Tony Bellew Is Angry

Tony Bellew Is Angry

By BBC Radio 5 live

Tony Bellew is angry, and he can't take it out in the boxing ring anymore. So, he's going toe-to-toe with a guest to find out what makes them angry and how they deal with it.


Joey Barton

Joey Barton built himself a hugely successful career as a footballer, but the flip side was his reputation as being fiery on the field and often in trouble off it. He played 269 times in the Premier League for Manchester City, Newcastle, QPR and Burnley and also made one appearance for England. Controversy has always followed Joey around and he speaks candidly in this interview about moments where anger got the better of him. We hear about the remarkable impact on Joey of an anger management professional who has taught him a new way to approach life. There’s a fascinating exploration of how Joey’s highs and lows have shaped him as a manager and leader… plus the inside track on a missed debut and the infamous French accent he once spoke with during a Marseille press conference. Joey and Tony are friends and this conversation shows the trust and honesty they share. Joey makes it clear that he has regrets and his battles with anger are ongoing, but he shares insights, thoughts and experiences that go way beyond the portrait that has often been painted of him by others.
15/03/23·1h 31m

Millie Bright

Millie Bright is a mainstay of the European Championship-winning England Women’s Football team - the Lionesses. Picked for every game during last year’s successful Euros campaign, she’s won multiple honours for her club side Chelsea and is one of the best footballers in the world. She opens up to Tony about the challenges in her early career when women’s football didn’t have the platform, exposure and investment it is starting to get now. Her anger stories range from on-pitch antagonism to off-pitch family matters. It’s a fascinating insight into the mindset of someone who is right now at the very top of their profession. The conversation reveals a determined, principled and team-oriented character who has worked hard to develop the physical and mental skills needed to get the very best out of herself and others around her.
08/03/23·1h 11m

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is the lead actor and director of upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Creed 3. A critically-acclaimed and world-famous A-list movie star, Michael has acted and boxed alongside Tony as they have collaborated on the Creed films. Michael and Tony are friends and they talk openly and honestly here, in a way that you don’t often hear from the biggest stars. Michael gives new insights into his career, character and approach to life. His anger stories vary from everyday annoyances to social justice. This is a conversation based on mutual respect and trust… and it speaks to what is required to make it to the very top of an industry whilst living by your values.
01/03/23·1h 9m

Tom Davis

Tom Davis is a writer, comedian and actor who has made a name for himself with hit TV shows Murder in Successville and King Gary. With movie acting credits in Paddington 2 and the upcoming Wonka, Tom’s profile is on the rise… but he started in the media industry later than most. Tony explores with Tom how his background has shaped his attitude and approach. Tom is open about the fact that he has a chip on his shoulder and he explains to Tony how anger affects him. From laugh-out-loud to serious, Tom’s anger stories reveal a man who values fairness and has a strong desire to succeed.
22/02/23·1h 19m

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison started her TV career in her early twenties when she was the standout star in reality show Geordie Shore. That kick-started a career and celebrity life lived almost entirely in the media spotlight. Vicky explains to Tony how the pressures of having her life on camera led her to long periods of deeply held anger and how it is only years later that she has been able to process her experiences. Tony uncovers a completely different side to Vicky compared to how she is characterised from her Geordie Shore days. They share fascinating insights into what drives them as people and how the things that annoy them relate to their deeply held values and desire to progress.
15/02/23·1h 15m

Duncan Ferguson

This episode contains a description of animal cruelty that some listeners might find disturbing. Duncan Ferguson is a Premier League footballing legend. Known for his competitive spirit, 100% effort and total commitment on the pitch, as a player, he was as tough as they come. A personal hero of Tony’s, in this honest and reflective conversation Duncan the person emerges from the outline of Ferguson the footballer. He addresses some of his well-documented moments of anger and offers fascinating explanations, lessons learned and things he would change if he could. He talks about his ambitions for the future and shares stories from his earlier life that make sense of the combative player he became. There is hard-learned and heartfelt advice on offer to the generations of players that follow in his footsteps trying to fulfil their potential both on and off the pitch.
08/02/23·1h 27m

