeves. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
22/10/1937m 6s

EP 60: The War Of The WAGs

Whose side are you on in the war of the WAGs? This week Ellie and Anna are discussing Coleen Rooney's, AKA WAGathaChristie, top class sleuthing after she accused Rebekah Vardy of selling fake stories about her to the press. Is it time to start the 'wap yer bap out' campaign? After a woman was asked by a cafe owner to cover up while boob-feeding her baby, Ellie and Anna discuss why in 2019 people still have a problem with breastfeeding. While it's always okay to breastfeed in public, plucking chin hair and cutting toenails is definitely not. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am
15/10/1932m 12s

EP 59: The Pube Commandments with Flo Perry

To shave or not to shave? That’s the question Ellie and Anna are asking this week! To help them out, we’ve enlisted the help of writer and illustrator Flo Perry, who’s also conveniently written an amazing book called ‘How To Have Feminist Sex’ (no, we know what you’re thinking, it’s not role playing as a Suffragette….). It’s all about having more of the sex you want, sex that makes you feel good, and sex on your terms, as well as also taking a cheeky nude every now and again. Were you disciplined when you were a child? This week Scotland made smacking your children illegal. As difficult as kids can be sometimes, this is definitely overdue, so Ellie and Anna reflect on their childhood discipline of the 80s and whether grounding really worked. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe, we love hearing from you, and drop us a message on the details below Anna Whitehouse Twitter: @mother_pukka Instagram: @mother_pukka Ellie Taylor Twitter: @EllieJaneTaylor Instagram: @elliejanetaylor Don’t forget to listen to the live radio show on Heart! Sunday nights 10pm – 1am Flo Perry’s book “How To Have Feminist Sex” is out now!
08/10/1930m 7s

Ep 58: Discussing Ex’s / Injuries

This week’s episode is a tense one as Ellie and Anna discuss the most hotly contested topic since the Brexit referendum... what’s the correct way to have a jacket potato? Things get nasty as they unpack whether you stick to the classic cheese and bean combo, or go rogue and chuck in some tuna/coleslaw/BBQ sauce? It’s safe to say there are no real winners, just a bruised ego or two. Now the important bit is out of the way, Ellie and Anna break down the etiquette surrounding discussing your ex and whether you should do it at all, even if it is polite. When’s the correct time to bring it up on a date? Anna’s also still recovering from falling out of a taxi stone cold sober and has a fat ankle as a result, so if that story in itself wasn’t hilarious enough, Ellie and Anna also discuss their funniest holiday injuries and they are GOLDEN.
01/10/1930m 44s

International Podcast Day Bonus Episode - Anna

Monday 30th September is International Podcast Day, and is an international celebration of the power of podcasts! To celebrate, Anna is sharing some of her favourite podcasts with you and why she loves them so much. Have a listen, subscribe to some new shows and share your favourite shows on Twitter by using the hashtag #InternationalPodcastDay
30/09/1911m 36s

International Podcast Day Bonus Episode - Ellie

Monday 30th September is International Podcast Day, and is an international celebration of the power of podcasts! To celebrate, Ellie is sharing some of her favourite podcasts with you and why she loves them so much. Have a listen, subscribe to some new shows and share your favourite shows on Twitter by using the hashtag #InternationalPodcastDay
30/09/1912m 25s

Ep 57: Trolls / Empty Nests

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson’s documentary on trolls has got everyone talking, so this week Ellie and Anna are reflecting on their own experience of trolls. Should you engage with them? Should you block them? Do you kill them with kindness? Or do you take a leaf out of Anna’s book, and take them for a 2for1 offer on doughballs at Pizza Express*? We don’t condone that last one, but Anna actually did this!? Plus, it’s that time of year that students across the country flock the nest for the first time and venture off into the complicated world of adulthood at university. But do we ever really grow up? Do we ever not like coming back to the safety of our caregiver’s home, with soft furnishings and fully working appliances at any age? The answer to that is a fat NO. There’s also some bonus content of Ellie asking for a skinny almond milk cappuccino (what a rookie) and Anna’s husband coming to the office to actually hand deliver crutches! *other pizza chains are available
24/09/1931m 43s

Ep 56: Rekindling the Flame / Regrets

Tonight, it’s rekindling the flame in your relationship, FOMO Vs JOMO, and regrets! Has the spark gone, is the flame now just a barely lit ember? Ellie and Anna look at what to do when things aren’t as sassy as they used to be, and how you can get the spark back in your relationship… including discussing their own sex bucket lists. They discuss whether missed opportunities ever turn out to be a good thing, and then delve into the world of regret. It turns out Anna has one or two!
17/09/1929m 33s

