Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership

By Jean-Philippe Courtois

Positive Leadership has the power to change the world. By focusing on trust, empathy and wellbeing, leaders can energize their teams to achieve success for individuals, their organization, and society overall. But it is still something that is relatively unknown outside academic circles. Join Jean-Philippe Courtois, a member of the Microsoft executive senior leadership team, as he brings Positive Leadership to life for anyone who acts in a leadership capacity, both personally and professionally. With help from his guests, Jean-Philippe will show you how purpose-led leaders can generate a positive energy that achieves commercial success, individual happiness and societal impact across a range of situations and sectors – from technology and social enterprise to sports and coffee. And most importantly, you’ll learn practical tips for applying it to your own life – so you can begin making a difference.


9 Powers of Positive Leadership - Lesson 4: Learning to Build with Others

As a leader, understanding your influence enables you to nurture a sense of community and motivate others to achieve their full potential.In Lesson 4 of the ‘9 Powers of Positive Leadership,’ JP gathers three simple techniques to help you to motivate others and nurture meaningful connections.Listen now.
21/02/24·5m 57s

[FR] Naviguer vers l'avenir (avec Bertrand Piccard)

Dans l&aposépisode de cette semaine du podcast Positive Leadership, JP s&aposentretient avec le légendaire écologiste, pionnier de l&aposaviation et « hérétique » comme il se décrit lui-même, Bertrand Piccard.Le tour du monde en ballon sans escale réalisé par Bertrand en 1999 a été le plus long jamais enregistré et c&aposest un défi qu&aposil relèvera bientôt, cette fois-ci à l&aposaide d&aposhydrogène.Ensemble, ils explorent comment, en changeant notre vision du monde, nous pouvons créer notre propre avenir.

9 Powers of Positive Leadership - Lesson 3: Committing to Action

Most of us procrastinate, feel guilty about it and criticize ourselves for it. And yet we still do it.In lesson three of the ‘9 Lessons of Positive Leadership’ JP wants to help you take back control of your day.Listen now for tips to help you commit to action and stay on track.
07/02/24·5m 37s

Building a better world together (with Jacqueline Novogratz)

As founder and CEO of nonprofit venture fund, Acumen, JP’s latest guest, Jacqueline Novogratz, is a visionary leader who has dedicated her career to connecting with people to build a better, more just world. Jacqueline’s remarkable journey from Wall Street to the front lines of social entrepreneurship is a captivating story filled with great wisdom – listen now, and don’t forget to subscribe.
31/01/24·1h 1m

9 Powers of Positive Leadership - Lesson 2: Generating Positive Energy

Are you a positive energizer?If not, don’t worry, you can become one. On the latest episode of the 9 Powers of Positive Leadership, JP shares 5 proven techniques from his guests that you can use to generate positive energy. Listen now and unlock your true potential. Your future self will thank you!
25/01/24·5m 45s

[FR] Faire en sorte que chaque jour compte (avec Matthieu Stefani)

Serial entrepreneur et animateur vedette du podcast Génération Do It Yourself, Matthieu Stefani est un leader dont l&aposincroyable appétit pour la vie l&aposa amené à explorer comment nous pouvons nous donner les moyens de réaliser de grandes choses.Inspirez-vous de ses techniques pour activer votre état d&aposesprit de startuper dans le dernier épisode du podcast Positive Leadership.
17/01/24·1h 2m

9 Powers of Positive Leadership - Lesson 1: Building Self-Confidence

Welcome to a brand new bitesize podcast series, the 9 Powers of Positive Leadership.With insights from world-renowned coaches, positive psychologists, and purpose-driven leaders, JP will take you step-by-step through the nine key behaviors that will energize and inspire you to achieve success for yourself, others and the world.We start with actionable insights for Building Self-Confidence - listen now.
10/01/24·5m 52s

Paving the way to positivity (with Dr. Martin Seligman)

25 years ago, at a time when the dominant focus in psychology was on mental illness, pathology, and dysfunction, Dr. Martin Seligman felt that psychology shouldn’t only be about fixing problems but about enabling individuals and communities to flourish.He is widely regarded as the founding father of positive psychology, and someone whose work JP has drawn upon throughout his career to build his positive mindset and create environments where people can thrive.Listen to their conversation now.

Unlocking human potential through mentorship (with Angeline Murimirwa)

There&aposs no substitute for lived experience, and Angeline Murimirwa as CEO of the Campaign for Female Education, CAMFED, is an incredible role model for the network of young African women she mentors and supports.On the latest episode of the podcast, JP speaks with her about the principles and practicalities of collective leadership, and how the game-changing model of sisterhood is breaking the cycle of poverty.
20/12/23·50m 47s

[FR] Réaliser l'impossible (avec Élisabeth Moreno)

Élisabeth Moreno est un exemple vivant de l&aposexpression « ce qui ne vous tue pas vous rend plus fort ».Son incroyable carrière, de cadre supérieur chez Hewlett Packard au gouvernement français, a coché toutes les cases de l&aposimpossible.Apprenez à développer votre confiance en vous avec Élisabeth et JP dans le dernier épisode en français du podcast Positive Leadership.
06/12/23·52m 49s

Driving performance with purpose (with Indra Nooyi)

Indra Nooyi, the former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, is one of the foremost strategic thinkers of our time. She shattered the glass ceiling of corporate America and wrote many of the rules of behavior along the way.Learn about her distinctive leadership mindset on the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast with JP.

