Marathon Talk

Marathon Talk

By Martin Yelling and Tom Williams

By runners, for runners - Marathon Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to keeping you on the inside track to successful running. Experienced multi-sport athletes Martin Yelling and Tom Williams discuss interesting and topical issues from the world of marathon running and along with regular guest interviews provide all the inspiration, motivation and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.


Episode 552 - Carla Molinaro

On this week’s show Holly speaks to new LEJOG WR holder Carla Molinaro who capped off a week of stunning FKTs, it’s a stacked elite field at the Podium 5k, there is a new Ironman WR, we launch our new Limited Edition dog bandana, you rate your runs and flash your kit around the world.
05/08/201h 13m

Episode 551 - Matt Majendie

On this week’s show, London is still on hold, Garmin was down, Damian Hall goes super fast over the Pennine Way and Beth Pascal goes super super fast on the Bob Graham Round. Martin interviews The Evening Standards and BBC Blood Sport Matt Majendie, you rate your runs and share your Marathon Talk Kit around the world.
29/07/201h 10m

Episode 550 - Vybarr Cregan-Reid

Tom’s back in the studio, Tony’s on a mission, Hamburg might not be happening, some marathons are off, some are in the balance, but in good news there’s a return to road racing in Northern Ireland. Plus, Martin speaks to Vybarr Cregan-Reid about how running makes us human.
22/07/201h 30m

Episode 549 - Rob Deering

On this week’s show Tony and Holly talk Cornwall, crab sandwiches and running sessions and massive vultures. Martin speaks to comedian and author Rob Deering about his new book, Running Tracks. The women’s Wainwrights Fastest Known Time is smashed, more big marathons are cancelled, plus you rate your runs and share your kit around the World. 
15/07/201h 15m

Episode 548 - Pete Simpson

On this week’s show, Martin is joined by Anji. We talk injury recovery and acceptance. Wilson Kipsang is hit with a four year ban, there’s a record smashed on the John Muir Way and parkrun is back in New Zealand (whoop!). Holly interviews runner Pete Simpson about his heart stopping race and recovery. Plus you guys rate your run and share your kit around the World.  
08/07/201h 15m

Episode 547 - Mike Jones

On this week’s show Tony interviews Peak District FKT running Mike Jones, NYC is off but Hamburg Marathon is on (kinda), Mo Farah has his sights set on the one hour WR, the British Champs will go ahead behind closed doors. Get well soon Geoffrey Kamworow Plus, you guys Rate Your Runs and rock your Kit Around the House.
01/07/201h 18m

Episode 546 - Dr Greg Potter

Martin speaks to Health and Performance Consultant, Dr Greg Potter, Tom’s got Tuesday legs from his nearly-downhill (not)parkrun, the London Marathon might still happen later this year, and Eilish McColgan looks forward to Tokyo.
24/06/201h 17m

Episode 545 - Stephen Scullion

On this week’s show Holly is feeling down and needs some Marathon Talk love. Holly speaks to Northern Irish marathon runner Stephen Scullion, the Great North Run is cancelled, Brendan Foster gives his views on London going ahead, UKA are looking for a new boss! You rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the corner from your house.
17/06/201h 16m

Episode 544 - Amelia Boone

On this week’s show Martin and Tony host. Holly interviews world champion obstacle racer and endurance athlete Amelia Boone, eight treadmill world records are broken in a single day, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the corner from your house.
10/06/201h 22m

Episode 543 - Cheryl Winn

On this week’s show, Boston Marathon is cancelled, you can join Kipchoge in a virtual marathon, Tom interviews Chair of the Comrades Marathon Association (and 1982 Champion) Cheryl Winn. plus you guys Rate Your Runs and rock your Kit Around the House.
03/06/201h 25m

Episode 542 - Tanya Franks

Martin speaks to Eastenders, Broadchurch, and Pulling actress, and Dementia Revolution marathoner Tanya Franks, Tom’s back in the studio, the Ingebrigtsens are back in action, London’s touch and go, plus you guys Rate Your Runs and rock your Kit Around the House.
27/05/201h 12m

Episode 541 - Flora Beverley

On this week’s show the Dublin Marathon is cancelled, Holly speaks to blogger and adventure runner Flora Beverley, Zach Bitter breaks the 100 mile WR on a TREADMILL!!! Tony is back with his Trials, we talk lockdown leaving killing sessions, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the house.
20/05/201h 29m

Episode 540 - Dr Simon Marshall

On this week’s show Tony and Anji are in the Marathon Talk house. Martin interviews sports psychologist and Brave Athlete author Dr Simon Marshall, there are changes to the lockdown exercise rules, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the house.
13/05/201h 16m

Episode 539 - Lily Partridge and Ben Connor

On this week’s show, Holly catches up with GB International marathoner Lily Partridge and 10000m elite Ben Connor about life in lockdown, there’s a further suspension of UK athletics competitions, there is a new 5k WR (kinda), Garmin sheds some light into how Europeans are exercising during the Civid-19, Tony's here with his trials, plus you guys Rate Your Runs and rock your Kit Around the House.
06/05/201h 14m

Episode 538 - Gaz Banford

Martin speaks to the incredible Gaz Banford about performing under stress, there’s news from the 2.6 Challenge and London might go elites only. Tom’s back in his shed, Martin's also been relay-running with Liz, plus you guys Rate Your Runs and rock your Kit Around the House.
29/04/201h 19m

Episode 537 - John McAvoy

On this week’s show UK Athletics report the passing of Performance Director Neil Black at the weekend, it should have been Boston last weekend and London this weekend, instead you can do the 2.6 challenge. Martin speaks to former high profile armed robber who found redemption through the power of sport, John McAvoy, about running in lockdown, Tony is here with his trials, you rate your runs and you share your marathon talk kit around the house.
22/04/201h 17m

Episode 536 - Lucy Jones

On this week’s show Anji and Tony host. Jaybird sponsor the show. Martin interviews author of ‘Losing eden’ Lucy Jones, there's a training talk reflecting on injury and running during the COVID-19 lockdown, you rate your runs and you share your marathon talk kit around the house.
15/04/201h 40m

Episode 535 - Giles Long

On this week’s show; thanks Jaybird! Holly is in the kitchen and Martin is in his shed, Tom Williams interviews retired GB Paralympic swimmer Giles Long, we are joined once again by the wonderful Marathon Talk community live on the gram, we talk about the positives we can take from the current situation and you flash your kit around the house.
08/04/201h 19m

Episode 534 - Knox Robinson

This week's show is sponsored by wireless running headphone specialists, Jaybird. From the beginning, Jaybird earphones have been designed with the needs of runners in mind. Also, we’re both stuck in our sheds, the world is in lock-down, however we are joined by the wonderful Marathon Talk community live on the gram, Martin speaks to the incredible Knox Robinson, and Training Talk.
01/04/201h 55m

Episode 533 - Elsey Davis

On this week’s show the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been postponed, the UK announce revised coronavirus lockdown measures, we talk tensions between running, social distancing and staying at home, you share some kit around the house pics, and Holly interviews marathon runner and GP Elsey Davis.
25/03/201h 16m

Episode 532 - Coronavirus and running

On this week’s show we talk about the impact of the coronavirus on the race calendar and running in general and offer some practical advice and positivity to help ride the storm, we talk to parkrun COO Tom Williams about his full on week, Tony’s got a few training ideas, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the world and your relentless positivity.   
18/03/201h 10m

Episode 531 - Pat Butcher

On this week’s show Martin interviews long time athletics writer and journalist Pat Butcher, the World Half Teams are announced after the Big Half, lots of marathons are cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus, Japan confirm their Olympic marathon teams, Plus, you guys Rate Your Runs and share your kit around the world.
11/03/201h 30m

Episode 530 - Ross Millington

Tony's here with his Trials and speaks to previous Night of the 10,000m PBs Champion (and about-to-be-first-time-marathoner) Ross Millington, the London Marathon introduce tail walkers, and Aly Dixon focuses on the process in Tokyo.
04/03/201h 4m

Episode 529 - Run Camp 2020

What a weekend! On this week’s show we reflect on our 7th annual Marathon Talk Run Camp and hear some stories from camp, Mo Farah is on BBC Panorama, The Tokyo Marathon is cancelled, there are some super quick times in Seville, we speak to Sarah Dudgeon and Max Livingstone who set racey PB's, it was the National XC Champs at the weekend and we look forward to the USA Olympic Trial this Saturday in Atlanta and Tony brings us his Trials!
26/02/201h 25m

Episode 528 - Sam Mollaghan

Martin speaks to This Girl Can Ambassador, Sam Mollaghan, there’s some blisteringly fast times in Armagh, and UKA lose their Chairman. Tom’s recovered his endurance mojo, sort of, and Holly's making a bid to become Marathon Talk’s next top model.
19/02/201h 30m

Episode 527 - Renee McGregor

On this week’s Holly spends far too much time in the gym, RD Renee McGregor answers all your nutrition questions, Jemma Reekie smashes 3 British records in 8 days, Sir Mo is out of the Big Half, Nike reveal the new Air Zoom Alpha Fly Zoom Next %, Cactus the MDS wonder dog won’t be racing this year, you wear your kit around the world and rate your runs.
12/02/201h 16m

Episode 526 - Sam Feltham

On this week’s show Martin and Tony are in the studio. Tom interviews director of the Public Health Collaboration UK Sam Feltham, them shoes got new rules, Reekie sets a new PB, Hawkins just misses out on sub 60 half marathon, Purdue and Arter are rapid, you rate your runs and share your Marathon Talk Kit around the world.
05/02/201h 31m

Episode 525 - Charlie Spedding

This week's show is sponsored by Let’s Do This, and we speak to Charlie Spedding about his incredible new book. Kenya try and select their Tokyo Olympic Marathon squad, Callum Hawkins is in the shed, yeah, right, you forgot your shoes, Dubai is crazy. Farah says yes to retest, there’s a new British record for Jake Wightman. You Rate Your Runs and share your Kit Around the World, and Thriva’s Training Talk looks at where you should be in a marathon build up at the end orJanuary.
29/01/201h 22m

Episode 524 - 10 years on

This weeks show is sponsored by Let's Do This. The Marathon Talk presenters answer your 10 year questions, London marathon’s elite fields are announced with Bekele versus Kipchoge and the most competitive race in years, you rate your runs and share your marathon talk kit around the world and Thriva’s training talk looks at hill sessions.
22/01/201h 24m

Episode 523 - Fergus Crawley (Part Two)

This week's show is sponsored by Let's Do This, there's two new world 10km records in Valencia plus plenty of GB PBs, Wilson Kipsang is busted, Mo speaks out about Salazar, and Bournemouth Uni have a running-related terror scare! Plus Holly speaks to Fergus Crawley in part two of this great interview.
15/01/201h 53m

Episode 522 - Welcome to 2020. Fergus Crawley (Part One)

On this week’s show, hello 2020! Let's Do This sponsor the show, we’ve made some New Year’s running resolutions, Kenya are picking their Olympic Marathon team early, Steve’s 43 year sub 5min mile streak comes to an end, there were some snappy parkruns over Christmas and are marathon efforts being normalised? You rate your run, wear your kit around the world, Thriva bring you Training Talk, Holly speaks to Movember runner Fergus Crawely and Tony is here with his Trials
08/01/201h 37m

Episode 521 - Steph Davies.

Happy New Year 2020! On this week's show we welcome in 2020 (briefly!) and Martin speaks to 2hr27min running British marathoner Steph Davies.
01/01/2034m 53s

Episode 520 - Happy Christmas with Holly, Martin, Tom and Tony.

Happy Christmas! It's a show with a difference this week as Holly, Martin, Tom and Tony sit down together to talk, laugh review running, pull crackers, tell terrible jokes and draw to a close the Marathon Talk year! Thank you for listening in 2019!
25/12/1951m 34s

Episode 519 - Andy Davies

On this week’s show Holly speaks to the newly crowned Vet 40 British Marathon record holder Andy Davies. Eliud Kipchoge sets his sights on London next year, Peter Snell dies at the age of 80, Plus you guys Rate Your Run but none of you rock your Kit Around the World.
18/12/191h 4m

Episode 518 - Anna McNuff

Holly speaks to adventurer, speaker and mischief maker, Anna McNuff, there's protests at Nike HQ, a new V60 female world marathon record just one month since the last one, Russia’s banned from major sporting events for another four years, and tickets for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics are selling out fast! Plus, Tony’s here with his latest Trials.
11/12/191h 29m

Episode 517 - Shelli Gordon

On this weeks show, what the Valencia! It’s records galore! A new 10k men’s world record, crazy fast debuts and the fastest top 4 women ever! Mo Farah is back on the track for Tokyo 2020, Martin interview's Spine Ultra finisher Shelli Gordon and you wear your kit around the world and rate your runs.
04/12/191h 18m

Episode 516 - Jess Piasecki

SOAR sponsor this week’s show (presented by Tony and Holly) and Tom speaks to the newly crowned third-fastest British female marathon runner of all time, Jess Piasecki. Plus, you Rate Your Runs and share your Kit Around the World.
27/11/191h 12m

Episode 515 - Hope Virgo

SOAR sponsor this week’s show, Martin speaks to mental health campaigner Hope Virgo, Kara Goucher pops her ultra cherry at the North Face 50, Anna McDuff runs 100 marathons barefoot in just 5 months, Jim Walmsley wins the World Mountain Champs and GB take home 4 medals in Argentina, Run Camp 2020 is about to sell out, plus you guys rock your Kit Around the World and Rate Your Runs.
20/11/191h 9m

Episode 514 - Tommy and Eoin Hughes

SOAR sponsor this week’s show, Martin speaks to Tommy and Eoin Hughes, we speak to Noel Thatcher about the World Para Athletics Championships, and Mary Cain speaks out about her time at the Nike Oregon Project. Run Camp 2020 is about to sell out, plus you guys rock your Kit Around the World and Rate Your Runs.
13/11/191h 44m

Episode 513 - Pete Stables

On this week’s show you could come to Run Camp 2020! We’re joined by Tim Soar, founder of Soar Running, Holly interviews Strength Coach and Power lifter Pete Stables, we talk about the New York marathon, Charlotte Purdue makes a complaint and the Salazar investigation continues. Inov 8 athlete Nicky Spinks has a new film out, you rate your run & wear your kit around the world.
06/11/191h 18m

Episode 512 - Dr Annemarie O'Connor

Tony and Holly look back on a big Autumn marathon weekend, with races in Frankfurt & Dublin, Camille Herron runs into the record books, and Martin interviews clinical psychologist Anne Marie O’Connor.
30/10/191h 19m

Episode 511 - Jared Goldman

On this week’s show we speak to Belarus runner Jared Goldman who ran from Minsk to Kažan-Haradok, the marathon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games moves location, the shoe debate rumbles on, the Big Dog Backyard ultra is slightly bonkers, Shalane Flanaghan retires, Eilish McColgan takes her Mum’s record at the Great South Run, you rate your run, wear your MT kit, Tony’s got a trials, and you could win a chance to spend Christmas at a French Chateau.
23/10/191h 31m

Episode 510 - Ed Caesar and the 1:59

What a weekend for running! On Saturday the world was captivated by the Ineos 159 challenge that saw Eliud Kipchoge become the first person to run a marathon distance in under 2hours, then, on Sunday in Chicago fellow Kenyan Brigid Kosgei obliterated Paula Radcliffe’s world record. We’re joined by Two Hours author and 1:59 commentator Ed Caesar to reflect. You can help get legendary Bruce Tulloh’s book 4 million footsteps back in print, Professor Andy Jones explains nitrates and endurance in Training Talk and Tony is here with his trials.
16/10/191h 50m

Episode 509 - Renee McGregor

Noel Thatcher joins us to discuss the final week’s action from the IAAF world championships in Doha, Holly follows up her interview with sports dietician Renee McGregor and Training Talk looks at getting injured in the run up to race day. And... as the dust settles, we delve into the four year ban for doping violations by Salazar and Brown.
09/10/191h 53m

Episode 508 - Paul Hobrough

Martin and Holly look back at events from the IAAF World champs in Doha, where it’s been hot... and quiet. The GOAT was hot and quick in Berlin, physio Paul Hobrough joins Anji to talk running injuries on this week's interview. Show sponsor Runderwear's founder Richard Edmonds drops into the studio, you rate your run and show off your kit around the world.
02/10/194h 1m

Episode 507 - Sanjay Rawal

On this weeks show we speak to 3100:Run and Become filmmaker Sanjay Rawal about seeking transcendence through running, we look forward to the women's marathon at the World Champs in Doha this Friday. Kipchoge enlists 42 pacemakers to help him break the 2hr marathon and Cheriot and Kastor are both out of Berlin Marathon this weekend. We choose our kit around the world, you rate your run and we discuss why you should be taking some downtime after a big race.
25/09/191h 28m

Episode 506 - Gerda Steyn

Tom speaks to current Comrades champion (and up-run record-holder) Gerda Steyn, Martin's back from the beach, we’re recording on a Friday so the news hasn’t happened yet, and Training Talk goes back to the 1950s.
18/09/191h 14m

Episode 505 - Julian Spence

On this weeks show Martin's been running the Great North Run, Tony’s been bonking, at the Great North Run Mo took a 6th PB win whilst the women’s saw a new fastest ever half marathon (kind of), Bekele looks to Berlin, but Griffiths is out of Doha World Champs marathon. But Australian marathoner Julian Spence is in and we speak to him. You rate your run and share your kit around the world. 
11/09/191h 21m

Episode 504 - Beth Pascall and UTMB.

On this week’s show Martin and Tony laugh. Holly catches up with some big names from last week’s Ultra Trail Mont Blanc including 5th placed women's finisher Beth Pascall, you rate your run, someone a bit special shares their kit round the world (and breaks the 50km world record!), we're joined by TRIBE sports nutrition founder Rob Martineau and you tell us how you got your running mojo back.
04/09/191h 44m

Episode 503 - Glen Turner

On this week’s show, Holly and Anji are in the hot seat; Tom catches up with parkrun Australia's Health Lead Glen Turner; Zach Bitter breaks the 100 mile WR in Wisconsin; David Rudisha has a narrow miss, and it’s a family affair for Yuki. In Training Talk, we discuss why all endurance runners should do strength work. Kit Around the World takes to the Gram, Rate Your Run is all over Twitter, and unlike last week, we remembered to include Facebook Friday, which is all about your running transformations.
28/08/191h 33m

Episode 502 - Dan Woodgate

We speak to the hugely inspirational Dan Woodgate, there’s controversy at the Tokyo test event for the Olympic triathlon, and Kipchoge talks breaking two. Training Talk talks breaking three... or four... or five, and Kit Around the World takes to the Gram. Plus, Rate Your Run is all over Twitter, and we completely forget about Facebook Friday.
21/08/191h 31m

Episode 501 - Renee McGregor

We announce the winners of our special Episode 500 runr kit bundle, do a special extra-long shout-out for your Kit Around the World, you Rate Your Run, Holly speaks to leading sports dietician Renee McGregor, Brett Larner shares a few thoughts on the Tokyo Olympic marathon route, distance running legend Kenenisa Bekele offers advice to his younger self, and a 14-year-old runs a 76-minute half marathon.
14/08/191h 12m

Episode 500 - Celebrating 500 with the Marathon Talk team!

On this week’s show we celebrate 500 episodes! We share some highlights, catch up with some of our favourite guests from the past including Paralympic Champions Noel Thatcher and Richard Whitehead and Hannah Corne, speak to our wonderful production team, bring you some never heard before hilarious show outtakes and Tony shares a priceless sing-along 500th show Yuki musical trials! You're in for treat!
07/08/191h 56m

Episode 499 - Sara Owczarczak-Garstecka.

