On The Scent

On The Scent

By Nicola Bonn

On The Scent is the podcast destination for anyone fascinated by fragrance (or keen to learn more) – a place where perfume snobbery is stripped away, and fragrance is accessible to all.

What began as a monthly sniff-in on the Outspoken Beauty Podcast soon became so popular in its own right (and with so many listeners sending in questions and asking for more) that On the Scent just had to go weekly - this time on its own perfumed platform!

Encompassing everything from icons and all-time classics to what’s new on the high street to the more ‘niche’ indie brands; Beauty broadcaster and columnist Nicola Bonn and award-winning fragrance journalist and expert Suzy Nightingale give personalised perfume prescriptions, describe fragrances in such an intoxicating way you can almost smell them and help navigate the thousands of scents out there to find the truly incredible ones. Also expect interviews with well-known figures, delving into their favourite scents of all time and opportunities to get to know some of the most exciting perfumers in the world.

Whether you’ve a collection of 500+ or are just starting on your scent journey, olfactory obsessives Nicola & Suzy are on a mission to find you fragrances that don’t simply smell good, but will re-connect you to long forgotten memories, engage your emotions and very likely blow your mind.


Tester Roulette, ‘Doll’s Head’ notes, & a Perfume Prescription

We’ve been going through our stash of scent samples recently - so many of us have them, don’t we? Vials and travel sizes rolling about in drawers and on desks (or, as many of our listeners have testified, stored neatly and documented in spreadsheets. We wish we were this organised!) Fragrance samples really are a brilliant way of trying something new, a bit daring or not what you’d normally go for first - and it adds an element of excitement to play ‘tester roulette’, as we have here! We’re also discussing some of the fragrances we’ve been wearing and trying lately, AND answering a listener’s questions about finding what’s creating the ‘doll’s head’ note in a new fragrance she’s been testing, plus finding her an emboldening, long-lasting workplace perfume.We discuss…@jomalonelondon limited edition Orange Marmalade Cologne @givenchybeauty La Collection Particulière Coeur Fou @clivechristianperfume Private Collection E Cashmere MuskBaies Rose, Musk & Fleuriste FusionSamples Sniffed…@marksandspencer Coastal Breeze (In ‘The Mini Discovery Set’)@commodity Juice (Expressive)@noyz_official Sh**ty Day@choreograph.perfume Inbetween (Perfume & music crossover project by Adey Zookrow, £14 for 7.5ml)@bastille_parfums Pleine LuneSentire x @sainte.cellier English Garden #perfumeprescription answers…@fredericmalle Portrait of a Lady @sergeslutens Fils de Berlin @goldfield_and_banks_australia Ingenious Ginger @tomfordbeauty Black Orchid @moltonbrown Rose Dunes@lancomeofficial La Nuit Trésor@moschino Toy Boy
11/07/241h 4m

Vintage Style, Perfume Walks & Perfume Prescriptions

Lovers of classical styles of perfumery (but with a modern twist) are in for a treat with TWO nostalgia-infused niche houses we were lucky enough to sniff around at press launches. There was a fascinating perfume walk around Roman London, and a stunning new scent in the Electimuss collection that will take your nose on an adventure. Plus, Nicola was personality-matched to her perfect perfume, and we’ve got Perfume Prescriptions for listener’s questions: one desperately searching for an alternative to her friend’s discontinued signature scent; and another seeking a more affordable alternative to their dream fragrance. Have we found the answers…? Listen, and make up your own minds! We discuss…@bienaime_1935 La Vie en FleursVermeilJours HeureuxFleurs d’Été@electimuss Spice D’Arno by @celinebarelperfumery (plus walking tour with Olga @perfumewalks)@theharmonist Hypnotising Fire@jouissanceparfums (available now @fioleuk)Les Cahiers Secrets En Plein Air La Bague d’O #perfumeprescriptions @bdkparfumsparis 312 Saint-Honoré@theharmonist Matrix Metal@andreamaack Craft@27_87 Per Sē@millerharris Violet Ida@mizensir Elixir de Musc

New fragrances for celebrations, get-aways & every day!

This time we review everything from a new indie fragrance that smells like a merry-go-round, one of THE best budget scents you can buy, a perfume with a firework accord (!) to scents so quenching they make you ache to taste ice-cold cocktails; and what to wear if you’re dipping your olfactory toes into your first ever oud…We discuss: @100.bon Patchouli & Labdanum @iggywooworld Iggywoo Cashmere Show Pony (just arrived @roullierwhite in the U.K.)@bastille_parfums 14 Juillet@ojarofficial Red Redemption@bleu.nour Neon Violette #perfumeprescription suggestions to listener questions: @maisoncrivelli Oud Maracujá@maisoncrivelli Cuir Infrarouge@juliettehasagun Lust for SunIndulge in the scents of summer with Juliette @tothefairestlondon Cécile @fugazzi In Love with the Cocos@kayali Oudgasm Rose Oud @floris Honey Oud@maisonfranciskurkdjian Oud Satin Mood  @vallensefragrance Source (available end of July - stay tuned!)
27/06/2448m 5s

A Nautical, Fragrant Adventure On A Floating Laboratory

Join us dear listeners as we go on a fragrant adventure on the high seas (well actually the hidden canal in London's King's X).In this episode we took our little microphone on a very special day out in London.Join us onboard the Disco Volante, a beautiful narrow boat belonging to the incredible William Borrell who is the founder of @vallensefragrance. William has transformed his boat into what can only be described as a perfume lover's dream, with incredible equipment that macerates and distills wild and wonderful ingredients that William has sought out from all around the world, this boat can only be descrived as a floating laboratory. As you'll hear, the next step of William's creative process is taking his ingredients and inspiration to wonder perfumer @perfumer.pia. The results of their work together are mind blowing and the first three fragrances will be available in July.We'll also tell you about a phenomenal two hours with @rojadove and will tell you about our wonderful tea time experience.We hope you enjoy accompanying us on our scented journey.
20/06/2434m 33s

Sunshine bottled, a scent safari + Handel & Hendrix in fragrant form

This week we’ve got the scent memory of a hotel that a listener has reintroduced Nicola to; sunshine, bottled (and in a new candle), a thrilling scent safari in Paris, plus how Handel & Jimi Hendrix are united in music, place & perfume… Get ready to be whisked from sun-soaked Mediterranean islands to the coolest and most artistic Parisian niche perfume houses, then through history via two extraordinary musicians who were separated by 200 years, but changed the course of music and have now inspired two incredible fragrances.We discuss…The wonderful @cereria_molla_1899  Lemon and Cinnamon candle (best gift ever!)New @trudon Isla eau de parfum & De Oro CandleSuzy’s trip with @aspectsbeauty to Paris, which included:Visiting @constantsoniaperfumer and smelling the new @ellakparfumsparis Orchid KA masterclass with @jeroboamperfumes (Suzy adored Origino / Ambra / Boha / Unue)An afternoon spent sniffing the delights available at @jovoyparisA trip to the new @nishane.official boutique (where Suzy smelled the new Tuberóza X & fell madly for Sultan Vetiver & B-612)(Next time we’ll get into the stunning workshop experience with @alexandrejparfums for Butterfly, plus their mind-blowingly gorgeous extracts...) Then our amazing, fully immersive breakfast at @handelandhendrixhouse where we explored the two latest @thameenfragrance Britologne Collection: Chords (inspired by Handel) and the new Bold as Love (inspired by Jimi Hendrix!) Aghhh, we need more time! But will catch up with #perfumeprescription answers on the next episode, as well as linking to the Givaudan statement also mentioned. 
13/06/2459m 42s

Minipod - Fragrant Adventures in Covent Garden

Suzy is on a fabulous fragrant adventure in Paris so this week we're doing a minipod where we catch up on our joint experience of the opening of the amazing new Trudon store on Monmouth Street in Covent Garden and why we're both swooning over The Experimental Perfume Club's surprising summer scent.We mention:@trudon Aphelie@experimentalperfume club Pistachio Haiku
06/06/2420m 38s

Juicy Newness, Diptyque exclusives, Liberty loves, Parisian profiling & celebrating change…

This week we’re bursting with juicy newness inspired by ‘the goddess of flowers and hell’ by Boujee Bougies, an affordable niche French brand we’ve fallen madly for, Nicola’s art-infused reverie at Diptyque’s sublime new store, her personal concierge experience at Liberty’s Fragrance Lounge; and a press trip to Paris where The Harmonist matched a perfume to Suzy’s personality! We’ve also got suggestions for a very personal #perfumeprescription question from a listener seeking scents to make sense (and celebrate) an unexpected new chapter her life has taken…We discuss:@boujeebougies Infleurno@maisonlouismarie No.13 Nouvelle VagueMaison Louis Marie No. 9 Vallée de FarneyMaison Louis Marie No.2 Le Long Fond Maison Louis Marie Antidriss Cassis@diptyque Maison Diptyque 107 New Bond Street, London.@libertylondon Fragrance Lounge @theharmonist You can discover your ‘element’ & fragrance suggestions on their website, too: https://www.theharmonist.com/pages/find-your-element Suzy was ‘Yin Metal’ & chose… @theharmonist Royal Earth#perfumeprescriptions@isalarignon_parfums Isabelle Larignon Milky Dragon(All suggestions available @luckyscent in America, this one also @sainte.cellier in the U.K.) @matierepremiere French Flower@bogue_profumo MAAIBy Antonio Gardoni (also available @slickboys in the U.K.) @ellak Cri du Kalahari
29/05/2455m 38s

All the fun of the Barnes Fragrance Fair, a luxury launch & perfume prescription

Fresh from the amazing adventures of @barnesfragrancefair, Suzy goes through the fragrances (and an incredible candle) she chose for her talk with @aliceduparcq, some of the events she attended, the amazing brands and people she met (and a few purchases she made along the way...)Nicola recounts the fabulous launch she attended (and picks which perfumes she predicts Suzy will love), her husband Chris gets emotional over Elnett hairspray, and we help a listener trying to find a long-lost love...   Suzy mentions: @jusbox fragrances Scented Revolutions event, with the founders Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo interviewed by Haydn @yousmellgreatwhatisit in the @olympicstudios – with Amanda’s husband Roger Miles (who owns the Olympic Records shop opposite) choosing tracks that had been recorded at the studio, while we sniffed along. Suzy was particularly moved by the pairing of Sirens & Sailors with Joan Armatrading’s Love & Affection.  @rndl.ltd Candles & Canapes event – Suzy sadly couldn’t attend this event, but did get to taste the glorious food Jack’s brother Joe had prepared, using individual ingredients from the London Nights candle in the gastronomic extravaganza. Suzy purchased vintage perfume bottle, @perfino aromatherapy pomander necklace, with their Breathe aromatherapy blend. @sun.dayoflondon Afar – Suzy and Jo Fairley were obsessed by this scent! @nancymeiland Lupin Meadow – This was the scent Suzy wore to the fair (perfect for Spring and Summer.) For her talk, Suzy chose: @tothefairestlondon Aubine @boujeebougies  Verdant @beaufortlondon Fathom V  @ostens_official Illuminations Jasmine Candle   Alice’s list: @olfactive_o Citrus@mayanjie Tropica@gallivant.stories Nida@rndl.ltd London Nights candle Nicola talks about her favourite fragrances from the @omanluxury launch – she adored Paramor, and thinks Suzy will love Dejan. #perfumeprescription answers: @hermes L'Ombre des Merveilles @mabelle_orama Lunar Dust
23/05/2445m 31s

The Jasmine Awards, What We Wore, & Perfume Prescriptions

We are still somewhat giddy from the @fragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards, and in this episode we give you all the goss, tell you about the fragrances we chose to wear (and why), and how Suzy almost missed going up on stage to collect our award! We also dig into the extremely generous goody bag, and talk about the @sunnamusk scent that was included in it. Plus, there’s news of a delicious new @juliettehasagun fragrance and your #perfumeprescriptions answered…We mention:@sunnamusk Abid Ambre @juliettehasagun Juliette @sanajardin Vanilla Nomad  @parlemoideparfums Milky Musk @edenisteparfum Vanille Irrésistible @parfumsdemarly Althäir@chloe Nomade @chloe Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum@chloe Nomade Nuit d’Egypte
16/05/2442m 17s

Luxury Launches: Chanel & Celine Make Us Dream + New Niche News

We are finding beauty in life with this week’s fragrance launch discussions (and there’s MUCH to admire). Swooning over the new Chanel, having heart eye emoji face for the new Celine, we’re also living out our fragrant literary fantasies via the new Miller Harris duo, and in raptures over the Argentinan niche house now available from @sainte.cellier in the U.K. We must admit to being so engrossed in our reviews, and sharing scent reveries, that we didn’t make it to the listener questions this week. Oops! Worry not, we will be prioritising the remaining #perfumeprescriptions in the next episode. Until then, sit back, relax, and allow yourself to dream of these… @chanelofficial Les Exclusifs Comète@celine Zouzou @millerharris Soufflot@millerharris Celadon @frassai Verano Porteño@frassai Cuir Pampas@borntostandout.official Sin & Pleasure
08/05/2446m 32s

Here Comes the Sun: New Scents Lifting Our Spirits!

Oooh there’s a wealth of wonderful new fragrance launches to rejoice in this week (yes, MORE!) Steady yourself for osmanthus-infused Oolong tea, joyful Art Deco-inspired butterflies, vintage-style mementos; and some seriously grown-up fruitiness via light-filled, Champagne-bubbled, wickedly peach-y and “marmalade made from sunshine” (Suzy’s description) varieties. We both admitted to feeling a bit glum and exhausted prior to recording this, but as we know - fragrance has the power to slice through sadness and revivify flagging spirits… and we definitely left the virtual studio feeling brighter, energised, and just BETTER for sharing our fragrant news. We hope you feel the same, as you listen! ️ We discuss…@akrofragrances Infuse @alexandrejparfums Butterfly@jomalonelondon Scented Mementos @moltonbrown Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver@nestfragrances Lychee Rose@houseofsarahbaker Peach’s Revenge @parfumsdemarly Perseus @matierepremiereparfums Vanilla Powder@kilianparis Sunkissed GoddessAnd in answer to a listener’s #perfumeprescription:@histoiredeparfums1889 Moulin RougeThis is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.1Encens Roi1804[Their flagship Paris boutique is located at 11 rue du Roi Doré in the Marais district.]@binetpapillonparfumsNo.1 Alkemist PepperNo.9 Patchouli MonarqueNo.15 Jungle TobaccoNo.18 Santal Tintoretto[Paris showroom-boutique: 2 Galeroe Vivienne, 5 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris.Subway: Bourse, Chatelet, Palais-Royal.]
01/05/2455m 38s

Everything You Need To Know About The Barnes Fragrance Fair

The second @barnesfragrancefair is coming to London on Saturday May 18, 2024 and on this week’s episode we welcome the founder & organiser, Amanda Carr from @wewearperfume, and Haydn @yousmellgreatwhatisit (who is hosting two music & fragrance sessions) to discuss the many amazing niche brands / talks, workshops and why YOU need to be there!Here’s why:A FREE to enter fair with wares from some of the greatest independent fragrance houses, including:@gallivant.stories@nancymeiland@tothefairestlondon@mayanjie@aspectsbeauty@perfinouk@olfactive_o@sun.dayoflondon@4160tuesdays@boujeebougies@angelaflanders@and_fragrance@jusboxperfumes@beaufortlondon@ostens_official@rndl.ltd@altraprofuture@walesperfumery@early_modernMeet the perfumers / founders in personFascinating talks, immersive workshops, sip & sniff events with wine, canapés, music & more [ticketed / paid for individually - BOOK NOW as many sold out already!!!]Generous goody bags for talks provided by @kga_beauty_pr / goody bags for Olympic Studio sessions by @profileprStalls loaded with fragrant treats, the quality and likes of which you will not find anywhere else all togetherOpportunities to learn, make your own fragrance, meet fellow enthusiasts, and most of all have a huge amount of FUN!Last year’s fair was abuzz with people from all areas of the fragrance industry, along with fragrance obsessives and members of the public who’d perhaps never smelled scents from an independent house before (and had their minds BLOWN!)A lot of stalls completely sold out of stock during last year’s fair, and the talks got booked up early, too…BOOK TICKETS via @barnesfragrancefair website (links in our stories / events highlights @onthescentpodcast)Hope to see some of you at Suzy’s talk with @aliceduparcq **2:30pm** - and cannot WAIT to see and sniff everything at the fair!#barnesfragrancefair #nichefragrance #indiebrands #barnes #londonevents #booktickets #fragranceblogger #fragfam #fragrance #perfume
25/04/2446m 26s

NEW Charlotte Tilbury & Maison Crivelli, Chloe’s flower shop scents + violet tendencies

There’s a whole new Charlotte Tilbury collection of SIX mood-boosting scents and a new Maison Crivelli to get excited about, plus Chloe’s beautiful flower shop inspired fragrances and our suggestions for a listener who’s craving violetWe discuss…@charlottetilbury Fragrance Collection of Emotions Available from 30th April on the Charlotte Tilbury app or from 2nd May online and instore. 100ml £130 / 10ml £20More Sex Black pepper, leather, ambroxan, musk, sandalwoodJoyphoriaCoconut water, jasmin sambac, vanilla bean extract, powdery muskMagic EnergyBergamot oil, cashmere wood, palo santo accord, cypressLove FrequencyPink pepper, saffron, rose, musk, cashmere woods, patchouliCosmic PowerAmber, cinnamon bark oil, vanilla bean, clove, frankincenseCalm BlissBergamot oil, neroli oil, orange flower absolute, tonka bean@chloe Atelier des Fleurs collection - Ateliers des Fleurs Magnolia AlbaChloe Ateliers des Fleurs Vanilla Planifolia@cloonkeen Baínín (pronounced ‘bawneen’)@maisoncrivelli Cuir InfraRouge #perfumeprescription @lush Kerbside VioletGuerlain Apres L’Ondee@goutalparis La Violette @lejardinretrouve Violette Kew @molinardparfums Violette @isseymiyakeparfums L'Eau d'Issey Solar Violet
18/04/2444m 18s

SO Many New Launches, Our Award Nomination & Your Prescriptions

We are practically bursting with new fragrance launch news (there are several million so far this year it seems, and we’re going our best to catch-up with some of our faves here), and we are both glowing from our Jasmine AWARD nomination! Plus, we’ve got the perfect scented suggestions for your perfume prescription questions…We could not be more thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Creativity category of @fragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards for our week-long Halloween Instagram story. This unfurled in daily updates - which Suzy & Nicola took turns to write, using the story, photographs and music to evoke various fragrance’s characters. The entire story culminated in a podcast episode which went out on Halloween last year, and you can view the entire story by clicking on our Scented Story highlight circle - underneath our bio @onthescentpodcast. The podcast episode is linked there at the end of the story, too. Anyway. Suffice to say we are THRILLED to have been nominated and made the shortlist. And we will be celebrating will all the other finalists at the ceremony on May 9th! We discuss…@bdkparfumsparis 312 Saint Honoré@maisoncrivelli Tubéreuse Astrale@nancymeilandparfums Lupin Meadow @champagneandsmoke Filthy Rose candle @ormondejayne Vanille Afrique Intensivo@kayali Oudgasm Smoky Oud | 07@eliesaabworld Elie Saab Bridal@dsanddurga Black Magenta @dsanddurga Wear at Maximum Volume @bibbi.parfum Rainbow Rose @bibbi.parfum Swimming Pool @bibbi.parfum Santal BeautySuzy also thinks Nicola would like: @bibbi.parfums Radio Child@marcantoinebarrois TILIA Perfume Prescriptions:@diptyque Philosykos@manosgerakinisperfume Manos Gerakinis Immortelle Manos Gerakinis Rose Poetiqueall £50 for 10ml @shymimosaperfumery in Bristol (and online, if you create an account you get 10% off your first order.)@mirrorwater.earth Smooth Body Oil @sanctuaryspa Golden Sandalwood Mousse @tothefairestlondon Cécile Satin Body Oil@refeelnaturals Lost Alhambra Dry Oil (from @sainte.cellier)
11/04/241h 1m

On the Scent with Olfactory Artist & Historian Tasha Marks

Award-winning artist and historian Tasha Marks has been exploring the relationship between art and the senses with @avmcuriousities through extraordinary scented artworks, installations and events since 2011.From recreating the scent of ancient Roman rituals, enhancing the experiences of the visually impaired on an architectural tour, evoking the smells of Queen Victoria’s dinners and making ‘strike and sniff wallpaper’, patrons include the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery, The British Museum and most recently, creating the @libertylondon ‘Noseum’. We’re delighted to have Tasha as a guest this week - and we’ll be taking a deep dive into her life, how she makes artistic inspirations a sniffable reality, and the fragrances she likes to wear outside of an exhibition setting…On Tasha’s website, there are brilliant descriptions photographs, and sound files of her work; plus you can sign up for her newsletter to hear about forthcoming artworks, installations and events: https://www.avmcuriosities.comDuring the episode we mention:@perfumerh - Lyn Harris’ fragrance house, which Tasha got to know @libertylondon and has fallen madly for!(Suzy also mentions Perfumer H Ink, which she was finally paired with at a recent consultation in Liberty’s Fragrance Lounge)The Forest Bathing Institute @tfb_institute@calvinklein CK ONE@valentino.beauty V by Valentino @versace Blue Jeans@laboratoryperfumes Samphire Don’t forget, you can meet Tasha and hear much more about her career, ask her your own questions, and get to experience the Liberty Noseum first hand (or nose!) on the evening of April 11, when Suzy @fragrantmaven is hosting an Art & Fragrance conversation with Tasha! Tickets available here: https://www.libertylondon.com/uk/events/Fragrance-Fine-Art-Event.htmlTickets also linked in our bio, and in our Events highlights on Instagram @onthescentpodcast
27/03/2457m 56s

On the Scent with Melissa Leong - (Part 2)

WHAT a way to end #nationalfragranceweek! If you’ve already listened to Part One, you’ll know our special guest this week, Mellissa Leong @fooderati is a HUGE fragrance fan, and that her list was so extensive, we had to split our interview with into *two full-length episodes* to accommodate them all. Quite frankly, we were all having such a great time, it could quite easily have gone into five parts, were it not for the fact that Melissa is an incredibly busy woman (and that it was gone 11pm our time when we’d finished recording!) Well I mean, when you look at that list, there’s no way we could cut any out, is there?!As you’ll discover, quite apart from her many broadcasting, writing, and editing accomplishments; Melissa is an erudite woman of incredible taste and style (as was her mother, we learned in the first half). We so enjoyed hearing the reasons behind her perfume choices, the development of her personal taste, and indeed, the link between her tastebuds and her sense of smell. From food and fragrance, to the emotional resonance and how to build a wardrobe of perfumes that arm you against anything life may throw in your path, we know you’re going to enjoy this journey as much as we did.No matter if you’re a #foodie or a #fragrancelover - and there are a LOT of ties between our two tribes - you’ll find so much to love, here…We discuss:@diptyque Eau Duelle@atelierdesors Lune Feline @bdkparfumsparis Gris Charnel@montale Intense Cafe@ormondejayne Woman@escentricmolecules 01 + Iris today@fragonardparfumeurofficiel Santal CardamomeWhen working on @masterchefau Melissa wore @fentybeauty layered with @naomigoodsir Bois D’Ascese@santamarianivella1221 Aqua della Regina + Parle Moi Milky Musk was “the combo I wore most days” (when working in Florence)[Suzy @fragrantmaven recommended Melissa tries @januaryscentproject Selperniku to feed her love of lactonic (milky) scents!]@jomalonelondon Myrrh and Tonka@parlemoideparfum Milky Musk@lelabofragrances Another 13@giardiniditoscana Bianco Latte@initioparfumsprives Oud for Greatness@lataffaperfumes Mood for Oud Komorebi (purchased at Fueguia Patagonia, Tokyo)@demeterceo Earthworm / MushroomMelissa’s favourite indie fragrance boutiques to shop in Australia: @loreperfumery@peonymelbourne@le_salon_aux_fleurs_armadale@libertineparfumerie
23/03/241h 18m

On the Scent with Melissa Leong (Part 1)

As part of #nationalfragranceweek, we could not have been more thrilled to discover that today’s guest is an avid listener to our podcast - and that she has time to fit us in. Because, to say the least, Melissa Leong @fooderati is a BUSY woman! Currently hosting Dessert Masters in Australia, former host of MasterChef Australia; in November last year Melissa was asked to moderate an ‘In Conversation With @jamieoliver’ evening at a PACKED Sydney Opera House. And when emailing us her notes for this episode, Melissa revealed she was “…still recovering from a week of racing cars (I did a Top Gear hot lap!) and speaking at IWD lunches.”Reading from her talent management bio: “Few in Australia can boast the culinary credentials of Melissa Leong. An accomplished food and travel writer, food media consultant, radio broadcaster, television presenter, MC and cookbook editor, this first-generation Singaporean Australian isn’t afraid to eat anything at least once.” We can now add to that by saying she isn’t afraid to SMELL anything at least once, either, and we have a mega list of her favourite fragrances to discuss in depth.  There were SO many amazing fragrances on Melissa’s list, we had to make this a two-part series (Part 2 will be released as a bonus episode on Sunday), but here are the scents discussed in this episode…@isseymiyakeparfums L’Eau D’Issey@calvinklein CK One@clinique Aromatics Elixir / Happy@chloe Chloe@commes.des.garcon 2 / Lucky Scent (discontinued)@tomfordbeauty Black Orchid@officialbyredo Gypsy Water@aesopskincare Marrakech@lelabofragrances Santal 33@rpparfums Oud Delice@carnerbarcelona Black Calamus@trudon Mortel Noir@nassomatto Baraonda/Black Afgano@matierepremiereparfums Encense SuaveDon’t miss PART TWO - coming out as a *bonus* episode this Sunday!
20/03/2451m 56s

Scents to Sleep – fragrances for wearing to bed

It being National Sleep Week, in this episode we’re focussing on fragrances that we like to wear to bed. From scents to soothe and help us unwind, to those that make us feel we’re drifting off in a posh hotel surrounded by sumptuous bedlinen – we’ll be discussing ‘your skin but better’ scents, texturally pleasing perfumes that remind us of crisp cotton and luxurious sheets and even silk pyjamas. But are there certain fragrances that *you* only wear at bedtime, or do you think the whole idea of wearing a perfume to sleep in is a bit weird?  Whatever your preference, we hope you find this one suitably relaxing to listen to whenever you feel a bit frazzled, and discover something that at least helps you get some rest, even if it’s not a full night’s sleep (we also talk about how much pressure there is for that on social media! – and we’d love to hear your scent suggestions, too...[This episode isn’t sponsored, but @sleep.8uk are very kindly sending us #gifted pillows to try, they also do everything from mattresses, massage chairs, beds & sofa beds]. We talk about...Body Care & Pillow Sprays: @aromatherapyassociates Deep Relax / Light Relax collections sleep8.uk will be stocking the ZEMK Care London collection (Suzy mentions the Goodnight Pillow Mist) @rarebeauty Find Comfort collection (body lotion / spray / aromatherapy pen / hand cream) @neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Hand Balm  Re.Feel Lost Alhambra Dry Oil (from @sainte.cellier) @featheranddownsleep Pillow Spray Nicola’s kids love the @childsfarm SlumberTime Lavender & Moon Milk range   Skin Scents: @dsanddurga I Don’t Know What @ellisbrooklyn Myth @olfactiveo Skin @aimeskincare Parfum de Peau perfume oil @narcisorodriguez Musc Nude  Crisp Cotton / Posh Bedlinen Scents: @dsanddurga Steamed Rainbow @durance_uk Cotton Musc eau de Parfum @lelabo Ambrette 9 @bastille_parfums Paradis Nuit  Nicola also mentions loving the calming @mysensate device
14/03/2453m 6s

A Fragrant Flurry and A Special Memorial

With Nicola having hosted an event for @fragranceshopuk and smelling the beautiful @chloe Nomade Naturelle, Suzy & Nicola attending a fascinating launch of a musically-themed new @thameenfragrance with the brilliant @cchonguk, and Suzy practically running between launches (including @florislondon, @thooperfume - others to follow as there have been a fragrant flurry) it’s been quite the workout for our noses!Although we couldn’t fit ALL the new launches in this episode, of course we made time for answering some more of your #perfumeprescriptions questions, and for a hugely moving fragrant memorial for one of our listeners. We discuss… @thameenfragrance Chords @thooperfume Crazy Collection: Bon Bon Pop Wabisabi Gambling @houseofsarahbaker Charade @cochine_official Tuberose Absolute & Sandalwood
06/03/2451m 46s

NEW Narciso, Floris, & Your Questions Answered!

