The Ross Edgley Podcast

The Ross Edgley Podcast

By Ross Edgley | #1 Best Selling Author

THE Ross Edgley Podcast is dedicated to debunk every fitness or nutrition myth you’ve heard. Instead, it lives to deliver debates, insights and knowledge bombs on practised, preached & performed techniques to give you the fitness and food tools to reach any goal, anywhere, anytime. Hosted by Ross Edgley, author of The World’s Fittest Book, the current number one bestselling fitness book on Amazon, expect infectious enthusiasm, a huge dose of real knowledge & a sign up to your first 5K, Iron Man or world record attempt within minutes of the initial download! Ross is a qualified Sports and Nutrition expert & part of the founding team at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ which is considered as Europe’s most innovate sports nutrition company. As well as writing for a range of publications (including GQ, Menshealth, Telegraph,, Mensfitness and more) Ross has amassed a social media following of well over half a million people. Renowned for his beliefs in functional fitness and his epic endurance stunts such a marathon pulling car, a triathlon carrying a 100lb tree and his recent 100km Strong Man swim from St Lucia to Martinique (also towing a tree), Ross is about to embark on a world record attempt swimming round Great Britain. It’s not just about the stunts, expect the detail on how to train for anything & everything, anywhere as Ross walks through the teachings within his bestselling book, delivers real insights in how to fuel training with the right nutrition techniques & talks to guests from around the fitness community. One word to describe what you’re in for… EXPLOSIVE!


State of the Fitness Industry ft. Steve Cook

Podcast Guest #1 - Steve Cook discusses the current state of the fitness industry. As one of the world's most recognisable fitness models and with over a decade over experience in sports science and athletic conditioning, Steve gives one of the most honest breakdowns of the industry past, present and future. 
12/04/1959m 10s

Episode 1 - What Drives Champions?

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Ross Edgley Podcast, carrying on from all the lessons learnt from The World's Fittest Podcast, Ross and the team talk all about motivation, and more importantly what drives motivation that creates champions.
08/04/1943m 25s

7 - Can Strength and Stamina Co-Exist?

On today's episode Ross and the team dive into the idea of Strength and Stamina and how they co-exist with one another.
05/04/1930m 33s

6 - Strength

Ross talks about how the world of strength has changed over the years, taking us through the years of Verkhoshansky, the Law of Adaption and just how much of a machine Jonah Lomu really was...
05/04/1940m 7s

5 - Fat Loss - How to do it right.

In this episode Ross and the team delve into all things fat loss, discussing the main principles of fat loss and the methods you can use to follow these principles.  
18/02/1954m 10s

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Goal Setting

The boys are back! Returning after Ross' little swim around Great Britain, Ross and Simon delve into all the goal setting and mindset lessons Ross learnt throughout his insane journey.
20/01/1953m 20s

4 - The Law of Specific Skill

In this episode we break down Ross' 2016 to show how to apply the Law of Specific Skill correctly to achieve insane results. What did 2016 look like for Ross?.. January - World's Strongest Marathon - 26.2 Miles pulling a 1.4 tonne car. April - World's Longest Rope Climb - Climbing a 20m rope repeatedly until Ross had scaled Mt.Everest (8848m) August - Covered 1000 miles in a month, barefoot, carrying a 50kg backpack. October - 24 Sports in 24 hours. Training Non-Stop at Loughborough University. November - Completed the Nevis Caribbean Triathlon whilst carrying/towing a 45kg Tree. Ross breaks down how he prepared,trained and programmed for each event, dropping knowledge bombs galore along the way. This Podcast is based on the teachings of the World's Fittest Book, Released on 10th May you can pre-order your copy here: This Podcast is sponsored by The Protein Works™, the UK's most innovative sports nutrition brand, delivering the best tasting shakes, freshly hand crafted bakes and all the supplements you could ever need. TPW have just released their brand new Protein Crunkie™ a perfect blend of all things Protein and Energy, to help fuel your wildest adventures, anytime, anywhere. Podcast listeners can claim 20% off everything on site, with code: POD20    
03/05/1839m 20s

3 - The Law Of Progressive Overload

Improve Anything and Everything. Ross and the team dive head first into the Law of Progressive Overload covering everything you need to know to improve your output. Taking insights from the Great British Olympic Team and Ross' time spent with the Royal Marines.   Full Episode Notes available
30/04/1826m 19s

2 - The Law Of Body Basics

In this Episode Ross breaks down the 1st law of Fitness, The Law of Body Basics, Ross and the team break down the functional movements you need to master first before you can then go on to master any sport.   For Full Show Notes head to:
25/04/1831m 25s

1 - Welcome to the World's Fittest Podcast

The World's Fittest Podcast is here, taking all the knowledge found in the World's Fittest Book and breaking it down into easy, simple to follow tips. In this episode Ross introduces the World's Fittest Podcast Team and what to expect from this EPIC podcast.   For full show notes, head over to
25/04/1830m 21s
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