The Business Wilderness - The Voice of Entrepreneurs

The Business Wilderness - The Voice of Entrepreneurs

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The Business Wilderness is a podcast focused on the world of Entrepreneurs & the best practices they need to follow to navigate the complex world of business. We Feature thought-provoking topics and industry experts in every show.


S2 Episode 110 ACE Desai - Leader of the String blockchain project.

Ace is the leader of the String blockchain project. A project focused on bridging the schism between traditional finance and defi. A Next-Gen global securities blockchain platform. At its core String offers 5 features: private accounts, private transactions, private smart contracts, private NFTs, and high TPS. Learn more at
31/01/2217m 33s

S2 Episode 109 David Lindeque - Founder of Orbit Partners

David is the Founder and Head of Product at Orbit Partners, a software engineering & product design studio based in Los Angeles, California. He has founded various ventures and was previously Senior Product Manager at Albert. Orbit works with companies of all sizes, from Series A to Fortune 500, across various countries. Orbit currently leads Product Development & Frontend Engineering at Sameday Health, while building software for various companies across the globe. Learn more:
21/11/2115m 0s

S2 Ep. 108 Charles Naut Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Charles was previously a principal engineer on the Quickbooks Self-Employed team working to power prosperity for self-employed people around the world. He also launched Intuit Workforce (previously Playbook HR before being acquired by Intuit), which helped companies onboard and manage independent workforces. Before starting Playbook HR, he was a PM at Microsoft working on search engine relevance for Bing. Charles graduated from Stanford University in 2012 where he majored in Computer Science. At Stanford, Charles was president of BASES, the school's largest entrepreneurship group, and currently, serves on its board of advisors. Throughout college and high school, Charles interned in technical roles at companies in a wide range of industries and sizes from energy to finance to social media and from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Get in touch with Charles here.
04/11/2119m 58s

S2 Ep. 107 Co-founder and CMO of REINNO

Natalia Shirshova is co-founder and CMO of REINNO – a fintech startup bringing liquidity to commercial real estate. With a background in Economics researching non-performing loans and stock market interdependencies, she is leading the fintech revolution. One of her main goals is demystifying and destigmatizing the world of digital assets. Natalia believes that education and cooperation between blockchain companies are essential for wider adoption. Before REINNO, she did marketing and PR for companies in various industries, including consumer electronics, education, and big pharma.  REINNO developed lending and investment products to help commercial real estate investors gain liquidity with blockchain technology. REINNO's team built a proprietary lending platform and risk model for income-producing properties in the U.S. REINNO marketplace allows investors worldwide to buy fractions of professionally-managed commercial buildings, from multifamily to industrial. Earlier this year, the marketplace was recognized by Wealth and Finance International and Fintech Breakthrough Awards. Most recently, REINNO became a finalist at the Wealth Management Industry Awards in three categories, including Blockchain and Real Estate. REINNO is also nominated for the Benzinga Fintech Awards and Hackernoon Startup of the Year.
26/10/2115m 10s

S2 Ep. 106 Ceo & Founder of Thirdact Digital

Eric bootstrapped a branding agency 5 years ago, Started with a partner and a laptop on a table in New York's upper west side, and has grown the shop to 15 people, with creative, strategy, and media capabilities, serving clients around the world. Most recently, he launched Third Act. This first-of-its-kind marketplace is the destination for theatre NFTs is a pre-seed venture-backed by an A-team across the entertainment and crypto industry. Learn more
19/10/2118m 56s

S2 Ep. 105 CEO and Co-founder at STG Visions

Agustin O’Connell is the CEO and Co-founder at STG Visions, a Computer Vision firm at the forefront of athletic talent evaluation. He studied Physics and Engineering at the College of William and Mary, where he was a football player and then a coaching assistant for a short time.  He’s currently an MBA candidate at the college, studying entrepreneurship. While SportsTech and AI are at the forefront of his interests, he also has a passion/interest in ClimateTech and the developing Space industries. Hobbies include fishing, writing, and lifting weights." Learn more about STG Visions
13/10/2134m 26s

S2 Ep. 104 Co-Founder & CEO at - Understand contracts in seconds

SpeedLegal helps business and legal professionals review complicated contracts in a few minutes instead of a few hours. SpeedLegal uses a set of machine learning tools to extract useful data from bulk-uploaded contracts so users can focus on the parts that require more attention. SpeedLegal allows its users to reduce 75% of the cost of legal review and avoid making mistakes so they can make more deals. SpeedLegal's users have higher ROIs on the document review process compared to those who are not using SpeedLegal's red-flag analysis and summary report features. visit
07/10/2111m 33s

S2 Ep. 103 Arthur Root founder and CEO of Nostra

Arthur Root is the founder and CEO of Nostra, the first-ever intelligent content optimization software. Before Nostra, Arthur spent time at Castlight Health, Comcast NBC, Appthority (acquired by Symantec), and TitanHouse. Arthur holds a bachelor's of science in public affairs from the Paul O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs where he was the student commencement speaker.  Get in touch with Arthur here
27/09/2118m 42s

S2 Ep. 102 Ankit Jain Founder of Pathloom

I'm Ankit, founder of Pathloom. We are building the first All-In-One application to make outdoors discovery and trip planning easy for hikers, campers, and other outdoors lovers. We're on a mission to get more people outdoors, more often. Prior to starting Pathloom, Ankit was an Aerospace Engineer, Researcher, and Astroprenuer with 2+ years at early-stage NewSpace startups working with large-scale NASA and USGS datasets and algorithms to help mission planners plan missions to the Moon. He is also an avid outdoors person, having been to some of the most remote regions of the Himalayas - reaching altitudes of nearly 20,000 ft, and last summer he thru-hiked the 170-mile Tahoe Rim Trail in California. Bringing together his tech/data/GIS, entrepreneurial background, and deep domain knowledge of the outdoors and the team, Pathloom is uniquely positioned for success in the market.
18/09/2118m 44s

S2 Ep. 101 Derek Russo Co-founder and CEO of Chit Chat

Derek Russo is the co-founder and CEO of Chit Chat, a platform for meaningful connections and conversations - where people can seek specific knowledge and be rewarded for providing it. Derek started his career as a finance and technology management consultant at PwC; helping startups and Fortune 500 companies develop growth strategies, implement new technologies, and design processes to support post-merger integrations. He graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). Schedule a chit chat with Derek:
09/09/2133m 0s

Founder & Managing Director at Two Hands Greg McLardie

Who is Greg Mclardie?  Driving me has been the strong desire to build something with such a strong foundation that it will last for generations. The “something” that is built will be a noble company. I want to make a difference. I want to put a dent in the universe. 10 years ago I had the guts to pursue this vision in the food industry. I can connect the dots from disparate information to form a vision many others do not see. It is natural for me to challenge the status quo and to think of a better way. At the same time, I build strong relationships where 1+1 can equal 5. Some would say 'perseverance' is my middle name. While it may seem counter-intuitive, I have the agility to learn, change and morph when facing obstacles. Obstacles and mistakes always provide a learning opportunity. I have had 22 years consumer products and 17 years food industry experience in USA, Japan, Australia & China. Also CEO experience in FMCG, food and agriculture industries in large and small companies for the last 24 years. Although in recent years I have been on a strong entrepreneurial track, I spent 8 years with Procter & Gamble in their Cincinnati global headquarters. P&G, which invented brand management, gave me a strong grounding in branding, the importance of continuous innovation and the rigours of research and being fact-based in decision making. I also spent 2 years as President of Japan & South Korea, living in Japan, for Australia’s largest food company, Pacific Dunlop’s food operations. I have an 8 year relationship with lobster and abalone fishermen leaders and 6 years and over 30 visits building relationships in China. Get in touch with Greg here
21/05/2039m 25s

Social entrepreneur | Innovator | OBO Top 100 Innovators' 2020 | Oxford University Speaker 2019