We’re hugely excited about some new fragrances worn by us and discussed in this week’s episode (and Suzy was utterly bowled over by THE perfect scented candle for Spring). Diving in to your brilliant perfume prescription questions, meanwhile, we’re matching listeners to their perfect perfumes (this time involving woody vanillas, coffee scents, and the smell of an Italian olive grove…We discuss on the show:NEW!@lordsfragrancehouse Pengelli Forest candle @florislondon Wilde@narciso_rodriguez Narciso For Her Musc Nude@narciso_rodriguez Narciso For Him Vetiver MuscWe're also loving right now:@escentric_molecules 01 + Iris@lesabstraits La Douleur Exquise (c/o the wonderful Brooke @sainte.cellier)@lamontanacandles Night Star Eau de ParfumListener Questions #perfumeprescriptions @tomfordbeauty Tobacco Vanille @maya.njie.perfumes Vanilj @1907perfumes Vanilla.Dry from @jovoymayfair @dolcegabbana_beauty The Only One @tomfordbeauty Cafe Rose @akrofragrances Awake @4160tuesdays Black Velvet Cafe @kilianparis Intoxicated @prosodylondon Mocha Muscari @essentiapuglia ULIVO NOBIL
28/02/2453m 53s

Fragrant Legacies & Scent-Matched ‘Eras’

A bumper episode this week, starting with a deep dive into the new Estée Lauder Legacy x Frederic Malle collection of brilliantly re-imagined classics, there’s also a discussion of a limited-edition Serges Lutens that delights Suzy and disturbs Nicola, and an incredible MEMO fragrance that transports you to a gloriously unique landscape in Turkey. And here’s something different – we focus on the fascinating question sent in by a listener who’s lucky enough to be going to the @taylorswift ERAS tour and wants to know how we’d scent it. So, we went one step further and have matched a fragrance for every major album, reflecting the mood shift and growth process in each perfume choice... Do you agree, or would you have chosen differently? How would YOU scent the tour? Or perhaps there’s a musician / film / book / TV Show or some other art form you’d like us to ‘scent match’? Let us know!In This Week’s Show: @esteelauderuk @fredericmalle Legacy Collection Azurée Legacy – “A warm and sublime original Estée Lauder fragrance reimagined with notes of Cumin.” (@anneflipoperfumer) Private Collection Legacy – “A reimagined version of the classic scent that allows the floral green notes of the original to shine. Notes of Green Accord, Jasmine and Rose.” (@anneflipoperfumer) White Linen Legacy – “A warm, lush fragrance with the richness of the original scent. Notes of Aldehyde, Rose and Amber.” (@carlos.benaim) Estée Legacy – “An intoxicating floral musk fragrance with notes of Sandalwood, Honey and Jasmine.” (@carlos.benaim) Knowing Legacy – “A rich, fruity scent expanded from the original with notes of Black Currant and Orris.” (@brunojovanovicperfumer) @sergeslutens L’Orpheline (limited edition) @memo.paris CappadociaScent-matching Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour, album by album...Taylor Swift: Nicola chose @dsanddurga Cowboy Grass Fearless: Suzy chose @ninaricci L’air du Temps Speak Now: Nicola chose JHAG Lily Fantasy Red: Suzy chose Dior Hypnotic Poison Reputation: Suzy chose Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Lover: Nicola chose @ninaricci L’air du Temps Folklore: Suzy chose @penhaligons Luna Evermore: Nicola chose @roosandroos In the Wood for Love Midnights: Suzy chose @electimusslondon Aquila Absolute
21/02/241h 2m

Minipod - Affordable Fragrances Edit (Part Two)

We’re back with another ‘mini pod’ edit of brilliant but affordable fragrances to add to your pocket friendly, guilt free ‘treat to self’ shopping list. In Part One (last week) we discussed several modern scents, but this time we’re also including some nostalgic bargains, going further back into the fragrant archives for some more classic examples that are designer names, made by incredible perfumers, yet can be had for really excellent value! It’s a win-win. Which ones have YOU tried? And what other affordable scent suggestions might you have for us…? We talk about:Nicola: @glossier You@marksandspencer Warmth@thebodyshop Black Musk@andotherstories Sardonyx Fire Suzy:@laurabiagiottiparfums Roma@fragonard Belle de Paris@lancomeofficial Ô de Lancôme@rochasofficial Tocade@chopard Casmir
14/02/2429m 49s

Minipod: Affordable Fragrance Edit (Part One)

This year we want to give even more affordable fragrance options on the podcast. Balancing our coverage of all price options has been vital to us since we started On the Scent and given the soaring costs of EVERYTHING (including fragrance prices), it’s more important than ever. Of course, we will still cover the luxury, niche and designer launches and more spendy scents we love, but if they are way out of your pocket right now – or you’re simply looking for some perfumed treats that won’t break the bank – we wanted to do a little mini pod edit of some favourites to recommend.In Part One for this week, we will be looking at some brilliant but more inexpensive contemporary scents we’ve been enjoying wearing recently, and next week for Part Two, at some fantastic older ones that can be snapped up for under £40, and which you simply MUST try for yourselves. We so hope you enjoy listening, and meanwhile we wonder… which affordable fragrances would YOU recommend other people try?Nicola:Suzy & Nicola: @andotherstories Plants Illustrated£29 for 50ml eau de toilette@andotherstories Solar Essay £29 for 50ml eau de toilette @avon_uk Attraction for Her £16 for 50ml eau de parfum@avon_uk Far Away Beyond Currently £14 for 50ml parfum Suzy:@honore.payan Luxe Ambre €22.50 for 50ml eau de parfum Honore Payan Musc Blanc €22.50 for 50ml edpHonore Payan Musc Noir €6 for refillable travel size spray edp
08/02/2433m 14s

We fell madly for these new fragrances…

Discover which fragrances we’ve been enraptured by this week…There’s everything from an affordable treat Nicola fell for, and a newly-launched citrus/vetiver scent she thinks Suzy will ADORE; to luxe hair mists, another achingly beautiful sample from @sainte.cellier, THREE new Ormonde Jayne fragrances, and a perfume & cocktail matching event that was a sensorial sensation…Nicola’s been wearing:@avon_uk Lov U Connected A new fragrance by @parfumsdemarly which we can talk about, but not yet name! Suzy’s been wearing:@electimuss Hair Mists - now available in Mercurial Cashmere and Imperium.@lesabstraits Belle Âme (sample kindly sent from @sainte.cellier) @ormondejayne Montabaco Cuba (We also mention Montabaco Rio & Montabaco Flor)Suzy had the best time at an @arquiste event, where Josh & Sam from @fiole hosted the brilliant Arquiste founder, @arquistecarlos Carlos Huber. Suzy fell madly back in love with Architect’s Club and Aleksandr, and gasped aloud at the gorgeousness of L’Or de Louis. She’s also pretty damn certain Nicola would LOVE Sydney Rock Pool (the ultimate beach-y skin, happy summer scent memories fragrance?)And of course, we catch-up with answering some more of your questions via our listener #perfumeprescriptions (waxy art supplies, childhood sweets, and discontinued designer recommendations…?!)@amouage Imitation Man @fredericmalle Sale Gosse @thebathhouseshop Art Studio diffuser @loccitane_uk_ire Fig & Rose Eau de Parfum@memoizeperfume Memoize London Ego@diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau

NEW designer fragrances, French pharmacy cult scents, & your questions, answered…

Such a diverse range of fragrances mentioned in this latest episode - we’ve everything from the return of Moschino’s iconic teddybear scent, a salty oud, the smell of lost love daring to hope again, and some of your utterly brilliant questions (which we’ve answered with our scented suggestions). We so hope you enjoy listening. And do let us know what YOUR answers to the questions would be… @moschino Toy2 Pearl@tomford Oud Minerale (both kindly gifted from @theperfumeshop.pr)(As mentioned by Tom @thescentiest on our previous episode, kindly sent a sample by @sainte.cellier to try) @lesabstraits La Douler Exquise@durance_uk Cotton Musc eau de Parfum@aimeskincare Aime Parfum de Peau perfume oilPapier d’Arménie (in Tradition, Arménie & Rose scents) [These were sent from @thefrench.pharmacy - huge thanks!]Listener #perfumeprescriptions@juliettehasagun Mmm &@guerlain Mon Guerlain@esteelauderuk Bronze Goddess@nuxe_uk Prodigieux® le parfum@bobbibrownuk Beach @jilsander Sun@juliettehasagun Vanilla Vibes @juliettehasagun Sunny Side Up @tothefairestlondon Cécile @whind Neroli Bronze@escentricmolecules 01 + Mandarin@jovoymayfair Psychédélique@rahua Palo Santo Perfume Oil@initioparfumsprive Paragon@animavinciocficial Wood of Life @maisonlouismarie No.04 Bois de Balincourt perfume oil@aimeskincare Aime Parfum de Peau perfume oil@glossier You@olfactiveo Skin @tothefairestlondon Cécile satin body oil
25/01/2453m 3s

The Scentiest

For this episode we’re thrilled to welcome our first guest of the fourth season - Tom, aka @thescentiest. Tom’s stunning photos are immediately eye-catching on Instagram, and his fragrance reviews equally nuanced, captivating and thoughtful. He’s a huge supporter of indie fragrance brands, retailers, and other creators; celebrating the industry with his annual The Scentiest Awards. Having met Tom for the first time in person at a recent fragrance launch, it’s wonderful to welcome him to On the Scent!“My first memories are of my mum's L'Air du Temps miniatures, plus Rive Gauche, and Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld. I was always so drawn to smelling them and loved how precious the bottles were...”Tom’s personal fragrance journey shapes out like this (and we discussed as many as we could during this episode):CK Eternity - 12 y/oCK One - 13 y/oDrakkar Noir - 15 y/oD&G Pour Homme - 16 y/oPlus Plus Masculine, Diesel - 17 y/oGucci Pour Homme II - 21 y/oPaul Smith Extreme - 22 y/oSpicebomb - 34 y/oTerre D'Hermes Parfum - 35 y/oFall Into Stars, Strangelove - 37 y/oEverlasting, Zoo NYC - 39 y/oAnd a few things he’s obsessed with now:“Perfumer H in general, but Ink, Incense Water, and Patchouli stand out. Plus Ink incense sticks are the best I've found!”Tobacco Honey - my first Guerlain, and the scent memory is of my late grandmother's cigar cabinet.Brompton Immortals, Exnihilo - the most zhuzhie rose ever!Fleur du mal, Dries Van Noten - Quentin Bisch does Osmanthus, with an artpiece of a bottle.Celine - Nightclubbing!Eris - Ma Bete (grrr)Isabelle Larignon - all three of her releases.We also mention:@houseofsarahbaker Gold Spot@lesabstraits La Douleur Exquise (from @sainte.cellier)Cacao Porcelana @ateliermateri
17/01/2457m 16s

New Year’s Catch Up, New Launches & Perfume Prescriptions

We are BACK! On the Scent Podcast is now in its FOURTH season, can you believe?! We could t be more thrilled, and it’s all thanks to you, our lovely listeners, for your ongoing support. In this first episode for Season 4, we are catching up with what we’ve been wearing, some exciting new launches, and answering more of your utterly fascinating (and so eloquently written) perfume prescription questions. Suzy talks about:@jomalonelondon Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense @mizensir Pallisandre Night @widianofficial Lubin@sarah_baker_studios Flame & Fortune extrait @marissazappas Tragedy Perfume OilSuzy purchased hers from @saintecellier (currently sold out there, but still available marissazappas.com) Nicola talks about:Witchy Candleswitchycandles.co.ukListener #perfumeprescription Questions:@jomalonelondon Red Roses@diptyque Eau Rose Paul Smith Rose (if you can get it! May be relaunched in new packaging?)@penhaligons Constance @pierreguillaume_parfumeur Musc Māori@pierreguillaume_parfumeur Anti-Blues @miyazperfume Iris Cacao@sergesluten Jeux de Peau @dolcegabbana_beauty Devotion (smells like panettone) @januaryscentproject Selperniku @etatlibreorange Une Amourette@exaltatum_parfum Saint Paul’s (samples also available at @bloomperfumery)@4160tuesdays Eau My Soul @borntostandout.official Nanatopia@comptoirsudpacifique Vanille Banane
10/01/2450m 38s

Some Favourite Fragrances 2023 (Part 2)

In this second part of our look back at some of our favourite fragrances from the year, we’re re-sniffing scents that go from sparkling freshness, velvety night air through mouth-watering ultra-realistic gourmand treats, to evocations of paper, books, magical forests and spectacular sunsets. It was SO hard to edit our choices down to this list , but you can find others of our favourites in the Live Event episode, and in last week’s Part One of this mini pod series. Oh my goodness, this our LAST episode of the year!! We’re having a little break from the main pod over the festive period until January. BUT we’re still doing the weekly Patreon exclusive episodes all over Christmas. Plus, we have our Patreon Super Sniffers Christmas Zoom Party on December 16th at 8pm (U.K. time)! Do join us if you can! (Details & links on our Patreon highlights circle beneath bio). We’ll still be posting here as well, and in our Facebook group - but until next time, we wish you a fragrant festive season, and can’t WAIT to reveal next year’s perfume-filled plans! XxIn this episode… Nicola Chose: @maisonfranciskurkdjian Aqua Media Cologne Forte@akrofragrances Bake@lamontanacandles Night Star@penhaligons Solaris@juliettehasagun Lust for Sun Suzy Chose:@akrofragrances Bake@diptyque L’Eau Papier@andotherstories Lost Chapter(Now also do it in perfume oil from £17!)@lamontanacandles Divine Sunset@goldfield_and_banks_australia Silky Woods Elixir
14/12/2329m 21s

Mini Pod: Some Favourite Scents of 2023 (Part One)

In this two-part mini-pod series, we’re taking a look back at just some of our favourite fragrances that have been released this year. Why not all of them, you say? Because that would need be a ten-hour special!We’ve already covered some of our faves in our Live Event – and you can listen to that episode or see the list on our grid post – but here we wanted to cover some of the others we’ve adored. Because 2023 has seen some truly great launches, and has us fizzing with excitement about the fragrances that next year has in store. So, which of these have YOU tried so far – and what would make your end of year olfactory edit, we wonder…?Nicola:@narciso_rodriguez All of Me@parfumsdemarly Althaïr@guerlain Tobacco Honey@marcantoineb Ganymede (technically came out in 2029, the Extrait was this year!)@olfactiveo Skin Suzy:@boujeebougies Gilded@ellakparfumsparis Camelia K@goldfield_and_banks_australia Ingenious Ginger @burberry Goddess @olfactiveo Citrus
06/12/2336m 33s

Desperately Seeking Discontinued, Affordable & Life-Changing Scents

We’ve never had SO many questions from listeners – it seems you’re all either desperately seeking scents that have been discontinued, looking for more affordable alternatives; or perhaps wanting to explore differing facets of our personalities with new perfumes. In fact, some of you are hoping to find fragrant disguises we can use to ease us into new stages of our lives… and we’ve searched high and low to find you the answers to your dreams. Which ones might you be tempted to try, we wonder…? @andy_tauer L`Air du Desert Marocain@etatlibreorange Rien@parfumsgres Gres Cabochard@emanuelungaroparis Ungaro Diva@urbanapothecarylondon Oud Geranium @aesopskincare Hwyl@marksandspencer Apothecary Ease @whind @diptyque L’Eau Papier@millerharris Le Cedre@byredo Rose of No Man’s Land @cartier Pasha de Cartier@memo.paris Russian Leather @4160tuesdays The Lion Cupboard @carineroitfeldparis Forgive Me
30/11/2359m 27s

Our Event + More of Your Perfume Prescriptions!

Well… we thought last year’s live event couldn’t be topped, but this year’s was even more epic! So, this week’s show is for those who were there & want to relive the magic, or those who couldn’t make it and are wondering what happened. We’ll be talking about some of the olfactory occurrences, with snippets recorded during the evening, taking you through the epic goody bag, and answering a couple more questions attendees had sent in…HUGE thanks to @tomsavanococktails for providing their *incredible* olfactively-infused cocktails for guests to enjoy! Everyone was awed by the massive Goody Bag, with contents generously provided by:@moltonbrown Bath & Shower Gels - Rose Dunes / Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold / Re-Charge Black Pepper @perfumewalks Desk Calendar @electimusslondon Mercurial Cashmere /Trajan / Imperium / Vanilla Edesia@arianagrande Cloud Pink @ghostfragrances Orb of Night Opulence@jlofragrances ONE @atkinsons1799.london Tulipe Noire @atkinsons1799.london Lavender On the Rocks@isseymiyakeparfums L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Vetiver@isseymiyakeparfums L’Eau d’Issey Pivoine Peony @olfactive_o - Gourmand @roosandroos Bel Absinthe @roosandroos Malamata@sanajardin Vanilla Nomad @kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33@mabelle_orama Lunar Dust @tedbaker Elodie @neomorganics Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist @skinalchemists Rejuvenating Facial Elixir@revoxb77 Just Niacinimide Daily Moisturiser@eliesaabworld Elixir @goldfield_and_banks_australia Ingenious Ginger @billieeilishfragrances Eilish No.2@others_co Red Skies / Mystic Zingaro@aouralondon Love Rush Body Mist @marcantoinebarrois Discovery Set@thameenfragrance Bravi@ostens_official Cashmeran Velvet / Rose Oil Isparta / Patchouli Heart I We also had full sized bottles of fragrances to give away for spot prizes in competitions during the event! Thank you to @aspectsbeauty for @jeroboamperfumes Unue / @jeroboampergumes Vespero / @alexandrejparfums Art Nouveau Collection Majestic Naard. And to @theprstudiouk for full sizes of @ojarofficial Wadi Bloom Nicola Talked About:Edeniste EnergyGoldfield & Banks Ingenious Ginger Electimuss Vanilla Edesia Celine Nightclubbing Marc-Antoine Barrois Ganymede Suzy Talked About:La Montaña First Light Thameen Fanfare Miller Harris Hydra Figue Matiere Premiere Vanilla Powder Parfums de Marly Althaïr Questions we didn’t have time to answer on the evening: Anne Stevens:Hello Suzy and Nicola! I am very excited about coming to see you on Friday. Maybe this time I will be brave enough to say hello. I was too shy last year!I would like to ask for a perfume prescription for my husband. He has a modest but well curated selection of fragances. This used to include Embers by Rouge Bunny Rouge. He loved it so much he finished this bottle and now it's discontinued. Can you please help him find something similar?For context he also love Architect's Club, Sycomore and Montabaco. Thank you for your help with this. I have an eBay alert for this perfume in the hope that someone might be selling it but no luck as yet! Also, if you can help, I have a ready made Christmas present idea!! Thank you! Anne xxEmbers was:Cloves, Pink Pepper and Nutmeg; middle notes are Incense, Labdanum, Jasmine and Freesia; base notes are Woodsy Notes, Peru Balsam and StyraxANSWER:Heeley Cardinal “Incense enrobed in folds of white linenA timeless scent built around the traditional incense notes of labdanum, ciste, frankincense and myhr. An air of lightness and purity is portrayed by a note of fresh, clean linen. The association of grey amber, patchouli and vetiver, imparts this perfume with mysticism and a rare and contemporary elegance. An immaculate young priest.Auburn hair and milky white skin. Romantic and mystical.White Linen . Baie Rose . Black PepperLabdanum . Frankincense . MyhrVetiver . Grey Amber . Patchouli”(Samples available at Les Senteurs)Armani Prive Encens SatinAmber, woods, spices & incense Histoire de Parfums Encens Roi (£39 for 15ml) Top notes: Olibanum CO2, Roman Chamomile, Schinus MolleHeart notes: Saffron, Pimento Berry CO2*, Atlas CedarwoodBase notes: White Cacao, Oud, Cistus, VanillaInterlaced billows of sweet and cold smokes; a path of pleasure and a path of enlightenment; the resin of gods and of princes: Encens Roi collects the tales of a Humanity that has never ceased to hope.Anne also adds:I will be cheeky and ask for a couple of other prescriptions for myself! I love the smell of basmati rice when it's cooking! Can you recommend any rice themed perfumes?? I know about Chant de Camargue but have never tried it and it's too expensive to risk a blind buy. I do have Poudre de Riz by Pierre Guillaume and I love it but I think it's more on the side of powder than rice. Any other suggestions?I also love black tea notes. So any tea suggestions also welcome but I'm probably getting greedy now!ANSWER:Borntostandout Dirty RiceOlivier Cresp. Top notes are Bergamot and Almond; middle notes are Rice Basmati, Milk and Peony; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Cetalox and Vetiver.(Samples available from Bloom)DSH Parfums BIWA: Dedicated to and conceived by the late Robert Herrmann; a dear friend in fragrance, a ‘heart’ of the West Coast and online fragrance communities, and an inspired writer for online magazine CaFleureBon.com. Dawn says: “The opening of aldehydes, with the merest touch of mint and green cypress give the fragrance a shining, ‘pearly’- opalescence along with a natural, ‘lake side setting’ that continues throughout the design. For the heart, I created a rice powder and a steamed jasmine rice accord; each given a creamier feel with a light hand of vanilla. The drydown is a soft bed of hinoki, cedarwood, and pine. The entire fragrance for me has the feeling of ascension: of flying ever skyward toward the celestial realm through clouds, pastel colored by the setting twilight sun.”All of the profits from the sale of Biwa will be donated to Robert’s husband, Ron. Biwa is a gift of love to the memory of our dear friend and a loving tribute to his ‘perfumed’ imagination.
22/11/231h 14m

