White Wine True Crime!

White Wine True Crime!

By Kari Martin and Caitlin Cutt: Comedians, and True Crime Fans

Let yourself be wined and crimed!


WWTC106: Abducted In Plain Sight Live!

Caitlin and Kari share their thoughts on the wildly successful true crime doc Abducted in Plain Sight! They find a way to talk about this insanely intense documentary in a […]
27/03/191h 11m

WWTC105: A Simple Favor

Caitlin and Kari take a break from “true crime” and just focus on crime as they cover Paul Feig’s dark comedy, A Simple Favor. The ladies talk about the time […]
12/02/1952m 26s

WWTC104: Voyeur

On this episode of White Wine True Crime, Kari and Caitlin cover the Netflix True Crime documentary Voyeur! Kari also lists all the similarities between Caitlin and George Bush Sr., […]
25/01/191h 4m

WWTC103: Making A Murderer 2 Part II

Kari and Caitlin tackle the second half of Making A Murderer Part 2. Should Kathleen Zellner be allowed to conduct forensic tests? Should a minor be allowed to be interrogated […]
21/12/181h 16m

WWTC102: Making A Murderer 2 Part I

On this episode of WWTC, Caitlin and Kari share their thoughts on Making A Murderer 2. The ladies discuss their feelings on the case as it stands today, the new […]
28/11/181h 16m

WWTC101: Storm of Suspicion

On this episode, Caitlin and Kari cover The Weather Channel’s new true crime show, Storm of Suspicion! In addition to the fabulous new Weather Channel show, the gals talk about […]
18/10/1851m 10s

WWTC100: Twisted Sisters From Investigation Discovery

On the 100th episode of WWTC, Caitlin and Kari bring it back to their roots! The ladies discuss a new Investigation Discovery show, Twisted Sisters, with executive producer, Pam Deutsch! […]
10/10/181h 17m

WWTC099: The Final Staircase September

Caitlin and Kari are FINALLY back with a new episode! They cover the final three episodes of The Staircase, which you can find on Netflix if you are interested! They […]
21/09/181h 9m

WWTC098: The Staircase September–Last Call

Here is the last re-post! We promise! Caitlin calls Kari in this new intro, and then what follows is one of the most enjoyable nights of recording we’ve ever had. […]
13/09/181h 39m

WWTC097: FALL In Love With Kari All Over Again

Another re-post! Don’t worry, new episode is coming next week! In this re-post, we cover episodes 3 and 4 of The Staircase! In this episode Kari raps and Caitlin gives […]
06/09/181h 4m

WWTC098: Do You Remember The Staircase September?

We’re baaaa-AAAACK!…kind of. Do you remember The Staircase September? WELL Thanks to a tech glitch we aren’t going to release our newest episode—in which we cover the NEW episodes of […]
30/08/181h 19m

WWTC095: I, Tonya and Goodbye For Now

Caitlin and Kari talk about the Oscar-Nominated film I, Tonya. They also discuss putting WWTC on pause for a while AND they figure out the whereabouts of Kari’s roommate Danielle.
19/04/181h 26m

WWTC094: Heroin(e) #WCW

On this #WCW episode of WWTC, the ladies are joined by comedian and friend Connor McSpadden! The three discuss the Netflix doc Heroin(e). It’s a more serious episode, but we […]
29/03/181h 26m

WWTC093: Icarus

On this episode, Kari and Caitlin cover the Oscar-winning doc Icarus. The ladies talk Russia, pee pee, Bachelor Winter Games, #SochiProblems, and more! Enjoy.
17/03/1853m 14s

WWTC092: Whitney Cerak & Laura van Ryn

In this episode of WWTC, Caitlin and Kari cover the incredible case of Whitney Cerak and Laura van Ryn. This episode is a little change of pace for the gals, […]
01/03/181h 5m

WWTC091: Bernie on Valencrime’s Day!

Happy Valencrime’s Day! On this episode we tell everyone how much we love everyone and cover the weird movie/true crime doc Bernie!
14/02/181h 15m

WWTC090: Pablo Escobar and Lou Pearlman With The Criiime Guys

The ladies are joined by Criiime guys, Rich Slaton and Jon Shefsky to cover an Corrupt Crimes! They discuss the show’s two topics Pablo Escobar and Lou Pearlman! They also […]
08/02/181h 24m

WWTC089: Confession Tapes

In this episode of White Wine True Crime, Caitlin and Kari cover the Netflix docuseries Confession Tapes, with specific focus on the series finale, Down River. The ladies also discuss […]
12/01/181h 24m

WWTC087: Grizzly Man!

