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Dead Man Talking, led Alex on an investigation into the crimes and confessions of The Railroad Killer, Angel Resendiz.


8: S3: The Innocents - John Hardin (Proclaim Justice co-founder)

For the final episode to the series, Alex talks to John Hardin about what motivated him to dedicate his life to freeing the wrongfully convicted. John also talks about some of the inmates they believe to be innocent and are currently helping, and has some advice for any listeners wanting to get involved with supporting them.The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
04/01/2145m 19s

7: S3: The Innocents - Juan Melendez

Juan Melendez tells Alex about spending nearly 18 years on death row for the murder of Delbert Baker in Florida. Juan was innocent of the crime, and despite having an alibi for the time of the murder, he was prosecuted using the testimony of a known criminal. Juan talks about the use of the electric chair in Florida and the pain of losing friends he had made on death row when their time came to be executed.  The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
28/12/2032m 17s

6: S3: The Innocents - Sabrina Butler Smith

In this episode, Alex talks to Sabrina Butler Smith, the first woman to be exonerated and freed from death row in the United States. Sabrina was sentenced to death for the murder of her baby son Walter. After he stopped breathing, she had rushed him to hospital. Walter died the next day and Sabrina was arrested due to the bruises left by her resuscitation attempts. Eight years later, after a retrial, she was released from prison, and today, Sabrina campaigns for the abolition of the death penalty and is still trying to get Walter's official cause of death changed from 'murder'. The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
18/12/2041m 11s

5: S3: The Innocents - Daniel Villegas

Daniel Villegas tells Alex his tragic story of spending 18 years in prison for the shooting of two young men in El Paso - a crime he didn't commit. Daniel was forced to confess by detectives, and he was convicted of murder despite immediately recanting his confession. He tells Alex about his first few years in prison in which he was forced by prison guards to take part in “gladiatorial” fights with other inmates. The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale.
11/12/2045m 36s

4: S3: The Innocents - Anna Vasquez

Alex speaks to Anna Vasquez — one of the so-called San Antonio Four — about being wrongly convicted for the brutal gang rape of two children. This was during the 'Satanic Panic' era and the story was front page news. Anna spent nearly 13 years in prison — and it took many more to finally clear her name.The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
04/12/2047m 29s

3: S3: The Innocents - Tim Howard

Alex speaks to Tim Howard about spending 19 years behind bars - nearly 15 of them on Death Row - for the murder of his best friend. Contaminated evidence was used to convict Tim and there were strong accusations of racial bias.  At his second trial in 2015, a compromise verdict was reached: acquittal of all capital and first-degree charges, but conviction on the second-degree charges. Tim was forced to spend two more years in prison. He has always maintained his innocence.The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
27/11/2044m 46s

2: S3: The Innocents - Hannah Overton

Alex speaks to Hannah Overton, the quiet, church-going woman who was sentenced to life in prison for the death of her foster son. She was accused of forcing him to eat salt as a punishment for bad behavior.  It's a bizarre and tragic story, and Hannah was released on appeal after 7 years in prison — when new evidence made it clear that no crime had actually taken place.The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
20/11/2038m 21s

1: S3: The Innocents - Jason Baldwin

Alex speaks to Jason Baldwin — one of the West Memphis Three — about the 18 years he spent in a maximum security prison, convicted for a murder he didn't commit. He was only released in 2011 when he and his co-defendants agreed to take an Alford Plea — a guilty plea in which they could proclaim their innocence, but admit the prosecution had enough evidence to prove their guilt. It was a decision that would profoundly impact what 'freedom' meant for Jason to this day.The Innocents is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter SaleCheck out Proclaim Justice: Jail Guitar Doors: to our advertisers for this episode, and
13/11/2046m 5s

10: S3: START HERE: Introducing The Innocents

Alex and Pete are here with details of the new series of Huddled Masses. Fans of true crime will be pleased to hear they're back with more criminal justice stories.
05/11/205m 40s

9: S2: Battleground - Power of the Evangelical Church

In the final episode of Battleground, Alex speaks to Lindsey Kane about being kicked out of the evangelical church and the trauma of having the only world she knew turn against her.They also discuss the reasons why evangelicals have previously backed Trump and how evangelicalism effects other areas of the culture war.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
27/10/2046m 37s

8: S2: Battleground - Immigration and Trump's Border Wall

Alex talks to Jose Genis, one of the leaders of a group called Aguilas del Desierto or “Eagles of the Desert.” Jose tells Alex about his work searching for the remains of migrants who died trying to cross into the US, plus his experiences of racism since Trump took office. He also gives his views on what he'd like to see happen with immigration policy in the future. Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
26/10/2040m 11s

7: S2: Battleground - Climate Crisis and the Culture of Denial

Alex speaks to Dr. Victoria Herrmann - President of The Arctic Institute- about California Wildfires, the immediate climate crisis and the US environmental record under Trump. They also look at the culture of climate denial and the historic role of oil companies in this.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
22/10/2035m 15s