[FR] Cinq leçons de leadership positif

Des coachs aux neuroscientifiques, des entrepreneurs sociaux aux PDG animés d&aposune vision, les invités de JP aux épisodes francophones du podcast #PositiveLeadership ont été immensément généreux en partageant leurs histoires personnelles, leurs points de vue et leur sagesse au cours des deux dernières années. Alors, quelles sont les cinq principales leçons de leadership positif que JP a tirées de ces conversations ? Écoutez le dernier épisode spécial du podcast pour le découvrir.
08/11/23·49m 57s

Learning to embrace risk (with Jesper Brodin)

How do you create a culture that empowers people to take risks?IKEA is a company that knows a thing or two about breaking conventions, and Jesper Brodin, as CEO of Ingka Group, is working hard to embed this entrepreneurial spirit throughout the company.Jesper shares his incredible journey, which includes leading IKEA through the pandemic, with JP on the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast.
25/10/23·47m 12s

Empowering others to thrive (with Reeta Roy)

Positive leaders open doors of opportunity for others. They address the root causes of a problem, not just its symptoms, to empower people to thrive.Reeta Roy, president and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation, is a thoughtful leader who tirelessly puts this into action.Listen to her incredible leadership journey on the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast.
11/10/23·47m 30s

Achieving ambitious goals (with Nandan Nilekani)

What does it take to unite people around a vision for maximum impact?JP’s latest podcast guest, Nandan Nilekani, is an inspirational business and public sector leader whose incredible success has been driven by his ability to define a vision that is ambitious, audacious, bold and, most importantly, plausible.Learn more on the Positive Leadership podcast – and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already.
27/09/23·46m 24s

Training your brain for success (with Dr Tara Swart MD)

Finding harmony between head, heart, and gut can positively transform our lives in a powerful way.Dr. Tara Swart is a PhD neuroscientist and medical doctor who has worked to examine the many intricacies of the human brain to understand why.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, Tara introduces JP to techniques that have improved the minds and behaviors of some of the world’s top executives – listen now.
13/09/23·48m 51s

Showing humanity to others (with Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka)

The African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ means showing humanity to others.As an activist and campaigner for universal access to education, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Deputy President of South Africa, is an incredible leader who practices Ubuntu in everything she does.Listen to the story behind her leadership journey on the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast.
30/08/23·46m 59s

[FR] Changer le monde grâce au journalisme d’impact (avec Hugo Clément)

Hugo Clément est un journaliste bien décidé à faire bouger les choses. Il a créé sa propre société de médias indépendante, Vakita, pour faire entendre sa voix et diffuser des enquêtes approfondies avec le souci de l’intérêt public, qui lui tient à cœur.Il est impossible de ne pas être ébranlé par sa force de conviction et son énergie et c’était un plaisir de l’inviter dans le podcast Positive Leadership, pendant lequel nous avons discuté de l’influence du journalisme et des moyens de faire bouger les choses. Écoutez-le dès maintenant !
16/08/23·53m 26s

Leading an ocean clean-up (with Boyan Slat)

Humans create more than 400 million metric tons of plastic every year. Around a million tons of that plastic ends up in the ocean.On this week’s episode, JP speaks to Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit foundation on a mission to remove 90% of it by 2040. Listen now.
02/08/23·52m 15s

My journey as a leader (with Jean-Philippe Courtois)

JP has interviewed leaders from all over the world, all changemakers in their specialist areas, and all sharing the pivotal moments that have shaped their leadership philosophies.Now, it’s time to turn the tables. For this special anniversary episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP invites friend and coach Michael Bungay Stanier, to ask questions about his personal leadership journey – listen now.
19/07/23·41m 17s

Guiding Others Towards Greatness (with Doug Conant)

I&aposm right here. How can I help?When Doug Conant woke up after a serious accident, his wife&aposs words of support had a powerful effect. Sometimes, it&aposs not about fixing someone&aposs problem, but about being present during difficult moments, however big or small.Join JP for the latest Positive Leadership podcast episode, where he speaks to the former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company and founder of ConantLeadership about his incredible leadership journey.
05/07/23·46m 4s

[FR] Construire une entreprise pour un monde Meilleur (avec Lucie Basch)