Wow, it’s Episode 499, next week we hit the magical 500! It’s countdown to Tokyo 2020 with 1 year to go, Mo lines up the GNR again, Luke Traynor tests positive, Tom speaks to Sara Garstecka about dogs, running and dog bites, you send some splendid pics around world, rate you run, and perch on the podium.
31/07/191h 43m

Episode 498 - Steve Birkinshaw

Good news about the US Olympic Marathon Trials, and for Scottish marathoners, and for the BMC. Five Talents are putting on a great running weekend this October and are offering a chance to win complimentary places. Martin interviews English fellrunner, Steve Birkinshaw. Tony’s here with some Trials, and Facebook Friday peruses your Strava masterpieces.
24/07/191h 21m

Episode 497 - Paul Tierney

On this week’s show Martin is joined by Anji Andrews in hosting the show for the first time. There’s some super fast running on the track from Charlie Grice, a new women’s mile WR and a new women’s marathon WR (pushing a triple buggy!), Join the charity Five Talents at the Eden Project Marathon for free! In an extended interview Martin speaks to the quite incredible Wainwright record running Paul Tierney.
17/07/191h 33m

Episode 496 - John Kelly

On this week’s show, Holly speaks to the Barkley-marathon-finisher John Kelly, Tom’s breaks his non run streak and is back from the parkrun UK annual conference. Martin is back from a rather painful Strava Mile at the always-incredible Night of the 10,000m PBs, which also saw incredible racing from start to finish. Bernard Lagat breaks the US v40 marathon record in Australia…but is still only third fastest in his family!
11/07/191h 33m

Episode 495 - Caitriona Jennings

Tom speaks to this year’s Comrades 3rd female and 2012 Olympian Caitriona Jennings, Kipchoge confirms Vienna as his 1:59 venue, Jim Walmsley and Clare Gallagher light up the Western States 100, and the CWG in Birmingham is costing top dollar! Plus, you guys rock your Kit Around the World, climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, and Rate Your Run.
03/07/191h 18m

Episode 494 - Nic Bideau

Martin speaks to Australian Olympic coach Nic Bideau, Ali Brownlee runs his first marathon, as part of a sort-of-duathlon... and qualifies for the Hawaii Ironman. Plus Tokyo plan for the Olympic heat, Ben Pochee drops in to talk Night of the 10,000m PBs, and Tony’s here with some Trials.
26/06/192h 10m

Episode 493 - Mark Gainey (Strava co-founder)

On this week’s show Martin speak to the co-founder of Strava Mark Gainey about segments, set up, the Rim to Rim and the future. We remember American track star Gabriele Grunewald, young Brit track stars re-write the record books, Kara Goucher runs Leadville, Kenyan marathoner banned for rat poison. We talk summer speed work to sharpen you up, you rate your run, talk about what keeps you going, wear your MT kit at Comrades and stand on the MT podium.
19/06/191h 32m

Episode 492 - Comrades Special

Tom’s just arrived back from Comrades, where him and his Dad snuck inside the cut-off, finishing in a brilliant 11 hours and 45 minutes, so we’re going to focus mostly on that incredible race. Although, Tony is also here with some Trials.
12/06/191h 34m

Episode 491 - Steve Way and Chrissie Wellington pre Comrades

On this week’s show Tom speaks to Steve Way and Martin speaks to Chrissie Wellington about this weekend’s Comrades race. We’re on ‘the Gram’. Caster can compete, for the moment. John Kerry DNF’s so does James Williams. Callum Hawkins is fired up for Doha. Kipchoge is blogging about 1:59. It’s all about Comrades for Tom and Brian. You rate your runs, wear your kit with pride, talk about your biggest taper errors and stand on the podium!
05/06/191h 35m

Episode 490 - Adharanand Finn

Mo Farah and Steph Twell retain their British 10k titles, the day after Melissa Courtney and Chris O’Hare triumph over the mile. There’s another high profile positive from Kenya, and James Williams is looking to break the Land’s End to John o'Groats record. Sarah Dudgeon interviews Adharanand Finn, Training Talk is all about Tom’s top taper tips (to himself), and Facebook Friday is all about a healthier happier you.
29/05/191h 26m

Episode 489 - Hayley Carruthers

On this week’s show Martin speaks to Hayley Carruthers about ‘that London Marathon’ finish from this year’s race, the London Marathon ballot is the biggest ever, there could be a new world marathon major, it’s a down-down at Comrades and fast in Manchester. Nicky Spinks does the Paddy Buckley Double. In Training Talk we look at picking your next race, you rate your run, Tony’s here with his trials. You stand on the podium and are all over the launchpad.
22/05/191h 45m

Episode 488 - Nicky Spinks LIVE

On this week’s show Tom hosts a Q&A with Nicky Spinks where they talk all things Double Bob and the Barkley Marathons, Mo and Galen are running Chicago, Aly Dixon ups the distance, Athletics South Africa will appeal the decision against Caster Semenya, and there’s quite possibly the greatest dip ever from someone with quite possibly the greatest name ever! Holly’s back from her latest victory, Tom and Brian talk Comrades training with just a few weeks to go, and you guys break down barriers in Facebook Friday.
15/05/191h 45m

Episode 487 - Charlotte Purdue

On this week’s show we’re joined by the the 3rd fastest female British marathoner in history after her recent 2hr25min in London, Charlotte Purdue. Eliud Kipchoge announces another crack at going sub 2 hours the marathon. Caster Semenya has her CAS appeal rejected, there’s a new 50-mile world best, Training Talk is supported by Thriva and looks at that tricky period after a marathon, Tony’s here with his trials, you rate your run, look amazing in your MT kit around the world and share your most dramatic finish line moments.
08/05/191h 57m

Episode 486 - The London Marathon Special

We bring you all the news from a spectacular Virgin Money London Marathon. There were world records for a fastest second half, first loser, and third placer... incredible performances from male and female Brits, stories galore, and Eliud Kipchoge at his glorious best. We also catch up with Sarah O’shea about how her race went, and Training Talk looks at what to do if your marathon didn’t go to plan.
01/05/191h 29m

Episode 485 - Vicky Holland (Part Two)

This week's show is sponsored by Precision Hydration. Eliud’s up for London, the Two Oceans Marathon is re-routed, and Bernard Lagat is after his family marathon record. We announce a new leisure tee, Training Talk is brought to you by Fitness Rewards, and Tom speaks to Vicky Holland in part two of our interview with the current World Triathlon Champion.
24/04/191h 34m

Episode 484 - Vicky Holland (Part One)

On this week’s show Yuki couldn’t retain his Boston crown whilst septegenarian Gene Dykes ran super fast. CJ Albertson runs a 2:17 marathon, indoors! Martin and Holly talk mental strength on race day, Tony’s here with his trials, we’re joined by 2012 Team GB Olympic triathlete and 2018 World Triathlon Series Champion Vicky Holland, you rate your run, show off your kit and stand on the podium!
17/04/191h 41m

Episode 483 - Martin at The Science Museum

This week’s show is a bit different, as we’re bringing you all the audio from the Science Museum event that Martin hosted with Jo Pavey, and a short Training Talk where Tom and Holly reflect on learnings from their own marathon experiences, and announce a competition from our friends at Fitness Rewards. We’ll catch up on all the news and other stuff next week.
10/04/191h 59m

Episode 482 - Ryan Hall (Part Two)

This week we’ve got the second part of the brilliant Ryan Hall interview. Precision Hydration sponsor the show. The World XC championships just happened, as did the now infamous and almost impossible to finish Berkeley Marathons. We talk hydration with Andy Blow in this weeks Training Talk. Tony's here with his trials. You could win a race entry or new kicks with Fitness Rewards. Plus, you guys Rate Your Run, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.
03/04/191h 46m

Episode 481 - Ryan Hall (Part One)

On this week’s show we’re joined by Ryan Hall! Yes, that’s right, 2:04 Boston Marathon running and US record holder Ryan Hall. The World XC champs is this weekend, Laura Weightman goes super fast over 10k, Mike Wardian runs all way down Israel in 10 days, Yuki puts his final touches to Boston prep dressed as a ninja, Steve Magness reminds us you’re not what you do and Holly and Martin talk the final 5 weeks of a marathon build up. 
27/03/191h 31m

Episode 480 - Scott Mitchell

On this weeks show there’s more controversy over the Olympic qualifying standards, Twell and Overall win in Reading, GB name their World XC squads, and there’s a British FKT for the Jordan Trail. Martin speaks to the brilliant Scott Mitchell about running the 2019 London Marathon, Tom does keep to his 30k promise, Tony’s here with some Trials, you rate your runs, look amazing in your kit around the world, and stand on the podium.
20/03/192h 23m

Episode 479 - Melissa Courtney

Thanks to our friends at Soar Running for supporting the show this week, and Tim Soar talks to Martin about improving running kit. We also speak to recent European Indoor 3,000m bronze medalist Melissa Courtney, the Tokyo 2020 qualifying times are out, the British World Cross Country Team trials were this past weekend, Farah and Purdue win the Big Half in London, and Tony’s here with an injured Trials.
13/03/191h 50m

Episode 478 - Jackie Newton

This week’s show is sponsored by Soar Running. We also bring you news of positive splits from Tokyo, incredible racing at the European Indoors, and a world mile record. Tony’s back with some Trials, and also speaks to Athletics Northern Ireland Director of Coaching, Jackie Newton.
06/03/191h 41m

Episode 477 - It's Run Camp!

Thanks to our friends at Runderwear for supporting this weeks show. We’ve all been at Run Camp and what a weekend it was! We talk all about it along with Holly, Tom, Dave Moorcroft, Tony and ‘the’ V70 Carsington Half champion. Jamie Macdonald is closing in on his run across the USA, you could run (or breakdance?) at the Olympic Games. Is Jasmin Paris doing Barkley? Thriva sponsor Training Talk where we get all happy, you show off your kit around the world, Tony has some run camp trials, plus you Rate Your Run, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.
27/02/191h 37m

Episode 476 - Jess Robson

This week’s show is sponsored by Runderwear, Martin speaks to Jess Robson, Laura Muir smashes the British indoor mile record, there’s a couple of 5K world records, sort of, and Thriva sponsor Training Talk where we get a little serious about Comrades. Facebook Friday asks for your perfect talking, parkrunning, and dining partners, Kit Around the World is here with a competition to win some wonderful runr gear, and Tony brings us his latest Trials.
20/02/191h 41m

Episode 475 - Dave Ross

Richard Whitehead’s set to run Tokyo, the world indoor mile record is missed by one hundredth of a second, the RAK half marathon produces its usual breathtaking performances, and Susanna Gill wins the World Marathon Challenge. Runderwear sponsor the show, Training Talk is brought to you by Thriva, and Facebook Friday asks for your own personal influencers.
13/02/191h 41m

Episode 474 - Nicola Miller

This week’s show Martin's joined by Holly Rush. Tom speaks to Nicola from ‘a mile in her shoes’, Richard Edmunds from Runderwear is here for a catch up, you share what running has given you, Eilish McColgan looks towards the marathon, there’s now full GB teams heading to the world cross, London Marathon update their guide runner policy, it’s fast at the Marugame Half, and a runner kills a lion (the lion was trying to kill him!). You rate your run, look amazing in MT kit around the world and stand proud on the podium.
06/02/191h 41m

Episode 473 - Phil Hewitt

This week’s show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand. Martin speaks to Phil Hewitt, author of the brilliant book Outrunning the Demons, Tom’s back in the studio, Jasmin Paris gets selected for GB, Jemima Sumgong gets her ban doubled, Dubai was simply stunning, and Kenenisa Bekele is getting ready for Tokyo. Tony’s back with his Trials, and Facebook Friday hears all about your spectator-based highs and lows.
30/01/191h 37m

Episode 472 - Luke Tyburski

This week the show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand. Martin is joined by a less than normal chirpy Holly Rush, Jasmin Paris goes all epic at the Spine, Houston is super fast, Jo Pavey goes for Olympic Games number 6, Yuki plans to race Vancouver, Training Talk looks at upping your marathon game. We're joined by runner, author and coach Luke Tyburski. You Rate Your Run, climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, and the Kit Around the World is back!
23/01/191h 37m

Episode 471 - Colin McCourt

This week’s show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand, Tom catches up with the one and only Colin McCourt, London and Boston announce super-stellar elite fields, and Training Talk reviews Brian’s Comrades strategy.
16/01/191h 34m

Episode 470 - Holly Rush

On this week’s show we speak to Tom Stancliffe from Tribe sports nutrition, there’s a new women’s parkrun world record, an insanely fast 10k, Laura Muir gets off to a great start, Mo’s ranked 3rd in the world, just send full teams UKA(!) and have you been bitten by dog whilst running? Tony’s here with his trials, there’s a training talk about kicking off your marathon build up, Holly Rush shares her Dubai to Oman run, you rate your run, stand on the podium and look amazing in kit around the world.
09/01/191h 44m

Episode 469 - Ann Ashworth

Happy New Year 2019! On this week’s show we’re welcoming 2019 with Tom speaking to 2018 Comrades Champion Ann Ashworth. It’s a different show as the only other thing we’ll do is reflect back on some running and show moments from 2018.
02/01/191h 11m

Episode 468 - Colin Burgin-Plews

On this week’s show, it’s Boxing Day! We hope you’re having a great Christmas, wherever you are. Each Christmas we release an extended interview and for this year’s Christmas Special, Martin talked to the one and only Big Pink Dress aka Colin Burgin-Plews.
26/12/1855m 44s

Episode 467 - Steph Twell (Part Two)

We bring you the second part of our interview with two-time Olympian, five-time British 5,000m champion, and Commonwealth, World and European medalist, Steph Twell. There’s also an age-70 marathon record and a leadership crisis at UKA. Tony’s here with some Trials, we announce the winner of the 2018 Santa’s Sack competition, and Facebook Friday goes festive.
19/12/181h 21m

Episode 466 - Steph Twell (Part One)

On this week’s show we speak to two-time Olympian, five-time British 5,000m champion, and Commonwealth, World and European medalist, Steph Twell (now April). Camille Herron runs an incredible new 24hr world record, Yuki's heading back to Boston next year, and there was one of the world's best finish-line falls at the European XC champs at the weekend. Plus, it’s the final week of Santa’s Sack!
12/12/181h 42m

Episode 465 - Dan Plews

Jon Albon sets his sights on winning one million dollars, Steph Twell runs 2:30 in Valencia, and the California International Marathon sees 152 people qualify for the US Olympic Trials. Tom speaks to Ironman super-age-grouper and coach Dan Plews, Santa’s Sack rolls into week four with gifts from Running Dads and Flipbelt, and Facebook Friday asks for your favourite sessions.
05/12/181h 52m

Episode 464 - Anji Andrews

This week The London Marathon support British endurance. Hawkins is out of Fukuoka, an 85 year old woman knocks out 70miles a week to win age group at NYC, Kenyan runner Bett gets doping ban. Plus, have you ever been stung by a bee on a run? We speak to runner and social media specialist Anji Andrews, you could win the contents of Santa’s Sack, we’ve got new gifts this week, you rate your run, share you kits pics around the world, have a rant and Tony is here with his trials.
28/11/181h 34m

Episode 463 - Gemma Hillier-Moses (Part Two)

There’s an incredible amputee performance in New York, Scotland are after athletic independence, Santa’s Sack is back, we bring you part two of our interview with Gemma Hillier-Moses, and Tom’s away so Helen’s standing in. Plus, Facebook Friday asks for your Christmas wish-list.
21/11/181h 18m

Episode 462 - Gemma Hillier-Moses

On this week’s show Steph April’s running a marathon in Valencia, Zach Bitter runs a 100-mile FKT, Jo Pavey’s aiming for a 6th Olympic Games, and the Virgin Money London Marathon opens championship entries. We launch the Santa’s Sack competition and bring you the first part of Tom’s interview with the inspirational Gemma Hillier-Moses, Tony’s here with some Trials, you guys flash your Kit Around the World, Rate Your Runs, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.
14/11/181h 24m

Episode 461 - Sarah Dudgeon

We bring you all the news from New York, Japanese doctors question the 2020 Olympic Marathon start time, and Ross Edgely swims all the way around the UK, yes, all the way around. Plus, Facebook Friday asks for your running heroes, Martin speaks to Sarah Dudgeon about fancy-dress running and Yuki t-shirts, and Tom loses tattoo challenge ground to Nick.
07/11/181h 35m

Episode 460 - Sinead Diver

On this week’s show the Venice Marathon becomes a run-swim-run, there’s a new half marathon world record in Valencia, a new master’s world marathon record in Frankfurt, Yuki and Callum are heading to Fukuoka, Russ Bentley wins Snowdonia, and we look forward to the New York Marathon. Holly Speaks to Sinead Diver following her sensational 2:25 victory at the Melbourne Marathon, I’ve been enjoying a good old shuffle, Tom’s been comeback PBing north of the border, and Tony’s here with some Trials.
31/10/181h 39m

Episode 459 - Martin's Kenya Trip

There’s a couple of sensational performances from Toronto, Chris and Eilish win in Portsmouth, Bekele has an odd one in Amsterdam, Andy Baddeley tells us all about The Running Channel, and Martin's back from Kenya with a load of brilliant interviews. Tom’s been proper comeback PBing, and Facebook Friday celebrates your inspirational parents.
24/10/181h 39m

Episode 458 - Tom's Dad Qualifies for Comrades

An incredible world age record for the marathon, an amazing run by Sinead Driver, and Mo’s European 10k record falls in South Africa. Tom and his Dad reflect on a brilliant day in Yorkshire, Tony’s here with some Trials, Holly stands in for Martin, and Facebook Friday checks out your all-time favourite running photo! Plus, the launch of a new Marathon Talk hoody from Runr.
17/10/181h 50m

Episode 457 - Dan Vernon

Sir Mo runs a new European marathon record and wins the 2018 Chicago Marathon! Martin's joined by Eliud Kipchoge’s team photographer, Dan Vernon to talk about ‘that world record’ in Berlin. Dan was with Eliud in the training build up and on race day. Tony is here with his trials, you rate your runs, wear your kit around the world and stand on the podium.
10/10/181h 44m

Episode 456 - Jamie Gane

On this week’s show, phew, thanks WADA, it’s all okay in Kenya. Chris Thompson bags a win in Scotland, it’s tougher to get into Boston (but isn't that the point?), it’s Mo V Galen and friends at the Chicago Marathon this weekend, you share your XC memories, we speak to adaptive amputee athlete Jamie Gane. Tony brings us his trials, you stand on the podium, rate your run and share your kit around the world.
03/10/181h 29m

Episode 455 - Derek Rae

We wish Ron Hill a happy 80th, Charlie Purdue’s out of New York, Dewi and Callum are on top form in the Netherlands, and Rosie Pink Williams smashes her first ever cross country! Tom speaks to Scottish Paralympian, Derek Rae, Martin's been focussing on children’s mental health, Facebook Friday finds out what’s driving you on, and Comrades is nearly open for entry.
26/09/181h 31m

Episode 454 - Damian Hall

On this week’s show the world goes all Kipchoge over a stunning new marathon world record in Berlin. We reflect on an incredible marathon leap forward. We're joined by statman Jon Mulkeen to look at the race numbers. Damian Hall is on the couch sharing his amazing UTMB 2018 5th place finish story, Tony's here with an Eliud trial. Holly Rush hosts as Tom’s away tapping his tiny feet somewhere. There’s the usual Facebook Friday, Rate Your Runs, Kit Around the World, Launch Pad, and listener Podium.
19/09/181h 46m

Episode 453 - Rowan Preece

We remember Diane Leather, Mo wins his fifth consecutive Great North Run, an 18-year-old nearly breaks the world 10k road record, and Jake Wightman takes victory on 5th Avenue. Martin speaks to the inspirational Rowan Preece, Tom’s been slinging his guns round the gym, and Facebook Friday hears all about your triumphs in the face of adversity.
12/09/181h 45m

Episode 452 - UTMB; Holly Rush, Sophie Grant and Tom Evans.