On this bonus episode of WWTC, Kari and Caitlin cover Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man. They talk fast food, relationships, and office Christmas parties! Oh, and they talk about Grizzly Man. […]
29/12/171h 14m

WWTC086: The Keepers Episodes 6 & 7

Caitlin and Kari cover the last two episodes of The Keepers! At this point Caitlin has had her baby and Kari has had a nervous breakdown so we are OVER […]
27/12/171h 1m

WWTC085: The Keepers Episode 5

Okay, we’ve made it to episode 5 of The Keepers! On this episode, we are joined my comedian Jessica Keenan!
20/12/171h 21m

WWTC084: The Keepers Episode 4

WWTC is back with a review of episode 4 of Netflix’s The Keepers. Caitlin and Kari are joined by comedian Chris Kershaw, who looks just like Caitlin’s brother, and who […]
30/11/171h 20m

WWTC083: The Keepers Episode 3

On this episode, Caitlin is joined by Unpopular Opinion Podcast Network host Adam Tod Brown to cover the third episode of the Netflix docuseries The Keepers.
09/11/1750m 23s

WWTC082: The Keepers Episode 2

In this episode of WWTC, the ladies are joined by comedian, Keith Carey. The three talk about The Keepers Episode 2, which is a tough conversation due to the content. […]
01/11/171h 18m

WWTC081: The Keepers Episode 1

Caitlin and Kari welcome writer, comedian, and all-around cool lady Jenn Sterger to discuss the very first episode of the Netflix True Crime documentary, The Keepers. They talk old white […]
18/10/171h 14m

WWTC080: Detective Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter

OMG! The one and only Joe Kenda came on WWTC! Caitlin asks him about his career, his family, and Kari can’t seem to hop in. BUT! Kari DOES read Joe […]
04/10/1735m 16s

WWTC079: Chris Hansen Crashes WWTC!

The one and only Chris Hansen gives WWTC a call to discuss his Investigation Discovery True Crime show Killer Instinct! Caitlin and Kari get to ask Hansen all about being […]
27/09/1730m 7s

WWTC078: Talkin’ OJ With The Captain From True Crime Garage!

The ladies get a special visit from The Captain from True Crime Garage! The three talk about the OJ Simpson case, Robert Kardashian, their plans for CrimeCon2018, and more! P.S. […]
20/09/171h 33m

WWTC077: Son of Sam, A Real POS

On this episode of WWTC the ladies cover and compare two different True Crime documentaries that revolve around the serial killer Son of Sam. They also discuss Ashley Simpson, Mariah […]
06/09/171h 32m

076: I Am Homicide And Garry McFadden

In this surprise episode, Caitlin and Kari are joined by the one and only Garry McFadden, from ID’s I Am Homicide. The three talk about crime, life as a homicide […]
22/08/171h 20m

WWTC075: All True Crime With Aphrodite Jones

Ever wonder what it would be like to sit down with true crime journalist, TV host, writer, and all-around rad-lady Aphrodite Jones? Well, perfect! We talk  with Jones about her […]
17/08/1741m 29s

WWTC074: The Big Shout Out Clip Show!

First, Caitlin and Kari talk about their birthday month. Then the ladies get to thank all 112 backers for their Kickstarter campaign! In the midst of all the gratitude, the […]
02/08/171h 32m

WWTC073: All Wine and No Crime With Katie Cazorla

Katie Cazorla from E!’s Second Wives Club joins WWTC for an epic Happy Hour! The ladies discuss Kari’s fear of flying, Katie’s life story, her show and more! Okay, so […]
19/07/171h 31m

WWTC072: The Wizard of Lies

Caitlin and Kari cover their first True Crime movie, HBO’s Wizard of Lies, starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. The gals cover this great movie, directed by Barry Levinson, […]
04/07/171h 9m

WWTC071: Bill Cosby An American Scandal and CrimeCon2017

After a little break Caitlin and Kari are back! First, they share their CrimeCon2017 highlights (including Kari’s harrowing flight to Indianapolis). Next, the ladies discuss the Investigation Discovery Special Cosby: […]
21/06/171h 30m

WWTC070: Mommy Dead and Dearest

Caitlin and Kari cover the new HBO documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. The ladies discuss how they felt about the doc, Kari’s thoughts about Taco Bell, and Caitlin’s appearance on […]
31/05/171h 31m