Chaque année, 40 % des aliments cultivés dans le monde ne sont pas consommés.Avec son application Too Good to Go, Lucie Basch est une entrepreneuse à l&aposimpact positif qui a décidé d’agir pour changer les choses. Mais le démarrage de l&aposentreprise n&aposa pas été facile, et cela lui a permis d&aposapprendre beaucoup de choses sur elle-même.J&aposai été stupéfait par la volonté et le succès de ma dernière invitée dans le podcast #PositiveLeadership. Ensemble, nous avons parlé de la mobilisation de l&aposénergie positive pour développer une entreprise sociale rentable. 
21/06/23·48m 11s

Improving your focus (with Dandapani)

Purpose. Focus. Simplify. Sacrifice.For Hindu priest, entrepreneur and master of meditation, Dandapani, the ability to focus is essential for living a purposeful life.On this week’s episode of the #PositiveLeadership Podcast, JP learns about the practical techniques for defeating distraction in a busy world. Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe.
07/06/23·40m 38s

Creating purpose-driven teams (with Ranjay Gulati)

For Ranjay Gulati, the pursuit of profits without purpose is no longer a sustainable business model.But taking purpose beyond a statement and embedding it into teams takes work - and it starts with yourself as a leader.In this episode of Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the Harvard Business School professor dedicated to unlocking purpose at work. 
24/05/23·42m 59s

Embracing Positive Psychology (with Ilona Boniwell)

What are your best strengths and how do you feel when you talk about them?On this episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to one of Europe’s leading practitioners of positive psychology, Dr. Ilona Boniwell, who helps him to understand his core strengths with a set of cards.Listen now - and hit the subscribe button if you haven&apost already.
10/05/23·46m 57s

[FR] Un chemin de vie (avec Perla Servan-Schreiber)

La cuisine est bien plus qu&aposune simple activité fonctionnelle : elle a une valeur culturelle, un pouvoir symbolique et une identité.La vie de Perla Servan-Schreiber, la dernière invitée du podcast Positive Leadership de JP, témoigne à bien des égards du pouvoir de guérison des rituels, tels que la cuisine ou la lecture de poèmes, et de la manière dont ils peuvent nous centrer et nous lier les uns aux autres.Perla a de merveilleuses idées à partager sur la manière dont nous pouvons tous aborder la vie avec un état d&aposesprit positif. Écoutez l&aposépisode en français maintenant.
26/04/23·45m 40s

Mastering Your Destiny (with Mellody Hobson)

Mellody Hobson’s mother used to tell her she could do anything if she put her mind to it. She taught her that everybody is capable of extraordinary things. In the latest episode of Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the inspiring American businesswoman, Co-CEO and president of Ariel Investments, and chair at Starbucks, about why and how “confident humility” has shaped who she is today.
12/04/23·47m 3s

Democratizing Opportunity (with Tony Elumelu)

Can democratizing opportunity uplift an entire continent?Tony O. Elumelu, the brilliant investor and philanthropist, is committed to showing Africa that it can.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP learns how Tony is shaping Africapitalism as a springboard for wider economic prosperity.
29/03/23·45m 47s

[FR] La science du leadership efficace (avec Dr Nadia Medjad)

Les êtres humains sont par essence des êtres sociaux. Nous pouvons nous comprendre sans dire un mot et nous sentir transportés et stimulés au sein de communautés soudés.Alors, comment la compréhension de la science des émotions et du cerveau peut-elle nous aider à devenir de meilleurs leaders ? Dans le dernier épisode du podcast Positive Leadership, JP discute avec la Dre Nadia Medjad, une chercheuse extraordinaire qui étudie le rôle des neurosciences dans l&aposespace de travail pour trouver des réponses. Écoutez-le dès maintenant !  
15/03/23·46m 44s

Revolutionizing Education (with Sal Khan)

What gets you up in the morning? For the American educator, Sal Khan, it all starts with a cold shower.Building and maintaining positive energy is important for Sal, who is revolutionizing education with Khan Academy, a free, non-profit platform with more than 145 million users in 190 countries.Listen to JP’s conversation with Sal to hear more about how he turned an idea from a family phone call into a global phenomenon.
01/03/23·43m 5s

Building a culture of trust (with Stephen M. R. Covey)

Trust is fundamental to a healthy society and thriving teams, so what practical steps can leaders take to build it?To answer this question, JP is joined by Stephen M. R. Covey, a leading authority on trust and the bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust”.Listen to the latest episode of The Positive Leadership podcast to hear why leadership today is defined by those who trust.
15/02/23·36m 30s

Thriving Through Reading (with Rana Dajani)

Every human has potential. But every human needs trust and confidence to fulfil it.In JP’s latest Positive Leadership podcast, he is joined by Dr. Rana Dajani, a world leading research scientist and founder of We Love Reading, an NGO which has established more than 4,000 libraries across the world.Rana’s mission is to embody what she calls, the “I can” mindset, through the power of reading, to ensure everyone thrives, not just survives.Listen now, and don’t forget to subscribe.
01/02/23·37m 59s

The Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)

Reshma Saujani builds social movements by telling other people&aposs stories. Because in her mind, when people feel seen, and not alone, they can connect to a bigger goal and work towards it.In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the founder of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for Mums about the practical steps you can take to start your own social impact movement.
18/01/23·40m 19s

Positive steps to powerful goals (Bonus Episode)

Where is your compass leading you? And importantly, how are you going to get there?The start of the year is an opportunity to take stock and consider where we are in our lives and where we want to head to. It’s a time to set or reset our destination with new goals, big or small, for our professionals and personal lives.In this special edition of the PositiveLeadership podcast, JP’s draws on conversations with some of his most inspirational guests to help you make this journey worthwhile.
04/01/23·26m 3s

Clarifying your thinking (with Luc de Brabandere)

If innovation is about changing the world, then creativity is about changing how you look at the world.For JP’s latest podcast guest, Luc de Brabandere, clarifying this fundamental difference can unlock positive energy for ourselves and others.Luc is one of the world’s leading corporate philosophers and an expert in using logic, critical thinking, and creativity in business. In this episode, he shares insight from a diverse career and his advice for navigating challenging digital environments.Listen to the podcast now, and don’t forget to let JP know your thoughts on social media.
14/12/22·43m 1s

[FR] À la tête d’une révolution de l’information (avec Hugo Travers)

« Dans un monde où l’information est partout et pas toujours exacte, il est plus important que jamais de pouvoir trouver des sources d’information fiables » et c’est exactement ce que fait Hugo Travers par le biais de sa chaîne YouTube, HugoDécrypte. JP a eu l’occasion de l’interviewer pour son podcast #PositiveLeadership afin d’en apprendre plus sur l’homme lui-même et sur l’importance indéniable du journalisme.
28/11/22·47m 39s

Unlocking your true potential (with Martha Lane Fox)

Opportunity gives us power to move forward, live with purpose, and reach our true potential.This is a belief that Baroness Martha Lane Fox and JP share passionately.In this episode, Martha – a pioneering tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, public servant, and Chancellor of the Open University – shares insight on why digital skilling is so important in today&aposs world, as well as the pivotal moments that defined her life&aposs purpose.Stream the full episode now - and don’t forget to let JP know on social media if it resonated with you!
16/11/22·43m 1s

Nurturing belonging and inclusion (with Amy Hood)

What does it mean to belong to an organization, to a team, to your colleagues?For JP’s latest #PositiveLeadership podcast guest, Amy Hood, belonging is a purpose in itself. Because when you feel like you belong, you feel brave enough to be yourself and do great things.In this episode, Amy focuses on her own personal leadership journey to becoming chief financial officer at Microsoft, how she learned to think like a leader, and ground herself to create bravery and positive energy in others.Listen to the conversation now and don’t forget to subscribe.
02/11/22·36m 27s

[FR] Développer le charisme et la résilience (avec le Dr Guila Clara Kessous)

Si le #PositiveLeadership est une science, c’est aussi un art. En effet, comme le grand art, le leadership consiste à donner vie à une vision, à susciter la réflexion et à inspirer l&aposaction.Je vous invite à découvrir le Dr Guila Clara Kessous, la toute dernière invitée du podcast #PositiveLeadership de JP. À bien des égards, elle est un lien entre les deux mondes.Nommée comme artiste de l&aposUNESCO pour la paix en 2012, le Dr Kessous est une militante des droits de l&aposhomme. Elle allie la psychologie positive et des techniques de théâtre pour aider à gagner en charisme et en résilience.Qu’il s’agisse d’aider les victimes de génocide et de déplacement à surmonter les traumatismes ou d’aider les hauts dirigeants d’entreprise à devenir plus accessibles, nous pouvons tous apprendre de son expérience. Écoutez l’épisode complet dès maintenant et n’oubliez pas de vous abonner.
19/10/22·42m 3s

Reinventing capitalism for impact (with Sir Ronald Cohen)

How can you help an entire industry to transform and do more good in the world … especially one as profit-driven as the venture capital industry?In this episode, JP learns the answer to this question from Sir Ronald Cohen, or Ronnie. Known as the “father of impact investment”, Ronnie is a compassionate capitalist dedicated to relentlessly during the transformation of the corporate world, and lives by a simple principle: Do Good. Do well. His ambition, passion, innovative thinking and powerful conviction is something we can all learn from. Listen to the full episode now. 
04/10/22·39m 37s

Living with urgency (with Bozoma Saint John)

Join JP and former Netflix CMO, author and entrepreneur Bozoma Saint John for a powerful conversation. In this episode, Boz shares with us the life experiences that shaped her, but also importantly, the lessons she learned, so that we can also learn from them and grow. She also shared many other wonderful stories, like walking into Spike Lee’s office as a 23 year old and fighting to get Beyonce on stage at the Superbowl. This is really an episode you won’t want to miss. Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe.
20/09/22·41m 9s