The band are back together. Holly Rush brings us her full UTMB race report and speaks to CCC winner Tom Evans and UTMB 12th placer Sophie Grant. Tony DNF’d the Bullock Smithy. Griffiths and Partridge motor in Cardiff, Yuki gets beaten, Copenhagen is loaded and it’s the Great North Run this weekend. Facebook Friday asks for your magic relay teams, plus, you Rate Your Run, there’s some stunning Kit Around the World and our listener Podium.
05/09/182h 3m

Episode 451 - European Para Athletics and the UTMB

Holly's in the Alps, Tom’s back from wherever he was, Gwen Jorgensen is taking on Chicago, Yuki’s at it again, we preview this weekend’s UTMB, Tom catches up with Noel Thatcher and talks European Para Athletics Championships, Tony’s here with some Trials, and Facebook Friday asks for your unexpected KOMs.
29/08/181h 31m

Episode 450 - Tony Audenshaw

Holly and Tony stand in for Tom and Martin, Noel Thatcher previews the European Para Championships, Wales announce their team for the Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships, Dakota Jones cycles 250 miles to the Pike's Peak Marathon... and wins it, and Megan Kimmel breaks the female record.
22/08/181h 34m

Episode 449 - Dr Josie Perry

On this week’s show it was a busy European athletics championships in Berlin, the women’s marathon was bloody, the women’s 1500m predictable, the 5000m surprising, and a 17 year old Norwegian really arrived. We ask you about tech, you share some increasingly worrying Kit Around the World shots, Rate Your Runs, climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, Tony's asks you a careful 'would you rather' in his trials and we speak to Dr Josie Perry about exercise addiction.
14/08/181h 25m

Episode 448 - Peter Thompson

We’re gearing-up for the 2018 European Athletics Championships, Dewi Griffiths’ comeback continues, there’s a tech solution to athletes overheating, and bears stop play in a Canadian trail marathon. Martin speaks to Marco Gazzelloni about the brilliant short film, I Run On, and also to the amazing Peter Thompson following his incredible run along the entire Tour de France route. Plus, Tom’s back from Japan.
08/08/181h 48m

Episode 447 - Brendan Rendall

Holly Rush joins Martin in Tom's absence. We salute Peter Thompson for running the Tour and Danny Bent and 1000’s of runners for setting a new relay world record at the iMove London Relay. A 95 year old sets a new 800m track WR, staying with the track 11 men go sub 8 mins over 3000m at Watford, Aly Dixon withdraws from the European marathon champs and a MT listener dressed as a Bishop catches a thief! African coast to coast running Brendan Rendall joins us. You Rate Your Runs, flash your Kit Around the World, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.
01/08/181h 43m

Episode 446 - Hideo Takano

On this week’s show the leader of the notoriously tough HardRock 100 trail race in the US was DQ’d mid race, we’re joined experienced ultra trail runner Hideo Takano to talk about his HardRock run, track was fast in Monaco and odd in London, and a 50 year old Australian record gets broken. Founder of Soar Running, Tim Soar join us to share how you could get involved with the brand, Tony’s got an awesome trials, you guys Rate Your Runs, flash your Kit Around the World, climb aboard the Launch Pad, and stand atop the Podium.
25/07/181h 47m

Episode 445 - Pete Woodward

Dewi Griffiths returns to winning ways in London, there’s a new marathon relay record, and a triple-buggy half marathon record. Tom speaks to Pete Woodward about his epic journey along the 268-miles of the Spine Race, Facebook Friday asks you what one food you could never give up, and Martin's been camping, swimming, and Strava segmenting.
18/07/181h 27m

Episode 444 - Ben Wickham

On this week’s show Martin's back from run camp Austria, Tom’s back from parkrun conference, there’s a staggering new record at the Bob Graham Round, Brett Larner looks at the top marathons in the first half of 2018, Sonia O’Sullivan’s daughter is following in her Mum’s footsteps, we’re joined by Anji Andrews who captained team Marathon Talk at the London Relay and runner, triathlete and vegan Ben Wickham.
11/07/181h 48m

Episode 443 - Charlotte Proud

Martin’s buffing himself up ready for his Love Island entrance, Holly's in the studio, Nicky Spinks is at it again, Ann Ashworth turns down her place in the SA team for the world 100k champs, Jess Trengove runs 2:26 and Yuki logs his 80th sub 2:20 marathon. Tom speaks to Charlotte “Proud to be a runr” Proud, and Tony’s here’s with some Trials.
04/07/181h 38m

Episode 442 - Carla Molinaro

We announce the winner of the runr MT ‘proud to be a runner' bundle, there’s a new 100km WR, Jim Walmsley runs an epic Western States 100, Holly Rush bags a team medal, Yuki takes on Mo and Rupp in Chicago, Gwen still needs to up her game, and it’s prison for a running number theft. You share your running nemesis, Rate Your Runs, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad, and we speak to top British finisher and 9th placer at Comrades this year Carla Molinaro.
27/06/181h 16m

Episode 441 - Tom Evans

We pay tribute to a British ultra-running legend, there's a super-speedy Scottish 10k, it’s Mo v Galen in Chicago, Japan announce their Olympic selection race, and Kara Goucher hints at news to come. Martin speaks to ultra-trail runner Tom Evans about his recent success, Tom’s back in the hot seat, and you guys Rate Your Runs, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
20/06/182h 0m

Episode 440 - Steve Way at Comrades

This week Martin is joined by Holly Rush in the studio. It’s all about Steve Way who scored a stunning podium finish at last weekend’s Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa. Steve joins us and shares his full race wrap up. One lucky winner wins a Steve Way Comrades vest! We’d love you to help us break a world record! Come and be a part of Team Marathon Talk for our takeover stage of the London Relay on Sunday July 8th. It was the Bislett Games in Oslo and Kipchoge is heading back to Berlin. You Rate Your Runs, stand on the podium and show off your kit around the world!
13/06/181h 38m

Episode 439 - Danny Bent

Tom and Martin duke it out over six miles then talk it over in Training Talk, Jama Aden’s trouble, and Martin interviews the one and only Danny Bent. Plus, you guys flash your Kit Around the World, climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, and Rate Your amazing Runs.
06/06/181h 50m

Episode 438 - Zach Bitter

A brand-new London Relay world record attempt is go. It’s your last chance to come to Kenya, we laugh at your wife being your inner voice, Farah wins in London and looks toward Doha, a 17-year-old from Norway runs a 3:52 mile, and we say hooray to the RAF. Tony’s here with some Trials, Training Talk gives you three belting sessions to smash a 5k PB, you Rate Your Run, show off your Kit Around the World, and stand on the Podium. Plus, Tom speaks to the incredible ultra runner Zach Bitter.
30/05/181h 47m

Episode 437 - Rob Pope

News from the NOT10KMPBS, the Great Manchester 10k, Rupp's running Chicago, Training Talk challenges your weaknesses, Martin interviews Rob ‘Forest Gump’ Hope (who just ran almost five times back and forth across the USA), and Facebook Friday asked for your running-related lucky charms.
23/05/181h 31m

Episode 436 - Steve Way

We offer the chance to win a trip to Kenya with Five Talents, you can sign yourself up for Running Down Dementia, and it’s the Night of the 10,000m PBs this Saturday. Peter Thompson is running Le Tour, there’s a new 800m world record by a Brit, we speak to Steve Way about his upcoming Comrades, the 2019 world championships marathon will be at midnight, Tom Evans grabs bronze at the world trail running champs, and you could run the Strava mile.
16/05/181h 47m

Episode 435 - Kate Carter

Gwen Jorgensen finishes 4th at the US Half Marathon Champs, Galen improves his marathon PB, Asbel Kiprop’s having a nightmare, Martin talks to Andy Morris about Running Down Dementia, you can join the Strava Night of the 10,000m PBs challenge and win some socks, plus, enter our competition to race in the Strava mile! Tom’s kicking back on his hols, and Martin interviews The Guardian’s running blog editor, Kate Carter.
09/05/181h 56m

Episode 434 - Louise Ayling

On this week’s show we remember legendary runner and coach Bruce Tulloh. We catch up with Nancy Freeman about the North Pole Marathon, there’s a world exclusive of Molly Case’s wonderful poem I run on, you could win a chance to run at the Night of the 10,000m PBs in the Strava Mile, there are no British men in the European champs marathon, the London Marathon ballot is open, testosterone is in the headlines, and we speak to parkrunner Louise Ayling.
02/05/181h 52m

Episode 433 - London Marathon Review

News from an amazing London Marathon, Eliud and Mary win the World Marathon Majors Series XI, Yuki’s back at it already, and Callum Hawkins suggests some rule changes. We speak to Judge Craig Mitchell and Lily Partridge and Ben Pochee. Training Talk reflects on your marathon and considers what’s next.
25/04/181h 44m

Episode 432 - Barry Carpenter

We don’t think we’ll see a weekend of marathon drama like that again for some time... it was the Commonwealth Games marathon, and what an epic! Yuki won Boston. Yes, we’ll say it again, Yuki won Boston! We look forward to the Virgin Money London Marathon this weekend. Training Talk looks at staying cool in the marathon heat, we’re joined by Kenneth Foreman from ARUK to tell us about Running Down Dementia, we remember the life of multiple Paralympic champion and blind sport ambassador Bob Matthews. Plus we’re joined by Barry Carpenter who shares his incredible journey from living on the streets on London to running this year’s London Marathon, and Tony’s here with some Brighton Trials!
18/04/182h 38m

Episode 431 - Helen Croydon

The Manchester Marathon results are in, Steve Way wins again, Laura Muir u-turns on her coaching setup, Melissa Courtney bags a fantastic bronze on the Gold Coast, there’s a shocking full foster in Hannover, and it’s the Boston Marathon on Monday. Soar Running sponsor Training Talk with Josie Perry and Mostyn Cottage sponsor Rate Your Run.
11/04/182h 4m

Episode 430 - Callum Hawkins

This week Martin is joined in the studio by co-host Holly Rush. World marathon 4th placer and Rio Olympian top 10er Callum Hawkins joins us ahead of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Yuki is in winning form, so is Steve Way, and Gwen J. Edinburgh XC is back on, just not in Edinburgh, Soar Running sponsor Training Talk with a great offer plus you guys Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
04/04/181h 35m

Episode 429 - Nancy Freeman

Tom speaks to Marathon Talk listener and seven-continent marathoner, Nancy Freeman. Yuki runs a 70-minute half marathon dressed as a panda, there’s two stunning performances at the World Half Marathon Championships, a father and son break the world record for combined half marathons, and no one at all manages to finish the Barkley Marathons. Soar Running sponsor Training Talk, our 2018 Austria camp is sold out, our Kenyan trip is selling out, Facebook Friday finds out about your running buddies, plus you guys Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
28/03/181h 24m

Episode 428 - Robbie Britton

This week Holly Rush joins Martin in presenting the show. You could come to Kenya or Austria, it snowed, some runners got stuck, Chris Thompson is on form, so is Yuki, there’s new indoor marathon world records, ultra runner and 24hr specialist Robbie Britton shares his next running adventures, you rate your run, stand on the podium, and share your kit pics around the world!
21/03/181h 41m

Episode 427 - William Pullen

The Robin Hood Marathon is no more, Rupp PBs over 13.1 miles, Kathrine Switzer is running London, Dewi Griffiths is out of the Commonwealth Games, and there’s news of dodgy doping bottles! Tony’s here with some Trials, Tribe Nutrition sponsor Rate Your Run, there’s a rapid-fire Facebook Friday, and Martin speaks to mindful runner William Pullen.
14/03/181h 51m

Episode 426 - Chris Chataway

We remember Sir Roger Bannister and listen to Chris Chataway recounting that incredible first sub 4 minute mile. There’s some great racing at The Big Half (apparently), some fake racing in Cambridge, Jake Robertson runs 2:08 at Lake Biwa, Team Sky’s fortunes go from bad to worse, and there’s rumours of a high profile drugs bust from Kenya. You rate your run, stand on the podium, and Active Cover sponsor Training Talk with guest Mario Fraioli.
07/03/181h 48m

Episode 425 - Richard Bazeley

There’s sensational stuff in Tokyo, the National Cross doesn’t get much press, it’s the much anticipated Big Half on Sunday. Tony, Jo Pavey, and a big bunch of you guys have been at Run Camp! We speak to running YouTuber Richard Bazeley, and Tony’s back with a hilarious dose of his Run Camp trials.
28/02/181h 42m

Episode 424 - Lily Partridge

Leading British marathon runner Lily Partridge shares her pre-London hopes, Ian Williams of Fetch fame joins us for a pace related training talk, we’d love you to come to Kenya, Laura Muir wins indoor, Peter Thompson is running Le Tour,  there’s a 50 year old showdown in Alamosa and the Japanese lead the race commentary way. You rate your run, share you kit pics around the world and stand proudly on the listener podium.
21/02/181h 50m

Episode 423 - Dr Tamsin Lewis

Brits are on fire in Barcelona, the RAK half marathon is arguably the fastest of all time, Gwen Jorgensen smashes out a 5,000m PB, Training Talk challenges the norm, Facebook Friday shows off your running art, and Martin speaks to Dr Tamsin Lewis.
14/02/181h 46m

Episode 422 - Ross Murray (Part Two)

Holly Rush joins Martin in the studio to host the show. We’d love you to come to Kenya, we ask how your marathon training is going, the Big Half is loaded, there’s a new World Cup for Athletics (week, some of it), Paula advises Mo’s new coach. The Dewsbury 10k tee is interesting. Active Cover sponsor Training Talk. Ross Murray is here for part two of his interview. Plus, you guys Rate Your Runs, stand atop the Podium and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
07/02/181h 39m

Episode 421 - Ross Murray (Part One)

Tom speaks to British middle-distance runner Ross Murray, Martin speaks to Mario Fraioli about cross country, Tony’s back with his Trials, there’s crazy times in Dubai, Mary Keitany’s going for the world record in London, and an American runs a sub-5-minute mile … for the 43rd consecutive year!
31/01/181h 56m

Episode 420 - Dr Josie Perry

This week sign up is live for our trip with Five Talents to Kenya, we talk about you running as cartoon characters, it’s Elite Week at London Marathon as they announce Bekele and the Brits. There’s surprise at the Kenyan Commonwealth marathon team and Yuki wins an Ekiden relay race as a team of 1. We’re joined by sports psychology consultant Josie Perry, you rate your run, share your pictures in MT kit all around the world and stand on our weekly listener podium
24/01/181h 29m

Episode 419 - Rachel Cullen

We talk gender equality in XC races, Mo pulls out of Doha, there was an American record at the Houston Half, GB win the Edinburgh XC relay, and Tom speaks to runner and author Rachel Cullen,
17/01/181h 40m

Episode 418 - Holly Rush

Could Kilian Jornet run a 2:10 marathon? American marathoner Allie Kieffer speaks out about body image, Toni Reavis looks at the fastest marathon times from 2017, but it’s no record attempt for Kipchoge in London. You Rate Your Run, stand atop the Listener Podium and we’re joined by Commonwealth marathoner, Comrades 7th placer, and pork pie lover Holly Rush.
10/01/181h 34m

Episode 417 - Camille Herron

We take a peek back at 2017, Yuki freezes up, the London Marathon 2017 champ is taking on Mo and Callum in the Big Half, we talk kicking off your running in 2018 in Training Talk, you Rate Your Run, think about process over outcome, stand on the Podium, and we’re joined by 2017 Comrades Champion & 100 Mile World Record holder Camille Herron!
03/01/181h 56m

Episode 416 - Gwen Jorgensen

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for your support throughout 2017. This week Tom's at home in his slippers listening to Val Doonican whilst Martin is dreaming up some tree-hugging scheme for 2018. So, this week, instead of the usual show we've got an extended interview with Rio 2016 women's Olympic triathlon champion, Gwen Jorgensen. And thank you!
27/12/1746m 34s

Episode 415 - Barry Murray (Part Two)

Tom is joined by Barry Murray for part two of his connected athlete interview,  Yuki Kawauchi bags a world record, there’s a new marathon world record (for women aged 90!), Mo Farah wins SPOTY, there’s more about the fastest marathoner in Europe, Sandre Moen, it’s almost a full foster from Self in Dallas. Training Talk survives Christmas, Tony is running in the snow and we announce the winner of the contents of Santa’s Sack.
20/12/171h 33m

Episode 414 - Barry Murray (Part One)

Tom speaks to Barry Murray about becoming a connected athlete, Nick Symmonds runs 2:59:95 at the Honolulu Marathon, there’s European medal success for the Brits, I speak to Junior Girls Team Manager (and my wife) Liz Yelling, Boston announce their Elite US Team, and, it’s the final week of Santa’s Sack.
13/12/171h 50m

Episode 413 - Prof John Brewer

Norway’s Sondre Moen smashes the European marathon record, racing to a sub 2:06 in Japan. His coach responds. It'll be no pushover for Mo in London as the world’s number one marathoner Eluid Kipchoge announces he’s on the start line. Sarah Hall wins in the US, Paul Robinson runs a crazy mile in Antarctica. Training Talk is with Mario Fraioli, Santa’s Sack is back, Facebook Friday is here, plus you guys Rate Your Run, flash your Xempo kit all around the world, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
06/12/172h 1m

Episode 412 - Colin McCourt

Colin McCourt looks back at his successful 5k challenge, Mo’s taking on Callum at The Big Half, Sara Hall’s backing-up her marathon PB at the US champs, Runderwear support Training Talk with Mario Fraioli, Santa’s Sack is back, Facebook Friday brings us some world-class chaffing, plus, you guys Rate Your Run, flash your Xempo kit all around the world, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
29/11/171h 32m

Episode 411 - Tina Muir

We’d love you to come and join us and 5x Olympian Jo Pavey for Run Camp 2018, Colin McCourt avoids the tattoo’s, there’s some rapid running in Delhi, Former GB runner and podcast host Tina Muir joins Martin and Liz in this week’s interview, US based coach Mario Fraioli is in the house talking training. You could win loads of running gear in Santa’s Sack, plus you Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the launch pad.
22/11/171h 52m

Episode 410 - Dewi Griffiths

Camille Herron smashes the world 100-mile record, Charlotte Purdue runs 2:30 for fun, Tom speaks to Wales’ latest sub 2:10 man Dewi Griffiths, Training Talk gets back to basics, Facebook Friday celebrates your marathon cock-ups, Santa’s back with his Sack, plus you guys Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
15/11/171h 23m

Episode 409 - Kericho Marathon Kenya.

