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The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

By Collecting Cars

The Collecting Cars Podcast is hosted by founder and motoring enthusiast Edward Lovett and Motoring’s Chris Harris, in conversation with a stellar cast of car loving guests. An often funny, always frank show, full of insightful discussion about all things automotive. Mixed & Produced by Jonny Bunyan @ Pardon Our French Productions


Collecting Addicts Episode 34: Love and confusion, forecourt etiquette and back seat comforts

In front of a 200+ audience at Concours of Elegance, the panelists discuss:- What car do you love but you just ‘don’t get’, the etiquette of the British forecourt, things that car makers have deleted that you miss, and, of course, their 2 car garage using Concours. (00:00:00) Intro (00:01:13) What car do you love but you don't just 'get it'? (00:10:59) Forecourt Etiquette (00:19:25) Best rear seat of a car you've sat in (00:29:48) Things that car makers have deleted that you miss (00:43:21) Two car garage
08/09/23·54m 4s

Collecting Addicts Episode 33: Ugly wheels, Max's rainy win & Cornish lane-eaters

In episode 33, the addicts debate the effectiveness of their favourite headlight designs along with the ugliest wheels seen on a car. Chris Harris celebrates Max's rainy win, there's a quick competition on the cheapest car to run and as always they finish with a 2 car garage...this time sub £50k and consisting of a Cornish lane-eater and practical wagon! (00:00:00) Intro (00:01:03) What is your favourite headlight design? (00:21:02) What is the ugliest wheel design? (00:33:37) Formula 1 - Max's rainy win (00:47:48) Bicester Heritage mid-roll ad (00:48:12) What's the cheapest car to run? (01:03:22) Two car garage (01:16:21) Driving Tunes
01/09/23·1h 21m

Collecting Addicts Episode 32: Favourite Tunnel, F1 is Back & Jaguar's Brand Equity

Episode 32 of the Collecting Addicts Podcast. This week and for the 32nd time our panel discusses everything car related from the upcoming second half of the F1 2023 season, to their favourite tunnels, and also the events they're looking forward to in September, their £20K two car garage as a 28 Yorkie and their driving tunes for the week! --- (00:00) Intro (00:50) Formula 1 - Second half of the Season (12:12) What's your favourite tunnel? (25:15) Single Marque Love - Jaguar (40:27) UK Car event month (47:58) Two car garage (57:38) Driving Tunes

Collecting Addicts Episode 31: Track Days, Tobago Cars & Seat Buttons

Episode 31 of the Collecting Addicts Podcast. This week our panel is scattered across the world as they share the best two car garage to live in Tobago, they go over their feelings and best stories of track days, and favourite seat buttons, and best motorsport images, and so on, and so forth! You know the drill: sit back, relax, enjoy your Friday and listen to your favourite five car enthusiasts for over an hour of car chat! (00:00) Intro (01:01) Track Days (23:27) 1000 miles in 1 day (38:07) Favourite Motorsport Image (53:03) Favourite Seat adjustment buttons (01:01:31) Two Car Garage (01:17:30) Driving Tunes
18/08/23·1h 23m

Collecting Addicts Episode 30: S-Class Status, Porsche Allocations & Best Roadtrip Cars

What are the best cars for a road trip in Europe and the U.S.A.? Our panel answers this and many more questions this week on episode 30 of the Collecting Addicts Podcast. --- (00:00) Intro (01:13) S-Class Status (18:05) Porsche Allocations (34:52) Favourite Gloveboxes (50:53) Bringing One Car Back Into Production (1:01:22) Two Car Garage (1:23:06) Driving Tunes
11/08/23·1h 32m

Collecting Addicts Episode 29: Guilty Car Crush, Belgian F1 Grand Prix & Getting Lost

This is the 29th weekly episode of the Collecting Addicts podcast! This week our panel members talk Formula 1 at Spa, share their favourite road signs, confess their guilty car crush, compare the motoring skills they with they had, admit the most lost they've ever been, set up a two first car garage for their would be twin daughters & more! Jalopnik article: --- (00:00) Intro (00:24) F1 Belgian Grand Prix (18:00) Favourite Road Signs (27:19) Guilty Car Crush (33:41) Motoring Skill You Wish You Had (45:16) The Most Lost You've Ever Been (58:31) Two Car Garage (01:12:10) Driving Tunes
04/08/23·1h 22m

