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A podcast by gay men, where no topic is off-limits. WARNING: thot provoking material ahead.
New episodes weekly. Email your dilemmas and dick pics to onthelatchpodcast@gmail.com.
Hosted by NotAgainBen, joshywillacy, rjhours, guypewsey, JKing26, JPLongland, & NicoReem.


Quarantine Season Ep5: Vibe Check w/ Conor Behan

Today we're joined by Dublin based DJ, Writer and host of the Iconic, Popsessed, Conor Behan
05/05/201h 20m

Quarantine Season Ep4: One Month In

we're now one month into lockdown and things are getting emotional, plus a nostalgic zoom-esque quiz.
24/04/2056m 19s

Quarantine Season Ep3: Fleshlights on Good Friday w/ Jamie Windust

It's week 3 of lockdown in London, and we're joined by fashion ICON, Jamie Windust.
10/04/201h 5m

Quarantine Season Ep2: Locked Down w/ Jack Remmington

we're officially in lockdown with Jack Remmington, the boys chat Rihanna, Music, Drag Race and trying to look on the bright side.
27/03/2051m 54s

Quarantine Season Ep1: Social Distancing

A brand new emergency season of On The Latch podcast during unprecedented times, in this episode the boys discuss coronavirus, social distancing and some tips on how to stay sane during these wild times.
23/03/2044m 29s

S3 EP 14: the post pride season finale

THE SEASON 3 FINALE - recorded the day after a fantastic UK Black Pride and at the end of a truly, mostly, magical Pride weekend in London.
09/07/1954m 4s

S3 EP 13: stonewall 50, pride & gay spaces

after a day in the sun/ stuck on a train the frazzled boys talk about Stonewall 50 and NYC Pride, what wouldn't make us proud and the planned closure of one of London's biggest gay space.
02/07/1953m 53s

S3 E12: deal breakers

25/06/191h 2m

S3 E11: ashes, dads & parenthood

On Father's Day the boys reflect on relationships with their own dads, what type of parents we would and whether or not they want children. Plus they chat the Spice Girls, long lost families and take on a dilemma (badly)
18/06/191h 8m

S3 E10: stick pride month in rice

The boys dissect the fun day out that is Mighty Hoopla, stick pride month in a bowl of rice and receive some feedback and questions from you, our (mostly) lovely listeners.
11/06/191h 6m

S3 E9: body image, dating & race

We opened up this episode to our listeners and let you lead the topic of conversation. In Episode 9 we discuss body image, the return of Love Island and voice our opinions on dating within a particular race.In the second half of the episode we deal with a dilemma on telling your mum you're HIV+ and whether to cross the boundaries from friends to more. This episode is sponsored by Deliveroo.
04/06/191h 9m

S3 E7: dates, receipts & a blast from the past

It's a triple threat on the fly! NotAgainBen, GuyPewsey and JPLongland had eventful weeks from UFC & Formula One through to herpes and getting caught in the rain. This week the boys are revelling in the James Charles// Tati Westbrook// Jeffree Star drama once more, and asking are gay men held to a difference standard then hettys? The news Britney may never perform again provokes some nostalgia and makes us wonder "Have we already peaked?". JPLongland dives into his list of date questions to reveal what each of us would rescue from a burning building. AND THEN, in a the GAG OF THE SEASON we have a dilemma from a potentially familiar face. This episode of On The Latch Podcast is sponsored by Deliveroo.
21/05/191h 6m


The Met Gala seems an ice age ago, but with the theme "Camp" the boys couldn't resist critiquing the outfits on show. Also in this episode: Ru Paul, Antoni's Mother's Day thirst trap and the latest episode if Ru Paul's Drag Race. Taking centre stage in this week's Twitter Repoirt is the SCANDAL between Tati Westbrook and James Charles.
14/05/191h 8m

S3 E5: undetectability, dilemmas & guac

In this week's episode the boys celebrate the opening on London's first LGBTQ homeless shelter and the Gay HIV transmission study. Plus we have THREE interesting and thoughtful dilemma's to digest.
07/05/1957m 51s

S3 E4: heroes, tragedy & loneliness

This weeks episode was recorded, in part, for Digital Pride. Digital Pride is the only global pride and is dedicated to enabling everyone to be part of a pride, whoever theyare and wherever they live in the world. This year, the focus is on tackling loneliness and isolation. It takes place on Gay Star News from 29 April to 5 May 2019, culminating on #DigitalPride day on May 3, 2019. Elsewhere in the episode we're discussing MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and whether now is the right time for an LGBTQ super hero to take the fight up on the big screen. We also mourn the deaths of two members of our community.
30/04/191h 15m

