Two Geeks, Two Beers

Two Geeks, Two Beers

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Presented by Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery, this show delves into the world of cult TV shows, movies, video games and more, with the help of beer and Google.


Episode 68: The Demon Headmaster

Morgan and Tom investigate the classic and creepy '90s kids show The Demon Headmaster.

Episode 67: The Sims

Tom takes Morgan back to the turn of the millennium and the first chapter of The Sims series.

Episode 66: Wonder Woman

Morgan teaches Tom about the wonderful world of Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.

Episode 65: Fast & Furious – Tokyo Drift

Tom and Morgan drift back to the time of iPods and flip-phones, despite the fact that it's technically 2014. It sort of makes sense.

Episode 64: Red Dwarf Interview Special with Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor

Smegging hell, Tom and Morgan chat with Red Dwarf's Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor about new special The Promised Land.

Episode 63: Armageddon

It feels like the end of the world, but at least we're not sending Bruce Willis in a space shuttle to save us all.

Episode 62: James Bond Video Games

Morgan teaches Tom about the history of 007 gaming, from GoldenEye to Everything or Nothing.

Episode 61: Live and Kicking

The boys journey back to when we could actually get up on Saturday mornings.

Episode 60: Is It a Christmas Movie?

Morgan and Tom debate whether six classic movies can genuinely be considered Christmas movies or not. This is going to get messy.

Episode 59: The Animals of Farthing Wood

Tom and Morgan bring back the childhood trauma of the Farthing Wood gang in the most emotional episode yet.

Episode 58: Highlander

Tom gets utterly confused by Morgan's epic Highlander history lesson.

Episode 57: David Bowie

Discover the brilliance of David Bowie on screen, as Tom takes Morgan through six unique cult movies.

Episode 56: Blake’s 7

Morgan teaches Tom about the underrated '70s sci-fi series Blake's 7.

Episode 55: Legend

Tom teaches Morgan about Ridley Scott's underrated fantasy epic starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry.

Episode 54: Nicholas Briggs Special

Morgan and Tom sit down and talk all things Doctor Who, Big Finish and more with the voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs.

Episode 53: Sega Dreamcast

Tom teaches Morgan about the underrated and forgotten Sega Dreamcast console from the early '00s.

Episode 52: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Morgan reminds Tom just why Buffy was one of the greatest shows of the '90s.

Episode 51: Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Our drunkest episode ever sees Tom and Morgan discuss the history of Choose Your Own Adventure books, including testing out three such books.

Episode 50: Tom vs Morgan (Donnie Darko vs Temple of Doom)

The boys try and convince each other they are wrong for hating two classic cult films: Temple of Doom and Donnie Darko. Who will win?

Special Episode: Greatest Hits

Tom and Morgan celebrate 50 episodes with an obligatory clip show: the very best of Two Geeks, Two Beers so far.

Episode 49: Ranking the Santas

The boys feel all festive by ranking the greatest screen Saint Nicks ever.

Episode 48: Quantum Leap

Oh, boy! Morgan takes Tom back in time to the 1980s and beyond, as we retrace Sam Beckett's journeys in Quantum Leap.

Minisode: Stan Lee Tribute

Morgan and Tom celebrate the life of a geek icon.

Episode 47: Freaky Film Franchises 2

Tom and Morgan go back to their roots and dissect four downright bonkers film series.

Episode 46: Mission Impossible

Morgan takes Tom through a history of the M:I franchise, from its TV series, to the movies and beyond.

Episode 45: Jurassic Park

Tom welcomes Morgan to the ongoing world of the Jurassic Park series.

Episode 44: Gerry Anderson Special (with Jamie Anderson)

Tom and Morgan speak to Jamie Anderson about all his father Gerry Anderson's most well-known TV shows.

Episode 43: Ranking the Sherlocks

Tom and Morgan rank six actors who have played Sherlock Holmes, from Basil Rathbone to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Episode 42: Mortal Kombat

A history of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Toastie!

Episode 41: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga! Tom and Morgan go through the ENTIRE history of TMNT, from 1984 to the present day.

Episode 40: Bruce Lee

Morgan teaches Tom about the history of the too-short life and career of Bruce Lee.

Episode 39: Back to the Future

Tom shares why BTTF is his favourite movie series of all time, from the movies and beyond.

Episode 38: Predator

Morgan shares with Tom why Predator is the best movie of all time, let alone the 1980s.

Episode 37: 2017 – A Year in Geek

Tom and Morgan look back at all things geek in 2017, from the big movies and TV shows of the year, dearly departed geek heroes and drunkenly inventing new words.

