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Tiny Desk Artist Profile: Sofia Rei

The Argentine vocalist mixes tradition and various contemporary genres in her Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST performance.
15/01/2136m 9s

Alt.Latino's Favorite Songs Of 2020

We celebrate a year of discovery with some Alt.Latino favorites as well as a ton of discoveries from throughout the year.Songs featured in this episode:• Ana Tijoux, "ANTIFA DANCE"• Alea, "Échale Sal"• Xenia Rubinos, "Who Shot Ya?"• Gaby Moreno, Shara Nova and Cantus Domus, "Try/Tratar de Transformar"• Gina Chavez, "Ella"• Angelica Garcia, "Agua de Rosa"• La Bruja de Texcoco, "Chéni (Miedo)"• Nancy Sanchez (feat. Olmeca), "La Gran Civilización"• Helado Negro (feat. Xenia Rubinos), "I Fell In Love"
18/12/2038m 8s

Alt.Latino's Favorite Songs Of 2020

We celebrate a year of discovery with some Alt.Latino favorites as well as a ton of discoveries from throughout the year.Songs featured in this episode:• Ana Tijoux, "ANTIFA DANCE"• Alea, "Échale Sal"• Xenia Rubinos, "Who Shot Ya?"• Gaby Moreno, Shara Nova and Cantus Domus, "Try/Tratar de Transormar"• Gina Chavez, "Ella"• Angelica Garcia, "Agua de Rosa"• La Bruja de Texcoco, "Chéni (Miedo)"• Nancy Sanchez (feat. Olmeca), "La Gran Civilización"• Helado Negro (feat. Xenia Rubinos), "I Fell In Love"
18/12/2038m 8s

Alt.Latino's Favorite Albums Of 2020 Gave Us Passion, Vision And Solace

We look back on the albums that moved us this year, from Lido Pimienta's personal Miss Colombia to Bad Bunny's monumental YHLQMDLG. Albums featured in this episode:• OKAN, Espiral• Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Agüita• Sexores, Salamanca • X Alfonso, Inside • Lido Pimienta, Miss Colombia• Orquesta Faílde, Faílde con Tumbao • Rita Indiana, Mandinga Times • Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG• Natalia Lafourcade, Un Canto por México, Vol. 1 • Ghetto Kumbe, Ghetto Kumbe
11/12/2050m 14s

Alt.Latino Introduces You To Louder Than A Riot

We share our space to introduce you to a new podcast, Louder Than A Riot, an in-depth look at issues around incarceration and the development of hip-hop.
04/12/2053m 57s

Milestones, Immigration And Justice Music

This week we visit with NPR's Radio Ambulante, talk about immigration issues and meet a singer with a message.
27/11/2029m 50s

Alt.Latino Film Festival: Fandangos And Mockingbirds

Two new music documentaries — featuring Linda Ronstadt and Arturo O'Farrill — tell us stories about history, identity and culture through Mexican folk music.
20/11/2026m 57s

Encore: A Conversation About The 'American Dirt' Controversy

When does a depiction of culture, history and identity become inauthentic? And according to whom? We dig into the conversation around the novel American Dirt. This episode originally aired Jan. 31, 2020.
06/11/2029m 5s

Latinidad In The News

We shine a light on recent stories by NPR hosts, reporters and producers who go beyond the obvious in their coverage of Latinx communities in the U.S.
23/10/2035m 23s

Cumbia: The Musical Backbone Of Latin America

Alt.Latino journeys from the tip of South America to the bodegas of New York City — all the while dancing to the beat of cumbia, the lingua franca of Latin music.
16/10/2046m 47s

We Look At The 2020 Latin Grammy Nominations

Lido Pimienta, Gina Chavez, Natalia Lafourcade and Juanes are just a few of the Latin Grammy nominations this year. We listen to their music and throwback to our conversations with those artists.
02/10/2041m 49s

We Look At The 2020 Latin Grammy Nominations

Lido Pimienta, Gina Chavez, Natalia Lafourcade and Juanes are just a few of the Latin Grammy nominations this year. We listen to their music and throwback to our conversations with those artists.
02/10/2041m 49s

50 Years Later, Santana's 'Abraxas' Still Changes The Game

Santana drummer Michael Shrieve and Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid give us the view behind the drum kit and illustrate the scope of the record's influence.
25/09/2030m 22s

Latinx Monuments We'd Like To See

Ivy Queen, Jean-Michel Basquiet and Maria from Sesame Street are just a few of the Latinx figures we think should be cast in bronze or carved on the side of a mountain.
18/09/2028m 44s

Graciela Iturbide, The Artistic Soul Of Mexico

Take a journey into the artistic sensibilities of a genuine photographic icon. This interview was conducted entirely in Spanish.
16/09/2024m 29s

Roots Grow Outward

Devendra Banhart and John Santos both have cultural roots in Latin America, but their music could not be more different. Hear two separate interviews with these enigmatic musicians
11/09/2054m 8s

The Texicana Mamas Celebrate Tejana Culture With Wondrous Harmony

The trio of powerful Latina vocalists is at home in mariachi, country, Americana and folk music.
04/09/2042m 37s

Gloria Estefan: 'It's All About The Drums,' This Time From Brazil

The Cuban-American pop star indulges her love of Brazilian music and rhythms on her new album.
21/08/2035m 50s

Listen To The Lessons In LADAMA's Music

With members spread over four countries, LADAMA elegantly blends cultures and ideas. Its new album is called Oye Mujer.
14/08/2029m 31s

Alt.Latino's Summer Music Haul

From Carlos Vives to Ana Tijoux, here's a batch of new music that meditates on identity, culture and the pandemic.
07/08/2035m 28s

Reclaiming Boogaloo

The very essence of boogaloo music is about "bringing people together, creating conversation and creating community." How was it appropriated by white supremacists?
24/07/2033m 21s

Residente's Favorite Protest Songs

One half of the Grammy-winning group Calle 13, Residente has written his share of powerful protest songs. This week he shares his favorites by other artists.
17/07/2045m 38s

The Afro-Latinx Experience Is Essential To Our International Reckoning On Race

"Blackness is heterogeneous." On this week's episode, deep conversations about the Afro Latinidad and Blackness.
03/07/2044m 53s

Alt.Latino's Favorites Of The Year (So Far) Reflect Our Times

Our annual mid-year survey contains music that speaks to the current health crisis, as well as the fight for racial equality.
26/06/2052m 43s

Juanes Turns Inward

Juanes reflects on lessons learned from the world-wide pandemic, how Latin music has changed in the last ten years and his love of Metallica and Bruce Springsteen.
19/06/2027m 44s

Rita Indiana, La Monstra, Returns With 'Black Sabbath Dembow'

"Music is more democratic than literature." Ten years after releasing her debut album, the Dominican musician and novelist returns with Mandinga Times.
17/06/2028m 17s

Alt.Latino's 10th Anniversary!

