The Coronavirus Newscast

The Coronavirus Newscast

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People from ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus.


Blackout Tuesday

People from ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus, a report by Public Health England says. And Adam is joined by Jon Sopel, BBC North America Editor, to talk about Trump’s response to the crisis in America. Producers: Nat Ktena, Harriet Noble, Georgia Coan, Jo Deahl Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Output Editor: Frankie Tobi Studio Director: Emma Crowe
02/06/2032m 39s

(Some) Schools Back For Summer

Some kids went back to school today in England. How is it working? Adam talks to pupils and a headteacher about their first day back. In non-coronavirus related news, Adam talks to Eugene Scott from the Washington Post about the protests in the United States sparked by the death of George Floyd, who suffered a cardiac arrest while being restrained by Minneapolis police. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Harriet Noble, Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena, Jo Deahl, Georgia Coan Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
02/06/2028m 18s

(Some) Schools Back For Summer

Some kids went back to school today in England. How is it working? Adam talks to pupils and a headteacher about their first day back. In non-coronavirus related news, Adam talks to Eugene Scott from the Washington Post about the protests in the United States following the the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Harriet Noble, Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena, Jo Deahl, Georgia Coan Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
01/06/201h 38m

The great outdoors

Nina Nesbitt and Kelly Cates join Adam to talk about getting back outdoors. And Newscasters do their best David Attenborough impressions. Studio Director: Emma Crowe Producers: Harriet Noble, Seren Jones, Ben Weisz Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham
29/05/2033m 43s

The Joy of Six

The government has confirmed its five tests are being met, and the next phase in reopening society will begin on Monday. As part of this, groups of up to six people will be able to meet outdoors while maintaining social distance. Also on the podcast, Dr Adler joins us for an update on Brexit, and we hear from a charity shop volunteer on how we can donate the stuff from our lockdown spring clean responsibly. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena, Harriet Noble, Ben Weisz Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
28/05/2030m 57s

Testing (and tracing) times

Boris Johnson faces challenging questions from MPs and the government announces a test and trace system in England. Also Adam hears a romantic tale from a couple separated by coronavirus and the high seas. Producers: Seren Jones, Nat Ktena, Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham
27/05/2032m 36s

Is this the way to Barnard Castle?

As a government minister resigns and more Conservative MPs speak out over the prime minister’s top adviser Dominic Cummings, will Boris Johnson carry on standing by his man? We hear from Rev. Martin Poole, whose question over family lockdown fines seemed like it might prompt the government to look again at the issue. And what are immunity passports? The founder of Transferwise and first Skype employee Taavet Hinrikus tells us about his next venture - an app he hopes will let those who have tested positive for Coronavirus antibodies have more freedom. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena, Seren Jones Studio Director: Emma Crowe Assistant Editor: Emma Close
26/05/2033m 34s

Cummings Up Roses?

Adam, Laura, Fergus and Chris discuss Dominic Cummings’s rose garden moment in Downing Street. Did he do enough to deal with the criticism? Plus, good news for shops (and shoppers?) Producer: Ben Weisz Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos Studio Director: Emma Crowe
26/05/2029m 4s

The Special One

The PM backs Dominic Cummings but this is far from over… Laura, Adam and Fergus discuss the fallout from the row about whether Boris Johnson’s key adviser broke the lockdown rules. Studio Director: Emma Crowe
 Producer: Nick Rotherham Editor: Dino Sofos
24/05/2029m 23s

Bastille on the future of the music industry

When can we go to gigs again? How are bands recording new music in lockdown? Can emerging artists get signed through their livestreams? Adam is joined by Dan Smith from Bastille, Beverley Whitrick of the Music Venues Trust, and Will Grant from Domino Records to look at how the coronavirus pandemic is changing the music industry. Producers: Natalie Ktena, Frankie Tobi, Georgia Coan, Seren Jones Studio Director: Weidong Lin Editor: Dino Sofos
22/05/2040m 55s

Inside Sage

Key Sage member Professor Sir Ian Boyd takes your questions. Should the Government have placed the country in lockdown earlier? Sir Ian thinks they should have. He also talks us through how the influential group advises government, and answers your questions. And how is Facebook handling misinformation during the pandemic? Mark Zuckerberg has been speaking to the BBC’s Simon Jack. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble, Georgia Coan Studio Director: William Allott Editor: Dino Sofos
21/05/2041m 26s

Did Andy Gill have coronavirus?

The author Catherine Mayer is investigating whether her late husband and Gang of Four founder, Andy Gill, contracted coronavirus on tour in China last year. She spoke to Adam, Laura and Professor Tom Solomon. Producer: Harriet Noble Studio Manager: Emma Crowe Editor: Dino Sofos
20/05/2028m 53s

Quarantina Fey

The chancellor says we’re facing “a severe recession, the likes of which we haven’t seen”, and today saw some bleak numbers on jobs and benefits. We talk to two people whose careers have been badly affected by the pandemic, including a drag queen who has become a security guard! Producers: Harriet Noble, Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena and Georgia Coan. Studio manager: Emma Crowe Editor: Dino Sofos
19/05/2028m 24s

Greece for the holidays?

The Greek minister for tourism talks to Chris, Laura and Fergus about the ways the country is planning on welcoming tourists this summer. Is it possible to socially distance on the beach? Producers: Georgia Coan, Nat Ktena, Harriet Noble Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
18/05/2031m 51s

Kermode, Mayo and Chris Addison

Will coronavirus permanently change the film industry? And when can we go to the cinema again? In this blockbuster episode, Simon Mayo, Mark Kermode, and actor and director, Chris Addison, join us to talk movies. And 'Brexitcast Strikes Back'! Dr Katya Adler is back for a Brexit update. Studio Manager: Emma Crowe Producers: Harriet Noble, Frankie Tobi and Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
15/05/2046m 24s

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Kitchen Disco!

How many people in the UK have had coronavirus? Adam, Laura, Chris and Fergus chat everything we do and don’t know about antibody tests, immunity, and the rate of infection with Professor Tom Solomon from The University of Liverpool. And as the UK looks to expand on its ‘Test Track and Trace’ policy, we hear about the Seoul club night that sparked a search for 32,000 people. Also on the programme, the singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor tells us about the home discos she’s been hosting every Friday night, live from her kitchen. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble, Seren Jones, Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
14/05/2030m 2s

Caring for care homes

Why has coronavirus hit care homes so hard? Adam, Laura and Fergus talk through the issues affecting care homes. The government’s strategy, the lack of personal protective equipment and the high numbers of coronavirus deaths. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi, Seren Jones Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
13/05/2031m 13s

Furlough For How Long?

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced today that the government’s furlough support scheme that pays the wages of workers on leave due to coronavirus would be extended across all sectors until October. But, with employers being asked to contribute to the scheme from August onwards, questions remain. We hear Laura’s interview with the Chancellor, and ask how businesses that have no current date in sight of reopening will be able to pay. Also on the programme, Emma Vardy talks us through Northern Ireland’s five-step plan to ease the lockdown. And, the Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron tells us about his new role as a supermarket delivery driver. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble, Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos Studio Manager: Tom Burchell
12/05/2034m 48s

More questions than answers?

Do I need to wear a face mask? When can I get the childminder back? Can I move into my new student house? Laura, Adam, Chris and Fergus try their best to answer your questions about the new lockdown measures. Sounds Engineer: Simon Nunn Producers: Harriet Noble, Nick Rotherham and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
12/05/2031m 38s

Ifs and Buts...

Long: The PM unveils his ‘conditional plan’ to reopen society. People who can’t work from home should return to work and a new Covid Alert System will decide how lockdown restrictions will be eased in future. But there were a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in Boris Johnson’s speech. Adam, Laura, Chris and Fergus explain what we learnt and what we still don’t know. Sound Engineer: William Allott Producer: Frankie Tobi Editor: Dino Sofos
10/05/2036m 54s

Brian May and Gavin Barwell

The Queen guitarist tells us bands need to "rethink" whether touring and playing to large crowds is appropriate in a post-corona world. We're joined by Theresa May's former chief of staff, Lord Gavin Barwell, to discuss lifting lockdown. And Stephanie Flanders from Bloomberg tells us how worried we should be about the economy. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble, Natalie Ktena and Seren Jones Editor: Dino Sofos
07/05/2035m 58s

When Can We Fly Again?