Celine scented newness + perfume prescriptions

Oooooh… we can finally talk about it, as the @celine ‘CELESTE’ range - including body oil, bath milk and splash cologne - is now launching! Oh wait, but there’s more: an Illuminations candle that swirls with “psychedelic incense” and scent memories of glamorously decadent Californian parties. Following the opulence, Nicola talks about an exciting, affordable and scent-revolutionary experience she had making three bespoke perfumes at the brand new Oxford Street store of the @fragranceshopuk. Plus we’re talking through what we’ve been wearing, and answering more of your utterly fascinating #perfumeprescription questions…What We’ve Been Wearing:Nicola - @jovoyparis Fire At Will@millerharris Myrica MuseSuzy - @bastille_parfums Paradise Nuit Listener Perfume Prescriptions:[Found on parfumcenter.nl for Hilde in the Netherlands]@commesdesgarconparfums Comme des Garcons@molinardparfums Vétiver@zadigvoltaire This Is Us@Byredo Rose Of No Man's Land@philipppleinofficial Parfums Plein Fatale@hermes Eau des Merveilles@tothefairestlondon Cécile@jilsander Sun@lush Breath of God Solid Perfume @fischersund 23 Solid Perfume@diptyque Orphéon Refillable Solid Perfume@dsanddurga Visit their Nolita NYC flagship store: (255 Mulberry Street NY) and try exclusive ‘studio juices’ but also: I Don’t Know What, Radio Bombay and Debaser
16/11/2356m 1s

Correspondence Special

We have mountains of messages from listeners giving fascinating fragrant feedback (including from a teacher who’s noticed something really interesting about the way her pupils interact with their sense of smell). Plus, of course, your #perfumeprescription questions, this week including another desperate to rediscover their lost scent love. More in search of their perfect vanillas, and a fragrance fan searching for long-lasting all natural perfumes.Plus, we’re discussing @aftelierperfume Mandy Aftel’s utterly brilliant new book: The Museum of Scent: Exploring the Curious and Wondrous World of Fragrance. And telling you what we’ve been enjoying wearing lately. Tune in, bliss out, with your weekly dose of fragrance heaven… Suzy’s been wearing: @nancymeilandparfums Kabosu - the MOST unique (and seasonally perfect) citrus. Nicola’s been wearing:@edenisteparfum Energy - an immediately reviving, mood-boosting burst of freshness that keeps on giving. And both Suzy & Nicola have been wearing:@marcantoinebarrois Ganymede Extrait - a sizzling, suede-esque, mandarin-zinged scent that resonates maple-infused warmth. @Simontm141 is desperately searching for a long lost perfume and we know it’s a long shot, but you never know! Simon writes: “Hello Suzy, Alice Du Parcq passed me your way, hope you don't mind the message. Not sure if you ca help, but I'm trying to find Royal by Fair perfume - I had a sample of it a few years ago, but now saying the price is £5k a bottle :-/ Any idea anywhere that may stock it I may not have thought of? Any suggestions welcome!”Listener Perfume Prescriptions Questions:@ellisbrooklyn Vanilla Milk@burberrybeauty Goddess @bonparfumeur 603 leather, incense, tonka @sun.dayoflondon Afar@parfumsdemarly Althaïr @the7virtues (we mention Vanilla Woods & Cherry Ambition)@maisonlouismarie Bois de Balincourt@dshperfumes@and_fragrance@hereticparfum Patreon subscribers have *THIRTY EIGHT* EXTRA weekly episodes to work through on our Patreon website to date [see Patreon highlights beneath our bio for the link], with another going live Sunday. AND a live Zoom party! Meanwhile, until next time, we wish you a joyous, fragrance-filled week! Love, Suzy & Nicola xx
09/11/2356m 43s

Spooky Scented Story Special

Our Halloween ‘Scented Story’ Special episode is here!Each day, for a week, Suzy and Nicola took it in turns to write a new section of a spooky tale told via photographs, videos, music and poetic descriptions of perfumes specially selected for this creative exploration of fragrance.Read the full spooky story (and experience the fully immersive nature of our collaborative tale) in the ‘Scented Story’ highlights circle beneath our Instagram Bio: @onthescentpodcast Where will they take you, and which scents would YOU be tempted to explore, we wonder…? During the story, we were inspired by (and mention):@zara Popeline Blanche by Olivia Giacobetti@diptyque L’eau Papier@paulsmithdesign #paulsmith Bookworm candle@maisonfranciskurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Silver@jomalonelondon Wood Sage & Sea Salt@ostens_official Jasmine Absolute@fredericmalle Geranium Pour Monsieur@lamontanacandles First Light eau de parfum@mayanjie Nordic Cedar@commesdesgarconparfums Avignon@histoiredeparfums Encens Roi@floralstreet_ Fireplace Candle@zoologistperfumes Civet@penhaligons_london@chanel.beauty Le Lion@futureprimitivesoap Stone the Crows Aromatic Oil@andotherstories The Lost Chapter@tothefairestlondon Élan Vital@4160tuesdays Court of Ravens@beaufortlondon Acrasia@electimusslondon Vanilla Edesia@etatlibredorange Hermann a Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre@laboratoryperfumes Amber@theperfumers story Old Books@sun.dayoflondon Afar@thameenfragrance Bravi@fischersund No.23@beaufortlondon A NEW fragrance, the fifth & last of the Revenants series, coming soon…)@andreamaack Coven
30/10/231h 12m

Deeply Delicious New Vanillas

There are SO many new vanilla fragrances out there that we decided we needed to devote an entire episode to exploring just some of them. Banish sickly sweet thoughts and get ready to embrace this new era of vanillas - many using brand new extractions available to perfumers, which allow a more nuanced, even surprisingly ‘green’ twist to what you might expect.Some of these vanilla scents had Nicola and Suzy VERY excited, indeed… which of them have *YOU* tried? Or are there any other new vanilla fragrances you think we should get our noses on? We discuss…@electimusslondon Vanilla Edesia @and_fragrance måd @matierepremiereparfums Vanilla Powder@dsanddurga Deep, Dark Vanilla @dolcegabbana_beauty Devotion@parfumsdemarly Althaïr @kayali Oudgasm Vanilla Oud | 36@ellisbrooklyn Vanilla Milk@official_houseofvision Fortitude @les_indemodables_parfums Vanille Havane (available in U.K. @sainte.cellier) @burberrybeauty Goddess @maisonnoirfragrance Somnia 517
25/10/2353m 3s

On the Scent & Homesense Scented Candles

[Sponsored Episode] We were so delighted to partner with @homesense_uk for this episode, which has us exploring the aisles of Homesense and discovering the incredible range of scented candles (at *amazing* prices!) they have on offer there. PS: Did you know that Homesense is part of the TK Maxx family? So if you’ve ever found some scented candles there, just wait until you seen the HUGE aisles of fragrant possibilities at Homesense! (Suzy literally squealed. Very loudly. She’d still be browsing now if her taxi hadn’t arrived). Suzy recently hosted a customer event at Homesense with none other than THE @rylan, who’s been appointed the Scent Sommelier for Homesense (and with good reason: turns out he’s just as scent-obsessed as we are, and *really* knows his stuff). He told her what his favourite scents of all time are (and how he scents each room) so of course we share that info with you, too…We’re always talking about the importance of our sense of smell, and how vital it can be to our everyday lives. So, in this week’s show we’re chatting about how we can incorporate scent into our homes, and how you can choose the right candle (or mixture of scents) to elevate your mood and set a scented scene. AND Suzy chooses some candles as gifts for Nicola, and talks through why she selected each one (and the best types of candles to give if you’re not sure of someone’s favourite scents); plus we’ll be revealing the nations favourite scents, as shown in a special survey Homesense conducted (which ones would YOU have chosen…?)
18/10/2349m 11s

Marvellous Muses & Scented Obsessions

This week Nicola & Suzy are both obsessed with new (and new to them) fragrances that have already earned compliments galore - some of which are true olfactory obsessions (as they can’t stop thinking about them!) We’ve got some wonderful feedback - including a listener giving *Nicola* a #perfumeprescription - and a plethora of suggestions of perfumes for listeners seeking scents which: evoke freedom via an adventurous car journey / last longer than a beloved (but fleeting) rose musk / are the best to sample of a delicious niche house / are woody but right for right now in Australian summer.Phew!We discuss…The scent (from her recent trip to Florence for @pittifragranze) Suzy can’t stop thinking about:@timothyhanedition Mad Love What we’ve been wearing:Nicola:@millerharris Myrica Muse @olfactive_o Skin Suzy: @guerlain Tobacco Honey @sanajardin gift sets (luxurious new gift sets)MYSTICAL 5ML SPRAY TRIO: £39 (Selfridges) CELESTIAL 10ML ROLLERBALL DUO: £49 (Liberty) @bdkpsrfumsparis Pas ce Soir Extrait (Listener feedback - giving Nicola a prescription!)@aemium Silence de CalanquesListener Prescriptions:@timothyhanedition On the Road@4160tuesdays Freeway @mayanjie Voyeur Verde@olfactiveo Skin @jimmychoo Rose Passion@parfumsdemarly Delina @montale Arabians TonkaAmber MuskDark VanillaChocolate GreedyStarry Nights Vanille AbsoluRoses Musk@goldfield_and_banks_australia Wood Infusion (10ml travel spray available)@goldfield_and_banks_australia Silky Woods@mapoftheheart Black Heart V.2
12/10/2338m 36s

Celebrations, Joyous New Scents and Prescriptions

In this one, we catch up with Nicola’s birthday celebrations (and the unexpected smells one encounters in a yurt), plus the JOYOUS just-launched fragrances we’ve been sniffing, some very (ahem!) uplifting listener feedback; and autumnal scented candle suggestions for someone who loathes pumpkin spice….We discuss:@marcantoinebarrois Ganymede@matierepremiereparfums Vanilla Powder@barbour Coastal For Her@barbour Coastal For Him@lamontanacandles fragrance First Light@lamontanacandles fragrance Divine Sunset @lamontanacandles fragrance Night Star @olfactive_o Citrus@olfactive_o Skin @arianagrande Cloud Pink Listener Prescriptions @jomalonelondon Myrrh & Tonka candle@jomalonelondon Whisky & Cedarwood candle (part of the Huntsman Collection)@maisonmargielafragrances Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireside candle@boy__smells Cedar Stack
05/10/2354m 29s

On the Scent with Chris Yu

Chris Yu @chrisyusmells is a fellow fragrance fanatic and pillar of the perfume world, having worked alongside such notable names as Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Polge, Lyn Harris, Sophie Labbé and Dominique Ropion – and fortuitously enough, first met his business partner, Laurent Delafon, in the Liberty perfumery department…. Now having co-founded the fragrance house of Ostens@ostens_official, to bring truly exquisite materials in scents by top perfumers, straight to customers - we met up with Chris to discover his life in fragrances, and explore the LEGENDARY lifetime’s fragrance collection he keeps in his office… Chris mentions:@calvinklein Eternity@zara Popeline Blanche@helmutlang Eau de Cologne (discontinued)@helmutlang Cuiron@ostens_official Rose Oil Isparta Eau de Parfum@curionoir Tobacco Night https://www.curionoir.com@bvlgari Eau Parfumée Green Tea @diptyque John Galliano room spray @prada Infusuon d’Iris @bondno9ny Fire Island
27/09/231h 11m

A Fragrant Trip to Florence + New Scents & Perfume Prescriptions

We suggest you settle down with a cuppa for this episode because it’s a MEGA-SPRITZATHON of scents, encompassing Suzy’s trip to Florence for the fragrance industry trade fair and international showcase, @pittifragranze. We take a look at some of Suzy’s favourite new / upcoming niche brands here (and after she’s properly gone through her notes and 500,000 photos) will sniff through more newness next time. Also, we’re answering listener’s questions with #perfumeprescriptions - from divorce to difficult noses. Which of these do YOU like the sound of…? We discuss:@coquetvaudouCoquetVaudou@borntostandout.officialMud Dirty Rice @frassai Tian DiRosa Sacra@hunq_amsterdamGardener Barman Carpenter Lifeguard Mechanic@ohtop_officialFleur d'OHGreen Flannel:I Hate RoseOhsphalteParanoïaque @timothyhaneditionMad Love @binetpapillonparfumsNo.18 Santal TintorettoNo.15 Jungle TobaccoNo.9 Patchouli MonarqueNo.1 Alkemist Pepper@maymeperfumeJUST BERRIEDGAME LOVERPerfume Prescriptions:@ormondejayne Evernia(currently included full size in the India Knight Sunday Times Style box by @latestinbeauty for £60 - perfume alone worth £120, box contents worth £320!)https://www.latestinbeauty.com/collections/the-sunday-times-style-india-knight-edit-23@celine Nightclubbing @marlou.paris Poudrextase from @saintecellier@sanajardin Incense Water / Berber Blonde / discovery set @bedeauxx Boutique@millerharris Rose Silence / Peau Santal
21/09/2343m 50s

Perfumer Creates us TWO Original Scents + NEW Frederic Malle, Parfums de Marly & more!

This week we are VERY excitedly sniffing the one-off bespoke fragrances that @bedeauxx perfumer Amanda Beadle so thoughtfully created for @outspokenbeauty’s kids, Poppy & Louis. (Seriously, though, how lucky are they?!) There’s also a much-anticipated review of the NEW @fredericmalle fragrance by Jean-Claude Ellena, a sneaky sniff of the soon to be launched @parfumsdemarly, our time at THE rooftop perfume party of the summer (and an INCIDENT WITH A PINE NUT & SELFRIDGES BAG which reduced Nicola & Suzy to a giggling fit). All this plus what we’ve been wearing, and your always fascinating questions answered with #perfumeprescriptions - including a listener who’s trying to track down a mysteriously minty/eucalyptus scent that lingers in certain parts of London (no, not THAT. Or that). We discuss:@jomalonelondon Lime Basil & Mandarin layered with Wood Sage & Sea Salt@fredericmalle Heaven Can Wait@parfumsdemarly Althaïr@granadobrazil and their TWO new London stores, in Regent Street & Ham Yard Village, showcasing BOSSA created by @cecilezarokianparfumeurListener Perfume Prescriptions:@jomalonelondon Velvet Rose & Oud@sanajardin Incense Water@maisonfranciskurkdjian Oud Satin Mood@joloves Eucalyptus and Cedar Wood@atkinsons1799.london Mint & Tonic@loccitane_uk_ire Mint Verbena@perfumerh Rhubarb@millerharris Hydra Figue@roosandroos Globulus@fredericmalle Synthetic Jungle@rojadove 1819@fischersund No. 23@lancomeofficial Rose Peonia@byredo Rose of No Man’s Land
13/09/2349m 10s

New Scent Excitement, Dupes & Perfume Prescriptions

With @outspokenbeautynicola now back from her holidays, she and @fragrantmaven are reunified in this first episode of a brand new season. THREE! Can you believe it?! Amidst frantic catch-ups, there’s a frenzy of excitement over new fragrances, and a debate about dupes (continued from Suzy’s guest appearance on Radio 4s You & Yours programme).Plus, there’s Perfume Prescriptions for listeners looking for a really long-lasting scent, a fragrance to aid meditation, and a mother desperately trying to prise their kid away from their best (expensive!) perfume!We discuss…@whind Néroli Bronzé@jomalonelondon English Pear & Sweet Pea@lordsfragrancehouse Big Sur candle@avon_uk Far Away Beyond the Moon@tomfordbeauty Neroli Portofino@nuxe_uk Aftersun@thameenfragrance Fanfare @chanel.beauty Mademoiselle EDP@chanel.beauty Le Lion@ilapothecary Speak Your Truth@ilapothecary Beat the Blues@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian@thameenfragrance Fanfare@paul_schutze Tears of Eros@marcantoinebarrois Ganymede@marcantoinebarrois Encelade @e11venfrageance (now at @spacenk)@nancymeilandparfums GAIA attar@veroniquegabai Aroma Soul@experimentalperfumeclub Tonka SesameAroma Labs Cold Pressed Sesame Oil £5.90 for 100ml (available on Amazon) perhaps to try using as a body oil & layering other fragrances if they like?
07/09/2345m 28s

Avon take us Far Away Beyond the Moon…

We were so excited to partner with @avon_uk to create this immersive episode, in which we get to try the BRAND NEW Avon fragrance - Far Away Beyond the Moon.We’ll be travelling via our noses and diving deep into the creation of this fragrance by talking to Avon’s Head of Perfumery, Victor Costa, listening to the fragrant dreamscapes Suzy & Nicola were whisked to while wearing it and hearing some of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists’ impressions of wearing this scent.But wait, did you know Avon’s history dates back to 1886? A future-forward company even then, they began when a door-to-door book salesman named David H. McConnell began giving free fragrance samples, but he quickly ditched the books when women went crazy for the scents and demanded more.Employing a female sales force, and empowering them to create their own destiny (many earning an independent wage for the first time), Avon’s passion for beautiful yet affordable perfumes has never wavered!Just some of the top name noses who’ve created fragrances for Avon include… Maurice Roucel, Olivier Cresp, Calice Becker, Honorine Blanc, Pierre Negrin, Antoine Lee, Fanny Bal & Alberto Morillas.Built around the mysterious Belle de Nuit flower (which only blooms at night), Far Away Beyond the Moon is Parfum strength - all ripe cherries rippled through with sumptuously radiant musks - overlapping shades of midnight, a velvety sky sprinkled with stars, and silvery moonlight reflected in calmly lapping waves. It certainly took us far away, to some very unexpected places… and in this episode we invite you to join us in the immersive, dream-like scentscapes it beckoned us to explore…And we know price shouldn’t matter, but this is SO affordable: just £16 for 50ml Parfum / Samples 50p!We couldn’t resist visiting some of the other fragrances in the Beyond family, too: Far Away Beyond, which laps your skin (but better) in milky sandalwood, a caress of cashmere musk and snuggle-me-closer comfort; and the O.G, the original Far Away, which is a holiday in a bottle of sun warmed skin, blissed-out exotic breeziness and golden beaches stretching for miles… heaven! The question is: where will @avon_uk Avon Far Away Beyond the Moon take YOU? We can’t wait for you to smell it and tell us!Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable, sit back and relax, and listen while you allow your fragrant daydreams to begin…
24/08/2341m 27s

Your Questions Answered and What We're Loving

This week we're doing a mini episode covering some of the things that we've been loving and answering some more of your fabulous fragrant questions.Here are some of the fragrances that we mention during the episode:@kenzopsrfums Jungle L'Elephant @esteelauderuk Cinnabar @esteelauderuk Youth Dew@fredericmalle Musc Ravageur @dunhill Moroccan AmberJean Patou Vacances (£27 instead of £110 from @directcosmetics) @ostens_official Jasmine Absolute @ostens_official Rose Oil Isparta
16/08/2337m 47s

Fun Fragrant Activities for The Whole Family

In this episode Nicola and Suzy are exploring all the wonderful ways that you can have fun with fragrance.This episode was inspired by an activity that Nicola did with her children Poppy and Louis where she asked them to design a perfume each based on a place/activity/aspect of life that they love. They designed the bottles, the ingredients and the colour of the juice and you'll hear them talking about their scents right at the end of the episode.During the podcast Suzy and Nicola also discuss:Books about smellThinking of New Words to Describe SmellsGoing on a Smell Walk Creating a Smell MapAnd much more...For a full factfile brimming with links, ideas and everything Suzy and Nicola talk about on the podcast come and join our Patreon community here: The On The Scent Podcast Patreon Page
10/08/231h 1m

Fragrances for Recovery & Desperately Seeking Nostalgic Scents

What are the fragrances you reach for when recovering from illness, an anxiety attack, or even during a stay in hospital? In this episode we’re discussing the perfumes that help us feel better, and delving in to the post bag (okay, DMs) to explore requests from listeners who are desperately seeking nostalgic, now sadly discontinued, scents - Faberge’s BABE, Impulse’s Spice Girls and Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond’s. What are their #perfumeprescriptions and why did we choose them? Listen to find out, and let us know what YOU would have suggested! Our choices of fragrances for recovery:Suzy:@sisleyparisofficial Eau de Campagne @clarinsuk Eau Dynamisante@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian@thameenfragrance Fanfare Nicola:@clarinsuk Eau Dynamisante@thenueco Forest LungsNostalgic listener prescriptions:@vancleefarpels First@jovoymayfair Gardez Moi @whind Amber Tangerine @escentric_molecules 01 + Mandarin@commodity Gold @parfumsdusita Erawan@houseofsarahbaker Bascule
02/08/2353m 6s

Feeling French + Seeking Glamorous Yet Cosy (& Mossy) Scents

In this episode we're chatting about Nicola's jaunt to Paris and the fragrant excitement that the city offers. We also have a beautifully moving message to share with you and are exploring the world of cosy and mossy scents.What We’ve Been Wearing Nicola:@MaisonLouisMarie No 4 Bois de Balincourt (perfume oil) @sanctuaryspa Golden Sandalwood collection (particularly the mousse to oil product!) Suzy:@vilhelm_parfumerie Darling Nikki (sample was in this month’s Liberty Beauty Drop box) @millerharris L’Air de Rien @aesopskincare Eidesis The most beautiful and moving message on our Patreon from Joan:“I want to thank you for your wonderful podcast. My mother died last week. I moved in with her 7 years ago to take care of her because she suffered from dementia. Our last conversation was about the perfume she wore in the 60’s and 70’s. We laughed because neither of us could remember. It was the perfect last conversation and I have you both to thank because had i not been listening to your podcast, who knows if our final conversation would have been about our love of fragrance and I doubt we would have laughed about what we both wore in the 80’s. Opium! Everyone knew we had arrived wearing Opium. Thank you Suzy and Nicola. Thank you for reminding me about the wonders of fragrance and the conversations those wonders bring to us all.”Joan(When we asked Joan if we could share this message, she said: “Thank you for your kind message. I owe you and Nicola so much. You gave me my last and happy conversation with my mother, and I am forever grateful to you both. Absolutely you can read my message on your podcast. It’s a celebration of the power of fragrance and how it can bring happiness to us all.”)Listener’s Perfume Prescriptions: @parlemoideparfums Milky Musk / 39 (Stocked in @shopsaison Melbourne)@diptyque L’Eau Papier@papillon_artisan_pergumes Anubis (Stocked in @lknu_parfumerie LKNU PARFUMERIE, Emporium Melbourne, Level 1/287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia]@mirrorwater.earth Smooth Body Oil@urbanveda Soothing Body Lotion @tothefairestlondon Élan Vital@perfumerhlondon Moss@maya.njie.perfumes Voyeur Verde
27/07/2352m 14s

We Bring Our Event To You, Fragrant Showcases and Unconventional Wedding Scents

What’s in store this week?Well… Nicola’s been wearing @matierepremiereparfums Parisian Musc (which she feels gave her the edge to come joint first in the Mother’s Race at her son’s sport’s day!)We’re also reminiscing (with some recorded snippets) on our recent On the Scent Podcast x @themerchantofvenice event @harrods (so brilliantly organised by @kga_beauty_pr) featuring Nicola Pozzani @yogii.perfumer - The Merchant of Venice’s Creative Director - where so many of our lovely listeners joined us to hear (and smell!) the history of Venice’s perfume trade, and the inspiration for three incredible fragrances: The regally opulent Venetian Jade, mysterious gilded glamour of Golden Regatta (launching September) and the utterly divine, incense-laden Queen of the Night. Oh and we released our inner goddesses, too, which we don’t think Harrods fragrance hall was ready for! Suzy can’t stop thinking about some of the scents she sniffed at the @phoenixbeautyltd Press ShowcaseHighlights include…@betterworldfragrancehouse (Candles inspired by Drake’s scent memories!)Carby Musk (Nicola’s favourite, sniffed at Harrods), Good Thoughts, & Suzy’s fave: Muskoka.Other highlights Suzy smelled at the showcase:@philipppleinofficial Philipp Plein Fatale (coming to Boots in August)@chopard Iris Malika@bdkparfumsparis Vanille Leather /Creme de Cuir.Our Listener Prescription this week is from @thegirlwiththewavyhair - looking for her unconventional wedding fragrance!Suzy suggested:@escentricmolecules H01@maisoncrivelli Oud Maracuja @manosgerakinis Rose Poetique Until next time, happy listening (and sniffing!) Love Suzy & Nicola xx
19/07/2355m 57s

Meeting Jon Bon Jovi, Masterclasses & Matiere Premiere’s New Launch!

