Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

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For people who happen to be parents. The feminist podcast to make you laugh as much as you cry, learn as much as you unlearn with a whole lot of no-holds-barred chat thrown in for good measure. Whether parent or non-parent, guy or gal, c’mon get down and dirty. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player.


Quickie: Dead Pets Society

Shouldn’t laugh but this week your stories on how your kid’s pets came to an end is something else. From fish jumping into toasters to sinister Siamese cats unravelling your parental mind, this is one of the darkest, funniest chats to date.
21/05/2414m 6s

Karen Guggenheim on happiness, glimmers over triggers and navigating grief

The CEO of The World Happiness Index certainly knows a thing or two about finding joy. In this open-hearted chat Anna and Polly ask Karen how she started smiling again against the grieving odds. Funny, sad, uplifting and ultimately a happy ending.
16/05/2446m 39s

Quickie: The hamster died

Pets and grief is quite the juggernaut to navigate with kids. Anna has to handle the death for the family pet hamster Ziggy. Is lying ever ok to protect your kids? How do you navigate a rodent funeral? And was buying two guinea pigs really a good idea in the wake of all this? Expect tea-through-nose laughter and solemnity. A tale of two sides.
14/05/2414m 0s

Polly Hazlewood on ADHD, the symptoms and getting help

You asked for it and we’re giving it. You wanted more of us - Polly and Anna - so here we delve into Pol’s ADHD diagnosis in an emotional, informative rollercoaster of a podcast episode that leaves no ADHD stone unturned. While Polly isn’t an expert, she’s read The Whole Internet since being diagnosed and this could be an initial stepping stone if you wonder if you - or your child - might have ADHD.
09/05/2442m 55s

Quickie: Too old for clubbing?

Following a stat that it’s cringe to be in a club over 40, Polly and Anna recount their clubbing days and question if they really are too old to get down with the kids…
07/05/2413m 16s

Edwina Dunn on the motherhood penalty and not manning up

From being bulldozed in meetings by men to being underestimated at every turn, this episode questions why women have to work twice as hard to get anywhere in the boardroom. Three words: The Invisible Load. With some powerful tips on how to make it your own way. Without stepping into a man’s shoes but paving your own path.
02/05/2451m 55s

Quickie: WTF. Kids are swearing

From the viral video of a toddler using the F bomb to more and more parents losing their sh*t in front of the kids, this episode tackles swearing and the impact on kids. Is it funny or is it concerning? You decide.
30/04/2415m 26s

Lu Featherstone on being happily divorced and redefining midlife crisis

This open-hearted chat about 40-something decisions doesn’t beat around the divorce bush. From when to get out to how to do it amicably, this is an episode that digs deep on how making decisions that serve you at 40 don’t need to be steeped in shame and repackaged as a ‘crisis’. Chat about a vibrator called The Boss, too. Essential intel for anyone moving into a new era.
25/04/2448m 0s

Quickie: What’s your love language?

This is an intriguing one. How do you show you care? Anna and Polly deep dive into love language and how important it is to see where someone is coming from. But also to recognise what you need in a relationship.
23/04/2417m 41s

Dr Martha on losing your sh*t at the kids and being a grown up

In this episode child psychologist Dr Martha opens up about rupture and repair with our kids. From moments of parental explosion to the calm after the hollering storm, this podcast is about helping you navigate being a grown up when you haven’t really, well, grown up. Probably one of the most useful episodes to date for those on the childcare edge.
18/04/2450m 25s

Quickie: How to get flexible working

As The Flexible Working Bill lands, Anna downloads what it will mean in practice, how to get your request approved and what’s left to do in the fight for baseline equality in the workforce.
16/04/2422m 57s

Anna Whitehouse on dating post-divorce and finding love

This is a little more personal than usual but so much has been said about divorce and the other side of it is, perhaps, a very different happy ending. As Anna and her ex both move on to new relationships, Polly asks Anna about dating post-breakup and how she found her new boyfriend, Olly. This episode is a heart-on-sleeve download of the ups, downs, peaks and troughs of finding love after irretrievable breakdown. Bring tissues.
11/04/2443m 53s

Quickie: Orgasm or 8 hours sleep?

The big question. Would you choose kip over hitting that orgasm high? From sleep tools to separate rooms, what really does matter? Sleeping or getting down and, well, dirty?
09/04/2416m 8s

Mel Schilling on sex in long-term relationships and boosting libido

The MAFS relationship queen steps into DMP quarters and talks sex, sex, sex. If we’re doing it enough, how to boost libido and some handy tools for locking in intimacy. It you’re in that grey area between ‘I do’ and ‘Till death do us part’ and wondering if this is it? This one’s for you.
04/04/2442m 7s

Quickie: Hinge horror stories

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the Wild West of dating apps? Or are you in the dark depths right now? While Anna found her boyfriend on Hinge, others share their good, bad and ugly stories of what it’s like in a world of swiping left and right. One word: unhinged.
02/04/2418m 9s

Connie Simmonds on losing friends, gaining weight and finding herself

The personal coach opens up in this painfully honest chat about loss of identity post-baby, including loss of friends, career and finally self. This is an audio guide to rebuilding yourself postpartum, one brick - or breeze block - at a time.
28/03/2447m 43s

Quickie: We need to say sorry

It’s often the hardest word to say, ‘sorry’ but Anna and Polly lean into apologies and how important they have been in their lives. From pretending it wasn’t your fault to hiding mistakes, the pair air their dirty laundry and say sorry along the way.
26/03/2419m 26s

Laura Adlington on feeling fat, mad diets and loving yourself

This is one of our favourite episodes to date. Former GBBO finalist Laura opens up on how the 90s made her feel fat. How she’s tried every diet - Special K, Cambridge, Slimfast - to date. And how she started to look in the mirror again and love herself. It’s brutally honest and hugely informative for a new generation who doesn’t want to hear ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’.
21/03/2446m 12s

Quickie: Where’s the lust?

When the honeymoon period is over and you’re in the dark depths of childcare and Petit Filou, is it ever possible to regain that lustiness that’s there early doors of every relationship? Anna and Polly talk about her new boyfriend and how to keep that lust, well, alive.
19/03/2420m 32s

Dr Claire Plumbly on burnout, utter exhaustion and when to call the doctor

This open-hearted chat with Dr Claire, a renowned burnout therapist starts with Anna’s recent panic attack at 3am and ends with a lesson in tapping - a technique to help anyone on the daily with unending anxiety and stress. Therapy is expensive and not accessible to all, so consider this episode an informed, maternal hug for anyone feeling totally overwhelmed with no idea where to start unpacking it.
14/03/2436m 46s

Quickie: do you lack purpose?

Probably one of their punchiest discussions to date, Anna and Polly talk about finding their purpose in life - and how it feels to lack it at times. They chat about whether money is everything - said in the middle of a cost of living crisis - and how to find what you are meant to do in life. No biggie.
12/03/2414m 30s

Helen Russell on Viking parenting and how to raise strong kids

After a quick pop in from a very sick Anna, author and journalist Helen Russell joins Polly to spill the secrets behind happy Nordic living. From five year olds that talk back to an equal share of the mental load, we find out if the Nords really do parent the worlds happiest children.
07/03/2427m 23s

Quickie: are horoscopes bullshit?

Do you believe in horoscopes? What about signs? Anna and Polly find out if they are compatible astrologically and why they both believe in signs. Whether random writing on the wall or more subtle hints of things to come, this is a deep-dive into the minds of two people that believe.
05/03/2423m 25s

Izzy Judd on IVF and the impact of infertility on relationships

Maybe you get the partner, move into a home and think about having a baby. It feels like a well-worn route but it’s not that simple as so many of us sadly find. Infertility is often the elephant in the marital or relationship room. This open-hearted episode with Izzy Judd opens the door to her IVF journey and the mental and physical implications of that. How wanting to make a family can sometimes break your heart. With a lovely insight into how her husband Harry Judd (of McFly acclaim) held her through it. Bring tissues.
29/02/2448m 41s

Quickie: this pissed you off

After Anna’s latest Telegraph column landed describing her as a ‘single parent’, a debate sprung up about the use of the terms ‘single’ or ‘solo’ parent along with ‘co-parent’. Whether a military wife, a widow or a divorcee (among many other situations) there’s a lot of hurt, anger and frustration out there around using the right terms. Listen in to join the discussion.
27/02/2422m 1s

Joeli Brearley on debilitating childcare costs and the motherhood penalty

She’s the founder of Pregnant Then Screwed and she’s a powerhouse when it comes to tackling the motherhood penalty. That’s 54,000 of us every year lopped out of the workforce for daring to have a baby. This episode digs deep on the current childcare crisis and how so many of us are getting into debt simply trying to function as a working family. Expect practical advice and an innate knowledge of what the flip is going on with a government that seems to think kids are a recreational side hustle. Cathartic for sure. Supportive, too.
22/02/2437m 54s

Quickie: Are you fighting right?

After Anna and Polly’s first big argument, the pair look into conflict resolution and how arguments can bolster the foundations of relationships. Whether you are arguing with your partner about dishwasher stacking or getting hacked off with a friend for not responding on What’s App, this is how to build back better after a bit of a clash.
20/02/2417m 7s

Anna and Polly’s first big argument, Galentine’s and platonic love

Celebrating two years of DMP, Anna and Polly reflect on where they started and where they are now. From divorce to heartbreak and emotional downloads via a few sex parties and a dominatrix, this is a love story of two women who truly chose each other. This is the ‘til death do us part’ bit without the husbands.
15/02/2434m 19s

Quickie: Why are you friends?

This is a deep dive into friendship. The good, the bad and the ugly. Are BFF’s just a mean girls sect? Or a sign of insecurity? And how do you know if you’ve got a good one on-side? Anna and Polly open up their friendship and question if they will, indeed, be forever friends. 
13/02/2420m 23s

Caprice on brutal ageism and learning to love herself at 52

From Lads Mags pin-up to lingerie model at 52, Caprice has been there and done that. From raucous parties in the 90s with plumes of cannabis in every corner to learning to love every lump and bump on her body, this is a spotlight on a woman who has been seen predominantly through the male gaze.
08/02/2439m 59s

Quickie: A fashion tip to save your mind

From school run mumming to ‘mumpreneur’ (the worst of the worst when it comes to archaic phrases), the fashion industry simply doesn’t get the reality of our 40-something parental lives. But do we care? What is our style now? And how did we look back in the 90s? We go via Kookai and Jane Norman in an episode that opens up our wardrobes and questions our, well, fashion sense.
06/02/2417m 18s

Lydia Bright on utter heartbreak and becoming a single mother

In this episode the TOWIE star opens up about the moment her boyfriend broke up with her when she was 11 weeks pregnant. Far from being defined by that time she fought through it and is on a journey to redefining what it is to be a single mum. From dodgy dates to her 4-year-old daughter ‘saving her’ this is the happily ever after often left off the table.
01/02/2441m 4s

Quickie: why aren’t you sleeping?