Over the past decade, Alt.Latino has covered immigration, LGBTQ concerns, fights for social justice and, of course, music. Looking back this week, we revisit our very first episode and pilot.
15/06/2037m 49s

Lila Downs And Gina Chavez: Two Mujeres With Messages

These conversations with Lila Downs and Gina Chavez explore identity, the power of language and listening to our ancestors for guidance.
12/06/2039m 41s

From The Alt.Latino Archives: Protest Music That Inspires And Moves

Music gives voice to frustration and anger. On this episode, we listen to musicians demand social justice in song and action.
05/06/2029m 51s

Natalia Lafourcade Searches For The Soul Of Son Jarocho

The Mexican folk music of Veracruz is a pathway not just to her own cultural and familial roots, Natalia Lafourcade says, but also offers a balm for these times.
22/05/2042m 23s

The Pandemic's Impact On The Latino Community

This week, we host a roundtable with reporters covering the coronavirus and how infections have adversely impacted communities of color in the U.S.
15/05/2041m 7s

How Some Indie Musicians Innovate And Improvise During Coronavirus

From a virtual songwriting camp to studio session work, we check back with Davíd Garza, Rocio Marron and Making Movies' Enrique Chi about what they're doing to generate some income during quarantine.
08/05/2029m 23s

New Music For Being In And Out And About

Hit play on new songs from Chicano Batman, Lido Pimienta and Helado Negro for your indoor and socially-distanced outdoor activities.
01/05/2038m 28s

Cándido Camero, Latin Jazz Pioneer, Turns 99

Hear an interview with the great Cuban percussionist as he remembers Havana nightlife in the 1940s and the pulsing streets of New York just after World War II.
24/04/2029m 25s

Listener Picks: Songs Of Hope And Calm

If there was ever a need for the healing power of music, now is that time. We put out a call for the songs helping you cope and, on this episode, we play your picks.
10/04/2056m 31s

Indie Musicians On The Economic And Emotional Impact Of Coronavirus

Davíd Garza, Making Movies' Enrique Chi and Rocio Marron share the struggle of being a working musician during this time.
03/04/2029m 2s

The Bands We Wanted To See At SXSW 2020

In the wake of the cancellation of SXSW this year, Alt.Latino explores the bands we had wanted to see this year in Austin, Texas.
20/03/2059m 15s

Calma: A Meditative Playlist For A Challenging Time

We use the music of pianist Omar Sosa this week to calm our anxieties and fears during an uncertain time.
13/03/2035m 29s

Spring Forward With Bad Bunny, Alice Bag And Princess Nokia

Bad Bunny's YHLQMDLG is the buzz of the Latinx internet, but we also speed through 14 other essential releases.
06/03/2049m 52s

The Meteoric Rise Of Latin Urban Explained

The story of Latin America has always been reflected in music. We asked a music writer, a college professor and reggaeton pioneer to help us understand the history and nuance of Latin Urban's dominance in pop music.
28/02/2024m 14s

Afro-Latino Revolutionaries From The 19th Century Still Echo Today

"If you liked Hamilton, you'll love this book," assures historian Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff. It's a gripping read about migrants who conspired to overthrow a colonial monarchy and eliminate slavery.
25/02/2034m 30s

In Cali, A Festival Celebrates The Flavors And Music Of Afro Colombian Life

We capture the sights, sounds and even the tastes of Afro Colombian culture at the Petronio Alvarez Music Festival.
21/02/2030m 37s

Black History Month: An Interview With Ivy Queen, Reggaeton Pioneer

The Puerto Rican rapper's musical history is essentially the history of the reggaeton. Her influence helped shape the genre as we know it.
14/02/2029m 10s

Shakira And Jennifer Lopez's Halftime Show Unpacked

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did more than shake things up on the Super Bowl stage. A panel of sociologists and music writers unpack the dialog.
07/02/2020m 10s

'American Dirt': A Conversation About A Controversy

When does a depiction of culture, history and identity become inauthentic? And according to whom? We dig into the conversation around the novel American Dirt.
31/01/2029m 5s

Tank And The Cubans: A Week In Havana

The 2017 winners of the Tiny Desk Contest travel to Havana with NOLA's The Soul Rebels to connect with Cimafunk, Cuban musicians and history.
24/01/2027m 44s

New Year, New Decade, New Music For 2020

We kick off the new year with Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee, garage-rocker Tall Juan and newcomers Salt Cathedral. 2020 already sounds amazing. Alt.Latino World Headquarters offers its first new music show of the decade and I couldn't do it without contributor Stefanie Fernández. Make sure to follow Alt.Latino's weekly playlist via Spotify or Apple Music. -- Felix Contreras
17/01/2028m 59s

SNL's Melissa Villaseñor On The Pop Punks And Pop Divas That Inspired 'Dreamer'

Not only is the SNL comedian a hilarious celebrity impersonator but also an impressive singer with an old-school vocal instrument. She shares her love for Queen, Celine Dion and No Doubt on this episode.
10/01/2029m 50s

Happy Holidays From Alt.Latino Y Los Lobos!

Fresh from their holiday Tiny Desk, members of Los Lobos take us on a pan-Latin cruise through Navidad from the Caribbean to Mexico to Texas.
23/12/1924m 24s

Alt.Latino Looks Back At The Best Music Of 2019

What is "Latin music" when it encompasses Chicana punk, mariachi music, urbano and Cuban funk? We dive into a year that gave us new music from Fea, Flor de Toloache, Sech and Bad Bunny.
20/12/1945m 0s

Mujeres: Three Distinct Sounds And Messages Of 2019

This week, hear interviews with members of Fea, Jenny and the Mexicats and Y La Bamba on culture, identity and the evolution their songwriting.
13/12/1929m 30s

Turning The Tables In Latin Music

Alt.Latino draws the lines between Latin music and some of the eight women who invented popular music.
06/12/1934m 21s

Ozuna Evolves With "Nibiru"

"We make music to collide with the world." The Puerto Rican superstar discusses Nibiru and the state of Latin Urban music.
29/11/1937m 23s

Alt.Latino's Sonic Altar For Día De Los Muertos

In what's become an annual tradition on Alt.Latino, we remember those we've lost through song with reverence and a little joy.
01/11/1935m 3s

Alt.Latino En Español: Entrevista Con Sintesís de Cuba

Sometimes the musicians who visit Alt.Latino prefer to express themselves in Spanish. This week we have an all Spanish interview with the founders of the founders of the genre busting Cuban band, Sintesis.
30/10/1930m 11s

