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Royal Mail deal completes first hurdle, global markets pull back and why state pensions are back in the news

Dan Coatsworth and Charlene Young bring you this week’s episode of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast. We’re covering the latest takeover news, ask whether the pressure is piling on Nick Train at the Finsbury Growth and Income Trust and what is happening with the NatWest share deal. Dan discusses how and why markets have taken a step back this week and gives us an insight into the upcoming FTSE quarterly reshuffle. Charlene Young has the latest on the takeover situation for Royal Mail’s parent company and how markets aren’t quite as confident how it’ll clear the next hurdle of government approval. Tom Selby, director of public policy at AJ Bell, discusses the triple-lock-plus pledge from the Conservatives and some worrying research highlighting the confusion around when exactly you might be able to claim your state pension. Charlene asks Wealth Wizards’ chief executive Ben Hampton about joint FCA and Treasury proposals to get more people investing, namely what help do people want, when should they consider advice and what changes could consumers see as part of effort to close the so-called “advice gap”. Martin Gamble and Tom Sieber also join us from Shares magazine to discuss big growth plans from AstraZeneca.
30/05/2448m 58s

General election market reaction, UK inflation, Nvidia's surge, FCA targets finfluencers and the future of the UK ISA

Join Danni Hewson and Laura Suter for the latest episode of the AJ Bell Money and Markets podcast. This week, we look at market reaction to the shock news of a General Election and dive into the latest UK inflation figures that prompted it. We also discuss Nvidia's stellar performance and BHP and Anglo American entering takeover talks. The duo also get insights on why European markets are capturing investor attention once again from Stefan Gries, co-manager of BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust. Laura brings you the latest on the FCA's crackdown on finfluencers and the troubling rise in UK fraud figures. Plus, don't miss our conversation with AJ Bell chief executive Michael Summersgill, who shares his candid thoughts on the proposed UK ISA and its potential impact on the market.
23/05/2450m 21s

Meme stock revival, better deals for gas and electricity, and concerns around ultra-long mortgages

It’s happened again: GameStop, AMC and other titans of the pandemic meme stock craze have soared on the stock market. Dan Coatsworth explains why we’re seeing the phenomenon play out once more, and how it was triggered by a single picture of a person sitting in a chair. The ban on UK energy firms offering cheaper deals to new customers could be scrapped from October as the regulator is eager to revive competition between suppliers. That means people will be soon be able to shop around for better gas and electricity deals – something that is also good news for a certain stock on the London market, as Dan reveals on the podcast. Danni Hewson explores the rise of ultra-long mortgages and why many people might still be paying off their home loan as they enter retirement. AJ Bell’s Rachel Vahey is on the show to explain why some people have to pay emergency tax on an ad-hoc lump sum pension withdrawals. You can also hear a great interview with Situl Jobanputra from London’s West End property giant Shaftesbury Capital, and sparkling chat between Danni and Dan about diamonds, scandals in the mining industry and why Burberry is firmly out of fashion.
16/05/2457m 9s

Disney, Wetherspoons, Apple, housing outlook and mining opportunities

On this week’s podcast we’ll be bringing you all the latest market news, from Disney to Wetherspoons through to Apple, as well as an update on the housing market – and the outlook for house prices for the rest of the year. We’ve also had figures this week that showed that 300,000 people filed their tax return early – and we’ll look at why you might want to join those eager beavers. There are three fund manager interviews this week. First up is AJ Bell’s head of investments solutions James Flintoft, who talks about what’s going on in certain geographies and how AJ Bell’s funds performed in the first quarter of the year. Next is Paul Angell, AJ Bell’s head of investment research, talking about the outlook for bonds. The final interview is with Rob Crayfourd and Keith Watson, who co-manage three funds: CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income, Geiger Counter, and Golden Prospect, to explain three of the key commodities produced by miners on the stock market.
09/05/2452m 10s

Investment trust show #4. Finding bargains, role of the board, Ruffer deep-dive and why the regulator is looking at private equity

It’s bonus podcast time: welcome to episode four of the AJ Bell investment trust show. We discuss a range of topics with investment experts and fund managers. Each episode debates some of the most popular trusts with retail investors, the big topics that matter, and a little bit of educational material to get listeners up to speed. This episode focuses on governance, finding bargains and private equity. One of the differences between traditional funds and investment trusts is the latter have a board of directors. They’re meant to keep a check on what the manager is doing and uphold high levels of corporate governance but that doesn’t always happen. Laith Khalaf talks to James Carthew from research group QuotedData about what the board should really be doing. We’ve had some requests to look at Ruffer Investment Company so Tom Sieber and Martin Gamble from Shares magazine join us on the podcast to talk about this investment trust and the broader capital preservation space. Migo Opportunities Trust knows a thing or two about how to find bargains among investment trusts so we invited co-manager Charlotte Cuthbertson to explain what trends and opportunities she’s seeing at the moment. To round things off, we take a look at the world of private equity because the UK financial regulator has got a bee in its bonnet about a few things in the industry. Joining Dan Coatsworth to talk about what the FCA is reviewing is Alan Gauld from Patria Private Equity Trust.
06/05/2459m 5s

FTSE keeps fizzing despite Fed rate stall, and why HMRC is paying back a record amount for overcharging on pension withdrawals

On this week’s episode of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Danni Hewson and Charlene Young deliver a jam-packed episode for you peppered with that optimism after the FTSE 100 smashed new records and ended the month up once again while Wall Street struggled against rate cut blues. They discuss reaction to the latest Fed decision, the big consumer names like Starbucks and Yum! Brands feeling the inflation blowback, and AI-charged stocks Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. Dan Coatsworth has done a very timely interview with JP Morgan Claverhouse fund manager Callum Abbot on the good and the bad of the UK stock market. With mortgage approvals hitting an 18-month high last month, Danni quizzes David Hollingworth from L&C Mortgages about what he’s seeing in the market.
02/05/2454m 33s

Record-breaking UK stock market, Tesla on the comeback trail, helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder

We’ve got some good news from the UK stock market. Danni Hewson chats about how the FTSE 100 has hit a new record high and the drivers behind it. She also talks with Dan Coatsworth about the latest developments from key companies both sides of the Atlantic. The pair discuss Tesla’s surprise announcement, Pepsi’s trading-down problem, JD Sports aiming to generate 40% of sales from the US, and an activist investor snapping up bonds in troubled utility company Thames Water. You can hear about an alarming number of adults still living with their parents in their 30s and what the property industry wants the government to do to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. Dan discusses the disappearance of generous cash incentives to switch bank account and the surge in people switching credit card deals. Finally, Tom Sieber and Ian Conway from Shares magazine get under the bonnet of Associated British Foods and how there is a lot more to the business than its retail arm, Primark.
24/04/2449m 29s

Taylor Swift scams, Royal Mail takeover and latest twist to Woodford scandal

On this week’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Charlene Young and Dan Coatsworth look at cooling inflation and how markets reacted to the latest numbers on UK jobs. The rise in scams is the hot topic of the week, with over £1 million reportedly lost this year already by ‘Swifties’ – Taylor Swift fans desperate to get their hands on tour tickets. Our guest is Ayush Abhijeet from Ashoka India Equity Trust, who chats to Danni Hewson about where he sees the potential value in what’s likely to be the G20’s fastest growing economy once again this year. Charlene has an update on the enquiry into the collapse of the Woodford Equity Fund and how the regulator was going to give one of parties involved a £50 million fine but then chose not to. Dan covers upbeat news on IPOs, a takeover approach for Royal Mail and a deal involving 90s food favourite TGI Friday’s. We wrap things up with figures on charity gifting and Charlene explains how gift aid rules give UK charities a 25% boost on donations received but also possible tax relief for those making the donations.
18/04/2446m 21s

US path to pivot takes a detour, UK “financial lives” improve and is China still investible?

On this episode of the Money and Markets podcast Danni Hewson and Laura Suter assess market reaction to the latest US inflation data that came in hotter than expected and reset expectation of when the Fed might cut interest rates. The pair mull over what that might mean for UK rates and Laura digs in to the latest FCA Financial Lives survey which shows things are improving for UK households, though 7 million households are still struggling to pay bills. Earnings season has started all over again and kicking things off in the UK the country’s biggest supermarket Tesco reports a jump in profits as price cuts keep shoppers in store. Danni looks into what that might signal for the weeks ahead, plus what the former Tesco boss Jason Tarry might bring to John Lewis and Shell’s shock announcement that it could consider moving its listing to New York. AJ Bell’s head of policy Rachel Vahey is on hand to deliver our pensions corner and she’ll be answering one of your questions about the potential tax implications as the state pension increases and our guest this week is Catherine Yueng Investment Director at Fidelity Asian Values – she explains why she still sees China as a good investment.
11/04/2451m 49s

Disney fights off activist investor, everything about the new British Savings Bond, and a stark warning for the UK stock market

Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson debate the big news from Disney. Activist investor Nelson Peltz has been defeated in his attempts to get a seat on the board of directors, so what does this mean going forward? Gold has hit another record high so Dan dives into the reasons why the precious metal is doing so well. Danni digests some disappointing news from Tesla and what it means for the electric vehicle space. Tom Sieber from Shares magazine talks about the state of the UK stock market and a warning from one of the big brokers that we could see hundreds more companies disappear from the London Stock Exchange over the coming years. Jeremy Hunt promised us a new British Savings Bond when he gave his Budget last month and we’ve now got all the important details. Dan weighs up the pros and cons of the new savings vehicle. Meanwhile, Danni explores the rise of the billionaire and why it might be worth looking down the back of the sofa for some chocolate coins.
04/04/2437m 51s

Investment trust show #3. Exploring dividend heroes, the rise of JPMorgan Global Growth & Income, options for investing in the UK, and why the renewable energy sector has been a letdown

Welcome to the third instalment in a new series of bonus podcasts from the AJ Bell Money & Markets team all about investment trusts. Published at the start of each month, the bonus podcast features a range of topics with investment experts and fund managers, with each episode debating some of the most popular trusts with retail investors, the big topics that matter, and a little bit of educational material to get listeners up to speed. This episode focuses on income, growth, the UK and renewable energy. Laith Khalaf talks to Annabel Brodie-Smith from the Association of Investment Companies about dividend heroes. These are investment trusts that have raised their dividend every year for at least 20 years in a row. Martin Gamble and Tom Sieber from Shares magazine explore the rise of JPMorgan Global Growth & Income and how it has become one of the most popular trusts with UK investors. Ryan Lightfoot-Aminoff from Kepler Partners is on the show to explain the different ways you can invest in the UK following plans by the Government to launch a British ISA. Meanwhile, Dan Coatsworth talks to James Smith from Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust about why the renewable energy space has been a disappointing place to invest recently, and what is needed for the sector to deliver better returns.
01/04/2452m 43s

Natwest sale, Trump’s float, Waspi update and new first-time buyer mortgage

On this week’s podcast we’ve got disappointing updates from both Lululemon and Nike, signalling that perhaps the athleisure trend is coming to an end. We’ve also got news on the Government’s sale of Natwest and a deep-dive on Apple from our friends at Shares magazine. Trump has been dominating the headlines ahead of the US election, but he’s hit them for a different reason now: his media business has floated on the stock market – we cover how the float went. And our interview this week is with Ewan Markson-Brown from the Crux Asia ex-Japan Fund, who explains why he’s excited about prospects for the electric vehicle sector. Looking away from markets, we have an update on the Waspi campaign, and whether they are really likely to be in line for £10bn in compensation, and we have details of a new mortgage for first-time buyers that only requires a £5,000 deposit. Finally, we look at some news on how all our supermarket shopping habits have changed – and why we are opting for pricier brands. And cover another drop in food inflation – which might spell good news for overall inflation figures.
28/03/2452m 16s

Rate cut optimism, Scottish Mortgage manager speaks, Nvidia’s big move and how to get the most out of ISAs

On this week’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Danni Hewson and Charlene Young dig through the latest UK inflation figures and bring you up to date on market reaction to central bank rate decisions. They also chat about Unilever’s decision to spin off its ice cream empire, Nvidia’s continued moves to dominate the AI sector and the Chancellor’s comments that the pension triple lock will need to be looked at again after the next election. Dan Coatsworth gives us a sneaky peak into what’s in the baskets of ISA millionaires as well as where investors have been investing their ISA money over the past few months. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust is always a firm favourite in ISAs but it’s had a tricky run of late. Danni chats to deputy manager Laurence Burns about why he feels it has turned a corner.  Laura Suter gets out her spreadsheet to show how a Lifetime ISA can help first-time buyers shave years off the slog to get a house deposit together. With some parents about to get a child benefit windfall thanks to the raising of high-income thresholds, Charlene explains how a Junior ISA can help you turn that into a chunky nest egg for your kids.
22/03/2452m 12s

The rise of Temu, where next for inflation and interest rates, and a probe into pet care costs

On this episode of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast we explore the rise of Chinese e-commerce platform Temu and how it is taking the retail sector by storm. Dan Coatsworth talks to Ewan Markson-Brown from the Crux Asia ex-Japan Fund about why he invests in Temu’s owner PDD and why Donald Trump’s presidential comeback attempt has weighed on the company’s share price. AJ Bell investment director Russ Mould considers the latest inflation figures and what central banks might do next with rates. Danni Hewson explores the growing cost of vet bills and why concerns by the UK competition watchdog have led to a formal investigation of the sector including whether consumers are being overcharged for medicine and prescriptions. Dan considers the latest results from Domino’s Pizza and Dollar Tree and what they tell us about the state of the UK and US consumer. He also looks at new figures showing a decline in Cash ISA subscriptions, while Danni explores big changes to the basket of goods used to calculate UK inflation.
14/03/2448m 12s

Budget special: tax cuts, pros and cons of the new British ISA, and good news for parents

This week’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast examines what the UK government’s latest Budget means for you and your money. Danni Hewson considers the OBR’s new economic forecasts and the market reaction to the Budget. Dan Coatsworth explores the new British ISA, how it might work and why it is not the perfect solution to getting more people interested in investing and supporting UK businesses. Pensions news was thin on the ground in the Budget but Charlene Young has found some nuggets worth digesting. Also on the podcast: good news for parents looking for help meeting the cost of childcare and changes to capital gains tax on the sale of second homes. The team also discuss how the UK government has confirmed plans to push ahead with the sale of its stake in NatWest by summer at the earliest.
06/03/2431m 19s

Investment trust show #2. What to do if a fund manager underperforms, getting under the bonnet of Nick Train’s Finsbury Growth & Income, and why so many trusts are merging

Welcome to the second in a new series of bonus podcasts from the AJ Bell Money & Markets team all about investment trusts. Published at the start of each month, the bonus podcast features a range of topics with investment experts and fund managers, with each episode debating some of the most popular trusts with retail investors, the big topics that matter, and a little bit of educational material to get listeners up to speed. This episode focuses on underperforming fund managers and mergers. Should you pay a fund manager to try and outperform or use a low-cost tracker fund that simply follows the market and doesn’t try to beat it? It’s a key conundrum for investors, particularly as many big-name fund managers have lagged the market in recent years. Dan Coatsworth debates this topic with Stuart Gray, co-portfolio manager at Alliance Trust. Nick Train-managed Finsbury Growth & Income is among the trusts that have underperformed over the past three years so Ian Conway and Steven Frazer from Shares magazine are on the podcast to discuss what the trust is trying to do and whether there are flaws to its strategy. Shares magazine’s Tom Sieber also joins the podcast to talk about an investment trust that is shooting for the moon as it hopes to make money from investing in space. So far, Seraphim Space Investment Trust has delivered poor returns for shareholders who invested at its stock market debut in 2021. Dan chats with James Carthew, head of investment company research at QuotedData, about the growing trend for mergers in the investment trust space. We’ve also got Laith Khalaf to run through what it means if one of the trusts in your portfolio goes through a merger, takeover or decides to be shut down.
04/03/2442m 56s

Housebuilders under scrutiny of watchdog, tech stocks in focus and why Disney’s in the doldrums

On this week’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast Danni is joined by new host, AJ Bell’s pensions and savings expert Charlene Young. The pair discuss the CMA’s announcement that it is investigating whether eight UK housebuilders including Barratt and Taylor Wimpey have been sharing commercially sensitive information that could have affected house prices.  Danni digs into whether Shein’s consideration of a London listing comes with warning signs and whether a bidding war could be about to start for electrical retailer Currys. Charlene considers warnings by the IFS that the Chancellor must prove any tax cuts are affordable, and the good news that food price inflation is finally falling. Dan Coatsworth has been chatting to a couple of people who know tech stocks inside out AND backwards – we’ll hear from Maneesh Bajaj from Brown Advisory’s US Flexible Equity Fund which is invested in most of the Magnificent Seven. Now the dust has settled, we’ve brought back George Dent from BNY Mellon Long-Term Global Equity Fund to talk about semiconductors. Tom Sieber from Shares magazine also joins the show to consider if Disney has really lost its way.
29/02/2455m 41s

Nvidia soars, HSBC sinks after China hit, Fundsmith’s Terry Smith talks weight loss drugs, and former Dragon Sarah Willingham on tough time for hospitality

On this week’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson dig into Nvidia’s barnstorming results which have put a rocket under stock markets, including new record highs in Japan and Europe. It was a mixed picture for UK banks with HSBC shares plummeting the most since the pandemic after a cocktail of negative factors in its results. The team also weigh up the key points from Lloyds, Barclays and NatWest from their latest results.  Dan chats to Fundsmith Equity Fund manager Terry Smith and head of research Julian Robins about why they are excited by a certain stock in the pharmaceutical sector as weight-loss drugs take off. Danni catches up with former Dragon Sarah Willingham and her husband Michael Toxvaerd about expanding their Nightcap empire at a time that hospitality is struggling. The podcast team also discuss the potential headroom in the Chancellors’ budget which could give the green light to pre-election tax cuts, why the governor of the Bank of England thinks the UK recession is already behind us, and the new bank notes featuring King Charles coming to a wallet near you in the next few months.
22/02/2455m 58s

Everything you need to know about Microsoft, the big Nvidia versus Arm challenge, and what the latest inflation and GDP figures mean for interest rate cuts

There is a big tech theme running through this week’s edition of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast. Dan Coatsworth explains how investors have been piling into Arm Holdings as a new way to play the artificial intelligence theme, while Nvidia has leapfrogged Alphabet to become the third largest company on Wall Street by market value. This week’s special guest is George Dent who is part of the investment team managing the BNY Mellon Long-Term Global Equity Fund. He gives a fascinating interview about everything to do with Microsoft and why it remains so popular with investors. We’ve had a wealth of new data on inflation and the economy which have significant implications for the direction of interest rates. Laith Khalaf examines the data and what might happen next for savers, borrowers and investors. Dan considers what The Body Shop’s UK operations going into administration means for shoppers and the retail sector. Laith talks through the reasons behind Bitcoin rising above the $50,000 level and he also reveals the steps investors are taking to avoid losing more of their gains to the taxman from 6 April.
16/02/2440m 1s

Magnificent Seven updates, McDonald’s, US dividend investing and why your retirement pot might need to get bigger

On today’s AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast we’ll be diving into the latest market moves, including how McDonald’s has been hit by the Middle East conflict and how oil price falls have had a knock-on effect on BP, Shell and Total Energies profits. We’ve also got a round-up of the updates we had from some of the Magnificent 7 last week, including Apple, Amazon and Meta. Our interview this week is with seasoned US investor Daniel Peris, who has over two decades of experience as a dividend-focused portfolio manager in the US. He is talking all about how investors in the States have shifted away from a dividend focus – and why that might be about to change. And finally, Laura will be bringing you some news on why you might need more in your retirement pot than you initially thought, as a new report out this week found that the amount we all need to live on in retirement has increased dramatically.
08/02/2447m 54s

Investment trust show #1. Future of Scottish Mortgage, sources of generous income, finding bargains and why smaller companies could have a good year

Welcome to the first in a new series of bonus podcasts from the AJ Bell Money & Markets team. If you’re a fan of investment trusts, you’re going to love it. And if you don’t know what they are and just want to hear interesting stuff about markets, companies and investing in general, you’ll also find loads of great stuff. Published at the start of each month, the bonus podcast series will feature a range of topics with investment experts and fund managers, with each episode debating some of the most popular trusts with retail investors, the big topics that matter, and a little bit of educational material to get listeners up to speed. To kick things off, this episode focuses on income, bargains, technology and smaller companies. Laura Suter chats with Paul Angell from AJ Bell about how plenty of investment trusts offer a decent income stream. Paul reveals all the key things you need to consider when researching potential investments in this space and highlights three trusts with interesting characteristics. The ability to buy a portfolio of shares or bonds for less than they are worth is a key attribute of many investment trusts. Dan Coatsworth talks to Emma Bird from Winterflood about these discounts and why they exist. Tom Sieber and Steve Frazer from Shares magazine get under the bonnet of Scottish Mortgage, an £11 billion investment trust which has tested shareholders’ patience in recent years. They explain why it became popular, why the share price has been through a bad patch, and what to expect from the trust going forward. Finally, Dan chats with Stuart Widdowson from Odyssean Investment Trust about the outlook for UK-listed smaller companies and why 2024 could be more fruitful for this part of the market.
05/02/2456m 29s

Markets hit by interest rate decision, Microsoft and Alphabet fail to win over investors, Elon Musk’s odd behaviour, and finding opportunities among UK mid cap stocks

On this week’s episode of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss the impact on markets as the Federal Reserve seems to push a rate cut into the long, spring grass. The pair chew over why Microsoft and Alphabet’s results were such a let a down as both companies warned the AI boom would come at a price. Danni mulls over Elon Musk’s odd behaviour after a judge in Delaware voids his 2018 mega pay deal and Tesla shareholders are asked to vote on moving the company’s legal home to a different US state in apparent retaliation. Dan digs into what’s going on with IPOs and why companies like Flutter are still quitting London for New York. You can also hear about the IMF warning that the UK Chancellor’s potential tax cut plan doesn’t add up, the surge in demand for help dealing with financial problems reported by the Money Helper service, and the green shoots spotted by mortgage brokers in the housing market. This week’s guest interview features Jean Roche from Schroder UK Mid Cap investment trust who’s on the show to talk about interesting companies on the UK market and why she is becoming more optimistic.
02/02/2450m 43s

US markets hit new record high, Netflix enjoys growth spurt, Tesla disappoints, and plans to stamp out hidden fees

Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson explain why US shares are doing so well, including a rally in chip-related stocks and how Netflix has managed to enjoy a new growth spurt. Tom Sieber and Steven Frazer from Shares magazine are on the show to talk about why investors have given a big thumbs down to Tesla’s latest results. Dan explores the concept of drip pricing and how hidden fees could soon be a thing of the past. Danni chats about new figures which show a rise in mortgage and loan defaults, and how more retailers are seeing a pick-up in demand for buy now, pay later. The team also debate the prospect of big changes to the frequency of letter deliveries in the UK. Finally, Laura Suter talks to AJ Bell’s investments director Ryan Hughes about market trends and what’s been happening with AJ Bell funds.
25/01/2452m 54s

Inflation in shock rise, Red Sea troubles, Premium Bond rate is cut and Allianz manager on tech sector

On this week’s podcast Danni and Laura cover the all important inflation figure, which showed the headline number had moved in the wrong direction. That surprise shift had a knock-on effect on markets, so we look at the winners and losers there. The ongoing issues in the Red Sea are having an impact on companies, including Shell, but also are a risk to inflation, so we delve into the potential effects on prices. In the markets segment we also cover what the latest jobs figures mean for the health of the economy, and for recruitment firm Page Group, and we look at the impact of the new boss at BP. As interest rates are still expected to be cut this year, it’s no surprise that savings rates are falling. We’ve got some news about the Premium Bond prize fund falling – which might signal the end of great rates for savers. And as more people are dragged into the next income tax bracket, Laura has got some helpful advice on how to navigate that. Our interview this week is Mike Seidenberg, lead portfolio manager of the Allianz Technology Trust, about the technology space and his outlook for the year ahead.
18/01/2447m 13s

