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As the world of media, marketing and advertising becomes increasingly complex, marketers are under more pressure than ever to make smart decisions and fast. Unmuddled is here to lend a helping hand by unpicking the key headlines, simplifying the growing complexities in the industry, and highlighting the trends and insights to fuel your marketing decisions.


Episode 15: Thriving in a transformed working world

In this episode, a group of brilliant females from TKF's digital department sit down to share their experiences of starting advertising careers during the pandemic, how it has positively shaped how they work today and what they think the future holds for hybrid working.
30/05/2326m 32s

Episode 14: Will personalisation feel the greatest impact from AI in the digital marketing world?

The Kite Factory's digital team recently had a debate about what area of digital advertising will see the greatest impact from AI technology. Debate winners Iona, Maria, Patrick, Emily and Richard join MP for Digital, Ben Foster, to share why they believe their choice of personalisation will feel the greatest impact from AI in the digital advertising world.
19/04/2319m 21s

Episode 13: What does AI technology mean for marketers?

In this episode, Head of Planning Christian Taylor and MP for Digital Ben Foster sit down to discuss the world of AI technology, its role in transforming the way we work as marketers and their advice for integrating AI to enhance campaign efficiencies. 
19/01/2321m 44s

Episode 12: Finding growth in the Regular Giving model with CARE International

In this episode, Head of Planning Christian Taylor, Strategy Director Charley Day, and Head of Individual Giving at CARE International Becki Young sit down to discuss the findings from our recent Regular Giving whitepaper report, how charities can find growth in the Regular Giving model and the opportunities available for charities wanting to attract Regular Giving in 2023. Download the whitepaper here.
11/01/2321m 47s

Episode 11: The complicated world of digital measurement

In this episode, Head of Digital Operations Gabby Krite, Head of Data Guy Hancox, and Senior Digital Account Executive Noora Valtonen sit down to talk about the complicated world of reporting in digital and how we can get the best out of our data.
15/11/2220m 28s

Episode 10: Search horror stories

Happy Halloween! In this extra spooky episode, Head of Search Niki Grant, Digital Account Director Jodie Brookton and Digital Account Manager Tobie Jackson sit down to share their best search horror stories.
31/10/2220m 19s

Episode 9: Blunt Truths, Sharper Strategies - What we discovered at EffWorks 2022

In this episode, Managing Partner for Strategy Rik Moore and Head of Planning Christian Taylor sit down to discuss the big headlines and key talking points from EffWorks 2022.
19/10/2224m 43s

Episode 8: The world of Search Automation with Squared.io

Following our recent guide on the Five ways brands can thrive in the age of Search automation, Niki and Jodie sit down with Kirsten Pistor, VP of Operations at Squared.io, to unmuddle the world of Automation, it's benefits and why it’s seen such a boom in Search.
15/09/2225m 34s

Episode 7: International Day of Charity with WaterAid

In celebration of International Day of Charity, Rik and Charly sit down with WaterAid’s Supporter Exploration & Influencing Lead, Wanji Wambari Kairu, to discuss the current state of charity in the UK, the future of charitable giving and why trust is a crucial metric for NGOs.
02/09/2228m 15s

Episode 6: A conversation on Cookies with Accord Marketing

Following our recent New Era of Measurement event, Gabby and Niki are joined by Dan Ward, Head of Performance at partner agency Accord Marketing, to unmuddle the overwhelming and complicated topic of cookies. 
17/08/2230m 43s

Episode 5: What will be the most important digital marketing platform in 2 years?

The digital marketing space is ever-changing, with the likes of Meta, Amazon and TikTok evolving their offer to brands at what feels like rapid speed. In this episode we hear from the winning team from a recent TKF debate, as they share why they think TikTok will be the most important digital marketing platform in 2 years time. Read all the arguments in our debate roundup article here.
02/08/2214m 18s

Episode 4: Planning for Attention

Christian and Lydia sit down to discuss the theory and findings from our latest insight report and how marketeers can use attention to inform media investment decisions. Download the report here: Planning for Attention in a fragmented media landscape » The Kite Factory (thekitefactorymedia.com)
12/07/2213m 39s

Episode 3: The DTC Playbook with Mike Stevens

In this episode, Christian chats with DTC entrepreneur, consultant and the author of 'The Direct to Consumer Playbook' Mike Stevens about his founding stories at Innocent drinks and confectionery business Peppersmith, the challenges facing DTC entrepreneurs and advice for brands looking to scale in 2022. Purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Direct-Consumer-Playbook-Stories-Strategies/dp/1398605425
17/05/2228m 52s

Episode 2: The Great Purpose Debate

We are big advocates of purpose here at The Kite Factory, but it's always good to challenge our own assumptions. In this episode, Niki, Charley and Christian sit down to discuss whether every organisation needs a brand purpose, the best examples and their most valuable advice when it comes to building and communicating an authentic 'why'. 
14/04/2222m 51s

Episode 1: Unpicking the IPA's Making Sense Report

In this pilot episode, Rik, Niki and Christian sit down to unpack the IPA's aptly named Making Sense report, and what this means for marketers within the current commercial media landscape.  https://ipa.co.uk/knowledge/documents/making-sense-the-commercial-media-landscape-fourth-edition
18/03/2217m 26s
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