La Santa Cecilia On Its New Album Sung In English

The SoCal Mexican roots-rock and soul band drops by to chat about its new, self-titled album. Over the past decade as a band, the members now feel like family.
25/10/1931m 0s

Los Tigres del Norte At Folsom Documentary and Live Album

Netlfix is streaming a film documenting the iconic band retracing a historic concert by country legend Johnny Cash.
18/10/1929m 17s

Gaby Moreno: New Album With Music Legend Van Dyke Parks

Alt.Latino favorite Gaby Moreno tams up with Van Dyke Parks
03/10/1931m 58s

Jane Bunnett: Cuban Music's Canadian Connection

The saxophonist, flautist and bandleader has been traveling to Cuba and performing its music for over 30 years.
27/09/1928m 59s

The Cuban Roots Of Rock And Roll

Can you hear the cha-cha-cha in "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"? Or the mambo in "What I'd Say"? Dive into early rock and roll's Cuban DNA.
20/09/1930m 13s

Heritage Month Special: Mexican Music Then And Now

Three portraits of musicians and a filmmaker who illuminate distinct forms of Mexican music expression.
18/09/1932m 40s

Music For Fall: Daymé Arocena, Devandra Banhart And Alex Cuba

As seasons change, we play Cuban music from Canada, Salvadoran/Mexican music from Los Angeles and a Nuyorican protest song.
13/09/1935m 21s

Podcast Extra: Los Dells Presents Latin Music In The U.S. Heartland

This week we visit with artist performing at the third annual Los Dells festival in the U.S Midwest.
10/09/1934m 26s

Santana 1969: An Oral History

Just a week after performing at Woodstock, Santana released its self-titled debut. Hear original members of the band recount its creation.
30/08/1927m 28s

Guest DJ: Fabi Reyna, She Shreds Magazine Founder And Musician

The musician and magazine publisher talks to Alt.Latino about guitar players and issues of representation on this week's show.
18/08/1944m 3s

3 Afro Dominicana Writers Reflect On Their Truths

Music and identity dominates a wide-ranging conversation with writers Elizabeth Acevedo, Amanda Alcantara and Danyeli Rodriguez del Orbe.
16/08/1935m 17s

"Amor Eterno" Y Mas For El Paso and Beyond

This week a special show of music to help mourn and remember the victims of the recent tragic events around the country.
08/08/1929m 53s

Podcast Extra: Three Artists, Three Takes On Latin Music

Latin Alternative pioneers Aterciopelados are featured along side the vocalist from Spain's Macaco and Mexican reggae/ska vets Panteon Rococo this week.
30/07/1935m 12s

'Afilando Los Cuchillos": A Soundtrack To A Social Movement In Real Time

Three of Puerto Rico's biggest musicians release a protest song through social media that challenged the island's governor.
25/07/1929m 21s

What We Heard At The Best Festivals For Latin Alternative Music

Alt.Latino hits the road to visit RuidoFest in Chicago, NuevoFest in Philadelphia and the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in NYC.
23/07/1930m 48s

Alt.Latino Tribute to Joao Gilberto

Paying tribute to the father of the bossa nova through his music and the words of his fellow musicians.
12/07/1935m 40s

iLe And Making Movies Discuss Music, Activism And Mixing The Two

The former Calle 13 vocalist and the roqueros from Kansas City discuss their new albums and how they channel their passions about the world into music.
11/07/1949m 53s

A Deeper Listen To Anthems Of All Kinds

These songs have the power to say what we feel, even when we can't say them ourselves. We listen back to some of our favorite stories from NPR's American Anthem series.
04/07/1934m 5s

Alt.Latino's Best Music Of 2019 (So Far)

Six months into 2019, we highlight dream pop, electronic fantasies, West African Cuban music and Latin rock from a salsa icon.
04/07/1934m 21s

Africa Speaks to Carlos Santana In New Album

Carlos Santana is having a big year: the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the 20th anniversary of Supernatural, and now a new album featuring Spanish vocalist Buika, Africa Speaks.
13/06/1934m 2s

Cuba: While The Politicians Argued, The Musicians Jammed

With Cuba in the new this week, Alt.Latino re-examines the longstanding musical relationship between the US and Cuba.
06/06/1929m 20s

Vida Actors Talk About Latinx Drama, Music and The Power Of Story Telling

The three women who play the lead characters in the Starz series Vida join Alt. Latino to talk music, drama and La Llorona.
30/05/1929m 22s

Rodrigo y Gabriela Spin The Songs Behind Their Wild Sound

The Mexican guitar duo talk share songs by Nina Simone, Caifanes and Rage Against the Machine and discuss the role of the guitar in rock.
28/05/1928m 59s

Lila Downs Celebrates Culinary And Cultural Sides Of Chile

The iconic Mexican vocalist and composer Lila Downs uses music to celebrate chiles.
09/05/1937m 44s

Musical Activists: Two Artists Who Mix Messages With Music

Taina Asili and Olmeca talk about mixing activism with music in this week's show.
03/05/1929m 56s

How Angélique Kidjo Brings Out The Africa Of Celia Cruz's Catalog

The West African vocalist talks about bringing out the Afrobeat in Celia Cruz's rich Cuban catalog with the tribute album Celia.
18/04/1930m 12s

Guest DJ: Empress Of Plays Sing-Along With Some Of Her Greatest Influences

The Honduran-American vocalist shares her musical inspirations with Alt.Latino host Felix Contreras and guest host Jessica Diaz-Hurtado.
11/04/1942m 16s

Alt.Latino's Primavera Extravaganza

Alt.Latino host Felix Contreras empties the mail bag that was overflowing with new music. Mexico and Spain are represented as are Joni Mitchell and Amy Winehouse.
05/04/1945m 28s

Alt.Latino Food Truck Chats: Musicians Tell Their Own Stories At SXSW 2019

Over breakfast tacos and barbecue, Team Alt.Latino sat down with musicians at SXSW for interviews about their music.
23/03/1956m 32s

Alt.Latino's SXSW 2019 Wrap-Up

The five nights of discoveries at SXSW 2019 served as a reminder that music can heal, challenge and change the world we live in.
23/03/1956m 10s

Guest DJ Helado Negro Explores New Album and Shares Influences

The prolific electronic musician stops in to talk about his influences and his new album, This Is How You Smile.
08/03/1928m 39s

A Journey Through The Music Of The Oscar-Nominated Film 'Roma'

Roma director Alfonso Cuarón handpicked artists to make music inspired by the characters from his Oscar-nominated film. The results are stunning.
21/02/1934m 3s

