Dave Berry's Dadpod

Dave Berry's Dadpod

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Dave Berry recently became a father for the first time, which is why he wanted to create a place for all people to come and celebrate the wonderful, exciting, sometimes scary, but absolute joy of fatherhood! Join Absolute Radio's Dave Berry as he chats to a different guest each episode to talk about all things involved in being a dad, sharing their experiences of fatherhood (or motherhood in some guests' cases), their relationship with their own fathers, as well gathering some advice (or 'Dad-vice') along the way.


Jason Manford

One of the nation’s favourite comedians, Jason Manford, joins Dave for this episode of his Dadpod, to talk about all things fatherhood. How do Jason’s kids feel about providing comedy GOLD material for his tours, how has his own parents’ work ethic rubbed off on him as a dad, and also what did his children think when they found out he was the Hedgehog on the Masked Singer?
17/06/2137m 42s

Griff Rhys Jones

Actor, writer & comedian Griff Rhys Jones appears on Dave Berry’s Dadpod after he became a grandfather again during lockdown to baby Eris. Dave found it if Griff has been passing down dadvice to his son, George, plus, Griff remembers what it was like watching TV with his dad when he was younger, and what his dad’s attitude was towards him pursuing comedy.
10/06/2136m 56s

Sir Mo Farah

Britain’s greatest ever athlete, Sir Mo Farah joined Dave on his Dadpod to talk about raising his 4 kids, each of whom, Mo dedicated one of his Gold medals to after his London & Rio triumphs. Who will be getting the medal if Mo wins Gold in Rio? And after Mo’s heroics in London 2012, how did he manage to go from national hero to father to newborn twins, Aisha & Amani, a matter of days after his successes?
03/06/2121m 2s

Chris & Rosie Ramsey

Britain’s favourite podcasting duo, Shagged Married Annoyed’s Chris & Rosie Ramsey are the Dadpod’s first ever couple guests. They tell Dave about whether they’ll be taking their sons Robin & Rafe on their huge UK arena tour or enjoying a bit of time to themselves. Plus, they discuss why thousands of people across the country take comfort in hearing them ranting about each other and their kids on a weekly basis!
27/05/2132m 10s

Steve Backshall

When he’s not scaling mountains or coming face to face with deadly animals, Steve Backshall is a father to 3 toddlers (including twins Kit & Willow), alongside his wife, double Olympic gold medallist rower, Helen Glover. He joins Dave Berry on his Dadpod to find out how he fits everything into his hectic life, if Steve’s kids shown any sign of adventure already, and has he had to tone down his dangerous jobs since becoming a father?
20/05/2131m 3s

Gregg Wallace

Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace joins Dave to talk all things Dad. He recently became a father again to baby Sid, 20 years after having his first two children, Tom & Libby. Dave found out how he fared and how his parenting style has changed in that time. Plus, he’s used to giving out culinary criticism on TV, but what about when he’s on the receiving end from his own kids?
13/05/2130m 58s

Season 3 of Dave Berry's Dadpod

Dave Berry’s Dadpod returns for a new season, where for over 2 years we’ve been celebrating all things parenthood. Now Dave’s daughter Evie, who inspired the podcast is a bit older, but there’s still more for us all to learn. That’s why the dadpod will be returning on Thursday 13th May with some very special guests talking all about fatherhood and giving Dave their best dadvice!
06/05/212m 13s

Merry Christmas from Dave Berry's Dadpod!

A quick message to say thank you, merry Christmas and happy new year!
17/12/202m 23s

David Lammy MP

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and father of 3, joins Dave for this episode of his Dadpod. David talks about why he loves having a big family, what Christmas is like in the Lammy household and the importance of Tottenham Hotspurs to him and his kids. When trying to explain how he balances work and fatherhood, David gets interrupted in spectacular fashion as he chats to Dave from the House of Commons. David also considers the huge impact his mother had on him as a parent and he explains why adopting his daughter 6 years ago was the most important thing their family has ever done. You can follow David at: https://twitter.com/DavidLammy You can find more information about adoption at: https://www.coram.org.uk/
10/12/2024m 10s

Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard, TV presenter, journalist, quiz master and father of 2, joins Dave Berry for this episode of his Dadpod. Ben explains why he loves that his teenage sons are now old enough to beat him at golf and outpace him on runs. He remembers when his son won the jackpot on Tipping Point, and a particularly hilarious story when he tried to give his wife the morning off parenting duties and it all went wrong. Ben also considers the importance of instilling a charitable ethos in his kids and the challenge of bringing the - often gloomy - news to the nation and then having to raise children in that world. You can follow Ben at: https://www.instagram.com/benshephardofficial/
03/12/2033m 33s

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight champion and father of 5, joins Dave Berry for this episode of his Dadpod. He took a moment out of his intense training camp to chat to Dave about fatherhood, and how he manages to balance being a dad and the Gypsy King. Plus he talks about what it’s like sharing his sporting success with his dad in his corner, why it’s important to keep in touch with your inner child and whether he wants to see his kids take up boxing. You can follow Tyson at: https://www.instagram.com/gypsyking101/ Tyson’s new book, The Furious Method: Transform Your Mind, Body and Goals, is out now.
26/11/2016m 8s

Joe Swash

Joe Swash, a soapstar, King of the Jungle, ice skating champion, tv personality and father of 4 boys, joins Dave Berry for his Dadpod. Joe talks about his love of being a father to a new-born again, now being part of a children’s TV show he grew up with, Thomas the Tank Engine, plus, Joe tells Dave about his gamechanging bit of Dadvice, the ‘lucky dip’. Joe also discusses what it’s been like navigating a parental role in a blended family with the sons of his partner, Stacey, and what he learnt from his father who sadly passed away when he was 11. You can follow Joe at: https://www.instagram.com/realjoeswashy/
19/11/2023m 47s

Howard Donald

Howard Donald, a member of Britain’s biggest ever boy band, Take That, and father of 4, joins Dave Berry in this episode of his Dadpod. Howard explains why he took to reading children’s stories on Instagram during lockdown, what it’s like performing when his kids are in the crowd along with tens of thousands of others, plus he reveals which member of Take That is his 3-year old’s favourite. Howard opens up to Dave about his guilt over fatherhood, the difficulties of being an older dad and how he managed to juggle touring with Take That and being a father. You can follow Howard at: https://www.instagram.com/howarddonald/
12/11/2031m 53s

Jeff Brazier

Jeff Brazier, television presenter, author, life coach, football pundit and father of 2, joins Dave Berry on his Dadpod. Jeff explains how his family used lockdown to become closer, how he managed to look after himself, as well as his kids, following the loss of his sons’ mother, plus how he addresses his relationship with his father that he never knew. Jeff comes armed with tonnes of dadvice after 20 years in the parenting game. Find out why he thinks parenting teenagers is like being in the final rounds of the Apprentice, and why being a father is a lot like being a football coach! You can follow Jeff at: https://www.instagram.com/jeffbrazier/ Here’s a link to find out more about Jeff’s book, The Grief Survival Guide: https://jeff-brazier.com/my-book/
05/11/2036m 48s

Dave Berry's Dadpod Returns!

Dave Berry's daughter Evie is now a little older, which means so is the Dadpod! After a first season in which brand new Dad, Dave Berry, gathered invaluable dadvice from the likes of Tim Minchin, Emma Willis, Chris Kamara, Rob Beckett and more, Dave has a new set of challenges as a parent. His daughter has started walking and talking, so he needs some more help - cue Dadpod Season 2! Dave Berry's Dadpod is back by popular demand with new episodes and a range of parenting guests, weekly from November 5th!
29/10/201m 45s

A Festive Message To All Dadpod Listeners!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dave Berry's Dadpod! Dave reflects on his first year as a father and gives a big thank you to everyone for listening to the pod so far. See you in 2020!
09/12/193m 38s

Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara, professional footballer, manager, much-loved sports pundit, TV host and now music star tells Dave all about life juggling both a football career and a family. Kammy’s got some hilarious stories about Roy Keane in a lift, a Chris Waddle wonder goal and getting up to mischief in Japan with Jeff Stelling. He’s also the first grandparent to appear on Dave Berry’s Dadpod, so what does Kammy’s grandson think when he gets asked for selfies? Plus, he tells us about the festive period in the Kamara household, with his birthday being on Christmas Day! Chris’s debut album, Here’s To Christmas, is out NOW! Follow Chris at @chris_kammy
02/12/1927m 45s