WHAT a week it’s been! It’s felt more like a month, given the sheer number of fragrant events. From Suzy meeting Jon Bon Jovi and Dominique Ropion, to attending mind-blowing masterclasses, smelling some truly exciting new fragrances, and dinner with Aurélien Guichard and the Matiere Premiere team (while smelling their *top secret* new fragrance, launching early Autumn) there’s hardly time to pack it all in (so we’ll continue the explorations next week). PLUS we’re answering your Perfume Prescription questions - suggesting powdery scents to layer with, finding linalool-free fragrances for a listener whose friend’s allergic, and picking fresh, breezy but affordable perfumes for packing while working in Grenada!We discuss…@veroniquegabai AROMA masterclass @bdkparfumsparis BDK Vanille LeatherJonBon Jovi x @hamptonwater rosé wine@thameenfragrance Insignia - Alexandra Carlin masterclass@phoenixbeautyltd press showcase (SO many amazing new launches there - we’ll go in-depth with those next time!)@aurelienguichard dinner (plus getting to smell the @matierepremiereparfums top secret new perfume!)@violettefr Avec Amour Perfume OilListener Prescriptions Layer with:@cleanbeauty_collective Clean Reserve SkinOr @millerharris Powdered Veil (currently £42.50 instead of £95 in their sale online!)Or @narciso_rodriguez Pure Musc for Her (currently £8 for 4ml travel spray on Direct Cosmetics website)Linalool-free fragrances:@4160tuesdays Our Modern Lives - Alpha & Beta.Message on linalool free fragrances from 4160 Tuesdays founder, Sarah McCartney:“Yes, Alpha and Beta have no linalool. It's in rosewood, bergamot, magnolia leaf, lavender - so many naturals - and is also used in isolation to smooth out woody fragrances. That's why it's in almost everything! It's always written on the QI list on box though, so it's checkable.Of ours, there's none in Freshly Laundered, Warm Sands Blue Ocean, Cherry Who? Crikey! Coconut Caramel, Over the Chocolate Shop, Creamy Vanilla Crumble, Temptation, Freshly Laundered, Honey Jasmine Karma, Clouds Illusion, Dancing With Strangers and more, but I don't want to bore you! The Molecules series have no linalool either. All the best,Sarah.”@goldfield_and_banks_australia Ingenious Ginger (travel spay 10ml €30, samples also available)@escentricmolecules M+ Ginger (8.5ml £20)@4711 Acqua Colonia Lime and Nutmeg(Currently £14.05 for 50ml on Amazon)
13/07/2347m 59s

Fragrant Launch News & Listener Qs!

With so many new fragrances launching lately, we talk about the events we’ve been to this past week, the same scent we both accidentally chose & some more of your amazing Listener Prescriptions - this week including dreamy honeysuckle & the most poetic request we’ve had yet! We discuss…@gracedemonaco Ombre Sereine@escentric_molecules H01@officine_universelle_buly 1803 - Les Jardins Français@floralsteeet_ Almond Blossom@diorbeauty Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Diorella@goutalparis Le Chèvrefeuille@heeleyofficial L’Amandière@fredericmalle L’Eau D’Hiver @fredericmalle En Passant
06/07/2347m 17s

Classic fragrances, revisited…

We are once again delving into the fragrant archives for a look at some classic scents you should definitely have another sniff of (or perhaps even experience for the first time!) We’ve already covered some classics in out first series, but this time we’re reliving the wonders of Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps, Chanel N°19, and YSL Opium. Plus, we’re answering your Perfume Prescriptions with some vintage and modern suggestions…We discuss:Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps (1948)Chanel N°19 (1971)YSL Opium (1977)Listener Prescriptions:Dior @diorbeauty Diorling Eris Parfums @erisparfums Green Spell (Available @sainte.cellier)DSH Perfumes @dshperfumes Jacinth Noir[See Dawn’s Etsy shop for shipping to U.K. - if you don’t see your desired DSH scent listed, you can request & they will add it for you to purchase!]https://www.etsy.com/shop/PerfumesbyDSH?ref=l2-about-shopnameEmanuel Ungaro Diva (Currently £33.95 for 100ml edp on allbeauty.com)& Other Stories @andotherstories Rose Revival £28 for 50mlSana Jardin @sanajardin Incense Water From £28 for 10ml eau de parfum Hermès @hermes Terre d'Hermès@aesopskincare Eidesis@bentleymotors Bentley for Men eau de toilette
28/06/2354m 37s

Scent obsessions, mushrooms & more!

Sometimes, a fragrance hits you in a certain spot and you cannot stop thinking about it, don’t you find?! So… what perfume has Suzy been obsessing about for months and finally purchased, which scent does a listener feel the universe told her to try, and can we find fragrances for other listeners currently mesmerised by bamboo, mushrooms and much more?!What we’ve been wearing…Suzy:Gabar @gabar Ground Moncler @moncler Les Sommets - Haute Montagne Un eclat de bois blancLes Indémodables @les_indemodables_officiel Patchouli Noisette (available @sainte.cellier) Nicola:@ipsumskin (skincare with amazing scents)@subtleenergies Aura Protection Body Mist@tothefairestlondon Aubine Listener feedback on: @molinardparfums HabanitaPerfume Prescriptions:Bamboo scents…Kenzo @kenzoparfums Homme Eau de Toilette IntenseaElizabeth Arden @elizabetharden Green Tea BambooOnly £6.65 for 100ml on Direct Cosmetics!https://tinyurl.com/Green-Tea-BambooBy Kilian @kilianparis Bamboo Harmony Mushroom fragrances…Contradictions in ILK Human@ilkperfumeWolf Brothers Boar @wolfbrothers.men(sample also available @bloomperfumery)DSH perfumes @dshperfumes Cuir et Champignon“A rich leather perfume flavored with the distinct aroma of white button and dark woodland mushrooms. Gorgeous.”
22/06/2340m 56s

Seaside Scents + Prescriptions for Saffron, Plumberry & Uplifting Perfumes

In this episode we're celebrating the scents that take us to the seaside in all it's salty, sandy glory. We're also talking about what we've been wearing and have some fabulous listener prescriptions.What we’ve been wearing…Suzy:@mirrorwater.earth Smooth Body Oil@goldfield_and_banks_australia Ingenious Ginger@nestfragrances Indian Jasmin + South Pacific Sandalwood Perfume Oils Nicola:@ateliercologne Cedrat Enivrant@kalmarwellbeing Calm Body Cream@diptyque Eau CapitalScents that remind us of the seaside…Suzy:@millerharris Hydra Figue @nancymeilandparfums ÉGLANTIER@houseofsarahbaker Atlante@laboratorioolfattivo SalinaNicola:@4160tuesdays What I Did on My Holidays @imaginaryauthors Falling Into the Sea@jomalonelondon Wood Sage & Sea SaltListener questions:@toskovat.perfumes Inexcusable Evilhttps://www.toskovat.com/product/inexcusable-evil/@nishane.official Suede et Safran@officialbyredo Black Saffron@mrsmeyersuk Mrs Meyers Plumberry Body Lotion (not sure if available in the U.K.?)@juletmad_paris Stairway to Heaven (available in the U.K. @bloomperfumery)@swissarabianperfumes Zahra @ruthmastenbroek Perfume Dagian 30ml@fredericmalle Synthetic Jungle 10ml
15/06/2355m 56s

Minipod - Nicola's New Discoveries

Poor Suzy still has Covid so in this mini episode Nicola's talking you through some of the amazing discoveries that she made on a recent fragrant adventure in Selfridges.Fragrances mentioned:@Celine Nightclubbing@Celine Black Tie@Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba fresca@Penhaligons_london Solaris@Maisonfranciskurkdijan Aqua Media Cologne Forte@Memo.paris Sherwood@Kilianparis I Don't Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess
08/06/2313m 22s

Discovery Sets (Part 3) + Sardinian Scent Memories & Pencil Shavings

In the episode this week we are digging into more of our favourite discovery sets and also finding fragrances for a scent memory of a Sardinian holiday, and a listener’s friend who’s obsessed with pencil shavings… and the scent of TCP! We discuss… Roads ‘I Always Thought You Were Cool’ Discovery Selection (can also choose ‘Come On Get a Little Closer’) £60 for 4 x 4ml (travel sizes) CLOUD 9THIS WEEKENDHARMATTANI AM DANCEAFROPOLIS @sainte.cellier: Perfume Trinity (choose from a selection: £14.99)Suzy chose…Bogue Profumo, O/E Fundamental,Rubini Profumi,The Zoo,Rhubarb My Love Also available from @sainte.cellier:@erisparfums Discovery Set £40 BELLE DE JOUR eau de parfumNIGHT FLOWER eau de parfumMA BÊTE eau de parfumMX. eau de parfumMXXX. extrait de parfumGREEN SPELL eau de parfumSCORPIO RISING extrait de parfum@essential.parfums Discovery Set €22 (We will be smelling & discussing each scent in our Patreon Perfume Party Zoom at the end of the month, so do join us there if you fancy!) The Musc,Nice Bergamote,Rose Magnetic,Orange x Santal,Mon Vetiver,Divine Vanille,Bois Imperial,Fig Infusion Listener Perfume Prescriptions… @acquadisardegna Boeli (exclusive to @jovoymayfair - sample £4)@sergeslutens Fleurs d’Oranger@sanajardin Savage Jasmine @guccibeauty Pour Homme@officialbyredo Super Cedar@mindmarrow Rory Sparks + Catherine Haley Epstein No.2 (from catherinehayleyepstein.com) @dshperfumes No.2 Pencil Shavings (from dshperfumes.com)
01/06/2355m 47s

Gorse Bushes, Scent Sporrans & White Musk (+ fragrant events a go-go!)

We’ve been flitting to-and-fro’ fragrant happenings these past few days, and have all manner of exciting things to report back on, including the wonderful @roadsgroup showcase (where @fragrantmaven fell in love with two in particular…), then the pasta making lols (and amazing, layerable scents) we experienced @themerchantofvenice Accordi di Profumo evening. Next up, @outspokenbeautynicola had an awe-inspiring tropical breakfast while learning about @granadobrazil (and making a highly praised terrarium!) and Suzy got to visit the scented splendours of @therhs Chelsea Flower Show for the first time, thanks to a kind invite from @diptyque. All that, plus some of your Perfume Prescription questions. Phew!In this episode we mention…@themerchantofvenice Neroli Marocco / Vaniglia Madagascar@floralstreet_ Perfume School experience @lush Furze@jorumstudio Gorseland@laboratoryperfumes Gorse@thameenfragrance Fanfare@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian@roadsgroup Cloud 9@guerlain L’Art & La Matière Musc Outreblanc
25/05/231h 1m

Discovery Sets We Love (Part 2), Jasmine Awards & Perfume Prescriptions

We love fragrance discovery sets so much we’re continuing our look at some of our favourites this week (with something for every budget). Plus, we’re still starry-eyed from the @fragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards, Nicola took her children fragrance shopping, and we’re answering some more of your Perfume Prescription questions!Can we find a way for a listener to boost their favourite fragrance, and another find their perfect tuberose perfume…?We mention:@jomalonelondon Poppy & Barley@jomalonelondon Wood Sage & Sea Salt@sunnamusk Golden Dust Fragrance Oil @floralstreet_ Discovery Set @floralstreet_ Mini Scented Candle Discovery Set@sanajardin Discovery Set@ilkperfume Contradictions in ILK Discovery Set @essential.parfums Discovery Set Perfume Prescriptions:@escentric_molecules Molecule 01@themerchantofvenice Accordi di Profumi Tuberosa
17/05/2352m 32s

The Wonderful World of Discovery Sets

What are the best discovery sets you can buy for finding new fragrances? We’re wallowing in scent samples and discussing some of our favourites (Part 1) in this week’s episode, plus we’re sniffing each other (virtually, for now!) to see what we’ve been wearing, getting EXTREMELY excited about the @barnesfragrancefair (on May 20th) and hearing some listener feedback from a previous Perfume Prescription… What We’ve Been WearingSuzy:@millerharris Hydra Figue@jusboxperfumes Good MorningNicola:@mizensir Poudre d’Or@memo.paris Sherwood@officialbyredo Rose of No Man’s Land Some of Our Favourite Discovery Boxes (Part 1): Suzy:@fredericmalle Discovery Set@escentric_molecules Discovery Set Nicola:@boy__smells@penhaligons_london@ormondejayne
10/05/2358m 49s

Mini Me's, Exciting New Scents and How To Make Your Fragrance Linger

With a rather surprising intro this week (from our mini me’s!) we begin by talking about engaging children with their sense of smell (and how important we think that is); plus we discuss some of the incredible new fragrance launches coming your way, and answer a listener’s question about making their beloved scent last longer.Breaking News: AKRO Bake now launching 12th May at Fenwick & Look Fantastic in U.K. (but loads already purchased from AKRO website!)On the show this week…@themerchantofvenice Accordi di ProfumoFresh Citrus: Petitgrain from ParaguaySoft Floral: Rosa from TurchiaWarm Amber: Vanilla from MadagascarDeep Woods: Vetiver from Haiti@ferragamo Signorina Libera@montblanc Explorer Platinum@juliettehasagun Lust for Sun @4160tuesdays You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet, Honey Jasmine Karma, Salt Rose, A Flame in Your Heart, Butterlily DamselflyPerfume Prescription:@zara Ebony WoodDS&DURGA I Don’t Know WhatEscentric Molecules M+ Guaic Wood
03/05/2341m 23s

Delicious New Launches, Cut Grass & Dog’s Heads!

We’ve got some addictively delicious new launches to serve you this week, with a catch-up on what we’ve been wearing, and a dive into the postbag where answer your Perfume Prescriptions (including questions about fragrances to evoke the scents of freshly cut grass, and the smell of a dog’s head…!) What We’ve Been Wearing…Nicola:@ffern.co Spring 21@ilapothecary Speak Your Truth / Beat the Blues (Aroma Rollers)@ilapothecary Feminine Happy Oil (body oil) https://www.ilapothecary.com Suzy: @akrofragrances Bake @givenchybeauty L’Interdit Édition Millésime Burning Neroli @ellisbrooklyn FloristListener Perfume Prescriptions: @zara Waterlily Tea Dress@loccitane_uk_ire Herbae@hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit@sisley Eau de Campagne @fredericmalle En Passant @guerlain L'Art & La MatiereCuir Beluga eau de parfum@allsaints Leather Skies@cleanbeauty_collective Clean Reserve Sueded Oud
27/04/2352m 9s

Fabulous Ffern

This week, Nicola & Suzy took a trip to visit the beautiful @ffern.co London boutique. Having mentioned this lovely Somerset-based natural perfumery on the show previously, it was time to hear directly from Emily Cameron (who co-founded Ffern with her brother, Owen Mears), learn much more about the ingredients they use, and their seasonal, sustainable and slow-perfumery ethos.Walking around this haven of tranquility, you soon forget you’re in the heart of Soho (Just off Carnaby Street!) as you smell the fragrances in the archive, marvel at the plethora of natural materials. Think fossil-embedded stones, a desk made from the same mycelium as their packaging, soft chalky colours of paintwork, sea grass flooring and pale woods. Even soft strips of algae (which felt like vintage suede!) make for a textural, sensorial delight, and you can sip their herbal teas (which also follow the seasonal ingredients of the scents) while watching the beautiful videos they created to evoke the landscape they are so inspired by. We hope you enjoy this immersive, sensorially soothing episode, and urge you to visit the next time you’re in London. Suzy & Nicola left smiling, feeling totally restored, and ready to face the rest of the week….Ffern 23 Beak Street, London W1F 9RSFfern has a waiting list to join their ledger, and if you submit your email, they’ll let you know when a space becomes available to join. Then, you will be sent seasonally beautiful scents quarterly (a sample vial alongside a full sized bottle - you simply try the sample and keep the full bottle if you like it, or send it back if you don’t. You can also skip a season or pause your membership at any time).For much more information (and the gorgeous imagery and videos) see their website:https://ffern.coDo also listen to their own monthly accompanying podcast (linked on their site), which explores the seasons, foraging, and talks (again, so soothingly) of sunsets, the land, nature in all its glories. #onthescentpodcast #ffern #ffernfragrance #naturalperfumery #fragrance #scent #nature #perfumery #landscape #seasonal #slowperfumery
20/04/2357m 4s

Best of Esxence, a Catchup & Your Moving Messages

In this episode Suzy tells us all about her incredible experience at the Esxence, the huge fragrance fair in Milan. Nicola and Suzy also have a general life and fragrance catch up and we read some of your incredibly moving and life affirming messages.Here's what we mention during the episode:What we’ve been wearing…Nicola’s been wearing:@penhaligon’s_london Highgrove Bouquet @ormondejayne Levant Suzy’s been wearing:@trudon Mortel@thameen Fanfare @maisoncrivelli Oud Maracuja*****Best of @esxenceofficial - Part One:@boujeebougies Eau de Boujees Queen, Verdant, GildedQueer2 NEW candles: Tart and Thorny (Sign up to their newsletter to hear when they’re launched: https://boujeebougies.com) @lejardinretrouve Osmanthe Liu Yuan @ellakparfumsparis Musc K (coming out later this year)@electimusslondon celestially inspired fragrance by Christian Provenzano (coming later this year)@fdo_parfum Francesca dell’Oro Else@bel.rebel …& the pea@fugazzifragrances Cash Flower
13/04/2351m 48s

Suzy in Milan

Suzy recorded this episode in scented snippets while visiting the @esxenceofficial trade fair in Milan. A showcase and meeting point for press, niche perfumery, retail buyers and distributors, this was the place to be (and sniff!) not only for what’s happening in the fragrance world right now, but what we can look forward to finding out more about in the future. Suzy spoke to Pia Long @piamoomin - perfumer and Co-Founder (with @nickrgilbert) of @olfiction, and the brand @boujeebougies…. Who were showing their new FRAGRANCES, ‘Eau de Boujees’ and two new candles (and new vessels!) Incredibly excitingly, Suzy even had something to do with one of the fragrances!@manos_getakinis was the next fragrant chat captured here - learning of his new limited edition fragrance, Citrine, and rhapsodising about the delicious MEΘEXIS. We do wish there were time to record everything that happened at the fair (well maybe not *everything*) but we’ll catch up with further insights and more in-depth interviews in future discussions on the show. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the perfume world…
05/04/2327m 51s

Joy Isaacs - ARgENTUM and Her Life In Fragrance

In this episode we were overJOYed (sorry) to be joined by Joy Issacs - the effervescent and visionary founder of @argentum. Starting by following her dream (literally) into science-led silver-infused skincare, Joy more recently reconnected with her fragrant side, to work with a perfumer developing 12 incredible scents. You can discover these by allowing yourself to be drawn towards one of 12 ‘Archetype’ cards, or simply by smelling them all. As we discover, Suzy had a ‘fragrance reading’ and became rather emotional at her perfumed pick of the pack. But as always - we like to go right back, and find out the fragrances that meant most to Joy throughout her life….Suzy chose:@argentum Caregiver (but also loved Magician)Joy mentions:@diorbeauty Joy@yslbeauty Opium@oldspice Old Spice@brut_for_men Brut original@diorbeauty Dune@jomalonelondon Verbenas of Provence@clarinsuk Eau Dynamisante@armanibeauty Acqua di Gio@penhaligons_london Quercus@argentum Become@viviennewestwood Boudoir Ltd Edition bottle
29/03/2340m 50s

Amanda Carr - Fragrant Festivals, Fashion and Fragrance and National Fragrance Week

During National Fragrance Week, what better time to have our perfume pal Amanda Carr on the show. Amanda is a Jasmine-award-winning writer & trend forecaster for @wgsn with a fashion background, but who fell head over heels for fragrance. Together with the brilliant stylist & Editor of @holeandcorner magazine, Tamara Fulton, she set up the @wewearperfume blog, asking people about their scent choices. Now, with a view to bringing perfume to the public, Amanda is organising an exciting new project in London - the @barnesfragrancefair - taking place on Saturday May 20th.We are thrilled to have been invited to talk on a panel there with @aliceduparcq, about mood and fragrance! So, listen to the episode and find out more about all the exciting brands taking part, including talks, perfume-making workshops with @4160tuesdays, and even a fragrance and music event featuring @lorchestrepsrfum at the incredible @olympic_studios_records The Barnes Fragrance Fair: Saturday 20th MayGet tickets! barnesfragrancefair.comOur panel topic: The Mood-Busting Power of Scent (2-3pm)Also mentioned:Breaking news: we’re finalists in the Creativity category for this year’s @thefragrancefoundationuk Jasmine Awards! @kalmarwellbeing - Nicola had a fabulously fragrant treatment there.@ffern.co - Amanda is loving their latest Spring fragrance, and Suzy & Nicola are looking forward to a tour of the boutique soon… @penhaligons_london - Nicola’s still obsessed by Highgrove Bouquet!Perfume Prescription (which Amanda Carr very kindly helped answer): MASSIVE congratulations to listener @lichtmannancy for being nominated for a prestigious award for her writing, and who asked us what scent she should wear for the awards ceremony…Amanda’s Suggestions:@angelaflanders Leather Rosa @perfumerhlondon Velvet @mizensirparfums Poudre d’OrSuzy’s Suggestions:@maisonfranciskurkdjian Grand Soir @ellakparfumsparis Camellia K@ellakparfumsparis Kri de Kalahari
23/03/2351m 0s

New Obsessions, Babies Heads & Buffing Everything

This week we’ve been finding out more about YOU, our listeners, and discovered you’re literally spanning the world; we’re reading out some of your lovely messages, answering a perfume prescription about the scent of a baby’s head, and talking about some exciting fragrances that have just launched and which, it’s safe to say, we are already OBSESSED about…!We discuss:@jolovesofficial Ebony & Cassis Diptyque L’Eau PapierDiptyque La Droguerie Leather and woodcare lotion@maisoncrivelli Neroli Nasimba @sisleyparisofficial L'Eau Rêvée D'HubertPerfume Prescription:Mustela Musti Eau de Soin (£14.95 from @sephorauk)@demeterceo Newborn Baby
16/03/2359m 44s

Penhaligon’s – Scents of Spring

AD | We’re delighted to be partnering with Penhaligon’s again for this spring-centric episode, in which we’re welcoming all the hopefulness and new beginnings of the season by taking an immersive olfactory trip through palace gardens, exploring regal connections and bringing on the blossoming freshness we are SO craving right now! The spring scents we chose to focus on here all have a sense of new beginnings, of exploring beautifully landscaped gardens, tiptoeing through woodland glades or wandering along hilltops contemplating the change in air – a return of feeling optimistic.Imagining the scenarios in which we’d wear each one (and the scented shenanigans we’d get up to), we invite you to join us as we gallivant with the following fragrances… Blenheim BouquetHighgrove BouquetLily of the Valley Bluebell Elizabethan Rose The Favourite
08/03/2350m 25s

Fragrances to Flaunt Your Fabulousness

Dedicated to one particular listener’s Swedish Aunt, Tina, who sounded like one of the most fabulous women ever, we’re discussing scents that make you feel like you’re wearing cocktail attire, even if you’re in your scruffiest old jeans. If anything, we hope this episode will help you dare to flaunt yourself fragrantly, forever…!What We Wear to Feel Fabulous:Nicola:@theperfumersstory Azii Glasser After Hours@penhaligons_london Much Ado About the Duke@fredericmalle Portrait of a LadySuzy:@lilanurparfums Incarnation @maisoncrivelli Hibiscus Mahajád@mauboussin_parfums Mauboussin Listener Perfume Prescriptions:Mauboussin (Pssst! It’s £16.60 for 100ml on allbeauty.com)@ateliersdesors Lune Feline@vyraoworld Witchy Woo@papillon_artisan_perfumes Anubis (available at @luckyscent in America)@dior Patchouli Impérial @bdkparfumsparis Ambre Safrano
01/03/2344m 54s

New Launches, Making Memories & Long Lost Perfumes

There are some really great new launches emerging already this year, and this week we’re discussing some that waft between the ultra sophisticated to bloomin’ sexy with gorgeous spring prettiness in between. There’s also a FABULOUS vetiver that you need to get your nose on if you love that note!Meanwhile, in Perfume Prescriptions, we’re answering questions from listeners including scents that can help break through anxiety attacks, something green/retro yet fabulously naughty, and a replacement for a now sadly discontinued, much-loved wedding day fragrance… We discuss…The special reason @outspokenbeautynicola splurged on a bottle of @diptyque Eau Capitale NEW LAUNCHES…@gracedemonaco Promenade Sur Le Rocher@atkinsons1799.london James@ormondejayne Sakura @eliesaabworld Elixir Listener Perfume Prescriptions:@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian @chanelofficial Le Lion @jeancouturier_parfums Coriandre (edp £43.63 for 100ml my-origines.com)@rpparfums Robert Piguet Bandit@annazworykinaperfumes Revenge(Available at @bloomperfumery in the U.K.)@experimentalperfumeclub Bergamot Incense + Amber Iris@affinessence Cedre Iris +@themerchantofvenice Accordi di Profumo Bergamotto Italia
22/02/2345m 1s

Minipod - Cheaper and Cheerful Pick-Me-Up Perfumes

In this short and sweet episode, Nicola and Suzy talk about some of the affordable fragrances that they turn to when they need an instant pick-me-up.Suzy’s suggestions:Jean Couturier Coriandre £21.06 for 100ml edtPepe Jeans Bright for Her £26 for 80ml edpM&S Discover Intense Fresh Citrus & Moss £6.99 but currently 20% off all fragrance, so £4.80 for 10ml edtNicola's suggestions:Nivea Sun £21 or just normal niveaNuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water - £13.30Clarins Eau des jardins - £38Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers - £24
15/02/2312m 40s

Latest Launches & Perfume Prescriptions

In this episode Suzy and Nicola chat about an amazing perfume launch, a low moment for Nicola involving onion rings, some of the wonderful fragrances that they have been trying and we answer your prescriptions.Nicola & Suzy discuss:@parfumsdemarly Valaya (and their new Covent Garden Boutique)@beautypie The Scent Edit Fragrance Discovery Set@thameenfragrance Cullinan Diamond @dsanddurga Pistachio Listener Perfume Prescription Questions:@matierepremiere French Flower @memo.paris Marfa@ruthmastenbroekperfume Signature @lush Cardamon Coffee @maisonmargiela Replica Coffee Break@dsanddurga Rose Atlantic@imaginaryauthors Every Storm a Seranade (available @bloomperfumery in the U.K.)@commodity Magnolia
09/02/2346m 15s

On the Scent with Amanda Beadle from Bedeaux

In this week’s episode we’re thrilled to be joined by the wonderful Amanda Beadle, perfumer and founder of British niche fragrance house @bedeauxx.We’ll be finding out the fragrances that have shaped Amanda’s life, discovering how she became interested in perfumery and started her own house, and what it was like winning a prestigious Art & Olfaction award…This was SUCH an inspiring and joyful interview – Amanda is a brilliant artist alongside the creativity expressed in her fragrances. Those of you who attended our live event in December will have got to try the incredible Chienoir in your goody bags (thanks to Amanda bringing samples for everyone!) and for those of you wanting to try or explore more of the scents, you can buy a sample set (when they’re re-stocked) or 30ml try-me sizes on her website: https://www.bedeaux.co.uk During our chat, Amanda mentions the following:@yslbeauty Opium@calvinklein Obsession@muglerofficial Angel Innocent / Angel@viviennewestwood Boudoir@escentric_molecules Molecule 01@4160tuesdays The Sexiest Scent On the Planet. Ever. (IMHO)@4160tuesdays Fragrance Workshops@experimentalperfumeclub Fragrance Workshops@karengilbert Online Perfume School@pellwallp perfume making ingredients@scenthusiasm_ltd fragrance ingredients & perfume courses@artandolfaction Institute for Art + Olfaction@blackdoghill Vineyard
01/02/2342m 46s

Puppies, Fragrant Breakfasts and Your Prescriptions

In this episode we’re reminiscing about the most fabulous fragrance launch press breakfast we attended recently (where we both fell in love with the perfume AND a puppy), talking about the scents we’ve been reaching for lately, and why; and continuing to answer your Perfume Prescription questions… Suzy’s been wearing…@memo.paris Sherwood@memoizeperfume Caritas@parlemoideparfum Milky MuskNicola’s been trying…@nevergo.alone Sandstone Candle @thameenfragrance Cullinan Diamond@trishmcevoy X@sanajardin Berber BlondeListener Perfume Prescriptions: @demeterceo Fragrances: (from $4.95 each) https://demeterfragrance.com(‘The Library of Fragrance’ in Europe & the U.K. but can only see them on Notino etc currently) Vanilla Bark (also Vanilla Cookie Dough & Vanilla Ice Cream)Fraser Fir / Christmas TreeNew CarLavender (Demeter 100% Naturals collection) @demeterceo Salt Air / Rose (100% naturals collection)@escentric_molecules Escentric 05@barrestudio Salty Rose@lancomeofficial Idôle Aura@thebathhouseshop Slate (from £26 for 12ml)@lalique Les Compositions Parfumees Velvet Plum (currently £83.97 instead of £190 in @sephorauk sale) @labottega_official Bottega Veneta @fredericmalle Iris Poudre
25/01/2343m 54s

Scented Sleepovers, Piercings & Surprising Perfumes!

