Money with David Buik and Michael Wilson

Money with David Buik and Michael Wilson

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David Buik & Michael Wilson, two of the most respected commentators in the world of Money and Business come together for a weekly podcast – Money! As the markets become ever more unpredictable and peoples finances get stretched, they will detail the stories you need to be looking at – whether it’s mergers, acquisitions, or the effect of inflation on your wallet, the Money podcast will be covering the big business stories and how they affect you. Join us every Monday afternoon, discussing what has happened, and what will be happening in the coming week in the world of business and Money.


Andy Haldane on the economy

This week David is joined by former Bank of England Chief economist and now chief executive of the Royal Society for Arts, Andy Haldane and Simon French, Managing Director and Head of Research at Panmure Gordon. Between them they discuss the state of the economy, the latest GDP figures, whether the latest budget will do anything for growth and what exactly has been the US Biden experiment...
18/03/2440m 59s

Spring Budget 2024

In this special episode of the Money podcast, David and Michael are joined by Simon French, Managing Director, Head of Research at Panmure Gordon, to discuss what might be the last fiscal event before a general election. Did the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, blow the budget or did he manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat?
06/03/2426m 40s

How to invest in Cryptocurrency

This week David & Michael speak to Keld van Schreven of KR1, Europe's leading digital asset investment company focused on decentralised and open-source blockchain networks. They discuss the recent surge in cryptocurrency, and what exactly is bitcoin and the blockchain network it sits on.
04/03/2430m 44s

The Business of Energy

This week David and Michael are joined by Carol Bell, former Managing Director of the Global Oil & Gas Group at the Chase Manhattan Bank, former board member at the Development bank of Wales, Director at the Football association of Wales, and a professional analyst in the Energy sector, an advocate of net zero. How can net zero and business work together? Carol talks about thinking differently about energy, and how we use it, and how that needs to change.
20/02/2433m 28s

A screeching U-turn on the road to net zero

David & Michael speak to Robert Lea, the industrial editor at The Times, who has been a financial and business journalist for the past three decades.As we head towards a general election, and a likely change of government, Labour makes a U-turn on its £28bn green pledge, so what now for the UK's industrial strategy and climate credentials in the wider world?
12/02/2428m 8s

Rain Newton-Smith

David & Michael speak to the Director General of the Confederation of British Industry, Rain Newton-Smith, and they discuss why she decided to re-join the CBI, and has handled the recent crisis that the organisation has been through and how they attract all the brands that suspended their connection with the CBI to return. Also what does she want from the upcoming budget and how will the CBI work with Labour if they become the next government.
05/02/2434m 15s

World market update

This week David & Michael are joined by Helen Thomas, CEO of and they focus on a wide range of global issues including China, Africa and America, with a focus on how the US election will affect the markets through 2024.
29/01/2435m 38s

Xmas retail results

This week David & Michael are joined by retail expert Neil Saunders and it's a deep dive into the December retail figures to see who were the winners and losers in the Christmas sales market.
22/01/2433m 36s

The Housing market with Henry Pryor

This week David & Michael are joined by housing expert Henry Pryor and they discuss the current housing situation with a focus on the current interest rates and how they are impacting the housing market right now, are mortgages now easier to come by, and what are the predictions for house prices this year?
15/01/2432m 18s

What's in financial PR?

This week David & Michael speak to Steffan Williams, founder & partner of williamsnicolson - a strategic communications and change management consultancy about PR in the financial industry. They discuss the change in financial PR, and the strategy of maintaining a reputation in the face of social media and a modern internet. What is a the role of financial PR, and how much money is there in private equity at the moment?
08/01/2426m 9s

2024 predictions.

