One Of The Family | A Nicky Campbell Podcast

One Of The Family | A Nicky Campbell Podcast

By Nicky Campbell

Our own lives and those of our canine companions are intertwined. They’re friends and family; family sent from the animal kingdom to teach us, make us better and take us closer to nature. In this Podcast, with the help of special guests and other family members [human and canine], Nicky Campbell explores their world in our world and how they make the world an infinitely better place. A house is not a home without a hound.


One of the Family brings you two of the best - two people with incredible stories to tell | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Jane Fallon is one of Britain best selling novelists. Here she is on foxes, dogs, cats, animal rights, writing best sellers, social media and how it would be impossible to have a partner who isn’t an animal lover. Ain't that the truth? Kim Cooling founded Animal SOS Sri Lanka. She’s a determined voice for the voiceless. Her charity gives hope, life and never gives up. Kim tells us two of the most heart melting,  life affirming rescue stories you will ever hear.
01/02/2237m 4s

Guide Dogs - Life changers - Miracle workers | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

One of the Family celebrates Guide Dogs 90th anniversary, featuring Susie Dent, Terry Quinn, Dr Helen Whiteside, Tim Stafford, Mark Moraghan, Spencer, Flash, Folly, Meta and Judy. The history, the training, the puppies [OMG], the love, the bonds, the miracles and the magic. It’s beyond words although Susie has a cracker. It’s a beautiful thing - as is the specially written music ‘You changed everything’. That’s what they do. That IS exactly what they do.
13/12/2131m 1s

Pen Farthing - The Animal hero | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

On the latest episode of the double award winning podcast, Pen Farthing tells us what really happened in that dramatic animal rescue from Afghanistan. He addresses the claims, the counter-claims, the truth and the lies. “This was NEVER about pets over people”. The wonderful charity Nowzad was dedicated to saving dogs, cats and donkeys, giving them a better life and spreading the word on animal welfare but can that work ever continue? His brave, compassionate staff are safe after a dramatic journey through the mountains to Pakistan and then onto the UK but their hearts will always be back home, with the voiceless.
04/11/2137m 4s

Myths and a Legend | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

The legend Les Dennis - comedian. actor, gameshow host, household name, national treasure and lover of canines talks about everything - from working with Ricky Gervais to walking with his ‘Shitter-poo’. And for ‘extras' the author of Aesop's Animals, zoologist Jo Wimpenny, considers what the ancient fables tell us about how animals see the world and how we see them. Like - how much stuff a dog knows? And how much stuff a dog’s nose knows. It's absolutely fabulous.
08/10/2145m 6s

The wonderful Janey Godley | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

One of our greatest comedians - national treasure Janey Godley on Honey the dog she loves, Major the dog she’ll never forget, dogs and autism, confronting Donald Trump, hanging out with Billy Connolly, standing up to George Galloway and why I deserve and kick in the "hawmaws".
09/09/2136m 55s

‘A House is not a Home without a Dog’ with Robbie Savage and Jenny Seagrove | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Nobody loves dogs more than these two wonderful human beings. Jenny talks of our connection of the natural word and animal kingdom - we’re nothing special; we’re just a tiny part of something magnificent. And it’s animal instinct that is an actors greatest asset. Robbie movingly describes the dogs he loves and has loved. How they have enriched his life beyond measure. Life without them would be unimaginable. His home will always have a dog. Always.
20/07/2129m 29s

One of the (Human) Family | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about Neanderthals. As wolves are to dogs, these people are our evolutionary cousins. Were Neanderthals just a bunch of ‘neanderthals’ (cue common insult), or was there so much more to them? It seems there was. We are learning more and more everyday and my guests are at the absolute cutting, digging, scraping and genetically testing edge. Professor Tom Higham, author of ‘The World Before Us’ and Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes, author of ‘Kindred’ tell me who they were. Mysteries are solved but one big one remains. Why did they go extinct?
28/06/2149m 31s

A Bone Again Naturally with Gilbert O’Sullivan | A One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

He is one of the greatest songwriters and has written songs that will live forever. Here in a world exclusive - his first ever podcast, Gilbert talks about his career, his music, his songwriting, his life, his times and - his dogs. Including another legend - Gilbert the Pug.
04/06/2139m 30s

It's Now or Never | A One Of The Family Special Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Former MP and now Strategic Campaigns & Policy Advisor at the RSPCA Heidi Allen, actor and animal rights campaigner Peter Egan, animal welfare campaigner and author of ‘Badgered to Death’ Dominic Dyer, zoologist and science communicator Sophie Pavelle and environmental campaigner James Miller join Nicky to discuss the animal welfare legislation in the Queens speech and what is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity to make this country the best in the world for animals.
14/05/2155m 19s