Joe Marler

Joe Marler is of the biggest characters in modern Rugby, as well as a highly effective and successful player. For England and the Lions, as well as with his club side Harlequins, Joe is known for his competitiveness and will to win. He explains to Tony how his ability to get under his opponent’s skin can provide him with an edge, but also cause him problems. Behind the crazy hair styles and prop forward bravado, Joe has had to deal with his own mental health issues, which he talks about powerfully and honestly. Tony and Joe also discuss how getting help enabled Joe to both continue his career and develop a willingness to learn and try new things.
01/02/23·1h 22m

Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett

This episode discusses issues that some people might find distressing. If you are suffering distress or despair, details of help and support are available at Paddy Pimblett is one of the most popular and successful fighters in the world of mixed martial arts. He has made a huge impact in both Cage Warriors and UFC. Blessed with vast natural ability, Paddy explains to Tony how he has had to learn to listen to others to fulfil his potential. Tony and Paddy both come from Liverpool and explore how the psyche of the city and its people have fuelled them both. Paddy’s anger stories reveal the pressures that responsibility, the opinions of others and outside events can have on all of us. This is an honest and powerful conversation that gets to the heart of what makes a fighter tick.
25/01/23·1h 19m

Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone’s ‘King of the North’ album cemented his place as a leading light in the UK grime scene and propelled him towards international stardom in music and film. Tony and Bugzy have a lot in common, including the types of challenges they faced growing up. Bugzy shares key episodes of anger from his life and discusses how he has grown, adapted and improved. We hear how sudden material success put a strain on years-old friendships. As two fellow boxers, Tony and Bugzy discuss hard-learned lessons from the ring. There are stories of how respect between the generations is earned and negotiated. Plus, Bugzy gives his take on how he handled an explosive situation where choosing the wrong actions wasn’t an option.
18/01/23·1h 19m

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast tops the charts most weeks. But he rarely goes on other people’s podcasts. Making an exception for Tony he steps into the ring to chat all things anger. We hear about life growing up as the only black kid in a white area of Plymouth, racism and why anger has a special place in business. How his career started aged 10 selling cigarettes nicked from his mum. Why poverty led him to hanging out in chicken shops looking for left over chicken bones. Why his dream of getting a million pounds, a six-pack, a girlfriend and a fancy car by the time he was twenty-five didn’t change him for the better. How he rejects disadvantage and won’t be limited by it. And how to accept that you are already enough.
17/05/22·56m 17s

Derek Chisora

Boxer Derek Chisora has fought most of the greats including Tyson Fury but he's never fought Tony! Instead of getting into the ring for a fight he steps up for a frank chat about anger. And as someone known as much for his pre-match antics as his boxing, as well as controversies away from the boxing ring, there is much to talk about. They talk giving up alcohol, regret, growing up in Zimbabwe, losing the sugar, throwing tables and slapping the mayor of Kiev.
04/05/22·55m 10s

Eddie Hearn

One of the world’s top boxing promoters Eddie Hearn tells Tony what winds him up and how he keeps things under control. Eddie admits early on that he’s quick to calm down when he gets angry before revealing it’s actually Tony who is one of the angriest people he’s ever met! He talks rudeness, mobile phones and why anger is bad in the boxing ring and bad in business. He admits he hates being told how to look after his kids by other people and why he’s really just a failed athlete. He reveals the chip he had on his shoulder about being ‘Barry Hearn’s son’ and why you should NEVER PUT TONY BELLEW IN A BOX. A great insight into boxing, anger or the lack of it, and a loyal relationship between a boxer and his promoter!
27/04/22·1h 3m

Gary Lineker

He never got booked during his entire career so does anything wind up Gary Lineker? Tony manages to dig up a few things! From having four sons who fought all the time to nearly losing it when a Russian referee refused to penalise anyone for booting him all through a match in Turkey, Gary reveals there’s been a few things to make him grumpy over the years. He admits politics can annoy him and he’s not immune to a spot of road rage either. We find out what was going on with that infamous chip penalty Gary missed against Brazil, the angriest players he ever played with, how Maradona’s ‘hand of God’ goal affected him and how in fact England should have won that match 1-0 with Gary the winning scorer. He reveals where he gets his laid back nature from, how his dad was actually quite an angry man and the only thing he looks back on with regret. He tells the crazy story of watching BBC’s Newsnight programme on the hacking scandal only to discover on it that he’d been followed by a tabloid for two years. And he shares the horrific experience of his eldest son being diagnosed with leukaemia as a baby and thinking they were going to lose him. Some great, honest and revealing chat from ‘the nicest man in football’.
20/04/22·1h 5m