A Christmas cracker for some UK retailers, Boeing shares fall after door blowout and Bitcoin ETFs given green light by US regulator

On this episode of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson dig through a bumper crop of Christmas trading updates from UK retailers including Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s and they discuss the ongoing expansion of Greggs. After the discovery of loose bolts following a mid-flight blowout which saw a door pop off an Alaskan Airlines plane mid-flight, shares in Boeing and some of its suppliers have understandably been impacted as the FAA grounds the planes for further investigation. Danni considers the implications. Dan examines Terry Smith’s latest shareholder letter for the popular Fundsmith Equity Fund, and he also talks through ways benefit from higher interest rates in your Stocks and Shares ISA without having to switch out to a cash account. Plus, it may have started with a fake tweet, but the SEC has given the go-ahead to Bitcoin ETFs with some huge names like BlackRock and Fidelity about to jump in after what’s being called a watershed moment for cryptocurrency. Our special guest this week is Iain Cunningham from asset manager Ninety One who explains why China might still be of interest to investors wanting Asia exposure, despite slowing economic growth and tighter corporate regulation.
12/01/2450m 10s

Listeners share their early retirement stories, FTSE 100 turns 40, Evenlode manager on AI, and good news for mortgage rates

Two months ago, we asked if any listeners had managed to retire early and gain financial independence, in line with the so-called FIRE movement. Plenty of you have hit the goal, judging by the responses we’ve received. Charlene Young shares some of your stories while Dan Coatsworth talks to podcast listener Phill about how he managed to give up work early and live the life he always dreamed of. Dan asks Chris Elliott from Evenlode Global Equity if artificial intelligence is a game-changer for business or overhyped. Chris also talks about Microsoft, Diageo, Nestle and where he is finding opportunities in 2024. The FTSE 100 turned 40 this week so Dan looks at its performance since launch versus the US stock market and ponders the future for the UK blue-chip index. Laura Suter has some good news for anyone looking to buy a house or remortgage, while the team also talk about diverging fortunes with retailers JD Sports and Next.
04/01/2439m 12s

Red Sea oil price fears, inflation’s latest drop, the top stocks of 2023 and investor outlook for 2024

In our final episode of the year, Danni and Laura look at the impact of that Red Sea turmoil on the oil market and Amazon’s deal with Games Workshop to bring Warhammer to the big screen. We’ll also look at the latest inflation data – and what it might mean for your money in 2024. And the impact that that Bank of England decision last week to hold rates had on the mortgage and housing markets. We’ve also got the first of a new monthly segment from the team at Shares, who will be discussing chip company Nvidia and UK engineering firm Rolls-Royce. And Tom Selby is back with his pensions corner, looking at all those lucky people who have got Christmas bonuses at this time of year, and the big question of whether you should put any of that money into your pension. And we’ve got the latest update in that long, long Woodford saga, and we dive into some research that shows what investors are planning to do next year, what they’re worried about and where they see investment opportunities.
21/12/2341m 52s

Santa rally starts early for stock markets on shift in interest rate policy, Boots and Shein IPO rumours, and why the renewable energy space has been a tough place to make money

Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss the market reaction to the US Fed’s blueprint for interest rate cuts plus a slew of economic data about the state of the UK economy which could be sliding into recession. You can hear about vaccine maker Pfizer which has warned of trouble ahead as it struggles with life after covid, plus there might be two blockbuster IPOs heading London’s way in the form of fashion giant Shein and high street retailer Boots. Dan talks to Will Riley from Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund on the challenge of making money from clean energy stocks. Anthony Cross from Liontrust is also on the show to explain why he’s optimistic about the UK stock market. Finally, don’t miss AJ Bell’s head of investment analysis Laith Khalaf on his latest report into how active fund managers have performed versus passive funds.
14/12/2353m 38s

Finding value among US stocks, bitcoin and gold jump, GameStop’s latest disappointment, and the truth about thematic investing

There is a widely held view that US shares are expensive, yet this isn’t true for everything. Dan Coatsworth talks to Rosanna Burcheri from Fidelity American Special Situations fund about how she is still finding plenty of opportunities in companies priced below what she believes is their true value. She talks about FedEx, Alphabet and more. Find out why bitcoin and gold have been moving higher and what Dan makes of GameStop’s latest results. From January 2024, parents in the UK can start applying for 15 hours of free childcare per week. Laura Suter dives into the details and finds it’s not as clear cut as you might think. Laura explores the rise in foreign ownership of UK shares and why it puts even more pressure on the Government to make the market more appealing to domestic investors. Steve Wreford from Lazard is also on the show to talk about thematic investing and why he believes a shift in the market environment has major implications on portfolio positioning.
07/12/2336m 16s

Greenwashing, Rolls Royce, small caps and NS&I rate cuts

On this week’s podcast we’ll be covering markets news, from Rolls Royce and the impact Black Friday had on stocks to inflation in Europe. We’ve got not one but two fund manager interviews: the first is on the challenging but rewarding small caps market with Tellworth small cap fund manager Paul Marriage. And the second covers the recently-volatile bond market, with Ariel Bezalel from Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund. We’ve also got an update on the energy price cap, as prices will rise again from January, and a warning about potential rate cuts from one of the nation’s favourite providers: NS&I. And we have all the details on the regulator cracking down on so-called greenwashing of funds – where funds purport to have sustainable credentials but fall short of actually having them.
30/11/2343m 48s

What the Autumn Statement means for consumers, businesses and markets, the Government’s Tell Sid plan to sell its stake in NatWest, plus the latest on Nvidia and OpenAI

This week’s podcast turns the Autumn Statement into plain English, looking at the key announcements and the ones buried in documents published by the Government. The team talk about how UK economic growth expectations have been downgraded and how it could take longer to hit the Government’s 2% inflation target than previously thought. Dan Coatsworth explores changes to National Insurance tax and how it could put up to £750 extra in someone’s pocket a year. Danni Hewson weighs up the good and bad news for businesses in the Autumn Statement including the impact of a higher National Living Wage. Charlene Young discusses good news for those in retirement and how people might be able to keep the same pension pot when they move job. She also explores efforts to make ISAs more accessible. The Government has indicated it will hold a ‘Tell Sid’-style campaign to sell its near-40% stake in NatWest – find out how this might work and the history of ‘Tell Sid’. You can also hear about the market reaction to Nvidia’s latest results and the strange goings-on with ChatGPT.
22/11/2331m 18s

Good news on inflation, the quest to retire early, and why India is catching investors’ attention

The big news this week is the latest inflation figures which have positive implications for consumers and businesses. The data has already triggered a rally in global stock markets as Dan Coatsworth discusses in this week’s episode. Tom Selby explores the pros and cons of the FIRE movement – financial independence, retire early. He explains the key things to consider if you want to stop working in your 50s or earlier. Laura Suter talks about the growing number of people who are behind with their mortgage repayments and how the HMRC is reportedly bracing itself for a deluge of calls as more people find themselves in a higher tax bracket. Kumar Pandit from the Somerset EM Dividend Growth Fund is on the show to talk about investing in India, while Dan also looks at the cosmetics industry following The Body Shop’s takeover, and why shares in property companies have started to move higher.
17/11/2335m 3s

Peak interest rates, Christmas spending woes, UK property with AEW and WeWork’s fall from grace

This week Danni and Laura bring you all the implications of that decision from the Bank of England last week to hold interest rates – from the market moves, to what peak interest rates mean for savers and homeowners. They look at how housebuilders are faring and signs of optimism in the UK housing market. Our interview this week is on the same topic – the UK Property market. Property investment trusts have had a tough time of late, but one vehicle is doing much better than the rest and that’s AEW UK REIT, so Dan Coatsworth talks to them about their success. And Danni and Laura look at a slew of data that gives insights into all our spending habits – particularly in the run up to Christmas – including delving into the impact that’s having on retailers. And they also cover the big news of office space provider WeWork filing for bankruptcy.
10/11/2346m 7s

The good, bad and ugly of earnings season plus why October’s been such a bad month for stocks and shares

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Danni Hewson and Dan Coatsworth assess why October has been such a bad month for equities. They discuss the good and bad of recent earnings updates including McDonald’s and Coca-Cola beating expectations and BP disappointing. Get the lowdown on big names in the retail sector. It might be the “golden quarter” now but it’s not all been shiny for online retailer ASOS. Next has raised its profits outlook once again but what does the sale of Missguided to Shein mean for Frasers? Buy now, pay later has boomed but there are warnings the facility is sending thousands of people into a spiral of debt. Danni and Dan also talk about the decline in UK mortgage approvals, the rise in company insolvencies and why the future looks bleak for WeWork. Dan also catches up with a fund manager who is smashing it out of the park – James Rutland explains how he’s managed to deliver more than twice the IA Europe sector over the past three years with the Invesco European Focus fund.
03/11/2346m 37s

Bond yields, Barclays, property fund closure and more pensioners being taxed

Laura Suter and Tom Selby look at what the latest jobs figures mean for the Bank of England’s next interest rate decision, as well as the latest banks to report their results and what it tells us about the state of the savings market. Tom dives into figures on the number of pensioners that will be pushed into paying more income tax. They also look at the latest eye-opening figures on scams. And investment director Ryan Hughes covers a bevvy of investment news, from the fallout in the UK property fund world, to the expensive tracker funds costing you over the odds and what the latest UK government bond yields mean for you. Tom continues that bond theme in his pension corner, looking at whether those nearing retirement need to worry about gilt yields and the impact it could have on their portfolio.
26/10/2338m 45s

Important development with inflation, the impact of frozen tax bands and where next for the state pension?

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Danni Hewson and Laura Suter dig into a pile of economic data from wage growth numbers to the volatility on markets following the stalled UK inflation print which saw housebuilders including Barratt Development tumble. Danni checks out earnings updates from big US banks including JP Morgan and Bank of America and a crowd-pleasing turn from Premier Inn-owner Whitbread. Tom Selby is on hand to explain what the latest wage and inflation numbers mean for the state pension triple lock as well as answering a question about tax relief once you are over 75. Laura’s been crunching the numbers on how much the income bands tax freeze is costing you and Tom Sieber chats to Jim Strang from HG Capital Trust about investing in privately-owned technology companies.
20/10/2350m 9s

Fed signals end to rate hikes, luxury goods stocks slump after weak LVMH earnings, and oil higher after Israel attacks

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Danni Hewson is joined by Tom Sieber from Shares magazine to discuss another volatile week on the markets.  Investors have clearly been shaken by those awful scenes in the Middle East and there are a lot of eyes watching the oil price.  Comments from Federal Reserve officials suggesting no further rate hikes are likely to be needed in the US saw markets return to the front foot ahead of the third quarter earnings season.  Tom talks through what investors will be looking out for as companies ready their quarterly updates while Danni discusses why the latest numbers from luxury goods maker LVMH disappointed investors. Danni and Tom consider the Birkenstock IPO and whether the iconic footwear brand can do better in the US than Dr Martens has on the UK market. Also this week: Dan Coatsworth talks to James Henderson from Law Debenture about what it would take for UK stocks to bounce back, and the fund manager gives his thoughts on ITV and Rolls-Royce.
12/10/2343m 51s

Big incentives to switch bank accounts, why a sell-off in government bonds have troubled markets, and should you pay for social media networks?

Laura Suter has some money-making tips in this week’s podcast including where to get more than 6% on cash savings and where to find attractive incentives to switch current account provider. She also talks about the pay rise for anyone in a minimum wage job. Dan Coatsworth explains why global stock markets have taken a wobble following a sell-off in government bonds. He also talks about the latest results from Tesco and why Boohoo is going through a tough patch. Social media networks could soon be following in the footsteps of streaming platforms by charging users more money if they don’t want to see advertising or have their personal details used for targeted advertising. Dan and Laura debate this matter and what it means for consumers. This week’s special guest is Richard Sem from Pantheon Infrastructure who talks to Danni Hewson about the opportunities and pitfalls of investing in global digital networks as connectivity becomes more important.
04/10/2343m 55s

ISA simplification, property stock wobbles and a mixed forecast for retailers

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Danni Hewson is joined by AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy Tom Selby who brings us up-to-date on rumours around ISA simplification which are reportedly being considered by the Government. The pair assess how markets and currencies have reacted since both the Fed and the Bank of England held interest rates. You can hear about property stocks including British Land and Land Securities which have come under pressure after analysts cut ratings, and how tech giant Meta paid a record-breaking amount to pull out of one London lease as hybrid working becomes further engrained. Danni mulls over a mixed bag of results from retailers like Next and H&M and gives her two-penneth on why the sun is shining for some companies and not others. Plus, Dan Coatsworth chats to Pruksa Iamthongthong from Asia Dragon Trust about China’s disappointing post-covid rebound and explains what investors need to think about and Tom delivers another “pensions corner”, this one on salary sacrifice.
28/09/2341m 43s

Positive news on inflation, a surge in profit warnings, and does Frasers hold the key to Shein’s UK growth plan?

On this episode of the Money & Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson mull over the factors behind a surprise fall in UK headline inflation in spite of rising fuel costs. Dan digs into the surge in profit warnings from UK companies including B&Q owner Kingfisher, fashion retailer Quiz and online alcohol seller Naked Wines. Reports suggest Frasers is about to strike a strategic deal with Chinese retail giant Shein – Dan talks about the speculated move and what it could mean for the retail sector. The podcast chats about Walt Disney following speculation it is about to make big changes including the potential sale of some media assets and news that it will invest $60 billion in its theme parks. Neil Shah, Director of Research at Edison, joins the show to talk to Danni about the lack of IPOs on the London market and what he thinks investors should expect as 2023 draws to a close. Plus, why rents are rising at a record pace and the changes to auto-enrolment that allow 18-year-olds to access workplace pensions.
22/09/2355m 22s

Why the oil price has shot up, consumer rights as Wilko collapses, and what a surge in shoplifting tells us about consumer finances

The price of oil has gone up by more than 25% in two months, creating a new inflationary headwind for consumers and businesses. Dan Coatsworth talks to AJ Bell’s Russ Mould about why the black stuff is suddenly more expensive, what it means for the cost of petrol and why it could have a big impact on central bank interest rate decisions. Laura Suter explains where customers stand if they need to return faulty goods or spend gift vouchers at collapsed retailer Wilko. Dan explores the rise of shoplifting, what it tells us about the state of consumer finances, how it is hurting corporate profits margins and why social media is making the problem even worse. Laura discusses a new report that explores financial inequality, with women having less in savings, investments and pensions then men. You can also hear about Tesla’s big opportunity with a supercomputer called Dojo which has triggered another big rise in its share price, as well as ARM’s return to the stock market and why Restaurant Group is paying someone to take the Frankie & Benny’s casual dining chain off its hands.
13/09/2335m 14s

Wilko’s collapse, M&S back in the FTSE 100, Barratt Homes blames Trussonomics for slump in demand and UK listing rule changes

We’re back from our summer break! And there is lots of markets news to cover – Danni Hewson has got an update on what happened over the summer and also the latest on Wilko’s collapse, M&S heading back into the FTSE 100 and the surprising company that has become Europe’s most valuable. We’ve also got news out from Barratt Homes that’s hot off the press and gives an insight into the housing market – and Laura Suter will be giving an update on the mortgage market. We’ll be discussing the date for the Autumn Statement – and giving a lowdown on what that means and why it matters. Finally, our interview is with James Wootton, partner at Linklaters, about the planned changes to listing rules in the UK and what it means for investors.
07/09/2350m 22s

NatWest boss quits, Greek wildfires, parents raiding kids’ savings and emerging market recovery

This week Danni Hewson and Laura Suter will be diving into all the detail on the news that NatWest’s boss Alison Rose has quit amid the Nigel Farage furore. They’ll also be looking at the big tech companies announcing results, including Microsoft and Alphabet, as well as the first of the big UK banks to report – Lloyds. We’ll be covering the financial impact of those wildfires in Greece, both on holidaymakers and on investors. Laura has got some interesting figures showing that parents are raiding their kids’ piggy banks as budgets get depleted amid rising prices, and Danni is chatting to Chris Tennant from Fidelity Emerging Markets about where he sees opportunities for growth in Latin America.
26/07/2345m 19s

Cooling inflation boosts UK stocks plus US banks enjoy a rate hike bonanza

On this week’s AJ Bell Money and Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson dig through the latest UK inflation data which has delivered a shot of optimism to investors. They mull over how the Bank of England might react to cooling prices, look at which stocks on the market have been benefiting from the change in sentiment and ask if the optimism is really warranted. Higher interest rates have delivered something of a bonanza for many big US banks with Wells Fargo and Bank of America amongst those racking up big profits. Dan delves into the figures. With actors joining writers on the picket lines in Hollywood for the first time in sixty years the pair assess which stocks could be impacted, with Paramount, Disney and Warner Bros Discovery already experiencing share price declines. AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy Tom Selby is back to talk about government plans for small pension pots. Plus, Dan talks to Joe Bauernfreund from AVI Global Trust about what he makes of this year’s market movements and where he sees opportunities now.
21/07/2345m 13s

Why Jeremy Hunt’s pension plan has flaws, how teenagers manage money and the attractions of investing in Vietnam

Tom Selby considers Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s strategy to boost the average pension pot by £1,000 a year and why the plan has flaws. Laura Suter talks about some remarkable figures on the amount of money in savings accounts that pay no interest and how there has been yet another error made on state pension payments. Dan Coatsworth chats with Dominic Scriven from investment trust Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited about investing in Vietnam. Dan also explains the importance of the latest Bank of England stress test on UK banks. The podcast also features two 15-year-olds talking about how teenagers manage money and how schools can improve personal finance education.
14/07/2340m 57s

Govt crackdown on greedflation, US-China tensions, bumper tax on savings and Tesla’s record deliveries

This week Laura Suter is shedding light on all the government moves aimed at easing the cost of living pressure on our finances, from petrol prices to supermarket bills and savings rates. Danni Hewson brings you the latest markets news, including Tesla’s record delivery, US-China tensions and JD Sports emerging in new markets. Our interview this week is with Nick Greenwood from Migo Opportunities Trust about takeover potential in the renewable energy and infrastructure space, and we’ll also be looking at the latest figures on how much tax we’re all being charged on our savings, as the Government’s tax take rockets.
06/07/2345m 3s

New boss leads a turnaround at Rolls-Royce and Ocado in focus after Amazon bid rumours

In the second in a series of bonus podcasts from the Shares magazine team to accompany AJ Bell’s Money & Markets podcast, Tom Sieber, Steve Frazer and Ian Conway take a close look at two stocks enjoying vastly contrasting fortunes of late. The pod discuss the efforts of recently appointed Tufan Erginbilgic to turn around aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce and whether he can back up some big talk with action, after a strong run for the shares at the start of 2023 petered out. Items up for discussion include the impact of the pandemic and subsequent recovery in air travel and how important cash flow will be to judging Erginbilgic’s success or failure. Ian talks through some research he has done on online groceries firm Ocado’s volatility, something much in evidence amid recent speculation over a bid from Amazon. Doubt is cast on these links as the company’s troubles are dissected.
04/07/2327m 28s

Frasers’ game of Monopoly, car insurance pains and problems with Boots’ owner

Dan Coatsworth chats about retailer Frasers which seems to be playing a long running game of high street Monopoly. He also explains why car insurance premiums are going up. Danni Hewson discusses why tensions in Russia haven’t really moved markets and she explores Boohoo’s spat with Revolution Beauty. Dan chats to fund manager Ben Ritchie about Dunedin Income Trust’s 150th anniversary and how the investment trust has evolved over the years. Also on this week’s show: shares in cruise companies are in the spotlight after a bookings bonanza while Walgreens looks to offload hundreds of Boots stores. Inflation is still enemy number one for many companies and despite an excellent performance from some household names, markets are looking distinctly lopsided with a chunk of FTSE 350 stocks disappointing investors since the start of the year. Danni explains how supermarket bosses held their own during a grilling from MPs over rising prices. She also looks at the problems with Thames Water and whether regulation in the sector will be tightened.
29/06/2349m 31s

Navigating the mortgage maze, higher interest rates hurting companies and why takeovers have fired up the biotech space

This week’s podcast explores the market reaction to UK interest rates going up once again. Laura Suter talks to David Hollingworth from mortgage broker L&C about whether someone should fix their mortgage or stay on a variable rate. Dan Coatsworth explores the companies which are starting to feel the pain from higher interest rates including housebuilder Berkeley, builders’ merchant Travis Perkins and car seller Motorpoint. Tom Sieber considers the takeover rumours surrounding Ocado and why some companies in the retail and leisure sectors have shrugged off the negative backdrop to report decent trading. Finally, Dan talks to Rod Wong from investment trust RTW Venture about investing in the biotech space.
22/06/2343m 17s

Bond market turmoil (again), Vodafone/Three mega merger, child savings trick and Argonaut’s Barry Norris

This week Danni Hewson and Laura Suter have got a lot of big Government data that both the Bank of England and homeowners aren’t exactly thrilled by – and we’ll be looking stateside too, to see how the inflation battle is faring there. We’ll be covering the impact that UK data has had on the mortgage market – and it’s not pretty. It’s not just the weather that’s heating up, but also M&A activity in UK companies; from a deal for the biggest mobile phone provider in the UK to Mike Ashley’s latest purchase. In our fund manager interview this week, Dan Coatsworth talks to Argonaut Capital’s Barry Norris about where investors make mistakes with portfolio diversification. And Laura has a handy trick that lets you funnel £36,000 into tax-free savings for your child in less than a year.
16/06/2347m 1s

Reaction to Apple’s headset launch, 5% cash interest versus equity dividends, and how Bloomsbury Publishing is in a sweet spot

This week’s podcast chats about the market reaction to Apple’s foray into headsets, why British American Tobacco is not firing on all cylinders, and the well-known name buying a stake in gambling group 888. Dan Coatsworth talks about how you can get more than 5% interest on cash and how that compares with UK stocks. He also speaks with Nigel Newton, CEO of Bloomsbury Publishing, about how the pandemic book boom has not faded away. Danni Hewson explores the big crackdown on crypto exchanges by US regulators and the cyber breach that’s impacting businesses from British Airways to the BBC. She also talks with Dan about good and bad news from the construction and housebuilding sectors.
09/06/2344m 59s

Bond market mania, Blackrock mining trust, energy price cap and Nvidia bumper profits

This week we’re going to cover that rollercoaster ride that bond markets have been on, once again, and what it means for your investments and your mortgage. Laith Khalaf, head of investment analysis, will be giving an update on those tricky US debt ceiling negotiations, as well as explaining why your pension might be used to inject growth into the UK stock market. On top of that Laura Suter has got an update on the energy price cap and why people have been rushing to use their ISAs. We’re delving into the mining sector with our fund manager interview this week, with Evy Hambro, manager of the Blackrock world mining trust. And we’ll have the latest markets news, including Nvidia posting bumper profits.
01/06/2341m 6s

How to fix Vodafone’s problems and discover the US fast food giant impressing the market

In the first in a series of bonus podcasts from the Shares magazine team to accompany AJ Bell’s Money & Markets podcast, Tom Sieber, Steve Frazer and Martin Gamble hold an insightful discussion on two stocks. The trio dig into the problems which have dogged Vodafone and the prospects for new boss Margherita Della Valle of turning things around. Dividends, debt and the machinations of a big new shareholder are all up for discussion as part of an analysis of what’s gone wrong at the FTSE 100 firm. Martin also talks about the company behind brands like KFC and Pizza Hut and how it has been so successful over the years.
29/05/2325m 38s

Facebook fine, BT cuts jobs, US market update and Nationwide windfall

On the podcast this week, we’ve got a bevvy of company news, from Facebook being fined to BT cutting jobs for AI and everyone’s pandemic favourite Zoom holding up pretty well. We’ve got a fund manager interview with Julian Cook from T Rowe Price that looks stateside at what’s been happening in markets there so far this year. Also up this week we’ll be chatting about the latest inflation figures and we’ve got some good news for Nationwide customers, who are getting some extra money in their bank accounts. Finally, we’ll be revealing some slightly worrying new findings from the regulator about younger investors.
25/05/2332m 37s