Ep 55: September Blues /Personal Grooming Fails

The holidays are over, summers finished and as we get back to normality it turns out the post-holiday hangover is real! Ellie and Anna reflect on their own summer holidays, whether they bring you together as a family or divide your relationship and they reminisce about going back to school. We’re talking about the joy of stationary, signing hymns and those first day photo’s on Facebook. They also delve into the world of personal grooming fails. From the bottom to the top…they discuss everything from hair removal cream regrets to holding 90’s celebs account for their crimes against fashion.
10/09/1932m 37s

Ep 54: Being A Gentleman in 2019 / The ‘Ick’

What’s the difference between being a gentleman and being a lad? What’s the difference between being a gentleman and just generally being a good human? Has feminism killed the gentleman? Where do we go when we die? Just when things are starting to feel a little highbrow this week, it’s all brought back down to earth when Ellie belches into the microphone half way through the show. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted right?! Ellie and Anna also tackle the dreaded ‘ICK’ feeling in a relationship, and discuss the fine line between being understandably grossed out by something your partner does, and just being shallow.
03/09/1931m 27s

Ep 53: Humour in Relationships / The Modern Day Gentlewoman

Hi! Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk past again? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? This week it’s chat up line GALORE as Ellie and Anna discuss the importance of humour in relationships, and how to deploy it expertly to diffuse arguments. Plus, Gemma Collins was in the headlines for making her stylist sniff her ‘yeasty’ vagina, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘scratch and sniff’, so Ellie and Anna explore what it means to be a ‘lady’ in 2019. We also discover ANOTHER word that Anna can’t say…. She says ‘PISTACH-OH’ FOR ‘PISTACHIO’?! What on earth?!
27/08/1933m 43s

Ep 52: Love At First Sniff / Competing In Relationships

Forget love at first sight, it’s all about love at first sniff. This week, Ellie and Anna hark back to the days of Lynx Africa and the Charlie SO! Fragrances as they discuss the importance of scent in attraction and relationships. We also get a bit high-brow as we do make some REAL LIFE SCIENCE on the show: A SMELL TEST. Can Anna sniff out husband Matt’s t-shirt amongst a shirt from a random man in the office (who was left shivering by the photocopier), and quite literally the shirt off Ellie’s back? The girls also get a bit competitive in the Great British SICK Off at home as well as discussing muting people on social media because their success and happiness quite literally makes you want to die a little inside. There’s also some bonus content involving a DOG called HELEN (?!) and the time Ellie wrote an actual complaint to Pret* for discontinuing her favourite snack.
20/08/1930m 54s

Ep 51: Noisy Sex / Romantic Gestures

When sex goes from hush hush to bang bang as you mature from creeping around as a teenager, to being a married woman with a mortgage, a child, another one on the way, and finally being able to sleep in the same room as your partner under your parents roof. The girls also come equipped with some handy tips if you yourself live under a ‘Mr or Mrs Stamina’, which come mainly in the form of a sleepy Ellie in a dressing gown, banging the ceiling with a broom in the middle of the night. Plus in the week that saw Kylie Jenner’s entire floor get covered with $50,000 worth of roses by her boyfriend for her birthday, and not forgetting the woman who was proposed to by her farmer fiancée using a ring on a cow udder, it’s all about romantic gestures. Throat losanges and silicone straws are about as far is it stretches in the Taylor/Whitehouse household apparently… lucky, lucky ladies.
12/08/1926m 52s

Ep 50: Faking It Till You Make It / Phrases We Want BANNED!

This week dear listener, Ellie and Anna regale us with tales of their youth about times they used older relatives IDs to buy peach Archers and Lambrini, and when Ellie lied on her CV saying she was a journo so they sent her to interview a scouse man in prison. Unsurprisingly that was the last feature she wrote as a journalist. Certainly lots of faking, maybe not so much making it. Plus, in the week Jacob Rees-Mogg’s style guide was leaked to the press banning words and phrases like ‘very’ and ‘not fit for purpose’, Ellie and Anna give us a glimpse into what the world would look like if they were rulers of the universe and rattle off ALL the words and phrases they would want banned #sorrynotsorry. We’ll also throw in a story from Anna about two horses defecating in unison, just for good measure. Don’t say we don’t treat you!!
06/08/1935m 29s