Natasha Jonas

The first British female boxer to qualify for the Olympic games who just captured the WBO Light Middleweight Championship of the World, Tony chats to Natasha Jonas ‘the Queen of Liverpool boxing’, about the things that make her angry. Tony and Tasha have known each other since they were kids growing up in the South of Liverpool so there's a lot to chat about! But of course Tony has to start by asking Tasha about her recent title win. They go on to chat about why boxing referees aren’t held accountable, getting kids ready for school, not getting picked to captain the PE team, Tasha’s US soccer career going down the pan, injury and depression, being the first scouse Olympian and those missed penalties at the Euros. Plus Tasha reveals the shocking story that affected her family and made her the angriest she's ever been. An amazing insight into the world of one of Britain's best female boxers.
12/04/22·57m 41s

John Bishop

Scouser and comedy legend John Bishop steps into the ring with Tony for one hell of a chat. We learn that John once asked to have his picture taken with Tony after a boxing match and Tony refused. Listen to find out why! John reveals why his dad and his uncle can never watch a Merseyside derby together for the rest of their lives. He tells us what he discovered having his hair cut by his wife’s hairdresser, why having a scouse accent makes you sound angrier than you are and why frustration and ambition as a young lad led to anger. Tony and him compare notes on growing older as men, what it teaches you and how to accept you can’t have it all. They chat Richard Pryor, Billy Connolly, showing working class people on TV and Tony Soprano. And we hear some spectacular angry moments from John involving Jamie Redknapp, a boat and missing the 2005 Champions League Final that ultimately led him to throwing his career away and starting again in comedy. Yet another cracking episode, they go deep, they laugh, there are revelations. It’s got it all.
06/04/22·1h 19m

Fleur East

Musician, radio DJ and former X-Factor star Fleur East reveals some jaw-dropping angry moments to Tony. From the shocking revelation she was told to straighten her hair to make it in the music industry to being treated badly by customers at the bar where she worked. She talks about getting up at 4am for work, stubbing toes on beds and road rage. Tony and Fleur compare notes on instant fame, going on reality TV and being poked in the back by fans in Nandos and they share their experiences of being mixed race and fighting in nightclubs.
29/03/22·1h 6m

David Harewood

David Harewood, the British actor and star of Hollywood TV show Homeland, opens up to Tony in this brutally open and honest chat. He talks about growing up as a Black kid in Birmingham in the 1960s and the incident of racism aged seven that tore his identity apart. He describes the mental breakdown in his twenties that he revisited for his BBC documentary ‘Psychosis and Me’ and how close he had been to losing his life. We hear how a teacher at secondary school led him to acting, why tech winds him up more than anything and how he’s returned to the UK to live in a normal area and keep away from the showbiz types. David also reveals he only had eighty quid left in the bank when he auditioned and got the part in Homeland. Tony and him share their experiences of losing close friends and the pain of grief. And David reveals his dream job would be to play a James Bond baddie. What can we say, it's a tear-jerker. --- Please be aware that the following extremely frank chat with David includes discussions of the racism he’s encountered, strong language including racist language and descriptions of emotional distress. Help and support with mental health and racist hate-crime is available at
22/03/22·1h 6m

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping, Britain’s most decorated MMA fighter of all time, sits down for a chat about anger (and other things) with Tony. We hear how he quit his job in a factory to get into MMA before anyone even knew what it was in the UK. They chat comebacks and how on earth he fights with the use of only one eye. They discuss whether trash talk works (but don’t call it that!), getting into scraps as a kid, Michael getting anger management classes in the US, when anger has helped their fighting and when it hasn’t, what makes him blind with rage, what roles he’ll take in movies and why the movie Rocky helped him face his emotions. We also hear how a yucca plant was involved in the angriest he’s ever been, Tony talks about the night he cried himself to sleep and Michael reveals his BIG take on Jake Paul – the fighter he reckons he’s going to end up taking on next in the UK…it’ll make you laugh!
15/03/22·1h 22m

Romesh Ranganathan

Let’s be honest, Christmas can wind up the best of us. In this festive special Tony gets together with comedy legend Romesh Ranganathan to find out what tips him over the edge during the ‘season of joy’. An argument with his wife about decorations ends with Rom stomping off early to bed, the depravity of a secondary school staff Christmas party is revealed and Romesh’s dad’s attempt to do a halal Christmas dinner goes horribly wrong. Plus ridiculous present requests, Richard Pryor and an angriest moment involving a mortgage provider and his mum. Think of it as therapy. With laughs. Producer: Mike Holt and Chessie Bent Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
14/12/21·45m 25s