Sarah Sharif is a Pakistani-born, British-American who has dedicated her career to social innovation, civic technology, and human impact projects. Sarah is the Founder of Experimental Civics, Founder of Capsule, and Co-Founder of Life Sci Hack. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sharif quickly gained recognition as the Director of ATX Hack for Change driving the generation of 157 social innovation and emerging technology projects in her role. Through Experimental Civics, she has launched over 10 unique design thinking workshops and has supported over 45 hackathons to increase awareness in open science, social innovation, and design thinking. As a millennial CEO, we've only seen the beginning of her global work as Sarah empowers communities through engagement with technology. Many millennials talk about change with no real outlet for action. Sarah is truly unique in that she's creating a space for changemakers to make a difference with hands-on experiences, workshops, and hackathons. Learn more here
19/12/1918m 10s

Chris Wilesmith CEO Mitre10 NZ

Chris's Story:  As a passionate retailer I will never forget that first chapter of my career those many years ago when my manager and one of my life mentors said to me "young Chris, you have one of the most important jobs in the business collecting shopping trolleys". "Really?" I replied. He then explained that trolleys are what help customers shop and makes the registers ring. It was then that I learned that every person contributes to the success of a business and it's this lesson that still guides my leadership today. With more than 20 years of executive retail experience, I have steered commercial growth, strengthened customer advocacy, elevated team engagement and provided strategic foresight to some of Australia's largest retail brands. Today as a CEO I pride myself on creating environments for teams to drive transformational growth strategies that consistently deliver unprecedented improvements in revenue, profitability and organisational value. Helping people be the best they can is what makes me tick, and it's because of this that I have a reputation for connecting high-performing teams to deliver strategic and commercial outcomes - consistently. My personal and professional philosophy is best summed up in my treks to Everest: reaching the summit takes drive, passion, learning and both giving and receiving support from those around you. Just like the lesson I learned pushing trolleys, it takes a whole team to reach the top. Specialties: ► Over 20 years of executive retail business acumen and experience. ► National retail experience, leading teams of thousands to win multiple retail awards. ► Defining corporate visions and strategies that deliver significant and sustainable growth.
27/08/1935m 8s

APAC Director Startup Grind | Founder DreamPushers

 GROWTH FOR SCALE UPS & ENTERPRISE WITH A FOCUS ON BRAND, PARTNERSHIPS, AND COMMUNITY BUILDING. Global Startup Director for Startup Grind (in partnership with Google for Startups) inspiring, educating, and connecting 2,000,000+ entrepreneurs, in 500 cities in 125 countries around the world. Local partners include: ASX, Deloitte Private, Salesforce, IBM, MYOB, Zendesk, and NAB. Entrepreneur in Residence at Collective Campus -  Melbourne's Leading Enterprise Innovation Hub. Collective Campus has run corporate accelerator programs for Mills Oakley (LawTech), Village Roadshow (VR/ AR), and Charter Hall (Proptech). CEO of Startup Melbourne Startup Melbourne is based on the idea that we all must continue to learn, to share, and collaborate in order to promote Australia's innovative digital solutions to the world. 
31/07/1921m 45s

AFL, NBL, Rugby League World Cup, A-League Fan Engagement Platform Founder Adam Mussa

Australian startup Benchvote delivers innovative and proven 'fan-first' engagement solutions which captures leads, increases revenue and delivers fan insights to publishers, sports teams and their sponsors. Some of the recent sporting rights holders, brands and sponsors Benchvote has worked with include: Australia’s NBL, 2017 Rugby League World Cup, A-League, AFL clubs Western Bulldogs and Adelaide Crows, NAB, TAB and more. We spoke to Benchvote’s founder Adam Mussa who has a multi-disciplinary background in Digital Marketing, having worked in Social Media, Customer Acquisition, Product Management, and Project Delivery at the startup, agency and enterprise level. He also is an avid educator – teaching classes at General Assembly and Academy Xi in Product Management, Startup Strategy, Digital Marketing and UX.  Learn more about Benchvote here:
18/07/1920m 15s

Nima Yassini: / CEO & Founder, New Republique / Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) / Data-led UX specialist / eCommerce expert / Digital Transformation advisor

Nima is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with over twenty years experience working in digital marketing and advertising across the globe, holding prominent roles with multinational agencies including JWT London, BMC media and Glass Onion. His areas of specialisation include, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), eCommerce, experimentation, digital transformation, digital strategy and user experience design. He is currently the CEO and Founder of New Republique, an award winning experience optimisation consultancy specialising in CRO, UX and brand strategy, to dramatically improve the performance of websites, mobile and apps for brands like Kogan, Chemist Warehouse, Catch, BMW Australia, Fantastic Furniture, HSBC, Employsure, Bendigo Bank and OFX and many more. He started New Republique in 2010 to pursue my passion for working with brands to unlock the psychology behind consumer buying behavior and using that to influence marketing strategy. His clients consistently see a conversion rate lift of anywhere between 5% and 1500%, with results usually being a lift in sales, a lift in qualified leads and sign ups, or more frequent bookings or donations. Nima is an advocate for the constant testing and experimentation that comes with CRO and believe UX and UI design are flawed without the use of real time data. He also believes that many companies make the mistake of spending big on driving traffic to their websites without then investing in data-led, experience optimisation strategies. For media and speaking engagements, please contact Samantha Dybac - The PR Hub: email: 
04/05/1929m 9s

Aaron Smith: / Award-winning Entrepreneur & Franchisor / Founder KX Pilates / Health & Fitness expert

 KX Pilates is Australia’s first high performance, boutique fitness company, with 54 locations across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart and Jakarta, Indonesia. KX offer High Performance Pilates and International Fitness Retreats. Aaron started the business in 2010 and his vision is to personalise and expand the quality of the Australian fitness industry with new styles of functional fitness offerings that achieve incredible results. His goal for the next five years is to have 120-150 KX locations across Australia and for KX to expand further internationally. He entered into franchising because he is passionate about people achieving their dreams of owning their own business and reaching financial freedom. Since being established KX Pilates has earned multiple awards, from Service Business of the Year at the 2014 Australian Startup Awards, SmartCompany Smart50 and finalist for Best Small Business of the Year at the My Business Awards. He has previously been recognised as a Man of Influence by Men’s Style magazine and shortlisted as a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Australian Startup Awards. In 2017 Kx also won the Australian Next Generation of Franchising Competition. KX Pilates offers franchising opportunities nationally. For franchise enquiries please visit  
04/05/1920m 4s

Robert Tadros: / Award-winning Entrepreneur / Founder Impress!ve / SEO, SEM, Facebook advertising Expert / Digital Marketing Keynote speaker

Robert Tadros is the Founder and Managing Director of Impress!ve Digital one of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). He founded the digital marketing agency in March 2016. in two and a half years he has built a team of people and has grown the business 500 per cent from $600K to $4 million in annual revenue. Impress!ve has worked with over 100 clients including Misha Collection, digiDIRECT, Andchill, Schiavello, XBlades and Roll’d. In 2017 Robert received his first request from a client to pay for services using cryptocurrency. Despite negative press about Bitcoin, Robert now has two clients who pay using this currency and he believes that businesses must embrace this technology as part of the future of business. Robert has a Bachelor of Marketing and an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing, as well as over 10 years’ experience in sales and marketing with a particular focus on implementing complex multi-channel digital marketing strategies. With his high energy results-oriented approach, he helps clients to maximise online conversion through effective customer journeys and sales processes. His expertise extends to planning and executing SEO, paid search advertising, social media and mobility. 
28/04/1920m 32s

Sam Bashiry: / Award-winning Entrepreneur / Cofounder Broadband Solutions / Sam Bashiry Foundation / Mentor

Sam Bashiry is a man with incredible drive and the aspiration to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He utilises his innovative vision to challenge the conventional business model, and pave the way for a promising future across a range of industries. His journey from turning $1000 in to the now $25 million internet and telephony business; Broadband Solutions, has propelled him in to the spotlight as a thought leader in his industry and a well-known Australian entrepreneur. Sam's success and experience allows him to use his extensive knowledge to help others achieve their business and personal goals. Working with people in business, education, health and hospitality, Sam motivates and mentors people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Continue reading: 
28/04/1919m 42s

CEO & Founder, Q-CTRL | Award-winning experimental quantum physicist | TEDx Speaker | Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology

Michael J Biercuk is the CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL, a venture-capital-backed company that provides disciplined control engineering solutions to harness the power of quantum physics for next-generation technologies.  Q-CTRL is built on Michael’s research leading  the Quantum Control Lab at the University of Sydney, where he is a Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology. Michael holds both CEO and Professorial positions concurrently and in his academic role is a chief investigator in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems. An award-winning experimental quantum physicist, Michael speaks with clarity and authority about science and technology, and is adept at making physics accessible for a lay audience, such as with his TEDxSydney performance in 2016 and articles in publications such as ABC Science, The Conversationand the Australian Financial Review. Michael enjoys working at the intersection of science, technology, watchmaking and fashion, and can make difficult concepts entertaining, from what electricity is to how computers work. Michael is one of the world’s leading experts in the new emerging field of quantum technology; the work he is doing promises to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th.   He also has an active creative collaboration with luxury watchmaker A. Lange & Sohne, focused on the links between high horology and quantum physics. 
11/04/1922m 1s

The Marketing Wrap 7: Snapchat fights back! Huge first partner summit with many new products Announced!