As Christmas & New Year's Eve disappear into the background, David & Michael are joined by Panmure Gordon's Simon French for a look at 2024. What is likely to happen to inflation, interest rates, equities and bond markets in the next year?
02/01/2430m 43s

Lord Michael Spencer

On the show this week businessman and philanthropist, Lord Michael Spencer joins Michael & David to discuss the state of business in the UK and how and what the government can do to improve the business landscape. Also, when will the next general election get called? Find out why it won't be the spring!
11/12/2336m 53s

Stocks & Shares focus with Russ Mould

This week David & Michael are joined by Russ Mould, Investment Director of AJ Bell for a deep dive into equities and the current state of the stock market. A fascinating discussion covering the FTSE, US Markets, Gold and just about everything else you need to consider when investing.
04/12/2338m 28s

Is AI healing or destructive?

This week, Michael & David are joined by Ajaz Ahmed, founder of design agency AKQA whose impressive CV includes business from the likes of Nike, Virgin and BMW in the early years. 30 Years later, Ajaz employs over 7,000 professionals across 24 countries. They discuss how you run a design agency in a modern world.
27/11/2337m 20s

Autumn statement analysis

In this special episode there is full analysis of Jeremy Hunt's autumn statement with leading economist Dr. Gerard Lyons. Was the budget an election giveaway, has it let down the average voter, and has the this autumn statement paved the way for something bigger in the spring budget?Find out more on Dr Gerard Lyons at the website
23/11/2331m 41s

M&S Chairman Archie Norman

This week David & Michael chat to Archie Norman, chairman of M&S, and they discuss retail, Christmas ads, the surge in shoplifting and the consequences of being refused the redevelopment of their Oxford street store.
20/11/2335m 58s

Home care revolution

In this MONEY special, David & Michael speak to Max Parmentier, CEO of Birdie, a home care management software that enables home care agencies to digitise their care processes. Discover why Max was inspired by his grandfather's last days in a care home to revolutionise the home care industry thanks to the use of innovative technology.
15/11/2332m 12s

Crypto catch-up

This week David & Michael catch up with Jonny Fry from Team Blockchain for the latest in the crypto markets including the recent demise of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, real world uses for cryptocurrencies and the latest in regulation.
13/11/2334m 5s

Investing in the future

This week David & Michael speak to Charlie Newsome, Director at Investec Wealth & Investment, to discuss the outlook for investors. Is cash king for savers again, while interest rates remain higher for longer, or is the bear market about to bottom out and give hope to investors? How might equity markets fare over the long-term despite a possible recession looming on the horizon amid continuing conflict in Ukraine and Gaza?
07/11/2334m 14s

Can the UK avoid a full blackout this winter?

The clocks have gone back and winter is fast approaching but despite calls for the Government to cut carbon emissions and hit net zero, the man running Britain’s gas network says the country will need fossil fuels to prevent blackouts for decades to come. David & Michael are joined by Jon Butterworth, the Chief Executive Officer at National Gas.
31/10/2331m 3s

The most liquid financial market in the world

This week David speaks to Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder of independent foreign exchange company SGMFX, to discuss the global marketplace that determines the exchange rate for currencies around the world.
23/10/2334m 4s

What if remain had won?

This week David & Michael speak to Simon French, Managing Director, Chief economist and Head of Research at Panmure Gordon who lays out the alternative universe where remain wins. What has Brexit done for the migrant workforce in the UK, and what would have happened in the city of London if we'd voted remain?
17/10/2330m 32s

Is WFH good for business?

This week David & Michael speak to Jane Middleton, HR expert and joint founder of Trapeze HR, an HR recruitment business, and they discuss how important good HR management is to a business and what exactly is the right balance of office and home working now?
09/10/2330m 27s

John Lewis Boss steps down

This week, David & Michael are joined by Simon English, Financial Editor at the Evening Standard and they discuss the announced departure of John Lewis boss Dame Sharon White, along with the future of hard copy news - and why it will survive, and why AI could double journalists output.
02/10/2333m 54s

The case for Brexit

This week David & Michael speak to Ben Habib, CEO @FpropPlc, member and advisor @reformparty_uk who is a passionate brexiteer and sets out the pros of Brexit. Why some new trade deals are better than portrayed and the regulations and laws we can drop now we're no longer in the EU.
26/09/2335m 24s