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin, comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, director, multi-award winning man of many talents and father of 2, joins Dave for this episode of his Dadpod. He’s co-written one of the best-loved musicals in recent years, Matilda, but what do Tim Minchin’s kids really think of the smash-hit phenomenon? Tim also talks about savouring the early moments of being a Dad, why he doesn’t always share his kids’ sense of humour and Dave asks him to convey the stages of fatherhood using a child’s keyboard. Details about Tim’s brand new TV show, Upright: Sky Atlantic, 28th November You can follow Tim at: https://www.instagram.com/timminchin/
25/11/1925m 47s

Kojo Anim

Kojo Anim, star of Britain’s Got Talent, stand-up comedian and father of 1, explains to Dave Berry why becoming a father has given him a new lease of life which has led to success off and on-stage. It doesn’t take long to realise just how in love with fatherhood Kojo is. He talks about his experiences in foster care and his incredible Aunt Sandra who raised him and why fatherhood is such a good topic for comedians and audiences to connect on. Plus, what does Kojo think of his son potentially supporting a rival football team? Tour date information: http://www.kojoanim.co.uk/ For more information on fostering: https://www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk/ http://www.tactcare.org.uk/about-us/ https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/ You can follow Kojo at: https://www.instagram.com/kojoanimlive/
18/11/1936m 6s

John Thomson

John Thomson, star of Cold Feet, the Fast Show and father of 2, joins Dave Berry for this episode of his Dadpod. Comedy legend, John, has been in the fatherhood game for 17 years now, and so Dave is keen to learn as much as possible. John talks to Dave about growing up in an adopted family, the power of reading to his kids, and reveals what he does to annoy his children. Let’s just say, it’s quite painful! You can follow John at: https://www.instagram.com/johnthomson2/
11/11/1925m 57s

Rob Beckett

Rob Beckett, the hilarious comedian and father of 2, talks all things Dad with Dave Berry. Rob chats about juggling his brand new stand-up tour as well as being a father, and how being a parent has influenced his act. Rob’s a very funny man, but how do his kids make him laugh? He tells us about how his girls have started to boss him around, the pressures of wanting to give them everything that he missed out on when growing up, and needing a tutor to keep up with their education. Tour date information: https://www.robbeckettcomedy.com/ You can follow Rob at: https://www.instagram.com/robbeckettcomic/
04/11/1928m 34s

Emma Willis

Emma Willis, TV presenter and mother of 3 tells Dave Berry what her 3 kids think of her and husband Matt’s unusual careers, how important the support she received from her father was when growing up, as well as how she was one of the first people to find out that Dave was to be a Dad. All that plus, Dave and Emma open up about the first moments they spent as parents, and she shares some of the amazing stories from her brilliant TV series Delivering Babies! You can follow Emma at: https://www.instagram.com/emmawillisofficial/
28/10/1931m 26s

Simon Hooper (Father_Of_Daughters)

Simon Hooper, social media phenemenon and father of 4, joins Dave Berry in this episode of his Dadpod. They chat about how Simon has managed to balance being a Dad to 4 daughters, working a day job and entertaining over 1 million Instagram followers as Father_Of_Daughters with heart-warming pictures of everyday family life! Along with heaps of useful Dad-vice, we find out if Simon’s girls think he’s cool with his social media stardom, why he’s decided to speak out for fathers, and whether he’s brave enough to answer the question, who’s your favourite child? His answer might surprise you! You can follow Simon at: https://www.instagram.com/father_of_daughters/ Here’s a link to Simon’s book: http://www.foreveroutnumbered.com/
20/10/1936m 54s

Dave Berry's Dadpod - Trailer

A little sneak preview of Dave Berry's Dadpod, showing you what you can expect in the forthcoming series. Guests will include Rob Beckett, Tim Minchin, Kojo Amin, Simon Hooper (aka @father_of_daughters) and Emma Willis!
14/10/192m 30s
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