 For 2.5 years, Snapchat  tried to take the high road versus Facebook, with Spiegel claiming “Our values are hard to copy.”  That inaction allowed Zuckerberg to accrue more than 1 BILLION daily Stories users across Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook compared to Snapchat’s 186 million total daily users.  BUT! They have finally fought back! Tune in as we break it down! 
09/04/1910m 55s

The Marketing Wrap 6: Creating engaging content for different audiences

 Tune into this weeks episode of the marketing Wrap as we discuss how to create different content formats to engage different audiences. 
08/04/197m 33s

Featured in INC Magazine | BuzzFeed | Top 100 iTunes| Podcast Expert Helps Entrepreneurs + Brands Become Influencers Appearing as Guests on Top Podcasts

 "26 Podcasts to be More Intelligent & Influential" (Ranked #1) - INC Magazine "Top 100 iTunes Podcast" (Ranked #78) "Top 26 Podcasts to Follow in 2018" (Ranked #2) - CIO Magazine "7 Millennial Influencers To Follow In 2018" (Ranked #2) - BuzzFeed "Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers of 2017" (Ranked # 6) - Influencive    In 2015,  Jeremy took the plunge and started the Create Your Own Life Podcast, it was life-changing and now he... 👥 Speaks on stages all over the world in front of hundreds of people ✔ 📺 Has been interviewed on prime-time television in NYC ✔ 🎙 Has conducted nearly 600 interviews with Billionaires, Founders, CEO's, Professional Athletes and Celebrities ✔ 📈 Has been downloaded well over 1 million times ✔ 🚀 Has been featured in Forbes (3x), INC (4x), CIO Magazine, Influencive, Buzzfeed and New Theory Magazine ✔ 🎧 Been featured as a guest on 200+ Podcasts, like EOFire & Conscious Millionaire ✔ 📣 With that success, came press and a brand that gave him a major platform. He took that platform and is helping others to become amazing podcast guests through his company: Command Your Brand Media. They use the Power of Podcasting™ to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders and CEO's share their story to connect with the audience and become the leaders in their niche.  Learn more   ► Learn More... www.CommandYourBrand.Media 📅 Book a call --> ☎ Let's Talk... 212-220-3953 ✉ Email Me... Jeremy@CommandYourBrand.Media
04/04/1918m 45s

CEO @ Startupbootcamp Australia, Director & Investor

 Trevor Townsend is an experienced executive, investor and entrepreneur.  Assisting innovative startup founders to grow their businesses.  Specializing in Smart Energy, Fin-tech, Sports-tech and Web3.0 with Startupbootcamp.  Interested in technology investments in startups and early-stage companies. Strong track record in corporate strategy, acquisitions and exits.  Executive with broad experience in all aspects of startups, management, sales, marketing and professional services delivery. Extensive industry experience in Finance, Telco, Energy and I.T. markets.   Learn more 
04/04/1916m 59s

🚨🚨🚨 The Marketing Wrap 5: Building an Instagram strategy that works in 2019

Tune in as we help you build a successful Instagram strategy that works in 2019!  Learn more 
03/04/197m 22s

The Marketing Wrap 4: 🚨🚨🚨 Instagram Marketing in 2019

We discuss the latest updates on Instagram in 2019, Tune in and learn more!   Learn more at 
03/04/196m 19s

The Marketing Wrap 3: Building a successful Content Marketing Calendar

Many of you constantly complain of facing content blocks, in this video, we help you create a content calendar that allows you to create and produce regular content.   Learn more
03/04/194m 36s

The Marketing Wrap 2: Your Guide to Building a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

 We take you through a step by step guide helping you create a killer content strategy!    Learn more here 
02/04/198m 12s

The Marketing Wrap 1: Building a Brand through content marketing in 2019

 Join us on the Marketing Wrap as we discuss all things marketing.   Learn more at 
02/04/193m 15s

Forbes, INC, Huffington Post Contributor, Founder & CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor, Speaker

Evan is an Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, investor, speaker, marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd, and Contributor at Forbes, INC, Huffington Post, and American Express Essentials. He is Listed on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding expert and proud member of YEC. His work has been featured on Forbes, The Next Web, PCMag, Fortune, Product Hunt, and Mashable. Learn more
28/03/1919m 32s

Ayurvedic Health Expert, Practitioner and International speaker in Ayurveda

Jo Formosa is an Ayurvedic medical practitioner, online educator and founder of Back2Health in Australia and co-founder of Health Dynamics globally. Health has always been Jo’s passion and through her 25 years of experience, training and treating thousands of people she has learned how to balance modern life with the ancient ways of Ayurveda. She is passionate about sharing a life of ultimate health and wellness with the world. She set up one of the first Ayurvedic clinics in Australia and has a strong record in helping guide patients back to health through her multi-pronged and practical approach to healing. Specialising in serious health conditions – from cancer and digestive disorders to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune problems – she has a knack for intuitively understanding the body and reversing even the most complex problems. With 70-80 percent of your immunity located in the digestive system and food intolerance and complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome on the rise in Australia and throughout the western world, Jo is a strong advocate for gut health. Jo also knows first-hand what it’s like to be in ill health, having seriously rupturing a disc in her back on her way to compete in the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a hammer thrower. This incident changed the course of her life and lead her on a health trajectory which has seen her help thousands of people on the delicate journey back to health.
13/03/1917m 27s

Creating high performing teams| The art of difficult conversations | Jan & Michelle Terkelsen

Dynamic guests covering all aspects of professional leadership. - Leadership Trainers, Executive Coaches, Team Building Experts, Personality Profiling Professionals, Hosts of The People Leaders Podcast.
04/03/1920m 32s

Tech Investment Banker | Angel Investor | 📚Author - Accelerated Startup | Keynote Speaker

Vitaly M. Golomb is a tech investment banker and angel investor who started as a serial entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley trenches as a teenager. He is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of GS Capital, mid-market M&A boutique and advisory firm. Previously, he was the Managing Director and Global Head of Principal Investments at IEG Investment Banking Group and a founding Partner at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup–where he was recognized as a Global Corporate Venturing Rising Star. Prior to that, he was a three times CEO. Mr. Golomb is one of the most dynamic and in-demand speakers and trainers in the world of startups, venture capital, and corporate innovation. He is the author of Accelerated Startup (2017), universally praised by entrepreneurs and investors alike as the startup creation manual. He is a contributing writer to TechCrunch and a top-ranked mentor by accelerators and business schools in the US, Europe, and Asia. Purchase Vitaly's book here
13/02/1926m 2s

Andrew J Clark Logistics Guru - Logistics Help

Founder and Managing Director of Logistics Help. Our vision is to help small and medium enterprises create logistics operations that compete with the best in the world so they can scale up without stress. We are bringing the tactics and technology from large corporate supply chains to the under-served SME community. Our projects typically return 50% to 200% p.a. to a business through a combination of process improvement, infrastructure design, and technology implementation. You could be sitting on a mountain of value tied up in your logistics costs that we can help you liberate. Book in for a Free Logistics Checkup on our website or connect with me on Linked in and request a checkup.
12/02/1926m 2s