Is it realistic to start thinking about a summer holiday abroad? Even if the airports reopen, will it be safe to travel? John Holland-Kaye, the chief executive of London Heathrow Airport joins the pod to talk about temperature tests and travel plans. And the prime minister Boris Johnson faces Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer for the very first time at Prime Minister’s Questions. Producers: Jo Deahl, Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble and Seren Jones. Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor Dino Sofos
06/05/2034m 30s

‘Professor Lockdown’ Steps Down

Professor Neil Ferguson’s advice played a big part in the government imposed lockdown. But he’s now quit after the Daily Telegraph reported he allowed a woman to visit his home. Also, as Scotland considers introducing social bubbles, the stars of the TikTok house tell us what it’s like to live in one. And football legend, John Barnes and Radio 1 legend, Chris Stark, on when the football season should return. Sound Engineer: Emma Crowe Producers: Harriet Noble, Nick Rotheram, Ben Weisz and Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
05/05/2033m 23s

Test, track and trace

How will government’s new test, track and trace strategy work? BBC Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellen-Jones, joins Adam, Laura and co to talk about the new NHS mobile app trial, the ins and outs of manual contract-tracing and the wonder that is the Isle of Wight. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Jo Deahl, Ben Weisz, Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
04/05/2033m 29s

Wuhan: Where it all began?

What happened in Wuhan? Our woman keeping her eye on China, Carrie Gracie, joins us to delve into wet markets and government labs. Back on home soil, Matt Hancock succeeded in meeting his target for testing, but there is some sobering data about the people most impacted by Covid-19. Producers: Nicholas Rotherham, Harriet Noble and Seren Jones. Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos Sound Engineer: Emma Crowe
01/05/2035m 16s

Past the peak

The PM says that UK has "past the peak" of the coronavirus pandemic and announces that he'll be setting out plans for how lockdown restrictions will be eased this time next week. And are you missing the pub? We are. So we speak to two pub owners about how social distancing measures could affect their industry. We're also missing a good pub quiz so Anne Hegerty from The Chase hosts a virtual one for us! Producers: Frankie Tobi, Ben Weisz and Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
30/04/2035m 52s

Normal People and Difficult Puzzles

As the number of UK deaths from Coronavirus rises even further, Fergus visits a hospital taking part in a large scale clinical trial that hopes to find a treatment. Professor Martin Landray, one of the trial’s leads, tells Adam, Laura and Fergus how the 8,000 person trial aims to see if any existing drugs could offer a solution. Also on the podcast, we discuss if home schooling could have a long-term impact on some children with Joanna Clark, a primary school head in Durham, and, Adam finds out why finishing his 1,000 piece puzzle was so satisfying. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi, Ben Weisz, Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
29/04/2033m 38s

Dead Ringers and David Miliband

Jon Culshaw and the former Foreign Secretary join us. David Miliband, who now heads up the International Rescue Committee, predicts there will be up to one billion cases of coronavirus in conflict affected and fragile countries. And Dead Ringers star Jon Culshaw joins the pod to celebrate the return of Alan Bennett’s (or should that be Chris Mason’s) Talking Heads. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Jo Deahl, Ben Weisz, Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
28/04/2031m 43s

PM back at work

Boris Johnson resumed his duties as prime minister today, starting with a speech outside No 10 urging the public to stick with the lockdown restrictions. Adam, Laura, Chris and Fergus look at what's in the PM’s in tray and discuss how far away we might be from ‘phase two’ of the coronavirus response. Plus, Izzy Wheatley tells us how zoos are responding to the crisis and gives a tour around the panda enclosure. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Nick Rotherham, Ben Weisz and Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
27/04/2031m 23s

Bleach Body Ready

On this side of the Atlantic, scientists at Oxford University inject two volunteers with what they hope will be one of the vaccines that beats coronavirus. In the US, President Trump suggests scientists try researching the efficacy of putting disinfectant into the body to fight the virus. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Harriet Noble, and Seren Jones Assistant Editors: Emma Close and Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
24/04/2042m 30s

Loch Down

While Westminster remains tight-lipped on how lockdown restrictions could be lifted, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has spelled out what an exit strategy might look like there. But, emphasised it won’t happen anytime soon… Adam, Laura and Chris are joined by Scotland Editor Sarah Smith to discuss. And how can creativity help us during times of crisis? The model and activist, Adwoa Aboah, and psychologist Dr Ciara Dockery, of Gurls Talk tell us about their campaign. Sound Engineer: William Allott Producers: Frankie Tobi, Ben Weisz, Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
23/04/2033m 42s

The Long Haul

Although talk of a vaccine and an exit plan for lockdown grows, England’s Chief Medical Officer says it’s “wholly unrealistic” to think life can return to normal soon. We find out where all the money raised by Captain Tom will go. And Adam and Chris make plans to recreate Oktoberfest. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Nick Rotherham, Nat Ktena and Ben Weisz Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham, Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
22/04/2029m 59s

The Receipts Takeover

Are people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds at greater risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19? Rianna Croxford delves into the data. Plus Tolly T, Milena and Audrey, hosts of The Receipts Podcast, join Adam and Laura to answer your lockdown dilemmas. Producers: Harriet Noble, Nick Rotherham, Nat Ktena and Ben Weisz Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
21/04/2030m 6s

Back to School!

School's back and the BBC is here to help! We're joined by Deborah James, the new host of the new BBC Bitsesize Primary and Secondary Planner podcasts, for some homeschooling tips. And we're always hearing about Personal Protective Equipment but what actually is it? Adam Laura and Fergus chat to Dr Ron Daniels, a man who knows a thing or two about PPE. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Jo Deahl, Nick Rotherham and Harriet Noble Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
20/04/2036m 24s

William and Kate

After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge talk about how people are looking after their mental health during the pandemic, Adam is joined by Tina Daheley and Anne-Maria Newham MBE, a nursing director from Nottinghamshire. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Harriet Noble, Ione Well, Natalie Ktena and Ben Weisz. Assistant Producers: Sam Bonham and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
17/04/2031m 29s

Sir Keir Starmer

As the government extends its lockdown for at least another three weeks, Labour’s new leader Sir Keir Starmer says he thinks Dominic Raab has been reluctant to sign-off on an exit strategy, with Boris Johnson off sick. Adam, Laura, Chris and Fergus are joined by Katya to discuss how measures are being eased in Europe. And we hear about the new CPAP machines that could revolutionise treatment for those with Covid-19. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Ed Chivers, Ione Wells and Alicia Burrell Editor: Dino Sofos
16/04/2033m 29s

Geraint Thomas

Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas joins the pod. As Donald Trump says the US will halt funding for the World Health Organisation, we ask who is WHO?. And the government announces more testing for care homes. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi, Ione Wells and Ben Weisz. Assistant Editors: Emma Close and Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
16/04/2036m 27s

More questions than answers

How bad is this going to get? Adam, Laura and Fergus are joined by Ruth Alexander from BBC Radio 4's 'More or Less' programme to take a closer look at the death toll figures and the latest forecast by the UK's tax and spending watchdog that warns the UK economy could shrink by a record 35% by June. We also take a look at 5G conspiracy theories with our Disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring and ask Scott Bryan what we should be watching on TV. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Harriet Noble, Ione Wells and Ben Weisz Assistant Editors: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
14/04/2035m 25s

New York, New York

An Americast takeover... Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Anthony Zurcher join Adam to talk about how America is dealing with coronavirus. With a stateside view from Congresswoman Donna Shalala, who is the longest serving Health Secretary in US history. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi and Alicia Burrell Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
10/04/2037m 53s

Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory

The Homeland and Peaky Blinders stars tell us how they’re helping supply meals to NHS staff. And we're joined by epidemiologist and author of 'The Rules of Contagion', Adam Kucharski. Producers: Frankie Tobi, Natalie Ktena and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
10/04/2035m 39s

Katya Adler and Hugh Bonneville

How is the virus hitting the rest of the world? Katya Adler and Tulip Mazumdar discuss the impact of the outbreak on Italy, America, South Korea and beyond. And Hugh Bonneville is the latest thesp to recite Girls Aloud lyrics for us. Producers: Ione Wells, Harriet Noble and Alicia Burrell. Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
09/04/2036m 10s

Collectively Responsible

The PM is still in critical care but is “stable”. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is standing in for Boris Johnson, has said he is "confident" the prime minister will recover from coronavirus. Adam and Laura have the latest. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
07/04/2022m 2s

Inside intensive care

Behind the scenes in an intensive care unit. Fergus Walsh talks to Adam about the day he spent at the University College London Hospital ICU, witnessing medics and patients fight coronavirus. Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
07/04/2027m 43s

PM in intensive care

Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care in hospital after his coronavirus symptoms "worsened”. The prime minister has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise "where necessary". Adam is joined by Laura Kuenssberg and James Gallagher to discuss. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi and Ione Wells Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
06/04/2013m 10s

PM admitted to hospital

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is admitted to hospital for tests, ten days after testing positive for coronavirus. Adam chats to Laura, Chris and Fergus about this and the resignation of Scotland’s chief medical officer for breaking the lockdown rules. Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
06/04/2015m 58s

'We’ll meet again'

The Queen addresses the country. In a rare address, the monarch says the UK "should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return".
05/04/207m 3s

Alexander Armstrong

A Pointless-style coronavirus quiz hosted by the main man himself. Plus Laura talks Adam through the issues facing the elderly in care homes around the UK due to coronavirus. Producers: Hariet Noble, Frankie Tobi and Seren Jones Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
04/04/2036m 57s

One Heck of a Target

As the government announces its plans to carry out more than 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of April, Adam, Laura, Chris and Fergus discuss how this may or may not work. And Fergus takes a test! Producers: Nick Rotherham, Frankie Tobi, Ione Wells. Assistant Editor: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
02/04/2034m 39s

Bad News

Adam gets to grips with grief. He talks to a palliative care expert, Kathryn Mannix, about how to deal with death. Sean Farrington is on hand to help with your pandemic-related personal finance dilemmas. And Wimbledon superfan, Simon Mundie’s, worst fears come true. Producers: Ione Wells, Jo Deahl, Hariet Noble and Nicholas Rotherham. Assistant Editors: Sam Bonham and Emma Close. Editor: Dino Sofos
01/04/2039m 8s

What’s Not Allowed? And Girls Aloud!