Collecting Addicts Episode 28: F1 Grand Prix, Unknown Car Brands & Best Wedge Cars

Away from the elements and back behind their computers and with a full crew this week, the Collecting Addicts podcast episode 28 talks Formula 1 with Norris breaking Verstappen's trophy, adorable steering wheels, unknown car brands, best wedge cars, two cars garage and more! --- (00:00) Intro (00:34) F1 Hungaroring GP (16:18) Most adorable steering wheel (23:51) Unknown car brands (38:13) Favourite wedge car (49:06) Two-car garage (1:06:02) Driving tunes
28/07/23·1h 18m

Collecting Addicts Episode 27: Convertibles Are Great, BMW Still Makes The Best Cars & Best Pedals.

This week and for the first time in 27 episodes, the Collecting Addicts Podcast was recorded in front of a live audience! Our panel members share their opinions on convertibles, discuss whether BMW still makes the ultimate driving machine, argue about the best pedals fitted to a car, recount their one automotive story they'd take to a desert island, pick out two cars for an unnamed automotive presenter recently finding themselves on a mandatory sabbatical, and finally clamour their favourite driving tune of the week. --- (00:00) Intro - Collecting Sausages (00:59) Love for convertibles (10:06) BMW: still the ultimate driving machine? (24:04) Best pedals (37:45) Favourite motoring story (49:20) Two car garage (57:16) Driving tunes
21/07/23·1h 1m

Collecting Addicts Episode 26: Gridwalk Drama, Cup Holders & Restomod Chat

This week the panel discusses the kerfuffle on the gridwalk at Silverstone, Ricciardo's return to an F1 seat, how new cars get more complicated designs over time, cup holders and the strong emotions they can cause, good and bad restomods, a spiteful two car garage, and driving tunes!   Enjoy the 26th episode of the Collecting Addicts podcast!   ---   (00:00) Intro (00:23) British F1 GP (17:20) Complicated Car Design (30:37) Cup Holders (41:43) Restomod Chat (54:54) Two Car Garage (1:12:20) Driving Tunes
14/07/23·1h 16m

Collecting Addicts Episode 25: Track Limits, Best Concept Car & Desirable Money Pits

What to do about track limits in motorsport? Stories of the most complicated breakdowns. What is the best ever concept car? What are the most desirable money pit cars? What is the best ever built automobile? A two car garage to attend Goodwood and Revival. Driving tunes. Live podcast announcement. All is told on the 25th Episode of the Collecting Addicts Podcast! From N.O.R.W.I.C.H. with love. --- (00:00) Intro (00:38) Track limits in Austria (19:27) Most complicated breakdowns (43:55) The best ever concept car (1:02:01) Desirable money pits (1:13:20) Best built car (1:22:15) 2 Car garage (1:35:06) Driving tunes (1:41:00) Live podcast announcement
07/07/23·1h 42m

Collecting Addicts Episode 24: Never Made Cars, Marmite Cars & Motorway Gesticulation

Cars that manufacturers never put into production, Marmite cars: Land Rover, on road courtesy and non-verbal communication, hitchhiking stories, a two car garage for £45,000, driving tunes & more nerdy chat on this week's episode of the Collecting Addicts Podcast!
30/06/23·1h 28m

Collecting Addicts Episode 23: Gatecrashed By Famous Guests, Unsung Motoring Heroes, Canadian F1 GP & Q-Cars!

The panel's unsung motoring heroes, Adrian Newey & Chris Goodwin cameo, Q-Cars (also known as sleepers), a review of the Canadian F1 Grand Prix and a two car garage are on this week's agenda of the Collecting Addicts Podcast! --- (00:00) Intro (00:42) Unsung Motoring Heroes (20:51) Q-Cars part 1 (25:04) Chris Goodwin & Adrian Newey Two Car Garage (30:50) Q-Cars part 2 (50:40) Canadian F1 Grand Prix (01:01:43) Two Car Garage
23/06/23·1h 16m

Collecting Addicts Episode 22: Le Mans Centenary, UK Road Quality & Early Morning Drives.