2018 Top Entrepreneur & Visionary by Entrepreneur Magazine Joseph Snyder & Christopher Brown

A serial entrepreneur, Joe has successfully built, scaled, acquired and exited multiple companies over the last 15 years. Stemming from a childhood fascination with business, finance, and the challenges of scaling from idea to profitable operations, Joe’s experiences in real estate investment, financial services, and digital strategy are the foundation of the structure and ideas outlined in Lannister Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NBDR) business strategies and plans. Christopher Brown is a Software developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. He also is the CTO at Lannister Development.
10/12/1827m 46s

Nike Director of Retail Brand | New Era Head of Retail Marketing | Omni Culture Marketing Consultant

A results oriented professional with 20+ years of brand experience in various fields. A background in almost every facet of the marketing mix including strategy, digital, media, analytics, omni-channel retail, merchandising, budget management, and production. Planned and executed marketing on every level from large scale national promotions to field and multi-cultural marketing programs. An elite marketing leader recognized for embracing and understanding culture, strong analytical ability, problem recognition and resolution skills, team building, leadership capacity, and presentation.
18/11/1819m 8s

The Retail Memo: Walmart’s grind through the Amazon Climb

Just think about Amazon 11 years after its IPO, it was being branded as the unprofitable book store. Walmart at the time was the Largest retailer in the USA and things were well. Fast forward 11 years and tables have turned. Amazon is the second largest organisation in the world and are leading the way in the world of eCommerce and technology. Walmart are playing catch up and doing a great job at it, things are getting interesting. Tune in to learn more!
29/10/1811m 25s

Gary Vee Brand Director Andy Krainak

Andy Krainak is the Brand Director for GaryVee. He has extensive digital experience working side by side with one of the worlds most influential entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuk. Learn more about andy at
29/10/1822m 10s

Australia's Most Famous Racing Family | Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse became Chief Executive Officer of William Hill Australia in July 2014. William Hill is one of the largest gambling operators worldwide. William Hill Australia operates the William Hill,, Sportingbet and Centrebet brands, and is among the most respected bookmaking businesses in Australia. He joined William Hill after his bookmaking firm was purchased; he was Managing Director of until he was appointed CEO of William Hill Australia. Tom comes from a long line of bookmakers dating back four generations. He became a licensed bookmaker in 2003 at the age of 20 (while completing a double degree of Commerce Liberal Studies at Sydney University) and was Australia’s largest and most profitable on-course bookie by 2008. In 2010 Tom launched online wagering company, It grew in the space of three years from employing three people to 110 and from having less than 1,000 clients to approximately 200,000. It also became one of three most recognised gambling brands in Australia in that time. In July 2014 became CEO of William Hill Australia operating the William Hill,, Centrebet and Sportingbet brands with approx. 250 people and one million clients. Visit
23/10/1827m 46s

Cyber Security Expert Defend Wise General Manager Jason Murrell

Worrying about your businesses cyber security risk? provides you with a clear and easy roadmap to immediately start reducing your cyber risk right now. Our Cyber Aware People product runs on auto-pilot delivering the industry best training and phishing simulations. Get started in 30 mins...
14/10/1827m 12s

Director of Partnerships at Sampler | Carlie Clough

By virtue of the film and television production grounds, Carlie gained a strong work ethic and first foray into the world of problem solving. After receiving her MBA with a specialization in marketing, Carlie joined the wonderful mad men world of advertising agencies. Thoroughly enjoying her time on a retail client, Carlie gained experience managing a team, vendors, and agency partners while strategizing and implementing annual marketing plans. Carlie joined the tech start-up community in Toronto in 2014, consulting in the ad-tech industry on a variety of facets from business development, strategy and partnerships.
29/08/1811m 59s

Restaurants Turned into co-working spaces| Tashi Dorjee | Twospace

Tashi Dorjee is Chief Executive Office and Co-founder of TwoSpace, a startup founded here in Sydney which turns restaurants that are closed during the day into a network of co-working spaces. Today, TwoSpace has grown networks not only in Sydney but also in Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and across Australia; members work from gorgeous restaurants, rooftop bars, funky hotel lounges, and beachside venues with ocean views. TwoSpace is gearing up to launch a global network, with the first international co-working community growing in Hong Kong.
15/08/1821m 36s

Ecommerce Entrepreneur | President at Curves with Purpose Nancy Yousseff

Nancy Yousseff is a Passionate, polyglot executive. Pioneered, facilitated and steered entry of various organizations globally. International leader, working with cross-functional teams to bring exceptional product, unique experience and world class service to global consumers.
04/08/1818m 23s

Retail Disruptor | Founder of GroceryGetter Shawn Singh

GroceryGetter was founded in 2017 with a view to bringing you the cheapest groceries to your door step. Their advanced database allows you to compare prices between Supermarket chains in order to allow you to find the cheapest and most sought-after products in your local supermarket. With delivery, they now take the convenience of saving to the next level. For a low price, they can deliver the groceries to your doorstep.
30/07/1818m 31s

Global Brand Leader + Strategist | Innovation Communications + Integrated Marketing

Growth-minded, globally oriented communications executive known for developing powerful brand platforms and GTM strategies that quickly address complex commercial and customer needs while creating lasting value. Inventive and inspirational leader who built several high-performing communications departments and brand consultancies from scratch, empowering multicultural, cross-functional and remote teams to deliver results through periods of rapid change, on tight budgets and timelines. One of the original digital storytellers who launched some of the earliest interactive platforms, new media, and SaaS offerings in the world @AOL. Diverse experience also spans every aspect of B2B and B2C marcomms across academia, apparel manufacturing, beauty, consumer tech, digital entertainment, financial services, FMCG, luxury/lifestyle, professional services, telecommunications and women’s retail. Career has touched > 60 countries, with ~15 years in APAC and substantial, on-the-ground experience in: Brussels, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington, DC. Specialties: *Strategic brand positioning & business transformation *Business collaboration & strategic partnerships *Client relations & VIP engagement *Content marketing & thought leadership *Engaging employees & stakeholders through change *Igniting innovation & launching new initiatives Visit
14/07/1822m 12s

Coca Cola Amatil | Startup Program Director at BlueChilli | Megan Flamer

Megan is BlueChilli’s newest Program Director, freshly returned from four years in San Francisco where she consulted on organisational development, communications and mindfulness for some of the world’s biggest tech and media companies. Prior to working in SF, Megan worked for more than a decade in the media across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, as a journalist and radio host with the ABC. Megan is also a highly regarded mindfulness consultant, having run her own yoga retreat and personal development company, creating mindfulness programs for high performance teams at Google, Facebook and HSBC, as well as working with vulnerable clients in prisons in Australia and the US. Having seen what works for startups (and moreover, what doesn’t) in the global heart of tech in San Francisco, Megan has returned to Australia to join the team at BlueChilli, hungry to contribute to the thriving Australian startup landscape - to support an ecosystem that is creative, dynamic and healthy, while creating new economies, new jobs and new ways of thinking.
03/07/1820m 12s

Human-Centered Marketing Consultant helping tech startups Go-To-Market across APAC

Humanisation was born to help tech startups make a human impact in a digital world. They are Marketing & Business Consultants who help tech startups Go-To-Market across APAC. Our secret sauce is Human-Centered Marketing. They partner with SaaS, B2B, Cloud & FinTech brands to drive business growth and customer impact from Australia to South-East Asia to China and everywhere in between and operate as a member of your team from start to finish.
25/06/1821m 6s

Murat Soysal | Co-founder at Segmentify | AI based Personalization for eCommerce

Murat is the co-founder of Segmentify, a SaaS tool providing personalised product recommendations. Murat has spent 10 years in the information technologies sector as wide area network administrator, computer network security specialist and network traffic management engineer in National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Turkey. Main key words to define his technical background during my professional life are open-source, IPv6, CSIRTs, NetFlow. During this term, he had the chance to be involved in academic life resulting in journal papers and an Msc thesis. Find Murat here at or visit
22/06/1819m 0s