WWTC069: Getting Away With Attempted Murder – Comedian and Author Brandt Tobler

Caitlin and Kari are joined by the charming and very funny comedian and author, Brandt Tobler. Brandt shares stories from his new book, Free Roll! Brandt talks about trying to […]
19/05/171h 14m

WWTC068: Casey Anthony An American Murder Mystery With Adam Todd Brown

Caitlin and Kari are joined by Adam Todd Brown to discuss the hit Investigation Discovery Channel Documentary Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery! They cover this great doc, Charlize Theron’s […]
03/05/171h 21m

WWTC067: Audrie & Daisy

First, Caitlin gets to have a little chat with the producers of CrimeCon, Kevin Balfe and Alyse Powers! Fun announcements abound! Then the ladies cover the very-intense documentary Audrie & […]
19/04/171h 29m

WWTC066: Unsolved Mysteries and Folsom’s 93 Author April Moore

Caitlin and Kari interview wonderful author April Moore, author of Folsom’s 93. Then the ladies go on to finally cover Unsolved Mysteries. They talk baby names, the time Kari gave […]
05/04/171h 18m

WWTC065: Elisa Lam, The Cecil Hotel, and Rachael O’Brien

Caitlin and Kari are joined by Rachael O’Brien, from Vanderpump Rules, to discuss The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam! The three discuss the episode, LA, ghosts, and how long a […]
23/03/171h 14m

WWTC064: Party Monster The Shockumentary With Zach Noe Towers

Caitlin and Kari are joined by the wonderful Zach Noe Towers to discuss the uber-90’s Party Monster The Shockumentary…which Kari found on YouTube. They discuss drugs, sobriety, The Real World, […]
09/03/171h 24m

WWTC063: Crazy Love On Valencrime’s Day

Caitlin and Kari cover the bizarre and tragic documentary, Crazy Love. They discuss Kari’s weekend, why people stay in relationships, and more! They also read some listener emails! Stay tuned […]
22/02/171h 29m

WWTC062: Beware The Slenderman Documentary

Caitlin and Kari discuss the HBO documentary Beware The Slenderman. They talk about this famous case, discuss their “Alpa, Beta. Meat” theory, Kari shares a personal story about being hospitalized […]
08/02/171h 17m

WWTC061: Into The Abyss With Caitlin, Kari, and Werner

In this episode, Caitlin and Kari cover Werner Herzog’s 2011 True Crime documentary, Into the Abyss. They actually manage to stay on topic, until they get side-track by squirrels, Kari’s […]
25/01/171h 23m

WWTC060: Stalkers Who Kill The Mood

Caitlin and Kari catch up on the end of 2016, and cover Stalkers Who Kill, found on Netflix now! They also talk about the difference between prostitutes and escorts, corporate […]

WWTC059: Kate Quigley And The Worst First Dates Ever

Caitlin and Kari are joined by the amazing Kate Quigley to discuss a chilling episode of ID’s show Silent Killer called “Devil House”…which Kari would rename “Worst First Date Ever.” […]
21/12/161h 9m

WWTC058: #WCW Tonya Harding The Price of Gold With Jenna Brister

On the final #WCW episode, Caitlin and Kari are joined by the wonderful Jenna Brister! The gals cover the infamous Tonya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan 30 for 30 episode, The […]
07/12/161h 12m

WWTC057: #WCW Amanda Knox Netflix Doc With Jessica Keenan

On this new edition of #WCW the WWTC gals cover the original Netflix Documentary Amanda Knox, with the funny and fabulous Jessica Keenan! The ladies also cover how awful we […]
16/11/161h 31m

WWTC056: #WCW Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer With Jessica Michelle Singleton

Caitlin and Kari are joined by Grammy-nominated Jessica Michelle Singleton! They discuss Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, mental illness, Frank births, and being a woman! Also, pretty […]
02/11/161h 33m

WWTC055: #WCW Rachael O’Brien, Patty Hearst, and Broken Limbs!