Summer car events, Le Mans Centenary 2023, Collecting Cars Coffee Run at Bicester Heritage Flywheel, UK road quality, early morning drives, column stalk talk, two F1 driver garage & more on this week's Collecting Addicts Podcast! --- Porsche Sale: Flywheel at Bicester Heritage: --- (00:00) Intro (00:22) Summer Events (06:13) Le Mans Centenary (24:10) Collecting Cars Coffee Run at Flywheel (24:40) More Summer Events (31:30) UK Road Quality (41:32) Early Morning Drives (55:45) Column Stalks (01:08:06) Two Driver Garage (01:19:15) Driving Tunes
16/06/23·1h 26m

Collecting Addicts Episode 21: Isle of Man TT, Campervans & Back 2 The Future 2 Car Garage!

The daredevils flying around the Isle of Man for the 2023 TT, Campervans and the desire for simple off-the-grid living, Barcelona F1 Grand Prix, 2 Car Garage for a 2015 Marty McFly & Driving Tunes: all discussed in depth in this week's Collecting Addicts Podcast! (00:00) Intro (00:20) Isle of Man TT (25:35) Campervan Talk (42:35) The importance of Speed (1:00:00) F1 GP Barcelona (01:10:30) 2 Car Garage - Back to the Future (01:27:04) Driving Tune
09/06/23·1h 32m

Collecting Addicts Episode 20: Monaco F1 GP, Indy 500 Crash & Shortest Car Ownership!

Rain in Monaco halfway through the F1 Grand Prix making it more interesting, Indy 500 2023 crashed wheel clearing the grandstands, the shortest car ownership, favourite motoring quote, a two-car garage between Riyadh and London in 1977 & Driving tunes: all of this and more on this week's Collecting Addicts Podcast!
01/06/23·1h 8m

Collecting Addicts Episode 19: Nürburgring 24 Hours, New Caterham 7 & One Ferrari For Life

Sunroofs, the new Caterham Seven, the choice of one Ferrari for the rest of your life, the Nürburgring 24 hours, silliest option ever ticked, and a half-million pound two-car garage, all very serious topics discussed this week on the Collecting Addicts podcast!
26/05/23·1h 31m

Collecting Addicts Episode 18: Luca di Montezemolo Special Guest, Favourite Spoiler, 70s Cars & More!

Luca Di Montezemolo joins our panel for a cameo, great spoilers, 70s themed two-car garage, mancave discussion and more are on the menu for this week's Collecting Addicts podcast!
19/05/23·56m 35s

Collecting Addicts Ep 17: Food prices at Miami GP, Depreciation, Regular Car-Key Adoration & More!

Whether gawking at the Miami F1 food prices, recounting their most depreciating car ownership, lusting over simpler times for car-keys, or recalling their favourite quotations from bygone motoring legends, our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and youthful panel deliver their fresh take on everything car related in the latest episode of the Collecting Addicts podcast!
12/05/23·1h 20m

Collecting Addicts Ep 16: "Boring Baku" F1, Lightweight Cars, and The Best 2 Cars You Can't Drive!

Debate over the fairness of calling F1 races boring, the balance between sport and entertainment, a pushover Alonso, lightweight cars maybe not always being the answer (?!), and the best two 1980s cars for a rock star who's not allowed to drive.
05/05/23·1h 8m

Collecting Addicts Ep 15: Swift x Alonso, Leather Interior Slander & JLR Masterful Rebrand

SwiftAlonso being the hottest and latest item at the meeting point between the worlds of noise and music, leather interiors being rejected by 80% of our panel, and JLR ditching Land Rover but actually not, but then maybe - you get the idea: this week our panel is full of expert opinions with which we're sure you'll joyfully disagree in our comment section!
28/04/23·1h 32m

Collecting Addicts Ep 14: Goodwood Members' Meeting & A Racing Related 2 Car Garage

This weekend was the Goodwood Members' Meeting, a few of our panel were racing and attending so we cover off the event and the goings on. Talk turns to a Goodwood related 2 car solution with a budget of £300,000.
21/04/23·1h 13m

Collecting Addicts Ep 13: The best looking car Hi-Fi systems

This week our hosts cover the very important topics of what is the best looking car Hi-Fi, whether the new M2 is really as ugly as it first seemed, and their most embarrassing reasons for buying a car.
14/04/23·1h 19m

Collecting Addicts Ep 12: Who was the coolest racing driver?

