Money with David Buik and Michael Wilson

Money with David Buik and Michael Wilson


David Buik & Michael Wilson, two of the most respected commentators in the world of Money and Business come together for a weekly podcast – Money! As the markets become ever more unpredictable and peoples finances get stretched, they will detail the stories you need to be looking at – whether it’s mergers, acquisitions, or the effect of inflation on your wallet, the Money podcast will be covering the big business stories and how they affect you. Join us every Monday afternoon, discussing what has happened, and what will be happening in the coming week in the world of business and Money.


Retail King

This week David & Michael are joined by former J Sainsbury Boss, Justin King. They discuss all things retail and the effect of Black Friday.
28/11/22·31m 26s

State of the Markets

This week David & Michael are joined by markets commentator Justin Urquhart-Stewart to analyse the current state of the markets.
21/11/22·27m 43s

If Trump is the answer, what is the question?

This week David & Michael are joined by Helen Thomas of Blondemoney, and they analyse the fallout from the US Mid-term elections.
14/11/22·28m 4s

Introducing: Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

Hey listener. We have a podcast we think you might like called Big Fish.. In this brand new podcast, entrepreneur and TV personality Spencer Matthews will be speaking to leading CEOs, inspiring entrepreneurs, incredible designers and other famous faces to find out what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and be the best at what they do. "For years I was trapped in a cycle of excessive drinking. I became subdued, a half-version of myself and began to realise the damage alcohol was doing to my relationships and career. In 2019, I became sober. It's the best decision I’ve ever made and inspired me to start my own business. CleanCo is now the largest independent non-alcoholic brand in the UK. Building a business has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and I’ve become fascinated by how other people have developed a mindset for success" Listen now and subscribe on Global Player.
10/11/22·1m 39s

To buy or not to buy

This week David & Michael are joined by property expert Henry Pryor for everything housing in reaction to the rising interest rates.
07/11/22·24m 49s

Is market confidence real?

This week David & Michael are joined by Douglas McWilliams, Deputy Chairman, Centre for Economics and Business Research and they discuss the new Rishi Sunak government, is the return of some market confidence real, and what effect will interest rates have on the housing market.
31/10/22·25m 48s

Can you spot a market crash coming?

This week David & Michael are joined by Gerald Ashley, broadcaster and writer on change, risk and decision making. They discuss the current political situation and it's effects on the markets, and what lessons can we learn from the great stock market crashes.
24/10/22·25m 24s

Will appointing her second Chancellor give Truss a second chance?

David and Michael are joined by Lord Stuart Rose to discuss Jeremy Hunt's first statement on the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan following his appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer 3 days ago.
17/10/22·17m 50s

The Bank of England Bazooka

This week Michael & David are joined by Hugo Duncan, deputy financial editor at the Daily Mail. They discuss the continuing fall-out from the mini budget, and are there more u-turns to come?
10/10/22·26m 18s

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget U-turn

10 days on from Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget, David & Michael are joined by Paul Hill from Vox Markets to discuss market reaction and the chancellor's U-turn.
03/10/22·29m 59s

How low will the Pound go?!

This week David & Michael are joined by economist Vicky Pryce as they discuss the current state of the pound in response to the Kwasi Kwarteng's first mini budget.
26/09/22·27m 27s

The future of cryptocurrency

This week, David & Michael are joined by Jonny Fry, co-founder and CEO of TeamBlockchain Ltd, and Bryan Coyne, an experienced private investor in the global equity and currency markets and in crypto currencies. He has a Certificate in Cryptocurrency and Disruption from the London School of Economics. They discuss all aspects of cryptocurrency including how did the market start to what the future holds.
20/09/22·28m 0s

Government Energy Plans Hotting Up

David & Michael are joined by Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell, and they discuss everything from the changes in the City during the reign of the Queen, to the governments new Energy help plans and which global markets could recover first?
12/09/22·29m 7s

Do Liz Truss's policies add up?

David & Michael are joined by Charles Newsome, Divisional Director of the Investment Management Team at Investec. They discuss how the city reacted to the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister, the size of the financial problem she faces and is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Europe whilst the war in Ukraine continues.
06/09/22·22m 12s

Sir Martin Sorrell

This week David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder of WPP, the world's largest advertising company. After leaving WPP, he went on to establish S4 Capital in 2018.
29/08/22·24m 8s

Has the City lost it's swagger?

This week David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange PLC.
22/08/22·26m 11s

The future of retail

David & Michael are joined by Neil Saunders, CEO of GLOBAL RETAIL DATA, to discuss all things retail.
15/08/22·28m 49s

Is there a China crisis?

This week David & Michael are joined by economist Dr Gerard Lyons and they discuss everything from what can the Bank of England do about inflation to the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.
08/08/22·32m 11s

Interest on the rise?

What can we expect from the MPC this Thursday? What do we think of windfall tax, is the UK on course for Recession, and how are the Sunak & Truss bandwagons getting on? David & Michael are joined by Simon French from Panmure Gordon.
01/08/22·27m 56s

What divides Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss?

This week, David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Helen Thomas from Blonde Money, to discuss the effect on the economy of either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak becoming the next Prime Minister, what is happening in Ukraine with a grain deal agreed with Russia, can interest rates have any effect on inflation and good news from Rolls-Royce.
25/07/22·26m 19s


Join us every Monday for a new episode, where we discuss what's happened, and what will be happening in the coming week in the world of business and money. The first episode will be available on Global Player from 25th July.

Money - Coming Soon

Money with David Buik and Michael Wilson is a brand new podcast which explores the biggest business stories of the week and how they affect us all. As markets become more unpredictable and people’s finances are stretched, David and Michael will cover the money stories that matter, from the cost of living crisis and the effect of inflation to new mergers and acquisitions. Each episode will feature special guests and interviews with those behind the headlines. Episode one dropping Monday 25th July.
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