Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Finger on the pulse yet again, a mere month and a bit since Fallout is released, we’re back with a brand new episode.

Morgan takes Tom through a history of the M:I franchise, from its TV series, to the movies and beyond.

We discuss at length how underrated Tom Cruise is, why we love a Limp Bizkit soundtrack and what Bond could learn from Ethan Hunt.

Mission Impossible started life as a 1960s TV spy series starring Steven Hill and Peter Graves. Known for its iconic theme tune and ‘self destruct’ opening sequence, it became a staple of US TV for many years.

Fast forward to 1996, and Tom Cruise brought back the show as a big budget movie, playing IMF agent Ethan Hunt. The Mission Impossible film series is still going strong 25 years later, with each film showing off even bigger stunts, and making more money at the box office.

Developments since broadcast:

Mission Impossible 7 has since been filmed, and is scheduled to be released in November 2022 after having delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will star Tom Cruise alongside Hayley Atwell, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, and Henry Czerny, the latter of whom is returning for the first time since the original film.
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