Alt.Latino: The Many Shades of Latinx Culture

Through four wide-ranging conversations — with a punk singer, a reporter, a group of Latin American expats and singer Rita Moreno — Alt.Latino took a wide-lens survey of the cultural landscape.
15/02/1938m 10s

Music and Democracy In Brazil, A Tradition of Speaking Truth To Power

Musicians have a long tradition of staring down military dictatorships and oppressive governments in Brazil.
08/02/1936m 17s

New Music Winter 2019: From Iconic To New Discoveries

We're sure you've heard of Santana but do you know Y La Bamba? This week's show features new music from icons and new artists you should know.
31/01/1931m 28s

With A New Book, Louie Perez Of Los Lobos Is Master Storyteller

Good Morning, Aztlan collects several well-known Perez compositions as well as his thoughts on a variety of topics.
18/01/1928m 45s

Alt.Latino's American Anthems: An Exploration Of Songs That Unite

An excerpt of a year-long series featured on NPR that speak to unity and inspiration.
15/01/1931m 24s

Bad Bunny En Español: El Nuevo Disco Y Sus Influencias

In an interview from Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny talks about his influences and the music on his new record.
24/12/1820m 19s

Our Listeners Speak up: Their Best of 2018

Jasmine Garsd returns to review listeners' favs. We heard music we knew and also some discoveries.
21/12/1831m 38s

AltLatino's Best of 2018

It's been another watershed for Latin music. Altlatino's Felix Contreras, Stefanie Fernandez, Marisa Arbona Ruiz and Catalina Maria Johnson round up the year's best.
10/12/1858m 21s

Pre-Winter New Music Extravaganza

A batch of new music to enjoy just before the Solstice and much colder weather.
23/11/1838m 34s

Guest DJ Arturo O'Farrill: Making Music And A Statement At The Border

The latest album from O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra is a collaboration with Mexican son jarocho musicians.
16/11/1828m 59s

Alt.Latino's Sonic Altar For Dia de los Muertos

Musical ofrendas highlight our annual celebration of family and friendship.
01/11/1838m 25s

Jerry Gonzalez Appreciation

An appreciation for Latin jazz musician Jerry Gonzalez.
25/10/1828m 59s

Rubén Blades Swings Big Band Jazz And Rumba On New Album

The iconic actor and musicians teams with Jazz At Lincoln Center to sing both bog band swing tunes and songs from his catalog.
18/10/1848m 7s

Alt.Latino Icon: Jose Feliciano, Cross Over Pioneer

The iconic musician talks about his career and plays songs that influenced his music.
11/10/1828m 59s

Cuban Treasures Unearthed: Remastered Cuban Jam Sessions

'The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions' box set proves these friendly gatherings were incubation chambers for Afro-Cuban music and jazz.
04/10/1842m 12s

'El Tiny': A Sampler Of Latin Bands At NPR's Tiny Desk

Latin music is well represented in the popular Tiny Desk Concert series.
27/09/1840m 47s

Puerto Rico One Year After Maria

A collection of stories from NPR News about the devastating storm and its aftermath.
20/09/1848m 12s

La Dame Blanche: Hip-Hop Urbano Cubano

This special Spanish language Podcast Extra highlights a Cuban hip-hop artist in her own words.
17/09/1823m 8s

Alejandro Escovedo: Latino Punk Pioneer's New Album

The Crossing tells a story of identity and rock and roll dreams on his newest album.
13/09/1833m 44s

Samba Inspires New Novel

Air That You Breathe by Frances De Pontes Peebles captures samba's golden age.
30/08/1838m 54s

New Music Highlights Nuance of Identity

Summer's almost over so we present new sounds and two video premiers from upcoming albums.
09/08/1838m 19s

Mid Summer New Music Round Up!

Great new music to get you through the rest of the summer!
03/08/1829m 39s

Summer Latin Music Festivals Celebrate Musical Diversity

Latinx bands who feel shut out of mainstream Fests find gigs at Latin music festivals
20/07/1838m 17s

Activist Musicians Take On Trump Policies

Musicians use music to challenge the President's immigration policies.
06/07/1845m 19s

Alt.Latino's 12 Favorite Latin Songs Of 2018 (So Far)

We laugh, we cry, we celebrate the best of the year so far with everything from bugalú to boleros to Latinx punk.
28/06/1852m 12s

Pianist Harold Lopez-Nussa Is Part Of A Long Line of 'Amazing'

The pianist's new album is a lesson on contemporary Cuban piano, performed with a trio with strong familial ties.
21/06/1828m 28s

'Vida,' The Groundbreaking Cable Drama That Gets Latinx Narratives Right

This week, Alt.Latino talks to Vida show runner Tanya Saracho about portraying Latinx stories of queerness, family and gentefication with an eye toward nuance onscreen and representation offscreen.
12/06/1829m 3s

J Balvin Won't Settle For Anything Less Than World Domination

After cracking the American pop charts last year, the Colombian reggaeton star is following the success of "Mi Gente" with his fifth album, Vibras. And he knows you're still listening.
25/05/1831m 28s

Alt.Latino Encore: Remixing Classics, Fania Opens Its Vaults

This week on Alt.Latino, we discuss how and whether to remix legendary recordings — and, along the way, feature a new album of remixed salsa classics.
17/05/1829m 0s

Guest DJ Los Texmaniacs: Conjunto Specialists With A Knack For 'Cruzando Borders'

The San Antonio-based band can trace its musical roots back to conjunto's beginnings in the early 1930s. The group plays guest DJ with tracks from its Spanglish-titled new album.
17/05/1828m 57s

Queer, Punk And Latin: A Discussion About Sexual Identity

A panel of women take on the topic of what it takes to make in in the Latin music business while staying true to your gender identity.
03/05/1828m 59s

Tiny Desk Contest: The Latinx Artists We Loved

The NPR Music staff watched almost 5,000 videos during the Tiny Desk Contest. We highlight five Latinx artists that impressed us.
03/05/1828m 59s

Guest DJ Kali Uchis On How Astrud Gilberto And N.E.R.D. Inspired Her Debut Album

The Colombian-American singer recalls her favorite childhood memories tied to music and plays some of the songs that inspired her debut album Isolation.
12/04/1835m 28s

Alt.Latino Extra: Cuco Is The Cariño Of Young Latinos Who Keep Dreaming

At 19, the producer and singer born Omar Banos has built a millions-strong following for his infectious dream pop — and begun testing it as a tool to help immigrant families like his own.
04/04/1819m 35s

Alt.Latino's SXSW 2018 Preview: Amara La Negra, Balún, Bad Gyal And More

Some artists we can't wait to see at the annual music conference in Austin, Texas, representing a wide spectrum of styles and genres.
18/03/1828m 59s