What powers do the police have to fight coronavirus? Ex-policeman and Crimewatch presenter, Rav Wilding, joins us to talk about the challenges facing the police during the coronavirus pandemic. And how are Asian communities in the UK responding to the coronavirus crisis? We chat to Mobeen Azhar, Dr Rosena Allin Khan and Harjap Singh Bhangal. Producers: Natalie Ktena, Sej Asar, Seren Jones, Ione Wells and Nick Rotherham Assistant Editors: Emma Close and Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
31/03/2042m 24s

Sir Patrick's Slideshow

The country’s social distancing measures are “making a difference” says the UK’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance. And Adam talks to hair stylist, Nicky Clark, about how to cut your hair at home.
31/03/2029m 44s

‘Nigella Lawson’

Nigella answers your isolation dinner dilemmas.
28/03/2029m 22s

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is here to solve your isolation dinner dilemmas! Emily, Laura, Adam and Fergus discuss the news that Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. Producers: Ione Wells and Harriet Noble Assistant Editors: Emma Close and Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
28/03/2042m 59s

Clapping for Carers & Charli XCX

NHS tributes and isolation tips from Charli XCX. Adam, Laura and Fergus are joined by Sean Farrington from 5Live’s Wake Up To Money to help unpack the government’s new measures to support the self-employed. And musician Charli XCX gives us some tips on keeping fit, staying creative and painting rocks. Producers: Emma Close, Natalie Ktena, Nick Rotherham and Harriet Noble. Editor: Dino Sofos
27/03/2035m 6s

Park Patrol

Adam is joined by Laura, Fergus and Chris to talk through the day’s coronavirus news. BBC Reporters across the UK patrol the country’s parks looking for people not following the government’s rules to tackle coronavirus. And we take ‘nice-olation’ on the road, chatting to Marie Lennon from BBC Wiltshire about how people are managing being stuck indoors. Producers: Jo Deahl, Ione Wells and Nick Rotherham Assistant Editors: Sam Bonham and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
26/03/2030m 33s

Martin Lewis & Carol Vorderman

The Money Saving Expert joins Adam, Laura and Fergus to help answer your coronavirus related personal finance questions. And Carol Vorderman joins us for some homeschooling tips. Producers: Nick Rotherham, Emma Close, Jo Deahl and Ione Wells Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
25/03/2035m 18s


Strict new curbs on life in the UK to tackle the spread of coronavirus have been announced by the prime minister. Adam, Laura and Fergus discuss. And chef and Bake Off champion Nadiya Hussain joins us for some Nice-olation cooking tips! Producers: Nick Rotherham, Ione Wells, Jo Deal and Natalie Ktena Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
24/03/2035m 28s

Last Orders

Pubs and restaurants told to shut... The PM tells pubs, restaurants and cinemas to shut so the UK can fight the virus. And the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, makes some huge announcements to help the jobs market. Emily Maitlis joins Fergus and Adam. Producers: Nick Rotherham and Ione Wells Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
21/03/2035m 8s


Boris Johnson says that the UK can “turn the tide” on the coronavirus crisis within 12 weeks. But the chief scientific adviser says you have got to stop going to pubs and restaurants - yes, even if you’re young! And bored celebrities have been singing on social media… they mean well but it’s cringe. Producers: Ione Wells and Nick Rotherham Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
19/03/2031m 0s

School's Out

Boris Johnson announces that schools will close from Friday and exams will not go ahead this summer. Scott Mills is with us to talk about Eurovision being cancelled and our big boss, Lord Tony Hall, joins us for our first episode. Producers: Ione Wells and Jo Deahl Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofo
19/03/2035m 57s

‘Whatever It Takes’

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, unveils an "unprecedented" set of financial measures to support the UK economy through the coronavirus pandemic. But is it enough? Adam is joined by Laura Kuenssberg, Fergus Walsh and Faisal Islam. Producer: Ione Wells Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
18/03/2029m 55s

'Drastic Action'

The government changes its Coronavirus strategy. The plan has shifted because scientific modelling shows the UK was on course for a “catastrophic epidemic”. Vicki Young, Chris Mason and James Gallagher join Adam Fleming to discuss. Producers: Ione Wells Assistant Editor: Sam Bonham Editor: Dino Sofos
16/03/2032m 43s

The Coronavirus Crisis

We unpick the latest statement from the PM on Coronavirus and hear from one of the MPs who is self-isolating. And Americast’s Anthony Zurcher joins us to react to Donald Trump banning all travel to the US from the Schengen area. Producer: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
13/03/2030m 7s


If you don’t want to hear about our esteemed Middle East Editor broadcasting in the buff then delete this episode now. Or just skip 30 minutes in to hear Chris Mason’s review of Friends. 
Producer: Ione Wells and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
05/03/2032m 51s

The One with the Mandates

The Brexitcast ensemble are back together again to talk trade, Heathrow, Coronavirus and Friends. Producers: Emma Close and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
27/02/2029m 34s

We're all Dommed!

All the cummings and goings in Westminster this week, including Brexit, immigration and weirdos. Adam and Chris are joined by Newsnight's Nick Watt and our old friend Vicki Young. Producer: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
21/02/2035m 56s

Get Rishi Quick

Newscast ushers in Sajid Javid's replacement the way Newscast does best... with the world’s first Rishi Sunak quiz! The Saj's former special advisor Salma Shah joins us to unpick the cabinet reshuffle. And Rory Stewart wants a sleepover. Producers: Emma Close and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
13/02/2035m 6s

We’re all Newscasters now

The podcast formerly known as Brexitcast is here! And guess what? We’re still wanging on about Brexit. Emma Vardy joins us from the Irish election campaign and Adam has some podcasting tips for the new kids in town across the pond. Producers: Emma Close & Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
07/02/2031m 59s

Over and Out!

The moment we've been wanging on about for 2 and a half years. Editor: Dino Sofos Producer: Emma Close & Ione Wells
01/02/2033m 51s


Jermv Vince and The Lord introduce our final BREXITCAST LIVE. We invited Jake Yapp and booked an ABBA tribute act for LOLs. We laughed a lot and cried a little. Thank you Brexitcasters! What an amazing journey. Bring on Newscast! (Yes we know it sounds crap now but they said that about Brexitcast at the start). Editor: Producer Dino Producers: Emma Close and Ione Wells
31/01/201h 7m

The Leo Low-Down

Laura finally gets a one-to-one with the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar. And we have some news (but no spoilers) about our live show. Producer: Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
27/01/2021m 50s

Netflix and Chi…nese

A culinary extravaganza with some new friends! LK welcomes Helen Lewis from The Atlantic, Matt Chorley from The Times and our pal Alex Forsyth to the Brexitcast table to chew over Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Chinese takeaways, ravioli trade deals and Chris Mason’s ministerial pudding habit. Producers: Ione Wells & Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
23/01/2031m 28s

Bongs for Brexitcast!

The EU lands a blow to Boris Johnson's plan for a trade deal by the end of the year. And the House of Commons Authorities land a blow to the Brexiters’ appeal for Big Ben to bong on 31st Jan. We also have some exciting news about BREXITCAST LIVE! Head to to apply for free tickets! Producers: Emma Close & Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
16/01/2032m 18s


Things feel very different around here now… but Michel Barnier is still knocking about. And he has cake! Producer: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
09/01/2032m 56s


Sit back, pour yourself a large glass of something and listen to Adam, Laura and Katya looking back at a bumper Brexit year and one of the most eventful in British politics… like, ever. Producer: Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
20/12/1950m 21s

Reflectioncast: Ayesha Hazarika & Matthew Elliot

Comedian and former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika and Matthew Elliott, the strategist and former Vote Leave campaign CEO give us their take on the historic election result. We’ll be back with Brexitcast next week. Producer: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
13/12/1930m 44s

Electioncast: THE RESULTS!