The Lord Mayor of the City of London

In this special edition of the Money podcast, Michael & David speak to Nicholas Lyons who is the 694th Lord Mayor of the City of London. An international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector, the Lord Mayor also heads the City of London Corporation, the governing body of the Square Mile.
20/09/2329m 29s

The future of stock exchanges

This week Michael & David speak to Adrian Ip, MD of Aquis Exchange PLC, about the future of stock exchanges, how AI will change trading, and how co-ordination between smaller exchanges can keep costs down for traders.
18/09/2336m 5s

Finance, food and fine dining

This week David & Michael are joined by Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, TV personality and acclaimed cookbook author, Marcus Wareing. Together they cook up a feast of finance and fine dining to whet your appetite!
10/09/2332m 4s

All hail the new M&S

This week David is joined by Neil Saunders, Managing Director and Retail Analyst at GlobalData Retail, and they discuss the latest trends in the UK retail market, whether the Covid excess savings money is running out and why has M&S been doing so well?
05/09/2323m 42s

Sir Martin Sorrell

This week David & Michael are in a fascinating discussion with Sir Martin Sorrell,. founder & executive chairman of S4 Capital. They discuss UK inflation, China and what they bring to the business world, and who would want to buy the Telegraph media group with a surprising suggestion!
31/08/2336m 35s

Unpacking the Housing market

This week, Michael & David are joined by Meir Plancey, Director of Windom Finance to look at all things housing. They cover mortgages, interest rates, buying, renting and buy-to-let in a podcast that is a must listen if you're thinking of changing your house or mortgage any time soon!
21/08/2329m 16s

Globetrotting from Scotland to China

This week Michael & David are joined by Iain Martin, publisher and founder of Reaction. They discuss the state of Scotland's economy with the prospect of another independence referendum on the horizon, whether the Bank of England is getting a grip on inflation in the UK, as well as the impact of global migration and the importance of China to the world economy.
14/08/2334m 37s

Bitcoin or bust

This week Michael & David are joined by Bryan Coyne, an experienced private investor in the global equity and currency markets and in crypto currencies. He explains why bitcoin is just an extension of things that have a value like paintings, gold and dollars. If you still don't understand the value of crypto, this is the podcast for you.
07/08/2329m 55s

Radical change in how music royalties are paid

This week David & Michael are joined by Ryan Edwards, CEO of Audoo, a music technology company that is revolutionising public performance royalties. They discuss why musicians have never been paid accurately based on how their music is played in public venues and how Audoo is setting about to change that. Also, how exactly do you manage to grow a business during Covid, and what is the business landscape in the UK like after Brexit.
31/07/2327m 41s

The NatWest Farage farrago

This week Michael & David are joined by economist Catherine McBride to discuss all things from NatWest’s handling of the Farage farrago to Brexit, net zero and the Chancellor's proposed pension reform.
24/07/2335m 48s

Puttin' on The Ritz

This week Michael & David are joined by Andrew Love, Senior Consultant at The Ritz Hotel in London, to discuss how the infamous luxury five-star hotel and the wider hospitality sector are affected by Brexit and a tourist tax.
17/07/2326m 22s

Interest rates - when will the rises stop?!

This week Michael & David are joined by Economist and Business Consultant, Vicky Pryce, and they discuss where the stock market is expected to go and when will the interest rollercoaster reach it's peak?
10/07/2332m 36s

M&S Chairman, Archie Norman

This week David & Michael speak to M&S Chairman, Archie Norman about his history in retail, and the challenges involved in running some of the biggest high street retailers.
03/07/2335m 43s

Stuck in the inflation loop

This week David & Michael talk to Helen Thomas, CEO of Blondemoney, and they analyse the stubborn inflation level and what the ECB and other central banks could do about it. Also, what developments in Ukraine and Russia this week could mean for the markets.
26/06/2327m 0s

2008 financial crash from the front row.