4: S3 E3: suns out, huns out

It's the 30th ever episode of on the latch, and a triple threat this week. The boys discuss the Easter heatwave and what it means to those with body issues.also in this episode: Adele's breakup, queen Diane Abbot, sucking d*ck at Coachella, Beyonce's Homecoming, the #FreeBritney movement, and so much more.Ground was COVERED. Interested in sponsoring an episode of On The Latch? Get in touch at onthelatchpodcast@gmail.com.Be sure to follow us on Twitter; @OnTheLatch and Instagram; @OnTheLatchPodcast
23/04/191h 8m

3: S3 E2: thots & visibility

A week of thirst (pretends_to_be_shocked.gif) and bops, as the boys chat Richard Madden, Jude Law, Robyn and Madame X, before moving on to what fellow LGBT+ folk have been saying in the press this week.Interested in sponsoring an episode of On The Latch? Get in touch at onthelatchpodcast@gmail.com.Be sure to follow us on Twitter; @OnTheLatch and Instagram; @OnTheLatchPodcast
16/04/191h 10m

2: S3 E1: back back back again

The boys are back! In Episode one of our third season we wish Grindr a very happy (?) 10th Birthday, and then move onto topical news discussing education, how we can do better supporting our non-binary siblings, the education system, helping those in the Kingdom of Brunei and much more. Interested in sponsoring an episode of On The Latch? Get in touch at onthelatchpodcast@gmail.com. Be sure to follow us on Twitter; @OnTheLatch and Instagram; @OnTheLatchPodcast
09/04/1957m 37s

1: The 20gayteen Review

The boys are back with a review of the year that was 20GayTeen.Join Guy, David, Josh and John as they discuss nativity roles, rank the Queer Eye Boys and get into what was a monumental year for being queer.
26/12/181h 7m

10: S2 E10: Never Have I Ever...

It's the Season 2 Finale and the boys are feeling a little reminiscent of days gone by… do you remember your first gay thought? A game of "Never Have I Ever" reveals one of the boys once had their muscles worshiped, must be nice.As always, we finish with two, very different, dilemmas.Season 2 of On The Latch is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
15/07/181h 1m

9: S2E9: Pride and Fetishes

With Season 2 brought to you by Tom of Finland Vodka, it's only right that the brand's ambassador Niklas Hogner pay us a visit in the studio.This week, we talk our plans for Pride while Niklas, a former ice skating champion with a predilection for leather, shares his experiences on the international fetish scene.Later, listeners share their dilemmas, asking if they should tell their man that they need a bigger dick, and if a virgin should tell their new significant other that they're in unchartered territory.
08/07/1853m 51s

8: S2E8: How To Lose A Gay In 10 Days

In this week's episode, @guypewsey, @joshywillacy, @nicoreem and @SirJDW_ discuss if it's okay to take photos of hot guys without asking, and look at what dating crimes we can't tolerate. Then, a difficult dilemma on a friendship damaged by distrust.
01/07/1857m 49s

7: S2E7: Twinks, Otters, and Twotters, Oh My!

In this week's episode, GuyPewsey, JoshyWillacy, and David discuss stereotypes, because gays can't drive and only drink iced coffee...right? We also discuss going commando and gay tribes as we help out with some listener dilemmas.Season 2 of On The Latch Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
24/06/1859m 42s

6: S2 E6: Dentists and Daddies

NotAgainBen, Nico_Reem & GuyPewsey discuss their thoughts on how they would react if their other half revealed a range of different dilemmas, covering open relationships, infidelity and secret kids. Then in Dilemmas, we have the Daddy of all problems and one listener is desperate for a filling.Season 2 of On The Latch Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
17/06/181h 4m

5: S2E5: Sun, Sex & Safety

NotAgainBen, Nico_Reem & GuyPewsey take the first half of Episode 5 to discuss holidays, the romanticism of holiday hookups and making decisions about where we holiday.JoshyWillacy, JPLongland and David takeover for the dilemma's half of the episode. Buckle up, we're in for a ride. Season 2 of On The Latch Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
10/06/181h 2m

4: S2E4: The Mean Gays

This week we're discussing how the LGBTQ+ community can be pretty mean to each other online, whether @NotAgainBen would delete THAT Rihanna thread and have a dilemma or two to dive into.Season Two of On The Latch Podcast in brought to you by Tom of Finland Vodka.

3: S2E3: Shooting your shot

Are you better at shooting your shot IRL or online? How do we deal with rejection? The boys turn to John for advice on approaching guys on a night out, who saw that coming? PLUS... Our first ever dilemma from a female listener.Season Two of On The Latch Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
20/05/181h 4m

2: S2E2: Sex Degrees of Seperation

This week we're chatting boycode, "wiener cousins" and trying to answer that age old dilemma: "Should I just ghost him?"On The Latch Season 2 is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland vodka.
13/05/1858m 15s

1: S2E1: Summer in the sex tree.