The results are in! It's been a brilliant night for Boris Johnson and the Tories and a terrible one for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. Adam has been up all night watching the thrills and spills from BBC HQ. Producers: Harriet Noble & Nick Rotherham Editor: Dino Sofos
13/12/1937m 39s

Electioncast: An Ele-Xmas Carol

So that’s it... campaigning is over! We hear what the party leaders got up to on the final day, Jeremy Vine quizzes Adam on the Labour and Conservative manifestos and we bring you an Ele-Xmas carol. Producers: Emma Close, Harriet Noble & Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
11/12/1932m 23s

Electioncast, Actually

It’s the penultimate day of the campaign! Boris Johnson is driving through a polystyrene wall, Jon Ashworth’s been caught on tape and Hugh Grant wants people to vote tactically. Plus Emma Barnett joins us to talk last night’s under-30s Question Time. Producers: Harriet Noble, Emma Close and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
10/12/1932m 14s

Electioncast: (Not) So Solid Crewe

With only three days left of campaigning, Boris Johnson is criticised for initially refusing to look at a picture of a sick boy who had to sleep on the floor of a Leeds hospital. And Adam heads to Crewe to chat to a group of undecided voters. Producers: Ione Wells & Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
09/12/1934m 41s

Reflectioncast: Guto Harri & Laura Parker

Not long to go… Guto Harri, a former adviser to Boris Johnson and Laura Parker, the national coordinator of Momentum, tell us why their man should get the top job. Producer: Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
07/12/1936m 27s


Adam, Laura and Nick Robinson bring you the highlights, analysis and backstage goss from the final BBC leaders’ debate in Maidstone. Producer: Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
07/12/1928m 24s


It’s the last Brexitcast before polling day. We look at what the main parties have been saying about Brexit on the campaign trail. And we invite Jon Culshaw and Jan Ravens from Dead Ringers in to take the piss out of us. Producers: Emma Close & Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
05/12/1937m 29s

Electioncast: Snow Comment

In this extra-special bumper edition we talk Trump’s tiff with Trudeau, Labour’s spending plans and Jo Swinson meeting some bees. Plus Northern Ireland, what the parties are promising to disabled voters, and the history of general elections. And perhaps most importantly… what is the weather going to be like when we go to the polls? Producers: Harriet Noble and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
04/12/1931m 59s

Electioncast: Trump's In Town

President Trump’s in the UK for the NATO summit, so we called up our favourite America-watcher Emily Maitlis to dissect what that means, if anything, for the election. Plus Jeremy Corbyn says sorry for anti-semitism in the Labour party, and we take a trip to Merseyside to find out what a “Southport Swinger” is. Producers: Harriet Noble and Frankie Tobi Editor: Dino Sofos
03/12/1926m 3s


Two Johns and a Vicki… John Pienaar and Vicki Young join us to discuss the political fallout from the London Bridge attack, and the ultimate election guru Professor Sir John Curtice explains what the polls are really telling us. Producers: Harriet Noble and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
02/12/1925m 58s

Reflectioncast: Leaders respond to London Bridge attack

Chris Mason is joined by former Boris Johnson adviser, Jo Tanner and Lord Stewart Wood, a former adviser to Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown, to reflect on the election campaign. Chris also talks to the BBC’s Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner, after the terror attack at London bridge. Producers: Cristina Criddle and Ione Wells Editor: Dino Sofos
30/11/1931m 19s


Last night Channel 4 hosted a debate among party leaders focusing on climate change. Although seven were invited only five took to the stage, with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage being replace with ice sculptures. Sadly we couldn’t afford any frozen effigies of prominent politicians, but we can bring you a special episode with Leila Nathoo and David Shukman looking back at the debate. Producer: Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
29/11/1925m 4s

What's Gove Got To Do With It?

The BBC Scotland Editor, Sarah Smith, joins Adam and Chris to discuss the SNP manifesto. And we have a Tina Turner quiz to mark her 80th birthday... naturally. Producers: Emma Close and Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
29/11/1928m 34s

The Receipts Special

In a special bumper mega edition, we welcome the hosts of The Receipts podcast to Electioncast HQ. They're here to answer your election-related relationship dilemmas. Plus Labour's "major" NHS announcement, and Electionfiles returns. Producers: Rianna Croxford, Emma Close and Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
27/11/1935m 13s

Electioncast: Stormzy vs MC Gove

The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis attacks Labour’s record on anti-Semitism, we take the political temperature in the South West…. and Michael Gove (sort of) tries his hand at rap. Producers: Harriet Noble, Frankie Tobi and Cristina Criddle Editor: Dino Sofos
26/11/1926m 24s

Stand by your man... ifesto

It’s manifesto season, and today we’re looking at not one but five launches (well, one is technically a “contract”). Plus we explain nurse numbers using Christmas cupcakes. Producers: Emma Close, Harriet Noble and Cristina Criddle Editor: Dino Sofos
25/11/1926m 2s

Reflectioncast: David Blunkett & Polly Mackenzie

Electioncast is in Sheffield! Former Home Secretary David Blunkett and Nick Clegg’s ex policy director Polly Mackenzie talk about the campaign this week and the leaders Question Time debate. Plus Adam gets a tour of the city from local radio legend, Toby Foster. Producers: Frankie Tobi and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
23/11/1929m 31s

Electioncast: Ask the Leaders

We’ve escaped Electioncast HQ and are in Sheffield for the Question Time leaders' special. And while we're here Adam decided to stage a hostile takeover of Sheffield University's student radio station, Forge Radio. Producers: Emma Close and Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
23/11/1921m 57s

Brexitcast: Gimme Gimme Gimme

The Brexitcast gang look back at this week’s election pledges as Labour takes to the stage in Birmingham. And you can play along to the best musical-manifesto-quiz ever. It’s so good you’ll cry. Producers: Harriet Noble and Rianna Croxford Editor: Dino Sofos
21/11/1928m 34s

Electioncast: Folder Fillers

The Liberal Democrats launch their manifesto in a North London nightclub and Boris Johnson says he wants to change National Insurance rules. Producers: Emma Close and Nick Rotherham Editor: Dino Sofos
20/11/1928m 6s

Electioncast: Debate Night

The prepared sound bites of the two protagonists were almost drowned out by the guffaws from the cynical audience. And then the BBC's top hacks foraged for facts through the manifesto of the Green Party (for England and Wales). Producers: Emma Close, Franki Tobi and Rianna Croxfrod Editor: Dino Sofos
20/11/1930m 9s

The B-Files

The party leaders spell out their business pledges, Jennifer Arcuri asks why Boris Johnson is ghosting her, and the BBC’s answer to Mulder and Scully reveal why bar charts are wreaking havoc in Hastings. AND we're joined by a special celebrity guest - Jeremv Vince! Producers: Emma Close, Rianna Croxfrod & Natalie Ktena Editor: Dino Sofos
18/11/1933m 52s

TGIF Electioncast: Matt Forde & Salma Shah

Comedian and former Labour adviser Matt Forde and former Conservative adviser Salma Shah discuss the art of a not-so-savvy political interview. Plus what’s going on with all the big numbers being thrown around in this campaign? Producers: Emma Close and Rianna Croxford Editor: Dino Sofos
15/11/1934m 40s

Brexitcast: Tusk No One

Donald Tusk, the soon to be former President of the European Council, bows out from Brussels, urging Brits not to "give up" on stopping Brexit. Meanwhile in the UK, parties try to avoid scoring own goals on immigration. Producers: Emma Close, Poppy Damon and Rianna Croxford Editor: Dino Sofos
14/11/1928m 28s

Electioncast: A Warm Yorkshire Welcome

It's all in a day's campaigning... Boris Johnson faces the rough and the smooth of being on the road: heckles from unhappy voters on flooding, then a set-piece-speech setting out an optimistic vision for Britain. Producers: Harriet Noble, Emma Close, Poppy Damon and Rianna Croxford Editor: Dino Sofos
13/11/1920m 38s

Electioncast: Feat. Emily Maitlis

Clinton’s cards are on the table (geddit?). Meanwhile, we have the very latest from our Trending team and a look at the political fallout of the floods.
12/11/1929m 39s

Electioncast: Pulling pints. And candidates

It’s week two of the campaign and we've decided we need to learn some election slang. Laura joins us to discuss Nigel Farage’s announcement that the Brexit Party won’t run in seats won by the Tories in 2017. And our Reality Check team look into the parties’ spending claims.
11/11/1931m 49s

TGIF Electioncast: Ash Sarkar & Paul Harrison

Journalist Ash Sarkar and former Tory special advisor Paul Harrison join Adam, Chris and Laura to look back at the week. Plus we share some HILARIOUS titbits from a revealing focus group on the party leaders. Producers: Emma Close, Rianna Croxford and Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
08/11/1933m 27s

Brexitcast: Brexit Through The Carpark

The election is ON. But what does it all mean for Brexit? Meanwhile the BBC’s Media Editor, Amol Rajan, tells us more about campaigning on the interweb and so-called "s**t posting". Producers: Poppy Damon and Rianna Croxford Editor: Dino Sofos
07/11/1931m 10s

Electioncast: A-Tom Bomb

The main news tonight is that the Speaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hoyle has recorded some jingles for Electioncast. Oh, and the Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has resigned. We bring you the reaction to that and the Tory campaign launch in Birmingham. Producers: Harriet Noble and Emma Close Editor: Dino Sofos
06/11/1924m 11s

Electioncast: That's All Fawkes!