Finding your True North (with Bill George)

Season 4 of the Positive Leadership podcast is here! We are getting started with a wonderful guest: Bill George, a former business executive best known for his books about finding your True North as a leader. Listen to the full episode now to hear the incredibly open, personal and insightful conversation between JP and Bill. Feel free to let JP know on social media about which parts resonated with you most, and don’t forget to subscribe. It’s going to be a great season. 
07/09/22·37m 6s

The Best of Positive Leadership and The World

How can I make a positive impact on the world? This is a question we often ask ourselves, but struggle to resolve when thinking about the bigger picture.In the final Positive Leadership ‘Best Of’ episode, JP and guests share the personal stories and advice that helped them to find the passion and purpose within themselves to start making a difference.Featuring thoughts from Professor Herminia Ibarra, Dr. Iffat Zafar, Vincent Stanley, and Michael Bungay Stanier, this episode covers the practical steps some of the world’s top leaders and coaches take to make a positive impact on the world.Listen to the full episode now.
08/08/22·24m 24s

The Best of Positive Leadership and Others

In the last episode, we focused on being more positive with ourselves. This week, it’s all about improving our relationships with others. Why is this so important? Because by having more positive connections with those around us, we enable both ourselves and others to thrive, especially when we are in a leadership position. As leaders, we have the opportunity to help others to dream more, do more and become more. That&aposs why this episode is filled with tips from some of the world&aposs top leaders and coaches -  like Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll, Microsoft EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer Kathleen Hogan, Michael Bungay Stanier, Professor Herminia Ibarra, and my own manager: Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella.
25/07/22·20m 46s

The Best of Postive Leadership and Me

JP started this podcast because he knew Positive Leadership could help us to:  Transform our relationship with our ourselves Have stronger connections with others Make a bigger positive impact on society  It’s this ripple impact that makes Positive Leadership both so powerful and so simple to practice in our daily lives. And that’s why he&aposs put together three ‘Best Of’ episodes, each focusing on one of the areas above. This first episode, The Best of Positive Leadership and Me, features just over 20 minutes of top tips for becoming a better, healthier, more mindful, resilient, and self-compassionate version of yourself – from previous guests Michael Bungay Stanier, Arianna Huffington, Kevin Johnson, Audrey Tang and Kim Cameron.  
13/07/22·23m 13s

[FR] Libérer la magie humaine pour réussir (avec Hubert Joly)

Quand Hubert Joly a pris les rênes de Best Buy en devenant son PDG en 2012, la société traversait une très mauvaise passe.  Mais il savait que quelque chose pouvait renverser la situation : la magie humaine.Dans cet épisode du podcast, Hubert a raconté à JP raconté cette histoire incroyable : comment il avait réussi à transformer Best Buy en s&aposappuyant sur les collaborateurs de l&aposentreprise, en les écoutant, en renouant des liens avec eux et en créant un environnement dans lequel ils pouvaient s&aposépanouir.Il nous a aussi expliqué ses cinq principes de « management avec prise de sens » qui peuvent nous permettre à tous de commencer à libérer cette magie humaine dans nos propres équipes.Si vous voulez en savoir plus, écoutez cet épisode ou lisez le livre d&aposHubert « L&aposentreprise, une affaire de cœur » : https://livre.fnac.com/a16352022/Hubert-Joly-L-entreprise-une-affaire-de-coeur-Liberer-la-magie-humaine-au-service-du-bien-commun
27/06/22·39m 56s

Growing through personal disruption (with Whitney Johnson)

Can we approach self-growth like business growth? Can we ‘climb our mountains’ and achieve growth through personal disruption – in the same way that disruptive innovation transforms industries? And can we grow so much that we become the ‘keystone species’ for those we manage, feeding their own growth and development?  JP&aposs latest #PositiveLeadership guest, best-selling author, leading business thinker and former Wall Street analyst @Whitney Johnson, certainly believes so.  Listen to the full episode to learn all about her seven-step method for achieving this high-growth.  
15/06/22·33m 8s

Donner des moyens aux nounous qui façonnent la nouvelle génération (avec Maïmonatou Mar)

L&aposan dernier, Maïmonatou Mar était mon invitée spéciale lors de l&aposépisode avec Satya Nadella, à qui elle a posé une excellente question de la part de tous les entrepreneurs #PositiveImpact.La semaine dernière, JP a eu l&aposoccasion d&aposenregistrer tout un épisode avec Maï lors du Festival Génération Impact de Live for Good et il a pu en savoir davantage sur son parcours personnel en tant que cofondatrice de @Gribouilli.Cette entreprise sociale aide les nounous à progresser professionnellement et leur donne les moyens de mieux collaborer avec les parents sur des programmes efficaces d&aposéducation de la petite enfance. La discussion a été fantastique, grâce à la passion de Maï et à l&aposincroyable énergie qu&aposelle a déployée pendant l&aposévénement.
09/06/22·34m 24s

