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Carly Rowena: Get Energised

Carly Rowena: Get Energised


CARLY ROWENA on how to feel your personal best

In Nicola’s third episode she chats to ball of energy Carly Rowena who is a fitness coach and Instagram blogger about all things energy.

This episode is all about feeling energised and your personal best by taking small steps to make a big difference and how a little bit more movement can really boost our energy and make us feel good.

Carly gives us tips on how we can make our movement each day more productive, her love for throwing in some music for motivation (and to generally feel more positive), how much Jax (her baby girl) loves a pillow mist and her love for magnesium. And Nicola asks… “can we really create our own natural energy?”.

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Read more about when Nicola met Carly (and find out what Carly’s NO BS Wellbeing Toolkit is here:

And thank you for listening!

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