We're finally back with Season 2 of On The Latch. Did you miss us? This week we discuss PrEP, Sex Trees and getting rawed on the sofa in the middle of the day, plus two listener dilemmas for us to dissect. On The Latch Season 2 is brought to you in partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.
06/05/181h 9m

16. Sex Robots & Some Difficult Dilemmas...

As scientists create sex robots with unstoppable penises, we consider who we'd want ours to look like, before giving some thought to two, tricky listener dilemmas concerning friendship, affairs at work and dealing with a diagnosis.
20/01/1837m 3s

15: The Porn Identity

In the first episode of 2018 we talk all things pornographic, censoring of anti-LGBT media and the inimitable Courtney Act.
14/01/1849m 7s

14. Post-nut clarity & New Year's resolutions

Nope, you haven't got rid of us just yet! The final episode of the year awaits; where we delve into dilemmas and hope for the "men are trash" label (amongst other things) to die in 2018.
26/12/1747m 46s

13. Hoe, hoe, hoe, Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas! The On The Latch boys talk Mariah Carey, winter baes, and going back in the Christmas closet.
17/12/1742m 47s

12. Couple looking for third, or for a way out?

In this week's listener dilemmas, we talk about getting dumped, self-esteem and a couple who may be struggling after inviting a third into the bedroom.
10/12/1748m 7s

11. Up The Aisle: Gay Marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement this week and we're wondering if gay marriage is all it's cracked up to be. We talk our perfect big day, divorce and deal breakers.
03/12/1746m 12s

10. "Help, I cheated on my boyfriend!"

In this week's listener dilemmas, we tackle someone who thinks they've cheated on their partner, bathhouse romance, and big dick troubles. As an added bonus, we also have an update from our very first dilemma which, if you don't remember, were the two cousins who were sleeping together. There's a lot to unpack!
26/11/1738m 28s

9. Giving HIV The Finger (with special guest Alex Sparrowhawk)

To celebrate and promote National HIV Testing Week, we brought in Alex Sparrowhawk from the Terrence Higgins Trust to talk to us about sexual health, getting tested, and giving HIV the finger.You can visit the Terrence Higgins Trust pop up shop, located on Hackney Walk, and pick up your free HIV self testing kit. For more information, visit the website at tht.org.uk
19/11/1734m 32s

8. "Can I see Uranus?"

It's a new episode and we're back with listener dilemmas. We also discuss the cringiest pick-up lines people have actually used. Would they work on you?
12/11/1748m 24s

7. We need to talk about Kevin.

In this episode, we give an overview of the allegations surrounding Kevin Spacey and discuss the topic of consent, before we move on to play a quick game of Dealbreaker. Follow @OnTheLatch on Twitter, and tweet along as you listen using #OnTheLatchPodcast!
05/11/1734m 29s

6. Awkward sex stories and listener dilemmas (with special guest MNEK)

In this episode, we read some of the responses we received for most awkward sex stories, and then get down to some listener dilemmas. But are two of the dilemmas actually ex-boyfriends talking about each other? With the help of special guest MNEK, we discuss and give our advice.
29/10/1742m 51s

5. Growing up, coming out, and dating as black gay men (with MNEK)

In this episode, we celebrate Black History Month with special guest MNEK, who helps us talk about growing up, coming out, and dating as black gay men.
22/10/1744m 40s

4. "I've been fucking my married cousin" (Listener Dilemmas with guest Olly Alexander)

We're back with our fourth episode, and our first listener dilemmas. With special guest Olly Alexander, we offer some advice for some of the messiest emails EVER. If you have an issue or dilemma, you can email us at onthelatchpodcast@gmail.com or send them anonymously to curiouscat.me/onthelatch.
15/10/1751m 2s

3. Growing up gay and body image (with guest Olly Alexander).

In episode 3 we talk about our experiences growing up gay and how we feel about body image. We also have special guest and absolute babe Olly Alexander on the episode, so excuse us while we try not to fangirl too hard.
08/10/1746m 28s

2. Sex on the first date and the one that got away.

We're back with episode 2, where we discuss dating, exes, and the one that got away. What're your dating stories? Tweet along using #OnTheLatchPodcast!
24/09/171h 24m

1. First times and dick eyes.

The very first episode of On The Latch Podcast, where we introduce ourselves and talk about our first times. Have you ever been given dick eye?
10/09/171h 19m
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