An Inconvenient Ruth

An Inconvenient Ruth


Every week Ruth will be speaking to some of the countries' biggest success stories about their achievements, challenges, victories and dissappointments. Ruth will cover the opportunities, triumphs, compromises, failures and inconvenient truths that they have endured and find out what drives some of Britain's most prominent people.


Sir Mark Walport

Ruth speaks to former Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Mark Walport
18/10/2042m 50s

Introducing "What Next?" with Lionel Barber

Hi Ruth Davidson fans LBC have a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy - Hosted by Lionel Barber, the former Editor of the Financial Times, What Next? focuses on life after COVID-19 and sees the multi-award-winning journalist and author discover how the world is adapting to the pandemic, what needs to change and, most importantly, what lessons we have learnt that will shape our lives for the future. Each week, Lionel will be speaking to some of the biggest leading influential figures in the health, politics, business, technology, arts and environment world, such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair; Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation; ITV’s Chief Executive Dame Carolyn McCall and many more. Follow Lionel on Twitter: @lionelbarber. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts

Duncan Bannatyne

Ruth speaks to Dragons' Den hardman, Duncan Bannatyne
11/10/2045m 45s

Yanis Varoufakis

Ruth speaks for former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis
04/10/2045m 43s

Prue Leith

Bake off legend Prue Leith joins Ruth Davidson on 'An Inconvenient Ruth'
27/09/2047m 15s

Kriss Akabusi

Ruth speaks to former Olympian, Kriss Akabusi
20/09/2045m 44s

Tony Blair

Ruth speaks to former Prime Minister Tony Blair
13/09/2056m 24s

New Series

An Inconvenient Ruth returns to LBC with a weekly show & podcast. Listen live on LBC at 9pm on Sundays, or download the podcast.

Sue Black

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson interviews one of the UK’s top forensic anthropologists, Professor Dame Sue Black. How do you become an expert in death? In this episode, Black explains how working with dead bodies on a daily basis makes her happier and more appreciative of life. From tragic tales of war crimes in Kosovo to cutting edge science leading to successful convictions - with warmth and humour, one of the world’s top experts in dead bodies shares how she’s far more afraid of the living than she is the dead!
27/12/1950m 22s

Joan Bakewell

With a colourful and varied career, listen to Joan Bakewell as she tells Ruth Davidson of how she was one of the first crews to cross the Berlin Wall in 1989, her affair with Harold Pinter which is the basis for Pinter's 1978 play Betrayal and her work battling ageism and getting people to talk about death.
26/12/1947m 49s

Piers Morgan

In this episode, you’ll hear how Piers Morgan always wanted to be a celebrity journalist, his thoughts on being sacked from the Mirror, his meetings with a ‘complex’ and ‘manipulative’ Princess Diana, how he voted in the 2019 General Election, how he communicates with Donald Trump and being diagnosed as a good psychopath.
25/12/1948m 47s

Martha Lane Fox

A tech pioneer who sits on the board of Twitter and set up the Government’s websites - Martha Lane Fox opens up about how Twitter and tech still don’t do enough for women, how the British tech sector will need 'the most forward facing, skilled workforce' post Brexit and the brutal car accident where she almost lost her life. Despite an innovative vision and dogged determination, the path to success for Martha Lane Fox was far from easy
24/12/1948m 38s

George Osborne

In this episode, Ruth talks to former Chancellor-turned-Editor George Osborne, as he tells her of his upbringing, reforming an "out of date" Tory party, his partnership with David Cameron to lead the Conservatives, austerity and what he really thinks of Boris Johnson.
23/12/1956m 9s
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