CEO @ Lampix, Managing Partner @ Block X Ventures, Blockchain Entrepreneur

George is presently the CEO and co-founder of Lampix, an augmented reality technology platform. He is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Lending Times, a media company in the peer-to-peer, marketplace and online lending space. Also Chairman of the Board of advisors of Gatecoin, a blockchain asset exchange and an advisor to First Blood, a blockchain based eSports platform. Learn more about George at
19/06/1820m 44s

Center for Advancing Retail & Technology |Inc. Magazine|New York Times|Yahoo Finance|Forbes

Sterling has been seen in Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, ABC Money, AlleyWatch, Yahoo Finance, Forbes and other major media outlets. Living at the intersection of in-store, online and the 4th Industrial Revolution, Sterling is actively shaping the future of commerce by helping others create and respond to innovation in a way that betters businesses, communities and the human condition. Sterling Hawkins has become a master of innovation through massive changes and obstacles he has overcome in his own life. From selling the first company he founded in 2004 to flat broke, from a broken family business to a successful one, and from fear of public speaking to keynoting at conferences around the world, Sterling’s story is a perfect example of how anyone can take any situation and create anything from it. As a business leader, entrepreneur investor and futurist, Sterling is an internationally renowned keynote speaker. As a 5th generation retailer and still very active in retail innovation, he has worked with the likes of Stanford, Cornell and the University of Texas to create the future of commerce, and today evaluates over 1,000 innovative technologies annually which are looking to dynamically transform retail and how people fulfill on their wants and needs. He has worked with countless startups, investment groups, retailers, brands and Fortune 500 companies including P&G, Mitsubishi, Zebra Technologies, Stater Bros. and more to ignite innovation and innovation thinking inside their organizations.
31/05/1816m 56s

LinkedIn’s "Top Voices in Retail |Featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal

David J. Katz is chief marketing officer at Randa Accesories, a leading multi-national consumer products company, and the world’s largest men’s accessories business. His specialty is using data, story-telling, technology and consumer behavior to create successful outcomes in evolving markets. Named a fashion industry “Change Agent” by Women’s Wear Daily and a "Menswear Mover" by MR Magazine, he has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and other publications. David was recently elected one of LinkedIn’s 10 "Top Voices in Retail," and a member of the RetailWire's “Brain Trust." He is frequent public speaker, the co-author of the best-selling book "Design for Response: Creative Direct Marketing That Works," and has written many articles on marketing and consumer behavior. A graduate of Tufts University and the Harvard Business School, in neuroscience and marketing, David studies stimulus and response. The name Pavlov rings a bell... Reach David at
24/05/1823m 38s

Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capital, Marketing expert Jeff Brokaw

Jeff Brokaw has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, web design, and entrepreneurship. He founded his first web design and web hosting company at age 14, and at age 16 he ran the IT department of a large stock brokerage firm. Jeff founded a second successful web design and web hosting company, which was ranked as the #1 web design firm in North America by “Which Web Design” in 2012. Since then, he has sold his own bitcoin course online and appeared in CBS Money, Yahoo Finance, The Boston Globe, International Business Times and the San Francisco Times. Jeff focuses on the intersections of innovative design, marketing, and launching successful business ventures through technological media. He is also the Charlotte Chapter Director for Startup Grind. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 125 cities and 42 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies.
16/05/1818m 50s

Chef & Owner of Nouri Restaurant - Unlisted Collection I Keynote Speaker I Culinary Coaching I R&D

Ivan Brehm is the Head Chef and Owner of Nouri restaurant. Rooted in the latin word for nourishment, Nouri is a partnership with award-winning hospitality group Unlisted Collection and is located at 72 Amoy Street, in the heart of the Central Business District Singapore. At Nouri, they present a cuisine that crosses cultural boundaries; creative and impeccable dining that allows for both the discovery of new tastes and new experiences while evoking deep sense of familiarity, shared ancestry and appreciation. “Crossroads cooking” is a term that embodies not only shared elementary techniques, tastes and flavour but also impressions across cultures. Guests start their dinner, for example, with Nouri’s Silken Cheese; a dish inspired by the shared appreciation for texture, technique and flavor. On appearance, the cheese resembles an Italian panna cotta but can easily be interpreted as Asian silken tofu depending on a diner’s cultural reference point. This cheese is made from fresh milk and finished with grated nutmeg, lemon and pickled nutmeg flesh. Paired with Nouri’s homemade sourdough, guests are invited to come together and ‘break bread’ before savouring it with the cheese. Visit
04/05/1817m 26s

Founder of Top Line Results | Author of Inbound Organization| Sales Guru

Todd Hockenberry is the Founder of Top Line Results. He helps clients understand the changes in buyer behavior and change their business to grow better. He Recently Launched a book with Hubspot's Dan Tyre, The Inbound Organization. Todd's clients become customer-centric and aligned with their ideal buyer persona and deliver exceptional customer experiences leading to competitive advantage. Todd consults, coaches, develops and delivers business development strategies for B2B, industrial, and manufacturing companies to: - drive significant lead generation increases - implement online marketing tools including HubSpot, blogging, SEO, content development, and social media - deliver proven strategies that convert leads to customers - grow your sales from your target market To purchase the book visit To get in touch with Todd visit
04/05/1822m 10s

CEO Mentoring Method | Forbes Contributor | Creator of Inclusion 360°™ & Women Evolution® | Speaker

Shavon is an award-winning career development and mentorship strategist specializing in the advancement of diversity and inclusion initiatives in typically male-dominated fields. She is the creator of Women Evolution® and Inclusion 360°™, and as a Forbes Contributor and former host of the “The CEO Show” on ESPN she has interviewed over 200 executives and discovered exactly what is needed to move up within an organization. Shavon’s magnetic personality and ground-breaking technology & research has her speaking at Boeing, California Diversity Conference, MGM Women’s Leadership Conference 2016, American Resort Development Association 2016, Training 2015, and the California Women’s Conference.
26/04/1832m 52s

Mark Baartse| CMO at Showpo | Global Fashion Retailer

An experienced online leader, Mark built his first website in 1993. Since then he has worked as a marketing manager, project manager, programmer, information architect, usability consultant, and copywriter. This gives him an unusually broad view of website management. His passion is making online experiences profitable by focusing on users – in a way that measurably and demonstrably adds value to both the user and the business. Mark Holds excellent skills in online strategy, and expert tactical skills in several key channels including search, analytics, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Mark has been called on to speak on these at leading industry conferences, and teach in structured classroom environments for industry associations. Mark has extensive experience in attracting and retaining top talent, having managed teams for almost 20 years. SHOP: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @showpo SNAPCHAT: @showposnaps YOUTUBE:
18/04/1825m 6s

Marek Danyluk | Managing Partner at Space Executive | CEO at Space Ventures

Marek is an expert connector and business relationship builder. His passion for people led him to start Space Executive, a multi-awarded company in the international search and selection business that focuses on strategy and corporate development, change and transformation, finance, sales and marketing, consulting and professional services, legal and compliance; covering our core markets in Asia Pacific, the United States, and Europe. Under his leadership, the firm takes pride in its keen knowledge and awareness of the industries it serves and in identifying the skills required for key business roles today and in the future. Before founding Space Executive, Marek held key positions at Argyll Scott, Communicate Recruitment Solutions, and Investigo - businesses Marek helped build, grow and sustain. During his tenure as a founding partner at Investigo, Marek helped the company make it to the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table, ranking 10th in the list of the UK's fastest-growing companies. Marek is also CEO of Space Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage innovative businesses, confirming his continued dedication to helping people and businesses grow and develop to their full potential. Contact Marek at DDL +65 6809 2860 or Follow on Twitter @SpaceExecutive
10/04/1818m 37s