Martin's back from an incredible trip to Kenya with Five Talents, shares all the news and speaks to Marathon Talk Kenya campers Ben Foster and Nikki Chamberlain as well as Nick Kershaw from Impact Marathons and Rachel Lindley from Five Talents. The NYC marathon saw the first female American champion for 40 years. Jemima Sumgong gets a doping ban upheld. British para-sport is in classification crises. Training Talk is sponsored by Runderwear, we catch up with founder Richard Edmunds and Martin shares how not to get a marathon in Kenya right. You rate your run, show off your kit and stand on the podium.
08/11/172h 3m

Episode 408 - Liz Yelling

Dewi Griffiths runs 2:09 in Frankfurt, Mo splits from Alberto, there’s controversy in Dublin, you ask us anything in Facebook Tuesday, Training Talk gets you back on your post-pregnancy running feet, Helen and Liz chat life after serious athletics, plus, you guys rock your Kit Around the World, stand atop the Podium, and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
01/11/171h 37m

Episode 407 - Mimi Anderson

Martin’s adventuring his way around Kenya (possibly even running the Kericho Marathon as we speak) so Tom's joined by the one and only Steve Way. English athletes compete in Toronto, but there’s controversy around the Commonwealth Games selection, and even more controversy in Venice. Facebook Friday predicts Martin’s Kericho finish time, you guys climb aboard the Launch Pad, stand atop the Podium, Rate Your Runs, and flash your kit all around the World.
25/10/171h 29m

Episode 406 - Jonny Mellor

On this week’s show it was the big dance on the big island, what is harder, Kona or Berkley Marathon, Amsterdam was rapid, the Kawauchi’s keep it in the family, should athlete’s be micro-chipped and you tell us what you’re most scared of. Super-swift 2.12 Berlin marathoner and Tokyo 2020 hopeful Jonny Mellor joins us, Tony is here with his trials from Birmingham, your rate you rate, look amazing in your MT kit, and tell us where you’re running next.
18/10/171h 21m

Episode 405 - Sean Doyle

On this week’s show Tom speaks to runner and cardiac survivor Sean Doyle. Galen Rupp runs a PB and in doing so becomes the first American born male runner to win the Chicago Marathon in 35 years. Mimi Anderson reaches over halfway in her run across the USA and Colin McCourt is back after a setback. We say ‘keep up Seb’ and ask you about your marathon debuts in Facebook Friday. You Rate you Run and stand super proud and rather speedily on the listener podium
11/10/171h 31m

Episode 404 - Russell Bentley

Chris Thompson takes down Callum Hawkins, Dewi Griffiths smashes himself a massive half marathon PB, Bekele falls out with his agent, Toni Reavis reflects on Berlin, Joan Benoit’s aiming for sub three in Chicago, and there’s fun and games in Slovakia. Plus, Martin interviews Russell Bentley following his 2:20 marathon in Berlin, and Tom’s back from the States.
04/10/171h 23m

Episode 403 - Rowan Ardill

The Berlin Marathon was a fascinating race with Eluid Kipchoge coming out on top - but not in the way we expected. We look back at some of the stories from the German capital. When should race medics step in? Earlier than in Warsaw we say. How can we better represent East African athletes, Michael Crawley explores. Tom speaks to Rowan Ardill Training Talk with Liz Yelling.
27/09/171h 58m

Episode 402 - Alex Eagle (The Running Charity)

The world three-piece-suit record falls, there’s crazy weather in Copenhagen, it’s nearly time for the Nike Breaking2 documentary, and Berlin is shaping up to be one of the greatest men’s marathons in history. I speak to Alex Eagle from The Running Charity, Tony’s back with his Trials … and Tom’s sat next to his Dad!
20/09/171h 20m

Episode 401 - parkrun Germany

On this week’s show Mo and Mary win at the GNR, there’s a new road 10k women’s WR. Kipchoge is ramping up for Berlin. Training Talk with Liz Yelling takes us some tough marathon sessions. Tim Soar from Soar Running tells us about short shorts. Tom’s been in Germany with parkrun and PSH says thanks to you for looking after parkrun. Plus, you guys rock you Kit Around the World, Rate Your Runs, and stand atop the podium.
13/09/171h 49m

Episode 400 - Mimi Anderson

Eilish McColgan breaks the Scottish 5,000m record, the UTMB lives up to its billing as one of the world’s most exciting races, Martin speaks to marvellous Mimi Anderson, Training Talk is all about the pump, you guys rock you Kit Around the World, Rate Your Runs, and stand atop the podium.
06/09/172h 20m

Episode 399 - Ivo Gormley

On this week’s show, RIP Olympian David Torrence. Mo Farah runs his final, final track race, Eliud feels challenged, Coe calls for bravery and innovation, a study estimates 43% prevalence of doping athletes at world champs 2011, it’s world record chasing time at the Berlin Marathon and we speak to the founder of the wonderful GoodGym, Ivo Gormley. Training Talk looks at benchmarks to assess current form and this Saturday it’s the brilliant Skid Row Marathon documentary film screening in London.
30/08/171h 33m

Episode 398 - Charlie Purdue & Aly Dixon

Mo wins his final track race on British soil, Jo Pavey targets the 2018 European Championships, Anthony Whiteman smashes the world V45 800m record, and Mike Wardian well and truly fooses his legs! Martin speaks to Charlie Purdue about her world championship marathon experience and Tom speaks to Aly Dixon about hers.
23/08/171h 20m

Episode 397 - Richard Whitehead

On this week’s show Tom’s away on hols and Martin is joined by Comrades 'top tenner' Steve Way. The IAAF World Athletics Championships comes to a close, Mo bows out with a silver, there’s a little post champs reflection, it was really wet n windy in Helsinki, we congratulate Adam Holland, Steve Way shares some recovery strategies in Training Talk and we are joined by multiple Paralympic and world champion Richard Whitehead.
16/08/171h 48m

Episode 396 - Colin McCourt and Noel Thatcher

Tom catches up with Colin McCourt and his progress toward a sub-16 5k, Noel speak to Japan Running News' Brett Larner ... and has a burger with Yuki. Noel and Tom review the IAAF World Championships so far, and Martin's away glamping on his Sunseeker in the French Riviera.
09/08/172h 25m

Episode 395 - Skid Row Marathon

On this week’s show we speak Gabi and Mark Hayes the producer and director of the award winning American documentary ‘Skid Row Marathon’. We’ve brought the film to the UK for a West End screening. There’s some unwanted stats from London 2012, a new development in the Kenyan doping saga. The World IAAF Athletics Champs is about to kick off in London, and Japanese marathon hero Yuki will  be in town. You guys rock your kit all around the world, rate your runs, debate miles over marathons, stand atop the Podium and climb aboard the Launch Pad.
02/08/171h 29m

Episode 394 - Ed Kerry

The British Para-athletics team win 39 medals, Ed Warner calls for equal funding, Eilidh Doyle’s voted in as Team GB captain for the upcoming world championships, and Paris announce an Olympic medal that’s made for sharing. Martin speak's to ultra-runner & coach Ed Kerry, and Tom’s been taken down by the kids.
26/07/171h 17m

Episode 393 - Nick Symmonds (Part Two)

On this week’s show we’re joined by Nick Symmonds again for Part Two of his interview and Phil Cook talks about the Night of Endurance. There’s an update from the Para Athletic World champs in London, a laughable doping excuse, Killian runs 85miles with a busted shoulder and still wins, Farah announces final track race in the UK, and always finish your run (even after a spot of lifesaving). Plus,you guys rock your Marathon Talk kit all around the world, stand atop the Podium, climb aboard the Launch Pad and Rate Your Runs.
19/07/171h 29m

Episode 392 - Nick Symmonds (Part One)

News from the Anniversary Games, the Fancy Bears are at it again, British Athletics announce their team for the World Championships, Eliud Kipchoge targets the marathon world record in Berlin, and Japan Running News turn ten years old! Plus, I’m in Austria, Tom speaks to double Olympian and six-time US 800m champion Nick Symmonds
12/07/171h 37m

Episode 391 - Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson (Part Two)

On this week’s show we chat about the British Athletics Championships, Mo Farah, and reflect on Nike’s Breaking2 project. Yuki runs the Gold Coast Marathon, and Preston want a Ben Ashworth way. Plus you guys Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium, and rock your kit all around the world and we’ve got the second part of our Brave Athlete interview with Prof Simon Marshall and 3 time-world champion xterra triathlete Lesley Paterson.
05/07/171h 16m

Episode 390 - Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson.

On this week’s show Mo’s staying with Al Sal, Nick Symmonds is running the Honolulu Marathon, Kilian Jornet shares his thoughts, there’s an opportunity to run with Martin in Kenya, we announce the winners of last week’s Stryd power meter competition, Aftershokz sponsor Facebook Friday, Training Talk helps you run faster for free, plus Martin speaks to Prof Simon Marshall and 3 time-world champion xterra triathlete Lesley Paterson about how to be a brave athlete.
28/06/171h 31m

Episode 389 - Peter Thompson

We talk song lyrics and Aftershokz give away a pair of headphones, Stryd offer you the chance to win a power meter, Yuki and his brother zip up their suits, Jake Wightman proper legs it, the Skid Row film looks great. We talk to the phenomenal Peter Thompson about his 44 marathons in 44 days in 44 different European countries. Oh, and you’ve got the chance to run a marathon in Kenya with Martin and Five Talents.
21/06/171h 34m

Episode 388 - Tobias Mews

On this week’s show Yuki shares his Tokyo 2020 thoughts. London Good for Age is open, there’s a new Olympic event in Athletics, Dr Jeff is in trouble, we speak to author and adventurer Tobias Mews. You share your top running tunes, Aftershokz give away some headphones to listen to them with, Strava are after your fastest mile and ARUK want you to cover 100k or more this summer. 
14/06/171h 36m

Episode 387 - Steve Way

Steve Way checks-in following his phenomenal Comrades debut, Aftershokz ask for your favourite tunes, Strava test you over a mile, and Alex Yee crashes in Italy. Facebook Friday celebrates the short short, Tom's back from his staycation, plus you guys Rate Your Run, flash your Kit Around the World, and stand atop the Listener Podium.
07/06/171h 21m

Episode 386 - Elisabet Barnes

Mo wins at the Pre Classic, Butchart & Pavey win in London, the Nike Oregon Project's issues continue, and Martin speak to MdS Champ Elisabet Barnes. We also update you on ARUK's Running Down Dementia project, plus you guys Rate Your Run and rock your kit all around the World.
31/05/171h 49m

Episode 385 - Kate Driskell

Potter and Vernon win in Highgate, Kipsang and Kipchoge pull out of the World Marathon Champs in London, reigning champion Wostmann is out of Comrades but Steve Way is on track. Joan Benoit-Samuelson is aiming for sub 3hrs at aged 60. Martin speaks to Ian Beddis about the ARUK Running Down Dementia Campaign and Tom speak to the incredible Kate Driscoll about her LEJOG self-supported run.
24/05/171h 35m

Episode 384 - Alex and Rosemary Stanton (Part Two)

Alzheimer's Research UK announce their Running Down Dementia challenge, Ben Pochee shares his start-lists for the Night of the 10,000m PBs, we bring you part two of our interview with Alec & Rosemary Stanton, there’s news from the World Marathon Majors, and an 18-year-old legend runs a 71-minute half-marathon ... in a pair of Crocs.
17/05/171h 31m

Episode 383 - Alex and Rosemary Stanton (Part One)

This week the Nike Breaking2 project came to a dramatic conclusion in Monza, we speak to Ed Caesar who was there to witness it, Ben Pochee joins us with news of the biggest night in British track running, 'The Night of the 10,000m PBs' and we’ve got the first of a two part interview with the wonderful coaching team of Alec and Rosemary Stanton. The Flying Runner bring us the listener podium, Training Talk with Stryd looks at perfect pacing, you rate your run and share you kit pics around the world.
10/05/171h 47m

Episode 382 - Steve Magness

Dedicated to our wonderful friend, Ruth. We also speak to Steve Magness, update on Nike's Breaking2 project, discuss the proposed change to world records, remember Charles Eugster, and The Flying Runner bring us the Listener Podium.
03/05/172h 6m

Episode 381 - London Marathon

On this week’s show it was a London Marathon Sunday full of fast times, memorable moments, glory for some and pain for others. We look back at what could have been the best London Marathon ever. We speak to top British elites Alyson Dixon and Charlotte Purdue and surprise British Men’s Champ Josh Griffiths as well as Dreams Come True Charity runner Rachel Humphrey. The Flying Runner give away an awesome personalised picture to one lucky podium entrant. Training Talk looks at race reflection, you rate your run and strutt your MT gear around the world.
26/04/171h 53m

Episode 380 - Chrissie Wellington

Geoffrey & Edna win Boston, Mary & Ken gear up for London, Training Talk is especially for first-time marathoners, Runderwear support Rate Your Run, Martin speaks to Sarah Wightman from the Flying Runner, and Tom speaks to four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington ahead of her upcoming run around the streets of London.
19/04/172h 7m

Episode 379 - Jo Pavey

The Kenyan Olympic women’s marathon Champion fails a drug test, Runderwear bring you Rate Your Run and Fitness Rewards announce a marathon deal, Sonia O’Sullivan’s daughter rips it up down under and this coming Monday in the USA it’s the Boston Marathon where one runner is aiming for his 50th consecutive race. The formidable Jo Pavey joins us to talk anti-doping, medals, and the London Marathon.
12/04/171h 50m

Episode 378 - Michael McEwan

Martin speaks to Michael McEwan about his book Running the Smoke, Runderwear sponsor the show, multiple world records go to the same female athlete in the same race, the IAAF suffer a Fancy Bears attack, ARD's spotlight turns on Jamaican Sprinters, Jo Pavey wins her first global medal, there's heartbreak at the Barkley Marathons and chaos at a US 1,500m race.
05/04/171h 54m

Episode 377 - Lucy Gossage

More Breaking2 chat, there's a pre-Full-Foster in Uganda, new world records for indoor marathons, and super-fast marathons-in-a-suit (not really). Marathon statto Barry Smyth talks perfect pacing, Facebook Friday pits Yuki against Callum, and Professor Andy Lane keeps our heads in check.
29/03/171h 59m

Episode 376 - Colin McCourt (Part Two)

We catch up with Ed Caesar about Nike's Breaking2 project, bring you part two of our interview with Colin McCourt, Callum Hawkins continues his awesome streak, Vernon & Purdue win Reading, and the BBC report on amateurs doping. Plus ... Yuki's coming to London!
22/03/171h 39m

Episode 375 - RIP Ed Whitlock

On this week’s show we remember the world record breaking inspirational masters athlete Ed Whitlock who passed away recently. Tony’s here with his trials, there’s a Breaking2 update. What, no Commonwealth Games in Durban in 2022? There's a super windy race in France, the pacemaker takes the win in Barcelona and Chris Froome responds. You flash you kit around the world, Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and tell us how geese would make you run faster.
15/03/171h 38m

Episode 374 - Colin McCourt (Part One)

Tony's back with his Trials, Tom speaks to Colin McCourt about his sub-16 challenge, Laura Muir wins double gold at the European Indoor Championships, Ryan Hall runs without fear, Team Sky are having a terrible time, there's more bad news for the Nike Oregon Project, and Martin speaks to Professor Andrew Lane in Training Talk.
08/03/171h 43m

Episode 373 - Steve Smythe

Tom’s a poorly boy so I’m joined by his wonderful wife Helen. Alberto Salazar comes under fire again. Wilson Kipsang rules in Tokyo but misses a WR, it was National XC weekend, and just what inspires you to be active? For Facebook Friday you gave us your long run tips. In Training Talk Prof Andy Lane talk about the benefits of raising your awareness of discomfort (part 1 of 2). We’ve got some cracking Rate Your Runs, you stand on the Podium and Steve Smythe tells us how to run a sub 3hour marathon every year for 40 years!
01/03/171h 51m

Episode 372 - Peter Thompson

Laura Muir’s at it again, Mo bows out on the boards, Lily Partridge debuts in Seville, Steve Smythe sets a marathon world record, an Ethiopian runner faces jail, Flanagan’s out of Boston and Wilson eyes the world record in Tokyo. Plus, you Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and share your favourite run sessions. 
22/02/171h 44m

Episode 371 - Run Camp

On this week’s show we’ve all been at Run Camp and what a weekend of running we had! There’s a new women’s half-marathon world record, we’ve an update from Nike’s Breaking2 project, Andrew Butchart’s run of form continues, Mo signs up for a European track 10k, you guys Rate Your Run and stand atop the Podium and Tony's here with his trials!
15/02/171h 21m

Episode 370 - Lowri Morgan

Laura Muir & Callum Hawkins are on fire, the IAAF toughen up, Nitro athletics launches in Down Under style. Tony’s back with his Trials, I speak to BAFTA-award-winning world-class ultra-endurance runner Lowri Morgan, Aftershokz partner Run Camp, you guys Rate Your Run, rock your Xempo kit around the world, stand atop the Podium … and Tom’s a poorly little soldier.
08/02/171h 23m

Episode 369 - John McAvoy

It’s oh oh at The Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, Jo Pavey toes the line in London, Wardian rips up 7in7, what does it take to run 100,000 miles, what do you call a group of marathon runners?  Who is on our Rate Your Run social wall and who is standing tall on the Podium?  Training Talk looks at what makes a successful marathon January and how do you step it up in February and at age sixteen this week’s guest owned a sawn off shotgun and was robbing security vans around London.
01/02/171h 48m

Episode 368 - Mike Gratton

There’s fast times but no world record in Dubai, Ryan & Mike jet around the world, ARD release another doping documentary, I interview London Marathon winner Mike Gratton, Andy Lane speaks to us for another Training Talk, and you guys Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and rock your kit all around the world.
25/01/171h 39m

Episode 367 - Bryony Gordon

We celebrate our 7th birthday.  I interview the Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon who’ll be running her first London Marathon in April. Japhet Makau joins us from Nairobi to talk about the Tanzanian Marathon, Tony’s here with his trials.  There’s a little sub 2 talk, will Bekele run a WR in Dubai and Weir retires from Team GB. You tell us the UK’s top Run Town, rate your run and stand on the podium.
18/01/171h 44m

Episode 366 - Tim Cruse-Drew

Laura and Callum light up the athletics world, London announce their elite men’s field, Bekele gears up for a phenomenal 2017, I speak to Professor Andrew Lane for the first of a two part Training Talk, and Tim Cruse-Drew in this week’s interview. We bring you the Listener Podium, you guys rock your kit all around the world, Rate Your Run, and become Marathon Superheroes.
11/01/171h 48m

Episode 365 - Jack Daniels

You could listen to an episode of Marathon Talk every day for an entire year! It’s show 365 and the first of 2017.  Tony’s wife Ruth thanks you for your help with Tony’s charity quiz, Tony brings us his Trials, we speak to legendary US running coach Jack Daniels, there’s a little doping update, the IAAF marathon review, and arise Sir Mo! You Rate Your Run, celebrate 2016 and look dapper around the world. We announce the winner of the Fitness Rewards Christmas Podium and share news of fantastic trip to the Tanzania Marathon!
04/01/171h 38m

Episode 364 - Tom Bosworth

On this week’s festive special, we reflect on the last 12 Marathon Talk months, and Tom speaks to Olympic race walker Tom Bosworth.
28/12/1657m 54s

Episode 363 - Ed Caesar

Tony gets ready for the first ever Marathon Talk Christmas Pub Quiz (which is this Friday, live on Facebook), the Fitness Rewards 12 Days of Christmas Challenge continues, Tom logs another zero and speaks to journalist and author Ed Caesar, we’ve got news from Monday’s DCMS Select Committee session with British Cycling, you guys rock your kit around the world, stand atop the Fitness Rewards Listener Podium, and Training Talk helps us through our festive challenges.
21/12/161h 48m

Episode 362 - Stuart Leaney

We speak to the holder of the new 50k treadmill World Record and Marathon Talk ever-present Stuart Leaney, part two of the McLaren Report provides evidence of the scale of doping, GB roar to success at the European XC champs, another sub 2hour marathon project is announced, Tony brings us his biggest Trial yet, Fitness Rewards kick off the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, and you’ve got your kit on!
14/12/161h 48m

Episode 361 - Sarah Thomson

Yuki digs deep in Fukuoka, Seb’s athletic reforms are voted through, there’s some indoor marathon insight, I speak to trail runner and adventurer Sarah Thomson, Tom breaks 20-minutes at Bushy parkrun, you guys stand atop the Fitness Rewards Listener Podium, Rate Your Run, and show off your Marathon Talk kit all around the world.
07/12/161h 37m

Episode 360 - Eddie Brocklesby

Tom speaks to triathlon legend, marathoner and founder of Silverfit Eddie Brocklesby. Hajo Seppelt and the ARD report some further ARD findings. The Fancy Bears are back. There’s an awesome Nicky Spinks BGR film released. The British trials for the European XC team were held in Liverpool.  Fitness rewards announce the #7in7 runstreak winner. JZ bags bronze. You stand proud on the Podium and we try and help Devin in Training Talk.
30/11/161h 43m

Episode 359 - Helen Glover

Fitness Rewards bring us the Listener Podium and their seven-day run streak has started, I speak to two-time Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover, we bring you news of the world’s deepest half marathon, a US Cross Country gets smashed by a stag, Zane Robertson joins the sub2hour project, you guys rock your kit all around the world, Training Talk reflects on a listener’s first marathon.
23/11/161h 29m

Episode 358 - Laura Graham

This week we speak to the winner of the Irish marathon championships at the recent Dublin Marathon Laura Graham. Elvis is alive and winning races in Las Vegas. A 96 year old runs NYC marathon, there’s news from WADA and the world of doping, Fitness Rewards challenge you to a 7 day run streak and support our listener podium, you rate your run, send us some fancy pics, and make us laugh probably too much. 
16/11/161h 17m