Ep 49: School’s Out / Style Wars

In the week that the summer holidays got into full swing and Britain saw the hottest day EVER, parents everywhere were beginning to break down. Have no fear! Ellie and Anna being the female superheroes we never had are saving the day with tales of their youth and a summer holiday survival guide. The girls also get talk style wars with your partner as Anna’s bought a pair of sandals that made hubby Matt nearly walk out the house. There’s also the added bonus of a runaway scrotum in the park, and Anna having a dream that she fancied Katy Perry, but couldn’t talk to he without a lisp as she had artichoke leaves for teeth. Yeah, we don’t know either… enjoy!
30/07/1932m 48s

Ep 48: Detox Diets / I Knew I Was Getting Old When…

Diets for werewolves, getting excited over posh crockery and Ellie smashing the patriarchy by watching Magic Mike Live whilst her husband looks after the babe. What. A. Week. It’s bikini body season (and by that, we mean you have a body and a bikini) so the girls are venturing into the world of fad diets, diet myths and detoxing. The conclusion? Let’s sack it all in and get a large Margherita and a bottle of red wine. Plus this week our feeds have been saturated with leathery faces of ourselves courtesy of the FaceApp, so we’re asking how do you know you’re getting old?! Turns out it’s when you’re more interested in the bedding in ‘Killing Eve’ than the actual story line, that’s how!
23/07/1936m 8s

Ep 47: Holiday Romances / Language Barriers

Possums, wombats and a bull EE-I-EE-I-O. No, Ellie & Anna have not invested in farmland (as far as I know), but these animals do all feature in this week's episode, as the girls discover how language barriers can affect relationships. Plus, why's it so easy to "fall in love" when you're on holiday? In pursuit of the answer to that question, Anna shares a sexy story about a head brace-based snog she experienced with a boy named Bug Breath. The girls also delve into the Top Three Holiday Romances We've All Experienced! P.S. Probably should've had opened with this - it's HUGE NEWS - but this show's been officially happening for one whole year! Confusingly, there aren't 52 episodes of the podcast (holidays n that), but we'd all like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening!
16/07/1934m 0s

Ep 46: The L-word / Modern Day Dating Milestones

I LOVE YOU! Was it too soon tell you that? Maybe a podcast description just wasn't the right place to let you know. Thankfully, Ellie & Anna are here to clue us up on the dos and don'ts of saying the three words that mean the most. There are rules, stats and some interesting views on lip-kissing your dad! Plus, modern day dating milestones! Remember when meeting the in-laws was a the biggest hurdle in any new relationship? Well, those days a long gone! Now, it's all about being invited into the family WhatsApp group and sharing your social media passwords. The girls also discuss also discuss what the future of dating has got in store!
09/07/1930m 57s

Ep 45: Coming Out / Millennial Behaviour

This week, Ellie & Anna mark the end of Pride Month by sharing a couple of difference perspectives on coming out. One experience exists at the end of a phone line, the other at the end of Anna's family tree! Plus, are millennials having less sex than ever before, or is technology making it even easier to get laid? The girls explore those questions with the help of Brian, a 22-year-old male virgin.
02/07/1929m 11s

Ep 44: Bad Sex / Relationship Regret

First issue on the agenda this week? Hay fever-based noises! From the humble sniffle to something resembling a spluttering steam engine - we've got them all! It's not so much a topic of conversation, more a warning, if you're one of the few (sensible) listeners who reads this blurb/disclaimer before diving in. ACTUAL ISSUE NO.1: How do you tell a sexual bedfellow that they're not hitting the spot? That's where we begin this week. Ellie & Anna are joined by Sex & Relationship Coach, Louisa MacInnes, to discuss "the old hoo-haa" and The Bossy (not botty) Massage! Plus, "Relationship Regret" and how it affects us... there's a list and everything. Of course, the great British weather plays a part. Bloody weather.
25/06/1934m 45s

Ep 43: Father's Day / Advice

It's Father's Day! Or, at least it was Father's Day. So, who better to join the girls than host of fathering podcast 'Don't Tell Your Mum' and Heart Dad, JK! Following a quick warm up, which mainly consists of ropey Darth Vader impressions, it's straight onto what Dad's really want on their big day. Turns out it's not giant frying pans or personalised Toblerone - who knew?! Also this week, Ellie & Anna discuss giving advice to your younger self and explain the intricacies of the "strawpedo".
18/06/1933m 32s