Sure, sure it could be a newborn. But what about those nights where it’s a 3.41am wake-up and you have cortisol pumping through your system. Anna and Polly open up about what’s keeping them up at night and how to get some z’s if you are struggling. 
30/01/2412m 25s

Bonnie Parsons on marriage post-baby and maternity discrimination

In this episode Anna and Polly get candid about the realities of coming home with your first baby. Can parenting ever be a 50/50 split? And are nannies really the answer for the career focused mum? They lay it all out with CEO of SOS Dance Global and Muma Bonnie Parsons.
25/01/2445m 21s

Quickie: PMT and period sex

Anna and Polly surf that crimson tide (and cover other terrible phrases for periods). From PMT to period sex there is no menstrual stone uncovered in this episode. 
22/01/2415m 23s

Abby Rawlinson on fight or flight, maternal anxiety and re-parenting

In this episode Anna and Polly dive into the world of maternal therapy with Abby. They discuss everything from Glimmers, to Name it to Tame it, to Re-Parenting. This is a practical mental health episode to break yourself out of fight or flight and focus on what’s in front of you.
17/01/2444m 38s

Quickie: Are you sexy?

Anna and Polly unpack sexiness. From how they feel at 42 over 24. To what they find sexy about themselves and each other. Alongside some brutal unpacking of what’s not sexy in men. Funnily enough it starts with attitude not aesthetics. 
16/01/2419m 14s

Persia Lawson on when to get out of your marriage and finding true love

In this episode Anna and Polly dig deep on true romance with love coach Persia. From when to get out of a dead-end relationship to how to know if he or she is the real deal, this is a no-holds-barred chat on love, actually.
11/01/2447m 42s

Quickie: Don’t get a dog

A dog’s for life not just for Christmas. But what impact do animals have on romance? From dogs sleeping in beds to dog walking resentment, this episode digs deep on humans and animals colliding under one roof.
09/01/2419m 34s

Kelly Holmes on self-acceptance and flipping the f*ck it switch

How do you live your life free from fear and shame? Double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes joins Anna to discuss coming out as a gay woman at 52 and her struggles with burnout and depression.
03/01/2436m 39s

The Christmas Special

The Christmas mental load is real for mums. We take care of everything. If it's all been a bit too much for you, come on in and join our safe space. This isn't a man-bashing exercise, but 25 minutes to say we see you and all that you do to make Christmas as special as possible for your family. Plus, have some giggles and find out how Polly set her dad's hair on fire one Christmas. Merry Christmas you dirty Mother Pukkas.
28/12/2323m 42s

Quickie: Is anyone having sex over Christmas?

Apparently none of us are doing it over the festive period. Are we surprised? The mental load is off the charts and so many of us are staying at our parent's houses. But, if you simply must bonk this Christmas, Anna and Polly dive into the best places to do it in secret and the best themed positions to try. But if you couldn't think of anything worse, just listen for a good x-rated laugh.
26/12/2318m 45s

Denise Lewis on reclaiming yourself at 50 and learning to say no

Is it time to redefine the mid-life crisis? In this week's episode Anna and Polly talk to Olympic champion and presenter Denise Lewis about navigating the loss of your identity after motherhood and retirement, and why she's reclaiming herself at 50.
21/12/2340m 23s

Quickie: What is asexuality?

It may be a term you've heard of, but how much do you know about asexuality? It's most known as the term to describe those who have little interest in sex, but it's actually an umbrella term for a spectrum of sub-identities. In this episode, model and activist Yasmin Benoit join Anna and Polly to discuss her personal experiences and the many myths and misconceptions.
19/12/2324m 10s

Cherry Healey on botox and fixing yourself from the inside out

Do cosmetic procedures simply paper the cracks of self esteem? And how do you know when you've gone too far? Polly chats to the wonderful Cherry Healey about the perks and pitfalls of tweakments, how trying to be seductive could be the antithesis of sexiness, and how discipline is key to fixing the gremlins inside.
14/12/2344m 13s

Quickie: How to have better sex

From role playing to sexual fantasies, Anna and Polly dig deep on how to have better sex. This episode offers up different scenarios to try out and some of Polly’s trusty games to ignite a little passion in the bedroom.
12/12/2315m 28s

Hannah Witton on sex post baby and being a hormonal mess

How do you know where your hormones start and real feelings end? In this hormonal deep-dive Anna and Polly grill sex educator Hannah Witton on how to untangle yourself from Mother’s Nature’s headiest cocktail of hormones, exhaustion, vaginal (or abdominal) battering and how to come out the other side with relationship vaguely in tact.
07/12/2334m 20s

Quickie: Are you a bitch?

Anna and Polly continue slagging each other off publicly in an attempt to work out what bitchiness truly is. Are you one? Have you known one? And how do you know when you are doing it? Or are you just in denial? Strap in.
05/12/2321m 43s

Alexandra Burke on the motherhood penalty and separation anxiety

This is a biggie. The brilliant singer who has dominated the charts since her rise to fame on X Factor opens up about the painful reality of sustaining a career in music while raising a baby. This beautifully open chat digs into the primal, visceral, maternal state we find ourselves in post-baby and how that, well, works alongside work.
30/11/2347m 27s

Quickie: Are you having enough sex?

This episode is a tale of two halves. One half is how much sex you should be having - and when our libido drops off in a long-term relationship. The other half is a deluge of Polly’s worst sexcapades. Warning: it involves a toilet cistern.
28/11/2320m 7s

Anna Whitehouse on the privilege of divorcing and when to get out

Following an article she wrote in Grazia, Anna opens up about the practicalities and the emotions of her recent divorce. How to get out, when to get out, how to tell the kids and how to know you aren’t going to lose your mind in the process. Plus help from family lawyer Georgina Hamblin on how to do it if you are financially controlled.
23/11/2338m 48s

Quickie: Why you need to sext

To sext or not to sext. That is the question. It can be an excruciating exchange sometimes but when you are in the throes or parenting and working, it can be a simple way to close the pleasure gap between the two of you. If that’s not for you, don’t worry Polly has a game up her sleeve to help you get, well, intimate.
21/11/2314m 20s

Dad Still Standing on opening up, not manning up and navigating baby loss

TW: This episode contains detailed discussion around miscarriage and baby loss.Liam and Matt from the award-winning podcast Dad Still Standing on the instinctive male need to man up around grief. And how they’ve broken those barriers down. The pair open up on what they wished they’d known in that grieving period and how to support your partner fully. A beautiful conversation with two incredible humans who have navigated the unnavigable.
16/11/2336m 2s

Quickie: Do you need help?

Why is it so hard to reach out to others and how do you even pick those you reach out to? With increasing overwhelm across the board, this is a DMP SOS call for that much-talked-about village to rally. Because it does, indeed, take a village.
14/11/2314m 46s

Ruby Rare on sexual frustration, polyamory and ethical non-monogamy

This was a ride. From ENMs (ethical non-monogamy) to polyamory, this is a deep-dive into opening your relationship and how to do it safely and securely. If you think this isn’t for you, think again. Sex and pleasure is a huge animalistic part of our lives and if it’s working as a duo but you’ve fantasied about a ménage, then this is well worth a listen.
09/11/2346m 16s

Quickie: When is it ok to lie?

From white lies to great whopping ones, is there ever a place for dishonesty in the name of emotional protection? Anna and Polly deep-dive into the lies they’ve told, the ramifications that have landed and question the line of dishonesty and holding back certain truths to diffuse hurt. One thing the duo can’t hear anymore is anyone saying, ‘I’m just speaking my truth’. That’s, well, the truth.
07/11/2320m 14s

Michelle Elman on saying no, boundaries and people-pleasing

As someone who says yes to everything like an excitable labrador, Anna was keen to find out from life coach Michelle how to say no and stick to it. Polly and Anna start untangling their people-pleasing ways in an episode that’s all about clear, healthy boundaries in all parts of your life.
02/11/2341m 17s

Quickie: Snog to save your marriage

From first kiss to lacklustre peck by the dishwasher, puckering up is the gateway to romantic connection. But why does it always have to lead to sex? And when was the last time you snogged your partner? Anna and Polly dig deep on locking lips and the impact it can have on your relationship.
31/10/2319m 31s

Ellie Simmonds on inclusion and how to raise kids to include

Paralympian gold medal swimmer Ellie sits down with Anna and Polly to talk about finding her place in the world. And what she’d like to see from parents in terms of making space for difference. This emotive and heartfelt chat celebrates a world where no one person is the same - and an innate celebration of that.
26/10/2330m 31s

Quickie: You are not alone

Loneliness. Anna and Polly talk loneliness in a relationship, loneliness in motherhood and how to combat that with active listening over solutions-focused chatting. In this episode the duo turn up un-showered and PJ-ed ready to sit in the hole with each and every one of you.
24/10/2318m 0s

Lucy Whitehouse (Anna's mum) on 'doing it all' and the grandparent gap

It’s time for the mothership to open up about the pain of watching our generation of women burning out trying to do it all. We don’t want it all but we are, indeed, doing it all. She speaks to Anna and Polly about the grandparent gap - the silver saviours papering over the childcare cracks. Highs, lows, peaks and troughs from two generations of mothers trying to simply get through the day.
19/10/2339m 15s

Quickie: Anna's mum gets dirty

In this episode Polly grills Anna’s Mum on everything from ENM’s (Ethical Non-Monogamous) relationships to rimming and stacking. Can barely breathe listening back so one for you if you need a bit of a laugh. Spoiler alert: rimming is associated with a kitchen pan.
17/10/2312m 26s

Chloe Madeley on husband resentment, 'mum' bods and postnatal sex

In this open chat Anna and Polly ask Chloe about the postnatal period. How she navigated work and raising a baby with her husband and why we need to be done with ‘mum’ bods and ‘dad’ bods and start looking at pelvic floor health and proper postnatal care. This one’s a ride. A maternal, hormonal ride.
12/10/2344m 5s

Quickie: Is tarot bullshit?

