Exercise: Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) It

Exercise: Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) It


You know you need to do it, but there are always a million excuses not to. In this podcast, we give you the science behind getting up and moving, making exercise a habit that sticks and getting the most from your workout.


This 22-Minute Workout Has Everything You Need

If you've got 22 minutes, you can get an effective total-body workout. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, walks us through an interval session and explains why it's so effective.
24/12/1919m 9s

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25/11/191m 29s

Where The Gender Pay Gap Is Widest

A report from Glassdoor reveals which industries have the starkest gender pay gaps.
29/04/199m 36s

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Why Superman Doesn't Take Over The World

Superman could easily take over the world. But there are some good economic reasons why he doesn't.
26/04/1910m 0s

Selling A T-Rex On eBay

On eBay right now: A baby T-Rex. The price? $2.95 million.
25/04/199m 40s

Is Everything Awesome In The Economy?

The first few months of 2019 looked troubling. But now we seem to be on the upswing.
24/04/199m 59s

What Happened To U.S. Workers?

The share of people ages 25 to 54 in the labor force has fallen in the past couple of decades. What happened? Listen to an excerpt from our live event with the Financial Times Alphachat.
23/04/199m 57s

The Traffic Tariff

New York will soon charge drivers to enter the most crowded parts of the city. Congestion pricing: Does it work? Who's doing it? And is it coming to a city near you?
22/04/199m 41s

A Brief History of Income Taxes

Taxes have been around forever. But the income tax? In the U.S., it's relatively recent.
18/04/199m 55s

Why Do Introverts Get Paid Less?

There's a gap in career earnings between introverts and extroverts.
17/04/199m 26s

Why Do We Still Use QWERTY Keyboards?

The story behind the first six keyboard letters are driven by economics.
16/04/199m 57s

The Cost Of Measles

The cost of a measles outbreak - to individuals, families, communities, and the country - is high.
15/04/198m 42s

Solving Problems Caused By International Trade

Free trade may solve problems for businesses transacting across borders, but it can make life painful for their workers.
12/04/199m 41s

How Trade Helps Explain Inequality

Trade makes for peaceful relationships between nations, but gains for consumers and workers aren't spread evenly.
11/04/198m 59s

The Maple Syrup Cartel

Prices for most agricultural products change with supply and demand. Not maple syrup.
10/04/199m 50s

Trade War With Cheese: Trump's New EU Tariffs

A new round of U.S. tariffs could hit European wine, cheese, aircraft, and escargots.
09/04/199m 1s

How To Measure Happiness

The U.S. is one of the world's largest economies, but it lags when it comes to happiness: the World Happiness Report ranks America number 19.
08/04/199m 53s

Jobs Friday: Chillaxing Edition

Happy Jobs Friday! The economy is still adding jobs, unemployment remains low, and wage growth is fine. It's all good...right?
05/04/198m 57s

The China Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical?

A recent paper examines the motivations behind Xi Jinping's corruption crackdown and arrives at a surprising answer.
04/04/198m 13s

The 20-Year Quest To Save Nutella

Global demand for hazelnuts is growing, thanks to the popularity of products like Nutella. So it should be a great time to be in the hazelnut business... but there's one big problem.
03/04/199m 35s

What Sex Work Reveals About Risk

Allison Schrager is an economist and journalist who visited a number of brothels to examine how we understand and deal with risk.
02/04/199m 42s

A Crisis Of Consumer Confidence?

The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index is one of the indicators retailers, policy-makers and manufacturers use to gauge the health of the economy. But what is the index, exactly?
01/04/199m 45s

An Indicator In The Hand

On the one hand, you could say the economy's looking rocky; on the other hand you could argue it's in good health. We lay out both sides.
29/03/199m 20s

Dry Cleaners, Housing, The Stock Market And Rip It

Today, answers to your questions on dry cleaner pricing, and the comparative investment virtues of the housing and stock markets.
28/03/199m 51s

An Economist in Caracas: Day In The Life

Gabriela Saade is a 27-year-old economist in Caracas, Venezuela. Yesterday, she walked us through Venezuela's staggering numbers. Today, we walk a mile in her shoes.
27/03/199m 53s

Venezuela By The Numbers

The crisis in Venezuela continues to deepen, with nationwide blackouts hitting the country again this week. Today, we talk to a Caracas-based economist about what's happening in her country.
26/03/199m 59s

Spotify's Long, Winding Road To India

Spotify recently launched in India, but that path was long and complicated. We take the experience of Spotify and use it as a lens to look at why breaking into India is so difficult.
25/03/199m 17s

Are Neighbors Overrated? (And Other Questions)

The latest edition of "Overrated, Underrated" with economist Tyler Cowen.
22/03/197m 24s

Lyft Going Public: The Dual-Class Share Dilemma

All shares of stock are not created equal. Stock can come in different classes now: Class A, Class B. Some of this stock comes with superpowers... and some of it comes with almost no power at all.
21/03/199m 51s

Why Are Venezuelans Starving?

Venezuelans are starving because there isn't enough food. But the country has so much fertile land, water, and sunshine — shouldn't it be a farmer's paradise?
20/03/199m 44s

Coffee? Thank U, Next

Your average cup of coffee is getting more expensive — but the price for coffee beans is going down. How can that be?
19/03/199m 59s

The Cost Of Student Debt

Should you take out a student loan? Jill Schlesinger, author of "The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money," does the math.
18/03/199m 58s

Buying A College Degree: Did Aunt Becky Overpay?