In this episode Suzy tells us about a fabulous scented sleepover that she attended last week, Nicola tells us why she's had a few piercings (Suzy is convinced that it's all linked with fragrance) and then they get into the amazing scents that they've been wearing recently as well as of course ansdwering your fabulous prescription questions....What we’ve been wearing:Suzy:@mitchellandpeach English Leaf eau de toilette@bdkparfumsparis Gris Charnel Extrait@angelaflanders Leather RosaNicola:@byfar_official Daydream of Hopscotch@byfar_official Daydream of a Bingo Queen @Kilianparis Angels' ShareSuzy attended the @kga_beauty_pr #kgascentedsleepover and these are her highlights of the exciting new launches she smelled…@akrofragrances Bake (May 2023)@ferragamo Signorina Libera (Harvey Nichols 6th March)@vancleefarpels Moonlight Rose (exclusive to Selfridges 1st February) @goutalparis Petite Cherie candle (celebrating 25th anniversary, coming 1st March @themerchantofvenice Accordi di Profumo - 4 new layer-able scents launching at Harvey Nichols, April - Fresh Citrus: Petitgrain from Paraguay Soft Floral: Rosa from TurchiaWarm Amber: Vanilla from Madagascar Deep Woods: Vetiver from Haiti @kenzoparfums Kokeshi Doll (collectors’ edition with classic Flower fragrance, launches 11th February. New Flower by Kenzo Ikebana fragrance launching July) @rogergallet Jean Marie Farina Cologne (new bottle, out in February) Listener Perfume Prescriptions:@juliettehasagun Vanilla Vibes @floralstreet_ Arizona Bloom @lancomeofficial Idôle Aura@maya.njie.perfumes Bespoke Perfume Workshop gift voucher £60 @experimentalperfumeclub Apprentice Workshop £150@4160tuesdays Perfume Making Workshop Full Day £150
18/01/2342m 59s

Scent Resolutions and Storage Solutions

In this episode of On The Scent Suzy and Nicola talk about what they're wearing and loving at the moment and they also answer your questions which cover everything from clever fragrance storage solutions to what to wear when you enter your "villain era".Here's what we mention during the episode:What Nicola’s Been Wearing:@ormondejayne Woman@kilianparis Angel’s ShareWhat Suzy’s Been Wearing:@tothefairestlondon Elan Vital @initioparfumprives Paragon Listener Perfume Prescriptions:@ilkperfume Devious@erisparfums (available at @sainte.cellier in the U.K.) Green Spell / Scorpio Rising / Ma Bête@rppsrfums Visa / Fracas Outremer Cola Eau de Toilette (available on smallflower.com) @alabonfire Paris*L.A.(Brand available from @avery_perfume_gallery out of stock on website but worth trying their London boutique)
11/01/2352m 41s

Reliving The On The Scent Live Event

Happy New Year! In this first episode of 2023 we’re talking about our live event, when listeners travelled from all over the country to London, on a freezing cold evening, to gather at the altar of scent and sniff along with us in a church crypt! It was utterly joyous, full of laughter and love, and so many said they left with new friendships made. So, for those that were there and want to live it all again, or those of you who couldn’t get tickets and are desperate to know what happened… let’s revel in reliving it!Suzy Talked About:@ormondejayne Woman@matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose@rochasofficial Tocade@diorbeauty Patchouli Imperial@fredericmalle Synthetic JungleNicola Talked About:@tothefairestlondon Cecile@penhaligons_london Constance@frederialle Portrait of a Lady@chanel.beauty Le Lion@glossier YouExtra Perfume Prescription Questions:@laborattorioolfattivo Need U @parkslondoncandles Tobacco & Leather Candle @neomorganics Cosy Nights Candle @theperfumersstory Black Moss Candle@penhaligons_London Halfetti @maisonfranciskurkdjian Oud Silk Mood @kilianparis By Kilian Rose Oud@byilonamillinery was the incredibly dressed lady who makes the most stunning hats! @santamarianovella1221 Garofano Cologne@loccitane_uk_ire Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum (currently not available, BUT L’Occitane say it’s coming back…)@loccitane_uk_ire Lavande BlancheBrands in the goody bags:@rogergallet@sanajardin@kenzoparfums@jeroboamperfumes@versace Atelier Versace@bentleymotors @the7virtues@tothefairestlondon@lilanurparfums@scentologyofficial@bespokelondonofficial Candy Essentials @aouralondon@skandinavisk@thameenfragrance@matierepremiereparfums@parkslondoncandles@jusboxperfumes@bedeauxxAnd a HUGE thank you to these amazing PRs for their support, and who were so generous and lovely to arrange sending all the goody bag contents!@aspectsbeauty@uppublicrelations@kga_beauty_pr@jodieecullen@l.s.curtis@essencepr@hellenmctiffenpr@profilepr@modusbpcm
04/01/231h 7m

On the Scent with Emmanuelle Moeglin & Experimental Perfume Club

Emmanuelle Moeglin revolutionised our experience of scent by throwing open the doors of her London perfumery lab and welcoming people inside. From the initial workshops, where you can play and learn about perfumery through to creating @experimentalperfumeclub fragrances we can wear alone or mix, ourselves, at home; and an amazing boutique in Covent Garden - we are huge fans of this inclusive indie house. Fresh from a press event celebrating the three newest launches, we were so happy to talk in-depth with Emmanuelle herself in this joyously expressive episode!The three new Essential Collection fragrances we discuss are:Tonka SesameCardamom Moss Cedarwood AbsinthSignature Collection: Tonka ExtraordinaireVisit the Experimental Perfume Club boutique in person:53 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DGExplore the entire fragrance collection, and learn about their Academy workshops and online perfumery courses here:https://experimentalperfumeclub.comThank you!Love it!ReplyForward
21/12/2242m 12s

Festive Fragrance Gifting Special!

In this bumper episode we’re bringing you our curation of the very best affordable fragrance gifts out there - they smell incredible, are created by top perfumers, but won’t break the bank! Then we’re joined by Haydn Williams (aka @yousmellgreatwhat and now host of male grooming podcast @maninthemirrorpod). He gives us some great pocket-friendly Men’s Scent Solutions & ideas for experiences you could gift. Finally, we’re thrilled to bring you a whole Hanukkah celebration of candles with @violalevy, freelance journalist and beauty columnist for @thejewishchronicle.We know times are tough out there, but we hope that whatever and however you celebrate, you’ll feel warmed and merry as part of our festively fragrant family…🎄🕎 💚Affordable Fragrance Gift Guide:Suzy chooses…@furla Preziosa @andotherstories Poem a Day / Moon Fiction / The Lost Chapter@parfumsgres Cabouchard@floralstreet_ Scent School@marksandspencerstyle Apothecary Breathe edp@shayandbluelondon Black Tulip / Blood Oranges@lanvinparfums ArpegeNicola chooses…@glossier You @zara Fleur D’Orangeur@andotherstories Sardonyx Fire@nivea_uk Nivea Sun / Nivea original fragrances @nuxe_uk Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum @yousmellgreatwhatisit Men’s Gifting Ideas Haydn mentions…@dropthehooha subscription @fioleuk Fiole Experience Gift Box @spacenk - Gift for Him box.(Includes Malin & Goetz, Anthony, The Ordinary and Space NK)@earlofeastlondon - Shinrin Yoku gift set@horace.co - soaps @nobleisle - Luxury travel trio@acquadiparma_official - Customisable GRAZIE candle Viola Levy: The Scents of Hanukkah / her favourite candles @dsanddurga Prime Chanukah scented candleDS & Durga Lightable Latkes scented candle(DS & Durga limited edition candles available from https://e-scents.co.uk and soon @libertylondon)Viola also mentions…@lush Hanukkah gift set @henrystownhouse Saturnalia candle @granadobrazil Sandalo @nestfragrances Holiday candle
14/12/2256m 50s

On the Scent with Clive Christian - An exclusive interview with Victoria Christian & our favourite fragrances

Sponsored Episode in partnership with @clivechristianperfumeWith an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and time-honoured techniques, @clivechristianperfume epitomise the true luxury of fine perfumery. Having saved Crown Perfumery - a Victorian house that dated back to 1872 and once supplied scents to royalty - Clive Christian now blend their unique heritage with a future-forward and totally contemporary vision.Celebrating their 150th anniversary, we are thrilled to be joined by ambassador Victoria Christian for this episode - an incredible woman whose first career was in the theatre, but whose passion for perfume led her to become the brand ambassador for the perfumes, a role she still carries today for this remarkable house.Come with us on this fragrant exploration as we partner with Clive Christian for this expansive episode, traversing the history, their innovations and inspirations, and discovering what makes these such special (and timelessly wearable) scents…Victoria mentions:Rose Absolute (Absolute Collection)1872 Feminine (Original Collection)No.1 Feminine & Masculine (Original Collection)X Feminine (Original Collection)Our Edit:Nicola’s Favourites…Crab Apple Blossom (Crown Collection) X Feminine (Original Collection)Suzy’s Favourites…Rock Rose (Noble Collection)C Woody Leather (Private Collection)We both loved:Hedonistic (Addictive Arts)Explore the whole range for yourself online:https://www.clivechristian.comAnd make sure to visit the @fortnums perfumery to try them all on your own skin, too! Which one(s) will surprise and delight you most, we wonder…?
07/12/221h 11m

Season 2 Ep 12 - A Fragrant Chat With The Founders of D.S. & Durga

@dsanddurga is a New York-based indie house that began in 2007, their immersive fragrances incorporating inspirations from music, nature, myth, culture and travel. Founded by the married partnership of David Seth Molton (who was a musician before becoming a self-trained perfumer) and Kavi Ahuja (who was an architect), both @fragrantmaven and @outspokenbeautynicola have long loved wearing their fragrances, and we’re delighted to have both David and Kavi on the show this week! In this wide-ranging and revealing interview, David and Kavi talk us through how they began (making scented potions from a Victorian manual) their diverse inspirations, David self-training as a perfumer and Kavi’s design skills, through to opening the flagship store and their fragrant plans for the future…PS: Extraordinary stories about meeting @brianeno and Black Francis from @pixiesofficial (who wears - and loves - the fragrance inspired by him)!Burning Barbershop Cowboy GrassDebaserRadio BombayI Don’t Know What El CosmicoBistro WatersLeatherizeChanel Les Exclusifs
30/11/2251m 22s

Season 2 Episode 11 - Fragrances We're Loving and Fragrant Prescriptions

In this episode we're chatting about a fragrance that we're both loving, Nicola talks about a new Neom scent that she can't get enough of and Suzy talks us through some fascinating, multi-faceted fragrances that she's loving. We also give some prescriptions and the Facebook community gets involved too. (If you haven't joined yet just search for On The Scent Podcast and ask to join....it's a fab community.Here's what we mention:Suzy’s been wearing:@kayali @monakattan Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64@memo.paris Memo Madurai@marcantoinebarrois Encelade @ffern.co Autumn 2022Nicola’s been wearing / sniffing:@fentybeauty Eau de Parfum@neomorganics Cosy Nights candle Listener Perfume Prescription:@bdkparfumsparis Gris Charnel & Gris Charnel Extrait @atelierdesors Iris Fauve
23/11/2252m 43s

Season 2 Episode 10- Fragrant Feedback & Hilarious Scent Stories

We’re sharing some incredible (and often hilarious!) scent stories and fragrant feedback from you this week, including tales of the woman who took a perfume to lunch, a listener slowly regaining her sense of smell after losing it 25 years ago, and erotic adventures during a perfume-buying holiday…!We mention:@mcgee.onfood.onsmells Nose Dive by Harold McGee (book)@tallow_restaurant@quadywinery Elysium Black Muscat wine (Suzy got her bottle @majesticwine)@maisonnoirfragrance Alter Ego (Suzy’s been wearing and adoring this - the one she got stopped twice so n the same shop with people demanding to know what she was wearing!)@penhaligons_london Constance (thank god Nicola found her bottle!)@experimentalperfumeclub Amber Iris@maisonfranciskurkdjian Grand Soir@the7virtues Vanilla Woods@nicolaiparfumeurcreateur Ambre Cashmere Intense@sklva.perfumes [urban petunia]https://sklva.com/en/shop/urban-petunia/@kvapu_nami Scent of Old Vilnius by Aromata Mirabiliahttps://aromata.lt
16/11/2244m 31s

Season 2 Episode 9 - A Fragrant Getaway, Mysterious Magician & Perfume Prescriptions

In this episode Suzy makes everyone sick with jealousy about her luxurious overnight stay in a beautiful Cotswolds hotel (filled with fragrant products!) while Nicola goes on a spree in Liberty (with cake!) and has an unusual encounter with a magician. We’ll also be catching up about even more new fragrance launches, what we’re loving, and answering listener questions with our perfume prescriptions!We mention…@thyme.england Thyme Hotel@beauty.by.laperla Just Give Me Roses@ostens_official Cashmeran Velvet Candle@jolovesofficial Christmas Layered Candle@penhaligons_london Maduro Leaf Candle@bespokelondonofficial@aouralondonofficial@scentologyofficial@escentualsofficial@andotherstories Sardonyx Fire (and we really want to check out their 3 new fragrances: Moon Fiction / Poem a Day & The Lost Chapter!)Perfume Prescriptions:@aouralondonofficial Hot Cherry@kayali Burning Cherry@bananarepublic Dark Cherry & Amber@parfumgres Cabouchard@esteelauderuk Knowing@tomfordbeauty Metallique@chanel.beauty Chanel No.22
09/11/2251m 58s

Season 2 Episode 8 - Exploring Selfridges, Musical Scents and Fabulous Newness

In this episode Nicola chats about her recent fragrant adventure in Selfridges, plus Suzy and Nicola delve into some of the magnificent scents that they have encountered at recent launches and events. Nicola has also been buying samples from Les Senteurs in her ongoing quest for a new perfume and Suzy has encountered what is perhaps the sexiest and dirtiest orange blossom scent of all time.Here's what we mention:@angelaflanders Leather Rosa@sunnamusk Soft Paradise, Golden Dust, Night Illusion@laboratorioolfattivo Vanhera, Need-U@henrystownhouse Saturnalia candle@jusboxperfumes Visionary Eye@erisparfums (available in the U.K. from @sainte.cellier) Ma Bête, ScorpioRising, Mxxx@beaufortlondon Acrasia@parlemoideparfum Guimauve de Noël, Milky Musk, Flavia Vanilla/82@chanel.beauty No.22, Les Exclusifs 31 Rue Cambon@ormondejayne Ormonde Man@sergeslutens Féminité du Bois@olfactive_o Skin
02/11/2254m 16s

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Sephora, Squirrels & Scents We’re Excited About

We’ve been on a whistle-stop tour of exciting press days: exploring the scent spaces of Commodity and visiting the actual church of Sephora (and discovering some of the brands they’ll be stocking). Plus Nicola falls madly for not one but TWO fragrances and makes her own perfume, Suzy has an emotional moment when a fragrances picks her, and has her mind blown at the IFRA Fragrance Forum. All this, plus news of our December 8th event AND Nicola being visited by a furry friend. Phew!In this episode we mention…@commodity@sephorauk@maisonmargielafragrances By the Fireplace / @penhaligons_london Constance@the7virtues@yslbeauty YSL Libre Le Parfum@jolovesofficial Vetiver Body Mist@experimentalperfumeclub@ifrauk Fragrance Forum@argentumSuzy also raves about:@sergeslutens Ambre Sultan (travel atomiser, which she purchased from All Beauty)@cochine_official Agarwood & Amber Reed Diffuser
26/10/2255m 59s

Season 2 Episode 6 - A Fragrant Conversation With Veronique Gabai

Equal parts “hedonism and humanism”, Veronique Gabai is a remarkably passionate businesswoman who grew up suffused with sunshine and orange blossom in the idyllic Côte d'Azur. In this episode we discover when her love of fragrance truly began, her time at @guerlain (and launching some of the most famous fragrances in the world). We also learn how she then worked her way up to the prestigious roll of President of Estée Lauder, why she left to start her own fragrance house, and what she believes the future of fragrance holds…Fragrances that have shaped Veronique’s life:@guerlain Nahema body cream / perfumeShaving soapAramis@guerlain Jicky@guerlain Shalimar@esteelauder Youth Dew@armanibeauty Acqua di Gio@guerlain Aqua Allegoria collection@dkny Be Delicious@toryburch fragrance collection@veroniquegabai fragrances (and the new Aroma collection).
19/10/2258m 32s

Season 2 Episode 5 - Spooky Scents and Exciting News!

With Halloween approaching, we’re exploring the more mysterious fragrances thatcould excite your senses this month. Think: haunted forests, smoky trails, spectralpresences, and perfumes that evoke telling haunted tales by candlelight… And, aswell as giving out another Perfume Prescription, we have some VERY exciting newsto share with you!Get your tickets for our December 8 th LIVE Event in London, here:https://tinyurl.com/On-the-Scent-Live-EventBewitching Scents…Nicola’s Edit:@ormondejayne Ormonde Woman @nestfragrances Charcoal Woods CandleSuzy’s Edit:@etatlibredorange Like This@freddiealbrightonperfume 11 Candles in Antwerpen@papillon_artisan_perfumes Spell 125@beaufortlondon Terror & Magnificence @zoologistperfumes Bat (2020 edition)@filippo_sorcinelli UNUM But Not TodayPerfume Prescription:@officine_universelle_buly L’Officine Universelle Buly 1803 LouvreCollection - Saint Joseph the CarpenterRead Suzy’s article about the project, here: https://perfumesociety.org/buly-1803-at-the-louvre/Nicola also adores the Buly 1803 Candle Le Verrou De Fraggonard@histoiresdeparfums 7753 Unexpected Mona
13/10/221h 5m

Season 2 Episode 4 - About Last Night and Further Fragrant Queries

In this week’s episode we’re putting our heads together to answer your furtherfragrant queries – you keep the questions coming and we LOVE finding your perfect‘perfume prescriptions’! We’re also chatting about a very glam event we attended,Suzy swirling about in a vintage velvet cape and asking for your help in Nicola’sdesperate scent crisis…Suzy’s been wearing:@jolovesofficial Pomelo Fragrance Paintbrush@honore.payan Patchouli OriginalNicola wants to buy:@guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba FrescaListener Perfume Prescriptions:@guerlain Eau de Cashmere / Musc Outreblanc@olfactivestudio Lumiere Blanche@phlur Missing Person@kilianparis Love Don’t Be Shy@arianagrande Ari@parlemoideparfum Guimauve de Nöel@commodity Milk@zoologistperfumes Bee@kimkardashian Pure Honey@floris Honey Oud@kilianparis Angel’s Share@penhaligons_london Roaring Radcliffe@parfumsgres Cabouchard@rochasofficial Femme@caronparfums Tabac Blond@vilhelm Do Not Disturb
05/10/2242m 31s

Season 2 Episode 3 - Fabulous Home Fragrances, Your Questions Answered & Can You ‘Smell' Colours?