Caitlin and Kari welcome their friend, Rachael O’Brien from the hit reality show, Vanderpump Rules! They discuss Gurilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst! They also talk about rich kids, cults, broken […]
19/10/161h 26m

WWTC054: #WCW Double Trouble! Crime Con 2017 and Author David Kulczyk

On this episode of WWTC we have 2 interviews! Caitlin interviews the team behind Crime Con 2017! Get ready for fun there! Next, Caitlin and Kari interview author David Kulczyk, writer […]
13/10/161h 25m

WWTC053: Joe Kenda Roulette, With Bill Maas

On this final episode of Kenda Roulette, Caitlin and Kari are joined by their wonderful friend Bill Maas. They talk eating disorders, guns, the proper way to discuss strippers, Joe […]
05/10/161h 13m

WWTC52: Joe Kenda Roulette, Part 3 With Mike Citera

Caitlin and Kari are joined by comedian Mike Citera for this special edition of Joe Kenda Roulette! This episode has a TWIST, and the three talk Sunny D, trailer parks, […]
27/09/161h 22m

WWTC051: WWTC051: NASA, and Cats, and Bugs! Oh My! For Marty

This episode is dedicated to Marty! WWTC takes a break from Joe Kenda Roulette to cover Forensic Files with the very funny, and talented Whitney Rice. The ladies talk about […]
19/09/1654m 15s

WWTC050: Kenda Roulette, Part 2

On this edition of Kenda Roulette, the girls cover anther episode of Homicide Hunter. A young woman is discovered dead in her car, Kenda has some great zingers, Kari creates […]
13/09/161h 2m

WWTC049: Kenda Roulette, Part 1

In this first edition of Kenda Roulette, Caitlin and Kari cover the first episode Homicide Hunter’s Season 5 premiere. And as usual, the ladies find additional things to talk about: […]
06/09/161h 11m

WWTC048: Dear Zachary: A Really Sad Story

Caitlin, Kari, and Miles (Caitlin’s husband) cover the emotional and critically acclaimed documentary Dear Zachary. Big spoilers in this for people who haven’t seen this one, mainly that it’s super […]
29/08/161h 10m

WWTC047: Domestic Kink

The ladies are joined by the very fabulous Jaclyn Marfuggi for an episode of I’d Kill For You. The ladies talk about periods, The Brady Bunch, married sex, and all […]
16/08/161h 5m

WWTC046: Boys Are Gross: Earl Skakel & The Wonderland Murders

Caitlin and Kari welcome comedian and Roast Battle member Earl Skakel to chat about the Wonderland murders, John Holmes, Eddie Nash, and Metal. Also, the lights go out and Kari’s […]
01/08/161h 18m

WWTC045: Serial & The Dassey Letter

Caitlin and Kari finally get around to a few things: Pruno, Serial, and The Dassey letter! If that’s not enough excitement, Caitlin gets accused of body shaming, and things kind […]
20/07/1658m 10s

WWTC044: Try To Out-Mank Josh Mankiewicz

Caitlin and Kari welcome the amazing and very fun host of Dateline NBC, Josh Mankiewicz! The three discuss the infamous O.J. Simpson case, Dateline, the Criminal Justice System and much […]
12/07/161h 40m

WWTC043: The Muscle Factory

WWTC covers a 30 for 30 episode “The Prince of Pennsylvania.” The gals are joined by comedian Connor McSpadden, co-host of The Mean Boys Podcast. They talk funeral pictures, money, […]
27/06/161h 7m

WWTC042: We Heart Emily Winslow, Author Of Jane Doe January

The ladies interview Crime writer Emily Winslow, author of her own memoir Jane Doe January: My Twenty-Year Search For Truth and Justice. Winslow discusses the sensitive ideas surrounding her book, […]
17/06/1650m 56s

WWTC041: Five Thousand Percent Off Topic With Chris Cope

Well, we are back again. If you are new to the show…this is going to be interesting for you! If you’re a long-time listener, then this is a neat little […]
07/06/1656m 58s

WWTC040: Heavy Day

Kari and Caitlin welcome the very funny Mateen Stewart (who’s album Get Mateened drops today!). The trio gets back to WWTC beginnings! They discuss the Investigation Discovery show, See No […]
25/05/161h 6m

WWTC039: Interview With Kathryn Casey Author Of Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields

True Crime Writer (and Oprah guest!) Kathryn Casey joins Caitlin and Kari in a discussion about her sprawling and fascinating book Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the […]
17/05/161h 7m

WWTC038: The Unflappable Juan Martinez

We were SOOOO excited to welcome Juan Martinez, AZ prosecutor and author of Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars. We talk to Juan about his book, […]
21/04/161h 6m

WWTC037: Really, Stereotypically Good-Looking

On this episode of WWTC, Kari and Caitlin are joined by the deeply-nervous comic,  David Rosenberg! The three cover the Canadian-based show Couples Who Kill, “Paul Bernardo  and Karla Homolka.” Caitlin can’t […]
05/04/161h 13m

WWTC036: Tales of the Grim Sleeper

Hey Crimeo’s! Caitlin and Kari are back! Sorry about the long break! We had some tech issues! On this episode the gals eventually cover the gripping true crime doc Tales […]
23/03/161h 9m

WWTC035: Valencrime’s Day!