Japan index at 33-year high, US debt ceiling fears, cracks in the luxury goods market

On this week’s podcast, Dan Coatsworth explains why Japanese stocks have been doing so well, with the TOPIX index hitting a 33-year high. He also chats about the negative market reaction to Watches of Switzerland’s latest update and how that news, along with further declines in diamond prices, suggests cracks in the luxury goods market. Danni Hewson discusses bad news from Home Depot and she also considers the big profit target from JD Sports. You can hear about the panic around the US debt ceiling deadline and why it’s important to watch Eurozone inflation. Laura Suter talks to Sunil Krishnan from Aviva investors about multi-asset investing, and Dan and Danni discuss a warning from the FCA that 11 million people in the UK are struggling to pay their bills.
18/05/2342m 51s

The good, bad and the ugly of earnings season, plus calls for “One ISA” and the 100% mortgage aimed at renters

On this week’s money and markets podcast we take a look back at the good, the bad and the downright ugly from this week’s earnings updates. Danni Hewson picks over this week’s losers including PayPal, Airbnb and ASOS and the big winners including British Airways owner IAG which is now back in profit and sending analysts rushing to upgrade their stock price targets. Plus, wheeling and dealing with JD Sports’ next move in its overseas growth plan and Ryanair snaps up at least 150 Boeing Max 10s. House prices might have declined in April after three months of recovery but it’s still tough out there, especially when it comes to first time buyers paying exorbitant rents. Laura Suter gives us the lowdown on a new 100% mortgage from Skipton Building Society aimed at renters who don’t have the backing of the bank of mum and dad and Danni and Laura chat through the latest US inflation numbers. Rachel Vahey, AJ Bell’s head of policy development, talks through why AJ Bell is calling for “One ISA” rather than the hodgepodge of complicated offerings currently available. Dan Coatsworth also talks to Tejas Dessai from GlobalX about how technology could significantly change how we shop for groceries, clothes and more.
11/05/2336m 15s

Economic impact of the coronation and the pros and cons of changing the listing rules for UK companies

This week’s podcast discusses the impact of the King’s coronation on the UK economy. Dan Coatsworth discusses the latest results from UK banks and US tech firms including Lloyds and Meta Platforms. He also debates the potential changes to the UK listing rules as the regulator tries to get more companies to list their shares on the London Stock Exchange. Laith Khalaf considers the Liberal Democrats’ call for a probe into whether some food companies are profiting too much from the cost-of-living crisis. Meanwhile, Danni Hewson talks to Tom Williams, investment manager of Downing Renewables and Infrastructure Trust, about what the UK Government needs to do to boost green investment and hit climate targets.
04/05/2337m 54s

Big tech, big brands and a clampdown on fake reviews

On this week’s podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson talk through a bumper crop of earnings including the first update from big tech with both Microsoft and Alphabet beating expectations. First Republic sent shivers back through markets as the US regional bank reveals more than $100 billion dollars was withdrawn during last month’s crisis of confidence. A whole host of global consumer giants from Nestle to Coca-Cola have reported and it seems brand is a powerful thing with customers prepared to keep paying more for the things they love despite the cost-of-living crisis. The UK’s competition watchdog has been flexing its muscles – blocking Microsoft’s takeover of gaming giant Activision Blizzard and it may also be given new powers to tackle businesses that carry fake reviews which has big implications for the consumer and could result in large fines for offenders. Dan also talks to Ritu Vohora from T.Rowe Price about the latest events on the markets.
27/04/2334m 13s

Takeovers, cash rate war, finfluencers, Netflix disappointment and investing in Japan

This week’s podcast explores why so many companies are receiving takeover offers and why the recent banking crisis could force some banks to push up rates on savings accounts. Tom Selby explores potential changes to how much protection the UK government offers on cash in the bank, as well as delving into the world of finfluencers. Dan Coatsworth chats about the latest results from Netflix and he interviews Nicholas Weindling from JPMorgan Japanese investment trust about opportunities in that part of Asia.
20/04/2339m 43s

Fund manager views on banking crisis, IMF’s bleak forecast and a pension boost for grandparents

This week we look at the latest employment and inflation numbers in the US, as well as Elon Musk’s views on his purchase of Twitter. We’ll cover the big announcements from the IMF, of a bleak outlook for the UK economy and its prediction that lower interest rates are on the horizon – a big relief for mortgage holders. We have not one but two fund manager interviews this week to discuss the hot topic of the banking crisis and its knock-on effect on markets. The first is with the manager of Fidelity European Trust, about how the financials-heavy trust navigated the recent crisis, and the second is with Edmund Harriss, chief investment officer of Guinness Global Investors. We’ll also be revealing a little-known benefit that could help grandparents boost their state pension. 
13/04/2344m 39s

Opec cuts, Credit Suisse says sorry and whilst Virgin Orbit goes up for sale Cineworld is off the market

On this week’s money and markets podcast Danni Hewson and Laith Khalaf discuss Opec+ shock cut to oil production which has stoked fear that central bankers might have to do more to tackle inflation if the price keeps rising. Fears of a global banking crisis might have faded but there were plenty of angry words directed at Credit Suisse’s chairman and CEO at the bank’s last ever shareholder meeting. Virgin Orbit’s been put up for sale following January’s failed rocket launch meanwhile Cineworld is off the market at the struggling chain failed to find a buyer and instead is looking to raise almost £2 billion from its lenders and investors. There’s been plenty of M&A activity going on with beauty giant L’Oreal buying Australian Aesop and Glencore’s play for Canadian miner Teck was rejected but is there more cash in the kitty? Plus, Laura Suter chats to Jasmine Yeo fund manager at Ruffer Investment Trust about shoring up their defensive assets and house prices fall by the most in a month since 2009.
05/04/2349m 38s

Pocket money trends, US tech bounce-back, savers and investors braced for big tax changes

Find out the latest events in the banking sector and why some of the big US tech stocks have bounced back after a miserable showing in 2022. Dan Coatsworth also explores why the stock market gave the thumbs down to the latest results from retailer Next. Laura Suter talks pocket money and children’s savings with GoHenry’s Louise Hill and Tom Selby answers a listener’s question about tax-free cash from pensions. We’re near the end of the tax year which means investors should act quickly if they want to make the most of any allowances before big changes from 6 April. Laith Khalaf has all the details.
30/03/2347m 28s

Banking crisis, Man Utd sale, savings rates to rise and new pension rules explained

This week we’ve got a full update on the ongoing crisis in the banking with Russ Mould joining us to explain what is actually happening and how it might impact you. Danni Hewson is filling us in on all the stock market news this week, including more job cuts at Amazon and the next stage of the sale of Man United. We’ve drafted in our pensions expert Tom Selby to explain the detail of those Budget pension changes from last week and how they will work in practice. We’ve got all the info on that boardroom spat at Scottish Mortgage and Laura Suter has a little update on why savings rates at NS&I might be about to significantly improve.
24/03/2341m 2s

Banking blues and budget bonanzas

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson consider what’s been a tumultuous week for global markets after not one, but two US banks collapsed sending banking stocks tumbling.  There was more turmoil after Credit Suisse revealed material weakness in its financial reporting which only served to ratchet up the tension.  And into the mix dropped the latest US inflation figures which showed headline prices are falling slowly but the all-important core number edged up raising the question – what will the Fed think is more important to deal with next week - because investors are betting on a rate hike slowdown We’ve also got your Budget special right here with post-game analysis from Tom Selby AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy digging into the scrapping of the lifetime allowance and head of investment analysis Laith Khalaf looking at the big picture as the chancellor sails close to the wind with public finances whilst delivering some crowd pleasing moments including rolling out free 30 hours childcare to children from 9 months and a U-turn on plans to increase the amount households pay on their energy bills over the next three months.
15/03/2337m 15s

The investment plan to cover university costs, why a tax-free childcare scheme has flopped, and reasons behind the share price rally in Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Premier Foods

This week’s podcast looks at the shifting narrative from the Federal Reserve on interest rates and what ‘higher for longer’ means for investors. Laura Suter discusses the latest on mortgage costs and why a tax-free childcare scheme has been a flop. Dan Coatsworth considers ways to save up for university tuition and accommodation fees via a five and 10-year investment plan. He explores the reasons why shares in Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Premier Foods are rallying. Dan also talks to Josh Jones from Boston Partners about long/short investment strategies.
09/03/2335m 5s

Market rally fizzles, supermarket price wars, energy bill warning and Musk back on top

This week we’ve got the latest on how that new year rally in markets has panned out (spoiler alert: not well), as well as the latest in supermarket price wars. Danni Hewson covers the latest retail figures, from Primark to H&M, as well as some surprising figures from buy now pay later provider Klarna. Laura Suter has an update on energy bills and why they are getting more expensive despite wholesale prices getting cheaper, and she’ll be looking at the latest food inflation figures, which don’t make for pretty reading. On top of that we’ll have the latest investor interview, with real life investors about how they got started. And Dan Coatsworth has our fund manager interview this week, with Ken from Strategic Equity Capital about the rebound in small cap stocks in recent months and where he is seeing the best opportunities.
03/03/2344m 43s

Rate rise worries are back, why shares in UK banks were hit and thoughts on the market from Alliance Trust

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss why Wall Street’s having a torrid time amidst speculation that the Fed’s rate hike cycle isn’t as close to the top as investors had hoped, and the FTSE 100 gives up its tenuous grip on the psychological 8,000 marks as slow demand from China pulls down miners like Rio Tinto. With that in mind, Dan’s been talking to Stuart Gray from Alliance Trust about what might happen if inflation falls but interest rates stay high. There have been chunky profits from most of the UK’s big high street banks including NatWest but Lloyds sees profit growth stalling as a cold wind blows through the housing market, with Rightmove figures showing the smallest jump in February prices since the financial crash. Plus, the activist investor selling millions of Unilever shares, the short seller attack on Etsy, and Darktrace commissions a review of its finances after allegations of accounting fraud.
23/02/2346m 48s

Inflation double whammy, Barclays disappoints, Premium Bond boost and investor stories

Laura Suter and Tom Sieber bring you the podcast this week. We’ve got not one, but two inflation updates for you, and we’ll look at how markets reacted to the news. We look at a dodgy start to UK banks reporting season from Barclays and shedding light on why Lyft stock crashed this week. We’ve also got the latest update from everyone’s favourite savings company, NS&I, with a boost to the prize fund for Premium Bonds, and our fund manager interview this week is with Tom Caddick, Head of investments at NedGroup investments, about where he sees opportunities in the current market. Finally, we’ve also got the first in our series of interviews with investors, talking about why they invest and how it makes them feel. Matt spoke about his journey into investing, with a few key life moments spurring him on, from having a daughter, to getting a windfall of money.
16/02/2337m 31s

FTSE highs, BP profits soar, taxman’s pension raid and how popular songs can boost your investment pot

This week we have warnings about the taxman coming for your children’s savings, as well as some more uplifting news about UK markets. Danni Hewson has all the details on the FTSE reaching a new record high, as well as an update on public enemy number one: the oil firms making big profits, and the latest round of tech sector job layoffs. Laura Suter has all the details of a report that proposed big changes to how pensions are taxed, and she’ll be diving into the showdown between bank chiefs and Government ministers this week, for not paying you enough interest on your savings. On top of that, she will be talking through how your children’s savings could land you with an unexpected tax bill. And we’ve also got Dan Coatsworth on the show with an interview with Round Hill Music boss Josh Gruss talking all about music royalties.
10/02/2341m 12s

IMF worries and Terry Smith’s musings

On this episode of the Money and Markets podcast one of the most popular investors active today, Terry Smith, is here to talk about Fundsmith Equity Fund and he’s got some choice words to say about two of his holdings. Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson mull over the IMF’s gloomy forecast for the UK economy and canter through some of the companies reporting earnings including McDonalds, Exxon and Intel. Laith Khalaf updates us on UK government plans to regulate the "crypto-verse" and with the success of auto-enrolment resulting in many people having multiple pension pots, AJ Bell’s Head of Policy Development Rachel Vahey discusses the possibility that the DWP will bring back the pot follows member model.
03/02/2358m 52s

Soaring Government debt, Netflix update, and how to find an index

On this episode of Money and Markets we have Shares deputy editor Tom Sieber with all the markets news, from Netflix to Primark, as well as an update on the US. And he’ll also be responding to a listener question about indices, for those passive investors among you. Laura Suter is delving into the latest Government debt figures, looking for whether they give an indicator as to whether we’re headed for a recession or not, and she’s also explaining the new scheme where you can save money by using less energy. Dan Coatsworth brings us an interview with fund manager Ron Temple, talking about UK interest rates and corporate earnings.
26/01/2330m 19s

Inflation cools, over 50s head back to work and the FTSE flirts with a new record high

On this week’s money and markets podcast Danni Hewson and AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy Tom Selby mull over the latest UK inflation numbers and discuss jobs data which shows more over 50s are heading back into the work place flagging a big issue about pensions. The FTSE 100 continues to flirt with the record books – nudging close to but not quite hitting a new high as UK retailers like Tesco, Currys and WH Smith deliver on the upside. But it’s not all been good news with profits at big US investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley among those taking a big hit with deals down and millions being set aside as recession beckons. Dan Coatsworth has been chatting to Mark Slater from the Slater Growth Fund about the rebound in UK stocks and how 2022 was one of his hardest ever years as a growth investor. And with the reopening of China partly behind the New Year rally, Danni’s been chatting to Ewan Markson Brown, manager of the Crux China Fund, about where he sees the opportunities for investors.
20/01/2357m 26s

Christmas trading, Amazon job cuts and why Terry Smith is still disgruntled with Unilever

One this week’s Money and Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson dig into Christmas Trading numbers with updates from Sainsbury, JD Sports, Barratt Homes and Direct Line on menu they discuss what those results can tell you about the outlook for 2023. British firms worry about rising energy costs as the government announces that support is changing. Amazon looks to cut costs by closing three UK warehouses plus the latest on reports Goldman Sachs is about to axe thousands of jobs. Plus Terry Smith’s latest missive which shows he’s still got a bone to pick with Unilever and we hear from Richard Shepard-Cross from Custodian Property Income REIT about where he sees value in the market.
12/01/2348m 21s

How personal finance studies could work alongside Rishi Sunak’s maths push, retail sector analysis and Fundsmith’s bad year

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants all pupils in the UK to study maths up to the age of 18. Laura Suter explores how making personal finance studies more prominent on the curriculum as part of this maths push would yield significant benefits to individuals later in life. Dan Coatsworth explains why Apple and Tesla shares have dragged down the US market so far in 2023 and he also debates what might be in store from the plethora of trading updates due from the retail sector. Discover why Fundsmith Equity Fund had its first year of negative returns since launch and why manager Terry Smith is not abiding by the fund’s ‘do nothing’ principle. Tom Selby discusses the rules around recycling money back into a pension, while Laura explains why anyone looking for top-paying cash savings deals should act quickly before rates fall. Dan also talks to Ed Smith, co-chief investment officer at Rathbone Investment Management, about solving the problem of slowing productivity.
06/01/2333m 42s

Fund manager picks and the year in review

On this year’s last episode of the money and markets podcast Dan Coatsworth, Danni Hewson, Laura Suter and Laith Khalaf share their thoughts about the year’s pivotal moments from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to “Trussonomics” and why mega caps like Amazon and Apple have lost you money this year.  They also discuss the latest inflation figures on both sides of the Atlantic, assess how markets have reacted plus how a winter of strike action in the UK is affecting companies like Moonpig and discuss the latest trading updates from Frasers Group, Zara owner Inditex and the world’s biggest holiday company TUI. With 2023 hurtling towards us we hear from a host of fund managers about their picks for the new year, plus Laith digs into AJ Bell’s latest manager vs machine data and finds that the year’s volatility has actually put the machine in front.  And Laura talks interest rate rises and the scammers out to get you this Christmas.
16/12/2249m 1s

Your rights for train delays and cancellations, state pension review and CEO secrets

If your train journey has been disrupted by strikes, don’t miss this week’s podcast where Laura Suter will be talking about what rights you have regarding refunds and compensation. Dan Coatsworth looks at the best and worst performing stock markets around the world in 2022. He also discusses what some of the pub companies have been saying about trading amid the World Cup. Tom Selby considers what might happen to the state pension and when people will be able to get it in the future. And the BBC’s Dougal Shaw talks to Danni Hewson about what makes a good company boss.
08/12/2235m 20s

Bumper fund manager interviews, strikes, British Steel and...it’s coming home?

This week Danni and Laura have got a bumper interviews episode, with lots of great fund managers on to talk about the year that's (almost) passed and the year ahead. Amid signs that inflation could be near its peak, Dan Coatsworth has been asking Lazard fund manager Steve Wreford, about whether investors need to worry about it next year and why high inflation could stay on the agenda for longer than you might think. In markets this week we look at why protests in China have caused markets to wobble, the latest strike action and the impact on companies, and Elon Musk's latest spat. We look at whether the excitement around England reaching the next stage will translate to business for pubs. And we've got a bit of pensions news, as the regulator has made a big announcement about British Steel Pensioners. Dan also chats to Alex Wright from Fidelity Special Values investment trust about his outlook for 2023 and why NatWest sits pride of place in his investment portfolio. And he caught up with Kirsty Desson from abrdn’s Global Smaller Companies Fund about how she’s coped with a difficult year for small caps. Finally, Laura has also been crunching some numbers on the ridiculous situations where you end up paying 99% tax -- or even more -- when you get a payrise.
02/12/2242m 13s

Nick Train on another challenging year for Finsbury Growth & Income, thoughts on Unilever’s CEO departure and why he remains optimistic

In a special bonus edition of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast, Dan Coatsworth talks to Nick Train about how his Finsbury Growth & Income Trust has fared in 2022. Nick discusses performance, companies with pricing power, his thoughts on Alan Jope planning to step down as Unilever chief executive, and why Relx remains a big holding for his portfolio.  The fund manager also talks about opportunities with Burberry, how much growth you might expect from his portfolio holdings, and whether he’s made new positions following this year’s market sell-off or simply topped up existing holdings.
29/11/2228m 40s

Outlook for tech stocks, we grill the boss of NS&I, and reasons to be positive on bonds

It’s our 200th episode of the Money and Markets podcast. To celebrate we have three special guests talking about things that really matter to savers and investors. Laura Suter chats to NS&I chief executive Ian Ackerley about premium bonds and savings rates. Dan Coatsworth talks to Polar Capital Technology Trust manager Ben Rogoff about the change in fortunes for tech stocks. Dan asks Ben whether it is time for the Faangs to be relegated and a new group of tech stocks to lead the pack. They also talk about opportunities in the sector following widespread share price declines. Artemis fund manager Rebecca Young explains why investors with a 60/40 equity/bond portfolio shouldn’t panic about the bond component failing to provide support this year. Laith Khalaf looks at the latest activities among equities, currencies and government bonds, while Dan explains why the potential sale of Manchester United football club matters to investors, and why Disney has brought back its old chief executive.
24/11/2252m 17s

How the Autumn Statement affects you and your money, and does Black Friday matter anymore?

Laith Khalaf and Tom Selby debate the forthcoming changes to taxes and allowances following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. They explain what the changes mean, and which ones are the most significant. Dan Coatsworth and Laura Suter discuss the relevance of Black Friday, whether retailers will enjoy a  bumper sales period, and what to think about if you’re trying to cut back on your spending but want to take advantage of discounts in the shops. Dan explains why stock markets have perked up in recent weeks, and he also talks to Fay Ren from the Cerno Pacific Fund about why companies with rich intellectual property can be attractive investments.
18/11/2250m 17s

Inflation takes a bite out of retail, Bill Ackman and tech layoffs

Laura and Danni have two interviews this week. The first is with bond fund manager veteran John Pattullo, from Janus Henderson Investors, who will be talking us through how he has navigated the recent market turmoil. And in the second interview Dan Coatsworth catches up with billionaire investor Bill Ackman from Pershing Square Holdings to talk about whether he’s worried about a recession and why he sold out of Netflix and Domino’s Pizza so quickly.  Also this week we’ll be looking at the nation’s financial resilience in the current cost of living crisis, as new data reveals 1 in 4 people have less than £100 in savings, as well as talking about that tricky task that everyone puts off: writing a will. And in the market update we’ll cover layoffs at Meta and Twitter, Primark’s decision not to raise prices and the cracks showing in the UK housing market.
11/11/2241m 23s

Windfall taxes and rate rises

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast, Danni Hewson and AJ Bell’s head of Investment Analysis Laith Khalaf mull over those all important interest rate decisions in the US and UK plus renewed calls for additional windfall taxes on Energy companies after BP and Shell announce more bumper profits. They also discuss those government energy payments which should have found their way into your hands and explain what you should do if you’ve not received yours. The deal’s finally done Elon Musk is the head tweet – but what does it mean for the social media platform and what does it mean for Tesla shareholders? With more lockdowns affecting companies like Apple, Disney and Nio in China I’ve caught up with Catherine Yeung investment director at Fidelity about whether there’s anything to speculation that the zero covid policy might be relaxed and what investors should be thinking about when it comes to Chinese companies right now.  And what’s up with retail – with pandemic darling Made.com shuffling towards administration and Morrisons planning to ditch over a hundred of the McColl’s stores it only bought in the spring it’s looking like being a very difficult Christmas for the sector.
03/11/2256m 43s

Rishi’s market bounce, Made.com collapse, bumper US earnings and bond fund explainer

This week Tom Sieber is going to be looking at whether markets were buoyed by the news of yet another Prime Minister opening their moving boxes at Number 10, and Laura Suter will delve into what the new PM might mean for your money. We have the usual market update, including the potential collapse of online furniture retailer Made.com and the latest antics of Mike Ashley. On top of that, we’ve got Ian Conway from Shares magazine giving an update on a bumper US earnings season, with 45% of the S&P 500 reporting this week. Ryan Hughes from the AJ Bell investment team joins us to answer a listener question on the current bond market turmoil. And finally, we have some alarming news for those people who like to hoard their stamps.
28/10/2229m 13s

What the mini-Budget U-turns mean for your money, markets and pensions

This week we’ve gathered a team of experts to comb through all of the Government’s U-turns and work out what they mean for your money. Laura Suter looks at the income tax reversal and the Energy Price Guarantee, while Laith Khalaf has the details on dividend tax changes that never materialised. Tom Sieber gives us the market reaction to the news, including whether those crucial Gilt yields stabilised, while Tom Selby details the impact on the pensions landscape and that all-important triple lock. The team also debate what is coming down the pipeline from the current Government and the remaining thorny issues the new Chancellor has to wrangle.
19/10/2226m 23s

The safety of pensions, top tips for mortgages and the big stories on the stock market

With all the headlines that have made people worried about their pension we’ve drafted in AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy Tom Selby to talk through it and explain exactly what it means for you. Laura Suter talks to broker David Hollingworth from L&C on what’s happening in the housing market and what you should do if you are in the process of moving or re-mortgaging. Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss the economic volatility surrounding the Bank of England’s bond buying programme.  Markets have had plenty to keep them scrambling this year and as we head into earnings season, Danni caught up with Duncan MacInnes at Ruffer, Olivia Geldenhuys at Schroders and Andrew Surrey at Vanguard to ask what they make of 2022 so far. Dan and Danni also pick over the good the bad and the downright ugly from this week’s market movements including why the FTSE 100 has finally succumbed to the malaise that’s been present in most other indices already this year, and why shares in renewable energy-related companies and investment trusts including SSE have been falling. The pair look at some big market moves which have ruffled the semiconductor companies globally and Danni finds a few bright spots with positive updates from Pepsi, Hollywood Bowl and packaging group DS Smith.
14/10/2255m 21s

Learning from the 1970s, and why stocks, the pound and mortgage and savings rates are going up