Réinventer le leadership politique (avec Alice Barbe)

Lorsque vous aidez les autres et que vous leur donnez les moyens de s&aposépanouir et de laisser leur empreinte sur le monde, vous multipliez votre #PositiveImpact de façon exponentielle.Alice Barbe, avec qui JP a discuté en direct lors au Festival Génération Impact de Live for Good, le prouve abondamment. Alice a travaillé 10 ans comme cofondatrice de SINGA, une organisation internationale convaincue que donner des moyens aux migrants et les mettre au contact de projets utiles est la clé de l&aposinnovation sociale et économique. Récemment, elle a lancé une nouvelle organisation, Academy for Future Leaders, dont le but est de créer une nouvelle génération de dirigeants politiques divers et bien enracinés qui transformeront le monde. Écoutez cet épisode pour en savoir davantage sur Alice et notamment sur la façon dont son parcours l&aposa aidée à devenir le leader qu&aposelle est aujourd&aposhui. 
09/06/22·33m 18s

Bonus WEF Episode: Eliminating poverty through green energy (with Dr. Rajiv Shah)

JP&aposs third bonus WEF guest is Dr. Rajiv Shah.Rajiv has spent his career helping to solve many of society’s greatest issues – working to immunize the world with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, serving as the Administrator of USAID under President Obama.And now, as President of The Rockefeller Foundation, he is bringing green energy to people all around the world through the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet, which aims to provide an onramp to opportunity for 1 billion people, while averting carbon emissions, expanding energy access, and creating jobs in the process.Listen to the episode to hear all about his work, his passion and his dedication.
26/05/22·18m 48s

Bonus WEF episode: Transforming healthcare through self-management (with Jos de Blok)

JP&aposs next guest, Jos de Blok, doesn’t believe in management.So how is he a Positive Leader?Because he believes in empowering employees by giving them the freedom to develop their own skills and careers, and providing quality coaching when needed. It’s why he created the self-managed model that has allowed his community healthcare organization Buurtzorg to transform the Dutch healthcare industry, become one of the country’s top employers, and touch the lives of patients all around the world. JP was so inspired by the conversation they had in WEF, and is sure you will be too!
25/05/22·15m 5s

Bonus WEF Episode: Being a cultural translator (with Cheryl Dorsey)

In the first of 3 bonus, bite-sized episodes, JP talks to Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green, about how she is changing the world by being a &aposcultural translator&apos - someone who brings different classes, races, ideas together to create a more equitable, sustainable and just world. This episode was recorded on-location at WEF 22 in Davos!
24/05/22·19m 1s

Generating positive energy as a leader (with Kim Cameron)

This episode had some very special moments for JP.Firstly, he got to speak with the person who wrote the book that introduced him to the concept of Positive Leadership: Kim Cameron.He also learned some valuable tips about creating stronger, more authentic relationships with teams, even when delivering negative feedback.And finally, he had the opportunity to do the Reflected Best Self Exercise with Kim, which involved hearing from significant people in his life about times when he had a positive impact on them.Don’t miss this episode. Listen now to learn along with JP. 
16/05/22·40m 0s

[FR] Être le plus fidèle possible à soi-même (Pauline Laigneau)

Que faire lorsque la vie vous force à prendre un autre chemin ? Si vous avez un état d&aposesprit positif, comme c&aposest le cas de Pauline Laigneau, l&aposinvitée de cet épisode, vous vous en servez comme d&aposune chance pour réévaluer vos objectifs et devenir encore plus fidèle à vous-même. C&aposest ainsi qu&aposelle est passée d&aposétudes qui la destinaient à devenir fonctionnaire à un rôle d&aposentrepreneure influente, décidée à aider les autres à être les plus fidèles possible à eux-mêmes. Ne manquez pas sa conversation passionnante avec JP, dans laquelle ils discutent de toutes sortes de choses, depuis l&aposimportance des mentors jusqu&aposà ce qui fait de Gladiator l&aposun des meilleurs exemples de #PositiveLeadership au cinéma !
04/05/22·45m 9s

Being a changemaker (with Bill Drayton, Ashoka Founder and CEO)

This week&aposs Positive Leadership Podcast guest is JP has long admired: Bill Drayton, the founder of  Ashoka and widely considered to be the father of #SocialEntrepreneurship.We can all learn so much from Bill about leading purpose-led individuals and empowering them to turn their ideas into actions that make an impact. And we can all be inspired by his deep belief that everyone is a Changemaker – capable of solving the problems that they see in the world around them.Listen to the full episode now.
20/04/22·36m 58s

Empowering people to achieve more (with Kathleen Hogan)