Our panel cover some serious ground this week, topics include their favourite steering wheel designs, favourite car adverts, and who was the coolest racing driver in their eyes.
07/04/23·1h 12m

Collecting Addicts Ep 11: Favourite Fast Fords

Recounting our favourite Fast Fords from years gone by, along with the best international roads for driving trips, the best looking exhaust tips and many more topics.
31/03/23·1h 13m

Collecting Addicts Ep 10: The best James Bond car chases

What is your favourite James Bond car chase? Find out what our panel recount from these iconic films. We also cover our favourite dashboard designs and the F1 chat from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
24/03/23·1h 8m

Collecting Addicts Ep 9: The quirks of starting up old Bristols

This week the team get stuck into a very interesting two-car garage involving one electric car capable of over 250 miles on 1 charge alongside a fun weekend car on a PCP finance deal! Neil also tells us about his Saturday ritual of going to start old cars in his garage that simply don't want to stutter...
17/03/23·48m 50s

Collecting Addicts Ep 8: How has the 2023 F1 season started and what are the best sweets to have in your car

Our distinguished panel of collectors and car addicts discuss the starting race in Bahrain of the 2023 F1 Season, the different manufacturers used by the police force, and their favourite driving sweets to have on a roadtrip.
10/03/23·54m 52s

Collecting Addicts Ep 7: Why Neil can't love Japanese cars and the most disappointing cars to own

Talking points this week include where Japanese cars sit on the pH scale of mechanical engineering to outright driving passion, what the panel's most disappointing cars have been & the speculation around Lance Stroll's curious wrist injury.
03/03/23·57m 29s

Collecting Addicts Ep 6: Favourite seats and the plight of motorsport inspired movies

This week our panel discuss their favourite car seats with everything from the 996 GT3 RS to the seats of an 80s Volvo, their thoughts on Brad Pitt's latest foray into a Formula 1 inspired film, the 2 car solution for £15k & memories of Ayrton Senna.
24/02/23·49m 10s

Collecting Addicts Ep 5: Does electrifying classic cars have a future and the fantasy of receiving a company car

Our panel of 4 this week return to the new instalment of their 2 car solutions, the fantasy of receiving a company car, whether the electrification of classic cars has a future in the hearts of environmentalists and petrolheads & their favourite driving tunes.
17/02/23·1h 1m

Collecting Addicts Ep 4: The greatest alloy wheel designs and where rallying fell off the course

This week our panel discuss their favourite alloy wheel designs, thoughts on how marketing departments in manufacturers go about their new car copywriting, estate cars and why we love them so much & which Group B-derived road car they would choose. 'Collecting Addicts' is a new format Collecting Cars podcast hosted by Chris Harris, Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford & Chris Cooper.
10/02/23·55m 1s

Collecting Addicts Ep 3: What car has the best gear shifts & how much is the Formula 1 business worth?

'Collecting Addicts' is a new format Collecting Cars podcast hosted by Chris Harris and friends. Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford & Chris Cooper discuss their favourite gear shifts, whether the valuation of Formula 1 is justified, and much more
03/02/23·55m 6s

Chris Harris Talks Cars With Simon Kidston

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down with Simon Kidston, renowned classic car dealer, collector, and commentator. Simon recounts how he started out in the auction industry, buying the world's most expensive car, and an interesting negotiation in McLaren F1s.
01/02/23·1h 29m

Collecting Addicts Ep 2: Toto Wolff / Christian Horner, do you read car magazines & what car for £25k