Wild Dogs and an Englishman with Jeremy Paxman | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

In an extraordinary conversation, the legendary Paxo on his love for his pet dog Derek and admiration for Princess Anne and his pet hates too - litter louts, former Prime Ministers and Derek licking his face. Except Jeremy always lets Derek lick his face. Life is complicated. Plus Professor Claudio Sillero, world expert on wild dogs. Do they like tummy rubs? Would they lick your face? What does the dog on the tundra tell us about the dog on the sofa?
30/04/2139m 51s

All aboard the puppy train with Steve Mann and Rachel Burden | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

The world famous dog trainer Steve Mann answers every crazy question from recent puppy mum Rachel Burden. Plus - Nicky celebrates and indeed venerates the golden oldies with Maxwell [13] and Dr Victoria Hogg aka the legendary ‘Vicky the Vet’. They’re wise, serene and adorable - even when they break wind.
07/04/2140m 57s

A dog changes everything. Forever. | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

David Lammy on the dog that’s changed his family and the adopted child who changed his life. We hear listeners moving memories of their first dogs and get the latest from the pioneering child/dog bond research project. Nicky talks about his first dog and best friend Candy. Always loved. Never forgotten. Forever, one of the family.
18/03/2135m 34s

The legendary Lorraine Kelly and long lost family | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

The fantastic Lorraine Kelly on her precious dog Angus, free speech, wildlife , conservation and the idiots who drink tiger penis tea. Plus the ever growing horror of dog theft. Dr Daniel Allen on fighting to change the law. And Jodie Ferrier tells the heart wrenching story of Fern - stolen in 2013 and reunited with her family 6 years later.
26/02/2142m 54s

Saluting a hero and selling a pup | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Actor, activist, conservationist and dog lover Peter Egan is a true animal hero. He has dedicated his life to fighting for the voiceless. Hear a wonderful conversation with an extraordinary man. And hear from an amazing woman. Ira Moss is the founder of All Dogs Matter. Dogs are on trend. The puppy craze is out of control. Organised crime is loving it but Ira and her team are there for the dogs and always will be.
27/01/2140m 8s

The strong arm of the paw and Michael Ball | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

In this arresting episode we hear how incredible police dogs are. What they do for us and how they do it. David Henrys, a police dog expert for nearly 28 years has some incredible tails from the front line. Plus - a dog can do anything and a dog changes everything. A dog will never ever let you be the same. Superstar and national treasure Michael Ball shares the love.
06/01/2139m 35s

Praising Dog Almighty | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

In a joyous celebration, an array of stars from the 'One of the Family' podcasts speak from the heart about why they think dogs are just amazing. Hear Ricky Gervais, Kevin Bridges, Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, Gabby Logan, Rebecca Front, Chris Packham, Susie Dent, Nihal Arthanayake, Sara Cox, Gary Lineker and two of the world's greatest dog experts Alexandra Horovitz and Victoria Stilwell, We love them and they love us. It's a beautiful thing - as you'll hear. But you knew that.
18/12/2038m 32s

Sara Cox and - Wolves to Dogs | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Radio royalty Sara Cox on animals on the airwaves, psychotic geese, puppy smells and all the beautiful dogs of her life. As for the dogs in all our lives - how the hell did that happen? One of the worlds greatest dog evolution experts Krishna Veeramah explains the journey from tundra to sofa ; how the wild wolf ended up in Paris Hilton’s handbag. He also tells us how the mouse is in fact ‘one of the family'.
04/12/2037m 50s

A Couple of Campbells and Therapy Dogs | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

A man who has been at the heart of political power in the UK - Alastair Campbell, with a shocking revelation about Blair and Brown, dogs in the Whitehouse, bagpipe loving seals, how politicians can save the planet and he learns about the real Carrie Symonds. He and Nicky also discuss how their dogs have helped them both through depression. Plus - Matthew Robinson from ‘Pets as Therapy’ on the magic he’s seen in care homes, hospices and children’s hospitals. Amazing dogs. Wonderful therapy. Pure magic.
19/11/2038m 34s

Magic dragons and fantastic beasts | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Deborah Meaden from the Dragons Den on how she loves all animals and frankly isn't at all keen on people who don't. She has dozens of glorious creature both furred and feathery, including 4 dogs on the sofa and a cat who is as shrewd a judge of character as any of her fellow Dragons. Plus, Matthew Bottomley from Guide Dogs takes us into the fabulous world of these wonderful friends.
09/11/2039m 34s

Guardian angels | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

2 remarkable people who have dedicated their lives to saving lives. ‘The Super Vet’ Noel Fitzpatrick in his most intense and revealing interview yet and then, the extraordinary story of Georgiana Neagu, a Romanian animal lover who has single-handedly rescued hundreds of street dogs. “Animals mean love for me”.
26/10/2037m 32s