What do you say when you get a call from Satya Nadella himself, asking you to help him transform a culture?Luckily for Microsoft, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Kathleen Hogan said yes. From that moment on, she became an integral part of the journey that brought a new purpose, growth mindset and manager expectations to the company.In this episode, JP heads to the Microsoft Redmond campus to speak to Kathleen in-person. Listen now to hear her insights on celebrating failure, the importance of managers, being a working parent and more.
05/04/22·38m 58s

Becoming a courageous leader (with Paul Polman, ex-Unilever CEO and IMAGINE Co-Founder)

It takes real courage to be purpose-driven leader, who ensures that their team and company has a Net Positive impact on the world. So how can we be courageous leaders? This episode’s guest, Paul Polman, is the perfect person to help us answer this question.Not only has Paul recently written a book about it, but he has also demonstrated immense courage himself – such as when he launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to decouple the company&aposs growth from its environmental impact.Tune in to hear all the advice he shared with JP.
24/03/22·43m 51s

Transforming organizational culture (with Herminia Ibarra)

Welcome back to a brand new season of the Positive Leadership Podcast! We are kicking off with someone JP knows very well: Herminia Ibarra – academic, thought leader and author. JP first met Herminia while he was leading a massive transformation of Microsoft’s sales organization. Five years later, he has become one of the case studies in her MBA classes, and they are reuniting in this episode to reflect on that time together, draw out lessons from the experience, and discover more actionable insights about leadership and change management.
08/03/22·35m 29s

The Best of Season 2 (with Jean-Philippe Courtois)

Why are we better leaders when we get enough sleep or smile at strangers? How can we coach others to greatness by being lazy? And how do we use both our strengths and our weaknesses to start movements that change the world?Listen to this special ‘Best Of’ episode, featuring JP’s favorite moments from Season 2, to learn the answer to all of these questions and more.This episode uses clips from Michael Bungay Stanier, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, Akhtar Badshah, Arianna Huffington and Jeroo Billimoria.
16/02/22·18m 57s

[FR] Créer un futur positif (avec Jacques Attali)

Pour ce dernier épisode en français de la saison 2, JP discute avec Jacques Attali de la façon dont nous pouvons créer un avenir meilleur pour nous-mêmes, pour le monde et pour la prochaine génération. Ne manquez pas cette occasion unique d’apprendre de quelqu’un qui, tout au long d&aposune carrière longue et riche, a participé activement à de nombreuses discussions qui ont changé la face de divers pays et du monde, qui a côtoyé des dirigeants internationaux légendaires et qui est considéré comme l’un de nos plus grands penseurs mondiaux. 
31/01/22·46m 47s

Changing the world (with Dr. Iffat Zafar, Wendy Gonzalez and Emmanuel Ekwueme)

Our final English episode of Season 2 features a big surprise: JP is speaking to not just one, but three incredible guests! Say hello to Dr. Iffat Zafar (co-founder and COO of Sehat Kahani), Wendy Gonzalez (CEO of Sama) and Emmanuel Ekwueme (CEO of ICE Commercial Power). While they all have very different lives and backgrounds, they are united by the fact that they have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place as social entrepreneurs. Learn more in this special season finale of the Positive Leadership Podcast.
18/01/22·58m 6s

Creating and scaling social impact (with Jeroo Billimoria)

Welcome to the first episode of 2022! We’re starting off the year with a truly inspiring guest, Jeroo Billimoria.She has been a serial social entrepreneur for over 20 years, focusing on empowering youth. She is also an Ashoka and Schwab Fellow.Listen to her conversation with JP to become energized by her strong sense of duty, her endless optimism, and of course, her wealth of knowledge on being a changemaker.
22/12/21·1h 4m

[FR] Aspirer à toujours s'améliorer (avec Justine Hutteau)

Cofondatrice de Respire, ultra marathonienne et gagnante du prix Forbes « 30 Under 30 », Justine Hutteau se joint à JP pour discuter de l’importance de se faire entendre même si on pourrait avoir tort et de ne pas rechercher la perfection, mais plutôt d’aspirer à toujours s’améliorer.
21/12/21·53m 32s

Learning to thrive (with Arianna Huffington)

This week, JP welcomes a very special guest: Arianna Huffington! What does “success” mean to one of the world’s most inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs? And what are her tips on how to achieve it?Listen to the episode to find out. Hint: the answer involves quality sleep, 60-second resets and the importance of giving.
07/12/21·56m 56s

Enabling greatness around you (with Michael Bungay Stanier)

JP will never forget the time he was coached live on stage, in front of thousands of Microsoft employees, by one of the world’s leading coaches: MBS. The experience was both humbling and empowering – it showed JP the full extent of the impact that a great coach could make.In this episode, JP and MBS reconnect to discuss the steps we can all take to become that great coach – for ourselves and the people around us.
21/11/21·59m 52s