Episode 357 - Charlotte Purdue

Mary Keitany three-peats in New York where there's also the youngest ever male winner, Haile becomes president, Mike runs all six World Marathon Majors in the fastest time ever, Meb announces 2017 retirement, and Martin speaks to British elite marathoner Charlotte Purdue.
09/11/161h 30m

Episode 356 - Mike Crawley

Tom is joined by writer Michael Crawley to talk about the 2hour marathon project and it’s purpose, Jeptoo’s ban is upheld, athletes seemingly get lost in Rio (when being looked for by doping control that is), Frankfurt is rapid, Mum of 4 shines in Dublin, there is a cheating winner in Nairobi, Xempo have some new leisure tee’s, you show off your kit all around the world, Rate Your Run, reflect on your running and stand proud on the podium.
02/11/161h 37m

Episode 355 - Barry Smyth

Martin speaks to running data geek Barry Smyth, Tom’s back from his sick-bed, there’s news of a documentary about a Nicky Spinks double Bob Graham documentary, loads of BQs in Hawaii, and a Training Talk that challenges your goals, strategies and motivations. You guys rock your kit all around the world, Rate Your Run, define what it means to be a marathon runner, and stand atop the podium.
26/10/161h 43m

Episode 354 - Marathon Training Academy

Tom’s poorly and so I’m joined by my other half, Liz. Ed Whitlock breaks another WR in Toronto, a 4 year old records a 2hr 31 marathon, Andy Vernon shows marathon potential, we’re joined by world record holding half marathon super hero Mike Kallenburg aka, Robin. Professor Barry Smyth reveals the truth about women being better marathon pacers than men. Liz and I talk 5 things to do if you just found out you’re in London. Tony is back running and brings his Trials, you’ve on top of the Listener Podium and resplendent in your Xempo MT kit around the world.
19/10/161h 38m

Episode 353 - Ian Corless

There’s some great racing (and super fast joggling) in Chicago, Marders takes out the Yorkshire marathon, Gwen Jorgensen smashes a rather rapid 10 miles, Paul Chelimo wants to release a running rap, we announce the winners of last week’s competition to win Xempo Marathon Talk t-shirts, you guys rock your kit around the world and Tom speaks to Talk Ultra presenter and Marathon Talk audio editor Ian Corless.
12/10/161h 46m

Episode 352 - Karl Meltzer

Ultra runner Rob Young faked his Trans America run, Callum Hawkins is super rapid over a half marathon, there’s a new WR in Cardiff, Steve Jones wants to end TUES, Alex Green tells us about the South West Coast Path Challenge 630, Karl Meltzer talks about his Appalachian Trail record, there’s a stacked Listener Podium, you Rate Your Run, and show off you Marathon Talk Kit Around the World.
05/10/161h 58m

Episode 351 - Elise Downing

Martin speaks to Sprintathon organiser Mark Evans and coastal runner Elise Downing, the Berlin Marathon showcases everything great about elite marathoning, Yuki & Marders cut some phenomenal dancefloor shapes, the Fancy Bear saga sticks the spotlight on Brad and Dave, Ed looks to break the world marathon record by 35 minutes (at least), Steve Peters borrows a pair of my shorts, there’s a stacked Listener Podium, you Rate Your Run, flash you Marathon Talk Kit Around the World, and bag a couple of Xempo beauties.
28/09/161h 45m

Episode 350 - Andy Baddeley

The paralympics comes to a close, Fancy Bears share some big name TUE's including Farah and Wiggins. The New York City marathon announce start-lists. Do heavy shoes slow you down? We speak to Team GB middle distance specialist Andy Baddeley. You rock your kit all around the world, stand atop the Podium and we look at a single Rate Your Run. Oh, and I’ve run off with Tom’s wife Helen.
21/09/161h 50m

Episode 349 - Joe Grant

The paralympics rolls on, Mo takes out the Great North Run, Berlin announce a super-speedy start-list, there’s some breaking doping news, Tony brings us a Great North Trials, you rock your kit all around the world, stand atop the podium and Rate Your red hot Run and we interview Joe Grant about an amazing journey.
14/09/161h 55m

Episode 348 - Jason Cherriman

Tony’s back and brings us a super trials from the Bullock Smithy. Tom speaks to obsessive marathon runner Jason Cherriman, the Paralympic Games kicks off in Rio, but is there too much medal pressure? There’s a 30-mile marathon in Moray. Amy Hughes is trying to break a treadmill world record. You Rate Your Run, stand on the Podium and share your pictures all around the world.
07/09/162h 14m

Episode 347 - The Hawkins Brothers

Martin speaks to the Hawkins brothers about their men’s marathon exploits in Rio, the Paralympics are almost here, Laura Muir runs the fastest ever 1,500m by a Brit, Greg has a garden gala and Chicago announce a stacked elite field. You guys rock your Marathon Talk kit all around the world, jump on the Podium, line up for the Launch Pad, Rate Your Run and take us to your happy running place.
31/08/161h 26m

Episode 346 - Mario Fraioli

The Rio Olympic Games in Rio comes to a close. The Mo show goes bonkers in Rio as he does the double double. The Brownlee’s dominate. Kipchoge wins the Olympic men’s marathon but Meb is the class act! Kiwi (and former Brit) Nikki Hamblin gets special IOC medal. Tony is back with a Trial and we speak to Mario Fraioli. You Rate Your Run, stand on the Podium and look amazing in kit around the world.
24/08/162h 2m

Episode 345 - Alyson Dixon and Sonia Samuels

Martin speaks to Team GB marathoners Alyson Dixon and Sonia Samuels, Tom brings us his weekly Rio catch-up with Mitch Phillips, there’s a crazy-fast women’s 10,000m, Mo wins the men’s 10,000m, Facebook Friday is inspired by the brilliant Jo Pavey, Ed Whitlock continues his world record streak, you guys rock you Xempo kit all around the world, Rate Your Run and stand atop the Podium.
17/08/162h 2m

Episode 344 - Martin Yelling (Part Two)

The Rio Olympic Games have kicked off, some nasty crashes in the road race, the athletics starts at the weekend, we catch up on the latest doping news including an open letter from Daley Thompson to the IOC. Kenya get re-instated, Coe gets death threats, Liverpool go for the Commonwealth Games. You look amazing in your Marathon Talk kit and Martin brings you the second part of his Long Run Home story.
10/08/161h 43m

Episode 343 - Martin Yelling (Part One)

Martin speaks to Tom about Long Run Home, Ed Whitlock smashes another world record, we bring you news from the Beer Mile World Classic, Tom speaks to Reuters journalist Mitch Phillips live from Rio, a Team GB star misses three doping tests, you guys rock your kit all around the world, Rate Your Run, stand atop the podium, line up for the Launch Pad and share your darkest running moments.
03/08/161h 46m

Episode 342 - Tim Heming (Part Two)

Helen stands in for Martin, the IOC take a somewhat controversial stance re Russia, Steve Magness speaks out, Mary Decker and Zola Budd are re-united! Tony has a Trial, we have the Podium, you rock your MT Kit around the World and Tom has part two of his Tim Heming interview.
27/07/161h 23m

Episode 341 - Tim Heming (Part One)

Tom speaks talks athlete and journalist, Tim Heming. The McLaren report shocks the sporting world, London Marathon win their money back, Kenyan athletes join the army... the US army! Tony Revis considers what matters most, you rock your MT kit, Rate Tour Run, stand atop of the Podium and Tony has a Trial.
20/07/161h 34m

Episode 340 - Hannah Corne

While the boys are away, the girls will play... This weeks show is brought to you by Helen and Liz, Tom and Martin's better halves. Tom catches up with Hannah Corne, Director of the inspiring Mini Mermaid Running Club UK. Helen speaks with Martin, he is two days into The Long Run Home. You Rate Your Run, stand proud on our Podium and are looking amazing in your MT kit around the world.
13/07/162h 12m

Episode 339 - Scott Westcott

We catch up with an Australian marathon hero and Rio Olympic qualifier Scott Westcott, Jenny Meadows supports Yulia Stepanova case for RIo inclusion. Yuki’s Mum’s zips up her own Yukisuit for a PB at the Gold Coast marathon, there’s a new wheelchair LEJOG record, Sean Conway completes his massive triathlon, the Rob Young saga rumbles on, we talk to Andy Norman about the beer mile world champs, you Rate Your Run, stand proud on our Podium and are looking amazing in your kit around the world.
06/07/161h 41m

Episode 338 - Damian Hall

This week Tom turned 42, WADA suspend the Rio doping lab, you can represent England in an autumn marathon, there’s news from the Western States 100 and an update on Rob Young, Martin speaks to the BBC’s Tom Gayle about the weekend’s British Athletics Championships, this week’s interview is with SWCP FKT Damian Hall and Tony’s back with the runners Y!
29/06/161h 59m

Episode 337 - Nicky Spinks

On this week’s show there’s a whole bunch of doping news, Russia are out, problems for the coach of some top Ethiopian’s, Coe faces new questions, is Rob Young still going? We speak to the fantastic double Bob Graham round running Nicky Spinks. We ask you to run to vote, you rate your run, share some fab pics in your fancy kit, stand proud on the Marathon Talk podium.
22/06/161h 41m

Episode 336 - Grant Schofield (Part Two)

Operation Puerto is back in the news, Hajo Seppelt launches a secure website for whistleblowers, Rob Young faces questions over his trans-American run, Ben Smith puts his back out, Ed Whitlock smashes out a world record mile, Facebook Friday takes us to our happy place, Grant Schofield is back for part two of his interview ... and Martin moves closer to The Long Run Home.
15/06/161h 33m

Episode 335 - Grant Schofield (Part One)

Tom speaks to author of book ‘What the Fat’ Professor Grant Schofield, Fitness Rewards challenge you to 10k a day in June, Martin talks running in the Alps with Kingsley Jones and you have the chance to win a guide to trail running  in Chamonix.  Mo Farah breaks Dave Moorcrofts 24 year British record, says he’ll quit track and stands by Salazar. Flanagan’s on fire. De Reuck smashes Comrades and it’s London Good for Age time.  You stand atop our weekly Podium, Rate Your Run and share you kit pics around the world.
08/06/161h 45m

Episode 334 - Jenny Nesbitt

On this week’s show Bruce Fordyce speaks to Tom about this year’s Comrades Marathon, I speak to British speedster Jenny Nesbitt, Mo breaks 27 minutes for 10,000m, Dave breaks three minutes for the mile, heat stops play in the US, win some new trainers with Fitness Rewards, you guys rock you Marathon Talk kit all around the world, there’s a stacked Podium, packed Launch Pad and Facebook Friday chases the cheese! 
01/06/162h 7m

Episode 333 - Night of the 10,000m PBs

We're live from The Night of the 10,000m PBs at Parliament Hill, Bekele and Dibaba win in Manchester, Ethiopia announce their Olympic marathon team, there's talk of a sub-two-hour relay marathon and you guys rock your Marathon Talk kit all around the world.
25/05/161h 32m

Episode 332 - Paul Baswick

Kenya and Russia are in a bit of hot water, Nicky Spinks knocks out one of the greatest British endurance performances ever, Scott Westcott will be the oldest Aussie in Rio, Martin speaks to Marathon Talk listener and mindfullness guru Paul Baswick  in this week’s interview, You guys rock your kit around the world, Fitness Rewards are back with another competition, the great headphone debate kicks off on Facebook Friday, you Rate Your Run and stand atop the Podium.
18/05/161h 44m

Episode 331 - Rick Broadbent

Kenya might announce their marathon team for Rio, doping is back in the news, a three-time winter-Olympian from the Czech Republic may have just qualified for the Olympic marathon, rumbles of a JOGLE scandal, Martin speaks to Rick Broadbent about his fantastic book on Emil Zatopek and Steve Way about his Wings For Life World Run, you guys rock your kit all around the world, there’s a Fitness Rewards competition, Facebook Friday, Podium, Listener Launch Pad, Rate Your Run and Tom’s kicking back in the Yorkshire sun.
11/05/161h 48m

Episode 330 - Hawkins Brothers

Martin speaks to the Rio-bound Hawkins brothers, there’s a 100-year-old lady knocking some awesome press-ups, speedy Brits at the Payton Jordan Invitational, news of a new UK marathon, Kipchoge sets his sights on Olympic glory, we speak to Ben Pochee about the Night of the 10,000m PBs and Yuki Kawauchi wins the Kawauchi Half Marathon.
04/05/161h 39m

Episode 329 - London Marathon

It’s the week after the London Marathon and we catch up on all the race action plus speak to some Rio Olympic Games Team GB marathoners!  We both ran a marathon that wasn’t in Manchester.  Yuki zips it right up. Tony is here with his Trials. Martin talks about my Long Run Home. You Rate Your Run, stand proud on a loaded Podium and strutt your MT kit around the globe.
27/04/161h 43m

Episode 328 - London Marathon’s male British contenders

Martin speaks to three of the London Marathon’s male British contenders for Rio qualification, Boston has an Ethiopian double, Mike Wardian targets all six World Marathon Majors, Training Talk gives you ten top tips for a terrific London Marathon, you guys rock your Marathon Talk kit around the world, Facebook Friday is all about the dos and don’ts of spectator shouting, Unilite bring you the chance to win a super running head torch on this week’s Listener Podium, and Tom’s back in the house.
20/04/161h 41m

Episode 327 - Team GB Rio marathon - Female Contenders.

It’s a Team GB Rio Olympic Games Contenders special! We speak to three top female picks for the big trial race in London. We look at the crazy Barkley Marathon and there’s a new World Record for the marathon on an indoor track. The first marathon in Iran kicks off - without women. There’s news of a very speedy 10 year old. We talk tapering in Training Talk. You rate your run, stand proudly on the podium and Tom tells us all about Little Stoke parkrun.
13/04/161h 30m

Episode 326 - Eilish McColgan

Martin is back in the house.  There’s a little running news, a debutante winner of the Reading half and Kenya is still in trouble. We find out about Running Heroes, you share some pics and Rate Your Run. We speak to the wonderful Olympic athlete Eilish McColgan.  You’ve got your kit on!
06/04/161h 45m

Episode 325 - Two Oceans

Martin is off quaffing it up in the apres-ski hotspots of some swanky resort while Tom dutifully keeps the Marathon Talk show on the road, Mo podiums in Cardiff, Caroline Wostmann wins the Two Oceans, Ed Whitlock notches up a couple more world records, Tony’s here with his Trials, Fitness Rewards are back with another competition, you Rate Your Run and show off your Marathon Talk kit around the world … and Helen Williams Was Turton is in the house!
30/03/161h 21m

Episode 324 - Eddie Izzard

Martin speaks to Eddie Izzard in South Africa shortly after finishing his 27 marathons in 27 days epic challenge.  Tom’s away running Two Oceans so the effervescent ultra marathoner Steve Way joins the show.  You’ve won some trainers, torches and breakfast with Kelly Holmes. Steve and Martin talk about being 4 weeks out from your big marathon.  Molly huddle shares a cuddle on the finish line, you Rate Your Run, stand on the Podium and have fun in your kit around the world.
23/03/161h 31m

Episode 323 - Dame Kelly Holmes (Part Two)

We’ve got the second part of our interview with Dame Kelly Holmes, Yuki straps on an actual real-life Yuki Suit, Julia Bleasdale switches from Team GB to Team GER, there’s a super fast Trafford 10k, Tony’s back with his Trials, Tom runs a marathon, Martin speaks to Adharanand Finn, Fitness Rewards are back with another competition, Unilite bring you the Listener Podium and Martin is a week closer to The Long Run Home and Tom is getting ready for South Africa.
16/03/162h 4m

Episode 322 - Dame Kelly Holmes (Part One)

Martin speaks to the legendary Dame Kelly Holmes, the world half marathon field hots up, the doping scandal rolls on, Yuki struggles at Lake Biwa, the IOC create a refugee team for Rio, you guys rock your Xempo kit all around the world, Facebook Friday asks for your own personal running challenges and there’s a lop-sided Listener Podium.
09/03/161h 33m

Episode 321 - James Collins

This week's show brings you audio from Sandy Balls and the Marathon Talk training camp, we have a Fitness Rewards winner and Martin speaks with James Collins about nutrition.
02/03/161h 36m

Episode 320 - Susie Chan

Mo wins in Glasgow, world records tumble in Stockholm, Martin speaks to British world record holder Susie Chan, Kenya could be in trouble, Yuki has one last chance to qualify for Rio, Facebook Friday asks for your motivational tips, there’s another competition from Fitness Rewards and you guys Rate Your Run and show of your Xempo bling.
24/02/161h 34m

Episode 319 - Dr Dan Gordon (Part Two)

This week we bring you the chance to win a Garmin VivoSmart with Fitness Rewards, the second part of our pacing interview with Dan Gordon, news from the Team USA Olympic Trials at the LA Marathon, the latest update on the doping saga from Kenya, Training Talk keeps your mojo firing, your rate your run and share your pacing drama’s and just who will be standing on the podium?
17/02/161h 41m

Episode 318 - Dr Dan Gordon (Part One)

We bring you not one but two exciting competitions, Facebook Friday reminisces about your Marathon mess-ups, pressure mounts on Seb Coe, the US Olympic Marathon trials are this weekend, there’s pandemonium at the Discovery Half Marathon in Kenya, Training Talk is brought to you by Unilite, Tom speaks to Dr Dan Gordon about marathon pacing, you Rate Your Run, stand atop the Podium and show off your Marathon Talk kit all around the world.
10/02/161h 34m

Episode 317 - Joe Williams

We have got a competition to win a Garmin with Fitness Rewards, Rupp announces he’s running a marathon, there’s a new world record for 12hrs on a treadmill and running 7 marathons on 7 different continents. Steve Way talks about when training goes wrong and we speak to Joe Williams - the founder of UKrunchat.  Tony is here with a Trial and you stand tall and proud on the podium.
03/02/161h 35m

Episode 316 - Elise Downing

You guys show off your kit all around the world, Little Stoke parkrun needs your support, Facebook Friday is for the running fashionistas, you Rate Your Run, it’s a quiet week in the doping world, business as usual the the Dubai Marathon, Mo targets the World Half Marathon Championships, Dame Kelly targets the London Marathon, I speak to Elise Downing and you stand atop the podium.
27/01/161h 43m

Episode 315 - Tom Fairbrother

Happy Birthday to us. It’s been 6 years and 5 million downloads since we released our first episode. Wada release the second of the Independent Commission reports into doping in athletics - we look at some thoughts and opinions. The Virgin Money London Marathon announce the 2016 elite men’s field.  Top US marathoner Ryan Hall, announces his retirement. Tony brings us his Trials.  You tell us about your eating habits on the run and show off your kit around the world.  Training Talk looks at setting a marathon goal and we speak to marathoner Tom Fairbrother about his battle with an eating disorder.
20/01/161h 54m

Episode 314 - Caroline Wostmann

The doping scandal rumbles on, Paul and Mara get stuck in, UK Athletics make some recommendations for change, Toni Reavis writes a brilliant blog, London announce their elite female field, Kate Avery wins in Scotland, I speak to 2015 Comrades and Two Oceans winner Caroline Wostmann, you Rate Your Run and show off your super-cool Marathon Talk kit all around the world.
13/01/161h 48m

Episode 313 - Ed Caesar

We welcome in 2016 and get things back to normal. You show off your new Xempo kit around the world, Jamie Ramsey has finished his run around some of the world and wants you to do the final few miles with him in the UK. There’s a doping update and we look at a few New Year running resolutions. You Rate Your Run and stand on the final Jabra Podiums for 2015. And Tom speaks to Ed Ceasar author the brilliant book 2 Hours plus Tony is here with a Trial.
06/01/161h 54m

Episode 312 - Alicia Eno

This week's show is a stand-alone interview with Alicia Eno, a Marathon Talk listener who recently achieved 50 sub-4 marathons in 50 states. Happy New Year and we wish you an incredible 2016.
30/12/1543m 16s

Episode 311 - Ben Smith

Happy Christmas! This week’s show is going to be slightly different. Tom’s not here at all and we’ve got an hour long special interview with Ben Smith from 401 marathons for you to sit back (or run) to.  If you need some inspiration for 2016 then this is it.
23/12/151h 4m

