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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

OK, we may have had an issue with our latest episode (ie, Tom forgot to record it properly), so that lost episode will be re-recorded in a few months time…

BUT, instead, here’s a brand new episode entirely, all about the history of one of America’s most beloved comic book characters, and its 1980 movie, Flash Gordon!

Tom and Morgan chat about the underrated hero that is Buster Crabbe, the best bits of Queen’s Flash soundtrack and why Ming the Merciless’ name is so perfect.

Beer choice: Smog Rocket (Flash has a rocket, innit)

Developments since broadcast:

In 2019, an animated Flash Gordon film from Taika Waititi was cancelled.A film about the making of the film and what happened to the cast next – Life After Flash – was released in 2018.In 2020, the film became the subject of controversy over claims of racism, with the film now carrying a warning about ‘potentially offensive’ material, by the BBFC.
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