Moritz Neto | Tenzorum | Blockchain Growth

Moritz Story: Everything I do is about bringing meaningful experiences to the world. I'm a Blockchain Entrepreneur, Crypto Growth Specialist maniac about UX Design optimization for Blockchain products and Community Enthusiast in the Blockchain landscape. I believe that ideas are worthless without prime execution and that the most important aspect of a venture is always the speed with which teams test their hypothesis. "You are allowed to be wrong, but never to be slow." Life is like music, if you are just listening to finish it, you are doing it wrong... I'm a natural competitor and I always commit 200% of myself to what I do. "Do or do not, there is no try". I have worked with multiple ventures, from Early Stage Startups that wanted to test their products in the market, to 8 figures businesses and Innovation Departments looking for Growth Hacking Consultancy. I have been through the whole startup journey: Idea - Market fit - Acceleration - Funding. And I've understood that you learn much more from your failures than from your victories. “The only way to survive a mad world, is to embrace the madness”
29/03/1820m 27s

Head of PR and Communication at Canva - Liz Mckenzie

Liz's Story: My passion is in storytelling - turning boring corporate speak and industry jargon into something with meaning. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make an organisation stand out. Currently, I'm Head of PR and Communications at Canva, based in Sydney. Prior to joining Canva, I've held comms roles at the CSIRO's technology R&D arm, Data61 and at Red Agency (part of Havas), Ogilvy PR, Recognition PR and Edelman. I am a strategic consultant with a proven track record. In my four years at Red, I was part of the senior team which led Red Agency to its best year on the awards front in 2014 – named by Public Relations Institute of Australia, PRWeek Asia and CommsCon as 2014 PR Agency of The Year and a further 25+ campaign awards at both international and national award shows. Some of my notable achievements include managing one of the first PR campaigns in Australia to win a Cannes Lion. Some of my client experience include managing the PR activities for Microsoft, Google, SuccessFactors (an SAP company), Capgemini, Equinix, HTC, Concur, Okta, AT&T, Fairfax Digital, Indiegogo, Kingston and Mitel. Other non-tech related client experience include Salmat, Kelly Services, The Coffee Club, Jetts Gyms, Reckitt Benckiser and The Whiddon Group. It's not every day you get to make a difference to many, but I have been fortunate to be able to work on several NFPs including The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, Oscar's Law, WWF, The Sony Foundation, The UN Foundation, Vital Voices and The Prince's Rainforest Project.
25/03/1816m 46s

Founder & CEO Interactive Minds,Marketer, Author, Speaker Louisa `Dahl

Louisa is a digital marketing expert who founded networking and educational events company Interactive Minds. Louisa has over 17 years experience in the digital marketing industry and throughout her career has worked across private companies, government and agencies in developing and delivering strategic digital marketing activities. Louisa has founded 3 companies in the past 10 years and enjoys the process of getting a new business to market and making it a success. She is the CEO of Interactive Minds which runs regular events and training for marketing professionals allowing them to learn and connect with talented industry peers and keep their knowledge and skills fresh in the fast moving world of digital. Find out about upcoming events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle at Louisa has recently written her first book, The Deliberate Digital Marketer which outlines the framework of high-performing industry leaders. See more at
12/03/1817m 39s

6 Tips To Creating A Winning Social Media Strategy

We are back with our Facebook Live session, we discuss different strategies on how to create a winning Social media Strategy. Enjoy! Learn more at
06/03/185m 0s

5 Tips To Help Boost Your Facebook Organic Engagement

We are constantly Hearing Facebook is limiting Organic reach, after their last algorithm update there has been a lot of noise. Join me to find out how you can Boost your Facebook Organic Engagement. Learn more at
06/03/184m 10s

Facebook Live Kylie Jenner Wipes Out $1.5 Billion In Snapchat Market Value In A Simple Tweet

Kylie Jenner Costs Snapchat $1.5 Billion in Market Value, Snapchat update Backlash, 1.2 million people sign a petition on for Snapchat to bring back the old design, Snapchat add an additional 9 Million users and more... Learn more at
06/03/182m 51s

Facebook Live: Why Your Organisation Needs To Act Like A Media Company

Consumer attention has never been more critical, consumer eyes are saturated with content daily wherever their attention is. How can you stand out from the crowd? Read more at
06/03/182m 27s

10 Tips To Build An Attractive Linkedin Profile

Tune in as we discuss 10 tips to help you build an attractive linkedin Profile. Learn more at
06/03/189m 53s

Med-Tech: Robin Farmanfarmaian, Entrepreneur | Best Selling Author | Angel Investor

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker, and Angel Investor with a deep understanding of the convergence of accelerating technology and how that is impacting and disrupting medicine over the next 5-10 years. Robin Works on early and mid stage startup companies poised to impact at least 100M people, using cutting edge technology in medicine or science. Robin typically works on multiple startup companies at a time, specializing in strategy, funding, revenue, major partnerships, thought-leadership, and conferences.
05/03/1820m 55s

Amy Picanco Founder of Aym Design | Interior Architect | Speaker | Brand Consultant

After relocating from the UK in 2009, Amy spent several years working on various design projects across the Asia-Pacific region before finally settling down in Singapore and starting her own studio Aym Design. Over the past three years, she has built up her team and established a reliable reputation for creating highly efficient planning solutions and branded office concepts. Now the studio is branching out into the residential market and has accepted several high-end residential clients in Singapore, Thailand, and Sydney. Now having joined the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore, Amy hopes to become a voice to support other young or emerging designers and their firms in Singapore. learn more at
19/02/1820m 21s

15 Tips To Building Your Personal Brand On Linkedin

Every successful person has a brand. A “brand” is the tone, style, and personality you represent yourself with. Generally, there are twelve “archetypes” that describe the most common branding personalities. These range from “innocent” to “rebellious” and they help set the tone for your content. Tune in to learn more! Read more at
19/02/1814m 9s

Emma Sharley: Co-Founder of Shop You | Brand & Marketing Consultant | IFAB Advisory Board

Co-Founder of Shop You; a fashion tech/AI start-up that matches customers with brands that suit their style Director of ES Consulting; a brand and marketing consultancy working with global businesses to shape their future Board advisor at IFAB, a global fashion think tank. Lecturer at General Assembly. Speaker and writer. Passionate about entrepreneurship, future of brand/marketing/tech, creativity and forging new ground.
11/02/1822m 3s

Senior Lecturer @HarvardHBS; Author of Best Seller "from $0 to $100 Million in 7 years” Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge is an Advisor to HubSpot and former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot’s Sales Division. He is the bestselling author of the award-winning book, “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to Go from $0 to $100 Million”. Mark is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at the Harvard Business School, where he teaches Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing in the second-year MBA program. Prior to his role as CRO, Mark served as SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services at HubSpot, increasing revenue over 6,000% and expanding the team from 1 to 450 employees. As a result, HubSpot placed #33 on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2011. Named one of Forbes' Top 30 Social Sellers in the World, Mark has also won the Salesperson of the Year award at the MIT Sales Conference in 2010. He was a semi-finalist in the 2005 MIT $50K Business Plan competition and was awarded the Patrick McGovern award for his contributions to entrepreneurship at MIT. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
31/01/1818m 34s

Eric Siu Single Grain CEO Marketer, Speaker, Podcast Host x2, Entrepreneur

Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain. Single Grain has worked with companies such as Amazon, Uber and Salesforce to help them acquire more customers. He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Growth Everywhere, an entrepreneurial podcast where he dissects growth levers that help businesses scale. Single Grain is a digital marketing agency focused on driving scalable and predictable revenue growth using Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, SEO and content marketing. We've worked with companies such as Salesforce, Yahoo!, Intuit and venture backed startups to create and execute on custom tailored growth strategies. Podcasts:
27/01/1811m 41s

5 Tips To Help You Generate Content Ideas

Many of us want to create content regularly, so we begin for a period of time then we hit a road Block! Join me as I share 5 tips to generating content ideas! Learn more at
25/01/182m 57s

7 Steps To Creating A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

If you have any ambitions of growing a successful business, you can bet your bottom dollar that an effective content strategy will take you from an average standpoint and launch you into the stratosphere of success. Tune in to learn more. Brought to you by
24/01/182m 27s

Why Organisations Are Failing On Social Media

A trend I am seeing over and over again is organisations are employing people who are social media savvy and call themselves “Social Media Marketers”. You dig deep into their campaigns they have no strategy, they are literally creating content and spending HUGE Ad dollars promoting it. Then they wonder why they aren’t seeing a return on their investment. Tune in to Learn More. Read the Full Blog post at
23/01/182m 27s