The scandal that dominated the news this week involved parents paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their kids into the right college. But what is a college degree really worth?
15/03/199m 43s

Saying 'I Do' To Lab-Grown Diamonds

A lot of money is pouring into the global diamond industry, but demand for diamonds has been less than lustrous of late. But, at the same time, money has been pouring into the industry. Why? We have on our hands – a four carat mystery.
14/03/199m 57s

The Economy Inside Your Head

Economics looks at how we make decisions in a world of scarce resources. What happens when the scarce resource is our attention?
13/03/199m 49s

A Tale Of Two Dollar Stores

Dollar stores thrived during the economic downturn--opening thousands of locations across the country. They were recession-proof...but are they recovery-proof?
12/03/199m 58s

March Madness: Britain Leaving The EU

Leaving the EU is unprecedented, but leaving a large trading bloc is not.
11/03/199m 54s

Gender Segregation In The Workplace

The most common jobs for men and the most common jobs for women tend to be different — and this separation has big effects for everyone.
08/03/199m 43s

Inequality In America

Technology is bringing us closer together, but it's also making the world a more unequal place.
07/03/199m 41s

Tampons: That Bloody Sales Tax

Most states in the U.S. have a sales tax on menstrual products. Some states have repealed this so-called Tampon Tax, on the grounds that it's unfair to women. But the repeals come at a cost.
06/03/199m 18s

Trade War And Peace

Trade negotiators from China and the U.S. seem to be closing in on a deal. But it's not clear what the terms will be.
05/03/199m 5s

5 Misconceptions About The Chinese Economy

Five things that a lot of people get wrong about the world's second largest economy - and what robots and zombies have to do with it.
04/03/199m 59s

Who Is The Neoliberal Shill Of The Year?

"Neoliberalism" has become a loaded term.
01/03/198m 43s

How To Listen To More From Life Kit

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01/03/191m 38s

Dancing On The Debt Ceiling

Tomorrow is the day the U.S. hits its debt limit. What happens if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling?
28/02/199m 59s

More Debt, Less Problems

Americans have more consumer debt, and they're also in better financial health. How can that be?
27/02/199m 25s

TV Vs. Video Games: Who's Winning?

Both video games and television have radically improved in the past two decades. Have they also changed the way Americans spend their time?
26/02/199m 51s

Payday Loans And Debt Traps

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced payday regulations would be delayed. We look at the business of payday loans, and what it's like to get into a debt cycle with payday lenders.
25/02/199m 59s

Unsung Economists #1: Sadie Alexander

Sadie Alexander was the first African-American to earn a PhD in economics. We think her contributions deserve another look.
22/02/199m 59s

Investing: Wait For It...?

Personal finance specialist, author and former trader Jill Schlesinger explains market timing--that is, trying to figure out when to buy and sell stock--and why it's a fool's errand.
21/02/199m 53s

Why Americans Can't Quit Tipping

Tipping is ingrained in America's retail culture. And there's not much we can do to stop that.
20/02/199m 14s

The Super Bowl: Key Housing Indicator

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman told us last year that Super Bowl weekend is one of the most accurate indicators of the health of the housing market for the year ahead. Well, the Patriots won - what happened with housing?
19/02/198m 25s

What Does "National Emergency" Actually Mean?

President Trump asked Congress for funds to build an extension of the wall on the border with Mexico. Congress refused, so Trump declared a national emergency. But what does that mean?
15/02/199m 51s

Your Questions, Answered ❤️

Today we answer listener questions about age discrimination; how work hours are counted; and whether the economy is running out of people to take jobs.
14/02/199m 57s

The Strike That Changed U.S. Labor

The 1937 union agreement between GM and the United Auto Workers union ushered in a period of strength for organized labor. Today, labor is nowhere near as powerful as it used to be. What happened?
13/02/197m 54s

Fortnite Vs. Backpack Kid: Dance Battle Royale

An Instagram celebrity and a video game company are battling over who gets to own a dance move once it goes viral.
12/02/199m 54s

How Violence Limits Economic Activity

Economist Lisa Cook examined how race riots, lynchings, and segregation at the turn of the 20th century reduced the number of patents filed by African-Americans.
11/02/199m 51s

Small Town Boom

Small towns in rural areas across America are seeing a regeneration to advance technology, jobs and economic prospects.
08/02/199m 55s

The Disease Detectives

The dedicated officers of the epidemic intelligence service are foot soldiers in a relentless battle against infectious disease.
07/02/199m 58s

India's Poverty Paradox

India's government has proposed a plan to pay some of the country's poorest farmers a guaranteed income. What would this mean for the country's economy?
06/02/198m 7s

The Fed's Sweet Spot For Interest Rates

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says inflation isn't a problem right now, and that the short term interest rate, at 2.5 percent, is right where it should be.
05/02/199m 49s


Parts of America are in the grip of a cold snap. Others are being drenched by rain. How do we measure the cost of extreme weather conditions? We called a scientist to find out. It turns out storms are getting more and more expensive.
04/02/198m 23s

The Jobs Friday 5

Jobs: Is the economy creating enough of them? Are they paying more than they used to? Do people have the jobs they want? All this and more.
01/02/197m 55s

Lights Out For PG&E?

How the once fairly-stable business of public utilities is changing.
31/01/199m 45s

How To Price A Government Shutdown

The Congressional Budget Office estimated the economic impact of the longest shutdown in history.
30/01/199m 37s

A Bond Is Born

How the invention of the government bond saved a bunch of mid-level politicians from certain death and became one of the most important pieces of financial technology the world has ever seen.
29/01/198m 19s

Globalization At Davos: What Happened?

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is supposedly an unabashed celebration of globalization. Not this year.
28/01/199m 42s

The End Of The Shutdown?

The shutdown is over... for now. Today on the Indicator, we talk to one of the 800,000 formerly-furloughed federal employees about his experience of the shutdown.
25/01/197m 33s

HAIL To College Access

An economics experiment that streamlines the application and financial aid process for low-income students.
24/01/199m 55s

When Tariffs Hit Home

How the trade war with China is playing out on one peanut farm in Georgia.
23/01/199m 29s

Shooting Bambi To Save Mother Nature

The number of hunters in the U.S. is falling, which is bad news for wildlife conservation.
22/01/199m 58s

What Keeps Economists Up At Night? And Other Stuff

We armed The Indicator's producers with your questions, and they unleashed them on a roomful of economists at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association.
18/01/199m 56s

R.I.P. Jack Bogle, Democratizer Of Investing

John Clifton "Jack" Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Today we look back at his life and career.
17/01/199m 53s

The Extremely Cautious Case For Extremely Mild Optimism

Interest rates are higher, global growth is slowing, and the government is at an impasse. But there are also reasons for near-term optimism about the U.S. economy.
16/01/199m 56s

Working Women: Why The U.S. Is Behind

When it came to the female labor force participation rate, America used to lead the world. But we've fallen behind. Today on the show: what happened?
15/01/199m 46s

10,000 Economists Walk Into A Bar

Which economic indicators do we pay too much attention to? Not enough? It's Overrated/Underrated: Economic Indicator edition
14/01/199m 45s

Shutdown Economics

The U.S. partial government shutdown is on track to be the longest in history. Whatever its political consequences, the economic costs to the private sector will increase the longer it lasts.
11/01/199m 57s

U.S.-China Trade: Where Are We Now?