SXSW 2018 Dispatch: Live Performances From The Marias And Amara La Negra

Alt.Latino hosts our first SXSW Showcase with two bands that show off distinct styles and approaches to Latin music.
17/03/1828m 59s

Pre- Oscar Spotlight on Two Indie Latino Films

Latino film makers create compelling histories of two Chicano civil rights figures in their new films to air on PBS.
02/03/1826m 15s

Guest DJ Jorge Drexler: Uruguayan Music That Shaped His Vision

Jorge Drexler shares music from his native Uruguay that influenced his own music.
22/02/1828m 59s

Reggaeton In The Age of #MeToo

This week, we have a thoughtful discussion of the genre's sometimes controversial depiction of women.
16/02/1828m 59s

For Black History Month, A Look At New Music With Afro-Latinx Roots

All the music in the show this month has a musical or cultural tie to Africa, in celebration of Black History Month.
08/02/1832m 40s

The Alt.Latino Interview: Rita Moreno On Her New Show, Life and Accents

The iconic actress Rita Moreno talks about her new role on One Day At A Time on Netflix and offers lessons about life.
01/02/1831m 38s

The Alt.Latino Interview: Louie Vega, A Life In Service To The Groove

The pioneering DJ and member of Masters At Work talks about his recent Grammy nomination, growing up in the Bronx, and a new collaboration with some of the Cuba's finest musicians.
30/01/1838m 17s

New Music To Kick Off Your 2018

We've already featured some great on the blog — now we add even more great music on the podcast.
18/01/1838m 4s

Amidst Political Tumult, Salvadoran Artists Across The Country Discuss Their Work

Four artists with roots in El Salvador discuss their art and the threat to the country's immigrant community.
16/01/181h 1m

Alt.Latino Album Chat: Making Movies Talk Protest Music

Alt.Latino kicks off the new year with a new feature: the Alt.Latino Album Chat, a conversation about a new album by the artist who made it. This week, Making Movies.
05/01/1840m 38s

Alt.Latino's Favorites: The Songs Of 2017

We call on some of the top Latinx music writers to help us look back at some of their top cuts of 2017.
21/12/1748m 38s

Alt.Latino's Favorites: The Top 10 Latin Albums Of 2017

In a genre going in as many directions as modern Latin music, how do you narrow a list of albums to just a few favorites? Alt.Latino's host and guests share their attempt for 2017.
15/12/1759m 37s

Encore presentation: Festivo Alt.Latino, Gaby Moreno In Concert

Her voice dripping with Southern R&B grit, Moreno and her band never lose sight of the emotion in the holiday classics they perform at KUT in Austin, Texas from a show recorded in 2015.
08/12/1757m 40s

Alt.Latino's Last New Music Show of 2017, Featuring Calma Carmona, Boogat And More

Alt.Latino's digital and analog mail bags were still bulging with new music, even as the year is drawing to a close. Rock, hip-hop, soul and rancheras — we have it all.
30/11/1728m 59s

Alt.Latino's Deeper Dive Into New Pixar Film, 'Coco'

This week we talk about the new film Coco with an NPR entertainment reporter and some of the principals of the film.
25/11/1730m 1s

Road Trip: Alt.Latino Attends The Latin Grammys In Las Vegas

Alt.Latino makes the trek to Las Vegas to cover the Latin Grammy's! Join us for a visit to the Red Carpet!
25/11/1730m 26s

Guest DJ: iLe Shares The Classic Sounds Driving Her New Solo Music

Puerto Rican artist iLe plays Guest DJ, joining us to spin the classics from another era, the raw material that helped her create the album iLevitable.
09/11/1735m 21s

Alt.Latino Guest DJ Antonio Sanchez: Jazz Drummer, Musical Activist

The jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez is much more than that job title suggests — his new album Bad Hombre addresses current events instrumentally.
23/10/1731m 23s

Alt.Latino: A Spotlight On Playwrights With Lin-Manuel Miranda And Karen Zacarias

This week, conversations with two greats of the theatre stage — one you probably know and the other you should.
13/10/177m 39s

Alt.Latino: A Spotlight On Playwrights With Lin-Manuel Miranda And Karen Zacarias

This week, conversations with two greats of the theatre stage — one you probably know and the other you should.
12/10/177m 39s

'Familia' Affair: Paying Homage To Afro-Cuban Jazz Pioneers

Pianists Chucho Valdes and Arturo O'Farrill honor their fathers, Latin jazz greats Bebo Valdes and Chico O'Farrill, on a new album. Here, the younger O'Farrill discusses Familia on Alt.Latino.
12/10/1728m 59s

Before They Were Nominated: Alt.Latino As Prognosticator

Alt.Latino favorites rub elbows with Latin music superstars in this year's Latin Grammy nominations. This week we look back at how we covered them this past year.
28/09/1740m 21s

Latin Music And Los Angeles' Exchange Explored In The Massive 'Pacific Standard Time'

A massive cultural exhibit illustrates the connection between Southern California and Latin America in ways that are not so obvious.
22/09/1728m 59s

Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta: Tireless Rights Advocate — And Jazz Fan

Civil rights icon Dolores Huerta visits Alt.Latino to talk about the new documentary about her life. We also talk history, politics and music.
13/09/1728m 59s

Making 'Power Of Peace' With The Isley Brothers Checks One Off Santana's Bucket List

Carlos Santana teamed up with iconic soul and funk band The Isley Brothers for a new album dedicated to peace through music. On this episode, we invite them all to talk about its creation and message.
07/09/1728m 59s

End of the Summer Already? New Music For Cooler Temperatures

New music to drive out that endless loop of "Despacito" playing in your head! Featuring two AltLatino contributors, Catalina Maria John and Marisa Arbona- Ruiz.
07/09/1728m 59s

"Despacito" Deeper Dive: More Than Meets The Ear

It was the No. 1 song in America for 16 straight weeks. As the summer of "Despacito" draws to a close, AltLatino explores the musical, sociological and business ripples created by the song's success.
07/09/1730m 22s

LAMC Discoveries: New Artists You Should Know About

This week, we share our favorite discoveries from the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.
07/08/1728m 59s

Latin Alternative Music Fests Heat Up The Summer

AltLatino's annual cruise of summer music festivals dedicated to Latin Alternative music, arts and culture. Three cities, four festivals!
29/07/1728m 59s

Alt.Latino's Midsummer New Music Roundup

Beat the heat with this sampler of new tunes, including everything from rock to Latin jazz to electronic to cumbia and flamenco.
29/07/1728m 59s

Encore: Cuba: While The Politicians Argued, The Musicians Jammed

The musical exchange between the United States and Cuba goes back to the 19th century. Thankfully, the two countries' political standoff never filtered down to musicians.
12/07/1728m 58s

