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The Speakeasier

By The Unmistakables

This is a diversity conversation for everyone. Each fortnight, guests from the world of business, culture and the arts drop in to discuss how we make diversity everyone's business. The podcast series explores how being different has shaped our guests, and how they believe difference can be embraced to drive positive cultural and commercial returns rather than division. The Speakeasier is inclusive by design.


Jasvir Singh - why do we need South Asian Heritage Month?

We talk to Jasvir Singh, co-founder of South Asian Heritage Month. From July 18th to August 17th, ‘SAHM’ is about celebration, commemoration and education of all things South Asian. 2020 marks its first year, and we speak to Jasvir about how the month came to be, and what he hopes it will do for South Asians both in South Asia, and the diaspora. Jasvir is a qualified barrister in his day job, and sits on the leadership teams of a number of community organisations such as the Faiths Forum and City Sikhs.
06/08/2037m 31s

Judi Love - can we have a laugh any more?

In this week’s episode of The Speakeasier we talk to comedienne, BBC radio presenter and TV host, Judi Love. We discuss comedy’s place in the serious global troubles we face today, whether it can help heal cultural divides, examine the role it can play in helping tackle challenging societal issues, and how it can put a different spotlight on political debate. With a current body of work that includes Celebrity Masterchef, Quarantine Date Night, Loose Women and BBC Radio London, Judi discusses the diversity of her audiences and together we discuss how she is fast becoming the embodiment of inclusivity for her fans.
30/07/2049m 54s

Sheldon Mills - where are all the Black leaders?

In this episode of The Speakeasier we talk to Sheldon Mills, Interim Executive Director of Strategy and Competition at FCA and chair of Stonewall UK. Sheldon charts his journey from school to the boardroom, explaining the roles both family members and senior colleagues played in shaping and preparing him for leadership. The conversations compares the progress of LGBT and Black communities in the workplace, explores whether businesses are looking hard enough to find Black talent, and explains the importance of nurturing leaders based on their own specific cultural needs.
22/07/2045m 31s

Elliott Rae - how do we navigate race in the workplace?

In this week’s episode of The Speakeasier we speak to Elliott Rae about navigating race in the workplace. Elliott is the the founder of and the head of ‘Project Race’ - a UK government initiative that has been setup to improve the representation, performance outcomes and engagement of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues. Elliott discusses the professional and personal impact of George Floyd’s murder and the prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has led to him hosting 101 'Let's Talk Race: inclusion workshops' within his workplace. He also addresses the stereotyping Black fathers face and talks to us about why he set up a website that has been dubbed “the dads’ version of Mumsnet” by the BBC.
16/07/2047m 23s

Pragya Agarwal - what is unconscious bias?

‘What is unconscious bias?’ - there’s been a spike in people Googling this question. We think the answer lies with our latest guest, Pragya Agarwal, author of Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias. As the Black Lives Matter movement has changed how we see ourselves and others, she helps us understand what bias is, and how it plays out in business, society…and ice cream choices.
26/06/2036m 15s

Denise Headley & Iain Dale - whose voices do we really need to hear today?

Less than a month ago, a Black man in Minneapolis spoke his last words as he was murdered: “I can’t breathe.” Since that day, many of us have begun to question whose voices we should really be listening to right now. Two weeks ago, we were struck by a compelling new voice on the radio - a caller speaking out about racial issues during talk show host Iain Dale’s show on LBC. Denise Headley challenged the white, male prism of British media, gave her views on the industry’s lack of diversity, and offered herself up as its new voice. We got straight on the case and invited her to come and be heard on The Speakeasier. Determined to continue to make diversity everyone’s business, we also asked Iain to rejoin the conversation. In this episode, we bring together icons of the airwaves, old and new, in a lively discussion about race, politics, history and identity. Oh, and let’s not forget about the statues.
18/06/2043m 59s

Jan Gooding - is there Pride without protest?

This episode takes us deep into the world of diversity and inclusion with a guest who has way more experience than most. Jan Gooding was formerly chair at Stonewall and held the position of Director of Inclusion at insurance brand Aviva before most people knew their D from their I. Jan talks to us about the role of brands in Pride, how Black Lives Matters rallies have given the physical manifestations of Pride protests a temporary home during lockdown, and how focusing on inclusion rather than diversity may help to keep some people more engaged in the conversation.
10/06/2047m 31s

June Sarpong - where does diversity and inclusion go from here?

In this episode we talk to TV presenter, author, campaigner, and director of creative diversity at the BBC, June Sarpong. The recording takes place against a backdrop of BAME communities around the world being disproportionately impacted by Covid-19, and Black Lives Matter rallies being held in response to the police killing of George Floyd. With so much global inequality, unrest and uncertainty, we ask: Where does diversity and inclusion go from here?
03/06/2043m 33s

Mohamed Mohamed - what are your Ramadan reflections?

Mohamed Mohamed, a British-Somali poet and football coach from south London, moved to London when he was a child to flee civil war in Somalia. In December 2019, he was commissioned by the Museum of London to make a film capturing the capital at the only time it ever fell silent - on Christmas morning. That was, of course, until the Covid-19 crisis struck just weeks later. This episode explores what life has been like for a practicing Muslim man living through a Ramadan like no other, in lockdown away from family and friends. Mohamed shares his reflections of the religious holiday, explains what it’s all about, and puts his words into the poetry that he writes and performs so well.
26/05/2034m 14s

Asma Khan - Is it a man's world?

Asma - who owns Darjeeling Express restaurant in London's Soho and was profiled on the sixth season of the Netflix documentary series Chef's Table - talks to us everything from all-female kitchens to allyship, Brexit to biryani, Covid-19 to curry. We learn about using business as a social enterprise, how equal pay across all employees can drive inclusion, and how shouty chefs who berate women on primetime television need therapy. Asma shares her views on avoiding allowing culture to become narrow and nationalistic, the harmful jingoism of the Brexit campaign, and how the coronavirus crisis should help us all recognise that important role immigrants play in British society. Business Insider named Asma “The Coolest Person in Food and Drink” in June 2019. If they hadn’t got there first, we would definitely have suggested that very same moniker.
12/05/2039m 9s
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