Dan Coatsworth talks to Alec Cutler, manager of the Orbis Global Balanced Fund, about the similarities between the 1970s and today (inflation, high energy prices, difficult markets), and what investors might need to do next. Hear from Dan and Laura Suter about why share prices and the pound suddenly perked up, what to expect if you’re getting a new mortgage, and where to find the top savings rates on cash accounts. Discover why shares in Tesla took a pounding, and why Drax is losing ESG fans fast after a damning TV programme about where it sources material to make wood pellets. Hear about the challenges facing Tesco, Greggs and Tortilla Mexican Grill, and Dan talks to stock trader Michael Taylor about why shares in Naked Wines have fallen 90% in 12 months. Finally, Laura has some wise words on how to avoid pension scams.
06/10/2244m 20s

How the falling pound, rising gilt yields and higher interest rates affect consumers and businesses

Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson explore the impact of more weakness in the pound, rising government bond yields and further hikes in interest rates on consumers and businesses in the months ahead. They explore the fierce market reaction to the UK Government’s mini-Budget, why the Bank of England has stepped in to stop gilt yields getting worse, and why the IMF is not best pleased at Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s policy decisions. Dan explores the large number of chief executives who have quit FTSE 100 companies this year. And this week’s guest is Joe Bauernfreund who runs the AVI Japan Opportunity Trust. He talks about investing in Japan and how he takes an activist approach as a fund manager.
28/09/2257m 20s

Profit warnings flash red and markets brace for further rate hikes

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss the barrage of bad news that’s been troubling markets even before US and UK central banks hiked rates. Profit warnings have been coming in thick and fast including Hilton Foods, The Hut Group, DFS and the biggie – bellwether stock FedEx, so what can investors expect as we head into another earnings season? They explore the good news for UK businesses that’s come in the form of the government’s six-month energy price cap out today plus they ask if travel stocks have finally turned a corner after an upbeat update from TUI. With one of the most pressing issues being discussed in boardrooms today being how to save money, Dan catches up with Jonathan Maxwell, the manager of the SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust. He runs an investment trust that puts money into projects that not only save companies a few quid, but also help the environment. With leaks about the new chancellors “mini-budget” coming in thick and fast, Danni looks at the boost house builders like Persimmon and Redrow have been getting from speculation that there could be intervention on stamp duty. And as one of the city’s most controversial characters backing away from the board of Frasers Group, Danni and Dan discuss the career and legacy of Sports Direct Founder Mike Ashley.
22/09/2241m 49s

Inflation, savings tax trap, Fundsmith fund closure and the great un-retirement

This week we look at the latest inflation update and how markets reacted to that surprise dip, and preview next week’s big economic announcements. We also cover the news that renowned investor Terry Smith is closing the emerging markets fund he launched eight years ago. Tom Selby is on to talk about the great ‘un-retirement’ of over-65s returning to work after the exodus during covid. And Dan Coatsworth talks to Morgane Delledonne from Global X on ways to invest in cybersecurity, as more companies look to protect themselves from hacking. Elsewhere, with savers finally getting a better return on their money, Laura Suter has some news for people who want to save in a green way. But she also shares a warning: that the extra interest savers are earning might come with an unexpected tax hit.
16/09/2237m 21s

Scottish Mortgage fund manager grilled, investors react to new UK Prime Minister, and FTSE 100 stocks with best dividend yields

The podcast returns from the summer break with special guest Lawrence Burns, deputy manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. He reveals to Danni Hewson the lessons learned from previous experiences in China, why Moderna has become a big portfolio holding, and his views on the current state of the market. Dan Coatsworth runs through the market reaction to Liz Truss becoming UK Prime Minister and why retail stocks enjoyed a big bounce on the day. He also explains why one investment bank says H&M could be a big loser in a recession and why JD Sports could be a winner. Best buy cash savings accounts are now offering interest rates comparable to the yield on the FTSE 100 stock index, meaning investors might start to look more closely at shares offering above-average yields. Steve Frazer chats about the top yielding stocks on the UK market, why some of their income streams are unsustainable, while Dan runs through the golden rules to follow with dividends. Danni has a great story about how it might be cheaper to go on a cruise than stay at home. She also has some good news for anyone who lives in a more remote location that lacks banking facilities.
09/09/2247m 51s

BP, buybacks, banking results, bumper borrowing and big recession worries

This week we’re delving into those BP results that have caused so much debate. Plus Russ Mould joins us to look at share buybacks and dividends across the FTSE 100, as the oil giant announced another round of buybacks and a hike to its dividend.  Also this week, Laith Khalaf studies the figures from UK banks in the face of the cost of living crisis, following a wave of second-quarter results in the sector. Which leads us neatly onto some startling new data Laura Suter has about how households are coping financially with the cost of living crisis. We also look at the risk of recession in the US, after data showed the economy has shrunk again.  Elsewhere, we’re talking about a big change the regulator has made to the way financial services work in the UK, with our pensions and regulation guru Tom Selby on to discuss what that means for investors. And just a note that after this episode, the podcast will be on summer break until September. So we’ll see you in a month!
03/08/2234m 30s

Earnings season winners and losers, bond market struggles, and how man stacks up against machine when picking investments

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast, Laura Suter and Danni Hewson discuss earnings season as it kicks into high gear. They sift through winners including McDonalds, Coca Cola and Unilever, and losers including Walmart – whose profit warning sent a shock through the US and UK retail sector. They also look at upcoming rate rises, which are forming an important backdrop to inflation-wary company outlooks. Also this week, Ryan Hughes from AJ Bell’s investment team takes a look at why bond markets haven’t been performing well. Bonds aren’t necessarily the sexiest corner of investing – but with predictions of a potential recession mounting, and markets becoming more volatile, people might be seeking more safe-haven assets.  Elsewhere, Laith Khalaf, our head of investment analysis, digs into an age-old question. During tricky market times is it better to invest with a human fund manager who makes stock picks for you, or a tracker that rides the market’s ups and downs? Finally, Dan Coatsworth meets up with Jeremy Rogers from the Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust, set up two years ago with the goal of helping society and making money for investors. He asks where the trust is deploying its money, and what investors might expect from it in the future.
28/07/2240m 35s

It’s all about inflation as UK CPI hits another 40-year high

On this week’s Money and Markets, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson brave the heat not only of the UK weather, but UK inflation too. With CPI coming in over expectation at 9.4%, they sum up how markets are reacting, and discuss where interest rates could sit by the end of the year. With rising costs causing issues for companies, they also dig into a new report showing a 66% increase in profit warnings from UK listed companies in the first half of 2022 – including Direct Line and Made.com. Earnings season is in full swing, and inflation’s colouring everything from the big GSK spin-off Haleon to another dip in subscriber numbers for Netflix – though with its fall smaller than expected, investors were pleasantly surprised. Also, employee pay is the only game in town – with warnings that a summer of discontent is on the cards, as more unions ballot on strike action. Plus, commercial property is meant to be one of the ultimate inflation-protected investments – meaning lots of investors might be thinking about diving into the market at the moment. Laura caught up with Roger Clarke, from property stock exchange IPSX, to see how the market has rebounded post pandemic and whether that inflation-protection is going to hold true in the coming year.
21/07/2249m 33s

Best deals on cash, how Ruffer protected investors’ money and cracks in the inflation story

Potential returns on cash savings accounts are now much more interesting, so don’t miss this episode of the Money & Markets podcast to find out the best deals around. Dan Coatsworth talks to Duncan MacInnes about how Ruffer Investment Company not only bucked the negative market trend in the first half of 2022 but also generated positive returns for investors. MacInnes explains why he believes the bear market isn’t over yet and how gold is an ‘unreliable girlfriend’.  Discover why falling commodity prices could mark the turning point in the inflation story, and how shares in the big mining companies have lost all the gains made earlier this year. Rising energy costs are changing the way we spend money, and Laura Suter looks at the latest spending habits and what might come next.
14/07/2241m 4s

What’s hitting the new Chancellor’s to-do list, UK growth fears, pound falls and outlook for UK banks

This week Laura Suter and Danni Hewson bring you an update on the economic fallout from this week’s turmoil in Westminster, looking at various warnings from the Bank of England and the pound’s fall. We delve into what the new Chancellor might tackle in his economic update next week, after Nadhim Zahawi committed himself as a tax cutting chancellor. In the markets news we’ve got the latest updates and rows from supermarkets, some positive news from food delivery companies JustEat and Grubhub and an update on US/China tariff war. And Dan Coatsworth has been chatting to fund manager Laura Foll, who helps run Lowland, Henderson Opportunities Trust and Law Debenture investment trusts, all about the outlook for UK banks, which are much loved by many investors.
07/07/2238m 40s

Miners, defence stocks and the return of the pension triple lock

On this week’s Money & Markets podcast Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson take a look at what has been another bumpy week for markets with a commodities rally not able to deliver the big market comeback some investors had been rather hoping for. They look at what’s behind the defence stock bounce, boosting the likes of BAE Systems and Rolls Royce and how utility companies like SSE have responded to Ofgem’s new distribution price control proposals. Plus, Dan is chatting to the Fund manager of Odyssean, one of the few investment trusts not to have lost a lot of money this year, and on the menu are Chemring, Videndum, Stabilus and Spire Healthcare.  There is also a new boss for Whitbread, and we discuss why the battle for high street chemist Boots ended with it being taken off the market by US owner WBA, for now.  With a drop in scratch card sales, we also look at why the government’s green savings bond has flopped and Tom Selby brings us up to date on plans for the pension triple lock.
30/06/2245m 58s

Money budgeting tools, why takeovers aren’t always good news, and important things to consider before drawing on your pension

This week’s podcast has plenty of useful tips for managing your money, as well as important insight into what’s happening on stock markets and with cryptocurrencies. Dan Coatsworth explains why Primark’s click and collect trial is important news for anyone owning shares in Associated British Foods. He also explores the latest wave of takeovers on the UK stock market and why they aren’t necessarily reasons to be cheerful. Dan also reveals why one fund manager thinks now’s the time to sell shares in oil producer Shell. Also, Laura Suter explains the latest developments in the buy now, pay later space, and discusses some of the most useful budgeting tools to help get your finances in shape. Finally, Tom Selby is on the show to discuss the key points someone in their mid-60s should consider before dipping into their pension
23/06/2227m 45s

Ahead of the Fed

On this week’s money and markets podcast Danni Hewson and Tom Sieber from Shares magazine discuss market jitters ahead of the Fed’s latest rate rise. Plus big questions for the bank of England to process as job vacancies continue to soar and inflation takes a chunk out of wage growth. Tom Selby AJ Bell’s head of retirement policy looks at the impact the global meltdown’s having on pensions and how soaring inflation combined with market falls risk having dramatic impact on the retirement prospects of savers in drawdown. Dan Coatsworth has been talking to Ayush Abhijeet who helps to manage the Ashoka India investment trust about what patient investors can get out of India and sticking with global markets Danni and Tom discuss why Netflix has pinned its hopes on a Squid Games reality show and how a Korean boyband made Asian markets tremble. All that and a mad money story with Jenny Owen about a late library fee that’s topped six thousand pounds.
17/06/2245m 45s

Jubilees, confidence votes and airport chaos

On this week’s Money and Markets, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson canter through the market movements over the last week – which, despite being shorter thanks to the Jubilee bank holiday, was no less eventual. They look at market reaction to all the political intrigue at Westminster, and assess how the travel sector is faring after disappointment and disarray at UK airports over the half-term break. There’s been another flurry of merger and acquisition activity – from the bid for bin business Biffa, to disappointment for Ted Baker after its preferred bidder walked away. Dan digs into Apple’s moves to enter the buy now pay later space, and Danni has yet another Twitter update, with Elon Musk indicating he’s serious about walking away from the deal. Also, Laura Suter’s finds out when you should get a will and how to go about it, chatting with partner at Taylor Bracewell solicitors, Lauren Smith, about why so many people put it off. And as the price of filling up the tank of a family car surges past £100 for the first time, we talk petrol prices and why so many landlords are leaving the private rental market.
09/06/2242m 1s

Markets rebound, warnings over plummeting pound, and how to pick a financial adviser

This week Laith Khalaf brings us some big markets news including the markets rebounding (much to the relief of investors), warnings about the pound’s decline, and an update on how energy firms handled that windfall tax announcement last week. Laura Suter is back, and delves into data on whether low-cost food has faced bigger price hikes during the cost of living crisis. She also chats to a financial adviser, Peter Chadborn of Plan Money, to help you understand when you might want to use one and the sort of questions you should be asking. And in this week’s investment interview, Tom Sieber chats to Duncan Ball, co-chief executive of BBGI Global Infrastructure. Infrastructure is highly prized for its inflation-protected income at the moment, and they chat about how that affects the fund’s portfolio.
31/05/2240m 17s

Energy price cap, Snap’s warning, retailers dodging inflation worries and Amazon’s hit to the property market

This week, Laura Suter brings us the latest energy price cap news, with an explanation of what’s going to happen in the coming months. She also has a guide to how to squeeze the most out of your credit cards, and some good news for Premium Bond holders. Danni Hewson is here with all the markets news, including Snap’s profit warning, the impact of lifting tariffs in China as it emerges from lockdown, and the latest on those suggestions of a windfall tax. We’re dabbling in football this week, too, with news on the Chelsea takeover, and Danni will be looking at the latest retail figures. We also have pensions guru Tom Selby back with Pensions Corner, looking at the rules around auto-enrolment and how much you should actually be paying in. And Tom Sieber has an interview with property investment company Industrials REIT, following Amazon’s comments that it’s no longer chasing physical space.
26/05/2236m 23s

It’s all about inflation as the UK rate hits a 40-year high

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast, Danni Hewson is joined by Tom Sieber from Shares Magazine to look at what’s behind April’s huge price increases and how markets have been reacting. With high costs taking centre stage in earnings reports, Tom picks through updates – including from Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods, and US retail giant Walmart.    Markets are going through a very difficult patch, and Dan Coatsworth picks the brains of someone who’s been through bad times as well as the good – James de Uphaugh from Liontrust Asset Management. He gives his insights into what investors should be thinking about right now. Though inflation is dominating sentiment, there’s plenty of other news moving markets this week. Danni and Tom look at the reaction to China’s announcement that Shanghai might soon end its lockdown, as well as a meeting between China’s Vice Premier and tech execs which seems to herald the end of the tech crackdown. With an eye on future returns, we also ask David Jane from Premier Miton about the trends he thinks will be important longer term. Plus, we’ve got the latest Twitter twist, plans to change how often the price cap is fixed, a massive upheaval in the crypto-verse, and Jenny Owen shares a mad money story about a charity donation of £100 that turned into £140,000.
19/05/2247m 47s

Global stocks have worst day in nearly two years, outlook for residential property market, and understanding broker ratings

Dan Coatsworth explains why stocks and shares continue to have a bad time and what might happen next. He also chats about takeover activity in the tobacco and property space, and why e-commerce companies have something to worry about. The UK continues to be fascinated by property prices, and we may now be at a turning point after several years of soaring activity. Laura Suter talks to Guy Harrington from property loan group GlenHawk about what he’s seeing in the market. And if you’ve ever wondered how analysts come up with buy, hold or sell ratings and how they create share price targets, don’t miss this episode, as Dan explains how it all works. Laura also has some important information on scams which featured in the Queens Speech. 
12/05/2232m 37s

Rate hikes for all, Amazon impact, bank account bonuses and energy company drama

On this week’s podcast, the big theme is rate hikes – in the UK, the US, and Australia. Danni Hewson also runs through all the markets news, including the impact Amazon’s results had on the US markets, and those calls for a windfall tax on the oil companies. Sticking with the energy company theme, Laura Suter delves into rumours of suppliers hiking direct debits by more than is fair – and tells you what to do if you’ve been a victim. And she’s starting her mini-series on how to get the most from your bank, kicking off with the best bank accounts for perks. If that wasn’t enough, Tom Sieber interviews Jupiter Green trust – an environmental solutions-focused fund – about greenwashing and the impact of the Ukraine conflict on global net zero ambitions.
05/05/2253m 14s

Twitter, tech and outlook warnings

On this week’s Money & Markets, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson pull apart Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover plans. We look into his plans to pay for the platform, what he wants to do with it, and shareholder concern that Musk may be forced to sell some of his stake to finance his new venture. And looking over the first updates from ‘MAMAA’ stocks, we find it’s a mixed bag, with a sting in the outlook. With markets volatile over concern about more China lockdowns, Dan discusses investing in Asia. He casts his eye over Vietnam Holding – the fourth-best performing investment trust of all geographies, sectors and styles in 2021. And he gets the lowdown from Craig Martin, chairman of Dynam Capital, which makes all the portfolio decisions from the Trust. Also this week: Tom Selby hosts pensions corner – about the state pension, and when and how you qualify for pension credit. Plus, with another survey showing people are cutting back on their personal spend, should we actually be bullish about the retail sector long term?
29/04/2249m 33s

AJ Bell’s plans to make investing a Dodl, Netflix’s big problems, pros and cons of share buybacks, and exploring the world of private equity

Laura Suter talks to Emma Keywood about why AJ Bell has launched a new investment app called Dodl and how it might help people getting started with stocks and funds. Dan Coatsworth debates the problems facing Netflix and what it needs to do next. He also chats to Steven Tredget from Oakley Capital about the world of private equity and why more people are interested in this part of the investment universe. Laura gives some money-saving tips for travel fans, while AJ Bell’s Russ Mould joins the show to talk about the pros and cons of share buybacks.
21/04/2245m 55s

Inflation hits another high, retail reaction to rising prices, and spotting small company gems

On this week’s podcast we’ve got the latest inflation data, with Laura and Danni explaining what it means for us all. We also look at how companies are handling rising prices, from Tesco’s aisles to Asos’s online orders. Danni has the latest on another U-turn in the Elon Musk Twitter saga, and we check in on how the Easter travel chaos is panning out. We’ve also got two fund manager interviews for you. First, Danni chats to infrastructure investments specialist Giles Frost, at International Public Partnerships Infrastructure investment trust, about how his sector could be ideal in a high inflation world. And Dan talks to small companies pro Paul Marriage, from Tellworth, about how to spot the next big thing. Finally, Jenny Owen discusses people getting chips under their skin so they can pay for goods in shops using just their hands. 
13/04/2247m 34s

Musk moves on Twitter, timing the market, and could bitcoin ever rival gold as a safe haven?

On this week’s Money & Markets podcast, Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson discuss Elon Musk’s newly acquired stake in Twitter and whether his appointment to the board will result in more changes than just an edit button. Dan digs into Moonpig’s uplift to its revenue outlook and Danni wonders who might be in the market for occasion wear retailer Ted Baker.  The team also discuss the week’s volatility, with markets spooked by more Russia sanctions being on the table, and comments from Fed chair Lael Brainard that stronger action might be needed to curb US inflation. Laura Suter chats to Simon Stickney from Collidr about whether you can ever actually time the market, and we hear from Adrian Ash from BullionVault about whether gold is still the go-to safe haven, or if investors are looking at Bitcoin as an alternative. And on the subject of gold, Jenny Owen tells us how the Royal Mint’s looking to turn your old phone into the shiny stuff.
08/04/2250m 8s

Markets bounce on peace talks, bumper savings rate launches, and the real cost of those tax cuts

This week, Laith Khalaf brings us the latest markets news, including markets bouncing on potential Ukraine peace talks and Barclays taking a £450m hit to profits. Laith and Laura Suter also crunch the numbers on how much Rishi Sunak’s tax changes are actually going to cost you over the next few years. We also discuss Neil Woodford’s former protégé Mark Barnett making a return to fund management, after a year out. And Laura looks at a new savings account that actually pays an interest rate above 1% – but there’s a catch. Also on this episode, Dan Coatsworth has an interview about how the energy price cap and Russia/Ukraine crisis has impacted the energy industry. And finally, Laura and Tom Selby have a Lifetime ISA special, answering all of your questions about the end of the tax year. 
01/04/2254m 58s

What the Spring Statement means for your finances, expert tax tips, and London’s fight to attract more companies to its stock market

Danni Hewson and Dan Coatsworth give their reactions to Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement, including the potential winners and losers from his announcement. Consumers, pensioners and businesses are all affected. Dan has good news for investors who remained patient throughout the recent global stock market sell-off, while Laura Suter gets some tips from RSM tax director Kate Aitchison on understanding HMRC’s tax rules and where people often get caught out. And Neil Shah from Edison Research is on the podcast to talk about the challenges facing London as the preferred destination for companies floating on the stock market.
23/03/2240m 46s

War and covid unsettle markets plus your ISA questions answered

On this week’s Money & Markets podcast, Danni Hewson is joined by Tom Sieber from Shares to discuss another volatile week for markets – facing not just the situation in Ukraine but another Covid lockdown in China. Tom explains the moves made by the Chinese government after shares tumbled in response, and Danni examines what’s going on with the oil price as various governments seek to shore up security of supply. As fuel prices rise at the pump, many motorists might be thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle.  The boss of one charging company has suggested the switch will bring about the end of petrol stations as we know them. To find out more about the opportunities this may bring, Danni catches up with Andrew Jones, CEO of London Metric Property PLC, which is taking major steps forward when it comes to installing charging points on their properties, particularly their retail parks. And as the new tax year rushes towards us, our Head of Personal Finance Laura Suter and AJ Bell YouInvest’s pensions and savings expert Charlene Young get together to answer all of your ISA questions.
18/03/2239m 51s

How the war in Ukraine could impact UK household finances, companies halting business in Russia, and everything you need to know about the metaverse

This week’s podcast explores how the latest events in Ukraine have moved global stock markets and how the war will have a big impact on the cost of living in the UK. Dan Coatsworth chats about some of the companies on the UK market which you might not realise have exposure to Russia. And Danni Hewson also talks to Neil Shah from Edison Research about companies severing ties with Russia. The podcast also explores the metaverse – Dan interviews Zehrid Osmani about this buzzword and how he's playing the theme via the Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust. Finally, Laura Suter chats about Post Office accounts and how to beat forthcoming changes to dividend tax.
11/03/2246m 51s

Markets react to Ukraine invasion

On this week’s Money and Markets podcast, Danni Hewson looks at how markets have reacted to the invasion of Ukraine, as company after company severs ties with Russia and sanctions begin to take effect. Laith Khalaf focuses on the suspension of many Russian-exposed funds and what that means if you’re invested, and he’s also been tracking the surge in value of crypto currency, plus calls for a ban on Russian transactions. With stock market volatility making some people nervous about their pensions, Tom Selby chats through what those ups and downs might really mean for the average pension holder, and he also answers another pensions’ corner question from a listener who spent a number of years living and working in Ukraine and wonders if that time might count towards their UK state pension. Plus, Dan Coatsworth has been talking to Chris McVey from Octopus Multi Cap UK Income fund, the best-performing UK equity income fund over the last three years. Chris explains why they’ve got a real bias towards small and mid-cap stocks. And with so much desperately awful news around, we’ve got Jenny Owen to bring us a touch of light relief at the end of the pod with a potted history of Cadbury’s Freddo Frog and its changing price tag.
03/03/2246m 12s

Investors focus on Ukraine

On Money and Markets this week Dan Coatsworth and Danni Hewson assess what the situation in Ukraine could mean for markets, from soaring oil to falling share prices – as investors figure out which sectors stand to lose from increased sanctions.  We also assess the latest financial updates from UK banks, and Dan chats to Neil Shelton from GXO – a huge name in global logistics – about all those supply chain issues we’ve heard so much about.  You’ll learn how can you make money from music if you’re not a talented musician, as Paul Flood from Newton Investment management joins Danni to talk streaming and where investors can find opportunities.  We also look at why house prices have jumped by the biggest amount in over 20 years despite rising interest rates. And Laura Suter catches up with Stephen Holiday, the boss of financial app Level, who thinks your employer might be able to help you with your saving goals.
24/02/2253m 47s

Fund manager stock ideas for an inflationary world, environmental tracker funds and big changes to UK stamps