Music That Inspires, Classic-Rock Edition

Prompted by the song that activist Jeanette Vizguerra says motivates her — John Lennon's "Imagine" — Alt.Latino presents a mix of inspirational classic-rock songs with Latin and jazz twists.
07/07/1730m 7s

Guest DJ Raul Midón's Eclectic Influences Make Perfect Sense

The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist blends jazz, Latin music and soul seamlessly on his new album, Bad Ass And Blind. His musical touchpoints range from Paco de Lucía to Mercedes Sosa.
29/06/1728m 57s

Guest DJ Ozomatli Covers Mexican Classics With A Reggae Groove

The globetrotting SoCal band shares tracks from its new album Non-Stop: Mexico>Jamaica, bringing music and laughs to the studio.
22/06/1728m 59s

These 3 Latinx Artists Are Challenging, Changing And Reclaiming Culture

Alt.Latino's summer music magazine features three artists — the band Making Movies, the writer Gabby Rivera and the singer Natalia Lafourcade — whose work reflects the reality and joy of life.
22/06/1728m 59s

Guest DJ: Chicano Batman's Musical DNA

Hear how the members of this SoCal band developed the funky, one-of-a-kind sound that's helped propel it to national success.
22/06/1728m 59s

Meet Me At The World Cafe: ÌFÉ Performs Live In Philadelphia

Alt.Latino joins forces with WXPN'S World Cafe to host an electric performance by the Puerto Rican band. Back in the studio, we speak with the band about its innovative approach to Yoruba culture.
22/06/1728m 59s

Guest DJ: Café Tacvba, Mexico's Musical Philosophers

To celebrate its new album, Jei Beibi, the iconic Mexican band visits Alt.Latino to play guest DJ — and talk about everything but the album.
18/05/1728m 51s

2013 ENCORE-Like Being Hypnotized: Guest DJ With Juana Molina

We were thrilled to have Juana Molina on the show in 2013 to talk about her album, Wed21, her musical influences, and how to rebel when your parents have the coolest musical tastes ever.
12/05/1745m 52s

Guest DJ Antonio Lizana: Flamenco Jazz On Voice And Saxophone

The Spanish musician joins AltLatino for a bilingual show exploring the common roots of flamenco and jazz.
04/05/1730m 5s

PBS To Rebroadcast Its Remarkable 'Latin Music USA' Series From 2009

AltLatino Extra presents a Q&A with the co-creator and Supervising Producer of the seminal PBS music documentary series, Latin Music USA.
04/05/1716m 40s

Alt.Latino Guest DJ: Getting Down With Quetzal

Members of the Grammy-winning Chicano roots band Quetzal share an eclectic mix of what they're listening to, from Palestinian rap to Morrissey and The Smiths.
04/05/1737m 36s

Alt.Latino's Spring New Music Roundup

Hear what's new in the world of Latin music with 22 albums that run the gamut from roots to electronic, rock, hip-hop, jazz and folk — and all the things that fall in between.
04/05/1733m 32s

Guest DJ: Residente On Life And Music After Calle 13

The former Calle 13 frontman starts a new musical chapter with his latest album and documentary film, both of which are records of his two-year trip around the world.
06/04/1729m 30s

Guest DJ: Residente On Life And Music After Calle 13

The former Calle 13 frontman starts a new musical chapter with his latest album and documentary film, both of which are records of his two-year trip around the world.
06/04/1729m 30s

Music Magazine: Sergio Mendoza, Vinyl Collectors And Tejano Punks On Film

Hear three mini-profiles of musicians and filmmakers whose art captures Latinx culture and identity — in three very different ways.
30/03/1731m 38s

Latin Musicians Bring A Message Of Resistance To SXSW

A spirit of protest motivated many Latin bands at this year's festival. Hear thoughts and music from some of the artists who performed, including Gina Chavez and members of Ozomatli and Fea.
30/03/1729m 23s

Latin Artists Represent In This Year's Tiny Desk Contest

Discover a few of the many Latin bands that submitted videos for NPR Music's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest.
30/03/1744m 41s

Celebrating Mujeres: Butterflies, Brujas And Bey

March 8 marks International Women's Day. Alt.Latino brings in a panel of Latinx music journalists to explore contemporary feminist movements in music and culture.
08/03/1744m 14s

Puerto Rico Marks A Century Of U.S. Citizenship And Musical Exchange

Percussionist Bobby Sanabria helps investigate the musical dialogue between island and mainland
06/03/1733m 36s

Alt.Latino Extra: Being Unapologetic, Being Afro-Latina

Janel Martinez, founder of the blog Ain't I Latina, talks about Afro-Latina identity and the power of visibility in the media and music.
27/02/1726m 14s

'All They Will Call You': A Writer Gives Woody Guthrie's 'Deportees' Their Names Back

Tim Z. Hernandez's new book is about the plane crash that inspired Guthrie's song "Deportee."
24/02/1730m 13s

Get To Know Afro-Brazilian Music With This Alt.Latino Mixtape

Continue celebrating Black History Month with a dive into the vibrant world of Afro-Brazilian music, including hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz.
21/02/1739m 2s

For Black History Month, Celebrate Afro-Latino Music With Smithsonian Folkways

With Folkways curator Dan Sheehy as a guide, Alt.Latino explores how the music of West Africa has influenced Latin America and the Caribbean.
09/02/1744m 37s

'La Verdad': The Truth Of Latin American Hip-Hop

Hip-hop scholar Jason Nichols says hip-hop in Latin America is more than just music — it's cultural exchange. Hear a conversation and a few tracks from all over the region.
01/02/1732m 20s

Alt.Latino Visits NPR's Newest Podcast: Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast that features a wide array of voices and stories.
30/01/1726m 48s

A Despedida Playlist To Bid POTUS Farewell

As President Obama leaves office, Alt.Latino digs up some of the Latin music that's found its way into the Mixtape-Maker-In-Chief's playlists.
18/01/1732m 5s

The Alt.Latino Spring 2017 New Music Preview

Hear new tracks from Cafe Tacvba, Dayme Arocena, Chicano Batman, Hurray For The Riff Raff and more.
11/01/1736m 7s

Alt.Latino Listeners Pick The Best Of 2016

You've heard from us about the best Latin music of the year — now, we're hearing from you.
21/12/1645m 36s

Alt.Latino Picks The Best Latin Music Of 2016

This was a year for redefining expectations and defying conventions in Latin music. Hear 10 songs that represent just some of the highlights.
14/12/1643m 54s