There’s a distinct smell of Brexit in the air as the Lib Dems hit the campaign trail. Producers: Harriet Noble, Emma Close, Rianna Croxford and Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
05/11/1925m 20s

Electioncast is here!

We know how much you all love politics... so in the run up to the general election, we'll be bringing you a daily Electioncast, EXCEPT on a Thursday when Brexitcast will be here as usual. Enjoy! Producers: Emma Close, Rianna Croxford, Poppy Damon and Harriet Noble Editor: Dino Sofos
04/11/1924m 33s

The Adam Family

No more WITCHful thinking! It’s the 31st October, so Adam dressed up as something that’s haunted him…The Withdrawal Agreement! Plus Little Britain does Little Brexit. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
31/10/1929m 8s


What we all need now is a good old fashioned 'democratic event'. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
29/10/1920m 7s

Brexitcast Goes GLOBAL!

We team up with the World Service's Global News Podcast to answer your questions! And Chris has a new cardigan. BIG DAY. #GlobalNews #Brexitcast You can find more from the Global News Podcast here, if you're a new fan:
25/10/1954m 5s

Do They Know It’s BreXmas?

Boris Johnson tells Laura he wants an election, but will Labour let him have it? Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
24/10/1929m 3s

WABsolute Scenes

Boris Johnson pauses his Brexit legislation after MPs reject his super-fast timetable. Now what? A Christmas election? And should Laura, Katya, Adam & Chris just sack it all off and become CBeebies presenters? Producer: Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
22/10/1931m 41s

Super(ish) Saturday

The Letwin amendment has passed...which means what exactly? Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
19/10/1931m 46s

Déjà vEU

A new deal has been secured but will it get through Parliament? Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
18/10/1926m 8s

Vintagecast: VAT-CHAT

Adam delves into the Brexitcast archives to bring you an episode about VAT after Brexit from Junes 2018. He was joined by the Financial Times Economics Editor, Chris Giles. How young and less knackered did we all sound back then?! Editor: Dino Sofos
16/10/1928m 10s

Saturday Night Leaver

Johnson and Varadkar say they're hopeful for a deal but what does that actually mean? And ever wondered what a Brexit disco concept album sounds like? Well, you're about to find out whether you like it or not. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
10/10/1932m 40s

Blame Academy

Dogging and Arctic Monkeys B-sides. Don't forget to send your song suggestions for our Brexitcast playlist before next week! Email Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
08/10/1925m 47s

Poisonous Testicles

We read your rubbish Brexit poems to celebrate National Poetry Day. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
03/10/1926m 17s


Boris Johnson wants to get Brexit done. He does not want to sit on stools. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
01/10/1931m 6s

Fear and Loathing in Westminster

Parliament as we've never seen it before...
26/09/1931m 7s

One Hale Of A Ride

The Supreme Court has ruled the suspension of Parliament was unlawful. Meanwhile, what's happening at the Labour Party Conference?
24/09/1931m 39s

Bettel The Devil You Know

LECTURNgate, "the mother of parliaments" and a Cameron-book-free-zone.
19/09/1930m 24s


What does 'podiumgate' say about the chances of a deal?
17/09/1918m 26s

Brex, Lies and Barnier Tape

A Scottish court says the Queen has been misled...meanwhile Barnier says he is a fan of Brexitcast! Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
12/09/1932m 12s

Flying Flamingos & Executive Fiats

What in the flaming flamingo is an executive fiat? Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
10/09/1915m 45s

I have a Cummings plan...

Gavin Barwell, former Chief of Staff to Theresa May, tells us why he thinks Team Johnson has hit a brick wall. Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
05/09/1937m 8s

Oh, What A Night

Could there be an election on Global Handwashing Day? Stay tuned to Brexitcast kids! Editor: Dino Sofos
03/09/1914m 26s

The Plot Thickens

Boris Johnson DEFINITELY doesn’t want to call an election, OK? Producer: Poppy Damon. Editor: Dino Sofos.
02/09/1928m 13s

We’re going to need a bigger klaxon

So Parliament is going to be suspended in September. What does this mean for Brexit?
28/08/1925m 53s

Brex on the Beach

Quiet summer, right? We’ll be back for real on 5th September but here’s a little bonus Brexitcast to get the juices flowing…
19/08/1932m 27s

RE: Out Of Office

Labour MP Caroline Flint joins us for the last Brexitcast before our summer jollies. Producer: Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
25/07/1932m 33s

Home Cummings

We’re joined by our regular Tory watchers, Henry Newman and Iain Anderson, to take us through all the gossip from Boris Johnson’s first day as PM.
25/07/1936m 56s

Britain Trump???

We have a new PM but never mind that – does David Frost listen to Brexitcast?! Editor: Dino Sofos
23/07/1923m 33s

Kipper lid on it

Boris Johnson has been waving a kipper around to make a point, but the facts are a bit fishy. And Adam puts the Brexit Secretary to the test in the Steve Barclay Testimonial Quiz! Producer: Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
18/07/1933m 44s

Pretty Major

Nothing to see here. Just the US ambassador quitting and a former Tory prime minister threatening to take the next Tory prime minister to court… oh, and the EU fining Hello Kitty.
10/07/1938m 28s

24-Karat Moons on Sticks

Andrea Leadsom pops in for a proper chat and Laura speaks to Jeremy Hunt in Kent - don’t try and read this out loud on live radio. And we catch up on all the Brussels #TopJobs goss. Editor: Dino Sofos
04/07/1934m 45s

Pod Save Brexitcast

We pinch Pod Save America’s ‘OK, Stop’ feature as we dissect Katya’s interview with Mark Rutte. In other news, Chris visits Shoreditch for the first time and discovers ‘posh toast’. Editor: Dino Sofos Engineer: Richard Townsend
28/06/1937m 13s

Two is the magic number

So we’re down to two riders in the ‘Poisoned Chalice Trophy’. I wonder what John Barnes thinks about all this?
21/06/1936m 35s

Dressed Down by Lorraine

So Boris takes the lead in the race to be the next PM. But what about Lorraine Kelly throwing shade at Esther McVey? And Adam rediscovers the size of an old haunt. Editor: Dino Sofos Producer: Poppy Damon
13/06/1936m 55s

Doncaster Races meets Game of Thrones

Brexit minister and Brexitcaster, James Cleverly, tells us why he pulled out of the Tory leadership race. And Justine Greening tells us why she never ran in the first place. Editor: Dino Sofos Producer: Poppy Damon
06/06/1937m 46s

From Tusk ‘til Dawn

So they let us loose on the actual BBC coverage of the Euro election results and it wasn’t a total car crash. Phew. But more importantly, WE’RE GETTING A CAT!!! While you’re helping us think of a name, you can listen back to our ‘best bits’ from the results programme. Editor: Dino Sofos Producer: Poppy Damon
27/05/1931m 58s


The PM finally chucks in the towel. There are Maybot tears, Cabinet crocodile tears and definitely no whistling
24/05/1930m 38s

Size Matters

Are those MEP sanctions or are you just happy to see me? And Theresa claps back at Laura for asking about her leadership. Engineer: Edward Swift Producer: Poppy Damon Editor: Dino Sofos
21/05/1927m 51s

Size Matters

Are those MEP sanctions or are you just happy to see me? And Theresa claps back at Laura for asking about her leadership.
21/05/1927m 55s


WOW… We just won the ‘Listeners’ Choice Award’ at the British Podcast Awards, voted for entirely by listeners. We’re so chuffed and we just wanted to say THANK YOU! Adam, Chris, Dino, Katya and Laura xxx
19/05/193m 23s