Episode 36: Ranking the Scrooges (Christmas Special)

Tom and Morgan pick three famous Scrooges each to find out who is the best ever.

Episode 35: Flash Gordon

Tom and Morgan discuss the history of one of America's most beloved comic book characters and its 1980 movie.

Episode 34: Batman – The Animated Series

To mark its 25th anniversary, Morgan explains to Tom just why it is one of the greatest cartoon series ever made.

Episode 33: Red Dwarf

Tom takes Morgan through the history of the cult sci-fi comedy series.

Episode 32: The Incredible Hulk

Morgan teaches Tom all about the 1978 TV series adaptation of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

Episode 31: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

Tom takes Morgan through the mind of Jim Henson and two of his greatest fantasy movies.

Episode 30: The Mandela Effect

Morgan takes Tom through the bizarre phenomenon of The Mandela Effect, where many people have shared memories of something that never happened.

Episode 29: Lost – The Unanswered Questions

An angry Tom takes Morgan through Lost's biggest mysteries.

Episode 28: Planet of the Apes

Morgan teaches Tom about the sprawling POTA universe, from 1968 to 2017.

Episode 27: Duke Nukem

Hail to the king, baby! We delve into the history of Duke Nukem's video game life.

Episode 26: Keanu Reeves Special

From Bill and Ted to John Wick, we look back at the career of underrated geek hero Keanu Reeves.

Episode 25: Festive Fright Fest (Christmas Horror Movies)

Ho ho horror. Tackling the Christmas vs Halloween genre, from Silent Night Deadly Night to Jack Frost.

Episode 24: 24

Morgan and Tom go through all 9 seasons (and more) of Jack Bauer's 24 adventures from start to finish.

Episode 23: James Bond (A Geek’s Guide)

Morgan shows Tom just how geeky 007 is - from lost movies to 007's 'number'.

Episode 22: Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Games

Morgan takes Tom through his favourite Sega Mega Drive games from Streets of Rage 2 to Sonic.

Episode 21: Power Rangers

It's Morphin' Time! The boys try not to have their childhoods ruined by dodgy spandex and racist undertones. Ay-yay-yay!

Episode 20: Sliders

We find out what went wrong with the awesome 1990s sci-fi starring Jerry O'Connell. Featuring exclusive audio from John Rhys-Davies!

Episode 19: Die Hard

Yippee-ki-yay! Tom and Morgan look at the whole Die Hard franchise and look at its worrying future.

Episode 18: X-Men – The Animated Series

Morgan geeks out with his favourite 1990s cartoon series.

Episode 17: Point and Click Adventure Games

Tom shows Morgan classic games like Broken Sword, Monkey Island and The Longest Journey.

Episode 16: Ulysses 31

Morgan takes 'companion' Tom the 31st century and one amazing theme song.

Episode 15: The 12 Days of Geekmas (TV Christmas specials)

12 TV Christmas 'classics' from Power Rangers to He-Man.

Episode 14: Bucky O’Hare and Biker Mice from Mars

Two 1990s cartoon kick-ass anthropomorphic gunslingers.

Episode 13: Halloween Special: Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises

Two iconic horror series, masked murderers and crap sequel titles.

Episode 12: Doctor Who Fill-Ins Part 2 – 2005 to present

Primeval, Robin Hood, Merlin and more...

Episode 11: Doctor Who Fill-ins Part 1 – 1989-2005

Crime Traveller, Dark Season, Sea of Souls and more...

Episode 10: Lois and Clark – The New Adventures of Superman

The most underrated Superman adaptation ever made.

Episode 9: Knightmare

All about the 80s and 90s children’s game show starring the brilliant Hugo Myatt.

Episode 8: The Prisoner

Take a trip down to the village. Be seeing you!

Episode 7: Tremors

We battle Graboids in the desert town of Perfection. Way to go dude! Alriiight!

Episode 6: Doctor Who – A Beginner’s Guide

Whovian Morgan teaches noob Tom all about Hartnell to Capaldi.

Episode 5: Freaky Film Franchises

Scorpion King, Land Before Time, Lake Placid and more...

Episode 4: Defenders of the Earth

Flash Gordon and his ragtam team of superhero buddies.

Episode 3: ReBoot

Tom teaches Morgan about forgotten 90s CGI series ReBoot.

Episode 2: Thundercats

Classic 80s cartoon series with Jagar, Mumm-ra and Safari Joe...

Episode 1: Terrahawks

Gerry Anderson's excellent 80s sci-fi puppet series. Expect the unexpected...
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