Facebooks News Feed Algorithm Update

Facebook released a News Feed Algorithm update in mid-December which will give preference to videos which people are proactively searching for, and returning to Facebook to watch. Tune in as We Dig Deep! Learn more at
22/01/182m 52s

What Is A Buyer Persona & How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

Many organisations create digital strategies based on assumptions and employee intuition, when really strategies should be created and based on buyer personas who are well researched and relevant to your organisation. Learn more at
22/01/181m 17s

How To Find The Right Social Media Influencer For Your Campaign

Before reaching out to a potential social media influencer, you’ll need to consider a few of the points above. Tune in as we dig Deep! Learn more at
22/01/181m 38s

7 Tips To Creating A Successful Facebook Live Session

Facebook Live is considered my many industry leaders as one of the hottest trends in Social media in 2018! I take you through of my tips that I have had success with and you can definitely benefit from! Learn more at
22/01/182m 50s

Why Content & Contextual Marketing are key to your success

Are you posting the Right content on the Right Platform to the Right audience at the Right time??? Tune in to Find out! Read more at
22/01/181m 12s

5 Tips To Help You Create Effective Social Media Videos

Video is one of the Hottest Social Media Trends in 2018, Tune is as we discuss how to create a killer Social Media Video. Learn more at
22/01/181m 59s

5 Social Media Trends To Look Out For In 2018

2018 promises to be a promising and challenging year for businesses on social media. Tune in as we discuss the different trends to look out for in 2018.
22/01/184m 1s

3 Steps To Creating A Successful Facebook Post

Facebook is the largest Social Media Platform in the World, business are fighting for the consumers attention. It's very important organisations are aware of the fundamental concepts of Social media Marketing in order to make the most of the different platforms. I go through some fundamental principles on how to create a successful post on Facebook. Tune in! For More info read my blog post:
22/01/181m 21s

Lynette SEAH Founder & CEO Alpha7 | Digital Transformation Advisor & Strategist

Lynette SEAH Founder & CEO Alpha7. Alpha7 help small and growing businesses transform in today’s Digital Economy. WithTheir in-house data experts, Alpha7 introduces A7 IoB® (A7 Internet of Business). A7 IoB® is a self-service digital workspace tool, built to empower small and growing business to take charge of their biggest asset: business data. Thus, allowing businesses to use data and make smarter data-driven decisions. Enterprises who are helping SMEs can also leverage A7 IoB® to provide value-added services to their clients. A7 IoB® can: ✔ Connect your data sources with ease and view your business performance with accuracy. ✔ Discover business opportunities using data. ✔ Validate your business decisions with real-time data. Alpha7 also has a strong belief in social responsibility and believes in the value of community and is a proud supporter of these charities: • St Andrews Community Hospital • Arc Children's Centre • Healthserve
22/01/1828m 1s

Business Wilderness: Technology Growth and Sales Leader Patricia Reed

Patricia holds two masters degrees in Business Administration from top-ranking business schools UCLA Anderson School of Management and the National University of Singapore (NUS). She also has broad experience working with some of the worlds largest companies in Microsoft, Cisco and a few others. Patricia is a results-driven and strategic technology sales, business development, and sales management professional adept at driving innovative technical solutions, advising C-level executives on business transformation and technology integrations, and developing and mentoring sales teams to provide exceptional customer outcomes and consistently exceed expectations. If you would like to chat to Patricia email her at
16/01/1844m 14s

Ben Kluwgant: Government Incentives Advisor and BDM at Catalyst Solutions

Ben is a Serial Networker, Entrepreneur, Passionate About Innovation & Start-Up Ecosystems, Always Learning, Expert in Residence for Co Workers, Government Funding Programs Advisor. Ben is always open to helping SME's and Start-Ups identify the different government funding opportunities that they may be eligible for. With a background in Government Funding Programs, digital marketing, SME's, community management, and NFP's, Ben's expertise cast a wide net across many industries. Interested in chatting with Ben, Book an appointment in his calendar
20/12/1720m 42s

The Business Wilderness: Markus Linder Co-Founder & CEO at SMARTASSISTANT

SMARTASSISTANT develop the market-leading "guided selling" technologies SMARTASSISTANT for online-shops, manufacturer portals and price comparison portals. The SMARTASSISTANT SaaS solution is based on a need-oriented paradigm, and takes on the role of a knowledgeable salesperson. Their team is passionate about pushing the boundaries of online retail, driving higher conversion rates, and increasing shopper loyalty. They really enjoy working with innovative ecommerce leaders in building the next generation of online shops.
12/12/1723m 53s

The Business Wilderness: Chris J Reed LinkedIn's Most Recommended Entrepreneur

Chris is the Only CEO With A Mohawk! He is also a two times No. 1 International Best Selling Author with my latest book "Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs" and previously with my book "LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs", the No.1 book about LinkedIn on Amazon. He is Asia's most recommended entrepreneur on LinkedIn with almost 500 recommendations. Chris has been named an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2017, have one of the world's most viewed LinkedIn profiles with 55,000 followers and have just won Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award by CMO Asia/World Brand Congress and recently"Asia's Most Influential Digital Media Professional"​ by them too.
05/12/1717m 19s

Business Wilderness: Cheryl Mack CEO OF Startcon - Largest Startup & Growth Conference in Australia

Cheryl Mack is currently the Head of StartCon (a company). She hosts the largest startup and growth event in Australia, with over 3000 attendees and featuring huge-name speakers from the world’s biggest technology companies. She sits on the Program Advisory Committee for the City of Sydney’s Tech Startups Action Plan. Cheryl is also an active mentor for young entrepreneurs. Cheryl has hosted over 200 talks with successful founders, investors, and industry experts in Canada, the US & Australia. Currently seeking refuge in Sydney, Australia, after escaping from the Canadian Asylum for the Mentally Gifted, Cheryl previously founded the Startup Grind Vancouver, creating video episodes with people such as Eric Migicovsky (Founder @ Pebble Watches), Boris Wertz (Board Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz), and Dan Martell (Founder @ Early in her career, Cheryl held key marketing management roles at Gauge Mobile (acquired by Juice Mobile), and iCompass Technologies where she was responsible for new channel revenue growth of 200% YOY. Cheryl graduated from the University of British Columbia, with a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing. In her lifetime, she has lived and worked in startup ecosystems in Canada, Europe, the US, and Australia, she plans to continue helping startups around the world in a mission to grow them into global companies.
23/11/1721m 0s

The Business Wilderness: Alan Crabbe Cofounder at Pozible & Birchal

Alan is the Cofounder of Pozible, Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas. It was developed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible. Crowdfunding with Pozible is a way for motivated makers to access funding beyond ‘official’ channels by talking directly to switched-on consumers, fans, peers and like-minded strangers. Whether you’re a part-time photographer, aspiring illustrator, avant-garde kazoo virtuoso or app-developing wizard, you can host your project on Pozible.
20/11/1714m 17s

Mandeep Sodhi: Founder & CEO @HashChing

With over 10 years of consulting and business experience in financial services, Telco and government industry and experience in startup businesses, Mandeep is passionate about innovation and bringing change by implementing new ideas to drive sustainability and solve a common problem. In his spare time, he mentors budding entrepreneurs at The Founder Institute and Sydney Business School.
15/11/1718m 34s

The Business Wilderness: Digital Marketing Guru Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Neil has also been awarded Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives.
05/11/1712m 40s

The Business Wilderness: Vaibhav Namburi Director of Five2One

Vaibhav Namburi is the Director of Five2One, Five2one is a software development consultancy company specialising in web and mobile development based in Sydney, Australia. Their vision is to "Modernise web architecture and build quality products" Five2One work with some of the worlds finest start ups as well as Australia's largest companies in identifying opportunities and providing world class solutions that people love to use. Five2One is for those who want to convert their 5PM to 1AM side hustle into their full time passion. Its for those large tech companies who want to identify new opportunities, embrace and implement the latest technological practices and have the assurity that their work is in the hands of some of the smartest engineers in the country.
29/10/1724m 28s