Today on The Indicator: an update on the trade spat between China and the U.S.
10/01/199m 46s

Are We Ready For A Recession?

Some signals on the economic dashboard are warning we could be heading for a downturn within a couple of years. Are we ready to fight off a recession?
09/01/199m 59s

Don't Fear The Fear Index

2018 was one of the most volatile stock market years on record. And the market continues volatile today. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.
08/01/199m 45s

Jobs, Inflation And The Phillips Curve

The Fed chair and his two predecessors speak at a big conference about Friday's stellar jobs report, and why, despite what the Phillips Curve might predict, they're not too worried about inflation
07/01/199m 54s

Economists On Screen, Episode 4: Stockholm

The miniseries Stockholm tells the story of a group of friends, one of whom is a frontrunner for the Nobel Prize in economics. But there's a problem: he's dead.
04/01/1910m 0s

Economists On Screen, Episode 3: Aaron Sorkin

Shows developed by Aaron Sorkin included a lot of economics. We look at free trade in The West Wing, and Glass-Steagall in The Newsroom.
03/01/199m 59s

Economists On Screen, Episode 2: Jack Ryan, CIA Economist

In Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, the lead character is an economist in the CIA, tracking down terrorists by following their money.
02/01/199m 49s

Economists On Screen, Episode 1: Crazy Rich Asians

Explaining the game theory in the plot of the movie Crazy Rich Asians.
31/12/189m 53s

Indicators Of The Year: #MeToo

The #MeToo movement transformed the experience of women in the workplace. The strong job market helped some women feel secure enough to come forward... but for others, it still doesn't feel safe to speak up.
28/12/189m 15s

Indicators Of The Year: Opioids

The opioid problem has reached into all parts of American life, including the workplace. But the workplace could be key in addressing the problem.
27/12/189m 54s

Indicators Of The Year: Housing

2018 was a rough year for the housing market. We take a look at what happened.
26/12/189m 59s

Indicators Of The Year: Immigration

Applications for H-1B work visas fell 16 percent in 2018 from 2017. Does that mean the U.S. could lose its edge in attracting global talent?
24/12/189m 17s

Friends Of The Indicator, Pt 2

Our pals Josh Barro of New York Magazine and Jennifer Doleac from Texas A&M tell us what they're keeping an eye on in 2019.
21/12/189m 57s

Friends Of The Indicator, Pt 1

What are the best indicators for 2019? Some of our best friends tell us what they'll be watching.
20/12/189m 55s

You've Got Mail!

Depression severity, Australia's housing market and the minimum wage. You asked: here are some answers.
19/12/189m 59s

The Crypto Crash

Cryptocurrency had a rough 2018. The big cryptos lost about 80% of their value. So what happened? Is crypto poised for a comeback or are we talking tulips?
18/12/189m 3s

Lowlights Of The Year

We commemorate some of the darkest and funniest business and economic blackspots of the year.
17/12/189m 29s

How To Make Exercise A Habit That Sticks

Falling off the exercise wagon more than you'd like? These strategies, based on economics and the science of habit formation, can help. Plus, you get to binge-watch TV.
15/12/1816m 50s

Get Started Exercising

Just thinking differently about moving your body can help make all those excuses disappear — and we have the science to back it up.
15/12/1816m 1s

Economics Of A Border Wall

President Donald Trump has made building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico one of his signature issues. Today, the Indicator looks at the economics of a border wall.
14/12/189m 28s

Introduction: Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) Exercise

A lot of us love to hate exercise. In these episodes, we talk to the experts about how to think differently about exercise so that it fits right into your life, for good.
14/12/181m 27s

Why Are There So Many Mattress Stores?

There are so many mattress stores in the America, and they always seem to be empty. So how can they afford the real estate? And how do they stay in business?
13/12/189m 57s

Economic Insecurity

The U.S. economy looks in fine shape — for now — but even a lot of Americans with jobs still struggle financially. Here are three Indicators to monitor economic insecurity in the U.S.
12/12/187m 59s

Citi Bike's Better Angels

How one bike-sharing company used behavioral economics to solve one of its most vexing problems.
11/12/189m 47s

Unto The Brexit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to exit the European Union has hit a wall. What happens now?
10/12/189m 41s

More Jobs, Less Pay

In honor of jobs day, we look at the jobs that used to be high-paying, that are now low-paying. What happened to these jobs? And what can it tell us about the U.S. economy?
07/12/189m 41s

The Fed's Mistake?

For years after the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve kept short term interest rates near zero percent. It began raising rates in 2015 — but did it jump the gun.
06/12/189m 39s

Paris Is Burning

What the yellow vest protests in Paris tell us about economic reform in France and the parallels with politics in the U.S.
05/12/189m 43s

Behind The Curve

When the yield curve inverts, people worry that it's a sign we're headed for recession. But its predictive reliability also depends on the way it inverts.
04/12/189m 54s

Trade War And Peace

China and the U.S. have been locked in a trade war for most of 2018, but peace may be on the horizon.... at least a partial peace.
03/12/189m 40s

The Voyages Of The Starship Indicator

NASA has been taking a more hands-off approach to extra-planetary exploration. What will that mean for the economics of space?
30/11/189m 40s

Space Economics

From moon missions and space shuttles to public-private partnerships.
29/11/189m 58s

Do Sanctions Work?

