The Lazarus Heist

The Lazarus Heist

By BBC World Service

Hackers, North Korea and billions of dollars. Lazarus returns – in fact, the criminals never went away. Pyongyang denies involvement. Season 2 begins at an ATM, possibly near you.


S2.1 Jackpotting

Millions of dollars are stolen from ATMs at the same time in 28 countries. An army of money mules stuff the cash into bags. Do they know who they are really working for? In just over two hours, the thieves take nearly $14 million - all from the accounts of Cosmos Bank in India. The hackers are back! #LazarusHeist
26/03/23·37m 7s

Season 2 trailer

The hackers are back – and they are accused of being more dangerous than ever. Their cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated and audacious. It’s claimed they are getting away with billions. North Korea denies everything. With hosts Jean Lee and Geoff White. Season 2 launches on 27 March 2023. #Lazarusheist
13/03/23·3m 48s

Lazarus Heist live

A special episode recorded in front of an audience in New York. What’s it like working in North Korea? How are hackers tracked in real time? Hosted by podcaster and musician Dessa, with Jean Lee and Geoff White. Your questions answered, plus guests: Seohyun Lee, who defected from North Korea, and cybersecurity expert Michael ‘Barni’ Barnhart. #LazarusHeist
07/10/22·58m 16s

S1.10 Kill switch

A frightening global attack, hospitals in chaos and an accidental hero with a secret. A virus spreads from computer to computer in 150 countries, causing billions of dollars in damage. It’s the story of WannaCry and Marcus Hutchins. Please help spread the word about #Lazarusheist
20/06/21·45m 7s

S1.9 The Macau connection

“Dark arts”, murders and a place with a murky past. Breaking news: an unexpected interview with one of the middlemen. Please help us spread the word about #LazarusHeist on social media and leave ratings and reviews. Correction: This episode says that Kim Jong-nam was killed in 2015. The correct date was 2017.
13/06/21·40m 52s

S1.8 The multimillion mistake

A costly spelling error and “a fight in the bank” over $20 million. The hunt for a mysterious middleman takes us to Japan. #LazarusHeist
06/06/21·36m 7s

S1.7 Korean roulette

A car loaded with cash, fake millionaires and death threats – we’re following the money. After they hacked into the billion dollar account, it was time to gamble. The story moves to the Philippines. #LazarusHeist Please help us spread the word and leave ratings and reviews.
30/05/21·38m 55s

S1.6 Cyber slaves

A double life overseas and welcome to hacker hotel. There’s an ominous message from a friend - “I don’t think I’ll be coming back”. #LazarusHeist
23/05/21·40m 3s

S1.5 Cyber warriors

Surveillance, state control, executions and how to become a hacker. The FBI has accused Park Jin Hyok of being a hacker but how much choice do members of the Lazarus group actually have? #LazarusHeist
16/05/21·42m 7s

S1.4 Billion dollar hack

A faulty printer, an empty room and the most daring cyber theft ever attempted. The Bangladesh Bank heist begins. #LazarusHeist
09/05/21·38m 47s

S1.3 Superdollars

The Smoking Dragon, a fake wedding and a divorce party. And lots of counterfeit money. #LazarusHeist
02/05/21·33m 15s

S1.2 Disaster movie

“I was terrified.” Panic in Hollywood, careers ruined and helium filled balloons sent to North Korea. President Obama makes clear who he blames for the Sony hack. #LazarusHeist
25/04/21·36m 46s

S1.1 Hacking Hollywood

A movie, Kim Jong-un and a devastating cyber attack. The story of the Sony hack. How the Lazarus Group hackers caused mayhem in Hollywood and for Sony Pictures Entertainment. And this is just the beginning… #LazarusHeist
18/04/21·33m 51s

Introducing The Lazarus Heist

The most daring bank theft ever attempted? From hacking Hollywood to a billion-dollar plot. North Korea stands accused but says it had nothing to do with it and it’s part of the United States’ attempts to tarnish its image. Premieres 19 April 2021. A true crime investigation with Geoff White and Jean Lee.
08/04/21·3m 1s
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