Encore: Carlos Santana Breaks Down His Band's Trailblazing Sound

The original Santana made music history nearly 50 years ago. When the band reunited for a short tour this spring, the guitarist told Alt.Latino how he and his collaborators did it.
07/12/1630m 58s

The Sounds Of Cuba, In Exile And At Home

In the wake of Fidel Castro's death, Alt.Latino looks at the artists who remained in Cuba after the revolution and those who've left — and how their music reflects both realities.
30/11/1631m 45s

The Lost Tapes Of Caife: A Vintage Ecuadorian Record Label Revived

Recently, Ecuadorian DJ Daniel Lofredo Rota stumbled upon a box of tapes from his grandfather's record label. Now, he's reclaiming a lost segment of his country's musical heritage.
23/11/1629m 57s

Alt.Latino's Post-Election Meditation: Music For Healing

Hear a special mix of meditative music, recorded before the votes were tallied, to help you get over the bruising election season.
09/11/1631m 36s

Alt.Latino's Sonic Altar: Remembering Those Who've Left Us

In what's become an annual Día de los Muertos tradition, we play music and personal dedications honoring the departed — from Prince to a listener's abuelito.
02/11/1644m 25s

Latino Noir: Private Eyes And Really Bad Vatos

Good guys, bad guys, cops and intrigue — it's all part of the world of Latino noir fiction. Author Carmen Amato takes us on a tour of the genre.
26/10/1637m 58s

Love For The Lead Guitar: Guest DJ Eljuri

The accomplished guitarist, songwriter and vocalist dives deep into the world of the lead guitar with a playlist of her favorite classic-rock icons.
19/10/1636m 5s

What's On Alt.Latino's Playlist? The Sounds Of Cuba Today

Cuban musicians are mixing tradition with contemporary styles to create sounds that defy description or categorization. Hear a mix featuring more than 100 songs from today's Cuba.
14/10/1634m 35s

Cuban Piano 101: A Century Of Historic Grooves

The piano is as much a defining sound of Cuban music as percussion. This week on Alt.Latino, we cover the way the country interprets Africa through the keyboard.
06/10/1628m 59s

Cuba: While The Politicians Argued, The Musicians Jammed

The musical exchange between the United States and Cuba goes back to the 19th century. Thankfully, the two countries' political standoff never filtered down to musicians.
30/09/1628m 58s

Tiny Desk, Huge Enthusiasm: Latin Music On Our Small Stage

Alt.Latino samples some of the Latin artists who've performed in NPR's one-of-a-kind concert series.
22/09/1641m 21s

Late-Summer Jams And A Viral Video From Bomba Estéreo

Music from across the Latin world, plus an unforgettable "tribute to little brown girls everywhere."
18/09/1642m 50s

Willie Bobo: An Appreciation And A New Album

The percussionist and bandleader, who died in 1983, played a significant role in Latin jazz history. A new album of recently recovered music is cause for revisiting his legacy.
08/09/1637m 0s

Alt.Latino Pays Tribute To Juan Gabriel

The immensely popular Mexican singer died Sunday. Alt.Latino gathers some friends to mourn his death, celebrate his music and unpack his legacy.
01/09/1639m 2s

'There Are No Rules': Fea Talks Latina Punk

The Texas punk band joins Alt.Latino to discuss beauty standards and Latina identity — and to share some loud music with a wicked sense of humor.
18/08/1646m 24s

Make Your Own Latin Music Scene

On this week's Alt.Latino, hear new sounds from musicians who fly below the radar in Latin America, as Remezcla music editor Isabelia Herrera shares some key tracks.
11/08/1632m 23s

Encore: From Puerto Rican Soul To Ranchero Punk, New Obsessions In Latin Music

In this week's encore presentation, hosts Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras document their eclectic musical passions — including amazing music from the Los Angeles Tropical revival.
04/08/1629m 47s

Cool Songs For Beating The Midsummer Heat

The music gets very chill this week with smooth Latin soul from the daughter of a Latin music icon and Mexican folk renditions of music from Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.
28/07/1634m 33s

Las Mostras: Fierce Women Of Latin Music

In this week's episode of Alt.Latino, hear the music of "Las Mostras": the powerful, talented women of Latin music.
22/07/1635m 0s

Three Cities, Four Festivals, One Alt.Latino Weekend

Philadelphia, New York and Chicago hosted four Latin Alternative music festivals within 48 hours of each other. Somehow, we managed to get to all of them.
15/07/1649m 9s

Guest DJ Agustín Lira: Struggles And Hope

The veteran protest singer reflects on a crucial time for the farm-worker movement when he helped organize workers using music.
07/07/1628m 55s

Alt.Latino Picks The Best Of 2016 (So Far)

We're halfway through the year, and we've already heard so much great music.
30/06/1648m 16s

'I Feel Like I'm Free When I'm Dancing There': Love And Pride On The Dance Floor

The recent tragedy in Orlando hit a space that's practically sacred for gay Latinos. This week, Alt.Latino celebrates stories of the dance floor.
23/06/1631m 48s

Encore: The Honduran-Canadian Singer And The Swedish Band: An Alt.Latino Love Story

Good music is good music, and it eventually breaks down all barriers. This week we've got Mexican bluegrass, Venezuelan retro and a Honduran crooner who makes beautiful music in Canada.
16/06/1641m 30s

A Guided Tour Of Colombian Music, From The Mountains To The Coasts

Veteran radio host Betto Arcos has just returned from a trip to Colombia, and he comes to Alt.Latino bearing gifts — including a deep dive into the country's best folk and contemporary music.
09/06/1640m 32s

We Are Everywhere: Latin Alternative Music In Unexpected Places

As Latino populations grow in locations far from large urban centers, local music scenes are thriving. This week, Alt.Latino showcases a few artists from places off the beaten path.
03/06/1639m 22s

Thelma & Luis: An Alt.Latino Road Trip With Attitude

The lure of the open road was too much to resist this week, so Alt.Latino turns the volume up on a collection that includes Central American heavy metal, Cuban guitar jazz and Brazilian DJs.
26/05/1633m 2s

Alt.Latino Goes Classical: Orchestral Music From Latin America

Hear re-imagined pre-Colombian music and arias from the jungles of Brazil and beyond, chosen with the help of Tom Huizenga from NPR Music's Deceptive Cadence.
20/05/1633m 37s

Guest DJ Junot Diaz: 'It Takes Guts To Be Alive'

An encore presentation of an all-encompassing conversation with award-winning author Junot Diaz. Diaz also picks an exciting assortment of bachata and urban merengue to play on the show.
12/05/1647m 9s

Remixing Classics: Fania Opens Its Vaults

This week on Alt.Latino, we discuss how and whether to remix legendary recordings — and, along the way, feature a new album of remixed salsa classics.
05/05/1635m 41s