Ep 42: Cheating / Gossip

This week, Ellie and Anna explore "The Top Five Types of Cheating"... two of them don't even involve another person. Turns out, however, they could involve your coppers/gherkin jar and Anna's former gardener, Vince (The Prince). Also, gossip! Why it's good for us, when it backfires AND why, if you're planning a secret proposal, it's probably best to keep the proposal secret. Simple advice, easy to follow.
11/06/1925m 18s

Ep 41: Body Modifications / Buying Under The Influence

Classy: An adjective, meaning stylish and sophisticated. Unless, of course, you're Anna Whitehouse, who's got other ideas. All will be revealed as the girls discuss body modifications and how they affect your relationship! Also on the menu this week - the purchases you make "under the influence". We're not necessarily talking booze, either. What about those big "romantic" gestures that cost the earth... but are often made prematurely under the guise of true love!
04/06/1931m 13s

Ep 40: Everyday Heroes / Digital Parenting

This week, Ellie & Anna celebrate our 'Everyday Heroes' and explore 'Digital Parenting'. Plus, Anna's folks may have unlocked the secret to a long and successful marriage! You'll be pleased to hear that it involved carrots... and an aggressive melon. Providing very little counter balance to that revelation, is Ellie's story about her dad's (yet undiagnosed) psychopathic tendencies.
28/05/1931m 58s

Ep 39: Reliving Your Youth / Life Deadlines

HOW OLD IS TOO OLD TO BE AT DA CLUB? Well, according to "the people" - or 5000 of them, at least - it's younger than Anna is, and trust me, she's still very much (annually) at da club! Despite her aggressive passion for the nightlife, she won't be "Russian" to the final of Britain's Next Top Mixologist* any time soon - a joke that should make sense if you make it that far through this week's episode. To camp Ellie, where the pressure's on in the inaugural (and only) "D of E Off" - we're making history here, guys. *Not a genuine TV show. Just a great idea.
21/05/1935m 53s

Ep 38: The Royal Baby / Birthday Struggles

Ellie & Anna officially welcome "young Archie-chops" into the people's nook, as they discuss the royal arrival! There's advice from Anna on how much padding should be involved when wearing white post-birth, and the girls share your "my labour was overshadowed by..." stories. Plus, we delve into Anna's husband's calendar, and find out what "accounts due" really means (and why she probably shouldn't have made this discovery on the eve of her birthday)!
14/05/1936m 41s

Ep 37: Greetings / Millennial Dating

ELLIE TAYLOR AND HER UNCLE HARRY'S WET EXCHANGE. The hottest new indie band to come out of the UK, or an awkward family-based greeting gone wrong? Ellie's got the answer (and all the disturbing details) in this week's episode! Plus, Anna campaigns to bring back the high five, and the girls play a game of "Snog, Marry, Swipe", as they consider how they'd cope dating in the modern day.
07/05/1933m 20s

Ep 36: Returning to Work / Parental Advice

Guess who's back, back again!? It's comedian, writer, actor and former vodka luge operative/hostess, Ellie Taylor! She's also a new mum (which is where she's been for some months). She returns with a spring in her step and joyous tales of early motherhood - you definitely won't hear horror stories that involve shower caps and blocked toilets. Definitely not.
30/04/1932m 13s

EP 35: Wingman Wins / Is Sex A Deal Breaker?

What goes "PLAT PLAT PLAT PLAT PLAT PLAT" really quickly? No, not a frog running on it's hind legs, but Zoe's worst ever sexual experience. PLUS, the girls rate each others sexy selfie attempts, but which part of Anna resembles a digestive biscuit? Answer inside.
23/04/1930m 17s

EP 34: Sugar Relationships / Close to Home Relationships

In this episode - and for the first time in recorded history - both Zoe & Anna are left speechless by just two words! No spoilers, but one of those words begins with "p" and ends in "enis". Oh, they're talking sugar daddies/mummies/babies, by the way! Also, ever fancied your best mate's mum? How about one of their siblings? It really does happen, as the girls discover!
16/04/1933m 10s

EP 33: The Sex Talk / Great Sexpectations

Disclaimer: This episode will make you cringe. On the plus side, it could also increase your tolerance of awkward situations! Can you remember when your parents sat you down to talk about the birds and the bees? Maybe you're a parent who's gearing up to have that very chat - there are PLENTY of you, and your stories are golden. Zoe & Anna also talk "sexpectation VS. reality" - how have your experiences (between the sheets) compared to what you've seen in the movies? I mean, no one knocked themselves out on a bedside table in "Throbbin' Hood" and I don't recall an awkward condom moment in "Breast Side Story"... And SURELY no-ones ever defected their marital bed, in a movie or otherwise? Anna? ANNA? Foot note: Aren't porno puns the best? One more? Sure. Saturday Night Beaver. Enjoy.
09/04/1932m 46s