Sanctions have become an increasingly common foreign policy tool for the U.S. How effective are they?
28/11/189m 22s

College Side Hustle

Colleges and universities are finding creative ways to make money.
27/11/189m 47s

Bonds, Rating Agencies And Chocolate

Marilyn Cohen talks bonds, rating agencies and the yield curve, in overrated, underrated.
26/11/188m 56s

See Stocks Run

The stock market has been on a wild ride lately. Today, the Indicator looks at what's going on and whether we should worry for the economy.
23/11/189m 58s

The Price Of Your Turkey Dinner

We talk turkey with the American Farm Bureau about changes in the price of Thanksgiving Dinner.
21/11/189m 2s

The Ins & Outs Of The Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is a contentious issue. Some claim it's a job killer. But what does the research show?
20/11/189m 55s

Recession Indicators, Pt 2

Wondering whether we're poised to tip into a recession? The jobs market may point the way.
19/11/188m 5s

Recession Indicators, Pt 1

Are we heading into a recession? The Conference Board's Leading Indicator has ten ways to tell.
16/11/189m 49s

The Lucky Country

Australia hasn't had a recession in 27 years. Good policy? Or just good luck?
15/11/189m 22s

Oil Up, Oil Down

The decline in the oil price since the end of October has been stunning in its depth and speed, and follows more than a year of climbing. What changed?
14/11/188m 25s

The Problem With The Pink Tax

Women pay more than men for many consumer products. Today on the show: Why some economists still think that's a good thing.
13/11/189m 58s

Recession Suppression Needs Policy Aggression

The next global economic downturn could be even harder to reverse than the last one.
12/11/189m 59s

The 401(k) Turns 40

The 401(k) retirement plan turned 40 this week! Today on the show, we chronicle the rise of the 401(k), the fall of the pension, and talk to the man who started it all.
09/11/189m 41s

All Aboard The Bankmobile!

How one bank gave a whole new meaning to the term "mobile banking"
08/11/189m 9s

Your Lifetime Value Score

You may not know it, but companies are silently scoring you... and using that score to figure out how to treat you.
07/11/189m 13s

Stacey And Cardiff Answer To The People

We answer questions from our listeners and issue a couple of mea culpas.
06/11/189m 53s

Ode On A Grecian Tax

Taxes get a bad reputation, but they were central to the formation of representative government, says financial historian William N. Goetzmann.
05/11/189m 43s

How Companies Cope (With A Tight Labor Market)

Wage growth has (finally) been accelerating, but what else are companies doing to bid for workers?
02/11/189m 40s

Why Ecuador Uses The Dollar?

One of our youngest listeners asked us why Ecuador changed its currency to U.S. dollars, so we found out!
01/11/189m 53s

Paranormal Profits

Horror movies are good business. Scary good. They are more likely to be profitable than any other kind of movie. Today on the show, we look at why.
31/10/189m 25s

The Best Day For Payday

Weekly, biweekly, or every month — which payday makes the most sense?
30/10/189m 1s

Judgement Bonds

Municipalities are increasingly going to the bond market to pay their court settlement costs.
29/10/1810m 0s

Lotteries And Happiness

We assume that winning the lottery will make us happier. In some ways it does, in others — not so much.
26/10/189m 54s

Difficulty With The Deficit

The deficit normally shrinks when the economy is strengthening, but not now.
25/10/189m 59s

The Rise of the Machines

In just six years, robots could achieve parity with humans in the workplace, with machines working the same number of hours as people.
24/10/189m 59s

Of Wages And Warehouses

Warehouse jobs are growing even faster than the rest of the booming labor market. Are they good jobs?
23/10/189m 29s

Short Shrift For Short Sellers

Short sellers get a bad rap. Sometimes with good reason. But overall, they're an inevitable and useful part of a healthy financial system.
22/10/189m 11s

Tears For Sears

A storied American retailer has filed for bankruptcy.
19/10/189m 58s

Beating Bollywood

Amazon and Netflix are trying to take on India. But, so far a Hollywood ending, south-Asian style, has eluded them.
18/10/189m 56s

Gross Dank Product

Just because marijuana is now legal in Canada doesn't mean the market for it is easily quantifiable.
17/10/186m 13s

A Snapshot Of Poverty In America

The Supplemental Poverty Report provides a more accurate and nuanced picture of poverty in America.
16/10/189m 9s

Overrated/Underrated: Nobel Prizes, Conversations, And Our Descendants

Tyler Cowen rates Nobel prizes, blogs, and the importance of weirdness in conversation
15/10/189m 52s

The Economics of Apologies

Turns out nothing says 'I'm sorry' like cold, hard cash
12/10/189m 39s

China's Brave New World

China is piloting a so-called social credit system, which allots every citizen a certain number of points. If you do the "right thing" you can extra points. If you do the wrong thing, you can lose points and life can get very difficult.
11/10/189m 48s

Life On China's Blacklist

In China, if you don't pay back your loans, you could end up on a blacklist. When you're on it, you can't get a credit card or a plane ticket. Today on the show, we talk with someone on the blacklist.
10/10/1810m 1s

China's Social Credit System

China has a problem: it's economy grew fast and that led to a trust problem. If someone doesn't pay back a loan, there's no real enforcement. But the solution might cause problems of its own.
09/10/189m 51s

The Iron Lotus

The reverse stock split is the Iron Lotus of the financial world. It looks complicated and absurd, and it often doesn't end well.
08/10/188m 57s

Who's Hiring?

Today on the Indicator: stolen jobs-day trends ... from our clever jobs-day friends!
05/10/187m 29s

What Comes Afta NAFTA

The US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement keeps in place the basic NAFTA framework, with a few twists.
04/10/189m 44s

What Happened To GE?

General Electric used to be a household name — a pillar of the U.S. economy. Now, it's fighting to survive.
03/10/1810m 0s

Zeitgeist-y Bubbles

How financial bubbles reflect the particular psychology of the times in which they inflate.
02/10/189m 49s

D.C.'s Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Washington, D.C. is being sued for a billion dollars... for gentrification.
01/10/188m 59s

The Case Of The Pricey Frito

Corn prices are falling, but the price of Fritos in the White House press corps break room is up by 20%. What's going on? Team Indicator is on the case!
28/09/189m 28s

Baby Got Buybacks

Companies are buying back stock from shareholders more than ever. Not everyone thinks that's a good thing.
27/09/188m 15s

Tariffs And Tourists And Trade Wars, Oh My!

