Coffee & Flowers: A podcast about The National

Coffee & Flowers: A podcast about The National

By Christopher Hooton and David Rapson

In season 1, the band guide us through their dark but hopeful album, 'Boxer'.


Bonus: 'I Am Easy To Find' launch

As the band launch a new album and a new film simultaneously, Chris and Dave review and discuss this ambitious new project, chat to Bryce Dessner and Scott Devendorf about the division of labour on a project like this, and meet Eve Owen, a 19-year-old singer who features on the album.
07/05/191h 19m

S1 Ep13: Reflections

The myriad stories that interweave throughout 'Boxer' and beyond all come together as we take a final look at the record as a whole.
04/03/1944m 26s

S1 Ep12: 'Gospel'

We consider what it means to end the album in a garden, beneath holiday rainbow lights and with a nice icy drink in your hand.
04/03/1943m 50s

S1 Ep11: 'Ada'

Ada lets us all have her neck. "The touching of a person's neck is much more intimate than kissing them on the mouth, don't you think?" - Matt Berninger
04/03/1940m 32s

S1 Ep10: 'Racing Like A Pro'

Boxer's young professional takes a look in the mirror and asks us: "What is it all worth?"
04/03/1930m 52s

S1 Ep9: 'Guest Room'

We enter "prison for jerks" and find two people struggling to escape this relationship jail of their own making.
04/03/1927m 32s

S1 Ep8: 'Start A War'

The (im?)possibility of reconciliation is explored in 'Start A War', and when the right time is to walk away. Plus, how identical twins approach guitar harmonies.
04/03/1925m 39s

S1 Ep7: 'Apartment Story'

Unpacking 'Slow Show's "fraternal twin", we consider relationships within four walls. How do we enjoy comfort when it all too often rubs up against claustrophobia?
04/03/1937m 16s

S1 Ep6: 'Slow Show'

The album hits its mid-point and a fork in the roads: to go to the party, or to stay in? We explore the pros and cons of socialising and the curious lure of home.
04/03/1941m 59s

S1 Ep5: 'Green Gloves'

This episode we find a tender exploration of humans, their objects, and the connections we form.
04/03/1933m 43s

S1 Ep4: 'Squalor Victoria'

We consider the unheavenly travails of white-collar employment in a track that, for Matt, was all about restraint.
04/03/1929m 12s

S1 Ep3: 'Brainy'

We follow the footsteps of two people in a game of cat and mouse with help from Brainy herself, Carin Besser.
04/03/1932m 29s

S1 Ep2: 'Mistaken For Strangers'

We consider the unmagnicifcent lives of adults and the reluctant deal we all make with the world as we leave youth.
04/03/1941m 49s

S1 Ep1: 'Fake Empire'

We begin exploring 'Boxer' with a tiptoe through the album's melancholic first track, exploring the real, the fake, and the big opener that almost wasn't.
04/03/1925m 7s

S1 Ep0: Welcome & Why

A warm welcome to Coffee & Flowers, explaining who, what and why.
04/03/1914m 23s

Season 1 Teaser

Season 1 will be available 4 March on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other listening thingys!
12/02/194m 26s
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