Episode 310 - Melissa Fehr

We offer a competition to win entry to the Gran Canaria Marathon, Martin speaks to Melissa Fehr about the world transplant games, you guys rock your Xempo kit all around the world, Run Camp 2016 is open for registration, Serena Williams pulls a Rob Sloan, we bring you news from all around the world of running, Tony has a Trial and Martin has been cycling with my children :-)
16/12/151h 43m

Episode 309 - Liz Yelling

Marin has been on the wagon whilst Tom’s been XXX.  Tony’s been in Stockport.  Seb Coe faces a quizzing. Yuki lets his suit fall loose whilst Kenyan Makau is back on on top.  It’s the European Cross Country Champs this weekend and Martin speaks to Liz Yelling about Cross Country running.  We ask 5 spring marathon questions. And we’ve got news of our 3rd annual run camp, you Rate Your Run, strut your kit poses, and stand proud on the Jabra Podium.
09/12/151h 22m

Episode 308 - Tim Oberg

Tom runs a comeback PB and speaks to parkrun Australia Country Manager Tim Oberg. The IAAF defend themselves and Paula, but the so-called experts aren’t having any of it. Athletics Kenya sees three of it’s top brass suspended, the Japanese men’s 10,000m record falls, you Rate Your Run, Training Talk takes you from sub 4 to sub 3, Tony’s here with his Trials and we’ve got one of the best Marathon Talk Kit Around the World photos of all time.
02/12/152h 6m

Episode 307 - The Drapers

We speak to a genuine pair of marathon running hero’s - Eleanor and Dennis Draper. We’ve done our parkrun smash up. Russians are in hiding over the doping scandal and some Kenyans speak out whilst others should. Your Rate Your Run and tell us what you think about walking in a marathon.  Tony brings us his Trials, you’re on top of the podium and we’ve got a Training Talk all about fartlek.
25/11/151h 33m

Episode 306 - Mitch Phillips

The IAAF confirm suspension of the Russian Athletic Federation from International competition, Yuki speaks out and things could get worse for Kenya. You send in some fab pics in your new Tempo T-shirts. British Athletics announce the qualification details for the Olympic Games in Rio next year. Beijing host a 17-mile half marathon! We interview sub 3hr ‘run-walk strategy’ marathoner Mitch Phillips, Tony’s Trials is in the house and you are on top of the Jabra podium.
18/11/151h 36m

Episode 305 - Lottie Bradford

You tell us what not to say at the end of a marathon, the doping saga increases in intensity and the IAAF drop in integrity with President Lamine Diack arrested and the release of the WADA Independent Commission into systematic doping in Russian athletics. You Rate Your Run, show off your new Xempo 26.2 tee’s, you’ve been running all over the place and Tony has a Trial.
11/11/151h 54m

Episode 304 - Tom Mason

On this week’s show our website is back up so we’ve got a double helping of the Jabra Podium plus a return of the Listener Launch Pad and Rate Your Run, Yuki zips up his suit in New York but Stanley and Mary take victory, Kenya change their marathon selection criteria for Rio (to what though we’re not quite sure), Tony’s here with his Trials, you guys rock your Marathon Talk kit all around the world and Facebook Friday looks at gender inequality.
04/11/151h 40m

Episode 303 - Bill Rodgers (Part Two)

We have part two of our interview with American marathoning legend Bill Rodgers. There was some fast times at the Frankfurt Marathon and a Rio qualifier for Scot Callum Hawkins. Jo Pavey sets another record. A Kenyan gets caught out and there is trouble afoot for UKAD and some website gremlins have been visiting us.  
28/10/151h 16m

Episode 302 - Bill Rodgers (Part One)

Martin speaks to US marathoning legend Bill Rodgers, Tony commits to get fit, Tom Potson announces the winners of the Stockport 10 competition, Dan Afshar updates us on the new MT kit, you rock your old MT kit all around the world, the Jabra Podium is fast and full, the Listener Launch Pad rolls through Halloween and Bonfire Night!
21/10/151h 33m

Episode 301 - Sonia Samuels

On this week’s show we speak to recent UK all time women’s marathoner 7th placer Sonia Samuels. We’ve both been to York for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. There were no rabbits in Chicago this past weekend.  Steve Jones has been speaking out.  You rate your run, send in your tee shirt pictures and stand proud on the Jabra podium. 
14/10/151h 46m

Episode 300 - Kirk Parsley (Part Two)

We have part two of our interview with sleep guru Kirk Parsley, news from the Chester and Bournemouth marathons, some brilliant images of you guys rocking your Marathon Talk kit all around the world, parkrun celebrates its 11th birthday, the Jabra Podium is rammed to the rafters, Training Talk is all about post-marathon recovery, you Rate Your Run, and Tom logs a big fat zero.
07/10/151h 36m

Episode 299 - Kirk Parsley (Part One)

This week it's part one of the long-awaited sleep interview with Dr Kirk Parsley, there were some great British performances in Berlin, Martin speaks to Alyson Dixon about hers , the London Marathon ballot results are out this week, the Jabra Podium is stacked, you Rate Your Run and show off your Marathon Talk kit all around the world.
30/09/151h 42m

Episode 298 - Richard Moore (Part Two)

We bring you part two of our interview with Richard Moore, UKA clear Alberto, a 17-year old Finnish girl runs 2:33 for the marathon, Winner of the Week is back, you stand atop the Jabra Podium, show off your Marathon Talk Kit all around the world and Rate Your Run.
23/09/151h 26m

Episode 297 - Richard Moore (Part One)

This week we talk about 'that' British athlete implicated in the doping scandal. Mo wins the GNR. NYC looks set for a scorcher. We interview author of the book 'The Bolt Supremacy' - Richard Moore. Tom is on form. Martin isn't. You stand proud on the Jabra Podium, Rate Your Run and show us where you've been in your swanky classic black.  
16/09/151h 52m

Episode 296 - Timothy Kirk

Tom is back from the Maldives. Martin speaks to former Olympian and aspiring V70 marathoner, Tim Kirk. Tom catches up with Phil Gray about bringing the Morpeth to Newcastle back. Tony doesn't talk about Bullock Smithy. There is some running news (although not much), a ruffling Friday Facebook, some great Rate Your Runs and a Jabra Podium.  
09/09/151h 52m

Episode 295 - Jason Henderson

Tom is on holiday sunning his little legs and Sarah Russell steps in to co-host. It's a packed show with an in-depth chat with Jason Henderson from Athletics Weekly and Duncan Simpson is back for Training Talk. The Jabra Podium, you Rate Your Run and Tony has a Trial.
02/09/151h 55m

Episode 294 - Jamie Ramsay

The World Athletics Championships keep us on the edge of our seats as Mo and Jess take gold, Bolt and Gatlin go head-to-head and the American women enjoy mixed fortunes over 10,000m. Away from Beijing Liliya Shobukhova has her ban reduced, you guys catch some rays in your classic blacks, you Rate Your Run and stand atop a stacked Jabra Podium.    
26/08/152h 11m

Episode 293 - Mark Daly (Part Two)

We have got part two of our thought provoking interview with BBC investigative reporter Mark Daly, this week it's about his EPO use. There's an update on another drug study, Salazaar will be at the Worlds (which starts this week), Pavey should be awarded a World Championships bronze. You Rate Your Run, talk about what you'd like on a desert island and stand proud on the Jabra Podium.    
19/08/151h 29m

Episode 292 - Mark Daly (Part One)

Tom and Martin speak to Mark Daly about his investigation into Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project, we bring you up to speed with the latest on the doping scandal surrounding the IAAF, Nick Symmonds gets de-selected by Team USA, news of Kenyan athletes supporting a great cause, our first ever Xempo t-shirt makes the Facebook album, you Rate Your Run and stand atop the Jabra Podium.  
11/08/151h 50m

Episode 291 - Sorrell Walsh

There is a follow up doping expose from German documentary maker ARD and the Sunday Times, Training Talk looks at Tom's 5K plan of attack, you stand atop of the Jabra Podium, Rate Your Run and rock your super-cool Marathon Talk kit alla round the world. We speak to Sorrell Walsh about getting more women running and Tony has a Trial!    
05/08/152h 6m

Episode 290 - Lauren Fleshman

We speak to American 5,000m speedster Lauren Fleshman, there is news from the London Diamond League weekend, our listeners speak to Mo in Facebook Friday, we hear about positive tests from this years Comrades race, there's sad news from Kenya, Training Talk looks at you Autumn marathon progress, you stand atop of the Jabra Podium, Rate Your Run and rock your super-cool Marathon Talk kit all around the world.    
29/07/151h 51m

Episode 289 - Julia Bleasdale

We catch up with Team GB Olympian in both the 5000m and 10000m at London 2012, Julia Bleasdale about her new found love for running. There is a new WR in the women's 1500m for Dibaba in Monaco and a super fast men's 1500m. Kara Goucher speaks out but stays schtum. Jurek gets a ticking off. Kipsang and friends walk for peace. You Rate Your Run and tweet us. The Jabra Podium is all about the men. Come on girls, keep up!
22/07/151h 29m

Episode 288 - Greg Brock

Martin talks to Guru Greg about his recent Bob Graham Round. Tom has actually done some training. Mo wins in Lausanne, Training Talk reflects on your lifestyle, you Rate Your Run, Tony is here with a Trial, there is a male dominated Jabra Podium and we've got some super cool photos of you guys rockin you MT T-shirts all around the world.
15/07/151h 56m

Episode 287 - Mark Berry

Martin chats with Mark Berry who ran the entire SWCP in 11 days. We bring you up to speed with the Gold Coast Marathon. Hannah O took top spot at the Potteries. Overall overhauls in the final sprint, Jager bombs. Plus we have got a one off Corkey's Corner. You Rate YourRun, talk to us about staying cool, top the Jabra Podium and are competingin events all over the world in the Listener Launchpad.    
08/07/151h 43m

Episode 286 - Michael Westphal

Tom speaks to Boston qualifier and Parkinson's sufferer, Michael Westphal. We update you on the latest news surrounding Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project. Facebook Friday celebrates your celebrations, there is a stunning septuagenarian at the Western States 100, Boy on the Run is back... for the last time! Th eJabra Podium is stacked and you show your Marathon Talk colours all around the world.  
01/07/152h 8m

Episode 285 - Sean Ingle and Michelle Hardwick

On this week’s show we speak to the senior sports reporter at the Guardian, Sean Ingle about the ongoing Salazar scandal. Mary Keitany is back on top. Wilson Kipsang isn’t. Bro probably was. We remember Australian distance legend Ron Clarke and speak to Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick who is doing her first ever 10k in Leeds.
24/06/151h 43m

Episode 284 - Sonia O'Sullivan (Part Two)

We have part two of our interview with Sonia O'Sullivan, the Nike Oregon Project story rumbles on, Nick Willis gets taken down by a load of kids, there is a crazy Facebook Friday, Tom has been partying, Martin has been glamping and Boy on the Run is back.    
17/06/151h 39m

Episode 283 - Sonia O'Sullivan (Part One)

  It is all kicking off in the running world with allegations of doping by Salazar in the Oregon Project on BBC's Panorama. Mo has been in for a hammering and so it was the No Mo Show at Birmingham. We look at some of the issues that have emeged this week. Tony has a Trial. Irish endurance legend, Olympic medallist and world champion, Sonia O'Sullivan joins us. You Rate Your Run and stand hi on the Jabra Podium.
10/06/151h 52m

Episode 282 - Comrades Special

Martin is joined by his wife Liz as Tom is in South Africa supporting Helen his wife run Comrades.  We find out how she got on and hear from a bunch of other Comrade superstars.  It was also the Edinburgh Marathon Festival and Steve Way tells us just how windy it was.  Mo is still the king of the track 10,000m and who'll take home the Jabra Sport Pulse in the Jabra Podium?
03/06/151h 42m

Episode 281 - Jim Alder (Part Two)

We have part two of Tom's interview with Jim Alder, Team GB announce strong teams for the European Cup, Pavey and Vernon triumph in London, Training Talk revisits Tom's mile training, Tony is here with a Trial, the Jabra Podium is stacked, you Rate Your Run and show off your Marathon Talk kit around the world.    
27/05/151h 28m

Episode 280 - Jim Alder (Part One)

Tom speaks to North East running legend Jim Alder, Phil Smith looks to resurrect The Morpeth, Andy Waterman reports from the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs, Mary Wittenberg stands down as Race Director of the New York City Marathon, Facebook Friday checks out your all-time running fails, Tom has been in Birmingham, Martin has been to Bedford, Boy On The Run is back, you Rate Your Run and stand atop the Jabra Podium and Rosie gets ready for the Westminster Mile.  
20/05/151h 29m

Episode 279 - Jim Barahal

The Emperor hangs up his running shoes, you share your favourite medals, it was the biggest 10k in Europe in Manchester and the 30th anniversary of the Leeds Half London Mile. Tom speaks to Jim Barahal from the Hapalua in Hawaii, you Rate Your Run and who will walk away with a paif of Jabra Sport Pulse headphones in our weekly podium.    
13/05/151h 39m

Episode 278 - James Cracknell (Part Two)

We speak to Kate Carter about the brilliant Wings for Life World Run, you rock your Marathon Talk kit around the World, the Jabra Podium is stacked, and Martin speaks to James Ruskin about the City of London Mile. Boy on the Run is back, Ellie Greenwood looks forward to Comrades and Training Talk is all about the why.
06/05/151h 59m

Episode 277 - James Cracknell (Part One)

We saw some cracking racing at the 35th anniversary of the Virgin Money London Marathon including surprise winners in both the men's and the women's races. Paula said farewell. Tony ran London and brings us his Trials from the race, with Emu. We speak to Ben Pochee about the 'Night of the 10,000's' and legendary double Olympian rowing champion and adventurer, James Cracknell talks about his marathon. You Rate Your Run, there is a brilliant Jabra Podium and Training Talk looks at post race week things to do (or not).    
29/04/152h 20m

Episode 276 - Yuki Kawauchi

We have been to the Zurich Marathon and met the Japanese great, Yuki Kawauchi. Boston Marathon was tight. Manchester marathon was this past weekend and the Virgin London Marathon is this weekend coming. Of course our interview is with Yuki Kawauchi (with the help of Japan Running News, Brett Larner), you Rate YourRun and the Jabra Podium is stacked.  
22/04/151h 32m

Episode 275 - Spring Marathon Frenzy

Martin is back in the studio with Tom. Spring Marathon season is in full swing with Paris, Rotterdam, Brighton and Milan. A 41 year old Kenyan runs 2:08! We annonce the winner of our competition to run the mass race at the IAAF World Half Marathon Champs 2016. How would you fancy some extra kilometers at the end of your 10k? We love the Hawaii chase race and Sir Ranulph Fiennes completes the MDS. Plus, we announce our new Marathon Talk tee shirt partner. Get your race face with Training Talk and we tried, but failed to interview 2:22 marathoner and all-around speedster, Lornah Kiplagat.  
15/04/151h 25m

Episode 274 - Charles Eugster

Martin's in Finland, Tom's mate Hannah co-presents, Boy on the Run is back, you Rate Your Run, fill the launch pad, stand atop the Jabra Podium and our interview is with super speedy nonagenarian Charles Eugster.
08/04/151h 57m

Episode 273 - Adharanand Finn (Part Two)

We get ready to meet Yuki in Zurich, no one finished the Barkley, Darren Wood runs his 500th parkrun, the Olympic Marathon is changing, you guys rock your MT kit all around the world, Jantastic comes to an end, the Eugster sets another World record or two, we've got the second part of out interview with Adharanand Finn and Boy on the Run is back.  
01/04/151h 51m

Episode 272 - Adharanand Finn (Part One)

There's some amazing Strava art, Martin speaks to Adharanand Finn about his new book 'The Way of the Runner', Mo breaks 60minutes (and the European Record) for 13.1 miles, Japan announce their World Championship marathoners, Tony's here with his Trials, Jantastic comes to an end (nearly) and you Tweet your taper-time woes.  
25/03/151h 23m

Episode 271 - Hugh Jones

Jantastic enters the home straight, a social media storm erupts around the Spen 20 and Bekele's out of London ... but Geoffrey Mutai is in. Martin speaks with British marathoning legend Hugh Jones and Boy On The Run is back. We also have the Jabra Podium, you Rate Your Run and look cool around the World in your Marathon Talk kit.    
18/03/151h 30m

Episode 270 - Rohan Kallicharan

The equality debate rages on, there is some cool Strava art, a 95-year old smashes the world 200m record, Andy Green runs a world age 52 best at Trafford 10k and there has been two 50k world records... on a treadmill. Our interview is with Rohan Kallicharan about the psych benefits of running. Training Talk takes us through the bad times. Tony is here with a Trial and we have 2nd Jabra Podium.      
11/03/151h 59m

Episode 269 - Charlie Hulson

We have a video version of Tony's Trials, Tom burns his bra on Twitter, we speak to the winner of the National Cross Country Championships, 600 students break 70 minutes in the same half marathon, news of some game changing wearable technology, you Rate Your Run and it's the inaugural Jabra podium.    
04/03/151h 34m

Episode 268 - Sand Balls Weekend

We're back from Sandy Balls, the World Marathon Majors kick off in Tokyo, Yuki's got a loose man suit, Jantastic rolls into March and Mo bags his first World record. Plus there's the usual Rate Your Run, Listener Podium and Facebook fun.
25/02/151h 34m

Episode 267 - Vassos Alexander

Florence is a machine in Barcelona. We announce the winner of the 'meet Yuki at Zurich Marathon' competition and Tom speaks to BBC radio's Vassos Alexander ahead of his first 100k and up and coming running book. Tony has a Trial, you Rate Your Run and step onto the Podium.    
18/02/151h 23m

Episode 266 - Gemma Steel

Tom is back from California, we announce the finalists in our meet Yuki competition, Martin speaks to British speedster Gemma Steel, Tom's dad de-bunks the recent research suggesting running too much is bad for you, Boy on the Run is back, Training Talk is all about family and Jantastic approaches a quarter of a million swim, bikes and runs.      
11/02/151h 51m

Episode 265 - Nutrition Round Table with Chrissie Wellington

Martin is joined by Liz Yelling as co-host as Tom is still on holiday. Win a chance to meet Mo Farah and an entry into the Vitality North London Half and an entry into the Zurich Marathon and meet Yuki Kawauchi! Join us for a nutrition discussion with Chrissie Wellington and Warren Pole and hear Liz's long run progression ideas.  
04/02/151h 39m

Episode 264 - Julia Bleasdale

Steve Way co-hosts while Tom suns himself on holiday. Jantastic rages on with 1000's of swim/bike and runs, and we speak to Julia Bleasdale who is training in Kenya. Boy on the Run is back and we have the News and a topical Training Talk.    
28/01/151h 16m

Episode 263 - Lorraine Moller (Part Two)

Martin speaks to Lorraine Moller in part two of her interview, Jantastic races through 100,000 swim/bike/runs, Jess Coulson's after a few more masters, London announce a stacked ladies' field (including Paula), Facebook Friday finds your fears and Tom heads for the beach!
21/01/151h 15m

Episode 262 - Lorraine Moller (Part One)

Our 5th birthday! Jantastic is up and away, the Yorkshire Marathon's sold out, British Athletics release their World Championship qualification standards, London announce the greatest men's field ever (again) and Martin speaks to New Zealand running legend (another one) Lorraine Moller.      
14/01/151h 26m

Episode 261 - Rob Watson

We are back! Jantastic is in full flow, Tony's here with his Trials, there's a festive Listener Podium, we admire the amazing members of the 50 Marathons in 50 States club and Tom speaks to Canadian marathoner and podcaster, Rob Watson.    
07/01/151h 51m

Episode 260 - Rod Dixon

Martin is prancing up and down Bournemouth beach front in his Rudolph budgie smugglers and Tom is on his lonesome. This weeks interview is with New Zealand running legend Rod Dixon. Don't forget to sign uop for Jantastic and a Happy New Year!
31/12/141h 19m