This week David & Michael speak to Sir Paul Tucker, former deputy governor at the Bank of England about what it was like to be there during the 2008 banking crisis and what it has taught us about how to handle monetary policy during a financial crisis.
19/06/2332m 40s

Are you a private investor?

This week David & Michael speak to Roddy Kohn of KohnCougar, award winning wealth managers and they discuss the do's & don'ts of private investing and why not taking advice means the FCA doesn't protect you.
12/06/2331m 33s

Markets Focus

This week, David & Michael chat to Russ Mould, Investment Director of AJ Bell, and take a close look at the market situation. What are the prospects for the US Markets, versus the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 250? And why does Russ not value an IPO launch...
05/06/2332m 12s

How do we make AI work for us?

This week David & Michael are joined by Louise Nicolson, Founder & Director of Williams Nicolson, a strategic communications and change management consultancy to discuss how Businesses can use AI to improve how they work.
30/05/2320m 31s

US debt ceiling crisis!

This week David & Michael speak to Duncan Edwards, chief executive of BritishAmerican Business on the relationship between the UK and the US and what are the implications of the US bumping up against that debt ceiling!
22/05/2328m 57s

House Prices : where next?

This week, David & Michael are joined by housing expert Henry Pryor and the topics discussed include where house prices are likely to be by the end of 2023, in which part of the country is housing stock moving and exactly how independent is your Estate agent's mortgage broker?
15/05/2325m 15s

Retail therapy

This week David & Michael are joined by Retail expert Neil Saunders after the WHO announced that the global health emergency COVID-19 is over, has the retail business recovered, or have our shopping habits changed it forever?
09/05/2328m 2s

Banking still in crisis?

Another US Bank has gone under.  This week David & Michael are joined by Helen Thomas from to analyse the fall out in the banking sector.  Also, what’s happening in Japan and China, and why has Macron picked such a fight with the masses when he can’t stand again.
02/05/2330m 25s

Day trader gives you his best piece of advice!

This week, David & Michael chat to Bryan Coyne, a private investor in the global equity, currency & crypto markets. Bryan gives you some of his best advice when it comes to trading assets. They discuss stock-picking, timing and which cryptocurrency Bryan thinks will eventually replace Gold as a store of wealth.
24/04/2322m 48s

The future of Advertising

This week David & Michael are joined by Rory Sutherland, British advertising executive and vice-chairman of the Ogilvy & Mather group. They discuss digital advertising, AI and labour's recent attack ads aimed at Rishi Sunak.
17/04/2326m 30s

IMF surprising prediction for interest rates?

This week, David & Michael chat to Simon French, Chief Economist from Panmure Gordon, about the recent prediction from the IMF on long-term interest rates, and what will this mean for UK mortgage holders - especially those coming to the end of their fixed rate mortgages.
11/04/2326m 1s

Cyber Security Special

This week David & Michael talk to Danny Lopez, CEO of Glasswall, a cyber security company focusing on threats within files. They discuss cyber crime and how the industry can deal with such a rapidly changing environment. Also, why have OPEC suddenly reduced the amount of oil they are extracting?
03/04/2327m 3s

Fixed rate mortgage time bomb!

This week David & Michael are joined by Claer Barrett, consumer editor at the FT, and together they discuss what to do when the end of your fixed rate mortgage is approaching, will there be a time when cryptocurrency is the standard model for financial transactions, and what's the best way to deal with a personal debt crisis.
27/03/2336m 49s

Is the banking crisis contained?

David & Michael are joined by Sir Nigel Wilson, Group CEO of Legal & General. They discuss the banking crisis that has been developing, his thoughts on last week's budget, and why HS2 is a white elephant and what that money could have been spent on to improve transport.
20/03/2325m 58s

AI is coming to take your job!

In this week's episode, David & Michael are joined by Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and Executive Chairman of S4 Capital, and they discuss this week's budget, the future of AI in the advertising business, and what Chinese President Xi could be doing on his trip to Moscow next week.
13/03/2328m 50s

Does the Chancellor have money to play with?