After accidentally forming a women’s healing circle at Anna’s birthday five years ago with healer and therapist Shelley Murphy, the DMP duo have gone on a spiritual journey to understand more about the world of tarot, crystals and spiritual healing. Even if you aren’t a believer, there’s something in the cards that have been turned in this episode…
10/10/2328m 33s

Introducing: They Don't Teach This At School with Myleene Klass!

Hey DMP fans, we have a new podcast we think you'd like from Myleene Klass, called They Don't Teach This In School...Be honest - how many times have you felt so under-equipped for what life has thrown your way? In school we learned about Pythagoras, but then we went out into the adult world and we were expected to know how to budget for a household, set up a bank account or know what to do when the boiler broke. Myleene says "There was so much I wish we were taught. So that’s how my book and this podcast was born. I’ll be speaking to some brilliant guests to share their tips on how they and their families survive life’s challenges"Listen to the first 3 episodes now and subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.
06/10/232m 7s

Myleene Klass on baby loss and miscarriage of (in)justice

TW: This episode contains sensitive content about miscarriage. After her first episode on DMP that opened up the conversation around microchimerism (where a baby’s cells transfer to a mother during pregnancy ♥️), Myleene is back to talk about changing laws around miscarriage and how she won’t stop until the medical profession takes a humane approach to what it is to lose a little life you’ve imagined. To lose a little part of yourself.
05/10/2338m 2s

Quickie: How to properly orgasm

Late to the vibrator game, Anna taps up Polly’s wealth of sex toy knowledge to try and close that pleasure gap. From the exact clitoral stimulator that works to a sensually-erotic routine that never fails to win for Pol, this is the first step to bridging that hole of inequality.
03/10/2324m 11s

Anna Whitehouse on divorce, kindly untangling and magpie parenting

It’s been a big week in the DMP towers. After landing the plane as kindly as humanly possible, Anna and her husband Matt announced their divorce. But aside from the pitiful glances and ‘that’s devastating’ responses, there’s another way to navigate two people who simply choose a different path forward. This episode is a celebration of a happy ending. However it looks. And how to land that plane if you are, in fact, realising you aren’t meant to be together forever.
28/09/2334m 52s

Quickie: Check your boobs

After a week trekking Mont Blanc with 120 women who have navigated breast cancer, Anna pays tribute to a group of women who have one big message: to check your chest. Expect highs, lows, peaks, troughs and a whole lot of female love.
26/09/2317m 27s

Nadiya Hussain on overcoming anxiety and brutal bullying

In this episode the Great British Bake-off star wears her heart on her sleeve as she explains how horrendously she was bullied as a young girl. She opens up about what teachers and parents need to do in the face of this kind of pain - and how she overcame a mountain of anxiety to be the success she is today. Three words: What. A. Woman.
21/09/2337m 47s

Quickie: The gift of organ donation

This episode is in paid partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant.In this episode Anna is joined by a special guest, Eunice Booker, whose daughter was able to give the gift of life to six others after a tragic car accident took hers in 2006, aged just 26. Together, Anna and Eunice discuss the importance of confirming your decision for organ donation in support of Organ Donation Week 2023.Confirm your decision to be an organ donor at organdonation.nhs.uk. It’s the best thing you’ll do today.
19/09/2313m 16s

Elizabeth Uviebinene on burning out, overwhelm and the power of saying NO

This episode was meant to come out a week earlier but Elizabeth was feeling burnt out. She owned where she was and we rearranged the interview. No one died but often we put so much pressure on ourselves to carry on regardless. In this episode Anna and Polly grill her on knowing the signs and how systemically it’s time to break down the 9-5.
14/09/2334m 59s

Quickie: Is your hair falling out?

Not a very sexy subject but Polly is losing her hair in clumps. Anna lost a lot four years ago and it’s never recovered. It apparently takes 10 years to recover from childbirth but how much do we really recover. This episode is about untangling the knots of motherhood - mentally and physically. And wondering what the root cause of hair loss actually is…
12/09/2315m 33s

Sophie McCartney on partying like it's 1999 and brutal hangovers

Sure, sure we often shed a tear or two on this podcast. But this episode is more of a cry-laughing vibe. Comedian Sophie McCartney takes Anna and Polly back to her clubbing days in the 90s where boob tubes and YSL shirts abounded. And she contrasts that to hitting the club with kids back home. Brutal, hilarious listening to perk up the most child-ravaged soul.
07/09/2342m 42s

Quickie: Are you a phubber?

Anna and Polly delve right into phubbing: the act of ignoring someone you are with and giving attention to your mobile phone instead. Researchers found almost half of relationships are affected by phubbing, so how bad can it get? And what can you do to help?
05/09/2316m 46s

Oenone on bad influence, Tattle trolls and logging off

In this episode Anna and Polly take a deep dive into the Internet with influencer Oenone who has written a book called ‘Bad Influence’. They talk about the unhealthy positioning of ‘influencer’ and ‘follower’ and how the algorithm is set up for us to feel, well, bad. Or lacking somehow. And they question the accountability of big social media giants in how we are feeling online. But also how our kids are going to feel in the future…
31/08/2347m 5s

Quickie: Things that hack us off

We're nearing the end of the summer holidays and we're at the end of our tether. Join us, in a safe space, to share the things that well and truly get on your norks.
29/08/2314m 2s

Anna Whitehouse on exhaustion, childcare costs and Flex Appeal

As we limp into the end of the summer holidays, Anna opens up about the exhaustion of papering over the childcare cracks and how flexible working can help. Polly goes into Paxman interviewing mode to dig deep on Flex Appeal, a campaign close to her best mate’s heart. And how the Flexible Working Bill will impact you.
24/08/2323m 32s

Quickie: Were you a 'slag'?

Are you frigid? Are you a slag? Have you been called a slapper or a whore? Or when you got married, did you become the Madonna? In this episode Anna and Polly dig deep on the misogyny that lies around female sexuality. Men that can’t shag their wives because they are ‘good’ and guys that have affairs for the ‘bad girl’ or slag. Good God it’s a minefield. Cue The Madonna-whore complex.
22/08/2325m 12s

Lucy Sheridan on bitchiness, jealousy and comparison culture

What do you do when the green-eyed monster rears its complicated head? Anna and Polly open up to comparison coach Lucy Sheridan on staying in their lane and not using other people’s benchmarks to measure their success.
17/08/2337m 18s

Quickie: How to get flexible working

As The Flexible Working Bill passes through Parliament - to become law in 2024 - Anna sits down with lawyer Daniel Wise to wade through what it means for you. And how to successfully get flex - without losing your job or mind.
15/08/2331m 51s

Naomi and Natalie Evans on everyday racism and teaching your kids to do better

From educating your kids on racism - using triangles and squares - to truly recognising your own privilege, Naomi and Natalie Evans, the founders of Everyday Racism speak openly about a need to help the next generation to do better. A must-listen if you want to raise kids in a more inclusive and diverse world.
10/08/2344m 16s

Quickie: Mumming without a Mum

This beautiful episode digs into the grief of raising your kids without your own parents. The brilliant comedian and writer Kelly Ford opens up on what it’s taken to go through one of the hardest moments in a her life without her own mother.
08/08/2327m 54s

Emma Gannon on not 'having it all', burnout at the success myth

Success. What does it mean to you? It used to be a corporate benchmark. How big your office was, how expensive your car. But in a complete reframing of the definition, Emma Gannon, author of The Success Myth talks about burn out and how she was publicly at the most successful point of her life. While personally and physically failing. If you feel like you are never doing enough and find social media anxiety inducing in terms of ‘excited to announce’ posts, then this one is for you.
03/08/2345m 5s

Quickie: Are you really inclusive?

After putting a poll out, more than 90% of Anna’s audience believe they are inclusive as a parent. That might well be true but a lot of SEN parents got in touch and said that wasn't their experience at all. For the first time on this podcast, Polly fully opens up about raising twins with a special genetic condition and what she’d like to see from other parents. From language to kindness and even the odd party invite, this is an essential listen.
01/08/2324m 47s

Scummy Mummies on infidelity and friendship through an affair

They’re back. The comedy duo Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson pull up a pew and open up about their friendship after Helen found out about her ex husband’s affair. It’s an episode of tears - laughter and sadness - and sheer celebration of female friendships. Till death do us part, indeed.
27/07/2344m 43s

Quickie: Is she really your friend?

This is a deep dive into female friendship and the highs, lows, peaks, troughs of that relationship - and everything in between. From toxic friendships you need to get out of to the most beautifully platonic unions, this is an ode to the real love stories with your mates.
25/07/2324m 11s

Lalalaletmeexplain on postpartum sex and when to leave your husband

There’s no sexual stone left unturned in this episode with the anonymous sex expert Lalalaletmeexplain. From postpartum sex and consent to financial abuse and how hard it is for women to actually leave their partners, this is everything you wished you’d been taught in Sex Ed. Lala's new podcast It’s Not You, It’s Them…But It Might Be You is out now.
20/07/2343m 1s

Quickie: Are you a Dom or a Sub?