EX-X-X Party Talks

It’s official, Labour and the Tories can’t come to an agreement over Brexit. Who’d have thunk it? We gather for the wake of the cross-party talks. And what is Porn Hub???
17/05/1919m 18s

In Europe but not sung by Europe

Yeah, we know Theresa May’s pretty much announced her resignation BUT Eurovision is on and Scott Mills off of Radio 1 is in Tel Aviv to bring us up to speed
16/05/1928m 53s

The Poisoned Chalice Trophy

Horse racing commentator extraordinaire, Cornelius Lysaght, joins us for the Conservative leadership Steeplechase. Who are the runners and riders for the top job? And you’ve only got until Monday 13th May to vote for us in the British Podcast Awards. Head to www.britishpodcastawards/vote - search for Brexitcast and do your thing!
09/05/1935m 4s

A kick in the ballots

Laura’s been up all night watching the local election results come in… A bad night for the Tories and Labour. A good night for smaller parties. But what does this mean for Brexit? Editor: Dino Sofos
03/05/1920m 25s

My way or the Huawei

Adam has ploughed through 25 episodes of Game of Thrones since last week’s Brexitcast, so that gives you an idea of how busy things are in Brussels. Meanwhile, in Westminster… Editor: Dino Sofos
01/05/1916m 33s

13 Days Later

Adam is armed with a long list of Brexit-related topics to discuss from the past thirteen days. And while you’re listening, we’d be very grateful if you could vote for us in the ‘Listeners’ Choice’ category of the British Podcast Awards: Editor: Dino Sofos
25/04/1937m 56s


Whatever you think about the Brexit delay, I'm sure we can all agree that the extension of Brexitcast is fantastic news. To celebrate, Adam is playing the inaugural 'Brexitcast Drinking Game'. Please do not try this at home and please vote for us in the British Podcast Awards:
11/04/1931m 12s


No deal is off the table and Brexit has been extended until Halloween - or has it? And what now for Theresa? Editor: Dino Sofos
11/04/1910m 39s


Recorded in London at the 'Podcast Live' festival with special guest presenter, Jo Coburn and a mystery politician caller. Thanks to Phil Riley and Matt Deegan for having us and a BIG shout out to all the Brexitcasters who travelled by trains, planes and automobiles to see us! Editor: Dino Sofos
07/04/1954m 8s

WhatsApp is in Control!

Tory MP, Andrew Percy and Labour's Anna Turley join us for a no holds barred chat about what it's like to be living through the Brexit process in parliament. Editor: Dino Sofos Studio Manager: Edward Swift
04/04/1941m 22s

Theresa's Choice

Theresa tears up her red lines and chooses Brexit with a deal over the unity of her party. Editor: Dino Sofos
03/04/1930m 16s

Round and round and round...

The Commons failed to reach any sort of agreement again and some protesters stripped off. In other news, IT'S ADAM'S BIRTHDAY!  Editor: Dino Sofos
02/04/1918m 21s

29.03.19: No Brexit, More Brexitcasts

It’s March 29th 2019 and all we have to show for it is a half-eaten custard tart. But thank you to Brexitcaster Kynthia for the lovely voice note – we will take you up on that offer for a couple of bottles of Tsipouro! Editor: Dino Sofos
29/03/1924m 1s

Come On Arlene

Theresa May says she’ll quit if Parliament passes her deal but Arlene says she isn’t up for it. In other news, you can watch this episode on YouTube at some point. Subscribe to the BBC News channel and enjoy Adam’s jumper and chino combo. Editor: Dino Sofos
28/03/1934m 16s


We held a paper ballot and voted unanimously to do our first Emergency Brexitcast of the week. In other news, Adam has made an ASMR video with the Withdrawal Agreement…. YOU OK HUN? Editor: Dino Sofos
27/03/1931m 56s

Très Spikey

The EU agrees to delay Brexit and problems have been postponed. Again. Editor: Dino Sofos
22/03/1930m 17s

The Blame Game

Theresa brings out the podium again and blames MPs for the mess… and they aren’t too happy about it. Editor: Dino Sofos
21/03/1918m 27s

"The Last Days of Rome”

Guess what? We still don’t know what Brexit means… Editor: Dino Sofos
19/03/1927m 7s

Erskine Mayhem

Adam left the Irish Embassy’s St Patrick’s day party early for this. But don’t worry, he’s been stockpiling Gin and Tonics. Editor: Dino Sofos
18/03/1921m 15s

The Late Night Centenary Special

Beard stroking, Brexity chat. It’s been a long week and we have cake and a glass of wine – perfect conditions for a late night nostalgia-fest! Here’s to the next 100 episodes. This one goes out to all you Brexitcasters (well they all do really, but you know what we mean).
15/03/1935m 36s

Something has changed

Even more absolute scenes in the Commons. We were going to have a night off but you twisted our arms, so Adam is presenting from bed.
14/03/1921m 1s

More Drama & Keir Starmer

A good night for an Emergency Brexitcast! And the Shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, joins us for a long chat and to take part in the ‘Keir Starmer Memorial Quiz’. Editor: Dino Sofos
12/03/1934m 35s

See you in Strasbourg

The EU has given Theresa May some 'legally binding' changes to the backstop. But will they be enough to convince her backbenchers?
12/03/1913m 33s

Codpieces & Bidets

Anyone remember Cameo and his massive red codpiece? If not, this episode might be lost on you... Editor: Dino Sofos
07/03/1937m 29s

Boring People into Submission

A delay to Brexit can only mean one thing… MORE BREXITCASTS. We celebrate by ruining yet another of Adam’s badly-timed holidays.
28/02/1935m 35s

Thereasy Jet

Will Brexit be delayed? Will Laura make it onto 'Thereasy Jet' in time? Can the PM play pool? All the big questions discussed on today’s Emergency Brexitcast. Apologies for the terrible phone line. Editor: Dino Sofos
25/02/1925m 49s

The Sharm Offensive

When you’ve finished listening to this classic episode of Brexitcast, why don’t you check out our Brexit mix on the BBC Sounds app?
21/02/1935m 39s

"A dialogue of the deaf"

An emergency Brexitcast! Jaws on the floor all over Westminster today, as seven Labour MPs quit the party... and Brexit was hardly mentioned once. Editor: Dino Sofos
18/02/1933m 27s

You can’t trademark a heart

Adam and Katya spend Valentine’s night together in Brussels Studio 1. Laura is all alone in Westminster, but is she using her choice of coat to send subliminal messages about Brexit? (Spoiler alert: No, she isn’t).
14/02/1939m 37s


Is this a special place in hell or the Eurostar departure lounge?
07/02/1935m 25s

You can’t have a full barrel and a drunken wife

You spoke, we listened! John Campbell, the BBC’s backstop’s ‘backstop expert’, joins the gang from Northern Ireland. And Katya teaches us a useful Italian proverb. Editor: Dino Sofos
31/01/1933m 24s

Late Night Feels

If you make it to the end, Adam will explain how to come up with your own name for a Brexit compromise / your Scottish porn star name.
30/01/1930m 18s

Brexy is the new sexy

We’re sitting proudly beneath Katy Perry in Grazia magazine’s ‘Chart of Lust’. Adam has never been prouder
24/01/1934m 48s

Dog’s Brexit?

It’s like 2010 all over again! Laura’s loitering outside the Cabinet Office and we’re talking backroom deals with former advisers to Michael Gove and Theresa May. More importantly, Yanis Varoufakis performs a new take on his infamous “Dog’s Brexit” line EXCLUSIVELY for Brexitcast. What a day. Producer: Dino Sofos
17/01/1936m 14s

Chame of Gicken

Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal and Jarvis Cocker asks Adam for hotel recommendations in Schengen. Welcome along
16/01/1942m 59s


Adam was very disappointed that none of his friends or family wanted to hear him talk about the contents of his binders over Christmas lunch, so it’s good job he does this podcast. Brace yourselves. Producer: Dino Sofos
10/01/1938m 12s


If you want to hear your favourite Brexit geeks have a good old gossip with their mouths full of toffee then you’re in luck. And why do you only hear glockenspiels at Christmas?….This and more fascinating insights on the last Brexitcast of 2018!
20/12/1833m 37s

Nebulous, moi?

All the major summit goss and a debate about the meaning of the word ‘nebulous’. What more do you want? Producer: Dino Sofos
14/12/1829m 57s


This DEFINITELY calls for an #EmergencyBrexitcast
13/12/1828m 11s

Definitely May-be

Theresa calls off the vote. Sound the klaxon... Again!
10/12/1829m 41s

Brexitcast takes over The One Show!

