No Approval Podcast

No Approval Podcast

By Pilar Nalwimba

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This podcast is a hybrid of interviews with people that need no approval and deep dives on how internet culture impacts our lives, culture and careers. Episodes drop every Tuesday. Catch me on socials @PilarOfSociety :-)


IWD 2023 - Equity vs Equality

Happy International Women's Day!!! This years theme is #EmbraceEquity so we explore equity vs equality and share lessons on money, confidence and advocating for yourself from No Approval Guests Melanie Eusebe -,  Stefanie Sword Williams -, Tiwa Ogunlesi - and Denise Duffield Thomas 
08/03/23·22m 24s

Andrew Tate and the Manosphere

Deep diving into the side of the internet known as the Manosphere which is led by controversial figures like Andrew Tate. 
28/02/23·25m 10s

Life & Times Of A Private Investigator

You’re in for a ride this week, (literally) as I have a chat with my Uber driver on his work as a private investigator for cases of infidelity. Please note this whole episode was recorded impromptu on my iPhone with my friend in the back seat :-)
15/02/23·25m 52s

New Year Debrief

And we're back, easing in for a new szn with a look ahead at my new year reflections and up coming episodes.   
07/02/23·21m 10s

Doing everything they said I couldn't ft King Of Trainers

I chopped it up with Franklin AKA King Of Trainers about his latest collab with Ellesse, he gave me the 411 on all things sneaker culture, his come up from trainer loving digital marketer to being one of the best trainer taste makers in the game. He also gave me an insight into widening his portfolio to include storefronts at Boxpark Shoreditch and a CBD business with Wretch 32. Guest Social:   Host Social:
13/09/22·48m 51s

The boob ministry ft Jackie Adedeji

I’m joined by Jackie, host and creator of the Boobshare podcast to discuss embracing what makes you unique, growing up with big boobs, advocating for body confidence and how taking a step back helped her take ownership of her career.
25/08/22·59m 20s

Embarrassing stuff & setting boundaries on Tik Tok ft Ryan Maxwell

When Ryan isn't laughing at the internets most embarrassing stuff on Tik Tok he's fighting for rights and setting boundaries. We chat showing up when having mental health days, his coming out story and why Instagram isn't dead! Hit us up: Guest:  Host:
10/08/22·1h 10m

The mean girl in your mind ft Tiwa Ogunlesi

Joined by confidence Queen Tiwalola Ogunlesi, founder of Confident & Killing it to talk about the mean girl in your mind, bagging a book deal, cultivating your power circle and what went down when she got a ring on it.  Guest: Host:
28/07/22·59m 34s

Chill and Prosper ft Denise Duffield-Thomas

It was a London to Aussie link up with Best Selling Author Denise Duffield-Thomas to talk about her new book Chill and Prosper. Our convo covers everything from why rise & grind culture is on the way out, productivity hacks for disorganised people , the responsibilities of first born sons and daughters and why it's important to do the inner teen work so it doesn't hold you back as an adult. Guest: Host:
20/07/22·51m 52s

Fighting fibroids with Womb Bae ft Latoya B

It's Fibroids awareness month so this ep is getting up, close and personal with all things out womb and women's health with health and wellness advocate, coach and founder of Womb Bae Latoya B. She shares her story on getting fibroids, her journey to healing and helping other woman through her social media platforms with conditions like PCOS, PMS and Endo.  Let us know what you think: Guest: Host:
14/07/22·52m 26s

1st Time Buyer ft Topsy Taiwo

This week I'm joined by property expert Topsy Taiwo to give us the low down on how social media is influencing the conversation around property and how p=1st time buyers can get on the ladder or expand their portfolios during these trying times.  Hit us up with your thoughts: Host: Guest:
30/06/22·42m 36s

Beyonce's Internet - Social Media lessons from Queen Bey

This week I deep dive into how Beyonce uses social media to promote her music using her new single Break My Soul as an example.  I look at her Personal use of Social media and how it’s different to how uses social media for her business ventures and album campaigns Then i'll look at her approach to Content - in this case her music and her assets so video, images etc is the content and how the biggest star in the world makes music that is relatable to the everyday person.
22/06/22·31m 37s

Ends 2 Excellence takeover ft Pilar

It's an Ends 2 Excellence podcast takeover and this week we're turning the interview questions on me, Pilar. Get to know how I left making memes to start making podcasts with this throwback interview with hosts Rahman and Emmanuel.  Listen to more interviews by Ends 2 Excellence: Socials: Emmanuel - Rahman - Pilar - Podcast:
09/06/22·1h 5m

The Great Resignation ft Lola Abitogun

Issa podcast link up, this week i'm joined by 1/3 of Everybody Hates HR - Lola Abetogun. Lola is a HR specialist that gives us the tea on why she and many others are quitting their job with no plans just vibes, what happens when people send problematic tweets to employees, talks all things adulting, why it's currently an employee market meaning it's your time to ask for more money and her masters research piece on gen z.  hit us up on socials:
29/05/22·53m 39s

Redefining Sex Bomb ft Sadia Azmat

Sadia is a writer and comedian sharing her truth on being a young, Muslim woman from East London one joke at a time. She's given us the critically acclaimed BBC Podcast No Country For Young Women, made headlines that would make your mouth drop open, performed Stand Ups that would leave you ROTF and now she's telling it all in her debut book Sex Bomb (the life & loves of an Asian babe) where she discusses desirability, culture and dating traditions. 
20/05/22·53m 35s

Has the Girlboss era left the chat?