In the pursuit of exploring female pleasure, Anna and Polly stop laughing like little school girls at anything that isn’t missionary and monogamy. And speak to professional dominatrix Calandra Balfour on how she helps sexless couples come back to erotic life. From whipping and chains to gags and cages, there’s even a segment for those wanting to use household objects for BDSM if the cost of it is too much. Strap in.
18/07/2336m 9s

Pandora Christie on homelessness at six and holding onto your family

**CONTENT WARNING** This episode contains adult themes and is suitable for those aged 18 and over. It contains details about living with someone with depression and alcoholism as well as a first-hand account of trauma which some listeners may find upsetting. If you are affected by anything you hear in this episode and need support please see the suggested helpline and website links below.This is probably the most painfully beautiful episode so far. Heart radio presenter Pandora Christie opens up about living on the streets with her mum. And the devastation of losing her mother at a young age. A powerhouse and pioneer in broadcasting, this is a love story to her mother and an ode to beautiful trauma. Bring tissues. Samaritans helpline: 116 123https://www.samaritans.org/https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/mental-health-services/https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/helplines/https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Home/Newcomershttps://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/home-families/family-relationships/social-services/https://www.youcanadopt.co.uk/https://www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/
13/07/2352m 20s

Quickie: Delete this app now

Do you fear the internet for your kids? Anna and Polly look at the worst app to land yet. It’s called True Rate Me and you need to know about it to make sure your kids aren’t getting swept up in the toxicity of a platform that actually rates you based on looks. Yes, really.
11/07/2319m 44s

Cat Sims on near-divorce and the mental load

On the brink of separating from her husband Jimmy, Cat Sims went to a relationship counsellor to get to the root cause of their marital issues. The domestic load was, well, loaded and had impacted everything from their joy as a couple to their ability to even orgasm together. This episode digs DEEP on inequality in the home and how to rebalance in a world that’s telling us we can ‘have it all’ when really we want our partner to understand the weight of what’s being carried.
06/07/2345m 13s

Quickie: The great sexodus

Why aren’t we doing it? The average married couple has sex once a month and while that’s a relief to hear, perhaps, Anna and Polly question if we should be settling for this. In this episode we talk about shagging in The Years BC (Before Child) and how to open your mind and relationship to pleasure.
04/07/2326m 10s

Sarah-Jane Mee on maternity leave stress and #womensupportingwomen

The brilliant Sky News presenter opens up on what it’s taken to get to the top of her game. From male allyship to making her voice heard, she’s a powerful combination of humble and dynamite. This episode is the epitome of #womensupportingwomen.
29/06/2346m 28s

Quickie: What REALLY happens at a sex party

On a voyage of self discovery Anna and Polly hit sex club Killing Kittens in an array of lingerie. As voyeurs the duo review London’s hottest pleasure emporium and report back on whether it’s something that might be for you.
27/06/2320m 39s

Louise Boyce on marital sex and if you’re ‘doing it’ enough

Are you doing it enough? Founder of Mama’s Still Got It Louise Boyce cracks open sex in her marriage and tells it like it is. Her recent poll showed hardly anyone married is at it like rabbits. But that there’s still a way to retain intimacy outside of ‘birthday blow jobs’ and fleeting gropes by the dishwasher. One of the most open and honest chats so far, this episode is, perhaps, sexually healing for anyone worried about their sex life.
22/06/2342m 12s

Quickie: The hungover games

Are you too old to be hungover? Anna and Polly question how impossible it is to go out OUT and parent/adult the next day. From exhausted school runs to letting your kid draw on you so you can close your eyes for a fleeting 5 minutes, is it time to, well, put down the espresso martinis?
20/06/2313m 20s

Saira Khan on raising girls and (wo)manning up in the boardroom

In this episode The Apprentice star Saira Khan talks about her rise to business fame. From grim male misogyny to being a loud and proud Asian woman, this is a no-holds-barred chat on thriving in business - and the world - as a woman in 2023.
15/06/2337m 32s

Quickie: Want to live in a Mummune?

As divorce rates rocket, women are gathering their children and living with other mums to raise their kids. Anna and Polly look into their happiest times living with other women and question if there’s, perhaps, a happier, healthier way to raise the next generation.
13/06/2313m 30s

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton on homelessness and smashing through glass ceilings

This is one of the most insightful episodes on the reality of homelessness for one incredible woman, Sabrina Cohen-Hatton. She lived on the streets as a young woman and fought against every barrier possible to succeed at the top of the fire service. If you ever wonder what to do when walking past a homeless person, listen in. And if you’ve ever felt discriminated against in a male environment, pull up a chair.
08/06/2345m 14s

Quickie: How to have anal sex

Ever tried it? Ever enjoyed it? We’ve been doing it all wrong. Porn stars take 12-hours to warm up to anal and, yet, we are expected to get in the zone instantly. This is a no-holds-barred chat on finding that A-spot.
06/06/2326m 57s

Anna Richardson on menopausal sex and vaginal dryness

There’s no stone left unturned in this episode on doing it post-40. From vaginal dryness to the right lube to use, sexpert Anna Richardson says it as it is and clears up any myths around women losing their sex drive. One hint: it’s not you and your vagina, it’s them and perhaps not fancying their penis. If attraction is still there: “just do it.”
01/06/2345m 0s

Quickie: Do you really love him/her?

You’ve heard of the ‘honeymoon period’, that first flush of love with your partner. But the bit after that - two years maybe - usually seals the deal. Well, there’s a lot of science and psychology on the table in this episode to indicate that you might still be lusting not loving. The question is, well, is it really love?
30/05/2319m 57s

Louise Minchin on the motherhood penalty and maternal fearlessness

In this episode revered broadcaster Louise Minchin opens up about facing her fears. From swimming with sharks to simply navigating motherhood in an industry set up for mothers to fail, she speaks open-heartedly about how to raise girls - and boys - to be resilient in a world that’s, well, unequal.
25/05/2347m 46s

Quickie: Good GOD dating is hard

From ghosting to zombie-ing (someone coming back for more only to re-ghost) Anna and Polly go on an investigative journey into Bumble, Tinder and Hinge to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. Spoiler alert: expect a lot of grammatically-concerning sexting before complete tumbleweed.
23/05/2326m 49s

Gaby Roslin on finding happiness in grief and sadness

This is one of the most beautiful episodes to date. TV presenter and radio host Gaby Roslin speaks about her happiness. A feeling that, well, feels quite fleeting. From jumping in parks to racing strangers, this is about walking on sunshine even when it’s raining.
18/05/2341m 23s

Quickie: Where’s my happy ending?

Happiness is a fairly elusive concept. Fleeting, perhaps. While contentment feels a little more accessible. In this episode, Anna and Polly question where their happiness lies - however momentary - and why we’re struggling to celebrate people’s happiness in 2023.
16/05/2322m 32s

Dr Martha on sibling rivalry and how to break the cycle

In this episode Anna opens up about the stress of her kids fighting constantly. How to break the sibling rivalry cycle. And how to regroup as a family when the fighting gets tough. Practical tips and emotional confessions abound in an episode that unites our brothers and sisters.
11/05/2345m 5s

Quickie: Why romance is dead

In this episode Anna and Polly celebrate the power of platonic love. Inspired by two women who chose to live as PLP’s (Platonic Life Partners) over settling down with a romantic partner, there’s a question for Team Dirty Mother Pukka: should we just move in with our best mate and be done with it?
09/05/2321m 28s

Kate Ferdinand on step mothering and blending families

In this open-hearted chat, the author and podcaster Kate Ferdinand opens up on life married to Rio and what it took/takes to raise another woman’s family (after Rio’s wife Rebecca sadly passed away before they met). From step parenting to blending families, this is an episode that opens up what family really means in 2023.
04/05/2336m 10s

Quickie: So THIS is foreplay?

Far from some frantic fingering in the 90s, Anna and Polly have found the true meaning of foreplay. If you awkwardly get into bed buttoning up your PJs for fear of a sexual move from your partner, this one’s for you. From desire and sexting to erotic looks and massage, this is another world of sexual healing.
02/05/2326m 4s

Fats Timbo on being bullied and regaining confidence

Fats has been discriminated against from the moment she was born. She describes herself as a ‘little person’ but what she has faced has been huge. At school she was thrown into an industrial bin and left - and throughout her life she’s had to question who really loves her, who really wants to be with her. This episode is on self love, self confidence and how one women rebuilt herself when everyone was trying to take her down. It’s beautiful and informative if you’ve ever been bullied and wondered how to heal those scars.
27/04/2345m 26s

Quickie: The anxiety is real

The tables have turned and after speaking about Polly’s ADHD diagnosis last week, she asks Anna about her anxiety. How to know if it’s severe, when to go to the GP and how to navigate everyday life without having as many panic attacks.
25/04/2323m 22s

Stella Creasy on work stress and maternity discrimination

We're digging this incredible conversation out from the archives. Stella opens up about the reality of being a mother in Parliament and what needs to change across the board. In this punchy chat, she cracks open the issues surrounding motherhood and work. And, well, how to make it work.
24/04/2335m 7s

Quickie: Do you have ADHD?

In this open chat Polly opens up about her ADHD diagnosis and how she found out. How she has felt and if the drugs really do work. The pair then talk to chef Gizzi Erskine about her ADHD diagnosis and the trio wonder why this specific neurodiversity is only just being understood in women.
13/04/2321m 13s

Dilly Carter on clearing chaos and sorting your life out

The brilliant organisation expert opens her doors, cupboards and drawers to show the beauty of living less chaotically. Far from just being a clean queen, this episode is about the mental health associations with clearing out your home, how to do it realistically when you have a family. And what it feels like to finally sort your life/ home out.
13/04/2339m 50s

Quickie: Are you thinking of divorce?

In this episode we go back to one of our most popular episodes where we talk to presenter Cherry Healey on exiting her marriage. How she did is calmly and kindly. And how to know when to get out. This episode is a deep-dive into irretrievable breakdown and, well, not breaking in the process.
11/04/2314m 54s

Sarah Jayne Dunn on being sacked and promoting herself on OnlyFans

You may know her as Mandy from Hollyoaks but actress Sarah Jayne Dunn was fired from the show for daring to start an OnlyFans account. She speaks up about the double standards of a TV industry that had her posing topless on every lads mag but fires her for doing it for herself. In this episode we go back to a 90s era of Nuts, Zoo and FHM, questioning what has actually changed since those magazines closed.
06/04/2340m 36s

Quickie: Go the f*ck to sleep

Why is it so hard to actually sleep? We are the most exhausted we’ve ever been and could barely string a sentence together - and yet sleep does not come. A lot of that is children hollering but also when we do have time, it’s impossible to wind down. But what does this level of sleep deprivation actually look like? And how does it impact your life?
04/04/2310m 44s

Ateh Jewel on sugar addiction and burning down Vogue House

The revered beauty writer doesn’t hold back on the grip sugar has had on her life. Having been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Ateh reflects on her binge-eating and childhood trauma to understand the magnitude of what some might minimise as a ‘sweet tooth’. She also opens up about her experience of being a Black woman in a white woman’s magazine world. She worked at Vogue House as a beauty writer and considers what it took to survive - not even thrive - in those abundantly privileged towers.
30/03/2335m 36s

Quickie: You need this hormone...