The U.S. trade war with China escalated this week. The Trump administration might be underestimating how many options the Chinese government has for responding to American tariffs.
26/09/189m 56s

Less Risky Business

The psychological scars wrought by the 2008 financial crisis are taking a long time to heal. We're a lot more cautious, which has serious implications for the economy.
25/09/189m 49s

Saudi Arabia & The Paradox of Plenty

This week in history: Saudi Arabian oil and the creation of Aramco.
24/09/189m 22s


Rents in America are leveling off. At last!
21/09/188m 49s

The Young And The Restless

Why boom and bust is part and parcel of the emerging economic experience.
20/09/188m 26s

The Psychological Effects Of The Financial Crisis, Lingering

We hear a lot about the effects of the financial crisis on the economy and markets, but what about the lasting effects it had on our psyches?
19/09/188m 40s

Work Work Work

The availability of work — the availability of jobs for people who want a job and even for people who didn't know they want a job — continues expanding.
18/09/187m 12s

Down Clown

Clowns and clowning have been suffering from a chronic branding crisis for decades. Can they fix it?
17/09/189m 31s

Handle With Care

In the midst of a deepening economic crisis, a reporter's dilemma.
14/09/189m 56s

The Price Of Rice In Japan

Demand for Japanese-grown rice is falling. But prices are still going up.
13/09/189m 32s

Free Tuition; False Economy?

Why free tuition may make for better politics than economics.
12/09/189m 41s

The Liars Of Romance

People lie when they're looking for a mate online. Today on the Indicator: the lies we tell online, and how often we tell them.
11/09/189m 49s

Call The Midwife Back

For more than three decades, it was illegal in Alabama to have your baby delivered by a midwife. But last year the state finally legalized midwifery and now it could lead to serious cost savings.
10/09/189m 12s

Your Jobs Questions, Answered

Martha Gimbel of the Hiring Lab at Indeed answers listener questions about the job market.
07/09/189m 34s

Why Aren't We More Productive?

Computing and the internet should make us more productive. Or should they?! It's an Indicator mystery.
06/09/189m 52s


Cardiff gets the lowdown on NAFTA from Soumaya Keynes of The Economist
05/09/189m 56s

Making The Case For Removing Tariffs

The next round of trade barriers with China could include a 25 percent levy on Chinese antiquities. One dealer went to Washington to tell Congress why that tariff could hurt our allies and ourselves.
04/09/189m 52s

The Original Bailout

In 1907, America's financial system ran into trouble. Trust in financial institutions evaporated, and contagion swept through the economy. Then John Pierpont Morgan stepped in.
31/08/1810m 0s

Aging Up

Most people think the best time to start a business is when you're young, but is it?
30/08/189m 58s

Mind the Pay Gap

Why do men still make 20 percent more than women in the U.S.?
29/08/188m 22s

Hurricane Joseph & The Calculator That Time Forgot

Creative destruction is a fact of economic life that few products can resist. Graphing calculators are a notable exception.
28/08/188m 33s

The Measure Of A Tragedy

The Venezuelan economy has collapsed. Years of economic mismanagement and a deepening political crisis have led to a recession. Yet there's one indicator that can capture this economic catastrophe.
27/08/189m 57s

The Art of War. It's Not For Everyone

"The Art of War" by Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, is one of corporate America's favorite books. But John McWhorter, a linguistics professor at Columbia, isn't convinced about its utility.
24/08/188m 55s

Beyond GDP

GDP has been a great indicator, but it may no longer be enough.
23/08/189m 49s

The Underrated Economists

Today's summer economics read is "What Would the Great Economists Do?" by Linda Yueh, who is a great economist herself.
22/08/189m 46s

Why People Can't Get Work Done At Work

Today's summer book recommendation offers a different approach to the modern workplace.
21/08/189m 53s

The Indicator Goes To The Beach With Tim Harford

In honor of the last stretch of summer, The Indicator has selected some economic beach reads! Books that will teach you something about economics and also pair well with a pina colada.
20/08/189m 51s

Donald Trump's Economic Strategy... Maybe?

Wall Street Journal Chief Economics Commentator Greg Ip explains President Donald Trump's emerging economic strategy.
17/08/189m 57s

We Buy A Cryptokitty!

Today on The Indicator: Cardiff and Stacey go deep into the world of the blockchain... to buy a cartoon cat.
16/08/189m 59s

Cryptokitties: The Download On Digital Cats

How a single cartoon cat can cost $140K.
15/08/1810m 13s

From Prison To The Workforce

People who've been to prison find it hard to get work once they're free. One solution to the problem may be a simple certificate.
14/08/1810m 16s

Messy Desks, Light Bulbs & Dune

Tim Harford is the author of 'Fifty Inventions that Shaped the Modern Economy." We play overrated/underrated, and asked him about inventions, as well as messy desks.
13/08/189m 35s

Privacy Please: Why Public Companies Go Private (Or Vice Versa)

Today on the Indicator: why companies decide to be publicly-traded or privately-owned. It's all about control. And money.
10/08/189m 26s

The OG Yield Curve Whisperer

A conversation with Campbell Harvey, whose 1986 thesis first explained how the yield curve could predict the direction of the economy.
09/08/189m 54s

Trickle-down Economics: Pricing H2O

What's the best way to price water in a drought, to ensure people get what they need without breaking the bank?
08/08/189m 6s

Sanctions, Iran, And The Battle Over SWIFT

Today on the Indicator: How a small Belgian company wields enormous influence in global finance and diplomacy.
07/08/188m 46s

Tariffs, Now With Extra Cheese

The U.S. has been renegotiating trade deals and putting tariffs on different goods. Meanwhile, other countries are re-negotiating their trade agreements and some deals are leaving U.S. producers out.
06/08/189m 59s

Beating The Clock On Jobs (Summer) Friday

Five indicators in five minutes — Let's gooooooooo!
03/08/187m 31s

Grey Poupon And The Cultural Divide

Income inequality in the U.S. has been climbing for a while. Has it also been accompanied by a widening cultural gap between rich and poor?
02/08/189m 41s

What A Tariff Looks Like

What happens when a new tariff gets put in place? To really see the action, you have to go to Newark, New Jersey.
01/08/1810m 5s

What's In Your Paycheck?