EP 32: Mother's Day / Spring

This week, Zoe & Anna uncover a chest/box/portmanteau full of Mother's Day treasures, and for the first time ever, we hear from Carol (Zoe's Mum) and Lucy (Anna's Mum)! The girls are also joined by queens of clutter, The Style Sisters, who share their quicks tips for your 20 minute spring clean! Don't panic, it's not all floor polish (is that a thing?) and feather dusters - Zoe & Anna also get their teeth into "7 Sex Positions to Kickstart Spring"... Hurray for graphic diagrams!
02/04/1934m 41s

Ep 31: The Lightbulb Moment / Sex Life Secrets

Roll out the red carpet and make way for mind-master, Paul McKenna, and his heartwarming "lightbulb moment" story. That's where this week's podcast begins, with some absolute tear jerkers from you lot! Zoe & Anna also chat to Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sarah Rose Bright, who shares her top tips for a great sex life... notepads at the ready!
26/03/1938m 58s

Ep 30: Feedback / Fantasies

Thankfully, in this episode of the podcast, we are NOT introducing "Anna Whitehouse, hostess with the mostess", because in this case, it would involve a nest of eight legged visitors... EURGH! Instead, we're digging into Zoe & Anna's list of film fantasies and finding out when it is (and isn't) appropriate to give your partner feedback!
19/03/1936m 41s

Ep 29: Long Distant Relationships / Age Gaps

Naughty texts and pictures seem to be a recurring theme this week, as Zoe and Anna delve into the world of long distance relationships. With a few Chinese sayings thrown in along the way (no, we don’t know why either…), you’ll hear issues from the week including Anna experiencing serious space invasion on a plane, and Zoe & her husband having a big night out. Plus, the girls ponder how many holes you have, chat about age gaps in relationships, and turn into consultants for listener Mark who’s looking for love with his friend.
12/03/1933m 40s

Ep 28: Working Out Together / Couple Code

Is it true what they say? Do couples that sweat together really stay together? This week’s expert opinion is brought to you from an 800 meter record holder, and someone who’s just started using wine bottles for weights - we’ll let you work out who’s who. Next up, Zoe and Anna are helping you navigate the world of proper code in a couple. Is it ever right to know how many people your partner’s slept with? Should you return any left behind items from ex’s? PLUS, Anna’s gone and got another dodgy beauty treatment and Zoe won’t stop rinsing her #faketanfail
05/03/1933m 18s

Ep 27: Hobbies / Hygiene

Something that won't be dropping onto Zoe's doormat anytime soon, is her husband's certificate of acceptance into The Hairy Hogs. That's what we find out this week, as the girls tackle 'hobbies! Think that sounds sexy? I raise you hygiene! Let's talk dirty... raisins, honking and sporadic showering all make an appearance. PLUS, an actual conversation expert explains how you can tell your partner they stink, and we stumble upon an un-planned SOCK OFF!
26/02/1939m 14s

Ep 26: Cosmetic Enhancements / Size

It's more questions than answers in this week's episode of the podcast! Why did Anna's Valentine's Day involve a "rubber foot", which part of Zoe's husband has been enhanced, and how much cream does it take to remove your (new) eyebrows? All revealed inside. Plus, the girls talk to the perfect size 10 and, much to Zoe's delight, we get another "Pizza the Action", courtesy of Anna Whitehouse. Yay. Can't wait. Great feature.
19/02/1933m 47s

Ep 25: Budget Valentines / Wedding Pressures

Welcome to episode 25! Because Zoe and Anna are basically married, that means it’s our Silver anniversary, so happy anniversary to us! As a gift, the girls regale us with tales from their younger days, hosting the used car roadshows in Rotherham and reporting on slug pellets (#glam). Not to mention Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve got some top tips on how to have a low-key celebration, without breaking the bank. Plus, hear about the couple who are CROWD FUNDING their wedding! Think they’ll raise the funds for Anna's radiator repairs too?
12/02/1939m 50s

Ep 24: Contraception / Is It Ever Okay To Lie To Your Partner?