One word: oxytocin. If you aren’t getting it through shagging your partner, then you can get it by simply reaching out to others. In this episode Anna and Polly dig deep on who has made them feel the love hormone unexpectedly. From Polly’s NICU nurse to a woman called Becky in seat 32E on a Ryanair flight to Stanstead, this episode is about looking up and reaching out to the people in front of you.
28/03/2320m 11s

Jen Brister on IVF stress and being the other mother

If you want to laugh through the pain of procreation, Jen Brister is your woman. From taking the piss out of herself as the seemingly ‘awkward friend’ next to her wife at the birth of her twins to acknowledging the madness of an IVF pregnancy, this is a one-woman-show that brings everyone else in. From same sex parenting to raising the next generation to truly understand inclusion, this episode is a reminder of how to be, well, human.
23/03/2339m 44s

Quickie: Queen of the rampant rabbit

This episode pays tribute to Jacqueline Gold, a woman who sat at the helm of Ann Summers all her working life. She single-handedly changed the face of the sex toy industry, removing shame and pioneering the iconic rampant rabbit. Anna and Polly only spoke to Jacqueline last year before she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She sadly passed away last week and the girls wanted to take a moment to hold onto her words.
21/03/2315m 45s

Christine McGuinness on neurodiversity and her autism diagnosis

This is one for anyone wanting to understand autism. In adults or kids. This isn’t one to gloss over because you haven’t been diagnosed or feel it isn’t relevant. We all need to understand neurodiversity to truly be inclusive and this is a heartfelt, informed conversation between three women - one who has been diagnosed, one whose son is going through the process - and what to consider - and one who truly wants to understand more. The language to use, the nuance and the way forward in education.
14/03/2339m 57s

Quickie: This is hard to say…

The backdrop to Dirty Mother Pukka is, well, more than a podcast. We decided to start it in - quite frankly - our lowest moment. To give each other structure and accountability week-in-week-out. Isolation and loneliness happens in the least likely places sometimes. Whether in a marriage, in a home, in motherhood, this episode is our love story to you. Our love story for each other. Because no matter how something looks, how popular someone appears, how shiny their Instagram, you never know the full story.Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
14/03/2318m 0s

Suzanne Shaw on wine o’clock and grey area drinking

God we love this woman. From dancing to Hear’Say in our student unions to partying - what felt alongside her - in sticky-floored nightclubs, Suzanne Shaw was the girl-next-door who knew how to party. But at what cost? And who was she underneath what the music label had decided? In this open-hearted episode Anna and Polly talk about the complexity of binge-drinking and how grey area boozing wasn’t helping her in motherhood. Listen in if you are thinking about wine o‘clock as soon as you get up.Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
09/03/2342m 45s

Quickie: My husband had an affair

When Helen Thorn’s husband cheated on her, she found love with her best friend and work wife Ellie Gibson. This episode is the happily ever after we were never sold. The one where woman falls for women amid the pain of infidelity.Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
07/03/2325m 14s

Malin Andersson on Love(less) Island and recognising abuse

This episode cracks open the reality of abuse in a relationship. Physical and non-physical. What are the signs? And how do you support someone going through it - and how to get out of it. Malin talks to Anna and Polly about rebuilding after Love Island and finding her inner strength outside of the male gaze.Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
02/03/2338m 27s

Quickie: This sex position works

Bored of missionary? Done with doggy? There are no words for what Polly says in this episode. Left complete tumble weed as we discuss new sex positions to try. But there’s ONE that truly works and after raking through a list of 48 others, it’s time to mix it up. Let’s talk about sex, indeed. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
28/02/2316m 26s

Anna Williamson on raging at your partner and birth trauma

In this episode Anna and Polly go deep into the postnatal trenches and talk about the impact kids have had on their relationship. From birth trauma to pure anger, this episode is a cathartic listen for anyone with pent-up maternal rage with nowhere to put it - other than on your partner.
23/02/2347m 12s

Quickie: To anyone who has miscarried…

It’s been exactly a year since Dirty Mother Pukka launched and the first episode with Myleene Klass landed. She spoke so beautifully and openly about her experience of miscarriage and the one thing she said in that episode has stayed with me - and so many of you - since. It’s given me peace where there was pain and emptiness. So many of you keep asking for this clip so here it is for you to share with anyone that might need it. Thank you for your support over this year and here’s to many more heartening and, also, heartbreaking chats. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
21/02/2315m 21s

Mel Schilling on saving your marriage and when to get out

In this episode Anna and Polly bare their relationship souls to Married At First Sight’s relationship coach Mel Schilling. There is no stone left unturned in this open-hearted chat about what it is to make a marriage work - and when to get out. The one piece of advice she gives here has already turned Anna and Polly’s relationships around. Til death do us part indeed. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
16/02/2344m 4s

Quickie: Let us be your fantasy

From the ick factor with a long-term partner to extreme fantasies with fictional folks, how can reality and fantasy be so poles apart? Anna and Polly open up about the biggest turn ons and turn offs in their relationships - and where sexual fantasy might lead them. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
14/02/239m 25s

Ola Pelo on ‘daddy daycare’ and reversing gender roles at home

This episode is about all those moments you’ve been made to feel ‘lucky’ your partner is doing the bare minimum of childcare. Those moments ‘daddy daycare’ is mentioned or it’s insinuated he’s somehow babysitting his own child. This is about the domestic load and what equality looks like in the home. Whether he picks up the childcare slack or you do. Strap in for the domestically-loaded ride. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
09/02/2341m 59s

Quickie: How toxic is your family?

This episode heads into the heart of the family unit and looks at what toxic behaviours might lie within. Anna and Polly look at their own behaviours within that family dynamic and what a boundary looks like with your blood relatives. Happy families, indeed. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
07/02/2319m 9s

Matt Farquharson on toxic masculinity and being a typical man

Quite a turnaround, Anna's husband Matt joins the team this episode to talk about his new platform Typical Man. A place for those who want to break the toxic masculinity mould. The trio talk Andrew Tate, misogyny and how to raise sons and daughters in a world that's still telling 'boys to be boys'. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
02/02/2354m 42s

Quickie: Why don't you want sex?

Due to popular demand, we’ve got sexologist Karen Gurney back on the podcast to strip back your/our sex lives. The big issue is: how do you stop griping and start fancying someone who you’ve seen on the toilet, in birth and snoring in bed with you? Listen in and, well, hop on. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
31/01/2318m 35s

Jo Elvin on redundancy, not ‘having it all’ and actual success

If you’ve ever been pushed out of work or made redundant - usually for having a baby - then this episode is for you. The former editor-in-chief Jo Elvin speaks about the moment she was made redundant after 17 years at the helm of Glamour. The crisis of identity that ensued and how she has redefined success. Anna also speaks about the power of ‘average’ and how ‘having it all’ is really just code for ‘doing it all’, which equals burnout and essentially losing everything. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
27/01/2347m 7s

Quickie: Sort your sex life out

In this episode Anna and Polly strip down to their undercrackers and lay their sexual souls bare to sex therapist Dr Karen Guerney. How much is ‘enough’ sex? Should you worry if you aren’t doing it at all? Is the ‘maintenance shag’ a healthy tool or just another way to quash true sexual connection? So many questions and so many sexually-charged answers from a woman who has helped thousands of couples wade through the sexual quagmire. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
24/01/2321m 36s

Cariad Lloyd on ripping up the grief rulebook and her ideal wake

This episode digs into life’s biggest common denominator - death. We’re all going to exit stage left at some point so why don’t we talk about it? Author and comedian Caria Lloyd opens up about the death of her Dad and the complicated grieving process that hit her. Far from morbid this episode looks at your life after someone else’s death and how to pick up the probate pieces. An episode that will make you (hopefully) laugh as much as you cry. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
19/01/2349m 53s

Quickie: Are you ‘too’ emotional?

Anna has been described as ‘over’ emotional her whole life, while Polly describes herself as an ‘unmoving statue’ emotionally. Anna cries at everything, while Polly struggles to shed a tear in even the toughest of moments. The duo dig deep on how they’re really feeling and what emotional health looks like. This is - as it says on the tin - a very emotional episode that sees Polly digging into the postnatal trauma around the medical complications her disabled twins navigated. Bring tissues. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
17/01/2321m 59s

Illana Gambrill on when to divorce and how to rebuild yourself

Ooof, this one hit hard. Illana Gambrill, founder of Dancebox, opens up about the moment she divorced her husband. The exact moment she knew it was the end and had to walk out and learn to love herself again. And the years it took to shake off and dance through the pain of losing herself. She speaks about wishing there was some easy ‘out’ like an affair or something more dramatic. But the reality was they were just not meant for each other and that’s sometimes harder to leave. This is one woman who is empowering other women through dance to be themselves. Live their lives. However that looks. Whoever they want that to be with. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
12/01/2343m 45s

Quickie: Take this boundary test

BOUNDARIES. We need them. Anna and Polly take the boundary test and find out they are eternal people pleasers who will take whatever a friendship throws at them. (Anna more than Polly, perhaps). But maybe 2023 is time to break up with the notion that every friendship is, in fact, friendly. Take the boundary test in this episode and work out if your friendships are two-way. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
10/01/2317m 46s

Prue Leith on sex at 82, living life and gang bangs

This is a complete one-off. Prue Leith dusts off the Great British Bake Off apron and gets down (and relatively dirty) with Anna and Polly. The trio talk sex in your 80s and what’s needed to make it work (an IKEA sheepskin rug among other accoutrements) and THAT story about Prue attending a gang bang. Beautifully honest, searingly open and quite the start to 2023. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
05/01/2342m 58s

Quickie: Is 40 too old to go clubbing?

Anna and Polly are here to party like it’s 1999. Kinda. On hearing that anyone clubbing over 40 is ‘tragic’, your Dirty Mother Pukka hosts ask if their clubbing days really are over? And reflect on years gone by with sticky floors, alcopops and getting down and dirty on the podium. Free entry. Everyone welcome. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
03/01/2311m 19s

Christmas special: The Box, shitty clubs and you Dirty Mother Pukkas

Good God where to start? For our Christmas party we decided to go to The Box - a club that has been described as ‘intensely hedonistic’. Polly once went and a man pooed on stage so the Dirty Mother Pukka team wanted to see if it was all it was cracked up to be. Let’s just say we won’t be likely to get an invite back. Listen in to find out why and a huge Merry Christmas you Dirty Mother Pukkas. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
29/12/2233m 4s

Quickie: The Christmas mental load is real

If you find yourself wondering when the joy begins for you at Christmas, we’ve got you. Sure it’s lovely to see the kids whipped up into an excited festive frenzy but where do you come in? In this episode Anna and Polly are feeling mentally overloaded and, well, download the reality. If you are lying up at 3am wondering if you’ve bought an equal number of presents for the kids, this one’s for you. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
27/12/2214m 43s

Lauren Mahon on checking yer tits, Dame Deborah James and living

She describes herself as having a ‘gob like Dyer and hair like Demi’. She’s now clear of breast cancer but having forged a friendship with co-hosts Rachel Bland and Deborah James through the podcast ‘You, Me and The Big C’, she speaks openly about her diagnosis and how to practically check your boobs for breast cancer. This episode looks at a woman who has lost two mates in the cancer process. And is here to explain what it is to truly live life. Expect tears, laughter and a significant amount of tit jiggling.
22/12/2244m 50s

Quickie: Are you lonely in your marriage?

