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James Bond (A Geek’s Guide)

James Bond (A Geek’s Guide)

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Morgan teaches Tom about just how the James Bond franchise is much geekier than you think, from lost movies, crap remakes and 007’s magic number.

We go through all the Bond actors, Bond films, Bond girls, Bond villains, and yeah, just all things Bond really.

Beer choice: Vodka Martini (a crap attempt)

Developments since broadcast:

We’ve since recorded episodes on the greatest James Bond video games, and also looked back on Timothy Dalton’s underrated Licence to Kill.Daniel Craig’s final outing has been announced, but as of early 2021, A Time To Die has been delayed more than three times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Daniel Craig is now set to be the longest-serving James Bond in terms of years he has owned the role.
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