This is the time of year we want to snuggle up and have our homes (and ourselves)smell cosy, welcoming, calm and stunning. We’re seriously digging out our scentedcandles, and this week we’re chatting about some of our favourites for the season.Plus, we’re answering yet more of your incredible questions – including one listenerwho wonders if she’s alone in wanting to ‘smell’ colours…Home fragrances we’re loving:Nicola:@penhaligons_london Maduro Leaf candle@glovedhandcare Cedarwood reed diffuser@jolovesofficial Eucalyptus & Cedarwoods Lifestyle Fragrance@aromatherapyassociates Forest Therapy candle@constantcandlecoSuzy:@paulsmithdesign Paul Smith Bookworm candle@ginori1735 Ginori 1735 Fox Thicket Folly candle@ostens_official Ostens Illumination Jasmine candle@hmhome Sublime Patchouli candleListener questions:Synesthesia: Dr Mary Spiller said: “The best online test for synesthesia is theSynesthesia Battery (www.synesthete.org), but this is not perfect. Not all formsof synaesthesia are tested, and people say there are limits to the responses youcan give.”Independent fragrance shops mentioned:@jovoymayfair@lessenteurs@bloomperfumery@shymimosaperfumery@pulseofperfumery@floralia_uk@luxevidaFragrances Mentioned:@ormondejayne Ta’if@millerharris Scherzo@cleanbeauty_collective Clean Reserve Warm Cotton @thenue_co Forest Lungs@chanel.beauty Le Lion
28/09/2252m 38s

Season 2 Episode 2 - Autumn Scents and Your Questions Part 2

We had SO many messages and questions from you during our season break thatwe couldn’t hope to answer them all in one go. This time, along with our perfumeprescriptions, we’ll also be talking about the change in season (and the fragranceswe’re looking forward to wearing now autumn’s here).What we’ve been / are looking forward to wearing:Nicola:@experimentalperfumeclub Neroli Cobalt@theperfumersstory Sequoia Wood@guerlain Eau de CashmereSuzy:@maisonmargielafragrances By the Fireplace@franckolivierparis Oud Vanille@amouageofficial Opus XIV Royal Tobacco@diorbeauty Patchouli Impérial@florislondon Chypress@parfumsgres Cabouchard@fragonardparfumeurofficiel Eglantine@hermes Myrrhe Eglantine@goutalparis Bois d’Hadrien@ormondejayne Ormonde Man@czechandspeake Vétiver Vert@franckolivierparis Oud Vanille@andotherstories Sardonyx Fire
21/09/2254m 13s

Season 2 Episode 1 - Gremlins, Holidays & Heart-warming Stories

After a longer than expected season break, due to technical gremlins, we’re BACK for Season Two, baby! Expect an amount of grumbling that’s (hopefully!) offset by fragrant reunions, holiday tales, the heart-warming scent stories you’ve so generously shared, and some particularly intriguing perfume prescriptions…Catchup / What We’ve Been Wearing. Nicola:@experimentalperfumeclub Neroli Cobalt@sanajardin Venus of Verbena@jomalonelondon Pear & Freesia@nestfragrances Charcoal Woods Candle@jolovesofficial Vetiver Hair Mist / Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods CandleSuzy:@millerharris Myrica Muse:@tothefairestlondon Élan Vital@freddiealbrightonperfume Somebody Else’s Flowers@escentric_molecules Molecule 01 + MandarinScent Stories & Listener Prescriptions: Fragrances Mentioned@bdkparfumsparis Sel D’Argent@heeleyofficial Sel Marin@millerharris Scherzo@maisonfranciskurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540@parfumsdemarly Habdan@jomalonelondon Honeysuckle & Davana@diptyque OleneLondon - Perfume: @florislondon Jermyn Street / Lipstick: @lisaeldridgemakeupRome - Perfume: @profumumroma Santalum / Lipstick: (We’re looking for suggestions of an iconic Italian lipstick brand our listener can indulge in while there, please let us know your recommendations!) Paris - Perfume: @histoiresdeparfums 1804 George Sand / Lipstick: @chanelofficial

Episode 63 - Listener Scent Memories & Perfume Prescriptions Part 2

We’re delving into more of the incredible scent memories you’ve shared with us, answering your fragrant questions with our Perfume Prescriptions, and sharing what we’ve been wearing (including a sneaky sniff at NEW Penhaligon’s and Serges Lutens fragrances, which come out in September!)Here are all the scents we mention…What we’ve been wearing:Nicola:@glossier YOU@sanajardin Berber Blond@lilanurparfums Jasmine Attar@cochine_official Agarwood & Amber DiffuserSuzy:@penhaligons_london Petra@sergeslutens Poivre Noire@4160tuesdaysperfume Court of RavensPerfume Prescriptions:@drharrislondon Marlborough colognehttps://www.drharris.co.uk/@demeterceo Demeter Log Cabinhttps://www.thelibraryoffragrance.eu@4160tuesdaysperfume A Walk in the Forest@diptyque Tam Dao@til_timetocare L'Eau Qui Enlace@lartisanparfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons@narcisso_rodriguez Narcisso Cristal: ‘@chanelofficial Allure@marlou.paris Poudrextase@cacharelparfums Noa@cleanbeauty_collective Skin / Clean@vancleefarpels Sandalwood Blanc@guerlain Les Matières Confidentielles Eau de Cashmere@heeleyofficial Blanc Poudre@parlemoideparfum Milky Musk 39@initioparfumsprive Musk Therapy@officialbyredo Rose of No man’s Land@sanajardin Incense Water@matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose@ateliermateri Rose Ardoise@dsanddurga Rose Atlantic@penhaligons_london Duchess Rose@floralstreet_ Neon Rose@initioparfumsprives Atomic Rose@ateliermateri Poivre Pomelo@strangers.parfumerie Salted Green Mango(Got a sample at @bloomperfumery)@jolovesofficial Mango Thai Lime@shayandblue Blood Oranges@millerharris Tea Tonique@elizabetharden Green Tea@lelabofragrances Thé Matcha 26@matierepremiereparfums Parisian Musk@millerharris L’air de Rien@diptyque Geranium Odorata@rpparfums Robert Piguet Calypso
10/08/221h 3m

Episode 62 - Listeners’ Scent Memories & Our Perfume Prescriptions

We’ve had an emotional outpouring of olfactory stories and questions about fragrance from you, our lovely listeners, so in this episode we’ll be sharing some of your scent memories and hoping to solve those perfume problems. (More next time in part 2 as we couldn’t get through them all in one episode, sorry!)Suzy & Nicola have both been wearing:Marlou Paris (sent samples by Brook at @sainte.cellier U.K. stockist)Carnicure / Ambilux / PoudrextasePoppy’s been wearing:@we_are_happy_paul Happy Paul fragranceLouis’s been wearing:@nivea_uk Nivea Sun fragrance (layered with @creedboutique Virgin Island Water)Nicola’s been wearing:@4711 4711 Cologne@sanajardin Berber BlondeSuzy’s been wearing:@freddiealbrightonperfume Somebody Else’s Flowers@freddiealbrightonperfume 11 Candles in AntwerpenListener Scent Memories & Perfume PrescriptionsGreat article on mymenopausecentre.com about changes to smell & taste in menopause:https://www.mymenopausecentre.com/symptoms/changes-to-taste-and-smell/@boujeebougies Succulent Candle@skandinavisk ØY Candle@boy_smells Extra Vert Candle@neomorganics Happiness Candle@aeryliving Positive Energy Candle@beautypie Reves D’eze Candle@demeterceo Sawdust@molinardparfums Habanita@caronparfums Tabac Blond@parfumsgres CabouchardThank you SO much for sharing your scent memories with us here (and on our Facebook page - search for On the Scent Podcast), it’s such a privilege and means a huge amount to us. ❤️Please DM us any perfume prescription questions you’d like answered, and we’d love if you could recommend us to friends / leave reviews on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen, tag us in your Stories… We’re thrilled at how our little community is growing and these things you do to spread the word make a huge difference! 🥰#whatimwearing #scentoftheday #newepisode #podcast #fragrance #fragranceblogger #fragrancereviews #perfumereviews #perfume #scent #listenhere
03/08/2252m 52s

Episode 61 - Jo Fairley's Life In Scent

Where can we begin to list the accomplishments and describe the extraordinary life of our guest this week? Jo Fairley is one of the UK's leading female entrepreneurs, became the UK’s youngest-ever magazine editor (at the age of 23!) has been slapped by Bette Davis and partied with rock stars, co-founded Green & Black’s Chocolate in 1991, launched @beautybibleofficial with Sarah Stacey in 1996, owned a bakery, still owns a wellness centre, has written about fragrance and beauty for just about every publication you can mention, Co-founded @theperfumesociety with Lorna McKay (for whom she remains editor of The Scented Letter magazine), tours the world as a motivational speaker for business entrepreneurs and has been a guest on the BBC’s legendary radio show, Desert Island Disks. But which fragrances are most important to Jo, and what does she do with all her free time? Let’s find out!Jo’s List:@diorbeauty Miss Dior / Diorella @yslbeauty Rive Gauche / Opium@chanelofficial Cristal / No.19 / Sycamore / Les Lion / L’Eau@aquamandaperfume Aqua MandaSchiaparelli Shocking@perfumerhlondon Patchouli @fredericmalle Lipstick Rose /POAL hand cream @4711 4711 Cologne@zara Zara fragrances @hmhome Sublime Patchouli Candle @floralst_ Chypre Sublime @guerlain Mitsouko@diorbeauty Diorissimo (for Paula Yates)Sign up here to be sent the FREE award-winning @theperfumesociety magazine, The Scented Letter: https://tinyurl.com/Scented-Letter
27/07/2252m 15s

Episode 60 - Newness

Recorded on the hottest day of the year (and despite technical hitches) in this episode we get excited over some of the newness we’ve seen (and sniffed). @fragrantmaven discusses new launches and scented showcases, including an interview with @constantsoniaperfumer (perfumer and founder of the incredible @ella_k_parfums_paris house) recorded at the @harveynichols event earlier this week, hosted by @persolaise (and including his explanation of Headspace Technology, which we got an incredible opportunity to witness in action!)@outspokenbeautynicola, meanwhile, is overjoyed to (slowly) be getting her sense of smell back following Covid, partly thanks to the Smell Training Kit she purchased from @abscentuk - so all smells are newly welcome for Nicola right now!Here’s what we discuss on this week’s show..@jolovesofficial Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime range extended, (updated) Fragrance Paintbrush, Body Lotion, Body Crème and Bath & Shower Gel.Body Mists: Fig / Tuberose / Vetiver /Grapefruit.Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods candle@ella_k_parfums_paris Ella K Harmattan / Ghibli / Khamsin / Lettre de Pushka Hair Mist@maisoncrivelli Maison Crivelli Amber Chromatique (exclusive to Selfridges)@floralstreet_ Floral Street x Van Gogh Museum®Home Fragrance -Sweet Almond Blossom & Sunflower Pop Scented Reeds/DiffuserNew @themerchantofvenice Accordi Di Profumo Collection - Neroli Marrocco / Zafferano Iran / Tonka Venezuela / Patchouli Indonesia / Sandalo AustraliaLilaNur Incarnation / Agar Épicé
20/07/221h 3m

Episode 59 - Losing your sense of smell & how to improve it

What happens if you lose your sense of smell - through Covid or any other reason? Why does it happen, what can you do to improve it, and where can you get help? As @outspokenbeautynicola knows, it can be scary, completely debilitating and even trigger depression and anxiety. But don’t panic - you are NOT alone, and help IS out there. We’ll explain all (with links to organisations and resources in our notes, below) in this episode…Fragrances that make us feel better:Nicola:@clarinsuk Eau Dynamisante@tothefairestlondon CécileSuzy:@skinalchemists Equilibrium Pulse Point Oil@lilanurparfums Tubereuse Attar Absolu@sanajardin Venus of Verbena@honore.payan Vetyver Eau de ToiletteArticle on why some people lose their sense of smell with Covid, by @gavialliancehttps://www.gavi.org/vaccineswork/why-covid-19-makes-you-lose-your-sense-smell-and-how-get-it-backImproving your sense of smell / Further helpNot only for people who’ve lost their sense of smell through Covid - for anyone with an impaired sense of smell or tasteAbScent: https://abscent.orgStep 1: ‘Find out where your sense of smell is today. Use the AbScent self-assessment form, here. You won’t know if you are improving if you don’t know where you’ve started.’Step 2: Smell Train. There are full instructions for making your own Smell Training Kit, here. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a pre-assembled Smell Training Kit.Step 3: Take note of your experiences. AbScent provide a guide for keeping notes and a downloadable diary.You can also now use the online Snif App – to ‘guide and instruct users so that each smell training session is consistent and productive.’Fifth Sense https://www.fifthsense.org.uk are another excellent resource for anyone who has an impaired sense of smell, through Covid, other illness or trauma, or from birth.They also have a whole section of their website dedicated to smell training, using things you have around your home, along with excellent resources on further advice and gaining medical help.https://www.fifthsense.org.uk/smell-training/Losing your sense of tasteA FREE cookbook by @lifekitchencookery, called Taste & Flavour, has been written to help those who’ve lost their sense of smell - following Covid, or for any other reason your taste & smell is impaired.You can download a copy, here:https://lifekitchen.co.uk/product/taste-flavour-digital-book/Don’t suffer in silence - losing your sense of smell or having it change is scary and debilitating. Try not to panic, contact the organisations above and medical professionals, if it’s not getting any better, and seek help & support. It is out there, and you’re not alone. X
13/07/2246m 45s

Episode 58 -Scented Story Time Part 2: Olfactory Agony Aunts

We regularly get sent the most incredible & emotionally revealing messages from you, our lovely listeners, and sharing them in our first ‘scented stories’ episode (number 56) provoked a huge outpouring of support and admiration. Well, grab the tissues again because we’ve got more for you, plus of course our perfume prescriptions for your fragrance dilemmas!Here are the fragrances we mention…Nicola’s perfumed pairing: @sergeslutens Fleur d’Oranger + @matierepremiereparfums Neroli Oranger@kingdomscotland Portal£25 per Sample Set (4 x 2ml)www.kingdomscotland.com@ateliercologne Atelier Cologne Lemon Island@profumumroma Dulcis in Fundo@jeroboamperfumes Insulo@shayandbluelondon Blood Oranges@erisparfums Green Spell@czechandspeake Villa Ausonia(PS: We think Ana meant Serges Lutens Fleurs D’Oranger as Histoire D’Orangers is a L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrance)@arquiste Architect’s ClubEtat Libre d’Orange Fils de Dieu du riz et des agrumes@jovoyparis Fire At Will - samples available in U.K. @jovoymayfair & online: jovoyparis.uk@tothefairestlondon Cécile@guerlains Shalimar Philtre & Shalimar Soufflé
06/07/2257m 15s

Episode 57 - Hair Perfumes & Fragrant Haircare

In this episode we're exploring the world of hair fragrances. Suzy starts by delving into the history of perfuming one's hair and chats about the fashion for powdering wigs with beautiful scents and a beautiful smelling woman who was heralded as a witch and very sadly burnt at the stake. (You can smell like her today!)We then go on to chat about our favourite scented products and perfumes for hair.Here's what we mention:Suzy’s Favourites:@officialbyredo Byredo Blanche Hair Perfume@penhaligons_london Penhaligon’s Halfeti Hair Perfume@diptyque Diptyque Hair Mist Eau de Sens@hairbysammcknight Sam McNight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo@arkiveheadcare Arkive by Adam ReedThe New Form Blow Dry Spray@jvnhair JVN Complete Air Dry Cream@shewolfhaircare SheWolfInca Oil Hydrating Shampoo / ConditionerTsubaki Smoothing Hair Oil@weareparadoxx Paradoxx Repair 3-in-1 ConditionerNicola's Favourites:@fredericmalle Portrait of A Lady Hair Mist@millerharris Scherzo Hair Mist@fableandmane shampoo and conditioner@kerastase_official Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo@Davines_uk Dry Texture Spray
29/06/2247m 10s

Episode 56 - Scented Story Time & Perfume Prescriptions

Settle in, because in this episode we’re sharing just some of the incredibly personal and utterly wonderful stories from you, our listeners, on how fragrance has truly helped enhance your lives. From some who never realised scent could be so moving, to others who’ve reconnected to their perfume passion, we’ll also be answering questions with our prescriptions.So, grab a cuppa (or a cold glass of Rosé!) and some tissues, because this one is something of an emotional rollercoaster ride…What we’ve been wearing:Nicola’s been wearing@tothefairestlondon Cécile@penhaligons_london Orange BlossomSuzy’s been wearing@tothefairestlondon AubineListener Prescriptions:@matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose & Neroli Oranger@sergeslutens Fleur d’Oranger@guerlain Mitsouko@chanel.beauty Le Lion@erisparfums Scorpio Rising (available in U.K. from @sainte.cellier)@papillon_artisan_perfumes Hera@ormondejayne Woman@maisonalaia Alaïa (the original in black bottle)@escentric_molecules Escentric 05@vilhelm_parfumerie A Lilac a Day@aerinbeauty Lilac Path@lalique Perles de Lalique@cleanbeauty_collective Clean Reserve Warm Cotton@acquadiparma_official Essenza
22/06/2249m 28s

Episode 55 - Royal Scents, Scandalous Portraits, & Sports Car Club With Penhaligons

This episode is in partnership with @PenhaligonsIn this quintessentially British adventure we explore Penhaligon's royal connections, scandalous Portraits and Sports Car Club launch. Prepare for scented snippets throughout history, the Bridgerton like characters who make up the dazzling Portrait collection and rev your engine for the most sublime (limited edition) fragrance and its regal launch at Blenheim Palace.As we explore these fragrances with tantalising stories, we'll be accompanied by a thoroughly regal and atmospheric soundtrack. So prepare to dive into a collection of fragrances whose historic influences never detract from their thrilling modernity.Here's what we mention:Blenheim BouquetHammam BouquetBluebellElizabethan RoseThe FavouriteThe Coveted Duchess RoseThe Tragedy of Lord GeorgeRevenge of Lady BlancheMuch Ado About the DukeSports Car Club
15/06/221h 5m

Episode 54 - Matière Premiere Rose Harvest: From Field to Flaçon

In this extra special episode we’re joining Suzy (and @aliceduparcq!) on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the rose harvest in Grasse. Matière Premiere are an incredible fragrance house, who showcase in their scents the raw materials that are the cornerstones of perfumery. Rose has particular meaning for Aurélien Guichard, as we’ll discover, being the only perfumer in the world to own his own rose fields. So join us we journey (literally) from field to flaçon, in search of Radical Rose…PS: We’ll be putting up some stories & images on Instagram @onthescentpodcast when this episode goes out, so you can see exactly what Suzy got to experience.…And to smell-along, why not purchase a little bottle of the scent the petals they picked actually go in to?!Radical Rose 6ml bottle (which lasts really well) is €30 matiere-premiere.comOf course, if you’ve swooned and are fully seduced, you can dive into the whole rose field with a full-size 100ml bottle - also available @theofficialselfridges & @harrodsbeauty#notsponsored #notanad #justsharingtheexperience
08/06/2250m 32s

Episode 53 - Looking Ahead To Father's Day and Beyond With Haydn Williams

This week we’re looking ahead to men’s fragrance gift ideas for Father’s Day - and beyond. If you’re buying for a dad, a father figure, your partner or a special man in your life, or perhaps a treat for yourself, our special (recent award-winning!) guest, Haydn Williams, has ideas for everyone.Although Haydn’s full time career is in the music business, his second passion is scent. The men’s fragrance and grooming writer for Grazia, and fragrance blogger on Instagram as @yousmellgreatwhatisit, Haydn recently won Newcomer Award at this year’s Jasmine Awards!What our fathers’ wore:Nicola:@ncp_layering NCP Olfactives@penhaligons_london Sports Car Club@davidoffparfums Cool WaterSuzy:Birth father - @oldspice Old SpiceStepdad - @bentleymotors Bentley MomentumListener Prescription…Haydn’s suggestions:@latelierparfum L’Atelier Parfum Verte Euphorie@sunspelclothing Sunspel Neroli SunSuzy’s / Nicola’s suggestions:@escentricmolecules Escentric Molecule 01 + Mandarin@czechandspeake Czech & Speake Villa AusoniaHaydn’s Father’s Day Gift Guide:@jomalonelondon Jo Malone Forest Moss@jusboxpetfumes Jusbox Good Morning@acquadiparma_official Acqua di Parma C.L.U.B.@horace.co Horace Soap Bar Trio@millerharris Miller Harris Mandarin Candle(Suzy also loves @neomorganics Happiness candle!)
01/06/2239m 10s

Episode 52 - The Best Citrus Scents For Summer

In this episode Suzy and Nicola explore the refreshing and uplifting world of citrus scents. These are scents that bring instant joy and energy and feel perfect as we enter the summer months although as you'll find out, some of them have a deeper and more sultry side too.Nicola’s List:@matierepremiere Neroli Oranger@floralstreet_ Grapefruit CandleSuzy’s List:@lancomeofficial O de Lancôme@rochasofficial Eau de Rochas@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian@cloonkeen Lá Bealtaine@escentric_molecules Escentric Molecules 01+ Mandarin@vancleefarpels Néroli Amara@millerharris Tea Tonique@moltonbrown Flora Luminare EDT@shayandbluelondon Blood Oranges@lalique Soleil Vibrant@tomford Soleil Brulant
25/05/2233m 45s

Episode 51 - Jasmine Awards Catch Up and Best Celebrity Fragrances

In this episode we’re having a good old catch up, chatting about the glitz & glam of the recent Jasmine Awards (and what people were wearing on the red carpet), plus we’ll be delving into the world of celebrity fragrances. With new launches from Billie Eilish, Rihanna & Kylie, are celebrity fragrances ‘cool’ again…?Nicola’s been wearing:@fugazzifragrances In Love With the Cocos@matierepremiereparfums Neroli Oranger@e11even_fragrance E11evenSuzy’s been wearing:@chanelofficial Le Lion@matierepremiereparfums Parisian Musc@fragrancefoundationuk Fragrance Foundation Awards 2022:@aliceduparcq Alice du Parcq Creativity Award - Desert Island Spritz, Sali Hughes episode@jofairley Jo Fairley Literary Award - When Soap Equals Hope, @theperfumesociety The Scented Letter Magazine@wewearperfume We Wear Perfume Practical Guide Award - Exhilaration in a Bottle, the mood boosting power of citrus@yousmellgreatwhatisit Haydn Williams Rising Star Award - High Culture: When Art Meets Sense for @rakessense magazine@experimentalperfumeclub Independent Fragrance Award, Iris Carmin@fredericmalle Synthetic Jungle - Perfume Extraordinaire@maisonfranciskurkdijan Collection Cologne Forte - Best New Fragrance CollectionBest Celebrity Fragrances mentioned:@billieeilish Eilish@kylieminogue Darling@fentybeauty Rihanna Fenty@sarahjessicaparker SJP Stash / LovelyAdam Levine Woman@arianagrande Cloud@britneyspearsfragrances Fantasy@katyperry Indi@kimkardashian Pure Honey@jlo Glow@joancollinsdbe I Am Woman@davidbeckham InstinctSean John Unforgivable
18/05/2259m 28s

Episode 50 - Sandalwood Fragrant Focus

In this episode Suzy and Nicola delve into the wondrous world of Sandalwood. After a brief chat about its captivating history and how incredibly precious it is, Suzy leads us on a journey of discovery, exploring a true smorgasbord of Sandalwood fragrances that are all very different but equally amazing.Fragrances mentioned:Sana Jardin Sandalwood TempleDS&Durga Radio BombayGuerlain SamsaraSerges Lutens Santal MajusculeLe Labo Santal 33Kierin NYC Santal SkyDiptyque Tam DaoTom Ford Santal BlushVersace Crystal NoirCommes des Garçons Concrete
11/05/2248m 14s

Episode 49 - Most Worn Fragrances Of The Month and Listener Prescriptions

In this episode we talk about some of the fragrances that we have been wearing and loving this month, from an oil that is perfect for evenings to a rose fragrance that literally explodes on the skin. Then we delve into some of your fabulous prescription questions.Nicola’s List:@rochasofficial Rochas Femme@e11even_fragrance E11even@matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose / Neroli Oranger@sofragrance Truffle CreamSuzy’s List:@lalique Lalique Soleil Vibrant@bdkparfumsparis BDK Ambre@ormondejayne Ormonde Jayne Damask@initioparfumsprive Initio Atomic Rose@florislondon Floris ChypressListener Prescriptions:@guerlain Guerlain Mitsouko@ormondejayne Ormonde Jayne Woman@diorbeauty Dior Diorling

Episode 48 - From Burlesque Requests to Priest-Snogging Perfumes: Listener Prescriptions

It’s time for us to delve into the many messages and DMs you send us, asking for help to solve your perfume problems with our scented suggestions, and this week we’ve everything from someone who’s been dreaming of a particular perfume for years and wants to know if there’s a replacement; a burlesque performer searching for the next va-va-voom fragrance to match her act, and a listener who’s requested the scent of a priest being snogged beneath an orange blossom tree… Fragrances mentioned during the episode:@papillon_artisan_perfumes Papillon Salome:@emanuelungaroparis Emanuel Ungaro Diva@mauboussin_perfumes Mauboussin@etatlibredorange Etat Libre d’Orange Une Amourette@sergeslutens Serges Lutens Fleur d’Oranger@kilianparis Good Girl Gone Bad@bloomperfumery Bloom Perfumery (Covent Garden) bloomperfume.com@elemis_uki Frangipani Monoi Body Oil@fragonardparfumeurofficial Fragonard Soleil £39 for 50ml edp at M&S @marksandspencerbeautypr@amouageofficial Amouage Woman@florislondon Floris Honey Oud@diptyque Solid Perfumes@glossier Glossier You Solid Perfume@jomalonelondon Jo Malone London Solid Perfumes@aftelier Mandy Aftel Solid Perfumes (in sterling silver cases, also available in exquisite one-off antique compacts & cases)@jolovesofficial Fragrance Paintbrushes
27/04/2254m 44s

Episode 47 - Trish McEvoy - The Emotion Of Scent

We are absolutely thrilled to have legendary makeup artist, founder and fellow fragrance fanatic @trishmcevoy as our guest for this brand new episode of the podcast! Anyone who has stepped up to a Trish McEvoy counter cannot fail to fall in love with her fragrances, too, and here we delve deep into their inspirations and the emotions they conjure.During our so-insightful chat with Trish, we not only got to hear about her working relationship with the incredible perfumer Honorine Blanc, but how Trish grew up surrounded by fragrance in an artistic family, and treasured childhood memories of her grandmother (who owned a perfumery). We just know you’re going to adore listening - as we did - learning so much more about Trish and her fragrant journey…(Fragrances Trish mentions during the episode):@guerlain Shalimar@chanelofficial Chanel No.5 / CristalleJean Desprez Bal à VersaillesJean Patou 1000Diane Von Furstenberg TatianaAntonia’s FlowersTrish McEvoy No. 3 Snowdrop & Crystal FlowersTrish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla MuskTrish McEvoy Fragrance X
20/04/2245m 0s

Episode 46 - Cheaper & Cheerful Fragrances for a ‘Spring Fling’