‘Loneliness’ has long been attached to old age, but this week Anna and Polly dig into feelings of disconnect in motherhood, marriage and beyond and how they have never felt more alone than when they seemed fine. Alone in a relationship. Alone despite a following online. Alone in a group of mates. This episode is a huge hug in podcast form for anyone feeling lonely despite appearances. This is our ramshackle 21st century women’s healing circle and we are so glad you are in it ♥️ Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
20/12/2218m 28s

Lou Featherstone on shopping addiction, ‘retail therapy’ and credit card debt

Money allegedly makes the world go round. It can make or break a person. But getting your cash flow wrong can come at a huge cost as Lou Featherstone found out. By the time she was 17 she had court orders for unpaid credit cards. She’s been in the red as long as she can remember and she speaks to Anna and Polly about the effect her shopping addition had on her life, relationships and future. This is a no holds barred chat on how there’s two sides to the shopping coin. The buying high and the crushing financial low. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
15/12/2250m 9s

Quickie: Are you meant to be together forever?

Have you cheated? Has your partner? In this episode Anna and Polly talk about James Corden’s new sitcom ‘Mammals’ that questions if marriage is truly resistant to infidelity. Are you meant to be with one person until ‘death do us part’ or are we polyamorous mammals searching for love and lust at every corner? One quote from the series is: “aren’t faithful couples just watching porn separately and exchanging logistics together?” Listen in to see where Anna and Polly sit… Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
13/12/2216m 51s

Keith Lemon and Lucie Cave on 90s celeb culture, love rats and boob jobs

This is a trip down memory lane into a world of 90s celebrity. Beach body-shaming? Or celebrity profile-boosting? Lucie Cave, the former editor of Heat Magazine strips back the front cover to reveal what was really happening under the glossy, celeb surface. This is Lucie and her best mate Keith Lemon taking you back to The 90s. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
08/12/2243m 5s

Quickie: Are you broken by work?

Have you had your flexible working request denied? In this episode Anna opens up about the new Flex Appeal app she’s launched with co-founder Tim Grimes called ‘Work Your Way’. It’s a human approach to business and this episode is a call to arms for businesses to get with the flexible working programme - before they lose talent. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
06/12/2215m 47s

Becky Adlington on swimming through pain and men and miscarriage

In this episode Anna and Polly talk to four-time Olympic gold champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington on life outside of the swimming pool. She speaks about the heartbreak of miscarriage and how her partner opening up about his grief helped her heal. Losing a baby isn’t just something women go through and this episode tackles what it means to grieve the loss of a little life. Together. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
01/12/2244m 13s

Quickie: This is why you're burnt out

This is no man-bashing exercise but good GOD the mental load women carry compared to men is skewed. From meal planning, kids party-planning to school What’s App-grouping, Anna and Polly are feeling the strain. And that’s before even mentioning Christmas. Join us for a vent/ therapy session to clear away some weighty inequality cobwebs. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
29/11/2216m 1s

Alex Light on heroin chic, fat shaming and anorexia

Who else remembers Special K suggesting you’ll get skinny by eating a couple of bowls a day? What is diet culture? And why did we so easily buy into it? Anna and Polly sit down with journalist and author Alex Light to shine a light on eating disorders and the grimness of an industry that told us ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. The trio talk body shaming, body dysmorphia and how to raise the next generation of girls to love themselves. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
24/11/2240m 35s

Quickie: Gabrielle Union on work/life imbalance

Hollywood star Gabrielle Union - who starred in Bring It On and now voices Meridian in Disney’s Strange World - talks the eternal parental juggle, trying to do it all and accepting what you can do. She also opens up about the first gay teen romance in a Disney film and how we shouldn’t need to normalise what’s already normal. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
22/11/2217m 34s

Lorraine Candy on raising teens, the menopause and female rage

There’s no stone left unturned in this frank chat about what it is to raise teenage girls while going through the menopause. Former editor of Elle, Lorraine Candy, opens up about her menopausal symptoms that went undiagnosed. The rage that lands unexpectedly. And how to steel yourself against the teenage rage when you’re left wondering where your little baby went. Honest but uplifting, this is an episode that shines a light on a parental arena barely anyone speaks about. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
17/11/2241m 27s

Quickie: Would you go on Naked Attraction?

In this quickie Anna and Polly delve into the surreal world of reality TV. With Strictly and I’m A Celeb firmly on screens, they look at the reason we need trash TV in our lives. But also the dark side… Who finds the guests on Naked Attraction? And one word: Brideoplasty. Brides getting cosmetic surgery before the big day. No more words. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
15/11/2216m 33s

Kate Lawler on marriage counselling, sex after a baby and being a ladette

This is one of the most open-hearted episodes to date. Anna and Polly talk to Big Brother winner and broadcaster Kate Lawler about how babies can blow up a relationship - and no one really tells you that before sperm hits ovum. It’s a brutally honest conversation about how hard it is to hold on to the one you love - when there’s another person to love, too. It’s a tale of light and dark, triumph over parental adversity and how marriage counselling is, perhaps, the happily ever after. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
10/11/2245m 3s

Quickie: Do you have a toxic boss?

In light of Liz Truss’s political team going against her, Anna and Polly ‘deep dive’ and ‘circle back’ on toxic workplace culture. From Anna’s editor clicking in her face to Polly questioning the militant direction of a former headteacher, the duo discuss what it takes for work to, well, work. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
08/11/2218m 25s

Anna Mathur on comparison culture, pandemic stress and not being ‘fine’

Anna and Polly chat to psychotherapist and Sunday Times Bestselling Author of ‘Mind over Mother’ Anna Mathur on the way the Internet impacts her mood. How you never feel enough when comparing yourself to an Internet’s-worth of people. This episode digs deep on the complexity of our feelings. How you can feel gratitude and pain in the same moment; the duplicity of being human. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
03/11/2239m 29s

Quickie: Have you been pregnant then screwed?

In this episode Anna speaks to ‘The Erin Brockovich of Bradford’ Donna Patterson - the woman who took on Morrison’s for maternity discrimination and WON. They talk about how charity Pregnant Then Screwed supported her fight and how she did it for all of us. And for our daughters. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
01/11/2226m 21s

Anna and Polly on Holly and Phil being booed at the NTAs

In this half-term special - a little shorter than usual because of The Kids and their unending needs - Anna and Polly chat about Phil and Holly being booed at the NTAs for allegedly queue-jumping to see the Queen lying in state. Have we gone too far? Is Holly’s ‘nation’s sweetheart’ status just making her ripe for a fall? What part do you play in online pillorying? Listen in team for our thoughts. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
29/10/2211m 46s

Quickie: Are yer boobs ok?

Anna and Polly chat tits, bangers, boobs, baps, wangers and udders to get you in the zone for checking them out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More than anything this is an ode to the ladies and how they now fail the pencil - and pencil case - test.
27/10/2214m 0s

Seyi Akiwowo on Tattle, kid’s online safety and cancel culture

In this episode Anna and Polly go into the dark depths of the internet with online safety activist Seyi Akiwowo.The trio talk about Tattle, comparison culture and the abusive nature of the internet. This is not a pity party for anyone who operates online but it’s a deep dive into the inhuman way social media pits humans against each other. They talk Andrew Tate, keeping your kids safe online and how to be a good digital citizen. Two words: love bombing. Instead of picking someone apart, try throwing energy and emojis at someone you really like. More than anything this episode is a call to arms to big social media giants hiding behind a big pixelated wall. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
20/10/2242m 52s

Quickie: Do you judge women for casual sex?

Polly signs up to a new app called TapDat that promotes casual, consensual sex with strangers. She doesn’t get tapped (despite someone called ‘BigSchlong’ hovering) but we question why casual sex makes women sluts and men ‘lads’ to be championed. Oh and there’s also a chat about rampant sex in care homes and how STDs are on the rise in the silver-haired shaggers. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
18/10/2219m 30s

Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani on arranged marriages, sexual liberation and their worst shag

From the critically-acclaimed ‘Brown Girls Do It Too’ podcast, Poppy and Rubina get under the covers with Anna and Polly. The foursome cover worst shags, their ‘number’ and how to have a ‘danger wank’. Like with every episode it’s light and shade with Poppy talking openly about her arranged marriage that ended in divorce and how Asian girls need somewhere to speak freely about pleasure; a place that removes the shame put upon young girls for not playing the arranged marriage game. Poppy and Rubina’s live show ‘Brown Girls Do It Too: Mama Told Me Not To Come’ will be at Soho Theatre from 18th October, before touring the UK from Southampton to Salford! Buy tickets at www.browngirlsdoittoo.com Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
13/10/2244m 3s

Quickie: This is why you don’t need FemFresh…

Anna and Polly ask what’s the male equivalent of FemFresh. BollockBreeze was offered up by one listener. But jokes aside why are women made to feel their vagina is unclean? It’s self-cleaning. It has a perfect PH balance. Gynaecologists and doctors say stop believing the feminine hygiene product hype. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
11/10/2213m 30s

Nicola Chapman on masking pain, her MS diagnosis and learning how to live

This is one of the most open-hearted episodes to date where beauty YouTube queen Nic Chapman talks about her MS diagnosis and the light she’s found in a traumatic darkness. She’s one of the few people to speak up about not feeling attached to her baby initially and she also breaks down the stigma of reaching out for help in that maternal fug. It’s a story of love, loss and unending optimism from a woman who built an empire on papering over the cracks with make-up and is now fully laid bare. Prepare to laugh and cry in equal measure. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
06/10/2255m 32s

Quickie: Do you need a threesome?