Dan Coatsworth talks to Ken Wotton, manager of the Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income Fund about two companies which he believes could help consumers deal with inflationary pressures – Moneysupermarket.com and B&M.  Laura Suter looks at the latest UK figures on the cost of living, and she explains why anyone who has been hoarding stamps for future use will need pay a visit to the Post Office to exchange them for new bar-coded ones. Get the latest update on global markets, with Dan looking at the impact of tensions between Russia and Ukraine on stocks and shares, the latest numbers from Airbnb, and a warning from Heineken about pushing up prices. Chris Mellor from Invesco explains how investors can access environmental themes using tracker funds, and Laura looks at UK green bonds where rates have become more generous.  Finally, Dan talks with Simon Collins from Konexo about the rise of Dear CEO letters in the banking and insurance space, and why they are important.
18/02/2241m 17s

Energy company windfalls, how to solve rising mortgage costs, holiday joy and a strange retail tie-up

On this week’s podcast, Laura Suter and Danni Hewson look at the energy market, where massive profits for big firms contrast uncomfortably with the nation’s steeply increasing gas and electricity bills. We also discuss the risk of Meta brands Facebook and Instagram disappearing from Europe, and holiday chat makes a long-awaited return as the travel markets heats up again. Elsewhere, Dan Coatsworth chats to Artemis Positive Future, a new fund that’s been caught up in the recent market sell-off. And Laura speaks to mortgage guru David Hollingworth about what last week’s interest rate rise means for homeowners.
10/02/2247m 8s

Alphabet’s split, Rio Tinto’s incendiary report and round the world ends in Asia

On this week’s money and markets podcast Danni Hewson is joined by Tom Sieber from shares magazine to discuss what was almost the worst January ever for the tech heavy Nasdaq.   Whilst many tech mega caps have fallen foul of market volatility Alphabet’s managed to escape largely unscathed after a seriously upbeat trading statement and the announcement of a 20:1 stock split that could make the tech giant’s shares affordable for retail investors. Mining giant Rio Tinto gave a master class in delivering bad news, Danni and Tom discuss how the report into toxic working practices was received by investors and how other miners might use it as a blueprint for delivering change as more focus is placed on ESG. Dan Coatsworth delivers our final round the world master class chatting to the manager of the Crux Asia ex-Japan Fund Ewan Markson Brown about the opportunities in Asia.  Tom Selby tackles the thorny issue of how to find missing pensions and if you should consolidate them once you’ve tracked them down, plus Laith Khalaf and AJ Bell’s Chief Investment Officer Kevin Doran about the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
04/02/2244m 55s

What the great rotation in markets means for Scottish Mortgage and Fundsmith, and a surprising first-time buyer boom

This week’s Money & Markets looks at the big rotation that’s happening in markets, as the tech giants fall out of favour and banking stocks are back in vogue. We talk to AJ Bell’s Ryan Hughes about what this means for big funds like Scottish Mortgage and Fundsmith, and how investors should react. We also hear from Temple Bar’s Ian Lance about the stocks that have been benefitting from this switch. Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber are back with the European edition of their Round the World investing series, talking to Sam Morse from Fidelity about the region’s prospects. Elsewhere Laura Suter looks at some surprising figures on how many first-time buyers have been getting on the property ladder. And the team have a very exciting announcement and competition for the listeners. So make sure you don’t miss that.
28/01/2242m 29s

Inflation soars, takeover deals galore and the latest crypto crackdown

Inflation is dominating the headlines, so this week Laura Suter and Danni Hewson look at what the latest figures tell us and how they match up with wage figures. We also delve into the markets – this week saw deals galore, featuring the likes of Microsoft, Unilever and Boots.  Pensions guru Tom Selby sifts through the latest pension announcements, including plans to make us all get more help deciphering pensions, and the eye-watering tax bills many pensioners are facing. Also this week, Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber are back with our Round the World investing series. This time they stay closer to home and look at the UK – speaking to NinetyOne fund manager Simon Glazier to get his hot tips on the market. And Jenny Owen is back to tell us what the nation’s ideal job looks like, and we also look at the latest crackdown on the cryptocurrency market.
20/01/2243m 34s

Discover why tech stocks had a bad start to 2022 and why value investing is now back in fashion.

Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber kick off a new series looking at ways to invest around the world. This week’s episode focuses on the US market, and features Artemis US Select Fund manager Cormac Weldon with his view on the region and outlook for 2022. Elsewhere, Danni Hewson looks at the latest inflation figures. She also explores the share price recovery in travel companies, and she talks to Jenny Owen about car prices. Finally, Dan dives into the latest annual shareholder letter from Fundsmith Equity manager Terry Smith, who has a few choice words to say about Unilever.
13/01/2233m 46s

Big finance changes in 2022, fund manager mistakes and Apple’s $3 trillion valuation

In the first podcast of 2022, we look at the big changes coming for your wallet this year, including tax tweaks, certain £50 notes becoming obsolete, and rising train fares. Laith Khalaf is on to discuss what happened with the markets over the Christmas period, and he also discusses the world’s first $3 TRILLION company. Tom Selby joins us to talk potential changes to when we can collect our old-age pension. And although fund managers are always keen to talk about their success stories, Tom Sieber talks to some about the investments that didn’t go to plan for them in 2021, including James Henderson and Murray Income manager Charles Luke.
07/01/2236m 42s

Investment review of the year: what did well and what bombed? And what will 2022 bring?

In the final podcast of the year, Laura Suter, Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber discuss how investors fared in 2021, and pick out the year's best and worst performing investment trusts. Looking forward to 2022, we also round up leading fund managers – including Blue Whale’s Stephen Yiu and Michael O’Brien from Fundsmith – to talk about the stocks they’re putting their money behind. Jenny Owen is back with Mad Money, looking at the millions you could have made investing in mad trends this year. And Dan and Tom get misty-eyed looking back at the great investment stories of the year, including Dan’s favourite clothes shop soaring and Elon Musk’s ridiculous antics.
16/12/2138m 8s

Retailer joy, Evergrande update, Lifetime ISA special and bridging the investing gap

On this week’s episode, Danni Hewson talks about the impact Omicron is still having on markets – in particular, what it means for a potential interest rate rise next week – but has some positive news for us from retailers. We also look at the ongoing Evergrande saga, and how China is managing the issue. Laura Suter talks about how rising house prices are particularly hitting Lifetime ISA savers, and may leave them with a hefty bill, while Tom Selby assesses how LISAs stack up against a pension as a retirement savings option, in Pension Corner. As Christmas gets closer, we also look at the monetary gifts people are planning to give this year, and who is keeping gift cards alive. And Laura speaks to Prakash Chandramohan from TISA about how more younger people can get into investing.
09/12/2142m 40s

Black Friday turns red as markets get spooked by Omicron

This week’s Money & Markets podcast is almost all about Omicron – the covid variant that’s put quite a fear up global markets, especially on last week’s ‘Red Friday’. Danni Hewson, Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber discuss how concerns about the new strain sparked a massive sell off, and the aftershocks which have kept on coming. Unsurprisingly, airlines and travel companies were among the biggest fallers, and there’s been massive volatility in the oil price too, as investors weigh up how demand might be affected over the next few months. We also look at what’s going on with vaccine makers as they suss out exactly how efficacious their drugs will be against this new variant. Plus, all the drama surrounding BT which looks to be in the middle of a takeover battle, and some big news from big tech – Twitter has a new boss and Facebook’s parent company Meta has been ordered to sell off the newly acquired Giphy by the UK’s competitions regulator.  And with inflation expected to keep rising next year, some investors are starting to wonder if they really need to take the risk of being in the market to get an income. To discuss this, and to get the latest on dividends from the stock market, Dan talks to James Harries who manages the Troy Global Income Fund.
02/12/2148m 14s

Britcoin, cheapest cost of borrowing, US renewable energy and Einstein’s record auction

In this week’s podcast, Laith Khalaf explains the Bank of England’s plan to introduce a digital currency dubbed ‘Britcoin’ by the media, while Laura Suter gives some helpful hints on how to cut the cost of borrowing. She also explains what to do if you’re a customer of failed energy provider Bulb, and chats about a new 3.5% savings bond – what are the pros and cons of putting your money into such a product? Dan Coatsworth explains why Royal Mail is exciting shareholders and annoying customers. He also considers why AO has gone from stock market hero to zero, and why certain countries are dipping into their strategic oil reserves. You’ll also find out which companies might soon be entering or leaving the FTSE 100 index, and why Amazon has decided to stop accepting payment via Visa credit cards in the UK. Elsewhere, Danni Hewson talks to Ecofin US Renewables Infrastructure Trust about investing in windfarms, as well as COP26 and how the US is transitioning to clean energy. Finally, Jenny Owen has been watching a record-breaking auction in Paris, involving manuscripts from Albert Einstein which have just sold for big bucks.
26/11/2146m 13s

Diageo’s drinks dominance, Shell shifts to UK shores, eco banking options, and Buy Now Pay Later aims to get clean

This week we’re delving into the latest shockingly good jobs figures, and what they might mean for the Bank of England’s hotly anticipated decision on interest rates next month. Elsewhere in markets news, Danni Hewson looks at drinks giant Diageo’s bid for global dominance, Shell’s shift to UK shores, and whether markets really cared about a meeting between US president Joe Biden and China president Xi Jinping.  Laura Suter is on, and gives an update on the latest Government wrangling over pensioner pay, and how the controversial Buy Now Pay Later market has been changing ahead of tougher regulation. Following on from COP 26, we’ve an interview with green bank Triodos. You’ll hear their thoughts on the rise in green banking, and how exactly you can have an environmentally friendly current account. And if that’s not enough, Jenny Owen makes an appearance, with news of popstars making millions from virtual money in video games.
18/11/2135m 41s

Covid pill boosts market confidence, Tesla’s social sell-off, and the man whose stock market bets paid off

On this week’s Money & Markets podcast, Dan Coatsworth looks at market reaction to a new Covid treatment pill from Pfizer, and weighs the latest winners and losers from the week’s slew of earnings updates. Danni Hewson examines the sparkle that’s back at Marks and Spencer, as well as a return to form for Primark. And what’s with Elon Musk’s social survey? We dig into the Tesla boss’s poll that sent the electric car maker’s share price tumbling. Dan catches up with Bill Ackman – the man who made a fortune betting on the stock market. His latest gamble is on Universal Music, and we’ve been finding out why. Plus, Tom Selby is back with another pensions’ corner: assessing the latest government U-turn on the national minimum pension age changes and what it means for you.
12/11/2141m 14s

Popular Junior ISA investments, rising mortgage rates, Terry Smith backs Amazon, and Biffa’s new waste solution

On the 10th anniversary of Junior ISAs, the podcast looks at the most popular investments held inside these accounts including Tesla and Scottish Mortgage. There is an odd one out: and Dan Coatsworth thinks he knows why. Laura Suter looks at how mortgages are getting more expensive, and what homeowners can do to avoid their bills getting too big. Dan runs through the latest market news, including Terry Smith’s decision to finally invest in Amazon, and why THG and Darktrace have gone off the boil. He also chats about the forthcoming stock market listing of electric vehicle group Rivian and why two FTSE 100 chief executives have just resigned. Michael Topham from Biffa is on the show to explain the acquisition of the Company Shop, which helps household goods manufacturers to sell mislabelled products that might have otherwise gone in the bin. The venture also gives something back to the community and has special shops for key workers. Finally, Jenny Owen discusses things that go bang in the dark – namely fireworks and how we’re spending big on them.
05/11/2143m 52s

Budget Special: picking apart Rishi Sunak’s tax plans and celebrating our 150th episode

On this week’s podcast we’ve delved into the finer details of the Budget and picked apart the Government’s documents so you don’t have to. We reveal all the things you need to know and how the Budget will impact your finances. Tom Sieber looks at how markets reacted to the news and the impact on businesses, while Laith Khalaf digs into the big economic numbers and looks at how the economy is doing as we emerge from the pandemic. Tom Selby looks at how pensioners fared in the Budget, and finds a small nugget that might help those on lower pay who are contributing to their pension, while Laura Suter looks at how reforms to the alcohol taxes might make us all a bit merrier this winter. We also look at the big announcements on Universal Credit, the rise to the minimum wage and whether people will actually be better off.
28/10/2134m 17s

Bank results, rate rise expectations and Netflix Korean cult hit

On this week’s edition of the Money & Markets podcast, Danni Hewson and Tom Sieber asses the winners and losers of earnings season to date and consider whether UK banks will perform as well as their cousins in the US.  AJ Bell’s Head of Investment Analysis, Laith Khalaf looks at the latest inflation figures which might have bought the Bank of England some breathing space despite odds of an interest rate rise next month now being actively priced in by investors.  The team look ahead to next week’s budget with much of the detail already in the public domain, what else might the Chancellor have up his sleeve?  Laura Suter chats to Robin Powell who is a big fan of passive investing and has just written a book called Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom: A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know, which aims to get more young people into investing. Plus, how a Korean cult TV programme called “Squid Game” helped put Netflix back on track when it comes to subscriber numbers.
22/10/2139m 21s

How much food and bills could go up in 2022, the real cost of retirement and THG’s share price collapse

Laura Suter puts some numbers on how rising costs are affecting everyday life. She also gives some tips on how to put some controls on a contactless debit card to avoid reckless spending. Tom Selby chats about a new study that considers the amount of money someone might need in retirement. He’s also back with another round of ‘pensions corner’, answering a listener’s question. Dan Coatsworth discusses the big sell-off in THG and ASOS shares and why the recovery in Chinese equities has hit a new bump in the road. He also talks to Charles Glasse from Waverton Asset Management about investment opportunities in European infrastructure and retail companies. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered about the value of old statues in people’s gardens, you’ll definitely want to hear what Jenny Owen has to say on this week’s podcast.
15/10/2140m 38s

October’s onslaught of cuts, rising gas prices and one London landlord’s recovery from the pandemic

This week we discuss all the changes that October is bringing, as the Government winds up much of its financial support for the pandemic, from furlough to the stamp duty holiday. We also look at the impact rising gas prices are having on businesses, as well as the latest supply chain problems companies are encountering. Danni Hewson chats to the head of a London property empire, Brian Bickell of Shaftesbury, about emerging from lockdown and the impact it’s had on his business. We also look at why you need to raid your piggy banks for old notes and an intriguing offer of free food and money for students. Finally, we discuss the impact the social media outage of 2021 had on us, and on markets.
07/10/2133m 5s

Queues at the pumps, the winners and losers of the UK’s ongoing energy crisis and taking stock of ethical investing

On this week’s podcast Dan Coatsworth takes a look at what’s behind the UK’s petrol shortages and the rising cost of energy which has already brought a number of small suppliers to their knees. Inflation concerns have been causing jitters on markets, and some investors seem to be considering their portfolios after a sell off of some fast-growth companies and a surge in bond yields. Danni Hewson has been digging through the latest update from retail ‘class swot’ Next, which has raised its profits guidance for a fourth time this year. But despite being at the forefront of the move to ‘hybrid’ retail, Next isn’t immune to current supply issues, warning that prices are rising and that it’s worried about finding enough labour to keep its slick delivery operation working smoothly. AJ Bell’s Head of Investment Analysis Laith Khalaf has been assessing the growing part ethics is playing in investor decision-making ahead of ‘Good Money Week’, which aims to raise awareness of ethical finance. He’s got the lowdown on how those funds have performed and exactly how much ‘greenwashing’ goes on when companies lay out their ESG credentials. Plus, the new number aimed at preventing fraud, and as the latest Bond film makes its long-awaited debut, we look at how cinemas are recovering, while Dan’s got some crazy stats from 007’s world.
30/09/2144m 23s

Why problems with China’s Evergrande matter to investors worldwide, dealing with higher energy costs, big news from Netflix and a new bank account paying 5% interest

Dan Coatsworth explains in simple terms why troubles at Evergrande – one of China’s biggest property developers – matter to investors in the UK and around the world. Laura Suter looks at the reasons behind the big spike in energy prices and what to do if your energy provider goes bust. Richard Penny from Crux Asset Management gives his views of what might happen with stock markets in 2022. Netflix has bought the rights to Roald Dahl books and Dan explains why this is a very important move by the streaming TV provider. Dan also reveals why shares in British Airways’ owner have shot up by 25% in just five days. Laura looks at the launch of Chase’s first retail bank account in the UK and why it is different to other accounts on the market. And Jenny Owen is on the show to talk prime real estate – she’s spotted an island for sale for £50,000.
24/09/2136m 59s

Inflation spikes, pandemic personal finances divide and the world’s most expensive beach hut

It’s a record-breaking week on the podcast, as Laura Suter and Danni Hewson talk about this week’s largest ever jump in inflation and look at how markets reacted to the news that prices are rising. We also look at all the companies suffering supply chain issues, why the travel sector has been hit again and what this week’s record-breaking jobs news means for us all. On this week is Tom Selby in Pensions Corner, talking about the perils of cashing in your pensions in one go, while Dan Coatsworth has an interview with small cap specialist Richard Penny about the stocks piquing his interest. We also look at how the pandemic has exacerbated the wealth gap in the UK, and finally, Jenny Owen is back with a record breaking price for a beach hut in Money Madness.
16/09/2134m 17s

The costly care conundrum, new term new workplace rules and why the Bank of England’s turned to the Beano for help

On this week’s edition of the Money and Markets podcast Tom Selby looks at the small print of government plans to hike national insurance to pay for care costs.  He takes a look at how much we’ll all be paying, if the cash raised will be enough to do the job and whether a cap on costs will mean people won’t need to sell their homes to pay for what they need in later life.  He also looks into a rise in dividend tax and why making sure you’re using appropriate tax wrappers is crucial. Dan Coatsworth looks into US market wobbles after disappointing jobs figures and assess why bad news was actually seen as good news by some investors.  He also takes a look at the latest updates from two household names both of which have put supply issues front and centre. Dunelm and Halfords seem to be experiencing diverging fortunes when it comes to dealing with stock and adults hoping Santa might leave a bike under the tree this Christmas might be disappointed. As the new school term gets underway many workers are making their first trip back to the office for months, but with more and more companies saying they’re planning to adopt a hybrid practice Danni Hewson chats with leadership supremo Jo Owen about his new book “Smart Work: The Ultimate Handbook for Remote and Hybrid Teams” and asks what he thinks are the positives and pitfalls companies should be considering and where investors might find opportunities as businesses adapt.  Plus, there's a lot of work being done outside of the classroom to help more children understand money and financial literacy. To that end the Bank of England has teamed up with children's comic favourite Beano and Laura Suter chats to Andrew Hebden, head of outreach and education for the bank, about how the project came about.
09/09/2150m 21s

Outlook for stocks, changes to contactless cards, and the rise of thematic funds

AJ Bell Investment Director Russ Mould explains why US stocks are riding high after an important meeting of central bankers, and what could move markets going forward. Dan Coatsworth examines UK stocks that have done well this summer and discusses the latest news on WH Smith and Blue Prism. Laura Suter chats about the dangers of freely tapping your debit card in pubs and shops, and she debates why Britain faces a £371 billion savings shortfall. There is also a section on thematic funds including the launch of a new product that provides exposure to companies helping to make people’s lives healthier.
02/09/2131m 23s

Bitcoin bandwagon, billion-pound bids and bumper pensioner payrises

On this week’s episode Laith Khalaf looks at rumours of a £7bn bid for another supermarket and what’s behind the sell-off in mining stocks, as well as giving an update on the latest supply chain issues hitting companies. We will also be talking about how PayPal has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and Laura Suter will be looking at whether the stamp duty holiday really was the reason behind soaring house prices so far this year. We’ve got Georgia Stewart at Tumelo talking about how investors can assess what’s in their fund portfolios from an ESG point of view and how to hold fund managers to account. Plus, Tom Selby is on to talk about the bumper 9% payrise pensioners could be getting next year – and how young people feel about that prospect, while Jenny Owen reveals how one item lying around in your car glove box could land you a £1,600 windfall.
27/08/2133m 55s

Defence sector sees M&A action, rising prices impact retailers and warnings about “Smishing” fraud

This week’s podcast looks into bids for two defence giants which are attracting government attention.  Private equity owned Cobham targets Ultra Electronics and US based Transdigm’s been told to put up or shut up when it comes to its interest in Meggit. Tom Sieber’s in the hotseat to talk about the FTSE 250 as many of the firms being targeted for takeover are mid-caps which may make financing deals easier for firms doing the buying.  With retail the main focus for US markets this week as a whole host of big retailers report their latest earnings, Danni Hewson has been picking through some of the winners and losers.  She’s also been chatting to Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO of Savvy Marketing about the state of retail in the UK and how shipping snarl ups and rising costs could impact the sector in the run up to Christmas. Plus, fraudsters focus on “smishing” – text message scams aimed at getting you to share your financial details.  We chat about what to look out for and how to avoid getting stung.  Plus Jenny Owen’s got wedding fever and explains how old cake is pulling in big money.
19/08/2136m 15s

Takeover fever, an inflation warning for cash savers and tips for the DIY investor from AJ Bell’s big boss

This week’s podcast takes a look at some of the skirmishes underway to snap up UK companies including Big Tobacco’s bid to get in on the wellness trade.  Laura Suter checks out the latest US inflation figures and gives cash savers tips on how to beat the inflationary heat. Dan Coatsworth chats to AJ Bell Chief Executive Andy Bell about investing for the first time and his tips for young risk takers.  We’ve also got copies of his new book to giveaway. Plus, Danni Hewson and Jenny Owen on the surge in used car sales and the Mona Lisa of stamps.
12/08/2134m 26s

The fund manager who got out before China sell-off, a defence company with a hidden jewel, and the junior bankers’ struggle for a big payday

This week’s podcast features Simon Edelsten from Mid Wynd Investment Trust on the sell-off in Chinese shares and why he decided to dump most of his Chinese holdings earlier this year. Dan Coatsworth explores how the FTSE 250 index of UK companies is trading at a new record high, and he dives into the latest results from Greggs and Domino’s Pizza. Stuart Widdowson from Odyssean Investment Trust talks about a fascinating company in the defence sector which is doing something very smart that a lot of people haven’t cottoned on to. Laura Suter is back on the podcast and she talks about junior bankers being forced to work long hours in the pursuit of big paydays. She also reveals the serious amount of cash stuffed down the back of people’s sofas Finally, Jenny Owen talks about film-related memorabilia that’s worth a lot of money. So, if you’ve got some Ghostbusters or Star Trek stuff in the attic, don’t miss this podcast.
06/08/2140m 38s

Tech giants, China’s regulatory muscle flex and the best way to save for kids.

This week podcast looks at why some astonishing earnings figures from three American tech giants hasn’t delighted all investors and Dan Coatsworth digs into huge market falls in shares of Chinese companies listed on US markets and asks if Beijing has more muscles to flex and how that could impact investors. Danni Hewson chats to Ged Futter from the retail consultancy GSCOP about rising prices and how companies like Reckit Benckiser will be looking to pass those onto consumers, plus he gives us his take on the deal on the table for Morrisons which hasn’t gone down well with the supermarket’s biggest shareholder. We hear from Tom Wildgoose from Nomura about investing in Google and $13 billion dialysis group DaVita and Tom Selby is back with another pensions corner. This week’s listener question is focused on the best way to build up a savings pot for your children.
30/07/2147m 50s

Stagflation haunts the markets, the outlook for gold, lasting power of attorney overhaul and Olympics treasures

This week’s podcast explains the reasons why stock markets have taken another hit. Dan Coatsworth debates the perils of stagflation, the companies with supply chain disruption and margin pressures, and why strong Q2 numbers may not be enough to push up share prices. We may be enjoying the summer sun, but Danni Hewson explains why you might need to plan ahead with your Christmas Day meal. Nitesh Shah from WisdomTree joins the show to chat about why the gold price isn’t behaving as one might expect, and Dan talks to Mark Manduca from XPO Logistics about the challenges facing companies as they seek to move goods from A to B. Lisa Webster from AJ Bell explains new plans to overhaul the power of attorney system, while Danni looks at the latest issues facing women’s state pension campaigners. Finally, Jenny Owen looks at the Olympics memorabilia that sells for thousands of pounds.
23/07/2135m 36s

Big wobbles, big banks and ten years of Lifestrategy funds

This week podcast looks at what was behind the recent global market slump and how rising inflation on both sides of the Atlantic might change the game going forward.  Danni Hewson assess whether the mask wearing conundrum might have a detrimental impact on retail and hospitality businesses and we also dig into how so-called “Freedom Day” has been impacting share prices across the board. It’s earning season the sequel and big banks are, as ever, amongst the first to report and whilst earnings growth reported so far has been stellar as expected some US banks have seen big falls in revenues.  Meanwhile with the Bank of England has given the green light to UK banks to start paying out dividends once again we look at how well the sector has coped now economic recovery is underway. Laith Khalaf is back to talk us through those Lifestrategy funds and finding out why they’ve performed so well over the last decade and what the next years might have in store. Plus, Dan Coatsworth chats to Kartik Kumar, the man behind investment trust Artemis Alpha about how he chooses which stocks to invest in and getting the low down on two that he’s particularly interested in right now.
16/07/2141m 22s

Property special: housing market frenzy, top mortgage deals, Tritax’s warehouse boom and the future of property funds

This week we have a special edition of the Money & Markets podcast looking at the world of property. Danni Hewson talks to consultant Alex Goldstein about the explosion in house prices, and Laith Khalaf asks David Hollingworth from London & Country for tips on getting a mortgage. Dan Coatsworth interviews James Dunlop from Tritax on why warehouses have become prime real estate thanks to the surge in online shopping. Ryan Hughes dives into the world of property funds and explains why recent fund suspensions don’t spell the end of investing in this space. The podcast also debates why Morrisons has become a major takeover target and why oil prices are trading at their highest levels since 2014.
09/07/2158m 39s

Green list but no green light for travel, pension nudges and your pot, plus are bonds in or out of fashion.

