Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast

Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast

By Private Eye

Ian Hislop and Private Eye magazine venture into the world of audio with a brand new podcast hosted by Andrew Hunter Murray. Available from Private Eye at or on Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Acast, Amazon and Soundcloud.


North And South

17/03/23·33m 49s

Live At The National

19/12/22·29m 46s

NHS and Saudi Deals

09/08/22·34m 4s

The Paul Foot Awards 2022

17/06/22·40m 19s

Knights And Queens

29/05/22·30m 3s

Conflict And Classrooms

13/04/22·30m 3s

Slipping Standards

18/02/22·30m 3s

The Snooty Fox

20/01/22·36m 13s

A Bunch Of Shits

25/11/21·39m 54s

Profits Of Doom

13/10/21·38m 32s

MD and Megaliths

18/08/21·31m 59s

It Was 60 Years Ago Today

13/07/21·35m 49s

Greensill and Prince Phil

07/05/21·32m 38s

Catching Up and Cap'n Bob

05/03/21·38m 27s

Lorries, LTNs and Liu

04/02/21·33m 52s

Christmas Stock-pil-ing

14/12/20·52m 29s

Media, MD and Magazines

01/09/20·41m 25s

Serco, Sailors and Spies

09/07/20·44m 35s

Nice Footwork

09/06/20·59m 57s


04/05/20·56m 15s


30/03/20·42m 11s

Grenfell and Scotland

04/03/20·45m 53s

Going Postal

04/02/20·53m 2s

So. Farewell then...

24/07/19·23m 56s

1500 Glorious Episodes

11/07/19·24m 38s

Paul Foot Awards Special

25/06/19·48m 32s

China and Forkbenders

22/02/19·29m 1s

Fire and Franchising

15/01/19·33m 36s

Live at the National

10/12/18·27m 10s

Probation and Penmanship

30/11/18·32m 13s

The Russians Are Coming

16/11/18·29m 48s

Doctors and Darrens

25/07/18·28m 32s

Lagoons and Lawsuits

12/07/18·28m 16s

Footy Footy Footy

29/06/18·35m 49s

Credit and Christmas

20/12/17·31m 14s

Paradise and Paper

22/11/17·31m 14s

The Plodcast

19/10/17·26m 24s

Brexit and Blood

27/07/17·32m 18s

Finance and Forensics

05/06/17·27m 40s

Hospitals and Hacks

19/05/17·29m 47s

Soldiers and Trump

29/03/17·29m 36s

30 Glorious Years

14/10/16·32m 54s

Revolving Doors

19/09/16·22m 47s


17/06/16·19m 44s

Pubs and Lunches

27/05/16·24m 17s


12/05/16·27m 25s

Books and Bans

29/04/16·28m 31s


15/04/16·26m 41s

The Eye Online

31/03/16·30m 47s

Care and Criticism

13/12/15·29m 44s


16/11/15·27m 19s

Back To The 80s

02/11/15·25m 27s

Honours and Letters

14/07/15·31m 34s

An election TRIPLE BILL

05/05/15·41m 1s

Wheen, Hislop and Newman

19/03/15·20m 48s
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