Anna and Polly dig deep on threesomes, foursomes and swinging as they uncover that you probably know someone doing someone - consensually - alongside their partner. But is it worth the sexual excitement and how to know if your relationship can take another person in the bedroom? Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
04/10/2211m 54s

Oloni on fake orgasms, bad sex and your erotic fantasies

Stop faking orgasms and get with Dami ‘Oloni’ Olonisakin’s sex programme. In this no-holds-barred chat, Anna and Polly strip down the misogynistic layers stopping them from coming. From re-educating your partner on sex toys to stopping with the whole ‘spicing things up in the bedroom’ chat – which makes them collectively cringe – it’s about owning YOUR pleasure. Whether you’ve just met someone off Bumble or you’ve been married for 25 years. Oh and the big question: Why is there only FemFresh? Why not MenFresh? Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
29/09/2243m 56s

Quickie: Is it PMT or peri-menopause?

In this episode Anna and Polly talk hormones with Dr Sohere Roked from your first period to the peri-menopause your hormones could be messing with mind, body and soul. This episode is like a hug in podcast form. It’s not you, it’s your hormones. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
27/09/2217m 18s

Bryony Gordon on hair loss, ditching the booze and finding herself in the darkness

There’s tears of laughter and tears of sadness in this episode where author and journalist Bryony Gordon opens up about her alopecia. She speaks about a world that defines women by how they look; how their hair looks. How her self worth and self loathing started at just 12 years old and how she wants to break the cycle for her own daughter. She speaks about her relationship to men, alcohol, work and friends in this uplifting but unveiling chat about what it is to navigate the world as a woman in 2022. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
22/09/2257m 17s

Quickie: When is it ok to pierce a child’s ears?

After getting their first tattoo together last week, Anna and Polly deep dive into a world of piercings and tattoos. The average age of girls getting ears pierced is 7 and there’s a current petition to get child piercings banned. What side of the fence do you sit on? And, more importantly, does having a tattoo at 41 mean you are on the verge of a midlife crisis? Original music from Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
20/09/2211m 34s

Sophie Morgan on life after a car crash, ableism and otherism

Sophie Morgan speaks openly and powerfully to Anna and Polly about navigating life after a car crash - she’s clear it wasn’t an ‘accident’ - at the age of 18. Overnight her life changed and her access to the world shifted. She speaks clearly about her strength as a Disabled woman but also the weakness of a world not set up for basic access. Access to the London Underground. Access to an EasyJet flight. She wants to open the world to otherism - not patronising or Molly coddling anyone who is Disabled. To treat her as a human. She’s vehemently against shaming anyone who makes a mistake and wants to open your eyes and heart to growing, to understanding Disability and to centre her outside of her mobility aid. It’s a heartfelt - and in places heartbreaking - call to arms for humans to be, well, human. And for the world - at the very least - to be more accessible to everyone. On a personal note, this episode meant a great deal to us as Polly opens up about her experience as a mother of beautiful Disabled twins, Fox and Lili. Expect to laugh as much as you cry and - on an essential level - to learn how to raise children that aren’t ableist. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
15/09/2248m 30s

Quickie: Do you have WhatsApp Group Anxiety (WAGA)?

Do you wake up and feel overwhelmed by the little red number detailing how many unread messages you have? Like a ticker tape of expectation. The family WhatsApp groups, friends WhatsApp groups, the WhatsApp group that’s 1,456 comments deep about a vague friend’s baby shower present? The overwhelm is real and Anna and Polly deep dive into WAGA (WhatsApp Group Anxiety). Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
13/09/2210m 33s

Dr Martha on back to school anxiety, bullying and dealing with school pressure

If your child - of any age - has gone back to school this week, this episode is for you. After joining us for an amazing Quickie on dealing with parental rage, psychologist Dr Martha is back for a full episode after your requests. She chats to us about how to deal with separation anxiety, how to support your child if they're being bullied and the mounting pressure the education system puts on our children. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
08/09/2247m 6s

Quickie: Do you need a marriage sabbatical?

In light of Celia Walden admitting she took 6 weeks off from being around Piers Morgan (understandable) to ‘help their marriage’, this episode looks into the marriage sabbatical. Do you need some time out? Grab a chair and listen in. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
06/09/2211m 53s

Joeli Brearley on maternity discrimination, brutal childcare costs and online hate

If you’ve ever been fooked over at work for daring to have a baby, this one’s for you. Campaigner and founder of the charity Pregnant Then Screwed (but we're a podcast, so we're using the original name Pregnant Then Fucked), joins us to discuss why childcare is on the brink of collapse, the shocking stories of maternity discrimination she's dealt with and how women are now choosing to abort wanting pregnancies because they can't afford the costs. She also talks about how campaigning for vulnerable women took a toll on her mental health and the online abuse she's faced. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
01/09/2253m 8s

Quickie: How to keep your kids safe online

Natasha Devon speaks frankly and informedly about the very real issue of online safety among kids. From Andrew Tate misogynist hate to pyramid schemes among teens, she’s breaking down - instead of trying to break - the internet for parents, teachers and the next generation. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
30/08/2217m 21s

Jacqueline Gold on on rampant rabbits, orgasm gaps and sex after trauma

The orgasm gap is real and Anna and Polly are here to bridge it with an Ann Summers dildo. Jacqueline Gold, CEO of the multi-million pound sex emporium speaks up about finding the right sex toy and centring female pleasure in a world that’s historically focused on the penis. They talk sex after trauma, wielding your sexual power in the bedroom and boardroom and the first ever dildo to land in Ann Summers stores in the 70s. It’s called ‘The Hermit’ and it’s a world away from the rampant rabbit. This episode well and truly hits the G-spot. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
25/08/2236m 37s

Quickie: Are you properly raging?

Why is it more socially acceptable for men to rage and not women? Is a rage revolution coming? This week we also chat to the director of the new film She-Hulk, Kat Coiro. Original music by Matt Brown at WeAreOK.com
23/08/2217m 6s

Louise Broadbridge on mum shaming, PND vs ‘baby blues’ and mucus plugs

Louise Broadbridge from @thehonestmidwife joins us for an in-depth interview. Catch the previous episode for our audience Q+A with her. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
18/08/2248m 54s

Quickie: Call the midwife

Louise Broadbridge @thehonestmidwife answers your knocked-up questions. She covers babies screaming blue murder, tongue-tie, colic, leaky boobs, knackered souls and when the ‘baby blues’ crosses the line to PND. Just to preface for any soon-to-be-parents: the smell of your baby’s head is worth all the above. Original music from Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
16/08/2214m 0s

Caroline Hirons on Botox, ageing and taking on Gwyneth Paltrow

What happens when a renowned skincare expert meets Polly, the woman who uses sudocrem (and once anusol) as moisturiser? Tune in to find out. Caroline Hirons chats to us about the dangers of unregulated cosmetic procedures, how she tackles misinformation online and her beef with Gwyneth Paltrow. PS: Sorry Caroline, we should have warned you about Pol. Check out Caroline's new app (the Google of skincare) here: skinrocks.app.link/download_the_skin_rocks_app Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
11/08/2251m 37s

Quickie: How to not lose your sh*t at the kids

This week's episode is the not-so-quick-quickie. Have you got to that stage of the summer holidays when you're losing your shit at your kids? If yes, then this episode is for you. Anna's joined by clinical psychologist Dr Martha to talk us through how to deal with the pressure of the school holidays, be a better parent and look after ourselves. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
09/08/2227m 36s

Cilla Raie on single parenting, maternity discrimination and singing her heart out

This week's guest is the singer-songwriter Cilla Raie. She speaks about how the music industry pushes women and mothers out. (Over the past decade women make up just 12.7% of songwriters and only 2.8% of producers.) How this has to change and how all industries need to recognise this biological juncture. The leaking breasts, the postnatal depression, the separation anxiety. The reality of what your mind and body goes through when you leave your child to go back to work. This is a story about a woman singing her heart out in an industry that closes the door to women. Especially Black women. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
04/08/2232m 8s

Quickie: How to actually #bekind

It all started with a message Anna received by a woman called Jessie. It showcased the beautiful kindness from a stranger and restored our faith in the world. This week we're reading out some of the most liked messages from you. It's not the 'Be Kind' hashtags and t-shirts - but what kindness really means. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
02/08/2211m 19s

Helen Thorn on sex, finding her libido and life after divorce

You might know her as one half of the comedy duo Scummy Mummies but she's also the Sunday Times bestselling author of Get Divorced, Be Happy. This week's guest is Helen Thorn and you do not want to miss this episode. She talks to us about getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, the moment she found out her husband was having an affair and how her best friend picked her up during the heartbreak. She also chats about finding her sexuality and libido after divorce. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com
28/07/2246m 44s

Quickie: Caught in the (sex) act

What's the weirdest place you've had sex? This week we're talking about getting caught in the act after a vicar has been caught performing a sex act with Henry the hoover (yes really). Original music by Matt J Brown.
26/07/2210m 34s

Louise Boyce on plus size modelling, ageism and panic attacks

TW: This episodes contains references of eating disorders. Today we're joined by Louise Boyce, also known as Mama Still Got It on Instagram and TikTok. She's a model and founder of 'Push It Out’ which campaigns for brands to disclose the use of fake bumps for models in maternity wear. She started this amazing campaign after she was told she’d no longer be able to continue working as a model after she became pregnant. Original music by Matt J Brown.
21/07/2237m 14s

Quickie: The hungover games

It's estimated you waste 252 hours per year being hungover. This week we're discussing alcohol and hangovers, after our interview with Cat Sims. Why do Brits love drinking so much? And does the new hangover pill work? We put it to the test. Original music by Matt J Brown.
19/07/2215m 39s

Poorna Bell on grieving, powerlifting and racism in journalism

This week's guest is journalist, author and powerlifter Poorna Bell. We discuss the challenges of breaking into the journalism and publishing industries as a south Asian woman, why she decided to become a competitive powerlifter and navigating dating in your 40s. Original music by Matt J Brown.
14/07/2250m 5s

Quickie: Closing the orgasm gap

Have you ever faked an orgasm? Apparently if you shudder saying the word ‘clit’ you’re likely to fake orgasms. In this week's quickie we're chatting about how we can close the orgasm gap and why SO many of us are faking it. Original music by Matt J Brown.
12/07/2214m 55s

Natasha Devon on toxic friendships, #womensupportingwomen and bitchin’

Have you experienced a toxic friendship? This week we're joined by campaigner and LBC presenter Natasha Devon to discuss her new book 'Toxic' - which explores such friendships. We chat about how to spot a coercive friendship, how to break up with a toxic friend and how you can support your children if you suspect it's happening to them. Original music by Matt J Brown.
07/07/2249m 58s