This week it’s all about tales from the humble condom and asking whether it’s ever okay to lie to your partner? Zoe and Anna discover condoms that change colour in contact with STIs, we learn about a man who likes to slip four on in a session, (surely that can’t be healthy?). To help us answer this and more, we brought in our new favourite doctor, Dr. Emeka! Plus there’s another special delivery from our mates at Poundland, and if you don’t wanna splash out on a new toy, Anna’s got all the answers!
05/02/1940m 15s

EP 23: The Lifecycle of Sex / Social Parenting

If your "first time" didn't involve a lava lamp or clumpy hair wax, then Zoe & Anna probably can't relate! This week, the girls go back beneath the sheets and speak to a 24-year-old virgin, as they explore The Modern Day Lifecycle of Sex. Also, calling all parents, parents-to-be, and nightclub staff... Zoe & Anna talk Social Parenting! Does a picture of your kids count as valid photo ID? What are the telltale signs of parents on the dance floor? These key questions and (many) more in this episode of the podcast!
29/01/1932m 34s

Ep 22: Masculinity / Women Watching Porn

In this episode, Zoe & Anna tackle this week's (cue Alan Partridge impression) HOT TOPIC... Masculinity! Is there a need for men to change? The girls muscle their way through more opinions than you can shake a meat stick at, and speak to the founder of The Book of Man, Martin Robinson! PLUS, your search history isn't safe with these two! Zoe & Anna reveal what porn women watched in 2018, and discover something surprising when they speak to Journalist (and all round wonderful human), Mark Smith!
22/01/1939m 8s

Ep 21: Body Positivity In Relationships / Talking Finances With Your Partner

This week we’re learning to love the jiggle and embrace the days of the less perkier boob, as well as tackling the oh so erotic topic of the tax return. Zoe and Anna chat to Jess from @thefatfunnyone who tells us sex really is so much better when you have more “cushion for the pushin’”, PLUS sex and relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr throws in her two cents when it comes to deciding ‘to joint back account’ or ‘to not joint bank account’. Oh, and the girls unbox another surprise gift, and let’s just say, it’s not what you’d normally expect from your producer.
15/01/1943m 50s

Ep 20: Relationship Resolutions / 2019 Sex Trends

If, like Zoe, your dry-January's already gone bottoms up, then the Professor's here to help... and he's naked! That's right, Ben Bidwell's in the studio, introducing Anna to some vomit-inducing techniques that could enhance her marriage! Plus, when two become three... The girls find out what it takes to turn a couple into a throuple, as they count down the top sex trends of 2019! Oh, and find out what a pulsating ‘rock ring’ is.
08/01/1940m 5s

Ep 19: The Christmas Party Show!

Zoe and Anna are joined by special guest Giovanna Fletcher to chat about opening gifts of sexy lingerie in front of your parents and how on earth more babies are conceived over the festive season when there’s so much to do and so many family members to look after or entertain. The functional ‘in and out’ seems like the best way to go. Zoe and Anna find a survey about a ‘typical’ Christmas day and Ellie calls in to talk about maternity leave and the pros and cons of putting her new daughter in the bin. Finally, it may be a time for giving, but it’s also a time for getting irritated by your family, so Zoe and Anna examine the top ten reasons for festive bickering, leading to stories of unwrapping anxiety and face-planting trifle. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
25/12/1838m 50s

Ep 18: Hosting Christmas Parties / The Perils of the Nativity Play

The one and only Jilly Cooper recently revealed her top tips for hosting a Christmas party. Naturally, they are fabulous. Zoe and Anna dissect Jilly’s hosting rules and throw in a few of their own. Bowl food, aggressive cornichon offerings and yellow food are all on the menu. The conversation turns to another festive staple: the school nativity play. Anna goes method in her portrayal of the donkey, Zoe has stage fright as Lady Macbeth and an inflatable sex toy makes an unwelcome appearance.
18/12/1830m 22s

Ep 17: Dress to Impress / Getting over Breakups

The image of a fabulously-dressed Beyoncé performing onstage with a casually-dressed Ed Sheeran led Zoe and Anna to chat about different expectations of the effort men and women should put into their appearance. Are you all about power dressing and plumage or is your look more ‘Day 2 of Freshers’ Week’? Plus, the news that Jack and Dani from Love Island might have split has shaken Anna to the core because she’s financially invested in the couple. Anna and Zoe share their tried-and-tested methods of dealing with breakups, which range from duvets and Dawson’s Creek music to the ‘get under to get over’ mantra. There are plenty of top tips for getting over an ex, including chicken nuggets, Bentleys and rage-based workouts. Podcast extras include Dave the Cat, Douglas the Dog and hoovering up small pets.
11/12/1828m 24s