In this episode Suzy and Nicola explore affordable and simply beautiful fragrances that are perfect for Spring. Whether you feel like a fragrant change or are longing for a perfume that encapsulates the spirit of the season but don't want to spend a fortune, this episode for you.Nicola's list: @loccitane_uk_ire Cherry Blossom@isseymiyakeparfums A Drop d’Issey@clarinsuk Eau DynamisanteSuzy’s List:@yardleylondonuk Bluebell & Sweetpea@marksandspencerfashionpr Discover Intense Orange Blossom & AmberM&S Apothecary BreatheM&S Provenance Calm After the Storm@rogergallet Fleur de Figuier Intense@sofragrance SO Unique Cashmere, Pink Pear & Tiaré Flower@andotherstories Humlegården Cotton@4711 Gift Set: Original Eau de Cologne, Floral Collection Jasmine, Rose & Lilac@shayandbluelondon Black Tulip
13/04/2253m 23s

Episode 45 - Fragrant Focus -Tuberose

A night-blooming flower that’s been called the diva of the fragrance world, and which Victorian ladies were forbidden to wear in case it caused ‘amorous madness’, the tuberose is an addictive, often divisive and irrefutably hypnotic ingredient which we’ll fully explore in today’s Fragrant Focus episode…@rpparfums Robert Piguet Fracas@sergeslutens Tubereuse Criminelle@sergeslutensDempteuse Encagee@diptyque Do Son Eau de toilette / Hand Cream@fredericmalle Carnal Flower Eau de Parfum@ramonmonegal Kiss My Name Eau de Parfum@lacoste L.12 12. Eau de ToiletteGiovanna Antonelli 611 Extremo Eau de Parfum (from @shymimosaperfumery)@guccibeauty Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum@hermes Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum@armanibeauty Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum@matierepremiereparfums French Flower Eau de Parfum
07/04/221h 2m

Episode 44 - Our Favourite Fragranced Products

Following on from our evocative scent memories episode, today we’re indulging in some of our favourite fragranced products that aren’t perfumes, but which we love to slather on and surround ourselves with whenever we can!Suzy’s List:@letpetitmarseillais Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Orange Blossom Organic Shower Cream@escentric_molecules Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 Body Wash@rogergallet Roger & Gallet Cédrat Shower Gel@aromatherapyassociates Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax / Forest Bath & Shower Oils@modernbotany Modern Botany Deodorant@fredericmalle Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady Body Butter@urbanveda Urban Veda Rose + Botanics Reviving Body Lotion@officine_universelle_buly Officine Universelle Buly 1803 Huile Antique Damask Rose Dry Body Oil@e11even_fragrance e11even Multi Use Fragrance Oil@sarahchapmanlondon Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Skin Elixir@huskandseedskincareuk Husk & Seed Overnight Replenishing Oil@penhaligons_london Penhaligon’s Luna Soap@loccitane_uk_ire L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream@method_uk Method All-Purpose Anti Bacterial Cleaner in Wild Rhubarb @fabulosa_cleaning Fabulosa Multi-Purpose Anti Bacterial Spray Wild Rhubarb Stone’s Beeswax Furniture Cream Nicola’s List:@emmahardieskincare moringa balm@nivea_uk creme moisturiser@eucerin_uk age spot correcting hand cream@thisworks stress check hand shield@aromatherapyassociates revive@loccitane_uk_ire.shea butter hand cream@loccitane_uk_ire almond shower oil@renkincare Moroccan rose Otto body oil@aurelia firm and revitalise dry body oil
30/03/2244m 51s

Episode 43 - Scent Memories and Favourite Smells

Smell and memory are so entwined - we bet most of you have had an experience of smelling something and suddenly being propelled back in the past. Smell is the only sense fully formed in the womb, a super-power we possess that’s the closest thing to time travel. So, this episode is a little bit different, in that we’re indulging in our personal scent memories - some of our favourite smells in the whole world, which don’t happen to be fragrances.What are yours, we wonder…?Nicola:Guinea PigsHorsesFamilyHot water BottlesColdWashing PowderForestsNight-blooming jasmineSuzy:Privet HedgesBooksVanillaCat’s earsVick’s Vapo RubLinden Blossom TreesVetiverFreshly washed bed linenMy favourite leather jacketPetrichorMy father’s rosesForestsBonfires / wood fires
23/03/2257m 37s

Episode 42 - National Fragrance Day Special - Portrait Of A Lady: A Love Letter

In celebration of National Fragrance Day we're publishing a documentary about Frederic Malle's Portrait of A Lady that Nicola made for her other podcast Outspoken Beauty. It is a true love letter to the fragrance and features Frederic Malle himself. Suzy heard this before she met Nicola. She has since said that the minute she heard it, she knew that the two of them could be friends.....the rest as they say is history.We so hope you enjoy listening to this!
20/03/2239m 3s

Episode 41 - Fragrant Focus: Rose (Part 2)

We had so many rose fragrances to talk about that there was no way that we could fit them all into one episode so welcome to rose part two. Suzy has a wonderfully varied list of rose fragrances to tantalise you, from deep, dark and smokey to light, frivolous and whimsical.Here's what we talk about:@paulsmithdesign Rose@ostens_official Rose Oil Isparta@jovoymayfair Rose Millésime @chantecailleuk Derby Rose @maisonfranciskurkdjian À La Rose @parfumsdemarly Delina & Delina La Rosée @cloonkeen Roisin Dubh@etro ManRose@moschino Toy Boy@maisonfranciskurkdjian L’homme À La Rose@penhaligons_london Halfetti @ruthmastenbroekperfume Firedance@lancomeofficial Rose Peonia@matierepremiereparfums Radical Rose @ateliermateri Rose Ardoise
16/03/2253m 29s

Episode 40 - Fragrant Focus: Rose (Part 1)

Often called ‘The Queen of flowers’, the rose can be either a symbol of purity with an innocent scent, or of wild passion, with a dash of accidental Roman murder thrown in for good measure. Either way, we’ve been obsessed by the scent of roses for centuries, with classical and contemporary perfumers alike vying to capture these magnificent blooms. From Cleopatra’s carpet of petals to the rose fields of Grasse, from lipsticks to leather-clad naughtiness; love or hate the ingredient: we’re inviting you to indulge your fragrant fantasies and roll around in rose petals to your heart’s content… PS: We’ve SO many roses to explore we’re going to have to split this rose perfume special into two parts. Maybe three. Oh, let’s face it – it could be twenty if we chatter as much as usual, but whatever your favourite rose fragrance, we hope you enjoy!@animavinciofficial Anima Vinci Rose PranaPerfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose @yslbeautyYSL Paris @lancomeofficial Lancôme Tresor @jomalonelondon Jo Malone Red Roses @fredericmalle Frédéric Malle Lipstick RoseFrédéric Malle Une RoseFrédéric Malle Portrait of a LadyFrédéric Malle Rose Cuir@millerharris Miller Harris Rose Silence@parlemoideparfum Parle Moi de Parfum Une Tonne de Roses@floralstreet_ Neon Rose@officialbyredo Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land @lush Lush Rose Jam
09/03/2241m 54s

Episode 39 - Prescriptions Aplenty

In this episode we have great fun answering your brilliant prescriptions and there are lots of fabulous fragrance recommendations that we're sure many of you will want to try.Here's what we mention:Suzy is wearing:@initioparfumsprive Atomic RoseNicola is wearing:@isseymiyakeparfums a drop d’IsseyAnswers to Listener Questions:@perfumersworkshop Tea Rose@jovoymayfair Rose Millésime@chantecailleuk Darby Rose / Pétales@erisparfums Green Spell@juliettehasagun Not a Perfume@commesdesgarconsparfums Amazing Green@modernbotany Deodorant@latelierparfums Vert Euphorie@cpparfums Christian Provenzano Esprit de Oud@animavinciofficial Oud Delight@fugazzifragrances Goudh (from the Discovery Set - we purchased ours from @cultbeauty where they’re £18 instead of £30 at the time of recording)@jomalonekondon Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense@sanajardin Berber Blonde@parfumsdemarly Safanad@eliesaabworld Le Parfum@neelavermeirecreations Ashoka (our listener who asked the question lives in Poland, and they do ship within the EU)@isseymiyakeparfums a drop d’Issey (also checked available in Poland!)@guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum@diptyque Eau Duelle eau de parfum@dsanddurga Radio Bombay***All reviews, ratings & feedback is _so_ welcome and genuinely makes our day. Also,FOLLOW US @onthescentpodcast - and do DM us any listener questions there. We LOVE hearing from you!***
02/03/2246m 56s

Episode 38 - Fragrant Reading

In this episode we’re delving into our fragrant bookshelves for some recommended reading on the subject of scent. From perfume guides and fascinating historic snippets to more academic studies that will blow your mind, we’ve even some suggestions for fragrantly-themed novels. Whatever your level of interest, there’s a book out there for you, so if you’re ready to feed your fragrant frenzy, get ready to join us down the rabbit hole…PS: SO many others on Suzy’s list to recommend (and still read!) but worry not, we’ll be adding to the list in the coming weeks with even more book-related episodes.Fragrant Books We Mention: Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin & Tania SanchezPerfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick SüskindScent & Subversion: Decoding a Century of Subversive Perfume, by Barbara HermanPerfume: A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrum Perfume: In search of your signature scent by Neil ChapmanThe Perfume Companion: The Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Next Scent by Sarah McCartney & Samantha ScrivenNose Dive: A Field Guide to the World’s Smells by Harold McGeeThirteen Ways to Smell a Tree by David George Haskell The Perfume Collector by Kathleen TessaroThe Perfume Thief by Timothy Shaffert
23/02/2253m 44s

Episode 37 - Fragrant Loves and Perfect Perfume Prescriptions

In this episode we're talking about some of the fragrances that we can't get enough of at the moment including the scent of a cleansing balm that is making Suzy very happy indeed. Then it's over to you and the brilliant prescriptions that you've been asking for.Here's what we talk about in this episode:Nicola’s fragrant loves:@histoiredeparfums This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.6@sanajardin Incense Water / Vanilla Nomad@amanshop Purifying Pulse Point Remedy@aromatherapyassociates Deep Relax Bath & Shower OilSuzy’s fragrant loves:@prada Infusion d’Iris@lejardinretrouve Mousse Arashiyama Mousse Arashiyama@damesanddimes Chocolate Orange Cleansing Balm / Midnight Blue Recovery Balm@sanajardin Berber Blonde candle@boujeebougies Queen Jam candleListener Questions Perfume Prescriptions:@sergeslutens Jeux de Peau@parlemoideparfum Milky Musk@januaryscentproject Selperniku @lelabofragrances Rose 31@cire.trudon Ernesto candle@commedesgarconsparfums Series 3 Incense Avignon @officialbyredo Mumbai Noise@cacharelparfums Noa
16/02/2253m 11s

Episode 36 - Fragrant Focus - Iris

Something is clearly in the air, as we’ve had more requests for an episode on this ingredient than anything else. Iris fragrances can smell clean as freshly laundered linen, soft and supple as suede, or beckon the boudoir with hints of lipstick, powdered skin and hastily discarded silky underthings. Exploring the mythology and perfume history of iris, we’ll be looking at some classic scents and brand new fragrances showcasing this fascinating ancient note that’s fashionable again.What IS it about iris we’re all craving…?Fragrances mentioned:@chanelofficial No19@sergeslutens Iris Silver Mist@prada Infusion d’Iris@penhaligons_london Iris Prima@ormondejayne Vanille d’Iris@juliettehasagun Lipstick Fever@maisoncrivelli Iris Malikhân@arianagrande God is a Woman@escentric_molecules Molecule 01 + Iris
09/02/2243m 45s

Episode 35 - On The Scent With Sali Hughes

We’re utterly thrilled our guest for this episode is @salihughes - a hugely influential journalist with her regular Guardian column, a broadcaster, author of the books Pretty Honest & Pretty Iconic, and who can often be found ferreting around in celebrities’ bathrooms for her fascinating YouTube series ‘In the Bathroom With…’ As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also Co-founder of @thebeautybanks - an organisation that gets donations of self-care and hygiene products directly to those in need.We could have talked to Sali for hours, but in this episode we’re delving deep into the fragrances Sali uses in her emotionally-supportive toolkit. We just know you’re going to LOVE listening to this joyous (and often revealing) discussion.Fragrances that formed part of Sali’s childhood:@yardleylondonuk English Lavender@officialbiba perfume (1970s)@diorbeauty Miss Dior (the original)The scents Sali uses now as…Signature scents:@chanelofficial No5@yslbeauty Rive Gauche@fredericmalle L’Eau D’HiverConfidence-boosters:@chanelofficial Coco@ormondejayne Ormonde Woman@guerlain MitsoukoVa-va-voom sexy (for herself):@celine NightclubbingImmediately calming:@johnsonsbabyuk Baby Lotion@nivea_uk Creme@fredericmalle Cologne IndélébileWild card:@heeleyofficial L'Amandiere ExtraitsFind out more about @thebeautybanks & how you can help: https://www.beautybanks.org.ukRead Sali’s books:Pretty Honest https://tinyurl.com/PrettyHonestPretty Iconic https://tinyurl.com/PrettyIconic
02/02/2256m 45s

Episode 34 - What We're Wearing and Perfect Perfume Prescriptions!

In this episode Suzy and Nicola talk through some of the fragrances that they're wearing at the moment and why they feel so right at the moment. They also answer some of your brilliant prescription questions. Oh and there is slightly hysterical chat about the behaviour of ducks and pigeons.....it needs to be heard to be believed!Here's what they mention:What Suzy’s Been Wearing:@honore.payan Patchouli Original @papillon_artisan_parfums Anubis@ysl Black Opium Illicit Green @bdkparfumsparis Amber Saffrano@ateliermateri Cacao PorcellinaWhat Nicola’s Been Wearing:@theperfumersstory Amber Molecule@maisonfranciskurkdjian Aqua Universalis@penhaligons_london ConstanceListener Prescriptions@alexandermcqueen Luminous Orchid:@exnihiloparis Venenum Kiss:Jean Desprez Bal à Versailles @etatlibredorange Putains des PalacesRecycling perfume bottles / vials advice:https://recycleright.org.uk/item/perfume-bottles/The Perfume Shop recycling scheme:https://www.theperfumeshop.com/recycling-service
26/01/2252m 45s

Episode 33 - Addictively Moreish Chocolate Fragrances

If you think fragrances with ‘chocolate’ listed as a note are all childish, sickly and unsophisticated, we’re serving up some suggestions that are incredibly chic, overtly opulent or simmering with unrestrained naughtiness.Renowned epicurean Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) once said: “Those who have been too long at their labor, who have drunk too long at the cup of voluptuousness, who feel they have become temporarily inhumane, who are tormented by their families, who find life sad and love ephemeral… they should all eat chocolate and they will be comforted.” And we say: that works in fragrant form, too. Allow yourself to get addicted to these…Fragrances Mentioned:@jomalonelondon Blue Agava & Cacao@muglerofficial Angel@lartisanparfumeur Piment Brulant@cartier Baiser du Dragon@tomford Black Orchid@britneyspearsfragrances Fantasy@pacorabanne Black XS for Her@arquiste Anima Dulcis@shayandbluelondon Sea Salt Caramel@strangeloveny meltmyheart@chanelofficial Les Exclusifs de Chanel Coromandel@rabot1745 Koray £28 for 50ml edp (from @hotelchocolat)Al-Rehab Choco Musk@akrofragrances Dark@ateliermateri Cacao Porcelana@diorbeauty Vanilla Diorama@houseofsarahbaker Loudo@sofragrance Unique Truffle Cream@tothefairestlondon Ordre Cosmique
19/01/2257m 56s

Episode 32 - Fragrances That Make Us Feel Invincible!

Sometimes we all need an extra boost of confidence, and in this episode we’re going to reveal some of the perfumes on our ‘Power List’ – the scents we spray to make us feel completely INVINCIBLE! Plus, we answer another of your questions… we’re getting through them! Still some more to go, but we’ve not forgotten: we simply had SO many last time.Please keep sending your DMs @onthescentpodcast - we really appreciate them, and love reading your messages & the reviews you leave on podcast platforms. Thank you!Nicola’s Power List:@fredericmalle Portrait of a Lady@rpparfums Robert Piguet Visa@lelabofragrances Another 13Paloma Picasso@guerlain MitsoukoSuzy’s Power List:@fredericmalle Superstitious @mauboussin_parfums @caronparisofficiel@paul_schutze Tears of Eros @beaufortlondon Vi et Armis Listener Prescription:Montana Parfum de Peau @mauboussin_parfums
12/01/2251m 35s

Episode 31 - A Round Up Of Our Top Scents Of 2021

It's a brand new year and whilst Suzy and Nicola are very much looking forward to exploring what fragrant treats 2022 has to offer, they also felt that they needed to reflect on some of their favourite fragrances of 2021. After a good old chat about the best of '21, they answer more of your brilliant prescription questions. (If you'd like to get your prescription answered please DM Nicola and Suzy @onthescentpodcast.)Suzy’s Top Scents of ‘21@guerlain Shalimar Millésime Vanilla Planifolia @guerlain Santal Pao Rosa @sanajardin Incense Water / Vanilla Nomad @chanelofficial Le Lion @diorbeauty Vanilla Diorama@furla Preziosa @nancymeilandparfums GAIA attar @skinalchemists Equilibrium Pulse Point Oil@fredericmalle Synthetic Jungle @isseymiyakeparfums a drop d’Issey@maisoncrivelli Osmanthe KōdoshānNicola’s Top Scents of ‘21:@floralstreet_ Sunflower Pop@nivea_uk Sun@lelabofragrances Thé Matcha 26@penhaligons_london Changing ConstanceListener Prescriptions:@chanelofficial No5 L’Eau@miumiu L’Eau Bleu@amouageofficial Dia Woman@paulsmithdesign Rose@narciso_rodriguez Fleur Musc for Her@moltonbrown Rosa Absolute@4160tuesdaysperfume The Goddess of Love & Perfume@ruthmastenbroekperfume Signature
05/01/2253m 0s

Episode 30 - Help! On The Scent Listener Prescriptions

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more messages we’re getting from listeners desperately trying to find fragrances for gifts, or replacements for much-loved but sadly discontinued scents. So today, we’re thrusting our hands into the mailbag and answering as many as possible while handing out the perfect perfume prescriptions. Recommendations for missing classics, budget-friendly versions, extra special scents to treat someone with and even laundry detergents that smell like puddings – this episode has it all… (SO sorry we didn’t get time to answer all your questions - we’ve got them on file and will answer in the next prescription episode!)Fragrances mentioned:@gucci Gucci Rush@abscentuk AbScentRihanna Reb’l Fleur@rochasofficial Rochas Femme@bananarepublic Banana Republic 83 Leather Reserve@veroniquegabai Veronique Gabai Le Point G@lanvinparfums Lanvin Arpege@calvinklein Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women@paulsmithdesign Paul Smith Portrait for Women@vilhelm_parfumerieVilhelm Dear Polly@sisleyparisofficial Sisley Eau de Soir@hermes Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Toit@lush Lush Grass@lelaboftagrances Le Labo Santal 33 & Rose 31 Laundry Detergents@maisonfranciskurkdjian Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Detergent & Fabric Softener@wilton_london Wilton London Jasmine / Cedarwood Laundry Detergents@marcelsgreensoapMarcels Vanilla & Cotton Laundry Wash@tangentgc Sugar Perfume cashmere laundry detergent @luxevida@evover_uk Ecover Delicate Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk, Waterlily & Honeydew@shayandbluelondon Shay & Blue Watermelons@thetravalo Travalo refillable atomisers
22/12/2154m 40s

Episode 29 - Alice du Parcq Part 2

In this episode we’re catching up with the joyous beauty and fragrance journalist and broadcaster, Alice du Parcq, for part TWO of her mega-list of fabulous fragrances. (If you haven’t already, do go and listen to Part 1 (episode 11) where Alice hilariously explains how one of her favourites is forever entwined with frogs legs… Meanwhile, here we delve into those she’s adored for decades and more recent scent discoveries made on a shopping trip with Sali Hughes!Part 2 of Alice’s Fragrance List:@ysl Kouros@ysl Rive Gauche@guerlain Cuir Beluga@guerlain Bois d'Armenie@guerlain Tonka Imperiale@lartisanparfumeur Bois Farine@acquadiparma_official Colonia Essenza@diorbeauty Éden Roc@fredericmalle Musc Ravageur@celine Black Tie@loccitane_uk_ire Terre de Lumière@tomford Métallique
15/12/2156m 49s

Episode 28 - Passionate For Patchouli

Patchouli is basically the ‘Marmite of the perfume world’ – those who fall firmly in the LOVE it camp have our passionately held views matched only by those who devoutly LOATHE it. Whatever you feel, get ready to forget all you thought you knew about this ingredient as we trace its history from scenting luxurious fabrics, being worn by courtesans, hippies & bohemians right through to very modern compositions…Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic: ‘…if magic had a scent, it would smell of patchouli!’Perfumes mentioned:@santamarianivella1221 Patchouli@muglerofficial AngelRihanna Reb’l Fleur@diorbeauty Patchouli Impérial@officialbyredo Bibliothèque@rogergallet L’Homme Patchouli Eau de Toilette@diptyque Tempo@chanelofficial Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense@histoiredeparfums 1969@ostens_official Patchouli Heart No.1 / Patchouli Heart No.2@zara Fleur de Patchouli@escentric_molecules M+ Patchouli
08/12/2157m 52s

Episode 27 - Home Fragrances Part 2

In this episode Nicola and Suzy do a much requested follow up to their last home fragrance episode. Scenting our homes has become a form of escapism in the past two years for so many of us and in this episode they chat about candles that are festive, cosy, luscious, and just perfect for this time of year.Suzy's recommendations:@boujeebougees Gilt Candle@ginori1735 La Dama Black Stone/Purple Hill/Orange Renaissance Candles@sun.dayoflondon Botanicall Body Oil Massage Candle@skandinavisk SKOG/JUL Candles@themuseslondon BE candle@kalmar_official Soulstates Candle Set (calm/joy/peace/love)@wearefirmenich ScentmateSkin Alchemists Autumn 21Nicola recommends:Holistic London Moroccan Orange and Mimosa Emma Hardie Moringa CandleWhite Company Winter CandleNeom Christmas CandlesLa Montana
02/12/2155m 35s

Episode 26- Fabulous Gifting With Haydn Williams

In this episode we’re tackling the tricky issue of gifting, with Grazia Daily’s Haydn Williams. Among other writing projects, Haydn also blogs, using the name ‘You smell great! What is it? Outside of writing, he works in the music industry and says his ideal day would involve satisfying all the senses with a classic barbershop shave and haircut, a wander round Liberty’s, a good meal, then a gig…Find Haydn on Instagram: @yousmellgreatwhatisithttps://graziadaily.co.uk/author/haydn-williams/https://yousmellgreatwhatisit.comFragrances / ideas mentioned:@murdocklondon@ateliercologne Musc Imperial@jusboxperfumes@gallivant.stories@timothyhanedition@maya.njie.perfumes@acquadiparma_official@jomalonelondon@dropthehooha
24/11/2151m 39s

Episode 25 - The Thrill of Vanilla

We’re starting a new series of ingredient-focused episodes, and in this one we’re exploring the history - and enduring appeal - of vanilla fragrances. Why do perfumers use it so often, what have scientific studies proven about its effect on us and why are vanilla scents proving so popular again, now…?Vanilla fragrances mentioned:@guerlain Jicky@chopard Casmir@diorbeauty Hypnotic Poison@rochasofficial Tocade@jeroboamperfumes Insulo@maya.njie.perfumes Vanilj@juliettehasagun Vanilla Vibes@diorbeauty Vanilla Diorama@sanajardin Vanilla Nomad@guerlain Shalimar Millésime Vanilla PlanifoliaIf you want a perfume prescription make sure that you give us a DM on Instagram @onthescentpodcast.
17/11/2151m 43s

Episode 24 - Prescriptions Galore

In this episode we are diving DEEP into our mailbag for a Listener Prescription Special. We’ve been totally blown away by how many DMs, comments & emails we’ve had the last few weeks, and how many of you are not only enjoying the podcast, but are connecting with fragrance on an emotionally helpful level…Suzy’s been wearing:@skinalchemists Equilibrium pulse point oil@guerlain Santal Pao RosaNicola’s been wearing:@Lelabo Ambrette 9 and The Matcha 26@Veroniquegabai Le Point GAnswers to Prescription Questions: @dior Patchouli Impérial@lesnereidesparis Patchouli Precieux@jomalonelondon Blue Agava & Cacao@dsanddurga Amber KisoNuvol de Llimona by Roca Perfumes (discontinued)@4160tuesdaysperfume Fluffy Lemon Top@arquiste Architect’s Club@spacenk@diptyque Baies candle@diptyque Amber candle@boy__smells Rhubarb Smoke candle@millerharris Perfumer’s Library La Feuille@beauty.by.laperla La Perla Signature@til_timetocare https://til-time.com@frau_tonis_parfum Linde Berlin@millerharris L’air de Rien@lelabofragrances Thé Matcha 26@guerlain Cashmere@beauty.by.laperla La Perla Invisible Touch