6: S2: Battleground - Guns and the 2nd Amendment

In this episode Alex talks to Scott Lewis, formerly Texas legislative director of 'Students for Concealed Carry on Campus' and a strong 2nd Amendment supporter,  about solutions to America's gun violence problem and where guns fit into the culture divide.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
19/10/2046m 15s

5: S2: Battleground - The Fight for Transgender Rights

Alex talks to transgender rights activist Meghan Stabler about the fight for LGBTQ equality under Donald Trump — a major part of the so-called "culture wars." She also shares with Alex her own personal journey of transition and how this impacted her children.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
15/10/2038m 16s

TRAILER- Wondery presents Kamala: Next In Line

Subscribe today: If Joe Biden wins in November, Kamala Harris would become Vice President after one of the most consequential and tumultuous elections in American history.  Already a rising leader in the Democratic party, Harris would be the most significant player to help Biden manage a country in crisis, and a frontrunner to lead the ticket in 2024 should Biden not seek re-election. Kamala: Next in Line goes inside the cross-cultural journey that led Harris from her humble roots to become the first African-American woman to represent California in the Senate and now the first African-American woman to be the Vice Presidential nominee for a major party. From Oakland to Howard University, California to Washington DC, experience her story as it has never been told before. This is an intimate and immersive dive into who Kamala is, what her critics say about her, and how she arrived at this moment.   Hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the show features exclusive interviews with those who know her best, painting a picture of a woman who has fought her way to the top at every turn.
13/10/206m 7s

4: S2: Battleground - Searching for the Republican Party's Soul

Alex speaks to former George W Bush strategist Stuart Stevens about how he - and many former Republicans - have turned their back on the party in a effort to stop Donald Trump getting re-elected. They discuss what will happen to both the GOP  and 'Trumpism' if the president loses the election.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
12/10/2039m 43s

3: S2: Battleground - George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Alex speaks to Black rights campaigner and human rights attorney Nana Gyamfi. They discuss why America has become so divided under Trump's presidency, the aftermath of George Floyd's death and how race will influence the election.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
08/10/2038m 57s

2: S2: Battleground - Politics of the Pandemic

Alex speaks to leading emergency room physician and epidemiologist Dr Craig Spencer, about dealing with misinformation during the Covid crisis and what this tells us about a divided America. They also discuss Craig's time working in a New York hospital at the height of the pandemic.Battleground is presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
05/10/2045m 36s

1: S2: START HERE: Introducing Battleground

The Dead Man Talking Team are back with a new series! Alex and Pete are here with all the details on 'Battleground'.
29/09/205m 32s

17: Introducing Over My Dead Body

Looking for a new True Crime podcast now that Dead Man Talking has finished? Here's a trailer for a podcast recommended by the DMT team. What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead. Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or
13/02/196m 29s

16: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Corrections Officer (BONUS EP)

In this special interview, Alex speaks to Dead Man Talking listener and former Corrections Officer, Bobby Blanton. Bobby worked as a guard at the Polunsky Unit, which houses Texas’s death row, and got to know Angel Resendiz well while the serial killer was an inmate there. Bobby explains why he believes the confessions on the tape are true.  Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
12/02/1922m 56s

15: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Q & A (BONUS EP)

In this special episode Alex looks back on the Dead Man Talking series and answers listeners' questions — ranging from his faith in the US justice system, regrets on losing the tape, and why Resendiz was only ever charged with one murder. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
05/02/1935m 55s

14: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Finale

In the final episode of Alex's investigation into the confessions of Angel Resendiz, we look at all the evidence gathered so far. Was his hunch that Resendiz was telling him the truth correct? Or has he been led down the garden path? Plus, find out whether he's found a lawyer to help with Andres Mascorro's appeal. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
29/01/1940m 1s

13: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Breakthrough

As he approaches the end of his investigation into the confessions of Angel Reséndiz, Alex has been trying to get a lawyer to look at the convictions of Diamantina Kolojaco and Andres Mascorro. He finally meets Catherine Greene Burnett, Associate Dean at the South Texas College of Law in Houston, and finds a big breakthrough in the case. He also finally meets Andres Mascorro's family and updates them. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
15/01/1929m 57s

12: S1 Dead Man Talking: Michelle Lyons (BONUS EP)

In this episode Alex speaks to someone who not only spent lots of time with Angel Resendiz on Death Row, she also watched him die. Michelle Lyons was spokeswoman for the Texas department of Criminal Justice and she’s got some pretty unnerving things to say about Resendiz as she got to know him pretty well on his time on Death Row. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
08/01/1921m 25s

11: S1 Dead Man Talking: Run with the Railroad

In 1997, two young lovers, Jesse Howell and Wendy Von Huben, went missing in Florida after riding the rails down there.  Two years on, Resendiz confessed to killing the couple, and led detectives to Von Huben's body.  Alex looks deeper into this case and finds strong similarities with Resendiz's confession to him of multiple murders on the California/Arizona border. Presented by Alex Hannaford and presented by Peter Sale
01/01/1926m 28s