Collecting Addicts is a new format Collecting Cars podcast hosted by Chris Harris and friends.  Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford & Chris Cooper this week discuss Toto Wolff and Christian Horner's working relationship, the proliferation of 'Total Entertainment' in Formula 1, what cars they would buy for £25k, and what the future holds for car magazines.
27/01/23·46m 49s

Collecting Addicts Ep 1: Alonso returns to Aston Martin F1, the state of the car market & the electric revolution

Collecting Addicts is a new format Collecting Cars podcast hosted by Chris Harris and friends. Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford & Chris Cooper this week discuss Alonso's return to Formula 1, what cars they would look to buy today, Chris' fancy for a 911 Targa and how Korean car manufacturers are eating the lunch of traditional aspirational brands.
20/01/23·53m 9s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Manish Pandey

Chris Harris chats with Manish Pandey, writer and producer of the Senna film.  Manish talks about his experience in film-making, his involvement in the 2010 BAFTA award winning documentary ‘Senna’, and his latest project with Bernie Ecclestone.
23/12/22·1h 35m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Brian Scotto

Chris Harris sits down with the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Hoonigan, Brian Scotto. The pair talk through how Brian got into cars and motoring journalism, how Brian founded Hoonigan alongside Ken Block, and also how the Gymkhana videos became a global automotive sensation.
24/02/22·1h 40m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Jost Capito

Chris Harris sits down with Williams F1 CEO and Team Principal, Jost Capito, to learn about his career in developing performance cars and leading motorsport teams. They talk about the finer points of the BMW E30 M3 and E28 M5, the fine tuning of the legendary Porsche 964 Carrera RS and Ford Focus RS, dealing with controversial incidents in Formula One, and why he's never owned a car that he's developed.
02/02/22·1h 39m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Andreas Preuninger

Chris Harris sits down with one of his heroes, Andreas Preuninger, Director of the GT car product line for Porsche. Famed for spearheading some of the most memorable sports cars of all time, Andreas talks about how he got started at the company based at the Weissach research centre, and how the GT3 in particular was honed through the generations from a sideline project into a halo car that has helped to define the modern 911. #TheCollectingCarsPodcast #CollectingCars
24/11/21·1h 32m

Chris Harris Talks Halloween Car Horror Stories

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down to talk about motoring horror stories, with tales from the Collecting Cars community about their scrapes and japes in all manner of vehicles. They discuss driveway disasters, road rage, underwear repairs, first date car disappointments, and hairy leather...
29/10/21·43m 10s

Chris Harris talks Cars (and motorbikes) with John McGuinness MBE

In this episode, Chris Harris chats with motorcycling legend, John McGuinness MBE.  The pair discuss John’s illustrious TT career, tales from his time racing, and their mutual fascination with Tamiya remote controlled cars!
01/07/21·1h 22m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Robert Reid

Chris Harris chats with Robert Reid, former British rally co-driver to Richard Burns. They discuss the car that Burns and Reid drove to victory in the 2000 Rally GB which is currently live on the Collecting Cars auction platform and Robert’s wider career in rallying.
28/05/21·1h 16m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Edward Lovett

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk about some recent sales on Collecting Cars including a couple of Singer 911s, why Collecting Cars is changing the way people buy and sell, and the general market for collectible cars.
17/02/21·32m 32s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Ian Litchfield

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett speak to leading performance specialist Ian Litchfield, who has developed acclaimed packages for a raft of sports cars. They talk about the evolution of Litchfield Motors, from early days of retail sales, through fine-tuning of Subaru road cars, the Nissan GT-R, and fettling the latest models from BMW and Porsche - not to mention engaging with the new generation of motoring media.
10/02/21·58m 7s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Rob Dickinson & Richard Tuthill

Chris Harris visits Walters Arena in Wales to talk cars with Rob Dickinson, Founder of Singer Vehicle Design, and Richard Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche. The trio discuss the new All-terrain Competition Study, a modern take on a Porsche 964, inspired by World Rally Championship.
06/01/21·28m 49s