This week David & Michael are joined by Helen Thomas of Blondemoney, and they discuss what might happen in the upcoming budget and why are companies ditching London for more attractive stock markets around the world. Also, how will the latest deal with the EU over Northern Ireland pan out?
06/03/2328m 42s

How to buy & sell Art

David & Michael are joined by Sam Johnson, managing partner at Beaumont Nathan. They discuss all things Art and how to make money buying and selling.
27/02/2325m 23s

Where will interest rate rises end?

David & Michael are joined by Sir Howard Davies, chairman of Natwest Group and they discuss what's happened to banking since the financial crisis, what's the effect of Brexit on banking, and when will interest rates stop going up?
20/02/2331m 2s

How to grow your small business

David Buik talks to Alasdair Haynes of Aquis Exchange and they discuss what will be in the March budget, and how to launch a small business on the stock market.
13/02/2329m 44s

Will regulation legitimise cryptocurrency?

David Buik chats to Jonny Fry of Team Blockchain, and they discuss regulation of cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency will change the way we do money, how major companies will move into the crypto market, and why a court case that concluded on Friday will impact the future of all software classes!
06/02/2331m 27s

How do you resolve the strikes crisis?

This week David & Michael are joined by former government economist Vicky Pryce, and they discuss the possibility of economic recovery in the UK & EU and the strikes in the commercial & public sector - how will they end?
30/01/2330m 36s

A Lunar New Year for China

It's Chinese New Year 2023, the year of the Rabbit. As China reopens after zero-Covid, David & Michael discuss how the world economy will react with Charlie Newsome, Divisional Director from Investec Wealth.
23/01/2328m 28s

Is there a future for the high street?

David & Michael are joined by retail analyst Neil Saunders and they discuss which retail companies have done well, and what is the latest research on shopping habits? You'll be surprised who is opening more physical retail stores.
16/01/2326m 32s

Housing Market Update

David & Michael are joined by housing market expert Henry Pryor and they cover the current market, how jittery is it? Is there signs of a return to London as the memories of lockdown fades, where are mortgage rates going, and are we going starting to see capped interest rates drop? Should you go fixed rate or variable rate? What support can customers get to help them in tough times?
09/01/2322m 19s

How to build a business

David Buik & Michael Wilson talk to businessman and philanthropist Michael Spencer, founder of NEX Group. Together they discuss the future of cryptocurrency, the state of the NHS and what does it take to set up an SME these days?
19/12/2236m 57s

Will 2023 bring growth?

This week David & Michael speak to Simon French from Panmure Gordon, and discuss Jeremy Hunt, the City, and is the level of regulation good for the City and how it performs. Also, what surprises can we look out for in 2023?
12/12/2226m 43s

The State of the US, and how if effects you

This week, David & Michael are joined by Marc A. Ross, an accomplished senior geopolitical strategist, communications executive and founder of Brigadoon. When the US sneezes, the world catches a cold, so this week we drill down into the state of the US economy and what effects that will cause over here. Also, why is Biden averse to a British state visit?
05/12/2223m 56s

Retail King

This week David & Michael are joined by former J Sainsbury Boss, Justin King. They discuss all things retail and the effect of Black Friday.
28/11/2231m 27s

State of the Markets

This week David & Michael are joined by markets commentator Justin Urquhart-Stewart to analyse the current state of the markets.
21/11/2227m 44s

If Trump is the answer, what is the question?

This week David & Michael are joined by Helen Thomas of Blondemoney, and they analyse the fallout from the US Mid-term elections.
14/11/2228m 5s

Introducing: Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

Hey listener. We have a podcast we think you might like called Big Fish.. In this brand new podcast, entrepreneur and TV personality Spencer Matthews will be speaking to leading CEOs, inspiring entrepreneurs, incredible designers and other famous faces to find out what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and be the best at what they do. "For years I was trapped in a cycle of excessive drinking. I became subdued, a half-version of myself and began to realise the damage alcohol was doing to my relationships and career. In 2019, I became sober. It's the best decision I’ve ever made and inspired me to start my own business. CleanCo is now the largest independent non-alcoholic brand in the UK. Building a business has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and I’ve become fascinated by how other people have developed a mindset for success" Listen now and subscribe on Global Player.
10/11/221m 39s

To buy or not to buy

This week David & Michael are joined by property expert Henry Pryor for everything housing in reaction to the rising interest rates.
07/11/2224m 50s

Is market confidence real?