Ep 16: PDAs / What People Think About Before Sex

The recent debate about David Beckham giving his daughter a peck on the lips leads Zoe and Anna to discuss the difference between slug kisses and snail kisses. This leads to the broader subject of public displays of affection with your other half, from clenching buttocks to full-on snogs. Are you a limpet on a rock, or are you a trophy? Do PDAs make you promiscuous or a player? And what word does Anna hate more than ‘player’? That’ll be ‘jiggy’, and that word is mentioned a fair bit as Zoe and Anna chat about the things people think about before sex. It’s all about the Big O (Ovaltine), not dirty talk. Other topics discussed include nightmarish trips to Santa’s Grotto, road rage at the school gates and how sandwiches can lead to accidents.
04/12/1829m 20s

Ep 15: #couplegoals / Issues with the In-laws

Zoe and Anna are intrigued by a new survey that explores the effects social media has on our relationships. Are #couplegoals affecting our self-esteem? And how does this lead to a conversation about fancy cupboards and a love of pickles? Also, a story caught Anna’s eye this week involving yarn and a tetchy relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. Zoe and Anna share tips about surviving the festive season with the in-laws, and for some reason, the discussion involves fat-shaming, Ryvita and shouty games.
27/11/1834m 12s

Ep 14: Relationship Boundaries / Sex Education

An incident on a crowded train last week leads Zoe and Anna to work out what they would and wouldn’t do in front of their partners. Flatulent husbands, toothbrush sharing, Frederique the chin hair and wearing vests are all under the spotlight. Plus, what are your first memories of sex education? For Zoe and Anna, it’s all about condoms on bananas at school, but their parents had very different approaches to talking about ‘it’.
20/11/1836m 30s

Ep 13: Dr Alex Joins Zoe and Anna / Spice Up Your Love Life

Dr Alex popped into the studio and Anna couldn’t resist flirting with her (and her mum’s) favourite Love Island contestant. Cheesy chat up lines, first snogs and sex nooks all feature, along with Alex’s experiences in a villa filled with 280 cameras. And after Zoe’s friend admitted she and her husband don’t have much sex any more, the girls share their top tips about spicing up long-term relationships, from sex on a window ledge (remember: if Brian the neighbour can see you, go for it!) to crumbs and penis-shaped toast.
13/11/1836m 7s

Ep 12: The Business of Beauty / Sex Toys

It’s Zoe Hardman’s first show sitting in for Ellie who’s on maternity leave, so she comes armed with biscuits. And issues. First up, the business of beauty, so the conversation turns to things falling off your face, hair extensions called Boris, Jackson Pollock paintings and looking like one of the Muppets. Also, Zoe had quite the experience in the supermarket when she saw vibrators on the shelves. Yes, you can buy bullets for less than four salmon fillets! This naturally leads to discussion about sex toy etiquette, nipple tassles and dildo shaming. Will Anna follow Zoe into the red room?!
06/11/1828m 30s

Ep 11: Ellie’s Baby Shower!

It’s Ellie’s last show before she heads off to “squirt out a baby” (her words) so Anna throws Ellie a baby shower. Guests include midwife Clemmie Hooper AKA ‘Mother of Daughters’ to answer all the tough questions about giving birth, like can Ellie bring a hairdryer and hair straighteners into the hospital, and Matt Coyne, author of ‘Man vs Baby’, joins the party to share a traumatic tale about getting stuck in a soft play centre. Conversation turns to flexible working and championing the 4-day week, and Zoe Hardman also pops into the studio. She’ll be keeping the seat warm for Ellie while she’s off on maternity leave, so not only does Zoe offer Ellie tips about raising a small human, but more importantly, Ellie shares advice about hosting a show with Anna.
30/10/1857m 2s

Ep 10: Breakup Sex / the Office Whip-round

It’s coming up to Christmas, so ‘tis the season to split up with your partner to avoid buying presents for people you don’t care about any more. Eggnogs all round! A recent survey claims that breakup sex isn’t actually a bad thing. Ellie agrees. Anna doesn’t. They look at the positive side of breakups, and for some reason pineapple on pizza, GILFs and the Bible all crop up. And seeing as this is Ellie’s penultimate show before she heads off on maternity leave, the conversation turns to work departures, disappointing leaving gifts and fart machines.
22/10/1835m 50s