10: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Attorney

Alex travels back to Houston to meet Les Ribnik, one of Angel Resendiz's appellate attorneys. Before the Railroad Killer's execution, Ribnik, believing his client may have information about other murders, was quoted as saying: "The state should be patient and wait for my guy to die another day so these other cases can possibly be cleared." So what did Resendiz tell Ribnik about the murder of Daryl Kolojaco? Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
18/12/1834m 8s

9: S1 Dead Man Talking: Holly Dunn (BONUS EP)

A special in-depth interview with sole survivor of the Railroad Killer, Holly Dunn.   Holly tells Alex about surviving the attack and trying to rebuild her life while knowing Angel Resendiz was still at large. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
11/12/1823m 48s

8: S1 Dead Man Talking: Midnight Train to Georgia

In this episode we hear about the brutal murder of an elderly woman called Fanny Byers in a tiny rural Georgia town, a case that profoundly influenced what Alex thinks about Resendiz and the confessions that he made.   Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
04/12/1831m 47s

7: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Lover

Diamantina’s former lover Andres Mascorro, who was also convicted of Darryl Kolojaco’s murder, has finally agreed to be interviewed in prison — after years of Alex writing to him with no response. Mascorro insists he is innocent; that police coerced a confession from him and threatened to deport his undocumented family back to Mexico. He tells Alex: “I never knew what one signature could do.” Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
20/11/1831m 59s

6: S1 Dead Man Talking: An Innocent on Death Row?

In this episode we learn about the case of Louis Perez, a man on death row for a triple murder in Austin, Texas. But the modus operandi of the killer was eerily similar to that of Resendiz. We meet Louis’s sister, Delia Meyer, who has campaigned tirelessly for her brother since his arrest two decades ago. She takes Alex to the railroad track near the murder scene and asks: did the Railroad Killer commit this crime too? Alex discovers that Perez’s former attorneys once filed a motion to stay Resendiz’s execution so they could investigate. What can this case teach Alex about the taped confessions? Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
13/11/1832m 16s

5: S1 Dead Man Talking: False Confessions

Was Angel Resendiz lying in order to delay his execution or bolster his own myth; to get credit for unsolved murders around the Unites States? In this episode, Alex speaks to Jack Levin, an expert on serial killers, and Chuck Weaver, a professor of psychology and neuroscience - and an expert in false memory - to get their views on the Resendiz tape. We also hear the story of Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most prolific serial killers in America, who confessed to over a thousand murders before detectives realised he couldn’t have committed the vast majority of them. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
06/11/1832m 14s

4: S1 Dead Man Talking: Blythe Part 2

Alex is still in Blythe and still has lots of work to do to follow up on the claims of Angel Resendiz. He visits the two sheriffs' offices that straddle the Arizona / California state line to find out if any of the unidentified remains listed in the database could have been victims of the Railroad Killer. Things here are less straightforward, and could other serial killers have been operating in the area? Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
30/10/1832m 4s

3: S1 Dead Man Talking: "Where the river bisects two states" (Blythe Pt. 1)

In this episode the interview tape reveals another confession: Resendiz claims he killed “three or four” people on the border of Arizona and California. Although he can’t remember the name of the town, he’s precise about the location. It’s Blythe, California, and Alex goes there to investigate. There, he meets the local police chief, and plays him Resendiz’s confession. His response: “I believe him, and I’ll show you why.” Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
16/10/1829m 36s

2: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Kolojaco Case

In 1998, two people were sentenced to life in prison for murder. Diamantina Kolojaco was found guilty of persuading her young lover to kill her husband for the insurance money. But a year after she went to prison, serial killer Angel Resendiz wrote to her from death row with a message: that he had committed the murder. In this episode Alex interviews Diamantina in prison — her first ever media interview. Could an innocent couple die in prison for a murder Resendiz committed? Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
09/10/1832m 53s

1: S1 Dead Man Talking: The Tape

In the first episode of Dead Man Talking we meet journalist Alex Hannaford, find out about his interview with serial killer Angel Resendiz fifteen years ago, and listen to his interview tape. We find out the back story to Resendiz and his crimes, and about the trial which ultimately saw him facing execution. We hear Alex's memories of meeting Resendiz and how he’s still haunted by the confessions to further crimes that he made during that meeting. Presented by Alex Hannaford and produced by Peter Sale
02/10/1835m 57s

S1: Introducing Dead Man Talking

Haunted by an old cassette tape of an un-investigated confession by a convicted murderer, journalist Alex Hannaford begins his investigation into the crimes and confession of Angel Resendiz aka The Railroad Killer, who criss-crossed the US by freight train in the 80s and 90s, choosing his victims at random.
18/09/184m 9s
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