Happy Valencrime’s Day! Caitlin and Kari cover a fan favorite, Homicide Hunter–what may be Joe Kenda’s easiest case ever! The gals also take time to thank amazing fans for goodies, […]
21/02/161h 15m

WWTC034: Making A Murderer Episodes 9 ad 10

This is the final review of Making a Murderer! The ladies are joined by the wonderful Danielle Soto for this last round and it’s a hoot! Kari cleans a carpet, […]
11/02/161h 11m

WWTC033: Making A Murderer Episodes 7 and 8

So, Caitlin and Kari are back, covering episodes 7 & 8 of Making a Murderer. It’s just the two of them this time, and the girls GAB BIG TIME. If […]
03/02/161h 13m

WWTC032: Making A Murderer Episodes 5 and 6 Redo

Caitlin and Kari are joined by the VERY funny Dana Moon! They all gab about episodes 5 & 6 of the Netfilx docu-drama Making a Murderer, in addition to being […]
26/01/161h 14m

WWTC031: Making A Murderer Episodes 3 and 4

Caitlin and Kari cover episodes 3 and 4 of the hit Netflix docudrama, Making a Murderer! The ladies do their best to cover the show, but get typically sidetracked by […]
19/01/161h 12m

WWTC030: Making A Murderer Episodes 1 and 2

Kari and Caitlin take on the hit, viral, true crime sensation Making a Murderer! They are joined by their good friend Dave Neal, who came ready to talk all about […]
12/01/161h 25m

WWTC029: You Down With Other People’s Panties?

Gah! Caitlin and Kari are back covering a CRAZY story about a Canadian military man who raped and murdered women AND THEN STOLE THEIR PANTIES! Not cool. The ladies also […]
05/01/161h 11m

WWTC028: Sex Toy Roy

Caitlin and Kari sit down with their good friend Nick Petrillo to talk about one of the seediest things any of them have ever seen. This episode covers the Aphrodite […]
15/12/151h 7m

WWTC027: For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow

This time around Caitlin and Kari are joined by the lovely and funny Dinah Leffert! The ladies talk about relationships, car pooling, wine, “medicine” and more!
21/11/151h 21m

WWTC026: The Candy Pizza Man Can

The gals are joined by Laura Danowski and Kaitlin Mamie from Cheap Smokes! The ladies talk about a Canadian serial killer, cow poop bingo, sex, drugs, and pizza. Of course […]
12/11/151h 6m

WWTC025: H.H. Holmesless Halloween Special

Caitlin and Kari are on their own for this one! They cover H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer, and things get deep! The ladies have a full-blown dream sequence, starring […]
31/10/151h 15m

WWTC0024: What’s Good, Swamp Murders?

Hello Crimeos! We took a little breather this month after hitting it hard in September. But fear not! We are back, and this time we are joined by quite an […]
21/10/151h 27m

WWTC023: The Final Rap-Up!

Well guys…we’ve reached the end of The Staircase September, and we gotta say…this episode covers a lot of ground! First of all, it takes a good 20 minutes before we […]
29/09/151h 30m

WWTC022: The Staircase September, Caitlin’s Rap-Up!

Sorry for the delay, Crimeo’s! Once again, life got in the way of posting this on time! But fear not! We are back! On this episode of The Staircase September, […]
21/09/151h 15m

WWTC021: The Staircase September, Kari’s Rap-Up

Caitlin and Kari are back for this second installment of The Staircase September. In this episode, the ladies are on their own, covering Kari’s dating life, Caitlin’s weird family, and […]
10/09/1559m 19s

WWTC020: The Staircase September Part 1

On this first episode of WWTC’s The Staircase September Series, Miles Lemaire (Caitlin’s husband) joins the girls to get this 8-part review going! The crew covers sexuality, Jeremy Irons, toilet […]
04/09/151h 16m

WWTC019: Freudian Blowjobs

We are back! Sorry about the tech issues! PHEW! On this episode of WWTC Caitlin an Kari cover The Killer Speaks, an A&E show, currently available on iTunes! This episode […]
30/08/151h 10m

WWTC018: Two Stars

Buckle in, Crimeo’s because Caitlin and Kari cover A LOT in this episode! The ladies have returned to cover an episode of the Investigation Discovery show, Murder Book! The episode, […]
07/08/151h 14m
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