Episode 74 - Tracie Andrews: The Road Rage Killer


By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah

Episode 74 - Tracie Andrews: The Road Rage Killer

Thursday, 13 December

On Dec 1 1996, Tracie Andrews and her fiancé Lee Harvey were driving home from an evening at the pub when they got caught up in a cat and mouse game with a couple of maniacs in another car. The road rage turned into a brutal attack and Lee Harvey died after being stabbed over 40 times; and despite also being attacked Tracie survived. 

At least this was the story that Tracie told police, the press and anyone who would listen.

But it turned out that this hadn't been a random stranger attack at all, Tracie Andrews had killed her fiancé in cold blood. And the more she cried on TV, the more suspicious the nation became...

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