This week’s podcast assesses why the green list isn’t a green light for travel and looks at the impact of Joe Biden’s big infrastructure deal on markets.  Tom Selby checks out why government nudges to get more people getting guidance on their pensions could impact people accessing or transferring their pots. With equities still flying high bonds have been feeling unloved but are they really out of favour with investors?  Dan Coatsworth has been talking to Rhys Davies from Invesco about whether they’re still a good bet for a long-term investment portfolio. As the FCA bans crypto firm Binance from carrying out regulated activities in the UK we catch up with Ruffer investment director Duncan MacInnes to get his take on investing in Bitcoin. And is taking out life insurance really a “pact with death”? We chat through some comments made on social media that’s got some people rather hot under the collar and ask what should people consider before buying a policy.
01/07/2149m 56s

Levelling Up, a supermarket treat and what’s changed 5 years after the Brexit vote.

This week’s podcast looks at why markets are still jittery about inflation, Dan Coatsworth digs into a series of announcements from central banks and the latest economic data to assess exactly where things stand and how investors are responding.  We examine why British supermarkets have been a big temptation for private equity following a bid for Morrisons which saw its shares jump.  Will it become the big prize in a bidding war and are our supermarkets undervalued like many UK equities seem to be. 5 years on from the Brexit vote we catch up with AJ Bell’s head of active portfolios Ryan Hughes who gives us the low down on what’s changed, what hasn’t and what’s going on with businesses sentiment and foreign investment.   Danni Hewson chats with Henri Murison, director of the northern powerhouse partnership.  Brexit played a big part in Boris Johnson’s “red wall” victories but what’s going up with the levelling up agenda and how will having the new UK infrastructure bank based in Leeds change things. Plus Tom Selby digs into all that pension speculation.  Is the triple lock in jeopardy, will the Treasury make changes to pension tax relief or the lifetime allowance or is it all just so much hot air? And Jenny Owen’s looking at numismatics as the Royal Mint celebrates the Tokyo Olympics with a new 50 pence piece.
25/06/2145m 37s

Why inflation matters, UK football’s troubling finances and investing in overseas markets

Inflation is all the rage, so this week’s podcast looks at the factors driving up the cost of living. Dan Coatsworth explore why wages could soon be going up and Danni Hewson looks at the companies in the firing line over big bonuses. The podcast discusses the state of UK football’s finances and digests the latest news from Boohoo and Ashtead. If you’re interested in investing in overseas markets then do not miss this week’s guest interview with Nicole Vettise from Franklin Templeton as she talks opportunities in Asia, ways to play the electric vehicle boom and why Alibaba’s multi-billion-dollar fine might not be a reason to panic. Jenny Owen also looks at why cow poo is playing a major role in the rise of cryptocurrencies.
17/06/2140m 32s

Global tax changes, investor activism and why financial stocks are back in vogue

This week’s podcast looks at how markets have reacted to big plans from the G7 to change global taxation and another crypto bounce as Bitcoin becomes legal tender in Venezuela.  Danni Hewson also digs through Andy Haldane’s assessment that the UK housing market is “on fire” and Dan Coatsworth mulls over the current spate of investor activism. We get the low down from George Barrow, co-manager of the Polar Global Financials Trust on why financial stocks have been making a bit of a comeback and what investors should be looking out for. Plus, with UK holidaymakers seemingly stuck at home for another summer what will it mean for Leisure stocks and how are airlines coping since Portugal came off the green list?
11/06/2136m 7s

Oil and gold prices surge, the nagging questions behind the housing boom and pensions corner returns

This week’s podcast, featuring AJ Bell’s Tom Selby and Jenny Owen and Tom Sieber from Shares, looks at the recent rally in gold and oil prices, what’s happening in the housing market and whether there should be more choice in workplace pension schemes. Amid talk of a commodities supercycle Dan Coatsworth interviews Mark Smith from Amati Strategic Metals about the mining sector and the outlook for different metals. There’s a return for pensions corner and we talk about whether investors should care if the chairman and CEO of a company is the same person after recent speculation over whether JD Sports executive chairman Peter Cowgill might step down.
03/06/2139m 1s

The big reopening: how travel operators, pubs and car sellers are coping

This week’s podcast talks to the heads of three companies in the travel, pub and retail sectors. We chat with Julia Lo Bue-Said from Advantage Travel Partnership on how the travel industry is faring under the new traffic light system. Patrick Dardis from Young’s gives his view on a potential blockbuster summer for UK pubs. And Daksh Gupta from Marshall Motors explains how used car prices are going through the roof. We also talk about Marks & Spencer’s latest results and the big wave of takeovers.
27/05/2142m 15s

Crypto volatility, small cap surges and why ESG investing isn’t a trade-off between value and returns

This week’s podcast looks at the volatility of crypto currencies, why oil prices are impacting markets and multi-billion-dollar streaming deals.  Dan Coatsworth assesses how UK airlines are coping as some holidaymakers jet off for the first time and the confusion about what exactly an amber light really means. As more and more companies are screening investments based on sustainable criteria Danni Hewson chats to Kate Rogers Head of Sustainability at Cazenove Capital and Katherine Davidson Fund Manager of the Global Sustainable Growth Fund – both part of the Schroders group about why they believe investors aren’t having to make a trade-off between values and returns. And Dan Coatsworth catches up with Gervais Williams from Miton Microcap Trust who explains why shares in UK small cap companies have surged this year and discusses three of his favourite stocks.
20/05/2143m 10s

Why inflation fears matter, reopening winners, retailers’ share prices soar and social care funding disappointment

Dan Coatsworth explains how rising inflation effects everyday life and why it spells trouble for global stock markets. He also talks to Danni Hewson about the big share price rally in retail companies including Greggs, Card Factory and The Works, and the pair also chat about ways that retailers are trying to reinvent themselves such as Pret opening concessions inside supermarkets. Tineke Frikkee from Waverton gives her view on the structural changes we’re seeing following the pandemic and the companies that might prosper. The podcast also features Tom Selby talking to Mike Padgham from the Independent Care Group about news in the Queen’s Speech to bring forward social care funding reform. Rounding off this episode is a look at new shocking figures on scams.
14/05/2139m 53s

Pushing back minimum retirement age, dealing with fraudsters, companies with pricing power, and making money from trainers

If you’re approaching retirement, this week’s podcast is essential listening. Tom Selby explains a proposal by the financial regulator to make people obtain guidance before accessing their pension. Tom also explores proposals to push back the minimum retirement age from 55 from 57, and he looks at how the end of the furlough scheme could see more people over 55 consider dipping into their retirement savings earlier than planned. The founder of the money saving website “Be Clever With Your Cash” Andy Webb joins us to discuss why high street banks are ditching cash incentives designed to get people to switch and how to the pandemic has seen more of us embrace the virtual world when it comes to our money. Danni Hewson chats about the ongoing shortage in computer chips and Dan Coatsworth considers the factors troubling investors in the past week. He also debates the type of company which should come out on top as inflation accelerates, exploring the concept of pricing power. And if you wondered why trainers have become so collectable, Jenny Owen looks at how Ebay is getting more involved in this market.
06/05/2143m 10s

Big companies’ big earnings, the Post Office’s new banking pilot and an Asian investment trust superstar

It’s a massive week for big companies reporting their latest earnings. This week’s podcast drills into the numbers from Tesla, Microsoft, Google, Lloyds and HSBC. Dan Coatsworth talks to Hugh Young about how Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus has become the second-best performing investment trust since ISAs were launched in 1999. Tom Selby explains the tax rules on pension withdrawals, while Danni Hewson explores the Post Office’s role in providing much-needed banking services to communities. Finally, Jenny Owen considers whether Aberdeen Standard’s decision to rebrand to Abrdn is a mistake or a stroke of genius.
30/04/2131m 28s

Market madness, housing bubbles and why AI investing is not just about Robots

This week’s podcast looks at the highs and lows of the FTSE 100 as it finally scrambled over the 7,000 mark but fell back after just a day.  Danni Hewson considers why 3.9million is a disappointing number for Netflix when it comes to new subscribers and discusses the pitfalls of an overheating heating housing market with Dan Coatsworth Richard Marwood from Royal London Asset Management shares some tips with Dan about where to find income on the UK stock market. And Laith Khalaf chats to Chris Ford, who runs the Sanlam Artificial Intelligence fund.  They discuss why investing in AI isn’t all about the rise of the robots or tech companies in fact lots of industries are adopting it to make themselves more efficient. 
22/04/2139m 11s

Retail reopening, attractions of family-run businesses and return of Mark Barnett

This week’s podcast looks at the challenges facing retailers as shops reopen in England. Danni Hewson talks about the likes of JD Sports and Primark’s owner Associated British Foods, together with a look at how Tesco has fared during the pandemic. Joe Bauernfreund from AVI Global Trust joins the show to talk about the attractions of family-run businesses from an investment perspective. Dan Coatsworth discusses the return of former star fund manager Mark Barnett and he chats with Laith Khalaf about the FTSE 250 index of UK companies hitting a new record high. Laith also dives into the world of closet trackers, namely funds where managers aren’t really adding much value despite being paid an annual fee. Finally, Jenny Owen talks about a surreal money-related story involving beer and robots.
15/04/2130m 33s

The FTSE 250’s spring surge, pension pitfalls to watch when taking a tax free chunk and Deliveroo’s less floppy retail debut.

This week’s podcast looks at the record gains in the UK’s second tier index as another phase of lockdown nears it’s end.  It also examines how Deliveroo’s retail investors fared when they finally got the chance to trade their shares.     Tom Selby explains what you need to look out for if you’re planning to take a tax free sum from your pension pot and Tom Sieber gives his tips on how to spring clean your portfolio.  Jessica Ayres, a financial adviser with Timothy James & Partners Explains why women in particular need to get to grips with their finances if it looks like divorce is on the cards.  And Jenny Owen’s back with tips on turning your old toys into significant amounts of cash.
08/04/2136m 47s

Deliveroo flop, doubling money on Royal Mail shares and helping younger people get into investing

This week’s podcast looks at why Deliveroo’s stock market debut didn’t go to plan. It also examines how stock markets performed around the world in the first quarter of 2021. Temple Bar Investment Trust fund manager Ian Lance discusses why Royal Mail’s shares have soared since November and why he’s backing BP despite growing investor opposition to oil producers. Tom Selby answers a listener’s question on pensions, and he talks to Iona Bain about how she is helping younger people to better understand investing. The podcast also looks at ways to claim money for working from home and Jenny Owen explains why certain pandemic-era memorabilia could be worth a lot of money in the future.
01/04/2149m 32s

Everything you need to know about ISAs, big change at Scottish Mortgage and a warning for young investors

It’s an ISA special with lots of useful information to help you get the most from your investments and not lose out to the taxman. The podcast also chats about what a change in manager means for investors in popular investment trust Scottish Mortgage, and why the regulator is concerned about young investors not understanding the risks of buying shares and cryptocurrencies. [4.03] What is an ISA? [8.30] Tax benefits of ISAs [12.45] Using an ISA to get on the housing ladder [15.20] When to use a Cash ISA or a Stocks & Shares ISA [18.20] Top ISA tips [20.45] Most popular stocks, funds and investment trusts held in an ISA [26.40] Using an ISA to invest for children [29.30] Listener questions about ISAs [40.00] Strange money story of the week
25/03/2144m 20s

Missing out on IPO gains, AstraZeneca's falling share price, growing demand to be a Cake Box franchisee and green investing with TRIG

In this week’s podcast: how retail investors often miss out on big first day gains with IPOs. Find out what investors think about AstraZeneca’s vaccine roll-out being halted in parts of the world and why its shares were falling months before this incident. Dan Coatsworth examines Greggs’ latest results and chats with Cake Box CEO Sukh Chamdal about growing demand to be a franchisee. Danni Hewson talks about the return of 95% mortgages while Tom Sieber weighs up the state of the housebuilding sector. Jenny Owen is also on the show with a bizarre story about fridge magnets that detect new mortgage deals. Don’t miss Danni talking to Helen Mahy from The Renewables Infrastructure Group about all things green. And there’s some good news for people who’ve been paying too much on their energy bills
18/03/2138m 59s

Surviving the tech sell-off, teaching money in schools and getting clever with cash ISAs

This week’s episode chats about the big stimulus cheques being sent to US households and how that money might be spent on investing. Rosanna Burcheri from Artemis Global Select fund and William De Gale from Bluebox Technology fund talk about the recent sell-off in tech stocks, what to think about if you’ve been affected, and why they think parts of the tech space still hold considerable appeal. Danni Hewson looks at progress made with teaching school children about managing money and how some people could be losing out by not seeking better rates on their cash savings. Dan Coatsworth chats about the latest financial results from Domino’s Pizza, ITV and Foxtons, and there is also a look at Restaurant Group’s big fundraise.
11/03/2141m 15s

Bond yields causing trouble, AJ Bell CEO on the surge in share dealing interest, and why the SPAC craze could be headed for the UK market

This week’s podcast explores why stock markets are being troubled by rising bond yields, and how inflation expectations are causing a sell-off in tech stocks. Danni Hewson considers the ethical issues clouding Boohoo and why investors should be paying close attention to the oil price. AJ Bell’s chief executive Andy Bell is this week’s special guest where he discusses the rise in popularity for share dealing and whether people flocking to trade GameStop shares could become long-term investors. He chats about the rise of free investment apps and what goes on behind the scenes when you buy a share. Dan Coatsworth examines potential changes to UK stock market listing rules and how the proposals have already convinced Deliveroo to choose the London Stock Exchange as the home for its shares. The knock-on effect of any listing rule changes is that London market could finally get its share of the action for SPACS – in-demand investment vehicles on a mission to buy companies.
05/03/2139m 10s

Budget special: what it means for your money, the stocks that jumped, and why companies could be pleased at the tax changes

Danni Hewson makes her debut as the new co-host of the podcast and joins Dan and Tom to analyse the key points from Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget. They discuss the key points relevant to savers and investors, such as the state of play with pensions and ISAs, as well as the new green savings bond being planned by the NS&I. Danni looks at the economic forecasts for the UK, while Dan gets stuck into the impact of tax cuts for companies on investing in equipment and why this could be good news. You can also discover the stocks that moved the most on the Budget and why changes to corporation tax may not be as bad as feared. Finally, Tom considers all the bits that were predicted to happen yet didn’t crop up in the Budget. Presented by Danni Hewson, Dan Coatsworth and Tom Selby of AJ Bell
03/03/2131m 35s

Pensions minister Guy Opperman talks about the Pension Schemes Act, stopping the next big pensions scandal and how savings ‘sidecars’ could help address financial vulnerability

In an exclusive interview with Money & Markets, pensions minister Guy Opperman discusses the key elements of the Pension Schemes Act and how it will aim to make people’s pensions ‘safer, better and greener’. He discusses new rules designed to punish bosses who neglect their responsibilities to pension scheme members and protect people from scams, the future of ‘pensions dashboards’ and why ESG investing is at the top of the Government’s agenda. He also talks about the future of Government pensions policy and why savings ‘sidecars’ could help address financial vulnerability in a post-lockdown world. Presented by Tom Selby
25/02/2137m 41s

The return of Neil Woodford, new data sheds light on financial vulnerability, a focus on the future in China and why the age people can access their pension pot is rising

This week’s podcast discusses the return of Neil Woodford, the man who made a fortune for himself and investors at Invesco Perpetual before things turned sour at his solo venture Woodford Investment Management. We also talk about a big piece of work the FCA has carried out assessing people’s financial circumstances since lockdown measures were introduced, and the latest ‘retirement corner’ looks at the impact of the Government’s decision to increase the normal minimum pension age. This week’s special guest is Andy Rothman, investment strategist at asset manager Matthews Asia. Andy talks to Dan about a range of topical issues involving China including what’s happening in the country economically post-Covid, ESG considerations with Chinese companies, and whether Joe Biden can quickly repair relationships between the US and China. Presented by Tom Selby and Laith Khalaf
18/02/2148m 0s

Tesla puts bitcoin into top gear, meet Lindsell Train’s rising star, Glaxo and Ocado get the thumbs down, and the future of annuities

This week’s podcast dives into the world of cryptocurrencies and explores why Tesla has jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon. Discover why shares in GlaxoSmithKline and Ocado fell on their latest updates, and why the FTSE 100 is treading water. The team debate the future of annuities as investors look for sources of income in retirement. This week’s special guest is Madeline Wright who explains her journey joining asset manager Lindsell Train almost straight out of university and how she now plays a key role with popular funds Finsbury Growth & Income and Lindsell Train UK Equity. Madeline explains what she has learned from highly respected fund manager Nick Train and how her research into Prada and Experian resulted in Lindsell Train investing in both companies. Presented by AJ Bell’s Dan Coatsworth and Laith Khalaf
12/02/2140m 49s

Amazon drops a bombshell, the fund manager who avoids Faangs, and fading GameStop fever

This week’s podcast chats about what a change in CEO means for Amazon, together with a look at the retailer’s fourth quarter results and how other big-name US companies are either beating or missing earnings expectations. James Spence from Cerno Global Leaders Fund joins the show to explain why he is one of the few fund managers running a global equities fund that doesn’t feature the Faangs (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google). James offers his view on the markets over the next few years and the reasons why he invests in the likes of bicycle components group Shimano, the ‘brains of electric vehicles’ specialist Aptiv and precision engineer Renishaw. AJ Bell’s pension expert Tom Selby is back on the show to answer another listener question on retirement savings. This time, it’s the turn of someone who wants to know if they can take money out of a workplace pension when they want and put it in a SIPP. The team also discuss Moonpig’s impressive stock market debut and why it’s about time that ‘buy now pay later’ providers are facing stricter controls.
04/02/2147m 46s

Why Gamestop shares have been going to the moon, whether amateur traders are fueling a stock market bubble, and 10 years of ISA returns

This week’s podcast explores how social media has led to a new wave of potentially inexperienced investors betting money on low quality businesses. Reporting season has kicked off in the US and Dan talks through the results of two big beasts, Microsoft and Starbucks. Tom Sieber, deputy editor of Shares, joins the show to look at the performance of markets in Asia and the UK, and the patterns emerging among FTSE 100 stocks. It’s also the start of the ISA season with the tax year end coming up soon, so Laith looks at how cash ISAs and investment ISAs have performed over the last 10 years. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf
28/01/2139m 17s

The Biden policies that matter for investors, value versus growth and options for someone with a workplace pension and a SIPP

This week’s podcast looks at what Joe Biden’s agenda means for investors as he becomes the new President of the United States. We also chat about some of the week’s biggest news on the markets including Netflix’s latest numbers, Wetherspoon raising more cash and signs of renewed interest in cruise ship operators. We answer a listener’s question on managing their retirement savings and explain why there is some royal news in the world of pensions. This podcast also features fund manager Matthew Tillett from Brunner Investment Trust who talks about value versus growth and opportunities he sees in the markets, including why he invests in housebuilder Redrow and banking group UBS. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
21/01/2142m 57s

Bitcoin frenzy, Brexit boost for UK stock, what to do with lockdown savings, and the billion-pound IPOs

It’s the two B’s this week on the podcast – bitcoin and Brexit – as we explain why the cryptocurrency is winning new fans and how the trade deal has given a boost to many UK stocks. AJ Bell investment director Russ Mould explains the investment case for bitcoin, why the price has been going crazy, how to invest and what could go wrong. The podcast also welcomes Alexandra Jackson, a manager at Rathbone UK Opportunities fund to talk about the impact of the Brexit deal on the markets, whether investors are too late to benefit from the green revolution, and why AIM stocks have been doing so well. This episode also considers how a lot of people have more cash in their pocket as their social life has been ruined by lockdown, and how best to deploy that money. If that’s not enough, the podcast considers why ASOS’s shares are sitting pretty and how Dr Martens and Moonpig could be worth billions of pounds if their plans go ahead to join the UK stock market. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf
14/01/2150m 41s

Ex-pensions minister Steve Webb on big retirement issues, and the impact on markets from the Brexit trade deal, new lockdown measures and the Georgia runoff election

This week’s podcast features a chat with Steve Webb and Dan Mikulskis from Lane, Clark & Peacock about some of the big issues facing people in retirement today. They talk about changes to the way pensions are accessed, making sure your pension pot isn’t depleted too quickly, and finding decent sources of income. Elsewhere on this week’s show, Dan weighs up the impact of some big news over the past fortnight that has impacted stocks and shares around the world. He examines the impact on the market of the Brexit trade deal, why new lockdown restrictions haven’t troubled investors, and why changes to the US political backdrop have had a sudden impact on tech stocks and bond yields. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
07/01/2147m 33s

Best performing investments in 2020, what’s on investors’ minds for next year and the European fund significantly beating the market

Discover the stocks, funds, ETFs and investment trusts that made investors rich in 2020. Dan runs through the most popular parts of the market and what might happen next. Laith reveals the main things on investors’ minds as they look to next year. A survey of 2,000 people provides fascinating insight into how the public is thinking about their prospects for making money in 2021. This week’s guest is fund manager Mark Denham from Carmignac whose European Leaders fund has delivered more than four times the return of the European market this year. He explains how this outperformance was achieved and why investors frustrated with lacklustre returns from parts of the UK market might want to look overseas for opportunities. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf
17/12/2041m 36s

The investment case for AstraZeneca and Ocado, why governments and regulators are attacking tech firms, and the benefits of a workplace pension

This week’s podcast guest is Tineke Frikkee from Waverton who talks to Dan about why AstraZeneca and Ocado have been such important companies during the pandemic and what’s in store for both businesses in the future. Dan looks at the latest events on the stock market including Doordash’s stellar IPO debut, Facebook and other tech firms in the firing line, and the latest in the bid battle for G4S. Tom also considers the case of a 25-year old listener who has asked why they should bother with a workplace pension when they could enjoy the money today. Presented by Dan Coatsworth and Tom Selby
10/12/2045m 14s

Why markets already priced in a vaccine approval, stellar gains from AIM stocks in 2020, retail’s latest challenge and dealing with NS&I’s punishing rate cuts

The UK’s status as the first country in the world to approve Pfizer’s Covid vaccine failed to move stock markets on the day of the news. Listen to the podcast to find out why markets reacted in this way. Tom Sieber from Shares magazine joins the show to discuss the reasons why the AIM market has done nearly as well as the US S&P 500 in 2020 and significantly outperformed large cap UK stocks in the FTSE 100. The podcast looks at the large rate cuts on NS&I accounts and what savers can do to improve their situation. And the team also debate the latest in the retail sector after Debenham’s struggles and Arcadia going into administration. Presented by AJ Bell’s Dan Coatsworth and Laith Khalaf
03/12/2031m 59s