The pace of wage growth is one of the best indicators of economic health. But it can be measured with different methods. Each method tells a slightly different story about how the economy is doing.
31/07/1810m 51s

Putin Vs. Russia's Economy

Russia has had a huge presence in the news lately. But its economy... not so huge. It's smaller than the economy of Texas. Today on the show, we look at what's been holding it back.
30/07/188m 7s


The GDP got all sorts of attention today. The U.S. economy grew at a stellar rate of 4.1% in the second quarter. But what does that mean? And will it continue?
27/07/189m 54s

When Oracles Err

Warren Buffett, Mark Twain, and John Maynard Keynes all made enormous investment mistakes at some point in their lives. On today's show, those stories — and the lessons we can all take from them.
26/07/1810m 9s

The Diamond-Water Paradox

The Diamond-Water Paradox poses the question: If we need water to survive and we don't need diamonds, why are diamonds expensive and water cheap?
25/07/189m 29s

Trump Vs. The Fed, Or Trump Vs... Trump?

President Trump broke with tradition by lamenting that rising rates are keeping the dollar strong and the trade deficit wide. But rising rates and a stronger dollar are the results of his own agenda.
24/07/189m 46s

Google's Mobile Monopoly

The European Commission just slapped Google with a $5 billion fine for abusing its Android monopoly. How did it create the alleged monopoly? By making Android free.
23/07/188m 58s

The Market For Air

How something that's all around us came to be worth millions of dollars.
20/07/189m 50s

Three Indicators To Keep A (Side)eye On

Three worrying indicators to keep an eye on — less complicated than the yield curve, but something you can talk about at the water cooler.
19/07/188m 7s

Trade Wars And The Batman Problem

It may be too late to avoid a trade war between the U.S. and China, but there might be a simple way to stop the trade wars of the future.
18/07/1810m 13s

Saving Women

Women invest far less of their paychecks than men do. Sallie Krawcheck spent her career on Wall Street and she says this is a problem we need to solve.
17/07/189m 9s

Japan's Ninja Shortage

Japan's population is shrinking. It's harder and harder to find qualified people to fill a lot of jobs. Including ninjas.
16/07/189m 52s

We Hear You

We respond to your letters, tweets and messages: We talk Iran, yield curve and how to pronounce Hyundai.
13/07/189m 51s

The Last Straw

Starbucks, Ikea, Vancouver, Scotland: They've all banned plastic straws. The movement is meant to help reduce plastic waste in the ocean. But will it work, or will it backfire?
12/07/1810m 24s

Fed Accounts For All!

Banks and other financial institutions have their own banking accounts at the Federal Reserve. Morgan Ricks argues that regular folks should have access to Fed accounts, too.
11/07/189m 25s

The Price of A Hyundai in Iran

President Trump recently announced strict economic sanctions in Iran. Today on the show, we talked to a young Iranian man about what it's like to live in the Iranian economy right now.
10/07/188m 58s

The Recession Predictor, Still Predictive?

Every time the yield curve has inverted since 1970, the economy has fallen into recession. It's getting close to inverting now, but it may no longer be the recession predictor it once was.
09/07/188m 46s

Jobs: 10 Questions in 10 Minutes

It's jobs Friday! For a comprehensive mid-year update on the labor market, we ask labor economist Betsey Stevenson ten questions in ten minutes.
06/07/1811m 37s

The Long French Goodbye

A quirk in French labor law makes it especially difficult for a company to lay off its employees. It's a system designed to protect workers, but it also has consequences for the rest of the economy.
05/07/189m 36s

Star Spangled Indicator

Flags: symbol of a country, patriotic rallying cry, and a telling economic indicator. Today on the show, a factory in China that makes American flags, and what it tells us about the modern economy.
03/07/189m 10s

The Problem With Unobservable Variables

The unemployment rate is already below the Federal Reserve's estimate for maximum employment. But former Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin says it may still have further to fall.
02/07/189m 55s

Dungeons & Dragons & Balance Sheets

Every year, the nation's biggest banks are subjected to stress tests, hypothetical disaster scenarios designed to test their balance sheets. But the stress tests could soon be getting less stressful.
29/06/189m 36s

Bubble, Bubble, Oil And Trouble

The price of oil continued climbing throughout this year, catching forecasters and consumers by surprise. What happened, and what might make it move in the second half of the year?
28/06/187m 8s

Happy Birthday, Smith v. Keynes

June marks the birthday of two of the most famous economists of all time: Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes. Whose ideas are most relevant today? Stacey and Cardiff duke it out.
27/06/189m 57s

Sallie Krawcheck on #MeToo, Dodd Frank, & Cronuts

We play overrated/underrated with Sallie Krawcheck, Wall Street C-suite veteran and founder of Ellevest. She talks investing, women on Wall Street, and where to find the best BBQ.
26/06/189m 58s

The Beautiful Indicator

Team Indicator takes on the World Cup. We drink, we cheer, we watch the game and, of course, we bring our economic indicators.
25/06/189m 56s

MoviePass / Fail?

If you pay MoviePass 10 dollars a month, you can go to the movies every day. Great for customers, but hard on a company's bottom line. Today on the show, what's the plan, MoviePass?
22/06/1810m 42s

Teenage (Employment) Wasteland

The teen summer job is a vaunted tradition...one that is fading. Today's teenagers just aren't working as much as their forebears. And that could have serious implications for America's labor market.
21/06/1810m 48s

The Plight Of The Living Dead

The Death Master File is a list kept by the government. It keeps track of everyone who has died. But what happens when you end up on the list while you're still alive?
20/06/189m 59s

The Measure Of A Tragedy

Venezuela's economy has collapsed, and the normal economic indicators have gotten so bad they're almost unfathomable. So one economist created an indicator to capture the awful human cost.
19/06/189m 39s

The Art Of The Trade War

The U.S. and China are on track for a trade war. Economists generally say that's a bad idea... but if the U.S. wants to get tough on China, what are some alternatives?
18/06/189m 50s

Gettin' Giggy With It

Despite the proliferation of apps like Lyft, TaskRabbit, and Uber, a new government report found no growth in people primarily doing this kind of work. Here's how the "gig economy" is and isn't changing.
15/06/189m 58s

Trading Spaces

The New York Stock Exchange — that bastion of American capitalism — owes its existence to two dozen men, a buttonwood tree, and a coffee shop. Today on The Indicator: the history of Wall Street.
14/06/189m 49s

Dude, Where's My Trade War?