Quickie: Sex clubbing and Killing Kittens

Ever wondered what it's like to go to a sex club? This week we're joined by Emma Sayle, CEO of Killing Kittens, the social network where women come first - it's a shame-free community for dating, sex ed and so much more. We ask her everything you've wondered: Who goes? What's it like inside? Do you have to participate? Can you bring your own sex toys? Original music by Matt J Brown.
05/07/2218m 53s

Ashley James on big boobs, tabloid shame and not being Made in Chelsea

Presenter Ashley James joins us this week. She chats about being bullied into ditching her Geordie accent and why she's on a mission to stop the tabloids from shaming women's bodies. Original music by Matt J Brown.
30/06/2236m 19s

Quickie: Ageing gracefully/disgracefully

Is it true that women start to feel invisible at 45? This week we’re discussing ageing - why is there more pressure for women to look younger? And what lengths would you go to look more youthful? We’re putting viral TikTok anti-ageing hacks to the test. We try a face tape which apparently gives an ‘instant face lift’ (and we see if you can do it cheaper with gaffer tape). We also try the most terrifying anti-aging mask and a jaw sculpter. You don't want to miss this. Original music by Matt J Brown.
28/06/2218m 54s

Cat Sims on alcoholism, AA and gin O'clock

TW: This episode contains references of sexual assault. Cat Sims - also known as Not So Smug Now - grew a huge following on TikTok for her hilarious parenting videos during the pandemic. But during that time, she also came to terms with her relationship with alcohol. Now 7 months sober, she talks to us about the moment she realised she was an alcoholic and needed help, and challenges along the way. Original music by Matt J Brown.
23/06/2253m 11s

Quickie: Passing wind in space with Tim Peake

Did you know that during production of Toy Story 2, Pixar accidentally deleted the whole film? It was saved by a new mother who worked from home and had the movie saved on her computer. That woman was Galyn Susman and she joins us on the podcast this week. We also speak to the British astronaut Tim Peake, who answers your kids' burning questions. Original music by Matt J Brown.
21/06/2221m 7s

Demi Rose on OnlyFans, shame and Ayahuasca

Ever wondered about how OnlyFans works? We’re joined by model Demi Rose who shares why she decided to join the platform. Plus we chat to her about her life: from caring for her disabled mother, losing both parents and being bullied at school, to becoming an Instagram star with nearly 20 million followers. We also discuss shame, unrealistic beauty standards and her experiences with Ayahuasca. Original music by Matt J brown.
16/06/2246m 25s

Quickie: The Spiderman monkey face sex position

Have you ever heard of the Spiderman monkey face sex position? No, nor did Anna. This quickie is all about sex positions - including the ones you've never heard of (and probably don't want to try). Original music by Matt J Brown.
14/06/2212m 3s

Anna Whitehouse and Polly Hazlewood on Love Island v Love Handle Island

Love Island is back on our screens. Would anyone watch our remake Love Handle Island? It's the same premise - but for divorced, perimenopausal women to find love (or a shag). Any takers? We also chat about the documentary 'The man with a penis on his arm', micropenises and labiaplasties. Original music by Matt J Brown
09/06/2223m 29s

Quickie: How good is feminist porn?

Today's quickie is all about porn. While many lambast it for degrading women, is there a space for feminist porn? Anna reviews one of Erika Lust’s films - the director who creates porn for women. Plus find out what happened when Anna and Polly tried to make a porn film club. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
01/06/2214m 7s

Polly Hazlewood on the best and worst one-night-stands

One night stands are in decline, according to researchers. So we thought we'd treat your ears to our best and worst (spoiler: guess who was accidentally pissed on). Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
26/05/2230m 49s

Anna Whitehouse on Flex Appeal and breaking down the 9-5

This week we're doing something a bit different. On top of speaking to inspirational women, this podcast is also a place for us to discuss the topics that are close to us. Anna has been campaigning for flexible working since 2015 - the goal is to make it the norm. Flexible working is not solely for parents, it’s not something only for ‘mummies that want to see more of their babies’. It’s about a fundamental shift in how we work. It’s about giving humans – all humans – the flexibility to do the job they need to in a way that works for both employer and employee. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
19/05/2225m 25s

Quickie: Handjob tips from the pros

The news you've been waiting for! We are launching an extra weekly bonus episode: the Dirty Mother Pukka Quick & Dirty. Every week we'll be testing all the things you might be too scared to: think sessions with a divorce coach and what it's like to attend a sex party. But first we bring you the handjob workshop; Anna shares the top tips she received while attending the workshop in Amsterdam. We're finally putting the dirty in Dirty Mother Pukka. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
17/05/2211m 43s

Sophie Walker on trolling, people pleasing and women in politics

In this episode we're joined by former leader of the Women's Equality Party, Sophie Walker. She shares the challenges of being a woman leader of a political party during such a divisive period; from online hate to why she needed to enter an interview through the backdoor to avoid potential confrontation. She also discusses the basic changes we need for make society fairer for women. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
12/05/2236m 46s

Rachel Riley on upskirting, misogyny in the media and motherhood

Today’s guest is none other than the Countdown co-presenter and author of ‘At Sixes and Sevens’ Rachel Riley. In this episode she shares how she deals with the torrent of abuse she receives on social media and how social networks can do more to protect women. Plus we discuss the fallout from public shaming and her experiences of misogyny and objectification as a young woman in the TV industry. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
05/05/2246m 42s

Cathy Reay on ableism, raising her voice and polyamory

In this episode we're joined by the writer and journalist Cathy Reay. She shares how she's navigating the world of motherhood, the challenges of building a platform as a person with a disability, experiences of ableism and what led her to try polyamory after a decade-long monogamous marriage. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
28/04/2232m 53s

Alice Liveing on domestic abuse, adult acne and exercising for herself

TW: This episode discusses domestic abuse. This week’s guest is the personal trainer and fitness author Alice Liveing; she chats about her challenges with body image and diet culture and shares her experience of domestic abuse and giving evidence in court to put her abuser behind bars. If you are in immediate danger of domestic abuse please call 999. For more support you can contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
21/04/2236m 9s

Zoe Hardman on menopause, misogyny and losing Caroline Flack

TW: This episode discusses eating disorders. This week's guest is Heart presenter Zoe Hardman where she shares her experience with anorexia after being on the hit TV show Playing It Straight, what it's like going through the early menopause in her 30s and how the press needs to change after losing her close friend Caroline Flack. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
14/04/2241m 32s

Natalie Lee on body confidence, calling a vulva a vulva and feeling herself

In this episode we're joined by blogger and author Natalie Lee, aka Style Me Sunday, whose debut book Feeling Myself is out in June. We discuss reframing divorce and how you come to terms with ending a 24-year relationship, her recent ADHD diagnosis and shedding the shame of self-pleasure. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
07/04/2234m 57s

Giovanna Fletcher on postnatal depression, bullying and being queen of the castle

TW: This episode discusses post-natal depression. This week we're joined by author, podcaster and presenter Giovanna Fletcher. In this emotional episode, she opens up about maternal mental health and experiencing post-natal depression after giving birth to her third child Max. She also shares how she juggles work and family life, plus why being bullied as a child means she no longer cares what strangers think about her. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
31/03/2235m 44s

Florence Given on orgasming, being queer and dumping boys

She's one of the youngest authors to write a Sunday Times bestseller; she's also an activist, illustrator and podcaster. This week we're joined by Florence Given and it's a juicy one. She shares her tips for better sex, tells us how her friends' experiences of sexual harassment in clubs motivated her to start her platform and chats about the moment which led her to finally dump her boyfriend. Original music by Matt J Brown at WeAreOK.com.
24/03/2225m 39s

Mary Portas on dismantling the 9-5, green washing and single parenting

In this week's episode we're joined by brand guru and broadcaster Mary Portas. She tells us why she ditched her iconic red bob and how the pandemic was cataclysmic for her and her business; forcing her to re-assess everything she once knew. We also discuss how she navigated raising her younger brother after the death of her parents, plus what gave her the courage to share her relationship with a woman with the world. Original music by Matt J Brown.
17/03/2234m 42s

Stella Creasey on maternity discrimination, trolls and babies in Parliament

TW: This episode discusses baby loss. This week’s guest is none other than the Labour legend who is standing up for all mums every day, voting for women’s rights in parliament and doing it in style with her baby in a sling. Stella Creasy MP joins me to talk about the highs and lows of being a politician and a mother, and to talk about the lesser-known shoe fetish requests she receives from strangers online. Yes, you read that correctly. Original music by Matt J Brown.
10/03/2225m 50s

Quickie: How to date after divorce

Our chat with Cherry was SO good we couldn't cut it all - so here's a little bit extra for you. In this bonus episode she shares her three golden dating rules, tells us the worst date she's been on and answers that burning (quite literally) question we've been wanting to know since reading her book: does she still bleach her bum hole?
07/03/229m 47s

Cherry Healey on divorce, bad Tinder dates and beauty standards

This week we’re joined by TV presenter Cherry Healey. She’s presented documentaries like Ten Years Younger and written the book Letters to My Fanny. We discuss the shame around masturbation and her journey of self-pleasure, plus the importance of consent and how it feels when that line is crossed. The pain - and equal relief - of divorce is also covered as Cherry details the judgement she faced when she separated from her husband. Original music by Matt J Brown.
03/03/2233m 56s

Myleene Klass on miscarriage, misogyny and her #metoo moment

It’s here and it’s dirty. Well, that’s a lie, it’s not as filthy as co-hosts Anna and Polly had hoped because they’re exhausted, disillusioned mothers with limited time. Congealed ketchup on plates and fruity pet names are as X-rated as the pair get in the launch episode. But their guest Myleene Klass dishes the dirt on the music industry in a post #metoo era. Directors asking her to take clothes off in an ‘audition’ and songwriters getting too close and personal by the piano. In this no holds barred chat Myleene talks about getting booed off stage, her first snog, what it's like to be kissed and have someone tell on you. And the heartbreaking experience of losing a baby - and, in turn, losing a part of yourself. There’s highs, there’s lows, there’s light and shade. Welcome to Dirty Mother Pukka: Strap in for the ride. Original music by Matt J Brown.
24/02/2242m 27s

Dirty Mother Pukka is back!

Dirty Mother Pukka is back - and this podcast will show the full 360-degrees of women. This is where women turn up, show up and be themselves. Women who stand up in the House of Commons and love a Jilly Cooper novel. Women who are tired of being compartmentalised and boxed up. Think feminism with a side of Mills & Boon filth. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player.
16/02/221m 36s
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