Hey Ya'll, I'm back after my week off recovering from a bug :-( For my first ever solo episode I decided to deep dive into #Girlboss, we look at how the term started with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, the rise and fall of the Girlboss era and whether it's been replaced by Soft Life.  Let me know your thoughts on @pilarofsociety, my DMs are always open to listeners --> References of clips used:
13/05/22·39m 15s

Young, Famous & African ft Kayleigh Schwark

Whose watched Young Famous & African on Netflix? This week i'm joined by Kayleigh Schwark from the cast for a fun chat on swapping her life as a professional footballer for 3 months to film a reality show, putting South Africa on the map and showing her love life on TV.  Guest: Host:
27/04/22·31m 30s

Creative Careers & Tackling Anxiety ft Denola Grey

Nigerian actor & digital content creator Denola Grey came through to the studio to share his creative career journey, accepting his big acting break, avoiding toxic twitter culture, opening up on anxiety and why more creatives are setting up income streams outside the industry.  Guest: Host: Theory mentioned:
22/04/22·44m 48s

F*ck Being Humble ft Stefanie Sword-Williams

I'm joined by Stefanie Sword-Williams, founder of the F*ck Being Humble movement. We chat advocating for yourself through the art of self promotion, overcoming not being happy with her Tedx talk, self comparison theory and how to stop using your age as a deadline or timeline. Socials:
13/04/22·49m 21s

Renovation Realness ft Ore At Home

This week we’re back in our home ownership bag, I’m joined by Ore At home who shares the reality of running a popular reno page, being cost transparent, creative outlets and interior inspo. Her beaut home can be seen here: Hit me up here:
06/04/22·43m 13s

Growing Strands And Brands ft Ama Amo-Agyei

This week I'm joined by Ama Amo-Agyei, founder of wellness brand Plantmade. Over the lockdown she grew a 7 figure business by helping people grow their hair with her sell out products. We talk about her BBC Documentary Bossing It, the relationship between hair and confidence, why hair loss isn't a joke for the Oscars, her social media marketing savvy, what it takes to grow a business and working with family.  Socials: Guest: Business: Host:
31/03/22·55m 42s

Content Queen ft Leoni Joyce

hey guys, had a mare with the audio but we managed to recover it from the footage so just a heads up. This week i'm joined by the edit queen herself Leoni Joyce and we go BTS on her life as a creator, the creative process and embracing growth.  Hit us up:  
23/03/22·44m 26s

Money Moves ft Melanie Eusebe MBE

The powerhouse that is Melanie Eusebe drops into the podcast to chat all things MONEY from her new book Financial Wellness And How To Find It. She shares her lessons on negotiating, having a better relationship with money and gives us her take on social media money trends like earning 6 figures and rich auntie lifestyle. Melanie is a creative entrepreneur, founder of The Black British Business Awards and a director at Accenture
16/03/22·59m 15s

Breaking The Bias ft Tasha Antwi

Tash is taking up space in a heavily male dominated industry as Head Of SEO working with fashion & Beauty Brands. We talk everything from dealing with delays to the challenges of dating as a senior woman. Here's a break down of our discussion: 04.00 - Being named in the top 40 SEO professionals  08.00 - Trusting the timeline of your life  18.00 - Bias BTS in the influencer marketing  28.00 - Secret sauce of climbing up the career ladder  33.00 - Life as a carer for her twin brothers with autism  41.00 - Our friend Charles enters the chat 43.00 - Challenges of dating as a senior woman
09/03/22·1h 23m

Are you cosplaying as working class? Ft Yomi Adegoke

I'm joined by Yomi to discuss how her work as a journalist is evolving in the age of social media, people in denial of their change in class identity and how that means you're taking up space in conversations no longer for you, the relationship between class and luxury shopping and whether the influencer industry is sustainable.  
02/03/22·45m 38s

Home Ownership Is Living On Our Timelines Rent Free

It's my first deep dive and this week I explore our relationship with Home Ownership on social media, the reality of getting on the property ladder, being cost transparent and the BTS of running a renovation page.  Contributors:
23/02/22·56m 53s

Hidden Lessons ft Mehreen Baig

This week I have a chat with Teacher turned BAFTA award winning TV presenter Mehreen Baig about hidden lessons from her career, navigating social media scrutiny as a South Asian woman on TV and dealing with a family emergency on the same week as her book launch.  No Approval Moment: Guest Social: Host Social: I was self isolating with covid when we recorded this virtually so please excuse my voice :-) 
15/02/22·33m 0s

Slashing Social Media ft Unsah Malik

This week I chat to your favourite influencers, influencer - Unsah Malik. She's a social media influencer marketing lead and author of the super successful Slashed it book. We talk about life behind the scenes working in social media for brands, 9-5 vs entrepreneurship, whether NFT is a buzzword and so much more. Listen right through to the end for your chance to win a copy of Slashed It.  Host: Guest:
08/02/22·50m 28s

Insta vs Reality (TV) ft Amanza Smith

For my first episode I chat with the amazing Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset on Netflix. We talk about reality TV, online transparency, dating younger men, vision boards and keeping it 100 on the gram.  Hit me up on socials:  Host TW + IG: @PilarOfSociety Guest TW + IG: @Amanzasmith
01/02/22·46m 59s
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