True Geordie

Tony turns the tables on YouTuber and podcasting megastar True Geordie as they sit down to chat about life, anger and everything in between. True Geordie (real name Brian Davis) quickly admits he was an angry young man growing up in Newcastle where everyone’s dads were either in jail or had been to jail. We hear how working as an off-shore deep-sea diver turned him into a man (and what the sea floor covered in crabs looks like!), why depression and the death of a friend led him to upload his first YouTube video and why becoming a Youtuber is like becoming a boxer. Of course they talk about True Geordie’s beloved Newcastle United and we hear how Alan Shearer taught him to keep a part of his life for himself. A rare chance to hear True Geordie being grilled by someone else for once! Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
09/11/21·59m 12s

Neil Danns

Best mates since the age of 11, Tony and footballer Neil Danns shoot the breeze about being competitive with each other, the downfall of Bury FC and headlocks. Growing up near each other in the south of Liverpool and from similar backgrounds, Tony and Neil went to school together before Tony got expelled and Neil went off to football school. An inspiration to each other they were also wildly competitive. Neil tells the story of the time they wrestled for an hour in Tony’s bedroom over a Fifa game until Tony’s mum came in to find out what was going on. It came down to who had the best headlock. Tony remembers the time Neil beat him on a punching machine in Ayia Napa. And they both remember when they went to a gym in Liverpool for a ‘light training session’ and ended up doing 3 hours until they made themselves ill. Neither wanted to be the first to stop. They also talk racism, locker room punch-ups and why sports people are the most insecure people on the planet. Plus, Neil reveals why the anger he has never been able to get rid of was from his time at Bury FC. Full of highs and lows and the genuine warmth of two old pals catching up. Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
02/11/21·55m 57s

Jamie Laing

Worlds apart but quickly finding common ground Tony Bellew and Jamie Laing might just be the best double-act you’ve never heard. Blowing Tony away from the start by revealing he’s yet ANOTHER huge Bellew fan, Jamie frequently turns the tables and becomes the interviewer. He delves deep into the boxer's psyche, as well as stumping Tony with a question he's never been asked before. What seems an unlikely duo becomes one of the most hilarious, heart-warming and revealing episodes yet. Tony challenges Jamie to test out his Scouse accent (no surprise, it’s awful), delves deep into his upbringing and they share stories of childhood betrayal. We hear why both think men turn to anger so quickly, how Jamie’s dream of playing rugby for England was shattered and the VERY unexpected reason behind his Strictly injury. With some Willy Wonka, Hugh Hefner and Russell Crowe quotes thrown in for good measure you have to trust us when we say this is one hell of a punchy episode. Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
26/10/21·1h 7m

Claressa Shields

One of the greatest female fighters of all time, the US's Claressa Shields, laces up the gloves and gets Tony on the ropes. The only boxer in history, male or female, to hold all four major titles in boxing simultaneously, in two weight classes, as well as two Olympic gold medals, Claressa is a force to be reckoned with. In 2020 she switched from boxing to Mixed Martial Arts and promptly won her debut with a TKO. Growing up with her grandmother in Flint, Michigan, she admits to always being super competitive at everything she did. From bowling to playing pool, to guys challenging her to boxing matches. If someone told her she couldn't do something it only made her try harder. And, as Tony discovers, you have to be careful which company you put her in when talking about her fellow boxers! Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds
19/10/21·39m 21s

Jamie Carragher

Everton fan Tony swallows his pride to let Liverpool legend, pundit and good mate Jamie Carragher on the show. As they sit down to chat all things anger, Carra reveals some of his earliest frustrations as a kid came from being way better at football than the rest of the kids at school. He wanted to win so badly he would get sent off for speaking too harshly to the ref or his team mates. That drive and determination to win took him right through his long career at Liverpool FC. However, he admits that playing for the team where he grew up added untold pressures, his competitiveness was too much for his fellow players and it eventually led him to consult a sports psychologist. As well as offering incredible insight into his career, Jamie reveals some of the locker room punch-ups he witnessed over the years, tells Tony which manager wound him up the most and how he feels footballers have gone soft. He even tells all about what winds him up as a pundit. P.S. Don't mention Gary Neville! Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
12/10/21·55m 56s