Episode 23 - A Fragrant Conversation With Ruth Crilly

In this episode we’re joined by Ruth Crilly - aka A Model Recommends - who describes herself as “…erstwhile fashion model, dedicated beauty insider and prolific writer of nonsense.” In fact, Ruth brilliantly documents life updates, favourite beauty products & her fashion discoveries on her much-loved Instagram account @ruthcrilly, and on her website: https://www.ruthcrilly.co.ukBut here we’re taking a different path and exploring Ruth’s emotional connections to fragrances she adores, her list including scents that make her go “loopy” and “still make me feel funny inside…” Ruth Crilly’s List:@thebodyshop Clementine@loccitane_uk_ire Calanques - Discontinued?@diptyque Philosykos @lancomeofficial La Vie est Belle@lelabofragrances Santal 33 Suzy’s Prescription for Ruth:Charity that helps people experiencing smell loss (anosmia) and things smelling ‘off’ or weird (parosmia) - Fifth Sense @fifthsenseukhttps://www.fifthsense.org.uk Also AbScent @abscentuk (who have smell training kits): https://abscent.org@lelabofragrances Ambrette 9@lebabofragrances Thé Matcha@dsanddurga Debaser & Radio Bombay@parlemoideparfum Milky Musk 39@glossier You@lorchestreparfum Piano Santal @fredericmalle Synthetic Jungle
03/11/2141m 57s

Episode 22 - The Lust List

In this episode we’re sharing with you the scents we’ve been slathering ourselves in following our sessions of sniffing-around perfume shops. These are the ones that made it beyond “oh yes, I like that” to Lust Lists status. Plus we’re answering more of your questions and prescribing the perfect perfumes for you…Suzy:@naomigoodsir Bois d’Ascese@naomigoodsir Iris Cendre@zoologistperfumes Chipmunk@zoologistperfumes Snowy Owl@strangers.parfumerie Salted Green Mango@fredericmalle The MoonNicola:@cartier La Panthère@andotherstories Sardonyx Fire@zoologistperfumes Chipmunk / Snowy Owl@theperfumersstory Fever 54Listener Prescriptions:@bananarepublic Dark Cherry Amber@fredericmalle Portrait of a Lady@exnibiloparis French Affair@caronparisofficiel Tabac Blonde@roullierwhite
27/10/2153m 40s

Episode 21 - Adventures In London

In this episode join Suzy and Nicola on their fragrant adventure in London.Come with them as they explore and get very excited about the perfume offerings in Liberty, And Other Stories and Bloom Covent Garden. Perhaps your dream perfume will be one of the ones that they discovered. Here's what they sniffed in the order that you'll hear during the episode:Liberty:Ellis Brooklyn - BeeAzzi Glasser - Mr VetivertTimothy Han - The Decay of the AngelTimothy Han - She Came To StayDs and Durga - Jazmin YucatanDs and Durga - Amber kisoByredo - Mixed EmotionsLe Galion - L'Ame PerdueLe Galion - AestheteOrmaie Paris - YvonneSana Jardin -Berber BlondeSana Jardin - Jaipur ChantMaya Njie - TobakMaya Njie - TropicaMaison Matine - Avant L'OrageLalique - Perle de LaliqueLalique - Encre noireThe Nue Co Forest LungsLaboratorio Olfattivo Rosamunda and SalinaAnd Other StoriesSardonyx Fire Eau De toilettePunk BouquetRiviera PostcardArabesque WoodBloom Covent GardenZoologist: Chipmunk Snowy OwlNightingaleSquidChameleonBeeBatChoeur des Anges: Atelier des OrsSuzy also mentioned the charity Fifth Sense.
21/10/2159m 54s

Episode 20: Our Most Complimented Fragrances

In this episode Nicola and Suzy delve into the fragrances that have had the biggest effect on the people around them. These are the ones that lead to people chasing them up the street to find out what they're wearing or unsolicited but not always unwelcome sniffs from strangers.Here's what they talk about during the episode:Suzy’s List:@ormondejayne Ormonde Woman @dior Patchouli Impérial@etatlibredorange Etat Libre d’Orange Une Amourette (Roland Mouret)@fredericmalle Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady@sergeslutens Serges Lutens Fleur d’Oranger@maisonfranciskurkdjian APOM Femme@officialtheofennel Theo Fennel Scent (discontinued – woe!)@chanelofficial Le Lion Nicola’s List:@lelabofragrances Another 13@fredericmalle Portrait of a Lady @sanajardin Berber blonde@sergeslutens Fleur d’Oranger@chanelofficial Chanel GabrielleIf you'd like to connect with Suzy and Nicola and ask them for a fragrance prescription then do DM them on Insta @onthescentpodcast.
13/10/2159m 51s

Episode 19: Affordable Fragrances That We Love

In this episode Suzy and Nicola delve into the world of fabulous affordable fragrances. Some of the most well respected perfumers in the industry have created spectacular fragrances, many of which are under £30 and Suzy shows us why price shouldn't always dictate our choices.Here's what they mention during the episode:On the Scent Podcast – Affordable Fragrances We Love…Zara @zara Fleur d’Oranger / Fleur de Patchouli / Bohemian Bluebells / Ebony Wood Ariana Grande @arianagrande Cloud Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian Pure Honey Katy Perry @katyperry Indi & Other Stories @andotherstories Sardonyx Fire Roger & Gallet @rogergallet Gingembre Jil Sander @jilsander Sun Listener Questions: Donna Karan @dkny Signature (discontinued) Shay & Blue @shayandbluelondon Black Tulip The Body Shop @thebodyshop Black MuskThe Body Shop @thebodyshop Ananya (discontinued) Cacharel @cacharelparfums Lou Lou Blue (discontinued)The Body Shop @thebodyshop Moringa Al Rehab @alrehab.official Elena Diesel @diesel Loverdose Jo Malone London @jomalonelondon Vanilla & AniseL’Occitane @loccitane_uk_ire Osmanthus Āman @aman Purifying Pulse Point Remedy Saini Blends @saini_blends_perfumers Gulab (rose) attar
07/10/2145m 34s

Episode 18 - The Scent of Autumn and an Introduction to Parfumado

In this episode, Suzy and Nicola start by reviewing the brilliant fragrance service Parfumado @uk.parfumado.com (This is a paid for review).Parfumado have a library of over 450 scents and you can pick a new one to try each month for £12.95. From niche to luxury to classic to fragrances that even Suzy hasn't heard of, they really do have a great collection. Start your subscription now by going to uk.parfumado.com and receive a 50% discount on your first month with discount code OUTSPOKEN50.Later in the episode it's time to discuss the fragrances that Nicola and Suzy are gravitating towards now that Summer is melting into Autumn as well as answering your fragrant prescriptions…Here are some of the fragrances mentioned during the episode:Nicola’s Been Wearing:@millerharris L’air de Rien@chanelofficial Le Lion@maisonfranciskurkdjian Oud Satin Mood@officialbyredo Rose of No Man’s Land@kilianparis Love Don’t Be Shy@theperfumersstory Azzi Glasser Fever 54@fredericmalle Portrait of a LadySuzy's been wearing:@sg79sthlm 17@diptyque Tempo@histoiresdeparfums 1969@maisoncrivelli Hibiscus Mahajád@exnihiloparis French AffairListener Prescriptions:@houseofsarahbaker Bascule@rpparfums Robert Piguet Bandit@ruthmastenbroek Ruth Mastenbroek Dagian@cloonkeen Lá Bealtaine@loccitane_uk_ire Osmanthus
29/09/2156m 27s

Episode 17 - Scented Adventures With Penhaligon's

In this episode we’re partnering with Penhaligon's and setting sail for a scented adventure. Together, we’ll be taking you to exotic locations, exploring the history of the precious perfume ingredients and contemporary ways they’re still used. The fragrances we’re focussing on are all about travelling via your nose – traversing the world in search of fragrant inspiration and travelling through time itself. The best thing is, there’s no queues or passports, Covid-tests or quarantine to worry about. And you’re all invited, so let’s jump aboard…Fragrances mentioned:Starting our journey at London’s docks - EMPRESSA.Turkey - HALFETI / HALFETI LEATHER / HALFETI CEDARAncient Mesopotamia - BABYLONEgypt - CAIROIstanbul - CONSTANTINOPLEDisembarking back in London - You can remember your adventures with a beautiful silk scarf by incredible designer to the stars, Fee Greening - there are two beautiful designs to choose from and you will get one free with a purchase of £90 and over, using the code TRADEROUTESTREAT at checkout. For more info and to see the scarves just follow this link: https://www.penhaligons.com/uk/en/trade-routes-scarves
22/09/2145m 9s

Episode 16: Old Faithfuls and New Favourites

In this episode we’re taking comfort in old faithful fragrances (Um, @fragrantmavern has been on something of what you might say is a fragrant nostalgia buying BINGE…) and getting extremely excited about some new favourites. We’ll also be answering some of your questions & giving fragrant prescriptions to satisfy your every need… Follow us on Instagram: @onthescentpodcast Please do leave a review on whichever platform you listen to your podcasts, & DM to tell us what you’re enjoying / things you’d like to hear us talk about in future episodes! Ones Suzy has purchased recently:@cacharelparfums Cacherel Noa @cacharelparfums Cacherel Eden @cacharelparfums Cacherel Loulou @ppaloma_officiel Paloma Picasso @rochasofficial Rochas Tocade @rochasofficial Rochas Femme @chopard Chopard Casmir @lalique Lalique Perles de Lalique Suzy’s New Faves: @furla Furla Preziosa @fredericmalle Frédéric Malle Synthetic Jungle Nicola’s New Fave: @fredericmalle Frédéric Malle Synthetic Jungle New to Nicola faves: @goutalparis Goutal Petite Cherié @esteelauderuk Estee Lauder Bronze GoddessListener Prescriptions:@lelabofragrances Le Labo Thé Noir @murdocklondon Murdock London Black Tea Cologne@vilhelm_parfumerie Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly @millerharris Miller Harris Tea Tonique @versace Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise @valentino.beauty Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream For Her
15/09/2153m 49s

Episode 15: Home Fragrance Special

In this episode we focus on the fragrances that we love to scent our home with and why. From the uplifting to the refreshing to the sultry, these are the smells that have offered escapism during lockdown and that continue to make our living spaces feel utterly fabulous on a number of levels.Here's what we mention in the episode:Suzy:@boujeebougies Boujee Bougies - Succulent / Queen Jam candles@skandinavisk Skandinavisk - Fjord candle@thebathhouseshop Bath House diffuser - GreenhouseBath House diffuser discovery sets - Rich & Warm / Fresh & Clean:@cloonkeen Cloon Keen - Spanish Arch candle@sun.dayoflondon Sun.day of London - VIII. Nocturne candle@catherineomai.fragrances Catherine Omai candleNicola:@neomorganics NEOM Happiness candle / oil@maisonmargielafragrancs Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Candle@Lamontanacandles First Light@theperfumersstory Azzi Glasser Black Moss candleListener Prescriptions:@diptyque Diptyque - Feu de Bois@thebathhouseshop Bath House - Clean & Fresh Diffuser Discovery Set@neomorganics NEOM Wellbeing Diffuser
08/09/2156m 15s

Episode 14 - Down and Dirty

In this episode Nicola and Suzy are talking about fragrances that range from sensual and alluring to sexy and downright dirty.From the more subtle fragrances with a whiff of "Come hither" to the ones that bring to mind a dominatrix's latex attire, this episode explores the world of fragrance, sensuality and sex. Prepare to get a bit hot under the collar!Here are the fragrances that are mentionedKilian Good Girl Gone Bad @kilianparis Serge Lutens Fleur d’Orangeur @sergeslutens Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer (Discontinued!) @michaelkorsFloris Honey Oud @florislondonFreddie Albrighton Boys @frediealbrightonperfume Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir @maisonfranciskurkdjianHistoire de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge @histoiredeparfumsmeBeauFort London Rake & Ruin @beaufortlondon
01/09/2139m 11s

Episode 13: Prescriptions Galore

In this episode we chat about the fragrances that we're turning to and loving at the moment and also answer your perfume prescription questions.Here are the fragrances that twe mention:What We’re Wearing… Suzy: Maison Francis Kurkdjian APOM (A Part of Me) @maisonfranciskurkdjianNicola: Issey Miyake a drop D’Issey @isseymiyakeparfumsOther fragrances mentioned:Carine Roitfeld Travel Set @carineroitfeldparisChanel Platinum Egoiste @chanelofficialMaison Margiela At The Barber Shop @maisonmargielafragrancesMurdock London Avalon @murdocklondonD S & DURGA @dsanddurgaDior Tendre Poison (discontinued) @diorbeautyGres Cabotine @parfumsgresRook Undergrowth @rookperfumesFrédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady (YES, we know. Again!) @fredericmalleMiller Harris Vetiver Insolent @millerharrisPaloma Picasso @ppaloma_officielBody Shop Indian Gardenia perfume oil (discontinued) @thebodyshopKai @kaifragranceAl Haramain Forever @alharamainperfumesukAl Rehab Full @alrehab_perfumes_oasismall (look on eBay / Amazon)@kilian Gold Knight
25/08/2150m 20s

Episode 12: Smells Like Summer

In this episode we bring the sunshine (even though the British weather hasn’t really) with our round up of the scents that have got us through a challenging summer. What with the pandemic, travel restrictions and seemingly endless rain; we desperately needed these scents to evoke holidays, travelling to far-flung places & moments of pure bliss. So get your sun hats on, close your eyes, and imagine you’re gently swaying in a hammock as you listen…Ones we’ve raved about:Nivea Sun @nivea_ukRuth Mastenbroek Dagian @ruthmastenbroekperfumeEscentric Molecules Escentric 05 @escentric_moleculesWandervogel @27_87Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess @esteelauderukSuzy’s Unsung Summer Heroes:Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier @rogergalletSunspel Neroli Sun @sunspellclothingAtelier Cologne Lemon Island @ateliercologneAcqua du Parma Camellia @acquadiparma_officialL’Occitane Rose Callison @loccitane_uk_ireNicola Smelled Live On-Air / Suzy talked more about in previous Down & Dirty episode:BOYS @freddiealbrightonperfume
18/08/2154m 29s

Episode 11: A Fragrant Chat With Alice Du Parcq

In this episode we’re thrilled to welcome our first guest & who better than self-confessed fragrance obsessive, Alice du Parcq. From the age of 17, Alice worked in the beauty departments of Tatler, the Telegraph, The Times and Glamour magazine and was Beauty Director at Conde Nast Brides and Easy Living for over 10 years. Since going freelance she’s written for British Vogue, Red, Stella, Stylist, Sunday Times Style (the list goes on), is now Contributing Editor at Glamour & writes for Space NK’s magazine. Phew!During lockdown Alice began regular Instagram lives called Desert Island Spritz, which Suzy was honoured to be a guest on, but now we’re turning the tables to find out which fragrances have been her favourites for summer, lifelong loves, lockdown saviours and daily go-to’s…During our chat, these are the fragrances we mentioned:@ukgap Gap Heaven @guylarochefragrances Drakkar Noir@helmutlang Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum@millerharris L’Air de Rien@calvinklein Obsession@creedboutique Creed Angelique Encens@guerlain Mitsouko@jeanpaulgaultier Le Male@bentleymotors Bentley MomentumN.C.P Olfactive 704 Incense and Musk@cliniqueuk Aromatics Elixirs@jomalonelondon Basil & Neroli@diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau@chanelofficial Le Lion@nivea_uk Nivea Sun (use Alice’s code to get 20% off! ALICE20)

Episode 10: The Icons Part 2

In this episode we’re getting in our fragrant time-machine and revisiting three iconic scents – two of which were launched (incredibly!) in the 1920s. One of them got the daring Parisian flappers going and another Nicola has a very personal connection to and recently tracked down as a special present for a family member. This third icon we talk about is a modern classic from the 1980s, which was way ahead of its time in the whole ‘wellness’ scent inspiration and set a whole new trend we’re still following to this day. Amidst the nostalgia we also chat about the fragrances we chose to wear when meeting each other for the first time in-person, our accidental lingerie purchases, what we’re wearing now and the fragrance we’ve influenced ourselves into purchasing next… Fragrances mentioned: What We Wore to Sniff Each OtherSuzy: Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman @ormondejayneNicola: Serges Lutens Fleur D’Oranger @sergeslutensThe IconsMolinard Habanita @molinardparfumsClarins Eau Dynamisante @clarinsukCaron Nuit de Noel @caronparisofficial
04/08/2146m 24s

Episode 9- An Escentric Chat With Geza Schoen

In this episode Nicola has a good old catch up with perfumer extraordinaire and creator of Escentric Molecules, Geza Schoen. Geza has been described as a "perfume rockstar" and "a maverick perfumer" who teases and tantalises with his fragrances and during the episode Nicola and Geza reminisce about the last time they met ( Geza reveals something unexpected that had happened to his trousers that day). They then go on to discuss Geza's perfume journey, how he initially came up with the concept of Molecule 1 and how he and Escentric Molecules have evolved over the years.Geza is not only a perfume genius but is also a really lovely guy and we hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we have.
28/07/2144m 21s

Episode 8: Fragrant Love Affairs

In this episode we’re talking about the fragrances we’ve fallen for recently, plus giving your fragrance prescriptions including one where we help a listener find a new fragrance for her husband to help him smell ‘less basic and sexier’ (her words not ours!) AND discovering: HOW many spritzes are considered ‘polite’…Fragrances we talk about in this episode:Nicola: @ella_k_parfums_paris Ella K Letter de Pushkar @theperfumersstory Azzi Glasser Sequoia Wood @glossier Glossier YouSuzy:@maisoncrivelli Maison Crivelli Osmanthe Kōdoshān @isseymiyakeparfums Issey Miyake a drop d’Issey @nancymeiland Gaia Attar Answers to Listener’s Questions: @ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo Intense Leather @parterrefragrances Parterre Run of the River @escentric_molecules Molecule 01 @fredericmalle Carnal Flower
21/07/2152m 34s

Episode 7: Smells Like Teen Spirit

In this episode we go back in time and explore some of the fragrances that we wore in our teenage years and what they meant to us at the time. From sophisticated Chanel to the smell that sums up the PE changing room, prepare to go on a fun, fragrance filled trip down memory lane.Later in the episode we answer more of your perfume prescriptions and Suzy talks about the fragrance that she's adoring this week.Here are the fragrances that we talk about during the episode:Suzy’s been wearing: Atelier Vesper Ēdhen @ateliervesper Teenage Scent memories: SuzyCoco Chanel Bodyshop Dewberry / White Musk / Fuzzy Peach Impulse body sprays Coty Exclamation! Cacharel Lou LouTeenage scent memories Nicola:Anais AnaisCool Water WomenEscada Ocean BlueIssey Miyake / M and S IsisPlus:D.S. & DURGA Italian Citrus @dsanddurga Chienoir @bedeauxxAdam Levine For Her Katy Perry IndiJoan Collins I Am Woman Female British Perfumers: Lyn Harris @perfumerhlondon / @ruthmastenbroekperfume / Angela Flanders (now run by her daughter Kate) @angelaflanders / @nancymeilandparfums / Liz Moores @papillon_artisan_parfums / Sarah McCartney @4160tuesdaysperfume / Penny Williams (creates fragrances for) @tothefairestlondon
14/07/2157m 26s

Episode 6: The Icons

In this episode we enter the world of some of the most iconic fragrances of all time and chat about why they're as relevant now as they were when they first came out.Prepare for a journey through time, finding out about their history, the huge statements that they made and why they might just be some of the best fragrances ever made. (We hope we inspire you to try them on your skin and see how you feel when you wear them!)Fragrances Mentioned:@chanelofficial Chanel No.5 @guerlain Mitsouko @dior Diorissimo@rpparfums Robert Piguet Fracas
07/07/2153m 3s

Episode 5: Scents To Surprise and Delight

In this episode we chat through the fragrances that we are loving at the moment plus we give you your fragrance prescriptions talking through an extraordinary bitter orange blossom scent and a perfume that will take you on a most unexpected journey. If you have any fragrance related questions you can always DM us via our Instagram page @onthescentpodcastFragrances Mentioned: @thomasclipper Atlantic @kierinnyc Santal Sky @comptoir_sud_pacifique Coeur D’Ylang @fredericmalle Portrait of a Lady (yes, again!) @kilianparis Good Girl Gone Bad @exnihiloparis Venenum Kiss @chantecailleuk Le Wild @grandiflora_fragrance Saskia @furla Preziossa @ghostfragrances Ghost Orb of Night @sergeslutens Fleur d’Oranger
30/06/2156m 59s

Episode 4: Our British Tales Adventure With Penhaligons

*This episode was first published on The Outspoken Beauty Podcast*In this special episode in partnership with Penhaligons we go on a sensorial journey through their iconic British Tales Collection.After talking a bit about the perfume house's amazing history, we begin to chat through our reactions to the scents in the collection. Every single one is so different and yet so special and we have so much fun describing how each perfume makes us feel.We really hope that we take you on this journey with us and that we help you to get a feel for a perfume collection that is worlds apart.
30/06/211h 3m

Episode 3: Fabulous Niche Shops and Perfume Prescriptions

*This episode was first published on The Outspoken Beauty Podcast*In this our third episode, we discuss the fragrances that we've been wearing and loving, the very best niche shops to discover the right fragrance for you, we focus in on Suzy's fragrance of the month and also give you your fragrance prescriptions which you can ask us for via Instagram (@onthescentpodcast).Here's the list of scents and shops that we chat about during the episode:What Suzy’s been wearing:@lancomeofficial Lancôme Rose Peonia @januaryscents January Scents Vaporocindro @27_87 27 87 Wandervogel What Nicola's been Wearing:Miller Harris Scherzo hair mistFuggazzi In Love With The CocosPerfume Prescriptions:@vilhelm_parfumerie Vilhelm Peony Couture@lelabofragrances Le Labo Tonka 25 @millerharris Miller Harris @floralstreet_ Floral Street @jovoymayfair Jovoy @lessenteurs Les Senteurs @bloomperfumery Bloom@lartisanparfumeur L’Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extreme @millerharris Miller Harris Lost in the City@trishmcevoy Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk @ateliercologne Atelier Cologne @ruthmastenbroekperfume Ruth Mastenbroek Dagian @czechandspeake Czech & Speake Villa AusoniaFragrant Focus:@diorparfums Dior Diorling
30/06/2145m 39s

Episode 2: Celebrity Scents Can Be Extraordinary

*This episode was first published on The Outspoken Beauty Podcast*During this episode we chat about some of the most exciting and incredible fragrances on the market (including one that may surprise you) and Suzy also does a fragrance prescription service, answering all of the fragrance dilemmas that you’ve been sending us via Instagram.As promised, here are all the fragrances that we discuss during the episode:To the Fairest, Cécile @tothefairestlondonSarah Jessica Parker, Lovely @sarahjessicaparkerNarcisso Rodriguez, For Her (pink bottle, original) @narcisso_rodriguezContradictions in ILK, Devious @ilkperfumeMiller Harris, L’air de Rien (possibly discontinued) @millerharrisJovoy, Rose Millisime @jovoymayfairStella McCartney, Stella @stellamccartneyPaul Smith, Rose @paulsmithdesignRuth Mastenbroek, Fire Dance @ruthmastenbroekperfumeMoschino, Toy Boy @moschinoCacharel, Noa @cacharelparfumsBeauFort London, Tonnerre @beaufortlondonDSquared2, Green Wood @dsquared2SJP, Stash @sarahjessicaparkerJuliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume @juliettehasagunClean Reserve, Skin @cleanbeauty_collectiveKayali, Musk 12 @kayaliEtat Libre D’Orange Secretions Magnifique @etatlibredorangeVines House Parfum, Signature Story @vineshouseparfumBedeaux, Chienoir @bedeauxx
30/06/2151m 19s

Episode 1: Fragrances To Lift Your Emotions

* This episode was first published on The Outspoken Beauty Podcast*Get ready fragrance lovers! This episode is going to blow your sense of smell.Whether you want to find a perfume to give you confidence/uplift you/make you feel cosy or sensual, there's something for you in this episode and the way that Suzy describes fragrance is pure poetry.Welcome to the first episode of "On The Scent "- it's simply scensational! Perfumes mentioned:Carine Roitfeld Kar-waiJeroboam UNUEJuliette Has a Gun Lipstick Fever4711 Cologne Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Ruth Mastenbroek DagianLe Lion de ChanelFrederic Malle Portrait of a LadyPaul Schutze Tears of ErosTom Daxon Iridium 71%Le Couvent Maison de Parfum Cologne of the Missions Chopard CasmirSarah Baker Bascule
30/06/2153m 28s

On The Scent Trailer

On the Scent is a podcast hosted by award winning fragrance journalist and expert Suzy Nightingale and broadcaster and beauty writer Nicola Bonn.Get ready to go on the sensorial journey of your life, discovering a myriad of fragrances from luxury to niche to highstreet. Suzy and Nicola will also be chatting to a host of well known voices about the fragrances that mean the most to them and interviewing some of the most exciting people in the perfume industry. Plus they will be doing a perfume prescription service. (If you have any scent related questions you can contact them via Instagram @onthescentpodcast.)This is a podcast that takes the snobbery out of fragrance and whether you’ve a collection of 500+ or are just starting on your scent journey, olfactory obsessives Nicola & Suzy are on a mission to find you fragrances that don’t simply smell good, but will re-connect you to long forgotten memories, engage your emotions and very likely blow your mind.
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