One way to think of President Trump's trade policy is as a sort of soap opera. Today, we catch you up on the latest dramatic twists and also answer a big, looming question: are we in a trade war?
13/06/1811m 3s


The Congressional Budget Office has a long history of disputes with the White House, including the current administration. But Alice Rivlin — the first-ever director of the CBO — says this time is different.
12/06/189m 58s

Let Them Eat Marshmallows

The marshmallow test is one of the most famous social experiments of all time, but we may be thinking about it all wrong.
11/06/189m 56s

Positively 23rd Street

Why is one of the busiest blocks in Manhattan littered with empty storefronts? And what does that say about the changing landscape of American retail?
08/06/189m 49s

When Retirement Advice Goes Viral

So how much should you have saved for retirement? We wanted to know, so we asked the guy who invented the 401k.
07/06/189m 59s

Social Insecurity

Social Security has traditionally paid for itself, with money leftover. Until this year. Social Security has a funding problem and it's getting bad quickly.
06/06/189m 59s

Do You Have $400?

The U.S. economy has been humming along in the last few years, but that momentum can mask the financial fragility of millions of people who are just one emergency away from financial disaster.
05/06/187m 8s

The Economics of Vaccines

Vaccines are expensive and time-consuming to develop and there's no guarantee the investment will ever pay off. This means promising vaccines often sit in laboratory freezers during major epidemics.
04/06/188m 42s

To Err Is Human, To Revise Divine

The monthly jobs report. Economists watch it, financial markets move on it, but it may not be as accurate as you'd think.
01/06/189m 58s

Internet a la Carte

A new study tries to put a dollar amount on free internet services... by looking at how much money it would take for people to give them up.
31/05/1810m 51s

Money For Moms

After six years of preparation, an ambitious new experiment will study the effects of income on the development of infant brains.
30/05/189m 31s

Banking's Regulation Rollback

Last week, Congress and President Trump passed a bill rolling back regulation put in place by the 2010 Dodd Frank banking reform bill. We look at what changed and what it means.
29/05/189m 15s

Earnings Calls Gone Wild

The earnings call is a peculiar Wall Street ritual, one that's almost designed to be boring. So when something interesting does happen it's news. Today, the lessons of those earnings calls gone rogue.
25/05/189m 55s

The Money Detectives

Recent news has cast a spotlight on a little-known regulatory agency quietly working behind the scenes of our economy. What is FinCEN and why is it so important?
24/05/189m 0s

Most Inane Deduction?

The mortgage interest deduction is popular, but it has numerous distorting effects on the economy – and economists also say that it does exactly the opposite of what people think.
23/05/188m 7s

Women in Bondland

Finance is notorious for being a boys club. Marilyn Cohen has worked in the bond market for 30 years. She talks about what it takes to succeed in her field and why there aren't more women.
22/05/189m 18s

Stacey And Cardiff Take On The Commencement Speech

Congrats, Class of 2018! Rather than listen to another meandering cliche-riddled commencement speech, let Stacey and Cardiff guide you through young-adult life with advice backed up by research.
21/05/189m 32s

Time Bandits

Timekeeping software is becoming the standard across the U.S. And it turns out, it can be used to steal workers' wages, a few minutes at a time.
18/05/189m 5s

SNAP Back To Reality

Congress may soon expand work requirements for people who receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But do these work requirements match the reality of work itself?
17/05/188m 25s

All Bets Are On

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, legal sports betting may be coming to a city near you.
16/05/188m 33s

Rising Rates Vs. The Housing Market

Interest rates are on the rise for the first time in years. What that means for the housing market is far from obvious.
15/05/188m 13s

The Semiconductor Standoff

What one embattled smartphone-maker can tell us about China's plan to transform its economy
14/05/188m 57s

In Vino, Veritas by Numbers

Assigning a grade to a bottle of wine might seem counterintuitive, or even a little absurd, but wine scores have can have a big impact the people who sell wine — and the people who drink it.
11/05/189m 31s

Failing College

Colleges are seeing fewer and fewer students apply every year. To try and stay solvent and attract students, they're trying all kinds of things, from lazy rivers to M&A.
10/05/189m 19s

Indicator and Beyond

It's the 100th Indicator! To celebrate, we look to the future... and to alternate futures. The Indicator takes a break from economics to tackle infinity.
09/05/189m 18s

The Good, The Bad and The Tax Cuts

The corporate tax cut passed in December was supposed to compel businesses to boost investment. Is it working, or are companies just passing the savings on to their owners?
08/05/188m 21s

The 'I' Of The LIBOR

The LIBOR interest rate was at the center of a huge international scandal back in 2012. Regulators believed it had to replaced. But is that even possible?
07/05/189m 53s

The Perks Of Counting The Wallflowers

It's jobs day! But the unemployment number might not be the most important thing to watch.
04/05/189m 19s

Baby Bubbles

Housing markets are hot. But are they bubblicious?
03/05/188m 31s

Aging Up

Most people think the best time to start a business is when you're young.
02/05/189m 51s

The Only Prescription Is More Transparency

Healthcare is expensive. Transparency in pricing might make it cheaper.
01/05/189m 33s

Inflation Target Acquired

The Federal Reserve has hit its inflation target. Now comes the hard part - staying at two percent.
30/04/188m 28s

The Homeless Count

The homeless population in Los Angeles County has been skyrocketing. A team from USC tried to figure out why.
27/04/189m 4s

California's Housing Conundrum

Almost everyone in California agrees that there's not enough housing in the state. But no one wants building in their backyard.
26/04/188m 10s

The Farm Labor Drought

Water isn't the only shortage California farmers are worried about. There's a labor drought, too.
25/04/189m 31s

When China's Ships Come In

A spat over tariffs is giving California ports pause.
24/04/188m 31s

3 Things You Didn't Know About LA

Los Angeles - it's not what you think.
23/04/189m 45s

The New Bond Villain

Concerns about the yield on the 10-year Treasury note going above three percent are overblown.
20/04/189m 21s

Amazon vs Trump Goes Postal

President Trump's objection to Amazon's deal with the Postal Service is based on dodgy data.
19/04/1810m 13s