Ep 09: Bad Birthdays / Small Victories

One of the biggest stories in the papers this week leads Ellie and Anna to discuss bad birthdays. Cue food poisoning, getting sacked and proposing to chicken nuggets. Anna admits to forgetting her husband’s birthday last week – but it’s his fault he didn’t remind her, RIGHT?! Also, a recent survey revealed that 92% of Brits believe they’ve failed to reach their full potential in work, finance, relationships and home life. Oh dear. Ellie and Anna decide to combat this by celebrating the small victories in life, from losing (and finding) a bag to eating peanut butter like yoghurt.
15/10/1835m 13s

Ep 08: Erotic Novels / Abstinence

Apparently 57% of us read erotic novels. Anna’s a big fan of grotty fiction but for Ellie, the subject brings back memories of her parents finding a ‘saucy book’ under her Simba toy. What other dirty little secrets have been found by family members, and how did they react? The girls turn from Penis Grigio to booze, or rather the lack of it: Ellie’s embraced her sober pregnant self but has developed a new addiction. For cereal. Thoughts turn to party bag rampages, duck bones, and plate licking.
08/10/1836m 26s

Ep 07: Online Dating Data / Making New Friends

According to a recent survey about online dating, men are 30% more likely to make the first move. Anna and Ellie discuss their limited experience of online dating and ask listeners to share their weirdest stories. Who knew humping a toilet roll was a way to woo? Also, Ellie’s getting ready to meet her NCT group this week and wants to make a good impression with her fellow parents-to-be. How can she endear herself to them? Will her classic friendship pick-up line ‘can I help you find your snorkel’ work? Bosom nuzzling, dumplings and laminated lists all feature here, and Anna’s attempt at making a celebrity BFF falls at the first hurdle.
01/10/1830m 18s

Ep 06: Ageing Denial / Winning

Following the news that Richard Gere’s going to be a father at the age of 69, ‘geriatric mothers’ Ellie and Anna consider the dos and don’ts of growing old gracefully - or disgracefully – and wonder whether they’re in ageing denial. Plus it was the Emmy Awards this week, so Ellie would just like to thank her thermal vest on the red carpet, Anna puts her winning instinct down to her dad holding a gun against her back (not literally) and an apology is long overdue for the Duke of Edinburgh.
24/09/1826m 28s

Ep 05: First Impressions / Personal Routines

Ellie and Anna share their memories of when they first met – it involved baby poo – and discuss the art of making a good first impression, from spitting out water on a Mary Berry lookalike, extended eye contact and an irrational dislike of sequin hairbands. Plus, after Mark Walhberg shared his gruelling personal routine online, Ellie and Anna work out whether they have enough snack time on a day-to-day basis.
17/09/1837m 46s

Ep 04: Sexting / Personal Grooming Nightmares

Anna was in quite a flap this week after she had a close shave – literally – and ended up in A&E, so the two discuss the perils of personal grooming. Prepare to be glued to your knickers. Also, Ellie and Anna talk about sexting, and whether they’re any good at it. As you’d expect, this leads to stories of radiator valves, ‘knick knocks’ and helmets of the motorcycle variety.
10/09/1829m 27s

Ep 03: Scroll Free September / Could you work with your other half?

It’s Scroll Free September so Ellie and Anna try to figure out whether they could give up social media for a month and live without videos of slime, blackhead popping and soap carving. Plus, the X Factor’s back which means a) it’s nearly Christmas and b) Ellie wonders if she and her husband could work together like Robbie and Ayda. She turns to Anna for advice…..and Anna’s husband Matt. Who works with Anna.
03/09/1835m 30s

Ep 02: Work nights out / Male attractiveness

Ellie and Anna had their first Public Engagement this week! They went to the Heart office party and managed to behave themselves, but it brought back memories for Anna of when she once did the walk of shame into the office and Ellie remembered trying it on with Josh Hartnett at a work do. Work nights out can be difficult to navigate! There’s also a new survey telling men what women find attractive. Beards, extreme sports and red trousers ahoy!
27/08/1832m 13s

Ep 01: Announcing you're pregnant / Social media bragging

Ellie’s preggers! Ellie and Anna discuss the weird and wonderful reactions you get when you tell the world that you’re pregnant. Why is it so awkward and why does it compel friends and family to say the stupidest things? There’s also a theory that bragging on social media is actually good for you.
23/08/1826m 10s
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