The Business Wilderness: Frederic Joye Co-Founder & Founder of Arcanys Labs

Frederic Joye is a Seed & Early Stage Startup Investor. He also is the Co-Founder & Founder of Arcanys Labs Helping Enterprises and Startups Build Innovative Software Faster. Are you a startup founder? Arcanys Labs helps you with funding but also rolls up its sleeves by providing an on-demand world-class tech team to build your business faster than anyone. Tune in for more!
23/10/1715m 0s

The Business Wilderness : Founder of Teenage Entrepreneur Corporation Steve Macdonald

Steve Macdonald is the Founder of Teenage Entrepreneur Corporation. Teenage Entrepreneur Corporation is the place for teenagers interested in entrepreneurship to connect and learn and grow their skills, networks and businesses. Teenage Entrepreneur Corporation has as founders, a 17 year old serial entrepreneur and an experienced entrepreneur and investor with a proven track record backing student and teenage entrepreneurs.
16/10/1718m 24s

The Business Wilderness: CEO OF Chefin Petko Petkov

I chat to Petko Petkov, the CEO of Chefin. CHEFIN’ is an online platform where food lovers connect with passionate chefs who create fresh, authentic meals in kitchens around Australia. Our goal is to provide convenience, diverse food choices and tailored social dining experiences for customers, along with an exciting creative outlet and alternative income stream for professional chefs. Book your own chef at
14/10/1721m 39s

The Business Wilderness: CEO & Founder of Guess Box Eric Azizian

Eric Azizian is the CEO & Founder of GuessBox. GuessBox is labelled as a real-time, verified lead generation service which provides businesses with the ability to search through 4+ million lead records all within a seamless UI and add them to outbound email campaigns directly within the app. Tune in to learn more....
08/10/1715m 37s

The Business Wilderness: Life long Entrepreneur Franz Madlener

Franz Madlener is a Life long Entrepreneur with Significant experience & knowledge with early-stage startups, brand & concept augmentation and developing companies at the tipping point of market penetration and success. Turning an idea into a profitable and sustainable business model, either from the ground up, or in a turn-around situation. Some of His Achievments include the following: BIA Victoria Category Winner 2016 Franchise Council Australia MYOB Emerging Franchisor of the Year Finalist 2015 'The Big Pitch' Australian Start-Ups Winner 2014 Recipient of Australian Chinese Business Elite Award 2013 Michael Page Aust Top 20 Finalist Retail Exec Award 2013 Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist 2007 Australian Smart Company Award 2008 & 2009 BRW Australian Fast 100 Companies 2007, 2009 & 2010 BRW Top 10 Fastest Growing Franchises 2008 & 2009 Anthill Cool Company Award 2009
02/10/1735m 5s

The Business Wilderness: Adam Stone CEO & Founder of Speedlancer

Adam Stone is a serial entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of Speedlancer. He is a 500 Startups alumnus and was named on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.
27/09/1719m 20s

The Business Wilderness : Dr. Brynn L. Winegard Building Better Business Brains

Dr. Brynn Winegard is an award-winning professor, speaker, and expert. Brynn completed her formal education in Neuroscience, Psychology, Marketing, and Strategy (HSBc, MBA, PhD), coupled with over a decade in corporate marketing working for Pfizer Inc., Nestle Inc., and Johnson & Johnson Inc. While Professor Winegard retains positions as Faculty at Schulich School of Business, DeGroote School of Business, and University of Guelph, she has now dedicated herself to helping others through speaking about ‘Building Better Business Brains’ to groups, organizations and companies, stemming from her research, which combines business and brain sciences.
25/09/1723m 18s

The Business Wilderness: IDS Agency Founders Ismail & Rania Aly

Ismail & Rania Aly are the Founders of Hubspot's Platinum Tier Partner IDS Agency. IDS is a growth agency that is specialized in Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales and Growth Driven Design. They work with medium size and enterprise companies, to help with their digital transformation efforts and help them cope with the disruption in the current marketing and sales playbooks. They are currently one of the leading digital Agency's in Chile.
10/09/1721m 38s

The Business Wilderness: Dan Tyre Director of Hubspot

Dan Tyre is a Senior level software executive, advisory & governance board member with extensive experience in hyper-growth environments from start-up to $1B+ sales. Dan Tyre joined HubSpot as a member of the original team in May of 2007, and has led the recruiting, training, and growth of HubSpots sales team with vigour. At HubSpot, Dan has pioneered the concept of alignment between sales and marketing known as "Smarketing," a core tenet of inbound marketing now followed by thousands of companies around the world. Before HubSpot, Dan worked at four other startups of note: Businessland, as Area Director; ALI Technologies, as Founder & CEO; CelebraTech, as Co-Founder and VP of Sales; and Groove Networks, as Regional Manager. He was also President of Helm Software in Phoenix, Arizona, for two years, which, while not technically a startup, was still a very nice company indeed.
25/08/1716m 30s

The Business Wilderness: Co-founder/Ceo of Hear me out, The Twitter of Voice.

Moran Chamsi is the CEO of Hearmeout, a voice app that has taken the world by storm. Hearmeout is a new mobile experience bridging the gap between what people think and write and the way they would like the message to be received, by using a very sophisticated way to do so – their own voice. HearMeOut enables every user to listen to 42 seconds of recorded audio – by other users they’re most interested in: friends, musicians, news reporters, thought leaders, comedians and many more. Download it now at available on IOS and Google Play store.
15/08/1716m 8s

The Business Wilderness: Dr Prakash Menon CEO/Chairman of Global Retail Academy

Dr. Prakash Menon has had significant corporate careers across two continents where he fast tracked his career to the top. As a former board member and Director Of Supply Chain at MYER - Australia, a $3.2 billion retail giant, adding a $25 million profit in just 10 months and a whopping $290 million profit over the next 3 years.
09/08/1758m 38s

The Business Wilderness: Kim Parnell discusses the world's first app building robot.

Kim is the co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Blank - a ground-breaking technology that builds apps automatically without code, thus making app development available to everyone. She's a social media influencer, a professional speaker, a fitness enthusiast and a startup veteran with a successful exit under her belt. Her passion for Blank comes from her frustration in finding a technical partner during the early phases of her first software startup. Alongside the team at Blank, she’s working to level the playing field so that anyone with an idea and the ambition to make it happen has the tools they need to do so. Website: Social Links - Kim Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Social Links - Blank Instagram: Twitter: Social Links - The Business Behind Show Instagram: YouTube:
04/08/1723m 2s

Investors Org: Adrian Stone, Entrepreneurship, Tech Start Ups & More

I sit down with the Founder & Chairman of Investors Org Adrian stone, we discuss the latest trends and patterns in the world of start ups and more...
13/06/1715m 18s

The Business Wilderness: Senior Editor Of Entrepreneurship At Forbes

I sit down for a chat with the Senior editor of Entrepreneurship at Forbes Loren Feldman, we discuss trends and patterns in the world of entrepreneurship and much more.....
01/06/1725m 32s

The Business Wilderness Episode: A Chat With The C0 - Founder Of Qalo Ted Baker

Ted Baker is the Co-Founder of an amazing and unique company, QALO. In 2012, two friends found themselves newly married, loving their wives but hating their wedding rings. They searched for a replacement that was safe and comfortable but found nothing. From there QALO was born and the rest is history!
08/05/1724m 37s

What Is Your Purpose?

Ask yourself, How are you making a difference to society? Are you contributing to making this world a better place? Do you really believe materialistic valuables and money will make you a happier person?
04/05/172m 42s

Job Hopping And Becoming Complacent

We tend to become very complacent in positions or careers we don't want to be in but pay very well. Years go past and then you realise that money is no longer making you happy, you leave your job and you move from job to job looking for your happiness and you never do. The cycle goes on and on....
04/05/172m 9s

Digital Today

We are Living through a digital revolution, are you making the most of it?!
04/05/172m 23s

The Business Wilderness Episode: Trademark & Patent Expert Brian Goldberg​

We sit down with Trademark & Patent Expert Brian Goldberg​ from Trademark Ventures​ and discuss the different issues entrepreneurs & business owners experience obtaining IP properties.
04/05/1716m 55s
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