Newshounds and Nosehounds | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Two great journalists with headline stories. Kay Burley on a tail of skulduggery - a canine kidnap and a ransom paid. Also, Iain Dale prises the truth from politicians but prizes his dogs more than anything. And a lead story- the nosehounds - the miracle of medical detection dogs. Sniffing disease and saving lives.
12/10/2035m 42s

Food for Thought and Two Cool Cats | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Raw, dried, tinned, wet- what’s the best to feed you pet? God bless mother nature. It’s one of the most contentious debates of our times and we bring you some of the greatest experts. As more and more are going ‘raw’- is it a pro or is it a con?  Plus broadcasting royalty, whispering Bob Harris on the cats that changed and maybe even saved his life.
25/09/2037m 13s

The extraordinary Mr Packham | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

National treasure Chris Packham on his love for dogs; how they’ve enriched his life and broken his heart. His autism, his environmentalism and his indestructible mission to end barbarity and cruelty. He’s a force of nature; a force for nature. And where would we be without dogs?
10/09/2038m 12s

‘Dogs Are Amazing’ with Andrew Cotter, Gabby Logan and Claire Horton CBE | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Andrew’s dogs Olive and Mabel make the world a better place, Gabby couldn't imagine a home without at least two and Claire, the Chief Executive of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with the best advice you can get because dogs are amazing and deserve the best that we can give.
27/08/2040m 8s

Endless Love with Gary Lineker and Nihal Arthanayake | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Gary and Nihal describe movingly and with raw honesty how their dogs changed their lives. They explore their feelings when the end came. Gary felt a grief he’d never experienced. For Nihal, a puppy called Lyra led his family from that dark place. Psychologist Jo Hemmings explains just why they affect us so much. They’re never forgotten. It’s an endless love.
13/08/2038m 16s

Heart and Soul’ with Ricky Gervais and Pip Tomson | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

Here are two dog lovers who both give their heart and soul for animals. Pip tells the poignant story of her two gorgeous dogs, rescued from hell and in part two of the ‘One of the Family’ Ricky Gervais interview, Ricky delivers a riveting, passionate, compelling and of course, hilarious cry of the heart. He pulls no punches
27/07/2036m 22s

The Word of Dog with guests Victoria Stilwell, Susie Dent and Mark Moraghan | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

The world-famous dog expert and trainer Victoria Stilwell explains the language of our dogs. What are they saying? What do they mean? How can we understand them? And then it’s the dogs in our language.  Countdown’s Susie Dent talks about their ever-present influence. And actor Mark Moraghan is perhaps ‘ best in show’. All in all - it’s the dog's bollards.
15/07/2039m 22s

From puppy farm to superstar with guest Kevin Bridges | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

In this episode, the brilliant comedian Kevin Bridges talks about life with beautiful Annie - rescue dog and superstar. And there’s more. One of his fans, President Obama even gets a look-in. Also, one of the world’s greatest canine experts gives us the final answer to a big question - do dogs actually smile? Listen in. You’ll laugh, cry, and smile. And so will your dog
02/07/2029m 20s

Making the case for cats with Ricky Gervais | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

For many dog owners and most dogs, cats are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. In this episode writer, actor, comedian and animal champion Ricky Gervais makes the case for cats. Will my daughters change their minds? Will you?
25/06/2030m 21s

Converts [Bone Again] with Guests Will Greenwood and Rebecca Front | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

In which people who never in a million years thought they would ever have a dog in the family, tell me how and why everything changed. World Cup Winning Rugby star Will Greenwood speaks movingly about how Rufus helped his wife and him so much when their baby son Freddie died. The England and British and Irish Lions star never liked dogs when he was growing up. Now, four dogs later [including 2 rescues] and he couldn’t live without them. He is a total convert with the passion and zeal of one. He and Caro will have dogs in their lives as long as they breathe. BAFTA-winning actress Rebecca Front played the Leader of the Opposition in the stinging political satire ‘The Thick of It’ but she’s dropped all opposition to dogs. She describes how she never wanted to pick up poo but then a cockapoo changed everything. Bailey has been amazing for the family and she is smitten.
18/06/2032m 43s

To be a dog with guest Alexandra Horowitz | One Of The Family Podcast by Nicky Campbell

What’s it like to be a dog? What do they see, feel, think and smell? Do they love us as we do them?  Alexandra Horowitz is a cognitive scientist, ‘New York Times’ best selling writer and one of the world experts on the dog mind.  As ever, every one of the family has their say as does Maxwell with his famous ‘groan of ecstasy’. Some decent questions are asked. Some big questions are answered.
07/06/2031m 8s
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