Activating Purpose Mindsets (with Akhtar Badshah)

Every one of us has a purpose mindset – a true desire to do good and to contribute to society’s wellbeing. But how do you activate it, both in yourself and in those you lead, so that you can make a real impact?Listen to JP’s conversation with old friend and colleague, Akhtar Badshah, to find out.
08/11/21·54m 19s

Understanding love and positivity in leadership (with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson)

Welcome to Season Two! To kick things off, JP chats to one of the great pioneers of Positive Leadership: Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. Want to know how the science of ‘love’ can help us connect to our teams? Or why speaking to strangers creates so much positive energy? Listen to this special episode now to continue learning with JP.
26/10/21·57m 45s

[FR] Favoriser la passion et l’innovation (avec Clara Gaymard, cofondatrice de RAISE)

D’origine franco-danoise, Clara a géré des accords commerciaux gigantesques, neuf enfants et des milliers d&aposemployés. Aujourd&aposhui, elle est cofondatrice de RAISE et du mouvement pour une économie bienveillante. Dans ce podcast, Jean-Philippe partage avec nous l&aposinspirante histoire de Clara Gaymard, femme entrepreneur qui « n&aposa jamais su ce qu&aposelle voulait faire quand elle serait grande ».
12/10/21·50m 4s

Learning to ‘always compete’ (with Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Head Coach)

In the English season finale, JP chats to NFL legend and head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll. Learn how Pete’s philosophy of ‘Always Compete’ drives everything he does, from protecting his team and promoting a culture of &aposno excuses&apos, to always showing up early and making time for the wider community. It even helps him take on the hypothetical challenge of coaching an EPL team. Thank you, Coach Carroll, and go Hawks!
27/09/21·49m 12s

Leading with purpose (with Vincent Stanley)

If there’s one person who can teach us about building and leading responsible organizations, it’s Vincent Stanley – Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy and Chief Storyteller, who has been with the iconic company since its beginning. Listen in as JP and Vincent discuss how to create a ‘collective consciousness’, the difference between feeling empowered and being empowered, and more – despite a huge storm coming Vincent&aposs way!
14/09/21·47m 7s

[FR] Lancer une entreprise à mission (avec Pierre Dubuc Cofounder and CEO OpenClassrooms)

Âgé de 32 ans, le Français Pierre Dubuc est le CEO et cofondateur d&aposOpenClassrooms, la première école diplômante en ligne. Sa mission : rendre l&aposéducation accessible à tous. Dans ce podcast Pierre nous parle de la découverte de sa mission à l&aposâge de 11ans, de son propre style de leadership, de ses héros et de l&aposéchec. Dès leur 1ère rencontre JP a su que Pierre était un authentique entrepreneur à mission qui s’engage pour le bien commun, un véritable leader positif qui peut changer le monde. 
06/09/21·41m 0s

Finding meaning in your work (with Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO)

In this special episode, JP chats to his own direct manager: Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen in on a conversation between these two Microsoft execs, as they discuss everything from confronting your own fixed mindset and redefining empathy at work to their shared childhood passion for sports. The episode also features a cameo appearance from social entrepreneur Maïmonatou Mar, who asked a question on behalf of young leaders everywhere. 
24/08/21·37m 41s

Engineering happiness for yourself and others (with Mo Gawdat)

Can a simple equation help you achieve happiness? Why is life about being the best gamer you can be? And why do good leaders ensure that employees bring their negative emotions to work? Listen to the episode to hear Mo Gawdat – entrepreneur, former Google X exec and author of ‘Solve for Happy’ – answer all these questions and more.
10/08/21·47m 4s

Living your purpose in work and in life (with Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO)

This episode’s guest and JP go way back. JP first met Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson at Microsoft in 2003, where he was JP’s manager. Join these two ‘friends for life’ as they chat about servant leadership, why every Starbucks meeting starts with a coffee tasting, Kevin’s personal mission to ‘do things that are joyful’ – and even learning transcendental meditation at Ringo Starr’s birthday party.  
29/07/21·30m 10s

Positive Leadership and its foundation in positive psychology (with Dr. Audrey Tang)

Say hello to JP’s first guest: chartered psychologist and author Dr. Audrey Tang. Listen as JP and Audrey explore how Positive Leadership has its roots in positive psychology – and how psychology can help you become a better leader unconsciously, be more empathetic, deal with emotional vampires and more. Also make sure you join the ‘moment of mindfulness’ at the end! 
13/07/21·50m 37s

Introducing Positive Leadership

Do you want to ignite your positive energy and then project it to others around you? To ensure that others are excited to work with you? And to unleash your potential as leader and maximize your impact on the world? If yes, listen to our first episode to hear JP explain why Positive Leadership is for you. You’ll also hear more about the key moment in his career that changed everything, his plans for the podcast, and a sneak preview of the conversations to come. 
06/07/21·4m 34s
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