Chris Harris talks Cars with the Franchitti brothers

It's our Christmas Special! Chris Harris and Edward Lovett chat to brothers Dario and Marino Franchitti, both popular motorsport competitors who have numerous GT and sports car racing wins under their belts. They talk about their careers to date, victory and injury, the merits of sim racing, and being involved with the development of supercars like the Singer DLS and Gordon Murray T.50.
25/12/20·1h 20m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Jenson Button

This week, Chris sits down with one of the most charismatic racing drivers, Jenson Button. They chat about Jenson's career in Formula One, the dangers of the Baja 1000, some of the incredible cars in his collection, and why he definitely wants to return to Le Mans.
04/11/20·57m 3s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Derek Bell & Damon Hill

This week, Chris Harris joins racing legends Derek Bell and Damon Hill for a special video chat episode. The trio introduce the Veloce fundraising auctions coming soon to Collecting Cars. Talk also turns to the current status and future of Formula One, and the thrills and spills of Derek and Damon's remarkable careers
19/08/20·38m 45s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Gordon Murray

This week, Chris Harris sits down with world-renowned automotive designer, Gordon Murray. The pair discuss his complete career, from his early life in South Africa, designing Formula One cars at Brabham and McLaren through the '70s and '80s, and of course the legendary McLaren F1 and his new T.50 supercar.
05/08/20·1h 31m

Chris Harris talks Cars with J.F. Musial

This week, Chris Harris sits down with motoring producer and director, J.F. Musial. Talk turns to J.F.'s first steps in the industry, and working with Chris on the pioneering 'DRIVE' YouTube channel. They discuss how the production of automotive content has changed over the last 10 years, and what the future holds for car enthusiasts.
27/05/20·1h 12m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Colin Goodwin

This week, Chris Harris sits down with motoring journalist, Colin Goodwin. They discuss Colin's first steps in journalism at CAR magazine, why the Chevrolet small-block engine is one of the all-time greats, and how he built a plane in his own back garden.
07/04/20·1h 21m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Nicky Grist

This week, Chris Harris sits down with legendary co-driver Nicky Grist, for a special double-length episode. The conversation covers Nicky's entire career, from his earliest experiences in the navigator's seat, through to his multiple World Rally Championship wins, and great tales from the racing community.
25/03/20·3h 23m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Edward Lovett

This week, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett meet up to discuss the state of the market for new high-performance cars, the potential impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the collector car industry, and why people should go back to buying with their heart rather than their head.
18/03/20·40m 19s

Chris Harris talks Cars with Jethro Bovingdon

Chris Harris sits down with motoring journalist and newly appointed Top Gear America presenter, Jethro Bovingdon.⁣ ⁣ The pair discuss how they got into motoring journalism, some of the great tales from the days of Evo magazine, the future of the car industry, and Jethro's Renault Clio Trophy.⁣
26/02/20·1h 7m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Martin Brundle

Chris and Edward welcome the renowned broadcaster and racing driver Martin Brundle to the podcast. The conversation covers Martin's formative years in short oval racing, Formula Ford and British Saloon Cars; competing alongside Senna and Schumacher in F1; his favourite road cars from past and present; and his award-winning career as a commentator.  
24/12/19·1h 8m

Chris Harris talks Cars with David Edmonston

This week Chris Harris & Edward Lovett are in conversation with PistonHeads founder, David Edmonston (@PetrolTed). They chat about the birth of one of the best known automotive brands on the internet, encounters with the police, and legendary threads from the forum.
13/11/19·1h 48m

Chris Harris talks Cars with Chris Goodwin

This week, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett welcome professional test driver and racer Chris Goodwin to the podcast. Talk turns to how Chris worked his way up through the ranks of talented drivers, what it's like to have Ron Dennis explain your career options, and why it's so hard for newcomers to learn how to set up cars from scratch.
09/10/19·1h 48m

Chris Harris Talks Cars with Harry Metcalfe

This week Chris Harris and Edward Lovett are in conversation with magazine founder, farmer and all-round car buff Harry Metcalfe.  They chat about how Harry became such a great automotive enthusiast, how the Maserati Ghibli Cup is partially responsible for the birth of Evo Magazine, and why they're all concerned about the latest crop of supercars.
02/10/19·1h 22m