Episode 259 - Simon Freeman

It's December 24th and Martin is going solo while Tom delivers presents to children all over the world. Boy on the Run talks Jantastic and our interview is with Simon Freeman. If you haven't signed up for Jantastic yet, please do. Join an existing team or create your own and get ready for the launch of the challenge on Monday 5th January. Merry Christmas one and all.  
24/12/1439m 1s

Episode 258 - Steph Deck

Jo Pavey steps onto the SPOTY podium, the athletics world continues to be rocked by the drugs scandal, Bekele's running Dubai, Gemma Steel and Kate Avery duke it out on the Country, Tom interviews th inspirational Steph Deck, Marathon Man UK Rob Young pops in with an update plus we have the usual Rate Your Run, Listener Podium, Tweets of the Week and Facebook sort of Friday.  
17/12/141h 42m

Episode 257 - Andrew Cracknell

Marathon Talk ever present Andrew Cracknell raves about school sport, there's a campaign to take Jo Pavey to SPOTY glory and Yuki is at it again. Jantastic is open for entries as is the 2015 Sandy Balls Marathon Talk running camp. Facebook Friday happened on Sunday, Tom hasn't run a step and Martin's been on the razz for his wife's 40th.     
10/12/141h 44m

Episode 256 - Geoff Smith (Part Two)

We have part two of the Geoff Smith interview. Marty Dent gets taken down by a Nonagenarian. Yuki is at it again. Mark Steinle runs the Florence marathon. There is a super speedy half marathon in Delhi, tou Tweet your Christmas list, Training Talk gets you up for the country and Jantastic is ready and waiting.  
03/12/141h 24m

Episode 255 - Geoff Smith (Part One)

Martin speaks to the 6th fastest British male marathoner ever and Tom speaks to Professor Andy Shennan about running in pregnancy. Yuki smashes yet another marathon record, Facebook inspires us and Twitter makes us laugh, Tony's here with his Trials and you Rate Your Run and climb aboard the Listener Podium.  
26/11/141h 21m

Episode 254 - Bob Matthews

Tom speaks to Paralympic legend Bob Matthews, the website is back, along with Rate Your Run, the Listener Podium and the Launch Pad. Boy on the Run is in the house, 400 runners run 70 minutes or faster at the Ageo Half Marathon and Martin's on a Jantastic mission.
19/11/141h 32m

Episode 252 - Julie Creffield

We bring you all the news from New York, there is a high profile drugs bust from Kenya, we reminisce about the 80's, meet your chimps, the website is still down, Tom speaks to Julie Creffield from The Fat Girls Guide to Running, Boy on the Run is back, Training Talk is all about fancy dress and the trouble and strife takes over from Mart!    
05/11/141h 45m

Episode 251 - Steve Peters

Tony takes over from Martin while the big fella's looking buff on a beach somewhere, Julia Bleasdale chicks every male in Greensand marathoner history, Emma Stepto smashes her marathon PB in Frankfurt, Gemma Steel smashes her PB in Portsmouth, plus Tom speaks to World renowned sports psychiatrist, Steve Peters. And there is no podium, or Rate Your Run and a limited Launch Pad.  
29/10/141h 29m

Episode 250 - Chris Hulse

Ron Hill gets inducted to the England Athletics Hall of Fame, Oscar Pistouris is finally sentenced, we've got news from Toronto and Bangalore, Training Talk looks towards the winter and this week we interview Chris Hulse, race director for Chester Marathon. Tom's all over the place and Martin took down a Commonwealth hero, a stacked Listener Podium, you Rate Your Run and Boy On The Run is back.    
22/10/141h 26m

Episode 249 - Rob Young

Martin, Tom and Tony are at the Yorkshire Marathon, we speak to Rob Young AKA Marathon Man UK as he attempts to run at least 26.2miles every day for a year, Kenenisa Bekel misfires in Chicago, Monas breaks 70 minutes in Melbourne, you Rate Your Run, there is a super stacked Listener Podium and we bring you our interviewee Twitter list.    
15/10/142h 8m

Episode 248 - Dave Webb & Mathew Burton

It is the week before the 2nd Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and so we catch up with first time marathoner, TV teacher from 'Educating Yorkshire' Mr Mathew Burton and top British marathon hope, Dave Webb. Martin and Tom were both at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival, it was also Chester Marathon this weekend. You Rave about the return of a marathon, the podium is uber fast Tony is here with a Trial.      
08/10/141h 17m

Episode 247 - Steve Moneghetti (Part Two)

There is a new marathon world record, we've got the second part of the Steve Moneghetti interview, there's an unusual take on racing the train, Training Talk thinks big, Boy on the Run is back, Hooters take on parkrun, the Marathon Talk Twitter list gets you out of your seat and the Listener Podium is absolutely stacked.  
01/10/141h 42m

Episode 246 - Steve Moneghetti (Part One)

We speak to a legend of Australian marathoning, Steve Moneghetti. Paula Radcliffe makes a return. Deena Kastor becomes a world record holder. Berlin Marathon is this weekend and it could decide the World Marathon Majors. We chat fartlek. You have a Rant and sit proudly on the Podium and Boy on the Run is here.  
24/09/141h 13m

Episode 245 - Gavin Megaw & Josie Perry

Running round a field is no longer a punishment, we have definitive proof that boys are better than girls, there is a rather rude Friday Facebook, Gemma Steel makes like an American, Tony is here with a Trial, Training Talk helps you pace your mates, there's a footballing Winner of the Week plus the usual Rate Your Run and Listener Podium.    
17/09/141h 41m

Episode 244 - Richie Gardiner

We look back at the racing (or not) at this years Great North Run. An American 6-year old runs an amazing 5K PR. Boston Marathon registration opens and there is a brand new half marathon in Sheffield for 2015. You Rate Your Run and stand proud on the Podium. Plus we interview Welshman runner turned triathlete, Richie Gardiner and Tony gives us an epic Trial.    
10/09/142h 3m

Episode 243 - Brian Williams

Yuki takes another course record. Steve Way is running BMF. Haile hangs out with Mr Bean. Tom interviews his Dad. Listener, Marc Lyne tells us about the UTMB. Tony is here with his Trials. Plus we have Rate Your Run, Listener Podium and Facebook fun.    
03/09/141h 36m

Episode 242 - Ben Fairburn

Tom is away having babies and so Martin is back from his hols and joined by Commonwealth Games 6th placer and 2nd time Marathon Talk co-host, Susan Partridge. Mo has been record setting. New York champions return in 2014. Could you imagine running a marathon a day for over a year? You Rate Your Run, appear on the Podium and make us laugh. Training Talk looks at session progression and we interview the amazing Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon first timer, Ben Fairburn.  
27/08/141h 39m

Episode 241 - Jess Coulson & Andi Jones

Andi Jones takes Martin's place while the original podfather gets buff in the sun, Jess Coulson speaks to Tom about her running and research, Jo Pavey focuses on Rio, Mo gets back to the track, Kenenisa Bekele talks the talk and Tony's lost his mojo. 
20/08/141h 50m

Episode 240 - Jess Trengove

We have a great interview with Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games women's marathon bronze medallist, Australian, Jess Trengove. The Magic Mile is done. Team Kenya have some travel nightmares, the European Athletics Championships is underway and we're frustrated. Could your next race photos be free? You Rate Your Run, it's a mens only Podium and Boy on the Run is in town!    
13/08/141h 23m

Episode 239 - James Dunne

We reflect on a brilliant Commonwealth Games. We interview sport rehab coach, James Dunne. Galen Rupp has twins, the Magic Mile continues and Gemma Steel storms to victory in the States. Training Talk helps you beat the clock, plus there is the usual Winner of the Week, Listener Podium, Launch Pad, Rate Your Run, Facebook Fun and Tony is back with a Trial.
06/08/141h 41m

Episode 238 - Commonwealth Games 2014

The Commonwealth Games is underway and we look at the men's and women's marathons. Mike Shelley takes home a surprise Aussie Gold, Steve Way runs a new British V40 record and whilst Kenyans finish 1-2 in the women's race, Australian Jess Trengove snatches a bronze in the closing stages. We speak to the top Home Countries finishers in both races, Scotlands Susan Partridge and Derek Hawkins as well as the first English finishers across the line, Louise Damen and the man of the moment, Steve Way. The Magic Mile is underway - it's time for fast! You Rate YourRun, stand on the Listener Podium and tell us where you are racing next in the Launchpad  
30/07/141h 47m

Episode 237 - Marty Dent

The Commonwealth Games are just days away. We catch up with Aussie favourite, Marty Dent and preview the men's and womens marathons along the host of the Naked Runners, Dave Robbo. Tony is here with a Trial plus there is a Winner of the Week, Rate Your Run and Facebook Friday.    
23/07/141h 27m

Episode 236 - Susan Partridge

Women slow down less than men. There is mo doubt over Mo. We look at the Home Nations womens team for the Commonwealth Games. The Scottish parade kit causes a stir. Kilian Jornet breaks the Hardrock 100 record, Boy on the Run is back and Talk Training hits the track. Plus, there's the usual Rate Your Run, Listener Podium abd Facebook fun.    
16/07/141h 34m

Episode 235 - Ben Moreau

It was the Gold Coast marathon and the Yuki smackdown. Some news of Paula Radcliffe's comeback plans and Farah is injured. We look at some of the Home Counties representatives in the Commonwealth Games marathon. We speak to one of those, Englishman, Ben Moreau about his preparations and race aspirations. Training Talk is about getting ready for your Autumn marathon, you Rate Your Run, Boy on the Run is back and who is on the podium this week?    
09/07/141h 30m

Episode 234 - James Tarran

Tom has been celebrating his 40th birthday with a fancy dinner and he interviews James Tarran. There's some news of where not to go on a running holiday, some uber long distance race results, could we see a new world marathon record in Berlin? Dennis Kimetto thinks so. Who would win over 400m - Weir or Farah? You Rate Your Run, appear on the Podium, have a Rant and Tony is back with a Trial.  
02/07/141h 22m

Episode 233 - Andrew Davies

We have got a Parkrun ABC, results from the City of London Mile, news of the Magic Mile, Kipsang gets taken down by his mate, Lee Merrien's out of the Commonwealth Games, Fellrunningandy speaks to Martin, Greg McMillan gets high with Tom, Tony is back with a Trial, Tom has been running around Ireland and Martin is going solo.    
24/06/141h 43m

Episode 232 - Liz Yelling & Jo Pavey

Liz Yelling gossips about running with four-time Olympian Jo Pavey. Mo's back on the track, Steve Way runs round and round and round and round a field. Joasia Zakrzewski gets selected for the Commonwealth Games Marathon, Martin wishes he could run, Tom wishes he didn't have the runs, Boy on the Run is back, plus there's the usual Podium, Facebook fun and you Rate Your Run.  
18/06/141h 15m

Episode 231 - Jacquie Millet

We speak to Jacquie about her V60 victory at Comrades Marathon, Josie Perry drops in to talk mental toughness, talking of toughness, we bring you news of Yuki Kawauchi, Kenya name their team for the Commonwealth Games, Tony is here with his Trials plus we have got the usual Rate Your Run, Winner Of The Week, Listener Launch Pad and the Podium.  
11/06/141h 33m

Episode 230 - Craig Smith

Ellie Greenwood takes the biggest and best win of her career at Comrades. Galen Rupp sets a new American 10,000m record and there is a new marathon age best for a 91-year old and a half marathon world age best for a 10-year old. Training Talk teaches you how to win Comrades, Boy on the Run is in the room and our interview is with finisher of all 6 marathon majors in sub 3hr 30min, Craig Smith.    
04/06/141h 54m

Episode 229 - Ellie Greenwood

Ellie Greenwood tells us how to win Comrades. We have got marathon rock stars racing over shorter distances, Tony is here with his Trials, Facebook brings us your favourite sessions and stories of comeback glory. Plus, there's the usual Rate Your Run. Listener Launch Pad and two stacked Podiums!    
28/05/141h 45m

Episode 228 - Dan Meineck

Jo Pavey sets another record. Bekele is in fine finish form. Should Paula have one final crack? Have you suffered from premature celebration? We speak to comedian Rob Deering about his hopes for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and the 12-sone losing Dan Meineck about what it means to be a role model Dad. You Rate Your Run, sit on The Podium and tell us about your worst ever injuries and Boy O The Run is in the room.    
21/05/141h 32m

Episode 227 - Peter McHugh de Clare

Tom has handed Martin the bad back baton, there is some great running at the Highgate Night of the 10,000m PB's, Moses Mosop struggles in Prague, San Diego celebrate Meb, Boy on the Run is back, Training Talk is all about clobber, we speak to the wonderfully named Peter McHugh de Clare. There's Rate Your Run, the Listener Podium, the Listener Launch Pad, some Facebook Fun and we ask... would you poo in public?    
14/05/141h 36m

Episode 226 - Steve Way (Part Two)

Yuki is at it again, the sub 4-mile is 60-years old, there's some great British performances on the track in Standford and a British record over 100k from the unstoppable Steve Way, who is also back with part two of his interview. Training Talk is all about summer speed. Tony is here with his Trials and there is a tasty something of the week.  
07/05/141h 28m

Episode 225 - Steve Way (Part One)

Haile's out of Hamburg, there is a high profile drugs bust, Yuki goes for a record, you Rate Your Run, bring us some happiness and stand on the loaded Listener Podium. Tony has a Trial and we bring you part one of a fantastic interview with 2:16 running Brit, Steve Way.    
30/04/1430m 12s

Episode 224 - Chris Finill

This week's show is all about Boston! The race saw the first American winner of the Boston marathon for 28-years! We look back at a courageous and stunning victory. Plus, would you cheat for the medal? A marathon first in North Korea, it's VLM ballot time, plus, what are your favourite running crisps? Boy On The Run is back, we speak to Chris Finell who went sub 3hrs for 33-years at London Marathon; until this year. We look at how long you should have off running after a marathon and it's a Boston loaded podium.  
23/04/142h 5m

Episode 223 - The Virgin Money London Marathon

We review the London Marathon and preview Boston. Steve Way, Amy Whitehead, Run Fast, Geoffrey Mutai, Emmanuel Mutai and Wilson Kipsang all pop into the studio. British Athletics announce their team for the European Marathon Championships... but where are the women? Tony's here with his Trials, there's Rate Your Run, Winner of the Week and one of the fastest podiums of all time!    
16/04/142h 11m

Episode 222 - Simon Webb and The Manchester Marathon

Martin and Tom ran the Greater Manchester Marathon, Ethiopian track legend Kenenisa Bekele his marathon debut in Paris, there was new record in Brighton and it was third time lucky for Andi Jones in Manchester. We also review the Virgin Money London Marathon, can Mo do it? Tony sings about the things you hear the day before a marathon and there's a great interview with blind runner Simon Webb.
09/04/142h 19m

Episode 221 - Barry Murray (Part Two)

There is some super speedy 5K's, Jantastic is done... nearly, Adam Eason talks pre-race nerves, Barry Murray is back for part two of his interview, we've got the World half marathon championships, a quick catch-up with Alyson Dixon, Boy on the Run is here and a lighting octogenarian!    
02/04/141h 52m

Episode 220 - Barry Murray (Part One)

We speak to BBC sports reporter, George Riley about his 100-mile racing challenge and we have the first of a fascinating two-part nutrition interview with Barry Murray. Jantastic is in the final week. Win a free ticket for Marathon Mania in Manchester, we talk about the rise of the Kenyans and the forthcoming world half marathon championships. Training Talk is a few do's and don'ts for race week, you Rate Your Run and who is on the podium?  
26/03/141h 55m

Episode 219 - Chris Thompson

We speak to the super speedy Chris Thompson, Mo zips up his man suit in New York, there's Jantastic PB's left, right and centre, two stacked Listener Podiums, Training Talk is all about the taper and we have the usual Rate Your Run and Facebook fun.    
19/03/141h 44m

Episode 218 - Anna Watkins

We speak to Anna Watkins, she won the women's double skulls with Kath Grainger at London 2012 and is running this year's Virgin Money London Marathon. Jantastic goes past 300,000 runs. Training Talk looks at to do's and takeaways from a final long run. You Rate Your Run, Tony brings us a Trial and you Rant.
12/03/141h 36m

Episode 217 - Bill Adcocks (Part Two)

There's news of Bath, Silverstone and Reading half marathons, Ryan Hall is running Boston, the first non African born runner to go sub 27-mins for 10,000m Chris Solinsky is running a marathon too. We've got the second part of our interview with Bill Adcocks. Tony pops in with his Trials and Talk Training takes you to the max!    
05/03/141h 46m

Episode 216 - Bill Adcocks (Part One)

We speak to legend of British marathon running, Bill Adcocks (he ran 2:10 in 1968), Jantastic is almost 2/3rds complete. The first WMM of the year was in Tokyo last weekend, Rupp gets beaten in the US Indoor Champs, there's a new record at the English National Cross Country Champs, and women know your place. The podium is loaded (and brisk), Boy on the Run is back and there's a listener chosen Winner of the Week.  
26/02/141h 40m

Episode 215 - Joyce Smith (Part Two)

There is a new women's half marathon World record, eight men dip under the hour over the same distance, Haile's going to pace the boys at London, we have the second half of our interview with Joyce Smith, the Commonwealth Games announce their marathon course, Tony has a Trial and Talk Training is all about the treadmill.    
19/02/141h 39m

Episode 214 - Joyce Smith (Part One)

We're back from the very first Marathon Talk run weekend in the New Forest. We speak to two time Olympian, former British record holder and first female winner of the London Marathon, Joyce Smith. There's world running news, rate your run, the listener podium, Boy on the Run is here, Jantastic distance targets have started and we catch up with British marathon runner and Commonwealth Games hopeful, Alyson Dixon in Kenya.
12/02/141h 18m

Episode 213 - Leanne Davies

Jantastic goes long. Mo and Paula hang out in Iten. A Brit runs all the way across Canada. There's some controversial comments around Galen Rupp. Is swimming the answer? Training talk takes you through the bad times. Tony is here with his trials and Martin speaks to Leanne Davies from Run Mummy Run.
05/02/141h 51m

Episode 212 - Ben Livesey

Jantastic runners have run 130,000 times already! There's a young winner of the Dubai Marathon and 2nd time winner of Osaka. Tokyo release their elite fields and we find out which elite women will be in London. American Galen Rupp continues his streak of impressive form. We spreak to British marathon debutant and prospect Ben Livesey. Training Talk looks at picking a marathon warm up race, you Rate your Run and where are the women on the podium?
29/01/141h 51m

Episode 211 - Sir Christopher Chataway

Tom is back from South Africa. We remember a legend of British running. Galen Rupp goes fast. Meb takes his 22nd title. The TNFUTMB fills up. Training Talk is about January marathon reflections. Jantastic is bombing! Tony shares his Trials and also news of a special event in Manchester. You Rate your Run, the podium rocks and we celebrate the global running community.
22/01/141h 7m

Episode 210 - Martin Green

Stellar fields are announced on both sides of the Pond, Gemma Steel takes a cross country win in Edinburgh, Chris Thompson takes a pop at British Athletics, Boy on the Run is back and Training Talk looks at Alberto Salazaar’s 'Ten Golden Rules'. The podium is quiet but Jantastic is bonkers and we speak to 2013 Jantastic Champion Martin Green.
15/01/141h 41m

Episode 209 - Alexandra Heminsley

We speak to author of Running Like a Girl, Alexandra Heminsley. Bekele isn't doing London, over eighteen thousand people are doing Jantastic, Toni Reavis feels the chill and Training Talk turns up the heat. Tony is in the house, we have got Rate Your Run, the Listener Podium, Launch Pad and your Something of the Week.
08/01/141h 45m

Episode 208 - Jim Murray

Happy New Year! We look back at what we did over Christmas. Jantastic has had over 10,000 people sign up and kicks off in 4-days on Monday 6th Jan. We look at the top female performances from the London Marathon. Dave Bedford gets and OBE, we interview new member of the 100-marathon club and Marathon Talk 'ever present' Jim Murray. Training Talk is about resolutions, Boy on the Run is back and the launchpad is quiet.
01/01/141h 39m

Episode 207 - Pete Pfitzinger

Merry Christmas! A Christmas Day special with an extended interview with Pete Pfitzinger. 
25/12/1358m 14s

Episode 206 - Rebecca Tomlinson

We talk about different types of runner, Yuki sets yet another record, it is less than 20-days until Jantastic kicks off, the Marathon Talk Spring 2014 weekend is almost full. We speak to Rebecca Tomlinson about her running, there's the podium, Rate your Run, Tony's Trials and Training Talk is all about the 12-days of running Christmas.
18/12/131h 37m

Episode 205 - Mark Steinle

We speak to the last British man to break 2:10 for the marathon, Mark Steinle, KB get's into his marathon training, we have news of gold in the European XC Championships, there's Boy on the Run, Training Talk is all about your race-day checklist and Jantastic gathers pace.
11/12/131h 32m

Episode 204 - Haile Gebreselassie

Jantastic 2014 is open for sign up. We bag a last minute interview with the Ethiopian Emperor of endurance, Haile Gebrselassie. We look back at last weeks Fukuoka Marathon and Facebook Friday was lively. You rate your run, there is a serious podium, Tony is back with his trials and we’re showing some Aussie love in our video of the week.