6 Young Music Producers Who Shape Latino Identity With Sound

Alt.Latino offers a view from inside the mixing room, featuring talents you should know.
29/04/1638m 17s

Caetano Veloso And Gilberto Gil: Living History

This week on Alt.Latino, the two iconic Brazilians discuss history and music.
29/04/1631m 10s

Carlos Santana Breaks Down His Band's Trailblazing Sound

The original Santana made music history nearly 50 years ago. As the band reunites for a short tour this spring, the guitarist tells Alt.Latino how he and his collaborators did it.
14/04/1630m 59s

Cultural Give-And-Take With Guest DJ Daymé Arocena

In a fun and vibrant conversation with Alt.Latino, the Cuban singer makes it clear that her country's political isolation from the U.S. didn't apply to music.
07/04/1639m 29s

Take Alt.Latino's 'Ladies Of Spring' Mix For A Spin

Cuban disco, Colombian love ballads, breezy Honduran-American anthems and winding Brazilian hip-hop: Meet the women who are here to start the season off right.
31/03/1641m 33s

SXAméricas 2016: An Embarrassment Of Riches

The festival-within-a-festival at Austin's SXSW featured more than 200 Latin bands. Choosing just six to highlight was a challenge Alt.Latino cheerfully accepted.
24/03/1645m 17s

The Blossoming Of Guest DJ Kat Dahlia

The pop singer's recent live shows reveal a performer who's finally hitting her stride. She joins Alt.Latino to talk about her musical influences and her latest album, My Garden.
17/03/1639m 22s

Discover Latin Musicians From The 2016 Tiny Desk Contest

This week on Alt.Latino, hear an incredible range of Latin sounds from this year's entrants.
10/03/1649m 32s

Guest DJ Seu Jorge's Musical DNA

The Brazilian singer and actor reveals how his music has been shaped by samba, funk and David Bowie.
04/03/1631m 38s

#OscarsSoWhite, But Here's How To Break Hollywood's Rules

NPR film critic Bob Mondello joins Alt.Latino to discuss actors and filmmakers who are showing the industry what diversity looks like.
25/02/1630m 15s

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Inside 'Bordertown'

Two of the Fox sitcom's writers, Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano, sit down with Alt.Latino to discuss creating culturally relevant comedy and making history.
18/02/1630m 58s

Love Stories In Union Square

Alt.Latino puts aside its hatred of Valentine's Day to hear New Yorkers' tales of love lost and found.
11/02/1633m 4s

Sidestepper: Richard Blair's Timeless Great Idea

The Colombian band has a long history of widespread influence and electronically enhanced grooves. Hear the band's founder in a music-filled discussion with Alt.Latino.
04/02/1633m 38s

Alt.Latino's Midwinter Pick-Me-Up Mix

Ever have one of those days when the world is conspiring against you? When even your dog isn't your biggest fan? This mix ought to help lift your spirits.
29/01/1635m 4s

Getting Personal With Alt.Latino Guest DJ Natalia Clavier

The Argentine singer makes her own music when she's not working with the band Thievery Corporation.
21/01/1645m 32s

This Week On Alt.Latino: New Music, And Remembering A Legend

Hear new music from around the world, as well as a batch of songs that pay homage to David Bowie.
14/01/1639m 2s

In Cuba, Musicians Redefine The Classics

Cuba has a rich tradition of both Afro-Caribbean and classical music. Now, vibrant young musicians are re-imagining both.
07/01/1644m 32s

Ring In The New Year, 'Screwmbia' Style

Pump up your New Year's Eve dance party with help from Alt.Latino and Texas "screwmbia" DJ Luis Espada, better known as King Louie of the Peligrosa collective.
31/12/1537m 37s

Festivo Alt.Latino: Gaby Moreno In Concert

Her voice dripping with Southern R&B grit, Moreno and her band never lose sight of the emotion in the holiday classics they perform at KUT in Austin, Texas.
17/12/1558m 2s

Los Mejores: Alt.Latino's Favorite Musicians Of 2015

Colombian soul singers, Miami bad girls, Mexican crooners and many more: Hear the music that rocked our world.
10/12/1549m 20s

Bagels And Bongos: The Jewish-Latin Music Connection

With Hanukkah around the corner, Alt.Latino explores the huge influence Jewish musicians have had on Latin music. Yes, that includes a Celia Cruz performance of "Hava Nagila."
03/12/1535m 32s

Guatemalan Hip-Hop, Argentine MCs, Puerto Rican Soul And More

This week on Alt.Latino, hear a wide variety of sounds and styles from across the Latin music world.
19/11/1536m 52s

A Life Of Storytelling: Guest DJ Soledad O'Brien

The award-winning journalist visits Alt.Latino to share some of her favorite stories and music.
12/11/1530m 38s

De Película: The Best Latin Film Soundtracks Ever

Latin America continues to make an impact on audiences around the world. This is just our first show looking at Latin American cinema.
05/11/1534m 13s

Día De Los Muertos: Alt.Latino's Sonic Altar

Once a year, to celebrate Day Of The Dead on Nov. 2, we pay tribute to those we've lost with the help of music and listeners.
29/10/1546m 47s

Alt.Latino's Horror-Movie Mixtape

Hope you had a light breakfast, because we're set to pump up the music and run for our lives.
22/10/1536m 50s

Hear 6 Latin American Artists Who Rock In Indigenous Languages

This week, Alt.Latino plays songs sung in indigenous Latin American languages: Mapuche, Tzotzil, Guarani, Quechua and Tz'utujil from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico.
15/10/1537m 12s

Twice The Fun With Guest DJ Ibeyi

The twin sisters bring a long playlist to Alt.Latino, turning this week's episode into a singalong.
08/10/1539m 8s

Guest DJ Rita Moreno On Fighting Back And Winning

The iconic actress and singer joins Alt.Latino to discuss the life of a Latina in Hollywood, as well as what the original West Side Story lyrics said.
01/10/1547m 33s

New Tunes, Old-School Delivery

It's true: Some of us do still get our music from CDs. Alt.Latino has a stack of new ones to share.
24/09/1539m 57s

Cruising In El Minivan: Alt.Latino Surveys The State Of Kids' Music

Three Latino dads listen to children's music from the past and present.
17/09/1534m 47s

Speed Dating With Alt.Latino

With so much new music from Colombia, Venezuela, Spain and more, it took some split-second matchmaking to get through all of this week's diverse, exciting picks.
10/09/1533m 30s

Latitudes And Longitudes: Latin Music From Around The Globe

Guest DJ and Latitudes writer Anastasia Tsioulcas joins us in the studio for a little globe-trotting.
03/09/1528m 54s
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