This week David & Michael are joined by Douglas McWilliams, Deputy Chairman, Centre for Economics and Business Research and they discuss the new Rishi Sunak government, is the return of some market confidence real, and what effect will interest rates have on the housing market.
31/10/2225m 49s

Can you spot a market crash coming?

This week David & Michael are joined by Gerald Ashley, broadcaster and writer on change, risk and decision making. They discuss the current political situation and it's effects on the markets, and what lessons can we learn from the great stock market crashes.
24/10/2225m 24s

Will appointing her second Chancellor give Truss a second chance?

David and Michael are joined by Lord Stuart Rose to discuss Jeremy Hunt's first statement on the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan following his appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer 3 days ago.
17/10/2217m 51s

The Bank of England Bazooka

This week Michael & David are joined by Hugo Duncan, deputy financial editor at the Daily Mail. They discuss the continuing fall-out from the mini budget, and are there more u-turns to come?
10/10/2226m 18s

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget U-turn

10 days on from Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget, David & Michael are joined by Paul Hill from Vox Markets to discuss market reaction and the chancellor's U-turn.
03/10/2229m 59s

How low will the Pound go?!

This week David & Michael are joined by economist Vicky Pryce as they discuss the current state of the pound in response to the Kwasi Kwarteng's first mini budget.
26/09/2227m 28s

The future of cryptocurrency

This week, David & Michael are joined by Jonny Fry, co-founder and CEO of TeamBlockchain Ltd, and Bryan Coyne, an experienced private investor in the global equity and currency markets and in crypto currencies. He has a Certificate in Cryptocurrency and Disruption from the London School of Economics. They discuss all aspects of cryptocurrency including how did the market start to what the future holds.
20/09/2228m 0s

Government Energy Plans Hotting Up

David & Michael are joined by Russ Mould, Investment Director at AJ Bell, and they discuss everything from the changes in the City during the reign of the Queen, to the governments new Energy help plans and which global markets could recover first?
12/09/2229m 8s

Do Liz Truss's policies add up?

David & Michael are joined by Charles Newsome, Divisional Director of the Investment Management Team at Investec. They discuss how the city reacted to the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister, the size of the financial problem she faces and is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Europe whilst the war in Ukraine continues.
06/09/2222m 12s

Sir Martin Sorrell

This week David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder of WPP, the world's largest advertising company. After leaving WPP, he went on to establish S4 Capital in 2018.
29/08/2224m 8s

Has the City lost it's swagger?

This week David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange PLC.
22/08/2226m 12s

The future of retail

David & Michael are joined by Neil Saunders, CEO of GLOBAL RETAIL DATA, to discuss all things retail.
15/08/2228m 50s

Is there a China crisis?

This week David & Michael are joined by economist Dr Gerard Lyons and they discuss everything from what can the Bank of England do about inflation to the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.
08/08/2232m 12s

Interest on the rise?

What can we expect from the MPC this Thursday? What do we think of windfall tax, is the UK on course for Recession, and how are the Sunak & Truss bandwagons getting on? David & Michael are joined by Simon French from Panmure Gordon.
01/08/2227m 56s

What divides Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss?

This week, David Buik & Michael Wilson are joined by Helen Thomas from Blonde Money, to discuss the effect on the economy of either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak becoming the next Prime Minister, what is happening in Ukraine with a grain deal agreed with Russia, can interest rates have any effect on inflation and good news from Rolls-Royce.
25/07/2226m 19s
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