Picking future takeover targets, making sense of Sunak’s Spending Review, stock market optimism and deciding whether to use a Lifetime ISA or SIPP

This week’s guest is Stuart Widdowson, fund manager of Odyssean Investment, who talks to Dan about how four stocks from his portfolio have attracted takeover bids in the past year. He also runs through the attractions of Clinigen, Volution and RWS/SDL. The podcast looks at the key points from the UK Chancellor’s Spending Review and what it means for the economy, jobs and the impact on savers and investors. Tom answers a listener’s question on weighing up which savings wrapper to use: Lifetime ISA or SIPP. And there is also the usual look at stock market movements over the past week, including a chat about Future’s bid for GoCompare, US markets hitting a new high and the reaction to the latest vaccine news.  Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
26/11/2043m 56s

Picking stocks like a pro, investments relevant to the UK’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, Tesla in demand again and potential capital gains tax changes

This week’s podcast guest is ex-hedge fund partner Stephen Clapham who shares his wisdom on finding information to help with investment decisions. Dan chats about the market’s reaction to more vaccine news and the latest in the punch-up between EasyJet and its founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou. He also runs through the stocks and funds that are relevant to the UK’s acceleration towards electric vehicles, and he explains why tracker funds are racing to own shares in Tesla. Laith runs through some new developments on potentially changing UK capital gains tax rates. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf
19/11/2037m 37s

Making sense of the vaccine-inspired market rally, the expert view on investing in India, and the pension manager closing the door on poor ESG-scoring firms

On the podcast this week: how Pfizer’s vaccine news shook up stock markets and triggered the biggest one-day rally in a long time. Dan considers the winning and losing trades of the day and what it means for investors going forward. The guest interview features David Cornell who manages India Capital Growth Fund. He talks about India’s reputation for corruption, how the country is making big improvements, changes to his fund and how he finds opportunities. Tom answers a listener’s question on salary sacrifice and Laura is back as the show celebrates a milestone achievement. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
12/11/2042m 51s

What Biden’s victory means for investors

In a special podcast, Dan and Laith look at the market reaction to Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in US Presidential Election. They consider the movements on global stock markets, the sectors that have responded the most and why, and what it means for global trade and relations between the US and China. You can also hear why the shift from quality to value stocks has quickly reversed, what’s next with US government spending plans and Biden’s new tax regime. Finally, the team consider what might happen as we go into 2021. Presented by AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
09/11/2018m 3s

Election tension triggers wild market swings, new financial support measures for latest lockdown, and Buffett disciple gives inside track on trust setback and new global fund plan

This week’s podcast looks at how markets reacted as the voting results started rolling in for the US Presidential election and how many investors were caught off guard. It also discusses how many UK investors have suffered from not having a large exposure to US stocks in recent years. Laith outlines the financial support initiatives for individuals and businesses as England goes back into lockdown. And Dan talks to Keith Ashworth-Lord about why the Buffettology small cap investment trust failed to get off the ground, why he doesn’t copy Warren Buffett’s every move, and how overseas markets will be the focus for another fund launch.
04/11/2034m 1s

Interview special: Baroness Ros Altmann on why the UK is facing a long-term care crisis

In this special edition of the podcast, AJ Bell senior analyst Tom Selby speaks to former pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann about long-term care in the UK, the impact of Coronavirus on the sector and why the system is in urgent need of reform.
29/10/2041m 9s

Fundsmith’s 10-year anniversary, Netflix’s big miss, outperforming ethical funds, Government clamp down on pension scams and Murray Income’s £1 billion merger

This week’s podcast looks at how Fundsmith Equity has become one of UK’s most popular funds as it prepares to celebrate its tenth birthday. Dan chats about the rally in the pound on Brexit trade talks, more consumer goods companies beating earnings expectations, Netflix failing to hit growth forecasts, and Trainline’s CEO stepping down. AJ Bell’s Rachel Vahey joins the podcast to chat about good news for people saving into a pension and why the Government is taking a serious look at pension scams. Laith has a look at the performance stats for ethical funds and why a record amount of money is flowing into this space. Dan also chats to Murray Income Trust’s chairman Neil Rogan about the planned £1 billion merger with Perpetual Income & Growth Trust. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Financial Analyst Laith Khalaf
22/10/2051m 20s

Tech stocks bounce back, smaller company investing, China’s dominance of emerging market indices and should you be allowed early pensions access to buy a home?

This week’s podcast looks at the latest action on global markets including a new rally in US tech stocks and how the UK’s AIM market is soaring ahead. Dan has updates on ASOS, Barratt, Bunzl, Round Hill Music and an Italian Instagram star hoping to float herself on a stock market. AJ Bell’s Laith Khalaf talks about the appeal of investing in smaller companies. His colleague Ryan Hughes also joins the show to debate whether China is becoming too big in emerging market indices and if it should be viewed as a standalone entity from an investment perspective. Finally, Tom and Dan chat about a new proposal to let younger people dip into their pension savings to help them get onto the housing ladder and all the problems that might cause. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
15/10/2033m 31s

Companies that use data well, state pension age change, Boris’ latest leg-up for property buyers, and market see-saw on Trump debacle

This week’s podcast features an interview with former Game Group boss Ian Shepherd how companies succeed or fail with using data to drive profits. Find out about important changes to the state pension and how the taxpayer might have to take on some mortgage-related risk in Boris Johnson’s new plan to help people onto the housing ladder. The team analyse the stock market reaction to Donald Trump catching coronavirus and then delaying an important stimulus debate. Dan chats about new signs that value investing is in demand, as well as talking about the problems with Cineworld and why airline stocks reacted positively to speculation of quarantine rule changes in the UK. Presented by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
08/10/2044m 38s

Behind the scenes of private equity, Asda takeover talk, different job support measures and new insight into pension withdrawal trends

This week’s podcast features an in-depth chat with Arthur Mornington and Steven Tredget from Oakley Capital about takeovers, whether private equity had started to be more transparent, the assumption that PE firms load companies up with debt and under-invest in them, and whether they thought Oakley investment Time Out had been a flop. Dan talks about the latest on the markets including reaction to Brexit trade talks, the US Presidential election debate, Asda takeover chatter and Boohoo beating expectations. You can also hear Tom discuss Rishi Sunak’s new strategy for helping workers as well as chatting about new data on how much we are taking out of our retirement savings. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
01/10/2056m 16s

AIM inheritance tax benefit fears, investors revert to lockdown market playbook, potential good news on insurance prices, NS&I’s big rate cut and exploring negative interest rates

This week’s podcast explores the tax benefits of putting money into certain AIM stocks and how any meddling by the Government on the rules could have a catastrophic impact on the junior stock market. Joining Dan and Tom to talk about this subject is Philip Harrison, a tax consultant from The Wilkes Partnership. Fears over another nationwide lockdown have driven investors to flock to the same stocks that did well earlier this year. The podcast reveals the UK stocks which investors have been chasing over the past week. There have been some brutal cuts to savings rates for NS&I products, so the podcast asks whether savers will stay put or look elsewhere. It also explores the concept of negative interest rates and whether it could happen in the UK. Finally, Dan has some potential good news for people with home or car insurance, while Tom reveals new data on consumer finance habits six months after lockdown first began in the UK. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
24/09/2047m 41s

Is Snowflake the next big tech stock? Debt fears around buy now, pay later; and this year’s 10-baggers

Warren Buffett and Snoop Dogg have backed Snowflake and other investors will soon get their chance as the tech business and Amazon challenger heads to the stock market. Listen to this podcast to find out why Snowflake is getting everyone excited. Greatland Gold has become the sixth London-listed stock this year to see its price rise 10-fold. Dan chats about 10-baggers as part of this week’s review of the markets, which also includes G4S, M&A fever and the latest insight into how fund managers are thinking. Tom explains the importance of New Look’s restructuring plans and why it has property owners shaking in their boots. And the pair explores the meteoric rise of Klarna and buy now, pay later and how this service raises the risk of young adults getting into debt. Presented by AJ Bell’s Dan Coatsworth and Shares’ Deputy Editor Tom Sieber. This week’s guest is Steve Frazer, News Editor at Shares.
18/09/2044m 1s

The brains behind one of the best performing funds, controversial view on savings rates and why The Hut’s stock market debut is getting everyone excited

Join us for a chat with Andrew Vaughan from Free Spirit Fund who explains how his performance has beaten so many other funds. Dan and Tom discuss the recent US market sell-off, companies getting back on their feet after a difficult 2020, and they ask if businesses that benefited from lockdown measures could now find it harder going. E-commerce group The Hut is about to join the UK stock market, so the podcast considers why everyone is excited about the business and some glaring red flags with the story. Do you agree that interest rates are less important when it comes to savings? Find out about why one bank has caused a stir with a new product. There is also a look at news from Royal Mail and the latest mortgage figures. Presented by Dan Coatsworth and Tom Sieber from AJ Bell and Shares
10/09/2053m 8s

Tax reforms, avoiding corporate insolvency, resuming earnings guidance, and why the return to schools and offices matters to investors

This week’s podcast revisits the topic of raising taxes to pay for Covid support and how the possible changes would affect us. Julie Palmer from Begbies Traynor explains the troubles facing UK businesses and what they can do to avoid insolvency. Dan explains why companies are starting to resume earnings guidance and why this is important for investors. He also looks at how a change in Japanese prime minister might affect markets, Tesla’s fundraising plans and Saga’s white knight. Finally, the podcast considers how the return to school and the office will affect certain sectors. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
03/09/2043m 22s

The return of IPOs and takeovers, why Apple and Tesla are doing the splits, options for mortgage holidays and pension scams on the rise

This week’s podcast explains why the market is braced for a wave of corporate deals. Dan and Laura chat about Ant which could potentially be the largest ever IPO fundraise, they talk about the names headed for the stock market, and takeover rumours currently doing the rounds. Discover why Apple and Tesla shareholders will soon find they own a lot more shares, and what the UK financial regulator is telling mortgage lenders to do with regards to payment holidays. Tom Selby joins the show to talk pension scams and there’s a discussion on the prospects of another challenger bank launch. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
27/08/2044m 39s

Windfall for 18-year olds, US stock market record high, hospitality sector challenges, UK property market surge and what’s on fund managers’ minds

This week’s podcast discusses how the first batch of child trust funds are about to mature, and Dan and Laura also discuss the initial impact of Government support to help pubs and restaurants. Discover why everyone’s getting excited about the UK property market and what’s happening with sales and rental prices. There is a chat about how fund managers are currently feeling, and what we can learn from the latest UK credit card figures. In this week’s market news, find out why US stocks are surging ahead, what’s going on with Marks & Spencer and why there is more good news with dividends from UK stocks. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
20/08/2034m 59s

UK recession figures, savings for children rocket, pension worries and debt crackdown

This week we look at the mass of big economic data that’s come out in the past week and what it means for individuals. We also talk about why savings for children have shot up in lockdown, how much you should really be saving in your pension and why the regulator is getting tough on payday lenders. We also chat to AJ Bell’s Russ Mould about the big market trends of the past week and the surprise winning stock market so far this year. Presented by Laura Suter and Tom Selby from AJ Bell.
13/08/2037m 19s

Property funds shake-up, BP’s dividend cut, pensions slashed and Woodford saga update

This week we look at huge changes afoot for property funds, the weird reaction to BP’s big dividend cut, why we’re all paying less death tax and why people took less money out of their pensions so far this year. We’ve also got a little update on the ongoing saga of Woodford’s fund. Presented by Laura Suter and Tom Selby from AJ Bell, and this week’s guest is Simon Molica from AJ Bell.
06/08/2038m 35s

The return of dividends, Greggs’ big challenge, state pension age court battle and the evolution of ESG funds

This week’s podcast discusses companies restarting dividends and why this is good news for investors. There’s a look at the latest news from Greggs, Games Workshop and Next. The team also chat about Murray Income Trust merging with Perpetual Income & Growth. Discover why women are fighting changes to the state pension age and enjoy a debate about using funds to invest in all things ESG. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby. This week’s guest is Simon Molica from AJ Bell.
31/07/2042m 36s

Mark Slater on growth opportunities, the rampant rise in biotech stocks, silver rally, why young investors have been spooked, and spending habits in lockdown

This episode includes a look at the latest events on the markets including why shares in Synairgen, AstraZeneca and Kingfisher have been rising, why Netflix is down, and why silver is suddenly in demand. This week’s guest interview features fund manager Mark Slater who chats about Codemasters, IWG, Ten Entertainment and Future. Laura and Dan also chat about where we’ve been spending extra money during lockdown and how this year’s market crash has put a lot of younger people off investing. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
23/07/2043m 55s

US stocks, Tesla, capital gains tax shock and small cap guru interview

This week the podcast goes stateside and looks at the second quarter earnings season for US stocks, why everyone is racing to own a slice of Tesla, and why the presidential election could be bad for stocks if Joe Biden wins. The team chat about the prospect of higher capital gains tax rates and Dan talks small caps, Games Workshop and much more with fund manager Harry Nimmo from Standard Life Aberdeen. Presented by AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth.
16/07/2050m 30s

Mini-Budget special: what the Chancellor’s giveaways mean for your money, Boohoo’s problems mount up and why Halfords is pedalling backwards

This week we’re talking about Rishi Sunak’s efforts to fire up the property market, revitalise the hospitality industry and make our homes green. Dan, Laura and Tom give their views on the policies and whether it will make a difference to your wallet. The other big story is the controversy around Boohoo which has seen its share price halve in value. This has huge implications for other companies with poor ethical standards, as the team discuss in this week’s podcast. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth, AJ Bell Analysts Laura Suter and Tom Selby
08/07/2041m 44s

This year’s winning and losing investments, the art of shareholder activism, boardroom coups, the soaring gold price, cryptocurrencies still in demand, and mortgage approvals nosediving.

It’s a bumper podcast this week with Laura and Dan bringing all the important news for anyone interested in investing and personal finance. This episode looks at how markets behaved in the first half of 2020, revealing where in the world investors could have made the most money and the parts which weren’t so good. Dan talks about chaos returning to Petropavlovsk, Redrow’s Help to Buy plea, the latest on Tesco and Sainsbury’s, Scottish Mortgage’s big move and why gold has hit its highest level since 2011. This week’s guest interview features Joe Bauernfreund from Asset Value Investors on how to make companies change their ways through activist investing. The podcast also debates why a large part of the country is obsessed with cryptocurrencies, what we can learn from the latest mortgage approval figures and why some banks are stepping up the fight against fraud. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
02/07/2054m 11s

What investors think of pubs, parks and cinemas reopening, the latest twists and turns in the property market, and the income fund manager who has managed to dodge most of the dividend cuts

Dan and Laura look at the leisure sector and what companies will have to do when they reopen from 4 July. They also discuss how share prices in the sector have fared and what the market has been pricing in. The latest activity in the property market suggests more people are struggling to get a mortgage. Listen to the podcast for insight into this trend. Finally, don’t miss this week’s guest, Ian Mortimer from Guinness Asset Management, who explains how he has managed to avoid most of the problems clouding income fund managers. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
25/06/2045m 26s

When to sell your stocks, the fading biotech rally, big news for BooHoo, Domino’s Pizza and Best of the Best, and what negative interest rates mean for you

This week’s guest is Bertie Thomson from Brown Advisory who talks about how he deals with losing trades and what to think about when it comes to selling investments. Dan and Laura chat about the latest figures on our everyday living costs and whether you might have to pay to store cash in a savings account. They also look at the latest stock market movements, chat about the AIM market which celebrates its 25th birthday, and why there is a mixture of good and bad news from clothing retailer Boohoo, takeaway food seller Domino’s Pizza and car competitions group Best of the Best. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
18/06/2049m 49s

Why stock markets have rallied, outlook for house prices, investment trusts cutting dividends and getting your will sorted in lockdown

This week’s podcast discusses the big rebound in share prices since March and what could happen next. The team chat about the UK property market and what the latest figures are telling us. Dan explains why many investment trusts aren’t as reliable as people think for income, and Laura talks to Kay Ingram from adviser firm LEBC about the importance of having a will. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
11/06/2040m 19s

Coping with debt: a special podcast on how personal finances have been affected by coronavirus

We take a deeper look into how the pandemic has caused a divide with people’s finances. Some are saving more money and others are taking on more debt. Dan and Laura debate new data on money habits during lockdown and Clare Seal shares her story about how she managed to get out of a serious debt problem. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
04/06/2036m 22s

Shop reopening plans drive stock market rally, future for property funds, Boohoo’s problems, paying less tax and fairer rights for retail investors

Join us for a chat about consumer-facing stocks soaring on Government news and a negative report on clothing retailer Boohoo. This week’s guest is Ryan Hughes from AJ Bell’s investment team who talks to Laura and Dan about problems in the property market and why many fund companies are lining up the next managers for their products. Find out why we’re all paying less tax and why there is relief for many mortgage borrowers across the country. Anand Sambasivan from PrimaryBid is also on the show to talk about better access for retail investors to discounted share placings. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
28/05/2038m 19s

Where to still find dividends, how Evenlode is managing its global income fund portfolio and the biotech stocks delivering 200%+ gains

This week’s podcast is an income special. Dan and Laura talk about the sectors still paying dividends in a sea of cuts, what might happen to income funds, and they chat with Ben Peters from Evenlode Global Income Fund about how he is making portfolio changes in a dividend-starved world. The podcast also discusses how investors have flocked to biotech stocks and why the cost of living is falling in the UK. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance analyst Laura Suter
21/05/2037m 9s

The future of air travel, claiming refunds for cancelled holidays, impact investing and reviewing your health and life insurance during Covid-19

This week’s podcast considers the investment case for airlines and how the industry is to going to get through the global pandemic. The team also discuss the process for getting a refund on flights and holidays that you haven’t been able to take. The podcast also has two guests: Kay Ingram from LEBC chats about protection planning during the crisis and Simon Chisholm from Resonance talks about investing in companies trying to solve social problems. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth
14/05/2042m 26s

Wealth tax to pay for coronavirus costs, the role of property in thematic investing, Lifetime ISA changes and why savers have been hit again

This week’s podcast asks what a wealth tax would mean for the UK and how it could be implemented. The team give some good news for people with Lifetime ISAs and reveal why Santander’s 123 account has lost its charm. Tom Walker from Schroders joins the show to explain why data centres are the new beachfront property and Peter Askew from T Bailey chats about whether the coronavirus is going to alter some of the big investment themes. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
07/05/2046m 57s

The world of small caps, markets bouncing back, companies returning to work, changes to income funds, and free financial help

This week’s podcast talks about the rally in stocks as investors grow more optimistic. The team talk about housebuilders and retailers opening shop again and how that’s influencing share prices. They also discuss an important change to income funds battling a major freeze on company dividends. Discover where to get free financial advice as a group of experts offer help during the pandemic. And this week’s guest is fund manager Anna Macdonald from Amati who chats about the small caps she’s been buying and selling.
30/04/2038m 58s

The slump in the oil price, retail investors locked out of share placings, and how to spread your money around in the current crisis

This week’s podcast explains why oil prices have been plummeting and whether that is good news for consumers.  The team discuss the £4 billion fundraising by 80 companies since March and why retail investors aren’t being allowed to join the party. They also respond to a listener request on the importance of having a diversified portfolio, and talk to Liontrust’s John Husselbee about how multi-asset funds can play a role in this. Presented by Shares’ Editor Dan Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
23/04/2036m 49s

Safe haven funds in a crisis, mortgage holidays, the perils of pension withdrawals and inside AJ Bell’s Covid-19 reaction

In this episode we look at how Absolute Return funds have performed and how you can tell which will be the stable providers of positive returns. We also look at why there is a peak in pension withdrawals and the things you need to look out for before you take a pension income for the first time. As the number making use of mortgage holidays during Corona-virus hits 1.2m people we talk about what it really costs, and we’re joined by Andy Bell, chief executive of AJ Bell, to talk about how the company has reacted to Covid-19 and the new charitable fund it has launched. Presented by AJ Bell analysts Laura Suter and Tom Selby
16/04/2038m 30s

Shares racing higher, how to prepare your finances for a recession, companies doing good and why people are taking out longer mortgages

This week’s podcast teaches listeners how to prepare for tougher economic times, such as managing debts and getting better deals on savings and insurance. The team explain why airlines, oil companies and retailers have seen a massive share price surge and what to expect next. You can also learn how companies and company bosses are doing their bit to help staff, communities and the NHS. And finally, don’t miss a chat about the property market and why people are extending their mortgage past retirement age. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter. This week’s guest is David Hollingworth from mortgage broker L&C.
09/04/2037m 32s

Why banks have got a bad reputation, how fund managers are changing their portfolios to cope with coronavirus, the mortgage market grinds to a halt, and a new wave of scams.

This week’s podcast gives you the latest insights into how markets are faring, why dividends keep being cancelled, and how fund managers are reshaping portfolios and whether this is good or bad for investors. Brand Finance’s Declan Ahern joins the show to talk about how banks can try to improve their reputation and the team reveal why the property market is being hit by a lockdown on certain types of mortgage lending. There is also a warning about an elevated number of scams linked to coronavirus relief payments. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
02/04/2030m 31s

Central banks to the rescue, stocks bounce back, and the key ways to get help with your finances

This week’s podcast explains the measures taken by central banks and governments to help markets, businesses and individuals. The team discuss why so many stocks are now rising and what to look for when judging the sustainability of the market recovery. The podcast also runs through all the help from banks and government on repayments for mortgages, credit cards and loans, accessing savings, childcare costs, and paying your council tax and energy bills during the coronavirus crisis. This week’s guest is Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell. Money & Markets is presented by AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth
26/03/2034m 54s

We’ve found some good news on the markets! Sectors in demand, company bosses buying shares, assessing the damage among funds, and shopping for gin

It’s not all doom and gloom on the stock market. We’ve found a ray of sunshine with a selection of businesses in demand. Discover all in this week’s podcast. We look at how funds have performed this year including some that have actually gone up in value. You can also find out why more property funds have been suspended and the latest changes to nation’s shopping basket. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth
19/03/2026m 15s

Budget special: good news for drinkers, drivers, doctors and children

This week’s podcast explains the good and bad news in the latest Budget. From pensions and savings to tax allowances, the team cover all the essential points that will impact your personal finances. Find out about the stocks affected by the Chancellor’s plans including big infrastructure spend, and why higher earners will benefit from big pension changes. The podcast also discusses changes to Junior ISAs, interest rates and sick pay, as well as the surprise absence of changes to inheritance tax in the Budget. Featuring Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Analysts Laura Suter and Tom Selby
12/03/2036m 15s

The FTSE 350 stocks bucking the market sell-off, Budget preview, getting money back for cancelled travel, and paying in cheques with your phone

This week’s podcast reveals the stocks rising when everything else is down, and the team talk about managing a pension in a market sell-off. They discuss what to expect from the forthcoming Budget, and they chat about your chances of getting money back if you decide not to travel. And for those frustrated with queuing up in a bank branch, help could be on the way via your phone. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
05/03/2031m 27s

Stocks and funds being bought after the market sell-off, how we spend money in retirement, and the investment portfolios of ISA millionaires

This week’s podcast discusses the big decline in global stock markets and where investors have shifted their money. Guest Rachel Vahey from AJ Bell explains how much people are spending on their lifestyles in retirement and how this information could help define pension saving targets. The team reveal the stocks and funds held by ISA millionaires and they discuss a potential new name to the UK savings market. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth.
28/02/2031m 43s

Scottish Mortgage fund manager on Tesla and Amazon, understanding strange stock market behaviour, Virgin Galactic’s soaring shares, and debating a cashless society

This week’s podcast has an exclusive interview with James Anderson who runs the £9bn Scottish Mortgage investment fund. The team also chat about bizarre movements in stocks and gold this year, how Generation X is losing out financially, and why living in a cashless society might not be so good. Finally, discover why premium bond holders won’t be jumping for joy.   Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter.
21/02/2040m 45s

Football, fake tan and finance! It’s a podcast special with Lindsell Train fund manager Nick Train who talks about investing in Manchester United, PZ Cussons and Unilever

This week’s podcast features an exclusive interview with Nick Train whose Lindsell Train business manages £22 billion of investors’ money. He talks about various big name stocks, why he recently invested in the owner of St.Tropez, the appeal of backing football clubs, and how investors should think when markets are troubled. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth
13/02/2028m 43s

The tough job of running a China investment fund, Tesla’s runaway share price, digesting the new-look Just Eat, and millions of pounds in unclaimed pension tax relief.

