One Minute Italian

One Minute Italian

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Coffee Break Italian – Preview Episode

Join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in this preview episode of Coffee Break Italian. Listen to the episode More information Coffee Break Italian launches with lesson 1 on Monday 26th January. To find out more about what you can expect from this course, click here.
14/01/153m 17s

A New Year Message from Radio Lingua

As we approach the end of 2014, Mark has recorded a special news podcast to look back at the past 12 months and to look forward to some of the exciting new content coming in 2015. Looking back 2014 has been an exciting year for us here at Radio Lingua. We’ve released 84 episodes across […]
29/12/148m 44s

Radio Lingua News – 24 Dec 2012

This is a short message from Radio Lingua to update you on developments and to send all of our listeners our warmest wishes for the festive season. First of all, we’ve been extremely busy assembling the various parts of the Coffee Break German course. Coffee Break German will be aimed at complete beginners in the […]

Radio Lingua News – Launch Video

Radio Lingua Founder and CEO introduces the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine, Coffee Break French and Spanish iBooks, our new On Location Languages blog series, changes and improvements to the website and a new Coffee Break language in this special launch video.

Radio Lingua News Update

Welcome to this festive edition of Radio Lingua News. In this update we’ll be telling you about the fantastic milestone we reached this week, and explaining how you can save 25% on our premium memberships until the end of the year. 100 million downloads Early on Friday morning we clocked up our 100 millionth download. […]
18/12/116m 4s

Radio Lingua is 5 years old – and we’re celebrating!

It’s five years since we launched the first lesson of Coffee Break Spanish, and since then we’ve served up millions of language lessons to learners around the world through our podcasts, our enhanced lessons and our ebooks. We’re delighted today to announce five new courses, and we’ll also be letting you know about a few […]
18/10/117m 27s

Radio Lingua News, December 2010

It’s been a busy term for Radio Lingua: in the past three months we’ve published over 90 language lessons, we’ve introduced ebook versions of our courses in our premium memberships and on the iBookstore and we’ve had three of our podcasts listed in the iTunes Rewind best of 2010. We thought we’d take this opportunity to […]
26/12/106m 37s

Happy Holidays from Radio Lingua

2009 has been a fantastic year for Radio Lingua and we’d like to thank all our listeners for your support and enthusiasm over the past twelve months. To celebrate the end of 2009 and a new year of language-learning just around the corner, we’re delighted to announce our Holidays sale and give you some exciting […]
08/12/0910m 34s

Radio Lingua celebrates 3 years of language-learning

On 18th October 2006, episode one of a new language-learning podcast called Coffee Break Spanish was released to the world. This show was a bit different from the other Spanish learning shows out there: it was a gradual introduction to basic Spanish presented by teacher Mark, teaching student Kara. At this stage no-one really knew […]

Radio Lingua News Podcast

Welcome to Radio Lingua News – in this podcast we’ll be updating listeners on the latest developments from Radio Lingua. Coming up on today’s show: Learning languages 140 characters at a time with TwitterLearn Introducing our Community Managers New features for Radio Lingua premium members Announcing our Summer Sale Updates on the latest shows TwitterLearn […]
17/07/097m 20s

One Minute Italian – Premium pack now available

We’re delighted to announce the premium version of One Minute Italian. The premium version includes four elements which are not available in the public feed: pdf lesson guide – a full list of all the words and phrases contained in each of the lessons, helping you to learn how to read and write the words […]
17/07/093m 17s

Lesson 10 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 10 of One Minute Italian you will learn a few useful phrases which all learners want to learn.
29/06/094m 9s

Lesson 09 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 9 of One Minute Italian you will learn to ask people how they’re feeling and to answer the question yourself.

Lesson 08 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 8 of One Minute Italian you will learn to count from one to ten.
15/06/093m 14s

Lesson 07 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 7 of One Minute Italian you will learn to say that it’s nice to meet someone in Italian.
08/06/093m 20s

Lesson 06 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 6 of One Minute Italian you will learn to introduce yourself.
01/06/093m 51s

Lesson 05 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 5 of One Minute Italian you will learn to say that you’re learning Italian.
25/05/093m 41s

Lesson 04 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 4 of One Minute Italian you will learn how to say you don’t understand something.
18/05/094m 5s

Lesson 03 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 3 of One Minute Italian you will learn to say that you can speak a little Italian.
11/05/093m 27s

Lesson 02 – One Minute Italian

In lesson 2 of One Minute Italian you will learn some more useful phrases in Italian including “yes”, “no”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”.
04/05/093m 16s
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