Episode 203 - Boy on the Run

Jantastic is nearly here, the Japanese running phenomenon roles on, Mike Wardian attempts to win two marathons in one day, Training Talk gives us top non-running tips, Tom speaks to our very own Boy on the Run and there's an amazing Video of the Week.
27/11/131h 36m

Episode 202 - Dan (not the) Robinson and Hannah Oldroyd

We are talking getting Yoofed, gun time v chip time, Coe on Mo, 26.2 car stickers and the 'what would Dan do comeback'. You Rate Your Run, there's forgotten one of the podium, Tony has been in Spain, we speak to Noel Thatcher about the depth of Japenese running and we catch up with Dan (not the) Robinson and Hannah Oldroyd.
20/11/131h 51m

Episode 201 - Lisa Weightman

Lisa Weightman drops in from Down Under, we have some great stories of training for and racing in the New York City Marathon, Wilson and Edna are the 2013 marathoners of the year, Training Talk is all about winter running, Boy on the Run is back and we’ll announce this week’s Winner of the Week live from Facebook.

Episode 200 - Ronnie O'Sullivan (Part Two)

On this week's show we're celebrating our 200th episode. We're joined by Tony for a little nostalgia. We've got the second part of our interview with snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan and a look back last weekends ING New York City Marathon. The listener podium is back. Plus, how long could you knit a scarf whilst running a marathon?
06/11/131h 51m

Episode 199 - Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan is in the studio, Matt Barnes is in Frankfurt, the New York City Marathon is going to be amazing, the Listener Podium is back (sort of) and Martin Rees breaks another World Record.
30/10/131h 54m

Episode 198 - Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

We have broke the 2 million download mark! It is Yorkshire tough at the first Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon, Tom and Tony were there and we catch up with For All Events organiser Mike Tomlinson and women's second placer, Holly Rush. There's a 3-peat in Amsterdam, records in Toronto and Steel is on top form in Birmingham. We ask you to complete the MT runner survey, Tony brings us his Trials, you Rate Your Run and we announce which Spring marathon we are running in!
23/10/131h 29m

Episode 197 - Kona

Boys take over the Yelling household, there's nearly another world record in Chicago, Yuki finished 2nd in Melbourne, Tom has been to Kona, adidas have a competition to win places in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon, we have Tony's Trials, Training Talk is a top ten tips for race week and the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon is almost upon us!
16/10/131h 39m

Episode 196 - Andrew Bayston

Martin is off recovering from the Bournemouth Marathon Festival by having twins, although his shorts do make an appearance, there is news of an awesome performance by Susan Partridge, the website is down but Tony is here and we have got a great interview wth debutant marathon wheelchair athlete Andrew Bayston.
09/10/131h 11m

Episode 195 - Richard Whitehead

We bring you Wilson Kipsang's World record for the marathon, Irina Mikitenko sets a Masters World Record in the same race, Andrew Lemoncello goes for a half-marathon record and the London Marathon breaks a charity World record. Martin is about to have twins and Tom holds the coats in Sheffield.
02/10/131h 43m

Episode 194 - Berlin Marathon Preview

Wilson Kipsang is gunning for a World Record in Berlin, Scott Overall and Jocelyn Payne are representing the Brits, New York announce a stellar elite field, Boy on the Run is back and Training Talk is all about pacing your racing.
25/09/131h 24m

Episode 193 - Paul Pollock

Tom has been Mr Fancy pants in London and Martin is still waiting for the big day, Mo and Jonny take it to the wire, Tony's at the Great North Run, we speak to a real life Red Squirrel and Paul Pollock tells us all about Moscow.
17/09/131h 41m

Episode 192 - Jeffrey Eggleston

The Magic Mile results are in. Tony’s back with some epic Trials. Tom speaks to the fastest American male marathoner from this year’s World Championships in Moscow. Berlin and Chicago announce their elite fields. There’s a Winner of the Week, Rate Your Run, Listener podium and a packed Launch Pad.
11/09/131h 44m

Episode 191 - Ron Clarke (Part two)

Tom is back in the room. The Magic Mile roars on. What would you do in a sprint finish? News of far fewer elite prize purses on offer in the USA. Bekele says he is up for a marathon in Rio. Boston Marathon registration opens. 400m hurdles, on a bike? Boy on the Run is here, we have the second part of our interview with Aussie legend, Ron Clarke and we rave about a tiny marathon with a big heart!
04/09/131h 33m

Episode 190 - Ron Clarke (Part One)

Tom is on holiday at his second home in the Maldives, so, Laura Fountain joins Martin this week. We have got news of coaches that cannot be serious, things to do on holiday and Jeff Eggleston's blog. The Magic Mile is underway. Training Talk is about mid-way Autumn marathon prep. Boy on the Run is in town. We speak with Aussie running legend, Ron Clarke and the podium is proper loaded!
28/08/131h 28m

Episode 189 - Moscow 2013 (Part Two)

The second week of the IAAF World Championships, we speak to Brett Larner and Tom Bedford, we hear from Mike Tomlinson with just 61 days to go until the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon, Mo does the Double Double, the men's marathon gets Kipped, plus we've got the usual Rate Your Run, Tony's Trials and an amazing Video of the Week.
21/08/131h 30m

Episode 188 - Moscow 2013 (Part One)

It is all about Moscow and the IAAF World Athletics Championships. Mo is King, but it was close. Dibaba is Queen. The women's marathon rolled through quiet streets led by a gutsy Italian. We speak to both British representatives, Susan Partridge and Sonia Samuels. The Magic Mile kicks off in 2 weeks. There's a great food focused Rate Your Run. BoTR is back and there's a chance to run naked. With tigers.
14/08/131h 52m

Episode 187 - Laura Fountain

It is injury o'clock. Get yourself into this year's Magic Mile. We take a quick look at the forthcoming IAAF World Champs womens marathon. Gemma Steel runs a fast 10k. Steve Way clocks an amazing 100km debut. There is an interview with 'lazygirlrunning', Laura Fountain. You rate your run, who is on the podium? and there is a funny something of the week.
07/08/131h 42m

Episode 186 - The Thunder Run

It is an adidas Thunder Run special! We look back at a weekend of scorching sunshine, torrential rain, knee deep mud and hundreds of kilometers of happy, tough, exhilarating running. There's a little news, a special Thunder Run 'rate your run' and Tony is back with a Trial.
31/07/131h 22m

Episode 185 - Sian Williams

Sian Williams pops over from the BBC, Zoe Romano reaches Paris, Mo Farah breaks another British record and we feel the need for speed as the Magic Mile opens. There's a Streak of the Week, Boy on the Run is back, you Rate Your Run and a tumbleweed roles across the Listener Podium!
24/07/131h 35m

Episode 184 - Zoe Romano

Runners are hot, definitely hot. We have an amazing interview with Zoe Romano who is running the route of the Tour de France. The Magic Mile is ready, get in! We have new feature on the show, 'Boy on the Run'. Global track and field deals with a doping shocker. There is just one woman in the British 10,000m trials and a genuine superstar Winner of the Week.
17/07/131h 26m

Episode 183 - Daz Reevell

The Magic Mile is LIVE! Richard Whitehead talks running across Britain, Daz Reevell juggles work, girls, training and racing, Yuki nearly sets another record, Darth Vader runs a mile, you Rate Your Run, there's a Down Under dominated listener podium and of course, Tony brings us a Trial.
10/07/131h 38m

Episode 182 - Graham Poll

Run a single mile as fast as you can - the Magic Mile is ready to go! We speak to English football referee Graham Poll about training, running and football. We look back at a cracking Diamond League 5000m finish and a super hard Vetical Kilometer. You Rate Your Run, we have a young Winner of the Week and Tony brings us a Trial.
03/07/131h 34m

Episode 181 - Martin Rees

We catch up with the fastest masters runner in the Uk right now, Welshman, Martin Rees. We hear just how fast Usain Bolt could run a marathon. We announce the winners of the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and get excited about the fast approaching Adidas Thunder Run. There is a date change for the Magic Mile. You Rate your Run, Tony brings us a Trial and the podium is stacked.
26/06/131h 22m

Episode 180 - Malcolm Brown

We speak to coach to the Brownlees, Malcolm Brown. Yuki gets stuck inside his mansuit, there are some really funny goody bag stories, we catch up with the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, you Rate Your Run, Tony brings us his Trials and there is a Something of the Week...
19/06/131h 38m

Episode 179 - Adharanand Finn (Part Two)

We have got the second part of our interview with Running with the Kenyans author Adharanand Finn, some quite stunning pacing from Rome Diamond League, even more stunning running from Tommy HUghes, you know you are a Marathon Talker when? the fastest half marathon ever in the USA, Tony's Trials, the Listener Launch Pad and Talk Training is all about PB's. 
12/06/131h 39m

Episode 178 - Adharanand Finn (Part One)

Adharanand Finn talks about running with the Kenyans, Mo gets beaten, we reminiisce over Comrades, there is a 14 year old girl running 7 marathons on 7 continents and a 53 year old winning marathons in 2:30. Training Talk is all about the need for speed, there is a Rate Your Run and a stacked listener podium and Tony's Trials... does Martin have his next challenge?
05/06/131h 26m

Episode 177 - Matt Briggs

We announce the lineup for the Marathon Talk team at the Adidas Thunder Run; MT24. Mo wins in London, Haile sets another world record, we have got a short reminder of Comrades awesomeness and we speak to Andi Jones after his 2:19 Edinburgh marathon, our interview is with Matt Briggs and we have another Tony's Trials.
29/05/131h 43m

Episode 176 - Amy Whitehead

We catch up with 2:34 marathoner, Amy Whitehead and Steve Cram tells us about the Kielder marathon. Find out how to bag a place in the MT24 team at the Adidas Thunder Run. Boston marathoners get a 2014 entry. Mo continues his winning streak. Hall is back on the roads. News of the smallest fun run in the world? How do you drive a pace bus and of course, Tony brings us a trial.
22/05/131h 41m

Episode 175 - Joe Symonds

We have a messy race report from the Paris Marathon, we ask how you choose your next goal. WADA change doping penalties. Last year's Comrades winner keeps his medal. The not quite the Marathon of the North was on Sunday. We interview fell runner, Joe Symonds and speak to the lead author of the 'Foster Collapse' paper. Tony brings us his trials and there is a brilliant lap counting video of the week.
15/05/131h 49m

Episode 174 - Alistair Brownlee

Tom is having coffee with Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee, we look at some sub 2hr marathon thoughts, there is a novel way to get a running date, how awkward is fancy dress? Training Talk looks at Summer strategy. Tony brings us his trials, the podium is full and we've a classic race number winner of the week.
07/05/131h 10m

Episode 173 - Dave Norman & Issy Menzies

We look back at some stats from the Virgin London Marathon and ahead to some good for age times. There is news from Manchester marathon and we speak to both the men's and women's winners. With the world IAAF championships in Moscow in August Kenya announce marathon probables, Japan announce thir team and British Athletics announce theirs. Kind of. Training Talk looks at how to respond after your marathon. You rate your run, we have another fast podium and Tony brings us another trial.
01/05/131h 23m

Episode 172 - The Virgin London Marathon 2013

Wow, what a week! We review all the events from the Virgin London Marathon including the expo, catching up with the three fastest marathoners on the planet, plus all the spoils, speed and successes from the race itself. We look back at the biggest marathon race weekend in the world. Ther's the fastest listener podium ever, Tony does VLM and there's a runners view in our video of the week.
24/04/131h 47m

Live from the London Marathon 2013 - Saturday

Wheelchair athlete Shelly Woods and runner Scott Overall both represented Team GB in the 2012 Games, Liz Yelling is a double Oympian and Commonwealth bronze medalist and Tony Audenshaw is the creative genius behind Tony's Trials. We spoke to all three of them today at the Virgin London Marathon expo.
20/04/1323m 0s

Live from the London Marathon 2013 - Friday

Wilson Kipsang, Patrick Mackau and Geoffrey Mutai have all broken 2:04 for the marathon distance and the combined times of their PBs would be enough to beat over 5% of London Marathon finishers in a normal year! Need we say more.
19/04/1315m 20s

Live from the London Marathon 2013 - Thursday

We're live from London and this is the first of our additional shows leading into the Virgin London Marathon.  We’ve got the results from Brighton and Boston, you rate your run, there’s a stacked podium, Tony brings us his Trials and we laugh a video of the week from Paris!
18/04/1340m 23s

Episode 171 - Boston 2013

On Monday the 15th of April 2013 two explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and seriously injuring many more. We spoke to five people each with their own personal insight into that day's tragic events.
17/04/131h 12m

Episode 170 - adidas Boost Old Deer Park parkrun

We are 'live' from Old Deer Park parkrun and chat with some of the adidas elite athletes attending. Tom's away on holiday and so Martin is joined by the amazing Tony's Audenshaw to review the Paris marathon and talk about the forthcoming Brighton and Boston marathons. You rate your run, the launchpad is fast and the video of the week is a sheepish pearler. In the final spring marathon countdown training talk we're joined by two time Olympian Liz Yelling.
09/04/131h 33m

Episode 169 - Matt Fitzgerald and Jantastic

Our amazing Spring motivation challenge Jantastic is complete. Who has won the limited edition adidas MT trainers and the VIP VLM 2014 entry? Our interview is with acclaimed sports nutritionist and coach, Matt Fitzgerald. Is time up for Paula Radcliffe? Zola's doing Comrades. It's April and that means Spring marathon season is really here! Training Talk this week is taper talk. Tony brings us a trial, you rate your run and tell us how you know when a marathon is getting closer and there's a nonagenarian smack down.
03/04/131h 28m

Episode 168 - Sophie Raworth

We hear from the World Cross Country Championships, we speak to Diane Adkins, Steve Way, Jaz Banergh and Sophie Raworth, Jantastic enters its final weeks, we've got Tony's Trials, a freezing cold video of the week and a super speedy co-host all the way from Boulder.
27/03/132h 4m

Episode 167 - Libby James

Just 2 weeks to go in Jantastic. We've both been running flat out. There is some news about blogs, fast fields, inspiring winners and drop outs. Yuki runs a PB, again. Tom speaks to the 103% age graded Libby James. Training Talk covers racing in marathon build up. Tony brings us his trials. You rate your runs and the podium is largely Spanish.
20/03/131h 43m

Episode 166 - Richard Whitehead

We speak to Team GB 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist Richard Whitehead and Professor Andrew Lane, the Jantastic performances roll in, there's a Japanese Olympian on the comeback trail and a British Olympian taking time out. The England Commonwealth standards cause controversy, the Gaza marathon is cancelled, there's Tony's Trials, Video of the Week and a full listener podium.
13/03/131h 59m

Episode 165 - Dave Moorcroft (Part Two)

There is news from the world of running including Olympic champs car crash and Boston champ becomes Kenyan MP. Races in Bath, Biwa and Silverstone. The second four weeks of Jantastic 2013 is complete, we announce winners of Adidas goody bags and enter the final four weeks, Marchvellous. We have got the second part of our interview with former 5000m world record holder, Dave Moorcroft. In our marathon training talk countdown we speak to Matt Fitzgerald about nutrition. Tony brings us his trials and who will top the podium?
06/03/131h 59m

Episode 164 - Dave Moorcroft (Part One)

We are over half way through Jantastic and looking forward to the final months run time predictions. Mo sets a new British half marathon record. The WMM get tougher on dopers. We Speak to the former 5000m record holder, Dave Moorcroft and Training Talk with Adam Eason helps you get a strong running mindset for your long runs. There is Tony's Trials, the Tokyo Marathon and smack talk Japenese style.
27/02/131h 47m

Episode 163 - Helen Clitheroe

We are half way through Jantastic 2013, Febulous long runs are rolling and you just keep running! There is huge trouble for South African Paralympic champion, Oscar Pistorius. Mo Farah is running half of the London marahon. There is a superfast RAK half and the prospect of another fast one this weekend in New Orleans. Kenyan legend Moses Kiptanui speaks out. Training Talk looks at getting the edge. Plus, we speak to, Ben Stevens, winner of the Adidas trip to NYC and we interview GB track star, Helen Clitheroe about her marathon debut. Of course, Tony brings us his Trials.
20/02/131h 44m

Episode 162 - Kurt Fearnley (Part Two)

We have a triple header of interviews including part two with Kurt Fearnley, a Training Talk with physio Mark Buckingham and we have Marcus Wucherer from Adidas HQ. There's a little news, a Jantastic update, you rate your run, there is total podium domination and a great video of the week.
13/02/131h 36m

Episode 161 - Kurt Fearnley (Part One)

Kurt Fearnley is a two time Paralympic wheelchair marathon champion, multiple Big City marathon champion and overall top bloke, Yuki Kawauchi is the mansuit master and Jantastic continues to motivate runners around the World. Tony's team take down the Jantastic twitterati, Viv Fraser rants and adidas dish out the high viz stash!
06/02/131h 35m

Episode 160 - Brett Larner

The Virgin London Marathon announce their elite field. Five break 2:05 in Dubai. We speak to the creator of Japan Running News, Brett Larner. There is a Jantastic update at the end of week 3. Tony brings his trials, you rate your run and we rave.
30/01/131h 52m

Episode 159 - Professor John Brewer

How are you getting on with Jantastic? We have a little Lance chat, Mara Yamauchi announces her retirement, it's week 4 of Talk Training building into your Spring marathon, we speak to Professor John Brewer about marathon running, Tony brings us his trials and there is a sporting winner of the week.
23/01/131h 41m

Episode 158 - Amby Burfoot

Jantastic kicks off in style. We speak to editor at large of Runners World USA and former Boston Marathon winner, Amby Burfoot. The Yorkshire Marathon sells out. Training Talk is about different running paces. Tony limericks. You vote for a Winner of the Week, you Rate Your Run and you tell us where you are running in the listener launchpad.
16/01/131h 30m

Episode 157 - Mike Tomlinson

Jantastic 2013 is here! It is the first week of our Spring motivation running challenge. We speak to the inspiring Mike Tomlinson about 'For All Events' and a brand new marathon in Yorkshire. It is week 2 of our countdown Training Talk. There's a little news. We announce the Marathon Talk podium of the year for 2012. We have Rate your Run, a Rave and of course Tony's Trials.
09/01/132h 3m

Episode 156 - Kelly Sotherton

Happy New Year! It's our first show of 2013. We bring you up to speed with the Festive news. Jantastic starts on Monday 7th Jan and we speak to last years overall winner Diane Adkins. You rate your Christmas run. We find out who is on the podium of 2013. Tony brings us his first Trial of the New Year. We speak to Olympic medallist, Kelly Sotherton about her debut marathon. Plus, we have got the first Training Talk of your Spring marathon countdown.
02/01/131h 40m
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