James Arthur

Former X Factor winner and multi-million selling singer-songwriter James Arthur reveals all about violent outbursts, Twitter storms and regrets in this frank chat with Tony Bellew. As well as being fans of each other, it’s clear Tony and James have loads in common. From a mutual love of boxing and music to tough upbringings as James talks about being sent to foster care as a teenager. They’re also both quick to react with anger, with James telling Tony about the time he smashed his arm through a window trying to ‘protect’ his sister. He opens up about angry social media fails as he tried to prove he wasn’t one of those ‘shiny popstars’. And he reveals his regret over using homophobic language in a rap battle, why it still affects his career today and why he’s thought about leaving the music industry for good. Full of revelations and deep chat. Not to be missed. Producer: Alice Lloyd Audio editing: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds
05/10/21·59m 12s

Joy Crookes

Breakthrough music star and singer-songwriter Joy Crookes opens up about all things anger in this revealing chat. Going toe-to-toe with former world champion boxer Tony Bellew, it becomes clear Joy can give Tony a run for his money in the anger stakes. From racism at the Euros Final 2021 to the way her outfit at the Brits was described as a ‘costume’, Joy is happy to tell all about the things that make her angry. She talks about the time she dealt with a confrontation in the street without losing her head and what happened when she was the angriest she’s ever been which made her ‘look at knives differently’. Tony quickly discovers Joy is a worthy sparring partner with lots in common including a love of James Brown and Muhammad Ali. Inspiring chat, great episode, get involved.
28/09/21·49m 26s

Ricky Gervais

Former world champion boxer Tony Bellew meets one of his comedy heroes as he gets to ask Ricky Gervais what makes him angry. From people eating loudly in restaurants, to waiters sniffing, men yawning loudly on aeroplanes to seeing dogs being yanked on the lead, Ricky admits small things make him angry every day. He reveals what happened 30 years ago that made him the angriest he’s ever been and why an incident with his mum and brother helped turn him into an animal activist. To Tony’s surprise Ricky also turns out to be a fan of his and describes a charity boxing match as the hardest thing he’s ever done. Packed with laughs and surprises, you don’t want to miss this episode. Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
21/09/21·57m 44s

Wayne Rooney

Former world champion boxer Tony Bellew goes toe-to-toe with a guest to find out what really winds them up and how they deal with it. Up next is none other than footballing legend and Derby County manager Wayne ‘Wazza’ Rooney. Tony used to watch Wazza play for his beloved Everton and has been a fan and a mate for years. Guess what? Like Tony, he’s no stranger to anger. They chat about their kids annoying them, press intrusion, kicking holes through doors, former managers Sir Alex Ferguson, Louis van Gaal and David Moyes, and why Rooney wrote his transfer request to Manchester United on the back of a napkin. Producer: Chessie Bent Audio editing: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
13/09/21·58m 24s

James English

James English is the host of mega podcast Anything Goes, but in a previous life he was a professional footballer, a model and an addict. In this episode former boxing world champ Tony Bellew sits down for a frank and honest chat with James about how much of his life has been shaped by anger - from a tough childhood to a spell in prison, through drink, drugs and a gambling addiction. He also reveals what his sister and a pair of hair tongs had to do with his angriest moment and how an ex-girlfriend changed his life forever by leaving a certain book on the bed and walking out the door. If you’ve been affected by the issues discussed in this episode there's help and support available at Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
13/09/21·45m 12s

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Tony Bellew is the world champion boxer who beat David Haye twice in front of an audience of millions. He's known to a generation of film fans as Ricky Conlan, the villain in the Rocky reboot Creed. He’s an Everton-supporting dad of four boys who loves stand-up comedy. But Tony Bellew is also angry. Quite a lot. When you’re a boxer that’s no bad thing. But now he’s not punching people for a living he’s wondering what to do when the red mist comes down. In this podcast, Tony gets together with different guests to talk about times in their lives when they’ve been really angry. They could be life-changing pivotal moments or the day-to-day stuff that gets us all riled. Tony finds out how they have dealt with it, what they've learnt and see if along the way he can get some tips on dealing with his own anger. Expect tears, laughter, anger (obviously) and some stories from his guests that you won’t have heard before! Credits: Producer Mike Holt Guest Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
06/09/21·3m 29s
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