We knew it wouldn’t be long until prime time TV came knocking. BBC One's The One Show invited us to sit on their famous green sofas and answer some Brexit-themed questions from their viewers - there are about four million of them in case you were wondering. No big deal. Producer: Dino Sofos
05/12/1824m 14s


So, the government doesn't have a majority it can rely on…. pretty major really. In other news, ‘Plan B’ lives! Producer: Dino Sofos
04/12/1817m 44s

What’s new Buenos Aires?

Some BIG Brexitcast news and Laura’s about to board May Force One to Argentina with the PM.
29/11/1825m 56s

SEASON FINALE!… New episodes coming this week.

After 20 long months, the 27 gave the deal their blessing after less than an hour’s discussion. Now what?
26/11/1834m 35s

Spanish Eyes

So Theresa May will have to come back to Brussels AGAIN on Saturday to try and seal the deal. What’s going on? Is this just stage-managed drama or genuine jitters that could sink the whole thing? Adam also reveals he’s a Backstreet Boys fan. Who’d have thunk it?
21/11/1826m 46s


WOW. The third Brexitcast of the week! We'll take you through the crazy events of Thursday and then you can listen to Adam's exclusive interview with Mr. Blobby... and if you think that's weird, you've clearly not listened to this podcast before. Producer: Dino Sofos
15/11/1830m 50s

Bring Out The Binders

585 pages of the draft withdrawal agreement have been published. The big question on everyone’s lips - will there be a binder big enough?
15/11/1824m 38s

Klaxons & Crinkley Bottoms

THE DRAFT TEXT HAS BEEN AGREED. SOUND THE KLAXON! In other news, Chris Mason has gone AWOL after saying that Mr Blobby knows more about Brexit than he does. So instead, we’re joined by Sam Coates off of The Times for a special Emergency Brexitcast. Enjoy!
13/11/1825m 19s


You've been nagging us for ages to change our theme music, so we did. And it has Danny Dyer and Hayley from Love Island in it. You can thank us later.
08/11/1830m 0s

See You Next Tuesday?

Could the proverbial hit the fan in Westminster next week? In other news, Adam has recorded a special report from the swanky BBC Sounds launch party. Lucky you.
01/11/1835m 27s

Are we nearly there yet?

So Theresa says the divorce deal is 95% done. Michel reckons it’s more like 90%. We’re almost there but, crucially, we’re not. And as all good Brexitcasters know… NOTHING IS AGREED UNTIL EVERYTHING IS AGREED.
25/10/1828m 19s

Kafka, crap microphones and willies in zips

Another summit, which we’ll explain with the help of Franz Kafka, an analogy of a willy stuck in a zip and some terrible microphones that the BBC really need to replace
18/10/1827m 43s


Dominque dashed to Brussels and ruined Adam’s weekend with Pete. SOUND THE KLAXON! Also, lots of Brexitcasters have been asking us to explain what the Irish backstop actually is. So we have. You’re welcome.
17/10/1824m 43s

Aren’t you bored yet?

It’s really starting to kick off now. But then Michel Barnier asked Adam if he’s bored yet. WHAT DO YOU THINK MICHEL? (And just to warn you this podcast contains some very naughty words)
17/10/1833m 38s

Truly Abba’d

We’re at the Conservative party conference, where Theresa May has been dancing again and talking ‘no deal’.
17/10/1828m 45s

Starmer Drama!

We’ve recorded Brexitcast at the Labour party conference in Liverpool and Adam has a Sound of Music quiz. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
17/10/1834m 37s

The Dom Raab Special

We’re joined by the actual Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab. This episode went out live on the telly during what’s usually the ‘Politics Live’ show. Head to the BBC iPlayer if you want to watch us squirm in their TV studio.
17/10/1845m 26s

Brexitcast - Six Months To Go

What's going to happen?
17/10/1828m 27s

Have we missed much?

There’s actually been quite a lot going on this summer apart from Theresa May auditioning for Strictly. Don’t worry, we’ve been following it all so you didn’t have to. You’re welcome.
17/10/1833m 0s


Well. Stuff has happened. Lots of it. And Laura’s got an explosion sound effect she’s borrowed from Charlie Sloth. Enjoy.
17/10/1831m 3s

Well this isn’t awkward...much

The government’s published its Brexit blueprint and both leavers, remainers and Donald Trump are asking, ‘what’s the point?’… a bit like Adam’s holiday.
17/10/1829m 28s

Brexit goes KABOOM!

OMG. Boris Johnson and David Davis have resigned! What now for Brexit?... and find out how to say ‘football’s coming home’ in Croatian.
17/10/1834m 3s

May gets backing for Brexit plan

Theresa May says the Cabinet has reached an agreement on what kind of relationship Britain wants to have with the EU. Ministers have signed up to a plan to create a free trade area for industrial and agricultural goods. The BBC’s Brussels reporter Adam Fleming and Political Correspondent Chris Mason discuss the implications.
17/10/1814m 30s

Trotters Up

The gang are at another EU summit. Meanwhile, Danny Dyer wants to know, ‘what’s happened to that t*** David Cameron who called this whole Brexit thing on’.
17/10/1827m 52s

A Brexitcastaway on Love Island

A bonus Brexitcast for all you Love Island fans. Hayley, who’s just been booted off the island, has some burning Brexit questions for Adam.
17/10/1812m 56s

Oi Theresa! WE are the Brexit dividend!

The Queen’s rubber stamp is hovering over the EU Withdrawal Bill and the gang is joined by city expert Iain Anderson to tell us what happens if there’s no post Brexit trade deal.
17/10/1824m 54s

‘No Man is a Love Island’

What a week. But never mind the parliamentary meltdowns, does Brexit mean we won’t have any trees?… No babe.
17/10/1827m 30s

I can’t believe it’s not an Emergency Brexitcast

Adam, Katya and Laura on the dramatic happenings in Downing Street, where the backstop document threatens to scupper the cabinet’s shaky truce over Brexit. The team are joined by guests Jill Rutter from the Institute for Government and Henry Newman from Open Europe.
17/10/1827m 47s


Chris and Adam are joined by the Financial Times Economics Editor Chris Giles and they try and figure out what will happen about VAT after Brexit... And will they ever track down jet-setting Katya?
17/10/1825m 45s

At least we’re not throwing keys into a bowl…

There are loads of new Brexit papers for Adam to get excited about. Brace yourselves.
17/10/1831m 15s

Standby for a Brexiteer explosion…

The gang discuss the customs ‘backstop’. Will there be an extension of the existing customs arrangement? And how will this go down with the Brexiteers in the cabinet? In other news, Adam finally gets name-checked by Michel Barnier.
17/10/1827m 30s

Pro-Brexit Eyeliner

The gang answer your Brexit questions. But don't send more in as you're listening because we're not live… obviously.
17/10/1827m 23s

It would be Rudd not to.

The Home Secretary gets herself into a spot of bother over lunch with hacks. And Adam is joined by Ian Wright from the Food and Drink Federation to talk about Brexit’s impact on grub.
17/10/1829m 54s

Mamma Mia! Björn from Abba joins Brexitcast

The whole gang are back together after the Easter hols and they’re joined by a very special guest – Björn Ulvaeus from Abba!
17/10/1830m 24s

Down le pub

Everyone's on holiday except Adam. So he's decided to host this week's Brexitcast from a pub in Brussels with some of his hack pals. There's a pub quiz, naturally.
17/10/1830m 49s

BREXITCAST LIVE: The arena spectacular!

There’s just one year to go until Brexit day so we’ve invited 330 lovely Brexitcasters to the BBC Radio Theatre in London! How exciting!
17/10/1850m 20s

‘No Adam, you’re not seeing my passport photo you idiot’

Oh no! The gang are stuck in a cupboard at yet another EU summit. Warning: This podcast features Abba.
17/10/1826m 47s

Emergency Brexitcast: As exciting as having a ticket to Hamilton

The full gang is here with a transition deal special!
17/10/1825m 25s

Spectacular nerds and Greek dentists

Everyone is not OK Hun this week. But don’t worry, David Henig, who was until recently a very big cheese in the Department of International Trade, is on hand to spill the beans. Oh, and if you’d like to come to be in the audience for ‘Brexitcast Live!’ on the 28th March in the BBC Radio Theatre, head to Tickets are free… unsurprisingly.
17/10/1835m 11s

Plenty more fishfingers in the Brexit sea?