Lawn Chair Economics

China steals a lot of intellectual property from the U.S. The smartest thing for the U.S. to do in return might be ... nothing.
18/04/188m 56s

Tax Refunds, A Habitual Health Problem

The way many Americans manage their taxes could be bad for their health.
17/04/189m 8s

The Loan Ranger

Most people think you can't get rid of student loans in bankruptcy. Turns out most people are wrong.
16/04/189m 14s

Congress Does Not Compute

The percentage of congressional representatives with a background in computers: THREE
13/04/1810m 22s

Unsung Indicators

Our show goes old school in this episode and brings you three under-appreciated economic indicators about things that affect us all.
12/04/187m 7s

Deficit Attention Disorder

The CBO projects the federal budget deficit could top 800 billion dollars this year... and reach a cool trillion by 2020. So ... what?
11/04/189m 3s

Tyler Cowen Rates America

Data, the humanities, and the suburbs: Tyler returns for another round of Overrated vs. Underrated
10/04/187m 49s

Mind The Pay Gap

Women still make less than men in the U.S. Exactly how much less is not necessarily a straightforward question.
09/04/188m 24s

Where The Jobs Are

Chinese tariffs could threaten more than 1.8 million American jobs.
06/04/188m 17s

Morbidity, Peak Child, And Collective Pessimism

Five interesting facts about our world that you probably didn't know.
05/04/188m 18s

Stop, Collaborate, And Listen

Cross-genre musical collaboration used be a small niche in the popular music scene. Today it's verging on domination.
04/04/188m 18s

The Original Bailout

In 1907, America's financial system ran into trouble. Trust in financial institutions evaporated, and contagion swept through the economy. Then John Pierpont Morgan stepped in.
03/04/189m 53s

China, Tariffs, And The Hogs Of War

The tariffs China just imposed on 128 American-made items will cost the U.S. about 3 billion dollars a year. That's not much to the nation, but it's a big deal if you make one of the products on the list.
02/04/187m 24s

Disability In Decline

A long-term trend of Americans withdrawing from the workforce due to disability has gone into reverse.
29/03/188m 12s

Dollars And Census

The census is more than a headcount. It determines how federal dollars are spent and how districts are represented in Congress.
28/03/187m 31s

Costly Care In America

Americans spend more on healthcare than people in other high-income countries, and it's not because we use more of it.
27/03/186m 58s

Dollars for Data

From Google Maps to Yelp to Instagram, the internet gives us access to all sorts of services without having to pay a cent. But are they really free?
26/03/189m 19s

The Oil Rig Count

One of the best gauges of the state of the oil business is a pretty simple one: just count the drilling rigs.
23/03/187m 30s

Too Small To Fail

Independent bookstores are experiencing a surprising renaissance.
22/03/188m 6s

Trump vs. Trudeau: Both Right, Both Wrong

Trump says we have a trade deficit with Canada. He's right... and he's also wrong.
21/03/188m 48s

A Brief History of Tariffs

The debate over tariffs is nothing new. In fact, it's as old as the country itself. A look at how the debate began.
20/03/188m 32s

The Reinvention Of The IPO

Having disrupted the music business, Spotify is trying the same trick with the stock market.
19/03/1811m 8s

The Bear Necessities

The man who wrote the book on the collapse of Bear Stearns talks about what happened a decade ago and where we are today.
16/03/188m 2s

Calculated Risk, Calculated Caution

Bill McBride has been remarkably prescient about the big swings in the U.S. economy. And he's starting to get uneasy.
15/03/188m 25s

What Trade Organization?

The justification used by the Trump administration for its steel and aluminum tariffs is riskier for the global trading system than the tariffs themselves.
14/03/187m 59s

Bonds... Japanese Bonds

Team Indicator takes your questions, concerns, and James Bond-related car trivia.
13/03/1810m 37s

Hurricane Joseph & The Calculator That Time Forgot

Creative destruction is a fact of economic life that few products can resist. Graphing calculators are a notable exception
12/03/188m 29s

The Jobs Report: Where The Ladies At?

Why has the share of women in the labor force been stagnant for almost two decades?
09/03/187m 51s

Let's Get Ready to Retail!

In the red corner: the uncontested retail champion of the world: WalMart. In the blue corner, the behemoth of online sales: Amazon.
08/03/188m 20s

A Child Prodigy, A Nervous Breakdown, and The Discovery of Romantic Poetry

What happens when a classical economist finds out the world is much more complicated than he thought?
07/03/187m 20s

Cobalt: Rare and Everywhere

Cobalt used to be a sideshow on the periodic table. Now it's the main event.
06/03/1812m 22s

Sticker Shock: The State Of The American Car Industry

The average American car is now more expensive than it's ever been. And guess what? Sales of new cars are falling.

Oil's Magic Price

There's a sweet spot for every oil well in America.
02/03/185m 19s

The Cost of Life in America

Over the past two decades, prices on average have increased. But certain things have gotten cheaper while others have gotten more expensive, and which is which can tell us a lot.
01/03/187m 57s

More Band For Your Buck

To understand the Trump administration's approach to trade tariffs, look no further than the humble rubber band.
28/02/188m 56s

The Case For Overshooting

We have a new Federal Reserve chair. His name is Jerome Powell. Here's what we can expect.
27/02/188m 28s

Productivity With A Side Of Chicken

Why productivity could be the most important data point in the economy...and how did KFC manage to run out of chicken?
26/02/188m 30s

Guns And The Trump Slump

Today more than two thirds of the guns in America are owned by just 20 percent of gun owners. That's not always good for gunmakers.
23/02/187m 25s

The 28-Hour Work Week

Imagine being able to work fewer hours during a difficult time in your life, without having to quit your job or interrupt your career. In Germany, for many workers, that's now a reality.
22/02/186m 56s

The Olympics, Afrofuturism and Sichuan Food

Our guest, Tyler Cowen, has smart insights into a ridiculously wide range of subjects. Our conversation is a lightning round that touches everything from Afrofuturist flicks to the mouth-numbing qualities of the Sichuan peppercorn.
21/02/187m 3s

The Spy Who Trolled Me

Russia spent 73 million Rubles a month to influence an American election. But what did they get for their money?
20/02/186m 24s
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