This week’s podcast chats about how fund managers are reacting to the coronavirus. The team debate why Tesla’s value has doubled in a month, and they consider the challenges ahead for Just Eat following its takeover by Takeaway.com. You can also hear about the large sums of money many people are failing to claim for their pensions and why diamond prices are on the move. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Senior Analyst Tom Selby. AJ Bell fund expert Ryan Hughes is this week’s guest.
06/02/2030m 19s

How pensions and investments have been hit by the coronavirus, Woodford refund time, everything you need to know about infrastructure investments and ISAs versus SIPPs

This week’s podcast looks at the impact of the major health incident on stocks and commodities. The team also explain why Woodford investors may not be too pleased with their first batch of income fund refunds. Dan and Laura to talk to Premier Miton fund manager James Smith about everything to do with infrastructure investments. Tom and Dan also chat about the difference between ISAs and SIPPs for people taking an income from their investments in retirement. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth, AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
31/01/2038m 43s

The property debate: who had it easier between baby boomers and millennials? Plus Marks & Spencer's huge problem and a top fund manager on the outlook for UK stocks.

This week’s podcast chats about getting on the housing ladder and the low number of self-employed people with pension savings. The team also consider the big challenges facing Marks & Spencer as a business and they talk to Laura Foll from Janus Henderson about why she thinks 2020 is looking good to own UK companies. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth
23/01/2038m 8s

Investing in all things vegan, a big change to cash savings accounts and the UK funds that have soared since the general election

This week’s podcast explores how to invest in vegan-related companies. The team look at proposals to shake up easy access cash interest rates, and they explain why funds that invest in UK smaller companies have shone in the past month. There is also your usual update on the key movers and shakers on the stock market and the latest topical personal finance news. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter. This week’s guest is Anna Bowes, co-founder of Savings Champion.
16/01/2032m 6s

Supermarkets’ Christmas battle, big tech trends, financial New Year’s resolutions and a decade of spending habits

This week we’re talking about the latest events on the stock market including how Morrisons and Sainsbury’s reported on Christmas trading and how Greggs is thriving. Discover fund managers’ favourite places in the tech space and find out how the podcast team got on with their New Year’s financial resolutions. There is also a chat about how our shopping baskets have changed over the past 10 years. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Steven Frazer, Shares’ News Editor
09/01/2030m 8s

The big money and markets events of the year, why Sports Direct has gone all posh and it’s festive quiz time.

The team reflect on the big news affecting savers and investors in 2019 including underperforming fund managers, the rise of ESG, divergent paths in tobacco and how billion-dollar unicorns didn’t all gallop ahead. Find out why the post-general election rally of UK stocks has gone into reverse and enjoy a lively debate about Sports Direct’s efforts to go upmarket. Finally don’t miss a fantastic quiz about Neil Woodford’s horse habits and the careers of FTSE 100 bosses among many other topics. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter. This week’s guest is Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell.
18/12/1930m 50s

How the General Election result affects your money and investments

Listen to our special podcast on how stock markets reacted to the Conservative election victory and what the political party has planned for personal finances and pensions. AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Tom Selby, Senior Analyst at AJ Bell.
13/12/1914m 32s

The big personal finance changes coming to you in 2020, this year’s hot metal and is value investing back in fashion?

Discover the latest news on the UK and US stock markets, why palladium’s rally is driving theft of catalytic converters and find out how new rules could impact our wallets next year. The team also catch up with Investec fund manager Alastair Mundy to learn why he likes banking stocks and for his take on the value investing revival. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
12/12/1925m 58s

Investing in Coca-Cola, M&G’s fund problem, the changing world of property and giving money for Christmas

The team chat about the latest events on global stock markets, the challenges facing Coca-Cola and why M&G has suspended dealing in one of its funds. They also bring in a property expert to explain how commercial landlords are coping with struggling tenants and why there are still bright spots in the property market. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth. This week’s guest is James Woodard, a director at property consultant Hartnell Taylor Cook.
06/12/1929m 42s

Using a Lifetime ISA to help buy a house, the great fund liquidity debate and clampdown on mini bonds

This week the team answer your first-time buyer questions and how to get more from Lifetime ISAs. They talk about whether you should be worried about liquidity in investment funds and why you may see fewer adverts for mini bonds. There is also an update on the UK and US stock markets and a look at the key movers and shakers.   Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter. This week’s guest is Ryan Hughes from AJ Bell’s investment team.
29/11/1927m 23s

NHS pension breakthrough, best and worst performing retail shares, Fevertree’s ups and downs, VCT season and the National Lottery’s big birthday

The podcast explains why doctors are smiling about their pensions, how investors could have made or lost a lot of money on retailers, and why Fevertree’s shares have just experienced a very unusual movement. The team also explain why venture capital trusts are growing in popularity and they celebrate 25 years of the National Lottery. AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Tom Selby, Senior Analyst at AJ Bell.
21/11/1926m 11s

Investing in gold, betting on stocks, the Singles Day and Black Friday phenomena, and solving money problems with a financial life coach

Dan and Laura discuss how investors have piled into gold tracker funds, only for the metal price to then drop. They also examine a new high-risk way of seeking turbo-charged returns from certain stocks. The team chat about the phenomena of Singles Day, Black Friday and other major sales events. And don’t miss an interview with financial life coach Simonne Gnessen about the benefits of talking about money. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter
14/11/1930m 53s

PPI windfalls, the challenges facing McDonald’s and secret savings

This week Laura and Dan talk about how to use any windfall from PPI compensation claims to boost your savings and investment or reduce your debt. They discuss the sacking of McDonald’s boss and how that might impact the fast food company’s growth plans. And they talk to financial adviser Anna Sofat about how a large number of people don’t tell their partner about their secret savings. Presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth
08/11/1930m 36s

How the general election could impact your finances, improving financial education in schools and the US stock market hits new record high

Don’t miss this bumper podcast where Dan and Tom discuss the potential impact of a Conservative or Labour election victory on your money. Find out what’s driving the US market to a new high and discover the lengths one investor is going to shame a company. The big debate in this week’s podcast is children’s attitude to money and how schools need to improve financial education. We’re joined by 11-year-old Daisy who gives her thoughts on saving and spending, and Carl Clark from charity MyBnk explains how schools and parents can get more involved in teaching children essential money management skills. Presented by Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby
31/10/1931m 55s

How to talk to your partner about money, and pay rises for pensioners

This week we talk to a counsellor about how to talk to your partner about your finances - without it turning into an argument and why pensioners are getting a pay rise next year.  AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby are joined by Peter Saddington, Counsellor at Relate.
25/10/1918m 16s

Woodford’s dramatic 24 hours, soaring UK stocks and how people spend their pension money

Don’t miss Laura and Dan on how fund manager Neil Woodford’s empire has crumbled. They explain what the latest twists mean for investors in his funds and when they might be able to get their money back. They also debate what the future could hold for him. Discover why we’ve just had a preview for how stocks could behave on a better-than-expected Brexit outcome. And find out how we’re all spending our money in retirement with the result of a fascinating study into pensions. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell Senior Technical Consultant Rachel Vahey
16/10/1932m 4s

The Greta Thunberg approach to investing, Barclays’ beef with the Post Office and first year joy for Fundsmith’s Smithson

This week the team debate why everyone is talking about ethical investing opportunities (and why this also falls under the labels of environmental, ESG and sustainability). Discover why Barclays has come under fire for its anti-Post Office plans and check out the secrets of the Fundsmith display cabinet in our visit to meet Smithson’s fund managers. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Chris Foster, an Investment Manager at fund group Liontrust.
10/10/1934m 59s

How Brexit could impact your investments, attitudes to risk, new twist on fund suspensions and Peloton’s stock market flop

This week the team look at how different Brexit scenarios could impact stocks and shares. Find out how financial advisers determine someone’s risk appetite and how that relates to spending and investing money. Discover new proposals which could see an increase in the number of funds being suspended; and find out why Peloton’s shares have pedalled backwards on the stock market. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined by Anna Sofat, founder of Addidi Wealth
03/10/1931m 27s

Thomas Cook collapse, lack of new investment trusts, savings accounts that pay zilch and a cheeky way to make money from Monzo

Welcome to season 2 of the podcast with a bumper episode on all things money and markets-related. The team chat about the demise of Thomas Cook and what it means for shareholders and customers. Find out why so few investment trusts have joined the stock market this year; and discover the savings accounts paying you next to nothing. We also have a great story about an entrepreneurial person cashing in on Monzo’s popularity. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Annabel Brodie-Smith, Communications Director at the Association of Investment Companies.
26/09/1924m 28s

Takeovers galore, the rush out of absolute return funds and a summer money and markets quiz

This week’s podcast discusses the latest wave of mergers and acquisitions and why it is happening. The team chat about the mass exodus from the once-popular absolute return funds; and there is a fun summer quiz about personal finance and stock market activity (plus a tough one about counting baked beans). AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Simon Molica, Fund Manager at AJ Bell
01/08/1930m 18s

What Boris means for your money, warning signs with property bonds, and why paper receipts could be history

This week’s podcast discusses how the UK’s new Prime Minister could affect your investments and personal finances. It asks whether the yields on property bonds are too good to be true. And the team debate the relevance of Wetherspoon scrapping receipts. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined by Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell  
25/07/1923m 19s

How to invest money for your children, why you should pay attention to directors dealing in their shares and the latest fund manager departure.

This week’s podcast discusses ways to help your children financially, the market signals sent by director share buys and sells, and what happens if your fund manager leaves. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Lisa Webster, Senior Technical Consultant at AJ Bell
17/07/1929m 0s

Best buy lists, finding financial happiness, credit deserts and postal savings rates

This week’s podcast discusses the thorny issue of investment best buy lists, a new book helping you make peace with your wallet, UK debt issues, and why there is still hope for savers who prefer postal accounts. Shares Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined by Andy Bell, Chief Executive of AJ Bell
10/07/1927m 6s

The best and worst performing shares this year, planning a tidy death, investing for a house deposit and the most popular job searches.

The team chat about the FTSE 350 shares that have made the most money for investors, why power of attorney is very important, and whether it is important to take a view on the property market when saving up for a house. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Charlene Young, Senior Technical Consultant at AJ Bell.  
05/07/1927m 3s

New investment fund format, loss-making billion pound companies, pension transfer probe and pricey London

This week’s podcast looks at the proposal for a new type of fund which could lock your money up for longer and why investors are happy to own highly valued companies that don’t make a profit. The team also discuss actions by the regulator on transferring out of defined benefit pensions, and the very high cost of renting in London rents AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Tom Selby, Senior Analyst at AJ Bell.
26/06/1930m 18s

Gaming boom, fund managers cutting fees, how Fevertree hit the big time, and Saga’s radical cash savings change

This week’s podcast looks at money habits connected to playing video games and why M&G is slashing fees. The team chat about how investors made nearly 29 times their money in Fevertree shares, and why Saga has struck a deal with a best-buy savings account provider. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by Shares’ News Editor Steven Frazer
19/06/1928m 6s

Big changes to overdraft fees, robots saving retail, FTSE 100 stocks with falling earnings and football as an investment

The team talk about how consumers could get a better deal with overdrafts, how robots and AI are giving hope to the retail sector, and some surprising stats on the UK’s largest companies. The podcast also chats about how a lower-league football club is selling shares to help it hit the big time. AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Ian Conway, Senior Reporter at Shares.
14/06/1930m 15s

Making sense of the Woodford fund suspension, how to teach your kids about money and a clampdown on peer-to-peer lending

This week’s podcast explains how Neil Woodford has become front page news and what could happen next for investors in his funds. The team also discuss a new financial education initiative and why the regulator is getting tougher on P2P lending in a bid to protect inexperienced investors. AJ Bell Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by AJ Bell fund expert Ryan Hughes.
05/06/1929m 25s

Bank scams, fund managers saying sorry and how to spend your cash in retirement

This week we avoid all talk of elections and instead talk about bank scams, how you’ll spend money when you’re retired and discuss star fund manager Terry Smith taking a step back. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Tom Selby, Senior Analyst are joined by Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios at AJ Bell.
30/05/1925m 59s

How to quiz an investment trust manager, hidden fund fees and everything you need to know about shorting stocks

This week’s podcast debates the big questions to ask someone running an investment trust and why funds often cost more than you think. It also explains the concept of shorting, how it works and its pros and cons. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Simon Molica, Fund Manager at AJ Bell.
23/05/1928m 4s

Unloved income stocks, how the trade war is impacting investors, and a new fund that pays you to own it

This week’s podcast looks at Vodafone’s dividend cut and how investors are going off many large cap stocks historically bought as sources of income. It also debates the latest twist in the US/China trade war saga and how it has impacted investors. And the team discuss how a new fund has turned the charging model on its head by paying investors to it. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by AJ Bell Investment Director Russ Mould
15/05/1918m 58s

Investing in Uber and Beyond Meat, buying overseas-listed shares, and how to plan your dividend calendar

This week’s podcast looks at the booming market for companies listing in the US, the key points to consider when investing in overseas-listed shares, how a new service lets you see when investment trusts pay dividends, and why a new reports thinks we shouldn’t work full time until we’re 40. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Annabel Brodie-Smith, communications director at the Association of Investment Companies.
09/05/1927m 3s

Saving money on holiday, understanding tracker funds, why Google is lagging Amazon, and the future of 1p coins

The podcast this week discusses the best ways to manage your money on holiday, the difference between an ETF and a tracker fund, how cracks are appearing in Google’s efforts to compete with Amazon, and why 1p and 2p coins will be sticking around for a bit longer. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Steven Frazer, Shares’ News Editor.
02/05/1922m 54s

Mortgage alarm bells, Monzo moves into investments, rising life expectancy and the competition watchdog gets tough

This week’s podcast looks at a new mortgage product which lets you withdraw cash, why Monzo is planning to offer investment products, the implications of living longer on your retirement plans, and why a growing number of companies are feeling the heat from the UK competition authority. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby are joined this week by Financial Times journalist Kate Beioley
25/04/1929m 7s

The hidden cost of Brexit, how fund managers hide information, pension charges and leisure sector winners and losers

This week’s podcast talks about the knock-on effects of a distracted Government on various money-related initiatives, and why it is hard to find out exactly what’s in an investment fund’s portfolio. We also talk about the real cost of taking money out of your pension and the latest trends in the leisure sector affecting pubs, restaurants, bowling companies and cinemas. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby are joined this week by Freelance Journalist Holly Black.
18/04/1930m 33s

Dwindling brand loyalty, NHS pensions crisis, demand for gold, and bizarre business pairings

This week we look at Saga’s loyalty problem and why pension issues are driving doctors to early retirement. We also discuss the resurgence in gold demand and dive into the world of conglomerates where large companies own businesses that don’t seem to fit well together. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by Sam Brodbeck, Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Telegraph.
11/04/1925m 24s

Stock market performance in the first quarter of 2019, why fraud is being ignored and why Lyft’s stock market debut has reignited the dual-class share debate

This week’s podcast looks at the latest twist in Superdry’s boardroom drama and how stock markets and industry sectors have performed in the first three months of the year. We also discuss why fraud victims are being let down and explain why Lyft’s IPO has angered some people as new investors don’t have the same voting rights as the founders. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst, Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor, Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Steven Frazer, News Editor at Shares.
03/04/1925m 28s

Breaking up the tech giants, the rise of challenger banks, 40 year mortgages and how the new tax year will affect your finances

We explain why Amazon, Google and Facebook are in the firing line, discover whether challenger banks have been a success or not, learn why banks are extending mortgage lengths and find out about the main changes to taxes, pensions and more in the new tax year.   Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by Shares’ Senior Reporter Ian Conway.
28/03/1927m 23s

ISA special: nervous investors, understanding Innovative Finance ISAs, growing rates on children’s accounts and a special quiz

This week’s podcast is dedicated to using an ISA. We discuss why many people are holding off from investing at present. Learn about the pros and cons of using the Innovative Finance ISA and why high rates comes with a big warning sign. We also chat about Lifetime ISAs and how much risk you may want to take with children’s savings. Finally, don’t miss this week’s quiz on all things ISA-related. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby. We discuss Lifetime ISAs, so please remember that you may miss out on employer contributions if you opt out of a workplace pension to save into Lifetime ISA. It may also affect your future entitlement to mean-tested benefits.
21/03/1927m 51s

Woodford fund goes asset swapping, Norway dumps oil, using shares to benefit charity and looking inside the inflation basket

This week we explain why star fund manager Neil Woodford has been shifting things around, we explain why Norway’s oil investment decisions are part of a broader environment, social and governance trend, learn how to donate shares to charity and discover why we’re shunning envelopes in favour of popcorn (and how that relates to money). Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by AJ Bell head of active portfolios Ryan Hughes.
14/03/1924m 56s

How to become a millionaire, new excuses for poor corporate earnings and choices for taking tax-free pension cash

This week’s podcast explains how saving as little as £78 a month can make you a millionaire, the comedy excuses that companies give for poor results and whether you should take your tax-free pension cash now or wait until later. There is also a bonus quiz to test your knowledge on state pensions. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.
06/03/1929m 22s

How investors behave, a neat way to organise your portfolio and forecasting future returns

This bumper edition of the podcast explains why your inbuilt traits could be damaging your wealth, a simple way to spring clean your portfolio, the outlook for investing in shares and new data that shows what age you reach certain milestones. Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth and AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter are joined this week by AJ Bell Fund Manager Simon Molica.
01/03/1926m 3s

Robots managing your money, university tuition fees and mini bonds

This week’s podcast looks at the rise of automated investment services called robo advice. You can also enjoy a debate on tuition fees and student loans, and discover why there is a big catch with investing in mini bonds. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Chief Executive Andy Bell.
20/02/1933m 2s

Pension fund mismanagement, share buybacks, saving up for university fees and cash machine troubles

It’s a bumper podcast with the team talking about seven-year jail terms for executives who recklessly mismanage pension funds. The podcast also debates the pros and cons of share buybacks and it discusses various savings plans to help pay for university. You can also discover why cash machines are disappearing from parts of the UK. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.
14/02/1926m 5s

Investment scams, stocks and funds that are less exposed to market movements, and the importance of manufacturing data.

This week we look at shocking figures on investment scams, investments that are uncorrelated to the market, why you should pay close attention to PMI data, a surprise outcome for a shopping centre sale, and an ice cream money making scheme. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Shares’ Senior Reporter Ian Conway.
06/02/1927m 49s

Behind the scenes of floating AJ Bell on the stock market, what we all spend money on and the safe-haven funds failing to deliver

This week features a guest appearance by AJ Bell’s chief executive Andy Bell on listing his company on the stock market. The podcast also talks about how families spend their money and why a certain type of investment fund has left investors fuming. Money & Markets is presented by AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth.
30/01/1925m 1s

Activist investors, mortgage prisoners, income risks with utility investments and spotting Amazon price anomalies

It’s a bumper podcast with insight into investors trying to shake up companies, the perils of coming off fixed-rate mortgage deals, troubles with energy companies and a neat way to pounce on Amazon bargains. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Shares’ News Editor Steven Frazer.
23/01/1926m 4s

Brexit impact on stocks and currencies, a dive into property funds and understanding why shares can fall on good news.

We discuss how markets are reacting to the latest twist in the Brexit saga, why the type of property fund matters when looking for real estate investments, and why shares don’t always behave as you expect them to do on news announcements. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Kevin Doran, Managing Director of AJ Bell Investments.
17/01/1926m 20s

How to start investing, financial advice charges, using cash back to boost savings, and personal finance goals for 2019.

We’re back with five points to consider when you first start investing, potential changes to how people pay for advice about transferring pensions, a guide to using cash back sites to earn extra money, and our presenters discuss their new year’s financial resolutions. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.
10/01/1931m 56s

New retail sector woes, personal finance outlook, market trends to watch in 2019 and reasons to be optimistic

This week we discuss how high street problems have spread to the online shopping sector, the problems with discounting, forthcoming changes to tax and pension rules, the cost of commuting, corporate debt concerns and five reasons to be positive about 2019. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Investment Director Russ Mould.
19/12/1819m 42s

Markets in 2018, best and worst performing shares and funds, pension dashboards and the 1p savings challenge

Listen to the podcast to discover which stock markets around the world rewarded investors, the stocks and funds sitting at the top and bottom of the charts, why you could soon see all your pensions in a single place, and why you need a shoe box and a handful of pennies to kick-start a fun savings exercise. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.
14/12/1825m 11s

Investments yielding more than 5%, Junior ISA trends and different ways to value companies

This week we look at ways investors can get a high yield, the low number of 18-year-olds cashing out their Junior ISAs at maturity, why intangible assets are a hot debate for company valuations, and how a seven-year-old made £17 million. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Shares’ News Editor Steven Frazer.
06/12/1822m 48s

Investors amassing a cash pile, British brands losing their way and cautious fund managers

Discover what’s happening in the markets, learn why Thomas Cook is facing an uphill struggle, find out why many fund managers are sitting on lots of cash, and catch up on the performance of funds designed to protect investors’ money. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell head of active portfolios Ryan Hughes.
29/11/1823m 19s

Housebuilder woes, what to do when a fund manager leaves, and investing in unicorns

Discover why shares in housebuilders have had a terrible year, what’s happening in the markets, what to do when an investment fund changes its manager, and how retail investors are getting better access to private companies.   AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell fund manager Simon Molica.
23/11/1823m 14s

Companies stockpiling goods, annuity rate hikes and big pay rises

This week we discuss how companies are preparing for Brexit, what’s moving on the FTSE, why annuity rates are going up, and how the UK is getting its biggest pay rise in 10 years. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell’s Senior Analyst Tom Selby.
15/11/1820m 21s

Rising personal debt, company founders who can’t let go, and profit warnings

Learn about a worrying trend with credit cards, why the former boss of Superdry is back in the news, a look at how the market is punishing companies with disappointing news, and why the Spice Girls may be relevant to investing. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by Shares’ News Editor Steven Frazer.
09/11/1826m 13s

Dissecting the Budget and how reporters and PRs cover the main event

Learn how the latest Budget affects you and your money, plus the stock market reaction and behind the scenes of how reporters and publicity departments cover the Chancellor’s big announcement. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell senior analyst Tom Selby.
31/10/1826m 40s

Pricing power, star fund managers, finding lost investments and shopping trends

Discover why certain companies can afford to put up prices, the pressures of being a famous fund manager, how to get your hands on investments you thought were lost forever, and get the latest on how we’re spending money in the shops. AJ Bell’s Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares’ Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined this week by AJ Bell Fund Manager Simon Molica.
26/10/1819m 15s

Market sell-off, pension cash conundrum and Merlin’s cultural challenge

This week we talk about what goes through investors’ minds when their savings suddenly fall in value, why some people have so much cash in their pensions, how Marcus is shaking up cash savings accounts and how Merlin Entertainment is adapting its business in China. AJ Bell's Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares' Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by AJ Bell’s senior analyst Tom Selby for this episode
24/10/1816m 41s

Pocket money, the subscription economy and FTSE 100 CEOs

AJ Bell's Personal Finance Analyst Laura Suter and Shares' Editor Daniel Coatsworth are joined by Shares' news editor Steve to talk about a neat way to help children develop a great savings habit, the rise of the subscription economy, FTSE 100 CEO changes plus how the Budget might include new pension rules.
24/10/1823m 51s
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