Sam Hancock is live at Goodwood Revival

Sam Hancock is guest host this week and he is live at the Goodwood Revival. In this special edition of the podcast Sam catches up with Philip Kadoorie, Karun Chandhok, Henri Pescarolo, Tiff Needell, Brendon Hartley, Darren Turner, Alex Brundle and Nick Padmore. 
18/09/19·45m 29s

Chris Harris Talks Cars with Tiff Needell

This week, Chris is back at Goodwood and is joined by racing, Top Gear and Fifth Gear legend Tiff Needell alongside last week's guest: Sam Hancock. 
11/09/19·1h 25m

Chris Harris Talks Cars with Sam Hancock

This week Chris Harris and Edward Lovett catch up with pro racing driver and all round car enthusiast Sam Hancock live from Goodwood! 
04/09/19·1h 34m

Chris Harris Talks Cars with Sam from Seen Through Glass

This week, during the halfway point in his epic around-the-world mission, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk to automotive YouTube star, Sam from ‘Seen Through Glass’. Starting out as a passionate motorsport enthusiast working in PR, Sam discusses how he turned his home-video hobby into a successful internet-based career, building a community of almost half a million subscribers and amassing nearly 100 million video views. Chris, Ed and Sam debate the differences between traditional journalism and the role of the ‘influencer’, as well as learning more about Sam’s ‘Drive the World’ project.
24/07/19·1h 37m

Chris Harris Talks Cars with Dickie Meaden

In today’s episode, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett chat to Richard ‘Dickie’ Meaden, celebrated automotive journalist and instrumental figure in the creation of Evo magazine. The trio reminisce about life in the motoring media, working with Harry Metcalf to launch Evo and the challenges of producing engaging content then and now. Richard brings his Porsche 964 RS to the studio before talk turns to determining the best car they've ever driven.  
17/07/19·1h 49m

Chris Harris talks cars with Edward Lovett

This week Chris Harris and Edward Lovett do what they do best - talk all things cars. From classic Porsches to the McLaren Speedtail, four-seat Ferraris and Chris’ own 1986 BMW E28 M5. The two shoot the breeze in a leafy pub car park in Wiltshire while enjoying the comforts of Chris’ car, taking in the sights and sounds of their suburban surroundings.
19/06/19·51m 45s

Chris Harris talks cars with Andrew Frankel

In today’s episode Chris Harris chats with Andrew Frankel, renowned automotive journalist and co-founder of Drive Nation. In this bumper broadcast the pair get to grips with Lewis Hamilton’s controversial win at the Canadian GP, what they hate about modern car design and their favourite stories about the Millbrook Bowl, as well as discussing a BMW that looks like a bottom and their shared passion for pistons.   Love classic cars? Visit: And follow us on Instagram @collectingcars and Twitter @collectingcars_to keep up to date
12/06/19·1h 46m

Chris Harris talks cars with Richard Porter

Today Chris Harris and Edward Lovett chew the fat with Richard Porter, Script Editor of Amazon Prime’s popular show The Grand Tour and founder of Sniff Petrol.  A bumper broadcast in which the trio tell tales of horrible things they’ve done to press cars, talk up Chris’ ridiculous outfits and hark back to the good old days of car magazines.
05/06/19·1h 23m

Chris Harris talks cars with Richard Tuthill

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk with Richard Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche about their shared love of the Porsche 911, what they think makes the perfect road car, and their problems with modern cars.
29/05/19·45m 45s

Chris Harris talks cars with David Clark

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett chat with David Clark; former Director of the McLaren F1 road and race car programmes, about his experiences at the wheel of one of the most ambitious projects in motoring. Chris gets excited at the thought of a very special development car and reveals his dream drive.
22/05/19·46m 8s

Chris Harris talks cars with Max Girardo

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett chat with Max Girardo of Girardo & Co. about the collector car world, matching numbers, the restomod market, Matt LeBlanc, the 1994 Range Rover soft dash, BMW E46 CSL, among other matter of motoring importance...
13/05/19·45m 33s

The Collecting Cars Podcast Teaser

Host Chris Harris talks about the exciting things to come for Collecting Cars Podcast listeners.
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