Chris, Adam and Laura with special guest Simon Collins all the way from the Shetlands. Producer: Jenny Sneesby
17/10/1833m 2s

Bumper Brexitcast: No more cake and eating it

Theresa May admits she no longer wants to have her cake and eat it. The end of all cake jokes? As if! In this bumper edition of Brexitcast, the gang are joined by Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s former director of communications and Henry Newman from Open Europe. Let them eat cake (and joke about it). Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1839m 38s

Brexitcast Special! Adam in Tony Blair’s hotel room

Adam chats to former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, before his big speech in Brussels. On the agenda: lube, stools, soccer, personal abuse and Brexit. And will he take the ‘which world leader are you quiz? (Spoiler alert: he won’t).
17/10/1819m 29s

EMERGENCY BREXITCAST: Something has to give

Stop everything! The EU has published the draft withdrawal agreement.
17/10/1817m 42s

EMERGENCY BREXITCAST: Two things can be true at the same time

Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech backing customs union membership. But what happens if the EU says no?
17/10/1818m 40s

Sherry picking

Damon Albarn, dogs and David Davis… another classic Brexitcast episode!
17/10/1828m 6s


It’s half-term and Adam is alone, but Boris Johnson has made a ‘major’ speech about Brexit, so he’s found some friends (the Beeb’s very own Norman Smith and Kate McCann from The Telegraph) to listen to it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.
17/10/1830m 53s

When the tin can comes home to roost

John Pienaar explains what we learnt (or didn't) about the Cabinet's Brexit plans this week. Plus, how far you can kick a can down a road? And what's all this about secret plots?
17/10/1835m 4s

Everything could collapse at any moment

Theresa May is facing pressure from her own backbenchers on both sides of the Brexit divide. But will they pull the plug on her premiership?
17/10/1827m 32s

EMERGENCY BREXITCAST: Nightmare on Downing Street?

A government document on the impact of Brexit on the UK economy has leaked and Laura’s about to get on a plane to China with the PM… SOUND THE KLAXON!!!
17/10/1818m 39s

The Night of the Mogg Knives

Arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg talks to us on the way to his speech where he’ll criticise the government’s approach to the Brexit talks.
17/10/1830m 48s

Le beurre et l'argent du beurre

President Macron is over in Blighty for a ‘bi-lat’ with Madame May. We listened to it so you don’t have to… you’re welcome. We also invited the French MP for Northern Europe (yes, this is actually a thing) in for a chat to discuss Brexit and Jaffa Cakes Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1835m 41s

Not ANOTHER one?

We’re back and Nigel Farage says he’s come round to the idea of a second Brexit referendum. The gang discuss what he’s up to. Plus Adam gets top astrologer Russell Grant to tell us how the Brexit negotiations might play out by analysing Barnier and Davis’ star signs. We’re proper journalists don’t you know... Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1831m 28s

Merry Brexmas!

Merry Christmas Brexitcasters! As a little thank you for listening, Adam’s here with some festive tips on how to blag your way through any Brexit conversations during the Christmas season. Have a good one!
17/10/181m 58s

Brexitcast LIVE: Look mum, we’re on the telly (and the actual radio)!

Someone thought it would be a good idea to turn our geeky little nerd-fest into a live radio show, web stream and TV programme for a global audience. We made sure it was rubbish enough to make sure they never, ever ask us again.
17/10/1847m 45s

Intense Whipping

Chris gets the goss the from the best sourced newspaper hack in Westminster, Tim Shipman. Meanwhile, Laura and Adam are a bit bored in Brussels with two beers they can’t drink yet. Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1832m 39s

Emergency Brexitcast: The second 'what the hell is going on?’ edition

There’s a deal! And we’re absolutely knackered, but here we are again. Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1832m 10s


What happened in Brussels? What happened to those impact assessments? What happens next? Laura, Chris and Adam are joined by former Number 10 spinner Matthew O'Toole, and the guys crash Nick Robinson's studio to share the great news about Brexitcast's latest podcast chart position. Producer: Dino Sofos
17/10/1835m 45s

Emergency Brexitcast: What the hell is going on? PS, would you like a biscuit?

The gang discuss what’s going on in Brussels after talks break down over the Irish border issue. Adam, Laura and Dr Adler are all in Brussels and Chris is in Westminster (for once). And RTE’s main man, Tony Connelly is with us again!
17/10/1831m 7s

Emergency Brexitcast! Hans Free

Adam, Laura and Doctor Adler dissect the UK’s latest Brexit ‘divorce bill’ offer. And is Meghan Markle a Remoaner?!
17/10/1824m 20s

Duck Nuggets

It’s a Brexitcast Ireland special and the gang are joined by RTE’s Europe Editor, Tony Connelly. On the menu: Hard or soft border, will Ireland use its veto, and duck nuggets!
17/10/1833m 7s

Just because I can hear does not mean I am listening

It’s a Brexitcast Germany special! Laura von Kuenssberg is in Berlin with Herr David Davis. Doctor Adler and Adam Fleming are in Brussels as usual. The Labour Brexiteer MP Gisela Stuart (who also just happens to be German) joins us too.
17/10/1832m 52s

Capelets, Birretes, Gloria Gaynor… and cake

Laura and Doctor Adler join us for another busy week in Westminster and Brussels. Also: Juncker fashion-watch!
17/10/1828m 34s

Scandal, reshuffle... er, Brexit?

We know it’s called Brexitcast, but the focus has been on Westminster this week - and for all the wrong reasons. Laura Kuenssberg and Labour MP / remainer, Stephen Doughty, pop in for a chat.
17/10/1830m 55s

‘Brussels 999’

Tory MP, Brexiteer and self-confessed wannabe PM James Cleverly pops in.
17/10/1831m 28s

27 ways to say 'No'

Chris and Adam are joined by Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and Europe Editor Katya Adler at the EU Summit in Brussels where the UK is told there hasn’t been enough progress in the Brexit divorce talks so we can’t move on to trade talks yet.
17/10/1831m 30s

‘Nous sommes dans une impasse’

Laura shows off her language skills, Adam follows Nick Clegg around Brussels train station and Brexiteer Kit Malthouse pops in for a chat.
17/10/1840m 8s

Check Against Delivery

Theresa May’s ‘eventful’ speech and behind the scenes Brexit chat at the Tory party conference in Manchester.
17/10/1828m 33s

Pass the rosé

Chris tries to get Adam to break off his holiday to discuss the latest Barnier/Davis press conference. Also, Labour MP and ‘Open Britain’ representative, Alison McGovern, tells us what happened at her party’s conference in Brighton.
17/10/1827m 12s

Florence. And the clatter of hooves in Bruges.

Chris and Adam weren't important enough to go to Florence but Kevin Connolly was and he's on. Plus we hear from Sarah Collins, George Osborne's latest hire as the London Evening Standard's new Brussels Correspondent.
17/10/1821m 46s

The Ballad of Jean & Bojo

Ringo Starr says it’s time to get on with Brexit, German elections and Jean-Claude Junker’s big speech. Our Europe Editor, Katya Adler and our Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, pop in for a chat as well.
17/10/1829m 48s

Leaks and tans

Parliament is back. So is Laura Kuenssberg – and both Laura and Adam have been leaked to.
17/10/1829m 45s

Davis v Barnier: Round 3

Chris, Adam and Catherine Feore from EU reporter discuss Barnier v Davis: Round 3. Michel Barnier says “no decisive progress” has been made.
17/10/1820m 6s

Two-timing over Kir Royals

We’re joined by an actual minister for an ECJ special.
17/10/1828m 31s

Welcome Backcast!

We’re ending the summer holidays early with a proper geek-fest on trade in goods post Brexit Jill Rutter from the Institute for Government joins Chris and Adam.
17/10/1825m 7s

Notebooks, Doughnuts and Phone Holsters

Laura Kuenssberg tells us why the government is like a doughnut and reveals which senior minister has a phone holster on his belt.
17/10/1834m 51s

Telling Euratom from Eurelbow

We take a closer look at the implications of leaving Euratom. Plus Jeremy Corbyn makes a special guest appearance.
17/10/1837m 49s

Très Ridicule!

Chris and Adam have their first interview with an actual head of government! They’re also joined by Matthew Elliott - one of the architects of the Leave campaign. What does he think about the prospects for Brexit?
17/10/1832m 31s

Bickering, budgets & bull sperm

We ask if cabinet ministers are on the same page over Brexit, why the EU says the UK’s departure will leave a massive hole in their budget and, as Estonia takes over the EU presidency, Lembit Opik tells us everything you need to know about his motherland. And what’s bull sperm got to do with EU?
17/10/1830m 22s

EMERGENCY BREXITCAST: Chewy negotiations over macerated cherries

Theresa May makes her first big offer to the European Union on citizens’ rights over pudding in Brussels. We deploy our first emergency Brexitcast!
17/10/1820m 7s

Electioncast is dead. Long live Brexitcast!

Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU have officially begun - and so has our new podcast. We’ll be following the twists and turns of the talks and bringing you all the behind the scenes developments from Westminster and Brussels.
17/10/1820m 51s
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